Newspaper of Portland Daily Press, April 8, 1867, Page 2

Newspaper of Portland Daily Press dated April 8, 1867 Page 2
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T I I E PRESS, j U ..... Morni ,, A ril 8, 1867. One of I'ofllaaJ’fi Ki^rimiticii, A few day a aiuce we took occasion to speak of >o;m* of the business wants of our city; new ruilroinl connections and a larger degree of at trition to manufacturing. This morning we propose to call attention to another matter, of the utmost necessity, the lack of which is feh upon our business and causes our city to be avoided not only by the business men but the pleasure seeker. iiy the great calamity of July 4th. more than half of the hotel accommodations ot the city were destroyed. Prior to that time we were sobering from lack ol accou.modaUons ot this kiml. and particularly first class accommoda tions. We have now-we had before that event- no tirst class hotel. And in saying this we would not he misunderstood and charged with underrating the best hotels in the city.— The “Preble" and the “United States” are and Jong have been tirst class Portland hotels, kept as well at first class houses in other cities, but still they are both iucouvenient, old-fash ioned and ill-adapted to the purposes for which they are used. This is no fault of their keepers, and no men in or out of the eity more fully ap preciate the justice aud truth of these state ment.! than the worthy gentlemen wno pre side over those highly respectable establisli .meuts. It is ot the houses themselves, and not their keeping, of which we speak. Portland has long felt the need of hotter houses, modern in style, beautiful in architecture, and fitted up with express reference to the first class travelling public. Such a house it has never had; nothing to compare with the best house in other cities. The Marble Hotel would have supplied our deficiencies had it been completed, hut that wont up in the dames with other edifices dedi cated to public accommodation, and can no longer stand in the way, as it long did, of starting and consummating an enterprise in the absence of which the city is suffering and will continue to suffer. By the fire of the 4tli of July tho “Elm,” the “Commercial," the “American,” the “Central,” the “Freeman,” the “Kingsbury” and tho “In ternational” hotels were all destroyed, blotting out an aggregate of accommodations consider ably larger, wo think, than those remaining, and as yet nothing has been done to replace them. This is n matter that appeals to all the inter ests of the place. Abroad we are suffering from this cause. A gentleman who had occa sion a few weeks since to visit Montreal, in forms us that wheu a long way up the Grand Trunk, on liis return, he overheard merchant passengers conversing about the relative ad vantages of trading in this city and Boston, and while admitting they could purchase as well here as there, they said, “but the hotels are so crowded and inconvenient that we do not like to stop there.” Such is the common talk in the cars and steamers, and it tells a sto ry of our wants and necessities that should not escape the attention of business men and cap italists. Strangers will seek places for business pur poses, where the surroundings are pleasant, and where they can command the best accom modations. Had Boston none hut her inferior hotels, how much of the trade now stopping there would go to New York. Men do not like, wheu away from home, to put up with need less inconvenience, nor will they do so if they can avoid it. In visiting a new place we al most invariably select as a stopping place its best looking hotel, and by the impression this creates wo are very likely to judge the place; and if we find the hotel and its surroundings uninviting we give such places a wide berth, and the next time we journey that way we go further and take the risk of faring worse. One thing is sure; until something is done to meet and obviate the evils to which we hsve referred, the business man will not be at tracted to us and the invalid and pleasure seeker will avoid us. With first class hotel ac commodations—as good as are found in other commercial cities—gentlemen will not blush when urging strangers to give us a call and try our markets, our incomparable laud and ocean scenery will attract individuals and fam ilies, and our city will be visited by hundreds of strangers who now turn away from it, spend ing their money with a liberal hand, and, going tuvay, speaking favorable words of the place and its accommodations which will will en courage other hundreds to keep full the places which they vacate. That a first class hotel can pay as an invest ment there can be no doubt. Ttwould be rent ed long before completed, and at the usual rates of fare insimiliar establishments there is no denial that the lessee could afl'ord to pay a larger interest on the investment than is ordi narily received by way of rents. What wo want is somebody to start; some man of meanswhohas faith in the future of onr city, and wishes to use his money in a safe and profitable investment. Have we no such man among ns? The question is an insult to the enterprise ami public spirit of our citizeus. We have the men. They have the means. Let them show their faith in the future prosperity of the city by their works, and the thing will be done. State XteuiH. —A tire in Hath on Friday evening destroy ed the stock in the grocery store ol Messrs. Mirshall and Mayers, Centre street, and dam aged to considerable extent the building itself which was owned by Jacob Robinson. —The Mail says a Durham Short Horn cow belonging to Mr.-Otis, of Fairfield, recently gave birth to a calf weighing one hundred and forty pounds. —A correspondent of the Rockland Demo crat says a serious accident occurred last w« k in the Anchor Factory. Mr. Asa Andrews, while brushing cinders fro^i the anvil, had a portion of his left hand crushed by the acci dental falling of tlie trip hammer. Two of his fingers were so badly crushed as to render am putation necessary. —A clerk in the Bangor post office, white reaching into one of the high mail boxes, slip ped from the box on which he was standing, and one of his fore fingers caught upon a sharp hook upon which the mail hags were hung to he tilled, and his whole weight came upon it—thus literally hanging him up by his linger pierced witii the sharp hook. He had to be lifted ofi' bodily before he could be extricat ed. —The Whig says the mild weather has yet had no perceptible effect upon the ice ill the Penobscot, flood judges think it cannot leave the river before the middle of the month at least, and some set it as late as the 20th. — Edward Monroe, a soil of Capt. William Monroe of Camden, was accidentally killed a few days since by a blow from the boom of the schooner Tiger, on her trip from there to Bos ton. Mr. Monroe was a very promising young mao, and was to have taken charge of said schooner as captain on her next trip. —Wc find in tlie Rockland Free Press that a serious accident occurred last week in the Anchor Factory at Camden. Mr. Asa An drews, while brushing cinders from the anvil, had a portion of his left hand crushed by the accidental falling of the trip hammer. Two of his fingers were so badly crnslied as to ren der ampntaion necessary. —The Augusta Journal says the receipts for the transportatian of freight upon the Port land & Kennebec Railroadjduring the month of February last exceedel the sum of, 840,000 —a larger amount than in any previous mouth in the history of the road. —The Gardiner Reporter says that on Satur day of last week, Frances, daughter of Capt. Win. Hunt, of New Mills, while engaged at work iu tlie paper mill at Lisbon Falls, hud her Clothes caught on a shaft, carrying her round several times and bringing her In con tact with a window near by, cutting her faco and body in a shucking manner, and leaving some of her teeth iu the window sill. The mill was shut down as soon as possible, res cuing her from her position, and medical as sistance promptly summoned. Fortunately no bones were broken, and her injuries will probably not prove fatal. t in Thursday, the House and store, near Scotland Bridge, ill the town of York, occupied b,’ Josephs. Grant, were destroyed by fir. p .rt of the goods iu the store, and of tlie fu, ’ uiture iu the house were saved: hut it is said tbit the account books au.l about 8500 in money, were burnt. —A special dispatch to some of tlie Boston papers of Saturday evening, Baid. “A large tire is now raging at Eastport. It is thought that nearly all of the place burned over by fire two years ago will again be destroyed. Owing to the wires workiug hard we are uuable to iearu particulars.** —Tlie Augusta correspondent of the Boston Journal says the Spragues have made a con tract with the railroad to transport freight for live years. -The Boston Transcript suggests that in view of their relative position, to-day it is a curious fact that the Traveller was started, as its name indicates, as the special organ of stage companies and hotel keepers, whilst the Journal began its career as the advocate of tce tot ilisiu. Portland und Vicinity. Mtw Ad»rrli»«-»»« ■»* T»-I»«y. SPECIAL NOTICE COLUMN. Boot sand Shoes— T. K. Moseley & Co. K\ I'BRTA I XM EXT COLUMN . TUeatro—Smith, H«Ucy * Co. Fourth Annual Bull—I. A. K. A. NEW AEVt KTIriKMENT COLUMN. Fropoe Is—Henry Kingsbury,Sup. Custom House. Proposals—Geo. thorn, U. S. A. Shipwrights—Siiuonton & Knight. Removal—\V. U. Fessenden. Carriiges—J. Id. Kimball & Co. Counsellors at Law—lhmilev At Ilarriiuan. Lorn lor Planting—O’Brion, Pierce *st Co. Piano tor sale. lo Printers—GeoC. Band «fc Avoir. Southern Pine Ship Plank-Ryan & Davis. A situation Wante i. Agents Wanted. Montreal Ocean Steamship Co. Clothing House—C. A. Parsons & Co. lue Cblngorara Smoking Tobacco. Fruit &c.—J. A. Fenders.m. Ke-Opened—Charles Da>, Jr. & Co. To Contractors. Letter List—W. Davis. [VfaiBiicipnl Com**. JUDGE KINGSBURY PRESIDING. Saturday.—Patrick McGlinchy, Isaac Harton, Joseph Cowan and Abner Paine, on search and seiz ure processes, paid fit-26 each. John Pooling was charged with assault and batte ry on his sister, Mrs. Ellen Conners. Dooling bad been in the rebel aruiy and bail not quite got rid of bis Southern propensity for brutality. Ho pleaded not guilty, but was adjudged guilty, although hand somely defended ty his counsel, J. J. Maybury, Esq. Messrs. Holden tt Peabody appeared for the State. Pooling was obliged to pay 414.M lor the assault. Michael Donohue, for obstructing the sidewalk by standing in the way of passers by, and refusing to "move on,” when requested by au officer, was lined 54.55. Let others take warning. New Establishment.—We invito attention to the advertisement ol Messrs. C. A. Parsons & Co., iu another column. This firm occupy the spacious and elegant store iu Evans'block, Middle street, originally prepare^ for Messrs. Lewis, Rollins & Bond, and will conduct the ready made clothing and furnishing goods busi ness in all its branches, both wholesale and re tail. It is only just to say that they have one of the largest and most complete stocks in this city, comprising every desirable article iu this line, for both hoys and men, and that they pos sess ample facilities for conducting a large and successful business. We cordially commend them to the trade, as one of the most reliable houses oi our city. Valuable Property —The Thurlow prop erty, in Westbrook, which is advertised in our columns to be sold at auction on Wednesday next; is a most valuable one, and offers a good chance, either for investment or for occupan cy. It is convenient to the city, and in a capi tal neighborhood. The sale will be positive and without reserve, nnless the day is stormy, and in that case it will be postponed to the first fair day. Those who think of purchasing real estate, should ride over to-day or to-morrow and take a look at this property: See adver tisement under the “Auction” bead. Death of Db. Weight. — Dr. Kendall Wright, one of our best physicians, died at his residence in this city last Wednesday night, after a brief illness from spotted favor. He was born in East Wilton. His parents, being poor, were uuable to give him the education he desired; but he, by his own exertions, work ed his wav through Dartmouth College, grad uating in 1844, and 'receiving his diploma of M. D. He came to this city eleven years since aid, by the skill manifested in his profession, secured a good share of practice here. His patients, all, spdak of him in the highest terms and mourn his death ns one of their best friends. The disease of which Dr. Wright died, was probably contracted during his close attendance upon patients afflicted with it.— After he was taken sick ho was called out by some of his patients, and, according to his rule, obeyed the call, notwithstanding he should not have left, his residence. In truth it might be said—“he died with the harness on.” Dr. W. was emphatically an honest man, free from bigotry or superstition. The desire for acquiring knowledge, whieli characterized his youth, induced him to examine the claims of Spiritualism, and this resulted in his be coming a full believer in its facts and philoso phy, but rejecting its follies and fanaticism.— He was among its most earnest and able advo cates, and contributed largely to the success of the Spiritual Association of this city, of which he was a member, and that Society, as well as his family and the community generally, have sustained a serious loss in his removal to the other life. He leaves a wife and three chil dren. Presentation.—There was a very pleasant occasion at Gorham on Wednesday evening of last week, at the close ot a course of music lessons given by Mr. George W. Gardiner, of Portland. Members of the class and other in vited friends in this community, unwilling that Mr. Gardiner should leave them after his very successful term without some testimonial of tbeir regard and esteem, gathered at the hall on the evening of the last lesson of the course, and niter the usual exercises, Mrs. Pauline McLellan, one of the ladies of the class, rose, and with a very graceful speech, presented to Mr. Gardiner a beautiful watch as a gift and slight mark of Tespcct from his many friends in Gorham. Mr. Gardiner responded briefly and very happily, and the evening passed pleasantly to all. The class sung finely, and during the winter have made very rapid pro gress in music under the tuition of Mr. Gardi ner. Spectator. Fobekih Exports —The total value of for eign exports from this port last week smount el to $281,608.81. Included in the shipments were 26,818 sugar box shooks; 1,633 shooks and heads; 52,206 hoops; 1,000 hdls do; 314,860 feet lumber; 1,153 empty casks; 18,045 Ww lard; 100 pkgs do; 25,532 lbs batter; 134 pkgs do; 11,451 lbs cheese; 108,840 do oopper ore; 84,881 do ex hemlock; 22,318 lbs ashes; 43,184 bush oats; 1,556 do peaB; 1,326 do barley; 1,250 bbls oat meal; 7,812 do flour; 08,840 lbs oil cake; 21,400 do pork; 172,714 do bacon; 13 buxesdo; 28 bbls cranberries; 10,161 lbs wool; 5)! bbls oil; 100, 000 lbs nails; 150 bbls potatoes; 00 boxes her ring; 07 kits mackerel; 100 drums fish; 1,011 yards duck; 120 bags seed; 38 boxes tobacco; 136 pkgs sunpry mdse. Caned!—Our worthy Street Commissioner, Mr. Nahum Libby, was surprised ou Fast even ing by the visit of the teamsters employed in bis department, to his residence, who, without much ceremony, aud with a very few words irom the leader, Mr. Thomas Brown, proceeded to give the Commissioner a good cane—ing. The Commissioner, though astonished at such proceedings, took it very coolly, and even thanked the gentlemen for it. The cane, the instrument used, was a valuable gold headed ebony oue, furnished by Messrs. Lowell & Sen ter, at a cost of about thirty dollars. New Store.— Mr. J. A. Fcnderson has got iuto bis uew aud spacious establishment No. 8 Exchange street, which is fitted up in good style, aud is furnished With the choicest fruits aud fancy groceries, foreign and domestic, which he oilers at wholesale. His stock is all new and fresh, aud presents a handsome ap pearance. Oue specialty of this cstablishmeut is pure—the very purest—of spices, put up ex pressly for Mr. H., and which ho offers at wholesale or retail. There cau be no mistake about them, as auy one can tell from examina tion. Oive him a call. Caved In.—Saturday afternoon a small por tion of the passage way leading from Fore street to Central Wharf, just at the end of the store of Mr. Rnfiis Stanley, caved in. At the time it occurred Mr. Stanley’s horse was pass ing over the spot, and he suddenly disappeared, all excepting head and neck. The horse was got out safe aud unhurt. The caving was caused by a spring or stream of water which had undermined the earth below and washed it away, leaving nothing but a shell on the sur face. Increase oe Pay.—The Postmaster of this city, on Saturday, received an order from the Postmaster General to increase the pay of the clerical force of the office twenty per cent, on all salaries under S1000, and ten per eeat. on all salaries over that amount. This is no more than just. We have always contended that the pay of Post Office clerks was the poorest, Considering the amount of labor they have to perform, of any employees of the Government. Levee.—The Itevee held by the young ladies of Saeoarappa on Friday evening last, will lie repeated this evening, at the same place, with * change in the programme. Notwithstanding the storm of Friday, and the very bad travel ing, the attendance was large; hut we appre hend that it the weather should be pleasant this evening, Warren’s Hall will be none too large to accommodate the citizens and persons from neighboring towns who will attend. The exhibitions will he very attractive. CUMBEULSND BA«.-The mem,«rs of the Cumberland Bar are requested to meet this morning at 9 o’clock, in the United States Court room, to take such measures in relation to the funeral of the Hon. George Evans as they deem suitable. Y. M. O. A.-The regular meeting of the Young Men’s Christian Association will be lield this evening at their rooms, in the Evans'build ing, at 7 1-2 o’clock. Members arc requested to he present. George Enu, We cannot permit the (listinguished man, whose name we have placed at the head of this notice, to leave the stage of action, which he has adorned by his brilliant powers and learned labors, without paying a brief tribute to his long and useful service to the communities in which h) has lived. Mr. Evans was horn in Hallowell January 12, 1797. Receiving his preliminary education at the Academies of Hallowell and Monmouth, he took his degreo from Bowdoin College in 1815, at the age of 18. lie immediately commenced *he study of law, and on being admitted to the Bar, he opened an office in Gardiner in 1818, having just at tained the ago of 21 years. The Bar of Ken nebec then contained the highest talent.— Among its members were Reuel Williams, Thomas Bond, Timothy Boutelic, Frederic Al len and Pelcg Sprague. Judge Wilde had been appointed to the Supreme Court iu 1S16, and Mr. Sprague had taken his plaee the same year. Amidst such learned and eloquent lawyers, the prospect of advancing in the profession would seem to be dark aud discouraging. Sprague was brilliant and popular as an advo cate, and the others were able leaders at the Bar. But Mr. Evans entered into the conflict knowing the chances of success, and with quick perception, a sound legal and well cultivated mind, lie had an honorable ambition to be come a leader among the leaders. His progress was rapid; his discriminating and logical pow ers, aided by an easy and graceful elocution, soon placed him in the front rank of the young er members of the profession in the State, and attracted a large and profitable business. His style of speaking varied from that both of Al len and Sprague. Alien was slow and hesitat ing in his manner, hut patient aud persistent in placing his well digested facts and points before tho Court aud jury. Sprague was showy aud declamatory, with a melodious voice and very graceful manner; Evans was clear and impressive in his statement, close and logical in his argument. With these high qualities he constantly rose in reputation and influence at the Bar. In the midst oi this success he was elected in 1825 to the Legislature of the State, and re-elected the three following years; in the lost of which he filled the office of Speaker of the House with ability and general acceptance. In 1829, while yet holding the office of Repre sentative, a vacancy occurred in the Kennebeo District ior Congress by the transfer of Peleg Sprague from the lower house to the Senate.— To fill this vacancy Mr. Evans was elected, after a very sharp and animated contest with liis rival candidate, Mr. Williams. He receiv ed every vote out of 596 in his own town but three. This important position he held, by re peated elections, for twelve years with distin tinguished ability, and to the entire satisfac tion of his constituents. He was elected for a seventh term to the same office; but the Leg islature took him ont of the hands of his con stituents, and placed him in the more exalted station of Senator. He took his seat at that Board in March 1841 at the commencement of Gou. Harrison’s administration, and continued there liis full term of six years, thus serving in Congress a period of eighteen years; a long er time than any other member from Maine lias ever occupied the office. A contemporary thus spoke him “His career as a statesman has drawn great praise from his political lriends, and hiB financial abilities have been pronounc ed by Mr. Webster equal to those of any man since Crawford and Gallatin, and not surpass ed by either of those great men.” He was lor a long time chairman of tho Committee on Fi nance, and it was said that no man in either House of Congress could more clearly and ably present tho details of a complicated question of finance than Mr. Evans. He was mentioned as a candidate for Secretary of the Treasury on the accession of Gen. Harrison, but “reasons of State” gave the appointment to Ewing, of Ohio. His speeches were Bound and eloquent, they were spoken to the ques tion and not to the outside public, and were always listened to with respectful attention.— He discussed with marked force subjects of tariff, revenue and political economy, and il luminated whatever he discussed. He bore a conspicuous part in causing the adoption of the Webster Ashburton treaty to be carried through, although other members from Maine were hostile to it under an impression that its ratification would be unpopular at home.— Among the Senators associated with him were Woodbury, of New Hampshire, Choate and Webster, of Mass., Wright, of New York, Day ton, of New Jersey, Buchanan, of Penn., Clay ton, of Delaware, Rives, of Virginia, Berrian, of Georgia, Calhoun, of S. C., and BeLton, of Missouri. To be a leader among such prom ineut statesmen is no ordinary praise and de mands more than ordinary ability. In 1849 President Taylor appointed him chairman of the Board of Commissioners on Mexican Claims. In 1852 he was appointed Attorney General of Maine, and held the office three years; about this time 1854 he moved to Portland for a larger practice of his profession, than was afforded him in Gardiner. Haying filled pub lic office for nearly thirty years, with little in termission, he returned to private life and de voted his remaining years, hut with a shatter ed constitution, to the profession in which he delighted. During tlus period he was among the best, if not the best lawyer in the State; for lucid ar rangement and sound logical argument we must award to him the front rank. He never resorted to those low artifices wbioh ore fre quently employed by mean or less able practi tioners. And his practice was always marked by courtesy to the Court, and fair and honora ble consideration to his associates at the Bar. Mr. Evans was not what might be called a literary man, his attention was never turned that way; he early engaged iu politics, and was engrossed by them during the best part of his life. He may be said to have given his life to politics and the bar; these pursuits he loved, and in them he excelled, and his forensic pow ers, and bis clear and acute judgment qualified him fur distinction in the discharge of the du ties they exacted. In these respects he resem bled Webster, although Webster by force of circumstauces acquired great skill and beauty iu literary efforts. Mr. Evans was a trustee of Bowdoin College for twenty years, and received from it in 1847 the honorary degree of L. L. D., which had been bestowed upon him the previous year by the Washington, Pennsylvania, College. For the last three or fonr years he has been quite infirm, suffering from chronic disease; and within the last month or two, during which he was confined to his house, his pain and an guish of body have been extremely severe, from which death was a welcome deliverer. Yet, amidst it all, his mind has been calm and clear, waiting patiently and serenely for the great deliverance. Of the eminent men who constituted the Kennebec Bar when Mr. Evans took his place in it, Judge Sprague, now of Boston, alone re mains, and he, with great infirmity, lingers on the border of the gTave. The procession has moved steadily on, and the honored and distin guished men who in their brief time perform ed great deeds in public and private affairs, have passed on, and we gaze with sad eyes upon the receding column, and feel that we shall never look upon their like again—Bridge, Williams, Bond, Wilde, Boutelle, Allen, Evans —eminent and venerable men; the world was better for your having lived in it; may the re ward of your works still illuminate the spheres in which you moved. Mr. Evans leaves a widow and three children, two daughters and a sow, to lament their great bereavement. W. Kirk in Kennebunkport.—Friday night, about 11 o’clock, the store occupied by An drews & Co., on Water street, in the village of Keunehunkport, was discovered on Are, too late to save the building. The flames spread to the barn and house of Mr. Chas. Goodwin, which were immediately in the rear, and they were soon demolished with the assistance of the fire hooks. The Are was here kept under, though the dwellings of Capt. Robert Towne and Mr. Nahum Haley were much exposed. Tlitffctore was a good building, owned by Mr. S. H. Gould, and uninsured. Andrews & Co.’s stock consisted ot stoves, tin ware and pedlar’s goods, which, with their machines and tools, were entirely consumed, being a loss of about 8-200; insured in the Holyoke Co. for $2000. Mr. Goodwin loses a good house, connected by an L to his barn, and also suffers some loss of furniture; no insurance on buildings or goods. Mr. Henry B. Foss, of Saco, lost sundry house hold goods stored in Mr. G.’s barn, and Mrs. R. A. Wills, of Newburyport, lost china, glass and crockery ware to the amount of about $300, which were packed in the burned store. The hall over the store was occasionally occupied by a band, who lose two brass instruments and two drums. York. Artemus Ward Monument Association. At the meeting of printers and others at the Preble House on Saturday evening, an Associ ation to be known as the “Portland Artemus Ward Monument Association” was formed. Saturday Nioht.—Eight persons were taken to the lock-up on Saturdpy night for drunkenness. Five petsons applied there for lodgings and were accommodated. Tiie funeral of the late Hon. George Evans will not take place until Tuesday. Particulars will be announced to-morrow. Portland Tbeatrk. — The production of pieces at this Theatre last week established at ouce the claims of the new company for supe riorly over and above any with which we have been heretofore favored. Oliver Twist wound up the week's performances with a very stTong cast. The Nancy Sykes of Miss Levering was a finely drawn and truthful portraiture of na ture, and the characters of Fagin and Bill Sikes received full justice at the hands of Messrs. Sheridan and Ogden. Mr. Sheridan is one of the matt perfect and artistic actors we have ever seen, and the manner in which he enacted the character of Fagin proved him an actor of more than ordinary versatility, call ing into requisition as the part does, a peculiar style of acting. Mr. Ogden surprised us by his fine conception of the hardhearted Bill Sikes. Lindley kept the audience in a roar as he al ways does by his performance of the Artful Dodger. Miss Webster’s quiet and graceful style is fast winning her Mends and it is truly a treat to witness her performances which are funny without vulgarity, and true to life with out exaggeration. The great drama of the Child Stealer which has been lor some time in preparation, will be produced to-night. The name itself should be a sure card for filling the house. Let all who desire to attend procure their seats early. To Contractors and Builders.—Gentle men : At a stated meeting of the Bricklayer’s Union, held at their hall, March 13th, it was intimated that wages would he no higher than last year unless contingencies arose, &e., viz: Fiist class men $4 per day. At the annual meeting of the Association held Wednesday evening, April 3, 1867, for choice of officers, &c., it was voted that the fol lowing schedule of prices would be given to the Association for the season: 1st, First class men $4 per day; good workmen $3.50; ordina ry workmen $3; interior workmen $2; to take effect on and after Monday next, April 8th, and continue in force until December 1,1867; Win ter work by the hour, at the same rate, till April 1,1868. Per Order. Ocean Steamers. — Steamship Moravian, Capt. Dutton, arrived here from St.Johns, N. B. , Saturday morning, and sailed for Liver pool early Sunday morning, with thirty pas sengers and a full cargo. Steamship St. Patrick, for Glasgow is all loaded and will sail for that port to-day. Steamship Belgian, Capt. Brown will sail from this port for Liverpool next Saturday. The Peruvian is the steamer due at this port, this week, from Liverpool. Beoistbrs on Bankruptcy.—It is stated that Chief Justice Chase has determined that only one-register of bankruptcy, is to be nomi nated by him for each Congressional District, and that they must be counsellors at law, re commended by their respective Congressmen. All tho members of the First Baptist Church and Society, both male and female, are requested to meet at the house of Dr. W. C. Robinson, No. 280 Congress street, on Tues day evening, at 7 o’clock. mar 8-2t Corn for Planting.—Messrs. O’Brion, Pierce & Co. have just received a carg^f su perior white corn for planting purposes. As it is the only lot in the market, those in want should purchase in season. We learn with regret that the Rev. Dr. Pen nington, pastor of the Sumner street Church, was summoned to New York by telegraph on Saturday morning, to bury his wife, who died suddenly. Thb attention of persons about to purchase carriages of uny kind is called to the advertise ment of J. M. Kimball & Co. No better car riages can be found than are manufactured by this firm. It was not Mr. Nathan Weston’s horse that knocked down and run over the lady on Con gress street ou Fast day. Originul mill selected. —First page—Re-lie-able Public Journals, The North German Confederation, Employ ment for Women, Malignant and Flagitious, Muddy Streets, Modern Democracy vs. .letter son, Recent Publications, Literary items, Orig inal and Selected Items. Last page.—Mariue List, omitted by mistake Saturday morning. —If “H. S. 8." of B., had read the notice to correspondents a few days since, he would have seen that his communication was dispos ed of as requested and saved his postage. —The English section of the Paris Exhibi tion has a curious and valuable instrument called the “silent teacher," an instrument en abling anybody to talk with the deaf and dumb. A hand telegraph is also a simple in strument by which any person unacquainted with the ordinary deaf and dumb alphubet can communicate with a deal mute. —It is suggested that the colored Quakers of Connecticut didn’t vote on Monday last. SPECIAL NOTICES. rr*.~ Jurrr---. MINERAL BATHS AT HOME. DYSPEPSIA CURED RBBDHATlSn CUBED EBITPTIOSSndw PACE CUBED HCRIpuri.A CUBED BY TREATMENT WITH MINERAL WATEB8. Do away with all your various ami often perni cious drugs aud quack ldedlcinca, anil UBe a lew baths prepared with “STIiUMATIC SALTS!” These SALTS are made from the concentrated Liquors of the Mineral Well oftlie Pcnn’a Salt fftaii faeturing Co., in Pittsburg, and arc parked in air tight boxes. One always sufficient for a bath. Di rections are attached. rNTF.RNALLY USE “Str lunatic Mineral Waters!** In bottles of one and a half pints. One suffii lent for a day’s use. Efir’Sold by Druggists generally. Merrill Bros, No. ‘.'Iff State st.. Boston; Kaynt his, Pratt •& Co, No. 100 Pulton st., New York, Wholesale Agents. no2t)s Hoods wfy Long Sought For / Come atjAMtf! Mains' Elder Berry Wine." We take pleasure in announcing that the above named article may be found for sale by all City Druggists ami first class Country Grocers. A8 a Medicine Mains* Wine is invaluable, being amqmrthe best, if not the best, remedy for colds and pulmMiAry complaints, Manufactured from the pure mice of the berry, and unadulterated by any irnpiuo Ingredient, we can heartily recommend it to tho sick as a medicine. *< To the days of the aged It addeth length, To the. mighty it addeth strength,” *Tis a balm tor the sick, a joy for the well— Druggists and Grocer» buy and sell MAINS’ ELDBRBBftBlf WINK UOV 27 8 N d&wtf A Cough, A Cold, or A Sore Throat, IllEQCIBES IMMEDIATE ATTENTION, < AND SHOULD BE CHECKED. If allowed to continue, Irritatian aflhe Ln|>, a pet minimi Thruiil Disease, ar CiaOspasptlan, IS oltgutbe result.. BROWNES BRONCHIAL TROCHES HAVINO A DIRECT INFLUENCE TO THE PARTS, GIVE IMMEDIATE BELIEF. Car Hranchilia, Asthma, Catarrh, Caa samptive and Thraat Diseases, TBOOHBS ARE USED WITH ALWAYS OOOD SCOCIMS. Miagers and Public Speakers will find Troches useful in clearing the voice when taken before Singing or Speaking, anti relieving the throat after an unusual exertion oflhe vocal organs. The Troches are recommended and prescribed by Physicians, and have hod testimonials ftoiu eminent men throughout the country. Belug an article o true merit, and having proved their efllcaoy by a test ot many years, each year finds them In new locali ties In various parts of the world, and the Troches are universally pronounced better than other articles. Obtain only “Brown's Bkonohui. Troches" and do not take any of the worthless im itations that may he offered, hold bvehwiierh Dec 4—dAwfirn sn Make Your Own Soap l NO E.I1HB NKCK8MAKV! By Saving and Using Your Waste Grease, but one box of the Pennsylvania Salt M’fg. Co’s SA-POISTIFIEB. (Patentsof 1st and 8th Feb., 1859.) -ob concentrated lye. It will make 12 pounds excellent bard soap, or 25 gallons ot the very best soft soap tor only about 30cts. Directions on each box. For at all Drug and Grocery stores. BEWARE GF COUNTERFEITS. . Kr“Be pftrt*cular in asking for Pennsylvania Salt Manufacturing Co’s Saponifier. nol7sxeod&WJy Fisher's Cough L)ro§fts. This certain and effectual cure tor Coughs and all diseases of the throat and lungs, has been generally known throughout New England for the list sixty years, and Unwarranted to cure, or the price will be by George W Walmnu FOBD, Grandson of the late Dr Flshi r bnnk,feM»(ne.YM0NDS & CUi- Proprietors, Kenne ulPhSlJSnxS*111 & U°'' Bo,ton Agents. Sold by 8,1 _raarld3m N D R. S. S. EITCH’S “Family tMiysician,” Seventy-six pages : price 25 cents. Sent to any ad drT 1i°J.I}?ney ref|U,^e<1 u«tn the book is received, reEd, and fttlly approved. It is a perfect guide to the sick or indiapoeed. Address DB,Vs. S.^FITCH. 25 Tromont Street, Boston. in Jan29d1y SPECIAL NOTICES. “Buy me and I’ll do you (rood.” n^amLP1*- I.AKGI.BYH BOOT AND "ITTIlKS tor Jaundice, Costiveness, l.ivet Vu “Ka,nt»..llumora» Indigestion, Dyspepsia, Piles, l.fzS??' lI°il?ae^0, Drowsiness, ami all Diseases k-.i1?*? disordered Stomach, Torpid Liver and om « 5?°™’to which all persons are subject in Spring aim Slimmer Sold by GKO. C. GOODWIN & CO., m«12d"odKw “dNbya“ Uci4ler8in Me,Jicir,e' Tilton & McFarland, Desire to call the attention to the fhct that more than 1 o Pft.t¥‘rS»f«M»Te1 AMPLE PROTECTION in the late tire. Parties desiring a FIRST rate safe, At a MODERATE PRICE, will please call on EMERY At WATERHOUSE, Middle Street, Portland. Or at HO Mudburjr Street, BonIou. ^""Second-hand Sates taken in exchange for sale. Jan 15—SNlstw in each mo&adv remainder of time. RKMOY AL. DRS. CHADWICK & FOGG have removed to 301 14 CONOR EMM STREET* BROWN’S NEW BLOCK, over the store of .Messrs. Lowell dfc Senter. Office Honrs—10 to 12 A. M., and 3 to 5 P. M. I)r. Chadwick’s residence 188 Cumberland street. Du. Fogg’s residence 28 High street. t£grrFree Clinical consultations will be held on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, from 4 to 5 1*. M., tor the poor. jan28sNdtf Why Suiter irom Sores? When, by the use oi tlie A If NIC A OINTMENT, you can be easily cured. 11 bus relieved thousands

from Burns, Scalds, Chapped Hands, Sprains, Cuts, Wounds, and every Complaint of the Skin. Try it, for it costs but 23 cents. Be sure to ask for Hale9s Arnica Ointmentf For sale by all druggists, or send your address and 35 cents to O. P. SEYMOUR & CO., Boston, Mass., aud receive a box by return mail. feb2Gd2m s N Batchelor’s Hair Dye. This splendid Hair Dye is the best In the world, lhe only true and perfect Dye—Harmless, Reliable. Instantaneous. No disappointment. No ridiculous tints. Natural Black or Brown. Bemcilies Hie 111 effects oi bad Dyes. Invigorates the hair, leaving it soil, and beautiful. The genuine is signsd Wil liam A. Batchelor. All others are mere imitations, and should be avoided. Sold by all Druggists and Perfumers. Factory 81 Barclay street, New York. Beware of a oouiiterfeil. November 10. 1868. divan ANDERSON & CO’S. HOOP-SKIRT FACTORY/ 333 OongregB St, above Oasco. WF rencli, German and American Corsets Irom 75 cts to $10,00 a pair. Hoop Skirts made to order at one hours uotice. Feb 9—sn* d3m A Rich aud Varied assortment of Boots and Shoes, for Ladies, Gentle men, Misses and Children, are for sale by T. E, MOSELEY & CO.. Summer Street, Boston. The prices are reasonable. febildlt Mains’ Pure Elderberry and Cur rent Wines. So highly recommended by Physicians, may bo found at wholesale at the drug stores of W.W whip pie & Co., H. 11. Hay, W. F. Phillips & Co., E. L. Stauwood and J. W. Perkins & Co. janl2SNdly HALL’S VEGETABLE SICILIAN HAIR RENEWER. Has proved itself to be the most perfect preparation ior the Hair ever presented to the public. It will ru£jtore gray hair to its original color. It will keep the hair from failing out. It cleanses the scalp. It makes the hair lustrous and silkeu. 1 fc is a splendid hair dressing. No person, old or young, should (ail to use it. Be very particular to ask lor “Hall's Vegetable Sicilian Hair Renewer,” as there is a worthless imi tation in the market. Price $l.n0 per bottle. R. P. HALL & CO., Nashua, N. 11., Proprietors. April 3—slid A* w Warren’s Cough liuJsain. The best Remedy ever coinpollnded for Fold*. roughs. C'ufnrrh uud Consumption, and all diseases of the Throat and Lungs. ry*yor sale by allDruggists. Ahuiu Pictured by If. r ItttADULUt, octlSd&wsNGiu Druggist. Bangob. Some Folks Can’t Sleep Nights.—We are now prepared to supply Hospitals, Physicians, the trade and the great public generally, with the stand ard and invaluable remedy, Dodd’s Nervine, which article surjiasses all known preparations for the cure ol all forms of Nervousness. It is rapidly superceding every preparation of opium—the well-known result ol which i9 to produce costiveness and other serious difficulties; it allays irritation, restlessness and spasms, and induces regular action of the bowel ami secre tive organs. No preparation tor Nervous Diseases ever sold so readily, or met with such universal approval. For Sleeplessness, Loss of Energy, Peculiar Female Weaknesses and Irregularities,' and all the tearful mental and bodily symptoms that inllow in the train ot nervous diseases, Dodd's Nervine is the best reme dy known to science. Sold by all druggists. Price $1. Geo. C. Goodwin & Co., aug1ls»1yd& w n Wholesale Agents, Boston. For Cough*, Cold* nu«l Consumption, Trv the old and well known VEGETABLE FlJIjIflONAR V BA LSAilf,approved and used by our oldest and most celebrated Physicians for forty years past. Get the geuuiue. REED, CUTLER & CO., Druggists, dec24sNd&w6m Boston, Proprietors. MARRIED. In this city, April 4, by Rev. T. J. Hewes, Geo. W. Verrill and Augusta Beckett, both ol Portland. In tliis city, April t, by Rev. S. F. Wetheriiee, Ed ward Broad, of Capo Elizabeth, and Miss Mary B. Lentcste.v, of Lynn, Mass. In Boston. April 3. by Rev. Dr. Kiik. S. W. Small, ot Chicago, and Abide B. Goodwin, ot Biddetord. DIED. In this city, April 6, Hod. Geo. Evans, aged 70 years 3 months. [Funeral notice hereafter.] In this city. April 6, Henry W., son ol Ruins and D. E. Deering, aged 20 years 8 months. [Funeral on Tuesday afternoon, at 24 clock, from No. 6 Deering street. Relatives and friends arc in vited to attend. In this city, ot congestion of the lungs, Annie Josephine, only daughter ot Andrew J. and lizzie N. Falby, aged C months. At S? even’s* Plains, Apiil I. Mrs Clara F., wife of Samuel Matthews, aged 51 years. IMPORTS. CIENFUKGOS. Brif Miranda—2*5 hhds 15 tes molaitses, to E Churchill & Co. Sch Lottie—."*86 hhds 40 tes 10 bbls molasses, to E Churchill & Co. MATANZAS. Barque Josephine—540 hhds mo la se% to Chase, Crain & Htortevant; loo hhds sugar John P«»tt<ious; 12 hhds sugar, K K Alien. Barque Maggie Armstrong— *4 * hhds molasses, 301 hhds 101 boxes sugar, to order. KAUdED ISLAND. Sell I.h Have - G20II bushels salt, to E E Willard. MUmmimE In the Nestnrlan, lor Uverpool—Mr Onvtlllr r. Miss Delisle, J .1 Foster, Mr Powell, Samuel Gore, Capt Trvsou, Mr and Mrs Laudale, Capt Holroyd, Major Frith, Col Wolaley.Chas Higgins, l.leut. Chlotmelev, K W Gates, it Sharp!- y, Mrs Earle and child, Lieut an-l Mrs Do-hl, Mrs Karlesmore, Mr and Mre D Ab rahams, Mr and Mrs Patlenon, Mr l-e ray, Mrs Na than Jones, Mrs llall, child and iniaut, J Chalmers, and others. DEPAKTIiKE OF OCEAN STEAMERS 1A iR FROM FOR PATE, Neaps mu.Poitlum! Liverpool April B City Of Pans..New York. Liverpool_Apr I 6 Hibernia.New Yolk. .Glasgow.April t> Atlantic.New York. Bremen. ...April ts Saxonia.New York.. Hamburg_April 6 China .Boston.Liverpool.. .April 10 Hermann.New York. .Bremen.April 11 Columbia.New York. .Havana ... .April 11 Henry Cliauucoy. New York.. Aspinwall.. .April II Arago.New Tort.. Havre.April 12 Britaula.New York. Glasgow.April 13 City or Antwerp. ..New York.. Liverpool_April 13 Germania. New York..Hamburg....April 13 San Salvador.New York. .Savannah... .April 13 Great Eastern.New York.. Brest.April 16 City ot New York..New York Liverpool_April 17 Moro Castle.-Nv* York.. Havana.April 18 Miniature Alatnaac.April 8. Sun rises . 5.31 I Moon sets.. .11.00 PM Sun sets.6.33 | High water. 2,00 PM MARINE NEWS “• --9 PORT OP PORTLiiVD. Saturday, April G. ARRIVED. Brig Miranda, (Br) Craig. Cienfuegos, 13th ult. Sch War Eagle, Kelley. Baltimore. Sch Clyde, Catre, Philadelphia. Sch J Pr.ce, Nickersou, Philadelphia. Sch Albion, Spear, New York. Sch Arkansas, Thorndike. Rockland. Sch E G Sawyer, Keene, St John, N B tor N York. Sch Mary J Randall, Pendleton, Mathias tor New Ywk. Sch Mary Ann. Bryant, Joneaport for New York. Sch Giraffe, Joy, Jonesport tor New York. CLEARED. Steamship St Patrick, (Br) Trocka, Glasgow — H & A Allan. b StoauiHliii) Nesrorian, (Br) Dutton, Liverpool, (with cargo trorn St John, NBI-H & A Allan. Steamer Dirlgo, Sherwood, New York—Emery & Box. Ship Ocean, (Nor) Torguson, Cork or Falmouth, for orders—Rimmer, Gunn & <,'o. Sch O F Young, H uwe, Cardenas—Chase, Cram & Sturtevant. Sch Z L Adams, Nickerson, Baltimore—Hobson. SAILED—Ship Ocean : barques Norton Stover, Minnie; brig dennie i lark ; schs Win Arthur, / L Adams, Pearl, Wm Capes, B F Reeves, Ada A An drews, Lamartine, C Fantauzzi, B Sruder. Sunday, April 7* ARRIVED. Barque Josephine, (of Portland) Mitchell, Matan 7as loth ult. Har«iue Maggie Armstrong, (Br) CarfV, Mataznas 16th ult. On the tilth, encountered a heavy gale, during which lost mainmast by (he deck foretop mast al the cap, and mizzenmast at (he top; lost sails, rigging, and sustained other damage. Sch Lottie, (of Portland! Henley, Cienfuegos. Sch La Have, (Br) Jones, Ragged Island via New York. Sch Forest, Flowers, Baltimore. Scb Boasway, (Br) Lawson, Boston, to lead lor St Dommgo. Sch Leesburg, D avis, Boston. Seh Braiuhall, Hamilton, Newburypert. SAILED, AM—Steamship Nestorian. Our Marine last, which was put In tvpc for Satur day s paper, was accidentally omitted In making up the lorius. and may he lound -,u the 4th pace 01 to day s paper. f 5 From Brunch Ofiicr IFeelcm Vnion Telegraph. PoHlau.|Ph"ale'Pl'la ®th’ "ch Joa Baxter, Baxter, Old, sell I-la L Howard. McDnlHe, Portland. Ar at New York 6th, barque Brunswick Davis Saguu, 14 days. ’ > DISASTERS, Brig Caprera, Iticbboru, at New York from Matan zas, bail heavy weather, split sails and sprung lore yard. Brig Robert Mowe. Hotchkiss, at New York from Deinerara, has been 28 days North ot Hatteras, with heavy northerly gaies. March 7. in a ferritic ga # from NE, was dismasted and lost sails, soars ri ging, &c. « ’ v ’ s Schs City Point, of Portland, and Waterfall of Southport, loth Iron) New Yors lor Boston collide,l 4th inst, between Watch Hill and Point Judith The City Point had cutwater carried away, stem started and 1.; lci!;v. Tli.' Wai.-rl.Ci h i rail .uni bulks' onis-t.iiboard quarter, main boom brobrn and main.-ad torn. Hod, Teweto put lutoK0w”rt\a£? dav ior repairs. 1 UUJe Sch Alco**, Talbot, at New York irom Nuevita* reports, March 30, lat 34 30, Ion , i so, passed a briK with loss of mainmast and foretopmast; had jury mast rigged. 3 Barque Toscano, from Liveipool for Charleston, beiore reported abandoned at sea, was towed into Queenstown 4th inst. DOMESTIC I*ORTS* NEW ORLEANS—Ar up 29th, brig Sarah, Part ridge, Cienfuegoa. Below, hries Keystone. Baxter, from Matanzas; Torrent, Gould, from New York. Cld 29th ult, ships Canada, Wyman, and Castine, Thurston, Havre; H L Richard on, Howes, an t Ma ry O’Brien, Vesper, Liverpool. Cld 30th, brig It B Gove, Harkness, Galveston. Cld 3d, ship Harry Wane •, Atwood, Liverpool. SW Pass—Went to sea 27th, barque Halo on. APALACHICOLA—In port 27th, ship Lvdia Skol tleld, Skollit-Id, lor Liverpool, ldg. JACKSONVILLE—In port 13th, sch Walton, In graham, tor Boston. ST MARYS—Sid 20th, brig D B Doane, lor Dela ware Breakwater, for orders. SAVANNAH—Ar 31st, ship L B Gilchrist, Watts, Boston. CHARLESTON—Sid 1st inst, sch Chariotle Fish, Strong, Philadelphia. , RICHMOND—Ar 3d, sclis E Arc’itlarlus, Jackson, kavaunPh; Rising Sun, Jones. Boston. NORFOLK--Cld 2d, sch Paragon, Shute, Point a l etre. BALTIMORE—Ar 2d, sch Jas O’Donohue, Gilkev, Matanzas. 7 PHILADELPHIA— Ar 4th, barque Marv. Moon, " Hupper, Hupfkcr, Matanzas. At 4th. baraae Mary, Moon, Reruedios, lost 40 lilnls * ueek); Cephas Starrett, Gregory. Car brig Kossack, Elliott, do; sch * Mattie Holms, J vfiSiJZa8*’ I)acotal1’ Cartridge. Cardenas. i r!U nIivKf~Ar ith\ bri« A,ex Nlcke s, Rose rook,Gal\e9ton; sch Sabao, Laiuson, Cientuegos, to iias s. Cld 3d, Br brig Ada. Card, Portland and Halifax. Ar 5tb, barque Lavinia, l>a\D, Cienfm-gos; brigs Caprera, Hiehborn, Matunzas, A D .Iordan .Perkins Cieunngos. Also ar Mb. .hip Queen of tbe Ocean, EUiM.11, Foo ibow; dona May, Sagua. Ar 6th, brigs Scotland, Rose.Matanzas; A B Cook, Speed, 1 ort Royal; 1 eteran, Snow, Malaga: Lewis Clark, Bartlett, Cardenas. Cld 5th, brigs B Inginac. Gray, Port au Prince; L L Wadsworib, Bailey, Nucvitas ; Millwaukee Brown, Elizabethport; sch N Jones, Huntley, lor Jacksonville Sid 3d, Br sch La Have, Jone«, (from Ragged Isldi for Portland, with salt. NEW LONDON—Ar 4th, sell leader, Allen, Irom Rockland. PROVIDENCE—Ar 5th, sch E N Perry, Hamil ton. from Charleston. NEWPORT—Ar 4th, sebs City Point, Fisher, and Waterfall, Cameron, New York for Boston, (sec dis asters); Caroline C, Hamor, Treuienl for Philadel phia; Union, Dennison, Machlas for New York. WOOD’S HOLK-Ar 3d, sch Alicu G Grace, Gil christ. Swan Island. BOSTON—Ar 5tb. barque Ionic, Woodbury, St Paul ile Loanilo; brig Faustina. Gridin, Cienfuegoa; sclra Sea Flower, Chase, Elizabethport; Saginaw, Johnson, Poitland. Cld 5tb, brig Proteous, Mabony, Portland. Ar 6th, brig Mecosta, Dunbar. Cieufuegoa. Cld Cth, brig Loch Lomond, Black, Cardenas; sch Rossway. Lawson, Hayti via Portland. Also eld, brig Wm Mason, Small, Charleston; Sehs D M French, Jones, New Y'ork; Ocean Wave, Lan sil, Bangor; Watchman, Wooster, Hancock; Martha Sargent, Closson, Searsport. SALEM—Ar 4thtschs Mary Alice, Perry, N York • Sparta, Hopkins, Frankfort- Highlander, Turner, Orland ; John McAdani, Williams, tm St George for Philadelphia; Neuonset. Snow. Rockland. Ar 5tli, sclis Melbourne, Marson, Elizabethport lor Gardiner; Adrian. Everett, Rondout. Returned, sch Hume, Snow, from Portland for N Yoik, with sails split. GLOUCESTER!—Ar 4th, brig Bircli.ird & Torrev. Frisbec. Pbiladelpbia for Portsmouth; rchs Mary Clark, Amesbury, Camden tor New York; Gen Ma rion, Wyman. Rockland for Gardiner ; Massachu setts, Kenniston, New York lor Rockland; Wm Mc Cobb, Chipnmn, do for Augusta; Keron Happuch, I Ellis, do tor Bath: Express, Conaut, Camden for Fall River; Cora, Kqlley, New York; Briue, Pork hurst, Belfast. . Ar 5tb, sloop Yankee Girl, Hamilton, Boston for Portland. PORTSMOUTH—Ar 2d, sch Sarah E Jones, Fhh, Elizabethport. Ar3d, brig Robin, Hayford, Elizabethport. FOREIGN PORTS. At Bombay Feb 28, shin Wurtemburg, Chase, une; barque Col Ledyard, Wells, do. Ar at Aden 5th ult, ship Phineas Pendleton, Pen dleton, Carditl'. In port Feb 27. brig Madawaska, Balia; d, tor Zan zibar, Mareb 1. Sid im Madras Feb 17, Entcrpriso, Dunbar, lor Calcutta. At Dublin 22d ult, bark Pawnee, Archer, lor New York, ldg. Ar at Queenstown 23d, sliljis Ellen Hood. Pennell, from Liverpool tor New York, in distress ; 24 llu Samoaet. McCobb, do liar Philadelphia, leaky. Ar at Gibraltar 11th ult, ship Anna Camp, Drum mond, Callao, (and sailed 15th for Valenc.a): 12th, Star, Lorine, do, (and sailed 15th for Valencia). Ar a( Aecapulco 8th nit, ship Aberdeen, Cole, New York. Ar at Demerara Feb 27, barque Waldo, Baker, tin Mobile. Ar at Nuevitas30th ult, brig Aroostook, Bryant, New York. Ar at Havana 27th ult, brig Jossie A Devereaux, Clark, Boston; sell Ida F Wheeler, Dyer, Philadel phia. Chartered—Brig Cbarlena, tor Philadelphia, 400 hhda sugar, North side Cuba, 40c per too, and pay ment of port charges in Cuba. Ar at Matanzas 27th, brig Ellen Bernard, Burgess, Savannah. Sid 27th, brig Geo S Berry, Bradford, tor a port North of Hat (eras; sells N Clifford, Shiite, Phiiadel Bhia; C S Edwards, lor Caiharicn, to load North of [attera9. Ar at Cardenas ?0th ult, barque Oak Bulge, Ginn, New York; brig L M Merritt,; CO Colson, i Perry, Baltimore; sch Eri, Sprague, Charleston. Also ar 2Htb, barques Anna Klizaeth, Parker, rtn ! Frankfort; Ormus, Pettengill. New York; brigs O C Clary, Bryant, and I^ewia Clark, Bartlett, Phila delphia; schs Navita. Shields, St. John, NB; Bal loon. Clay, and Laurel, Staples, Franktor*; Moses Patten, Harding, Philadelphia; 27tli. brig A J Rosa, Small, do. Sid 25th. barque Carlton, Trecartin, North ol Hat teras; 26th, Emma, Davis, dodo; brig It F Nash, Lancy, Matanzas, to load toi do; 27 th, barque viary K Libby, Libby, New York; brig E l* Sweet, Chad bourne, North of Hatteras. Jn port 24th, brigs L Staples. Stowers, lor Boston, ldg; George W Chase, Dunning, for do, do; Mary A Chase, McDonald, tor Portland, do; Lewis Clark, Sweet, for New York,do; Walter Howes, Harding tbr Boston, do. Sid ftn Sagna 21st ult, barque Brunswick, Davit, New York. In p rt 15th ult. brig A F Larrabee, Carlisle, tor Philadelphia next day ; cb Jona May, Cobb, lor Philadelphia do; 25tli, brig Stockton, U»iliin, lor N«-w York; Ida M < ornery, McLeUan, tor Philadelphia; Uncle Jerry, Norton, lor do; Wenouah. S'urtevanl, for Portland; Moonlight. McFarland, lor Bos,>>n Ar at St John, NB, 3d in.-1, sch Caspian, Lunbtx. Machiaa. SPOKEN. March 21, lat 32. Ion 78, barque Neversink, Iroan New Orleans l.^Rfciladel'.hlu. Man li 23. lat 50 28, Ion 17 50, brig Sullivan, iron Savannah for Liverpool. March 27. lat 31 02, Ion T3 52. brig Kenubaw, from New York lor St Mann. No dab*, lat SI, Ion 72 21, ship Northern; t..n, of Bath, from Savann h lor Liver|*ool. NEW ADVERTISEMENTS. 8IMONTON4b ti NIGHT, Shipwright**, MAST AND SPAR MAKERS, AND DIALER* IN ttpara.Oak Tiaibrr, Oak and Hard Waad Plault, TrrraniU, dr. —iLKO— LUMBER, All kinds of Spruce Lumber. Frames and Dimen sion Lumber, my length up to 40 leet, sawed at short notice. 48 Commercial Street. aiirSII Re-Opened. CHARLES DAY ,JR. & CO. ttAVINQ taken the store No 94 Exchange street, ,11 (Jose's Block, opposite the new Portland Sav ing Bank,) respectfully invite their formor custom ers and the public to an inspection of their large and well selected stock of Gold and Silver Watehca, flock*, Fine Gold Jewelry, Solid Silver Ware, Roger*’ Plated Ware. -Also. Fancy Goods and Toys, Of French, German and American manufacture. Wc also have lor sale Children’s Carriages, Rocking Horses, Travelling Bags, Beads, and all kinds of Goods usually kept in such a store. The above stock is entirely now, and selected with great care. N. B. Particular attention paid to the repairing of Watches, Clocks and Jewelry by cxiterlenccd workmen, and warranted to give satisfaction. Apl 8—oodtt Corn lor JPlanting . 2AAA BUSHELS Prime Southern White vf Corn for seed. 14.000 Bushel* prime Soutliorn Yellow Corn in store and utloat, for sale by O’Brion, Pierce & Go., Apl 8—tf No. 152 Commercialal Street. To Printers. CypZ GOOD Compositors can find constant eni pioymentat the Printing House of Geo. C. Hand & Avery,No. 8 Cornhill, Boston. Apply at once to GEO. C. RAND & AVERY, BOSTON. Apl 8—lw Montreal Ocean Steamship Oo. CARRYING THE CANADIAN AND UNITED STATES MAI US. Panengera Booked to l.oorfondi rry nod 6S33SfSi.£r-r- ,icke'’ *•-*•-* - The Steamship Belgiau, Captain Brown, will A^riir°imi.U'iSJ^0-t lor„ Overpool, SATURDAY, April 13th, 1867, immediately Hlter the arrival ol the train or the previous dav from Montreal, to lie tol of April!thB 1>enlvl<ul>c'ttPt- Ballantine, on the 20th Passage to Londonderry and Liverpool, cabin, (ac cording to accommodation) *70 to *80 Steerage, S2,' Payable in Gold or.lts equivalent. Mr Bor Freight or passage apply to _ , „ H. * A. ALLAN, No. 3lndia St Portland, Nov. 20, 1800. Agents Wanted l THE complete Herbalist, or the people their own physicians by the use of Herbal Remedies is tne title ot one ot the best family medical hooka thit has ever been offercl to the public. The rap-d ,a£ of this book, and the large commission allowed pnn BONNEY & HAItRIMAN, COUNSELLORS AT LAW, No. lOO Exchange .Street, FERClV.lL r.OXNEV. DANIEL O. IIARRIMAN. aprBdlw Southern Pine Ship Plank, FROM It to 4 Inch—good lengths—now landing. Also, a few sticks ol sided timber, lor sale by RYAN & DAVIS, I Apt 8—dtt 1«I Commercial St. NEW ADVERTISEMENTS. NEW ESTABLISHMENT. Elegant Store No. 143 Middle Street. A.JParsous \ Co. Gentlemen’* anti Bop’* CLOTHING HOUSE. HAVING purchased of Messrs. Lewis, Kollivs & Bonn thclarce and splendid Ntock recently selected by them tor the New Store on Middle Street, ami added largely thereto, and having also LEAS ED said Store, we are now prepared to furnish both CITY AND COUNTRY TRADE. —AT— Wholesale and Retail, Every Article of Apparel usually found in a First Class Clothing —AND— FURNISHING GOODS EST ABLISHMEN T. \V» call the attention of Parents to onr Boys’ Department Where may bo found a Complete Equipment —FOR— Boys of all Ages S —AND— suited to all seasons. Wo have a Splendid Line of FURNISHING GOODS To wldeli we solicit the notice of YOUNG MEN. All of ivhich we offer at Prices with in the reach of all. C. A. PARSONS & CO., No. 143 Middle Street. Portland, April a, IW1. iLVwti PROPOSALS ~ For Furnishing Rough Hionc Torn Break water at the ltlouth of Nnco River, Maine, WILL be received at this office until 10 o'clock. A. Mon TUESDAY, the :mh hist. The quantity require«l, muter recent appro] i ia tions, will be fifty thousand tons, more or lens. The stone must be of suitable size and strength, and lie deposited In sueli places and in such manner as may be direct'd by the Sui»eriutcndiug Engineer, iu con formity with the plans adopted. The delivery of the stone must commence a* soon os practicable alter the approval ol 11m contract, aud be completed on or liefore the first of Dec in her next. Persons, in making proposals, -will slate the Jirieo nor tun (of 2240 pounds) id- stone th livei. d and leposltcd in |iosiiiun—the weight to 1m* ascertained at the expense of the contractor, and to the satisfac tion of the Superintending Engineer. Proposals will be considered lor ov< -h<Uj' or tor the whole of the above-numed amount. Should any persons find it impracticable to undertake the , job in the time ab.*ve specified, they arc requested to i state, in their prointsitls, the earliest period (t«» Is I not later than the first of July, 1808), iu which they will contract to complete R—with the understanding I that not less than thirty-five thousand tons will u- i delivered on or before the first day id iMemU r | next. Each pro]M)aal inns l l»e accompanied by a wilt leu guarantee signed by two res|*>nslble persons, Iu the ! required form, tbat the bidder will, when cartel on. If fils proposal be accepted, cuter into a contract and bond, with good aud sufficient security (tin-sureties and their places of residence to be nau.ed in the pro posal) fi»r tlie true and lairhfnl pertommnrc m bis contract. Tlieoontract will Ik* awarded to the lowest responsible bidder, and be subject to the approval of the Secretary of War. Tho undersigned, however, reserves the right U. exclude the bids of any i^rsuns who, there is reason to believe, will not faithfully and i»ro!it(»Uy |h riorm the contract; oiso any inlhnual bids, as well :»• those that are above a renpoiaubie price lor the work ; and no member ol Congress, officer or agent of Gm Government- nor any person employe.! iu the public service, shall !*e admitted to anv share iu the con tract, or any benefit which may arise Urrcthwi. Pa. menu will l« luale monthly-JO |*r . « ui. p l*r reserved therefrom, nmlf the whole work m on isbed, and to he lorietted ui the event of the non fulfil incut of the contract in tlie time and uMunvr aa therein required. Persona desiring to make proposals, w il pb ,u*e call on the undersigned at his office, in Morton DU K en t '< mgr ess street. I*«r torni* of Name, and for more • lefaitr information, if ikwirsd; and. >>i» trausuuttuig them, will endorse iberwusi “Proposals fbr improve meut of Saco river.** GEv. THoM, .. - Bvt. f. S. A. V. 9. Engineer Offiet, j Port laud, M«., April Mb, 1807. ) aprK M,W.A S,;:w PROPONALS WILL be received until 12 o’clock 11.. May P-d. v v 1*7, at the office of the Superintendent ol the new Oust*mi House, Portland, Maine, for fhinibhing ami delivering at site of building tho Granite work required therefor. Plans, specifications and samples of tho various grades of hammering may be secu at the office of the Supervising Architect of the Treasuty Depart ment at Washington, D. C., and at this office. Each proposal must bo accompanied by a sample ot the stock proposed, not over nine inches cube, prop erly marked with the name ot tho bidder, and must l»e submitted before the opening of tho bids. S|ieclfications and Blank forms tor proposals can lx; obtained from tho Supervising Architect or at Mils office, and no bid will be considered that, is not iu strict accordance with their requirements, and of this advertisement. All bids must be accompanied by the bond of two responsible persons in the sum ot $5,000, that the bidder will accept :u»d pe rform the contract if aw ard ed to him, the sufficiency of the security to be certi fied to byr the U. S. District Attorney, Judge or Clerk of the U. S. District Court. The Department reserve the right to reject any t>r all of the bids, and to accept ditto rent proposals tbr the basement Story and the Superstructure, if deem ed to the interest of the Government to do so. Proposals should be on dorsal “Proposals tor Gran ite-work,” and addressed to HENRY KINGSBURY, Superintendent Custom House, apr8 Portland, Me. THE CHINGARORA ANTI-NERVOUS SMOKING TOBACCO. The CHINOAKOKA TOBACCO g m. from the rich noil of the “ ORIENT,” anil 1. jeecuel of a pe culiarly delicious flavor entirely unknown toihe to bacco of all other climes. But lls unprecedented popularity has sprung from the fact ol the entire ale sence of that deadly poison Xicotin. which fieimeate every other tobacco, and which is tbe oue and sol, cadss of the distressing nervous diseases, dyspepsia, &e., which most invariably sooner or later, follow tho indulgence of the pipe and cigar. At the recent analyzation of tobacco from all jinris of the world at the Academy of Sciences, in Tarls, the rein.s net! Chemist, M. Lamuvbeaox, declared ilia! while Eu-, ropean and American tol«eco contained fully tight per cent., and tho purest Havana tobacco from two to five per cent, or .Vicotifi, llie ClIIMlAUuUA did notrontnin one discoverable particle of that deadly poison, a drop ol which, extracted, will destroy life. Our Agent at BOMBAY has sliip|s-d us largequan titles of the CHTNllARORA (hiring the past two years, and although wo have boon pressed to supple the demand for this delicious luxury to the vote tan suioker, yet we are now prepared to oiler it in Knlim I toil quantities, at a price much lower than sonic American tobacco of u far Inferior quality. A connoisseur lias bat, to smoke the American to bacco and segars, which nre Invariably chemically flavored, to be disgusted with the medicinal taste which leaves a nauseous, unhealthy coating In the mouth, anil In time seldom tails to shatter the ner vous system. The natives of th« “ORIENT” smoke the CI1IN GAKORA from morn till night, from youth to age, and are happily iiiiiouscloua of tin wild, d is treating tire which courses through the veins of the inhaler of the frnues of tobacco containing Xicotin. We invite every lover of the weed to try the C111N UARORA. and guarantee unprecedented plea sou, in Its delicious flavor. CysouTEVERY WHERE. EDWIN M. COOK <0 CO. Sole Agents and Importers of the CUIXtIAItORA TOBACCO for the United States and Canadas, and Dealers in all kinds nf Havana and American Segars and Tobaccos, MAIN DEPOT, 197 Duane St., New York. aprBd3m To Contractors. PROPOSALS for building u School house rttCAPE ELIZABETH will be received till Natvkhay next, at the office of F. II. FisuETT, Architect, City I Hall Building, where the plans and apt -itJcittl.n ucaii be u. Tbe Coaiinittee claim the privilege of re Jecting any or all propoaitioim not deemed for the In teroat yf the <list riel. ♦JOHN R. CHASE, ♦lollN L. KLLJNH\Vo«»l>. RAMIL STKOl l\ «IH. Portlaml, April 8, 1867. A|*l A Situation WanUdl. BY a man to travel In s. II*. A largo trade already established. Is Hi rougblv ixqiuilnted Nl«h the Grocery and Flour burin***!11, , J*" ,n^ he rery best of rocommLndation*- ,rti*; dling ft the last three yea' Adilris- Box 1R4. Portland P. st OtMce._A*'hy,"_ REM 0_V A L ! rHE U S. CLAIM AtltNCYoi W II Kl SSKN DEN has been removed to No. HI I-11 ... iraaa Mtreei. corner i heetnat wear City Hsil. apmdlw* \ EWADTEBWBM MW. Can iayea! Carriayes ! 1* O it T I, AND, 802 Congress Street. J. M. KIMBALL Jb CO., Have now on hand and for sale the largest and best assortment of Carriages ever ofthiwflln ,his market. consisting in part ol the mu*.wing celebrat ed styles, viz: Extension Top Cabriol.-tta, Platform Spring and Perch, very light; Light Carryall* Standing Top and Extension Top; «ho celebrated •• k iitihull Jump Mewl” with improve«l From Seat; “Sun Shades” of elegant (ttttrru; U.ntiemcna "Baud Wagon*,” very light; “Hancock, “Goddard," Jenny l.iml” and other Top Buggies of superior make and llnlah. Top Buggies as low as $250.00. Copcoid stvlo wagons from *l-r»OOU to $200.00— Warranted. A)ho Tw-. -teat Wagon* for Farmers* u-e. uprNlJfcwdm _ FRUIT! FRUIT! FRUIT! l^ancy Groceries I 0 O IN F KCTION K 1C Y r 1 K'lolml‘». Pure Unices, Nut*, 1 igSt 1 , llum* Raisins, Currants, Pre Gree. ££*£X > •»*—y Tobacco, Oigirs, &c., With a great variety of goods too forgo to (numerate. ■ or Male at Reanonable kn(««. tlive*us a call. Send us your orders or send for a circular, and «ve will guarantee satisfaction. ,T. A. FENDERSON, (Formerly ot tlic firm ol Fenderson & Sabine,) J) Exclmnue street, Ajil 6eod2w _ PORTLAND, Ale. , Piano tor Sale. A SEVEN Octave Piano, Case, lour A round corners, Boston make, has been used but little, will be old at u baigain. Apply at this ottice. A pi s— tawtw srilIXG OVER-SACKS, Business and Walking Suits, - OF - Beautiful Materials and Fashionably Made And an elegant assortment uf A Gentlemen's Fui niching Good*, FOR SALE LOW BY Robinson X Knight, 288 Congress Street nprbdlw Opposite Preble House. Spring Millinery I No. 2 Deering Block. NIKS. CUSHMAN lias just received a fresh assortment of early SB RING GOODS, Ot the latest styles, to which she invites the atten tion of the ladies of Pm Hand and vicinity. Ap< it 4—:’.wed HA YEN Jt J>(> Id LASS, IMPORTERS OF CROCKERY WARE, VKK now established in the new Store, built ex pressly for them, No. J IN A! hi tile Street, Where they will kgep, hh umial, a lull assortment ul Crockery, Glass, China and Plated GOODS; Lamp., Chimura, Wick. Vaww, Ac. apl 4 iw JOflN /’. SllERR Y, I RESPECTFULLY announces to his Friends and 1 the Public that he has this day disposed of his interest porr.dning to the HilAVJNO Dtl’AKT MBNToi his business, to J. B. Pike & G. F. Goodridgi*. The hitter g.-ntlemnn, ns Is well known, has lora bnia time been in his employ. He would roost cor dially recommend bis patrons in this department to the now tinn. He intend , himself to give hi.- undivided attention to hair cutting, dressing, *'D HAIR WORK, 1 *r which lit' i, tilting u,» u. rw'iiis room, lor 1 o.lii , and riiildrcu's Im.r cutting. N. B. IMrluulu attention |aid to cutting child rrn’ahair. _ aprttl Hools and MIioch ! CLA R KE .1 Hi WELL, Miirkrf S<ntni*<*. U rKr m And will nllai rxsl a quality ot BobU ▼ I uml Shoes, a« a ehonp rat.; as can be (band lu ibe citf, We have Mine »tmp worn moo<1» and others a liiilt* oat ot the pr« wfii style which we wish »o dose out before^ into our new store ami will •ell them at Titan Hull the Original ( out. Cnll an«l examine for yourselves, opposite Preble Street. u|* new e 3 d R EMOYAL ! DAVtS Jt JJRVMMOM>, COUNSELLORS AT LAW, - AND - Solicitor* in Bankruptcy, No. IOO Exchange Minrl, Opposite Portland Savings Bank Building. Portland.^ April 5, 1867. apr 6dtt' SAMVEL E. COBB, No. -CoiijfriiMK Street, NEAR HEAD OF GREEN STREET. FORTES, Mclodcous, Organs, Guitars, ' ,0*ins, Banjos, Flut na*. Music Boxes, Con certinas, AccordeoiiH, TumhwriiiPH, Mutes, Flageo lets, Picaloa, Clarionets, Violin Bows, Music Stools, Music Stunts, Drums. Fites, Sheet Music, Music Books, A lolin and Guitar Strings, Stere. and V tews. Umbrella*, Cams, Clocks, Bird Cages, Look mg Glauses, Albums, stationery, Pens, Ink, Rocking Morses, ricturea and Frame*, Fancy HiokUs, Chil m-cn s Carriages ami a great variety of other articles 01.1 PiauiH I nk, ,, in Kxrhnugr fw New. Uf"I *ianos and Molodeons tuned an*I to rent. April «—tt Mr. norms, ATTORNEY AT LAW, Sturdivant Block, No. IO<»Kxcliuiiir«> Strop! Apl«—,|| w E OR SALE. 10( ) BBI.S. EASTERN D. APPUCi. 'UtOrwi •• I AO Bn. II. G. SEED. AO Bn. Clover Need. AO Bills, clear Pork. AO Tierces Choice Lard. Also Choice Brands of FV.ur, by JtTCiniab Vlowe A I’o,, Ti rjl : w .-»•:,! Internatioiial_Steamship Co. rpHKKK will be a Special Meeting ot the Interna I Uon.l Mean'ship Company at their other. Union and Uorniiirrciai street*, on IHCHSIi v V April eh'vcntb at S o'clock !• M. to ace If Uic stock holders will,efc t„ Increase Iho Capital stock of Itio i'.ISffT?.' "V “Y olll«r I'o-ine.. that may legally coim t*‘tore the tier ting, 1 ier order oftlie Directors. H. J. LIBBY, Secretary Portland, March 27,18C7. mrShltd ** INSTRUCTION IN Lend Pencil ;ind Crayon Drawing, OlYEN BY Miss Sen all, at JI3I Congress St., »I>r6_Six doora above L'asco, Up Slairs. dif NOTICE. Public Notice. T*,B City Liquor Agency is removed to the old J stand, m I ho new building on the emuor of Con gress and Market Streets, and will be stocked with pure liquors, f I sale strietly in aceoidance with Ibe requirements ol the law, tin medietual a ,d mechanl cal purposes None but pure, unalloyed liquors, prncnr«i*ih ly from fIto State Commission, will bo kept lor sale Physician and others interested are respectfully invited to examine this sloek at anv time, and to test praetieallv auy package sold, to satiety themselves ol its quality. J, J. GERUISH, “l'f kllw_City Agent NOTICE. IJTICE is hereby given that Fore ItivertPortJnnd i.1 and Capo Elizabeth) Bridge, will he up Ibr re pairs on aud oiler Monday, sth mat, uutil complet rEtt Order ok Cot art Conn issiox bus. Portland, April 3d, '67. “14*131* w 11 For sale. \GOOI> opportunity is offered lor a man with a small capital, by pur. basing the state Right of Towusentl's Patent Gloss Poor Plato. About two hundred have been put on in Portland dm mg the imst week. For further particulars u, quire of E. A. BA<'HE l.l >EK, marl'isL'w*_ 'A Green Street ) l I Bs Prime Canada and Vermont Bailer 'B ; just received and lor «ale !•> J. I.. W BIB I, h 71 Fuse a jgMOKKII TONGUJgy. BACON mm! HAMM. „f . ty su|. ri..r quality, tor sale bv tnw9ndil_J. WBBBN Kota ratine. VI'EW j*. nth Hen ran he wttfc |l* r«M«n« *•»•! im • M No. # Mayo Slfprt »'*r «r. « lw Lmi lamer TWOet theme Store lets on Urn N ntmety *0* _r MkMk I»MI, MMT iW h—4 «f rt»i ttrm. CrtT^ fey iV 1lTB»ltl Hat k ' HBmL. J2S J'.ilf"* ■* “,s «T» R1 K Nrtly*4. HmtI t. IM7