Newspaper of Portland Daily Press, April 3, 1867, Page 2

Newspaper of Portland Daily Press dated April 3, 1867 Page 2
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T11E PBESS. Wednesday Morning) April 3, 1867. The CoHueclicul Klcrliou. The election which lias just transpired iu Connecticut, taken in connection with the past recent political history of that State, is unusually suggestive. The Republicans have been beaten, and we venture the remark that they will receive less sympathy in their defeat, from the controlling minds iu the Republican party, than has over been exercised towards a defeated friendly ticket. Those who have watched the canvass have felt from the start, that the chances of success for the Republi cans, were very slim. Last year Gov. Haw i > ' majority was but Ml—a meagre margin iu a State capable of throwing a hundred thousand votes. It was known that the Democratic candidate—a very rich manufacturer—had placed at the disposal of his party committee, «to0,0U0 to he expended iu the canvass, and that Ketv York city would readily Bupply any ad ditional amount that might be required or that could be used. It was further known that all the influence and patronage of the national government, that could bo controlled by a cor rupt and treacherous administration, was be ing used iu the same direction and to the same end. Resides all this, it was known that Mr. English, the Democratic nominee, was declar ed by ilia trieuds to he about as good a Repub lican as Gov. Hawley, and the fact was appeal ed to that in Congress ho sustained the war ami voted for the Constitutional amendment abolishing slavery. Such were some of the in fluences brought to bear in tho canvass; money, government patronage, executive iavor, prom ised appointments, and the careful conceal ment of the real issues by pressing into the foreground the most auti-democratic acts ot tiie Democratic candidate; and with this com bination of elements they liavo only been able to overeomo a majority of Ml votes against them last year, and secure a majority of a few hundreds where they boasted that 5,000 major ity was to crown their efforts. Now we come to inquire what right the Re publican party ot the State had to expect a victory tor their own ticket? We grant their candidates were generally unexceptionable men. Gov. Hawley was a valiant soldier dur ing the war, working himself up, by gallant deeds, from the ranks to a major generalship, and politically he is unquestioned. The same is true of the Congressional candidates. In the 4th district exceptions were taken by some squeamish outsiders to the candidate—Mr. P. T. Barnum, tho great Now York showman.— All admit that Mr. Barnum is a man every way sound politically, that he is scrupu'ously exact in all matters of finance and business, that by over-confidence in friends for whom he endorsed he lost, his property, but by the most indomitable energy has regained his feet, that ho is strictly temperate, even to total absti nence, in his habits, that he allows no liquor saloons about his museum and never brings out a play of an immoral character. But then ho has hurabuggod the pcpole with a woolly horse and a made-up Feejec mermaid! True, but he declares,—and the declaration is undis puted,—that it he has humbugged the public sometimes he has never done it by anything calculated to corrupt or vitiate tho public mor als, that his tricks have been of the most harmless character, and that though he brought out the woolly horse ho also brought out Jen Lind, and has done more than most men to provide the American public with rational and intellectual entertainments. A few remarka bly philanthropic and tender-hearted peoplo have objected to Mr. Barnum because he al lows live rabbits to he fed to the boa-constric tor in his museum! This is perfectly horrific! The people who thus object are said to keep no cats in their houses to live upon live mice, and to have a perfect aversion to all rat terriers; and perhaps they may object to that portion of the Divine economy which has l'ashionod tho boa to take bis food alive, and which, Irom the highest to the lowest link in the scale of being, has arranged lor tho “big fishes to eat the little ones." But aside from the fastidious excep tions to Mr. Bartfum, we have heard no objec tions raised to tho personnel of the Republican ticket in Connecticut. So far as the nominees were concerned, their general and particular fitness, the Republicans had sufficient ground lor expecting a victory. Hut there is another and adarker side to this matter. The Constitution of Connecticut make an odious discrimination on account of color, and because a man happens, by the ac cident of birth, to have a dark skin, he is not allowed to be a citizen with a citizen’s rights. Tho colored men arc barred from the polls. A year aud a half ago tho proposition to abolish this odious distinction by striking the word “white” from the constitution, was submitted to the people, and the Republicans, with a ma jority of upwards of 11,000 at tho preceding Presidential election, shamefully defeated the proposition, and thus perpetuated the distinc tion based ou color. The next time they went to the idlls they found their majority cut down to less than five and a half hundred! Since then the Representatives of that State in Con gress, have voted to force upon the South what they refused to accept themselves—impartial manhood suffrage, and with this record of the past open to be seen and read'of all men, they have gone to the polls and—been beaten! A just and righteous retribution. They sowed the wind, they have reaped the whirlwind. In the State of Connecticut, in 1860, there was a colored population of 8,627. The for tunes of tlie war and the pressure at the South since that date, have doubtless increased this population, so that the colored men of the State who would have been voters on Monday last, but for the odious provision which Republi cans have allowed to be perpetuated, may be safely estimated at 2,000, nine-tenths of whom, it is safe to say, would cheerfully have gone to the polls ami voted the Republican ticket, thus keeping the star of equal rights and political progress in the ascendant in that old Stale. We have but few words to add. Fortunate-' ly the loss of Connecticut will not cripple the Republican majority in Congress. Three Con gressmen and a Governor can be spared. The Republican party can better afford to lose them than to lose the lesson ol this election. This election and its preceding history teach that justice is the only reliable condition precedent of success. The state or the party that acts n justly cannot, should not expect victory. De feat is tho just return for such conduct as the Republicans of Connecticut have been guilty of. While a regiment of colored troops from that State were still in the field, undischarged from the dangerous work in which they had enlisted, the white Republicans at homo were voting to perpetuate their exclusion from the ballot-box! They have received their reward. “Noil Kevins,“JA bonk for Agents. Agents wishing to canvass for “Ned Nevins" The Newsboy; or, Street Lite in Boston,” may see on advertisement in another column. One hundred per cent profit is offered. An agent in Fall Iliver has sold eighty books within a few days. Never since the days of the “Lamp-lighter” has a book awakened such universal demands. As yet not adozen agents are in the field, though lour thousand books have been sold. The Boston Traveller says: “Ned Nevins, the Newsboy; or, Street Life in Boston, by Rev. Henry Morgan, has be come a grand success. The third edition is go ing rapidly It is wonderful how a single book may lie adapted so suit all classes of mind The old are delighted, the young are complete ly carried away, with the virtues, trials, suffer ings and triumphs of the young hero. Street hoys repeat the motto,“If I do no wrong, some thing good will come to me.” Sabbath School children roail with interest, and weep as they read. Mothers,pale aud gastlv, with needle in hand, pray God to protect their offspring as Undid “Ned Nevins.” From Maine to Oregon it has awakened new interest in the cause of the suffering and down-trodden, aud given an impetus to benevolent enterprise. Taken alto gether, it is a vivid daguerreotype view of the vicissitudes of life in all great cities, and it has just ly received the eucouiums of the press, the puljnt, and the family alter. ,f."dV,r1-\taQd that an adaptation of “Ned nataLS a* f^MWted at the Fair of the e 1 Thursday0Cand’ ‘S^^gton Hall,Low week J “ Fllday evenings of this If our neighbor can afford to allow such a statement to appear in his columns, in view of what we said of Gen. Blair and the reasons . we gave lor copying the extract in relation to him, toe certainly can afford to let it pass with out comment. Those who read what wo did say will know how to appreciate the fairness of the above, Uaii.way Traffic.—The following are the . (li.IZSUU Total. Corresponding week last year, Dema“-.. . JOSEPH HICKSON, Secretary and Treasurer. Originul and Selected. —First page-The Senate—Confirmations and Rejections, The I! ussian Treaty, Dairying, East or West, Early Cut Hay, The Colored People of Virginia, Beautiful Moral Spectacle, A Martyr to an Idea, Embellishment in the White House, Lincoln and Herndon, Changes in the Navy Yard, The Pardon of Deserters, The Chicago Tunnel, Tossing the Pancake at Westminster School. Last page—How to treat Scandal—poetry, An Old Proverb Illustrated, Perils of Frontier Life. A lady of Hndsen N. H., whose maiden name was Elliot, married for her successive husbands three men, respectively named Winn, Burns and Dakin, who were Yankee soldiers in the Revolutionary war, and fought together in the Battle ol Bunker Hill. Some of her sons also served in the war of 1812, and some of her graudsons likewise aided in suppressing the late rebellion. —Fast Day hi Connecticut is appointed for the 19th inst. —The Lindell House, destroyed by lire at St. Louis on Saturday night last, was said to be the finest hotel in the country. —Gov. Brownlow writes to a friend at Wash ington, tliat Tennessee will send an entil e rad ical delegation to Congress, t)jat the Demo crats will not bo able to influence the negro vote. The Republicans of that State deserve success for their fidelity to right and practical regard for justice. We trust they will not only put Connecticut to shame, but make up lor her copperhead Congressmen. —It is a significant fact that white Northern Democrats are trying to crowd colored people out of the cars, out of tho schools, out of the churches, and away from the polls, in the South the Democrats are coaxing them to send delegetes ot thoir own color into tho constitu tional conventions, to sit side by side and coun sel with white delegates. —The President has neither vetoed nor pock eted any of the hills lately passed by Congress, but lias signed them all. —No less than four females have committed suicide in New York during tho past week, by swallowing Paris green. —The Cincinnati Inquirer tells of a young man arrested in that city “for attempting to kiss a girl whom he had been courting for some time." Perhaps lie was arrested for simply at tempting; because he did not succeed. —Siuce the negroes of tho South have been turned into voters, we hear nothing from the leading whites of that region of the “Curse op Ham,” the incurable inferiority of the negro r;i<iP, or the certainty of its soon dying out. The blacks have become all at once masters of the position. —A law passed by the New York Legislature pu Dishes the offence of selling and exhibiting obscene pictures by a fine of $1,000 and im prisonment. —A manufacturer at Ballston Spa, N. Y., has invented an arrangement for lighting his factory by means of keroseue oil conveyed from a reservoir in the upper story, by means of gas pipes, to all portions of his mill. —A sui! was tried at Bingliampton, N. Y., last week, in which a lady brought an action for assault and hattiry against a young man, tho accusation being that he kissed her while occupying the same seat in a railroad car, she being asleep at the time, witli her head resting upon his shoulder. “Well bet” she was no better than she should he, or Bhe would not go into court with such a cause. A real lady, thus assaulted, would have kept the matter as pri vate as possible. —A Iaslnon editor thinks the new short dresses will bo a god send for those who like morning walks in tho oountry. No more dew bedraggled skirts, no more extravagant wash ing bills—“seeing the sunrise” will simply re quire the exercise of a little moral courage—it will cease to be an expensive luxury. —The mayor of Gonzales, Texas, on hearing of the passage of the Reconstruction bill, felt so badly that he caused the public square of Gonzales to bo draped in mourniug. —The new railroad and wagon bridge to be thrown across the Mississippi at Davenport is to cost not less than one million dollars. —Among the items in the list of government expenditures last year are two of $30,000 each for cable telegraphing, by Mr. Seward. An exchange thinks it w5ll puzzle most people to remember any occurrences in Europe during the past twelve months, of sufficient impor tance to warrant the Secretary of State in speuding $00,000, and the majority of tax pay ers will probably agree that until Mr. Seward’s dispatches deal with more weighty matters than the reports ot McCrackens, the public safety will not be imperilled by using the mails instead of the cable. —The rapidity with which improvements are being extended in Philadelphia is indicated by tho fact that, during 1800, more than nine miles of streets were newly paved. —An old fellow— forty-two years old—at Davenport, Iowa, the other day kissed a wo man against her will, and it cost him sixteen dollars and forty-five cents. — The brutal, beastly and inhuman sport of cock-fighting has been stopped in New York through the agency of the society for the pre vention of cruelty to animals. —Wendell Phillips was recently invited to lecture at Mount Pleasant, Illinois, and on reaching tho town, was met by tho Secrctaay of ti;e Lecture Association, who inlorined him that the people could not decido which they most wished to hear—the lecture on “The Lost Arts,” or that on “The Perils of the Hour.” Mr. Phillips was ready to deliver either, but the Secretary gravely proposed that he should de liver both! The lecturer thought it a pity to spoil a good joke, consented, and beginning with “The Lost Arts," gracelully glided into "The Perils of the Hour,” occupying three or i four hours, and entirely satisfying his hearers. —A letter-writer from Edinburgh reports the author of “Rab and his Friends,” Dr. John Brown, as still manifesting the effects of a con tinued illness. State Items. —T. K. Lane, Esq., has been appointed City Mush all of Biddeford. Obadiah Durgin has liecn appointed City Marshall of Saco. —The Trustees ol the Waldo County Agri cultural Society have voted to put a comodi ousj bu Uiugjja tb : grounds the coming season. —The Aroostook lumbermen aro a hearty set. A gang of thirty-five cons ume every ten days a barrel of molasses, two bushels of beans, one barrel of pork, and five hundred pounds of flour, with other articles. —The island of Monhegan has thirty-two houses, ono school-house, which is also used for meetings by the various denominations of Christians, and about one hundred and fifty inhabitants. —The dwelling house of Captain Thomas Harper at Seal Cove, was destroyed by fire on the 21st inst. The worst of the story is that one child aged two years old was suffocated’ and another was nearly so before it could be rescued. —The Whiy thus adyises: “If you want to head off the caterpillars while you have time to do it go into your orchard now and cut off' the twigs or ends of the limbs on which is placed the little belt of eggs, which may be plainly seen on examination. Cut them off and burn them. This method is fcasable in small and young trees, but not so easily|opera~ tod on large trees.” —The Lewiston Journal says Mr. Charles Smith, in the employ of S. E. Bearce & Co., of that city, was severely injured Friday by a wedge which caught upon a circular saw while in motion. It was thrown 'with great t force, striking Mr. Smith in the lace, and breaking his cheek bone. —We learn from the Skowhegan Clarion that reports from Guilford copper mine state that the farther they progress the richer the ore proves. It is now yielding between $400 and $500 of silver to the ton. —The Machias Republican thinks, that, ow ing to the unfavorable season, not more than two thirds of the usual quantity of logs have been cut in that section. —The Ellsworth American favors the adop tion of a city charter for that town. —Camden has adopted a Village corporation act, and is now a sort of inchoate city. —Tho Journal says that most of the mule spin ners in the cotton mills at Lewiston declined on the 1st inst. to work over ten hoars a day. and the agents have received orders to rim eleven hours as usual or shut down the mills. In Lawrence and Manchester the spinners have concluded not to strike, and the Journal is persuaded that a strike, especia lly now when there is such a surplus of manufactured goods in the market and when the owners of mills are not very desirous of running, will result n y in stopping all of tho looms for several months. limb'll th° retilinS Principal of tho Saturday*r e’’ ^ made th° ""Ww* on Saturday last of an elegant silver tea sett from the pupils of the school. -The April term of the" S. ,T. Court for ^agadahoc, commenced at Bath yesterday ‘ -Bath is to vote to-day on the Knox and Lincoln Railroad question: not, as we said the other day, to see if the city will grant $150,000 in addition to the $600,000 already voted, but as the Times explains, to scie if $150,000 of the loan already voted shall be subscribed lor stock in the road. Portland and Vicinity. Wew Advertisements To-Uay. SPECIAL NOTICE COLUMN. Boots and Shoos-T. E. Moseley & Co. Hall's Vegetable Sicilian liair Renewor. entertainment column. Theatre—Smith, Hadley & Co. NEW ADVERTISEMENT COLUMN Copartnership Notice—Cloudman <Sr Stevens. Ne 1 Nevius. Cole's Restaurant—L. D. Cole. Quwlerl?lfeport ol Casco National Bank. • Quarterly :K<jpflft ^t*01*1 1!allk Bogota. ' Di-solution Coyartnersliip—Henry Fling & Co, InsMc stemnhoat Line to Bangor. Grocery Store tor Sale. Dissolution—Lewis, Rollins & Bond. To Builders—Brann & Merrill. Attorney at Law—J. J. Maybury. Girl Wanted. Public Notice. For Sa’e—Nathaniel Blanchard. Guardian’s Sale. Municipal Court. JUDGE KINGSBURY PRESIDING. 1 uebd at .—Andrew McUUnchy, on a search and Seizure process, paid $22 26. Patrick Gibbons, tor drunkenness and disturbance, paid $6.66. Margaret Gibbons, wifo of Patrick, and James Gibbons, his brother, for resisting officers Williams and Sterling while engaged in arresting Patrick, paid tines ot $10 each and the costs. John Taylor and William Taylor were brought up charged with assault and battery on Israel Hague. John pleade 1 guilty, and was lined $10 and costs, and ordered to recognize in the sum of $100 to keep the peace six months. William pleaded not guilty, and, alter examination, was discharged. B. D. VerrilP Esq., tor State. J. J. Maybury, Esq., for defendants The same parties were also charged with larceny of four dollars in hills and Borne postal currency to the same amount. The same counsel appeared in this case, and the examination was postponed to Wednes day. • The atre.—There was quite a large aud fash ionable audience at Deering Hall last evening, and the new company well sustained the cred it they reoeived for the performances on Mon day evening. The “Kent Day” was capitally done, and the farce of |he ‘‘Weavers” created roars of laughter. We think our theatre-going people may congratulate themselves that we have a company who understand their busi ness and are determined to perform it in the most acceptable manner. The managers seem determined to win the public favor, and they are pursuing the right course for that purpose. This evening Tom Taylor’s beautiful and pop ular play of “Still Waters run Deep,” will be produced, together with a favorito farce, both cast to the entire strength of the compauy. Levee.—We understand the young ladies of the Congregational Society of Saccarappa will hold a Levee at Warren’s Hah on Friday eve ning next. It will be strange if the exhibi tions are not attractive, and equally strange if the hall is not crowded to witness them, for that is the habit of the people of the village — A good object is sure to commend itself,, and when accompanied by innocent amusement is fully encouraged. Nor will the visitors he confined to those of the village; neighboring towns as usual, will doubtless be well repre sented. The managers will not disappoint public expectation, nor will the public fail to appreciate the endeavors of the managers.— The satisfaction, it is safe to affirm, will be en tirely mutual. Pleasant.—Mr. L. D. Cole last evening in vited tho proprietors, editors and compositors of the various printiug offices to visit his new and fine eating rooms on Exchange street.— Quite a large number accepted the invitation, and the Advertiser, Argus, Transcript and Press establishments were represented. Mr. Cole furnished them with a handsome oyster supper, and such other viands as they wished for. It was a pleasant reunion and mauy thanks are due to Mr. C. for it. May his shadow never he loss ! Those Guns.—Our Democratic friends, who saved their gunpowder all through the war and have had no opportunity to burn it since, took occasion yesterday to let off a few guus over the news from Connecticut. We congratulate them. They used the same gunpowder, we are told, that they provided to burn over the elec tion of “Little Mae”—before they heard of his fear of such dangerous explosives. They havn’t had so jolly a time since the Army of the Poto mac was driven from the Peninsula. Arrival of the Belgian.—Steamship Bel gian, Capt. Brown, from Liverpool 21st and Londonderry 22d ult., arrived at this port at 2.30 P. M. yesterday, bringing 11 cabin and 205 steerage passengers and a valuable cargo. We are indebted to Mr. McDonald, Purser of the ship, for favors. March 30th, in latitudes 44 and 45 longitudes 50 and 53, passed immense quantities of drift ice. Precocious Youth.—At one of the Sunday Schools in our city last Sabbath, the chapter in the New Testament was read, which related to the narrative of Christ healing the demoniac. After the chapter had been read, one of the teachers asked a lad what the chapter related to? “Christ casting the devil out of Demo crats,” was the prompt reply. A Concert and Promenade will be given by the Orchestral Union on Fast night, when they will play the “Rifle Galop,” descriptive of the assembly, the march, tho battle, &c., re ceived with so much applause at their last con cert. Those who wish to have a pleasant time should not fail to go. Any person who, in the course of his daily labor, incurs upon his person, clothing or dwel ling, any spot of paint, oil, grease, stain, smut or grime of any character soever, will find, in the Steam Refined Soaps, a friend in need. They are embodied antagonism to dirt. Eastern Packet Co.—Stockholders are re minded that an adjourned meeting of the East ern Packet Company will bo held at 3 o’clock this afternoon at the connting room of Jonas H. Perlcy, Esq., on Commercial street. Y. M. C. A.—We learn that the new rooms of the Young Men’s Christian Association, in the Evans block, Middle street, will be open with a prayer meeting Fast Day morning from 9 to 10 o’clock. -—— -■ — ■ By his card, which appears in our advertis ing columns, it will be seen that Mr. J. J. May bury, a young lawyer recently admitted to practice in this city, proffers his professional services to all desiring legal advice or aid. Removed.—Mr. J. B. Hail has removed his Monitor Printing establishment to more com modious quarters, Nos. 103 and 105 Federal street. He has one of the neatest and best ap pointed offices for job printing in the city. Thebe will be a Young People’s prayer meeting in the Vestry of the Free Street Church on Wednesday evening, at half past seven o’clock. The public are invited. Smashup.—Yesterday afternoon a jigger run afoul of a furniture wagon on Middle street, at the foot of Temple street, upsetting the latter, which was loaded with furniture, scattering the contents in the mud. The Portland Freedmen’s Aid Association acknowledges the receipts of twenty-five dol lars from Jabez C. Woodman, Esq. J. T. McCobb, Treasurer. "Appointment.—James O’Donnell, Esq., of this city, has been re-appointed Commissioner of Deeds for the State of Maryland. Connecticut Election.—A dispatch from Hartford states that returns from all but a few small towns indicate 700 majority for English. The Republicans are sure of both branches of the Legislature. Wellcome’s great German Remedy recom mends itself to all who use it foi throat and lung difficulties. Thousands declare it superi or to auy other. You will find it so by using it. jau4—dlawtf Mains’ Eldbbbekky Wine is the best reme dy in the world lor Piles. Buy one bottle and try it. For sale by all druggists and oountry groeers. janli—W&wly To remove Pimples, Blotches, Freckles, &c., from the skin, use Schlotterbeck's Moth and Freckle Lotion. mch30-W&Stf Review 0f n,e iTIarkel FOtt THE WEEK ENDING April 2, 1867. 1 rade has somewhat improved during the past week, though the sales have not been so large as in for mei years. Purchasers hold off and decline making great additions to their stocks, preferring to keep up on the safe side, and regulating their purchases to the legitimate wants for seasonable uso. '1 he con sumptive demand must, of course, be supplied, and beyond that traders will not venture much. That the business transactions of country traders will bo safe is evidenced from the caution observed in mak ing purchases. They prefer coming often to make purchases than to fully stock up now, for the spring and summer business. In staple articles of merchandise there is great firmness, especially in nearly all kinds of domestic products. In some articles of foreign merchandise there ig a slight giving way, occasioned by the late steadiness of the gold market, and the prospect of a further reduction in the price of bullion, now that Congress has adjourned. 1 he gold market was very steady all last week ‘at about 134; sometimes a traction over and sometimes a fraction less. It closed on Saturday at 133*. On Monday it opened at 183*, dropped to 133*, then ad* v&toced to 134}, at which frrice it closed) Tusday, 2d, It opened at 134}, advanced to 134|. closing at 134}. APPLES—No change from last week. Green ap ples of choice quality are scarce and command our highest quotations. Dried Iruit is more plenty hut prices are without change. ASHES—The demand tor pot is qulto moderate. The price has shaded off. BEANS—The supply is fully equal to the demand. thvor^urchaBM?11*6 *U °Ul 9uotalton8> though prices BREAD—With a limited demand all kinds ot hard Diead are firm at our quotations. BOX SHOOKS—Quotations arc nominal, the mar ket being flat, shippers in the present state of the Cuba market are unwilling to purchase unless at their own prices, which manufacturers aro not dis Jjosed to accede to. B 0 TTEB—Thero lias been cons id era! >le good butter sent lieiefrom New York, which, with the ample supply of Vermont has stocked the market. Wo quote Vermont tubs at 27(&33c and the choicest table at 35c. In the common grades of butter there is but little doing. CANDLES—The demand continues steady for Trowbridge’s moulds at our quotations. CHEESE—The market is well supplied and our quotations aro reduced for the best qualities of Vermont and New York. Country cheese is 3 and 4c lower. CEMENT—The market is well supplied. Present demand is light, but prices are unchanged. COAL—The demand for anthracite continues steady and prices aro without any change. Lehigh Is now very scarce. COOPERAGE—The demand for country cooper age is very slack, while that lor city is large. Every thing of city make Is sold up ana orders are taken ahead. CORDAGE—No change lYom last week. The de mand is quite light. DRUGS AND DYES—There has been more acti vity tho past week and the trade has improved. Bi carb soda has shaded off. In other drugs there is no change. DUCK—Tho price of Portland duck has been re duced to 80 cents for No. 1, and 4c less for eacli num * her up to No. 10. The demand Is good. This re duction brings No. 10 to 45c. DRY GOODS—Business hasmproved, traders who have heretofore made all their purchases in Boston having! purchased their spring supplies in this city. The demand both for cottons and woolens is large and the prospect for a good spring business is bettor than ever. We make some alterations in the prices o: certain cotton manufactures. Standard goods are stiff and prices are fully maintained. In woolens there is no par ticular change. FISH—There is a steady, active demand for dry fish, and the stocks are not large. Pickled fish are firm and with small stocks to meet the demand. FLOUR—The market is firm at our increased quo tations of last week. There is none of any conse sequcnce coming forward, from the West. A cargo of California is expected here soon. FRUIT—We have no change to note In the fruit , market. The supply is good and the qualities are superior. GRAIN—The supply of corn is ample, several cargoes having arrived, and the prices are firm at our quotations. Rye is higher. HAY—Dealers aro paying $20@$23 per ton. There is a good demand. though shipments are moderate for want of vessels. HIDES AND SKINS—Prices are unchanged and the market Is dull, with no operations of conse quence. IRON—There is a moderate demand for all kinds ; of iron, and prices have been reduced. Stocks are ample and have been increased by late arrivals. Nails are selling at $6 50@6 62 J. LARD—There is a slight improvement in prices, with a hotter demand. LEAD—Unchanged, with a moderate demand for sheet and pipe. LEATHER—We reduce our quotations for light, middling weights and heavy. The demand is im proving. LIME—The demand has slightly improved. Prices are 5c lower. The stocks on hand are ample for all present purposes. LUMBER—The demand for shipping is small, but that for dimension lumber is increasing. Tbe mar ket is well supplied daily by rail with all the kinds wanted. Southern lumber continues dull. MOLASSES—Importers are very firm m their prices and we have no alterations to make in our quotations. The choice qualities are quickly taken up by the grocers. Tbe imports will not exceed the legitimate demand tor homo consumption. Portland Sugar House syrup is in demand at 45c. NAVAL STORES—The supply of all kinds is am ple but tho demand is light. We reduce our quota tions for tar. OAKUM.—We continue our quotations. The de mand is very light. OILS—Linseed and whale are a shade lower. In other oils there is no change. The demaud has im proved. ONIONS—Prime Silver-skins are very scarce and now command $3 50(04 00 per bbl. PAINT'S—Tho demand for loads has improved. Prices are firm at our reduced quotations of last week. PLASTERr—Tlierc is no rock plaster now in the market, but several cargoes are expected soon. PRODUCE—Fresh meats are in good supply.— Poultry is getting more scarce. Eggs are higher. Potatoes come in freely. PROVISIONS—The market is firm at the advance of last week. Round bogs now bring 11 $€(^13 per lb, and none coming forward. RICE—The market is steady and the demand mod erate. Priaos unchanged. SALT—There i9 a large demand for Ashing pur poses. Prices are unchanged. SOAPS—Tlie demand for Le&the & Gore’s steam refined soaps is very large and orders are coming in from all over the State. The price has been reduced half a cent, and we alter our quotations. SUGARS—The Forest City Refinery commenced turning out, last week, superior grades ot coffee A and B sugars, at 14@13’c which were readily taken up by the grocers. Tlie Portland Sugar House is turning out an excellent quality of yellow A A, which readily finds a market at 11c. In granulated sugars we note a slight decline and reduce our quo tations. In foreign sugars tho market is firm. The Eagle Sugar Refinery will start up to-day. STARCH—Firm at our quotations, with a moder ate domand. SHOT—Unchanged. The demand is quite light tor the season. TEAS—The market is qutet. The stocks are ample for present wants. TINS—The demand has slackened off and prices are not quite so firm as they have been. TOBACCO—The market is well supplied. Prices remain unchanged, with light domand. VARNISH—We have no change to note. The de mand for all kinds is fair WOOL—There is a better feeling in the market, under the provision of the new tariff bill, ami hold ers have increased their prices. ZINC—Prices unchanged, with a light demand. FREIGHTS— The engagements reported for the week are as follows: Brig Edilli to load at Wiscasset for a port north side Cuba with boxes at 15c, and boards at $6 M; sch Izctta, for Matanzas with 2^000 box shooks, b n t, and balance of cargo ot empty tierces at 66c; bark Martin W. Brett lor Matanzas with boxes at 12c. empty casks at $125, and hoops at $6 M; schr Nevada, to load at Wiscasset for a port north side Cuba, at 14c for box shooks, and $6 fcv M under and $5 on deck; bark Norton Stover for Havana, with box shooks at 12c, and hoops $7 ip M under and .$6 on deck; bark Andes for Havana, at 14c lor box shocks; sch J. F. Carver from St. John to Philadelphia or Baltimore at $5 for lumber. SPECIAL NOTICES. THE STOCK OF LADIES9 Gentlemen’s, Misses’ A Children,® Boots and Shoes at T. E. MOSELEY * CO’S, Summer St., Boston, is of every desirable description, and made up iu fashionable style. feb20dlt HALL’S VEGETABLE SICILIAN HAIR RENEWER. Has proved itself to be the most perfect preparation for the hair ever presented to the public. It will restore gray hair to its original color. It will keep the hair from falling out It cleanses the scalp. It makes the hair lustrous and silken. It is a splendid hair dressing. No person, old or young, should fail to use it. Be very particular to ask lor “Hall’s Vegetable Sicilian Hair Renewer,” as there is a worthless Imi tation in the market. Price $1.00 per bottle. R. P. HALL & CO., Nashua, N. H., Proprietors. April 3—snd&w Tilton & McFarland, Desire to call the attention to the fact that more than 4 O Of their Safes gave AMPLE PROTECTION in the late lire. Parties desiring a FIRST RATE SAFE, At & MODERATE PRICE, will please call on EMEItY & WATERHOUSE, Middle Street, Portland. Or at llO Sudbury Street, Boston. Cy“Socond-hand Safe9 taken in exchange for sale. Jan 15— SNlstwin eaolimo&adv remainder of time. ANDERSON & CO’S. HOOP-SKIRT FACTORYl 333 Congress St, above Casco. tyFrench, German and American Corsets from 75 cts to $10,00 a pair. Hoop Skirts made to order at one hours notice. Feb 9—sn d3m Long Sought For ! Come at Last! Mains’ Elder Berry Wine. We take pleasure in anuouncing that the above named article may be found for sale by all City Druggists and first class Country Grocers. As a Medicine Mains’ Wine is invaluable, being among the best, if not the best, remedy for colds and pulmonary complaints, Manufactured from the pure tuicoof the berry, and unadulterated by any impure ingredient, we can heartily recommend it to the sick as a medicine. To the days of the aged it addeth length, lo the mighty it addoth strength,” ’Tis a balm for the sick, a joy for the welt— Druggists and Grocers buy and sell WAINS’ ELDERBERRY R ING ncv27 s N d&wtf Fisher’s Cough Drops. This certain and effoetual cure lor Coughs and all diseases of the throat and lungs, has beeu generally known throughout New England for the last sixty years, and iswarranted to cure, or the price will bo refunded. Prepared by George W. Walling ford, Grandson of the late Dr. Fisher. NASON, SYMONDS & GO., Proprietors, Kenne bunk, Maine. G. G. Goodwin & Co., Boston Agents. Sold by all Druggists. marld3m a ' A Cough, A Cold, or j A Sore Throat, [Requires immediate attention, AND SHOULD BE CHECKED. It allowed to coutlnue, Irritation of the Langs, n per manent Throat Disease, or Consumption, _ is often tiie result. BROWN’S BRONCHIAL TROCHEN HAVING a DIREOT INFLUENCE TO THE PART*, GIVE IMMEDIATE RELIEF. Cor Bronchitis, Asthma, Catarrh, Con sumptive nnd Throat Discuses, TEO0HE8 ARE USED WITH ALWAYS GOOD HUOCB** Stingers and Public Speakers will find Troches useful in clearing the voice when taken before Singing or Speaking, and relieving the throat after an unusual exertion of the vocal organ*. Tlie Troches are recommended and prescribed by Physicians, and have had testimonials from eminent men throughout the country. Being an article o true merit, and having proved their efficacy by a test o! many years, each year duds them in new locali ties in various parts of the world, ami the Troches are universally pronounced better than other articles. Obtain only “Brown's Bronchial Troches” and do not take any of the worthless imitations that may be offered, sold evebwherh Dec 4—dJtwfim IN SPECIAL NOTICES* FJLl.I.-OW’S ORIGINAL W O U M LOZENGES. WKi‘ln with confidence point to FELLOW’S » f \N <>RM LOZENGES as the most perfect rum troublesome i»csts, INTESTINAL \\ oi*i\ls. After years of careful experiment, success lias crowned our efforts, and we now offer to tne world a confection without a single fault, being safe, con venient^ effectual and pleasant. No injurious result can occur, let them be used in whatever quantity. , .**iu I.c e °* calomel enters their composition, lhe\ may be used without further preparation, ami Lhildren will eagerly devour all von w ?nd a.8k for niol‘ - They never tall in ex pelling Worms from their dwelling place, and they will alwavs strengthen the weak and emaciated, even when lie Is not nidi, ted with worms. ’ \ arums remedies have from lime to time, bean re commended, such as calomel, oil of woniiMed turp entine, &c., producing dangerous, ami sometimes total consequences. After much research, study and ex perimonts, embracing several years, the proprietors of f ollow s Worm Lozenges, have succeeded in pro ducing *his remedy, tree from all objections, and posi tively safe, pleasant and effectual. They do not kill the worms, hut act by making their dwelling place disagreeable to them. In order to assure consumers ot tiio genuineness of these lozenges, the analysis of Dr. A. A. HAYES, State Assayer, is annexed: ‘*1 have analyzed the Worm Lozenges, prepared by Messrs, f LLLOWS & CO., and find tliat they are free from mercury, and other metallic or mineral mat ter. These Lozenges are skilfull v compounded, pleas ant to tho taste, salt*, yet sure and effective in their action. Respectfully, A. A. HAYES, M. D. Assayer to the State of Mass. ■-rice ceuiM per Mux j rive for fl, GEO. W. SWK'fT, Proprietor of tlie New England Botanic Depot, 106 Hanover Street, Boston Mae*., Sole Agent for the United States, to whom all or ders should he addressed. W• W WHIPPLE & CO. 21 Market Square wholesale and Retail Agents. by dealers in Medicines everywhere. oct5-deow6msN u i> li.S. S. FITCH’S “Family Physician,” Seventy-six images : price 25 cents. Sent to any ad dress. No money required until the book is received, read, and fully approved. It is a perfect guide to the sick or indisposed. Address DR. S. S. PITCH, 25 Tremout Street, Bobton. as Jau29dly Why Sutter lrom Soros ? When, by the u*e ot the ABNTCA OINTMENT, you can bo easily cured. Jt has relieved thousands rrotn Burns, Scalds, Chapped Hands, Sprains. Cuts,

H ounds, und every Complaint of the Skin. Try It, for it costs but 25 cents. Be sure to ask for Hale’s Arnica Ointment, For sale by all druggists, or send your address and 35 cents to O. P. SKVMOUK & CO., Bost.m, Mass., and receive a box by return mail. feb26d2iu u n Batchelor’s Hair Bye. This splendid Hair Dyo is the best in the world. The only true anil perfect Dye—Harmless, Reliable. Instantaneous. No disappointment. No ridiculous tints. Natural Black or Brown. iteincdies the ill effects of Bad lhjes. Invigorates flic hair, leaving it soft and beautiful. The genuine is signsd Wil liam A. Batchelor. All others are mere imitations, and should be avoided. .Sold by all Druggists and Perfumers, factory 81 Barclay street, New York. Beware of u oouuterfeiii November 10, 186G. dlysn REMOVAL. DBS. CHADWICK & FOGG have removed to 301 1-1 CONGlMHHg MTREET, BROWN’S NEW BLOCK, over the store of Messrs. Lowell & Seuter. Office Hours—10 to 12 A. M., and 3 to 5 P. M. Dr. Chadwick's residence 1C8 Cumberland street. Dr. Fogg’s residence 28 High street. Bf^Pree Clinical consultations will be held ou Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, from 4 to 5 P. M., tor the poor. jan28sxdtl Warren’s Cough Balsam. The best Remedy ever compounded for ( old-, CTiInrrli uud Consumption, and all disease* ot the Throqt and Lungs, £L*r 'For sale by all Druggists. Manufactured by AS. F UK.insUU, octl5d&wSN6w Druggist, Bangor. Moth and Freckles. The only reliable remedy for those brown discolor ations on the lace called Moth Patches ami Freckle*, is Pkbby’s Moth and Freckle Lotion. Prepar ed only by Dr. B. C. Pkrbv, Dermatologist,4it Bond St, N. Y. Sold by all drugg ets in Portland and else where. Price $2 per bottle marlad&wOinsn For Coughs, Colds and Consumption, Try the old and well known VEORTABI.F l*ll..riON A ICY',approved and used by our oldest and most celebrated Physicians for lorty years past. Get the genuine. REED, CUTLER & CO., Druggists, dec24sNd&w«m Boston, Proprietors. Mains’ Pure Elderberry and Cur rent Wines. So highly recommended by Physicians, may be found at wholesale at the drug stores of W.W Whip ple & Co., H. H. Hay, W. F. Phillips & Co., E. L. Stan wood and J. W. Perkins & Co. jan!28Ndly MBHHfiBHBSaEASY TO USE / Has only to be applied to the Hair or Whiskers and the work is done. Natural and Durable. For sale by Druggists and Dealers. NEWHALI/S Cheapest ! Purely vegetable; will restore Grey Hair to its natural color; it AA J\. A AC will make the hair soft and glossy; it will not stain the skin T^ncif nuof iTTnort,lti ,inest linen; it is the best Xibo bUi Ct bl V b and cheapest Hair Dressing. 7f> cts. large bottle. For sale by all No. 1. Druggists and Dealers. W. F. PHILLIPS & CO., Wholesale Agents, 148 ForeSt., Portland Principal Depot uud manufactory, 47 Hanover Street, Boston. Mass. febl5SNWfcVS'Jm Some Folks Can’t Sleep Niuiits.—We are now-prepared to supply Hospitals, Physicians, the trade and the great public generally, with the stand ard and invaluable remedy, Dodd’s Nervine, which article surpjisses all known preparations tor the cure ot nil farms of Nervousness. It is rapidly superceding every preparation of opium—the well-known result oJ which is to produce costiveness mid other serious difficulties; it allays Irritation, restlessness and spasms, and induces regular action of the bowel and secre tive organs. No preparation tor Nervous Diseases ever sold so readily, or met with such universal approval. For Sleeplessness, Loss of Energy, Peculiar Female Weaknesses and Irregularities, and all the »earfui mental and bodily symptoms that fallow in the train ot nervous diseases, Dodd's Nervine is the best reme dy know n to science. Sold by all druggist s. Price $1. Geo. C. Goodwin & Co., augllsnlyd&w 11 Wholesale Agents, Boston. Mp*. N. A. Allen’* Improved Klair Restorer and Dressing Combined in one Bottle. Reduced Price $1.00 per Bottle. mr29 Sold by all Druggists. flxeodlm MINERAL BATHS AT HOME. DYHPEPHI A CURED RHEUMATISM CURED ERUPTIONS mill... PACK CURED NUROPUI.A CURED BY TREATMENT WITH MINERAL WATEKS. Do away with all your various and often perni cious drugs and quack medicines, and use a lew baths prepare* 1 with “STHUMATTC SALTS!” These SALTS are made from tlie concentrated Liquors ofthe Mineral Well ofthe Pcnn’a Salt Man ta. luring Co., In Pittsburg, and ate packed in air tight boxes. One always sufficient for a hath. Di rections are attached. INTERNALLY USE “Stvumatic Mineral Waters !** Ill bottles of one and a half pints. One sufficient for a day’s use. (£3r'Snli| by Druggists generally. Merrill Bros, No. 215 State st., Boston; Raynolds, Pratt & Co, No. IOC Fulton st., New York, Wholesale Agents. no20sNeod&w1y Make Your Own Soap ! NO I.IME NECESSARY! By Saving and Using Your Waste Grease BUY ONE BOX OF THE Pennsylvania Salt M’fgr. Co’s SAPONTFIER. (Patentsot 1st and 8tli Fob., 1859.) -or CONCENTRATED LYE. It will make 12 pounds excellent hard soap, or 25 gallons of the very best soft soap lor only about 30 els. Directions on each box. . For sale at all Drug' aud Grocery stores. BEWARE GF COUNTERFEITS. SEfF”Be particular in asking for Pennsylvania Salt Manufacturing Go’s Saponiiicr. nollsscod&wly “Buy me and I’U do you Good.” CgF=* USE DR. TiAlVULKY’* ROOT AND HERB BITTERS tor Jaundice, Uostivencss, I.ivei Complaint, Humor*, Indigestion, Dyspepsia, Pilos, Dizziness, Headache, Drowsiness, and all Diseases aristua from disordered Stomach, Torpid Liver and bad Blood, to which all persons are subjoct in Spring an-t Summer. Sold by GEO. C. GOODWIN & CO., 38 Hanover St, and by all Dealers in Medicines marl2djod 16w s. N. MARRIED. in Freeport, March 30, by Rev. B. T. Sanborn, Jo,. O. Ward and Miss Emma C. Ward, both ol Freeport In otisfield, March 21, bv Rev. A. B. Lovewell Littleton Holden ami Miss Sylvinia Shed, all ol Otis tk>lu. In Stockton, March 23, Jaa. H. Kneeland, ot Sears port, and Amanda U. Crockett, of Stockton. Ilf Mnliroe, March 24, B. F. U. Clark and Mrs. ,V1. Q. Sawyer, both ol Stetson. DIED. r ^ll t!1* *C}^’ APr^2. Mrs. Olara, widow of the late Jof^ Hutchins, aged 39 years. [Kennebec paj>ers please copy.] in Smuh • homaston, Feb.'21, Sarah L. Maker, aged 2o years k months. In Deer Isle, March 18, Mrs. Harriet B. Webb aged 03 years. In Auburn. Feb. 10, John Huuton, aged 7 years C months; March 22, J.un Huuton, aged 13 years. In Rockland, March 21, Mrs.’ Eliza S., wife of Asa Morse, aged 56 years 5 months. Tn Buekfield, March?, Gustus E., son ot Rev. Jos. IlaJl, aged 22 years 11 months. In Bangor, Amji 2 Hen.]. Plummer, Esq., Senior partner of the «nu ot B. Plummer A Sons? Mr. P. had resided in Bangor lor about forty years: was a niun ol the strictest ba,invB8 intvtrnty and hlphlv estceme l in all tho relations of lile. ' _PASSENGERS. Tn tbs Ilelgian. from Liverpool—Lieut Geble Mrs (leble Thos Robertson, John (larlaud Fdw rkvlor «»Pt Mtllett. W Hrid«man, Messrs Marston rX£ Beley, ami 216 others in the steerage. IMPORTS. LIVERPOOL. Steamship Belgian —1 case mdse. Biirbour & Dennison; 405 bd's hoop iron, E Corey: 19 cases oranges. Can Ex Co; 4 cases imlso 3 cases magazines, 25 cases oranges, JKl rindle; 700 bdls sheet iron. 106 bars. 35*9 rods, 355 Iwlls do, 25 anvils, to A E Stevens & Co; 2 cases millinery, Hr & Am Ex Co; and goods for St John, Canada and Boston. Miniature Almanac.April 3. Sun rices. MO Sun get;*.0.27 Moon rises. 5.00 AM High water.10,15 AM | M AR 11ST E N EWS FORT OF I'OaTLAVD. ARltlVKU.*-*^’ *priI 2* Steamship Belgian, (Br) Brown, Liverpool 21m .u via Londonderry 22u. Sch ll Prescott, Freeman, Tangier. Sch Berllia Souder, Wooster, Philadelphia, i Sell Susan, Sears, Philadelphia. Sch Sea Queen, c• tiptill. New York. S h Shaw mut. Kicker, Boston. Sch Et>en Herbert, Browning, Boston. ScltAbagail, Murch,Boston. Sch Packet Grant, Beaton. Sch Sparta, Hopkln*, Salem. Sch Isis, Bullock, Salem. Scb Splehdld, Webber, Porhiuomh. Sch Julia Ann, Nfeketson, Frankfort. Scb Lady Woodbury. Woodbury, Rockland. Sch J F Carver, Kuiuriil. Trement. Sell John ll Kennedy. Keene. Bremen. Sell Mary S Mousou, Lems, Boothbay. Sch Wm Keene, Keene, Boothbay. Soli Annie Harris, Harris, Bo tlibay. Sch Nonpareil, Simmons, Sedgwick lor Boston. Sch Ida May, Gray, Bttcksport tor Boston Sch Nathan Clifford, Shiite, Belfast tbr Kondout. Sch J P Merriam. Clark, Bel last lor Boston. Sch Highlander, Turner, Ortand lor Salem. Sell Idaho, Wescoil, Itockl ml lor Boston. CLEARED. I Mt Washington, (new, of Boston, 1170 tons, M C Mailing, Savannah, with 2118 bdU hay —O M Davis & Co. Barque Martin W Brett, Thurlow, Matanzas—J 8 Winslow, and Geo ll Starr. FaS“te» Carver. Cardenas—Isaac Emery. SawycV *Ve F Thompson, Boston—Charles Sell Tilt, Prescott, Eastport—M J Jriie .ft Co ^Steamer New England, Fhld, Eastport—C C Ea From Brand, Office Western- Union Tdaaranh A, at Philadelphia 2d teat, brig Mccb^rC. 1 nian, Cardenas. ’ Sch Kate Carlton, Bowden, trruu Matanzaa lor Portland, before reported „tt Cape Henry in di»tro>e arrived at Philadelphia 1st inat. 3 Launched—At \Vl3casser2iltli ult, by L Carleton cV Co, a schr of 110 tons, named Jenuio Armatruniz She is owned by Jas Jewett, and others. Is intended lor the bailing business, and will bo commanded bv Capt li F Jewett. The suue builders have laid the keel lor another schr of 110 tons, for Cant Albion Hodgdou, ot Bootlibay. DISASTERS. Biig Alla rati a, Bibber, at New York itoni St Jago had hoavy weather on the passage, split sail*, stove bulwa*ks, &c. Brig Goodwin,Coifil, at New York from Cieniuegos, reports, March 30, oil Absccom, ;,aw a brig with a barque in tow, apparently with all ber sails gone; same day, oft' Cupe Henlopcn, saw a lore-and act sch with maiumast gone, hound North, (probably tbe Carlton, trom Matanzas for Portland. 1 Baique Hunter, (of Portland) at NewY'ork from Cienfrugos, reports, V3d ult, lat 37, Ion 75, spoke brig Abby Ellen, from Savannah tor Philadelphia, with 3* teet water in her hold; would try and get into the Chesapeake. Barque Trovatore, ol New York from Matazna*, had tough weather, lost ligure head and binnucl , -tove bulwarks, &c. Barque W E Andcrsou, ol Bucksport, at N York from .bagua, lost head and cutwater, stove hatch house, skylights, cabin doors, ana idled cabin with water. DOMESTIC PORTS. SAN FRANCISCO—Sid 30lh ult, ship Bluejacket, lor Liverpool. GALVESTON—Cld22 1, schs Fannie Elder, Shea, Sagua; S Sawyer, Smith, Pensacola. Cld 23d, barque Palo Alto, Wylie, Liverpool. NEW ORLEANS—Ar 21th,ship Nouantum, Upton Liverjiool. Ar 23th, fillip Union, Miller, Liverpool. Below, coming up, ship Sorrento. Wilson, from Boston. Ar at the Bar 25th, barque Hanson Gregory, 2C days from Rockland; brig Keystone, Barter, Loin Mayaguez. PENSACOLA—Cld 20th, sch Sabino, Morrison, Curacoa. Cid 21st, sch I) H Bisbce, Jones, Remcdios. WILMINGTON, NC—Ar 2'oth, brig Benj Delano, Reynolds, New Orleans lor Boston, leaky; sch My Rover, Hughes, Savannah. BALTIMORE—Ar 2d inat, sch May Day, Adams, Charleston, SC, via Sandy Point, where she was ashore. PHILADELPHIA—Ar 31st, brig E H Rich, Hop kins, Trinidad; sch C E Elmer, Haley. Cienluegos. Cld 30th, tell J Young, Wilson, Portland. NEW VoKK—Ar 3Is., barque Hunter, Yoik. from Guanlcnumo, 21 days; Trovatora, Blanchard, Ma tauzas, 1* da> s, br;ga Tally lin. Chisholm, St Jago , Goodwin, Cohill, Cienluegos; Bl.iek Fish, Fickett, Georgetown. Ret urned 1st, ship Brewster,Collins, for San Fran cisco, leaky. Ar 1st inst, ship Freedom, Bradley, London; biig Havana, Dennis, Nuevitas; Aliaratta, bibber, St J ago; Thos Owen, Pettengill, Neu vitas; Milwaukee, brown, Arroyo ; Clara belle, Tracey, Cienluegos; »ch L L Davis, bishop, Apalachicola, Ar 2d, ship < olumbia, Kooinson,Liverpool; barque Orchilla, Havener, Cardenas; brigs A G Jewett, im Malaga, T J Maguire, Zaza; Dirigo,Cienluegos; sch Nathl Ciuse, Baracoa. Cid 1st, ship Fleetlord, Stover, tor San Francisco; barques .Andaman, Otis, Havana; Abbie N Frank lin, Holbrook, New Orleans. PROVIDENCE—Ar 1st, sch Ranger, Cleaves, 1m Portland. Below, sen Harriet Fuller, Benuett, Born Portland NEWPORT—hailed 1st, schs Addie Wa ton, Rich, Rockport tbi Norfolk; Yankee Blade,Coombs, Phila delphia tor New London; Ellen Forrester, Warren, Wiuterport lor Baltimore. Also sailed, brig Abner Taylor, Lowell,Fall River lor New Yolk; onward, Arey, Rockland lor New York; Lalla Rookli, Freeman, Cortland lor do; R M Atwood, iioane, do for Baltimore; Convoy, French, and 'William dunes, Emery, Rockland lor N Yolk; American Chief, Pressey, Thomnston lor do; Maine, Brown, Fall River for do; li Leach, Pillabury, and Bound Brook, Perry, Rockland fordo; hS Lewie, Brackk v, do for do; d ulia Newell, McIntyre, Cam den fur Norfolk; and the above arrivals. HOLMES’ HOLE—Ar 2‘Jth, brig Hattie, Gilkey, Satilia River for Portsmouth. BOSTON—Ar 1st, brig Proteous, Mahoney, Ma tanzas; Abby Watson, Watson, Baltimore; tebs J B Litchfield,Pilisbury, Baltimore; George Brooks, Henley, Elizaliethport; Ontario, Verrill, do; Sarah Gardiner. T'eol. de sey City; Dray, llainiin, do; W KCcnn, Alley, and Willie Lee, Nash, New York. CM 1st, oaruue Sarah Hobart, Crouton, Cronstadt; sch Arcade, Muuroe, Camden. Ar 2d,«ch« Walton, Ingraham, Jacksonville; Mar xaret, Taft, Baltimore; L M Snout, Shaw, Philadel phia; Silver Bell, Bailey, New York. Clu 2d, sch Cyrus Fossett, Harding, St Pierro. W1SC ASSET—Ar 3Uth, orig Edith, Putrnim, Bos ton, to loa i tor Cuba. FOREIGN PORTS. At Melbourne Feb 25 ship Atalinia, Barnes, from Boston; barque Homeward Bound, Gilmore, horn New York. Ar at Queenstown 29th ult, ship J R Keeler, Del ano, Cardin lor New York. Ar al Valparaiso t»tii, slap Aberdeen, Gold, from New York. Ar at Callao 2d ult, ship Anna, Blanchard, fr *na Clilnchas, (and sailed 9th lor Gibraltar): 3d, Live Oak, Coombs, New Zealand, (and sailed !»th toi Cbin chas, to load ior Spain); 7th,barque shamrock,Stone Valparaiso; 11th, S D Thurston, Snow, Chincbas loi United States. Sid '.’d ult, ship Freeman CLurk, Small, Cardenas, to load tor France. At Chiocha Islands Uth ult, ships Scotia, Doane, for England; Living Aye, McClure, ior Cork; Eas tern Star, Curtis, for Spain; Florence Tre t, Short, fordo; Montpelier, Watts, aud Italia, Whitmore, for-; Win Libby, Minot, Tiber. Arev; Joseph Clark, Carter, lor United Stats; Freeman Clark, Small, do; Alee Venuard, Young; Sabluo, Mitchell; Gen Berry, Watts; Pleiades, Wood; Scotia, Doanc, aud Live Oak. Coombs, (all ldg.) At Miragoane 12th ult, .\ch Clinton, Shack lord, fin Portland, ar Feb 2s, tor New Yoik 8 days. Ar at illiigston, Ja, 2d ult, brig Fanny Lincoln, Collins, Boston, (and sailed bill lor St Jago); 3d, sch Alice, Parker, Mobile. Arat Montego Bay, Ja. llrh ult, brig Beaver, Crocker, New York. Ar at Black River, Ja, 8th ult, sch E A Conant, Foss, Philadelphia. Sid im St Jago 9th inst, sch Valeria, Conklin, lor Baltimore. Ar at C’ienfucgoa 19th ul!, barques Sam Sheppard. E\ans, Philadelphia; Battle G Hall, Fisk, Mobile; 21st, brig W R Sawyer, Ray. Curacoa. In port loth ult, barque Lavmia, Davis, tor New York, ldg; and others. Ar at calbarien 11th ult, barque E H Fisk, Emery, Ilavcna. oxix xuix, uurque aiary, moon, I'inluaelplui. Ar at Cardenas 18th ult, barque Wm Brown, Mor ton, Mobile; brigs L Staples, otovver*. and Geo W Chase, Dunning, Portland; schs Windward, Ellis, ami Wings ot the M ruing, McFarland, do; Kale Foster, Foster, Savannah; 9th, barque Goo S Hunt, Woodbury, New York; sch Adm Farragut, Coggins, Portland Sid 15th, sobs Alice M, (Br) Charlotte Shaw, and Dakotah. tor North ol Hatteras. Ar at Havana 19tli ult, brig Merriwa, Ingersoll, Portland; 21st, barque May Belle Roberts, burns, do; Alice Stanott, ilooper, boston ; 25th, Mary Dyer, Watllngton, New York; Talavera, McGilvery, and Eureka, Chandler, Boston; brig Charlena, Wat erhouse, Philadelphia; sch S R Jameson, Jameson, New York; 26th, barque Mary Edson, Ryder, trom Boston. Sid I9tli, brig IdaX Ray, Cm . is, Uemedios. Ar at Matanzas 22d, bar-quo Elleu Dyer, Clapp, New York; sch lCedington, Gregory, Savannah. Sid 18th, barque Cephas Starrett, Gregory, Phila delphia; brigs Caprera, Hich bora, New York; 19th, Mountain Eagle. Sherman, Portland; 30th, sch Mat tie Holmes, Tapley, lor North ol liatieras, 23d, W Hupper, Hupper, Philadelphia; James O’Don >hue, Gilfcey, Baltimore. Ar at Cardenas 21 at, barque Sancho Panza, Hea [ gan. New York; brigs Charlotte, Haskell, Havana, | to load lor North ot Hatteras; M L Miller, Leighton, ' New York ; Elizabeth, Ames, and Ocean Wave, Squares. Mobilo; sch Wm S Mcllan, Th rnpson, do, Tropic Bird, (Br) Donegal, Matanzas, to load for North ol Hatteras; 23d, barque M S Hathaway,Cole, Machias; brig Harry, Collins, New York. Sid 23d, brig Walter liowes, Harding, North ol Hatteras. Sid Hu Sagua 16th, barque Annie Walsh, lor New York. At Ragged Island 15th ult, barque Gertrude, Atherton, lor Holmes’ Hole 10 days, tor orders. Ar at St John, KB, 29th, sch Camilla, Hurlbut, Philadelphia. Cld 26th, sch l.lla, Montgomery, Havana; Erne line G Sawyer, lor New York. [Per City of Paris, at New York.] Cld at Liverpool loth, Helen Sands, Otis, New Or loan°, (and sailed 20tb.) Ent out 16th, Chas Davenport, Stevens. Philadel phia; 19th, Ne Plus Ultra, Woodburv, San Fran cisco. Cld at London lath, Hamlin, Benner, Cardiff and Bombay. Ar at Swansea 16th, Woodside, McAlevy, from Antwerp. Ar at Mauritius 18th, Borneo, Matthews, Boston. Sid Feb 13, Atlantic, Kelley, Au kiaiul; 18th, Hol den Hnul. Davis, Calcutta. Ar at Messina 4th ult, Elizabeth. Norgrave, from Trieste. SPOKEX. Jan 8, lat 50 S, Ion 78 W, sli p Syren, Morse, from Bostou for Honolulu. Jan 18, lat 26 S, Ion 42 10 E, ship Eddystouc, irom Calcutta tor Boston. Feb 7, lat 19 34 S, Ion 70 F, ship Portland, Peters. Irom Hong Kong tor New York. March 18, lat 28, Ion 68 40, sch S II Merrill, from New York for West Indies. NEW ADVERTISEMENTS. Wanted. At Gorham Ladies’ Seminary a tirst das, cook. Apply at once to Kkv. C. O. PARKER, Principal. Gorham, April 2,1967. apl3 tl _ . Fop Sale. I THY Ei Street Sprinkling Tubs. Pumps, Reservoirs, X and Power lor pumping water, inquire ot‘ J.C. BARKER, 131 Commercial Street. Portland, April 1,1807. aplltf Block oi' Houses tor Sale. THE convenient double house corner ol South and Spring Streets. Each tenement contains nine finished rooms, and may be sold separately. For further particulars, enqu!re of AIRS. EATON on the premises, No. 15 Spring Street, or W. H. JERR1S. March If4, 1867. _ marJOdtf Building Lots Wanted FOR immediate improvement—one on burnt dis trict, on or near Congress or Cumberland Streets* one in upper part of city: moderate cost, good loca tion. Inquire at Fancy Goods Store of ... ... L. M. BOWDGIN, jiprIM <Mt__ 38 Centre Street. For Sale OTOCK and llxtures of a Grocery Store, in a good location, aud now doing a good business. Stock small and m perfect order. Railroad passes within one rod of the »tore. UutliQietorv roaaons given for sellnij!. Apply to or address if. A. STONE, aprieodat South B. i wick, Me. Wanted. A CAPABLE GIRL in a small (tally. Good ref ercnces required, and liberal wages given. En quire at 14 Pine street. Apl 3 tf JEW ADVERTISEMENTS. “ Cole's Restaurant f L. n. COLE MAV UB FOIKU AT TUB OLD STAMP ^ Eselianec Street, 01 ,oli customers and as many new ,u»> fa'or him with a call -Portland. April 3,1807. ,p|3 cllm QUARTERLY report (’anal National Bank of Portland, April 1, 1807. * LIABILITIES. Capital Stock, ^ ^ Circulation, 4U»’mu do. - State Bank, l-l.'jiic Deposits, 4C'l,204 35 Due to other Bankd, to,8*8 91 Profile, 157,813 41 $1,721,722,73 BESOVBCE*. Loan, 798,710 It U. S. Securities, 036,823 £6 Real Estate, 34,172 68 Cash Items and Revenue Stamps, 40,930 87 Current Expenses, 3.222,10 Due from other Banks, 29,383 16 Bills of other Banks, 18,150 Lawful Money. 160,000 $1,721,722 73 apr klat B. C. SUMERBlT^Cashlcr. QUARTERLY REPORT —OP TBI — Casco Xatioual Bank, of Portland, April 1, I8«f. BESOUBCES. „ . . *1,018,431 51 i - 3* hecurllies, 022,850 00 NotMofo&iorBanka. « Specie and Fractional Currency. ii ta";^.‘ “ooey. i5«>iu;« Heal Estate, jg 297 s 1 Due ftoin ether Banka, 2t’,892 3. Current Expenses, 2,343 07 (1,923,804 14 LIABILITIES. Capital stick, (800,000 mi Circulation, 480,000 00 Deposits, 452,141 01 Frotits, 170,777 K1 Due tu other Banks, 21,041 42 (1,923,801 II A pi 3 It E. P. GERI'.ISH, Cashier. NED N EVINS, THE NEWSBOY! BY HENBV nOBGAN, P. Itt. K. NJSW EDITION.$1.60. NED NEVINS, In the Street. NED NEVINS. Without a Hut. NED NEVINS, Arretted. NED NEVINS, At Court. NED NEVINS. la Jail. NED NEVINS, At the Uraie. NED NEVINS. Adapted. NED NEVINS, A Pact. NED NEVINS. Nu Eietieu. NED NEVINS, A Graad Success. NED NEVINS. CiuiuB hr Thousands. NED NEVINS, Wants KM) ABeato. . lOO Per Cent. Profit. Greatest Book out for CuuTasoors. For Town, Counly or state Agency, apply to Rev. HENRY MORGAN, 9 Groton street, boston. April 3-dAvlt Inside Steamboat Line TO BANGOR. THREE TRIPS PER WEEK. The beautiful, staunch and swift steamer “Miliau Mania,” (637 “ tons register) Albert Wood, Master, I will commence her regular trips lor the season to Bangor and intermediate landings about the 12th tost., leaving Railroad Whar», foot of State Street. For further information lnquiie of ROSS & STURDIVANT, General Agents. 149 Commercial Street. April 3, 1867. dtf J. J. MAYBURY, ATTORNEY AT LAW, 170 PORE STREET. April .4 dll Dissolution of Copartnership. THE tirm oi Lewis, K ilims rt Bond Is this day dissolved by mu dial consent, X. C. Lewis retir ing Ironi the llrm. All demands against said lirm will be settled by either party, and all indebted to said Urm are requested to make immediate payuum at their old stand, No. Is Market Squire. X. C. LEWIS, W. HOLLINS, W. 11. BONO. O. A. PARSONS A CO. having purchased the stock m Clothing and taken the store No. 14.5 Middle street, formerly occupied by Lewis, Rollins A iionu, propose to open a nrst cla-s Men’s and Boys’ Cloth ing and Q.nts’ Furnishing (ionIs Fsiablishment, where we sliall be liappv to see all tkek old custom ers and the public In genera?. C. A. PARSONS A CO. Having fold to the above parties our stork oi Clothing Ac., wo cheer Ail ly recommend them to our former customers ami solicit lor them a continuance of the patronage so generously conferred upon the late firm. LEWIS, ROLLINS A BOND. Copartnership Notice. The undersigned hare formed a copartner.hip un der the firm name of ROLLINS & BOND, For the purpoaeof' trantaetina the Cue tour Tailoring and Gent.’ Furnishing Gouda Business, and .bull open a Dice stucK about April utb, 1.67, ut old aland, No. 18 Marker Square W. C liOLUiNS. W. M. BOND. ApiB 3 dim Copartnership Notice. MU. W. L. WARREN to admitted a partner Horn this date. The Ann will be CLOUDMAN, STEVENS A CO. And we shall continue the Wholesale Grocery, Floor, and Provtolon Cosiness at No. 3 Long Wharf * CLOUDMAN ot STEVEN9. Portland, April 5, 1807. apl 3J3w* BARGAINS! BARGAINS! House Lots, and Houses and Lots, HORSES, Harnesses and Wagons, together with a Brick Yard and other property for immodiatc siile. separately or together, as best suits customers. 1 Utrty-two very desirable House Lots in Cape Eliz abeth near the Sonth end of the Railroad bridge with a dry and soft loam just suited to house lot* and gardens, and where wells can l>e had lor less than ten dollars cost, affording an abundant supply ot pure soft water, e paling boiling spriug water, unu within ten minutes walk ot the Portland and Boston depot. These lots, .containing from f*,fioo to 7,000 square feet, will be sold from |125 to $150 each. one dwelling house containing live Hi.ished rooms, with a wood shed, stable, and well ot water. Ottereu at a bargain. Also, one house and garden, very desirable, and wi I be sold at a low figure. These houses are new Likewise, one of the best brick yards in the Coun ty, and finely situated. Machines and other equipage all new. having been used but port ol last -ea>on. The land and all will be sold lor less thau the cost of building and furnishing the yard. Thu title ot the above named laud is the very best One pair of work horses, one double harness, one" single harness, one double wagon, one express bwag on, one pair of bob sleds, and one express sleigh, together with many other articles, are ottered at a rate that will induce trade. The proprietor will be on the premises every fore noon to wait upon customers. He sells at this low rate in order to close business here and return to the valley of the Mississippi, where he has done business iu the past. HIRAM SKILLIN'. Cape Elizabeth, April 3,18C7. April 3 2tawwtf To Those Contemplatiug Building, rpHE subscribers would inlorm, that they arc pre X pared to do all kinds of work in tbe ore :tion ol buildings at reasonable prices and in a workmanlike manner. Having the tacllities for getting lumber at reduced prices it would be for their advantage to sec them before contracting else where. Lumber of* fill Kinds Furnished at short notice. Mouldings ol an? de sired pattern ftiroishcd at -hort notice that they have not ox hand, of a superior quality. DOOR* AND BLIND* Furnished to order. Also, door and window frames made to order. A large lot ol window frames of all sizes tor wooden buildings on hand, for salo ct cap. With a determination to faithfully and promptly ex ecute all work entrusted to them a share 01 public patronage is respect fully solicited BKANN & MERR1L1. Carpenters and Builders, Cross St., Portland, Me. April 3. codim* Public Notice. THE City Liquor Agency is removed to die old stand, in the new building on the corner of Con gress and Market Streets, and will be stocked with pure liquors, f r sale strictly in accordance with the requirements ol the law, for medicinal a d mechani cal purposes None but pure, unalloyed liquors, procured solely from the State Commission, will be kept lor talc. Physicist s and others interested are respectfully invited to examlno this stock at any time, and to test any package sold, to (0f Guardian's Sale. BY virtueof a license tVom the Judge of Probate ot the County of Cumberland, I will sell at private •*alo the following described re*l ehtate. situated at East Windham, belonging to Isaiah H. Baker, a min or; a parcel of land con taming two acres, with a stone shed and blacksmith shop thereon, it being the same that was formerly occupied by j7ll. & S. M. Baker, and is a good stand for a trader and blacksmith. Also, about twenty acres of nice tillage and crass land, lying west of the county road which leads from Gorham to Gray. The above described real estate, it not previously' disposed of at private sale, will be sold at auction on the premises, on Monday, the 13th day of May nest, at one o’clock in the afternoon. SEWAHD M. BAKER, Guardian. East Windham, April 2,18*7. apr3w3w For Sale. THREE storied brick: house No. 30 on High Street. corner of Pleasant, now occupied by the sub scriber. Also, I WO tlircc storied brick stores on Fore Street corner of Pearl, opjwslto the Custom House, with’ partition wall,-I.ted roofs, the rear on Wharf Street tour stories, with collars. For terms and particulars enquire ol the subscriber. „ . , . „ Nathaniel blanchako. I’oriland, April 3, 1867. dtf Dissolution of Copartnership. THE Arm of Henry Fling & Co. Is this day dissolv ed, Mr. Henry Fling retiring. The wholesale Gro-ery and Flour business will bo continued at No. 29 Commercial Street by the re maining partners, under the Arm name or Wey mouth, Soule A Co. W. D. WEYMOUTH, WM. O. SOUL*. Portland, April 1,1867. apr3d2w* WISCELLAlfEOIIl -— .~gr»...— -? * - Sprint/ and Summer. JUST RECEIVED Dii-eot Irom ]\ew York, —AIL ms— Latest Styles of Neck Ties, WHICH FOB Elegance of Stgle Cannot bo equalled, (.'all and least your eyes on tho most complete Hue of goods ever ottered in this mar ket. Lewis Toppan, Coruw ( •■|rrw A Mu. April 2 lw _____._ Atlantic k St. Lawrence Railroad Hurlgaie Bonds ol‘ 1M51, Cl<»Cl*ON9 next maturing ou the extended bonds, J wn.l Interest for tho stx months < nding April 1st. n®xt» the bonds not exteudod, will be paid on and tSI i, 1 da,e' free ol Government tax. takeuotbi^^0 iatln~ their coupons are requested to “ARREfT, Tn™. New Spring itoods ! COOK & AYERs, DRAPERS AND TAILORS, - AT - So. 103 FEDERAL STREET, have just received a good a lection of Broadcloths, Doeskins, Vestings, - AND - T It 1 J?I M I ft €1 * suitable for the SPRING TRADE Z Wliich they ’’'ill make into garments at reasonable prices. Orders from their customers are respect I nUy soil ited. COOK <Sr AYERS will occupy chambers over the store on their old location in Exchange Street, about the middle of May. March J5, 18t>7. d3w Elmwood Nursery, ThisMdc Uoodroi-tl’aroruti', IVealbtook. PREBLE Street Cars pas* the Nursery every forty minutes. A gtxni collection of Hardy, fireeu Uouac and Bedding PlauM may always be found at the above place and at rea sonable rates!. Wreaths, Crossos, Bouquet* and Cut I? lowers furnished at short notice. Particular1 attention paid to preserving and ar ranging Funeral Flower*. P. 0. Addres* Box 1702, Portland, Me. aprOdlw* C. F. BRYANT. QUARTERLY REPORT OF THE CONDITION OF i HE National Traders Bank of Portland In the State oi Maine, on the morning of the first Monday of April, 1867. bf: sou ec is. Notes and hill* discounted, $337,004 to Suspended or overdue paper, n me. Indebtedness of Directors, 1 *,500 Overdraft*, none. Current expenses, 3,071 30 Furniture and fixtures, 078 42 Cash items, including revenue stamp*, 06 Due from National Bunks, 34.106 00 IT. S. bonds deposited to secure circulating notes, 250.000 00 U. S. bond* on hand, :*,000 00 Other bonds, i 055 (g Circulating notes of other National Banks, 1,971 00 Legal tender notes, 7,704 00 Coin pound interest notes, 47,700 00 Fractional currency, 323 50 $095,682 02 LIABILITIES. Capital stock paid in, $250,000 00 Surplus fund, 30.000 00 Discouut received, 8,019 42 Exchanges and profit and loss, 17.967 28 _ 55,986 70 ( irmlaling received—all in circulation, 223,250 00 Individual deposits and dividends, 163,522 24 Due to National Bauk.s, 1^94 08 Man, and Traders Bauk, circulation out standing, 1,6 9 00 . , „ $695,662 02 Apl 2 2t_EDWARD GOULD, ( ashler. SQ u 1 itx 1: it l y k i:p () nr ' " OF III Merchants National Bank, April 1, 1SU7. db. To Loan, 0675,43a lit Real estate, 17,043 7* Cash Items, 37,309 75 Due ilrom other hanks, 61,539 88 U. S. securities, 104,960 Oo State ana National Bank notes, 3,659 00 Specie, 1,056 (hi Lawful money. 67,877 la Stock* and bonds, 19.277 03 • 1,279,016 It Ca. By Capital stork, $300,000 ikl Profit amt loss, surplus and discount*, 48,397 85 Deposits, 65*,011 43 Due other hanks, 3,538 83 Circulation, 268,200 do “ State, 6,898 0(1 $1,279,040 11 Apt 2 3t ( lIAhl.ES PAYSObi, Cashier. EEJU TIL.IZEBL&7 O/A/Y TONS Cumberland Pure Raw Bona mi V/V " 1‘hos. of Lime. 50 Tons Coe’s Phosphate of Liiue. 25 Ton* E. F. t^oe’a Phosphate of Lime. 20 Ton* Lloyd's Phosphate of Lime. 600 Barrels Lodi Poudrette. 300 Barrel* Littlefield'* Poudrettc. 400 Barrels Fish Guano. K^For sale at Mauui*cturer*s Prices, by KENDALL A WHITNEY. Feh 8.1867._ te9cl3ini» SEED. SEED. 750 BAGS PltlME TMOTHY, IM) “ Northern New York and Western Clover. ■IOO Seek* Bed Top. I lO Bushels Canada Golden Drop Spring Wheat 300 Bushels Cape Barley, two row'd. Buckwheat. Flat, Hemp,Millet. Canary and a tail assortment of Vegetable and Flower Seeds, all select ed with caro and reliable. A lull assortment of Agricultural Implements, Fertilizers, &e., For Sale by KE SHALL A WHIT SET, Market ilaU, Porilaad. March 16,1867.—times Saffua Molasses. 505 1HDS. > Muscovado M lapsus, cargo brig TCS. ) ‘‘Hattie St Emery,” rrom Sagua. JI4 Hhda.) Muscovado Molasses earge* Brig “J. ■J7.I Bbl*. | C. York,” from Sasun, FOB SALE BY OEO. S. HUNT, Mar 16-tttw 111 ^‘“m^ial »*• Choice Clayed Molasses. ™R?;fcJBSK2“ t,"yed M f Cardenas^omf ibrsnloby WeU1"'“" rna.,3 4 S^rEy>;*t 1'Olt SALE. 10() BBLS. EASTERN D. APPLES. “Sliced." ■WO “ “ “ •Ti.rpli’• 150 Bu. II. G. SEED. 30 Bu. Clover Seed. 30 Bbls. Clear Pork. a i A®, Tip,n'c" Clioice lard. Also Choice Brands ol’Flour, by Jeremiah Howe A Co., mr.'l .law No 27 Commercial St, Portland. Ufied Apple*! 85 Ch°if° Drled Apples, lor aula low, 1). B. Bicker & Co mariSdlw*...NoJ6oFore Street. U. U. PENNELL A CO., GAS FITTERS, NO. 41 I'MON 1THGGT. All work warranted satisfactory. References— Sirout & McKonkey, master builders; Brown JL Crocker, plasterers and stucco workers. April 1,1»87. dam. W. K. P. CHOSS, Sealer of Weights and Measures, Order Sian- at C. H Breed & Co.'s, f»o. 44 lisisa Hired. Portland, April 1,1667. dim Office of Collector of Inter nal Revenue. No. 1M> 1-2 Commercial St.' Fikst collection Ois t or State of Maine i Portland, Apiil l, 1807. ’} SEIZURE OF BARRELS AND HALF BARRELS. \rOT[5£ I3 hc*_«l>y given that the following do . wl1!?.' eD1|,ty tlurr' l» ‘nd ball' barrel, wrro st-lscd n» I hi. city on the d 5-9 hereinafter nientioiuil tor a violation 01 Section 22, of an Act to amend ex isting laws relating to internal revenue, and tor other purposes. Approved March 2,1*67. • March 13, 180., 2 Coal Oil BbK, seized on Commer cial Street. March 14, l>-67, 30 Coal Oil Bbl*. seized at Freight il«.ua.- of Portland «& Kennebec K. R. March 14, 1807, 1 Coal Oil Bbl. seized on Commercial March 14,1*67, 2 Whiskey BbU. seized on Commer cial Street. , Match 14. 18*'-7. 2 Whiskey Bhla. seized at Freight House of Portland & Kennebec R. R. March 14,1*07, 12 l5oal Oil Holds. seized at Freight IToaso of Orand Trunk Railway. March 14, 1807, 1 Coal Oil HE Bbl. seized at Freight House of tirand Trunk R| lway, March 15, 1807, 4 Coal Oil Bbfs. seized on Pom merciul Stre* t. March 15,1867, 2 Coal Oii Hll. Bbls. seized on Com mercial Street. March 15, 1807, 28 Coal Oil Bhls. seised at Freight House ot Port and & Kennebec R. U. March 15,18*57, 1 Coal Oil Hlf. Bbl. seized at Freight House of Portland Kennebec R. R. Any person or persons claiming the same are re quest ed to appear and make such claim within thirty (lays irom the date hereof, otherwise the said barrels and half barrels will be disposed of in accordance with the acta of Congress in such cases made and provided. Apll—3w NATHL J, MILLER, Collector,