Newspaper of Portland Daily Press, April 9, 1867, Page 2

Newspaper of Portland Daily Press dated April 9, 1867 Page 2
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"•.at, m«l tlie poor old concern is about played , t. It romiurs ono of scon.* old worn-out 1 u tii. m.ti ib wasting, waiting ibr some one to t .rnt along who lias the lumls aud muscle to restore its leveled fences, its dilapidated build ings, anl turn over and tertilize its impoverish ed sieres. Now wo hope that somebody will never come along, and we protest, and wiU pro fs! against our Legislature making auy grants 4,0 assist tins old used- up allitir, to put away a death that should have come oil* years ago; and we would vote against any man that goes to Augusta thinking to urge the Legislature to assist the North-Yarmouth Academy and its Trustees in carrying out their “old fogy ideas, which are anti-progress aud cruel stupidity. For, what cau bo of greater barm to the youth of our day than to he a stumbling-block in tlie way of their education? And it is with much satisfaction that the writer of this thi ha that he has uot, along with liis other sins, got to an swer for conduct as one of the Trustees , f North Yarmouth Academy, This, gentlemen of Yarmouth, is the bulk head where our schools bring up. Could this Isi removed, you would hasten to do for your sous and daughters what you ar0 all capable of doing, viz., give them as good an education us cau bo obtained in any town in the State. It is time you were looking after the interests of your children. 11 the ideas and material of the past cannot lie put to the use of the times, then let them lie packed away in dark places, where God’s light never comes; hut for our children,let us have whatever of light aud progress belongs to this developing period. If we do less we wrong them. ’ Yarmouth Original nn<l selected. —First pago—Weekly Provincial Record, Public Schools in Yarmouth. Last page—The Little Coffin Wreathed with Flowers—poetry, Wanting to Marry by Proxy, Skool Rods. —Commodore Farragut lias recently been iu Boston, and was there several days before the fact became generally-known. Had he been a mere midshipman, probably ho would have in trodueed himself at half the offices in the city, to invito a noticc^tf bis distinguished pres ence. —Sunday last was the oighty-sevontli anni versary of the birth of William Ellery Chan ning. —Since the recent alterations of the dams in the Susquehanna river, shad and other fine migratory fish have made their appearance, as iu former years. —Bishop Whitehouse of Illinois, who has just returned from Europe, says that at least titty-thousand Swedes will emigrate to the United States during the present year. —The President is reported “ugly," since the Connecticut elections. —The Hartford Press says a respectably dressed copperhead on board of the cars, refer ing to the result of the Connecticut election, was heard to say “this is the best thing that has happened for us since the first Bull Run." —A new literary journal in England has made its appearance, called the Pen. Why not get up one called the Shears ? —Captain Duncan has selected the side wlieel steamer Quaker City to take his excur sion party, including Gen. Sherman and Rev. Henry Ward Beecher, to the Holy Laud—to starts about the first of Juno. —Edwin Forrest, the great American trage dian, is sixty-one years old. The Press says there are now more than lour hundred miles oi water pipes connected witli the reservoir of Philadelphia. —A cultivator was espied by a party ol Nash ville negroes, when one said: “A man can jist sit on dat ting an ride while lie’s plowing." “Golly." said another, “do rascals was too sharp to tink o’dat Toro do nigger was sot free." — \ contemporary having stated that Col. homey “grew like a rough oak among storms and whirlwind," Prentice adds, “Nevermind, Forney, you'll probably be a hothouse plant in the next world.” —Tlie Nets Nation, Rev. Mr. Hunniciitt's rad ical paper at Richmond, lias entered hjhmi a new volume, and is smart as a whip and bites like caustic. Louisville, Jvy., claims under a recent census, a population of 100,000. —The ilchri.i is being cleared away for the reconstruction of the Lindell House, at St. Portland Dispensary. lu presenting to our people tiie following proceedings of that excellent institution, wede sirc to call attention to its pressing wants so Clearly and plainly and forcibly made by the mere exhibition of stern facts. We cun conceive of no charily so unexceptionable than that which ministers to tlie sick, leeble and helpless among our fellow citizens. Aud we cannot but hope that this earnest appeal will fully re store tho old subscription list and make large and liberal additions to it. It is unquestiona bly one of the most useful aud valuable of our many charitable institutions aud should not be permitted to die for want of sustenance.— Idle membership is $96. and the annual sub sei iptiuu lor persons not life members is afif. , Voitlland, April, 1, l*<>7. Uic annual meeting of the Portland Dispen sary convened at tlie Dispensary Booms this aflernoon at 6 o’clock and proceeded to organ ize by electing Oliver Gcrrisli chairman aud A. 8. Thayer secretary. . Mr. Gcrrish made a statement ol the condi tion of the Institution, showing that there had been a great falling off of subscriptions and contributors during the past few years, mid unless tliero bo sonic special ciiort iikkio lie feared the institution would have to cease its operations lor the want of lunds. On motion of Mr. Cram. Ordered that a committee of tour be appointed by the Chair man whose special duty it shall he to go through the city soliciting funds for tho In-titution. The Chairman ap|ioiiited the following gen tlemen viz, Andrew Spring, J. T. MeCobli, T. C. Horsey, H. B. Halt as that committee On motion of Mr. Noyes, proceeded to" the election ot a Board of Managers fur tlie ensu ing year, which resulted iu tlie unanimous election ol tlie following gentleman viz, i 'kwf T1* C-Noyes, Win. Willis. J. 1. MeCobb. T. C Horsey, UcnseUaer Cram, H. B. Hart, Bben Steele and| Andrew Spring, Adjourned Acous. Thayeb. _ Sec. PHYSICIANS' bepobt—1807. Sinco tlie establishment of this institution, thirteen years ago, it has been quietly ami steadily pursuing its work of relieving the des titute sick. During this time, some 0,060 pa tients have received medical and surgieal at tendance anil medicines. As no formal report has been presented to the public since the year ending April 1st, 1800, perhaps it Will he more satisfactory to embrace in tho present report tlie statistics ;.f the last tim e years, ending April 1st, 1807. The whole number of patients who have re ceived medical and surgical attendance during this time, is 2,322. Of this number 1,050 were children under fifteen years of age. Of the remainder, ,110 were males and 820 females.— Sixty-four patients were sixty years old and •ipwardH. Sixty-ono patients were visited by tlie physicians at tlicir residences. The re mainder were treated at tlie Dispensary Bin mis. About two thousand have been vaccinated ill nil, and 576 during the past throe years. Not quite as many have been treated at tlie Dispeusary the past year as iu the two or three years immediately proceeding, for two reasons. -1st The Dispensary Booms were damaged by the late fire, aud several weeks were occupied in making repairs ami getting them in readi ness to receive patients. During this time no clinics wero held. 2nd The contributions have not been so libe. al as iu some pluvious years sod for want oi funds to purchase Medicines the physicians have been .obliged to request very many patients to purchase their own medicines, and not bo: • ; aldo t.i do this even, have been deterred f. om applying for treat ment. The institution is conducted in the most economical manner. Tho services of the officers an,l physicians are entirely gratui tous. In presenting tl-is report, appealing to tho pubbe for aid, we do so fully satisfied of the necessity of tlie institution aud thoeffiicon cy of its operation. The character and de sign of a Dispensary cannot be better present ed than iu the language of tho Preamble to the Constitution. There is perhaps no method by which the poor cun be so essentially benefitted at so small an expense on tlie part of their bene factors, as by affording them seasonable medi cal aid. It health is justly deemed an invalu able possession to those surrounded by all the comforts which wealth can procure, of how much more conseqqe ice must it be to tlie poor, whoso very means of living depends upon its possession. To furnish tlie appropriate means of preset ,-ing this blessing, and of restoring it when Io-.„ is the office of a Dispensary. Many Of the poor arc enabled to support themselves liy their own exertions while iu health, who are quite unable to tlie expense of medi cine and oi medical attendance when sickness overtakes them. It is a wise charity which in this emergency extends medical relief.” During tho war, aud since its close wo have iiad a class ol patients which have claimed our particular attention. It comprises the sick ami destitute soldiers and soldiers fami lies. Wo have many of them iu our midst and they still look to us for assistance when sickness overtakes them. It is hoped that the liberal contributions of our citizens will enable the institution not on ly to maintain its present usefulness, hut to extend its charities. Portland and Vicinity. New AdrcrtihtiucatN 'lo-Day. SPECIAL NOTICE COLUMN. Roots find shoos-T. E. Moseley A' Co. > Rheumatic Rills—O. A. Hill. % 4 KNTKllTAINMKNT COLUMN. Theatre—Smith, Hadley «Sr Co. AUCTION' COLUMN. Auction Sale— E. M. Patten & Co. NEW A13 V EItTJHEMENT COLUMN. Woolens—A. Q, Leaoh- _ Rooms to l^et with Board. Elio wood Nursery—L. P. Bryant. Adjourned Meeting—M C M. A. J &c.—Cray, Lufkin & Perry. Koum1 tor Sale—Betsey Hamblin. Wanted, a House in Portland. Fouud—Fur Ct«i»e. Young Man Wanted. Instruction on tluilar—CharlesHiinuner To Central tors and Builders. For Sale—W. If. Jerri*. Salt—E. <1. Willard. K:it in School—H. F. Futon. w,uit. '\r" 1*1,,C-K- T. Patten. Whi to Sow! Corn-Chase Brothers. Humor Dwtor-W. F. Phillips & Co. Oth.KJH to Ut Spring Arrangement—Portland & ltocbcster K. It. The Eaton Family School fob Boys was first established at Kent’s Hill fin 1856.— Two years ago, it was removed to Norridge wock village, as that was considered a much better place for an institution of the kind. As the school rapidly increased, it was fouud nec essary last summer to erect a uew school building 60 x 40 feet, and two stories high. It stands upon the old Academy grounds, that overlook the entire village. The rooms in this building are large and airy, and all the furni ture and fixtures are of modern style. Four teachers are constantly engaged in giving in struction, and in otherwise caring for the pu pils. H. F. Eaton, the Principal, has had the charge of this school nearly nine years. A. H. Eaton lias hail several years experience ns a teacher in this school, and in an academy.— Isaiah Dole, A, M., has had large experience as a teacher of languages.. Mrs. H. B. Eaton has lor the last five years been a very success ful teacher of piano music, painting and draw ing. Two years ago a commercial department was established, and thus far it lias been a complete success. The school has not only a fine location, but it is established in ns intelligent and moral com munity as can bo found in tlie State. Nor is it an unimportant fact, that all the people in tho village are friendly to the school and pleas ed with its success. Parents who may desire to place their sons at a family school, may rest assured that here they will find a home. See advertisement in another column. _ Sweets.—Tho candies manufactured at Brackett s, No. 2 Casco street, are becoming very popular, and people flock to liis store to purchase them. They are made from tho best of stock and are perfectly pure. The season is fast approaching when Mr. Brackett will man ufacture puro fruit candies from fresh fruits. Ho does not make imitation fruit candies, blit takes the fruit itself, ripe and juicy, and gets his extracts. His corn candy is the most popular* thing of tho kind among children; and that, with alibis other candies, is sold at a low rate. The highost price ho charges for his best at re tail is 60 cents per pound; 25 cents for half pounds, and 15 cents for quarter pounds. J. A. Bbackett, apl i)d2t No. 2 Casco street. Moutalittof Pobtlanb—The whole nunr her of deaths in this oity reported during the month of March was G6; of these there died of Consumption, 15; Dropsy on Brain, 2; Disease of Heart, 3; Typhoid Fever, 4: Congestion of Bungs,;); Serinula, 2; Disease of Brain, 2; Paraylsis,:!.) Iroti Bill Child Birth,4; Inliuitite, 6; Scarlet Fever, 1; Old Age, 5; inflammation of Bowels I; .Seasickness, j; Croup, 3; BiHious Fever, 1; Whooping Cough, 2; Drowned, I; Lung Fover, 1; Strangulation, 1; Un known, 2; Still-born, 3.—Total 60. A yen.—Under 5 years 16; between 5 and to, 2; between 10 and 20, S; between 20 and 30, S; between 30 and 40. R; between 40 and 50, 7; between 80 and 60,3; between 00 and 70,3: between 70 and Hn, 2; between 80 and 90, 5; Still-born, 3; Unknown, I.— Total 66. Sexen.—Males 30; females 31; Unknown fl.—Total 66. Louib Bunois, Superinteudcnt ol‘ Burial* A Brace of Jltditutio;**. The Boston Post says a Republican piiper thus meditates: Tlie President removed, the Southern States reduced to territories, the Southern whites held in bondage, with Browillow and Butler and Phillips‘•running the maebiue,” what would five-twenties be worth then? In offset to this the Boston Advertiser puts the following meditation into the mouth of a Confederate editor : The President triumphant, the Southern States with a majority in Congress, the South ern blacks held in bondage, with Stephens and Brooks and Vallandigliam “running the ma chine,” what would five-twenties lie worth then? The Advertiser suggests that these two dreamers should be allowed to remain undis turbed, and says they do not belong to a wide awake world. Smart Work.—On Saturday last P. P Buckman, head sawyer in Perkins, Tyler & Co.’s mills, North Stratford, N. H., sawed on one board maebiue in eleven hours and thirty minutes 55,40*! feet (board measure) of boards and dimeution, of which 8,346 feet was inch board, the balanc e about an average lot of di mention from 1 x 3 to 12 x 12; aterage length of logs, about 20 feet, and sawed to order on nine different bilks, from an average lot of spruce logs. There is an edger in the mill that edged part of the boards and some small stuff. John O. Donnel, Surveyor for P. T. & Co. No. Stratford, April 8,1867. SPECIAL. NOTICES. Fisher’s Cough Drops. This certain and ott'ectu il cur.’ h.r Om^hB anU :4i diseases oi tlie thro.-1 and lungs, has been generally Known throughout New England f-r the last sixty years, and is warranted to cure, or tlie price will be refunded. Prepared bv Gkokgi: W. Walling *<x?i*’.A\.ram*8on *bo late Dr. Fisher. i ^ i .Vs- SVAI(dNDS & CO., Proprietors, Ketmo bunk, Maine. D. C. Goodwin & Co., Boston Agents. Sold by all Druggists. marld3m N Somk Folks Can’t sleep Nights.—We are now prepared to supply Hospitals, Physicians, the trade and the great public generally, with the stand ard and invaluable remedy, Dodd's Nekvixk, whk’li art.e e surpasses all known preparations tor the cure ot all tormsot' Nervousness. It. is rapidly sii|»ermling every preparation of opium—the well-known result ot wliicli i» to produce eostivencss and other serious dilluulties; it allay* irritation, restlessness and spasms, and induces regular action ot the bowel and seere tive organs. No i(reparation tor Nervous Diseases ever sold so readily, or met with such universal approval. For Sleeplessness, Loss of Energy, Peculiar Female Weaknesses and Irregularities," and all the tearful mental and bodily symptoms thal follow* in the train ol nervous diseases, Dodd’s Nervine is the best reme dy known to science. Sold by all druggists. Price $1. Geo. C. Goodwin & Co., augllsnlyd&w ii Wholesale Ageuts, Boston. E Libby, IJuby, Cardenas; Anna Wal.hTfm Sseuir schs Franconia, Irom Dcmarara; w H Tho £ ’ Baracoa; Korer, Nueyita;-. anarnautt, Old 6tb. barques Union, Gamage. Bar,. i„n*. • lant. Castncr, Apalachicola; hr,g Ma,v stcwirt" Dennison, Constantinople; schs lied Jacket Av* rm* Vera Cruz; T J Dale, Lewis, Demerura. * ’ PROVIDENCE—Sld 6th, schs Knight, Rom. r and Agenora, Means, New York. NEWPORT—Ar 5tli, sell Mary Ann, U.gers, New York lor Portland. Ar Till, schs Oronaska, fCnighl,Dt»er Isle for Phila delpliia; Montrose, from Calais lor do. DIGHTON—Ar 4tb, sch Willio Martin, Noyea* Nd a burg. BOSTuN—Ar 6th, schs May, Whitney, im Mobile; Alvarado, Wright, Elizabethport. Cld 6th. brig A Watson, Watson, Baltimore; Am Eagle, Shaw, Philadelphia. Ar 7th, barque Emm* O Beal, Dawes. Messina; brig Krontiej, Skinner, Sagna loth lilt; schs Cygnus, Small, Mayaguez: .Jos Warren, Wiley, from Mobile; Idaho, Waite, Georgetown,SC; Union, Uosebrook, Calais. Sbl. barque Sicilian; brig Loch Lomoml. Ar 8th, sells Maria Roxana. Palmer, Jn ksonvillc; Si donia, Teel. Pecos in River; Sarah Wooster, In land, Elizabeth port; Clinton, ll-uJIock, Craulnjrry Isles; Niger, Muuroe,Camden; Kosciusko, Richard - soii, Tlioniaslon. < Id 8tli, brig Prentiss Ilobbs, Morton, Sagna. SALEM— ArGtli, soli Mary Laugdon, Ilia, lr.»m New York. sld, sells Melbourne, Siuk, John McAclani, Hume, and Forest. PORTSMOUTH—Below 5th, schs K K Dr. sser, **or,,:4iid tor Baltimore; Exchange, Hutchins, Bath tor New York; Boxer,Southard, Wiscasset lot Boston ; E II Pravj lark. Pembroke tor do; Clinton, Had lock, Cranberry Isles fji «io. bng llattie, Gilkey, Brunswick, Ga. Ar 6th, sell Energy, Brown, Portland. FOREIGN ports* Ar at Honolulu lllli ult, ship Charter Oak, Tukev, New York; barque Inve tigator, Carver, .to. At Mayaguez, PR, 18th ult, seb Cat iwamteak, lor New York. Sld l-’tli, brig Beiy Carver, (from Georgetown) for Aguadil a. At St John, PR, 16th ult, brig Sea Foam, Coombs, for New York; schs I>earborn, Henimun,tin George town, SC; Kalmar, Lainliert, MacMasport. At Arroyo 18th ult, schs Ocean Traveller, Adams, lor New Y'ork; White Swan, Collins, and Garland. Mini sell, do. Sld fin Nuevitas 28th ult, sch Hamburg, Sprague, New York. Cld at Havana 29tl» ult, brigs Geo Burnham, Me Lellan. Boston; Merida a, lugersoll, Sagna. in port 29th ult, barques Egeria, Stewart, and L M Long, Ames, lor New Orleans; brigs Hyperion, Shnonton, tor New Orleans; sch S V Nichofs, Nicli ols, lor New York. Ar at Matanzas 24th ult, barques II P Lord, Pink ham, and Triumi h, Parker, Portland; 25th, Te.juea, Herriman, Boston ; brigs Harriot, Staples, Portland; Minna Traul*. True. Philadelphia; 11 11 McGilvery, Smart, Havana; schs Paul Seavey, Guilder, Phila delphia; M C Moseley, Urann. Savannah. Sld 26th,.sch Emma, Davis, tor North ol Hatteras: 27th, brigs K P Swctt, Lawrence, do; J Bickinore, Graham, Philadelphia. CM at Nassau, NP. 23*1, bldg Concord, Drummond, (from Baltimore) lor Aspiuwall. SPOKEN. April 3. lat 39 40, Ion 69, ship David Crockett, from New Y'ork for San Francisco. April 2, off Hatteras, brig Nellie Clifford, steering North. April 6, off Nantucket Shoals, sch Campbell, from Portland tor Baltimore. JVEW ADVEKT1SEMEN IS. An Invaluable Medicine ——FUH—— Tuii nim iiM; «i? 'ini; in uou: 1>r- .J. AV. Pulauil’M HUMok 1JOOTOK. A 1'oslliYc for all h,n,u of UuiD»n>, | PAltTICCI.AULY BrY»ipela..Nr,tIr WllHh Mitl| R.*(rttf ■ la, C«rh..C|m, a||i| |.j|w| It is very easy to say of this, or anv otw “It is the very best Itemed v k.i I li!n!,('"11 always so easy to prove ii. it in, however ‘ V ly gratifying to the Proprietor m ih.„ ‘A K'k '' !" While he declares t<* ti.e public ihat this is' l’! 1,1' wonderful nmFelKctive spec ific f„, liumorH . • i i above, lie has abundant proot at hand i« susuiii V,-1 statement. For sixteen years the lltnuoit Inn has manuhicl tired and sold, and evei v year bus imrc.i i the value of its reputation, and ilw amount ..1 i1f. sales. In New Ham | ml lire, where it originated, n., remedy lor humors is so highly prized. An emim-iit physician (now an-army surgeon) when praci i. in.' in New Hampshire, purchased lietwecn titlv and sixt\ gallons oi it, during some sevmi or eight years, and used it in his practice. He has since t hen c.rd* n I il lor tin- hcmpu.d where lie was stationed. Other pin sicians have purchased it, and have used it in praci * • with great success. When the proprietor lived in New Hampshire, at Qoltslown Pent re. lor tin span of thirty or forty miles arouiul, and in M.uich* sN i particularly the Humor Doctor was well known and highly valued lor the numerous and wonderful cure which It effected. Though in ami lac lured in large quantities, the supply was frequently exhausted, ami purchasers had to wait tor more to be made. In that region some very severe eases of Kr>.si|M-lat* \v*i< treated with—-and they ware cured! Erysq»ctussor. or eai buueles, those ugh, paiufid, ulcers, woreentin ly removed wherever inis medicine was laitlifolU used. So it was willi Scrofula and Salt Ilhcum. ’l l » Humor Doctor euied them. Km-the sake of showing what is thought of it, a tew testimonials are hero inserted: ni'rwwinl "iiftnrr *irra IN E \V ADV EICTf SEM ENTS. NEW ESTABLISHMENT. Elegant Store N’ o. 143 Middle Street. C. A. liaisons A Co. (.ientlemen’s u n</ Jtof/'s CLOTHING HOUSE. I IAVINU pur.-luuieil of H»m«. I.i «i«, IIulum 1 ■ .V |;.vni. tlir ijiiL-' aud nplt-ndi.l Slink ri'iinlly Niki u-,| i,y tlmni |or I III1 New Store on Middle Street, »nd *ar..rely thereto, and having alao LEAS a«d w,. ;iro i„,w prepared to furnish both I’lTV AND (MiHNTRY TRADE, The Missionary ship “Morning Star" arriv ed at Honolulu on March 1!5. —The Ohio legislature has reconsidered its past action on negro snffarge, and both houses have voted, hy a strict party vote, to submit the questions of allowing negroes to vote upon the same conditions as the whites, to the peo ple. The resolutions passed at the Cross Heads—Parson Nasby’s residence —will require to be revised. Mr. Stanton and General Grant have had several informal consultations regarding Sher idan's action in New Orleans. Mr. Stanton gives bis opinion as a lawyer that his course was strictly within tho authority of the law, and Grant declares ho will stand hy him to the last. fire colored citizens of Washington are making great preparations for the celebration ol the lGtli oi this mouth, as the anniversary ol tho emancipation of tho slaves in the Dis trict. —A gentleman* met another in the street who was ill of consumption, and accosted him thus: “Ah! my friend, you walk slowly.”— "Yes," replied the man,“but I’m going fast.” —I»r. Bellows says puppies of tlio same ken nel will snap at each other, hut it does not show diffluent Idoud, hut only the tendencies of puppies. —The first mill in the world combining all the operations for converting raw cotton into finished cloth was established at Waltham, in 11112. A smart young lawyer's clerk, hearing it stated by a lecturer that “man is merely a ma chine," remarked, “then J suppose an attorney' may lie said to lie a suing-machinc." —They have a patriarch in Taunton, Mass., who says that ho once raised a flock ol wild ducks from a pond, when he took aim at them with his gun ami fired. They flew away with much clamor, and surprised to find that none of them dropped, ho examined the field of bat tle. He picked up four bushels of legs. There is a touch of pat hos in tho old man’s voice as he adds: “I fired trio low.” —A cautious individual says ho would not prefer to purchase a horse in Manchester, N. H., or Portland, Me., for the reason that the papers iu those cities have always one or more accounts of horses running away every day, and lie might got one of them. Something suggestive iu ibis observation. —Efforts ure being inode by the Voting Men’s Christian Association of Chicago, to procure a “Great Organ,” that nIihII 1st second only to the famous Boston organ. The Association are now building a large new concert hall in which it is proposed to place the organ. It is reported that the Chicago tunnel will shortly be raffled for. • ft is lielieved that the Prince Imperial of Franco cannot long survive the disease with Which he has been attacked ;’and as liis father is not likely to reach an old age, Prince Napo leon {(intermittent revolution excepted) may become Kmperor of France. He has many Irumris in tlio empire. -The Worcester Spy says if tho sout,horn stales were tofollow the advice given them l»y the Hartford Times and other copperhead jour nals, in tho excitement of victory, there would bo a renewal of the scenes of 18fil, and a war of devastation would sweep over their devoted soil. —The linston Journal printed the arguments of Rev. Dr. Minor and ex-Oov. Andrew on the | license question in full, making in all twenty four closely printed columns. Such an arse nal of fact and illustration on both sides of the question lias not been brought together for many a day. "he question whether makers of burglar proof safes are liable for money stolen bv bur glars from such safe„ or no, will soon be decid ed in some shape, as a claim against certain safemakers for *20*00 is pending in a New York Court V^,rr’nr,0f'‘faShi,maMe «*««* ^ New \ erk electrified a music, seller some time since by enquiring for “Solomon's Song,” saying his minister had spoken of it as a prodiieLn ot great genius, and that he wanted his .laugh to sing it. n -There were ten ocean steamers advertised to sail Saturday from New York. Seven were bound to ports in Europe and three to Amor ican ports. A couple wore very much married at Cult Canada West a few days ago. The clergyman who lied the knot had the assistance of no Jo** than seven others. —Tin* Now York doctors charge four dollars l«»r each visit by daylight, and from ten to fir tiMiii dollars for those exacted at night. H.uis Christian Anderson says:—“I gener ally found the iovial A 1. 1 la .luvui Alexander Dumas in ucu, even long after mi.i i .. . ’ * r ,n|d-day. Here he Jay with paper pen ami ink, and wrote his drama. I found him thus one day; he nodded kindly to me and said ‘Sit down a minutl. , have just now a visit from my muse, 8h(, “ going directly.’ He wrote on, spoke aloud shouted a viral, sprang out of bed and The third act is finished/ * ’ State KeniN. — lion. George Evans,, recently deceased, graduated at Bowdoin in 1815. It is an inter esting fact that, from that time till his death, ho never failed hut once, of being present at tiie annual commencement exercises, and then lie was absent from home on official business. Wo had the statement from Mr. Evans him self. —Wo arc sorry our noighlmr deemed it nec essary to make a personal fling at a gallant soldier who atoned for any weakness displayed at Washington by long, arduous and hazard ous subsequent service, but then it was proba bly entirely consistent with that high resolve which ho has over regarded,—never to speak or publish a word that can givo pain to any human soul except when it is suro good will come of it. Personal flings are very different from general humorous remarks. —The Democratic State Committee liavo is sued tiie call for tlioir State Convention. It is to uieot ill this city June 25. By looking over tiie names of the Committee it will be seen how perfect has bocomb tho union between Herod and Pilate. We recognize not only the names of mon who have been kicked out of fellowship hut also of those who kicked them out—now all in tho same fruckle-bcd in the most loving embrace. —Tho Argvs lias not yot informed its readers of the precise language of the Constitution which tiie radical Congress lias violated by ax eluding the representatives of the lato rebel States. Come, neighbor, too the mark, and give us chapter aud verse. —Potatoes arc selling at Eastport at sixty cents a bushel. —The annual statement of tho affairs of the town of Perry shows that that town is in debt hut six dollars and two cents. —Our harbor presented quite a lively ap pearance on Monday. Eight vessels were at the wharves and in tho river; but it still is, und we had quite a fall of snow obi Monday night, and Tuesday morning sleighs wore in requisition.—Machias Uvgmblican. —The Lewiston Journal says a woman with an infant child in her arms recently took tho oars at that place ami went to New Gloucester whence she proceeded to the Shaker Settle ment and tried to givo tho child away, but without success. She returned to tho Depot and on tho arrival of tho train took it and returned to that city, leaving her infant in the Depot. Tho child has been cared for by the Overseers of the Poor. —jhh m«H iiauiou william m. Uraliam and Alonzo Adley broke through the ice at Lewis ton on Monday morning and the former was drowned. The two men hod henvy saws ill their hands, Adley‘dropped liis hut Graham hogged his under a handless arm; paddling with the other arm. A third man reached the scene of danger just in time to get a I maid to the rebel ol Adley, bnt before he could give re lief to Graham, the saw held by tho latter slip ped and drew him down with it, and ho was never seen afterwards. He leaves a wife and one child. The Journal suys Adley, who es caped thus narrowly,has been in nineteen bat tles of the rebellion, unscathed. —The Whitneyville and Macliiasport Hail road Company have tlieir men employed in re pairing damages on tho road occasioned by the freshet of lastJFobruary, —On the 21th of March a farmer residing in tho town of Levant went toHangor with a load ol produce, and hitched liis horse in one of the most frequented streets. Having occasion to use his wallet, hcjdrew it forth, then returning It, an he thought, to his pocket, unhitched liis horse and started at once for Levant. Instead, however, ol placing the wallet in his pocket, it slipped through his pants and fell to the ground. On the iirst of April—just one week alter_the farmer returned to town, drove up to the post, and there on the ground discovered his wallet just as ho had dropped it with contents (a small sum of money) unmolested. A merchant passing along that morning saw the wallet ly ing on tin ground, supposed it to be an “April fool” and did not pick it up. —The Whig says the lumliering teams arc returning from the woods after a very success ful season. Probably as many logs cut ns in any former year. —Thirteen voting men went to Idaho last week from He Hast and Soarsport. A correspondent of tho Whig writing from •laffa, describes a recent visit to the Adams colony there. He says: “They are building houses, and tho leader, Mr. Adams, seems very enthusiastic, hut I doubt if they accomplish anything. Some are already discontented, and Isdl'ever,"- T°‘ nr<! or m the early restoration of tho Jews to this country. ] i.,,i , . ' u"" "s Adams, the President He c'?1' ^ > I' MKient. He is quite full of the enterprise, quotes fluently, seems to la, sincere. hut I think altogether vlsi0nary. Ho and his wife (who by the way is as good a preacher as he is) expect to go to America in the spring for more recruits.” —It is said that a New York Hotel Company have purchased the old Capitol buildings at Washington, und intend to erect a hotel on the spot. Poktland Institute and Public Libbaby. Ilio following Hoard of Directors was elected at tiro meeting of the corporators yesterduv afternoon:— Israel Washburn, Jr., William Willis, Geo. F. Shepley, John Neal, Sami. E. Spring, L. I). M. Sweat, Win. H. Fonn, John Lynch, H. H. Brown, E. C. Bolles, Philip 11. Brown, John T. Gilman, M. lb, Charles Akers, William E. Gould, Hubert A. Bird. We are requested to notify the Directors that a meeting of the Board will lie held at the Common Council ltooni on Wednesday, April 10th, at 4 o’clock 1*. M., lor the purpose of choosing a President, a Vice President, a Li brarian and other officers, and to transact fur ther business of importance. Tiieatiie.—The drama of the “Child Steal er” was performed lost evouing with great ac ceptation to a very large as well as fashionable audience. It was a perfect success. The play was handsomely placed on the stage, and the actors were well up to their several parts. It will he repeated this evening. On Wednesday evening, at the particular re quest of numerous citizens, the beautiful [day of “Still Waters Hun Deep” will lie repeated. Messrs. Smith, Hadley & Co., the managers, seem determined to win the favor of the Port land public, and they are in the broad road to it. Chestnut Street Church.—Four persons were baptized in this chureh last Sahliath, and eleven were received as members of the church. During the time the present pastor has been connected with with this society, one hundred »nd eight members have been received by let ter and by profession, and forty-seven have bceu baptized. A series of meetings will bo held every eve ning this week at the vestry of this church. Died.—In ltoxbury, Mass., 4tli inst., Mr John Johnson, aged 74 years, lie was for nearly sixty years a much respected citizen of Portland, and for twenty-seven years was sex ton of the TJniversalist Church, corner of Con gress and Pearl streets. His remains were brought to this city for interment, and his fu neral took place Sunday afternoon from Con gress square Church. Funeral of Hon. George Evans.—There will bo prayers at the late residence of Mr. Evans, No. 52 Park street, at 11 o'clock this morning. The funeral services will take place at Gardiner this afternoon, on the arrival ot tlie ono o’clock train from Portland. It is ex pected that a large delegation, from the Cum berland liar and other friends of the deceased, will go down to attend the funeral. Painters, blacksmiths, dye-men, coal-men, oil-men, machinists, and all workers subject to Boiled bands or clothing, will experience a marked facilitation iu thoircleansing processes upon use of the Steam Refined Soaps. This is the testimony of the printer, who has the dirtiest of all work to do. Waif.—Last evening an infant was left in thc*eutry of a house on Brackett street, by its inhuman parent or parents. The babe was sent to the Police offico and from tlienco to the Alms I louse, The door of the house where it was left was opened so quietly that the inmates did not hear it. Tropical Birds !—At Fred. F. Halo’s mir ror aud frame establishment, No. 4 Free street block, may he seen a couple of tropical reptiles from New Orleans. They are young alligators, some ten or twelve inches in length, and spoi l about in the water as though they were in their native lagoons. Ciimiibuland Bar.—At tlio meeting of the members of the Cumberland Bar, held yester day, a ooininittcc was appointed to draft reso lutions in relation to the death of lion. George Evans, to lie reported at an adjourned meeting, to lx'held at tho United Stab's Court Room this morning. Christian Union.—Last Friday evening a Methodist general class meeting, a Baptist prayer mcetingand the annual meeting of tho Third Parish Society, were held in tlio differ cnt rooms of the Chestnut street vestry. Special Notice.—See change of running time on Portland & Rochester U. 11., to com mence Thursday, April llth, when tho Dummy will commence to run regular for tho summer. \ iolin on GiriTAit.—Those who would like instruction upon either ol these instruments aro reterred to the nlvcrtiscinent of Mr. Grim mer, in our columns this morning. Stork lot on Middle street for sale. See ad vertisement, All the members of tho First Baptist Church and Society, both male and female, are requested to meet at the house of Dr. W. C. Robinson, No. 2fi0 Congress street, on Tues day evening, at 7 o’clock. apr 8-21 Wki-lcomk’s grent German Remedy recom mends itself to all who use it foi throat and lung dillieulties. Thousands declare it superi or to any other. You will find it so by using it- jan4—dlawtf To remove Pimples, Blotches, Freckles, &c., from the skin, use Schlotterbeck’s Moth and h reckle Lotion. mch.KVW&Stf SPECIAL NOTICES. Hill’s Rheumatic Pills. THE GREAT REMEDY FOR RHEUMATISM. AFTER a test ot more than forty years ot unfail ing success, I am induced to offer this unrivaled medicine to the public, with the utmost confidence iu its great worth. The numerous testimonials of its wonderful cures for many yeai s past, and the great want of a sure specific for that insidious, and fearful complaint, en courage the proprietor to extend the benefits ot this medicine, to all sufierers of Rheumatism throughout the country. Too mu h cannot be said in its praise, but one trial will convince the most sceptical of its intrinsic value to the afflicted. Being purely vege table, it is perfectly harmless; while it penetrates every part of the system wilh wonderful effect, it is unsurpassed as a family purgative and purifier of the blood. A lot of these pills will be sent by mail free to any one afflicted with this complaint, the patient when cured returning a certificate to that offect. For sale by nil Druggists and stores throughout the country. Address O. A. HILL, Stevens Plains, Westbrook. Aj >1 9—d 1 w&.3m sn Purchasers will And, at T. E. MOSELEY & CO.’S, Summer St., Boston, assloet aaaortimmt of Ladiea,’ Uentlemen’n, Misses, ami Child run’a Boots and Shoe* ol French <S American manuftmtiiro. fcb'/Mlt HP'Mlruu.nti.' Mnll* nail Mtruninlir Min eral Water*, just received anil tor sale by

•I. \V. I’EHKINS «i CO., iioSiBNcotvdawly No Mi Commercial St. Long Sought For l Come at Last! Mains’ Elder Berry Wine. We take pleasure in announcing that the above named article may be found for sale by all City Druggist* and first class Country Grocers. As a Mupicikf. Mains' Wine Is invaluable, being among the best, if wot the best, remedy for colds ami piUmouary complaints, Manufactured from the pure luiccot the berry, ami unadulterated by any impure ingredient, we can heartily recommend it to the sick as a medteinc. To the days of the aged itaddeth length, i o the mighty it addetli strength,” *Tis a balm for the sick, a joy for the well— Druggists and Grocers buy and sell HIAI1VM’ EliDERIIERKV WINE nov 27 s N d&wtf A Cough, A Cold, or A Sore Throat, Requires immediate attention, AND .SIDMU.D HE CHECKED. If allowed con tin ue, ■ rrilnlioia of Ike l<uugM, » per | innticm Throat DiNi ntc, or tJoaiMumpliou, is often the result. it no nrj/’S BKONOHM f. T It O C II E H HAVING A DIRECT INFLUENCE TO THE PARTS, GIVE IMMEDIATE RELIEF. i^or ItrourliiliN, Aslhiua, 4'alarrli, Con sumptive and Throat UiNcaNm, TROCHES ARE USED WITH ALWAYS GOOD HUOOR8H Banger* and I’nblic Speakers will find Troches useful in clearing the- voice when taken before Singing or Speaking, and relieving tin* throat alter an unusual exertiou of the vocal organs. The Troches are recommended and prescribed by Physicians, and have had testimonials from eminent men throughout the country. Iteing an article o true merit, and having proved their efficacy by a test ot many years, each year finds them in new locali ties in various parts of the world, and the Ti oclies arc universally pronounced better than oilier articles. Out a in only “Brown’s Bronchial Troches” and do not take any of the worthless imitations that may be offered, sold kvkrwiikkk Dee 4—d&w6m sn REMOVAL. DR8. CHADWICK & FOGG have removed to .TOI 1-2 fONCKEMM STREET, HROWN’S NEW BLOCK, over the store of Messrs. Lowell & Sen ter. Office Hours—10 to 12 A. M., and 3 to ft P. M. Dr. Chadwick’s residence 108 Cumberland street. Dr. Fogg’s residence 28 High street. ItlT'Kroe Clinical consultations will bo held on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, from 4 to 5 P. M.t for the poor. jaariftsKdtf Why Suiter from Sores? When, by the use ol the AII NIC A OINTMENT, you can be easily cured. Jt has relieved thousands from Burnt, Scalds, Chapped Hands, Sprains, Cuts, Wounds, and every Complaint of the Skin. Try It, for it costs but 25 cents. Be sure to ask for 11ale’s Arnica Ointment, For sale by all druggists, or send your address and 3ft cents to O. J*. SK VM< lUlt & CO., Boston, Mass., and receive a box by return mail. fob2(Hl2ui h n Butcliclor’s Hair Dye. This splendid Hair Dye is the host In the world. The only true and perfect Dye—Harmless, Reliable. Instantaneous. No disappointment. No ridiculous tints. Natural Black or Brown. Remedies the ill effects of Bad Dyes. Invigorates the liair, leaving It s«>lt and beautiful. The genuine is signsd Wil liam A. Batchelor. All others are mere imitations, and should be avoided. Sold by all Druggists and Perfumers. Factory 81 Barclay street, New York. %£r' Keware of n counterfeit. November 10, 1800. dlysn --. \. ANDERSON & CO’S. HQOF-SKIRT FACTORYl 333 Congress St, above Casco. fcfi^Frencb,Herman and American Corsets from 7ft ctfl to $10,00 a pair. Hoop Skirts made to order at one hours notice. Feb 9—sn d3m Mailin' Pure Khlerborry mid Cur rent Wines. So highly recommended by Physicians, may he found at wholesale at the drug stores of W.W Whip ple & Co.. H. H. Hay, W. F. Phillips & (Jo., E. L. Stan wood and d. W. Peikius & Co. janlisNdly HALL’S VEGETABLE SICILIAN HAIR ** UENKWKB. Has proved itself to lie the most, perfect preparation lor the liair ever presented to the public. It will restore gray hair to its origiual color. It will keep tbo hair from falling out. It cleanses the scalp. It makes the hair lustrous and silken. It is a splendid hair dressing. No person, old or young, should tail to use it. lie very particular to ask lor “Hall’s Vegetable Sicilian liair Bencwer,” as there in a worthless »mi tation in the market. Price $l.ou per liottle. K. P. H ALL & (Jo., Nashua, N. 11., Proprietors. April 3—snd& w Warren’s Coiigrlt Balsam. The best Remedy ever compounded for 4'oughj. Catarrh nnd 4'on*uni|»fi«n, and all uiseaxe* of the Throirt aiui Lungs. Kf^For Hide by allDruggists. Manufactured by IB. P tBKAOttIJlIV, oct.l&J&wsxGui Druggist, Banoob. For Coujfli*, Cold* nud 1'oiimuui|»(iou, Try the old and well known VKCSKTABIjF FITIjIIIONA HV IB A l«MAi?l, approved and used by our oldest and most celebrated Musicians for fori v years past. (.Jet the genuine. KUKD, OUTLKR & CO., Druggist*, deciMfixd&wGin' Boston, Proprietors. A Vai.itable Mrhujinr.—Dr. Poland’* White Fine Com|Hmnd. advertised in our columns, ia a suc cessful attempt to combine and apply the medicinal virtues ot the White line Bark. It lias been thorough ly tested by |H*oph* in this city and vicinit y, and the proprietor has testimonials to its value from person* well know* to our citizen*. We reccommeml it* trial in all those ease* of disease to which it i* adapted. 1t 1* tor sale by all our Druggist*.-1 n«le pendant. The Great New England Remedy! Du. J. W. POLAND’S WHITE PINE COMPOUND In now offered to the afflicted throughout the coun try, tiller having been proved by the tent ol eleven yearn, in the New England States, where its merits have become as well known as the tree from which, in part, it derives its virtues. The White Tine Compound, CUltES Merc Tliront, Colds, Coughs, Diplhrria, Hro■■chilis, Npuiing of Stood, nllH |*al monnr, AMrelious, generally. It is ■■ Keutnrhuble Remedy for Kidney Con. E limit*, Diabetes, DitUnilty of Voiding vine, Rleediug from the Kidneys nnd Hlndder, t,ruV,■ I nud other couiiiluiul*. For Piles nud Neurvy, i, will br found very valuable. Give it a trial it you would learn the value of a G<M>1> AND TIG ED MEDICI NE. ■ I is Pleasant Safe nud Mure. Sold by Druggists and Dealers in Medicines generally. Sold at wliolcsidu liy W. F. Phillips A Co., J. W. Perkins A Aud W. W. %Vhippie, fOItTLAMK, MB. Hop‘20-deowGin8N “Huy me and I’ll do yon Good.” tfr USE DR. f.ANUl.BY’M ROOT AND HEltlJ KITTKIiS l.,r Jaundice, o.soivencVs l.iver Complaint, Humors, Indigestion, Dyspepsia' 1’iles, Dlikinesa, Headache, Drowsiness, and all Diseases arising Horn disordered Stomach, Torpid l.iver ami bud Blood, to w hich all persons are subject in Spring and Summer. Sold by GEO. O. GOODWIN A CO., 38 Hanover St, and by all Dealers in Medicines nmrllMeod lBw B. N. IgjfTTnS riiBirfrf "nTrrilKA S F TO USE ! Has only to be applied to the Hair or Whiskers and the is done. Natural and Durable. For sale by Druggists and Dealers. NEWHAIiL’S »«*"* nuA Cheapest ! HACrlC Purely vegetable; will restore T Grey Hairto its natural color; it XX A. X Xv< will make the hair soft and glossy; it will not stain the skin T? 4-5 TT/%ortke finest linen; it is the best Xwuo LOltlblV 6 and cheapest Hair Dressing. 75 eta. large bottle. For sale by all No. 1. Druggists and Dealers. W. F. PHILLIPS & CO., Wholesale Agents, 148 ForeSt., Portland. Principal Depot and manufactory, 47 Hanover Street, Boston. Mass. febl 5bnWA;S3m Hr*. M. A. AIIcu’m Improved llnir Re*torrr and Dremiag Combined in one Bottle. Reduced Price $1.00 per Rattle. mr29 Sold by all Druggists. HNeodlm DR. SWEET’S INFALLIBLE LINIMENT, The Great External Remedy, < hires RhcuinntiMin, I'ut* nail Wound*, Neuralgia, Toothache, Ntilt Necli un«l «faint*,NorcM, UruiHe*, I leer*, Headache. Rum* and Men Id*, I'OUlj Chilblain*, Lumbago, Rite* nuil feting*. Sprain*, Also the most efficient remedy for LAMENESS. SPRAINS, GALLS, SCRATCHES, Ac., in horses. GEo. C. GOODWIN & C Boston, Manufactur ers and Sole Agents. Sold by all Druggists, inch 12cod IG wrn Motli and Freckles. The only reliable remedy for those brown discol tr ations oil the face called Moth Patches and Freckles, is Perry's Moth and Freckle Lotion. Prepar ed only by Dr. B. C. Perry, Dermatologist,49 Bond SI , N. Y. Sold hy all druggst* in Portland and elsewhere. Price $2 per bottle marlffd&wGnisn It lt.S. S. FITCH'S “Family l’liysician Seventy-six pages : price 25 cents. Sent to any ad dress. No money required until the lnxik is received, read, and fully approved. It is a perfect guide to tin sick or indisi>osed. Address DR. S. S. FITCH, 25 Tromont Street, Boston. sn Jan2!Mly j MARRIED. In Brunswick, March 3f, David E. Perk ns and Miss Annie B. Simpson. In Phipshurg, April 4, Tltomas Phllbiick and Mrs. Mary E. Ilersey. In Canton, George Wise, ol C., and Mis. Arvllln W. Famine, of Romford. InMt Vernon, Ohio, April 2, by Rev. F. K. Mon roe, Gen. II, I>avis, of Milwaukee, Wis., anil Carrie, daughter ol lion. Win. Bonar, of Mt. Vernon. _DIED. In this city, April 8, Miss Sally C. Chase, aged 45 years. 1 Funeral on Wednesday alb-moon, at 3) o’clock, from St. Luke’s Church. Relatives and friends are invited to attend. In this city, April 5, at the Alms House, Mr. ./(din Daley, aged GR years. In New Gloucester, Feb. 25, Mr. Samuel Pierce, aged 73 years. In Sumner, April I, Mrs. Martha Jane, wife of K. S. Bisbee, amt daughter of Col. Daniel and Har riet. Parsons, of Havtford, aged 28 years. In Brunswick, March 21, Mrs.” Eliz a A., wife ol, aged r-8 years 10 months; 31st, Mr Joseph Morse, aged 83 years. In Baih, April 3, Mr. Augustus M. Horsey, aged 31 years. IMPORTS. MATANZAS. Brig I*'rank E Allen—336 hlids 33 tc»molasses, to Lynch Barker A Co; 5 bbls do l bbl sugar, master. Minim arc Alimanii**.April II. Sun ri.-es. . 6.30 j Moon sets. AIM Sun sets.6.34 | High water. 3,00 1*M M A RI M K N KW8 PORT O P P O R T L A S II . Monday, April 8. ARRIVED. Steamer Franconia, Sherwood. New York. • Steamer New Brunswick, Winchester, Boston i for Easlport and .St. John, NB. Brie Frank E Allen, (of Portland) Merrill, Matan zas 26til ult. Brig Ada (Br) Card, New York, to load lor Wind sor, NS. Brig Proteous. Mahoney, Boston. Sch Peiro, Rogers, I Jizabelhport. « Sch Lcontinc. Pratt, New York. Sch Alpine, Oliver, Edgartown. Sell Gen Howard, Johnson, Boston. Sch ‘ Hive Eliza both, Thompson, 1 tost on Sch Alligator, Bobbins, Calais lor New York. Sch E M Biauscomb, Braiiscoiub, Mt Desert for New York. Sch Wallii g on, Barbour, Rockland lor New York Sell Storm King, Johnson, Horpswell lor Boston. Sch Mirror, Dani Is, Phipsburg lor Boston. Sloop Yankee Girl, Hamilton, Boston. Ar 6th, U S Light lions • steamer Iris, Green, Wil mingtoii, NC, .via New Bedford. Reports extremely heavy weather both on the outward and homeward passages. During a severe gale oft’ Hatteras, the engine gave out and she had to lay to several hours tor repairs; the water was above tlio tloorof the en gine room, aud the vessel was kept free only by the unremitting exertions of the crew, she lias sustain ed considerable damage and it will take several days to eftect necessary repairs. CLEARED. Brig Fawn, (Br) Boat, 1 laldax, NS—Goo II Starr. Sell J R Watson, Richards. New York—J 1 Libby. Sch Jerusha Baker, Barbcrick, Boston—Newhall. Sclis Henrietta, (’reamer, and California, Wells, Boston—Pierce A Janies. SAILED—Sch Wm Butman, (trom Georgetown) . for Freeport. From Branch Office Western Union Telegraph. (.’Id at Baltimore 6tli, brig O B Allen, for Port land* Ar at Boston 8t.b, brig Frontier, skinner, Sagua; sell Cygnus, Small, Mayagut-z Ar at Trinidad 28th, brig Antilles, Thestrup, trom Boston. Aral Havana 31st. barque Almoner, Gary, trom Boston; brig J B Brown. Bain, from Sierra Mon na, (and old for Portland;) 2d, sch Georgie Deering, Wil lard, PorHand; William, from Sierra Mouna, and eld for Portland 1st. SUl JHMi, brig Geo Burnham, McLellan, Boston; 1st .ins!,, Pomona, Brown, do. Ar at Malin/as .'jotli, brig M F. Thomp. on, War ren, Boston. Ar 27th, brig Ella Maria, Berry. Portland; sell Hattie Ross, Ulrick, do. Shi 28th, brig Giles Boring, Soule, Portland. Sid 31st, brig Am Union, Smith. Boston. SJd tin Cardenas 2'Jtli, brig Mary A Chase, McDon ald. North of Hatteras. Ar at ('aibarien l*ih. barque Isaac Rich, Havana. Ar at, brig II B Emery, Bradford, Mm bias. Ar at St John. NB, 8th insf, barque Minnie, from Portland. Sch Sea Pigeon, owned by Sami Staples & Soft, of Liil-ec, has been sold f4> parties in Perry. Messrs S have lost during the past tea months, three vessels, on which there was not one dollar of insurance. DISASTERS. Soli Emma, I>:is is, al Cardenas, reports on tlie out ward passage, was run into by an unknown brig, carrying away main boom, wheel and boat ; also lost deck load of lumber. Brig Caprera, ot Stockton, at New York irom Ma tanzas, ha*l heavy gales, sprung lore yard, and split sail *. Sch Cygnus, Small, at Boston IV »ni Mavaguez, bad a succession oi heavy gales Irom SE to NE and NW ; on tlie 21st, encountered a severe gale from ESE to NE, und carried away iibl>ooiii, toretopmasl. boat, sails, and rigging attached. On the 20th. encounter- ( ed a tornado, wind blowing with great violence from all points ot the compass during twelve hours time, commencing s PM. Barque Arizona, (of Stockton) Conant, at New York iVem Remedies. was 12 days North ol HuttcriiS , with heavy N \V gales ; has been driven oft as tar as Ion C4». Brig Hattie F. Wheeler, (ol Portland) Cuptlll, at New York Irom Sagua, had heavy weather theen ti%e passage, and was Mown hack to the cast ot the Cull Stream, and lost jib. March 20, spoke brig Lizzie Ellis, with loss ol main boom and several sails. She would put iulo Chaileston lor repairs. Barque Brunsw i<k, (of Pori land) Davis, at Now York from Sagua, lias been 7 days North oi 11 at! crus, with heavy weather. March 2b, tat 31 15, ton 70 fit, saw a ship or barque with loss oI mainmast, ball ot mizzenmast, and foretopgallant mast. Brig Veteran, Snow, at New York Irom Malaga, had heavy northerly gales, split sails, &c. Liverpool. April 5—Ship W li Dinsnioro, Freeman, from 1 lam burg, was badly damaged by collision at Shields to-day. DOMESTIC PORTS* NEW ORLEANS—Ar 30tli, brig Keystone, Barter, Matanzas. Ar 31st, brig Torrent, Gould, New York; sch A F Aines, Ames, Rockland. Cld 6th, barque Joshua Loring. Loring, Cronstadt. Towed to sea prev to 31st, ship Montebello. MOBILE—Ai 1st, sell Annie E Glover, Cole, New York. Cld 1st, brig Mariposa, Staph s Boston. SAVANNAH—Ar/d, ship New England, Hodge, Liverpool. GEORGETOWN, SC—Cld 2d, brig Gambia, Perry, Bath. CHARLESTON—Ar 5th, brig Webster Kelley, Haskell, New Yoik. » BALTIMORE—Cld Gill, brig John Aviles, Phil brick, Bangor. PHILADELPHIA—Ar 5tli, barque Carlton, Tre cartin, Matanzas; l.rig Rio Grand*, Bennett, tin St Marys, Ga; soli K A Conant, Foss, Jamaica. ( Id 5th, ship Kate Davenport, Otis, Liverpool; sch Ida L Howard, McDutlie, Portland. Ar Ctli, brig Geo S Berry, Bradley, Matanzas. Cld 6th, barque Savannah, Trask, Boston; brig E II Rich, Hopkins, Trinidad. NEW YORK—Ar 5th, brigs J Leighton, Leighton, Grand l urk; Caprera, liichhorii, Matanzas It* days; Hattie E Wheeler, Guptill, Sagua via Long Island Sound; Rachel Coney, Coney, St J ago : Tangent, Chandler, Portland; sells Mary A Rich,Ross, Carde nas; K Leach, Pillsbujy; Thomas llix, Hall; Lucy Ames, Flahders; S S Lewis, Brack ley; Nile, Hall; Bound Brook, Perry, and Olive Avery, Wilson, Irom Rockland; RPChurch, Deorfnrl, Bristol; S L Stev ens Small, Portland; Minnie Cobb, Ingraham, Fall River; Porto Rico, Wentworth, Providence ; S A Re d, Reed, Portland. Ar 6th, lulgs A BCook. Small, Port Royal; Vet eran, Snow, Malaga; sch K Closson, Coombs, irom Arroyo. Ar nth, ship Humboldt, Proctor, Padang. Ar 7tli, ship Cui waiter, Dwight, Sau Francisco. 128 days; barque Eliza While, Look, Cay Francis; Mary NEW ADVERTISEMENTS. Woolens ! Woolens ! A LARGE-ASSORTMENT W O O E N S ! Suitable for Men and May's Wear! JUST OPENED AND FOR SALE MUCH UN DER PRICE AT 84- Middle Street. A. i\. LEACH. April 9—il2w Gray, Lufkin & Perry, MANUFACTUREES AND JOBBERS OF HATS, CAPS, FURS, -ANI) Straw Gooilsi ! 14 A' 50 Middle St, over Woodman, True Sc Co'p, PORTLAND, M A INF. Apr 9-iilf Elmwood Nursery, I'liiuHitle Woodford'* Conu r, Wr^lbi'ook PREBLE Street Cars pass the Nursery every forty minutes. A good collection of llardy, Careen ffou*e and Redding Flout* nay always bo found at the above place ami at rea tonahle rates. Wreaths, Crosses, Bouquets and Cut Flowers furnished at short nolice. Particular attention paid to preserving and ar anging Funeral Flowers. P. O. Address Box 1702, Portland, Me. apr9dlw» C. F. BRYANT. CHARLES GRIMMER,~ (Late ot the 17th Infantry Band) RESPECTFULLY announces to the citizens ot Portland and vicinity that he is prepared to give, LemoHN upon the Violin and Ouilar. B3T* AH orders addressed to Paine’s Music Store vili he promptly attended to. References—Mr. JH. Kotzselimar: Mr W. Paine. April 9-d3m* To Contra, tors an.) Builders. Gentlemen—At ft stated moetiug of the Brick ayer’s Union, held at their hall March 13th, it was nliinated that wages would he no higher than last rear unless contingencies arose, &e., viz: first-class non $4.00 j»er day. At the aunual meeting of the Association, held JVodnesday evening, April 3d, 1867, tor choice of oth ers, &e., it was voted that the following schedule of •rices would govern the Association for the season 1st. First-class Men.$4.00 per ilav. ‘2d. Good Workmen. a.r>0 “ 3d. Ordinary Workmen. 3 on »• •« 4fh. Inferior Workmen. 2.00 “ “ To take cffi-ct on and utter Monday next, April 8, md continue in force until Dec. 1,1807. Winter rork by the hour at the same rate till April 1,18C8. Apl 0—2t Per order. Eaton Family School lor Boys. NORRIDGEnoVK, MAINE, April 8th, 1867. rnis school has been in opera’iou over ten stars, and we shall continue to labor faithfully for he benefit of the pupils who may be placed under •ur care. For particulars, address the Principal. 11. F. EATON, Principal A H. EATON, ISAIAH DOLE, A. M.,|andMR8. d. F. EATON, Assistants. Apl U—d4w Southern Pine. [HAVE on wharf 20 M of Southern Pine Floor Boards, first quality, planed, jointed and dry, eady for use, which will be sold low if applied fol low- E. T. PATTEN, Apl 9—dtf 293 Commercial Street. White Seed Corn! BUSHELS Prime Southern White Seed Corn, in store and for salo l»y CHASE BROTHERS, Apl 9—TT&Stf Head Long Wharf. SALTl SALTI LIVERPOOL anil Cadiz Salt for sale in lots to suit pui chasers by E. G. WILLARl), Apl 9—ed3w Commercial Wharf. M. c?._m . A. Adjourned Meeting1. A N (rtioumctl meeting of the Maine Charitable Mechanic Association will will be held in the ail nary-Room on THURSDAY EVENING, April lib, ar 7j) o’clock. A full attenunnee is requested is ollicers lor the ensuing year are to l»e elected. STEPHEN MARSH, Sec’y. April 9-dtd PORTLANDS ROCHESTER R R SPRING ARRANGEMENT. an'* alter Atouday, April II, 181,7, trains will run as follow*. Passenger trains leave Saco Kiver lor Portland at i.'in and 9.00 A. Al., and 3.40 T. Al. Leave Port hind or Sai:o Kiver 7.15 A. Al., 2.0 • and 0.20 i*. Al. Freight, trains with passenger ear attached will cave Saco Kiver for Portland. 0.50 A. Al. Leaw Portland tor Saco Kiver 12.151*. Al. Steam Oar, Accommodation Train.—Leave (Jor inin at 8 A. M. and 2 P. Al. Leave Portland at 12.15 and IP. If. Wlltaawieonuoct at Durham lor West Gorham, Itandi.di, Stoop Falls, Baldwin, Denmark Sehagc, iridgton, Lovell, Hiram, Brownlitdd, Fryeburg, Jonway, Bartlett, Jackson Liinington, Ooiufsh.Por or, Froodom, Mu.di*ou,and Katun. N. H. At Buxton Pouter for West Buxton, Bonny -Eagle, loath Limington, Liinington, Limerick, Ncwtudd 'arsonstiuld ami Ossipee At S&ccarappa for South Windham, Windham Hill rod North Windham,daily. By order td the President;. Portland, Apr. 9, I8<7~dtl TO LET ! Ikl FK KN IN Till: THIRD STORY, New Canal National Bank Building. Also, 1 1IALL IN FOURTH STORY. Apply at Canal National Bank, Middle St. April 9. dtf Rooms to LeL with Board. TO *et, on reasonable terms, two well tarnished rooms, with board, at 38 Centre Street, opposite Preble House. apriludlw* House for Sale. NEAR s&ccarappa village, a good house, wood house attached, a large stable, garden spot, hard md Holt water; well arranged lor two families if de nted. Situated on the Windham road, within live ninutes walk of the depot. Apply to Mrs. BETSEY HAMBLIN, on the premises. aprUdlw* Wanted. A house in Portland, in the westerly balfofeity ••I valued at seven to eight thousand dollars, in lL«xrhange lor a valuah.e trswt of Pine Land in Vlicliifcf&n. on the Sagauaw Biver. Address Box 1h37. Apr 9-di'w Found. DN Satiir.lay.eth, on Congress street, near the heart i*f Pearl street, a FUU UAPJS The owner can have the same by calling at the In eotoiH Fx. bang., Ju Congress street movin' .roperty ami paying charges. apriM.™* Wan toil. 4 VOUNG mau, strong ami willing to work, lo tin the packing in a wholesale ilrug storu. Ino.1 refinances requlral. Apply to -one W. F. PHILLIPS & CO., iprikltf Wholesale Droggists. Store I.ot on Middle street 17011 SAMS, opposite Plum street, one of the 1 “Stone hfoek" lols. ^VjKKlm. Beal Estate Agent, oppostto Preble House. Apl 9—aw illilion dale, Kiq., Bo»lou. I herebv certify that 1 was sorely u ill k ted with Boils for two years, developing thcinscj\es upon ms limbs and other par In of my Inxiy. The suifcrii wbieli 1 endured from them are indescribable. Sul n»:e it.toBay that 1 faithfully tried several of tlu* humor remedies, but without removing tin aiuictiou. At length, by the earnest request of an intiiiiuie friend, 1 was induced to try I>r. J. W. 1 •,> lands Humor Doctor,and am very happy t«> aft.-f that all my Boils were removed, and inv health w . restored by using Dr. Poland's aforesaid medicine. _ . MILTON QA1.F. Boston, January 11, IR5t>. A.C. Wallace, Ksq., H nnehemer. IN’. II Dr. J. W. Poland—Dear sir:—I very chocrfulG give my testimony in favor of your Humor Pot ior a an excellent remedy for humors. My numerous a. J quaint ancea in Manchester know how severely I v.a - aitiicted with Boils, and they know how perfectly good my health is at present.' Your Humor Doci* > cured me. Please reler to me tor particulars in m \ I case. A. C. WALLACE. Manchester, N. H., Juno 11, Mr*. Prlorr, Dover, X, II. IX>V KK, N. H., July 22,1'’15. Dr. Polani*I receive*! your letter inquirin’' to tlic effects ol your medicine on sca-sickmss. i am happy to say iha( 1 .inid il ii •• f In in. <he i,. i i that dre nllul sickness, i tried various prescript ton. but found none that settled the stomaeo and clear, i the head like tlic Humor Doctor. I loir as though l could hardly wait to gel. asli. te, lo entreat you to in troduce it into ship chandlery stores, that it n.ay tiud its wav to those who sutler upon th. mighty d< cp trom sea-sickness. If captains who take their lam Hie# with them, or carry t jib engers, should trv it i«.i once, they would never be willing to voyage willami I have used it in my family since Us introduction to the public, fo: bilious luibits, hcadadio and ho - mors about my children, ;uid have aiu ays ioiin.1 it a sure cure. i am not fond ol lia\ing my name appear in pub lie, and would not consent to it on any other :n count blit lo relievo the Buffering; bill il the fore ■■ lug will be of any service to you or the public, you can make use ol it. Yours, IIAKKLKT M. PoKI lilt. Wm. tVlirrler, Mtsucbaiu, Ulno*. T very confidently and earnestly recoin mend Dr. J. W Poland’s Humor Doctor as an ex edit-ut ivim dy lor Humors, having been wonderfully heiiclifltd by it mvsclf. My own ease was a very severe and obstinate one. For more than two years th. .-Ain upon the inside of both my bands, and even down on tlio wrist, wa# constantly cracked and broken up, s.» that! was unable to use my hi any kind ..i wet work, and was oblige to wear glut es in s. wing to avoid getting blood upon my work. The bum o. which so atHkled me was probably a combmati ii m Erysipelas and Salt Ulieuiu. My general health w e quite poor. Soon all» r J began to use toe llutu..: Doctor 1 could pereeive signs of healing 1 contin ued to lake the medicine till I w.»s filially cured. Ni \ h iiuls are now perfectly free fioin buiuois and lo al. appearances my who c system is . I. a* of it. and h.-i been for several mouth*. J used eight bo til. l» t«»r« I felt sale to give it up entirely', but they cm od me. HARRIET W ill ELK1C. Stoucliam Mass., July 5, isftti. W. F. Phillips & Co., General Agents tor the State. RETAIL AGENTS. \V. W. Whippl.*, 11. 11. llav, L. Gilson, Cros man & Co., F\ Mason, A. G. Sciilolf erbcck A Go.. Rollin A Gilkey^ J. U. Luut A Co., F. Swcctser, il. T. Cummings & Co., M. L. Whittier. Apl if—!_> cod GiOltHAiM LADIES SEMINARY Rev. & iltrs. 0. Parker, r,iuc lliram OrriiH, A. II.. .ttibrlnfi 1‘rhi' i, ,,/ _____ .» 1 THE *utiihiea *«•**■<»«■ will onnimuncc on Momlny, Sail .April uc\l, The Trustees have no hesitation in reenmim udinc the new Principals as eminently worthy of pnMn confidence, ami believe lliat muter their managi-mciii the institution will rank second to imuc to New Kin laud. THE SUMMER SESSION OF (xoi-liain Ac:ulein,y, A Day School tnr Young Men and Roys, under thi charge o l ltleiMra. Parker mid Orrult, will n so commence on ‘J‘I«I April. Applications for admission to either school should be addressed to REV. f. C. PARKER. JOHN A. WATERMAN, Sec’y Trustees. Gorham, March 25, 1807. mrj7e<*dii.aH Ho-Oprnnl. CHARLES Oil JR. a> CO. HAVING taken the store No !M Ex Range stieei, (Jose’s Rlork, opposite the new Portland Sav mg Rank,) respectful*v inv.te their tonner nidom ers and the public to an inspection of their large and well selected stock of Gold and Nilver IVatehen, Clock*, Fun Gold Jewelry, Nolid Silver Ware, Itogcr*' Plated W are. # - Also. - Faiuy- Goods siimI Toys, Of French, Geiw.ui ami Ajm-rktui maim tin t lire. We also have tor sale Children's Carriages, Rocking Horn's, Travelling Rags, Rends, and all kinds of Good* usually kept in such a store. The above *l»ck is entirely new, ami selected with great care. N. B. Particular attention paid to the repair in; of Watches, Clocks ami Jewelry bv cxjierieiiced workmen, and warranted to give satisfaction. Apl 6- odtl ALEXANDER D. REEVES, TAILOR, Respectfully returns thanks to the citizens ot Pr it land, and State generally, for liberal patronage (luring the last eight years, and he is happy to inform them that lie has fitted up No. 36 Free street (first door al»ovu Centre Street) for a permanent place ot business, where lie intends to carry on tailoring in all its various branches and all good i kept by a first class New Voik Tailor, may always be found at A. 1». Reeves, Tailor, 30 Free Street, The attention ot the ladies is invited to the Bazar ot Fashion, a foreign publication re ceived weekly; and they arc also luvited to call and see the latest 'styles of l u »h; trim mings. All goods or garments at the lowest prices for cash. apt 4—lin Super Phosphate of Lime! For Sale by tlie Subseriliers. Bradley'n [I'uinii Super rhospiNulr of Ltm. Bradley *k X I. Super «i . Coc^m Super K*ito«pbulc of l.imn Bradley's Phosphates an* uai rant. *1 »•* Ik* cpial i.» any in the market, ami will sold at I lie vcn low eat market prices. We also have a good s’ pplv «»i l»« st <|iialil\ 1’ar ■nrr,' I'lnsicr, which wr oiler at the lowest rat. til- \l.i; *V 1MOHSK, A pi 6—dAW-m No. r. i oiuinereial Wbai l. #1 IT TV IIO'S TOXIC BITTERS. leimuiiaii ul Inangthi v. rv l.usi t„niu an.V ftHorntive --tore tlm 1...I.U.-, |,, ,.r'.. i , tr. ilium, to Which II htrg. lv nwee Its eitl... cy, u. an extract front a Common American FI, 1,1 riant. which as horn rnmhine.1 mol 01 <j ■;.! <<h is known t-» the proprielor aloiiu. II is a siss-inu for it..- nunn r OUg and serious ailments arisMiy irom a disordered state of the .stomach, (towels and hlo»*,l, hu» h as Debility, Dyspapsia, Foul Stomach, 111. mors of the Bl.sslan.l skin. ..tint., l.anu.ini. Drowsiness, ami all kiinlro.l .Inn:.*- . ..-1, |„, t.arc.1 ..l ilin best als SO.I with llm ntmnst care, it is, nevertheless, ador.lcdit a uiatetiaUv lower pn.o than any other ine«liclii#of (prole •s.vllvlsimilar char acter in the market - FOIt HALE UY - JARIRS It. RUNT A CO., Ilawiuidi, IIS fgii^rtSH M|,. ■•orilautl. March L*G. eodim New Iudexical Paint (Meaning Soap. Rlakes Honw I'lennanu n Pastime. The worthy proprietor ol the Pret.le lions,* says ‘ We like your new Inukxu \i. Pain t bi.i;AM\t; SOAr. It cleans paint to perihelion without sen,it ii*K the surface and with scared* any labor. All houseke pcTs will l.e sure to adopt it a* they tannot afford to do without it. »ol!ts *^c*» S. B. K «•>,. man.” Sold by W. F. rillLldPS & Co., H. H. HAV A CO., and the trade tfeuerally. Mar 3U—»neodlwtadvcod3w* J Wholesale and Retail, Every Article of Apparel usually found In a First Class Clofliin" —AND— FURNISHING GOODS ESTABLISHMENT. We call the attention of Parents to our Boys' I >epai*< inont Where may l»e found a Complete Equipment —FOE— ■toys of sill Ajjes ! —AND— SUITED TO ALL SEASONS. We have a Splendid Line of FURNISHING GOODS To which we solicit the notice ot V~0 ITTMC* MEN. All of which wc offer at I"rices with in the reach of all. c. A. PARSONS X CO., No. 143 Middle Street. Portland, April 8,1667. d&w tt Carriages! Carriages! P O It TLANI), ;»Ori Congress Street. J. M. KIMBALL «C- CO., HAVE now on hand anil for Rale the largest and Inist assortment of Carriages itver uttered in this m.irkm consisting in part id the following eelehrat •Sl stylist, viz: Extension Top Culyriolells, i’lalloim spimg and Fereli, very light; Eight Carryalls, Standing I’op and Extension 'top; the celebrated *■ lx ■■■■bull .■limit Men!” with Improved Front Seat; ”>>1111 Shades" of elegant, pattern, Gentlemen's -Itoa I H agons, 'very light; ",” “Goddard,'* ".Jenny l.ind'* and oilier Top Buggies ol superior make and lipisli. Top Buggies as low ns $2,10.00. fnnecid alyls wagons from #100.00 to $2ll(l.0U—Wai ranted. Alsu Two .Sea! Wagons for Farmers' use. apr.xd&w3iu SI MONTON & KNIGHT, S lrfim rightN, mast and spar makers, AND PKALEltS IN Allists. Spurs,Oak Timber, Oak nnd Hard Wuad IMnnk, Trcruails, the. I.IJMBER, All kinds ol Spruce Lumber. Frames and Dimen sion Lumber, any length up to 40 leet. sawed at short notice. IS Commercial Street. apiSlt Corn lor l*l:t n tin«r. (y ( U W | BUSHELS Primo Southern White "V*v7 Coin lor seed. I i.uon Bushels Prime Southern Yellow Corn in store and afloat, for sale bv O’Orion, Pierce & C'o„ Apl i—tf No. 152Comiuercinlul Street. SPUING GVEH-SACKS, Business and Walking Suits, — op Beiutiful Materials and Tashion tbly Made Ami un elegant assortment of OtMitlniieii’H .Furnishing floods, FOK SALE LOW BY ItoliiiHoii & Kniglit, 288 Congress Street apruliw Opposite Preble House. AHUiikery! No. ii Dee ring lllock. >I«S. CUSHMAN Has Just received a Iresb assortment of early SPRING GOODS, Ol the latest styles, to whicbshe invites the atten tionot the ladies ut Portland and vicinity. April I—:twe<l ./ OIIA /’. SHERRY, I » FSPEOTFULLY announces to Ms Friends and I 1 tn«: I iiolii- that he has this day disposed of his MKN'fi)OhilUbuslnesa, t SHAVllM1 UE1>ABT •J* B. Pike & G. F. (loodriduc. 1 he latter gentleman, as is well known, has for a long time U en in his employ. He would most cor dially recommend In* patrons in this department to the new tirm. He intends himself to give lii» undivided attention to HAIR CUTTING, DRESSING, AND HAIR DORK, for which lie is fitting up his rooms Separate rooms lor Ladies and Children's hair cutting. N. B. Particular attention paid to cutting child ren’s hair. aprtitl I loot f«* and Mli<»es ! CLA ItKE A- LO WELL, IMo. Ml> 3fnrket St|,iarp. \17Fcan anil will sell as good a quality ol Boots ’ v and Shoes, at a-, cheap rate as can Is- found iu the city. We have some shop worn goods and others a little out Ot tile present stylo which we wish to close out hetore going into our tow store and will s* II them at I.psn Titan Halt the Original Co«t. Call and examine for yourselves, opposite Preble Street.__ _ _aprilcd:;t new e ;; d I»IOMEEK, LAUIES, USE THIS AND NO uTHER *!"' *"1' » '"■ '•ASThY you will lm,. no’lKilhtr; A. *‘\rvy gnu-era yon can g,*t jt, I r> a box and you will iie ei regret it. Tlii- Vc.i.'t Powder is used by all first-class Ho leisaiid lie* aurants throughout iltc country, and ih tiiidiiig il> way into every household where good Powder is appreciated. Samples Free. Every iio\ ii :iititutuil in Kim *;vi i .im-hiiu or money refund i;l. Mauulm'lunil by TaYLuU & YolINCl, 1*6 brunt Street, N. Y. CHUUiJHELL, HUNT A MKLUHEK, *7 Commercial St. 1>. I!. K1UK Eli A CO., 1*5 Fore Street. inaU-'.'leoill 111* A Kent* lor Maine. International Steamship Co. flHIKKE will be a Special Meeting «>i the Interna I ii.m 11 Steamship Company at their OtHce,corner Cnitni anil Commercial Htrccts, on THCHsDAY, April elevi nth, at .’5 o’clock P. M. to see if tin* stock h ddors will vole lo Increase the Capital Stock of tlio < omp.ui>, and to act on any other Guducm that may legally come Ik*fore the meeting, Per order ot the Directors. ll. J. LIBBY, Secretary. Port land, March 27, IMI. mr‘J8dtd To ('ontractors. I>K«)POS \LS tor budding u School House at CAPE EI.IZA HE I II will be received till SATt'llDAY n. \t. at 11" ottieo of F. H. FasnKTT, Architect, City Hall Building, where tlio plans and s|*-citication*cua lie seen. The Committco claim the privilege of re jecting any or all propositions not. deemed tor the In terest of the distriet. JOHN B. CHASE, JOHN L. ELLINtlWOOD, DANIEL STKOUT, J1L Portland, April 8, 18fi7. Apl htil f»f.f.vo- i on i #;. INSTRUCTION OIVEN nn the PI\NO-FORTE, by Miss AENEH M. LORD, 127 Conctew struct. Mur 3Ad?ui Notice. riHIOSE in waiit of ft ‘ biuiir up" TABLE BUTTEK 1 nail iluil their want, supplied at PETTENtllLU &. FU LLUM'S. 271 Cougraa. street. apn,.tl«<!