Newspaper of Portland Daily Press, April 6, 1867, Page 3

Newspaper of Portland Daily Press dated April 6, 1867 Page 3
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LATEST NEWS ltv telegraph to the PORTLAND DAILY PRESS. Saturday Morning, April 6, 1867. --.-. WASHINGTON. Washington, April lion. Lovell H. Eourm^ii, of Ky-* was to-day confirmed by the Senate as Brigadier General in lhe regular army by, it is said, three or lour majority. . « The Senate rejected the nomination ot Geo. E. Goodrich for Postmaster at Fitchburg, Mass.; also the nomination of ex-Seuator Nes mith, of Oregon, for Minister to Austria. It is reported that a motion has been entered to reconsider the vote by which Lovell H. Uo,t scaii was confirmed as Brigadier General. The following telegram was received here , yesterday:— San Franrixco, April 4,18f»7.—To Edwin M. Stanton, Secretary of War:—I learn from a gentleman who lias recently visited many parts ol Uussian America that its value is greater than lias been supposed. The rejection of the treaty would cause great dissatisfaction on this coast especially in California. (Signed) H. W. Hauleck, Major Gen. Let ers from Gen. M. C. Meigs, and others, have been received by Secretary Seward, set ting forth the great value of the Russian pos sessions proposed to be acquired. Tin* act of Congress vesting the appointment of Marshal of the Supreme Court ot the Uni ted States in that body does not interfere with tbe^inarslialsbip of the District of Columbia. Edward D. Neil, formerly Superintendent of Public Instruction in Minnesota, and tor three years oue of the secretaries of the President, has been appointed Deputy Commissioner of the Depart incut of Education about to lie organ ized. The Semite to-day confirmed the following nominations:—Thomas R. King, of Rhode Is land, Consul at Belfast; J. A. Johnson, of Rhode Island, now Consul at Beyrut, to he Consul General at Beyrut; Postmasters, Caro lino T. Cowan, BiddHord; Edward J. Morrill, Farmington; Goo. H. Bigolow,Burlington, Vt. TERRIBLE CALAMITY. Explosion of a Coal Mine. Mcvenly Livn Miiyoml M he I-nut. Richmond, Va., April 4. Oeorgo W. Randolph, formerly confederate Secretary of YVar, died yesterday. All explosion in tiie Clover Hill coalpits, Chesterfield county, occurred yesterday, and twenty-five whites and colored miners were Killed. The pits to-da.y are burning, hut the shafts are closed pi extinguish the fire, so tiie hollies cannot be recovered. fader.—Despatches from Clover Hill coal pits give no further particulars of the disaster, except that three explosions were heard after the first one. An attempt was made to descend the siiaft, hut the bursting out of the flames prevented it. Nothing is known of what oc curred in the pita. Thirty whites and thirty nine blacks were at work in the mines at the time of the explosion. MUPREMR COURT OR THE UNITED STATES. f’mycr for lujiinrlioM agninst the milita ry Rrcaastractiaa Dill. Washington, April fi. Judge Sharkey and Hon. Robert J. Walker, appeared in the Supreme Court of the United States this morning on behalf of the State of Mississippi. The former rose to submit a bill of complaint, with a prayer that President Johnson ami his officers and agents, and espe cially Oou. Ord, he perpetually cujoined and restrained from the execution of the “act to provide for a more efficient government of the rebel States," and the act supplementary there to, and that the powers ol injunction and sub prnua !> ■ issued directed P> the parties afore said, with any other relief that the Court may de ni proper. Judge Sharkey remarked that the hill h el been printed. Attorney General 8tauberrybelieved that it was a general practice, first to obtain leave of the Court to file a hill. This bill was aga'iist the United States, ami lie des'red to apjicar at tlio earliest possible moment to object to it. He repeated that there must he a motion to file the hill in the regular way. Judge Sharkey replied that that was the mo tion which he now made. He was aware of tiie magnitude of tile subject, involving a lit •lid important and delicate questions of consti tutionality of Congressional legislation. It was of great moment that an early decision should he arrived at, as much mischief might result by delay. Cniel Justice Chase to Judge Sharkey—“Yon can only now move to file the hill, anil it will be in order to discuss this next motion day.” Attorney General Stanlierry—“T am ready now to resist granting leave.” Chief Justice Chase—“We do not propose to hear argument oil the motion out of the regular order. The motion will be filed.” Judge Sharkey—“I will now file applica tion.” This he did and the ipiestion went over until next motion day, being Friday next. IdlJKOPK. 1- - ■ NKWN BV THE CABLE. THE ENGLISH BUDGET. Resignation of the Italian Ministry Liverpool, April 3—Evening. The ehip New Hinipshirc, recently from Shields for Bombay, was abandoned at sea March 30th. Eight of the crew perished. Paris, April 3—Evening. M. Schneider, Vice President of tho French Corps Legislatif, succeeds to the Prftidency mace vacant by the resignation of Count Wa le wski. The negotiations looking to the acquisition of Luxembourg by France have been stopped. Burst, April 4—Noon. The General Transatlantic Company's steam er Vil’e de Haris, Capt. Surmount, which lett New York on the 23d of March, arrived at this port on the way to Havre last evening. Queenstown, April 4—Evening. Tho steamships City of Cork, Capt. Bridge man, from New York March 20th,and the City of Baltimore, Capt, McGuigan, from New York March 22 1, have arrived here on the way to Liverpool. London, April 4—Evening. The annual budget was presented to Parlia ment to-day. The excess of receipts over ex penditures for the last year aud the balance re maining in the exchequer is officially stated at two and one half million pounds. It is esti mated that tho income for the present year will exceed sixty-niut million pounds, and the esti mated expenditures are sixty-eight million pouuds. it is proposed by Government to re tain the present taxon malt and to impose a tow duty on receipts from marine assurance and also on terminable annuit'es. Florence, April 4—Evening. The Italian Ministry have tendered their resignation to the King, aud a new ministry will be formed. Queenstown, April 4. BorqueToseans, Capt. Delano, from Charles ton, B. C., previously reported abandoned at sea, was towed inlo this harbor to-day. Liverpool, April 4. The Warren, from Deal for Philadelphia, has arrived at .Swansea in a leaky condition. LoNuoNnsuuY, April 5—2 P. M. The steamship North American, Capt. Kerr, fria.u Portland 23d ult., has arrived. XLth CONGRESS—Executive Session. Wahhinoton, April 5. SENATE. After some unimportant business, Mr. Sum uer ottered a resolution, which lie said be would call up to-morrow, that Willard Saulshury, Senator from Delaware, having appeared re peatedly on the lloor ill a state of intoxication, he and is hereby expelled from the Senate. < In motion el Mr. Sherman the Senate went into executive session. The Bcporled Massacre al Fart Bafsrd— laja Mli« firnalMl. St. Loijis, April 5. The reported massacre at Fort Buford is not credited here. Letters have been received from Fort Holley by a gentleman of this city of a later date than the one upon which the story is based, wli'ch report all well, and make no allusion to any disaster. Gen. Sherman has received no advices of the massacre, and disbe lieves the report. The 1 ini ted States District Court of Kansas has granted an injunction against the collec tion of taxes on lands belonging to the Union J’aeith Railroad in that State. Frans Virginia. Richmond, Va., April 5. Gen. Schofield has issued an order providing for registration. There is to' e one registering officer tor each magistriol district in the couu ties. and one foreaeh Ward in the eit'es, whose ■qua'ifications are to be: Having been an officer in the United States army, or being a loyal cite izen ol the enmity ill which he acts or some other county in the State; he must have a high character, and as fur es possible, have the con fidence of liis fellow-citizens; he shall not be a candidate for an office, or an officer of the army or of the Freedmen’s Bureau. The appoint ments of all officers are to lie made by General Schofield, on commendation made by auexani iug hoard of army officers. Washington Correspondence. Nkw Yoke, April 5. The Uommercial’g sjiceial says Senator Nes mith will he rejected us Minister to Austria. IWiNcHlaneouM Dinpalchei. mi 1l)rT Nicw York, April 5. Tue li.» rexau <-ungrunts who were nhip wrecked <*n route to lirazil and arrived here too late tor the last steamer, are represented by the Sanitary Commission to be destitute of the necessaries oi life and an appeal is made in their behali. Indianapolis, I ml., Aprils The national convention of the Beta Theta Psi is to lie held at the Pates House, in this city, on Tuesday and Wednesday next Dele gates from all parts of the United States will he present. New Orleans, April S. Auotlier crevasse is reported at Puck Point, Madison County. Columbus, Ohio, April 5. Gen. Oeorge B. Knight has been appointed Commissioner of railroads and telegrapus. The sutfrage resolutions are still pending in the legislature. t'anarfioM Affair*. Toronto, C. W., April 5. All the volunteer forces which were recently ordered to hold themselves in readiness have placed under martial l.iw and the author ity of the Queen's regulations. During the time of each parade the couiinauding otheer has tin* power of placing anv member under arrest who absents himself drill Tin1 different corps in the district have been placed under the command of Major General Stis led. The telegraph station at Farther Point is now open for the season. *>•■8 California. Han Francisco, April 4. J de press and pimple of this .State are unan imously in favor of the Russian treaty. it is reported that a new line of steamers is to be established immediately between Hail i'rancisco and New York, via Panama. The Nevada Legislature adjourned on the 3d inst., after passing a revenue bill. Chinese goods valued at half a million dol lars have been seized for defrauding the reve nue. M c river ok a Bath Captain.—A letter from the Chincha islands, dated March 9th, says a disturbance occurred one night on the Ameri can ship Beotia, Capt. Doane, which the mate endeavored to settle without calling the cap tain, hut on attempting to handcuff ouo of the uien the latter stabbed him in the oral. Thu mate ran to his room for a pistol, and the cap tain bearing the disturbance jumped out ot bed and was leaving the cabin for the deck when the sailor in question, without ono word from him, walked up to the captain and stabbed him below the apex of the heart, the knife passing in the entire length of the blade. In spite of every effort that was made to save him be d:ed in a short time,and Ids body was placed on board of an American ship bound for Hamp ton Roads. His wife would proceed homeward by way of Panama. Capt. Doane was well known and highly respected. Patents.—Patents have been granted to Frederic Bucknam, of Portland, for improved dish pan and drainer; Duncan Morrison, of Portland, for improvement in cane, umbrella, pistol, dagger and camp stoul combined; John Johnson, of Haco, for improvement in collect ing gold from river bottoms; J. A. Whitman, of Auburn, for improvement in oil cans; Dan iel B. Hall, of Bucksport, assignor to self and Howard Tilden, of Boston, Mass., for improve ment in bag ties. New City—Messrs. Fairbanks. Brown & Co., the famous manufacturers of Scales, have j list completed and put up for the city a new forty ton scale, which comprises all the recent improvements of tlieso celebrated makers This scale is so delicate in its con struction and operation, that hut the fraction of a pound laid upon the platform (which is twenty-one feet long) will turn the beam. The complete accuracy of manutacture and adjust ment in every part, enables the smallest weight to ho ascertained with wonderful exactness. The scale is located on the site of the old city hay scales in Haymarket square. Messrs. Fair banks & Co. have also erected similar scales in East and South Boston, for the use of the city. Boston Journal. THE MARKETS. Plsssclsl. New Yobk. April R. Money market is much easier hut demand active at 7 per cent, on call to first class brrowers. The Gov ernment is calling gold freely but at the same lime buy lug 7-30's to a greater extent. The disbursement* at the Bub-Treasury are lilwral. Gold closed steady at 1321, thero being no speculation tor a rise. Ster ling Exchange unchanged and demand quite moder ate; prime banker’s bills 108} @ 108J. Government securities firm with a moderate demand. Stork* heavy an.l lower at last open Isrard, but steady and quiet call. Mining shares firmer and more active. New Vwrk Market. New Yoke, April B. Cotton scarcely sj firm; sales 1,900 bales; Middlin'; uplands 27} @2*c, chiefly at 28c. Flour—5(cy 10c higher; sales 11,000 bbls.; State at »90 @ 129R; Hound hoop Ohio II 85(a) 14 10; Western 9 90 ia> 14 10; Southern at 1150 ia) 17 oil; California at 13 00 \w 10 00. Wheat—2<g Sc higher; sales79,000 husli ; Milwau kee No. 2 at 2 511 (a) 2 55; White California at 320. Corn—active and lchigher; sales98,000 busk.; Mix ed Western 1201 Ca) 1 22}; Yellow Delaware, new, at 122}; Yellow Western at 120}; Yellow Jersey at lao^iaoi. Oats—rather more steady. Beef—steady. Pork—dull and lower; new mess23 60; old do2225 @ 22 50; prime 19 75 20 20. Lard—heavy and dropping; sales at 12 @ 131c in bbls. Whiskey—quiet. Coffee—llrm. Molasses—i lull. Naval Stores—quiet and firm. Potroleum—dull. Tallow—dull; hales at 10} (H> 11}. Freights to Liverpool—quiet. (liaciauli Itlarkrli. Cincinnati, April 5. Flour iu good demand with an advance of 25 a 50c; demand speculative, chiefly for higher grades; super fine at 10 00 in; 10 75; trade brands at 12 00 <£>14 00; fancy brands at 14 50 ;£> 16 00, closing firm. Wheat scarce ami advanced 2 id; 3c; No. 2Spring 2 SBCai 260; No. 2 Winter 2 87 @ 2 00; White 3 15; No. 1 Winter 3 00. Corn unsettled; shelled 85? in hulk, and 95c in sacks; Whim Stic; car 70 wj 71c in hulk, hoidcro ask 72c at the close. Bye at 70c. Harley in tair demand. Whiskey dull and nominal at 26 i£j 26Jc in bond.— Provisions dull and nominal. City Mess Pork sold at 22 75. Bacon amt Bulk Meats are nominally un changed. laird was hold at 12Jc, with no sales. Ex change Arm. Money tight at 10 £> 15 per cent. Chicags markets. ... , , , Chicago, April 5. Flour firm and advanced 25 @ 30c, and some a>k an advance of 50c; sales of Spring extras 10 50 6213 50. Wheat in largo speculative inquiry and advanced 7 <"J 10c sales No. 1 Spring at 2 80; No. 2 Spring 235 ® 2 40, closing quiet at 2 *1. Corn active and advanciH 3c; sales at 07 @ 1 02 lor No. 1, anil 90 @ 921c fir No. 2. Oats setive and advanced 2| @ Sc; sales No. 1 at 56c; No. 2 at 52 @ 53c. Bye buoyant and excited, with an advance of 5 @ 6c; sales at 139 @142 for No. 1; No. 2 at I 36 @ 1 361, closing firm at 1 40 for Winter, and 1 41 for flesh receipts No. 2. Bariev In good demand with an advance of 3 <£> 4c; No. 2 In store sold at 1 08. High Wines more active at 231 (£> 24c bonded. Provisions dull. Mess Pork nominal at 22 50. Bulk Meats—sboulderB steady; dry salted quiet at tic for loose, lord moderately active at 13c for prime steam. Ueci ipts—4 200 libls. flour, 12.000 bush, wheat, 12, 000 hush, corn, 2,600 hush, oats, 3,500 hogs. Shi|i I ments—5,500 outs, flour, 10,000 bush, wheat, 12,000 hush, corn, 2,200 bush. oats. New Orleans Markets. New Orleans, Anri! 4. Cotton— unsettled and easier; sales 2,100 hales; Low Miildling at 28c; receipts 1,682 hales; exports 2,092 hales. Sugar and Molasses—nothing doing. Sterling Exchange 145 @140*. Exchange on New York } premium, night. New Orleans, April r>. Colton dull and easier: sales 1,000 liales; lsjw Mid dlings 28c; receipts of t te week 9,751 hales agnins', 10,870 bales last week; stoek In purl 177,8tH hales. Sugar and Molasses unchanged. Sterling Exchange 144(g) H5}. Exchange on New York } to) j preni iuin, Baa Fraatciuca market. San Francisco, April 4. Flour active and prices firm at C 00 (a) 6 50 for State, and 5 75 lor Oregon. Sales of choice Wheat for ship ping at 1 90. Legal tenders 75. Caasaierclal—Fee Cakle. Frankfort, April 3. United States 5-20's closed this evening at 77}. London, April 4—Evening. Consols closed at 91 for money. American Securities.—The following are the elosiug quotations lor American Securities: U.S. 5-20's 75}; Illinois CeuLral shares 78]; Erie Railroad shares 38. Liverpool, April 4—Evening. The Cotton market closed dull and lieavy at a de cline; Middling uplands at 12jd; Middling Orleans 13d; sales 8,000 bales. Breadstuff*—Corn, Mixed Western 41s per quarter; other quotations unchang ed. Provisions—Lard 49s; oilier articles without change. Produce—market dull; Ashes, pots 33s per cart; other quotations unchanged. London, April 4, Evening. Dispatches Irom Franklort and Paris report United States 5-20's unchanged. London, April 6, Noon. Consols lor money opened at 91. American Securities.—The following are the current qu 'tattoos for American Secnrit ics: 1 ilinois Central Railroad Shares 78}. Erie Railroad shares 38. U sited Status 5-20’s 75}. Fbankfobt, Aprils. United States bonds are quoted at 77}. Pabis, April 5. United States 5-20’s 84j. London, April 5, Noon. The weekly returns of the Rank of England show that Its bullion has decreased £118.000. Liverpool, April 4, Noon. Tlie Rrokers’ Circular reports the sales of cotton lor the past week to have been 60,000 halos, of which 13,000 bait* were for specu’ation and export. Total stock In port 668,000 hales, of which .170,ooo bales a-e American. The market to-day is dull and inactive; sales probably 7,000 hales; Middl ng uplands at 12id; Middling Orleans 13d. BicadstufTs quiet aud all arti cles unchanged. Provisions aud Produce—Quota tions totally unchanged. New Yark ntack market. _ , New York, April 5. Stocks—excited and a shade lowor. American Gold.. U. S. Five-Twenties, couisms, 1802. lost U.S. Five-Twenties, coitisins,1864. .... 107} U. S. Ten-Forties, registered.9H U. 8. Ten-Forties, coupons.. 1J. S. Seven-Thirties, 1st series.10r, U.S. Seven-Thirties, 2d series.105} U. S. Seven-Thirties, 3d series.1053 Missouri Sixes. 95} @ ] Tennessee Sixes, new series.62] Western Union Telegraph. 41} New York Central.101 Erie. 552 Hudson.136) Reading,.101] Michigan Central.108 Michigan Southern,.71} Illinois Central,. lltliiul Cleveland cfc Pittsburg_ 751 Cleveland & Toledo pa] Chicago & Rock lahmd . . *«.} Chicago A: North Western,.’.’. . . .'.. •14' Chicago & North Western, preterred,. 6'’4 American Express.| .j?j| Brighton market. Bkkihton, Aiiril 3 At market for tlie current week: Cattle, fae sheen ami Lambs, 4MI; Swlue, 1400; ntimlsr nr Western Cattle, 197; Eastern Cattle, 125; Working Oxen anil Nor!hern Cattle, 251; Cattle loll over from last Thicks. Beet Cattle—Extra $13 50@$1375; first quality *12 50 6u $13 25; second quality $1100 ,<> $12 00'; third quality $10 00@$I1 00 p 100 tbs (the to tal weight of hides, tallow ami dressed beef). Country Hides, 8J Si) 9c p tb; Country Tallow, Oj Brighton Hides, »J to) lOe p |b; Brighton Tallow, 7 J @ Be p lb. Wool Sheep Skins, $125 @ $2 25 » Skin; Dry Sheen Skins at 75c @ $1 25 each. Calf Skins, 18@2Uc p lb. The market for this week is not so active as that of last. The supply Irom the West is not so large by several hundred head, and the quality is iioorer.- - Prices have lallen on fc p lb, and trade'has Iieen dull Most of the Weatcru Cattle got in on Saturday, and there was but a few of them sold until yesterday. We have not heard of any Beeves lieing sold lor over ltjc p lb, and but a few at that (irlce. The supply from Maine was larger than it wns one week ago, a large portion of the Cattle being workers. Stores—There are noStores in market except Work ing Oxen and Milch Cows. WorklngUxen—We quote sales at $175, $181, $2(81, *210, $215, $212, *225, $224, $232, $233, $234, $255 iffi $2*5 per pair. There Is a good aupply lu market, ami trade is active. Milch Cows—Sales extra $80 @ $125; ordinary $50 iiy $75: Store Cows $35 (a) $60. Price of Milch Cows classed altogether upou the fancy of 4^ purchaser. here ate «omc very nice Cow» in market atnlalhlr demand. Sheep and Lainba—'Trade ia du’l and price* net much different from tho».i of last week. We quote sales of lots at 5j, 7,7) f&j !k’ t> tt>. 'lost of the West ern Sheep were taken at a commission. Swine-Wholes «le, 8| <&9c ? ft;.retail, 10 @ 12c *> ft. Fat Hogs—1100 at market: price* 9 @ 9jc |> ft. There Is but few Store Figs iu the market. BmI«i BmI *h*e lflarkrt. Boston, April 1. Du hi ness in this market has been but moderately active for the season iu tbo wholesale trade. In the no r-by trade there is Home improvement noticeable among manufacturers and jobbers of the best quali ties; tor the cheaper grades prices are still doprees«Bl and unsettled. A few orders are coining to hand among the wholesale trade, and buyers now hero are taking small lots of desirable and si ;ndard goods, but t hey manifest no desire as yet to make investments i for the future. Meanwhile reports irora the markets for consumption of our Pne or product* continue to be of a discouraging nature. The shipments of boots and shoes for the week have been 21,002 cases; for the ' mouth of March this year they have bee 107,470 cases; at the same time last year it was 100,314 cases; lor the first quarter this year 201,742 cases; first quarter last year *217,531 cases, making 12,780 cases more last, year in the same time fhan this — Shoe and Leather Re porter. To Those Contemplating Building, rpilE subscribers would iulorm, that they are pre 1 pared to do all kinds of work in the erection oi buildings at reasonable prices and in a workmanlike manner. Having the labilities for getting lumber at reduced prices it would be lor their advautage to see them before contracting elsewhere. Lumber ol" nil Kinds Furnished at short notice. Mouklinus of an? de sired pattern furnished at short notice that they have not on hand, of a Bujierior quality. HAM1I, HOOKS AND ILIND8 Furnished 1oorder. Also, door and aindow frames * made to order. A large lot oi window trauies of all' sizes for wooden buildings on hand, fur sale cheap. With a determination to faithfully and promptly ex ecute all work entrusted to them a share oi public patronage is respectfully solicited. . BKANN & MERRILL, Carismters ami Builders, Cross St., i'orilami, Me. April X eudtm* BARGAINS! BARGAINS! House "Lota, and Houses and Lots, HOUSES, Harnesses and Wagons, together with a Brick Yard and other property for immediate sale, separately or together, as best suits customers. Thirty-two very desirable House Lots in Cape Eliz abeth mar the bouih end of the Railroad bridge, with a dry and soil loam just suited to bouanlots and gardens, and where wells can be bad lor less than U*n dollars coat:, affording an abundant supply ol pure soil water, equaling boiling spring water, anil within ten luiuutes walk of the Portland and Boston depot. These lotH, containing from 5,Hot) to 7,000 square feet, will be s Id from $125 to $150 each. one dwelling house containing live finished rooms, with a wood shed, stable, and well ot water. Ottered at a bargain. Als», ono house and garden, very desirable, and wi I be sold at a low figure. These houses are new Likewise, one of the best brick yards in the Coun ty, and finely situat d. Machines and other equipage all new. having been used but part ot last season. The land and all will be sold lor less than the cost of building and furnishing the yard. The title ot the above named land is the very best One pair of work horses, one double harness, one single harness, one double wagon, one express (Wag on, one pair of bob sleds, and one express sleigh, together with many other articles, are offered at a late that will induce trade. The proprietor will be on the premises every fore noon to wait upon customers. He sells at this low rate in order to close business here and return to the valley of the Mississippi, where he has done business in the past. ^ _ , HIRAM SK1LLIN. Cape Elizabeth, April 3, lbC7. _ April 3 2tawwtf FOR SALE. A Pe8inib,e Resilience at Cumberland Center, former residence of Watson Newhall. A good Two Story House well furnished, paiuted and blind* ,H*» with an L., Wood House, Carriage House, Barn, .Vc., with about Twenty Acres ol Land, a large Or chard, yielding some years 100 barrels of apple*. Will be Hold low. Iminc iate possession given. Inquire ot JOHN C. PROCTER. marltfdeodUw Tor Sale—House on Park St BEING about to remove from Ibis city I oflor lor sale my House,No. 55 Park St. It is good size and conven.entp with all the modern improvements, Bathing room, in which is Hot and Cold water, Gas, r'urnacc, &c. Con >ected with house is a go«xl stable. Possession given iirst day of May lieuct. Enquire at CtMiaercial Hi* head of Hobson’s wharf, of J. 11. 11 nmlen, the subscriber,STEPHEN PATTEN, or of W. H. JEKR1S, Real Estate Ageut. Jan30eodtf * Farm lor Sale. tpHE •*Mark Allen” estate, containing two linn l ilreij acres, situated within one and a half miles “J Pownal Depot, in Powiud, County of Cumber land. Said lavm la well divided into pasturage, til lage and wood laud. Is well watered, has good aud convenient buildings, cuts some 'sixty tuns ot hay, and has some twelve hundred cords ol merchantable wood for the market, besides enough lor the farm. This estate would make two good farms, and will Im sold together or in separate lots. Inquire of John 11. Noyes, near the premises, or „ OHdRLES C. COBB, Executor, 90 Lisbon Stive:, Lewiston, Me. March 13. eod&wtf GOBIIAM LADIES’ SEWIAABY Bov. & Mrs. C.' C. Parker, Princ * Hiram Orcuit, A* ML, Associate Principal rjllIE Hammer Hernia* will oomiuence on Momlny, 33d April next. The Trustee# have uo hesitation in recommending the new Principals as eminently worthy ol public confidence, and believe that under their management the Institution will rank second fo none in NewEng land. b THE SUMMER SESSION OF Grorham Academy, A Day School for Young Men ami Boys, under the charge of Messrs. Parker aad Orcatt, will al so oomiuence on ‘J£d April. Applications lor a ••nssion to either school should be addressed to REV. C. C. PARKER. JOHN a. WATERMAN, Sec’y Trustees. Gorham, March 25, 1807. mr27eodtoapl22 For Sale STOCK and fixtures of a Grocery Store, in a good locution, aud now doing a good business. Stork small aud io jierfe.a, order. K iilroad passes within one rod of the store. Satisfactory reasons given tor selling. Apply to or address H. A. STONE, apr3eod5t_ South Berwick, Me. For Sale, or for Long Lease. TWO of those Store Lots on the Northerly side of Middle Street, near the head of Plum Street, re cently covered by the Granite Block. Apply fo EDWARD FOX or EBEN STF.ELE. Portland, March ti, 18t>7. deodlm F. A. PRESCOTT, (Late of the Internal Revenue Bureau, Washington.) Oounnellor-at-Law and Internal Revenue Solicitor, IVo. I1?, StntcSt., Boston. MR. PRESCOTT’S long experience in the Inter nal Revenue Bureau, in the “Division of Frauds,” having charge of all cases of violation ol the Iteveuiie*, his •amiliarity with Departmen tal practice, aud his acquaintance with the Revenue Officers throughout the country, will enable him to be peculiarly successful in making a speciality of all matters pertaining to the Revenue Laws. He will attend to claims tor Drawback, Abatement, Refund ing, and for the recovery of penalties paid by way ol compi-onuse. He will advise parties as to the man ner of making rt turns i-i accordance with law, or as to obtaining decisions b om the Department at Washington, and w ill defend Jn c ses oi alleged vio lation ol the law in regard to taxes, pena'. ties or crim inal offence, v Mr. Prescoit will practice before the various De partments at Washington, the Supreme Court of the U. S., and the Court ol C laims. For the speedy transaction oi business. Counsel ol high standing, residing in New York, St. Louis, Cin cinnati and Washington, are associated with him. an28eod3in QUARTERLY REPORT —01*' THE— First National Bank, o/ Portland, April 1, ltMiT. LIABILITIES. Cipital stock, 1800,000 00 Surplus Fund, *12.6,000 Profits, 35,005 90 ICO,095 90 Circulation, 520,000 00 Deposits, 571,701 95 Due Banks, 51.208 12 •_ $2,106,1)68 97 RESOURCES. Loan, 1,648,95066 U. S. Honda to secure Circulation, 687,00» U.S. Honda to secure Deposits, 150,000 U. S. Bonds owned and on hand, 60,218 77 Stocky 18,146,68 Cash on hand, 90,496 80 Dae roiu other Banks, 153,231 21 Expenses, 14,726,13 • $2,106,068 97 apr4d2t W. E. GOULD, Cashier. QUARTERLY RETORT -OF TH* Canal National Bank of Portland, April I, 1867. LIABILITIES. Capital Stock, 600,000 Circulation, 4G9 550 do. State Dank, 14,296 Deposits, 469,204 35 Due to other Banks, 10,858 91 Profits, 157,813 47 *1,721,722,73 RESOURCES. Loan, 798,740 52 U. S. Securities, 636,823 36 Heal Estate, 34,172 68 Cash items and Revenue Stamps, 40,930 87 Current Expenses, 3.222,16 Due i.oui other B.'nks, 29,3?3 16 Dills of other Banks, 18,450 Lawful Money. 160,000 $1,721,722 73 apr3d3t B. SOMERBY, Cashier. Public Notice. THE City Liquor Agency is removed to Ihe old stand, in the new Imiiding on tho corner of Con Kress uml Market Strutts, anil will be stocked with pure liquors, I r sale strictly in accontance with the requirements ol the taw, for medicinal a1 si median! cal puri»o«*‘s None hul pure, unalloyed liquors, procured solely from the State Commission, will k„,)t lor Balc J Fhysieiat s and others interest,:,I arc icspeetihlly invited to examine this stock at any time, and to test practically any package sold, to Hatisty themselves ol’ its quality. J. J. OEURISH, aprldlw City Agent. SMOKED TONGUES, BACON and HAMS, of a superior quali I y, for sale by mar29dtt J. lb. W K1.KH, Boarding. A PEW gentlemen can bo accommodated with pleasant rooms and board, in a private family ftt No. 7 Mayo Street. aprldlw4 MISCELLAN GOl'8. Blindness, Deafness, —ani> Catarrh S IAUKING DR. CAKPKNTKR’N late visit ** to Portland which closoil Feb. 1st, so great a number ot in rsons deferred consulting him uutil the tatter part ot bis stay, that many were nnbte to do hj>,lus time lieing tully occupied. To accommodate those ami others desirous of consul Ling him lie Returned to Portland March 1st, Add rnn be ron.nlfrd ni (hr (J. 8. H.lcl Until April 14tli, upon all diseases of the Eye, Gar, Throat — AN1» — An usual. And he would advise those intending to avail themselves ot his services to call early as con venient. Dr. C. can refer to many patients in Portland and vicinity, who have been cured or bench tted under bis treatment, who do not wish their names made public, but arc willing to couveise with those interested. £fiT*Consill tat ion at olUeo Fukk, but letters must contain one dollar to ensure an answer. Office hours, Sunday excepted, 9 to 12,2 to 5, and C# to 7* o’clock. Dr. Carpenter can he consulted at the DeWitt House, Lewiston,oue month, on and alter Apr. 15, '67. CERTIFICATES. TcNtimvuial of A. K. GrrenM|h, Eag. I was afflk'ti'il with Catarrh so hud I y that 1 had a continual pain in my head, eyes very weak, was lust loosing my memory, head was so contused that 1 was totally unlit for business and general health lust lull ing. 1 applied to Dr. Carpenter in 1865 and his rem edies cured uie. X am a well man. A. K. GKEENOUGH, Proprietor ol National House, Bangor, Me. Certificate of Ca»t. Whale of Portland. I’ortland, Jan 3, 1867. I suffered from dealness eight years. Was under treatment at the Bar Infirmaries ol Boston, New York and Philadelphia, without receiving henelil; hut knowing of cases worse than mine, that Dr. I'ur issnter cured, I was induced to apply to him. On ex amination the Dr. was not sure lie could cure me but would do the best he could. A course of bis treatment lias restored me to .uiy natural liearinu Any person desiring I i sec me cau do so on board of hark “ 1-aac Carver,” Union Whan. Portland ALONZO L. 8IIUTE. Carneuter, pear Kir,—Learning von are in 1 ortiuinl, I write for the piir|s,>c of informing vou that the hearing of my a in, I,eroy z. Collins re mains perfectly good. You will remciuher that in March 1865, y ou relieved him of deafness of fifteen years slaniluig, which had increased to that extent that he was nliligud to leave his studies and went Co a trade. He is now at the Theological Seminary, Bangor, where lie has resumed his studies, which, without your assistance, he never could have done May vi u live long, prosper in your nruieanion. and es pecially cause the cleat to hear, is the desire of Yours, very gratcfuBv, Z. COLLINS. Certificate of Hr. A. G. Rluiu, Portland. it certify that Dr. Carpenter, now at the United States Hotel, lias cured me oi deiftiers and lUscharges oi tlie head of 17 vears’ slaniling. 1 hail been doctored by many eminent physicians wilimit J®. . person interested can see me at Messrs. Blunt <& Foss,’ Middle Street. D . „ , A. O. BLUNT. Portland, Me., Jan. 14.1867. • Hundreds of Certificates received iu this State can lie seen at the Dr’s Office. Ieb23dtf THE DOMESTIC OIL COMPANY now offer to the public THE BE8T, THE SAFEST, AND The Cheapest Oil Now In tlie Market! 1*0 MORE LAMP EXPLOSIONS ! NO MORE BROKEN (CHIMNEYS! NO MORE SMOKY CHIMNEYS! Can be used without any Chimneys. The annoyance from the use of CHIMNEYS in burning Kerosene to go about the house, tunl the dis agreeable ih/or therefrom, as also the great danger from using volatile or fluid suhstaioes, has been seri ously felt, for past lew years. Any invention which sinOessfiilly overcomes these objections, can l»c looked ujHin in no other liuht than a great public blessing. Inventors have sought, lor years to accomplish this desired result, but all their cliorts have been complete failures. After careful study and scientific experiment, the maiiulncturers feel assured (hat they can now offer to flic public an article Superior to any other Article now in the Market! and especially a good SUBSTITUTE for the old Burning Fluid, which is now beyond the reach ol or dinary consumers on account of tlie high price oi the material which enters into the composition. Krmrmbrr, it will n*t Mail the Finr.l Fabric ! By tbo following it will be seen to be Car Superior to ull other Oils or Fluids! heretofore or now in use. 1st.—It has been subjected to the most rigid test for tho past TWENTY-TWO MONTHS, and having proved tally equal to our highest, anticipations, is now put into the market as a COMPETITOR TO THE PUBLIC FAVOR, with the numerous Oils now be fore them. the domestic oil we offer, without unpleasant odor, a cheaper, setter and far mwe convenient light than any now belore the public. 2d.— iu mind that there need be NO CHANGE OP LAMPS, and only a CHANGE OF BURNER, and that can be ljinisliod at our place <>ft business. All who-w'sh to see Ibis oil, are requested to call and examine lor themselves. A good supply of burn ers ami lamps constantly on hand. B3T'AI1 orders adressed to us will receive prompt attention. PRINCIPAL OFFICES AND SALESROOMS !¥•• 6 Trent on I Street,.(Boston, Mas*. !¥•*. 649 ami 651 (Broadway, ^f. If. City* No*. VIS ai>d l.*BO Clark M., Chicago, III. No. 229 1-2 Congress St., Portland. HANSON <£• SKILLIN. J. E. HEWETT, General Agent. April 2, 1807. dim New Spring Goods ! COOK & AYERS, DRAPERS AND TAILORS, - AT - No. 103 FEDERAL STREET, have just received a good selection of Broadcloths, Doeskins, Vestings, -AND - TRIMMINGS suitable for the SPRING TRADE ! Which they <*ill make into garments at reasonable prices. Orders from their customers are respectfully soli.Red. COOK & AYERS will occupy chambers over the stve on their old location in Exchange Street, about the middle of May. March 26, 1.9(17. d3w Elmwood Nursery, ThiftMidc Woodford'* Corner, WeMbroek. PKEBLKStreet Cars pass the Nursery every forty minutes. A good collection of ■■•rdy, Breen IIoiimc and Bedding Planls may always be found at the above place and at rea sonable rates. Wreaths, (Crosses, Bouquets and Cut Flowers furnished at short not ice. Particular all cut ion paid to preserving and ar ranging Funeral Flowers. P. O. Address Box 1702, Portland, Me. apr2dlw* C. F. BRYANT. Choi cc Southern and Western FLOUR AND COR IV ! for sale by O’BRIOW, PIERCE & CO., Wk.lcnle Dealer., I -VI Commercial III., decP.lrily PORTLAND, MB. Atlantic & St. Lawrence Railroad Mortgage Bonds of 1851, CIOUPONS next maturing on the extended bonds, J and interest tor the six months ending April 1st. next,’on the bonds not extended, will lie paid on ana alter that date, free ot Government tax. Parties nego iatiug their coupons are requested to take notice. CHAS. E. BARRETT, Treasurer. Portland, March 29,1«67. mrhOdlw To Inventors and Others. NOTICE is hereby given that the members of a Commission, acting under the authority of the Secretary ot the Treasury, will meet in the City ot New Vork at the Office ol the Supervising Inspec tor ol Steamboats, No. 23 l*»ue street, on the Second Monday in Ap. il proximo, for the purposo of exam ining and testing the merits of such Invent ions of a lile-saving character as may be brought before them. Sahl Inv litious will embrace Boilers ot Steam engines, Ant i-inerustators, Safety-valves, Steam gauges. Water-gauges, Steering Apparatus, Life boats, with detaching apparatus, Ac., &c., Inventors may appear in person before the Com mission, for the purpose ol explaining their Inven tions ; lint no expense will be allowed under any circumstances. H. McCULLOCH, Secretary of the Treasury. Washington, D. C., March 13, 1867. marl8oaw3w Bff. L. rpHE annual meeting ot the Mercantile Lib ary A Associ ition will lie held at the Common Coun cil Room, Market Hall, on Tuesday evening, April Pth, at 7 $ o’clock, for the election of officers (or the ensuing year, and lor the transaction of any other business that may legally come before them. Polls open at 8 o’clock. Per order, E SCOTT (1ERRISH, April 2 lw Recording Secretary. The nicest quality of white drips. For sale by mu'.KKltl J, §,. WEEK*. WANTED. Wanted. A GOOD BOY wanted to do errands an light work about a Greenhouse. Ei ou'iv ot DIRWANGEU BROTHERS, Florists A 'I I i3i*rIlirof North aud Montreal streets Building: Eot* Wanted TTVdl Immediate inprovement—one on burnt dis C trict, on or near Congress or Cumberland streets one In upper part of city; moderate cost, good loca tion. Inquire at Fancy Goods store of I>. M. BOWDOIN, aiiril.1 U4t ilil Centre Street. Wanted. ACAPABI.K GlltL ill a small loudly. tlo.i.1 rcf erenees required, and liberal w ages givefi Ku

quire at 14 Pine street. ' ^pl i If Wanted. AT Gorham Ladies’ Seminary a first class cook. Apply at once to . . G. PARKER, Principal. Gorham, April 2. ISGi. apltt House 'Wanted in the City. Bv ?,!!!'ic,ii“L“'lyrhe',,texceed Five Hun tired Dollars. Inquire ol . ,o o. * K* L- GRUBBY, Apia 2w* Plum Street. Wanted, A YOUNG Iaily between the age of 1C and an, a good wiculsinger; one who can play on an in strument prelerred, to travel with acouiitunv through the country. Address “W. K.” rust Office. April 1. dlw* „,. Wanted TO hire, a small house, either furnished or other Si*?’ *.or a short or long time. Any one desirous Ol aflrsteiiiM tenant may address, with full partieu lars, “ B.Post oilice Box 2123 April 1. dlw A Situation Wanted. B\ a man to travel to sell goods. A large trade already established, Im thoroughly acquainted with the Grocery aud Flour business, and ran bring l!!r VLF/ °! recoJ11,,,^,>dfttb»ns. lias been trav SlLuTiS Jjsfthree years* Ada,vsri ibn Foi Hand 1 ost Office. mar30.i! w Kent Wanted. WANTED five or six rooms within ten minutes’ walkol the Post Office, convenient tor a small “sShffsr at Flour Barrels Wanted. WK will pay SO c ents each for first class Flour Barrels suit able fin sugar. LYNOll, BARKKII& CO., uovl.fcltt 13!» Commercial street. Wanted Immediately —AT THE— New Employment Office ! ITo 22U 1-2 Congress St, ‘id »..r West of Oil, ISuilcling (up stairs.) GIRLS capable of doing all kinds of house-work to whom good situations will bo given. l‘,r various kinds of work, ami CLkKlib tor evei*y kind of business. df W e are able at all Minos to supply parties in nnv part of the Stale with GOOD KKUABLK HELP either as Domestics, Mechanics or Laborers. ’ Merchants, Contractors, Fanners and others will he supplied with Men ami Hoys lorall kinds of em ployment Fee E of Ciiakoe. Don’t forgot the num ber, 22UJ Congress Street, next to City Building Port land, Me. corKi,a v & iiKwrrr gel22-dtf1‘ToprtetJrs. Wanted. Hemlock and Pine Timber.' TOKOS'-*"* " * *' Hemlock and 7*0 • ' ■ lineal leet lixia Fine Timber March 9—<S,T&Ttt •» *• t «ASF. AGENTS WANTKD F OK GEN. L. C. BAKER’S History of the Secret Service The mostexciting & interesting book ever published. f pHIS WORK was announced more than one year J ago, but owing to tlie attempts of the Govern ment to suppress it,its publication wa.*-. delayed. It will now be issued, UNALTERED, AN1> UNA BRIDGED, UNDER THE SUPERVISION OF GENERAL BAKER. It contains afii/1 and official expose oi the intricate machinations of the secret c*ti cniics of the Union. For startling developments and thrilling advrn tl,e experiences of *PJ?CH5 ^ lDot'Q. 'i In* marvelous narratives ot Gen. Baker are all attested by tlie highest official authority. It will contain the oidy official account, ol the Assasshia’ion conspiracy. A full history of this great, startling and terrible crime FROM l'i'S CON CEPTION, IN THE HAUNTS OF VILLAINY TO THE BURIAL PLACE OF BOOTH, lias never yet been placed before the public. The work also hilly exposes the nefarious system by w hich Procidentia! pardons were and are so readily obtained at Wash ington. The morals of the National Capital aie thoroughly ventilated and there are some strange revelations concerning beads of deparments, members of Con gress, female pardon brokers, ami distinguished mil itary characters. Send for Circulars and see our terms, and a ftill dcseript.on of the woi k. Address JONES BROTHERS & CO., 507 Minor St., Philadelphia, Pa. marl4d&wlm Flour Barrels Wanted! ON and after January 2d, 1867, we shall resume the purchase ol Flour Brls. for CASH, at the Office ol the Portland Siifrnr Co., 37 1-3 Danfarth Ml., Fel>8dtf_J. B. BLOWN & SONS. Wanted Daily 1 ! AT The General Agency and Employment Office No. .'151 1-3 I’nogre,, Nireei. All per sons wishing to securo good Girls lor any resiiecta bleeinuloymcnt, will lind them at this office. Also please notice. We will send you uieu and boys tor any work in city or country, free ol charge. 1#“ We want, good American, Provincial, Irish and Colored Women anil Girls, as well as Men and Boys, every day lor all orts ol situations in this City and vicinity. Give us a call. COX A- FOWAIIS Portland, Me., Jan. 25, ’C7. |an30 dtf Bookkeeper. WANTED by a young man of practical experi ence, and who can bring the best of city reter ences, a situation as Bookkeeper rr Salesman, v here close attention to business will be appreciated. Apply to W. 11. JKltHlS, maridtt Under Laucusler Hall. Wauled. AN experienced Salesman in the retail Dry Goods .business; one who can give goisl City refe^wee, may hear of a permanent situation by nildveT-ing Box 1018 Portland Post Ortlee, giving real name and references. nurrltUI Wanted. AAf^ FLOUR BARRELS, at Forest f/v/tV/V/V/ City Suerar ketinery, West Com mercial, near foot of Emery street. Proposals will also be received for new Sn^nr Bar rels, and a sample may be seen at the offic e of the Company, 15UJ Commercial, at corner of Union Si. iebl2<l&wlt T. C. HKl&SlfiY _TO LET. To Let. ONE Front Room with board, at 52 Free Street. aprfdlw* Desirable Olliee to Let. AN office partially furnished, centrally located on Commercial Street, is offered tor rent at a low price. Address Lock Box 1791. Portland, April 2, 1M77. dlw. To Let. fgy A Hall suitable for manufacturing purposes, jjl and two offices, in Morton Bl«»ck ; next above ULthe Preble House. Apply to PATTERSON & CHADBOURNE, apr2d3w Office, Morton Block. To Let. Brick Store, No. 40 Union strict. Apply j«3dtf ST. JOHN SMITH. To STORE No. 2 Portland Pier. Enquire ot MATHEWS & THOMAS, mar27dlm 59 Commercial Street. To Let THE three storied Brick Storo 201 Fore, iootoi Plum Street. Enquire of E. M. PATTEN, feblOdtf Plum Street. For Rent. OFFICES in the third story oi building on corner of Exchange and M»lk Streets. Enquire at of fice of OOKA N I NS UR A Nr E CO, Feb. 25. tf Exchange Street. To Let. THE Chamber (2d story) over E. T. Elden & Co’s, Free Street Block, suit aide for Jobbing oi Wholesale Business. Inquire of T. J. LITTLE, 79 Commercial street. KlTKey can be found at E. T. Elden & Co’s Mar 2—utf To ROOMS in second anti third story Griffith Work, No. 21J Free Street. Also, rooms in third and fourth story Nos. 142 and 141 Middle Street. Apply to It. J. hiBItY & CO. March IK, 18CT. dlf To Lest. TI1E Store on the lower side of Commercial Street, now <*ccupied by iHmncll «& Greely. Possession given April 1st. Enquire of MATHEWS & THOMAS, inar2t>diin59 Commercial Street. To Let. A FRONT ROOM adjoining tho Chamber occupied by the Merchant s Exchange. Also several desirable room* in 1 lie new buildings near the corner or Middle and Exchange Sts. If ap plied for now they can be fitted up to suit the appli cants. Apply to NATH’L f. deering, No 19 Free Street, Mar 18. iuarl9(13w -.-i-i:—.. ...... a LOST AND FOUND. $10,00 Reward. IOST in vicinity of Market Square a Gent’s Pock J cfc Bihik, containing some money; also, papers, memoranda, &c ot no value but to the o« ner. The above reward will be paid to tho finder, or they can take the money contained, and leave the book'wilh papers, <£c., at oftice of Preble House, where no questions will be asked. Portland, April 1, 1867. apl2dtt Plaster, Plaster. 100 lowest marlSt’pricc! *°r Haleat Kendall & Whitney, rner29il2in_Market Hall,Portland. Dorking and Brahma Eggs. Stevens Plaina, April 4, J«r7. * ' ' ' To Parties Intending to BuiJd. A MASTER Carpenter ami joiner desires work for the season. Satisfactory reforenees given. Can tarnish several good workmen If desired. Address “Carpenter,” box 1,938, or enquire at No. 8 Moul ton Street. & Portland, March 25,1867. eod2w* RIAL ESTATE. For Sale. I'M \'K Street Sprinkling Tubs, Ptimim, liescrvoirs, i ami Power lor pumping water. Inquire ot ,1. U. BA ItK 1- le. 131 Commercial str of. forila^df April . _ :i|.ii!i Block of Houses lor Sale. rpilKconvenientdouble housecorner ol Sentband I Spring .streets. Kadi lenemcnt contains lime finished rooms, and may be sold separately, rot further purlieu lot’s, euquTe of MBS, IIA'JVjM oiilhe premises, No. 13 Spring Street, or W. if. JKKIHg. Mareti 10, tstiv. luarJWUr For Sale. Mill ItEl’, storied brink lions.’No. 30 on llfgU Slrccl, 1 eorner ot Pleasant, now oeeupiod by tin* enb serdier ' Also, Iw.i tiiree st.aied brink stores on Font Street, eorner ot Petal, opposite the Custom House, will, partition wall, .slalrd roofs, (hi* n or on Wharf Sir«*ef lour stones, wifb collars. For terms ami particulars enquire of the siibsi-ribor. oil* 0N‘Ai’1L\NLEL BLANCHAJU). Portland, April 3, ls*>7. dff House for Hsile A VEKY desirable Cottage containing a looms, a f 1 bnck astern ol Altered water. II *nise in l lutr- I Otigli lopmr ami nearly new. Pos .jsioo given r,rst ol May. 1’or particulars enquire on the premises, kii Myrtle street. ■Mar ot)tf_Mbs. S. W. BISHOP. To Let. ONE Store and three spacious Chambers in Bar liour's Block, Middle street. One ol the best lo cations in the city. Apply to DAVID KKAZKIi, ni:irJ0d_\v is Ur E. A. NORTON. First Class House For Sale. A Point STORIED BRICK HoUSK on Park St., -TV has seventeen rooms, hoi ami cold water, and all other modern conveniences. A party is now ready to lease it at nta i*Kit okmi'. on i lie price askc.L Apply to * \V. M. JEKRIS. Mar JO—jw For 8ul<‘. fllME superior fast sailing Br Brig “CASSIE I GRAY,” built in Nova Scotia in iMrt, 170 Ions register, length leet, breadth 25J leet, depth 12 leet, is coppered and copper faatened, and well lound m sails and rigging, chains, anchors. &c. i bis vessel was built expressly for the West. India «r?iu“f1!4 48 1,1 ° well adapted to the Brazil traile. ill bo sold cheap. For further particulars apply io GKO. H. STARR, r. .i , ^ No. 7 Ceulral Wharl. Portland, March 20, 1HG7. uiai2i>—1 w T,,„ i Buildinsf for Sale. IIE Building on Market street, 2d door irom (Con gress street, now used as a gas lining shop, is lor sale. It is a good locatiou lor mechanical busiucvs.or for a trailer, Price $500. Apply to mar20dlw*__ WM. II. JEltRLS. Now House for Sale, mOn India street, third lionsc from Congress, contains eleven rooms, besides the attics. This house is very pleasantly located and very con veniently arranged for one or two families. Apply to WM. il. JKKItlS, m irJodtl_ Real Estate Agent. For Sale or Lease, 1GIE 1 dirge Lot of Land ou the corner of Feileral, TempV ami Congress streets. A ilesuable lojatien tor a Hot. I— lot sale low; if nut sola, Avfll be leased for a long term of years if ill - Hired. Inquire of JOHN C. PROCTER, Porllatul, Mar 28—illw or, Middle Bt«eet. FOK W .V1J-] r A Desirable Nqunre Brick llonxe. on If::: Spring street, between High and Park streets, A'vi.v. ilh modern imi.rovemeiits, heated throu di ohi, by steaiu—piped for gas with gas fixtures, a good stable—abundance ol hard and soli water in the house, with about 10,000 feet of land. Inquire of JOHN C. PROCTER, marjs-uow House tor Sale. A TWO story house nu Salem Street, routaining Iliue rooms, non valient tor two families. Lot f.0 by too. Will be sobl low U ai>t>betl lor iiiiuusliatelr. „ w. ii. jkuius, mar27rl.iw* 0|.|.osite Preble House. ■ louse I'm- Mule. ON till! corner of Oxford ami Myrtle Sts. It is two stories, with a basement, with ten finished rooms, in good rejiair; well ami cistern water, fur nace and gas. Enquire at No lot Oxlord st. iur.“Jtl Valuable Heal Estate for Sale. rrwrc fine estate corner Brackett ai d Wnlkei Sts. JL The lot contains over 20.0t»o square leer. Title perfect aud terms favorable. Apply to . , V%it. JERRIS, Wdrl <ltt__ Real Estate Agent. For Sale. 11I1E tine lot. ot Band ou Spring, near High street known as tie* Boyd tot.containing about 10,000 feet; also about 200,000 Brick and 200 perch of Stone. Said lot will lie sold with or without the material. Eor further particular* enquire of JOHN G. ToL FORD, or CHARLES SAG EK. inch 11 dll Farms lor Sale. Thivf Farnm in Vork County f*' La arc offered tor sale by the subset f * * b:;r. —— -- — They are located as follows: One in Waterb«r«*. One in JLyiuuM. One in Ken nebnuk port. 'These Farms will bo sold low, or exchanged 011 favorable terms lor Real Estate in Portland, Saco, or BiddtTord. Apply for particulars at Office 203 Commercial St., or atotnee in Saco. mai^dUSw_JOSEPH HOBSON. House :iuil Lot for Sale Very Low. HOUSE new, containing seven rooms, will be sold lor $1,100, if applied for immediately. ALSO: Lots for sale at prices from ouc cent to $2 per loot. Enquire of JOSEPH REED, lteal Estate Agent. Oak St. near Congress. marSntf Brick House for ON Brown *ilm*t, containing Fourteen finish ed Rooms, hard and soft water, gas and other modern improvements. I’oss.* ess ion {. Sven April 1. Apply to JL>. H. fngraharn, Esq., or . W. H. JERRIS, lmtrGdti lteal Estate Agent. Lot for Sale. npifE lot on the northerly side of Deering Street, JL adjoining the residence of Gen. J. 1>. Fessenden. Said lot is sixty-two feet front and one hundred feet in depth. Apply to J. C. PROCTER, inarlUdlf Real Estate Agent., Middle St. For Sale. . A FARM IN WELLS, MAINE. A Estate of the late Samukl Hatch. jm *■ffiMtasaL contains aUuit no acres, 10 to 50 01 8°od wood land and pasture, good --- 2A skirv House with L., large Barn, Shells, &c. Tlie Farm is located at Wells Corner on main road; churches and schools ma.:, and in the immediate vicinity of the 'well*known summer re sort, Wells Beach; '\ill be sold low and oil easy terms to close tip the estate. Those wi h"’*o * > see the F irm can anply to SAMUEL EJLDRiDGK, near the premises. For terms. «Sfcc., inquire ot GEURGE If. HICH BORN & CO., No. 1 ScoPay’s Bud ling, or address Box U* 1*. o. Boston, K. iss marlrtdliu House and Lot for Sale, SITUATED in Westbrook, near the end of Tu VJ key’s Bridge. A story and a half house, with 0,GiK> feet of land, shade and fruit trees. House con tains eight rooms, with large attics, and has stable moui fug one lunar :utd carriages, connected. It is lo <aUd on the corner of Winslow Street and the road leading to the Marine Hospital. Price $2,000. Ap ply to L. A. BAC1IELDER, (King, Tluulow & Co.) 165 Commercial St. March20. dim* Farm lor Sale. Til of thi- late So .u Dyor, C»i« Ellz aheili. four miles south of Portland Bridge, con taining about 100 acres, good soil, in good state ot cultivation, fences all stone wail, voting orchard, 70 trees grafted fi me. Pleasantly located. School and Church within 1 mile. For terms, &c.f apply Qn tho premises or to • , E. F. ROBINSON, mcli20—tt 13 Moulton Street. House for Sale. MA d» sirable Brick House, No 2G Spring street, containing eleven room, bard ami soit water. Apply to ALPHEUS SHAW. April 1,07. apr2d.‘*w For Sale. AN Office Safe ot John E. Wilder’s manufacture, suitable for UaUroatl, Mauulortu'crs’ or Bank ing purposes, measuring 5,lent 3 in. in height, 1 teet width, 2 feet”* In. deep, with interior sale ami draw ers. For safe by C. A. «fc A. BLANCH A ltl>. In* St it* Street, Boston, Mass. tebtndtl Desirable Store Lots FOR SALE, IV COnilllE RCIAL MJTREET. fpllE subscribers oiler tor sale the lot of land on A the softhcrlypidc ot Commercial Street, head ot Dana’s Wbart, measuring 72 by ir*4» feet. For fur ther particulars inquire JONAS H. PERLEY, Oct Is tf_or W. S. DANA. House lor Sale. A pood House two stories, Stable attached, hard ami soft water, good lot centrally located— con venient tor two families, if desirable. Inquire at 13 Hanover or 1S4 fro re Ml., J. A. FENDF.KSON. Jan. 21,18C7. dtf NOTH*!?. I will sell on tavorablc terms as to payment, or let lor a term of years, the lots on the corner ut Middle and Franklin streets, ami on Franklin street, including I he corner o! Franklin and Fere streets. Apply to WM. HILLlAltD, Bangor, or SMITH & 1<EEI>. A ttorncys, Portland. jyl2tI Valuable Hotel Property lor Sale. fPWK Oxford House, pleasantly situated in the vil t lagcol Kryehnrg, Oxford county, Maine, is oi lercd Ibr sale ai a bargain, il applied tor soon. The House is largo, hi good repair, with iu nature and textures throughout, together with all necessary outbuildings. For lull particular* inquire oi HOBATIO BOOTH BY, Proprietor. Or Hanson* Dow, 5W Union st. Frye burg, SeJ»t. 2», Utf. dtf FOll SALE. 100 BBLS. EASTEltN 1). APPLES. “Sliced.” IOO “ “ “ “ “Cored.” 150 Bu. II. G. S]£ED. 50 Bu. Clover Seed. 50 Mbls. Clear Pork. 50 Lieu:es Choice Lard. Also Choice nBramls ot'Flonr, by Jeremiah Howe X Co., nir-l iVhv No 27 < lomrnerrial Nt, Portlnml. A Grave Charge. TUB clown of Skiff Si Oaylor’H Minshelo, when nskotl whotirst. Introduced gainb'lui* into thin «"’"irv’ ' ai'jwiioj, “ Ca'i'uiuia Clmip ,Iolm” V\ Int'ier t'-'n la lino or not It iloex not matter; hut olio t i off u 'i, (tint Cal U.rnia < .bran .lotin wan •he li -si to iuiemluco into this city «Jooil ,'tolli firat'n I'nriiinliin,; ««»<!.. Unto Bout, at unusually low iirices. Call amt noo him. Ucntember the number, aKi Coneress Sireet. Miircli 27. .Ill Enquire of . mchl3.11m __73 Commercial Street. International Steamship Co. THKRK will be a Special Meeting of the Intcrnn ti..n A Steaiusblp Company at their Ollice, comer Union and Counnorei.-rt s. reefs, on THURSDAY, April eleven#*i, at o o'clock I*. M. to see if the Stock holders will v(>;» to imrevise the Capital Stock of the Company, ami to act on any other business that may legally come before the meeting, Per order of t he Directors. H. ,1. LIBBY, Secretary. Portland, March 27,1fiC7. iur2Kdtd Y TUBS Prime Canada aud Vermont Haller * J V / just received and lor sale by inr29tf J. WJKJKK*, 72 74 Forest. EN TEKTALN3IE A18, PORTLAND THEATRE.” ’ * - - - K. w. iumiv. ..|vrt„rn,«l,| *1 A*,rM tf’ »*'iT »3;^r„m n.a* !»:,*. OlilVEH TWIST together with Oie |Ki|>itlar Fore, * Rorcn D)tnM|) SOAI.BOF 1>ki.'ka.—Ailmhahin n .... „ Sealit 75 eta. Unitary ;vr» ci«. ^*wve«l Xoo.sopc.. III 7 o'clock. IVrf.omance toeoim,,.,, at ii quarter to ei^lit. 0,"n»®,u« jsssa sr.. “ .. PROMINADE CONCERT f IN AI1> OK THK Ministry at Large, AT MECHANICS' HALL, Thiir-nliijr Krrniag, April II. Clmndlor’H II:mil in AllcndiUict’. Ticket* 50 cents; to |R> hod at Crounan & (Vt, J. It. Lutit & tv», and at thetloor. ll^£i rau1u arc n»iue»lcd to send in xc lnslitMciithou ihursday luoruitnr aprv 5t CHORAL FESTIVAL. A ,VAL"i" '* ®l Nurom ** bega it.ill, Bangor, Commencing on i I'Ks m v, April Sid, a, a A.’ M., auU t" 5uSi»« toS The liaily w).«ons will la- .Irvutfii to the |ir ictioo ot Ctmruwx ti< >iu the Oratorio ol “ t'lio Messiah.” aaij ltosaiiA’s “Staliat Mater.” i’he I'.iliowino talent t a-> boon enitaaeil lor the Festival:— Miss .1. K. Houston, So|.rano, of Doston. Mu.s. ,1. s. Uiiiv, Contralto, “ <• Mk. -Iamkm Whitney, A1-11 ore, •• «• Mil. M. W. WHITNKV, 1 lasso, <• •« arcuehtiu. The Meni>ei.ssoii.n Qt intette Club, of Boston Three Oone.-rts will bj Given W icon ksdu v Ev mhi Ni;, Mi seeUuuctmx Concert. ruimsi) \v Evening Oratorio •• The MessiahV Friday EVkr up'..Rossini's “Stabat Mattr,” Ani Three I’ablir llrliforwilM or itlaliueoN. Season Tickets—To singers, $1.50; to v sitors, w ith scer-od goals at the <Joncerts, $2.un and $ 1 Cum i:ur Ticki rs, with secured scuts, 60 cents. fSe. its may l»e scour**! by mail or otherwise, ooo week in advance. By tin; courtesy of the Su|iei in tern lent h of the Maine Central and l*oiilaud and Ken bec Rail omls, f-ce retorn tickets will Ik* allowed to those who attend tin- Festival. FREDERIC S. DAVENPORT, Bangor, March 25th, 18b7. Director. April 4—2 taw 3 w Office of Collector of Inter nal Iterennc. No. 00 1-2 Commercial St. FrrsT Collection Dist of State of Maine. ( Portland, April 4, 1867. j SEIZURE OF BARRELS AND 11ALF BARRELS. ■VTOTICK Is hereby given that the following <Je scribed empty Barrels and half barrels were seized in this city on the d y» hercmoBer n*r a violation of Se. rion 22, of an Act to amend ex isting laws relating to internal revenue, and lor other Approved March 2, is«r7. March 13, 1867, 2 Coal Oil BbL., seized on Commer cial Street. March 14, lWJ7, 30 Coal Oil Bids, seized at Freight House of Portland & Kennebec It. U. March 11, 1867, I Coal Oil Blit, seized on Commercial Street. March 11, LG7, 2 Whiskey 1‘bls. seized on Com me r- I cuil SUeet. Match 14,1867, 2'Whiskey Bios, seized at Freight House of Portland A R. It. March 14, J«07. 12 Coal Oil Bbls. seized at Freight House of (Rand Trunk Railway. March 14, 1$«57, 1 Coal Oil IVIf*. Bid. seized at Freight House of Brand Trunk lki iway. March ifi. 1h>7, 4 Coal Oil saized on Com murriaUStrc.t. March 15, 1M>7, 2 Coal Oil lilt. Bbls. seized c*n Com mercial Street. March 16, 1867,23 Coal Oil Bids, seized at Freight House ot Port and A Kennebec It. R. March 45, 1867, 1 Coal Oil HU. Bid. seized at Freight House o|‘ Portland it Kennclsc It, R. March 23, 1*67, 9 Whiskey aud 2 N. £. lUiin fibld. seized in cellar of Kdw. Gould on Fore street. Any person or )>ersons claiming the same are ro «pui.dcd to apinai and make sucii claim within Uiiri i days from the .late hereof, otherwise Hu* said barrels and hah barrels will be disposed of in accordance with i ho acts of Congress in su h cases made and provided. Apl4—3w NATH L J. MILLER,-Collector. PORTLAND Fire Alarm Telegraph, Direction** nntl ijinI ru<iio:>» for the u»c of the Tire Alarm Telegraph. 1ST. Alarms are sounded by striking tlie number of the Box upon the ALAIEM BELLS, and »*[M»u tlie Gongs in the Engine Houses. Example: To announce the existence of a tire near Box No. 25, (corner of Middle and Exchange streets,) the Alarm Bills and Hongs will strike tw o. make a pause ot a few seconds, then strike fine, thus: 2-5. Location of Telegraphic Pire Alarm Boxes. No. 12. Portland (Jo.*s Office. Id. Engine House, Congress St., Munjoy. 14. Cor. Washington and <>x(ord. 15. “ Adams and M ounttort. 15. Grand T» unk Depot. 17. Cor. Congress am! India, is. *4 F.anklin ami Cumberland. 21. 4* Franklin and Newbury. 2.'!. 4* Market amt Commercial. ~ l. Engine House, cor. Market and Congress. 25. Cor. Middle and Exchange, w. *' Chestnut ami Oxford. 27. 44 Union ami Fore. 31. 44 PreMe and Con ress. 32. 44 Portland and Hanover. 34. 44 Sou tli and Spring. 35. 44 Maple and Commercial.* r.G. 44 High and Dauiorth. 37. Engine House, Congress near Oak St. 41. Cor. State and spring. 42. 4* Daniortli and Brackett. 43. 44 Commercial and Clark. 4r». Engine House. Brackett near Pine St. 45. Cor. Spring and Emery. 51. 44 Brackett and Vaughan. •Box No. 35 will l>e temporarily located corner Ma ple and York Streets. Directions to those holding Signal Keys: 1*1. In case ol tire (he alarm is to be given from the Box nearest to the location of the tire, ami Irom no o;her lfox. 2nd. Openiho door and pull the knobdowugeullv to the bottom of tlie grove «»JicK and then let go ot it. when it will return to its place. ST ^ 'Persons about to give an alarm will lirst listen and it a ticking is h-nna in the Box they will know that an alarm lias been given, but if no t.ickiug is heard proceed to pull the knob as directed. 3rd. If possible wait at the Box, so as to direct tlie firemen to the tire. •itli. Tlie police u|n»ii hearing the alarm will call the number of the Box. CAUTIONS s I, Bo sure there is a tire before sounding tlie al riu. 2. Never sound tlie alarm top a tire seen at a dls. tauce. 3. Never o|m i» the box or touch the api»aratiis ex cept in case of tire, 4. Be wtro .vour box is locked before leaving It. 5. Never let Aie key-o out of your , |m>hs< ssioii, unless called for by IImi Chief Engineer. 5. Il you remove from your house or place of bus1 ness, rctnrn the key to the Chiei Engnecr. /><» no! leave it with the. new tenant. The Boils on the several Chur, lies will sound a general alarm as usual un il arrangements are jH-r fected to have the telegraph wires .attached to such Bells as may lie designated for that purpose. The location of the lire will Ik> given on Bulletin Boards at the several Engine Houses ami at the Po lice Office. FRANKLIN C. MOODY, Chief Engineer. Portland, March, 1MG7. mar25dtf SEED. SEED. 750 BAGS PRIME TMOTHY. JIN# “ Northern Now York and Western Clover. IOO Sacks Red Top. 1-40 Hush* *h Cannon Golden Prop SpringWlu-at 500 Cusbels Cai» Barley, two row’d. Buckwheat. Flax, Hemp, Millet. Canary and a lull assortment of Vegetable and blower Seeds, all select ed with rare and reliable. A full assortment of Agricultural Implement#, Fcrlili/.ers, .Vo., For Sale by KENDALL <f) WHITNEY, Market Hall, Porllaal. March 16, 1867.—iL'niis Black Diamonds S TONS BHNAIVD COAL) egg and iltlU stove sizes, now landing from s»-h*r A. A. Andrews. This Coal is irM-hnruing, 4*ure and u bat is wanted for apiing and aninmer use lor cook stoves and ranges, of Hght-drett tP~ bin. JOHNS’ COAL; store, c<re ami broken nl/.i-n, larnling Item Sob. /,. I.. Ailam t. Till. Cool in liaivl, ami one nt Nut i;ra.iin hit good drafts. i'lJiTIBEKIiAItlD COAIj for Smiths’ use, as usual. JAMEN iy. rikkii, Mar. 29,1867. dtf Richardsons Whf. EASTERN EXPRESS VO. IV O TIC K I THE Government have <le<-ided that they will P*,v the express ehaiges both wa>s "l'"n J, . . r°S, sent, to Washington tor exchange. 'I be Easlei ni Ex press Company will receive and lorward ^“^h Bon' S iin.Uirth. ir contract will, me Oovrrnnu-m with..,, cliargc- to Hi.' owner., ami the Uepartnu »■* 1‘Y'f" m carriage paid. ___ Oreatl r«Mos-i»t<‘ Institute, For Yotniff Ladies, Worcester, Mass ImilJHNliS repaid an.l re nrninlieil. Now in J the most llor-.lilnu condition It baa been since , establishment in IMS. Summer Term begins Aorit lit. Semi tor Circular. ■ * IIAKKIS It. CKKK.NK, A. M„ Principal MISS S. B. PACK AIU», Am Principal. I in PI.l.YO-FOn TIJ. INSTRUCTION RIVEN on the PIANO-FORTE, bv ilk-tt ARNES M. LORO, 4‘J1 C’nttgretM ttreet. Mar f?0«!2ni For Sal eT~ AClOOl) opportunity is ottered torn man with a small capital, by purchasing I be State Itigbt of Townsend's Patent Glass Doer Plate. Almut two hundred have been put on in Portland 'luring the past week. For further partirularH e>» quire of E. A. BA<’llKJUI>ERt oiar2f*12w* 1BH troop Street. Farm in Frcojiort l,,r Sale offers his fcrm about otic an.l a qnsrter ...JS.To Yurm^utb Corner, on the roa.l tmm '7 ' ,,.■,11 v ,ii . i. 1..11 into There are » aerosol .1 ; .j aI„, barn ’ Too propwty white sold tor *1100 U anplic ti”n bcn.a.lI.inlui. oiat ly, to Charles Kico, Pownal Corner, P Soule. * ret port, or KlcHARDSON Apll- dlw* Pownml. AUCTION SALES. E. Rl. FATTEN A t'O,, AUCTIONEERS, OFFICE plum street. Special Auction Sale. (kUR new .loro on K\chaui(o »*rm I. rom r |,loti'll, weubull liolil on, ni .ro an.) II.. loot Halo iia onr present quarters on l imn .sireei Saturday April#at It) oVU,wli«-ii we shall» il without reserve JO New Matliesses, 12 Feather I; «i>, jt pr LkuikeJs, White aud Colored tjiiill', l ain i>k Towels, < l iHli) 1.nun Shirts and Diawcis, Lroad Cloth, 1i,»m«i\’ Coats, Pants, Vests, Carpet with a lot ot remnant*, &c. At 11 oeloek, 15 New Watches, Plated Cake Bas kets. ice Pitchers, labl« Cullery, «&e. Also, on account «»i Mr.-Chase ol Cuiniu rlnnd Mills, liili ol goods purchased by hun March 2d. April 2, 1 • Wi PATTKN A CO., tm lioiin i. PLUM STREET. Valuable l*ro|iert.y In Westbrook ut Auction. 0\ai,K,l,KK.H1,'Y' ,uUi 'lay ol April, al l. ilf willin’ m.,1,1 V M''*ur 11 "fc'iKii til.1 Lair <ia>.) I *h»vc the uiT tuc bf ' without tie least u ''rfril-il l.a.clH Ol Itea: K» atod at Atten'n *iH *°llnws, Vi/.: Homestead situ forty un T;:1*'1"',1; .isting of a gamt one Jim bulWinic Mien.. witli with K J-l'1 ’ “AV'"'1 ' arm lien a', HoiiiK'. Also, a larru Uurrii tro ami Corn tlouiw near by, buibui.JV nV' • " Sh"1 arrange.I an.l in u.m.i rep# r. vi».', '„"Vi' latml at sai'l Allen', earner ’’ 11 * lot ol aeres. with j;ooU barn, lW, au„ Sh"u; all luB.le —ALSO— About 20 acres of drained meadow, an j.0.mj or , . ter land for gardening than can In- found m the suite situated near Allen's corner on the road Icadimr in Portland viaTukey’. bn.Lo. '*■ lo —ALSO— About 5 aerosol Meadow ami Pplaml situated on the road leading from Allen's to Morrill's corner, I* ing a very desirable lot for building and gardening. All of said laud in ’bo town of West brook, about miles from Hie city of Portland, and one tnfle fnni P.«!fc k. Itailrood and Portland Horse liailroad. All ol the above Lands are m a idgli stale ot culti vation, with a very huge amount 01 front, ami very desirable for building lots, tanning or gardening. 1 in mediately alter sale ol itcul Estate w iP be sold about two hundred Sheep aud l~iuibs, six < ows and ib iters, two Uorses and lour Hogs, together w ith Wag ,ns, Farming Tools and a i»oi tioii of the House hold Furniture. lit* above property is to be sold to the highest bid der, and on the mo.-d lavoiable terms. < ash, if the purchascis so de ire, or one quarter cash, (lie bal ance from one to live years with note aud mortgage, interest at siv per cent, semi-annually. The H i soual property to be sol< i lor cash. For uurUcufaunt call uu Cym. J lmrlow, 103 Com nit street, or on the Auctioneers. tflr~Sa!e to commence with tne Homestead Mar 27 Vulimblc Meal khtutc at Auction. ON THURSDAY, April II, :»t 3 o'clock l* M I Hlmll M’U Uw valuable lot inland on lvarl Meet. 5saa5.L2i?w.e,l,r«.i,oMNr ijw| ,,r |,‘* *i»»« non. EHpltalet Uredy. It is in, feet on ivar| Ht,m ,,tf about.107 leet back, with the debris theieon. Theii is a dressed granite walk ot about r»0 tin t in h-ngth by about .’illet wide and llie undcrpiuiiig dressed granite. All the material on the ground is Only one of the shade trees in front of the house wan destroyed bv the lire. This is of the most valuable and desirable lots in the market (.1. as antly and centrally situated—in a very desirable neighborhood—within JK) feet ot Congress street ami near the Park. Saje positive mr2l>td_JOSEPH S. BAILEY, Aue miieer. Bale of Timber L:mds for Mates* College. Land Of trier, i Bangor, March 7. 18T.7. I NOTICE is hereby given, hi puisuancc of “ Re solve to carry Into effect chapter two hundred eighty-lour of the Resolves of eighteen hundred six ty-iour in favor of Bates’ College,” approv* d Febru ary 2>, lso7, that townships numh. red S, Range 17 and 10 Range 17 W K IS, situated upon the Upper Sulul John River, excepting the Southeast quarter or (he Iasi named township, will he ottered lor sale by public am i ion .for the benefit ot said College, at • he Land OUtcc in Bangor, on Wednesday the lltli day of September next, at 12 o'clock, coon. i)tie third cash and anttafae^ory nows payable in on and two years, secured by mortgage on lue prem ises, will be received in payment. ISAAC It. CLARK, margdtSept 11, Land Agent. F. O. BAILEY^ V (Successor to H. Bailey & Son J Auctioneer, Commission Merchant, - AH1> - MEAL ESTATE liMOKEM. Office (at present) at No. ua Fore Sired, l’p Muir*, Portland. April 1, 1SU7. .ltf JOHN CROCKETT, Ane-tioaeer and A ppm i*,r, (Ollire witli Kvuim & li ulcy) mr30 NOW. 1 Jfc S FRKE STKKKT BIXKK. tllf Railroad and Steamboat Supplies. No. 'H ('•mmrrrinl Si., I’oniuml, Dir. ADAMS A DECOSTEIi. Ml:. ADAMS has been long known as a practical railroad rn iuag.-r and mechanical engine r, and iir s bail a long experience m the construction of steam engine* ami machinery. Parties looking for sb am engines and steam pumps, or machinery ol any kind, would do well to gel the advice and pare asc ol Messrs. ADAMS A DKCUS TEK, who aid as agents for the various Dodders. Mar 30eod;>w* MJUDICAL ELKCTlll CITY DR. W. N? DEMiNG, JVCodical Electrician! 174 MJDDLK BTKKKT, Nearly Uppositr the 1'iiited Mate* Hole WIIKUK lie would rcspecUully announce to citizens of Portland and vicinity, that lie a permanently local mi iu this «ity. -During the tlireo years wo have been in tins city, we have emeu soma ol the worst terms of disease in persons who have tried other forms ol treatment in vain, and curing patients in so short a time t hat the r,nest ion is often asked, do they slay cured? To answer this questioi we will say that all that do not stay cured, we doctor the second time without charge. Dr. 1). has hern a practical Klectvn ian for twenty one years, and is also a regular graduated phy*iefttL Electricity is perfectly adapted lo chronic disease*!!? the form of nervous or sick headache; ueunu-ia in the head, neck, or extremities; consumption wine in the acute stages or whore the lungs are not fully involved; scale or elirouic rheamafion scrofula, hip diseases, white swellings, spinal diseases, curvature of the spine, contracted muscles, distorted limbs, palsy or paralysis, St. Vitas’ Dunce, deafness, stam mering or hesitancy ol speech, dyspepsia, indiges tion, constipation and liver complaint, nttci—we cure every case that can be presented: asthma, bronchi* tis, strictures oi the chest, and all tonus of femalt complaints. By Electricity The!: bell inn Me, the gouty, the lame and the lazy leap with joy, and move with the agility ami elastic. It y of youth; the heated brain is cooled: the ‘Yost bitten limbs restored, the iimonih deformities re» moved; faintness converted to vigor, weakness to strength; the blind made to see, tlic deal lo hear and tin* palsied form to move upright: the blemishesn! youth are obliterated; the Aunidnrrs ol mature Die prevented; the calamities ol old age obviated and an active circulation maintained. UADI Eft Who have cold ham.* ami leet: weak stomachs,lam aud weak hacks; nervous and sick headache; dizzi ness and swimming in the head, w ith Indigestion and constipation of the 1 jewels; pain iu Hie wide and hack; Iciicorrhma, for whites); fulling of the womb with In ternal cancels; tumors, polypus, and all tb it long train of diseases will timl in Elect licit y a sure means of cure. For painful menstruation, too oluse menslrnation, and all ol those long line of troubles with young ladies, Electricity i* a certain specific, and will, in a short time, restore the sufferer to the vigor of health TEKTfTX TEETH S TEETH! Dr. 1>. still continues to Kxtrai t IVelli l*y Flkc t Ricrrv without f ain. Persons having defrayed teeth or slump- they wish to have removed lor reset ting he would give a polite invitation to call. Superior ELECTRO Ma<;nfti«- M v iiinks lor sale tor family use, with thorough instriu lions. Dr. D. can accommo<late a lew patients with board end treatment at his house. Office hours from 8 o’clock A. M to 12 M.; from to 6 P. M , and 7 to 9 in the evening. Consultation free. nov 1 ft STATE OE MAINE. Head Quartkks, I March it*.7.J General Order* No. .1. 1. The, (simnianticr in Chief henbv announce* tho resignation ol ring. Gen. John L. IlnpaooN, Adju taitl General of the State. In accepting Uds remediation it is ini|>o«.sii»lo io rc naiti t'roin expressing lie high appro. lot km in which Geaeral eliara«'ter and service* are la id. (Allied to this |h silion on tlie eve of ten ibk* and try ing times, which demanded energy, tact ami labor l*ofor*■ unknown to the oflicc, ho now roilres, l.av ing brought ties «MHeult service to a graeeiiil comple tion, and command-tig a respect al home and abroad which may us ly be called an honorable lame. Ilis record is wri ( n ;u that proud nor to.e of our history which his own hand has recorded, but more deeply and enduringlv still in the affectionate re membrance of (hone who have served or suitcicd in the war. 2 Brevet Major General Jons C (’ALP will, having l*o«n diOy apisuntcd with the advice and con sent of the Executive round I. is hereby announced as Adjutant General of this State, ranking from the •list Inal., and will be obeyed and respected accord ingly. By order oi the Commander m < ’bief, SKIJtKN CPNHEK, Apl 2 lilw Lt. Col. ami Akle-dc-l-ainp. Ssij, list Molasses. )fi HllltS. I Muscovado M I.i-.-ch, c:»ri;.i brie *JS TCS. | “flattie S. Emery, from Sagun. •Ill Jlhik. I M«wov«di» M"la. !s s cargo Brig “J. .jy;i hlIs. | C. York, from Sa*fUS, FOR a ALE BY GKO. S. HUNT. Ill Commercial St. M ir ___ Clioleo Clayed Molasses. 40*> mins., IMnprriar Clnyr.1 Vf • 4H THfilMKS, I Iii*mcm« Now lamliugfr.vni Brig “ Anna Wellington,” from Cardenas, and for sale bv CHASE. CBAM & STTOTEVANT, mar>:i dit Widgcry** Wharf. jpi:n tiMj izi; ns. Qr\/\T«WK Cumber la ml Cure Haw B»ne 4J * / Phos. of Lime. 50 Tons Coe’s Phosphate of Lime. 25 Tons I'l. K. Coe’s Phosphate of Lime. 20 Tons Lloyd’s Phosphate of Lime. Mm U;im-ls Lodi t'nodrette. 500 Parrels Littlclicld’s Poudrelte. 100 Barrels Fish O nano. Qr*For sale at Mana&ctarer’s Prices, by KBNOAU* * WHITNEY. teOddm is Fob H. 1007. D__ -,B lyiRKTII ADAWW, of Cafe l»rii./^h«*|ii (formerly Mim. Chamberlin, of Port . W »• •wroIHre at .1. II. Ten. '“"‘V'/vi s* si. ro, corner Congress and Pearl Streets, PrfthuvL every Wednesday. Kelly’s celebrated ii.'dii hit’s to be. had at her office ami residence. March 25. <13—.___ HKrlvEK’S (Vlebratiil Self-Hisiiur Bnrkwhrsb Ileekor’s Celebrated W beaten Croats. ]locker’s Celebrated Hominy and Farina _ For sale by J. A. WKKK*t. niar2tkltf Notice. THE first meeting of lh» Corporators of the “Eaglo s;i.,rU, lh..‘rv." will be El-lil al the office ol mbl HeHnerv on Fore Street, on Salnr.lny, .lie 6lh day id April next, al 3 rtMP. M 0» I-l-« .. f«S3 ltmIh PELEO PAKKER, Marc h 23, H¥*X. did Corporators,