Newspaper of Portland Daily Press, April 2, 1867, Page 2

Newspaper of Portland Daily Press dated April 2, 1867 Page 2
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the press. Tueeday Morning, April 2, 1867, Oi-itfiual ami Selected. —First page—British Colonial Matters, A Thoughtful Husband, The Fenians under Fire, “Only a Little Brook,” A Brave Girl, “Minis tering Children” Library. Charles Sumner. Last page—A Midnight Hymn—poetry, Tough ltat Story, Fanny Fern’s First Literary Success. _ . , . —Kx-Presideut Buelianan, in his e 11 - dining a public dinner, says that no responsi biUty for the years of blood and sorrow we have endured rests on him.” Selt-complacent old dotard! He is probably the only man in the United States who entertains that opin ion. —A man crossing the St. Lawrence, with his with and child in a sleigh, the ice broke, and all sunk and disappeared, except the c did, which was thrown upon the firm ice by i tlie mother. —The receipts of the Atlantic Cable, from the 24th of February to the 10th of March, 15 days, amounted to £15,530, or above $5,000 a day. —The Lincoln Monument Association was organized at Washington the latter part of last week. Mr. Harlan of the Senate is presi dent, Mr. Driggs of the House, vice-president, General Francis E. Spinner, treasurer, and among the fifteen managers are ex-Governor Andrew, General Howard, Bishop Simpson, Postmaster-General Randall, Frederick Doug lass, Hon. Schuyler Colfax, Mr. Cole of the Senate, Mr. Perharn of the House. -The State treasurer of New Hampshire re ceives a salary of only $600, and is obliged to give bonds of $200,000. —An old church built by Queen Anne in 1713, at Richmond, Staten Island, was burned on Thursday. —The mule-spinners of Lowell, following their brethren of the same craft at Manchester, have resolved to do only ten hours' work in a day hereafter. —The Nashville Press and Timet says that j the democratic politicians are secretly endeav oriug to get the colored men to sit as delegates at the approaching State convention of Ten nessee. —Madame Ristori's net profits at Louisville were $5,500 for five performances. —Raleigh newspapers show that among tho persons who took an active part in the recent convention with the negroes were some who voted against negro testimony in the conven tion of Oct., 1865. —The Bunalo Express thinks wo are econo mizing with a vengeance because the amount of dry goods entered last week at New York for consumption was only $4,072,344. -‘‘All-Fools’’ Day passed off yesterday in a very orderly manner. \Ve presume the usual number of stupid paactical jokes were played off upon the unsuspecting, and that the ‘ Fools” enjoyed their tricks hugely. —By the great fire in Woodstock, Vt., onthe 23d ult., the Standard office was destroyed, but an extra slip promises that in a few weeks the p iper will be issued in full size, with new type a nd on better paper than ever. —The eiglit-hour hill passed by the House, lacked one oi a passage by the Senate. —Gov. Patton, of Alabama, on the recon struction question, advises the people to ac cept the teims proposed cheerfully and carry out the law laithfully. - The Richmond Whig says that Governor Pierpont is ‘‘the most liberal, least proscript ive, and in many respects the best Governor we have had for twenty-five years.” —President Johnson will doubtless be known to history principally, as the hero of many ve toes. —Some of the President's friends say that he will make a strong effort for re-election to the United States Senate. They claim that by shrewd management and judicious distribu tion of national patronage he will gain sup porters enough to easily attain that end. —Au advertiser in one ot our exchanges wants "a young man to take charge of a span of horses of a religious turn of mind.” —Gen. Sherman has obtained permission to go to the Holy Ltid on Cauptain Duncan’s ex pedition from New York, which is expected to sail about the first of June. —E. P. Whipple has written, at the request ot Mr. Fields, au essay on Dickens, which will probably appear in the next number of the At lantic. It is said to be one of his finest produc tions. —The Princess of Wales was reported to he seriously ill ou the 11th of March, hut we have almost three weeks later news by telegraph, which says nothing upon the subject. It was inferred by some that t-.e Princess could not be iu danger, because the Prince continued to huut, and to go to the theatre,—but the infer euce is not strictly logical. —Tlio xt0 — tr ._i_ ?r— m, wtiiiiteiitiug Gen. Butler's dangerous lack of reticence, calls him “the enfant terrible of the Republican party.” To which the Republican retorts:— ' Rather so, it must be confessed, but adopted. It does not become the uunatural parent who dropped him on our doorstep to upbraid us with bis inherited faults.” —The Prince Imperial is unwell. He has hurt one of bis knees, and he doesn't recover so fast as he should. His death would make Prince Napoleon the most important person age in Europe. —The woollen manufactories of Rhode Is land received additional “protection” recently, on the ground of benefiting American labor. Their method of accomplishing this result is ingenious, and consists iu reducing the wages of the operatives ten per cent. State Items;. —A rnasa M. Walker of this State is one of the newly appointed members of the capitol police, organized at Washington under the sergeants-at-arms of the two houses. —Those “howitzers” mounted on the deck of that exhumed vessel, of Revolutionary mem ory, in yesterday’s Argut, were a little ahead ot the time ot that kind of guns. When an attempt is made to ‘‘sel:” the verdant by an April Fool hoax, to make it successful a little regard should be had to dates and other ear marks. —Ambrose H. Abbott, Esq., of South China, will leave his home this week to take passage lor France, to enter upon his duties as Com missioner from Maine to the Exposition at Paris, to which position he has been appointed by Gov. Chamberlain. —Tho Houlton Timet learns that a fatal ac cident occurred on the Bt. Andrews Railroad on Friday last, near a place called Mountain road. The man, whose name was Gillespie, was lying across the track, supposed to be un der the influence of liquor. The down train ran over him before the engineer could stop it, cutting off both legs, one arm, and badly bruis ing his head. He soon bled to death. —The Journal says there is a general demand in Lewiston and Auburn, for larger churches. The attendance this season, at all the churches, is unusually large. —Gen. 1. D. Bewail, of Bath, inspector gen eral oi the Frecdmen’s Bureau, has gone to make an inspection tour in Georgia and Ala bama. -Ou Saturday afternoon last our communi ty became quite excited with a report that Capt. John C. Lowell had been missing with out any known reason, since the evening Pre vious. The last that could be certainlv learned of him was, that ho passed the Sagadahoc House about 8 o clock Friday evening. Not returning home that night, his family were of course alarmed, but their search and enquir ies Saturday forenoon were quietly made. As they could discover no trace of him, the report of his disappearance bocame general before night. Still nothing could be learned till about ten o’clock yesterday morning, when the body of the missing man was found in the dock near Houghton’s ship yard. He was a man about forty-five years of age, ot most respectable con nections, and we are told that there had been no unusual manifestations on his part, of any kind.-Bath Times, 1st. —A writer in the Bangor Whig has again ex aimed the hones of John Fopham,and sheds nearly a column of ink over their fleshless re mains. It is a dry subject. -The Ellsworth American says the story going the rounds of the papers that ten prison ers broke iail there, and escaped, has just this much ot trutn. Two persons escaped, one has been caught, and the other will return at toon us he gets a pair of new boots. -The Bangor Timet says Mr. Stevens, from Corinth, while grooming a horse at the Na tional House stable, in that city, Friday, re ceived a kick in the face which^aid him sense less and broke his nose. —Mrs. Folsom, widow of the late Israel Fol som ol Madison, was found dead in her bed about 5 o’clock ou Thursday morning 21st inst. She was about 70 years of age, and had been subject to fits for some years. Her husband dropped down dead just two years to a day prior to her death. -Clarion. r 7lh<: ^Iachias Republican says Mr. John M. o nson and his sous, at Englishmen’s River, one < aj ast week, lost twenty-one sheep, which were swept away by the tide while on the beach after seaweed. Tide i „ „ , i i , J Ul“ loss cannot be less than a hundred dollars. —The Farmington Chronicle says that the old Starch mill at Chcstenrille is to be again fitted up for the manufacture of starch, the fanners in that vicinity are promising to plant big “patches" of potatoes this spring. Portland and Vicinity. N»w Ad.rrtiwment* T.-Day. srrf iAL NOTICE COLUMN. Boots .nil Shoes-T.E. Moseley & Co. Satfes—Tilton A- McFarland. KN I’KKI'A IN M HNT COLUMN. Grand Concert—Orchestral Union. AiinJverB try—M. E. Sabbath School. Theatre—Smith, Hadley & Co. AUCTION COLUMN. House at Auction—E. M. Patten & Co. special Auction Sale—E. M. Patten & Co. NEW ADVERTISEMENT COLUMN. Boots & Shoes—Clarke & Lowell. OtUce to Let. General Orders—ScUlen Conner Quarterly Report National 'JYaders* Bank. Lawyer—W. VV. Thomas .Jr. House tor Sale—Alpheus Shaw. Farm for Sale—J. L. Richardson. Annual Meeting—M. C. M. A. Removal—Joseph B. Hall. To Let—Patterson & Chudbonrne. Wanted—A Homo. „ . . Quarterly Report Merchant*’ National Ban . Elmwood Nursery —C. F. Bryant. Dog Ix»Bt—Henry H. Furbish. For Halifax, N. s.-SusamslUp Carlotta. House Wanted—E. L. Grueby. Nock Ties -Lewis Toppan. Annual Meeting—M. L. A. CITY AYFAIKS. Tho regular monthly meeting of the City Council was held last evening. in noAKK OF MAYOR AND ALDERMEN. The following memorial from the Board of Engineers of the Fire Department was pre sented : Chief Engineer’s Office, I Portland, March 29,1807. j To the Mayor, Aldermen and Council of the City 0} Portland: Gentlemen,-yThe undersigned Board of Engineers of the Portland Fire Department avail themselves of the earliest opportunity to Ere sent to you through the Committee on Fire iepartment, with whom we have conferred, and advised in perfect harmony, such sugges tions as we deem most important to promote the efficiency of the department. Immediately after our election we personal ly examined all the apparatus and houses be longing to the department, with a view to ob tain a knowledge of what was needed to make it thoroughly and at all times reliable; and the recommendations we now make in relation to it have been determined upon only after a full consideration of its necessities and the ex penditure it will involve. The conference with the Committee on Fire Department was held before presenting these matters for your consideration, in order that what we deem to be absolutely reeded might be procured with as little delay as possible. 1st. The engine houses, with the exception of the ono at Libby’s Corner, are all in good order, the latter house needing some slight re pairs. The arrangement of a dwelling house in the new building occupied by steamer Casco No. 5, is one of great convenience and utility.— As there is room enough in all the other houses for the same purpose, we recommend that they be fitted up to be occupied by the engineers of ' the steamers, they paying such rent as the proper committee may determine upon. 3d. In an examination of the hose now in ser vice, we found 4900 teet of good reliable hose; 2, 000 feet fair but not to be depended upon, and 4000 feet of no use for steam engines, and in our judgment ought never again to be put upon their hose carriages. When it is understood that each steamer’s complement of hose is 1000 feet, and such is the tact, it will be seen that we have no hose with which to supply its place after that on their carriages has been used, until it has been clean ed and dried, a time so long, we feel that the City Council would not justify the Board a moment in taking the risk of a fire that might oocur during that time. We therefore recom mend the immediate purchase of 4000 feet, first quality of leather hosefor the use of the steamers. 3d. The present arrangement of depending upon the horses of the street department to take tbu eugines to a fire, is such as we cannot ap prove, and desire that it may be changed at once. n mic there is no ailncuity m the arrange ment, bo far as the service they render in the light is concerned, in the day time with the ex ception of the hour at noon,' when they are in the stables they are not to be depended upon at at the time they are most needed, which is at the eery moment an alarm is given. From the nature of their employment they are liable to be a long distance from the engine to which they are as signed. When they receive the alarm they liurry to their engines, and often when they ar rive, arc in better condition lor the stall than the engine, and the delay which is unavoidable is such that we deem it unsafe to longer de pend upon this arrangement. The united tes timony of the enginemen of the steamers in re lation to these matters is that there is a delay in the daytime lrom ten to twenty minutes from the time of their receiving the alarm un til their horses arrive. Horses should be always ready to be attached to the engine the moment the alarm is re ceived. We recommend that such arrangements be made at once as shall secure three horses for each engme, day and night. This arrangement will bring with it the necessity of the constant Service of drivers, one for each engine, neither of which can be dispensed with. 4th. The system of Telegraph Fire Alarms introduced by the last City Council, and com pleted by your Board, has received attention and consideration, and wo deem it to be of in calculable service to the Department. The importance and value of an early knowledge of a tire and its certain location is apparent, and needs no argument to establish it. The clanger when a tire occurs is in delay. A mo ment when a fire begins is of more worth than in hour after it has got under way. By this sys tem the engine-man at the house, and the po lice at their office are at once informed of a fire and its location, but as yet wbat we feel qutie as important in tills connection remains un done. No arrangement to not*V **~„“*fmoers ■■ -■ ■ ino public of the loca tion has been made, and this, which is a seri ous difliulty, in our judgment, can only be remedied by attaching the alarm to two or more of the church bells. The additional ex pense would be only the cost of the machines necessary to be placed in the bell tower; the electrical power now in use being sufficient to operate these or more additional alarms. We recommend that at the earliest day practicable the alarm be attached to two of the church bells. 5th. There is a considerable quantity of ap paratus and material belonging to the Depart ment, which is not in use, some of which can and ought to be put in condition to be made available at fires. There are two hand engines, two hook and ladder carriages, one steamer, (the Falmouth) and one four wheeled hose carriage, (the America) that are out of service. As tho De partment is now organized, we have fout steamers in service, one hand engine with a company attached which only renders service at fires when specially sent for, and one hook and ladder company. We do not regard this amount, of apparatus as sufficient to constitute a reliable fire depart ment, such as is needed for a city of the popu uation and territory of Portland. The men and the material uow in the department are, we believe, as go .d as the best in any other city; but we also believe that there is not enough of either. An accident which may at any time occur, aud which we ought always to be ready to provide against, may disable one of the steamers, thus depriving the department ol one. quarter of its force in this particular. To add to the department what we believe is needed in this direction, we further recom mend that hand engines “Ellsworth” and “Atlantic" be put iu working order, and that “volunteer companies” be formed therefor (haring the assurance that such companies can easily be procured for this purpose) that the hand engine at Libby's Corner be retained as at present arranged, that one of the hook and ladder carriages be fitted up with ladders, hooks &c., for use, to he taken to and from fires by horses; that our other apparatus and material out of service, including the steamer Falmouth be sold, and a new liglit steam en gine be purchased and, a company organized therefor. otn. \v ltn tuo nest apparatus and the larg est number of men, we are still subjected to the inconvenience and danger entailed by tbe lack of a good supply of water. Until the danger from this source is more fully realized and provided for, we shall have to depend as heretofore, up on such supply as our reservoirs afford—nearly all that we have are in good condition; such as are not can be made so with very little ex pense. Two new ones at least, should be con structed this present season, and those needing repairs should receive them immediately. The two reservoirs constructed some years since on Commercial street, have long since ceased to be of service; either they slionld bo put in or der, or some arrangement be made by which water from the docks can be reached from Commercial street at all times of tide. From the consideration we have given this particular subject, we are confident that ar rangements can be made at no very great ex pense, by which an abundant supply of water can be had at low as well as high tide, from this point. As we have already said, we have given these matters a careful consideration, and what we have recommended we consider absolutely necessary and indispensable. ’ Respectfully submitted, Franklin C. Moody, John T. Shaw, Henry Fox, Wm. H. Stewart, u , . „ Lewis B, Smith went Engi,lecr* Portland Fire Depart The report was referred to the Committee on Fire Department. The Committee on Judicial Proceedings re ported on petition of George Warren for re muneration for damages sustained by the blow ing uj> of a house belonging to him on Fore street, on the night of July 4th, that the peti tioner suffered no damage from the cause alleg ed, and that he have leave to withdraw. Re port accepted. The same committee reported on petition of Bernard Daily, for remuneration for loss of tools on the night of July 4th, that the prayer of petitioner should not be granted, and that he have leave to withdraw. Report accepted. The same committee on petition of Benja min Knight, administrator, reported that they were satisfied the award made to his father in 1850, for damages in the location of Commer cial street, had never been paid, and recom mended the passage of an order accompanying the report. Report accepted and order pass The Committee on Laying out Streets, ou petition of Lorenzo Taylor for the discontinu ance of a portion of Congress street, near Wil mot street, repotted leave to withdraw. Report accepted. Orders Passed— Allowing the heirs of Wil liam Capen $175 in addition to the amount awarded for land damages in the recent widen ing of Willow street—more land having been taken than was estimated by the committee; to pay Timothy Roland $250 for land damages in the recent laying out of West Commercial •treet; to pay Benjamin Knight, adtninistra tor of the estate of the late Benjamin Knight, $250, agreeably to an award made to said Knight, deceased, as land damages in the 'oca tion of Commercial street in 1850; to pay & J. W. Brackett $570 for land taken in laying out West Commercial street; authorizing me Committee on Sidewalks, &c., if they deem it expedient, to construct a sidewalk on i ortiana street, between Paris and Greensteeets ,di rectimr the Chief Engineer of the Eire Lie partment, under direction ol the committee, to sell all such hose aud other material as are not wanted in the department; directing the Com mittee on Public Buildings to inquire mto the expediency of converting the seeoud stories of the engine houses ou Munjoy, Congress aud Brackett streets into suitable dwellings for the use of the engineers connected therewith; di reefing the Committee ou Fire Department to purchase 4000 feet of liest quality leather hose; directing the Committee on Streets, &c., to purchase six horses lor the use of the Fire De partment and for the streets; authorizing the Committee on Laying out Streets to layout the continuation of Salem street from its pres ent western terminus. Jurors.—The following citizeus were drawu as jurors: i'or the April term of the Supreme Judicial Court. Traverse jurors—Thomas Worcester, Jeremiah Dow, Andrew II. Field, Silas A. Cummings, S. H. Colesworthy, H. H. Hay, W. D, Little, John E. Dow. U. S. Circuit Court, April term Grand jur ors—John True, Robert B. Henry. Petit jur ors—John Gilkey. John B. Hudson, Jr. Jonathan Littlefield was appointed police man in place of Merrill Savage. Charles A. Beal and Merrill Wyman ^fcre appointed special policemen, without pay. Henry S. Burgess was granted a license as auctioneer. Capt. E. S.Morris was licensed as an auc tioneer. The appointments by the City Civil Engin eer of W. D. Moore aiid L. F. Bradley as As sistants were confirmed by the Board. The Committee on Fire Department made a partial report upon the subject matter of the memorial of the Engineers of the Fire Depart ment, which had been submitted to them be fore its presentation to the City Council. The Committee recommend the purchase of liose; the sale ot all unreliable hose and other mate rials of like character; and the purchase of additional liosres for hauling the steamers to fires. Report accepted. Petitions presented and referred—Of A. W. H. Clapp and 112 others for the straightening of Congress street between Myrtle and Locust streets; of R. Cram et als for a common sewer through Exchange street; of Libby & Dow and thirteen others for alteration of ordinance regulating fares ot hackney coaches; [this was referred to the whole City Council, tor the pur i>ose of giving the petitioners a hearing;] ot Treedom Nash et als for sidewalks on Casco and 1’rospect streets; ot Israel Washburn. Jr., et als for extension of sewer on Spring street; of Henry T. White that an additional truant officer may be appointed; of Isaiah Randall et als for a sewer on Waterville street; of J. W. Sawyer for a sidewalk on the easterly side of Brackett street; ot William Curtis et als tor the grading ot a portion of Congress and East Commercial streets; of Moses Gould and oth ers that the grade of the Eastern Promenade and the streets connecting therewith may be established; of F. W. Clark et als for the ex tension of the fire alarm telegraph to the vi cinity of Libby’s Corner; of John Barbour et als for sewer through Hampshire street; of JoShua Maxwell et als for sewer on Spring street; of Wm. Brown et als for lamppost on North-easterly side of Mountfort street. Alderman Rice presented the petition of the J’resident and Directors of the Portland & Rochester Railroad Company, praying that a legal meeting of the citizens may be called to vote upon the question whether tbe city will loan its credit to said company in the sum of $700,000, for the purpose of completing the road to Rochester. Also the memorial of 1G0 firms and citizens in aid of the above. Col. C. Q. Clapp, by permission of the Board, made some remarks explaining the importance of this road, and setting forth the advantages to be derived from it by the business men and the city of Portland. Alderman Rice moved to fix Wednesday the 17th inst., as the day for the legal voters to vole upon the question. Alderman Deering, while acknowledging the importance of the Portland & Rochester road, said there were other routes proposed for com municating with the West, that the prelimina ry surveys were being made and that in a few days a committee would be here to lay the matter before our citizens. As capital enough would be furnished to bring that line to the borders of our State, the city would probably be called upon to extend its aid, in a corporate capaoity, to build the line from Portland to the boundary line of the State. He was, therefore, in favor of giving them a hearing and of postponing a vote of our citizens until that hearing shall have been had, Alderman Rice said the two roads were dis tinct. He was in favor of allowing the citizens to act upon each question according to its merits. Lewis Pierce, Esq., made some remarks urg ing the importance of early action upon the Portland & Rochester road so that it could be completed before next winter. The delay would be injurious as, if the city granted its credit it would take some time to negotiate the loan. Every day was of importance to the Directors, and he trusted there would be as little delay as possible. Alderman Rice then amended his motion and the Board voted to appoint Wednesday April 17th as the day for the citizens to vote upon the question. Subsequently Alderman Deering moved a reconsideration of the vote fixing the 17th as the day. He wished to givo the friends of the other r >ad time to complete their survey, and wished to extend the time for that, purpose. Alderman Rice thought it was inexpedient, as the two roads were separate measures. Alderman Deering said the roads were not antagonistic, lie wished to givo the citizens the hints ill ktl. ~—■ —*<• wnuMJu au tne ngnt upon the sulqect of both roads that could be hud. The Board then reconsidered the vote fixing Wednesday, the 17th, as the day for voting upon the subject, and substituted, upon motion ol Alderman Deering, Tuesday, the 23d, as the day. Alderman Bailey offered an order providing for the appointment of a committee to revise the ordinances of the city, and tohave the same published. The order was passed and Aider men Bailey and Rice were appointed the com mittee on the part of this Board. An order came up passed in the other Board, providing for the appointment of an additional committee to aid the Committee on Public Buildings in the work of completing the new city building. The order was tabled Dy a unan imous vote. IN CONVENTION. A convention of the two Boards was held and Louis Bunce was elected Assistant Asses sor of Ward 6, in place of N. ti. Cummings, who declined accepting the office. John C. Baker was elected Surveyor of Lum ber. The convention wa* then dissolved and the Board adjourned. Porttand Institute.—A meeting of tho corporators of the Institute and Publio Libra ry was held yesterday afternoon at the Com mon Council Chamber. The Soliciting committee reported the names of forty-four subscribers, with subscriptions amounting to about $3,000. The Committee was authorized to continue their labors. An amendment to the By-laws was offered, providing that any resident of the city of Portland, paying five dollars annually, shall become a member of the Institute for all pur poses except holding the office of Director.— The amendment was laid over under the rule. Mossrs. John Neal, H. B. Brown, Rev. J. T. Hewcs, Lewis B. Smith, and E. A. Noyes were appointed a committee to nominate a Board of fifteen Directors, and to report at the next meeting. Adjourned to Monday April 8th. Portland Dry Dock Company.—The annual meeting of this corporation was held yester day afternoon at the rooms of the Ocean In surance Company, the President, Hon. Jacob McLellan, presiding. We understand the proposition ol Mr. Simp son, of New York, to build a dry dock, was stated to the meeting and was favorably re ceived, but no action was taken upon it. The meeting adjourned to Monday, April 16th, at the same time and place. If any of our readers are prematurely gray or are troubled with falling of the hair, dand ruff or itching of the scalp, they have Only to use Ring’s Vegetable Ambrosia, and their trouble will soon be over. The preparation is not only a restorer of gray hair, but one of tho mo9t elegant hair dressings we have ever seen. It also, by softening and invigorating the lisir prevents premature baldness and in many cases restores hair to bald heads. “Artemus Ward.”—Fred. F. Hale, at bis rooms No. 4 Free street block, has for sale some handsomely executed aud life-like por traits of the late Mr. C. F. Browne, better known as “Artemus Ward.” They are suita ble for the stereoscopes. All the friends and admirers of Browne should possess one of them. Runaway and Smash.—Yesterday morning the horse of Mr. John Beal started down Middle street upon a run, struck a jigger which caused the wagon to which he was attached to slew, striking one of the large windows in the store of Messrs. Hayes & Douglass, and break ing two of the large panes of glass. Mr. Beal promptly sent up one of his men to reset the panes that had been broken. AV eiuhing the Mails.—Under an order from the Post Office Department at AVashington, the mails that now arrive and depart from our Post Office are weighed. This is to determine upon the rate of compensation to he paid to railroad companies for the transportation of the mails._ AVb would call attention to the advertise ment in behalf of a colored girl which appears in our columns this morning. It is a favora ble opportunity for any family desiring help of of teis kind.___ Personal.—Governor Chamberlain passed through this city yesterday, on his way to Washington to look after the interests of this State. Papmr Collars.—Cresent, Gipsey, Linen Finise, Clipper, Medal, Shakespeare, Gray’s, and other leading styles for sale by Robinson & Knight, 288 Congress street. Sbb advertisement of desirable offloes to let Theatre.—Notwithstanding the rain wne falling in torrents last evening, Deering Hall was well filled with a fashionable and appreci ative audience, to greet tho new company which had advertised to favor our citizens with a season of dramatic amusements, and we think no one could have gone away dissatisfied The company are all new to this locality, hut they could not have failed to create a very fa vorable impression. Bulwer’s beautiful come dy of “Money” was brought out with excellent effect, and several of those who took parts— whose names we shall he glad to mention when more iamiliar with them—gave evidence of fine taleuts and of a thorough understanding of their profession. The after-piece—the “Rough Diamond”— was got up in fine taste, and received with rounds of applause. It has not been often that so much talent has been embodied in any com pany that has visited our city, and we trust they will receive, as we are sure they will merit, a generous encouragement from tho friends of the drama. Tho orchestra was excellent, ami produced the most pleasing music. The order was as good as we have ever known in that hall on any occasion. The hall itself appeared more than usually neat and cheerful, and tho new scenery is very attractive. This evening will he presented “The Bent Day” and “The Weavers.” We are requested to state that the stabbing affair, spoken of in the Press of yesterday, did not occur in Mr. Bowie’s shop, hut in the one kept by Mr. Doherty. The Historical Magazine for March is a very interesting number. The paper on“Hen ry Laurens in England,” by General Peter Force; the admirable sketch, by Mr. Engeno Lawrenco, of the character and work of the remarkable Ann Hutchinson; Professor Rockwell’s attempts to solve the problem of Who killed General Braddock? and a great number of other articles prepared with care and ability, recommend it to general favor. The Notes and Queries portion of the Maga sine maintains its agreeble and valuablo char acter. The Historical is steadily rising in the estimation of the reading public. We have come to regard its monthly appearance as among the indispensable pleasures.—Publish ed by Henry B. Dawson, Morrisannia New York._ Pension Agency.—Gen. Henry Boynton, of Somerset county, appointed Pension Agent at Augusta in place of E. F. Pillsbury rejected by the Senate, filed his bond and took the oath of office yesterday, and will resume the payment of pensions now due, at Augusta, as soon as the necessary funds are furnished him from Washington. Natural History of the ‘•Chlinan.” Mb. Editor: The recent expose of the li cense humbug throws light upon the “chignon horror.” Tt appears that.the original chignons, water falls and monstrosities of that ilk, wore lice ensed—hence the numerous and thriving ge nus pedicnlorum. ’Nitiios. —A Western orator, getting warm with his subject, exclaimed, “There is not a man, wo man or child in the house who has not arrived, at the age of fifty years, but what has felt this truth thundering through their minds for ceu turies.” SPECIAL NOTICES. An Endless Variety of Ladies’, Missos’ anil Children's Boots ami Shoes as well as Bools and Shoes lor Ge itlemen and Boys are for Bale at T. E. MOSELEY & CO.’S, Summer Street, Boston. feblDdlt Tilton & McFarland, Desire to call the attention to the fac t that more than 4 O Of tholr Safes gave AMPLE PROTECTION in the late lire. Parties desiring a FIRST RATE SAFE, At a MODERATE PRIG*; will please call on EMERY & WATERHOUSE, Middle Street, Portland. 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All housekeepers will be sure to adopt 'it as they cannot afford to do without It. Yours &c„ S. B. Kbouman.” Sold by W. F. PHILLIPS & Co., II. H. HAY & CO., and the trade generally. Mar 30—sueodlwtadvooU3w* Some Folks Can’t Sleep Nigiit.s.—We are now prepared to supply Hospitals, Physicians, the trade and the great public generally, with the stand aid and Invaluable remedy, Dodd’s Nervine, which article surpasses all known preparations fur Ihe cure q! all forms of Nervousness. It is rapidly superceding every preparation of opium—the well-known result ol which is to produce costiveness and other Berlous difficulties; itallaysirritation.resilessnessand spasms, and induces regular action ot the bowel and secre tive organs. No preparation ior Nervous Diseases ever sold so readily, or met with such universal approval. For Sleeplessness, Loss of Energy, Peculiar Female Weaknesses and Irregularities, and all the .earful mental and bodily symptoms thal follow In the train ol nervous diseases, Dodd’s Nervine is (he best reme dy known to science. Sold by all druggists. Price $1 Ueo. C. Goodwin & Co., augllsnlydAw n Wholesale Agents. Boston. MARRIED. In Newiy, March 21. John E. Carlton and Phebe Chapman. In Whitetiuld, March 13, Augustus H. Fossett and Nancy M. Hemenway, noth ot Jefferson. In Camden, March 9, Orland Barrows and Jane Kecno. In Thomaston, March 2U, Jas. H. Piper and Mrs. Lauretta F. Harvey. In West Camden, March 19, Jas. It. Littlolialo, of Union, and Sarah L. Taylor, ol Hope. _DIED. In Windham, March 30. of canker, George Henry, infant son of Albus If. and Abby Jordan. [Portland Transcript please copy.] In West Paris, March 0, Marten* G. Cummings, aged 2S years. in North Waterford, March 11, Mr. Ja*. Lebroke, aged 82 years 11 months. In Foxcro t, March 15, Mr. Jacob Lebroke, aged 77 years 9 mouths. In Hancock, MardT 24, Mr. Amos E. Grant, aged 19 years. EP" Funeral services of Grade J)., daughter o* J. B. A' 11. A. Lucas, will be this (Tuesday) aitei noon, at 2 o’clock, at No. 23 Atlantic street. JIMPO&TS. MATANZAS. Barque Andes — 413 hhds 47 tea molasses, to Lynch, Barker Sr. Co; 5 bbla do. master. Barque liachot—54'J hhds 57 tes molasses, to J B Brown & Sons; 10C hhds sugar, Churchill, Browns & Man son; 2 hbls molasses, master. MAYAGUEZ, PR. Brig Dawn— 212 hhds sugar, to Geo H Starr. DEPARTURE OP Ol'EA Ai STEAMERS N A SJK PROM FOtt I»ATK. Australasian.New York. .Liverpool... .April 3 Eagle.New York..Havana. April 1 Nestorian.Portland— Liverpool... .April « City of ran*.New York.. Liverpool.... Apr l t» Hibernia.New York Glasgow.April t* Atlantic.New York. Hinmm . .April ti Saxonm.. .New York.. Hamburg... .April t* Mlnlnliirr AlMWUMM .«i»ll H. Sun il «» f». 11 Sun ms«. Mooli linrn. 4 *JV AM UtfciU ii a!*i.U,iW A M MARINE N'EWS I* O It T II |> l> O H T I. AND. April I. AHHIVKp, Steamer Cailntta, Moaning iialnm, Ns, Steam l'i4M>oiiia,slwrwiKiit, \»w Yolk l!ur.|Uf liuehul, (01 IMnlanili Mtiebell. Malanias 25 dav *• Brltf Fawn, (Hr) Jtnar, Ma vague*. I*lt, H days. Sell B F IteovoH. Aiiiiatioiii;, rhUuiloli>lilit. Sell Mceticiigor, Moiton, Now Vork. Sell Win Ca|M»H, Baker, Bouton. Seli Saratoga, 1‘lnkliuni, Boston. Sell Eliza Ellen, Fogg, Boston. Sell Olive Elizabeth, Thompson. Marblehead Sell ilohn U liennis, Tlmrluw, Nenburvnorl Scb Calllomla, Wells, York. Si ll Eaniartinn, ili.l, Saco. Sell Areola, Shea, Halh. Scb Utiea, Thorndike, Rockland. Sch Tookalitta, Stewart, Bootbbav sell Concert, Tyler, Waldolmro. Sth EmeUnc, Farnham, Damarlseotta. CLEARED. Steamer New England, Field, Eastport—C C Ea ton. Scb Supero, (Brl Adams, Halifax—,1 Porteous. Scb Saginaw, Roberts, Boston—C W Pierce. ar The Ciutom House will not bo open lor busi ness transactions on Thursday, (Fast-day.) (FROM OUR CORRESPONDENT. 1 BOOTIIBAY, March 26—Ar, sclis Ripley Iiopos. Boynton; Billow, MoClintock; Willie U, Cody: Sfl Ter Moon, McKown, and Prtma Donna, Brewer Portland; P G Mad.locks, Tibbetts, Bath. * run;;; $&**&**«*•» ««* &*****• S’™*' r-rttod; disasters. Sch I B Curtis, from Boston for Jacmel, is retort ed bv canto diiimtcb, to have boon abandoned at t*«a 21st ult. rtTbe J B Curtis, (ol Po tland) Cant Star ling, : ailed from Boston 16th, and is probably the vessel named above. Site was a first class sclir ot 1U3 tons, built at ilarpswell last fall, and owned in this city by U P Ingraham, J It Curtis. < has Stan wood, and others. She was valued at about $15,non, and is said to be insured for $13,000.] Barque Ionic, Woodbury, Irom St Paul de Loando lor Boston, put into New York 30ili uit, in distress. Reports, 2<uli ult, encountered tremendous gales irom KSE, which continued 4k hours, during which carried away lore topgallant mast, foretopsail yard, main yard, uiizzen masthead, wheel and tiller, stove iu side of cabin, lost sails, shitted c rgo, Ac. Barque Mary Lucretia, Bowers, at New York fr m Apalachicola, was 10 days North of Hatteras, with heavy NE galea; split sails, broke tiller, Ac Ship Bosphorus, before reported v reeked at Valen cia, oroke her cable in a hurricane on the 2d ot Mcb. and was driven ashore and went to pieces. The ftrst mate, rapt Blanchard’s brother, was drowned; the second mate, another brother, was saved The car penter an t t hree seamen, were also saved. The bal ance of the crew, twelve in number, were lost. Three other 'hips were driven ashore In the same gale, and 40 lives lost. The Bosphorus was built at Bangor 11 years ago. where she was principally own ed, and was insured on• y tor $ 11.500. (Japt Blanch ard belongs in Seals port. Soh Kate Carlton, Bowden, from Matanzas for Portland, which was spoken in distress, was again seen ‘2G$b, at G PM, about 50 miles North of Cape Henry. She had lost mainmast, foremast head, jib boom and cutwater, in a gale 2-M, about 40 miles SK ot Absecom. Wanted no aH>istanee. Sch Vendovi, from Rockland for Norfolk, liefore reported burnt, registered 135 tons, and was built at Rockland in 1819, where she was owned Ship <J R Keeler, from Cardiff for New York, put in to Queenstown 20th, leaky. Barque Ch iton, Pennell, from Sagua for New Or leans, arrived at S W Pass 23d, leakv, having had ve ry heavy weather during the pa sjge. On the 18th, was struck by a heavy sea, ..farti g stern knees ami stanchions, causing her to leak badly. Sch Frances Hatch, at Richmond irom Rockland, lost deck load during a gale 27th. Sch Ida May, (of Jo-.esport) Drisko, at New York from Nuevitas. was 11 da s North of Hattera*, with heavy NaudNE gales. March 22, in a hurricane from WNW, lost part ot deck load of molasses and split sails; same day. lat 35 40, Ion 74 58. f 11 in with a sclir hailing irom New York, apparently throwing over cargo. Lay by her 20 hours, but the sea Tun ing very heavy, could render no assistance. BrJg Clara Belle, at Now York from Cienfuegos, reports, 28th ult, Win F Coombs, of Winter Harbor, Me, tell overboard and was lost. DOMESTIC PORTS* GALVESTON—Cld 21st, sch Francisco, Warner, Baltimore. NEW ORLEANS—Cld 23d, ship Old Dominion, Sampson, Bordeaux; bamues Chimborazoo, New hall, Havre- Halcyou, Hubbard, Liveipool; sclis W E Alexander, Bowden, Cardenas ; John Crooker, Lowe. Havana. Towed to sea prev 23d, ship Mary Russell; barque Ocean Eagle. SW Pass, 23d—Went to sea, ship Vigilate. Barque Chilton, Stafford, from Sagua, arrived in and an chored. SAVANNAH—Cld 26th, brig Sportsman, Ginn, Havana. GEORGETOWN, SC— CM 25tli, brig Mazatlan, Adams, Pun la ml; sch William Butman, Smart, for Fieeport. RICHMOND—Ar 28th, sch Francis Hatch, Greg ory, Rockland. NORFOLK—Ar 28th, sclis Clara Boil, Rockland; Ella Frances, Rich, New York, Saxon, Cassidy, fm Eastport. Sid 27th, sch Clara Alelvin, Watts, Dcnieraru. BALTIMORE—Ar 29th, sch Flying Scud, IXolge, Frankfort. Ai 29th, sch Ella Fish. Wiley, New York. Sid 30th, sch Sylvan, Blanchard, Sagua. PHIL ADELPHIA—Ar 29th, sobs Sarah B Harris, Williams, lielhist; Ida L Howard, McDuffie, and H E Sampson, Blake, Portland. Cld 2ath, sch Graposhot, Thompon, Portland. NEW YORK—Ar 30tli, barque Ionic. Woodbury. Loando; Venus, Parker, Antwerp; sclis Ida May, Drhko, Nuevitas; Massachuserts, Buck. New Or leans; Melbourne, M arson, Ellzabethport for ner. Cld 29th, brig Wm Nash, McBride, Halifax; sch Peiro, Ryder, Ellzabethport. Cld 30tb. ship W F Storer, Bryant, 1 o-r Liverpool; barques T K Welden, Welden, Marseilles; Jennie Ellinewood, Cllingwood, Matanzas ; brigs So hie, Strout, Brunswick, Ga; Allstou, Sawyer, Charles ton; sclis G D King, Rlatcliford, Calais; Defiance, Knowltou, Boston ; Mary Alice. Perry, Salem. Ar 30th, barque Mary Lucretia, Bowers, Apalach icola; brigs S Strout, Wallace, Jamaica; JI F Eaton, Reed, < 'tenfuegos; Mary Cobb, Duncan, Baltimore; soil Harrier Brewster, Bedell, Mnyagutz. Ar 31st, ship Orient, Hill, Liverpool; barques E Bantield, Mitchell, Shanghae; Thos Terry, Malony, Messina; br»g Goodwin. Coitin, cienfuegos. Ar 31st, barques Hunter, York. Guantenamo; Tro vatore, Carver, Matanzas; W E Anderson, Pierce, Sagua; Stampede, Jewett, do. Ar 1st, ships Charger, Hatch, Hong Kong; Pan ther, .Johnson, Mania; David Brown, Nichols, Cal lao; Colorado, Freeman, Calcutta ; barque Lorena, from Messina; brigs Annie Coliins, trom Arroyo; Clara Belie, from Barbadoes; Sally Brown, irom Havre for Boston. PROVIDENCE—S d 30»h,sch H P Cushing,Wood, for New York. NEWPORT—Ar 29th, whs Addle Wa’ton, Rich, Rockport for Norfolk; Yankee Blade,Coombs, Phila delphia tor New London; Ellen Forrester, Warren, Winterport lor Baltimore. In port 3 /th, brig Abner Taylor, Lowoll.Fall River for New York; Onward, Arey, Rockland ter New York; Lalla Rookh, Freeman, Portland lor do; R M Atwood, Duane, do for Baltimore; Convoy, French, and William Jones, Emery, Rockland lor N York; American Chief Prcssiy, laiomaslon for do; Maine, Brown, l- all River for do; It Leach. Pillsb uy. and Bounl Brook. Perry, Kocklind fordo; SS Lewis, BraeUley, do for do; Julia Newell, McIntyre, Cam- | den lor Norfolk; and the above arrivals. NEW BEDFORD — Ar 30th, IJgiitboaf Arctic, Cates, Wilmington, NC, in tow ot U S tug Ins. HOLMES* HOLE—Ar 29th, brig C II Kennedy, Merriman, Philadelphia tor Portland; nibs Baltic. Grant.Cardenas for Camden; Emma F Hart, Hart, Saiilia River lor Boston; Scguiu, Call. Rappahan nock for Bath; Hortensia, Patterson, Baltimore tor Portland. Sid, brig Chas Wesley; sclis Hortensia, and Mes senger. In port, brigsW A Dresser, Robin, C H Kennedy; •'Clis Warren ton, Hiawatha. Water on, Planter, Sea Flower, Harriet Fuller. Bertha Bonder, Wm Carrol•, Emma F Hart, E\a Bell, Seguin, C FantauzzI, At lantic. and others. BOSTON— Ar 30th, sch Gen Howard, Phillips, fin Portland. Cld 50th, sclis Jos Long, Perry, Charleston; Tiger, Munroe, Camden. Ar 1st. barque Adelaide Norris, Reed, Cadiz; brigs ' S.tml Lindsey, Wilson, Mansanilla; Kraity Fisher, Shack lord, Trinidad ; Centaur, Marston. Cienfuegos; J Chas We-Icy, Ford, Savannah; sclis E F Hart,Hart, satnia River; Am Eagle, Shaw, Newcastle, Del; Trade Wind. Corson, Philadelphia; Globe, Strung, NewYoik; Richmond,Gupiill, New York; Ontario, Vemll, Klizabethport. NEWBirRYPORT—Sailed 31st, sch Col Higgins, Smith, Portland. FOREIGN PORTS. Shi .m Callao 2d ult, ship Old Colony, Gorham, Baltimore. At Teu. iUF 1st ult, barque J C Nickels. Donnell, from Savannuh. to sail In three days lor Goree. [Has been reported wrecked ] At Cefte lltli ult, brig Iniogune, Baker, Irom New York day. Ar at Londondnrrv 29tb, steamship Nova Scotian, Wylie, Portland tor Liven>ool. (and proceeded.) At Mansanilla 7tli ult, brig I/.a, Williams, for Phi ladelphia 10 days. Sld fin Cicufuegos 10th, brig Josde, for Boston. Ar at Havana 23th. barques Talavcra.and Eureka. Boston; 2otli, Mary Ed son, do. Sld 22d, brig 11 H McGilvery, Smart, Matanzas, to load lor North of H&tteraa. Ar at Matanzas 22d, barque Ellen Dyer, Clapp, lm New York. Sld ftn Cardenas 24th inst, brig S Y ilerrick, Mun day, lor Philadelphia. Ar 23d, brig M s Hathaway, from M tchias. Ar atHalhax 29th ult, sch Anna Leahy, Truin.iin, Portland. fPer City of Paris, at New York.l Sld fn Shield! ICth, Rutland, Ingraham, N York; New Hampshire, Lord, Maul mam. Ar at Mauritius J8tli, Borneo, Matthews, Boston. Sld Feb 18th, Golden Hind, Davis, Calcutta. Ar at Algeciras Mch 10, Anna Camp, Drummoud, Callao. Sld tin Cadiz 14th ult, Mary Wairen, Homeward, Boston. ’ SJd fui Havre 15th ult. May Flower. Call, Cardiff. Mauritius, Feb 28. Ship Alexandrina. from Maul main tor Toulon, which put in Jan I, leaky, was sold 9th tor £2500. SPOKEN. March 19, Ut 96 4.3, Ion 69 09, lyric; Jas Davi.-. Irom Belfast for Matanzas. March 27, lat 37, Ion 74 20, barque Trovatorc, from i latanzas for New York. March 2i, 150 miles NE ol Hatteras, barque W E Anderson, from Sagua for New York. Mar_h 28, off Cape Henry, brig Thomas Owen, from Nuevitas lor New York. March 27, off Fishing Kip, brig Mary C Rosevelt, Irom Portland lor Havana. JN EW ADVEUTISEMENTS. Spring and Summer. JUST RECEIVED Direct from IVe-vr York, —ALL THE— Latest Styles of Neck Ties, WHICH FOB Elegance of Style Cannot be equalled. Call and teast your eyes on the most. ompleie line of goods ever offered iu'this mar ket. Lewis Toppnn, Corner C.igrra A t Si.. April 2 lw QUARTERLY REPORT OF THK CONDITION OF THE National Traders Bank of Portland In the State of Maine, ou tlie morning of the Hi st Monday of April* 1*67. RESOURCES. Hotel and bills discounted, $3.J7,064 Gk Suspended or overdue paper, none. Indebtednei»« of Directors, 12,.MH) overdrafts, none. Current expenses, 3,071 36 Furniture and fixtures, H78 4*2 < ash Hems, including revenue stamp*, 8. In* 06 Duo from National Hanks, ui.lutf 00 U. S. lamds depositedto secure circulating D. 8. bonds on hand, 2 000 00 Other llimits, j’gQK qsj Circulating uolesol' otliur National llunie. |’<wi Legal (ruder notes. ’ 4’,s2 . „ Compound Interest notes, 47’70f» ” , Kisciloual rumm y, ^ #699,662 02 LIABILITIES. capital stock paid iu, „„ Sm plus fund, 30.060 00’** *“"“ Dlsoouut reeolved, 8 U19 47 Kaoliangs. »ml profit .ml lose, ildot 18 ( treu luting received—ell In circulation, 225,250 00 ImUvIilusJ <l.pc*|i» ttiul dlrlilemis, HE,522 24 Doe to National Hanks, 1,294 08 Mhu, um| Traders Uauk, circulation out standing, 1,009 OO 4* _ $695,002 02 Apl t *t EDWARD GOULD, Cashier. (QUARTERLY REPORT ' OF THE Merchants National Hank, April i, is$>. Da. T° Restate, Cash items, If Due ifoni other banks, f, «.;! I? U. S. securities, State and National Bauk notes, oiesn 00 fP«<■>. 1 056 00 Lawful money, 671*77 12 Stocks and bunds, 10.277 03 $ 1,279,046 11 (Jr By Capital stock, #300,000 00 Profit ami loss, surplus and discounts. 48,397 85 Deposits, 052,011 43 Due other hanks 3,538 83 Circulation, 268,200 00 “ State, 6,898 00 $1,279,046 11 Apl 2 3t CHARLES PATSON, Cashier. NEW ADVEItriSEMENTS. TUB DOMESTIC OIL COMPANY now offer to the public the best, the safest, and The Cheapest Oil Now iu the Market! NO MURK UUP KXOl.OaiONN! NO WORK BROKEN CHIMNEYM! NO BORE NUOKY CBHINRY*! Can be used without any Chimneys. The annoyance from the use of CHIMNEYS In burning Kef-sene to go about the house, ami thodls agrotable odt>r therefrom, as also the great danger from using volatile or fluid substances, has been »eri- j oattly telt for the past tew years. Any Invention which successfully overcomes these objections, can be looked upon in no other light than a great public blessing. Inventors have sought tor years to accomplish this desired result, bat all their efforts have been complete jailurtt. After carelUl study and scientific experiment, the manufacturers feel assured that they can now offer to the public an article Superior to any other Artiole now in the Market! and especially a good SUBSTITUTE for the old Burning Fluid, which is now bev<>nd the reach of or dinary consumers on account of the high price oi the material which enters into tlie composition. Remember, ii will net Seil the Faucet Fabric! By the lollowing li will bo seen to be lar Superior to all other Oils or Fluids! heretofore or now in use. ht.-It *ubjecte<l to the most rigid test for the past TWENTY-TWO MONTHS, and having proved fully equal to our highest anticipations, is now put into flic market as a COM PE ITTOKTOTIIE PUBLIC FAVOR, with tho numerous Oils now lie fort them. T¥IE DOMESTIC OIL we offer, without unpleasant odor, a cheaper, safer and far more convenient tight than any now before the public. 2d.—Bear in mind that there need be NO CHANCE OF LAMPS, and only a CHANCE OF BURNER, and that can bo furnished at our place < t business. All who wish to see this oil, are requested to call and examine for themselves. A good supply of burn ers and lamps constantly on hand. S^AIl orders adressod to us will receive promj t attention. PRINCIPAL OFFICES AND SAL Ft) ROOM 8 Vo. 6 Tresionl Wlrset,.Boston, Mam. Nos. 649 aud 651 Broadway, V. Y. City. Vos. 198 aud 130 Clark Ml., China go, HI. No. 229 1-2 Congress St., Portland. HANSON <€ SKIL LIN. J. E. ITEWETT, General Agont. April 2, 18U7. dim remWTT. THE Monitor Printing Rooms! Are removed io tho spacious Hall Nos. 103 and 103 Federal Street, Recently occupied by Chadbourn & Kendall, Where we shall be hapy to see our triemls. With IN CREA SED FACILITIES and reasonable rent, wo can guarantee satisfaction both in STYLES and PRICES. Returning our sincere thanks for the generous patronage hitherto received, we shall spare no effort to merit Its continuance. kif Remember the place 103 and 103 Federal st, a few doors below the United States Hotel. JOSEPH B. HAIL, apr2dlw PROPRIETOR. Boots and 8hoea ! CLARKE A LOWELL, No. SO Market Squai'o. WE cm and will sell ns good a quality ol Boot* and Shoes, at an cheap rate as can be Ioann in the city, We have some shop worn goods aud others a little out ot the present style which we wish to close out before going into our ntw store aud will sell them at Less Than Hall the Original Cost. Call aud examine for yourselves, opposite Preble Street. apr>12d3t new e 3 d Elmwood Nursery, Thin Hide Woodford’* Corner, Westbrook. FlEBLE Street Cars pass the NurBery every forty minutes. A good collection of Hardy, Green House aud Bedding Plants may always be fonnd at the above place and at rea sonable rates. Wreaths, Crosses, Bouquets and Cut Flowers furnished at short notice. Particular attention (sud to preserving aud ar ranging Funeral Flower*. P. O. Address Bot 1702, Portland, Me. apr2dlw* C. F. BRYANT. Direct Steamship Line -TO— Ilaliiux, IN. S3. wJpv Tlie Al Steamship t'ARLOTTA, .1. .. W. Magune, Master, wilt sail for v^^tS^JTHaliiax, direct, from Gall's Wharf, Wednesday, April 3d, at 4 o'clock P. M. Cabin Pasaape, with State Room, $7. Meals extra. For further information apply to L. BILLINGS, Atlantic Wharf, or apr2dtd JOHN PORTEOPS, Agent. w. W. THOMAS, JB., LAWYER, And Solicitor in Bankruptcy, HAS REMOVED TO 9tt Exchuge Street, 94 Story. aprtdtf Opposite Custom House. M. C._M. A.. Annual Meeting:. THE annual meeting of the Maine Charitable Me chanic Association for the choice of officers will be held in the Library Room on 'THURSDAY eva nlug, April 4th, at 7, o’clock. A fall attendance ia earnestly requested. S. MARSH, Apl 2 dtd Secretary. M. L. A. THE annnal meeting ol the Mercantile Lib’ary Asaoci 'Hon will he held at the Common Conn cil Room, Market Hall, on Tuesday evening, April nth, at 7 I o'clock, for the election of officers lor the ensuing year, and ibr the transaction of any other butlncss that may legally come before them. Per order, E SCOTT GERKISH, ApTil 2 lw Recording Secretary. STATE OF MAINE. Hbad Quarters, i March ii, 18t7.1 General Orders No. 3. 1. The Commander in Chief hereby nnnonnees the resignation ol Brig. Gen. Johx L. Huirsno.v, Adju tant General of the State. In accepting this resignation it ia impossible lo ro irain from expreaaing (he high appreciation in which General Hodado; ’a character and services are held. Called to this p, sition on the eve of ton ibie and Irv ing times, which desaeudrd energy, tact and labor before unknown to the office, he now retires, having : brought this difficult service to a graceiuI comple tion, and commanding a respect at home and abroad which may us ly be cal ed an honorable fame. His record ia written in that proad portion of our I Lislory which his own hand has recorded, but more i lieeplv and cnduringlr still in the affectionate re membrance of those who hay# served or suffered in the war. 2 Brevet Major General John C Caldwell, having been duly appointed with the advice and eou- i sent ol the Executive Council, 1. herebv itnnoun. ,i as Adiutant General of this State, ranking firoin the 31st inat., and will be and respected accord ingly. By order oi the Commander in Chief, . , , 8KLDEN CONNER, Apl 2 dlw Lt. Col. and Aide-de-Camp. House ior Sale. m A desirable Brick Homo, No 26 Spring street, containing eleven room, hard and soit water Apply to ALPHEU8 SHAW. AprllJLOT.______ i»pr2d3w Farm in Freeport for Sale. THE subscriber offer* his farm for sa'o, situated ab utoneanda quarter miles Ir. w Freeport Smsiil roai' 'r"m, Pf«prrt to Yarmouth! LI Lira n.« ? *tKKl ,liuld> «iu»lly divided into , .. '‘5°’J Mture »nd wood land, with a house and »rn. Tilepropeitv will he sold fortllOO it appiii a .on lie ' Charlc Klee, l uruer, P .Soule, Freeport, or . , J. L. RICHARDSON, ApiUjlIW__ rownal. House Wsuited in the City. BY a small family—Kent not to exceed Five Hun dred Hollars. 1 nquirs ot _ F. L. GRUBBY, A pi 2 2w* Plum Street. Do* Lost. $10 Reward. A SMALL Black and Tan Terrier. Answers to the i^hi”™ to^Dailiil&r^ WU1 ta March 13. ItKNRY H. FUIPBISH. Desirable Office lo Lei. 4 N office partially furnished, centrally located on ^^CommerclalStnet. laotfered tor rent n* a low price. Address Lock Box 1791. Portland, April 2,186T. dlw. $10,00 Reward! LOST in vicinity of Market Square a GeliPe Pook et Book, containing Home money; al»o, papers, memoranda, Ac., ot no valne but to the owner. The above reward will be paid to the tinder, or they can take the money contained, ami leave Ihc book with paper**, Ac., at office of Preble House, where no question** will be asked. Portland, April 1, 1»67. apl2dtf To Let. «A Hall suitable for manufacturing purposes, and two offices, in Morton Block; next above i the Preble House. Apply to ... PATTERSON * CHADBOTONE, apr2qgw_ Office, Morton Block. Wanted. BY a Colored Girl about IS year, of age, a situa tion te take care of children, or as waitkr, dtc. No waokh. but satisfactory assurances of a good home positively required. Apply at No 7 St. John Street, on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday after- ! noons, April 2nd, 3d and 4th, 1867. apr2d3t|| Rooms to Let with Board. TW ’et, on reasonable terms, two well tarnished J. rooms, with board, at 38 Centro Street, opposite j Prebls House. aprilidlw* I MISCEI, LA IVGO l'« GOIUIA9I LADIES’ <E1IIAARV Itf'V. & Mrs. C. (I. Parker, Principal* Hi ram OrcMU, A. M., AmucumU Principal. rjpHK Mammrr win aommence uu Monday, y*id A |>i-il nox, < The 'rrusteen have no hesitation in recommending the new I'rimipuls :ts eminently worthy of publle confidence, ami belU-ve that under their management the Institution will rank second to none in New Eng land. _ THE SUMMER SESSION OF Gorham Academy, A Day School lor Young Men and Hoys, under the charge 01 ’Irur,. I'arhcr nail Orcmt, will al Ho commence on ’did April. Applications lur admission to eitlo r school should ho addleso-d to KEV. C. C. I'AItkER. JOHN A. WATERMAN,Soc'y Trustees. Gorham, Marches, 1807. mrit7eodtoapl22 p. A. p B I I O o T T, (f,ATK or TUB InxbusAt. IKVCNDI Bukead, WasHisiiTiisi.) Oounsellor-ut-Law and Internal Bevenua Solicitor, No* State St., UoMton. \l R- PKESCOTTS Ion; . xpoH,,,,* i„ th» luter i- „'lal. Uur,;a,l\,lu 11.0 lJIvlHlo., Of Fronds,” bavin; t-bargo of all ca». . ol violation ot the Revenue loiws, hm lamiliarity with I Hspart men tal practice, and his* acquaintance w ith the R*»v« uue Officers throughout the country, will enable him to be peculiarly succesuiul in making a .speciality of all matters pertaining to fche Itevtnue Laws. He will attend to claims tor Drawback, Abatement, Refund ing, and for the recovery of penalties paid by way ol compromise. He will advise parties as t.. tl»e mau ner of making returns in accordant with law, or as to obtaining decisions from the Department at Washington, and will defend In cast a ol alleged vio lation ol the law in regard to taxes, penalties or crim inal o/fences Mr. Prescott will practice before the various De part menu it WAshtumbD. the .Supreme Court of (he V. S., aud tho Court ol Claims. For tho speedy transaction or business, Counsel of high standing, reaming in New York. ^t. Ix.uis, Cin cinnati and Washington, are associated with him. au28eod3m Office of Collector of Inter nal Revenue. No. 90 1-2 (Jomiuer.-ial St. First ColledrioNDis’T o» State of Maine, ( Portland, Apitl I, 1867. ( SEIZURE OF BARRELS AND HALF BARRELS. XTOTICE is hereby given that the following de ll Scribed empty barrels and half barrels were seized in litis city «»u the d vs heruuaitei mention, d lor a violation or Section 22, of an Art to amend ex isting laws relating to internal revenue, and tor other purposes. Approved March 2, 1*67. March 13,1867, 2 < oal Oil Bbl -., seized on Commer cial Street. March 14, 1*67, 30 Coal Oil Bbls. seized at Freight House of Portland A Kennebec R. lc. March 14,1867,1 Coal Oil Bbl. seized on Commercial Street. March 14,1-67,2 Whiskey Bbl*. seized on Commer cial Street. March 14,1867, 2 Whiskey Bbls. seized at Freight House of Portland A Kennebec R. R. March 14,1*67, 12 Coal Oil li*• bis. seized at Freight House of (hand Trunk Railway. March 11, 1*67, 1 Coal Oil Hlf. Bbl. seized at Freight House ol Orand Trunk Ralway, March 15, 1867, 4 Coal Oil Bbls. s< ized on Com mercial Stro. t. March 15,1*67, 2 Coal Oil lilt. Bbls. seized on Com mercial Street. March 15, 1867, 23 Coal Oil Bbls. sei/. d at Freight House «»t Port and A Kennebec K. li. March 15,1867/1 (’oal Oil Hlf. l»bl. seized at Freight House of Portland A Kenuebco R. it. Any person or persons claiming the Fame are re quested to appear and make such claim within thirty nay* from the dare i cH of, otherwise the said ’narr«i» and half barrels w ill bo disposed of in acc .rdance with the acts of Congress in au h ca.-cs made and provided. Apll—Uw NATH’L J. MloLKR, Collector, Atlantic k bt. Lawrence Railroad Mortgage Bonds of I Slit, CIOUPONS next maturing on the extended bonds, > and Interest lor thc^ix months ending April 1st. next, on the ooirfLs not extended, will be paid on and alter that date, fhuk ol Government tax. Parties nogo dating theix coupons are requested to take notice. CHA8, E. BARRETT, Treasurer. Portland, March 29,1867. mr30dlw Xew 8pring Goods ! COOK & AYERS, DRAPERS AND TAILORS, - AT - Aro. 103 FEDERAL STREET, have Just received a good selection of Broadcloths, Doeskins, Vestings, - AHI. - T K I HI M I N fl 8 suitable for the SPRING TRADE! Which they *»il] make into garments at reasonable prices. Orders from their customers aro respectfully soli.ited. COOK & AYERS will occupy ehaml»ers over the store on tlieir old location in Excli&nge Street, a.tout the middle of May. _March 25, 1867. d3w Choice Southern and Western FLOUR AND CORN ! for salo by (YBRIOKf, PIERCE & CO., Wlmlcale Uealrra, IN < s.niu<n iul Ml., dec31«lly _PORTLAND, Me. FEU TIE/ZEMtS. w">/ 1/ l TONS Cumberland Pure Kaw Bono iflV/U Phot*. of Lime. 50 Tons Coe’s Phosphate of Lime. 2o 'Ions K. V. Coe’s Phosphine of Lima 20 Tons Lloyd’s Phosphate c.f Lime. GUO Barrels Lodi 1 midreUc. 300 Barrels Lilticlu Id’s Poudrctte. 400 Barrels Fish Guano. Kf*“For sale at Manufacturer’* Prices, by KKNOAl.E Ac WHITNEY. ^Fcb 8, 1^. t<'.kl3mls SEED. SEED. 750 BAGS PRIME TMOTHY, .'ISO “ Northern Now York and Western Clover. 400 Sacks Red Tpjv Bushels Canada Golden Drop Spring Wheat 500 Bushels Cape Barley, two row’d. Buckwheat. Flax, 11* rap, Millet. Caunrv and a lull assortment of V egetable and Flower Seeds all select ed with care ami reliable. A full assortment of Agricultural Implements, Ecrtiliseors, &.C., For Salo by KESDALL cP WniTXEY, March »i,18C7-,”u"rl‘C,M“1’ Sagna Molasses. TGIDS. ] Muwoeiwhi M la««cs, cargo brig ASI 1CB. i “Hattie s Emery,” tirom Sagua. 1 Muwovarlo Mola.-sr acargo Brig “J. t*7a Bbls. ) C. York,” from Sagua, fob «n.« BY GEO. S. HUNT, 111 Commercial St. Mar 19—il3w Choice Clayed Molasses. 465 >1116.4, I Superior Clayed Mo 40 TIERCES, I lu«Hett. Nowlanding from Brig “Anna Wetlinirron,” from Cardenas, and for sale by CHASE, CRAM * STPRTEVANT, mar-:{ dtt Wklgery’s Whart F on SALE 7 1 0( )l)BLS. EASTERN B. APPLES. “Sliced.” ■ “HI “ “ »< It “Cnrml ’* 150 Bu. H. G. SEED. 50 Bu. Clover Setnl. 50 Bbls. Clear Pork. 50 Tierces Choice Lard. Also Choice Brands of Flour, by Jeremiah Howe & Co., mr21 d3w No 27 Commercial St, Portland. T>i*ie<I Apples! 85 r IjS. C hoice Dried Apples, lor sale low, i>. B. Kicker & Co., I mar!8d1w» No 1S5 Fore street. LORBEM COAL ; "I USX arrived per seh Joseph Baxter, a cargo ot i t" 400 tons ot Free Burning Lortery Bt d Ash Sto\e Coal. For cooking purposes this coal is uusinpuoa td by any in the market. For spring and tu turner use it Is very nice. Also per sch D. S. Liner a cargo of 4 0 tons •Tolln*4 White .Asli Coni, STOVE AND EOU. A vety choice coal and warranted to give satistuc tion. liamlall., McAllister <i- t'o„ «» Cowurrcialttlrrci, marlikiwis Head ol'Maine Wharf H. II. PENNfLi A t’O. GAS FITTERS, NO. 41 UNION NTHBRT. All work warranted satisfactory. Ketfcrence*— Strout A McKonkey, niaeter builders; Hrowu A Crocker, plasterers and atucco worker*. • April 1,1»67. darn. W. K. P. CROSS, Staler ot Wrights and Measures. Order HI ale at C. U ■m4 A Ca.’a, We. 14 ■ ■•ion Hireei. Portland, April 1,18«7. . dim Koiirdiiitf. A FEW gentlemen can be accommodated with pleasant room* and board, in a private family, at No. I Mayo Street. aprtdlw* AT J. I,. wm«’ STORK, ,*. 7i and 74 Rare Hi., you can buy a. naed articles aa at any other store in the city, and delivered at any part of tbeciy free ot charge and price* satisfactory.