Newspaper of Portland Daily Press, March 24, 1873, Page 3

Newspaper of Portland Daily Press dated March 24, 1873 Page 3
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THE PRESS. MOXDAY MORXIJiG, MAR. 24, 1878. TUE PBE8* .Maybe obtained at the Periodical Depots of Fcs «eadeu Bros., Marquis, Robin&on, Branell & Co.· Λ idrews, Wentworth, Clendenning Moses, Hender son, and Chisholm Bros., 011 all trains that run out ol tnecity. At Biddeford, of Pillsbury. At Saco of L, Hodgdon. * At Water ville, of J. S. Carter. At Gorliam, of News Ageut. At Bath, of J. O. Shaw. At Lewiston, of \V. F. Stan wood, CITY AND VICINITY. New AdrcrliHeaueaale To-Day. AUCTION COLUMN. Furniture—J. S. Bailey & Co. SPECIAL NOTICE COLUMN. Rare Chance for a Bargain—Colesworthy <Sr Co. * NEW ADVERTISEMENTS. Real Estate—For Saie. Τ j Let—-Geo. A. Whitney & Co. Dissolution of Copartnership—Del low & Trefethen Daucy's Announcements—4. MISCELLANEOUS NOTICES. . Greer, Foçg «S: Co—Yellow Corn. Confectioners—W. Baker & Co. Stated Meetings. city government. The Board of Mayor and Aldermen meets the first M -nday evening of each month. The Common Council meets the second Monday ev .ning of each m< n.h. The School Committee meet the third Monday eve ning of each month. J MASONIC At Masonic Hall, Λ'ο. 95 Exchange Street. YORK RITES. Blue Lodges—Anciert Land-Mark, first Wednes da ; Portland, second Wednesday : Atlantic, third Wednesday. CiiAPTERS—Greenleaf R. A. C., first Monday; Mt. Veruon, R. A. C\. third Monday. Council—Portland C. R. & S. Masters, second Monday. Commanheries of K. T.—Portland, fourth Mon day : St. Albans, second Thursday. Grand Bodies—Grand Lodge, first Tuesday in May ; υ ran α unamer, nrst luesaay evening in May ; Grand Council, Wednesday 3 I', m.; Grand Com mandery, Wednesday evening. ANCIENT ACCEPTED SCOTTISH BITES. Lodge—Yates Grand Lodge of Perfection, first Friday. Council—Portland Oouncil P. of J., second Fri day. Chatter—Duulap Chapter Rose Croix de H., third Friday. Consistory—Maine Consistory, S. P. R. S.,«fourth Friday in Mai ch,* June, September and December. I. Ο. O. F. At Odd Fellows* Hall, No. 88 Exchange Street. Lodges—Maine, on Monday evenings; Ancient Brothers, on Thursday evenings; Ligonia, on Friday evenings ; Deacon, 011 Tuesday evenings; Ivy, D., of K., second and fourth Saiurday. Encampments— Macldgonne, first and third Wed nesdays; Eastern Star, second and fourth Wednes days;'Portland, first aud third Saturdays. Kei.ief association— Every third Tuesday in the month. TEMPLARS OF HONOR. At Templars' Hall, No. 100 Exchange Street. Co υ Ν ci l—Maine, first and third Mondays in each month. Temple—Forest City, No. 1, every Wednesday evening. Maine Cïiabitable Mechanic Association— Corner of Congress and Ca .co streets. First Thurs day in each month. Yocng Men's Citbirtian Association-Corner Congress and Casco streets. Every evening. Poktlan d Fraternity—No. 333$ Congres* street. Every evening. Knights of Pythias—Bramhail Lodge. No. 3, Thursday evenings; Munjoy Lodge, No. C, Wednes day evenings. At their Hail, Clapp's Block, Market Square. Grand Abmy of τπε Republic—Bosworth Post, No. 2; corner Congress and Casco street®, Friday evenings. Pobtland Abmy and Navy Union- Comer Congress and Brown streets. First Tuesday in each month. Sons of Tempebance—Portland Division,No. 95; Sons' of Temperance Hall. Friday evening. Independent Obdeb of Good Templabs—Ar cana, Monday; Mission, Wednesday;—in Williams' block, Congress street. Mjstic, Thursday: Atlar-tic, Saturday;—at Sons' ol Tempeiance Hall, Congress street. Iron Clad, Thursday, at West End ; Pocahon tas, Thursday. Pobtland Typogbaphical Union, No. 75—Cor ner Congress and Casco streets. Second Saturday in each month. Superior Court. march tebm, befobe judge symonds. Satdbday.—Merrill W. Mosher vs. George H. Jew ett. Replevin of a bull valued at fifty dollars. De cision reserved. Howard & Cleaves for plaintiff. Waterman for defendant. Partington vs.· Green. Action on a promissory note. Defense—failure of consideration. Decision reserved Locke. Hale. Brief «Bottine*. J. "W. Raymond's first assembly, in connec tion with bis school, will take place this even ing at Lancaster Hall. The citizens of Gorham are to have a meet ing on Wednesday eve ning next to hear the re port of their committee, some time since sent bv them to Massachusetts to inrlnne narties to invest iu manufacturing in tlieir town. Hon. C. P. Kimball will deliver his lecture on "The Past, Present and Future of Maine," at Alfred, on Thursday evening next, March 27th. The Presumpscot Trotting Park Association think of building a fire race course near the head of Pleasant street in Deering.this spring. The location selected is the former John Holmes estate. Woodman has recently finished fine portraits of Mr. Charles G. Crosby and family, Hill St. The portraits are remarkable for their softness and brilliancy of color, as well as for their fi delity to the originals. The "Byzantine" picture at Hale's is at tracting much attention, not only by its merits as a work of art, but also by its peculiar and novel^oloring. Yesterday, for a wonder, was free from snow flurries. Col. Cousins of Gorliam,is mentioned in con nection with the appointment of a Railroad Commissioner. A sail boat is to be placed in Back B?.y. Gen, J. M. Brown is to build a villa for a summer ressidencc at "Bay View," Falmouth Foreside. Miss Annie Starbird appeared at the Mehlig concert in Boston, Saturday. The Star of yesterday morning was a very bright number. Its selections of poetry and general literature were especially fine and showed great care and much literary taste and culture on the part of its managers. The Boston and Maine Railroad is now sell ing tickets between this city and Boston . in packages of twenty-five and fifty, at twenty five per cent, discount from regular prices. The steamer "Alhambra" sailed from this port with a full cargo for Halifax yesterday. Geu. Chamberlain and wife are in town, at the United States Hotel. In default of news yesterday, people fed themselves on rumors of terrible rows on streets in the lower part of the city. The walking doesn's grow any better very fast, and the crossings would disgrace a four teenth century city. One of our city journalists who forgot him elf and attended church yesterday, picked up a greenback as he was walking home. He pur poses attending church next Sunday, for he thinks it pays. There was a lively runaway on Middle street about midnight, but as there was nobody at that time to be run over, little damage was done. A lively scrimmage took place on Centre street last evening. One spectator says that 500 combattants were engag-d. Five would be nearer the truth. They vanished into air, thin air, and left not a wrack behind at the ap proach of the police. One man got knocked through a window ct vT-i τ .ΐ_ι.ι—». ci - χ j « — j » — i.i bad his sliirt studs stolen while toying with u fair deceiver. It is time this infamous <len was broken up. A contribution of money to aid in removing the mortgage on the Abysinian church, was taken up at State street church yesterday. One of our city clergymen assailed the news papers yesterday—the newspapers who dailj preach to a larger congregation than his voici can ever hope to reach, and much more potent ly The steamship "Prussian," Capt. Dutton sailed for Liverpool about three o'clock yester <lay morning. Funeral Services.—The funeral sen-ice over the remains of the late Charles M'lntosl took place from Chestnut street church yester day forenoon. The burial services of the Od< Fellows, of which society the deceased was i member, were observed by Maine Lodge ant by delegates from the other lodges in the city The remains were carried to the Eastern Cem etery. Portland Turnvebbin.—The followin named persons have been elected officers of th< Portland Turnverein: E. A. Noves, Speaker; C A. Winchester, Secretary; J. Hudson, Leadei J. C. Dennis, Treasurer; If. W. Robinson, D rector of Entertainments ; T. F. Roberts, Ara orer. The number of members is 232. Th Society is iu a very prosperous condition. Sunday Lecture. City Hall iras filled to repletion last evening by an audience eager to hear the popular pulpit jrator, Bev. C. B. Pitblado, discourse upon the jvils of intemperance. Very many young men were present who, it is to be hoped, will take die admonitions of the preacher to heart. The discourse was one of great power, and the speaker pictured, in intensely dramatic language, the crimes and miseries of that vice which he claimed to be the foremost evil of all the world. Some of the statistics of intemper ance which he brought to the notice of his au dience were startling in the extreme. The pic tures which lie drew of the rumseller and the draukard, though not exaggerative,were touch ed with deep and vivid coloring. He claimed that intemperance has been more productive of misery and evil than war, or pestilence, or mis directed ambition, and that a new and fierce crusade against it is the crying need of the hour. The times demand that something shall be done to stop its ever increasing power, and its eucroachmeuts upon human happiness. Though the subject of the lecture was a trite one, it was treated with a power and earnest ness, and freshness, which almost lent it the charm of novelty. The audience paid the closest attention throughout the discourse, and were in full sympathy with the speaker, as was evidenced by suppressed applause several times during the delivery of the lecture. Fibe Alarms.—The India Street Univesal ist church was well filled last evening to hear the pastor, Bev. Mr. Bicknell, discourse on "lire alarms." It is said that be made this the sub ject of bis Sabbath evening lecture at the sug gestion of some his people who had beard some jocose remarks relative to the propriety of placing the fire alarm bell in the tower of that church, since the reported general belief of that ι ι:ιΛ *ι»λ nf αην îilîirm Iippp after on account of that unpleasant element. Those, however, who listened to the pastor's sermon found nothing to assure them that a life of sin would not nieeti ts full punishment.Iu fact there were many decidedly startling alarms as to the consequences of ill-doings sharply given in the discourse. At the conclusion of the dis course, Charles P. Kimball, Esq., rose, aud in fitting terms alluded to the work that Mr. Bicknell and his society were doing, and sug gested taking up a collection to go toward de fraying the part that the parish have to pay to ward the new bell. The collection was taken and resulted iu a good sum being received or pledged. Trial of Hose.—A trial of new hose, under the supervision of the Committee on the Pire Department, was made by steam fire engine Cumberland, No. 3, at the corucr of Spring and South streets. Saturday afternoon. The hose tried was the Boyd and the Shaw. Eight hun dred feet were used, four hundred of each make, One length of Boyd hose burst at 210 pounds pressure. One length of the Shaw hose burst at 10 pounds, one at 100, one at 110, and oue stood a pressure of 200 pounds. All of the Boyd hose stood 200 pounds pressure. S. P.—People there are who claim toknowali the secrets of the S. P. Society, once so famous in Portland, and who are not all chary of re vealing then). The initiation is said to bave been fearful and wonderful, and the suppers ac companying it to have been elegantaffairs. The name of the Society is claimed to be the initials of an ejaculatory express!Jn of surprise, in vogue at the time of its formation; which struck the young ladies as very funny. However true all this may be, it cannot be denied that the So ciety was an aoie ana a sprigntiy one, wen ue serving the high reputation it achieved. Allen Mission.—A large gathering is ex pected to night at the Alien Mission to listen to the addresses of Camp Meeting John Allen aud Kcv. C. B. Pitblado on the evils of Intem perance. There will be an opportunity to sign the pledge. Services commence precisely at 1-4 to 8 o'clock. The term "denizen" applied to Mrs. Feeny who met with a painful accident some days since was used in no other sense than a "resi dent." We are informed that she is a worthy woman,and regret to hear that she feels injured at our referen:e to her as a "denizen," which we do not consider a disrespectful term. Tire best.—The Portland Shirt? nigCELLAIVEOIJII NOTICKg. JLife Innnrance. "Tontine" Life Insurance is believed and de clared to be one of the greatest humbugs of modern times, by the ablest actuaries in the country. Commissioner Paiue of this State has the same opinion— and so have the men most conversant with it throughout the coun try. And so will any person who will examine it intelligently, notwithstanding the quota tions from New York and Boston papers writ ten for those papers and paid for by interested parties. Nineteen out of every twenty intelligent In surance men are opposed to Tontines, on the ground of their deception and cheat. Mar 17-2taw3w-M&W. Gp.eer, Fogg & Co., have just received a car go of 15,000 bushels of yellow corn. Confectioners find their choicest goods in the Chocolate line at W. Baker & Co's well known Boston House, of nearly a hundred years standing. Their Chocolate liquors are es pecially fine and deserve especial attention. Sold everywhere. Periodicals.—Harpers' Monthly, the Gal axy, Godey's Lady's Book, Scribner's Monthly and Peterson's Lady's Magaziuc have been received and are for sale at the book stores of Messrs. Bailey & Noyes, and Hall L Davis, on Exchange street; and at Loring, Short & Harmon and Augustus Kobinson's, under the Falmouth Hotel; also at the schoolbook, music and periodical store of E. C. Andrews, No. 36 Centre street, at the book and periodical depot of Messrs. Fessenden Brothers, Lancaster Hall, and at Wentworth's, corner of Congress and Oak Sts. Harper's Bazar.—This beautiful weekly publication is a welcome visitor to the parlor circle. The number for the ensuing week has been received by Fessenden Brothers, Lancas ter Hall and D. Wentworth, 337 Congress, cor ner of Oak street. Messrs. C. E. Chisholm & Co., at their rooms in Grand Trunk depot, and opposite the Maine Central depot, have received all the pe I liodicals for the coming month, and all the ! fresh literature of the day. The Purest and Sweetest Cod-Liver Oil is Hazard & Caswell's, njade on the sea shore, from fresh selected livers, by Caswell, Hazard & Co., New York. It is absolutely pure and sweet. Patients who have once taken it prefer , it to all others. Physicians have decided it su j perior to any of the other oils in market. mar2l-4wT Steel Knives ami every description of Table ; Ware Plated, or Replated in the very best man I ner at short notice and at a reasonable price, at ; Atwood's New Booms, 27 Market Square. feb25-eodtf Job Printing.—Every description of Jcs , Printing executed promptly, and at the lowne. prices, at the Daily Press Printing House, If Exchange St, Wm. M. Marks. I Advertisers naturally seek the means to reaching the largest number of readers, and \ those of the best quality. The Daily Prem i fills the bill in both particulars better than any other daily journal in Maine. HIOB TELEGRAJIH. Michael Anderson, 32 years old, of Three Rivers, Mass.,and au employee of the Northern Railroad, was put in the lockup Saturday night at Norwich, Ct., for drunkenness. Sunday night he was found dead iu liis cell. Probablv apoplexy. James Henry Stwart, of Providence R 1 aged 23, was killed Sunday, by tin accidental dischargeof a gun which he was examining. The funeral of Chafes Goodrich, supposed to Ihave been murdered in Brooklyn, Ν. Υ., took place Sunday, and was largely attended. The revenue cutter Hamilton, has arrived at Bo ton with the remainder of the crew of the bark Celeste Clark, lost at Nantucket Shoals. The draft of a charter for the Edwin Forest house for aged and disabled actors, is prepared I and will be presented to the Philadelphia Leg ! islaturc. James Bowker, ex-member of the City Coun cil of Philadelphia, from the 21st ward, om suicide Sunday morning by hanging himself. Bidwell, who was arrested at Havanna ou Friday is supposed to be the same scamp who ran away in March, 1864, with §10,000 that had been intrusted to him by parties in Cincinnati. A Watertown, Ν. Y., dispatch says that a snow storm beginning Thursday n'glit continu r ed all day Friday, during which from 15 to 18 ' inches fell. 1 Rev. Dr. Tyng publicly denies the statement that Foster had taken poison before the execu ΐ tiou and would have died ffoin its effects if the execution had been- delayed an hour. A Havana dispatch says the Spaniards are , becoming etnbarassed for want of funds to meet ' the expenses of the prolonged conflict with the insurants. BY TELEGRAPH NEW HAMPSHIRE. That Congrmrann. Manchestre, March 22.—The friends of Hon. S. N. Bell, tlio Democratic candidate for Congress, claim to-day lie is ie-elected by a ma jority of four votes. It is said the returns have been received from every town in this Congres sional district. MASSACHUSETTS. Λ Nuieiuce Act. Boston, March 22.—By a vote of 11 to 29, the Massachusetts House to-day passed to a secoud reading a bill providing that all build ings, places or ten^meuts resorted to for pros titution, lewdness or illegal gaming shall be deemed common nuisances, and punishing whoever keeps or maintains such houses by imprisonment in the house of correction or jail not exceeding one year. The bill repeals the law punishing the offence by a fine. Foal Plnf. Boston, March 23.—Gearge W. Flint, aged 35, a shoemaker working in Natick, came to Boston ou Thursday last for his pension,having served as a soldier, and was seen intoxicated in Newton. Thurday night, and was subsequently found dead on the bank of Charles Biver in Watertown. There being suspicions of foul play, an inquest is being held. Confirmation. Lowell, March 23.—Bishop Neeley of Maine (Episcopal) administered the apostolic rite of confirmation in St. Anne's Church this after noon, to thirty-four recipients, and to about the like number in St. John s Church in the even ing. NEW YORK. Strikes in New York. New York, March 22.—It is now stated that a strike is imminent among the journejinan Carpenters' Eight Hour League,which inc'udes German sections. Piano makers, polishers, cabinet makers, etc., are also expected to strike. At a meeting of the gas men last night, the recent action of the gas companies reducing the wages as a consideration of eight hours' work was considered. A demand was made for a general strike, aud it is soid that another meet ing is to be held to-night, and preparations for a general strike next week. A Question About Foster. Notwithstanding the statements ot Drs. Tyng and Walker the prevailing impression here to night is that Foster attempted suicide with poi son, which theory is apparently strengthened by the additional testimony of Dr. VVailis, re ported again, sa. ing to-day that the prisoner would have been dead an hour later if the exe cut.ou had not transpired. The Goodrich Murder. Nothing further has been ascertained in elu cidation of the mystery of the murder of Mr. Goodrich in Brooklyn. Many believe a womau who has lately been seen with him at the house in which he was murdered had something to do with the deed. The Brokers' Bank. The Bull's Head bank has been placed in charge of the IT. S. Marshal under an order made by the bankruptcy court. The defalca tion is said to exceed #300,000. The President has resigned am' the bank officers decline stat ing whether their late teller is a criminal or not. Burglar Arrested. The police captured a fully armed burglar last uigfit while attempting to rob r. safe in a store on 3d street. Λ Well Known Swindler Identified. Inspector Webb, of the London police, ar rived here to day in the steamship Celtic, for the purpose of taking to England the person now in custody under the name of Geo. Mc Donnell or McDonald. The latter was identi fied yesterday as a well known swindler who attempted some two years ago in this city to obtain by fraud $143,000 from Jay Cooke & Co., and is still believed to be Warren, the chief of the ganjj who recently defrauded tlie Bank of England. Various matters. The Aldermanic Committee appointed to ex amine into the condition of the tombs will re port in favor of building a new city prison at the foot of 26th street, East River. A very large sum promises to be realize ! from the Masonic fair now holding in Appollo Hall. The Executive Committee say that enough money will be obtained to complete Masonic Hall, Sixth Avenue and 20th street, and that a Masonic Asylum for the widows and orphans of Masons "and the helpless of the fraternity, will soon follow. Oscar ZollicoHer, President of the Metropoli tan Gas Co., called on Commissioner Van Nor of the Public Works Department, yesterday, to ascertain if a satisfactory arrangement could be made with the city for the payment of near ly a million dollars now due, and for accruing bills. Zollicoffe stated that if the present finan cial management of the city is continued the company would stop the gas for the streets and' public buildings. Commodore Vanderbilt lias gi-en another 5500,000 for the purpose of erecting a large seminary for females on the grounds of the Moravian church at New Drop, Staten Island, to be built on the plan of the Seminary of Bethlehem, Pa., endowed by the Commodore. The pigeon shooting match yesterday at Old Union Course, between Ira A. Paine of New York, and .Edward W. Tinker of Providence, fifty birds each, 8500 a side, resulted in favor of Paine, who killed 42 birds to 39 for Tinker Elias Ward renews "his challenge to John Biglin to row him at Springfield, Mass., in July next, a mile race for $500 a side. Twelve thousand dollars worth of millinery goods werei seized by the Custom House itftîiMola γ»τι K.i'ivil tho ataamaliin i'nV»·.» πη αικ. picion that au attempt was making to smug gle them into tbe country. The Connecticut masons who took the place of the striking Unionists on tbe Fourth avenue improvement job, are under the protection of the police. The city masons waated $4 per day for eight hours work and the contractors would only pa.v SI for ten hours. Railroad Property «old for United Slate» Taxe·. Albany, March 22.—Tbe seventeen locomo tives belonging t ) the New York Central and Hudson River Railroad Co., seized by U. S. Collector Bailey, were sold to-day, realiz ing only about $17,000. They were bought by E. D. Morgan, treasurer of the company. There is still f44S;000 due the government. The com pany's attorney previous to the sale protested against it as illegal, claiming that the tax was illegal and unauthorized. It is supposed tbe hew depot buildings will next bî seized to apply in liquidation of tax. WASHINGTON. The Modoc*. Washington, March 22.—Tbe following is received to-day : Van Bremen's Ranche, Cal., March 16.—To Gen. W. T. Sherman, Washington: The squaw sent into the Modoc camp returned yesterday. The excuse made by the Indians for not keep ing their appointment is that at the last mo ment their hearts failed them and they could hot bring themselves to the point of abandon ing their old homes and going to a distant country. They are not evidently now in a dis position favorable to any arrangement, though they profess willingness to have another talk. Xt will be some time before the commission can be assembled, and in the meantime troops will be put In a position that will cover as far a3 possible all the points of egress from the lava beds. I think the system of gradual compres sion with an exhibition of force that ian be used against them, if the commisssi· » should again fail, will satisfy them of tue hopelessness of any further resistance, and give the peace party sufficient strength to control tbe whole bat.d. lime is becoming of the greatest importance, as the melting of the snow will soon enable them to live in the mountains. This will greatly in crease tbe difficulties we have to con tend with, as they will then break up in small parties and can more readily make their escape from their present location. (Signed,) Edward S. Canby, Brigadier General Commanding. By courier from Yreka, Casey Confirmed. Notwithstanding the earnest opposition of Senator West of Louisiana, to Collector Casey, the latter was this afternoon confirmed as Col lector of the port of New Orleans after a two hours' debate, by about 10 majority. · Emancipation of Slaren in Porto Rica. Secretary Fish to-day received the following despatch, dated Madrid, March 22: "The im mediate emancipation law for Porto Rico pass ed to-night unanimously. There was great en thusiasm in the Asseuioly. (Signed,) Sickles." The Ca*e of Caldwell. Washington, March 23.—A report prevails that Senator Caldwell will tender his resigna tion to-morrow morning before the discu sion of his case shall be resumed, but tbe Senator himself having beeu interrogated to-night de nies its truth, saying, however, that his course is controlled by the advice of his friends. There OCCUIO κυ uv, UW —" „ . ι . 1 obtained for his expulsion than for the other propositions before the Senate. Damage Allowances. According to a decision of cho Treasury De partment damage allowances should only em brace the actual substantial damage to merchan dise. No allowance can be made for what is termed "commercial damage." Nomination·. The President sent the following nominations to the Senate to-day: Robert Seller of the 5? Columbia, consul at St. Martin, in£,J;i s; c· H- "· Pessendeu, collector of chu3ettsIeVenUe for tl,e lirat di3trict of J[assa" T. , .. Trea»ary BnlnuccN. u-vtol.OT7 werc thc balances in the Treas uôs i to fif .IT -1^ t rr?iU cy 82,101,408; special de certificates$24,287,000- wih? ademption °f standing #358,047,997. * tender notes out Variou* Matters S? n»;»; Claims Co Family Burned to lleath. DCBCQUE, Iowa, 22.—Amos Halleck and two children, living on the prarie near fomeroy Station, Iswa, were burned to death this even ing by the hay roof of their house taking fire and tailing ou them while asleep. EXTRA SESSION OF THE SENATE. Washington, Marcb, 22. The Caldwell case was resumed. Mr. Ferry of Michigan discussed the question at some length, claiming that the question wa> wrongly before the Senate now, by reason oi amendments, and to place it right afferad an other amendment that Caldwell be declared to have been duly elected by the Kansas Legisla ture. Mr. Alcorn discussed the question of juris diction. Mr. Ferry of Connecticut gave his reasons for offering his amendment yesterday. Mr. Ferry said when the charges were made that a Senatorial election was procured Dy bribery, it was t'ie bounden duty of the benate under the constitutional clause that made tne Senate the judge of election, qualification ana return of it's members to enquire into the facts. The Senate was a component part of our gov ernment, which was so organized that corrup tion could not exist without destroying the lib erties and prosperity of the people. When rich meu obtain seats here merely for personal glory without regard to country, when great corporations which are advancing with giant steps to obtain control, and when the State Legislatures have become so corrupt as to send unworthy members to this body,then will have been sapped the foundatton of all our hopes and the Republican government become a sham, and the way prepared for the rule of a Tiberas or a Napoleon. Some time was spent in the exchange of views as to fixing the order in which the pend ing proposition shall be voted ou, but no LUI rangement was made. No Senator rising io continue the debate, the closing speech devolved upon Mr. Morton, who said he was not ready to do so to-dav and mov ed that the Senate go into an executive session which was agreed to. Upon coming out of executive session the From the Pacific. San Francisco, March 22.—Japan lias re voked the prohibition against the exportation of saltpetre. There are two hundred cases of epizootic in Lus Angelos, and it is spreading rapidiy in all directions. The famous Arizona murderer and assassin, Pedro Pina, was killed at Alta, March X. A quarrel is reported among the Modoc In dian chiefs, aud Capt. Jack has been threaten ed with death should he give up the six me» indicted for murdering the settlers at Lost River. Tue health of the troops is excellent. A despatch from Van Bremen ranch dated the 20th, says the Lost River encampment will be broken up to-day, and the troops will move to Tule Lake, three miles from Captain Jack's cave. Several twenty-pounders have arrived. News have been received that a band of Apaches had captured George Taylor near Wickenburg, burned him at the stake and then retreated to the mountains. The epizootic is raging throughout Northern Arizona and Southern Colorado. A new directory shows the population of San Francise > to be 188,323, being an increase during the year of 10,000. There are 11,000 Chinese and 1,8(50 negroes in the city. San Francisco, March 23.—Advices from Arizona state that a company of the_ Second In fantry, under command of Lieut. Rice, had a tight with the Apachss. a.i l killed six of them and captured four squaws. R. D. Bogart, accused of embezzling $30,000 while a paymaster's clerk in the navy, comes before the "United States Circuit Court to mor row. If not released, he will be tried by mar tial law at Ware Island. Ravage» of Nmal Pox—Business. Sali Lake, March 22.—A correspondent of the News reports a terrible state of affairs in San Peto county, owing to ravages of the small pox. It is alleged that the carelessness of the people in not adopting the proper sauitary regu lati ;ns is the mam cause of the disease. There has been an increased number of cases of small pox also in the city creating general public un easiness. Busiuess seems seems to have been in no way unsettled by the late monetary scare, whieii culminated in a run on the First National Bank. All the banks, however, took warniûg, aud telegraphed for currency, large amounts of which arrived here to-night. Thrilling Accidents at Sea—Remarkable Escapes. New York, March 22.—During the recent passage of the United States ship Omaha to Valparaiso, four men fell from the foretopeail yard. They all caught in the rigging, but John Owens, the carpenter, woo tumbled over board, fatally injured. Without stopping a moment to think, Lieutenant Seth Oakely of the United States Navy immediately leaped overboard after him. Owens went under ow ing to his injuries, but Oakley was rescued some time later by six volunteers, who went after him in a whale boat through the heavy sea. Desperate Fight on a Railway Train. New York, March 22.—Thirty coal laborers who took a train from Eiizabethport, N. J., yesterday, refused to pay fare. The conductor took du board several trackmen to assist him in putting them off. A fight ensued and lasted till the train reached Bergen Point. Conductor Powell was struck senseless with a bar of iron. Couductor Robinson, who happened to be pres ent, received a scalp wound. Two brakemen and "<everal rioters were injured. Thè majority of the latter were arrested. , Fatal. Affray. St. Louis, March 22.—Some twenty or thirty men, who a few days ago struck work on the Slough Levee Works, fifteen miles below Han nibal, Mo., organized a mob yesterday, attack ed Matt Harris, the time keeper, and Thomas Stapleton, the boss of the works, throwing stones and firing pistols at them. Harris ana Stapleton returned the fire and killed I'at Vaughan, one of the ringleaders, aud mortally wounded Patrick McNamara. Harris and Stapleton went to Hannibal, where they were arrested. Arrest. San Francisco, March 22.—It is reported that Robert D. Bogart, formerly paymaster's clerk in the United States navy, and recently reporter of the San Francisco Chronicle, started for New York to-day in custody of United State· officers, to answer to the charge of embezzling S30,000 while acting as paymaster's clerk. Death of Commander Nathaniel Greene. Beading, Pa., March 23.—Com. Natl an iel Greeu of the United States navy, died hero yesterday, aged 37 years. METEOROLOGICAL . PROBABILITIES FOB THE NEXT TWENTY-FOUR HOURS. War Dep't, Office Chief Signal) Officer, Washington, D. C., > March 23. (1 A. SMl Probabilities—For Monday in the South At lantic and Eastern Gulf States increasing southerly winds with cloudy and rainy weather. The storm center in the Southwest will extend north and eastward over tne Ohio valley, with northerly winds and threatening weather on Lakes Erie and Michigan. For New York and New England increasing northerly winds with cold and clear weather, followed Monday even ing by a rising temperature and threatening weather over Pennsylvania and Virginia. A storm center will probably develope on the Mid dle Atlantic coast during the day. A seveie storm of wind and rain is apparently advanc ing upon the California coast. Cautionary sig nals continue at the Gulf and South Atlantic stations. FOKEIGN . The Evacuation of France. Paris, March 28.—The French and German governments have exchanged ratifications of the treaty for the evacuation of France. A Criai* Expccteil. Madrid, March 22.—The radicals are deter mined to prevent a demonstration of the ex treme republicans, and a crisis is expected to morrow. Abolition of SHarery in Porto Rico. Madrid, March 23.—The Assembly met yes terday with the understanding that a vote would be taken on the bill for t le abolition of slavery in Porto Rico. A resolution was adopt ed at the beginning of the setting that the chamber would not adjourn until after the sub ject had been disposed of. Sunor Figueras announced that the raiuistry bad decided te stand or fall with the measure. Contrary to general expectation, the Houfe resolved not to continue the debate aud subse ?uentiy, by a unanimous vote, passed the bill air immediate emancipation in Porto Rico. The ttnrmiinnpttiPTii. wns received with phpnra TIia bill declares ihat the Republic of Spain will preserve the integrity of the, Spanish dominions and provides that the emancipated slaves in Porto Rico shall enjoy all the political rights accorded to a citizen of Spain. The government took ample precautions against any disorderly demonstrations in the city. The Revelation in Guntamala· Nf.w York, March, 22.—Guatemala advices say that in the revolution which exists there, and which is headed by Palacios, the govern ment is existing by shootiug and imprisoning. On all sides the misconduct of the English minister, Corbett, has caused a bitter feeling against England. Corbett sought to s oure the appointment of oue Dent as customs receiver at a local por?, who was personally objection able to the people. The Guatemalan govern ment refuses longer to recognize Corbett. MINOR TELEGRAMS. The Japanese government has sent Soye shime, the second minister of the empire, ou a mission to Ciiiua. Local option was defeated in most of the counties in Pennsylvania. Three counties give majorities for license. A despatch from Rome states that several Italian Democrats, charged with high treason, have been put into Castle Augello. Other ar rests are expected. Serious doubt of Collector Casey's confirma tion is expressed in the Washington special. The 77th birtk day of the Emperor William was celebrated in Berlin Saturday The World's Tallahassee dispatch says the new Governor of Florida lias openly set at defi ance the act prohibiting tile Governor from ap pointing to office ad interim any person who had been nominated for such office and neg lect ;d by the Senate, and that he will probably be impeached at the next session of tho Legis i lature. FINANCIAL AMD COMMERCIAL. Receipt· by Railroads· and gteatuboate. Grand Trunk Railway—4 cars sundries, 7 do KL „os,ton> do potatoes,1 do oats 14 do for St. John, NBf 4 do for Halifax, 2 do lumber, 6 do for Allan Line, 6 do for Liverpool, 6 do for G. T. R. Foreign Export·· LIVERPOOL. Steamship Prussian—3400 busli peas, 101 bbls flour, 127,400 lbs potash, 21,000 do pearlaeh, 900 do tongues, 13,200 do pork, 14,400 beef, 1478 bbls apples, 6240 galls extract bark, 5 bush clover seed, 317,230 lbs bacon, 8750 do cheese, 82,200 do but

ter, 110,750 do leather, 460.000 do lard, 102,755 do to bacco, 28,320 do cotton, 2197 do grease. 2204 staves, 51 sewing machines, 66 pkgs mds·;. MATANZAS. Schr Delmont—2276 box shooks, C59 shooks and heads, 9000 hoops, 125 empty casks. HAVANA. Schr Atlas—90 shooks and heads, 222, 750 ft lumber. HALIFAX. NS. Steamer Carlotta—1200 bbls flour, 350 busli wheat, 26,500 lbs butter, 1400 galls ale, 21 sewing machines, 15 bbls oatmeal, 814 pkgs mdse. Foreign Import·. MANZANILLA. Brig CE Pickering—546 hhdft and 60 tes molasses to Geo S Hunt. New York, Mch. .22—The following is the weekly bauk statement: Tho banks accordingly gain §4,000,000 in their re serves. IVcw York Stoctt and Money Market. New York. March. 22-Morning.—Gobi nt 115|. Money at 7 per cent. Sterling Exchange long. 107J; do short, 10bJ. Stocks steady. State stocks dull. The following were the quotations of Goveinment securities: United States coudou 6*8.1881 119 Sales at Auction. Laconia Manufacturing Co Eastern Railroad Eastern Railroad 7s. 1882.. .lOOi Bank Statement. Decrease in loans Increase in Specie Decrease in legal tenders. Ne tdecrease in deposits.. Increase in circulation... $2,829,800 525,600 . 411,300 . 1,471,900 3200 υ ni ici ι s rates 5-20*s ist>z uot Uniteil States 5-20's 1864 115§ United State? 5-20's 1865, old 116£ United States 5-20's 1865, new 114| United States 5-2'»'s 18G7 116^ United States 5-20's l£68 Π6± United States 5's. new 113$ United States HMD's.,coupons Ill Currency 6's 113J The following were the opening quotations of Stocks: Western Union Telegraph Co 87 Pacific Mail 53| Ν'. Ï, Centra' and Hudson River consolidated.... 100£ Erie 64 Erie preferred Î .... 73 Union Pacific stock 34| The following were the quotations for Paciric Rail road securities: Central Pacific bonds 103J Union Pacific do 86 Union Pacific land grants. 7K Union Pacific income bonds 73 At 1 P. M. stocks were strong. Sterling Exchange quiet and unchanged. At 1 P. M. money was easier, at 7 per cent. gold. OotueMtic it· nr lie fx. New York,March22—5 P. M.—Ashes in moderate lequest but unchanged at 8 00 for pots. Cotton _ cent hig'ier and in good export demand; sales lt>62 bales at 19c tor Middling uplands. Flour—receipts 823u bbls; Flour in fair demand for shipping, extras are steady, otherwise the market is very dull: sales 8300 bbls at 5 90 @ 6 50 for superfine Western and State: G 90 @7 50 for common to good extra Western and State ; 7 55 @ 8 35 tor good to choice do ; 8 50 @ 10 50 for common to choice White Wheat Western extra; 7 15 @ 10 50 for common to good extra Ohio; 7 50 @ 12 75 for common to choice extra St Louis; market closing dull. Southern Flour quiet and unchanged; sales 650 bbls at 6 15@ 8 30 for common to fair extra; 8 40 @ 13 00 for good to choice do. Rye Flour quiet; sales 200 bbls at 3 65 @ 5 75. Corn Meal is quiet ; sales 250 bbls. Whiskev a little firmer; sales 250 bbls at 91. Grain—receipts of Wheat 4930 bush ; Wheat 1 @ 2c stronger and advance asked checks business ; scarci ty of freigh room and the high rates of freight check export demand : sales 24.000 bush at 1 58 for Ν > 2 and 3 Spring and Mixed in store ; 1 68 for small lots No 2 Milwaukee attoat, thisfprice bid, held at 170; 1 85 for White State; 1 95 for White Western. Rye is dull and unchanged. Barley quiet and steady. Barley Malt quiet; sales 1000 bush of State at 115c. Seed—Clov er sready; sales 650 bags ; fair 8J ; Timothy quiet at 3 GO @3 85. Corn—receipts 23,Oou bush; Corn more active an I firmer, demand chiefly for old for export; sales 93,000 bush at 65$ @ 6iîc for new Mixed Wes tern ;' 66c for old do afloat ; 63} @ 64 for do in store ; 64 tor White Western. Oats—receipts 22.375 bush; Oats are a shade firmer and .n fair demand ; holders not offering stock .reely ; sales 48,000 bush at 46 @ 49c tor new Western Mixed ;51 @51c for old do in store; 49 @ 48 tor Black Western ; 49 @ 51c for White Wes tern. Coal active and very firm at 5 00 @ 6 00 for An thracite ψ ton φ cargo. Eggs in good demand and steady at 25J @ 26 for Western and Pennsylvania; 26 @ 2G£ for State and Pennsylvania. Hay is dull and unchanged. Hops rather more steady : 1872 quoted at 40 @ 55c. Leather in good demand and steady; Hemlock sole, Buenos Ayres and Rio Grande light middle and heavy weights at 28 @ 31c; California do 27£ @ 28£c; Orinoco do 27 @ 28Jc. Wool rather more active and firm ; fall clip California 28; XX Ohio 60c ; tubbed 65c ; unwashed 29 @ 32c. Coffee is dull and lower; Rio quoted at 16J @ 18Jc in Gold, for ordina ry to prime cargoes; sales 2229 bags prime; Rio 18Jc. Sugar rather dull; sales 300 boxes. Molasses quiet; New Orleans quoted at 67 @ 75c. Rice stea ly ; sales 40 tes at 7§ @ 8Jc. Petroleum is firm at 9J @ 9Jc for crude and U£c for refined. Provisions—Pork steady and more doing; sales 1150 bbjs at 16 00 for new mess; 13 00for extra prime; 1475@ 1550 for prime mess; also sales of 500 bbls mess for Juno at 16 25; March delivery 1G 00. Beef dull and unchanged at 9 00 @ 1175 for plain mess; 12 00 @ 13 50 for extra do.— Beef Hams steady; sales 30 bbls at 33 00. Cut Meats auief at l!(a) 12Je f >r hams; shoulders 5}@7c; mid dles quiet and steady ;sales 100 boxes short ribs at 8|c ; 500 boxes city long clear 8Jc. Lard steadier; sales 350 tierces at 9 7-16 for Western steam ; 8$ @ 8}c for kettle rendered ; also sales of 1500 tes for April at 8 9-16; 250 for March at 8 7-16. Butter is firm for choice grades ; 18 @ 3lc for Western ; 32 @ 48c for State : 40 @ 45c for choice new. Cheese is steady at 12 @ 17c for common to prime. Naval Stores—Spir its Turpentine dull and lower; offered at 55c; no buy ers; Rosin firm at 3 75 for strained. Tallow is quiet; sales 30,000 lbs at 7$ @ 7gc. Freights to Liverpool quiet ; Cotton, per sail, 5-10 @ |d. Chicago, March. 22.—Flour unchanged, nearly all the sales being an private terms. Wheat, steady ; sales of No 2 Spriug at 1 19| cash ;1 20J @ 1 20J seller April ; 1 24} for seller May; No 3 Spring 1 07* @ 1 07} for regular and fresh ; rejected at 93j@94jc. Corn is steady; No2 Mixed at31f caph; 31}c seller April; seller" May 35Jc; rejected at 28$ @ 28*c. Oats unchang ed ; sales of No 2 at 64 @ 65c. Rye—No 2 at 65c. Bar ley active and higher; No 2 Fall at 77 @ 78c; No 3 cash or seller Aoril; 14 4 tor May. Laid steady at 7 85 cash ; 8 00 seller May. Balk Meats quiet and un changed ; shoulders 5Jc ; short rib middles 7Je. ba con—clear rib sides for April 8Jc packed; clear si les 8ic packed for April. Whiskey in fair demand at 8Cic. Receipts—13,000 bbls flour, 28,000 bush wheat, 74, 000 bush corn, 35,000 bush oats, 1,000 bush rye, 9,000 bnsh barley. Shipments—10,000 bbls flour, 12,000 bush wheat, 14, 000 bush corn, 40,000 bush oats, 0,000 bush rye, 16,000 bush barley. Cincinnati,March. 22.—Provisions—Pork nominal at 15 0J 15 25. Lard quiet and steady ; steam nominal at 7? @ 8; kettle 8J. Bulk Meais firm and held at 5$ for shoulders ; clear rib sides 7£c; *dear sides at 7}c. Bacon—sbo il lers at 6§ @ Cjc; clear rib sides 8i@ 8§; clear sides at 8|c. Whiskey is firm at 85c. xolsdo, March 22.—Flour steady. Wheat in fair demand and advanced; sales of No 2 White Wabash 1 89; No 1 White Michigan 1 76; Amber Michigan on 1 66$ @ 1 67 ; seller Ap. il 1 672 @ 1 68; seller May at 1 71 J; do June 1 73; No 1 Red at 1 70 @ 11. Corn is dull and declining; high Mixed on the spot 39 ; seller May 41c; seller June 42$c; low Mixed on spot 3f$c; Wnite 43c; no grade at 35£c. Oars steady; No 2 at 33 on spot; seller May 35c; rejected 31c. Receipts—2,u00 bbls flour, 4,000 bush wheat, 29 000 bush corn, 5,000 bush oats. Shipments—0000 bbls flour, 3,000 bush wheat, 8,000 bush corn, 7000 bush oats. Detroit, March 22.—Flour unchanged. Wheat is dull and decliningg; extra at 1 93 bid; sales of No 1 W!iitel87; Amoer Michigan 1 67. Corn steady at 42Jc. Oats unchanged; at 35$c. tteceipls—1,000 bbls flour, 6000 bush wheat, 00,000 bush corn, 0,000 bush oats. Shipments—25,000 bbl9 flour, 2,000 bush wheat,2,000 bush corn, 0000 bush oats. Charleston. March, 22.—Cotton quiet; Middling uplands 18g@ 18$c. Savannah. March 22.—Cotton is firm; Middling uplands at 18|<ί. Mobile. March 22.—Cotton firm; Middling up lands at 18$c. Nkw Oki.kans, March 22.—Cotton in gocd de mand; Middling uplands 18}c. Havana Market. Havana, March 22.—Sugar dull and unsettled, concessions must be made to etiect that. The sales and quotations are nominal. Stock in warehouses at Havana and Matanzae is 270,000 boxes and -1.50U hlida ; receipts for the week 63,000 boxes and 9900 hhds; exported 27,000 boxes and 8500 hhds; including 9500 boxes and 8200 hhds for the Uuited States; clos ing Sugar quotations—Sales of No.10 to 12 D. S. at 10J @ 10* rs ; Nos. 15 to 20 at 11$ @ W rs ί 6* @ *s *or M us ovado. Molasses—6J @ 6$ rs for Mixed cargoes ; Shooks weak ; per box, l2i@l'i· Sugar per nhd, 24 @ 26 re; Molasse* per lihd 24 (eg 26 rs; Hoops are steady ; short shaved 80 @ 85. Freights easier, but not quotablv lower. Exchange close I firmer; on United States short sight currency, 15 @ 15$ premium ; short steht Gold, 3-3 @ 33| prem ; Loudou 45 @ 45$ premium ; Paris 28$ prem. Eitropeno Tlarkel·. Liverpool, March 22—1.30 P. M.—Cotton closed unchanged, sales 10,000 bales,including ΙΟΟυ for spec ulation and export. Of the sales 7000 bales were Am^ri^an. WM. L. SOUTHARD, Xa. S Pcmbrrlon nquarr ....Boston, Will Buy and Sell on COMMISSION REAL· ESTATE, LAND, STOCKS, Sc — AL8C — Negotiate Loan» on Mortgage· and oilier Securitieiu REFERENCES : Faneuil Ilall Nat. Bank. Hon. John P. Hcalcy. Messrs. Thos. Dana & Co. Hon. Isaac S. Morse. " Harvey Scudder& Co. Hon. J. S. Abbott. " Kemble & Hastings. Gen. J. S. Whitney. " Utley & Boynton. Joseph Dix, Esq. " John P. Squires & Co. R. A. Ballou, Esq. Sam'l B. Krogman, Esq. F. W. Pelton, Esq. feb8 eodtVwtf Gentlemen's Garments CLEANSED, — OB — Dyed Brown, Black, Blue-Black and Blue, AND PRESSED HFADY FOR WEAR. No Ripping required. Warranted not 10 crock. AT FOSTER'S BVK HOOK. maraiTT&Stt J4 Union Ht. Cheapest Book Stores IN THE UNITED STATES. OLD Books bought, sold, or exchanged, or leaned for one cent per day. Send three cents for cir culars. Agents wanted. ALBERT COLBY & SONS, 11» exchange St, Portland, Mass., and 156 Baltimore St., Baltimore, Md. feb20 d&wttwO Maine Savings Bank. No. 100 Middle Street, Portland. DEPOSITS made in tb;n Bank, on or before April 3d. 1873, will draw interest from April let. NATHL. F. DEERING, Treasurer. Marc'i 21,1873. d&wtd Lumber and Dock Timber Wanted In exchange for Locomotive Boiler·, Horizontal Engine·, Feed Pampa and Other Mnehimerr. Address, G. H. ANDREWS, febldtf 178 Pearl St., New York. _ M^CËLLANENOUS. Te (he llonornbl. Charlc» W. Walton, ·?·. °,f «h® J"■·"« ■. of the Nuprrnic Jul dicial Court ol the Mtair of Hume rpHK undersigned, Naihan Webb, Attorney ot the X Uniied States of Ameiica tor the District of Maine, a duly authorized agent oi said United States f>r this purpose, respectfully represents that the United States aforesaid are desirous of purchasing for the erection of a furt and battery a cert;»in tract of land situated in the town of Cape Elizabei h, in the County of Cumberland, within the limits of the State of Main», particularly bounded and described as follows:-Beginning at a < opper bolt in a rock on the southerly side of the road leading from the coun ty road to he Portland Head Light House, said eop pei bolt being about eleven hundred feet distant rrom the county roan known as the shore ro *d, thence southerly at light angles with said Light House road seven linnd-ed and nineteen feet more or less to a copper bolt set in the line of a stone wall, which wall is the southerly boundary of land now or for merly of Benjamin B. Dyer; tnencc easterly by said stone wall about four hundred and twenty-eiylit feet to the sea shore; thence northeasterly by the pea fehoro to the point where the southerly side line of the road from county road to the Light House pro longed would strike the sea shore at low wntor lino· ίν eifïn 1!m aî Vi ku, Pr,oI°ngaJIon of the southpr boun?Hs?ai?f S? Γ2ΐί ï°the L&1iL House to the first o2?? 'i « escribed parcel of lan ι contamine X'KL?"thc »°le ow""r "{ "aiTic? li l^r ^ f ir1l ni«S'05ed to t,e one Benjamin L»er, oi t-ape blizabetn aforesaid, and capable of I conveymz the 8 me to «aid Unit«l sûtes. tL i iU saut Benjamin Β. Dyer, owner as afurosai'l ol ealU tiact of land, fiom disagreement in regard to the price of the same, or lrom »..nie „t!,er cause to th . applicant and to the «aid United State, 'mknown hath refused and still ret uses to convey said tract of and to said Uni e l States; * 1 lrdct of Wherefore, this applicant, in behalf oi said United States, respevtfull· prays your Honor to order notice of this application, conformable with the provisions of the 4,Act of the Legislature of the State ot Maine entitled "An act for the relinquishment to the United States in certain cases of title to lands for sites of iiiht stations on the coast and waters of the State," approved Febiuary 18,1871, as amended by an act en titled "An Act to amend Chapter six hundred and forty-nine oi the private laws of one thousand eight ban ired and seventy-one, relating to lig t houses," approved Febru:iry 20, 1872, to be published in some newspaper in Portland, nearest to where said tract of lan 1 lies, once in each week for the »pace of four months, which notice shall contain an accurate de scri tion of said tract of land, together with the name of the supposed owner, and require ail persons interested in said lands to come forward on a day to be specified in said notice and file their objec tions, ii any they should have, to the proj>osed pur cbt se. And this applicant, in behalf of said Uuited States, further prays, that on the return day specitie I in said notice r iury may be empannellcd in the manner now providi α by law to assess the val e of said tract of land at its fair market value, and all damages sus tained by the owner of the lands so appropriated by reason of such appro riation, and that such other and further proceedings may bo had in pursuance of the aforesaia acts of the Legislature of the State of Maine as may be requisite to convey to said Uuited States of America a good and absolute title lo the above dcsciibcd tract oi land against all peisous whatsoever; and so will ever pray. Dated at Portland, in the County of Cumberland, the twenty-ninth day of October. A. D. 1872. NATHAN W*CBB, Attorney of thc United States for the District of Maine. STATE OF MAINE. Cumberland, ss. Upon the torching application by Nathan Webb Attorney of the United States of America, it having been satisfactorily made to appear to me that the sdi applicant ia a duly authorized agent of sab I United States to ma e the same, and that the mat ters of tact therein set forth are true, aud that it con tains an accurate description of the lands proposed to be purchased by the Uuited Slates for the erection of a tort and battery, together with the names of all known or supposed ow ere of said lands, it is Ordered, That notice ot said application be given ro all per ons interested in the lands therein de scribed, and especially to Benjamin B. Dyer therein named as supposed owner, requiring them to come forward in the Supreme Judicial Court iu Portlaud in the County of Cumberland, on Tuesday,the eighth day of April, A. D. 1S73, being the second Tuesday of April next, at 11 o'clock iu the foreioon, and file tbeir objections, if any they have, to tb -proposed pnr chase by the said United States of saic' tescr bed lands by publication of a true and atte^ed copy of the same application and of this order thereon, once in each week for the space of four months in tne Port land Daily Press, a newspat»er published in Portland nearest to where said land lies, the last publication to be at least one week b«jrore said eighth date of April. Dated at Portland in the County of Cumberland the thirtieth day of OctDber, A. D. 1872. C. W. WALTON, Justice of the Supreme Judicial Court of Maine A true copy of application and order of Court thereon. Attest : D. W. FESSENDEN, Clerk. To the Honorable Chariee W. Walton one of thc Jueticeii of the Nnprrme Ju dicial Court of the State of ITlaiiie. The undersigned, Nathan Webb Attorney of the United States of America, for the District of Maine, α duly authorized agent of said United States for this purpose, respectfully represents that the United States aforesaid are desirous of purchasing for thc erection of a fort and battery, a certain tract of land Bituatod in the town of Cape Elizabeth, in the Coun ty ot Cumberland, within the limits of the State of Maine, particularly bounded ami described as tol lo ws :—Begiuningat the sea shore at the Northeasterly corner ef a lo*. of land recently conveyed to the Unit ed States by Asa T. Webster, and the Southeasterly corner of the parcel of land described in and conveyed by a deed-from Asa T. Webster to George C. Thomp son, dated March 23d, 1840 and recorded in Cumber lanil Rpcrint.rv nt Ttaftili. Rook 'ΛΙΠ. Pao« 4fiï t.hi-ncp by tlic division lino between said two pieces of «land Westerly fifty-two rods and five links; thence,still fol lowing said division line, North Westerly with an in cluded angle of one hundred and eighteen degrees and thirt> minutes ten rods to a copper bolt set in the ledge ; thence. North Easterly with an included angle ot one hundred and thirty-eight degrees four hundred and forty-eight feel more or less to a cop ier bolt set in a rock : thence North Easterly with an included angle of one hundred and twenty-six degrees, three hundred and thirty feet more 01" less to low wafer mark; thenee by low water mark following the shore to the first bounds. said described parcel of land containing about thirteen acres. That the sole owner 01 «aid described tract of land is supposed to be one Charge C. Thompson a resilient of said Cape Elizabeth an a capable of con veying the same to the said United Stau*. That the said George C, Thompson, owner a* afore said of said tract of land, »rom disagreement in re gard to the price of the same, or from son.e other cause to this applicant and to he said United States unknown, hatli refused and still refuses to convey said tract of lan I to sai I Unite l States. Wherefore this applicant in behalf ot said United | States, resDectfullj praje your Honor to order notice ι of this application conformable with the pre visons of the Act of the Legislature of the State of Maint, en tir led "An Act for the relinquishment to the United States in certain cases of title to lands for sites oi light stations on the coast and waters of the State," approved February 18,1871, as amended by an act entitled "An Act to amend Chapter six hundred and forty-nine of the private laws of one thousand eight hundred and seventy-one, relating to light house**," approved February 20, 1872, to be published in some newspaper in Portland, nearest to where said tract of and lies, once in each week for the space of tour mouths, which notice shall contain an accurate de scription ot said tract of land, together with the namu of the supposed owner, and shall require all persons interested in «aid lands to come forward on a day to be sj>ecilied in said notice and filv their objections, if any they should have, to the proposed purchase. And this applicant, in behalf of said United States, furi her pray?, that on the return «lay specified in said uotice, a ju y may be em panne lied in the manner now proviJ jd by law, to assess the value of said tract of land at its fair market value, and all damages sus tained by the owner of the lands so appropriated by reason of such appropriation ; and that such other an ι further proceedings may be had in pursuance of ihe aioresaiu acts of the Legislature of the Sra'eof Main as may be requisite to convey to said United State of AmerLa, a good and absolute title to the above escribed tract of land against all persons whatsr»ever : and so will ever pray. Dated at Portland, In the County of Cumberland, the twenty-ninth «lav of October, A. D. 1872. NATHAN WEBB, Attorney of the United States for the District of Maine. STATE OF"MAINE. CtfMBEBLA>D. 88. î Upon the foregoing application by Nathan Webb, Attorney oi the' United States of America, it having been satisfactorily made to appear to me, that the said applicant is a duly authorized agent of the said United States to make the same, and that the mat ters of fact therein set forth are true, and that it cou tains an accurate description of the lands proposed to be purchased by the United States for the erection of a fort and battery, together with the names oi all known or supposed owners of said lauds, it is Order *d. that jiotice of said application be given to all persons interested in the lands theiein described and esj»ecially to George C. Thompson, therein named as supposed owner, requiring them to come forward in tue Supreme Judicial Court, in Portland, in the County of Cumberland, on Tuesday, the eighth day of April, A. D. 1873, being the second Tuesday of April next, at eleven o'clock in ihe forenoon, and file their objections, if any they have, tc the proposed purchaso by the said United States of said described lands, by publication of a true and attested copy of the same application and of this order thereou, once in each wee κ fer the space of four months in the Port land Dail> Press, a newspaper published in Portland, nearest to where said land lies, the last publication to be at least one week before said eighth day of April next. Dated at Portland, in the County of Cumberland, the thirtieth day of October, A. D. 1872. C. W. WALTON, Justice of the Supreme Judicial Court of Maine. A true copy of application and order of Court thereon. D. W. FESSENDEN, Clerk. nov5 oawW4mt ap8 NOTICE is hereby given, that the subscribers have been duly appointed Executors of the Will of β HOD A A. HANNA, late of Portland, in theCountyof Cumberland, deceased, aud have tak en upon themselv. s that trust by giving bonds as the law directs. All persons having demands upon the estate of said deceased, are required to exhibit the same; and all persons Indebted to said estate are called upon to make payment to WORTHY C. BARROWS, I - . KUFUS DEEKING. i "ecutors. Portland, March 4th, 1873. marl9dlaw3w*W NOTICE is hereby given, that the subscriber has been duly appointed and taken upon himsell the trust of Administrator of the estate of EUGENE F. AUSTIN, late of Portland, in the county of Cumberland, deceased, and given bonds as the law direets. All persons having demands upon the estate of said deceased arertquired to exhibit the same ; and all persons Indebted to said estate are called upon to make payment to T"* IT Τ i »« HT rri — — · - - Portland, Mar. 4th, 1873. marl9dlaw3w*\V NOTA BENA ! Smart, energetic business men, who wish to receive an iucoine ol from $1000 to &5000 per annum, will do well to confer with W. II.IIARRINOTON, 44 11 Exchnose Mrcel, Portland, Me mch21 eoaiw DISSOLUTION OF COPARTNER SHIP. THE conartncrahip iinder tho firm name of Slierl dan, Griffiths Λ* Brackett, having been dissolved by the death of Mr. John Griffiths, 1 would respect fully inform the public that 1 will continue the busi ness of Plastering Stucco Work & Mastic in all its branches at the old stand No.6 South Street All orders for Whitening Whitewashing and Coloring will also be promptly and faithfully attended to. JAltlES C. SHERIDAN. Portland March 10 1873. marlldocxl3w&w]mil A SURE CURE FOR S011E THROAT AND CHI] BLA1NS. Grows' Liniment ! Sold by all dealers In medicine. marl0eo<12m ENTERTAINMENTS. Closing Entertainment—People's Course. Weduceday Ercniiiff) March 'J7ih. dramatic Reading by the talented elocutionist, Ppof· ·*· W. CHURCHILL. anii°at tTiea<Wte ' J0T sale at Stockbridge'e K„a,„ "ublic K'hrir2lTfay MUSIC HALL. Amateur Dramatic ENTERTAINMENT ! to be given by the S. 1>. C.'s OK FRIDAY & SATURDAY EVE MARCH 28th, & 29tll. — CALLED — NOT GUILTY, In which there is a support of TWENTY" PEBSONS . Having been to a larse expense in the way of paint ing, scenery, and obtaining pi ope» ties in order to render the play in a proper manner, it is hoped that tne public will show their appreciation by filling the house both nights. Prices of admission: Orchestra Chairs, .Vets. Par quet, 3ôcts. Galler. ,25ctc. mar21dtd THE GREAT ItEMEDY FOR CONSUMPTION which can be cured by a timely resort to this stand aril preparation, as has been proved by the hundreds of testimonials received by the proprietors. It is acknowl edged by many prominent physicians to be the most reliable preparation ever in troduced for the relief and cure of all Lung complaints, and is offered to the public, sanctioned by the experience of over forty years. "When resorted to in season it sel dom fails to effect a speedy euro in the most severe cases of Coughs, Bronchitis, Croup, Whooping Cough, Influenza, Asthma, Colds, Sore Throat, Pains or Sore ness in the Chest and Side, Liver Complaint, Bleeding at the Lungs, &c. "Wistar's Balsam does not dry up a Cough, and leave the cause behind, as is the case with most preparations, but it loosens and cleanses the lungs, and allays irritation, thus removing the cause of the complaint. . PREPARED BY £2TH W. FOWLE & 80N8, Boston, Mfcas.f And sold by Druggists and Dealers generally. nov23 ιΐωνίΛβΔΛβίο BONDS F OR SALE. Portland City - - · 6's Bangor " . - - 6's St. Louis " - - β' g Elizabeth, Κ. J., · 7'β Cleveland " 7'β Toledo " ... 8's Cook County, 111.· · · - 7's Marion County, Ind., - · 8's Maine Central B. R. - - 7's Portland & Boch ster Β. B. - 7's Atchison, Topeka & Sante Fe Gold 7's Northern Pacific Β. B. «old - 7-80>s Chicago, Dan. & Tin. Β. B. Gold - 7's Atlantic. & St. Lawrence R. E. Stock and. Dcf. Kent Scrip BOUOivr BY Swan & Barrett, lOO MIDDLE STREET. feb24 eodtt J. B. Brown & Sons, BANKERS, No. 40 Exchange St., PORTLAND, MAINE. Business the same as an Incor porated Bank. Interest allowed on Deposits. Dealers in Government Bonds. Gold and Foreign Exchange. Investment Securities constant ly on hand. Ja*i29 istl COPARTNERSHIP NOTICE. THE undersigned have this day formed a partner ship under the style of Craig, Jackson & Brackctt, tor the purpose of carrying on the Plastering, Stucco and Mastic business in all its branches, and have taken the stand «ΤΛ OA *1W » r. · wm (,formerly occupied bg Jennings Λ Son.) All orders for Whitening, Whitewashing and Color ing will be promptly and faithfully executed. A lib eral share of public patronage respectf .lly solicited. JOSEPH CRAIG, CHARLES JACKSON. SAMUEL H. BRACKETT. Portland, March 19,1873. mch20eodlm HAMBURGS! WE shall open this day one of thelargeet and best line of Edges and Insertion , ever opened jn Portland, and at prices that defy competition GREAT BARGAINS AT 121-2c, 20c, 25c, 50c. COVELL & COMPARY. HAMBURGS ! jan24 WEBSTER HOUSE, 392 HANOVER ST., BOSTON. The Proprietor having refitted and refurnished this Hotel, respectfully solicits the pat ronage of those vis iting Boston on business or pleasure, terms: Rooms and full board, per day. Rooms without boaid, for each person, 75c. to $1. This house Is within tive minute»' walk of all the Eastern Steamer Lan· tags and Depot. It contains l'i5 rooms, every convenience for comfort, and under the management of Mu. G. W. RELYEA, must prove attractive to the traveling public. Carriages in constant attendance and Horse Cars pass the uoor. marleodlm Steamer Wanted. WANTED to purchase a steamer to ply tietwm the Coal mine», Sydney, anil the -ras. D. Ol Lako of Cape Breton, N. Scotia, a side-wheel steam er about 130 feet keel, «lratt of water 6 feet, »pee< not ken than 12 knots, with state rooms and accom niodations for 60 pat-sengers, to be a sea-going steam er with no guards excepting those required fo wheels. For further particular» enquire of Messrs. JOHN TAYLOR A CO., Halifax. N.S., " SCAMMELL BROS , St. John, Ν. B., Capt. J. HOWARD BEATLY, Syduev, C. B., or to T. C. HKUSEY, Portland, Maine. mchl"eod4t REMOVAL. ρ FEENEV, PLASTERER & STUCCO WORKER having removed from the corner of Cumberland an< franklin g. leets to N·. OJ Fexral Mfreel, be twean Pearl and Maiket street", is prepared to q< Pl-isteiing, Coloring, Whlteninc and \YflUe Prompt and personal attention pai<l 0 jobbing in my line. uichlieoU3m AUCTION BALEB, BrJr.S. BAILKY& CO., AtkMatiM. OoiilMl I iii'iiiiiir<> atAuciion. ON WedBMtoy, March 26th, at 10 o'clock A M u House No. 3 Sberbrook .tree"we Sill Jfi'ij •.he Furnllure In said House, consisting in pan ur Chamber Sett, Bedateads, Bureau·, Matrone», Mir rors, Pictures, Clock, 1'arlor, Chamber andfSiair Car nets. Lounge. Toilet, Center and Kitchen 'table·, Crockery OlaM, Wooden and Iron Ware, Parlor and Cook Stoves, etc., with the entire Kltcheu Furnl ure. Thi« Furniture Is nearly new—very little used and in perfect order· ΟΕϋ/w PARKER. AnetWr. iuai--'ltf Assignee'# Sale. ON WEDNESDAY, March 26th,:"JVo 'Β^ΙΙβτ M , 1 shall «II at the salesroom of F. Ο. Baltey & Co., 18 Exchange street, Portland Me., the cellaneous Libra: y of John Ο. Γ.,,ΙκτΝ-νι'.οίΗ-αΐίί consisting cl Appletoo'a New ΑΡβ , ®°2L«îo· ami other valuable woiks, Can be examln Tuesday and Wednesday before thtqc'KS Assignee in Bankruptcy of John O. Winsblp. F. O. BAILEY Λ CO., ABCli··*®»-·; mchlD dtd Portland Dry Dock Bouds at Auc tioi . ON WEDNESDAY, March 26th, at 12 o'clock, noon, at Merchant's Exchange, Exchange St., we shall sell for benefit of whom it may concern, $56,000 First Mortgage Bonds of Portland Dry I>ick and Warehouse Company, Terms made kmrwn at sale. F. O. BAII.EY Λε CO , Auctioneer*. marl5 dtd Valuable Machinery, En gine, Boiler, &c., AT AUCTION ON FRIDAY, MARCH 28th, AT 3 O'CLOCK F. HI., we shall sell at HELCHER'8 MILLS I so railed ON WEST COMMERCIAL 8ΤΕΕΕΓ, PORTLAND, MK. tlic following properly if not disposed of at private sale : 1 tubular Roller, 50 three inch tubes, 16 ft; 1 sta tionery Engine, 11x24; 1 Knowlen Pump and all couuections; 1 H. Ball <& Co.'sdouble Surfacing Ma chine; 1 Daniel- Planer. 12 feet bed 18 in. wide; 1 Edging Saw Carriage Taole, Ac.; 1 Urge f put tin* Saw Tabic; 1 Myers large size Moulding Machine; 1 Turning Lathe; IChucfi Turning Lathe; 1 Woods Saw Sharpening Machine; 1 h regular Moulding Ma chine : I Band Saw; i QnudStooe; 1 Swing Cut-oft Saw; 2 Splitting Saw Wood Tables; 3Cr«t-<A Saws; 2 K. Ball & Co.'s Tenon Machines; 1 Sash Slicking Machine wood; 1 Smith's power Moiihiug Machine door»; 1 Smith's power Mortising Machine sa^h; 1 Boring Machine; I Panel Planer: 1 Panel Kaiser; 1 Glue Siuk and Heater; 4 Door setts; 1 Sand Paper ing Ma· hiue; 1 Smith's Moulding Machine; 1 Smi h a Mortising Machine Sash ; - Blind Slat l enon Ma chines; I It. Ball & Co.*» Tenon Machine; 11 limping Machine; 1 Winng Machine Blinds; 1 V iri· g Ma chine; Main Sha t, Handera and Pulleys; 2 four leet Iron Pulley β ; 65 fe»t 3-inch shafting; 8 laige Hang ers; Countei Shafts and Pad* y»; Emery wheels; Hand . ciews; Iron fut ting tor Moulding Machine. V. O. BAILEY Ac CO., Auctioneer·. mcli4 dtd By J. 01. BAILE1' ft CO., Asctisacere. Furniture al Auction· WE shnll sell at public auction WEDNESDAY, Λ in il 2d, at 10 o'clock A. M., at h use No. 135 Congres*, corner of \\ asl.ington street, a>l the Fur niture in said house, consisting in part of B. W. Par lor Suit in Gieen Damask ; d. in Hair Cloth; Marble Τ ρ Cantie and Pier Tables; B. W. Extension Din ing Tabl.·, French Plate Mlm>rs, Pictuies.What Not, M au tel Ornaments. Bedsteads, Bureaus, Toilet Tables. Chairs, Feather Beds, Mattresses, Parlor, Dining Room, Chamber and Stair Carpets, Crockery. Glass, Tin, v\o<>d and Iron Ware. Soap Stone and Parlor Stoves, Kitchen Furniture, &c., &c. mch24 dtd J. S. BAILEY A CO·, Commission Merchants, —A*I>— Α. ϋΟΤΙΟΝΕΈΕΘ WO. 99 EXCOANGE STBEfcf. Next below Merchants' Exchange. JOSEPH S. BAILEY, GEO. W. PAKKER. Kefeueî*CE8— Messrs. II. J. Libby & Co., and Ho· Charles P. ι m· I.m 1, Me. ; Messrs. Leonard & Co.. and Lee & Shepard. Boston. apllt Allan Line. Montreal Ocean Steamship Co. UNDElt CONTltACT FUR TUE CAKBYIKO OT THE Canadian and Vailed Stale, nail.. I Passengers booked to Loedoo . Hxflk Îftk. derryand Liverpool. Return Tirliet· granted at Keduced Kales. The Steamship PR188I IN, Capt. Dalian, Will leave this port fur Liverpool on «ATI HDAY, flarck 33d, Immediately alter the arrival of the Train of lb previous day from Montreal. Vassara to Londonderrv and Llvemool. Cabin lac cording to accommodations) STOlo Payable in Gold or its equivalent. For Freight or Cabin Passage, apply to h7& A. ALLAN, No. 1 India St. F^r Steerage Passage inward and outward, and lor Sight Drafts on England for small amounts apply to JAMES L. FARMER, No. 3 India Street. Portland, Nov. 19th, 1872. ncv2Qtf W. C. CLARK, 103 FEDERAL STREET, 3 Door* Kant of Temple St., -PORTLAND, ME. GAS AND WATER PIPING. (u· w-«~« ri|n> introduced in to Houses, Halln, Hotels and public buildings in a faithful manner. Also, Qas Fixtures, Image* and Lu»tsi «bronzed and made to look as good as new. Gas Rings au«l Jets made to order. Mr. C., who for several years past has been in the employ of Mr. Kinsman, hopes by promptness and strier attention to bus-iness to merit a lair share of public patronage. feb!8dtf GAS NOTICE. Orders for removal of obstruct ions in service pipes, if left at the Office iu the Morning will be at* tended to same day; if lett late in the day, they may not receive at tention till next day. Argus and Advertiser copv. jan31dtt INTERNATIONAL STEAMSHIP CO. Eulptrt, Cnlaia end M. Jab·, Digby. Wladur and Uatifax. SPBING ARRANGEMENT. TWO TRIPS PER WEEKS On ami a fier Monday March 24th the Steamer New York, Capt. Ε. B. Winchester, and the Steam ier New Brunswick, Capt. S. H. — FPlke,wil1 leave Rrtllmaa Wharf, foot οι State St., every MONDAY and THCRSDAY at β P. M., for Eastport and St. John. Returning will leave St. John and Eastport on the same days. Connections made at Eastport for St. Andrews, Bobblistou, Calais, Woodstock and Houltoo. Connections ma<le af St. John for Digbv, Annapo lis, Windson, Kentville, Halifax, N. S , Shed lac, Am herst. OfFrelpht received on days ct tilling until * o'clock P. M. mnrict«iwtc A T!. STUn' 9, Aent. VV. <J. BECKETT, Merchant Tailor ! 137 HUDDLE ST., Still keeps up his reputation for selecting STYLISH GOODS, As you will see by looking iuto his window, and call ing in to examine New Goods Just Received. 137 MIDDLE STREET. marl4 U3w Special Meeting. A SPECIAL meeting of the Stockholder» of the Atlantic and St. Lawrmce Railroad Company, will be held at the Company'» office In Portland, oa WEDNESDAY the second day of April 1*73, a 1» o'clock A. M.—To nee If the stockholder* will accept an act of the Legislature of ihe State of Maine, entitled an "Act additional to an act to establish the Atlantic & St. Lawtence Railroad Company," ap proved February 4th, 1873. To see if the at ckholdera «111 ratify and confirm the act'on of the Director» in authorizing and In structing the 1 reaeuter to endorse in the name of the company, the bonds of the Grand Trunk Railway Company of Canada, issued in renewal or bond· of the St. Lawreuce & Atlantic Railroad Company, Indors ed by thla Company. Per order of the Directors. K. R. BARRETT, Clerk. Portland, March 12,1873. mariadtd NEW OYSTER HOUSlT. T. S. HATCH Respectfully informs hie friends and the public that b* has leased and fitted up hi g^o-i .·'* Browû :w>7 Cagrc Street, street. A fall rupply oi freeh cob every «tyle, and for «ale by » β «αη tt an tly on hand. Hatch's celebrated Ice plied to parties on call. · Second Hand Pianos. FOR SALE β excellent second hand Plaaoe. 3 7-octavea and They wi'l be sold for ranch lew than tvelr value. They can be seen at Room of C. E. Horifkins, 45 Vsiss Street· «ndtv rslu«ath Hotel. mclill 2w W1IK> 'J·!'"ÏK h®1 ter looking and better fitting BOOTS on Men, w, mm and Chil dren than you wear, and wlah to obtain the same class oi goods, you have ouly to call at the «tore ot mchl7eod3w 1*1. U. PlLiMB,

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