Newspaper of Portland Daily Press, April 4, 1867, Page 3

Newspaper of Portland Daily Press dated April 4, 1867 Page 3
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latest news BY TELEGRAPH TO THE PORTLAND DAILY PRESS. -: Thursday Morning;, April 4, 1867. ---- WASHINGTON. Confirmations and Reject tons. Report from the South Pacific Squadron. Washington, April 3. The Senate to-day confirmed as postmasters, John Berrv, Gardiner, and George C. Craw ford, Brunswick, Maine; Elisha R. Potter, East Greenwich, It. L and rejected T. Clifford Butler, Farmington, Maine. O Rear Admiral Dahlgren, from Callao, March 1st, reports the disposition of ships of the South Pacific squadron that date. Ship Pow liatan was at anchor in Callao Bay, and would soon leave on a cruise. The Tusearora sailed Feb. 9th tor Feiec Islands. The Dacotali is at at \ alparaiso, from which port the Watereo sailed on the 27th of February to touch at Pan ama, and laud some of her men to be discharg . m‘1,‘\Vnit«d States, then at Buenaventu *'J- The New York was cruising, and on the •>th oi February was at Valparaiso. Tlili Fre donia st ire-ship was moored at Caliao as usual, the Pensacola was also (here and would leave on the 3d or 1th of March for San Francisco direct. Richard C. Parsons, of Cleveland, Ohio, was to-day appointed by the United States Su preme Court as its Marshal. He was qualified and entered upon his duties. The Commissioner of Agriculture has ap pointed Mr. E. L. Barker, of Rhode Island, as Chief Clerk of that Department, vice G. B. Newton resigned. Mr. Barker formerly held position as Assistant Professor of Ethics at the Naval Academy, Annapolis. RHODE ISLAND ELECTION. Entire Success of the Repub lican Ticket. Providence, R. I., April 3. The State election to-day results in the com plete success of the Republican ticket for State officers, members of Congress and State Leg islature. The vote is very light. Mr. Dixon is rejected to Congress in the second district by about 1200 majority. In the first district Mr. Jencks is re-elected without opposition. The State officers elected are Governor, A. E. Burn sole; Lieut. Governor, William Greene; Attor ney General, Willard Sayles; Secretary of State, John R. Barflett. The Senate will stand 27 Republicans and 6 Democrats; the House 62 Republicans to 8 Democrats. The Governor has returns from all the towns in the State hut oue, which give Gen. Bum side a majority of 4X88. The Democratic can didate, Jencks, for Congress, in the first dis trict has 4811 to 101, scattering. The Republi can Assembly ticket is elected in this city by <100 majority over the Democrats. Extensive Raid upon Royers of Counter. feit Notes. ,, , _ „ Rochester, N. Y., April 3. Col. \V ood 9 secret detective corps of the United States Government, and Deputy Mai shal Keeney, of this city, with the assistance of other deputy marshals, made a raid on buy ers and sellers of counterfeit Government Treasury notes, fractional currency, etc. Up to noon to-day they bad arrested twenty per sons whose residences are in western New Vork, and lodged them in jail. Warrrnts were issued by the United States Clerk of this city and tlio examination of the arrested parties will be liefore him. The raid is the most ex tensive ouo ever made in the United States and causes the greatest excitement. In addition to sixteen arrests made yesterday and this afternoon in the great raid on coun terfeiters throughout Western New York, eigh teen more prisoners were brought in this eve ning and lodged in jail. The last lot resided mostly ill the southern counties. It is agigau tic affair, and creates great excitement in coun terieit money shoving circles. The police of thw city rendered valuable aid to the United states officers in making arrests. Itralmrtive l ire. PHILADKLPHIA, April 3 The extensive woolen mills of IX. Scholieid, at Mauyunk, were burned last night. Loss $100,000; insured $18,000. Syracuse, N. Y., April 3. A fire at Maulin’s S<)uaro broke out best even ing iii the bam of W. E. Woodward,proprietor oi the Lower Hotel, and then communicated to the store, dwelling house and bam of Joshua Hamlin. A dwelling bouse occupied by Dr. Fatten, and a grocery store occupied by H. c! Lockett, also i* meat market occupied by Mr. Hubben, were partly burned. Loss not ascer tained. , , _ Johnstown, Pa., April 3. A large fire occurred here last evening, de stroying Potter’s hotel and the stores adjoin ing. A strong west wind was blowing, and the destruction of the whole village at one time seemed inevitable. Wyoming, C. W., April 3. A store owned and occupied bv Mr. Ralph Crablo was completely destroyed bvtire last niglit. Loss 810,000; insured 8.5000. , ,, , Milwaukee, Wis., April 3. A block of building* on the east Hide of Broadway, north of Bridge street, was burned last night. Loss $12,000. From Honolulu nn«l tl>e Pacific Whalers. San Francisco, April 3. Honolulu advices to March 11th have been received. The affairs of Walker & Co. were being rap idly closed. The corner stone of the proposed reformed Catholic Cathedral has beer laid by his Majes ty, assisted by Bishop'S taley and the clergy of the Church. It is intended as a memorial to the late Kamehamaha. The American whaling hark President arriv ed at Hilo Feb. 23d, from the Clarion Islands, with 100 barrels sperm oil and 30 barrels whale oil. She reports the following ves>els at the Clariou islands: St. George, 120 barrels; Rein deer, 9K do.; Brothers, !K) do.; Janus, 450 do.; Falong, 100 do., and John Howland, 100 do.; Sea Breeze,6 whales; Jasmes D. Thompson, 2 whales, Champion, 3 whales; Jireh Perry, and Nile, each 1; Ocean and J. P. West, each 1; George and Lydia, each 11-2 whale. The Gen. Pike arrived at Hilo March 2d, from the Gal lipagos Islands with 15 barrels sperm oil. She reports at the Gallinagos Islands, the Emily Morgan with 280 barrels of sperm; Roman, 100; C. E. Foote, 100; Coral and Matilda, clean. The Beni. Cummings, from New Bed ford, and the Jeannet, from the California Coast, with 230 barrels sperm, arrived at Hon olulu ou the loth of March. Connecticut Flection—Full Return*. New Haven, Conn., April 3. Returns received at the Palladium office in dicate that English’s majority is 078. The Sen ate stand's 11 Republicans to 10 Democrats, and the House 121 Republicans to 117 Democrats. Latc*r« Hartford, Couu., April 3. AVe li.'ive full returns from every town in the State. The vote is as follows: English 45,787; Hawley 44,808; English’s majority 079. The Senate stands 11 Republicans to It/Democrats. The House 127 Republicans to 111 Democrats; ^Republican majority 16. Bani'd of Trade Banquet at Charle.Ian. Charleston, April 3. The Board of Trade banquet last night was a brilliant affair. Gov. Orr made an elaborate speech ou the situation, counselling prompt compliance with the requirements of Congress. Glen. Sickles also spoke, foreshadowing in gen eral terms his policy os district commander. He has issued an order prohibiting the elec tions for the present, announcing that be will appoint sheriffs and other civil officers upon the expiration of the terms of the present in cumbents. New VArk Item*. New York, April 3. The t$ew York internal revenue agents state that the whiskey frauds are perpetrated by forged issues of transportation bonds, under which the liquor has been removed from bond ed warehouses without having paid any duty. Up to the 31st ult. the subscriptions to the Boinan loan amounted to$2,300,000. The April coupons afle now being paid, and a strong effort is making to get the balance of the loan taken. During the month of March 13,029 immi grants arrived at this port. PeriAus Arriileiil from Fil ina n Salute Montpelier, Vt., April 3. A painful accident occurred here to-day, oc ‘casioned by the premature discharge of a can non u.sed in firing a salute in honor of the re sult of the late election in Connecticut. Peter /.a.MoiU had both arms and a logtilown oil', and received other injuries. He cannot survive. Aleck dangreau liad one hand badly mangled, and was otherwise soriously injured. Wachiuaion ('orrmpondrarc. . New York, April 3. The Commercial’s special says .linlge Wiley, P. Hain*, Col. I>. C. Glenn, Gen. J. E. Chnl met and other leading Mississippians oppose Judge Sharkey’s scheme to test the military bill ni I lie Supreme Court. President John son openly repudiates having encouraged this affair. ____ On* fts plosion nnd Pniiifnl Result. New York. April 3. The. new Academy of Music was tlie scene of a gas explosion last evening about an hour previous to the night performance, which came near causing another serious lire. The proper ty mail was so seriously injured about the face and chest that he is in a very critical condi tion. __ Arrival • t (Ikfpwrecked Nramen. New York,Aprils. TV1 steamer Grenada, from Charleston, which arrived here to-day, brought in the cap tain a\ id crew of the schooner Vcpdover, of Rocklai'd. Me., burnt at sea 150 miles east of Hatterak S March 23d. Near* felebrntiou nt Richmond. ItiOHMOND, Vu., April 3. A procession of negroes was held to-day to celebrate the anniversary of the evacuation of Richmond. Mr. Hunnicnt, in a sneech warn ed them to beware ot the Southern whites and to cling to the Republicans. Senator Wilson is here but did pot address them. Hi. l ouif iHnniripnl Election. 8t. Louis April 3. Fuller returns show I but the Radicals elect ed their city ticket yesterday by an average majority of 2,700. The Board of Aldermen stands—13 radical Jo 9 opposition. Foreign New* per Slimmer. Kjw Yobk, April 3. By the steamer Java dates to the 24th ult., haAt^meertins'>'f ^the opposition members of Parliament at tlie residence of Mr. Gladstone, on the 21st, it was decided to allow the Gov ernment reform bill to go to a second reading, but if toe clause embodyiug the principle of dualty voting was not abandoned, and tlie difficulties as regards compound householders, were equitably adjusted, a cordial vote should be taken on the question that the Speaker leave his chair, in order to go iuto committee. The Pall Mall Gazette says Mr. Gladstone alluded to the rumor that the Government in tended very strongly to oppose that courBo. 1 he same paper says that Mr. Bright’s speech was very moderate in tone, and lie intimated in it a belief that he should have no difficulty in backing the policy ot the Liberals as a par ty* _ According to tlie Standard, Mr. Gladstone intimated that he should propose in commit tee a larger extension of the county franchise, and some other alterations in tho bill. All sorts of rumors were rife at the depar ture of the Java, as to the prospects of the re form bill and the Government. According to one authoritv the ministers themselves expected to bo out within a week. Another meeting of Confederate bondhold ers was held on the 20th. The chairman said the mooting was to receive the second report of the committee, who had obtained the highest legal opinion to disabuse bondholders of the idea that this was not a legal loan. The report ex pressed the opinion that if Americans might bo judged of by those with whom tho commit tee had lieen brought into contact with, the day was not far distant when the settlement ot claims of bondholders would be effected. Tlie following resolution was passed:—“That, as legal proceedings have been taken by the Gov ernment of the United States to recover in English and French law courts property and money belonging to the late confederate States, it is of tlie utmost importance that notice ot counter claims should he immediately given on behalf of the seven per cent, cotton bondliold [ era; that tlie bondholders committee be fur uished with requisite funds to enable them to take such legal proceedings as counsel may ailyise, and that no bonds ba dealt in by the Stock Exchange unless stamped by the com mittee of confederate bondholders as having paid 1-10 per cent, to enable the committee to this resolution into effect.” EUROPE. NEWS H Y THE CABLE. London, April 2. lathe House ot Lords, last night, the Duke of Buckingham, Solonial Secretary, said that the prospective transfer of the Russian North American possessions to the United States was a matter of indifference to England. Dublin, April 2. A dispatch from Cork reports that a fight took place in the vicinity of that city this morning, between the troops and a baud of Fe nians, and several of tho rebels were taken prisoners. Okia Legislature. Columbus, Ohio, April 3. The House has passed the Senate manhood suffrage resolution, amended so as to disfran chise rebels and deserters—yeas 63, nays 29. It goes to the Senate to-morrow. Miacellaueeus Dispatches. Harrisburg, Peon., April 3. Gov. Geary has issued a warrant for the exe cution, on the 15th of May, of Robert Folgcr, of Washington county, sentenced to be hung for the murder of Robert \T. Dinsmore, on the 4th of December, I860. St. Louis, April 3. Late news from Montana says mining opera tions this season will lie much extended, and the estimated yield of precious metal is 836, 000,000. THE MARKETS. Eiuaueial. „ New York, April 3. Money was very activo this afternoon and quite stringent at the close. Call loans 7 per cent. Gold closed dull at 1 33j @ 1 33J. Foreign Exchange dull at 108J @ 109 for bankers’ paper. Government se curities dull and lower, with strong pressure to sell, owing to the closeness ol the money market. Stocks very much depressed towards tho close, and a sharp decline took place. New Yark market* .. New York, April 3. Cotton dull, heavy and J@lc lower: sales 2,200 bales; Middling uplands29c. Flour—quiet; sales 6,800 bbls.; State at 9 70ft?) !l i5’ Kound hoop Ohio 11 BO® 13 90; Western 9 7n @ 13 90; Southern dull at 1176@17 00; California quid at 15 00 @ 10 26. Wheat—steady; sales36,000 bush ; Milwaukee No. 2 at 2 is iS) 2 60. \vZror^l%,inAT!U,y: “,e8*>.0°0busb.; Mixed Oats—moderately active; sales39,000hush.. Beef—steady; Bales 475 bbls. Pork—steady; sales 475 bbls. Lard-121 @ 13Jc in bbls. Whiskey—quiet. Groceries—quiet bat steady. Naval Stores—quiet. Oils—heavy; Linseed 1 27 @ 130. Petroleum—dull; sales crude at 10 @ 10Je. Tallow—sternly; sales 127,000 lbs at lei fti 12(e Wool—quiet; sales 198,000 lbs. at 40@67Jc for do mesticfleece; 76c for picklocks; 40@ 474c for super pulled; 51 @ 57c for extra pulled; 25 @ 30c for Texas, and 24 @ 34c for California. Freights to Liverpool—a shade firmer. Corn per steamer 5d Chicago markets. Chicago, April 3. Flour tairlv active and advanced 25c; sales red Winter at 12 50 @ 13 75; Spring extras 10 25 @12 50. Wheat firm and advanced 4c; No. 2 Spring 2251 @ - 29. and clotted at outside fignre. Corn firm and in good demand and advanced 2c, closing steady at 1 00 *ilc® at 99 % t 02 for No. 1 and 93 (a} 95c tor No. 2. Oats tairly active and advanced 1$ a 2c: sales iso. 2 at Cl @ 52Jc, closing stesdv at 51J (5) 51 jc. Rve 1 rsWfasf. 9c; sales No. 2 at 99 @100. Provisions firm and holders firm; Mess Pork nominal at 22 50 @ 22 75; sales at 23 00 buyers all the month. Lard more active at 12$ @ 13a; Bulk Meats inactive. Keceipts—3 800 bbls. flour, 3,000 bush, wheat, 15,000 bush, corn, 4,200 hogs. Shipnicnts-3,200 onls. flour, 11,000 bash, wheat. Cincinnati mnrkela. „ _ Cincinnati, April 3. Flour firmer and ill good demand; sales 2,600 bbls. at 11 50 ft/) 13 50 fur trade brands anil 14 90 @ 18 00 for fancy brands. Wheat firm and scarce; No. 2 Whiter 2 87; No. 1 2 95; no Spring offering. Corn active and higher; sales at 80c for shelled in lmlk, and 90c in sacks Oats—(k'lo in hulk, but held at 65c at tho close. Harley tinner and unchanged. Whiskev dull ai d nominal and offered at 2Gcin bond. Provisions dull and nominally unchanged; Mess Pork at 22 75: Bulk Meats 8 @ 11c. Bacon 9J @ 111c and llj ® 12Jc for shoulders, sides, clear rib and clear sides. Lanl nom inally unchanged; sales city at 12jc. Money scarce. F.xchange steady at par. Commercial—-Per Cable. London, April 3, Noon. Consols lor money opened at 91. American Securities.—Tlie following are the current qn nations for American Securities: Illinois Central Railroad Shares 7«J. Erls Railroad shares 39}. ' United States 5-20's 75. Frankfort, April 3. Noon. United States 5-20’s 73. . „ Paris, April 3, Noon. United States 5-20's 84}. Liverpool, Aprils, Noon. Cotton tending downward; sales probahlv 10.000 bales. The tallowing are the quotations:—Middling uplands 12{d; middling Orleans 13?d. Breadstuff's lirm; Western retl Wheat 13B6d; White Callfornlal3s 6d-, Flour 28s 9d; Corn 41s; Barley 4s 7il; Oats 3s 4d. Provisions—quiet; Pork 77s Oil; Beef 1271 Gd; Bacon 40s 6d; Cheese GOs; Lard 49s 3d. Produce generally unchanged; Petroleum Ud tor Spirits and IsOd for standard White; Rosin 8s 6d for common and 16s for line; Spirits Tnrjtcntinc 37s3d; Clover Seed Ms; Ashes—Pots 33s Od; Pig Iron 52s; Tallow 44a Cd; Linseed Oil £39; Whale Oil £41; Linseed Cakes £10 for Calcutta; Linseed 06s. Liverpool, April 3—Evening. The Cotton market continues dull and heavy; Mid dling uplands declined |d since nood report, and is now quoted at 12}d. No qnotable change in other markets. There has been a large sale of California White Wheat for export to New York. London, April 3—Evening. Consols have declined } since noon report, and are now quoted at 90}. American securities firm and unchanged. Paris, April 3, Evening. United States bonds arc quoted at 84}. New Verk Aleck Merkel. „ New Yoke, April 3. Stocks—heavy. American Gold. ISM U. S. Five-Twenties, coupons,1862.1098 U. S. Five-Twenties, coupons,1R04.107jj U. S. Five-Twenties, coupons, 1865,.1081 U. 9. Five-Twenties, coupons new issue.1071 U. S. Ten-Forties, coupons.98 U. S. Seven-Thirties, IstBeries.inn U. S. Seven-Thirties. 2d series.1061 U. S. Seven-Thirties, 3d series.1051 Tennessee Sixes, new series. 83 Missouri Sixes. 951 Western Union Telegraph. 41J New York Central,.103 Erie. 561 Erie preferred.*.70 @72' Hudson.138 @138 Heading,.loi] Michigan Central,. 108 Michigan Southern,. 71 Illinois Central,. 1154 Chicago & Rock Island,.. 89f AmericanlExpress. 56j Bouton Stork List. Sales at the Brokers* Board, Ai*il 3. American Gold. j34$ United States Coupon Sixes, I8«i....i«o United States 7 3-10ths, 1st series. 105 “ 2d series.105 “ small. tig 44 8d aeries. I05 United States 5-20s, 1862. log 44 small. log 44 1«W. ]08 44 July, 1866. in?; United States Ten-forties. 98 Maine Stale Sixes, ..-.. .. 99$ I lost. *n and Maine Railroad. 131 Rutland 1st Mortgage Bonds. 125 Eastern Railroad. 107 Portland. Saco & Portsmouth Railroad. lol Western Railroad.130 _ (Sales at Auction.] Portland City Sixes, 1886. 96 Augusta Citv Sixes, 1870 . 95* Gardiner City Sixes. 95| Unabridge Market* r, . . ~ ... Cambridge,April 2. Receipts Cattle, 755; Sheep and Lambs, 3068; Hors, s, none; Swine, none, Calves, none. PSJCK|;Oi^arntle“Ex,ra» #13 00 @ 13 50; first {ffiiality*!50 % ;io8°,rd MUalily' *i0 00 ®11 00; 20o'C*5» atU,!~WOrklUK 0xen» V Pair. $150, Milch Cows and Calves from *40, *<w. *75 jinn ® $125. . Yearlings *20 @30; two years old *40 @ 45; three years old *60 @75. Veal Calves *2 50 @ 13 00. Hides 8 @ 9c. Tallow 7 @ 7<c *> Ih. Pelts *1 25 @ *1 50each. Calfskins 17 @ 20c t> lb. N. H. Beef— Extra and first quality includes noth ing hat the best large, fat, stall-fed Oxen; second quality includes the best grass-fed Oxen, the best stall-fed Cows, and the liest three year old Steers; ordinary consists of Hulls and the refuse of lots. Sheep—Extra includes Cossets, anil when those of inferior qualitv are thrown out of the lot. 1 he market for the side of Cattle opened dull, but as the forenoon advanced trade was a little more active, with quotations unchanged. Qnality about the same. A few “top notch” Cattle, of which num ber some were sold on commission to the leading butchers, whilst others, although sold to the same parties, had prices Specified. Sheep—The quality, taken as a whole, wa9 rather better tfian last week, not so many of the ordinary grades. Receipts 3068 against 2986 of last week. The market was firm at last week’s prices; some lots sold a trifle higher. tsysend your orders for Job Work to Dally jprts Office MISCELLANEOUS. BARGAIN SI BAR GAIN SI House Lots, and Houses and Lots, HOUSES, Harnesses and Wagons, together with a Brick Yard and other prot erty lor immediate Hale, separately or together, as best suits customers. Thirty-two very desirable House U>ts in Cape Eliz abeth near the .souill end of the Railroad bridge, with a drv and soft loam just suited to house lots I and gardens, and where wells can bo had for less than ten dollars cost, affording an abundaut supply ol pure soft water, equaling boiling spring water, and w ithin ten minutes walk of the Portland and Boston depot. These lots, ^containing trom 5,t>00 to 7,000 square feet, will be sold from $125 to $150 each. one dwelling house containing live finished rooms, with a w ood Shed, stable, and well of water, offered at a bargain. Also, one bouse and garden, very desirable, and wi 1 be sold at a low figure. These nouses are new Likewise, one of the best brick yards in the Coun ty, and finely situated. Machines and other equipage all new. having been used but part ot last .reason. The lund and all will be sold lor less than the cost of building ami furnishing the yard. The title ot the above named laud is the very best One pair of work horses, one double harness, one. single harness, one double wagon, ono express iwag on, one pair of bob sleds, and one express sleigh, together with many other articles, are offered at a raie that will induce trade. The proprietor will be on the premises every fore noon to Wail upon customers. He sells at Ibis low rate in order to close business here and return to the valley of the Mississippi, where he lias done business in the past. „ 4 . HIRAM SKILLIN. Cape Elizabeth, April 3, 1867. ______April 3 2tawwtf To Those Contemplating: Building THE subscribers would iulorm, that they are pre pared to do all kinds of work in the erection ol buildings at reasonable prices and in u workmanlike manner. Having the facilities for getting lumber at reduced prices it would be for their advantage to see them before c infracting eLew here. Lumber of nil Kinds Furnished at short notice. Mouldings of an 7 de sired pattern furnished at short notice that they have not on hand, of a superior quality. SA«H, DOORS AND BLINDS Furnished to order. Also, door and window frames made to order. A large lot ol window frames of all sizes for wooden buildings on hand, for sale cheap. With a determination to faithfully and promptly ex ecute all work entrusted to them a share oi public patronage is respectfully solicited. BKANN & MERRILL, Carpenters and Builders, Cross St., Portland, Me. April 3. eodlm* FOR SALE. A Desirable Residence at Cumberland Center, former residence of Watson Newliall. A good Two Story House well fumisliod, painted and blind ed, with an L., Wood House, Carriage Honse, Barn, &c., with about Twenty Acres ol Land, a large Or chard, yielding some years loo barrels of apples. Will be sold low. Inline iate possession given. Inquire ol JOHN C. PROCTER. uiarl<kfeod3w For Sale—House on Park St BEING about to remove from this city I ofler tor sale iny House. No. 05 Park St. It is good size and con ve Trent, with all the modern improvements, Bathing room, in which is Hot aud Cold water, Gas, r'uruace, &c. Connected with house is a good stable. Possession given first day of May next. Enquire at 5*93 Commercial Si. head of Hobson’s wharf, of J. II. 1 Linden, the subscriber,STEPHEN PATTEN, or of W. If. JEKRIS, Real Estate Agent. Jan30eodtf Farm for Sale. TIIE “Mark Allen” csgite, containing two hun dred acres, situated within one and a half miles oj Pownal Depot, in Pownal, County of Cumber land. Said farm is w. ll divided into pasturage, til lage and wood land. Is well watered, has good aud convenient buildings, cuts some teixty tons of hay, and has some twelve hundred cords ol merchantable wood for the market, besides enough lor the farm. This estate would make two good farina^ and will bo sold together or In separate lots. Inquire of John H. Noyes, near tho premises, or . CHARLES C. COBB, Executor, 99 Lisbon Street, Lewiston, Me. March 13. cod&wtf MR. W. JIA VEMANN contemplates making Portland bis residence, and will be prepared to give lessons in Music and the German and Span ish Languages, AFTER APRIL 1, 1867. Persons desirous to take lessons may leave their address at Paine’s Music Store, comer of Center and Congress Streets, where circulars may be found. References—Hon. A. E. Stevens, Dr.S.Fitcb, Chas. B. Merrill, Esq., W. W. Stevens, Esq , N P. Rich ardson, Esq., J. H. Hall, Esq. mchl2eodlm For Sale, or for Long Lease. TWO ot thoso Store Lots on tho Northerly side of Middle Street, near the head of Plum Street, re cently covered by the Granite Block. Apply to EDWARD FOX or EBEN STEELE. Portland, March 6,1807. deodlm For Sale. SITUATED near Broad Covo, within a few rods of Cunilterland I>epot, a convenient story and a halt house and barn, with an excellent girden and chojee fruit trees, a never failing well of water, ami tun acres of the best of land. The house and garden will bo sold separately if desired. Will be sold at a low price ii applied for immediately. A good chance for a person doing business iu the city. mar23eo<l2w* J. MERRILL. For Sale STOCK and fixtures of a Grocery Store, in a good location, aud now doing a good business. Stock small and in perfect order. It diroad passes within one rod of the store. Satisfactory reasons given for selling. Apply to or address H. A. STONE, apr3eod5t_ South Berwick, Me. Afau dk Magnolia.—The prettiest thing, the “sweetest thing,” and the moat of it for the least money. It overcomes the odor of perspiration; soft ens and adds delicacy to the skin; fs a delightful per fume ; allays headache aud inilamation, and is a nec essary companion in the sick room, in tlio nursery and upon the toilet sideboard. It can be obtained everywhere at one dqjlar per bottle. Saratoga Spring Water, sold by all Druggists. 8. T.---1860.—X.—The amount of Plantation Bit ters sold in one year is somet hing startling. They would till Broadway six leet high from the Park to 4th street. Drake’s mauutactory is one of the insti tutions in New York. It is said that Drako painted all the rocks in the Eastern States with his cabalistic “8. T.—18C0—X.,” aud tlion got tlic old granny legis lators to pass a law “preventing disfiguring the face ot nature,” which gave him a monopoly. We do not know how this is, but we do know that Plantation Bitters sell as no oilier article ever did. They are used by all classes of the community, and are death on Dyspepsia—certain. They are very invigorating when languid and week, ami a great appetizer.” Sarato a pring Water, Bold Ly all DrugKietB. ‘‘In lifting the kettle from the fire I scalded mysel very severely—one baud almost to a crisp. The tor ture was unbearable. * * * The Mexican Mus tang Liniment relieved the pain almost immediately. It bcMed rapidly and left very little near. (Juab. Fostek, 420 Broad street, Philadelphia.” This is merely a sample of what the Mustang Lini ment will do. It is invaluabe in Ml eases of wounds, swellings, sprains, cuts, bruises, spavins, etc., either upon mail or beast. Beware of counterfeits. None is genuine unless wrapped in the steel-plato engravings, bearing the signature of G. W. Westbrook, Chemist, and thcjiri vute stamp of Demis Baknes & Co, New York. Saratoga Spring W ater, sold by all Druggists All who vMue a valuable head of hair, and its pres ervation from premature baldness and turning grey will not tail to use Lyon's celebrated Katharion. It makes the hair rich, soft and glossy, eradicates dand rutf, and cans'* the hair to grow with luxuriant beauty, it is sold every wlic/e. E. Thomas Lyon, Chemist, K. Saratoga Spring Water, sold by all Druggists. What Did It? A young lady returning to hei country home after a sojourn of a few months in New York, was hardly recognized by her friends. In place of a rustic Hushed lace, she had a soft ruby complex ion of almost marble smoothness, and instead of 2tf, she really appeared but 17. She told thorn plainly she used Aagan’s Magnolia Balm, and would not be without it. Any lady can improve her appearance very much by using this article. It can be ordered of any druggist lor 541 cents Saratoga Spring Water, sold by all Druggists. Heim street’s inimitable Hair Coloring has been steadily growing in lUvor lor over twonty years. It acts upon tho Absorbents at the roots of the hair, and changes to its original color by degrees. All instan taneous dyes deaden and injure the hair. Heim strocts is uut m dye but is cert 1 in in its results, pro motes its growth, and is a beautiful Hail- Dressing. Price 50 cents and $1.00. Sold by all dealers. Saratoga Spring Water, sold by all Druggists. Lyon’s Extract op Pure Jamaica Ginger— for Indigestion, Nausea, Heartburn, Sick Headache, Cholera Morbus. &c., where a warming, genial stim ulant is required. Its careful preparation and entire purity makes it a cheap and reliable article for culi nary purposes. Sold everywhere at 50 cents per bot tle. Saratoga Spring Water, sold by all Druggists. n June 14, ’66—eod&wly Boots and Hhoes ! CLARKE & LOWELL, Market Square. W® ca*) *n<* w"' 8<d'as Rood ft quality ol Hoots and Shoes, at an cheap rate an cau lie found in tn« ®11tS'' .W<i ^,avu some sh°P worn L'oods and others a little out ol I ho present style which we wish to close out before yoing into our new store and will sell them at Less Than Hail the Original Cost. Call and examine for yourselves, opposite Preble Street. april2d3t new e 3 d To Inventors and Others. NOTICE is hereby given that the members of a Commission, acting under the authority of the Secretary ot the Treasury, will meet in the City of New York at the Office of tho Supervising Inspec tor ol Steamboats, No. 23 Pine street, on the Second Monday in April proximo, for the purpose ot exam ining and testing the merits of such Inventions of a If le-saving character as may be brought before them. Said luv litions will embrace Boilers of Steam engines, Anti-incrustators, Safety-valves, Steam gauges, Water-gauges, Steering Apparatus, Life boats, with detaching apparatus, &c., &c., inventors may appear in i>crson before the Com mission, tor the purpose ot explaining their Inven tions ; but no expense will be al’owed under any circumstances. h. McCULLOCH, _ _ „ Secretary of the Treasury. Washington, D. C., March 13, 1867. marl8oaw3w TUBS Prime Canada and Vermont Batter, just received and for sale by inr29tf 3. Ii. WJKJEKS, 72 74 Forest. THE NICEST QUALITY OF WHITE DRIPS. For sale by _ _ _ marSudtf * J. I*. WEIK8. . __ .. -■ JT . .. —■ JIISCELUN KOU8. Blindness, Deafness, -AND Catarrh! During dr. cakpenteb s late visit lo Portland which closed Feb. 1st, so great a number of i*ersons doferred consulting him until the latter part of his stay, that many were unable to do so, his time l*eing fully occupied. To accommodate those and others desirous of consulting him he Returned to Portland March 1st, And can be consulted at the IT* 8. Hotel Until April 14tli, upon all diseases of the Eye, Car, Throat — AND — fViT.tHJK/f, As usual. And he would advise those intending to avail themselves of his services to call early as con venient. Dr. C. can refer to many patients In Portland and vicinity, who have been cured or benetitted under his treatment, who do not wish their names made public, but are willing to converse with those interested. C^~Gonsullation at office Free, but letters must contain one dollar to ensure an answer. Office hours, Sunday excepted, 9 to 12,2 to 5, and C£ to 7J o’clock. L>r. Carpenter can be consulted at the DeWitt House. Lewiston,one mouth, on aud after Apr. 15, ’67. CERTIFICATES. Testimonial of A. K. Greenough, Esq. I was afflicted with Catarrh so badly that I had a continual paiu in my head, eyes very weak, was that loosing m.v memory, head was so conlused that I was totally unfit tor business and general health Hast tail ing. I applied to Dr. Carpenter in 1865 and his rem ediea cured me. I am a well man. A. K. GREENOUGH, Proprietor ol National House, Bangor, Me. Certificate of Cnpt. Bbate of Portland. Portland, Jan. 3, 1867. I suffered from dealness eight years. Was under treatment at the Ear Infirmaries ol Boston, New York and Philadelphia, without receiving benefil; but knowing of eases worse than mine, that Dr. Car penter cured, 1 was Induced to apply to him. On ex amination the Dr. was not sure no could cure me, but would do I he best be could. A course of his treatment has restored me to my natural hearing. Any person desiring to see me can do so on board of bark “ I.aac Carver,” Union WharL Portland. ALONZO L. 8HUTE. Dr. Carnenter, Dear Sir,—Learning you are in Portland, 1 write for the purpose of informin'' you that the hom ing of my son, Leroy Z. Collins, re mains pcrtectly good. Yon will remember that in March 1685, you relieved him of dealness of fifteen years* standing, which had increased to that extent that lie was obliged to leave his studies and went to a trade. He is now at the Theological Seminary, Bangor, whero he has resumed his studies, nbicii, without your assistance, he never could have done. May veulive long, prosper In vour profession, and es pecially cause the deal to hear, is the desire of Yours, very gratefully, Z. COLLINS. Certificate of Mr. A. G. Rinat, Portland. This may certify that Dr. Carpenter, now at the United States Hotel, lias cured me ot deafness and discharges of the head of 17 years’ standing. I hail boon doctored by many eminent physicians without relief. Any jiersou interested can soo me at Messrs. Blunt & Foss,’ Middle Street. _ „ , . A. G. BLUNT. Portland, Me., Jan. 14, 1667. Hundreds of Certificates received in this State can be seen at the Dr’s Office. fbb23dtf THE DOMESTIC OIL COMPANY now offor to tbe public THE BEST, THE SAFEST, AND The Cheapest Oil Now in the Market! NO MORE LAMP EXPLOSIONS! NO MOSS BROKEN CHIMNEYS! NO MOBE SMOKY CHIMNEYS ! • Can be used, without any Chimneys. Tbe annoyance tom the use of CHIMNEYS in burning Kerosene to go about tbe bouse, anti the dis agreeable odor therefrom, as also the great danger troni using volatile or fluid substances, has been seri ously felt tor the past tew years. Any invention which successfully overcomes these objections, can be looked upon in no oilier light tlian a great public blessing. Inventors have sought tor years to accomplish this desired result, but all their efforts have b;en complete failures. After careful study and scientific experiment, the manufacturers feel assured that they can now offer to the public an article Superior to any other Article now in the Market! anil especially a good SUBSTITUTE for the old Burning Fluid, which is now beyond the reach of or dinary consumers on account of tbe high price of the material which enters into the comi>o*ition. Remember, it Trill not boil the Finest Fabric ! PT ura<pw.| i* tvill lux«MN tA 1m tar Superior to all otber Oils or Fluids! heretofore or now in use. 1st-—It has been subjected to the most rigid teat for the past TWENTY-TWO MONTHS, and having proved fully equal to our highest anticipations, is now put into flie market as a COMPETITOR TO THE PUBLIC FAVOR, with the numerous Oils now be fore them. THE,DOMESTIC OTL we offer, without unpleasant odor, a cheaper, safer and far more convenient light than any now before the public. 2d.—Bear in inind that there need be NO CHANGE OP LAMPS, anil only a CHANGE OF BURNER, and that can be furnished at our place t f business. All who.wish to see this oil, are requested to call and examine for themselves. A good supply of burn ers ami la nips constantly on hand. 13^*All orders adressed to us will receive promt.t attention. PRINCIPAL OFFICES AND SALESROOMS Wo. 6 Trcmont Street,.Boston, Mans. Wo*. 649 and 651 Broadway, W. Y. City. Wo*, las and 130 Clark St., Chicago, 111. No. 229 1-2 Congress St., Portland. HANSON cO SKILLIN. J. E. HEWETT, General Ajjent. April 2, 18G7- dim BOOTS - AND - SHOES! W. C. MONTGOMERY. Head, the List of Prices: Men’s Rubber Over Shoes, 75 cts. Women’s “ “ “ 50 “ Misses’ “ “ « 40 «* Children’s “ “ “ 25 “ r- — ALL KINDS OF BOOTS AND SHOES -- AT THE - LOWEST PRICES I \V. V. MONTUOMERY, No. 4 Casco Street, two doors from Congress. March 25, l<s<i7. dtf At -A. Annua! Meeting. THE annual meeting of the Maine Charitable Me chanic Absociatiou tor the choice of officers will be bold in the Library Loom on THURSDAY eve ning, April 4th, at 74 o’clock. A full attendance is earnestly requested. S. MARSH, Apl 2 dtd_ Secretary. M. L. A. THE annual meeting ol the Mercantile Hlbtary Assnci itwn will lie held at the Common Coun CU Room, Market Hall, on Tuesday evening, April oth, at 7 k o’clock, for the election of officers «or the ensuing year, ami for tlic transaction of any other business that may legally come before them. Polls open at h o clock. Por order, . no , E SCOTT GERRISH, Ap ii 2 lw Recording Secretary* Railroad and Steamboat Supplies. JU. 35 Commrrrinl Si., Portland, Me. ADAMS & DECOSTEB. MR' ha9 *>eon long known as a Dractlcal railroad m tnager and mechanical engineer, and nas had a long experience m the construction of steam engines and machinery. Parties looking for steam engines and steam pumps, or machinery ot any kind, would do well to get tlie adrfee and purchase ot Messrs. ADAMS & DKCOS T?° act 48 a8ents for the various builders. Mar 80tod3w* WANTED. Building Lots Wanted T7I0E immediate improvement-one on burnt die X? trict, on or near Congress or Cumberland Streets: one in upper part of city: moderate cost, good loca tion. luquire at Fancy Goods Store or * L. M. BOWDOIN april3 d4t 39 Centre Street. Wanted. A CAP ABLE GIRL in a small iamily. Good ref erences required, and liberal wages given. Fn quire at 14 Pine street. Apl 3 tf Wanted. AT Gorham Ladles’ Seminary a first claps cook. Apply at once lo * Rev. C. C. PARKER, Principal. Gorham, April 2.1867. apl 3 tt House Wanted in tlie City. BY a small family—Rent not to exceed Five Hun dred Dollars. Inquire oi E. L. GRUBBY, Apl 2 2w* Plum Street. Wanted, A YOUNG lady betwoen the age of 1C and 20, a good vocal singer; one who can play on an in strument preferred, to travel with a company through the country. Address “ W. KPost Office. April 1. dlw* Wanted

TO hire, a small house, either furnished or other wise, tor a short or long time. Any one desirous of a first class tenant may address, with full particu lars, “ B.,” Post office Box 2123. April 1. dlw A Situation Wanted. By a man to travel to sell goods. A large trade already established. Is thoroughly acquainted with the Grocery and Flour business, and ran bring the very best ol' recommendations. Hus been trav elling tor the hist three years. Address Box 1047 Portland Poat Office. lnardOdlw Kent Wanted. WANTED fivo or six rooms within ten minutes' ■walk of the Post Ollice, convenient for :i small family. Add less “ F. J. F..” at the Press OUice. March 26, 1867. <12w Flour Barrels Wanted. WE will pay 30 cents each for first class Flour Barrels suitable for sugar. LYNCH, BARKER & CO., UOvl3dtf 139 Commercial si reet. Wanted Immediately —AT THE— New Employment Office ! No 229 1-2 Conf/ress St, MDeor Went of City Building (up stairs.) GIRLS capable of doing all kinds of house-work, to whom good situations will be given. Also LABORERS for various kinds of work, and CLERKS for every kind of business. 13?* We arc able at ail times to supply parties in any part of the State with GOO!>RKLL\BLE HELP, either as Domestics, Mechanics or Laborers. Merchants, Contractors, Farmers and others will bo supplied with Men ami Boys for all kinds of em ployment Free of Charge. Don’t forgot the num ber, 22M Congress Street, next toCily Building, Port land, Me. CSOITKLAV A IlEWIT l , Feb 22—dtf Proprietors. Wanted. Hemlock and Pine Timber. TOLineal lent 14x14 Hemlock and 750 lineal feet 12x12 Pino Timber. ■>. T. CHASE. March 9-S,T&Ttl AGENTS WANTED FOR SEN. L. C. BAKER’S History of the Secret Service The most exciting & interesting book over published. THIS WORK was announced more than one year ago, but owing to the attempts of the Govern ment to suppress it, its publication was delayed. It will now be issued, UNALTERED, AND UNA BRIDGED, UNDER THE SUPERVISION OE GENERAL BAKER. It contains a full and official expose of the intricate machinations of the secret en emies of the Union. For startling developments and thrilling adven tures this book eclipses the famous exjMiiieiiees ot FOUCHE and V1DOCQ. The marvelous narratives of Gen. Baker are all attested by the lughest official authority. It will contain the only official account ot the Assassination conspiracy. A full history of this great, startling and terrible crime FROM ITS CON CEPTION, IN THE HA UNI'S OF VILLAINY TO THE BURIAL PLACE OF BOOTH, has never yet been placed before the public. The work also ftilly exposes the nefarious system by which Presidential pardons were and are so readily obtained at Wash ington. The morals of the National Capital aie thoroughly ventilated and there are some strange revelations concerning heads of deparments, members of Con gress, female pardon brokers, and distinguished mil itary characters. Send for Circulars and see our terms, and a full description of the work. Address JONES BROTHERS & CO., 607 Minor St., Philadelphia, Pa. marl4d&w1m Flour Barrels Wanted! ON and after January 2d, 1867, we shall resume the purchase ot Flour Brls. for CASH, at the Office ot the Portland Sugar Co.. IT 1-3 Dnnforlh Ml., Febfidtf J. B. BROWN & SONS. Wanted Daily ! ! AT The General Agency and Employment Office No. 351 I-2 C'oiiKr«-MM Ntrrct, All per sons wishing to secure good Girls for any respecta ble employment, will find them at this Office. Also please notice. We will send you men and boys for any work in city or country, free oi charge. |4ir*Wo want good American, Provincial. and Colored Women and Girls, as well «<* MeTI anti Boys, ovary .i»y orts o: situations in this Citv and vicinity. Give us a call. COX Ss POWARS. Portland, Me., Jan. 25, *67. Jan30 dtf Bookkeeper. WANTED by a young man of practical experi ence, ami who can bring the best of city refer ences, a situation as Bookkeeper or Salesman, where close attention to business will be appreciated Apply to W. H. JERlilS, roarfdtf Under Lancaster Hall. Wanted. AN experienced Salesman in the retail Dry Goods ^business; one who can give good City reference, may hear of a permanent situation by addressing Box 1018 Portland Post Office, giving real name and references. marl6tt Wanted. nn AAA FLOUR BARRELS, at Forest v-JLF* V/ City Sugar Beiinery, West Com mercial, near foot of Emery street. Proposals will also be received for new Sugar Bar rels, and a sample may be seen at the ollice of the Company, 159J Commercial, at coiner of Union St. tebl2d&wtt T. C. HERSKY _TO LET. Desirable Ollice to Let. AN office partially furnished, centrally located on Commercial Street, is ottered for rent at a low price. Address Lock Box 1791. Portland, April 2,1867. dlw. To Let. M A Hall suitable for manufacturing purposes, and two offices, in Morton Block; next above the Preble House. Apply to PATTERSON & CHADBOURNE, apr2dCw Office, Morton Block. To Let. ^JNE Brick Store, No. 40 Union street. Apply ja3dtf ST. JOHN SMITH. STORE No. 2 Portland Pier. Enquire of MATHEWS & THOMAS, mar27dlm 59 Commercial Street. To Let THE three storied Brick Store 204 Fore, toot of Plum Street. Enquire of • E. M. PATTEN, feblGdtf Plum Street. For Rent. /AFFTCES in the third story of buliding on corner of Exchange and Milk Streets. Enquire at of fice of OCEAN INSURANCE CO, Feb. 25. tf Exchange Street. To Let. THE Chamber (2d story) over E. T. Elden & Co’s, Free Street Block, suitable for Jobbing or Wholesale Business. Inquire of T. J. LITTLE, 79 Commercial street. «TKey can be fonnd at E. T. Eldon & Co's Mar 2—dtf To Let, ROOMS in second and third story Griffith Block, No. 21 £ Free Street. Also, rooms in third and fourth story Nos. 142 and 144 Middle Street. Apply to H. J. LIBBY & CO. March 18,1867. dtf To Let. THE Store on the lower side of Commercial Street, now occupied by Donnell & Greely. Possession given April 1st. Enquire of MATHEWS & THOMAS, mar26dlm 59 Commercial Street. To Let. A FRONT ROOM a<yoining the Chamber occupied by the Merchant’s Kxchaiigo. Also several desirable rooms in the new buildings near the corner of Middle and Exchange Sts. If ap plied for now they fan be fitted up to suit the uppli- ; cants. Apply to NATH'L F. DEERING, No 19 Freoflttreat. Mar 18.__ marl9d3w To be Let, ROOMS over H. H. HAY’S Apothecary Store, suit able for an office, dentist, or any light, business. Enquire of JORDAN & RANDALL. 145 Middle Street, Evans Block. March 21. dtf LOST AND FOUND. $10,00 Reward. LOST in vicinity of Market Square a Gent’s Pock et Book, conlainiug some money; also, papers, memoranda, &c., oi no value but to the owner. The above reward will be paid to the tinder, or they can take the money contained, and leave the book wiih papers, &c., at office of Preble House, where no questions will Le asked. Portland, April 1, 1867. aplJdti Plaster, Plaster. 'i \ TONS pure ground Plaster, tor sale at the AV/V lowest market price, by Kendall & Whitney, n>M2M2m Market Hall, Portland. Farm in Freeport for Hale. THE subscriber offers bis farm tor sale, situated ab jut one and a quarter miles item Freeport Corner, on the road irom Frectp >rt to Yarmouth. There are 4ft acres of good land, equally divided into tillage, .pasture and wood land, with a house and bam. Tho propeity will be soldJor $1100 it applica tion be made immediately, to Claries Rice, l'ownal i yorner, P Soule, Freeport, or . llA J. L. RICIIARDSON, Apll2 dlw* Pownal. Boarding. A PEW gentlemen can be accommodated with pleasant rooms and board, in a private family* a* No. 7 Mayo Street. aprldlw* REAL ESTATE. For Sale. FIVE Street Sprinkling Tuba, Pumps. Reservoirs, and Power lor pumping water. Inquire ot ■J. C. BARKKR, 131 Commercial Stri et. Portland, ApiU 1,1807. uplltt' Block ol Houses lor Sale. rpiiR convenient double bouse corner or South and 1 Spring Streets. Each tenement contains nine finished rooms, and may be sold separately. Fur further particulars, enqu;re of MKS. EATON on the premises, No. 15 Spring Street, or 16 W. H. JKKRIS. March 19, i&rr. marAHltf rniii.r. . For Sale. lulUEE storied brick house No. 30 on High Street, svrlbv't'1 IUr °* 1>lco8ant> trow occupied by the sub lW“ three storied hrlek stores on Pore Street, "J opts,si to the Custom IIoubo, with partition wall, aWj roofs, ihe rear on Wharf Street enquire of Cfi". Urms aud parUcttl,‘rs Portland, April BLANCHARD. House for Sale AVERY desirable Cottage eont»in*tn» o _ brick cistern of ou(_'h repair and nevriv new. Possession given fort ol May. her particulars enquire oll th^premised 26 Mvrlle street. 1 UKJ8» Mar 30tf_Mrs. S. W. BISHOP. To Let. ONE Store and three spacious Chambers in Bar bour's Block, Middle street. One of the best lo cations in the city. Apply to DAVID KEAZER, mar30d2wis Or E. A. NORTON. First Class House For Sale. APntUt STORIED BRICK HOUSE on Park St., lias seventeen rooms, hot aud cold water, and all otli#r modern conveniences. A party is now read v to lease it at ten per pent, on the price asked. Apply to W. ll.JERRJS. Mar 30— 3w For Sale. THE superior first sailing br brig “CASSJE GRAY,” built ill Nova Scotia in 18G4, 17G tons register, length 9Gj feet, breadth 2.r»£ leet, depth 12 feet, is coppered "and copper fastened, and well found in sails and rigging, chains, anchors, &c. This vessel was built expressly for the West India business, and is :iiso well adapted to the Brazil trade. Will bo sold cheap. For Ihrther particulars apply to GEO. H. STARK, No. 7 Central Wharf. Portlaud, March 29,18G7. mar29—lw' Build ins: l’or Sale. THE Bnililiug on Mui ket kticet, 2d door Ironi Con gress street, now used us a gas titting shop, is for sale. It is a good location lor mechanical husiuc s,or for a trader. Price #500. Apply to jmar2!Mlw* WM. H. JERItLS. New House for Sale, MOn India street, third house ftoiu Congress, contains eleven rooms, besides the attics. This house is very pleasantly located anil very con veniently arranged tor one or two families. Apply to WM. H. JKItlilS, mar28dtfHeal Estate Agent. For Sale or Lease. THE Large Lot of Land on the corner of Federal, Temple and < engross streets. A desirable location fi»r a Hotel—for sale low; if not sold, will be leased for a long term of years if de sired. Inquire of JOHN C. PROCTER, Portland, Mar 28—d3w G5 Middle street. FOR SALE! mA Desirable Square Brick House, on Spring street, l»etween High and Park streets, with modern improvements, heated through out by steam—piped for gas with gas fixtures, a good stable—abundance of hard and soft wafer in the house, with about 10,000 feet of land. Inquire of JOHN C. PROCTER. mar2^-d3w House for Sale. A TWO story house on Salem Street, coutaining nine rooms, convenient for two families. Lot 50 by 100. Will be sold low if applied for immediatelv. W. H. JERRIS, mar27<I3w* Opposite Preble House. House Up-Town For Sale. M A two-story Wosdrn nouse, containing twelve fimaked rooms, cemented cellar, Brick Cistern, Furnace, Gas throughout, and with all the modern improvements. For partic ulars inquire at No. 13 Car I ton Street. Or of Dr. COLBY, Press Counting boom. Portland, Mar 22,1867.—d2w House for Sale. ON the corner of Ox ford and Myrtle Sts. It is two stories, with a basement, with ton finished rooms, in good repair; well and cistern water, fur naco and gas. Enquire at No 101 Oxiord st. mr22tf Valuable Heal Estate for Sale. THE fine estate corner Brackett and Walket Sts. The lot contains over 2G,000 square feet. Title perfect and terms favorable. Apply to W. H. dEltBIS, marl dtf Real Estate Agent. For Sale. rpHE fine lot of Land on Spring, near nigh street. 1 known as the Boyd lot, containing about 10,000 feet; also about 300,000 Brick and 200 perch of Stone. Said lot will be sold with or without the material. For further particulars enquire of JOHN G. TOL FORD, or CHARLES SAGEB. mchlldtf Farms lor Sale. Thre« Farms in York County arc ottered for sale by the subscri ber. They arc located as follows: Our iu Water boro’. One in Lyman. One in Kenncbunkpnrf. These Farms will be sold low, or exchanged on favorable terms for Beal Estate in Portland, Saco, or Biddelord. Apply for particulars at office 293 Commercial St., or at office in Saco. mar22d3w _JOSEPH HOBSON. House and Lot for Sale Very Low. HOUSE new, containing seven books, will be sold tor #1.100. If applied for immediately. ALSO: Lets for sale at prices Irom one cent to #2 per foot. Enquire of JOSEPH HEED, lteal Estate Agent. Oak St. near Congress, marftltf Brick House for Sale. ON Bnwa Siren, containing Fourteen finish ed ltooms, hard and sort water, gas and other modern improvements. Posssession Jven April 1. Apply to I). H. Ingraham, Esq., or W. H. JERIUS, marCdtf lteal Estate Agent. Lot for Sole. fTlHE lot on the northerly side of Decring Street, L adjoining tho residence of Gen. J. D. Fessenden. Said lot is sixty-two feet front and ono hundred leet in depth. Apply to J. C. PROCTER, marltidtf Real Estate Agent, Middle St. For Sale. A FARM IN WELLS, MAINE. Estate of the late Samiim. Hatch, contains about !K» acres, *10 to 50 01 -- good wood land and pasture, good - 21 story House with L., 1 <rge Barn, Sheds, <Xrc. The Farm is located at Wells Corner on main road; churches and schools near, and in the iuime iiate vicinity of the well-known summer re sort, Wells Reach; w ill be sold low and on easy terms to close up the estate. Those wishing to see the Farm can apply to SAMUEL ELDK1DGE, near the premises. For terms, &c., inquire ot GEOKGE K. HICHBORN & CO., No. 1 Scollay’s Builjing, or address Box 111 P. O. Boston, Mass. marlddlm House and Lot for Sale, SITUATED ill Westbrook, near the eml of Tu key’s Bridge. A story and a half house, with ti,G(iO feet of land, shade and bruit trees. House con tains eight, rooms, with large attics, and has stable room for one horse and carriages, connected. It is lo cated on the corner of Winslow Street ami the road lending to the Marine Hospital. Price $2,000. Ap ply to L. A. BACHELDEll, (King. Thurlow & Co.) 165 Commercial St. March 20. dim* Farm for Sale. THE homestead of the late Scott Dyer, Cape Eliz abeth, four miles south of Portland Bridge, con taining about 100 acres, good soil, in good slate of cultivation, iences all stone wall, young orchard, 75 troi-8 grafted fruit. Pleasantly located. School and Church within I mile. For terms, Sc., apply on the premises or to E. C. ROBINSON, mch20—tt 13 Moulton Street. House ior Sale. mA desirable Brick House, No 20S|vring street, containing eleven room, hard and soit water. Apply to ALPHEUS SHAW. April 1, 07. apr2d3w For Sale, AN Office Safe ot.JohnK. WiMer’s manufacture, suitable tor ltailroad, Manniorturers’ or Bank ing purposes, measuring 5 feet 3 in. in height, 4 feet widlb, 2 leetoj in. deep, with interior sale and draw ers. For sale by C. A. & A. BLANCHARD, 106 State Street, Boston. Mass. feblS dtl Desirable Store Lots FOR SALE, N COniHKRCm. STREET. THE subscribers oiler tor Bale the lot of land on the southerly side ot Commercial Street, beadol Dana's Wliart, measuring 72 by 150 feet. For fur ther particulars impure JONAS H. PEBLEY, Oct 18 tf _ or W. S. DANA. House lor Bale. A good House two stories, Stable attached, hard and soil water, good lot centrally located—con venient for two families, if desirable, inquire at 13 Hanover or 1N4 Fare Hi., J. A. FENDERSON. Jan. 21, 1807. dtf OTICE* I will sell on lavorable terms as to payment, or let tor a term of years, the lots on tne corner ol Middle and Franklin streets, and on Franklin street, including the corner of Franklin and Fore streets. Apply to NVM. HILLIARD, Bangor, yr SMITH & UEKD, Attorneys, Portland. jyl2tt Valuable Hotel Property for Sale. rpHE Oxford House, pleasantly situated in the t!1 1 lane oi Fryoburg, Oxford county, Maine, is ol fered for sale at a bargain, it applied for soon. The House is large, in good repair, with lurniture and fixtures throughout, together with all necessary outbuildings. For full particulars inquire ot HORATIO BOOTHBY, Proprietor. Or H visonA Dow, Rty Union st. Frycburg, Sept. 29,18##. dtf A Grave Charge. THE clown of Skirt' & CJaylor’s Minstrels, when asked “whofirst introduced gambling into tins country,” answered, ‘‘California Cheap John"— Whether this is true or not it does not matter- but one thing is certain, that California Cheap John was the Hint to introduce into this citv Gwul i-i.iv. ing. Geul’s I'urnishiug Goeda, Hu, sud Boot* at unusually low prices. Call and see him. Kemeintier the number, 335 Congress Street March 27. <ltf Steamers for Sale. STERN WHEEL STEAMERS “Falcon," and ‘Clarion, ’ 2 years old, of the following dimen sions : Length 10fl feet; width over all ifcot; depth 4£ feet; draft of water 33 inches; cf good speed, With large freight and passenger capacity, in good order and reaily for service, with full inventory. __ Enquire of ROSS A STUBDH ANT, mchl3dlm 73 Commercial Street. International Steamship Co. Urnon i'd c"mmePrciaI -.reels, on THURSDAY, A Vl'. vrnrls at 3 o'clock 1>. M. to Me if the Stock iMlflcra will vote to increase the Capi'i^ Stock of the (•nmnanv, ami to act on any other busmen that may Wally couie before the meeting, Per order ofthe Directors. H. J. LIBBY, Secretary. Pori land, March 27, l*f>7. mr28dtil HEt'KElt’S Celebrated Sell-Rising Burkwheat llecker’s Cclebrateil Wheaten Groats Becker’s Celebrated Hominy and Farina For sale by j, WKKKa mar2Sdtf H ENTEUTAlNMEJiTS. FAST DAY : Grand Couccrt! - AND - PKOM ENADK! - BY THE - ORCHESTRAL UNION. FIFTEEN PEKFORHERS! I). If. Chandler, . , . Conductor. Mechanics’ Hall ! Thursday Evening:, April 4, 18G7. tW~ Tickets 50 cents each. Doors open at seven o’clock. To eoiuraence at eight o’clock. ap2d:;t " PORTLAND THEATRE. LiMfr. Ar Proprietors, NoilhJIitdiry A C'o STi<iK Director, - W. K. Sheridan. Jrb.vsuber, - - - - K. W. Hadley. Great Success of the New Company. grand holiday matinee;, { Ehs. Day) AAeraoou, April 4, FBIDAA EVENIN';, April ».h, IHOI, The favorite play entitled, CAMlIifC, and MY TCKN NEXT, SCALE ok PitlCES.—Admission 50 cts. Reserved Seats 75 cts. Gallery 35 cts. ne^rved Doors open at 7 o’clock. Performance to commence at a quarter to eight. g^fr-Kox office oi»en daily for sale of reserved seats from 12 to 2 P. M. apMlt ■- r--■ Grand Levee. THE members of the AUCANA and ATLANTIC LODGES of I. O. of G. T. Will Rive a LEVEE on FRIDAY EVENING next, at Brawa’n New Ball, 301 1-3 Cagrea. Ninel, When a series or TABLEAUX and CHARADES will bo presented, which will be inters|icrseil with sererai Glees ami Choruses by an etlieieiit Choir, under the able leadership of Bro. Lawrence. An Antiquarian Supper and other Refreshments to be had during the evening. Price of Admission 25cents. Doors open at 7|. apl 4 It_ *urjviYEii8*i n / THE Sunday School of the Chestnut M. E. Church will celebrate Its Anniversary in the CHESTNUT STREET CHURCH, on the Evening of Fast Dag, April 4th. Tho entertainment will consist of SinerineT' (Solos and Choruses] Recitations, Dialogrnos, &c. And many of tho choruses will bo sung by the full School, numbering 415 members. A GOOD TIME IS PROMISED. Doors open at seven o'clock. Exercises will begin at half past sev en. Admission 25 cts. Children under twelve, 15 cents. Tickets to be had at Bailey St Noyes* and at the door. apr2d3t CHORAL FESTIVAL. • - A CHORAL FESTIVAL will be hel l at Norom beua Hall. Bangor, commencing on 'J UES DAY, April 23d, at 2 A. M., and continuing lour days. The daily sessions will be devoted to the practice of Choruses from the Oratorio ot "The Messiah," and Rossini's "Stabat Mater." The following talent las been engaged for the Festival :— Miss J. E. Houston, Soprano, of Boston. Mrs. J. S. Cary, Contralto. " " , Mr. Jambs Whitney, Tenure, " " Mr. M. W. Whitney, Basso, *• " ORCHESTRA. The Mendelssohn Quintette Club, of Boston Three Ouuc.rts will be Given Wedxesdbv Kvekixo, Miscellaneous Concert. Tiicksday Evenixo Oratorio !)f ‘Tlie Messiah." Friday mmisu, JtoMiui's “Stabat Hater, ' And Three Public Urheamln mr IHaliaeci. Season Tickets—To singers, $1.50; to visitors, with secured seats at the Concerts. $2.0(1 and $1.50. Concert Tickets, with tecured seats, 50 cents. Se tts may be secured by mail or otherwise, one week in advance. By tlie courtesy of the Superin tendents of the MaineCeutralaful Portland and Ken bee Kail oads, free return tickets will be allowed to those who attend the Festival. FREDERIC S. DAVENPORT, Bangor, March 25th, 1867. Director. April 4—2taw3w PORTLAND Fire Alarm Telegraph. DircclisM mmd lastractism fer the mo mf the Fire Alans Tehgraph. 1ST. Alarms are souuded by striking the number of tho Box unon the ALARM BELLS, and upon the Gongs ;n tne Engine Houses. Example: To annoumv the existence of a lire near Box No. 35, (corner of Middle and Exchange streets,) the Alai in Bells and (iougs will strike two. make a pause ot a few seconds, then strike five, thus: 2—6. Location of Telegraphic Fire Alarm Boxes. No. 12. Portland Co.’s Office. 13. Engine House. Congress St., Munjoy. 14. Cor. Washington and Oxford. ,15. *• Adams and Mounttort. 16. Grand Trunk Depot. 17. Cor. Congress and I ndia. 18. " Franklin and Cumberland. 21. " Franklin and Newbury. 23. " Market and Commercial. 24. Engine House, cor. Market and Congress. 25. Cor. Middle and Exchange. 26. *' Chestnut and Ox lord. 27. " Union and Fore. 31. " Preble and Con res:*. 32. ** Portland anil Hanover. 34. " South and Spring. 35. " Maple and Commercial.* L 36. " High and Dantortb. 37. Engine House, Congress near Oak St. 41. Cor. State ami spring. 42. “ Danforth and Brackett. 43. “ Commercial and Clark. 45. Engine House. Brackett near Pine St. 46. Cor. Spring and Emery. 51. " Brackett and Vaughan. •Box No. 35 will be temporarily located corner Ma ple and York Streets. Directions to those holding Signal Keys: 1st. In case ot tire the alarm m to be given trom the Box nearest to the location of the flic, and Irom 1 no olhey Box. 2n i. Open the door and pall theknnbdown gently to the bottom or the grove onck and then let go ot it, when it will return to ita place. t^-'l'eraoua about to give an alarm will first listen and it a ticking is heard in the Box thev will know that an alarm has been given, but if no ticking is hoard proceed to pnll tlio knob as directed. 3rd. If possible wait at the Box, so as to direct the firemen to the fire. 4th. The police upon hearing the alarm will call the number ot the Box. CAUTIONS t 1. Be sure there is a tire before sounding the I alarm. 2. Never sound the alarm lor a fire soon at a dig tance. 3. Never open the box or touch the apparatus ex cept in case of fire. 4. Be sure your box Is locked before leaving it. 5. Never let the key go out of your ; posse ssbm, unless called for by the Chief Engineer. 6. It you remove from your house or rlaco of business, return the key to the Chiel Eug neer. Do not leant it with the new tenant. The Bells on the several Churches will sound a Cneral alarm as usual until arrangements are per iod to have the telegraph wires attached to such Bells as may be designated for that purpose. The location of the lire will bo given on Bulletin Boards at the several Engine Houses and at the Po lice Office. FRANKLIN C. MOODY, Chief Engineer* Portland, March, 1867. marj.’kltf GORHAM LADIES’ SEMINARY Rev. & Hire. C. O. Parker, Princ * Hiimw Orratt, A. M., Attociate Principal rpHE k.wwrr Nrui.. will oommenco on Monday, GVJd April next. The Trustee, have no hesitation in recommending the new Principal* it* eminently worthy ol public confidence, and believe that under their management the Institution will rank second to none in NewEntr land. * THE SUMMER SESSION OF Gorham Academy, XJlII ^Si01 for Y“un«Men and Bovs, under the charge ot Messrs. Parker aad Orcutl, will al so commence on JM April. "fusion to either school should be addiesscd to BEV. 0. 0.PARKER. WATERMAN, Sec’v Trustees. Gorham, March 2S, 1867. mri7eodtoapl22 Black Diamonds! OKA TONS DIAMOND COAI.; eg*and Mi/V/ stave sizes, now landing from sth’r A. A. Andrews. This Coal is free-burntag, P«™ wlM»t is wanted for spring and hummer use for cook stoves and ranges, of light-draft. _ _ Tfr- arc tans JOMVN* COAMs* stave egg and broken sizes, landing ih* Seh. Z. L. Adams. This Coal is hard, and one ol best grades for good drcinil»BI**<AND COAI, for Smiths* use, as usual. JAMES H. BAKER, Mar. 29, 1867. dtf Richustoon'* Whf. EASTERN EXPRESS CO. NOTICE I THE Government have decided that they will rav .,.,1Cwrtpr;s" bn,h *ava upon 7 w« ltofida sent to W ashlngton tor exchange. The Eastern V. proas Company will receive and forward sn. i. iVJU'V under Ihuir contract with the t! Chanf!-aUrriage°"aSr’ ^ Dep"l,“ent Oread Collegiate Institute, For Young Ladies, Worcester, Mass reV*lre<* and returnished. Now In Jlf the most nourishing condition it lias been since a ’ x ment in '***. Summer Terra begins April 12. Send for Circular. HARRIS K. GREENE, A. M., Principal. MISS S. B. PACKARD. Asso. ITincipal. raarlf.«l1m _ PisAjro-MOJn tmu. INSTRUCTION GIVEN on the PIANO-FORTE, by Miss AGNES M. LOKl>, 427 Congress street!. Mar 30d2in AUCTION hALi J- H. DBIPCB, AICTIOYKCK. U. S. Cotton Sale! / JOHN H. DICAecu A CO. WILL KELL ON Thursday, April 4th, I SC 7, at one o'clock P. M., at tlieir S»lw Hooill, No. Il-J | h,M (HaiioverSquari>,)by order of Fran.ia i,„b:„~.n ial agent Ireaaary bt-pium „i, ’ OOO BalesNorlh < arolinaand fflik Cotton. The above Poitou hae been sampled and olaMusd by (i \V Amorv, and m»J !»•' *''n b> ;il ii,„ office o< the Auctioneer*. No. 112 Fear I or,, t, N,w York, two slaja beJdre Ike naie. maraud l: vl PITTKY A «*»•• A»tlie««n, F1.UM STKKJKX Dwelling; House in < lintliam Et. at AIJ CT10 N . ON FRIDAY, April 5th, at j pa. t 2 F. ii, on the premlKW, will be sold Uie new iw.. storied s. .sou eu dwelling No 7 Ulsatham sties t. Tin- house is n,u venlentl) arrangedloi one or w > tannins; the -uu story iiiiniiialitvi; has seven rooms. T!i. loWt*i hi r.v can be finished at a small expenw. The building is on leoncil land, t*» run five years, at a relit of hlty doilars uimI taxes. Budding can l>« exumined any time. Sale positive and lor cash. April 2. dtd K. M. PATTEN A 4 0., AUCTIONEERS, OFFICE l'LUAI STREET. Special Auction Kale. OUR new store on Exciting* sreet not l*eing com ploletl, wo shall hold olio more and the last Kile iu our present quarters on Plum hired Saturnay April ft at 10 oVlfc,when we shall 0 II without reserve 20 Now Mattresses, 12 Feather Bids, 20 l r Blankets, White and Colored guilts, Daiuask Vowels, rrash, Linen Shirts and Drawers, Broad Cloth, Hosiery, Coats, Pants, Vests, Carpet, with a lot of remnants, Sec, At 11 oclock. 15 New Watches, Plated Cake Bas kets, Ice Pitchers, Table Cutlery, «1». Also, on aceouut of Mr.-cuase or CuiuU rland Mills, bill 01 goods purchased by him March 2d. April 2, B. n. PATTEN A CO., Aselleseew PLUM STREET. Valuable Property in Westbrook at Auction. ON WEDNESDAY, mill .lav of April, at half punt two 1'. M., (or if Kturiuv tint fair itav,) will bo aol.l oil toe promise- without tbo least re serve, the following described ol Real Es tatc m Westbrook, a» follows, viz: Homes toad s.tu aU*l at Allens corner, no called, containing aoout lorty a. res of land, with the buddings then »,n, con bistmg ol a good one and a hail slot ied farm House, with L attached, with Kitchen, Wood mid t’irrri.igo House. Also, a large Harn 36 by M) teet, with Shed anti Corn douse near by, buildings all conveniently arranged and in good repa r. Also, another lot of Land at said A lieu’s coiner, containing about 1/ acres, with good Barn, Piggery ami Shud, all in lino order. —ALSO— About 20 acres of drained meadow, as good or bet ter hind for gardening than can be found m the State, situated near Allen’s corner ou the road lending to Portland viaTukcy’s irxlee. —ALSO— About 5 acres ol Mea-iuv* and Upland situated on the road trailing from Allen's to Morrill’s corner, be luga very desirable lot tbr building arid gardening. All of said land in *h« town of Westbrook, abuiit a miles Horn the city of Portland, anti one mile from P. & K. Railroad and Portland Horse Railroad. All ol the above Lands are in a Ugh sta < of culti vation, with a very large amount of front, and very desirable lor building lots, iarming or gardening. Immediately alter sale of Real Estate will bt -old about two hundred Sheep ami loimbs, sU « ows and Heilers, two Horses and four Hogs, tope .‘her w ith Waj* ns, Fariuiug Tools and a portion of the House hold Furniture. The above property is to be sold to the highest bid der. and on the most favorable terms, t ash. if the purchaser s so do ire, nr cue quarter cash, the bal ance from one to live years wnh note and mortgage, intere t at six per cent, semi-annually. The per sonal property to be sold lor cash. For particulars call on Cyrus Thurlow, 105 Com mercial street, or on the Auctioneers. kfr'Sale to commence with tue Homestead. Mar 27 Valuable Heal Estate at Auction. ON THURSDAY, April 11, nt 3 o'clock l' M, I shall sell the valuable lot of land on Pearl sleet, being the Dwelling IIoum l.ot of the late Hon. Eliphalct Greeiy. It is 101 teet on Pearl street, by about 107 teet back, with the debris theieon. There is a dressed gf llOWSIk Ilf lIlOlH •<> m• • •: in length by about 3 leet uninjured and die umierpining is dressed granite. All the material ou the ground is good. Only one ot the shade trees in front ol the house was destroyed by the lire. Thi* Is ■ ne of tiie iuost valuable and desirable lots in the market pi. as antlv and centrally situated—in a very desirable neighborhood—within 90 feet ot Congress street and near the Park, hale mr29td JOSEPH S. BAILEY, Auctioneer. Sale of Timber Lauds (or Bates’ College. LtND OEFirF, 1 Bangor, March 7, 18*7. ) NOTICE is hereby given, in pursuance of*’ Re solve to cany Into effect chapter two hundred eighty-tour of the Resolves of eighteen hundred six ty-iour in favor of Bates' Coll, gc,” approved Febru ary 28, 1807, that townships numbered 8, Range 17 and 10 Range 17 \V E L S. situated upon Ibe l pper Saint John River, excepting the South, as! quarter or the last named township, will be ottered tor sale by public auction lor the beueht ot said College, at * the Land Office in Bangor, un Wednesday Ihe 11th * day of September next, at 12 o’cl«»ck, noon. Une third cash and satisfactory notes parable in on- and two years, secured by mortgage on the prem ises, will be received .n payment. ISAAC R. CLARK, mar8dtSept 11, Land Agent. F. O. BAILEY, (Successor to H. Bailey & Son,) Auctioneer, Commission Merclmnt, - AND - REAL ESTATE BROKER. Office (at present) at Na« 170 Fore Street, Up Stain, Portland. April 1, 1867. dtf JOHN CROCKETT, Auctioneer nml Appraiser. (Office with Evans &. Bailey) mr30 NOS. 1 & 2 FREE STREET BLOCK, dtf MEDICAL ELECTRICITY DR. w. r7 desiing, Medical E lec trici an < 174 MIDDLE STKKET. Nearly flppoiite the Lailed Male* H«t» WHERE be would respectfully announce to citizens ol Portland ami vicinity, that be a permanently located in this city. During theihree years wc have been in this city, we have cured soma ot the worst forms of disease in persons who have tried other forms ot treatment in vain, and curing patient* in so short a time that the question is often a^ked, do they stay cured? To answer this questioi we will sav that all that do not stay cured, we doctor the second time without charge. Dr. D. has been a practical Electrician tor twenty one years, and is also a regular graduated phyncia'i. Electricity is perfectly adopted to chronic diseuseaiu the form of nervous or sick headache; ncuMUgia in the head, neck, or extremities; consumption wine iu the acute stages or where the lungs are not lully involved; acute or chronic rheumatism scrofula, hip diseases, white swellings, spinal diseases, curvature of the spine, contracted muscles, distorted limbs, palsy or paralysis, St. Vitas’ Dance, deafness, stain* muring or hesitancy ol speech, dyspepsia, indiges tion, constipatiou and liver complaint, idles—we cure every case that can be presented; asthma, bronchi tis, strictures oi the chest, and all forms of female complaints. By Electricity The Rheumatic, the gouty, the lame and the laz? leap with joy, and move with the agility and elastic ity of yonth; the heated brain is cooled: the frost* b/tten limbs restored, the uncouth deformities re moved; faintness converted to vigor, weakness to strength; the blind made to sec, the deal to near and the palsied form to move upright; the blemishes ol youth are obliterated; the accidents ot mature lue prevented; the calamities ot old age obviated and an active circulation maintained. Li A D I K 8 Who have cold harms auu leet; weak stomachs, la Mi ami weak hocks; nervous and sick headache; dizzi ness and swimming in the head, with indigestion and constipation of the bowels; pain in the sale and back; leucorrbcea, (or whites); falling of the woiub with in* ternal cancers; tumors, polypus, and all that long train of diseases will tint! in Electricity a sur** means of cure. For paiitiul menstruation, too (,«olu*e menstruation, and all ot those long line ot troubles with young ladies, Electricity is a certain specific, aud will, in a short time, restore the sufferer to the vigor of health TEETH I TEETII ! TEETH i Dr. D. still continues to Extract Teeth by Flec tbicity without pain. Persons having decayed teeth or stumps they wish to have removed for reset ting he would give a polite invitation to call. Superior Electbo Magnetic Machines lor sale for family use, with thorough insffu. tapis. Dr. D. can accommodate a tew patients with board and treatment at bis house. Office hours from 8 o’clock A. \1 to 12 M.; from to G P. M., anil 7 to 9 in the evening. Consultation free. novltt Office of Collector of Inter nal Revenue. No. 90 1-2 Commercial St. First Collection Dis*r ur State or Maivt. I Portland, April 4, 1887. I SEIZURE Oit BARRELS AN1) HALF BARRELS. NOTICE ia hereby given that the following .in scribed cm|.iy barrels ;'od half barrels w. re seized in this city on the d yt* hereinafter mention. .1 for a violation ol Section 22, of an A. t to amend ex isting laws relating to Internal revenue, and lor other Surmises. Approved March 2,1887. larch 13,1887, 2 Coal Oil Bids., seized on t. 'inmer Marchll, IMiT, 30 Coal Oil Bbls. seized at Freight House of Portland <£ Kennebec K. It. March II, 18«7. 1 Coal Oil Bid. seized on Commercial Street. March II, HOT, 2 Whiskey Bbls. seized on Commer cial Street. March 14, 1867,2 Whiskey Bbls. seized at Freight House of Portland & Kennebec It. R. March 14, 186•, 12 Coal Oil Bbls. seized at krelght House ot Grand Trunk Railway. March 14, 1867, 1 Coal Oil Hit. Rbl. seized at Freight House ol Grand Trunk Ra lway, March 15, 186*, 4 Coal Oil Bbls. seized on Com mercial Siret t. Mareh 15,1x67, 2 Coal Oil Hit. Bbis. seized on Com mercial Street. March 15, 1867, 23 Coal Oil Bbls. seized at Freight House ot Port and & Kennebec R. R. '•March 15, 1*67, 1 Coal Oil Hit. Bid. seized at Freight i House of Portland Sr Kenneber R R. March 23, 1867, U Whiskey and 2 N. K. Ruin Bbls. seized in cellar of Kdw.‘ Gould on Fore street. Any person or persons claiming the ram* art- re quested to appear ami make such claim within thirty days troin the date hereof, otherwise the said hand* and half barrels will be disposed ot in accordance with the acts of Congress in su h cases made and PApH-"w NATH LJ. MILLER, Collector, Public Notice. THE City Liquor Agency is removed to hn old ,u„.|, In the new buildingmithe curlier ol C..11 or,.2ij.,l Market Ntrccs, and will be Mocked with S,.,C lioiiort. I r wvle strictly in iiccor. Innc- with .lie r*.vpjircl.i.1 ib* of the law, (or medkiual a <1 mvehani cal i»uri*oe»‘s None but pure, unalloyed lniuors, procured solely from »l»e State Commission, will be kept lor sale. Chysieiar s and others interested are resj»octi\illy invited to examine this stock at any time, and to t* 4 practically auy packago sold, to satisfy themselves of its quality. J. J. GKRRI^H, aprOdlw City Agent. DH. F.VjI’Z \RVTU U- A»A1IN, of Care Elizabeth, (formerly Mr*. Cnaitib* r Un.ol Port land). Con mil In/ion /ree at lur office a1 II. '1 t-iu ple & Co.’s st re, corner Congress and Pearl Streets, I Portland, every Wednesday. Kellj's ccUbrated Medicines to be bad at her office and residence. I March 25. d3m.