Newspaper of Portland Daily Press, April 8, 1867, Page 3

Newspaper of Portland Daily Press dated April 8, 1867 Page 3
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LATEST NEWS Bl~ TKUXUtAl'H TO Til K PORTLAND DAII.V PBCSO. -- ><#»■ Mon lay Horning, April 8. 1867. —- - ---- WASHINGTON. Confirmations and Rejections. The Case of INieholus Carr. THE I .ATE .11 r \ ICIS StWH NOT taiiWTHU' Washington, April 6. The Senate bss continued Henry G. Thomas "M:\jor General by brevet, and Wagner 8 wayne, Thomas I* Crittenden, Daniel E. Sickles, Jos . j,h J. Reynolds, Benjamin H. Grierson and nelson A. Wells, Brigadier Generals bv bre vet. Hie Senate rejected Adolpbeus E. Jones for po>-1 master of Cincinnati. In tbe case ol Nicholas Carr, convicted of manslaughter and sentenced to be branded, an order was received from Gen. Sickles prohibit ing branding,on the ground that itcomes with in the law of Congress against maiming. The jtdgmtnt of the Court w as amended, and the prisoner fined $2000 and imprisoned tor tw'elve months. Washington, April 7. The Senate has confirmed Joseph N. Hodges for Postmaster at Foxborough, Mass, and Maj. Gen. Edward McCord to be 1st Lieutenant in the 4th regiment of United States cavalry. Gentlemen here well informed on Mexican •affairs, disbelieve the report by way of Vera Cruz, of Gen. Escobado’s defeat. The following is an extract from u letter re ceived in Washington to-day, dated Vera Cruz, March 22d: The Imperial Commissioner at Pm bht leaves by this steamer, the Alabama, and this show's how little confidence the people have in the success of the Empire. Passen gers from the interior report Gen. Diaz was at tacking the city of Puebla, being already in possession of the outer works, and the greater part of the Imperialists were reduced to the plaza or square, and by this time they have un doubtedly been captured, and Gen. Diaz will be left free to march on the city of Mexico, where lie had already a large portion of his strnty in good position. Hon. Thaddeus Stevens lias been confined to his bed ever since Wednesday last, from gene ral prostration and an affection oi the heart. Secretary Sew'nrd called this afternoon, but Mr. Stevens was too ill to see him and other inquiring friends. Within a lew days past there has been a large contribution of facts from various sources con cerning l ho character off the Russian Ameri can territory, serving to show that comparative ly little lias heretofore been known eoncerniug it. In consequence of these m*w revelations, there is a better prospect than there was a week ago for the rat ideation of the pending treaty. MEXICO. Reported Defeat of the Imperial ists. Santa Anna Organizing a Force for Invasion. New Orleans, April G. Bruwnsvil’c dates of the 3d iust., Monterey of the ‘27th lilt., Saltillo of the 20th and San Luis of the 2otl», are received. There were no new features in the seige of Querctaro. The Republicans were not dispos ed to assault hut hoped to capture the city by starving out the Imperialists. A letter from a well known merchant of Zacatecas, says the last news from Quetetaro to the 12th nit., was to the effect that the Im perialists atempted a sally, hut were driven in with fifteen killed. Porfiero Diaz was at Guadalupe, one league fro in the city of Mexico. Riva Paktcio was iu Tacabaya. Many other thuds were about the City of Mexico with a force of marly 20,000 men. The reported capture of La Campaua and the fortifications of La Cuerta is authoritative ly contradicted. New Vork, April 7. The Herald’s spccialjdispatches from San Luis Potosi via Galveston deny the report of the defeat of Escobado. On the contrary it is said that Maximilian’s forces made a sortie from Queretaro and were driven hack after five hours hard fighting. Both armies were being reinforced, Escobado having drawn in his lines, leaving open the road to Mexico City. Forced loans were being levied in all the principal cities. Several Americans been arrested at Bagdad for assaulting the Mexican guard. The Mexican Miuister at Washington has reliable information that Lanta Anna is or ganizing a filibustering force for the invasion of Mexico. The party is known as the Emi gration Society and has many military uota twes among its members. GREAT FIBK AT B1NTPORT. The Town again Threatened with I)e ■fraetiou. Eastport, April G. About f) l-*2 o’clock last evening a fire broke out in a building on Hayden’s wharf, occupied by Mr. Leland, its a grocery. The building is a total loss, together with two adjoining build ings. The st.oie occupied by Mr. Whalen, cor ner of Wafer street, was partially consumed. Loss estimated at $2,000; mostly insured. The town barely escaped destruction. The following persons were burned out: Robinson, junk store, loss $6,000, insured $2,000; Leland, grocer, loss $5,000, insured $2,500; Kane, gro cer, $3,000. insured $2,000; P. Whalen, flour and coin, loss $8,000, insured $5,000. He own ed all the buildings burned. The total loss by the tire is $10,000 to $20,000; partially insured. Many of the merchants removed their stock. E. E. Webster, W. & J. Campbell, Witherell, Dyer and Bibber and others lost from $6,000 to $8,000 by having goods stolen. The Home In surance Company, New Haven, are the largest losers. EUROPE. Ngw« H V THE V A H I. E . London, April B. The budget laid before the House of Com mons last night by Mr. D’lsiaeli gives general satisfaction, and is well received by the press and members of Parliament. All hopes for the safety of Dr. Livingstone have been abandoned. Later advices from the Cape of Good Hope confirm beyond doubt the report of his death. Berlin, April 5. The North German Parliament will adjourn on the 15tli. The Prussian government is about to raise a loan of thirty million thalers. Dublin, April 5—Evening. A desperate rebel recently taken prisoner in the fight near tliis city, and who gave liis name as McClure, proves on examination to he Col. "Melver, a prominent Fenian agitator and for merly an officer in the United States service. Liverpool, April 5. The ship W. B. Dinamore, from Callao for Hamburg, put into Shields to-day, having sus tained severe damage from collision with an unknown vessel at sea. The steamship Denmark, from New York, lias arrived out. News from Colorado and ;tlie Overland Houle. New York, April 6. Edward H. Hall, who left this city on the 11th of December last for China and Japan by the Pacific Main line, reached this city to-day, returning from San Francisco overland. He furnishes the following items of news: Gen. Connor arrived out at Austin on the 27th of February. Met Gen. Cbetain March 15th en route to Salt Lake City. TheJtforinnn temple and tabernacle at Salt Lake are advancing rapidly to completion Gen. Augur and staff were detained at Lone Star station on tlie Union Pacific Railroad from the 23d to the 30th of March, when he proceeded to Fort Kearney. The snow block ade on that road and its Eastern connections, , tlie Chicago and North Western, has been re moved, and file curs and stages are now mak ing regular time. No foundation exists for tlie reported massa cre atIfort John Buford. They knew nothing of it along the line of tlie .Overland Mail and Union Pacific Railroad at the date it was re ported to have taken place, nor was the report credited at Denver or Omaha. The winter had been one of unprecedented BOVC rity. ' T housunds of cattle, horses,* mules and tome tew families perished with cold and hunger. The stations on the Overland Mail Sine have been kept supplied with provisions at groat cost and labor. The snow in many place* rendered the roads impassable for miles in the vicinity of Salt Lake city. The ther mometer ranged from to 40 degrees below zero tor several days during Mar h. I’rnui t rilWoi Ilia nml Arizonn. Ban Francisco. April (1. Late advices from Arizona Territory report . great damage by the floods. Arizona City has been inundated and several houses washed away. * The Apache Indians had attacked the Money mine, killing one and wounding several, among them Oscar Buckalew, the new United States Senator, who was dangerously hurt.— Five Indians were killed and numbers wound ed. The savages were well armed with guns and rifles. The leading bankers and capitalists of this <eity have purchased the steamships Idaho, Montana, aud Oregonian, lor the purpose of ■establishing a line of opposition steamers be tween this city ainl New York via Panama. It is understood that vessels are ready to make the connection on the Atlantic side. An enthusiastic meeting was held on last Thursday night, in aid of the destitute people of the Southern States. Gov. Low presided. Over$1,lO0 were subscribed and arrangements were made to take up collections through the Pacific States. The express, navigation, rail road, stage and telegraph companies have all offered their gratuitous services. Trngedic* at And«vcr,iTfa*a.—iVfnrder and An<*ua|it«‘ft KuliitPis Lawkence, Mass., April «J. A dreadful tragedy took place in Andover on Wednesday afternoon. Terrence Carroll, a man over fifty years of age, quarreled with his 'rife, who had remonstrated with him for striking a grandchild, and seizing a hot flat iron from the stove he smashed i 11 her skull. The murderer is supposed to be partially in sane. Ho was committed tor trial. A young woman of desperate and disreputa ble character shot herself, in the same town, on Monday. She Jigs dangerously wounded at the poor farm XLth 00N 8BESS—Executive Session. Washington, April 6. SENATE. Mr Anthony made a report from the Com- , mutoe on Printing, against printing additional j . unies of the report of the Commissioner of ! \..ricuiture, but providing that 1,000 copies ot ! \ heretofore ordered lie furnished to that irticer in order to meet the demands upon him. Mr. ('handler said the Booate had been re markably libera) towards nominees, and as an instance of bow they expressed their gratitude, Iff ‘ l',1,'1' , *° ** . rea<l a newspaper article.— .Clerk read it in substance as follows: that at the complemeutary serenade on Thursday night tendered to John AAr. Frazier, recently confirmed as Assessor of Internal Revenue, for the 1st district of Pennsylvania, tliif geutlewau is reported to have said in ac knowledging the honor, that a number of bis Radical iriends had invited hi into return to the fold, which he declined; he did not consid er himself under any obligation to the Senate, for lie was appointed to fill a vacancy. Politi cally, he was still conservative, in favor of Johnson, Grant and the Supreme Court, and in contradistinction to Messrs. Sumuer, Stev ens and Butler. He was against the radical element trampling the Constitution under loot, injuring of the currency, etc." Mr. Sumner did not, as was expected, call up his resolution for the expulsion of Mr. Saulsbury. The Senate then went into executive ses sion. The President and the Action of General Nhnrkcy end Others. New Yoke, April C. The Herald’s AVasbiugton dispatch says the statement so persistently circulated that the , President is the prime mover in the effort now being made to obtain a decision of the Supreme Court on the constitutionality of the recon struction act is emphatically denied by the author of the petition aud originators ot the movement. A few days ago Hon. AV. L. ' Sharkey called upon the President aud form ally notified him that he was about to proceed igainst him. To this the President did not re ply in a dozen words and they expressed neither approval or disapproval of the move ment. Judge Sharkey lias been heard to say he does not know what the opinions of Presi dent Johnson are on the subject, and that the President had nothing whatever to do with the matter either directly or indirectly. Striker*’ Riot in Pennsylvania. Harrisburg, PA., April C. The sheriff of Luzerne County has tele graphed to the Govern ir that a serious riot ex ists in Hazeltou and Foster townships in that : County, that his authority was exhausted with out success, that an armed and organized force was necessary, and that he wished an order . ailing out Capt. Ellis’ company of Wyoming veterans. Soon after Capt. Ellis telegraphed that ttie sheriff had ordered him out to quell the riot aud asked further orders. The Gover nor subsequently telegraphed to a prominent ’■itizen ot Luzerne County, who advised him of the exact condition of affairs, and then sent an order to Capt. Ellis ordering him to hold his company in readiness for future orders, but in no event to move without orders from him. It is unofficially understood that the cause of the riot is a strike for higher wages, the majority attempting to prevent the minority from work ing- ____ New York Item*. New York, April 7. Anthony Mahn, who a few nights since stab bed and killed Stephen C. Carland, has been committed on a verdict of the coroner’s jury. Four hundred and nineteen deaths occurred in this city last week. Nathaniel Oakley was arrested yesterday on a charge of engraving plates to print fractional currency from. Capt. John Powell, of Brooklyn, is building a vessel 23 feet long, to be propelled by four sails arranged like the sails of a wind-mill, in which he intends to cross the Atlantic. New $10 counterfeit bills on the National Bank. 01 Cherry Valley, N. Y., are in ciroula lion. At a meeting of the Workingmen’s Union last jiight, it was stated that 450 carpenters out of 950 on a strike, had received the advance de manded. In Brooklyn the strike had been en tirely successful. - The Bnytien Revolution. Boston, April 6. A private letter received here, dated Port au Prince, March 14, confirms the overthrow of the late government of Hayti. Two attempts of tho revolutionary party were made; the lirst on the 22d of February at the capital, which was suppressed by President Geffrard, and the leader of the insurgents, Prospero Elie and his son, were killed. The second attempt, a few days after, which was made at St. Marc’s, was successful. Geffrard, finding public feel ing too strong, sent in bis resignation, and on the 13th of March embarked with his family on board a French man-of-war for Jamaica. A new President would shortly be elected. Tbe Reported massacre at Fort Buford Ynfoauded. St. Louis, April 6. Additional evidence that the reported mas sacre at Fort Buford is unfounded, is received in letters from Fort Rice, dated Feb. 25th, and which make no meriflon of Mrs. Col. Rankin having arrived there as reported in the letter published in Philadelphia. Gen. Sherman has a letter from Col. Rankin, of a date subse quent to the time the massacre is said to have been committed. Arrest of a Confidence Man. Springfield, Mass., April 7. Deputy Constables Chapiu and Wright ar rested at South Hadley, last nighty a clerical confidence man, who lias done an extensive business in this vicinity for several weeks among ministers and religious societies, under names ot Cook, Burns and Chambers. Last week he attempted to get a thousand dollar i heck on his “London bankers" by heavy South Hadley manufacturers, representing himself as the agent of a London publishing house. Railroad Conductor Killed. Boston, April 6. Richard Batebelder, railroad conductor, was knocked from the top of a freight train be tween Lawrence and Salem, yesterday, and in stantly killed. Strike at I.ewiston. Lewiston, April 0. Tlie mule spiuuors in all four cotton mills of this place have been on a strike for ten hours, since Monday. All our mills are running as usual, and probably will continue to do so, with new help. Miscellaneous Dispatches. Louisville, Ky., April 7. Phillip Tomppest, Independent Democrat, was re elected Mayor, yesterday, by 2,018 ma jority. The total vote polled was 7,072, Harrisburg, Peun., April 7. Nothing later from Luzerne County has been received and the presumption is that all is c|uiet Ottawa. C. W., April G. Parliament is prorogued uutil the llith of May. The discount on American invoices for this week will be 25 per cent. New Orleans, April G. The levees above continue unfavorable. The Mayor of Baton Rouge telegraphs that Hall’s levee is iu imminent danger. bhip News. Ai at New York 7th bark Mary £. Libby, Port land, from Cardenas; also, Walter H. Thorndike, Rock land, from Curacao. THE HABKE1 8. Financial. New York, April 6. The Post says tho loan market is more tranquil. Call loans 7 per cent, with less urgent demand.— Stocks unsettled and inactive. Governments dull. Railroad shares without animation. Foreign Ex change closes quiet for the steamer. —-1_ New York Markets. New York, April 6. Cotton—steady; sales 1,800 bales; Middling Up lands at 28c. Flour—Receipts 3,148 bbls; sales 10,500 bbls; State and Western 10 @ 25c better with more doing. Sup erfine State at 10 00 @ 11 15; Extra do. at 11 25 @ 12 25; Choice do at 12 30 @ 13 20; Round Hoop Ohio 12 05 @ 13 05; Choice do 13 10 @14 35; Superfine Western 10 10 @ 1115; Common to good Extra Wes tern 11 35 @ 12 80; choice do. 12 85 @ 14 35; Southern tinner; tales 4G0 bbls.; mixed to good at 11 C5 @ 13 10; Fancy and Extra, 12 20 @ 17 25; California firmer with sales of 800 sacks and bbls. at 16 00@ 1G 10. Wheat—active and excited and 8@ 10c higher, with good speculative demand for Spring; sales 132.000 lmsh.; No. 3 Chicago Spring and No. 2 and No. 3 Milwaukee Mixed at 2 40 @ 2 67; Amber State at 3 25; *M‘ber Michigan at 3 30; foThito California at 3 20 @ 3 30; Choice do at 3 40. .Corn—active and 1 @ 2e better; sales IGG.OOObush.; Mixed Western, in store, at 121 (a) 1 224, ehieflv at 1 21 @ 1 22; do, afloat at 123; Yelfow Southern 1 23 tor new. slia/le flrmcr; sales 68,000 lmsh.; State at 73} % 75c; old Western at 67 @ 68c; new do at 6S® 70c. Beet—steady; sales 423 bbls; new plain mess at 12 00 @ 20 00; new extra do, 18 50 (w 23 50. Pori;—heavy and lower; sales 5,400 bbls.; now mess at 22 00 @2386, closing at 22 04 rash; regular old mess at 22 00 @ 22 25; prime at 19 50 @ lf»75; also 1,000 bbls. new mess, sellers May, on private terms, i aiid buyer for April at 23 25@ 25 37. Lard—unchanged; sales 050 bbls, at 12 @ I3]c for new. Butter—dull; sales Ohio at 10 @ 15c; State at 20 @ I 33c. Whiskey—quiet. Rice—dull. Sugars—in tair demand; sales700hhds. Muscovado at 10 @ lie. Coffee—quiet and firm. Molasses—quiet. Naval Stores—quiet; Spirits Turpentine at 76 @ fi8081*1. at 4 12* @900. wlialenquiet1 ’ lin8e*“ at 1 27 @ 1 28; lard, sperm and e/at'23l™7r,Uie‘: CTUde at 16 ® 16ic i reflncd bond \v™iW"fir,T,"a.!n i’ i9a,e9109.000 lbs. at 101 @ 114c. , 55SX SSS1— Chicago Markets. Chicago. April c. Flour firm and steady. Wheat opened strong and advanced Be bnt afterwards declined Sc, closing quiet; Haled No. 1 at 2 !»0 delivered) and No. 2 at 2 3ft @ 2 4», closing with sellers at 2 41 for No. 2. Corn active and advanced 14 Cuij 2e; sales at 1 02 fffi I 04 for No. 1. Oats steady and in good demand with nn advance of 1 fy) lje, closing at r:;i ui M*c for Winter receipts No. 2. Hvc advanced B fe 6c; sales at 1 44 @ 1 4« for No. 1; No. J at 1 41 in 1 43, closing strong at outside quota . VV' advanced 1 («) 2c; salt's No. 2 at 1 <>8 (ju> ! '* oVS @ 24c bonded. Wlit-key ' eVi, 1,‘, i??'1- Pork-sellers nsk 22 50, wilh lm, Ms ;,t 22iK) Bulk Meats quiet; shoulders prime1 HU‘ani'ln^ " * for llMW- Lar‘‘ 1,1111 at 13® for Iteceipts—3 500 bbls. flonr, 14.000 busli wheat 15 003 bush, eom, 3,500 busli oat. 1 merits—0,000 ouu. flouTwoo hilT^S! 4 m bush, corn, 1.000 bush. oats. °»su. wheat, t,000 t'inriunnli Markets. Flour in good demand for higher grad”’ suoerfine Siwins Wheat at 10 00 @ 11 00; there is no’woerlu the market; trade brands at 12 00® 1350- wo.,!.. 14 00 15 25; fancy brands at 15 50 ® lfoo; stick liaht >5 heat advanced 10c and demand in excess of supply • la Spring af any consequence in market; No. 2 Win ter a-.Id at 3 9d, and White Kentucky at 3 25. Corn In good demand and a shade higher; sales ear 80c; shelled 95c; iy bulk at 95 a 98c: narks sold at 1 00 tor delivery next week. C>ats in lair demand at 70 cy 71c with more offering at the cloae. liye firm and ad vanced to 1 75. Barley dull; choice Spring 1 20; Fall dull and not saleable at over 150 for choice. Whiskey dull at 2b u 25lc in bond. Mean Pork dull with no UeKiiaiid; oltv a' 22 75 <3 23 00, and nominal. Bulk M. ais dull at 8 (S 10c for loose boulders and sides, and lie for ham. Bacon in good demand at W: 11J a. ljk* for shoulders, sides and clear sides. Hams steaiiv at 13 & 13]c for plain, and 15 @ 15Jc tor sugar cured. Lard wa> held at 12] & 13c, with no demand, these rates being nominal. Butter very scarce; tresh made in demand at 30 (ry 35c. Cheese linn at 17 (g 17jc; common Ohio at 18 (gj 19c for fhetory. New Orleans Markets. New Orleans, April 5. Cotton—unsettled and easier; sales 1,500 bales; Low Middling at 271c; receipts 1,058 bales; exports 3,425 bales. Sugar—demand limited; prime to choice I3gc. Molasses—market bare. Sterling Exchange I 43] @ l 45£. Exchange on New York | premium, sight. Comiuc*i,t*inl-”Pci* Cubic* m London, April C, Noon. •Consols for money opened at 91. American Securities.—The following are the current qu tatious for American Securities: Illinois Central Railroad Shares 78}. Erie Railroad shares 375. Uuited Stales 5-20*8 75}. Frankfort, April c. United States bonds open at 78. Paris, April 6. United States 5-20’s 84}. „ . Liverpool, April 6. The Cotton market is dull and inactive, and prices further declined Jd; Middling uplands at 12}d; Mid dling Orleans 13d; sales 7,000 bales. Breadstuff market firm. Flour 28s 9d for Western Canal. Wheat 13s 6d for Milwaukee red and California White. Corn Mixed Western 41s per quarter. Oats 3s 4d per 45 pounds. Barley 4s 7o. Peas 43s i»er quarter for Can adian. Provisions—The market is quiet. Pork 77s Gd. Beef 127s Gd. B;icon38sGd. Lard 49s. Tallow 44s Gd. Produce—1The market is generally unchang ed. Petroleum lid for spirits, and Is 5d lor standard White. Resin 8s Gd for common Wilmington, and 16s for fine. Ashes, pots 33s per cwt. Spirits Turpen tine 37s. ifvnoN, April 6, Noon. The markets are generally unei.°<kod. Seeds— Clover 54s; Linseed 66s. Iron 62s fot pig. Linseed Cakes £10 per ton. Linseed Oil £39 per««ik Wha’e Oil £41 per ton; Sperm £131 per ton. Boston Slock iiiat* Sales at the Brokers* Board, April G. American Gold. 133 United States Coupon Sixes, 1881. 109 United States 7 3*10ths, 1st series. 105} “ 2d series. 106} II 0.1 QutIa* IAIfI United State* 5-20s, 18G2. 10W “ 1864 . 107} “ 1865 . 108} United States Ten-forties. 97I Portland, Saco & Portsmouth Railroad. 101 Western Railroad. 139 (Sales at Auction.] Androscoggin Mills. 180 Saco Water Power Co. 2oO Pepperell Manufacturing Company. 1000 Boston and Maine Railroad. 127 Portland City Sixes, 1877 . 94} Bath Cit}’Sixes, 1891. 91} Kastern Railroad Sixes, 18/4. 95} New Hampshire State Sixes. 99} NEW ADVEKTISEMENTS. List of Letters Unclaimed IN tlie POST OFFICE AT PORTLAND, Maine, on the 8th day of April, 186T. LADIES’ LIST. Abbott Eliza T Jordan Cordelia Alexander Mary E Jackson E M Ash Ruth C Jordan Jas mra Adams Sarah A mrs Jameson Jane Butler Alice Kilbey E mrs Baldwin Anna Kingsbury Jane mra ltridgham C B Dr mrs Lowe Annie M mrs Bracy Elizabeth mrs Logan Alvina Blank Emma A mrs Lewis Emma Boyd Esther mrs Libby Eugenia Brown Etta cape E Lawrence Hattie S Brown Lizzie M 2 Lothrop Martha Bond Es'her mrs LoringME Bean Feltcia H mrs Darkin Mary A Burns Hanglmcy mrs Morrison Ann mrs Bartlett Hattie Maxwell Annie mrs Bishop Isabella McWilliams Bridget Brown Jan es Cmrs Moughton Bridget Bailey Sulia B Miller Clara F mrs Brown Jas B mrs tor Mary Mon is Catharine mrs Grogan Murphy C O mrs Bennett L Olevie Morgan Lizzie mrs Real Lot tie m rg Moody Hannah D mrs Blubun Mary A Morrill II J Black Pliilcnia B mrs Morris Jennie B + Bliss Koxie E Morrison Lonsie Beal Sewall mrs Maxwell Mary Bunker S.vlvira mrs Milburn Mary R Crockett Ann McDonald Margaret A Conwy Carrie cape E McAlmon Pamella Clark Clanvin Cmrs Mulhearn Rose Clune E Mela ugh Rose Cleaves E B mrs Marble Sadie E Cushing Effa J Marstou Sarah M mrs Cole Ezra B mrs Mathews Sophia mrs Orea-oy Fanny mrs Noyes Annie S Churchill July A Nason Elisa J Clark Jerusha S mrs Norcross Emma mrs Cobh Lutie B O’Neill Mary mrs Cram Sarah Pey Annie Clark Wm mrs Pierce Clara Dyer Augusta E Poor Chas mrs Davis Cyrus mrs Pinkham Jos mrs Doud Eliza Prince Lucy mrs Doughty John mrs Powers Mary L Dennett Joseshenie mrs Quaint Tavjr Dyer Maggie A mr Richards Adaline mrs for Deeoto Alary mrs Aseiieth Farr Dawney Mary J Rankin Annie Dunn Olive J mrs Ragan Charlotte i >ewolie Rosanali mrs Richardson Frank S mrs 3 Eastman K F Robinson Hattie A Emery Eliza E mrs Ross Lucinda mrs Emery Mary L mrs Richardson Margie A Emery OctaviaC mrs Starbarb Alice Frost Annie Shaw A S Farrington Annie E Smith Azillo R mrs FI etchings Geo F mra Sawyer Agness R Foster Gus-ey Sampson E M mrs Ful ler J ane Swett Ella F Felt Sarah S mrs Shacktord Geo mrs Gage Eliza A mrs Staples GM mrs Uilpalrick Martha Sargent H B£mrs Uowison Adelaid Spears Mary A mrs Hulmes Anette F mrs Swett Marshall mrs Haggerty Katie Spauding Mary Jane mrs Honse Deborah mrs Sweet Marie H mrs Hartley Ella E Staiver mrs for mrs John Higgins Ellen F mrs Antone Homer Hy H mrs Stone S M mrs Haney mrs Shields Sarah mrs Hawkes Huldali W Stiles Sahat for Susan flail Helen E mrs Stiles Holmes Lveria Smith Wm mr Hamblen Margaret J mrsThompson Catharine T Hedges Mary Jane Willey Mary Hadley Richard mrs WcbeVy Mary J Hall R G mrs Walsh "Mary mrs liar rim on Susan L Walker Robert A mrs Hussey Sarah M mra Waterhouse g^even L mrs Hunt Sarah A mrs for Al-Walker O AS mrs Ice A Pennell Wiggin Sophia A Ham Wm L mrs Wiley T C mrs Irwin Eliza Zaney L A mre gentlemen’s list. Arcana Lodge sec ol Lewis J F Arey Andrew U Libby James fer Eunice J Aulhoin Dea (cape E) Knight Ashley Edwin Larraboe J Smith Arnold John Lewis Nathl Andrews James LongNC,package Aines J W Genl Laney Ora ^ Ammidon O F Lancey Sami F Brown Adrastua L Lewis Simon Blake Andrew I.ewis S J Blake Alvah B Marsh Charles W 3 Blossom Osgood & Co iVTureli capt Blake & York Merrill Charles Burnham Benj Jr Merrill David 8 Barnes Cbauncey Dr 4 Miller E G Berry Daniel tor Mrs Lot-Messenger E H at Berry Mans Edward Brown Klden Mighles E A Brainard Frank Morton Franklin Baiter J awwn Gotflinl Morrison George W B rrstow Geo W MllW'H S Black Geo E Millett H R Bryant H D Melrose John Bailey 11 P Mann Joseph Barnard John E Marston Jos L Baker J W H Morrill J S Bndsloy John Mitchell fur Collins Bow Itabson John L ers Burke John Mather Mil Britto Martin M crrill M B Balcbeider O W, pack’e Margin P O Bowie Kob'-rt S Mu hum Thomas Bailey T& Co for KrankMcrrill T L Rivers MachinTA Crmpbell Alliion H Maxwell William 2 Cobb A A McQucrrie Angus Cram Andrew L Mclves Better Chick* Farmer Mclutire Charles H C.,ase Dr McDonald Donald Crowell E L McClintock Howard Closson Edw P McClensv James chase Edw McKee Michel Cash Francis Jr McMullen Richard Cobb Freak for miss MaryMcCarthy Stephen A Cobb McGowan Thomas Careley Geo F Newhall F W Coveil H F tor Martin BNally Michael Hills Noble S J for Charles B Chase J Jr Stront Collins Jeremiah Newball S M Comslay J M Osgood Abraham Corme! Jaaob Osgood Hudson Cate James F Oiney James L Crulkshanks Joseph T Obor Mark A Chamberlin James O’Flannagan Martin Chase J E O’Rook Thomas tor Pat Curran Martin rick Washington Charles Marmie It Pearl A K Conway Michl Peabbler A W Coleman N B Dr Perry Charles J Cobb K H Poor Charles Clark Reuel B Preble Cleveland Cobb Renoen H Peirce Chas (cape El Crane Wm Plummer David toi mrs Daniels Addington toarv Plummer I >avis Danl S l.ibby comerPatteri Edward T Dodge Francis Podock Geo W R Dow Frank E Pinkhrm H A Duston F Powers John Dunning G A Prescott John B Dole James D Prescott Morrell Dearborn James W Pnrington Otis Durgin Joshua PhiReps Seth H Dunbar Joseph Peck W A Doyde Martin 2 Parker Wm Libby comer Durrill Nathan Porker Wm J Dodge PeterS Pettcngill Wm IIH Doran Peter for Sami CustRich Charles E Dias Sand Rolfo Clms E Dver Walter (cape E) Robin on C 0 2 Downes Win Rivers F Dearborn WF Ross Dav H Eaton AllreJ C capt Ralph Kphrlam cape E Emetson C E (package) Randall George F Eaton Daniel lor mrs El-Robinson Geo E ien M Eaton Rich Geo M Eastman John E Randall Geo A Eaton Jas II Reed J N Emerson .(3 Kick J W & Co El ler John A (WestbrookIRogurs Rldrard Finery S H Heed Wm H Elston Thos Sterling A S Emelov Wm Smith C W Eox O L Smith CW Field Geo W Seavey Caas C Foster G W tor miss RosaSmith Chas M . Scaburg C Capt Floyd Jeremiah Smith CH Flagg-J B Skltlins Chas D » if«?!lOS Stanley Chas R J™.? Newton Sargent C F Fades I eter Shepard E FarwellWm Smith E II Gray A M Simpson Erastua R (Freely E N for llorac3 BStarbim Edward D ,.u iyi, 1 u Smith E L O tor miss Jen Gilespie Edw H nie Taylor GlnnFBcopl Stranger FR Dr G aliant Henry LancasterSiiackleton Frekerick Gregory Harry Soule G H Gilbert James U Smith Geo T Gannon John Slcmons Geo Green John F Stone Henry for mlssMar Gerrish J V gery Stone Grant James P Smith H O Greene Melville Sawyer J for miss Jane A (ireen Sami Sturdee Gilson W'm H Smith J T Hodgdon Beni F Stewart John Haves C W (We-sbrook) Stront -T M & Co Henry Chas M Smith Joseph Hanoick Chas F Smith J for miss EllaS Hamblen Da-il Hathenn inui?* *Fina l Stevens Molvin L II -irrliw i’*",1!'1 Stephenson Neptune for : V Fph miss L Stephenson Hunt Frank*1/M «*P‘ Strong N B Haddock <; k) Navies Robt Hall Geo Rev apt Skillings Robert J Herrick G W Richardson Hunting H . nry A Hanscom H I- & c« -3! 1 %/nrt, omon Ilcrsey Henry Sknimv ?,?cPhcn C Huhliinson John M gSSSSSJstoOa Hill John C Swan Wm Hancock Moses SkilUn Wm n Hasty Mars M & Co Tryon Andrew 1 0 Harrington Nathl Taylor Edwm-d 8 f„r m-a. Herrick Orlando Mattie a Tuvin, m,“ Haskell Wm True Enos Jr y Haskell Win f Thompson George for Wm Hodgdon Wm F R Benjamin Hai mon Wm for Saiali EThompson Geo F Emery Thomas Goo master liascall Wm S Turner John F NEW ADVERTISEMENTS. Hodgkins Win B Tollman John C Hodsden W S Twoiuey John Jacknm A T Tlbbets linfus Jackson Albert Taylor Samuel L Jordan A lor Geo H Wil-Tibbets Morrill & Co llama Thomas Wm F Jones CC Vi se Elliot P Jordau Dennis for Mary Warden Albert E Jordan Webster Alfred Jackson Edw Walson Albert L Ingraham F Webber Benj Jones Fites for Catharine White Benj J Anders >n Waller B Johnson H J Wiswell Byron Jordau John for miss Em-Woodmau Chas lor Lieut ily Jordan Chas S Deering Jordan It T capt Washburn Charles L }wy Wm Webster Elbridge Keating Johu Woodbury E W Kelly Mathias for MargtWarren Geo 2d, package Lydon Wescott George E Kimball Robert H Walsli Henry Inland Augustus ’Wilson liosca Libby A E Walker Henry for miss Leighton Adam P Jane Libby Lord Chas H Watson JR Leighton Clias H White Joseph C Lovell Danl Wilcox Thomas for miss l.owell Erastus Emma Thurston Libby E lor miss GeorgteWitham Thomas A M Llbbv Wheeler Thomas G Lowell F J Wilson William Loring Geo R W K Libby G B Young Edw M Libby Isaac Young Geo H SHIP LETTERS. Pennory Arthur sch City Point Utley Alfred N ship Francis Hilyard Borginan bark Fannie Norwood John Edwin sch Louis Welsh Booth Nugent Edw M sch Lallak Rock Googin* Wm capt schP6arl Lansey Sami son Superior Shorman Joseph sch Superior Chandler mrs capt brig Tangent Pinlleps John W capt sch Wm Penn Roberson A sch War Eagle W. DAYIS, Postmater. MISCELLANEOUS. i E. FERNALD & SON, Merchant Tailors, And Gentlemen’8 Furnishers HAVING removed to the ELEGANT and SPA CIOUS STORE Under the Preble House, Corner of Congress and Preble Sts., Would he pleased to exhibit to the public, a SPLENDID STOCK OF GOODS -for Gentlemen's Wear, Consulting of COATINGS, VESTINGS, and PANTALOON STUFFS, Selected from the New York and Boston Markets, which they will manufacture to order, In as Fashionable Style. And at as L O W PRICE aa the same quality of goods can be obtained in Portland. Om- Stock of Furnishing Goods ia superior, and any article ol Gentlemen's Wear can always be had in our establishment. Also, tor salo one double Counting House DESK, and one Iron SAFE (new) of4Trcmont Safe Compa ny's manuthcturc. aprfidftw JONES & WILLEY Removed. Boot and Shoe Store. LADIES and Gents, wo wish to call your atten tion to our stock of Seasonable Goods, All of recent manufacture, with special reference to 1e tailing. It is our aim to keep a complete assort ment or styles and qualities adapted to the wants of all classe, of w hich w-o have learned by experience in retailing. We have no hesitation iii saying you will find our 3 PRICES TO COMPARE FAVORABLY With those of any other dealers in our line. Your special attention is desired to our line of Lar (lies’ and Misses’ Fancy Goodsot all styles. Bronzed. W hite, Blue, Red, Gold and Silvered colored Boots and Slippers, Of the best material, and made by experienced workmen. We also have Burt’s Boots of aU Styles. We shall give our special attention to the manu fhctuure of LADIES’ & GENTS’ Boots and. Shoes, Made to Measure. And all Goods WARRANTED as recommended. N. B. Repairing done in the neatust maimer and with despatch. REMEMBER THE PEACE 163 Middle Street, Portland, (Two doois above Emery & Waterhouse's.) JONES & WILLEY. April 4—lw Travelling Sags —AND— BASKETS, CHILDREirS CARRIAGES, CROQUET GAMES, A large assortment, all styles, and prices, to be found at the RICH FANCY GOODS STORE of Townsend & Toppan, SOO Washington Street, Opponile Went AUtel, Apl 6—lw nOSTOKT. NEW GOODS! JUST RECEIVED. A Large Assortment of English. Scotch, French & American CLOTHS, Fox* Spx*ixig Wear. J • E. TVERBf Merchant Tailor, Chambers 3, Free Street Block. April 4—tt New Photograph Gallery! No. 130 Middle St. THE subscribers having opened a first-class Pho tograph Gallery at 130 Middle Street. (Second door from head of Union Street,) Are prepared lo execute in the best possible manner Photographs, In all tlieir different styles, including Card Pictures, Vignettes, Minuetls, Card Cabinets. —A 1.80— AMBE0TYPE3, MILLENEOTYPES, Particular attention given to Pictures in Oil and Ink. i3P“.Satislaction given cr no charge. Please call and examine specimens. J. M. PECK Sk CO. J. M. rEOK. M. P. AUSTIN. Apl C—dtf JOSIAH BLACK HAVING talen th© store formerly occupied by E. E. IJpliam, No. 182 Commercial Strcel, Would respectfully inform hi9 old patrons and the public generally that he Intends to keep constantly on hand and deal in Choice Brands Family Flour. -- ALSO Lime, Cement, Calcined Plaster, Corn Peed, Wood, Ac. And ho|ies bv punctual attention to business to mer it and receive a fair share of patronage. April G—lm*

Second-Hand Wheeler & Wilson Sewing Machine. FIR SALE CHEAP—may be seen at Room No. 7, 301 j Congress street, from it to 10 A. M. and 3 to 4 P, M., for ten days. K. S. DRAKE, apl 6 3t Dorking and Bralima Kggs. ITj'GGS lor hatching, from pure Brahmas, and also Ad from tiie best of English Imported Dorkinoa. -. L. L. RECORD. Stevens Plains, Apiil 4, 1667. apl 4—3w» WAWTED. Wanted. A GOOD BOY wanted to do errands and light work about a Greenhouse. Kuouire ol DIRW ANGER BROTHERS, Florists, Corner of North and Montreal Mreels April 1—d3t* Building' Lots Wanted ~~ FIR immediate improvement—one on burnt dis trict, on or near Congress or Cumberland Streets: one in upper part of city: moderate cost, good loca tion. Inquire at Fancy Goods Store of L. M. BOWDGIN, april.3 d4t 39 Centre Street. Wanted. AT Gorham Ladies’ Seminary a first class cook. Apply at once to UBV. C. C. PARKER, Principal. Gorham, April 2.1867. _ apt 3 ti House Wanted in the City. By a small family—Kent not to exceed Five Hun tired Dollars. Inquire ol K. L. GRUEBY, Apl 2 2w* Plum Street. Wanted, A YOUNG lady between the ago of 16 and 2n a good vocal singer; one who can play on an in strument preferred, to travel with a compart v through the country. Address “ W. K.,” Post Office. April 1. dlw* Wanted TO hire, a small house, either furnished or other wise, tor a khort or long time. Any one desirous of a first class tenant may address, with t\ill particu lars, “ B.,” Post office Box 2123. April 1. dlw A Situation Wanted. BY a man to travel to sell goods. A large trade already established. Is thorougldy acquainted with the Grocery and Flour business, and can bring the very best of recommendations. Has been trav elling ior the last three years. Address Box 1647 Portland Post Office. mar30dlw Rent Wauled. WANTED live or six rooms within ten minutes’ walk of the Post Ollice, convenient tor a small family. Address “ F. J. F.,” at the Press Otiice. March 26, 1867. d2w Flour Barrels Wanted. WE will pay 30 cents each for first class Flour Barrels suitable for sugar. LYNCH, BARKER & CO., ildvl3dti 139 Commercial street. Wanted Immediately —AT TFT®—, New Employment Cffic-e ! No 229 1-2 Congress St, 2d Doer West of City Building (up stairs.) CURLS capable of doing all kinds of house-work, % to whom good situations will be given. Also LABORERS tbr various kinds of wotk, and CLERKS for every kind of business. We are able at alllimes to supply parties iu any part of the State with GOOD RELIABLE HELP, either as Domestics, Mechanics or Laborers. Merchants, Contractors, Farmers anti others will be supplied with Men and Boys tor all kinds ot em ployment Free op Charge. Don’t forget the num ber, 2294 Congress Street, next to City Building, Port land. Me. GOVRLAY A HEWITT, Feb 22—dtf Proprietors. Flour Barrels Wanted! ON and after January 2d, 1867, we shall resuma the purchase ot Flour Brls. for CASH, at the Office ol the Portland Sufjar Co., It l>ll Danforlli SI., Feb8dtf J. B. BROWN & SONS. Wanted. fCA AAA FLOUR BARRELS, af Forest v/ City Sugar Refinery, West Com mercial, near foot of Emery street. Proposals will also be received lor new Sngar Bar rels, and a sample may be seen at the office of the Company, 150$ Commercial, at corner of Union St. tebl2d&wti T. C. IIERSEY Wanted Dally ! ! AT The General Agency and Employment Office No. 351 1-ti Clonsr**** Strni. All per sons wishing to secure good Girls for any ru-pec ta ble employment, will find them at this Office. Also please notice. We will send you men and boys for any work in city or country, free of charge. |WT We want good American, Provincial, Tush and Colored Women and Girls, as well as Men and Boys, every day ibr all torts 01 situations in this City and vicinity. Give us a call. COX & POW Alts Portland, Me., Jan. 25, ’67. jan30 dtf Bookkeeper. WANTED by a young man of practical experi ence, and who can bring the best of city refer ences, a situation as Bookkeeper cr Salesman, where close attention to business will be appreciated. Apply to W. H. JER1US, mar7dtf Under Lancaster Hall. Wanted. AN experienced Salesman in the retail Dry Goods business; one who can give good City reference, may hear of a permanent situation by addressing Box 1018 Portland Post Office, giving real name and references. mar!6tt TO LET._ To Let. ONE Front Room with board, at 52 Free Street. apr4dlw* Desirable OOlee to Let. AN office partially furnished, centrally located on Commercial Street is offered for rent at a low price. Address Lock Box 1791. Portland, April 2, 1867. dlw. To Let. A Hall suitable for manufacturing purjiOBes, 111 and two offices, In Morton Block; next above ■ILtUc Preble House. Apply to PATTERSON & CHADBOURNE, apr2d3w Office, Morton Block. To Let. QKE Brick Store, No. 40 Union street. Apply ja3dtf ST. JOHN SMITH. To Let. STORE No. 2 Portland Pier. Enquire ot MATHEWS & THOMAS, mar27dlin 59 Commercial Street. For Kent. OFFICES in the third story ol buliding on corner of Exchange and Milk Streetsjp Enquire at of fice of OCEAN INSURANCE CO, Feb. 25. tf Exchange Street. To Let. THE Chamber (2d story) over E. T. Eldon & Cofa, Free Street Block, suitable for Jobbing or Wholesale Business. Inquire of T. J. LITTLE, 79 Commercial strec*. iy*Key can be fonnd at E. T. Eldcn & Co’s Mar 2—dtf To Let, ROOMS in second and third story Griffith Block, No. 21$ Free Street. Also, rooms in -third and fourth atory Nos. 142 and 144 Middle Street. Apply to H. J. LIBBY & CO. March 18,1867. dtf To Let. THE Store on the lower side of Commercial Street, now occupied by Donnell & Grecly. Possession given April 1st. Enquire of MATHEWS & THOMAS, mar26dlm 59 Commercial Street. To Let. A FRONT ROOM a<ljnining tho Chamber occupied by the Merchant’s Exchange. Also several desirable rooms in the new buildings near the comer of Middle and Exchange Sts. If ap plied for now they can be fitted up to suit the appli cants. Apply to NATH’L F. PEERING, No 19 Free Street, Mar 18. marl9d3w LOST AND FOUND. $10,00 Reward. LOST in vicinity of Market Square a Gent’s Pock et Book, containing some money; also, papeis, memoranda, &c„ ot no value but to the owner. The above reward will be paid to the finder, or they can take the money contained, and leave the book with papers, &c.. at office of Preble Bouse, where no questions will be asked. Portland, April 1, 1867. apl2dti JYEW PUMP. rl E subscriber has the Agency of the AMEBIC ’AN SUBMERGED PUMP, superior to any Pump i i) the market for deep wells or cisterns. The peculiar advantages of this Pump is simplic ity, durability, u eTcr freezes, nml it- GREAT POWER, throwing irom twenty gallons per min ute to forty thousand gallons per minute. No packing of any kind required; not liable to get onto! repair. One of them may be seen at 124 Ex cliango street, rear of my old stand, and one in work ing order at my Store, No. 180 l ore Mtrcet. Win. A. PEAKl'K. Portland, April 3, 1867. apt 4dlw “ Cole’s Restaurant!” L. D. COLD MAT BE FOfND AT THE OLD STAND 47 Exchange Street, Ready to see all ol old customers anti as many new ones aB may lavor him with a call. Portland, April 3,1867. apl3 cllm Inside Steamboat Line TO BANGOR. _ # THREE TRIPS PER WEEK. The beautiful, staunch and swift steamer “Milton Marlinr* (037 tons register) All>ert Wool, Master, will commence her regular trips »or the season to Bangor and intermediate landings about the 12th inst., leaving Railroad Whar», foot of State Street. For further information inquii c of ROSS & STURDIVANT, General Agent-, 149 Commercial Street. April 3, 1867. dtf Atlantic & St. Lawrence Railroad Mortgage Bonds of 1851, COUPONS ITEXT maturing on the extended bonds, and Interest for the six months ending April 1st, next,'on the bomb not extended, will lie paid on and after that date, FREE ol Government tax. Parties nego iating their coupons are rcqnestud to take notice. CHAS, E. BARRETT, Treasurer. Portland, March fa. 1807. mr30dlw mTl. a. THE annual meeting ot the Mercantile Library Aasocl »tion will be held at the Common Coun cil Room, Market Hall, on Tuesday evening, April 9th, at 7 i o’clock, for the election of officers lor the ensuing year, and lor the transaction of any other business that may legally come before thorn. Polls open ai 8 o’clock." Per, E SCOTT GERRISH. ApTil 2 lw Recording Secretary. Notice. THOSE in want of a ‘bang up” TABLE BUTTER can find their wants supplied at PETTENGILL & FULLUM’S, 374 Congress street. aptfkllw* 1 HEAL ESTATE. I Valuable iieul Estate lor t-aie> or Exchange for Property iu Portland. fpHE Heal Estate owned by Hannah P. Robin«on JL In her life time, and occupied by her and her husband James E. Robinson, situated in.Westbrook about one-half mile from tlie terminus of the Horse Rulroad at Morrill’s Corner, on the Windham Road. Said Farm contains about thirty tire acres of excel lent land, mostly new, a portion still unclaimed. Mr. Robinson was a dealer iu Agricultural Imple ments and Fertilizers. These Fertilizers lie used with a liberal hand upon this laud, bringing if to a high si n o of cultivation. That part under cultiva tion will cut 25 ions of hay antfcds believed to be as valuable a piece of land ot its size as can be found in tills county. It has a front of about 20 roils, giving 8Kj,,e P10 hr,eth' building lots tliat can be found iu this rapidly growing itorrioii of the town of West brook. l liere is upon the lot a large substantial and well finished Bam. Ihis property wiU be sold on reasonable terms as to price and payment, or will be exchanged for real estate in the city of Portland. E. N PERRY, p i* a i r vv a ^ Sheriff Office, Portland, or b. (J. BAILEY, Auctioneer and Real Estate Bro ker, 17G Fore street. aprGtf A Good House lor Sale T1T1TH1N five minutes walk of the Post Office f v pleasantly situated, two and a half stories high, thoroughly finished, hard and soft water, gas furnace, outbuildings and yard. In perfect order’ and p ^session given immediately. Inquire at this office. A pi C—ti For Sale. I^T\ E Street Sprinkling Tubs, Pumps, Reservoirs, aud Power tor pumping water, inquire ot J. C. BARKER, _ 131 Commercial Str. et. Portland, Api il 1,1807. aplltf Block of Houses lor Sale. THE convenient double lions*1 coruor ot South ami Spring Streols. Each tenement contains nine liuiabial rooms, anil may lie sol*I separately. Fm further particulars, enqu-re of MRS. EATON on tlie premises. No. 15 Spring Street,or ... W. H. JERIUS. March IP, 1867. mar20dtf Fop Sale. rpHBEE storied brick bouse No. 30 on High Street, X corner of Pleasant, now occupied by the sub scriber. Also, two three storied brick stores on Fore Street, corner of Pearl, opposite the Custom House, with partition wall, slated roots, the rear oh Wharf Street tour stories, with cellars. For terms and particulars enquire ot the subscript'. NATHANIEL BLANCHARD. Portland, April 3, 1867. dtf For Sale. OITUATED near Broad Cove, within a few rods of IO L’P^berland Depot, a convenient story and a half house and barn, with an excellent garden and choice fruit trees, a ijever Ruling well of water, and ten acres of the best of land. The house and garden will be sold separately if (feared. Will be sold at a low price if applied for imiue<ii£f©ly. A good chance for a person doing business in the cic> mor23ood2w* MERRILL. To Let. ONE Store and three specious Chambers in liaTr kouvV Block, Middle street. One oi the best lo cations in the city. Apply to , DAVID KEAZEK, mar:J0d2wis or E. A. NORTON. First Class House For Sale. A FOUR STORIED BRICK HOUSE on Park St., has seventeen rooms, hot nud cold water, and all other modem conveniences. A party is now ready to lease it at ten fek cent, on the price asked. Apply to W. H. JERRIS. Mar 30—3w For Sale. THE superior fast sailing Br Brig “CASSIE GRAY,” built in Nova Scotia in 18AI, 176 tons register, length 36} feet, breadth 25} feet, depth 13 feet, is coppered and copper fastened, and well found in sails and rigging, chains, anchors, &c. This vessel was biutt expressly for the West India business, and is also well adapted to the Brazil trade. Will he sold cheap. For rurther particulars apply to GEO. H. STARR, No. 7 Central whart. Portland, M arch 29,18C7. mar29—lw Building for Sale. . THE Building on Market street, 2d door Irom Con gress street, now used as a gas litting shop, is tor sate. It is a good location tor mechanical busine>8,or for a trailer. Price $500. Apply to rnaramiw* WM. H. JERRIS. New House for Sale, On India street, third house from Congress, |jgj{!| contains eleven rooms, besides the attics. This iMrrtl honse is very pleasantly located and very con veniently arranged for one or two families. Apply to WM. H. JERRIS, mar26<ltf_Real Estate Agent, i For Sale or Lease. TTIE Large Lot of Laud on the corner of Federal, Temple and t’ongress streets. A desirable location for a Hotel—tor sale low; if not sold, will be leased for a long term of years if de sired. Inquire of JOUNC. PROCTER, Portland, Mar 28—d3w 65 Middle street. FOR SALE! SA Desirable Square Brick llou*r, on Spring street, between High and Park streets, with modem impiovcmeuts, heated through* steam—piped for gas with gas fixtures, a good stable—abundance of hard and soft water in the house, with about 10,000 feet of land. Inquire of JOHN C. PROCTER. mar2-<-(]3w House for Sale. A TWO story house on Salem Street, containing nine rooms, convenient for two families. Lot 50 by 100. Will be sold low if applied for immediately. W. H. JERRIS, mar27d3w* Opposite Preble House. House for Sale. ON the corner of Oxford and Myrtle Sts. It is two stories, with a basement, with teu finished rooms, in good repair; well and cistern water, ftir nace and ga9. Enquire at No 101 Oxford st. inr22tf Valuable Real Estate for Sale. THE fine estate corner Brackett and Walker Sts. The lot contains over 26,000 square l'eet. Title perfect and terms favorable. Apply to W. H. JERRIS, marl dtf Real Estate Agent. For Sale. rpHE fine lot of Land on Spring, near High street I known as the Boyd lot. containing about 10,000 feet; also alKiut 300,000 Brick and 200 jierch of Stone. Said lot will be sold with ur without the material. For further particulars enquire of JOHN G. TOL FORD, or CHARLES SAGER._mchlldtf Farms tor Sale. Three Farina in York County k—O are offered for sale by the subsen ji ber-. J r I i They are located as follows: One in Waterboro’. One in bymaii. One in Kcunrbiinkporf. These Karras will be sold low, or exchanged on favorable terni9 for Real Estate in Portlund, Saco, or Biddeford. Apply for particulars at office 293 Commercial St., or at office in Saco. mar?2d3w JOSEPH IIOBSON. House and Lot for Sale Very Low. HOUSE new, containing seven rooms, will be sold for $1,100, if applied for immediately. ALSO: Lots for sale at prices Itom one cent to $2 per foot. Enquire of .JOSEPH REED, Real Estate Agent. Oak St. near Congress. m&fi&Uf Brick House for Sale* ON Brown litrfH, containing Fourteen finish ed Rooms, hard and soft water, gas and other modern improvements. Posssession ; iven April 1. Apply to D. li. Ingraham, Esq., or W. H. dERRIS, marCdtf Real Estate Agent. • Lot l’or Sale. rriHE lot on the northerly side of Dcering Street, 1 adjoining the residence of Gen. J. 1). Fessenden. Said lot is sixty-two feet front and one hundred l'eet in depth. Apply to J. C. PROCTER, marlCdtf Real Estate Agent, Middle St. For Sale. A FARM IN WELLS, MAINE. Estate of tlie late Samcel Hatch, contains about 90 acres, 40 to 50 of .. £°otl wood land and pasture, good Jthta*1''». story House with L., large Barn, Sheds, &c. The Farm is located at Wells Corner on main road; churches and schools near, and in the immediate vicinity of the well-known summer re sort, Wells Beach; will be sold low and on easv terms to close up the estate. Those wishing to see the Farm can apply to SAMUEL ELDRJDGE, near the premises. For terms, &c., impure ot GEORGE R. 1ITOHBORN & CO., No. I Scollay’s BuiMing, or address Box 114 P. O. Boston, Mass. marlt.dlm House and Lot for Sale, SITUATED in Westbrook, near the end of Tu key’s Bridge. A story and a half house, with 0,G"0 feet of laud, shade and fruit trees. House con tains eight rooms, with large attics, and ha* stable room for one horse and carriages, connected. It is lo cated on the corner of Winslow Street and the road leading to the Marine Hospital. Price $2,000. Ap ply to L. A. BACH BLUER, (King, Thurlow & Co.) 165 Commeicial St. March 20. dim* Farm lor Sale. THE homestead of the late Scott Dyer, Caiie Eliz abeth, four miles south of Portiaud Bridge, con taining about 100 acres, good soil, in good shite of cultivation, fences all stone wall, young orchard, 75 trees grafted fruit. Pleasantly located. School and Church witldn i mile. For terms, &c., apply on the premises or to E. C. KUBINSON, mch20—tf 13 Moulton Street. House ior Sale. SA desirable Brick House. No 28 Spring street, containing eleven room, hard aud soit water. Apply to ALPHEUS SHAW. April 1, 87. apr2d3w For Sale. AN Office Safe of John E. Wilder’s manufacture, suilable for Railroad, Manuiortmers* or Bank ing purposes, measuring 5 feel IT in. in height, 4 I feet width, 2 feet 34 in. deep, with interior .'Pie and draw ers. For sale by C. A. aK: A. BLANCHARD, 105 State Street, Boston, Ma*s. feb!5dtt Desirable Store Lob FOR SALE, IV COIHlHEBCIiL STREET. r 1,11E subscribers oiler ior sale tlie lot of land on 1 the southerly side ot Commercial Street, hcadot Ilona's Whari, measuring 72 by 1511 feet. For fur ther particulars inquire JONAS H. PEKLEY, Oct IS tf _or W. S. IIANA. House lor Sale. A good House two stories, Stable attached, hard iv and soft water, good lot eeutrally located—con venient for two inmilles, if desirable. Inquire at 13 Hanover or 1M Tore St., J. A. FENDERSON. Jan. 21,18CT. dtf NUTIt’E, 1 will sell on tavorable terras as to payment, or let for a terra of years, the lots on the corner ol Middle and Franklin streets, and on 1 rank I in street, including the comer ol Frank I In and Fore streets. Apply to WM. HILl.IAItP, Bangor, or SMI i'll & RE rill Attorneys, Portland. Jyl2tl Valuable Hotel Property ior Sale. f I^HK Oxford House, pleasantly situated In the ▼!!— 1 lament Fryeburg, Oxford county, Maine, is ot feted for sale at’a bargain, ii applied tor soon. The House is largo, in good repair, with furniture and uxinrcs throughout, together with ail necessary outbuildings. For fail particulars inquire ol * HORATIO BOOTHBY, Proprietor. Or Hanson* Dow, Union st. Fryelrarg, Sept. 29,18ti«. dtf To Wagron Builders. •Y^OUR attention is culled to Dennett’s Patent J Dumping Wagon. It is simple In construction, and costs no more than any wagon. The load rest* equally on tlio tore and hind wheels. It dumps be tween the axles. In short, this dumping wagon is the best extant. Y e wish to correspond with wagon builders throughout the country in relation to mak ing and selling these wagons. Address A. A. DENNETT * CO., mar25dtl 285Congrcss St., Portland. Mo. entertain HUNTS. Portland” theatre, ' Iiewta & Proprietors, Nuiilh,IIaill< j A Cm „ MtUVDAY KTENMO) April N, the great “oasationul Drauia of the ‘'t iiihl Mnilcr.” I o cot elude with the now Farce never before per formed here, entitled “MY PRESERVER.” °p Prices.—Admission 50 cts. Ite orved ^.7jCt9' °al'erv 35 cts. atVm£r£t1at-7 f1®**. Performance tocommcnre at a unarter to eight. aprNlt FI. A. R. A. Grand Easter Monday Ball! THD.eir h-o^^mKl'l *■“>•*» «' *• MECHANICS HA LI, On Monday Kveiilner, April 22. Committee of Arrangement* : Thomas Parker, Jarnos Roomy, W. H. Tanner, R. II- Parker W. 11. Kalor, J. E. Marshall, John Daley, Thomas Bassett Hugh Dolan, Dennis \\ arren, W. H. Dyer. Fuoou Managers: Thomas Parker, James Rooney, J. E. Marshall, W. H. Kalor, W. H. Tanner, R. H. Purker, W. H. Dyer. Ti.-kels.*1 W> To be had of the Committee of Arrangements and at the door. Muiio by Chandler's Quadrille Bind. D. 11. I'HAIVDI.ER, Prompter. Dancing to couiiueuce at 8 o’clock. A pi 8—did PROMINADE CONCERT! IN AID OF THE Ministry at Large, AT MECHANICS’ HALL, Thinday Evening, April 11. Chandler’s Band in Attendance. Tickets 50 cents; to he liail at Crosman & Co’s., J. U. Lunt & Co’s, and at the door. Friends to the cause are requested to send In re freshments on Thursday morning. apr6 5t Blindness, Deafness, -and Catari'fli! DR. CA RPENTER’S late visit to PortiaSv* which closed Feb. 1st, so great a number ol' person. o'c^crod coutmitiug liim until the latter part ot hi. »Uy, tWw« nimble to do at, Ids time heinir llilly oceupinu. To accommodate those and others desirous of consultin'),' R'm Returned to Portland March 1st, And ran he eousalled at the V. 8. Klalrl Until April 14th, upon all diseases of the Eye, Ear, Throat —AND—i c.iTvinnn, As usual. And he would advise those intending to avail themselves ot Ids services to call early as con venient. l>r. ('. can refer to many patients in Portland and vicinity, who have been cured or benetitted under his treatment, who do not wish their names made public, but arc willing to converse with those interested. KD^Consultatiou at office Free, bur. letters must contain one dollar to ensure an answer. Office hours, Sunday excepted, !> to Li, 2 to 5, and 6$ to 7J o’clock. Dr. Carpenter can he consulted at the DeWItt House, Lewiston,one month, on and after Apr. 15, ’07. CERTIFICATES. Testimonial of A* K. C»rrenoagh, K«q. I was afflicted with Catarrh so badly that I had a continual pain in my head, eyes very weak, was fast loosing my memory, head was so contused that I was totally unfit for business and general health last fail ing. I applied to Dr. Carpenter in 1865 and Ins reui edies cured me. I am a well man. A. K. GREENOUGH, Proprietor ol National House, Bangor, Me. Certificate ef Capt. Whale of Portland. Portland, Jan 3,1S67. I suffered from deafness eight years. Was under treatment at the Ear Infirmaries ot Boston, Now York and Pluloilelphia, without receiving benefit; but knowing of cases worse than mine, tliat Dr. Car penter cured, I was iaduced to apply to him. On ex amination the Dr. was not sure ne could cure me, but would do the best he could. A course of bis treatment has restored me to my natural hearing. Any person desiring to see me can do so on board of barx “I-aacCarver,” Union Wliari, Portland. ALONZO L. SHUTE. Dr. Carpenter, Dear Sir,—Learning you arc in Portland, 1 write for the purpose of intbrming you that the hearing of my s »n, Leroy Z. Collins, re mains perfectly good. You will remember that in March 1865, you relieved him of dcahiess of fifteen years’ standing, which had iucreased to that extent that lie was obliged to leave his studies and w^nt to a trade. He is now at the 'rheological Seminary, Bangor, where lie has resinned his studies, which, without your assistance, he never could have done. May veu live long, prosper iu your profession, and es pecially cause the deal to hear, Is the desire of Yours, very grateAillv, Z. COLLINS. Certificate of Mr. A, G. Bloat, Portland. This may certify that Dr. Carpenter, now at the United States Hotel, has cured me ot deafness and discharges of the heat! of 17 years' standing. I had been doctored by many eminent physicians without relief. Any person interested can see me at Messrs. Blum & Foss/ Middle Street. A. O. BLUNT. Portland, Me., Jan. 14,1867. Hundreds of Certificates received in this State can be been at the Dr’s Otiice. feb23dtf Elmwood Nursery, TkiiSMt W.odf.rd'. Corarr, Weilbmk. PREBLE Street Cars pass the Nursery every forty minutes. A good collection of Hardy, Green House and Brddiag Plant* may always be found at^the above place and at rea sonable rates. Wreaths, Crosses, Bouquets and Cut Flowers furnished at short notice. Particular attention paid to preserving and ar ranging Funeral Flowers. P. O. Address Box 1702, Portland, Me. apr2dlw* C. F. BRYANT. SEED. SEED. 750 BAGS PRIME TMOTHY, j .'180 44 Northern New York and Western Clover. 400 Sacks Red Ton. 140 Bushels Canada Golden Drop Spring Wheat 500 Bushels Cape Barley, two row’d. Buckwheat. Flax, Hemp, Millet. Cauary and a tall assortment of Vegetable and Flower Seed*, all select ed with care and reliable. A Ml assortment of Agricultural Implements, Fertilizers. &cM For Sale liy KENDALL & WHITNEY, Hlarkel Hall, Portland. March 16,1867.—damit Black Diamonds! OKA TONS DIAMOND COAL; egg and V_7 stove sizes, now lauding from schT A. A. Andrews. This Coal is free-burning, pure and what is wanted for spring and summer use for cook stoves and ranges, oflight-draft. CT 362 tons JOHNS’ COAL? stove, egg and broken sizes, landing from Sch. Z. L. Adams. This Coal is hard, and one of best grades lor good drafts. CUMBERLAND COAL for Smiths' use, as usual. JAM EM II. BAKER. Mar. 29, 1867. dtf Richunison's Whf. EASTERN EXPRESS CO. NOTICE I THE Government have decided that they will pay the express charges both ways upon 7 3-10 Bonds sent hi Washington toi exchange. The Eastern Ex press Company will receive and forward such Bends under their contract with the Government without charge to the owners, and tlio Department will return m carriage paid. feblHdtf Oread Collegiate Institute, For Young Ladies. Worcester, Mass BUILDINGS repaired and refurnished. Now in the most flourishing condition it has been since its establishment in 1*1#. Summer Term begins April 12. Scud for Circular. HARRIS U. GREENE, A. M., Principal MISS S. B. PACKARD, Asso. Principal. marP’dlin Choice Southern and Western FLOUR AAR CORA ! for sale by O’BIilO*, pieisce & co., Wkolnalc Dealer*, 154 Commercial *!•, dcc3tdly PORTLAND, Mu. l*I*l.YO- M O It TIE. INSTRtTTION GIVEN* on the PIANO-FORTE, by Miss AGNES M. LORD, 427 Cougiesa street. Mar 30d2m ____ Farm In Freeport for Sale. rpHE subscriber offers liis farm for sale, situated A ab ut one and a quarter miles from Freejiort Comer, on the road ironi Freep.»rt to Yarmouth. There are 4<* acres of good l;tnd, equally divided into tillage, pasture and wood land, with a house and barn. The prope tv will l>e sold for $1100 it applica tion be made immediately, to Charles Rico, Corner, P Soule, Freeport, or J. L. RICHARDSON, Apaa dlw* _ Pownnl. A Grave Charge. rpHK clown of Skiff & Savior's Minstrels, when A linked “ who first Introduced ifouiblinc into this country.” answered, “California Cheap .John.”— Wlictticr this is true or not it docs not matter; hut one Ihiug is certain, that Calif, rnia t 'heap dohn was the first to introduce into this city Gnnd Cloth Weal’s Furnishing Good*. IIbi. nnd ■»•«*•* at unusualiy low prices. Call ami see him. Rememlier the number, 335 Congress Street. March 27. dtf Steamers for sale. STERN WHEEL STEAMERS “Falcon,” and “Clarion,” 2 years old, of flie following dimen sions: length 10'* feet; width over all 28 leel: depth 4J feet; draft of water 33 inches; cf good speed, with large freight and pjvssenger capacity, in good order and rcaily for service, with full inventory. Enquire of ROSS & STURDIVANT, mchl3dlm 73 Commercial Street, p - - - ■ ^^ AUCTION NAL.UH. K. M. FATTEN & CO., Auctioneer. PLUM STREET. Valuable Property in Westbrook at Auction., in?1'Uay ol APrD-ar iu>it will Ik* sold i,n ("r it nt rinv first tilr da.,) »."e7 iKfVsKJx “r sr r tat.- in West brook, »» °* u, al l-” ato.1 ut .Alien s corner, soS’J. 4 ul ibrty acres of land, vvlili the buU.',in„s7i,c - B u1hm" sist Iij' ol a good one and n half siotSi tn c"“* with f. attache I. with Kitchen, wT£,‘ S;' *’ Homo. Also, a large liar.. :*’by Ti, "'V and Corn Mouse near by, buildings mlconveiuenMv arranged and in goo.i rtpar. .kino, a„otUfcr i<,V d* Land at said AUeua corner, containing about 1* acres, with good Barn, Piggery ana Shed, all iu tine order. —ALSO— About 20 acres of drained meadow, as good or bit. ter land f«4- gardening than can be found in the State situated near All.iP# corner on the road leading ij Portland via Tukey’s bridee. —ALilO— About 5 acres ol Meadow and Upland situated on the road leading from Allen's to Morrill’s corner, he a'ii *.very desirable lot for building aud gardening, toil W (* *a,|d i*» he town of Westbrook, about J j» If0?? city of Portland, and one mile from \ii!Y.i ro:l‘* a,,d Portland Horse Uaiiroad. vai t o ilbl aU>Ve Lauds are in a i igh staie ol culti dedrabi.- r vMr^ ,atKt: amount of front, and vtrv imm'dlnn., “lli.lins •*“*• ‘unnlng „r gardening. ’ about two huiuiV*? n?1 ® °* l!Lal RkAule will lx .old .leitorirtviV^Xfa^ r.l 'or*. six i ows and AtO WEhest bid purchasers HO de-ire, or line mull t »uil». U tbe ante from ouo to live years withuot! ll“ bal_ into re. t ut six per cent. viutS^iy. “Thlf^rl Honal prof>erty to be Hold lor cask. 9 1 er For particulars call on Cyrus Thurlnw t« mereial street, or on the AuetinneJr, lt ’< on| £3T*Sale to commence with tue Homestead Mar 27_ Valuable Itcal Estate at Auction. ON THURSDAY, April 11, at 3 o’clock T M 1 shall sell the valuable lot ul laid on i’earl steel being the Dwelling House l.ol of ihe late Hon! KUphalet Greely. It in 107 leet ou Pearl street, by about 107 feet back, with tbe debris tin-icon. There is u dressed granite walk of about 60 leet iu length by about 3 feet wide uiiiiijurod and the underpining is dressed granite. All the material on the ground is good. Only one of the thane trees in front of the house was dt’stroye i by the lire. This is one of the most valuable and desirable lols in tbe market i ltas antlv and centrally situated—in a very desirable neighborhood—within 90 feet of Congress street and near the Park. Sale positive gggttdJOSEPH 8, BAILEY, Ancioncer. Sale ol Timber LamU i‘or nudes’ College. Land Oefice, I Nnrp.pp • * , . Bangor, March;, irff 7. f OlICE is hereby given, id pursuance of «» Ke elvhf7 ;.1.7xC.‘irnry,iUt0,e"eCt. c*“P*>r two hundred of tb® Besolvet ol eighteen hundred 1 six ij'v 2H 1M7V th« fc9oUe*e>” »PPn»visl Kehm in’., ’ taat townships numbered x, Kang** 17 Sainl*MSSBRta W 13 L S’ "ituatcJ 111'"' the Upper x, Vh.'!lh. KW’?I excepting the South. set quarter ol the last named township, will be offered iir sale by public auction lor the beuelit of uu.l College at the Land Office in Bangor, on Wednesday the!Uli day of September next, at 12 o'clock, neon. One third cash and satisfac’ory notes payable in on and two j ears, secured bv mortgage on t :.e prem ises, will be received in paymeut. „ ISAAC R. CLARK, marSdtSept XI,_ Land Agent. F. O. BA1L.EY, (Successor to H. Bailey <& Son,) ilnctioncer, Commission Merchant. - AND - JlL'JE ESTATE lillOKElt. Office (at {.resent) at N,. I7tt Farr N.’veci, t'p Stairs, »*oi tlnnd. April 1, 1867. dll’ JOHN CROC*E4::',",'» Aut ilonuur ami Apprajiifr* (Office with Evuiib & Bailey) ffirSO NOS. 1 & 2 FREE STREET BLOCIvT' Jtf BASE BALL. BATS, BALLS, SCORE BOOKS, BASES, WHOLESALE AND KETAIL AT GEYER’n, Gl Ffee Street, Agent for the ItosH Ball. Apl 4—tr Office of Collector of Inter nal Revenue. No. 00 1-2 Commercial St. [• jest Collection Di.s't of State of Maine, ( Portland, Apiil 4, 1807. ’ } SEIZURE OF BARRELS AND HALF BARRELS. VTOTICE is hereby given that the foliowing de ll scribed empty barrels and half barrels were st ized in tins city on the d js hereinafter mention*, d tor a violation oi Section 22, of an Act 10 amend ex isnng laws relating to internal revenue, and lor other purposes. Approved March 2,1867. March 13, 1807, 2 Coal Oil Bbl."., .-eized on Commer cial Street. March 14, 1867, 30 Coal Oil Bids, seized at Freight House of Portland & Kennebec R. R. March 14,1807,1 Coal Oil Bbl. seized on Commercial Strtet. March 14, 1467, 2 Whiskey Bbls. seized on Commer cial Street. March 14,1807, 2 Whiskey Bbls. seized at Freight House of Portland «& Kennebec K. R. March 14, 1807, 12 Cord Gil iibis. seized at Freight House of Grand Trunk Railway. March 14,1867,1 Coal Oil Hlf. Bbl. seized at Freight House of Grand Trunk Hal wav, March 15, 1807, 4 Coal Oil Bbls. seized ou Com mercial Stre t. March 15, 1867, 2 Cool Oil Hli. Bbls. seized on Com - merci&i Street. March 15, 1807, 23 Coal Oil Bbls. seized at Freight House ot Port and & Kennebec R. R. March 15, 1807, 1 Coal oil lllf. Bbl. seized at Freight House of Portland & Kennebec R. U. March 23, 1867, » Whiskey ami 2 N. E. Rum Bbls. seized in cellar of Edw. Gould on Fore street. Any person or persons claiming the same are re quested to appear and make sueb claim within thirty nays from ilie date hereof, otherwise the said barn Is aud halt barrels will be disposed of in accordance with the acts of Congress in su h cases made and provided. Apl4—3w NATH’L J. MILLER, Collector. Mew Spring Goods! COOK & AYERS, DRAPERS AM) TAILORS, - AT - -Vo. 103 FEDERAL STREET, have Just received a good s lection of Broadeiotlis, Doeskins, Vestines, - AXB - T K Ml M I Mi S < suitable for tho SPRING TRADE! Which they **lll make into garments at reasonable prices. Orders from their customers aro respectfully soil Red. 4 7 COOK & AYERS will occupy chambers over the store on their old location in Excliangc Street, a *>ut the middle ot' May. March 25, 18G7. d3w Super-Phosphate of Lime! For Sale by the Subscribers. Bradlr)’, JPnWui Super Fhuaphalc of Iiimc. Uradlry’* X L Super Phosphate of Ltme. Coe’s Super Phoapknlc of (dime. Bradley's Phosphates arc warranted to be equal to any in the market, and will lie sold at the very low est market prices. We also have a good s pplv of best quality Far mer** Planter, which we offer at the lowest rates. BEALE & MOUSE, Apl G—d«Srw2m No 5 Commercial Wharf. Mil. JF. HA FJEMANN contemplates making Portland his residence, ami wdl be prepared tog>velessons in Music and the German and Span ish tanguaxi'H, AFTER APKII, 1, ls«7. Persons desirous to take lessons may leave their aildrcss at Paine’s Music store, corner of t enter and Congress Streets, where circulars may be found. Ittferenee*—Hon. A. E. Stevens, llr.S. Pilch, Chas. B. Merrill, Esq., W. W. Steveus, Esq , K p. Hi, h ardaon, Esq., J. H. Hall, Esq. mclilL’cmllm Sagna IHolusscs. 505 HHDS. I Muscovado M lasses, cargo brig TCS. | ‘‘Hattie S. Emery,” tV<»n Sagim. 4(4 llhds. I Muscovado Mola s*s cargo Brig “J. ‘IJ.’t Bids. ) C. York,” from Sagua, FOB SALK BY GEO. «. HUNT, 111 Commercial st. Mar !‘*—d3w Choice Clayed ill classes. TlERlKS.r&°r C,a>rd M Now binding from Brig "Anna Wellington.” torn Cardenas, and for sa’c by CHASE, CRAM & STTUTRVANT, raar23 dtt Widgery’s Wharf FtJil TIEIZE11S. 200 PWoruX1'^'1 r,,rc ,,aw Eono 50 Tons Coe's PImsplinte of Unt. 25 Tons K P. Coe's Phosplmto of Lime 20 Tons Lloyil s phosphate of Lime. f>0ft Barrels Lodi poudntte. .'<00 Barrels Littlelbbl’s Poudrettc. 400 Barrels Fisli Guano, art* or gale at Manu&cturer’g Trices, T.y KENDALL A WHITNEY. l' r!> h, IMJ. IiM—i Plaster, Plaster. mn '.l’0NS I,nro Hrou^1 Plaster, for sale at the JLV/v/ lowest market prlee. by * Kendall & Whitney, m«r29d2m Market Hall. Portland. DU. ELIZABETII U. ADHih , , Elizabeth, (thrmerlv Mrs. chainl. • ,n’of P , i° tad, (Wwi, .free at hi r X. j\l km i^rMant *ew» u-"!'* * ‘.‘"B1®** and Pearl Stive:,. M. d dims ednetnlay. Kelly's eehbiuttsi " r‘,rth<' »»•« "• «“"• HECKEK’S Celebrated Sell-Htain2 Bn kwheai. Meeker s Celebrate*I WWaten Gr.-m -. Mocker's Celebrated Hominy and Carina Ft»r sale by J. |4. M iuar*2ttdtf rriIE NICEST QUALITY OF WHITE Dili PS. A For sale by mar2tslt» J. I,. ITEEHS,