Newspaper of Portland Daily Press, April 8, 1867, Page 4

Newspaper of Portland Daily Press dated April 8, 1867 Page 4
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MARINE ITICWS I* O K T O E l* O K 1' I. AND. Tiinisday. April 4. AUU1VE1). Sell Ci-o Brooks, Henley, Boston. , it Bolen uar, Merrill, UocUport. ii Wa-I'ington, Miller, Keek land. Soli All»alrobs, Conley, Waldnlicro. Sr i t i n Monroe, DamariseoUa. s. !i Montuno, Sawy. r. Marinas for Borton. Soli Olive Crau li French, Cutler for Boston. Soli Or* an Belle, Eimry, Ko.kport lor Wilmington. radar* — ARRIVED. Kteamsl'ii* Thfinic^, (Hr) Piakarlon, London,u.i Halifax, NS, and St John, NIC . Steamer D rig ., Shorwouil. New York. Si'li .1.18 Youus, WUwin, l-liilmlelplila Sell L -iiii ini, Sl»' i,,!";. u, lead lor Halilax. Sell 1 m 1. (I*i ) M i» l’hV/np. Sell < i.1.1.1 H. (>e. l'i;" V. 1 .nimoi"-. S. 'i j’l nil, Tli " !, nanmrlscotta. s.d* d .v ll,'dr*,di, iiainanseotLl. Sell LI mural. s«dd» otba. s Mi'.', A ii!'li'*,l‘ I'amaruscotla. ' ,h ,‘il Nurw.iod. < uluis lor Lrovidtn. e. Seils^' ied IL <1. I'eu'lleli'ii, ami Connecticut.,l*cn I' l'iiiil- Im. .Maidiiaa for New York. « I Frank Maria, Bai hour, Oriand lor Baltimore. Sells oin anica. Lewis, and Franklin, TUurrill.Wis eq set ini Boston. Sell B Franklin, Patterson. Wiscassot tor Boston. S«li Mary Jane. Merril . Wisousset lor Boston. Sell Coquette, Merry, Wise asset lor Boston. CLEARED. Seb B F Reeves, Armstrong, New York—Orlando Nickerson. Seb LamarCne, Hill, New York—J I Libby. Selis C Fantanzzi, Wooster, and Bertlia Soudcr, Wooster, East pert. SAILED 3d —Ship Mt Washington; 4tli, Larque Martiin W Brett. [FROM OUR CtiRBlCSPONDEXT ) KbNNEBBNKPORT. April l-Launclied, by Mr lavid Clark, a linelv model d fibbing.seb <’ILM tons carpenter s measure, built lor Capt Ma.vo and others, of Proviiicetown. and named Charles F Mayo, ( ’apt Mayo will command her. ytr Clark h is in frame three other vessels, one to be launched in about four weeks, contracted for by J Baker and others, of Denim-port. She will be commanded by ( apt F C Kelley. wdl measure about •>80 tons, and is Intended lor the general coasting trade. From Branch Office Watern Union Telegraph. Arat Matanzas ‘27tli ult, brig Ella Maria, Berry, Portland. hid /7th, l*rig Geo S Berry, for Portland. Ai at < aidenas 20th, brig Minnie. Miller, Audcr son, Portland* Kid 25tb. brig Frank E Allen, Merrill, Portland; 2■.Hi. barque L T Stocker, Bibber, lor a port North ol Uattera-. Arat Philadelphia 4lk iust, sell D S Si nor, Hunt lev. Portland. New York, Anl 5—Steamer Franconia, from Port land, was in common w ith the Norwich boat Ibis AM, oil Hell Gate, badly damaging the latte.. The F re ceived but trilfiing injury. From Merchants Exchange. Kid tin Havana 28th. sell Maine Law, Amesbury, Georgetown, SC. Ar at Cardenas 2GtIi, In igs Timothy Field, WIs we I; Protege, and Robin, iron* Boston. II IS AST K It S. Sell Irene E Mosoi-vey, at Savannah firoin Boston, encountered a heavy g’alc on the passage and lost boat and davits, and sustained other damage. Brig Julia F Carney, from Boston ior St. Marks, Fla, with bay, ran ashore on the West Bank, near the latter peri, on the :'«;th. striking at high tv a; or. She was drawing 11 feet, of water at the time, hill there lias tieeu only to foel under her since, and sh»* would have to discharge a portion ol her cargo lore coming oil’. A steam lug went out. toj/^r‘7 tier o(f. H hch Henry C'roskoy, at Savannah ^ . . repo ts, 2 kl ult, eucountored a 1kj^v”,m . ,/",7 »a^yalSaC1^. ..»i poRTS 1 iverpool 1 A>*^«d Jiblli, barque Lincoln, Trolt, N*w^OLA—Ar 18th, brig Trial, Humphrey, . ,<rk; .-cli Julia A Crawford, Bu kley, troin usacola. NEW ORLEANS—Ar 27tli ult, brig Bello of the lt .y, Noyes, New VoJ'k; sckaXiiurloUe Shaw, Sliaw, I'anienas; Ella L T rote then, Titeomb, Havana. Cld 27th, barque Caroline lA-iuont, Bowkei, Havre. Arup2fitb, barques Chilton, Stafford, Sagua; H Gregory. Gregory. Rockland. At- 3d, barque Commerce, Robinson, Boston. Went lo sea, barque Halcyon; fccb J Crooker. KW Pass, 28tli—Ship EUa S Thayer went lo sea PM. Ship Pride of the Port wont on the bar. MOBILE—Cld 27tb, sobs Bedabedec, Rowe,-; Etta Sv Beater. Sylvester, lvii.gston. ST MARKS— Ar 20th, brig Julia F Carney, Car nev, Boston, (ashore cm Western Bank.) SAVANNAH—Ar 2‘>th ult, sch llenry Croskey, Raekett. Portland; R M Brookings, Douglass, from Wiseasset. Ar 30th. sch Irene K Mos. rvey, Henderson, Bos ton ; Wanderer, Snow, Baltimore. Cld 30th, brig Resolute, Gray, Boston. CHARLESTON —Cid 30th, suip Southern Rights, Ron.-. Liverpool; sch*L A Orcutt, Butler, Philadel phia. Ar 3d. seh Alert. Ma on, Cuba. RICHMOND—Ar 2d, sch Geo Glover, Holbrook, Rockland. Sla 2d, sch Frances Hatch, Gregory, Charleston. GEORGETOWN, DC—Ar 1st, selis Olive M Pctitt, Clark, Pori laud. NORFOLK—Cld 31st, brig L T Knight, Blaisdell, Charleston. FORTRESS MONROE — Av 23th, barque Ocean Steed, Flion, Messina lor Baltimore. Sid 30th. bri-^s Surah Bernice, (fi ui Baltimore) for Boston; Natlif Stevens, from Choptaiik River tor do: selis Hampden Belie, from Baltimore tor Camden. Margaret, do lor Boston. BALTIMORE—Ar3Ih-, brigs John Aviles, Phil brook. Providence ;.C B Allen, 1 >111 Boston. ( Id 2d, Wm II Mailer, Hatch, Augusta. PHILADELPHIA—Ar 2d, selis B C Scribner, Burgess, Trinidad; Kate Carlton, B wden, M.ilan/a - lor Portland, dismasted. Also ar 2d, brig Isabel Beiirmau, Malanzas. Old 2d, barque Anna M Gray, Ginn, Marseilles, brig Ila/.e, Hall, Portland, sell J T Long, Tunnel* Frankfort. Below, brig Mary Coinery, lVoiu Cuba. Old 3d, brig Maria White, Bryant, Cardenas; sell S J’ T. sker, Allen, i'ortland. NEW YORK—Ar 2d, brig Lorana, Knowles, from Trinidad; schsJcddie, Fanning, St Andrews, NB, W F Gushing, Cook, Galveston. Also eld 2d, brig Anna M Knight,Knight,Nnevlta. Ar 3d, ship Julia, (Hr) Crosby. Antwerp: sells Mary, Crosby, Baracoa; Alcora, Talbot, Nuevilaa, Mary E Gage, Hopkins. Jonespoit; Convo , French, Am Chief. Pressey. and Onward. Arev, Rockland, Planet. Smith. Elizabethpovt f >r Boston. c'Id 3d, barques it W Grittitlis, Drummond, Ma tanzas; Ionic, Woodbury, Boston; brig rascatelle, Carlisle, Mansauilla; seb Mary Langdon, lliv, from Salem. Ar ltli, barque Enrique, Orcutt, Ncuvitas; brig F.ije Ifou'jhton, Morton, Sagua, 15 days; sell Sabao, • Lannon, CienfuogOH. Old 4th, ships Excelsior, Pendleton, for Liverimol; Villa Franca, Uiqiibart. London; barque Nineveh, Baker, Savannah: brig Hiram Abif),Tibbetfs,Saguu; schs Forest King, Welsh, Havaua; J C Hertz, Gray, Boston: Mary Ann, Rogers, Portland. NEW CONDON—Al'2d, sells Tims Mix, Hall, ami H Leacli, Pillsburv,Rockland tor New York; Yankee Blade, < 'oombs, Philadelphia. PROVIDENCE—Ar 2d, soli Harriot Fuller, Boa nett Portland. Ar.'td, sells Viola, Treworgy, Darien; A genera, Moans, Elizabeth port. Sid 2d, sell O W Dexter, Nason, New York. NEWPORT—Ar 2d, schs Oregon, Miller, and Al I* it Jameson, C and age, Rockland lor New York ; 'J'.1 Trallon, 'I’upley, tiu Portsuioiifh lor Baltimore; Julia Baker, Balrer,Portland for Baltimore. BOSTON—Ar 2d, barque Jehu, Smith, Messina; brig Hancock, liallett, Mobile. Sid. brigs Hattie Eaton, and F J Merrimao. Ar 4th. barques Paramount, Gorham, Palermo; Alexandria, Snow, Cienluegoa ; Florence Peters, Hooper, Galveston; brigs Nathl Stevens, Bartlett, Choptank River; irali Bttnlw.Stewart, Baltimore; Roamer, Crabtree, Sullivan; Harriet Newell, GouUI, Brunswick, Ga: sells Carre M Rich, Aniesbiirv, fin Georgetown SC: Jos W Fish, Wiley, Wilmington. Dirigo, Baker, Philadelphia; R C Lane, Ijuiic, and Bengal, Stetson. Rondout; Dolphin, Bateman, Mu » bias: Billow, Y\ ass, Addison; Idaho, Weseott, from Rockland; Osceola, Gray; Atlantic, Robinson, ai}d Magnum Bonum, Rich,do; Ida May. Gray, Bji-ks iKirt: All:uiL:e, Coombs, Belfast; William, Brigham, Harpfcwcll; OYlzon, Howe, Bath; Olive F.H/ahelh. 'i ii mpHon, and Win Penn, Phillips, Portland. Ar5tb, ship Naples, liulcliInsuu.Java; brigChiin Itoraz »», Cook, Cardenas; iclis R II Baker, knight. Sngiia; Defiance. Kimwlton, New York. SA LKM -Ar 2d. sell Hume, Snow, I'm Portland for New York, and proceeded. FOREIGN PORTS. A1 Calcutta Feb 23. ships Zephyr, Poller, for Bos ton, seed at #12 gold, pr ton; Kentuckian, Freeman lor New York, (has let oui 230 tons 11ns. cd at #12nod 150 toils hides at #11; barque Frances, Kelley, n»j Boston; and others. At Havre ult. ship Emma, Rich, for Now York next day. Ar at Panama — ult, ship Riclid McManus, Foster, New York. A1 Mayaguez Till ult, sell Harriet Brewster, for North ot Hattcras. At Mlragoane 12th ult, eeh J Morion,, for New York, Mg. Al Triuidad 15th ult, baroue Union, Heard, lor North of Hatierns; brig Martha, Stone, do. [Per steamer Belgian ] Cld at I.iverpool 20th, Puritan, Taylor,Calcutta; Walter, Libby, Havaua. . Ent lor ldg 20th, Regina, Tobin, New Or lean:-. Ar at Messina 11th ult, Sterling, Sprague, Card ill'. Sid 14th, C I*’ Eaton. Curvy. New York. Ar at Palermo Otli ull. Eagle, Potter, Ideal a; Tu bal Cain, Loring. do; Edw Hill. Gerard, Smyrna. SM 12th, Fearless, Paul -k, New York-. Ar at Gibraltar 14tb ult, City of Bangor, Mcnzes, Callao. Ar at Algwlms 1 lth ull. Star, Loring, Callao. I 11 mouth, March 20. Forlv shipping notes, relal iiig to cargo o. cotton on board ship Mayllower, from New Orleans h ive been picked up hi lleltord River [Shi|» May dower. Call, Irom New Orleans, arrived at II iv ie 1st ult, ami sailed again 16lh lor Cardiff, and il is probable the bill-, were thrown overboard, being no longer of uh.-.j Tenerirto, March 10. The J C Nickels, from Sa vannali, palled chains yesterday, in a gale, and was driven ashore. .Grew saved. She lutd lauded ueaiIv all her cargo ol lumber. (Per steamer Java, at. Now York J Sid tin Liverpool 21st, No Plus Ultra, Woodbury, Newporl; Matterhorn. Curtis, Philadelphi a ( Id 22d, Charlotte, Spear, and M alley ille, Waite, New York. ('Id »t London 20tli, Forest King, Merriaui, Hali fax, NS. Sid tin Antwerp 21st, Britannia, Little, Shields. Sid nn Hamburg I9fh nit, Sapphire, Reed, Sunder land. Sid tm Bordeaux 12th ult, Ceres, Humphrey, for Now York. Aral Leghorn 17tli uit, Lorenzo, Anderson, Irom New York. SMlm Valencia lutli ult, ( harlotto W While, urirtin. Carditt. Calcutta M84,113 r‘:,, 17' Duterjntoe, Dunbar, tor Bmton2 Sli"V mK'V ' '' 'l"3 lf«lmeH, Crocker, Irom S' I Vs, r 1*. Hamilton, do. •V «lh, M.mgoln, .., 1;UM|„„. C^lt.k"mehc“ K,lb '••2> tarquin, Huntley, tor vSi^,J.*'r"“n*,mCO Peb ,(i- Wallace. SPOKKY. Bee 9, oil Java Head, ship Vicksburg, Scott irosn Manila for Lngltind. b ' u*,rom rebji, tot 110* 8, IUU 230B, Hlrij. Eltou Austin Flench. Irom New \ «*rk lor San Francisco. !'• l» 21, lat 29 54 N,lon 39 22, ship Webster, Norris Horn New York lor Nan Francisco. March 7, Ini 4k 4(5, Ion it 05, ship I/»ulsa, (Hover from Newport, K, lor Now York. March 13, lat 25, Ion 70 15, barque Caro, tYoin Brc men for Havana. March 19, oil Hell Buoy, ship Rangoon, Thomas irom Liverpool lor Calcutta. March 30, lai 30 30, Ion 71 20. harqno Brunswick, Bavin. Irom Cardenas Ibr New Yolk, (by brig Lije Houghton.) »•-- - - - -■■■■ ——■ timti«i— ammu i “Tug i-ksi im iiibimiit this tut: nuobv.” Tbe Gold Pen-Best and Gheapsst of Pens* Morton's (Told Pens! Tlie Best Pens in the World ! For sale at Ills Hc.ldq Bar torn, No 25 Maiden Lane Now York, and by every duly-appointed Agent at the *an»e prices. A Catalogue, with full description of Sizes ami Prices, sent on receipt *,1 letter postage. i)M_u<l\ A. iUOKTON* CII-A KM. 200 I\1. imported and domestic Cigar* loi ^alel.y C. C. MITCHELL & SOW, julloti 178 Fore Street MERCHANDISE. L U.UBBli, ■Wholesale and ItetaSL Boa kps, I*i:nii'. siiiwgltftf and Scantling oi all sizes I'onvtiiiitlv on hand. Uiiililine xuoiwial n»>vcJ nniriuf No. yi Union Wliart. LUMBER ! All kinds of SPRUCE LI U RER, wholesale: and retail. Frames ami Dimension Lumber sawed to order at short notice. CI;i|»lM>ai'<ls, Minifies amt I.atlis. PERKIN*, J A4 KMON A CO., High Street Wli.ii t, :il« Commercial, janfdtf foot of High street. COAL ! COAE ! Coal for Ranges Furnaces, —AND— parlor stoves, AI Low Kate, for i'n.h. A small lot of NICE BLACKSMITH’S COAL. IHO TON* LUMP LEHIGH. AIbo a lot of DRY Sl.AB WOOD. sawed in store length, delivered In any part of tlie city, at $8 per forth PERKIN*, JACKSON A < High Street Wharf, 302 Commercial, .ianldtf Foot of High street. $8. CHEAP COAL l $8. TlfE can now oiler nice CHESTNUT COAE IT at$*.ooper ton, delivered at any part of the city. Also for sale at the lowest market price, Olt l tCo. L(‘lti(;h, SUGAR LOAF LFUJGH, Cor Uurnnri’M. For Ranges and Cook Stoves, John's W hile Adi, Diamond, Red AnIi, which are free of all Impurities and \ery nice. Also Cumberland ! A cargo just landed, trosli mined, for Blacksmith use. Lehigh Lump, lor Foundry Use! ° We keep constantly on liand a lull assortment ot Choice Eimaily Coni. Those wishing to pur chase large lois will do well to give us a call before purchasing. DADD AND SOFT HOOD Delivered at any part ol the city al short notice. Kamlall, McAllister & No. GO COW MKIM) IA L SI' oc25dtl n Head of •WaiJAJJf whart. Souths pine. _^ffTT M very superior Flooring ami Step Garda uovv lauding atCustom House Whan', I fin* sale in lots to suit purchasers. Apply to 0. M. 1».\ VIS & CO., lli Commercial street. Port land, Nov. 21, U0B. imv22dtr Southern Pine Lumber WE aro prepared to execute orders tor SOUTH. HUN 1*1NE LUMBER, l.y tl»- cargo, .l. liv. i ocl with dispatch at any convenient, port. KVA* & DAVIS April 17—iltf 161 Commercial St. Saint Louis Flour 11 C1IIOIPK Now Wheat Family Flour ol the mos1 J celebrated brands. T. HurriMou A Co., Plant*. r.itglt , Brilliant XXX, dictator, Ti>i|»i«al, Aiuaranto, Wiailiuoro, FOR SALK BY Churchill, Brown# <£• Manson :iie_'7dM Cora, Flour, &e. 5,500 BUSH. PRIME YELLOW CORN. 200 Bids. •* Golden Sheaf ” Flour. 50 “ *• Manchester” Flour. 15 “ Hemp Pork. 8 Leaf Lai'd. Cargo Schooner “Juba Baker,” from Baltimore, now lauding, and for sale bv OltASK BROTHERS, March 20. dtt Head ixuig Whart. Trinidad Molasses. 4 rzn HHDS. prime quality tiunidAu MOLASSES for sale l»y LYNCH, RARKI.R & CO., nov23dtf 130 Commercial Street. I A I IS IIA IVBis' 1‘ftF.MIUM STANDAUD SCALES, Made of the l>»-st material*, and in t he niOHt thorough manner.and reeeiv iiug con start t iin |j»roTinent»s under the h ijK-rviHiou ol the Original lu= vriitor. rivci>iun-tj,us Flay Coal, Railroad. Platform and Counter, F»ru>j "fsl s’, Confectioners , RulefuTs’, Grocers’, and Gold Seales, Beams, S|»rin^ Balances, Sic., for sale at our WAREHOUSE .118 Milk Street, Host on, Mass. Fairbanks, Brown A Co. Agents for sale of Tilton A McFarland’* Mate*, W hite’* Pa tent Money Drawer** ami CreKMOia'* Gam Ite^ulnlors. Agents in Portland, EMERY, WATER HOUSE «f CO. mar2tJ-<13in NATHAN GOO LI), Meroliaii t Tailoi*, « Has got back to his Old Stand, No. 137 Middle Street, Whore he has a splendid assortment of all kinds of CLOTHS, For Oentlem.n and Boy’s Wear, Which he is ready to make into Garments, AT THE VKKY IjOWKmT RATE*. Bar*ALL GOODS WAHKANTED. P. S.—All old customers and lots of new ones will find him ready with his tains to “Give them Fits.” nmr7-dtf ASSESSORS’ NOTICE. rpHK Assessors of the City of Portland hereby give 1 notice to all penwnR liable to taxation In said city, that tlwy will bo In session every seeulur day. irom the second to tlie thirteenth day of April next iuclusive, at their room in Market! I all Budding, trout Ion Lo twelve o’clock in the forenoon, and Irom three lo live o’, lock in the afternoon, lor the purpose or re ceiving lists of the i>o!!a and estates taxable in said cil.v. And all such persona are hereby notified to make ana bring t<> said assessors, true and perfect lisle of all their polls and estates, *ud all estates real and personal, held by them as guardian, executor, admin istrator, trustee or otherwise, as outlie first day ol April next, a id be prepared to make oath to the Iruthot the same. And when estates <»f persons deceased, have been divided during the past year, or have changed hands Irom any cause, the executor, administrator, or other person interested, is hereby warned to give notice «>l such change; and in default of such notice will be belli under the law to pay the tax assessed although such estate has been wholly distributed aud paid over. Particular notice is hereby extended to all persons in said city, who have lost Iheir property by tire, lo give in a statement within the (line aforesaid, ol the losses and the amount of insurance I hereon, if any ; otherwise they may Ik* liable lo Ik? taxed thereon us though they ii:ul been fully insured, Ami any person who neglects to comply with this notice, will be diKUned ill a lax according to the laws of the Stale, and Ik* barred ol the right lo make ap plication to tlicCounty Commissioners Ibr any abate ment of Ids taxes, unless he show s that be was una ble lo oiler such lists within the time hereby ap (M>inted, S. B. BECKETT,) WM.BOYD, } Assessors. WM II.FOYK, ) rP^Blank schedules will l»c furnished at the room ol the Assessors. Portland, March 25,18G7. ' mar 26—tapl!4 N l* H I TV G - AND - s IJ ill »i E R GOODSJ — AT— P. R. FROST’S. HAVING just fretimi. a Irom the market with a tine stoek of goods adapted to the Spriiu; and Sommer trade of this place, which I will mauufu - ture from my ow n personal cutting ami superintend ence Ten per cent. Cheaper Th:in any other tailor can do, from the same quality of < foods. Ah myexpenai H.aro that much smaller than their * which advantage I will give my customers. My place of business is 332 1-2 Congress Street, BI.OTC M«.rhn.iir,* Hull, on I hr «pp*. .itc.idr.rlhr Mlrrrl, Aiarcii zo—<i jin PholoffraphHt p/, otograp/, s! A. N. DAYIh, AiuDiuiyi'irB, on;. N. B. All work warranted. 27 M A UK ET SQUA U E. 27 MARKET SOU A RE. Janll—3m* miscellaneous T 11 E . CENTR AL Pacific R. R. Co. Having Completed, Equipped and put in operation nearly One Hundred Miles of their ltoad,from Sacramento, Cal ifornia, to with in 1 i Miles of the summit of the Sierra Ne vada Mountains, continue to offer for sale, thouyh us, thei v FIRST MORTGAGE BONDS « issued in conformity with the Acts ol Congress and tlie lawp ol tho State ol California, upon tho division of their ltoad located in the State ol California, and extending one hundred and filty six miles from Sac ramento City to the California State lino. The Bouds have thirty years to run from July 1, 1865, aud are seem ed by a First Mortgage, consilulting an absolute prior lien on the port ion of ltoad above nam ed, with all the Rights, Franchises, Equipments, die., pertaining there to. The amount, of these First Mortgage Bonds to be issued per mile Is limited by law to the amount oi United States Bonds allowed and issued to aid the construction of tlie ltoad, and the mortgage by which they are secured is Declared by Act of I’on greftM to coiifttilulr a lien prior and superi or to tbnt of the United Niaiu* Government. Interest at the rate of Six percent, per Annum, payable Seuil-Anuually, ou the First days of Janu ary and July. • Principal and Interest payable in United States Gold Coin, 111 the city of New York. The price of the Bonds is fixed for the pft-dent at 95 per cent., and adorned interest trojfr January 1st lu Curreiu-y, tlie Company le^fviug the right to ad vance tho pi ice wlieupinjr it is tlieir interest hi do so. j uvjpzui hu ms (.lie Western part ol I he ^ MAIN TRUNK OF THE - Great National Pacific Railroad, Authorized, adopted, and aided l»y The United States Government. It runs through the heart of the richest and most populous section of the Stale of California, connect ing the Extensive Mining1 (legions ol' Ne vada, Utah and Idaho With Sacramento and the Pacific Coast,from whence their supplies must be drawn; and the Earnings of tho portion already running aro very heavy, ami LARGELY IN EXCESS OF THE INTEREST UPON THE Company's Bonds. Having been for some time familiar with the ope rations of the Central Pacific Railroad Company, we aresatislied that they are conducted with rare abili ty aud prudence, and that the energetic and econom ical management of the Company’s affairs entitles them to the confidence of Capitalists and tho public. We have carefully investigated tho the progress, re sources, aud prospects of the road, amt have the full est confidence in its success, and In the value ami stability of the Company's securities. The attention of Trustees of Estates, institutions, and individuals desiring a long, safe and remunerative investment, is especially invit ed to these First Mortgage Bonds. Orduis may be forwarded to us direct, or through the principal Banks aud Bankers in all parts of the country. Remittances may be made in drafts on New York, or in Legal Tender Notes, National Bank Notes, or other funds current in this city, and the Bonds will I*) forwarded to any address by Express, free ol charge, inquiries for further particulars, by mail or otherwise, will receive punctual attention. Fiwk Ac Hatch, Uaukcrs tind Dealer* in (<iovernuicni Ne curitieN, No. H Nassau Street, N. F. N. C.—All kinds of Government Securities receiv ed at the full market price in exchange for the above Bonds. Also J3TAit descriptions of Government Securities kepi constantly on hand, and liouyht, Sold, or Exchanged. ttr -Old Coin aud U. S. Coupons bought, sold, and collected. Ecjiosits recei ved on liberal terms, subject to check at sight. Collections made throughout the country. Miscellaneous Stocks and Bonds bought and sold at the Stock Exchange on commission for cash. Special Attention given to the Exchange of SEVEN-THIRTY NOTES of all the Series for the New El VE-TWENTY RONES of ISiiti, on the most favorable terms. inar’Jd lm SPRING STYLE GOODS - AND SPRING FASHIONS! Belli lor Garments for OUT DOOR WEAR - AND FOK - DRESS SUITS! Have been received by WILLIAM C. BECKETT, ME BCHANT T A. ILO It, At bin new stork and old 1 oca'ion, No. 1X7 Middle Street. Among his last accessions are the Fancy Stripes for Pantaloons of dopers colors, which have recently come into vogue ii» the larger cities. Many varieties* of FANCY GOODS THICK and SUBSTANTIAL, intended tor busi ness suits during the chilly weather that is yet to come. —- also Fine Tricots, Twilled Broadcloths, mid 1 other nice Fabric* tor in-door occn *ioiiN, and New Style* Milk* aad Cashmere* for %re*tiug*. In short, the best ol the styles of Goods that are to ho louiid in NEW YORK ANI) BOSTON, May here 1*0 obtained, and his old friends and the public are respcctuilly invited to examine tor them selves. NKW NTOR'K IID MIDDLE ST. March 21,1*67. dtt* New Store—Jnst Open. bluntTy FOSS, DEALERS IN Bnilders Hard ware, Nails,Glass,Wooden Ware DOORS. SASH AND BLINDS, anil CABPEN TKItS* TOOLS in Great Variety. On Mitldle, between Hampshire &. .Franklin Sts Jam. P. Bi.rjNT. ja‘24d3m* »Ta.s. A. Fokb. o Y M T 1-] B « ! WIIXMMH DAKTOUf, AT hi s stores. Nos. 231 & 233 Congress SI reet,i» ear Ne \v Ci1y Building, is constantly receiving fresh arrival;* of New York and Virginia Oysters, which Jie is prepared to sell by the gallnu, quart or bushel, o r served up in any style. ♦Lamavy 5,tsd7. dl l ( flows Shadow & Stands* JOSEPH STORY 1>'"llCT RNAME1.F.D Sl.ATE fomuh-v ■rH’LltA.<:KETS,1>tK,lSLA,,,‘, URATES KM lCi'iMNhv lors. Importer anil dealer in Eiig i lisli bloor Idea, Dorman and Proud. Flower Rots, ‘“SS> Blli,l>m, an*I Bronze Staluells mid Busts. Ubiss Shades ami Walnut Stands, Bobs huhii and Lava \ anew and other wares 112 TUEMONT STREET Studio Building mar ISiltim _ BOSTON, M.Pks. WRIGHT & RUCK, Proprietors of Greenwood Mm, BUCHNVII.I1K, M. V. IYEALEUS ill Yellow Pine Timber and Ship Stork. Orders solicited. References—R. P. Buck & Co., Now York; Win. Motlilvory. Esq., Scaraport; Ryan & Davis, Portland. uiar2Cdtf PAINTS AND OILS. Drills. McdioinoH, Dye* NtuflW, Window GIbsn. AGENTS FOR Forest Hirer ,t> Warren Lead Co.’s CRAFTS) A WTI.I.IAItlM, Nos. 5 0 Commercial Wharf, Boston. Decl—TuThStly MISCELLANEOUS. I^ea Ac Peprins’ EEIiERRATED Worcestershire Sauce 1 PRONOUNCED BV C'onuaiNxeur* To be The “Only Good Sauce!” And applicable to EVERY VARIETY OF l> 1 H II a EXTRACT of a letter from a Medical Gentleman at Madras, to Ids Brother at Worcester, May, 1851. “Tell lAja & Per rins that their Sauce is highly esteemed in India, and is in my opinion the moat pal atable as well as the [most wholesome Sauce that is made.” Ibc success of this most, delicious aud unrivaled condiment having caused many unprincipled dealers to apply the name to Spurious ('impounds., the pub lic is respectfully and earnestly requested to see that the names ot Lea & Perkins are upon the Wrap per, Label, Stopper and Bottle. Manufactured by LEA A- PKRUINH, Wtrmlrr. John Duncan’s Sons, NEW YORK, Agents for tlie United States. od7dty «ioo. ~ $100, WAR CLAIM OFFICE. Patterson & Clia<ll>oiA-iic, Morion Block, 2 doors above Preble House. THE new Bounties, under tlie law approved Jul; 2#th, 186»», Increase of Pensions, Arrears of Pay, Prize Money, and all other claims against the Gov* eminent, collected at short notice. The necessary blanks hare been received, and claim ants should tile their claims prompt/1/. Frank G. Patterson, late Lieut. 5th. Me. Vols*. Paul Chadbourne, late Maj. 1st Me. Cav. Oct 10-dtf n T HOMES, SMAKDONI00, Havu this day 'P’Uhi their IV e w M t o r e ! NO. SO UNION STREET, And are prepared to show the TRADE a full New Stock of Fine Woolens, And Tailors’ Trimmings! dust Receive! from New York and Bouton* And which they oiler at I lie very Lowest Jobbing T-*riees : The TRADE are respectfully invited to examine our Slock lx:fore purchasing. Francis O. ThoAkh. U forme n. Smarixin. marlbdtl III NSON <€ WINSLOW’S Steam Mills, Iron Foundry, -AND Plonffli Mat nnfaetory* WE would inform the public that we are prepar ed fo furnish Castings of every description to order at short notice. We now have on hand an as sortment of Window Weights. Sled Shoes and other castings. \Vo are prepared to furnish Casting for Rail Road Companies anil Ship Rudders. Also, Planing, debiting, Matching and Sawing promptly done J. W. HANSON, C.C. WINSLOW. ‘Ri York Ml., Head of MmilhVi Wharf. Jan 1—d _ The Sunday Morning Advertiser iq the largest quarto sheet of the kind in New Eng land, ami contains Ntoi'ieM'MketrbcN, Newn of the Day, illnrhei HcporlM and Telegraphic DiMpalcbea up to a late hour Saturday evening. City subscrib ers supplied Sunday morning, at $2.50 a year, in ad vance. Mail subscribers, $2.00. lcbl9dtl Mh. reddyI • MERCHANT TAILOR, A.Vli I>K\LEIl IN GENTS’ FURNISHING GOODS, No. 107 FEDERAL STREET. We liave in store one of tbe finest assortment of ENGLISH, GERMAN, FRENCH and DOMESTIC CLOTHS, OASS1MERES, &t\, that can l»c found in Portland. These gomls have been selected with great care and esm'cially adapted to the fashionable trade, and at prices that cannot fail to please, and all goods thoroughly shrunk and satisfaction guaranteed. A call is' respectftilly solicited. Thankful to friends for past patronage, hoping to merit a continuance of the same. janOiltf M. 11. REDDY, Proprietor. Schooner lor Sale. The fine white oak and eopper-tasfcned fast sailing Schooner IDA MORTON, 49 12-100 tons new measurement, well ‘ found and adapted for tbe ('easting or « » Fishing business, is now ottered for sale by the Eastern Packet Co. For purlieu bu s enquire o M. N. RICH, jau28dtt No. 3 Long Wharf C .L O~4D K N ! Calendar Clocks, Howards Clocks, Office and Hank Clocks, Gallery Clocks, Parlor, and AH Kinds of Clocks. 04 EXCHANGE STREET, LOWELL & SENTEU. Portland Jan. 17tli, 1867. d»>m Tar and Pitch for Sale. Q/A/A BBLS. Wilmington Tar. OUU #0 “ “ Pitch. For Sale by liVIllAN, NON Ar TO BET, Mar9(t I Iii Commercial Nf. "stream RUTHHEI) SOAPS ! LEA THlf~& GORE, W°ULD solicit the attention ol tbe trade and f f cunsumevs to their Standard Brands ol STEAM REFINED SOAPS, -viz: EXTRA, FAMILY, NO. 1, OLEINE. CHEMICAL OLI V E, CRANES PATENT, SODA, AND AMERICAN CASTILE, All ol SUPERIOR QUALITIES, in packages suita ble l«»r the trade and family use. Importing direct our chemicals, and using only the best materials, aud as our goods are manufactured under (lie jiersonal supervision ol our senior partner, who lias had thirty years practical experience in the business, we tlicreibre assure the public with con deuce that wocan and will lurnish the Best Goods at the Lowest Prices I Having recently enlarged and erected NEW WORKS, eontuing all the modern improvements, we arc enabled to furnish a supply ol SoapM of the H«‘*l Q. mu I it leu, adapted to the demand, lor Ex» pol l and Domestic* I'ou-imqilioii. L EAT HE .1 GOME’S STEAM REFINED SOAPS 1 SOLD BY ALI.T1IK Wholesale Grocer* Throughoiii llie Stale. IjeatTie Gore, ;lf)7 4'omaicrcial St, 4 7 A 40 Reach Street, W PORTLAND, MAINE. arch *>4T—tit! _ I’liOTOtiKAPIIS ! E. S. WOHMKLL formerly No. !*0 Middle street, takes pleasure in an nouncing that lie will on TUKSI>AY, JAN. 1, 1807, oi>en his NEW PHOTOGRAPH GALLERY At No. 310 Congress Street, (Opposite Mechanic*’ Hall,] where he will be pleased to wait on bis friends and tlie public Grateful for past patronage, be hopes by strict at tention to business to merit a rtnewaj ot the same. Persons wishing tor FIRST (! MHN PICTUREN of all ^.ylesand sizes are invited to call. Picture* colored in Oil, Water C-olor* and luiliu Ink by one of the be«l Artist* • iu the Mime. Special attention paid to Copying of all descriptions. &ST“All work warranted to give satisfaction. N« U—Work done for Photographers iu Ink or Colors at reasonable rat s. jan1eod3m Winslow’s Machine Works ARK now located on Cross Street rear ofonr form er Shop on Union Street, and We are prepared to do Machine Work, Forging, Steam, Water and Gas Filling, On the most favorable terms, and at the shortest no tire. Steam heating bv high or low pressure, we make one of our Ofir long experience in this lino ( having tirst chew workmen, ) enables us to give good satisfaction to our custouic' 8, PnmpR with plain «r Qalrniiized I«’®« pipe furniehed and pat up |n the bt«t man* urr. We have the Agency ot some ol the best manufac tures oi machinery in the country. Purchasers will do well to call aud examine price and list and cata I lngues. 1>. lVINMLOW & «ON, Proprietor*. Felt If*u3taw& w2ni P1AMO rat HALE. p,ano,mbtk Will he sold for $r,50, Aa it nun t l.o sold immediately. K. B. ItOBINMON’S, »!■»«« Kooin 347 I.) Consrew SI. Mar 71—da AT J. I.. W'KKKS’ STORE, !\<>. }J and 74 Fore A**., J™ can buy a. good articles aa at an not her si ore in the oily, and delivered at any of theeity frii> ol cbariteand prices satisfactory, march 29—dll MISCELLANEOUS Excelsior, Excelsior ! chasteiTlak’s Hair Exterminator! For removing Super/luous llair! To the ladies especially, this invaluable depilatory recoinuiends itself as being an almost indispensable article to female beauty, is easily applied, does not burn or injure the skin, but acts directly on the roots. It is warranted to remove suiterIInous hair from low foreheads, nr from any part ox the body, completely, totally and radically extirpating the same, leaving Die skin soft, smooth and natural. This is tl-c only article used by the French, and is the only real effectual depilatory in existence. Price 75 cents per package, sent post-paid,to any address, on receipt of an order, by BFKGKtt, SHI i l l s & CO., Chemists, mr28d&wly 285 ltiver street, Troy, N. Y. Free to Everybody. A Largo C pp. Circular, giving information of the greatest importance to the young of both sexes. ji It teaches how the homely may become beautiful, the despised respected, and the forsaken loved. - ik.No young lady or gentleman should tail to "semi their address, and receive a copy post-paid, by return mail. Address P. O. Drawer 21, mr28d&wly Troy, N, Y. AmOLOGY. Till* World Astonished AT TIIE WONDERFUL REVELATIONS MADE BY THE GREAT ASTKOLOGIST, Madame H. A. PE HKIO. She reveals secrets no mortal ever knew. Sho re stores to happiness tfiose who from dole**1 /ents, catastrophes, crosses In love, lor v*i money, &c., have become despondent. p ae brings together those long separated, gi^ca information concerning absent frieuds or 1*". o»s, restores tost or stolen property,tells you Ine business you are best qualified to pursue and

iu whit you will be most successful, causes speedy marriages and tells you the very day you will marry, gives you the name, likeness and characteristics ot the person. Sho reads your very thoughts, and by her almost supernatural powers tfnvtils the dark and hidden mysteries of the future. From the stars we sec in the firmament—the malefic stars that overcome or predominate in the configuration—from the aspects and positions of the planets and the fixed stars in the heavens at the time ot birth, she deduces the fu ture destiny of man. Fail not to consult the greatest Astrologist on earth. It costs you but a trifle, and you may never again have so favorable an opportun ity. Consultation foe, with likeness and all desired information, $1. Parties living at a distance ean consult the Madame by mail with equal safety and satisfaction to tlicms Ives, as if in person. A full and explicit chart, written out, with all inquiries answer island likeness enclosed, sent by mail on receipt of price above mentioned. The strictest secresy will be maintained, and all correspondence returned or de stroyed. References oi the highest order furnished those desiring them. Write plainly the day of the month and year in which yen were bom, enclosing a small lock of hair. Address, M ADAME II. A. PERR1GO, mr28d&w1y P. O. D awer 293, Buffalo N. Y. There cometh glad tidings of joy to all, To young and to old, to great and to small; i The beauty which once was so precious and rare, Is free for all, and all may be fair. BV THE If MB OP CHA STEII Alt’ S WHITE LIQUID ENAMEL, For Improving and Beautifying the Complexion. The most valuable and perfe t preparation in use, tor giving the skin a boantiftil i»earl-like tint, tiiat is only lbund in youth. It quickly removes Tan, Freckles, Pimples, Blotches, Moth Patches. Saliow uors, Eruptions, and all impurities of the skin, kind ly healing the same leaving the skin wliite and clear as alabaster. lts use cannot be detected by the closest scrutiny, and being a vegetable preparation is perfectly harmless. II Is the only article of the kind used by the French, and is considered by the Paris ian as indispensable to a perfect toilet. Upwards of 30,000 bottles were sold during the past year, a sutti eient guarantee of Us efficacy. Price only 75 cts.— Seut by mail post-paid, ou receipt of an order, by BERGER, SHUTTS & GO , Chemists, mar28d&wly 285 River St,Troy, N. Y. Know Tliy Destiny. Madame E. F. Thornton, the great English As trologtst, Clairvoyant and Psycltoinotrician, who has astonished the sclentitlc classes of the Old World, has now located herself at Hudson, N. Y. Madame Thornton possesses such wonder tnl powers of second sight, as to enable her to impart knowledge of the greatest importance to the single or married of either sex. While in a slate of I ranee, suj delineates the very features ot the person you aro to marry, and by the aid of an instrument of intense power, known as the Psycliomotrope, guarantee* to produce a life like picture ot the future husband or wife of tbo ap plicant, together with date of marriage, position In life, leading traits of character, &c. This is no hum bug, as thousands of testimonials can assert. She will send when desired a certified certificate, or written guarantee, that the picture is what ft pur l*orts to L>e. By enclosing a small lock of hair, and stating place of birth, age, disposition and complex ion, and enclosing titty cents and stamped envelope, addressed to yourself, you will receive the picture and desired information by icturn mail. All com munications sacredly confidential. Address iu con fidence, M adame E. F. Thornton, P. O. Box 223, Hudson, N. Y. inar28d&wly ( IMSI*UR COMA. Oh! slie waslieautltul and fair, With start v eyes, and radiant hair. Whoa'-curling tendrils soli, eiitwined, Enchained the very heart and mind. c risper c oma. For Curling the Hair of either Sex into Wavy and Glossy liinglets or Heavy Massive Curls. By using this article Ladies and Gentlemen can beautify themselves a thousand told. It is the only article in the world that will curl stiaight hair, and at the same time give it a beautiful glossy appear ance. The Crisper Coma not only cwris the liair, but invigorates, beautifies and cleanses it; is highly and delight fully perftimod, and is the most, complete arti cle of the kind ever offered to the American public. The Crisper Coma wi'l be sent to any address, sealed and post paid tor $1. Addre s all orders to W. L. CLARK & CO., Chemists, No. 3 West Fayette Street, Syracuse, N. Y. Mar28d&wly TX7HISKGR8 and >V M USTACHKfc forced to prow upon the smoothest face in from three to five weeks by us ing Ur. SliVlUNE.'S REST A V R ATKUR CA - I'LL I .A IKE, the most wonderful discovery in modern science, acting upon the Beard and Hair in an almost miraculous manner. It has been used by the elite of Purls and ljondou with the most flatter i.i" success. Names ot all purchasers will be regis tered, ami it\entire satisfaction is not given in every instance, the money will lie cheerfully retutided. Price by mail, sealed and postpaid, SI. Descriptive circulars and testimonials mailed tree. Address HKKtlKn, SHPTTS & (X)., Chemists, No. I'xr» Kiver Street, Troy, N. V., Sole Agents tor the United Stabs. mar 27—ly BE A U TV. — Aii burn, boldi'U, Flaxen ami Silken CU ltLS, produced by the use ol l’rof.JM: l in mix’s FklSEK 1<K CHKVKl'X. One aj»|>1 i cation warranted lu curl ^ tlji) most. straight. and xiuuiNMii nun im enner sev lino wavy ringlets or heavy massive curls. Has been use-1 by the tatriiion abl s of Paris and Ijondon, with the most gratifying results. l»oes no injury to the hair. Price by mall, sealed and postpaid, $1. Descriptive Circulars mailed free. Address BKKGKtt,* SlIUTfS & CO., Chemists, No. lliver St.,Troy, N. Y.,Snle Agents or the United States. mar 27-d& w 1 y. JORDAN & RANDALL IIAVINU REMOVED TO TTIE Store No. 145 Middle St., ( Kvans Block,) Would resiiectfulty invite the t rade to examine their stock of Tailors' Trimmings. Selected Expressly for this Market. nr ly personal attention to business wc hope to merit a share of public pal rouge. WILLIAM P. JORDAN, GKO. A. RANDALL. Portland, March 18, 1867. dtf J. d> C. J. MARBOUR, Manufacturers and Retailers of Boots, Shoes and Rubbers, NO. 8 EXCHANGE STREET, rOBTI.AJtn, DIE. Cntllc.’ «ml MiMfs’ Merge and Calf Boola. MniN Fine Calf and^Thick Bool.. Boy.', IToalh.’ and Children’. Bool, and Ml, or.. Bubbrr Bool, und Mhor. of nil kind*. OAK AND HEMLOCK BELTING. LACE LEATHER. bioi.ammkm hose, gnome hone rubber belting, rubber packing Bubbrr Clothing, Bubber Hom.. JOUN UAKBUUR. C. J. BARBOUR. E. K. BARBOUR. BOV20 _ dtt EUREKA ! EUREKA ! I (1A1.L at Ml |-a Congiess Street, and see the j kukkka ti.oiius u kinc:i:k!! Warranted the best Wringing Machine ever invent ed. It is entirely tell* adjusting, the most simple in construction and is less liable to get out of ordei than any other in use. Knowing wy have an article winch will give perfect satisfaction, we respectfully 4 Kolieii a share ol public patronage. For sale by COX Sc PGWAKS, Agents for the State of Maine. Portland, March 5,1867, maroon MEDICAL. j DR LAROOKAH’S' Pulmonic Syrup. FOR THE CURE OF Coughs, Cold , Whooping Cough, Croup, Asthma, Catarrh, Intluenza, Bronchitis, Spitting of Blood, Pleurisy, Inflammation of the Lungs or Chest, Pain in the side, Night Sweats, Hoarseness,Consumption in its early stages, and all Diseases ot the Throat and Lungs. % This remedy is too well known and too highly es teemed to require commendation here. It is regard ed a necessity fa every household, and Ih heartily endorsed by the medical laculty, clergymen of every denomination, mothers, editors, members of Con gress, and many of our most distinguished men in public and private life. Doughs, Golds, Sore TliToats, 4c. Letter from Hon. D. W. Gooch, Member of Congress Massachusetts. Melrose, July id, isc5. Dr. K. it. Knights—Dear Sir: • I have used Dr. Larookah’s Syrup in my family lor six years, and have found it ah excellent remedy lor Coughs, ('olds, Sore Throats, and all Consumptive Complaints, &c. l have recommended it to several friends, who have received great benefit from iis use. Letter from a well known ttoslon Jtruoyisiq/' twenty years experience, and Steward of' Hanoi er Street M. E. Church : Boston, March ft, 1865. Dr. E. K. Knights : Having used LA UOOKAH*S PULMONIC SYltUP myself and in my tninily Ibr the past six years. I am prepared to say that It is su perior to any medicine I have ever known, for the positive cure el* Coughs, Colds, Sore Throat, and all similar complaints. As Ttake cold very easily, I have had great opportunity to test the virtues o’ tliis valuable remedy, and it has never failed me yet, however violent the disease. Having been in the Drug business for over *.N) years, 1 have had good opportunities of knowing tho virtues ot the various medicines sold, and pronounce LAROOKAH’S SY UUP, the best of any article ever presented to the public. Yours, W. R '•'OWEN, 86 Hanover St. GROUP. M»«. J. K. BUR8IS, 114 East 23d St., N. Y., writes Get. ft, 1864: “During last winter three of my ohil dreu were attacked with Croup, ami from the violent e of the symptoms, they were pronounced to be in much danger. At tlie instance of our pastor, Rev. Mr. Stiles, I tried Larookali’s Pulmonic Syrup, which promptly relieved them, and in a very short time they entirely recovered. In gratitude for the benefit conferred, 1 cannot retrain from making tins testimony public.” WHOOPING COUGH. E. W. Mayer, ot Caileton, N. B., writes l>eo. 7, 1850: “Mv son, five years old, was a few months since suffering greatly from WHOOPING COUGH. 1 nev er saw a more distressing case. I gave him Laroo kah’s Pulmonic Syrup according to dir ctions and so<»ii began to see improvement. The Cough became easier—the expectoration freer, and in two weeks the malady was entirely overcome.” BRONCHITIS AND CATARRH. A. W. Harris, writes from whaleship “Eldorado,” March II, Ihi*): ‘ Having suffered tor tour years with Bronchitis and Catarrh In their most aggravat ing forms. I feel it my duty to 9latc that I have been permanently cured bg the use of JAirookah’s Pul inouic Syrup. 1 had |*aid large sums to physicians and for ho called Catarrh Remedies, but until 1 used the Syrup I experienced no relief.” SPITTING OF BLOOD, PLEURISY, INFLATION OK THE LUNGS, PAIN IN THE SIDE, NIGHT SWEATS. HOARSENESS, &C. From Rev. B. F. Bowles, Manchester, N. H.: “The bottle of Dr. Larookah’s Pulmonic Syrup, you so kindly sent me, has been tried for Hoarseness, with very good results; for this I would confidently re commend it.” From Rev. L. A. Lami iier, North Hero, Vt.: “I have used Larookah’s Syrup, and feel under obliga tion frankly to acknowledge its excellency. While using your Syrup I'liave enjoyed l»etlcr health than 1 had enjoyed for years. I have hail slight attacks of hoarseness, but the Syrup would soon remove it. I find it is a mild and sate remedy also in Spasmodic Bilious attacks to which l am constitutionally sub ject.” E. W. Field. Esq., writes from Virginia City, Colorado, March 11, 1805: “1 feel very grateful for having Larookah’s Pulmonic Syrup mar me, my lungs being weak and demanding iho most vigilant care. 1 believe the Syrup the surest remedy tor Pul monary Complaints that has ever been made avail able to the afflicted.” CONSUMPTION Wonderful Cube of a child Two and a Half YearpOLD. Gents:—My grandchild, a little girl ol 2 1- 2 nears old, was taken rick in Portland, Me., in Jautffry, 185*. No one could tell wliat was the mat ter with her. But she was much pressed lor breath; had a hard, tight cough; could not raise; her throat trouble*I her greatly; she seemed to i*e tilling up, ami though attended by ihe best physicians in Port laud, they could not help her and she decHned; ami for some I hree months was not, expected to live. Her doctors and at lengt h her friends gave up all hopes of her recovery. She was brought home to my house in Phipsbnrg) Me. We tried Cod Liver Oil, but the effect seemed rather op]>osito from good. She now could noPtnove her hand, so reduced was she. 1 was taking LarookalTs Syrup at the time, nml commenc ed giving it to her and in a week slio showed quite a change tor the better, and we continued giving it to her. She gradually improved, and is now a i»erlect ly healthy child. Peonle were astonished to see what effect the medicine had on this child, ami to see her get well by the use of Larookah’s Syrup, which we believe to be tlie lieat medicine lor Pulmonary Com plaints in the world. Yours, H. LAB ABLE, Phipsbmg, Me. Space will permit the publication of but a tltln* of the certificates which are constantly coming in from all quarters of the globe. Patients will find the most conclusive evidence of the value of this icinedy, in a trial of it, which will cost but, a trifle, and w hich may yield priceless results. Large bottles $1.00—medium size 50 cents. Pre pared by K. R. KNIGHTS, M. I).,Chemist, Melrose, Mass., and sold l»v all druggists. resold by W. K. Phillips & Go., W. W. Whipple & Co., J. W. Perkins Si Co., Portland; George C. Goodwin & Co., Boston, and by nil Druggists amt M erchants. do28e< >d& w 1t KING’S Vegetable Ambrosia " —FOE— GRAY HAIR. Tliis is the Ambrosia that King made. This is the Cure that lav , 1.U the Ambrosia that Kin" made. This is the Man who was bald and gray, Who now has raven locks, they say. He used the Cure that lay In the Ambrosia that King made. This is the Maiden, handsome and gay. Who married the man once bald and gray, Who now has raven locks, they say. He list'd the Ambrosia that King made. This is the Parson, who, by the way, Married the maiden, handsome and gay. To the man once bald and gray. But who now has raven hicks, tuey say, Because lie used the Cure that lay In the Ambrosia that King mutfe. This is the Bell that rings away To arouse the people sad aud gay ,Unto this fact, which here does lay— If you would not be bald or gray '. Use the Ambrosia that tling made. E. M. TUBBS & CO, Proprietors, Petprbor*’) N. VI. .1. VY . PERKINS At CO., tebl 8B COMMERCIAL ST, PORTLAND. eo<13n> Jackson’s Catarrh SnulTI ELEGANT TROCHE and »NUFF Combined tor Coughs, Catarrh,Bronchitis, Colds, Hoarseness, Asthma, Had Breath, Headache,Sc. Instantly relieves annoying <'ou»li« In Church. Cures Cutarrhs positively without sneezing. Valuable to MiugerM, Clergy, Ac., clears ami HtreaigllieaiM the voice ; acta quickly; tastes pleas antly ; never naascatcM. FreveulH taking eola from Mknfiug, Ccciinr** Ac. C‘ Solti by Druggists or.sent by mail . jffl Em lose 'i!i cts to Hooper, Wilson A CoM (sep l9eodtJnne1 x’r*7) PHILADELPHIA. W. XV. IVIIIPPE.R, Portland,Wholesale Agt. DOME STIC BITTE RS, - OR - INDIAN BLOOD PURIFIER!! rl HESE Bittors are made from the original rceii>c. 1 obtained of a celebrated Indian Physician, by old Dr. Gould, of Mohawk, N. Y.,and are warranted su perior in every respect to Kennedy’s Medical Discov ery; Townsend's, Bull's, or Sands’ Saisaparilla; Janes’Alterative; Weaver’s Syrup; Atwood's, Lang ley’s, or Abbot's Bitters, and ail other preparations ol a similar nature ever compounded. We challenge the world to pro*luce their equal! for purifying the blood, and curiug Scrofula, Salt Rheum, Ery sipelas. Fever Sores, Uleers, Boils, Dysiiepsia, Rheumatism, Jaundice, Liver Complaint, Costiveness, Bilious Af fections, Indigestion, Headache or General Debility. W. W. WHIPPLE A CO. Wholesale and Retail Agents, 21 Market Square. UMarchU. <J3m HOTELS. Gorham House ! GORHAM, MAINE. THE Subscriber having leased the above House fora term of years, is prepared to ac commodate parties and the public generally, land from his long experience in Hotel keep [ing hopes to receive a libera! share cf the public patronage, having kept a Hotel for more than twenty years. Charges reasonable. Jan 15 «13ni_ S. B. BROWN. MILLS HOUSE7 CHARLESTON,. .SO. CAROLINA. rpHE proprietor has the pleasure to Inform the A traveling public Unit the above house is now ojsmi lor the reception of guests, having made extensive al terations, improvements, and refurnished it through out, ilis now in capital order, and every exertion will be made to render it acceptable to lua patrons. nolOeodOm J ONl<: I* II PURCGLL. Barbour & Dennison Have opened In Chamber. (over the retail tilore of J. A C. J. Bar boar,) A FRESH ASSORTMENT OF French & German Calfskins. A largo variety of Tampico Kid and float Morocco. Superior finished Oak Tunned, Doli-hcd nnd Oiled 4a rain Leather* Barlmur Brothers famous Irish SHOE THREADS, by down or bale. PHILA DELPHIA CITY TANNED Sole Leather, light and heavy. Slaughter and Spanish Sole Leather, extra qualify. Women’s Rubber Over-shoes, made In Franco, quality superior to American, and sohl at much lower rates. General assortment ol BOOTS and SHOES, sold by dozen or case, at lowest cash rates. Shoo Stock exchanged for manubn tnred work. Liberal advances made on first quality v>i Boots and Shoes. NO. IO FXt HANtii; STREET. CHARLES J. BARBOUR, tel»19d&w2ui WILLIAM E. DENNISON. MEDICAL. UK. J. K.HCOME8 CAK HE FOUND AT H19 PRIVATE MEDICAL ROOMS, Ao. 14 Preble Street. Near liar Prrblr ll««p YYTHERK lie ( an be consulted privately, and with i’’a““ almost conHtlencu by the Milirted, at 1W :Vuly-,a"'1 from 8 A. M. to 9 P. M. oflii >)m T*8 ‘••oo® Who are aiulcrlnz under the S .™ ,1' .'*1' diieoaea, whether arisim; from impure connection or the tenibla vied of scli-alee-e. IJevoUiiE Ills entm. time t° that,Articular hr.I, ol tlie medical profession, be feels warranted in Or uc ASTEEI.NG ACl'ItK IN AI.L CAKES, whether of loll* stainIiiie or recently contrgcteil, entirely removing he (lrega ol disease Irom the system, and'inakiu . a i feet anil PERMANENT cure. ^ He would call tlie attention of the mbict.d to the ! tin t of his long-standing and well-earned reputation tarnishing sufficient assurance of his skill aud hu. - CC8H. _ ( ku(Io)i to il»- Futiic. Every intelligent and thinking person must know hat remedies handed out tor general us* should have heir efficacy established by well tested experience n the bands of a regularlv educated physician, who k pic juratory studies tit him lor all the duties he mu t fulfil; yet the country is Hooded with poor nostrums and cure-alls, jtnrjiorun" to be the best in the world, wliieh are nor only us. less, hut always injnriou. . I The unfortunate should he pauticulau in selecting his physician, as ii i> a lamentable yet ineontrovei i i I hie tact, that many syphilitic patients are made mi: - eralde with ruined constitutions l»y maltreatment irom inexperienced physicians in general pr;»ctice; f«*r I itisa |*oint generally conceded by the best syphilogra Iiliers, that the study and management of these come plaints should engross the whole time ol those who would he competent and snctarnfal in their tn ment and enre. The inexjK-rmiiced general practi tioner. having neither opjHirtunity nor time to mak hiniself acquainted with their pathology, commonly pursues one system of treatment, in most eases mak ing an indiscriminate use ol that antiquated and dan gerous weapon, the Mercury. ■luxe Couiibctirc. All who have committed an excess ot any kind, whether it 1h- the solitary vice of youth, or the Blink ing rebuke of misplaced confidence in luaturcr yea*-. HEKK volt AK ANTIDOTE IN SEASON. The Pains and Aches, and Lassitude and Nervous Prostration tliat may tbllow Impure Coition, are the Barometer to the whole system. Do not wail for the consummation that is sure to lb - low ; do not wail for Unsightly Ulcers, for Disabled Limits, tor lAissm Beauty and Complexion. How Many TLoumm.Pcn,, Te»tify io Tbh byhahapm tvxgcriesirc! Young men troubled with emissions in sleep,—a complaint generally the result of a bad habit in youth.—treated scientifically and u perkxtcurc \vi. ranted or no charge made. Hardly a day | Kisses hut we are consulted by one or more young men with the above disease, some ol whom are as weak and emaciated as though they had lire consumption, and by their friends are supposed to have it. All such cases yield to the proper and only correct course of treatment, and in a short time ax made to rejoice in perfect health. * middle-Aged Men. There are many men of the age of thirty who are troubled with too frequent evacuations from the blad der, often accompanied by a slight smarting or burn ing sensation, and weakening tlie system in a man ner the patient cannot account Ibr. On examining the urinary deposits a ropy sediment will often I e found,and sometimes small particles of semen or al bumen will appear, or the color will be of a thin nulk ish hue, again changing to a dark and turbid appeal - ance. There are many men who die of lids difficulty ignorant of the cause, which is the SECOND STAGE OF SEMINAL WEAKNESS. I can warrant a perfect cure in such cases, and u full and healthy restoration of the urinary organs. Persons wlio cannot jicraonally consult the lir., Can do so by writing, in a plain manner, a deat rijv tion of their diseases, and the appropriate reinedU s will lie forwarded immediately. All corres|K>udence strictly confidential, ami w ill be returned, if desired. Address: DK. J. B. IIUGIIKS, No. 14 Preble Street, Next door hi the Preble House, Portland, Me. UT Send a Stamp Ibr Circular. lilectic Medical Tnjlrtnary, TO THE LADIES. DIL HUGHES |Kirlicularly invites all Ladies, whr. need a medical adviser, to cal! at his rooms. No. 11 Preble Street, which they will find arrauged ibr their especial accommodation. lir. H.’s Electic Renovating Medicines are unrlval led in efficacy and superior virtue In regulating all Female Irregularities. Their action is Hftcoiiic aid certain of producing relief in a short time. LADIES will find it invaluable in all cases of ob structions alter uli other remedies ha\e been tried in vain. It fe purely vegetable, containing nothing in the least usurious to the health, and may l»o takei with lKirfect safety at all times. Sent to any part ol the country, wit h full direction.* l*y ud'lressing DR. HUGHES, No. 14 Preble Street, Portland. N. B.—Ladles desiring may consult one of tbeli own sox. A lady ol' experience in constant attend ance. janl.l8wd&w fVlilE l£xliau«f€‘«l I'owfw of IVntiirr J which arc accompanied l>y so many alarming symptoms- Indisposition ioRxerti<>n. Loss» ol Mem ory, Wakefulness, horror of disease, trembling,pros tration. It is a sja-edy and eifeetual remedy lAr all diseases of the lil;elder and Kidneys, obstruct ions of U10 Urine, Gravel, Stricture, pain iu the back or Joints, Stone in the bladder. Diseases of the Pros trate Gland, Involuntary Emissions, Dropsical Swellings, and disease s ol the Urinary Organs in men, women and children. IT WIIX CURE All weaknesses arising from Excesses, Habits of Dis sipation, Early Indiscretion or Abuse. DK. FUM.EIt^ EXTRACT OF BUCHU Is given with great success in all complaints of the Urinary Orgaiis, whether new or long sum ling. Hvnorrkirn, Ciert, WctikufM, Chronic Catarrh, Irritation of the Bladder, mid rc teution or incontinence of Urine, from a loss ot tone in the parts concerned in its evacuation. It is also recommended for Dysiiepsia, Chronic Rheumatism Eruptions on the Skin, and Dropsy. It is The I'T-nml,*'f. Friend. In all affections peculiar to Females, the BUCHU is invaluable in Chlorosis or retention, irregularity, Painful or Sum reused Menstruation, Leucomea, or Whites, and all complaints incidental to the sex, whether arising from indiscretion,or iu the decline or change of life. For Pimples on the Face, use liie Biictm. Put up in Larger Bottles, Stronger and Better in Juality, and Less in Price, than any other so-called xtract of Bucliu. Price,One Hollar Per Koltlc.or llnli'-ilns for Eire Hollar*. Prepared and lor sale by HENRY A. CHOATE, Chemist and Druggist, under Revere House, Boston. Retail by all Druggists every wher**. Wholesale Agent W. F. Phiiiips A Co., Portland, G. C. Goodwin & Co., aud Messrs Carter & Wiley, Boston, Mass. iuar22dCm The Eye, Ear, Catarrh -a ni» THROAT. Mrs. Manchester THE INDKt'K’VUKFIIT CL A IK V O Y ANT l AND Eclectic Physician I From 018 Broadway, New York, lias returned to Portland, and can be consulted at her rooms at the Preble House. Certificate* of Cure*, This Is to certify that I have been cured of Catarrh in the worst form, by Mrs. Manchester. 1 nave been lo New York and Boston, have paid out large sums of uipucy, and w as never bench tied, but in most all cas es made worse. 1 saw Mrs. M. in June. She told me my case was a bad one, the lubes in the throat and upper parts of the lungs had become very much af fected, all of which I knew w as the «use. 1 com menced taking her medicine in June, andean truly say that I am now a well man. I am a trader, and in the habit of talking a great deal, and her curing me will be the means of hundredsot dollars in my pock ets, as now 1 can talk u knout hurting me. Go and consult her, and you will be perfectly satisned. S. It. Stkphkns, Belfast, Me. Bangor , Mav 15, lSflC. Mrs. Manchester—Dear Madam:—When you were lit Bangor last summer, i called to nee you with a child ot mine that had been Mick lor lour year*. I h »d taken her l«» a number ot |*hs*i> lain, Hid none could tell what ailed her or even In-r symptom*. You examined her cane, and told me exactly her ay ni|» touts from the comment euient of her sickness, which were very ]tecultar; also told me that there was something alive in her, and also said there was a num ber of them, and told me that she drank them from a rain-water cistern. You said that you would not warrant a cure, hut would try an« 1 do the host you could lor her. She commenced taking your medicine in August last, and from that time until December, tlie child has passed oft’ largo quantities of what wo call Tadpoles, from rain-water, ami I think, and am certain tliat the child must have died had it not been tor yon. And 1 advise everybody to see Mrs. Man chester, for 1 know that she has the power of know ing the condition of a |*erson diseased better Ilian any peysi* jan that 1 liavc ever heard of. My child is now iwrtectly healthy. Please have this published, and let the world know that there is ouo who practise? what they profess to. Very truly and gratefully yours, ukoroe E. M artin, tebfsltt Marx L. Martin. DK. HOPKINS* Catarrh Troches Will Cure Catarrh, Coughs, Colds. Hoarseness, Bronchitis, amt aft ejections nf the Throat. Pnklic Speaker* and NiiiRer* a«e them. Ministers, lawyers, Doctors, Sea Captains, all u<c them with the U d results. Among the bundled* ot thousands who have iim'I them, there is hut one voice, and that of approval. They luvaruihly pro mote digestion, ami relieve Kidney A flections, -lust try one Ih».x and you will be convinced. PREPARED MV E. II. IJOI'KINK, M. D., ID \\ ii*kiuRloi« Ntreet, Boston, fllns*. Wholesale Agents for Maim,— VV. b\** & CO., 1 pi Nathan Wo«i>, I PorttanJ Bold at Retail by all Druggists. febL'5 1*S. xvtt GREAT DISCOVERY i ROGKIIS' Excelsior Pain Curer. •The Best Preparation Cver tUmle For the following Complaints: ALL NERVOUS an<l NEUBALAJ1C PAINS, PLEURISY' PAINS, i RHEUMATISM, TOOTHACHE, HEADACHE, EARAI HE, I STIFF NECK, PIPIITHKia A, SORE THROAT anil AO I Also invaluable In all rasvs ofSpruin. and I-1111 ’ ‘ Trv il *11.1 Toll will hr satislbd. ..ila.-lnml . a sold wholesale and i. tad bj W. W. I. «••'», Corner, Maine. Sold in Portland by , & CO., wholesale ami retail. — Notice to . Will: Plasterers’ Hortla^l and vi 1 ciliity are prepared »“ ‘bndsh Int cUn placer, ers, stucco workers and utasiio w.^rkirs m imv num ber required, at regular prices. T*»^y are a»so pre pared to do whitening, coloring, cemontin^, and ev erything pertaining to the trade, in the best manner, and at tlie shortest notioc. Apply at Plasterers’ Hall, lin en s Block, 348 Congress Street (Thin! Story). March 27. all RAILROADS. PORTLAND* ROCHESTER SPUING ARRANGEMENT. CeB/SSSEi 0° and after Monday, April 1, ixc7, trams will run a a IoIIowh : ruMttiiKer trains leave Saco River i-.r Portland at 5.50 and 9.00 A. M., and 5.19 1*. 11. I^ave Portland lor Saco River 7.15 A. M., 2.0*» and 6.1% p. m. Freight train* with paMuenger cut attached will l(>avo Saco River tor Portland. 6 50 A. M. Leavo Portland tor Saco River 12.151*. M. ? & Stage* connect at mortuim lor West Gorham, Blandish, iiteop Kalla, Baldwin, Denmark. beha^o, Brid^ton, Lovell, lliraui, Browuheld, hryeburg, <• inwav. Bartlett, Jackson. Limington,Cornish,l*or« tc- Kroedoin, Matron.and Katun. N. A. At Buxton Center for West Buxtoa, B«.nn>-Fugle, H utli Limington, Limlngtou Limerick, Newtieid, P.t,v,* n^iield audOsxipee At sicoarappa for South Wlndhxm, W indham Hill and North Windham,daily. . , „ ., By order ol the. President. Portland, Apr. I, I8F7— dti POKTL AiN JJ SMO i PORTSMOUTH R. R. WINTER ARRANGEMENT, I'Miuiucuriug IVIvuiInl Nor. I2lh. iMitf* r&p Train- leave Portland I or Boston at 8.40 A. M., and 2.20 P. M. Leave Boston lor Portland ut 7.3o A. Al., aud 2.30 P. M. A Mf:« hamc’k and Laiiohf.ii’s Train will leave Hidddor<I daily. Sundays excepted, at li A. M., and Sam at fi.08, arriving in Portland at 0.4o. Returning, will leave Portland log Saco and Bid «t< ford and intermediate stations at 6.1$ P. Al. A special freight train, with passenger car attach ed, will leave Portland at A. Al. lor Saco and Biddeldrd, and returning, leave Biddclord at 8.30 aud Saco at 8 40 A. Al. FRANCIS CHASE, Supt. Portland, Oct 29, 1*€6. fchlldftl GRAND TRUNK RAILWAY Ot Canada. .A-lteration of 'Trains. WENTEK AUUANCEMENT. HXZjJ??' 3 On and alter Monday, Nov. 12,186 trains will run as follow*:— Train tor South Paris and Lewiston, at7.40 A. M Mail Train tor Walerville, Bangor, iiorhaiu, lslau Pond, .Montreal and Quebec at 1. lu P. M. This tram connects with Express train for Toron to. Detroit and Chicago. Sleeping ears attached tioiu Island Pond to Queltec and Montreal. Train tor South Paris at ft.UO P. M. No baggage can be received or chocked alter time altovc stated. Trains will arrive aa follows *— From So. Paris, Lewiston and Auburn, at 8.10 A. M From Montreal, Quebec, &c., - - 1.45 p. m The Company arc* not responsible tor baggage any amount exceeding $50 in value land that |* raon al) unless notice is given, and paid for at the rate o one passenger for every .r5on additional value. 1'. J. Bit lDOES, Director. If. BA1LK I’, Local Superintendent. Portland. Nov. 2, 18#6. dtf POHTUHO MIENNE3EC R. R. WINTER ARRANGEMENT, t »iit!iacncing iMoinltn. Nor. Ulh. I860. •*.; . *n Passenger Train-leave Portland daily •'firul 1.00 P. M., lor Bath, Augusta, Wat ery ille, Kendall's Mill-,Skow’hegan, ami intermediate Stations.(conueetingat Brunswick with Androacog gin R. R., for Ixrwislon and Farmington, and at Kendall’s Mills with .Maine Central ItU.ilor Bangor aud inteimediate stations. farm as low L y thii rout* as any otln r. L» ave Portiaud lor Bath, Lewiston, Augusta and intermediate stations ou Saturday only at 7.45 P. M. Mixed Train leaves Portland for Brunswick and iu ter mediate stations daily, except Sat uraay, at 5.80 P. Freight Train, with i>a»sengcr ear attached, will leave Portland for Skowbcgan ami inte mediate sta tion* every morning al 7 o’clock. Trains from Brunswick and Lewiston are due at Portland at 9.20 A AL, and troiu Skow began and Farmington and all intermediate stations at 2.00 P. Al. to connect w ith trains tor Boston. Stages for Rockland connect at Bath; and tor Bel last at Augusta, leaving daily on arrival oi train Ihoio Bos on, leaving at7.'«0 A. AL; and lor Solon, Ansou, Norridgcwock, Athens amt Moose ilea*I Lake at Sk<iwbegun, and ibr China, Fa.-1 ami North Vassai boro’ at Va-salhoro*: ibr Unity at Kendall’s Mill’s, and tor Canaan at Pishou’s Ferry. \V. II m il, Sa*|M*r;«•!«*n«leni. Augusta, Oct. 27, i860. nov!2dtt mm CfcNTBM R. R. WINTKK AKRAN«*lCMfcXr. m and »Her Mon day, Move moor 12th, ^•Sr^^ipx^^nr*out, tiaiiib will leavo Portland tor Baudot aiul all intermediate station <>n this line, at l-10 P. AI. daily. For Lewiston aiul Auburn only, at 7.10 A. *1. Kit ‘'Freight trains for Wah rvilloand ail interme diate stations, leave Portland at K.1'5 A. Al, Train trom Bangor is due at Portland at 1.43 P. M, In sm ason to<onne< t with train tdr Boston. riotu Lewiston and Auburn only,at s.loA.M. MbWIA Ao\KS,Sn|if. Nov. 1,18Gd no9dtt Tliroug’li Tii'ketw iTo the West $0 Less than any other Route via tha Grand Trunk Hallway t To DctJ'oit,Clih-u«;o, all points West, Or HO Less Via Boston, Vermont Central, Xew York Central, Buffalo d Detroit, To nil l*oi«l« Writ mid Mouth-IVc.l ! 13? For reliable information or Tickets call at the Union Ticket Oillce, UNDEIl LANCASTER HALL, Opp. Preble House. IK II. JLiLAXCHAItlJ. Ant. Feb 23—iI3*n _r^jr::£ To Travelers /g| Through Tickets from Portland To all Points West Jt South, VIA TGI New York Cenual, Erie & Lake Shore, And Pennsylvania Central itnilrouds For Nnlr nt the l.tnmi rates at the Writ ern Knilivny Ticket OlUce,—LANCASTER HALL BULLDINO, Market Square. IV. D. LITTLE ,1- CO., G.rnrntl Ticket Agents. Tickets fer California, via steamers trom New York uii (lie 1st, lllli, ami 21st of each month ibr sale at this otUce.aH heretofore. dc'JSd&wt., NTEIHCIM. Montreal OceanSteamship Co. CARRYING THE CANADIAN AND UNITED STATES MAILS. PnHNfiiscn Itonkrd to l.ondenderry and l.irerpool. ICrturn Ticket* granted at ICcdared Kalew. Tlie Steamship Nestorian, Captain Dutton, will sail from this js>rt lor Liverpool, SATURDAY April Oth, 1807, immediately alter the arrival of the train of the previous davlrom Montreal, to be fol lowed by the-on the 13th of April. Passage to Londonderry and Liverpool, cabin, (ac cording to accommodation) $70 to $80. Steerage, *25 Payable in Gold or Its equivalent. rr-F or Freight or ixittMEB ftpidy to H. At A. ALLAN, No. 3 India St. Portland, Nov. 2«, lx«6. aprldUl Poitlniiil, bancor and Machias STEAMBOAT CO. SPR IN G ARRANGEMENTS. One Trip per week until Further lYutice. Steamer CITY OF RICHMOND, Cbau. Dkkuino, roaster, will leave Railroad Wharf, foot of State s* reel, •every Friday FI veiling, at 1(1 ■o’clock, commencing the ‘J5u in-»t., for Uocklaud, Castine, Deer Isle, Scslgwick, Mt. De sert, Millbridge. Jonespoit and M&4'hla>p.>rt. Returning, will leave Machiasport every Monday Morning, at 5 o'clock, touching at above named landings, and arriving in Portiami tlie same night. The “City of Richmond" connect* at Rocklaml with Steamer Kntabdm for Rangin’and intermediate landings on the Penobscot Ray ami River, fc-if 1 higgagi- clo cked through. ROss A. STURDEVANT, General Agents, March 12, Isc7.—If 73 Commercial Street. FSHE HEOUCED TO BOSTON. Summer Arrangement! Until turllier notice the Steamers of the fori hod Steam Packet Co* i will run as follows:— Leave Atlantic Wharf for Boston, •every evening, (except Hnmtavtal 7 o’ dock. Ijcavo Boston the same days at 5 P. M. Cabin tare,.•.$1.50 Deck. I.oo mt Package tickets to he had of the Agents at re« duccd rates. Freight taken as usual. L. BII.LtNGB, Agent. May 22ml, 1800—dtf_ Eastport, Calaiu and St. John. WINTER ARRANGEMENT. ONE Till l1 PEK WEEK. "T> 'h' ami after Monday, December , 17th. the steamer NEW liKlINS 'Lt : *1 C\'VK K, Capt. E. B. WINCIIES V-J*YTER. will leave Rail Road Wharf, foot i>fSlate St., every MONDAY, A* 5 oVl.s k P. TV1 for Fast port ami St. John. HKTlIUfilNG, will leave St. John every THUKS DAY, at 8 o’clock A. M. Connecting at Easti>ort with the Steamer 6ella Brown for M. Ai*ir« as, Kobhinston and Calais, with the New Briinswn k and Canada Kadwuy, for Wood stock and lloulUm stations, and with Siago Coaches lor Marinas. Connecting at St. John with tlm Steamer Kiunrcs» tin* Windsor, Digby uml llalilux. and with K. X N. A. Railway lor Shed lac. g-g" Freight received o»da>aul Mailing until 4 oYlk. B. M. 0. C. BATON, mardO-dtt Agent. PORTLAND AND NEW YORK STEOISIlie COMPANY. S EM l-W E E K LV LINE. The splendid snd Nit Steam, ships Dili 1*11 *, I ’apt. 11. Shpk wool*, and VUAN00N1 A, Cant. W. W. Sll PRVV.IOD, will, uutii 'further notice, run as follows: Leave Brow 's Wutu'l,1'ortlaiuE every WEDNES DAY atnl SATE 111>A \ , at 4 P. XI., an,l |ea,e ]•(„, :* East River, New York .-mv WEDNESDAY and SA I L' RP A l, at 4 o clock P. Al. I B* : vessels arc titled up with fine aceominoda l.*r pa^M-ngcrs, making this the most *i«eedy, salt* and coni lor l able lou’e lor travellers between New York and Maine. Passage, in Slalo Kooiu, tb.|M < a bin passage $5.00. M. als extra. Hoods lorw aided by this line to ami from Mou St W** Bath, Augusta, Jtadport and Shi| pi rs are t emu sled to send their freight to tb« “teamer* as early as 3 p. M.on the day that they wave Portland. For freight or passage apply to KM BUY & FOX, lb own’* Wharf, Portland. J. F. AMI S, Pier Fast Hirer. May Lit, Ihk5. _ dtt For Lease. rrtllE valuable lot 01 land earner ol Middle and 1 Dumb Streets, lor a term ot years. Knnuira of C. C. MITCH Kid, Ac SON, * Aujf. 28, till 118 Koro Street,