Newspaper of Portland Daily Press, March 24, 1873, Page 4

Newspaper of Portland Daily Press dated March 24, 1873 Page 4
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POETRY. A Kuminer Night. BY ATLANTA. Ο (lay too short tor all its telling, Must tho night » oine over the red ol the west ? Let the aweet sun not utterly lail froai beairen, And the bluo-tliroated dove not ilnd her η es», And let not tlie life and brightness an<I glory Of tlic day depart, all untold ita story! O words too cold to paint all the w""'lor , , Of the high «un'. ..renath, a..d the warm ,ia}» And the shadow· (hat change as the clouds are Uriv on, And Hie passionate secret the roses know To bring back to living what word shall hare power This day that is dead, as a faded flower? LAWS OF TILE UNITED STATES PASSED AT ΤΠΕ THIRD SESSION OF TIIE FORTÏ-SECONI CONGRESS. msaxKAL Natckk—No. 27.] AN ACT revising and amending the laws relative ti toe mints, assay-offices, and coinage of the Unite» Statce. JBe it enacted by the Senate and House of Repre tentative* the United States of America in Con or es assembled, That the mint oi the United State Is hereby established as a bureau of the Treasury De partmeut.. embracing in its organization and unde Its control all mi its t»i the manu&cture of coin, am all assay-offices for the stamping of bars, which ar now, or which may be hereafter, authorized by km The chief officer ot tho said bureau shall be denoniin ated the Direct r of tho Mint, and shail be under th general direction of the Secretary of the Treîisun He sb ill be a pointed by the President, by and vvi{ the au vice and consent of the Senate, and shall hoi hi»j office for the term of five year.-., unless souner π m >VtXI Ο y ΙΠΘ ΓΙΟ*» *** w vu vijuiui ι nieated by htm to the Senate. Sec. 2. That the Director of the Mint «bail liai the general supervise»n <>f all mints ami a.-say-offici· and shall make an annual report to tlie Secretary the Treasury of thcr operations, at the cl se of eat fiscal year, and from tune to time sucli ad<liti nal r ports, setting f>rth the operation and condition ■uch institutions, as the Secretary of the Treasui shall require, and shall lay before him the annual e timater tor iheir support. Ami the Secreiar of tl Treasury shall a point the number of clerk-, classifk according to law, neces&ary to discharge the duties < sai l bu eau. Seo. 3. That the officers of each mint shall be superintendent, an assayer, a melter and refiner, ar a coiuer, and, tor the mint at Philadelphia, an ei graver. all to e appointed by the President ot tl United fctates, by and with the advice ana consent the Senate. Skc. 4. That the superintendent of cach mil shall hare the control thereof, the euperint ndence the officers and persons employed therein, and tl supervision of the business thereof, subject to tl approval of the IHrector ot the Mint, to whom 1 shall make reports at such times and according ι such forms a» in ο Director of the Mint may prescrit» which shall exhibit in detail, and under appropriai heads, tlie deposits of bullion, the amount of g)l silver, and minor coinage and the amount of ui parted, standard, an I refined bars issued, and sue other statistics and inform-ttion as may be require The superintendent of each mint shall also reeen and safely keep, until legally withdrawn, all moue' or bullion widen shall be for the use or the expend of the mint. He shall receive all bullion brought the mint tor assay or coinage; shall t e the keeper all bullion or coin in the mint, except while the san is legally in the hand* of other officrs; nd shall <1 liver all coins struck at fho mint to the persons ; whom they shall be legally payable. From the η port of the assaver ana the weight of the bullion, 1 shall compute th^ value of each deposit, and also tl amount of the charges or deductions, ii any, of a which he shall give adetailoi memorandum to tli depositor; and he shall a cO giveat the same time, tu der his hand a certiileate of the net amount of the de posit, to be paid in coins or bare of the s ime species < bulli η a* tliar deposited, the correctness of whit certificate s'.all be veriiieu b. the assayer, who s lia countersign the same; and in ad casisnf transfer γ coin or bullion, he shall give and receive voucher* stating the amount and character of such coin ο bullion. He shall keep and render, quarter-yearly to the Director <»f the Mint, for the purpose of a<l jus'mem, according to such forms as may be pescrib ed by the Secre ary of the Treasury, regular aiu faithful accounts of his transactions with the otbe: officers of the mint and the depositor*; and shall al so renier to him a monthly statement of the ordinal-: expenses of the mint or assay-office under his charge He shall also app iut all assistan: s, clerks, (one ο whom shall be designated "chief clerk,") and· work men employed under liis superintendence; but n< person shall be appointed to employment in theolficei of theaesayer, mener ami refiner, coiner, or engrav er, except on tbe recomn.endation and nomination ir writing of those officers, respectively ; aud he shal forthwith report to the Director of the Mint tin names of all persons appointed by him, the duties t< be performed, the rate of compensation, the appro· pria ion from which compensation is to be nade, anc the grounds of the appointment ; aud if tho Directo: of tue Mint s all disapprove the same, the appoirt ment shall be vacated. Skc. 5. That the assayer shall assay all metals ant bullion, whenever euch assays are required in the op V1BUUUO »'» «.410 IU1UV, ΛΛΜ DUUII WO J UlilHU rtBSilJ» U coin or samples of bullion whenever required by th super ntendent. Sec. G. That the melter and refiner shall execut all the operations which arenecessa y in order t form ingots ot htandard silver or gold, and alloys to minor coinage, suitable for the coiner, from the met als legally delivered to him for that purpose; ant shall also execute all the operations which are neces sary in order to form bars conformable in all respect to the law, from the gold and silver bullion delivere< to Vim for that purpose. He shall keep a carefu record of *11 transactions with the supeiiaiendent noting the weight ani character t.f the bullion; ant ■hall be responsible for all bullion deliveied to hir until the same is returned to the superintendent aui the proper vouchers obtained. Sec. 7. Thar the coiuer shall execute all the oper ati ns whirh are necessary in order to i'oriu coin* conformable in all respects to the law, from the stan dard gold and silver ingots, and alloys for minor coin age, legally delivered to him for that purposo ; an shall be responsible for all bullion delivered to liin until the samo is returned to the superintendent an the proper vouchers obtained. Sec. 8. That -the engraver shall prepare irom th original dies already authorized all the working-di< required for use m the coinage of the several mint and, when new coins or devices ore authorized, shal if required by the Director of the Mint, prepare tV devices, models, mold»; an«4 matrices, or origin; dies, for the same, but the Director of the Mint s lia nevertheless have power, with the approval of tl Secretary of the Treasury, to engage temporarily fi this purpose tho service· of one or more artists dif tinguisuo* iu ttifijj respectivcd departments of ari who shall be paid" ror irocii ocrylçe from the con tic rent appropriation for the mint at jroiiaueipxite. Sec. 9. Tbet whenever any otilcer of a mint or as say-ji** shall bo temporarily absent, on account c •iokness or any other cause, it shall be lawful for th superintendent, with the consent of said officer, t< appoint s»me person attached to tho mint to act ii the place of such officer during his absence; butai such apfK)intments shall be forthwith reported to the Director of tho Mint for his approval; and in all cases whatsoever the principal shall bo responsible for the ac.s of his representative In case of the temporary absence of the su ι «erlu tendent the chief clerk shall act in his place ; aud in case of tho tem porary absence of the Director (if the Mint, the Sec retary of the Treasury may dedgnate some one to act lu his place. Sec. 10. That every officer, assistant, and clerk of the mint sha 1, before he enters upon tlie executiou oi his office, take an oath or affirmation befoic a -me Judge of the Unite ι States, or judge oi the supeii »r court, or of some court of record ox any State, iaith fully and diligeutly to perforin the duties there;·!', in addition to other official oatbs prescribed by law; which oaths, duly certilied, shall be transmit ted to the Secretary of the Treasury; and the sui»erinten dent of each mint may require such ο th or affirma tion from any of the employees of the min . Sec. 11. That the supenntendent, the assayer, the melter and reriner, and the coiner of each mint, be fore entering upon the executiou of their respective offices, shall become bound to the Unite.I States, wiih one or more sureties, approve ι by the Secretary of the Treasury, in the sum of not less than nor more than fifty tuousand dollars, with conuition for the faiiliful and diligent performance of ihe duties of his office. Similar bond» m y be required oi the assist ants an I clerks, in such sums as the sui»erintenuent shall uetcrmine. with the approbation of the Director of the Mint; but. the same shall not be coustrued to relieve the superintendent or other officers fa.m lia bil ty to the United States for acts, omissions, o. neg ligence of ilieii subordinates or em^ljyees:- Provid ed, That the Secretary oi the Treasury may, at his discretion, increase the bonds of the superintendent. Sec. 12. That there shall be allowed to the Direc tor of the Mint an annual salary of lour thousand five hundred dollars, and actual noceseary travelling expenses in visiting the different mint and assay-oi fices, for which vouchers shall be rendered ; to the su perintendents of the mints at Philadelphia and San Francisco, each f nr thousand live hunt red dollars; to tile assayers, melters and retiuers, and coiners oi said minis,* each three thousand dollars ; to the en Î raver of the mint at Philadelphia, three thousand nilars; to tho supeiinte dent of the mini at Carson city, three th »usand dollars; and to tho assayer, to the melter and reiiner, and to the coiner of the mint at Carsan city, each two thousand live hundred dol lars; to tho assistant s and clerks such am. ual salary shall bo allowed as the Director of the Mint may de termine, with the approbation of the Secretary of the Treasury; and to ttie workmen shall be allowed such wages, to be determined by the superintendent, as may be cue omary and reasonable according to their respective stations and occupations, and approved by the Director o' the Mint; and the salaries pruviled for in this section, and ihe wages of the workmen „e>rv»j —»»·»»· WW nUiû Ut UlUUtUIJ' •tSTlht the standard for both gold and »il ver colu3 of the United shall be such tfc it of one tl oueaud parts by weight nine hundred shall be ι f uur<· metal ami one hundred of alloy ; and the ul 1 ,y of the silver coins shall be of copper, and the a - lov of the gold coins shall be oi copper, or of copper an I silver; bur the silver shall in no case exceed oue tentli of tbe whole alloy. Sec. 14. That the gold coins of the United States shall be a ene-dollar piece, which, at the standard weight of twenty-five and eight-tenth g.ains, shall be ι 'ie unit of value; a qnarter-ea^le, or two-and-a half dollar niece; a three-dollar picce; a half-eagle, or tlve-dollar piece; an e »gle, or ten-doilar piece ; and a double eagf·, or twenry-do a put). And the stau tard we ght ot the gold dollar shall be wen.y fly.; and eight-tenths grains; of the ouartcr-eagle, or two-and-a-hal d .liar piece, sixty-four and a halt grains; of the ibroe-dollar piece, seventy-seven and rour - enths grains; of the hall-eagle, or five-dollar piece, one hundred and twenty-nine grain*; of the eagle, or ten-dollar pieee two hundred and fifiy eight grams ; of the doublc-eag β, or twenty d »llar piece, live hundred and sixteen grains; which coins shall be a legal len 1er in all payments at their 11 in mai value wuen not bel >w the standard weight and limit of tolerance provided ro this act lor the single piece, and, -when, reduced in weight, below said standard and tolerance, sit all be a legal tender at valuation in proportion to their actual weight; and any g<>ld coin of the United Stales, If leduced in weight by natural abrasion uot more than one-half 0 ί«6ΛΓ below tbe standard weight pre scribed by law, after a crculati m of twenty years, as shown by its uate of coinage, and at a ratable proporoiou f·»r any period les» tnau twenty years, shall be received at their nominal valuo by tlio United States treasury and its offices, under such regulations as tLe Sécrétai y of tho Treasury may prescrite for the protection of tbe govern ment a^ains, fraudulent abrasion or other practices ; and any gold coins in the treasury of tho Uuited States reduced jn below this limit of abrasion shall be re joined. 15. That the silver coins of the United States shall be a trade-dollar, a half-dollar, or fifty-cent piece, a quarter-dollae, or twenty-five ccnt piece, a dime, or ten-cent piece ; and the weight of the trade dollar shail be lour hundred and twenty graine troy · tho weight of the half-dollar shall be twelve grams (grammes) and one-half of a gram, (gramme;) the quarter-dollar and the dime shall be, respectively one-half au I one-tifch of the weight of said half-dol lar; and said c ;ins shall bo a legal tender at their nominal value for any amouut not exceeding five dol lars in any one payment. ihVfvl8;, «T1'" ,he Ulinir coln" ofthe Unite·! States oneiJnt Piece, a tliree-ceiu piece, anil a cent niece^Ai i? ille a"°y 'or 'I16 five au'l tliree c'p>'cr ■"> I nlcV ei, w 1>C , nm Lrtthe alloy of ^ck,e1' five per centum or ooppet determined '~v' " the ulece of five cents tMrl S^aiie'torâny'^mnfnoloiootdtou Iwcnty-Uvo ccnie '"Anyone pay®»e,thcr of V(.r> or Sec. 17.^ ι « g,;a,i bereaftor ba issued from the iï?Alher to·» those 01 tbe ^enominatione. staud ""ΐ. fludweSht- herein setforib. S&rU. Tj'at UI,on ι?° ctii,,s of the ^T,»ted States ftSro bLaH be the following devicesand legends: Up on one side there shall bo an impression emblematid of liberty, with au insciipiion of tbe word " Libert}" ' an:l the year of tbe coinage, and upon tho reverse Bhall be tbe figure or representation of an eagle, with the inscriptions ' United States of America*'and *'L· riuril-us Unum, and a designation of the value of the coin ; but on the dollar g .id u»»d three-dollar piece, the dime, five three, and one cent piece the figure of the eagle shad be comitted; and on the reverse of the silver trade-dollar the weight and «he fineness of t'ie coin shall be inscribe·.! : and tho Director of the Mint with the approval of the Secretary of the Treasurv^ may cause tiie motto "In God Ave trust" to bo in scribed upon such coins as shall admit of such motto: and one of the foregoing inscriptions may be on the rim of the g >id and silver c ins. Sec. 19. That at the option of the owner, gold or silver may be cast into bars of fine metal, or of stand ard fineness, or un parted, as he may prefer, with a stamp upou the sune designating the weight and fineness, and with such devices impressed thereon as may be deemed expedient to prevent fraudulent imi tation, and no such bars shall be issued of a less weight than five ouuccs. Sec. 20. That any owner of gold bullion may de posit the same at any mint, as be formed into coin or bars for his benefit; but it shall be lawful to refuse any deposit of less value than one hundred dollars, or any bullion s > base as to be unsuitable tor the opera tions of the miut ; «an I when gold and silver are com bined, if either metal be in such small proportion that it cannot be separated advantageously, no allowance shall be made to the depositor for its value. pôsîtthe* saine at au y min t7 to be formed Into bais, or I iiito dollars ol Uic weight of four hundred and tweu tv grains troy, designated in this aet as trado-uollarb and 110 deposit of silver for other coinage shall be re ceived; but silver bullion contained in gold deposits, aud separated theteirom, may be paid for in silver coin at such valuation as may be, from time to tiuie, established by the director of the Mint. Sec. 22. That when bullion is deposited in any of the mints, it shall be wei hed by the superintendent, and, when practieable, in tbe presence of the depos itor, to whom a receipt shall be ^iven, which shall state the descrip ion and weight of the bulli η ; but wiieu the bulli η is in such a state as to require melt ing, or the removal of base metals, before its value can be ascertained, the weight, after such operation, s'»all be considered as the true weight of the bullion deposited. The fitness of the bullion to be receiveu shall be determine I by the assayer, and the mode ol melting by the melter and retiner. Sec. 23. That irom every parcel of bullion depos ited tor c dnage or bars, the superintendent shall de liver to tue assayer a sufficient portion lor the pur pose of being assaved, but ail such bullion remaining irom the ope.atijns of the assay shall be returned to the superintendent. Sec. 24. That the assayer shall report to the sa perintendent the quality or fineness of the bulii n assayed by him, and such information as will enable him to compute the amouilt of the charges hereinai ter provi leu for, to be made to the depositor. Sfc-c. 25. That the cliarge for convening standard gold bulb on into coin shall be oue-fiftb oi one pel centum: and the charges for converting silver into, trade-doila· s, for melting and mining when bullion is below s au lard, for toughening when nietaUart contained in it which render ii unfit for coinage, foi ■ c »pper used for alloy when the bullion is above stan dard, tor séparai ing ι he gold and silver wben tliest metals βχΙΛ toge; her in the bulli n, aud for the prép arât i >n ol bars, shall bo fixed, from time to time, by iho Director, with the concurrence of ihe Secretary "® of tbe Treasury, so as to equal but not exceed, iii ° their judgment, tbe actual average cost to each mint ® ami assay-office of the material, labor, wastage, am j use of machinery employed in each of the casv.s afore ^ menti nod. :f Sec. 26. That the assayer shall verify all calcula tions made by the superintendent of ilie value of <ie ti posits, and, if sitisue 1 of tùe correctness thereol. I. s.iall countersign the certificate required to be given e by the superintendent t tbe depositor. s Sec. 27. That in order to procure bullion for tht >b silver coinage authorized by this act, tbe superin tendents, with the approval of the Director oi tht >f Mint, as to priée, terms, aud quantity, shall purchase e such bullion with the bulli n-fund. The gain arising ι- from the coinage of such silver bullion into c in of l ο nominal value exceeding the cosc thereof shall th. ι- credited to a special fund denominated the silver e piofit fund. This fund shall bj charged with tin e wastage incurred in the silver coinage, and with the 1 expense of distributing said coins as hereinafter pro e vided. The balance to the ere it of this fund snali be trom time to lime, and at least twice a year, paiu into the treasury oi the United States. f Sec. 28. That silver coins other than the trade ) dollar shall be paid out at Lhe several mints, and hi 1 the assay-oflice in New York city, in exchange fo. Γ g dd coins at par, in sums not less than one hundrec , dollars; and it shall be lawful, al*o, to transmit par cels of the same, from time to time, to the as-istau treasurers, depositaries, and otLcr officers of the United States, under general regulations proposed tn the Director of the Mint, and approved by the Secre tary of the Treasury ; but nothing herein c nt im* shall prevent the payment of silver coins, at their nominal value, for silver parted from gold, as provi«ί ο I in this act, or for change le^s than one dollai in settlement for gold deposits: Provided, Thit foi ' two years after the passage of this act. silver coin* si all l>e paid at the mint iu Philadelphia an 1 the as i say-office in New Yoik city for silver Million pur i chased for coinage, under such · egulatious as may bt prescribed by Hie Director of the Mint, and approvec by the Secretary of the Treasury. Sec. 29. That for the purchase of metal for the minor coinage authorized by this act, a sum not ex ceeding fifty thousand dollai s iu lawful money of the Uηiteu States shall be transferred by the Secrctan of the Treasury to the c.edit of the superintendent of the mint ot Philadelphia, at which establLslimen only, u util otherwise provided by law, such c inag« shall be carriod on. The sui>eiintendent, with tht approval of ihe Director of the Mint as to price terms, and quantity, shall purchase the metal requir ed for such coinage by public advertisement, and the lowest and best bid shall be accented, the fineness ο the m eta's to be determined on the mint assay. Tht gain arising trom the coinage of suchuietals tobedoiei niined on the mint assay. The gain arising from the coinage of such metals in. ο coin of a nominal value,ex ceeding the cost thereoi, shall be credited to the specie fund denominated the minor-coinage profit fund; and this fund shall be charged with the wastage in cur, ed in such coinage, and with tne cost of clistrib ing sail ceins us lit rein after provided. The balance remaining to the credit of this fuud, and any balance nf J.rrtHte o/inrtinH ft-nwi mïniw — J r acis, shall be. from time to lime, and at least twice u year, covered into the treasury of the United States. Sec. 30. That the minor coins authorized by this act may, at the discretion of the Director of the Mint, be delivered in any of the principal cities ana to.'.us of the United States, at the cost of the mint, for transpoitation, and shall be exchangeable at pa» at the mint in Philadelphia, at the discretion of the su^rintendent, for any other coins of copper, bronze, or copper-nickel heretofore authorized by law ; and it shall be lawful for the Treasurer and the sever al assistant treasurers and depositaries of the United States to redeemj in lawful money, under such rules as may be prescribed by the Secretary of the Treasu ry, alt copper, bronze, and cooper-nickel coius author ized by law when presented in sums of not Ices than twenty dollars ; and whenever, under this authority, these coins are presented for redemption in sucb quantity as to show the amount ou· standing to redund nt, the Secretary of the Treasury is authoriz ed and required to direct that such coinage shall c ase until otherwise ordered by him Sec. 31. That parcels of shall bo, from time to time, transform! by superintendent to the melter and rehnerι Λ careful record of these transfers, noting the weight and cliaracter of the bullion, shall be ail(* vouchers shall be takeu for . the delivery of tne same, duly receipted by the meJte: and refiner, end the bullion thus placed in the hands of the mcl'er and retiner shall be subjected to the 1 several processes whicj may be necessary ίο form iι into ingots of the legal standard, and of a quality suitable tor coinage. Sec. 32. That the ingots so prepared shall be as sayed; and it they prove to be within theliaii's al lowed for deviation from the standard, the assaye. shall certify the fact to the superintendent, who shall thereupon receipt lor the same and transfer them to the coiner. Sec. 33. That no ingots shall be used for coinage which ditfe. from the legal standard more than the following proportions, namely: in g Id ingots, on< thousiinath; in silver ingos, three thousandths ; in minor-coinage alloys, twenty-live thousandths, in the proportion ol uickel. Sec. 34. That the melter and refiner shall prepare all bars required for the payment of deposits; but the fineness thereof shall be ascertained and stamped thereon by the assayer; and the'm el ter and rei ner shall « icliver such bars to the superintendent, who shall receipt for the same. Sec. 35. That the superintendent shall, from time to time, deliver to the coiner ingots for the purpose of coinage; a careful record of these transfers, noting the we ght an.l character of tlio bulli > , shall be kept, and vouchers shall be taken for the delivery o* the same, duly rec ipted by the coiner; and the in gots thus placed in tiie hands of the coiner shall be subjected to the several processes necessary to makt from th. m coins iu all respects conformable to law. Sec. 3d. That in adjusiiug the weights of the gold coins, the following deviati >ns shall not be ex -ceded iu any single piece: In the double-eagle and the ea gle, one-half ot a grain; in the half-eagle, the three doliax piece, the quarter-eagle, and the one-dollai p'ece, one-fourth of a grain. And in weighing a number of pieces togetuer, when delivered by the c jiner to the superinvendent, and by tl.e superintend ent io the depositor, the de\i uhn from the standard weight shall not exceed one-hundredth of an ounc in fiv thousan ι djlia. B in douoie-eagle·», eagles, liai ί ο igies. or quarter ea^lci. in one thousaud three-dol lar pieces, and in one thousand one-dollar piece··. Sec. 3». That in adjusting the weight of the silver coins the following deviations shall not be exceeded iu any sin {ie piece : In the loilar, tue ha f atil quarter dollar, aud in the dime, one and one-halt grains ; and In weighing larg? numbers of pieces together, when delivered by the coiner to the superintendent, and by the superintendent, to the depositor, the deviations, from the standard weight shall njt exceed two hun dredths of an ounce in oue thousand dollars, hall dol lars, or quarter-dollars,, aud oue hunJiedtu ox i.n ounce in one thousand dimes. Sec. 38. Tuat in a J j 11*1104 t'je weight of the minor coius provi ted by this act, there shall be η > greater deviition allowed than three grains lor the five-cent piece aud two grains for the thiqp and one cent piecee. Sec. 39. That the coiner shall, from to time, as coius are prepared, deliver them to the superintend ent, wh.> sliail receipt, for the same, and who shall keep a cartful re ord of their kind, number, and ac tual weight; aud in receiving coins it shall be the du ty of the superintendent to ascertain, by the trial of a ηumbe. of single pieces separately, whether th.· nAi'nc nF that Λ ..Υ.,-,-τ «.... *.x— ι ■ ·· ·· the stan lard weight;"and if his trials lor this purpose sh li not p.ove satisfactory, he sliall cause all ti;e coin-of such delivery ο be weighe 1 sepai ately, and such as are not of legal weight shall be deface ι sud delivered to he meleranl refiner as standard bul lion. to be again i rmed into ingo-s and recoined; or the wiiole delivery may, if more convenient, be re mel 91. Sec. 40. That at every delivery of coins made by the coiner to a superintendent, it si.ali be the duty of such superintendent, Jn the presence of the assayer, to tako indiscriminately a certain number of pieces of each variety for ihe annual trial of coins, the num ber for gold coins being not lees than one piece for each oiie thousand piece.·* or any fractional part of | one thousand pieces deliverel; aui for silver coins one piece for each iwo thousand pieces or any frac tional part of two thousand pieces delivered. The piec s s » taken shall bt carefully sealed up in an en velope, properly labeled, seating the date of the de livery, the number and denomination of the pièces inclosed, and the amount of the delivery fr m which tuey were taken. These sealed parcels containing the reserved pieees shall be deposited in a pyx. desig nated lor the purpose at each mint, whi h shall be kept under the j jiut care of the superiutendeut ami assayer, and be so secured that neither can have ac cess to its contents without the pie ence of the other, an 1 the reserved pieces in their sealed en vol..pes frcm the coiuavje of e iclij mint shall be transmitted quar terly to the mint at Phil delphia. A record shall al so be kept at the same time of the number and de nomination of the pieces so taken for the annual tri al of coins, and ol the number and denomination of the pieces represented by them and s> delivered, a copy of which record shall be transmitted quarterly to the Director <.f the Mint. Other piece·* may, at any tin e, be taken for such tests as the Director of the Mint may prescribe. Sec. 41. That the coiner shall, from time to time, deliver to the superintendent the clippings and other portions of bullion remaining after the process of coining; and tlio super, η tendent shall receipt tor the s 'me and keep a careful record of their weight and character. Sec. 2. That the superintendent shall debit the coiner with the amount in weight of standard metal of all the bullion placed in his hands, and credit him with the amount in weight of all the coins, clippings, and other bullion rct\imod by him to the superin tendent. Once ai least in every year, and at such time aw the Director oi' the Mint shall appoint., there shall be an accurate an.l full settlement of tne ac coun'B of the coiner, and the melter and refiner, at which time the «aid officers eh ill deliver tip to the super in tendent all the cniuB,cllpping8, and other bul lion in their possession, respectively, accompanied by statements ot' all the bullion delivered to them since the last annual settlement, and all the bullion returned by them during the sau.e period, including the amount returned for the purpose of settlement. -^at when all tlio coins, clippings, and other bullion have been delivered to the superintend ent, h shall be nia duty to examine the amounts an<l btuieineuth rendered t»y the coiner and the iiielur and reiiner, and the diiieience between the amount charged ana ere died to each ottt er bh.ill be allowed as nece.-sary waetage, if tue superintendent shall be satislied that there has been a bona-hde waste of the precious metals, and if the aiuouni shall oot exceed, m the ease oi the ineller aud rohner, one thousandth oi u.e whole am >um of gold, ami one and one-hall thousanath ot the whole amouut o* silver delivered to iiim sinco the annual settlement, and in the case of the coiner, one thousandth of the whole amount of silver, and one-naif thousandth of the whole amount of go d that hab been delivered to him by the superintendent; and all copper ubed in the alloy of goid and silver bullion shall i.*e separately charged to aie melter and icuuer, and accounted for by him. Sec. 41. That it bhall also be the duty of the su perintendent to forward a correct statement of his oaiauce-sheet, at the ciose of such settlement, to the Director oi the Mint, who shall compare the total amount of gold and silver bullion and com on hand with the total liabili.ies of the mint. At the same »ime a btatemeut ol tho ordinary expense account, and the moneys therein, shall al.>o be made by the superintendent. sec. 45. That when the coins or bars which are the equivalent to any deposit oi bullion are ready for delivery, they shall be paid to the depositor, or his or der, by the superintendent; and the payments shall be made, if demanded, in tlie order in which the bul lion shalll have been brought to the mint; but in cases where there is delay in manipulating a refrac tory deposit, or for any other uuavoidable cau?e, the payment of eubsequeut deposits, the value of which is kuown, shall not bedelaved thereby; and iu the denominations of coin delivered, the superintendent shall comply with the wishes of the depositor, except WLen impracticable or inconvenient to do so. Sec. 4e. That imparted bullion may be exchanged at any of the mints for liue bars, on snch terms and onuitions as may be prescribed by the Director of the Mint, with the approval of tho Secretary of the Treasury; and the uiie.iess, weigut, and value of the u tiiiou received and given in exchange shall in all ca.-es be determined by the miut assay. The charge to the depositor for leaning or partiug shall not ex ceed that allowed and deducted l'or the same opera tion in the exchange ot unretine J for refined bullion. minis and tue assay-office 111 .New York to make re turns to depositors with as little delay as possible, it shall be the auty of the Secretary of tlie Treasury to Keep in the saii minis ana assay-office, when the state of the treasury will admit thereof, such an amount of public money, or bullion procured for the purpose, as lie shall juoge convenient and necessary, jilt of which those who bring oullion to the said mints and assay-orhce may be paid the value thereof, iu coiu or bars, as sojn as practicable after the value uasbeen ascertained; ana on payment there, f being made, the bullion so deposited shall become tlie property of the United States; butilie Secretary of -ue Treasury may at- auy time withdraw the fund, or any portion thereof. &ec. 4tf. That to secure a due confoimity in the gold and silver coins to their respective standards of aneuess ana weight, the juoge of the district co .ri of i,ùe United Mates for the eastern district of Pennsyl vania, tDe Comptroller of the Currency, the assayer of tiie assay-oOice at New York, and such oilier per sons as ι lie President shall, from lime to design .te, jhall mejt as assay-commissioners, at the mint in Philadelphia, to examine and test, in the presence of .he Director of tlie Mint, the fineness aiiu weight of die coins îeserved by tne several min; s lor this pur pose, ou the second Wednesday m February, aunual .v, ami ma cou.inue their meetings by auj minment if neoesaa y, ii a m jority of the commissi neis shall .an to uticiu ut iinj iiuio appoiutea ior their meet ng. the Director of the Mint shall call a meetuig of he commissione s at such other timo as he may ueem ouveiiient; and if it shall appear by such exaiuina . ion and test that the>e coins do not dilter from the standard lineneis and weight by a gieater quantiiy han is allowed by law, tlie trial shall be considered aid reported as satisfactory ; out if any grea er uevi tion from the legal standard or weight shall appear, his fact shall be certified to tne Presi .ent oi the Uuited States; and if, on a view ol toe circumstances f the case, he shall so decide, the oliicer or officers implicated in the error shall be ι henceforward uis (Ualitled from holding their respective cilices. Sue. 49. 'that for the purpjseof securing a due onfonnity in weight of the c ins of the United States the provisions ol this act, the brass troy-pound weight procured by the minister of the United States at London, in the year eighteen hundred and twenty y-seven, for flie use of tbe mint, an J now iu the cus ody of the Mint at Philadelphia, shall be the stand ard troy pound of the mint of the United States, conformably to which the coinage thereof shall be regulated sec. 50. That it shall be the duty of the Director of the Mint to procure for each mini and assay-offices :o be kept safely thereat, a series of standard weights orresponding to the aforesai t tro.v -pound, consisting of a one-pouud weight and the requisite subdivisions ind multiples thereof, from the hundredth part of a grain to twenty-five pounds; and the troy weights >rdinaiily einp oyed in the transaction s of such mints .nd assay-offices shall be regulated according to the above s andards at least once in every year, un; 1er Jhe inspection of the superintendent and assayer; and the accuracy of those need at the mint at Phila delphia shall be" tested annually, in the presence of Λο assay-commissioners, at the time of the annual examination and test of coins. Sec. 51. That the obverse working-dies at each mint idiall, at the end of e ;ch calendar j'eur, be de faced and destroyed by the coiner in the presence oi iiiie superintendent and assayer. Sec. 52. That dies of a national character may be executed be the engraver, and national and other medals struck by the coiner ot the mint at Philadel phia, under such regulations as the superintendent, with the approval or the Director of the Mint, may presc.ibe: Provided, Tnat such work shall not inter ore with the regular coinage operations, and that no private medal dies shall be prepared at sail mint, or lie machinery or apparat us thereof be used ior that purpose. ••EC. 53. That the moneys arising from all charges and deductions on and from gold and silver bullion and the manufacture of medals, and from all other sources, except as hereinbefore provided, shall, tiom âme to time, be covered into the tieasury of the Jnited States, and no part of such deductions or medal charge s, or profit on silver or minor coinage, diall be expended in salaries or wages; but.all expen ditures of the miots and assav-offices, not herein otherwise provi ed for, shall be paid from appropria tions made by law on estimates furnished by the Sec retary of the Treasury. Sec. 54. That the officers of the United States as say-. ffice at New York shall be a superintendent, an issiyer, and a melter and refiner, who shall be ap pjinted by the President, by and with tbe advice and moment of the Senate. 1 he business of said assay offiçe shall be in all respects similar to that ol the mintP, except that bars only, and not coii>, shall be uanufactured thereiu; and no metals shall bo pur chased for minor coinage. All bullion intended by ti e depositor to be converted into coins of the United Slates, and silver builit η pui chased for coinage, when issayed, part^ and refcned. and its net value certi i ed, shad oe transferred to the mint at Philadelphia, under such directum as shall be made by the Secreta ry of the Treasury, at the expense of the contingent fund of ι he mint, and shall be there coined, and the proceeds returned to the assay-office. And the Secre tary of the Tieasury is hereby authorized to make the necessary arrangements for the adjustment ol che accounts upon such transfers between the rs spective offices. Sec. 55. Xhat the duties of the superintendent, aesayer, and melter and refiner of said office shall correspond to those of superintendents, assay ers, and melters and refiners of mints; and all pans of ι his act relating to mints and their officers. th« dutln« ant ι responsibilities of suçli officers, and others em ployed therein, the oath to be taken, and the bonds unci sureties to bo given by them, (as far as the same may be applicable,) shall extend to the assay-office at ι New York, and t ο its officers, assistants, clerks, work men, and others employed therein. Sec. 56. That there shall be aLowed to the officers ofthe assay-office at New York cit> the f.llotvîn sala Ls per annum : To tbe su. erintenueut,four ihou iand ti. e uundred dollars; to the assay er, and to ι lie melt er .nd refiner, eicli, three thousuid dollirs; and ti e salaries of assistants and · lerks, and wages to work men, and their manner of appointment, shall be de termined and regulated as lie/ein diie^ted in regard to mints. Sec· 57. That the business of the branch-mint at Denver, while conducted as an assay-office, and of the assay-office at Β ise city, Id iho, and all other as say->ffices to be established, shall be coniinedto the .eceipt of gold and silver bullion, for melting and as saying, to be returned to debitors of the same, in oars, with the weight and fineness stamped thereon; .ind the officers of assay-offices, when their services are necessary, shall consist of an nssaycr, who shall h ive charge tlierooz, and a inciter, to be appointed by the \ resident, by and with the advice and consent of c e Senate; ana ti e assayer may employas many clerks, workmen, and laborers, under the direction of ihe Director of the Mint, as may be provide for by law. The salaries of s ild office, s shall not. exceed the sum of two thousand live hundred dollars to the as say er and meiter, one thousand eight hundred dollars each to the clerks, and the woxkmen and laborers shall receive such w.iges as are cuttomary. according .0 their îespeciive s a ions and occupations. Sec. δ*. That each officer and clerk to be appoint e 1 at such as ay-offices, before entering upon the ex ecution of his office, shrll lake an oath or affirmation before som ; juige of the Unite ι States, or of the su p.emec^urt, as prescribed oy ihe act οι July second, eighteen nun lid and sixtv-two, and each btc »me utsund to hj Uni ei states of America, with one or more sureties, to the satisfaction of the Direc tor of the Mint er one ot the judges of the supreme eourt of ihe State or Territory ia.whicii thes;ime may be lc»ca ed, and ot the Secretary of tUe Treasuiy, con ditioned ior the faithful peif >rn ance of the duties of their offices; aud the eaii assa\ers shall discharge the uuties of disbursing agents for the payment of the expenses ot their îespeciive ass y-ofliees. Sec. δί). That the general diieclion of the business of assay-offices of the United States shall be under the control aud regulation of thd Director of the Mint, subject to the approbation of the Secretary of the Τ easury; and for that purpose it shall be the du cy of ths s.iid Director to preseiioe such regulations and to require such returns periodically and occasion ally, and to establish such charges for melting, part ing, asaaying, and siam»ing bullion as >hall appear Ιυ1>? necessary for the purpose of carrying into effect ihe m ention of this act. Sec. 61). That all th provisions of this act for the regulation of the mm > β of the United States, and for the government ο the officers and persons employed the.eiu, and for ihe punishment of all otiensia con nected wi h the mints or coinage of the United States •hall I ·, and they are hereby declare i to be, in full force in rela ion to t^e awsa} -offices, as far as the same may be applicab e · hereto. Sec. Gl. That if any person or persons shall falsely make, forge, or counterfeit, or cause or pro cure to be fasciym de, fo. ged, or cotuuerfei eel, or willingly aid or assist in falsely making, forging, or ι ou ute.lilting, any coin or bars in resemblance or siini.itude ef tliegdd or silver coins or bars, which have been, or her«_af er may be, coined or stamped at the mints and assay-offices of the United S.ates, r m resemblance or similitude of any foreign gold or silver which by law is, or hcrcaiter may be made, current in ;he UuLcd States, or are in actual use and circulation a* money within the United States, or shall pass, utter, publish, o. sell, or attempt to pass, utter, publish or sell, or bring into the United States troin anv fo. eign place, or have in his possession, any such false, foiged, or counterfeited coin or bars, knowing the same to be false, forged, or counterfeited, jver» p^rsou s ) oflending shall be deemed gui ty of felony, and shill, on conviction theieof. be punished by line not excoeding live thousand dollars, and by mprisonment and confinement at hard labor not ex celling ten years, according to the aggravation of he ouense. , Slc. 12. That if any person or persons shall false y maivP, forge, or counttrfeit, or cause or procure to >e falsely m de, forged, or counterfeited, or willingly tid. r assist in falsely making, forging, or count* rfeit ng, any coiu in ihe resemblance or similitude of any >f ilie min jr coinage which has been, or hereafter nay be, coined at the minrs of the United Stales; or hall pass, utter, or publish, r sell, or bring into the Jnited States from any inreigu jnace, or have in his > sBCRsion, any such talse, forged, or counterfeited oin, with intent to defraud any body politic or c >r Mrjtion, or any person or persons whatsoever, very persou so offending shall be deemed guilty felony, and shall, on conviction thereof, le.mi. -hed by line not exceeding one thousand dollars nd by imprisonment and confinement at hard labor ot exceeuing three years. Sec. 63. I'haf if any person shall fraudulently, by apair, diminish, falsity, scale, or lighten the grid or ilver coins which have b eu, or which shall hero fier e, coined at the niiuts of the United Stales, or any >reign gold or silver coins which are by law made urrent, or are in actual use and circula'ion as money within the United States, every persou so offending [ia.ll be deemed guilty of a high misdemeanor, and hall be imprisoned not exceeding tw > years, and ned not exceeding twi> thousand dollars. Sec. 04. That if any of the gold or diver coins rhich shall be struck or coined at any of the mints f the United States shall be debased, or made worse s to the prop rtion of line gold or fine silver therein mtaineu; or hliall be of l»ss weight or value ilian he same ought to bo, pursuant to the several acts ilative thereto; or if any of the weights used at any f the mints or a s-a ν-offices of the United States lall be defaced, increased, or diminished through ίο fault or emnivance of anv of the officers 01· per ms who shall be employed at the said mints or as ly-offices, with a fraudulent intent; and if any of ie said officers or persons shall euibe/.zle any of the letals which shall at any time be committed to their iar^e for the purpose of being coined, or any < f the ins which shall be struck or coined at the said lints, or any medals, eoins, or other moneys of said lints or assay-offices at any time committed to their large, or oi* which they may have assumed the large, every such officer or person who shall commit ay or either oi the said oûenscs fchall be deemed guilty of felony, ^Ϊγ'ΙΙι» & y"*^mi™iall botinodiuanum not exceeolng te2iS0^nxSatthis act shall tako effect on the lirst .lav of April, eighteen hundred and seventy-three, wifen the offices of liie tieasurer or ihe mints in Philadelphia, San Francisco, and New Oilcans shall be vacated, an ι the assistaut treasurer at New York bhall cease to perform t je duties of treasurer of ihe assay-office. The other offices and employees of tne mints tnd assay-offices now appointed shall continue to hoid their respective offices, they having first giv en the necessary bouds, until further appointments maybe required, tho Director of the Miut at Phila delphia being styled and acting as superintendent theieof. The duties of tho treasure is bhall devolve as herein provided upon the supurintendents, and said treasurers shall act only as asftistaut treasurers of the United State-: Provided, 'ihat the salaries heretofore'paid to the treasurers, shall liereaf er be paid to them as ''assistant treasurers of the United States," and that the salaty of the assistant treasur er at New York shall net be diminished by the va cation of his office as treasur r of the assay-office. Sec. G7. That the oiierent minis and as ay-offices authorized by this act shall be kno η as "ihe mint of the United States at Philadelphia,'' "the mint of the United States at San Francisco," "the miut of the United States at Carson," "the mint of the Urit ed State» at Denver," the United States assay-office at New York," and the United States u^say-office at Boise city, idaho," "the United States avkov-ahw i.>uitu v-aroiina;" anil all unexpended. appropriations heretofore authorized by law lor the use of the mint of the United States at Philadel phia, the branch mint of the United States in Cal ifornia, the branch mint of the United States at Denver, the United States States assay-otiice in New York, the United States assay-otiice at Char lotte, North Carolina, aud the Uuited States assay office at Boise city, Idaho, are hereby authorized to be traustoried for the account aud use of the in stitutions established aud located respectively at the , places designated bv tills act. Sec. G7. That this act shall be known as the "Coin age act of 1873;" aud all other acts ami parts of acts \ pertaining to ι ho mints, assay-ufiices, and coinage of ι he United States inconsistent with the provisions of 1 this act are hereby repealed : Provided, That this act shall not be construed te affect any act done, right accrued, or penalty incurred, under former acts, but every euch light is hereby saved; and all suits and prosecutions for acts already dene in viola tion of any former act or acts ol Congress relating to the subjects embraced in this act mav be begun or proceeded in like manner as if tiiis act liad not been passed: and all penal clauses and provis ion- iu existing laws relating ko the subjects embrac ed in this act bhail b« d_emed applicable thereto: And prodded further, That so much of the first sec tion ol "An act making aunroi»ri».tWa · aim jjrvoiueu lurnier, xnat so much of the first sec tion ol "Au act making appropriations fur sundry civil expenses of the government for the year ending June thiny, eighteen bundled and seventy-one aua for other purposes," approved July 15, eighteen hun dred and sevtuty, as provides that ««♦«·-* uupaiiou of the brs co, it eliaii bo law: jrauch-mint of 111 •arted bullion, w] sasury, it can bo d nient, is hereby re uary 12, 1873. J. G. BLAINE, ior owiei purposes, approved J uly 15, eighteen hun dred anl seventy, as provides that until the completion and occupation of the branch mint build ing in San Francisco, it Bhail bo lawful to exchange, at any mine or branch-mint ol the United States, unrehued or unparied bullion, whenever, iu the opinion of the Treasury, it can bo done with advan tage to the government, is hereby repealed. Approved, February 12, lfc73. ο . VJ. JBLiAUN E, Speaker of the tfauaeof iiewrpspn+atives. SCHUYLER COLFAX, Vice-Prcsidcnt of tue Unued titatea and ^resident the Senate. U. S. GRANT. "lnslj 11 AN C Ë. Γirst Class Company. Fair Rates. THE Merchants' Ins. Co'y, 776 & 778 Broad St., 3Vcw ark, If. J. STATEMENT, JAN. 1. 1373.

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Running between Providence and Philadelphia every WEI> ^^-—g^—^EsDA* and SATURDAY gives ŒSaaBrtaBdirect communication to and r m Portland and all other points in Maine, with Philadelphia audbeyond. Through rates are given to Philadelphia and all points reached y the Penn. Central and ttie Phil. & Reading R. R>s., and to all tlie principal cities in the South and Southwest. No "Wharfage. No Commission lor forwarding. Full information given by WALDO A. PEARCE, Agent, 121 Washington St., Boston, or J. B. COYLE Jr.. Portland. WM. P. CLYDE, & CO., Gen'l Managers, janll ly 12 So. Delaware Avenue Philadelphia. For Halifax, Κ ova Scotia. DIRECT ! WINTER ARRANGEMENT. The favorite -oteamship CAR LOTTA, Capt. E. D. Mulligan, leaves Portland Every Saturday, at 4 P. .11., FOR HALIFAX DIRECT. Makiug close connections with the Nova Scotia Railway, for Windsor, Truro, New Glasgow and Pictou, *nd1 steamers foi Prince Edward's Island ; al so at New Glasgow, Ν. S., with Lindsey & Co.'? Stages for Cape B-eion. JÊT* RETURNING leaves Halifax on TUES DAYS, at 4 P. M. Fare, including State room, $7 oo . further information apply to J B. COYLL·, Jr., Atlantic Wharf, or oc28lf JOHN POUTEOUS. Agent. FIRST TRIP OF Τ IIS βΕΛ&ΟΧ TO Mt. Desert and Macliias. ONE TRIP PER WEEK. Spring Arangemcnt. The favorite Steamer IE W I S Τ Ο 1ST CAPT. CHAS. DEERING, will leave Railroad Whajf, every Thursday evening, at 10 o'clock commencing Thursday March 20th for Rockland, Castine, Deer Isle, Sedge wick, So. West arbor (Mt. Desert,) Mill bridge, Jonesport aud Machia-port, as the ice will permit. Returning wi 1 leave Machiasport every Monday m rniug, at 5 o'clock, touching at the above named lan lings. For iurthei particulars inquire oi Ross & Sturdiv and, 179 Commt-ruial Street, or CYRIJ8 fSTLRDIVA*T, General Agent. Portland March 8th 1873 mar8tf FOR BOSTON. - ^ir—'fc.TIlE SUPERIOR SEA-GOIiNG STEAMERS FOREST CIXV and MONTREAL, Havmj? commodious Cabin and State Room ac commodations, will run alternately, leaving ATLANTIC WHARF, Portland, DAILY, (SUNDAYS EXCEPTED) AT.Γ 7 O'CLOCK I?. M. Returning leave INDIA WHARF, Boston, same days at 5 P. M. Fare $1.50. Freight taken low rates. W. L. ISILIilNGfl. Agent J. I*. tOYliL" JR.. General Ageni.mchoOtf .Norfolk and Baltimore and \YasliiDstou, I). C. Steamship Line. Steamships of this Line sail from end of Central Wharf, Boston, Semi-W eeklv, 2.30 i·. M. for NOR FOLK and BALTIMORE. _ ψ Steamships '· WUliam Lawrence" Cant. W. A. Hallctt " William, Crane" Capt. Solomon Howes. "George Appold," Cant. Winslow Loretand. "Blacks tone," Cant. Geo. H. Hallett. " William Kennedy," Capt, Henry D. Foster. •'McClellanS'Capt. F. M. Howes. Freight forwarded trom Norfolk to Washington Steamer Lady of the Lake. Freight forwarded from Norfolk to Petersburg and Richmond, by iiver or rail: and by the Va. & Tei n. Air Line to all |>oints in Virginia, Tennessee, Ala bama and Georgia ; and over the Seaboard and 1U a noke R. R. to all points in North and South Caroliw by the Bait. & Ohio R. R. to Washington and all places West. Through rates given to South and West. Fine Passenger aecomnoeations. Fare including Berth and Meals to Norfolk $15.00 ime 48 hours; to Baltimore $15, time 65 hours. For further information apply to E. SAMPSON, Aeent. june2tf 53 Central Wharf. Boston. BOSTON PHILADELPHIA Steamship Line. Leave each port every Wed's'y & Sat'd'y. Wo Wharfage. From Long Wharf, Boston, 3 p.m. From Pine Street Wharf, Phila delphia, at 10 a. m. ► Insurance one half the rate ot 'sailing vessels. Freight for the West*by thePenn. R. R., and South by conuectinj lines forwarded free of Commission. PASSAGE, TEN DOLLARS. For Freight or Passage, apply to WHITNEY A BAZTIPSOft, Agents, jn23-ly 70 Long Wharf, Bo· (on. INTERNATIONAL STEAMSHIP CO. Eastport, Calai* and St. John, Digby, Windsor and Halifax. WINTER ARRANGEMENT. ONE TRIP PER WEEK I The Steamer New Brunswick Capt. J. H. Pike, will leave Rail road wharf, foot of State stree', •every MONDAY at 6 P. M. loi Eastport and St. John. Returning will leave St. John and Eastport evory THURSDAY. Connections made at Eastport for St. Andrews, Robbinston, Calais, Woodstock and Houlton. Connections made at St. John for Digby, Annapo lis, Windsor, Kentville, Halifax, N. S., Sliediac, Am herst. tifr^Freight received on days of sailing until 4 o'clock P. M. jan2tf A. R. STUBBS. Agent. Maine Steamship Co NEW ARRANGEMENT. SEMI-WEEKLY LINE Steamers Dirigo and Franconia will, until further notice, run as follows : ► Leave Gait's Wharf. Portland, . — 'every MONDAY and THURS DAY, at 5 P. M., and leave Pier 3b E. R., New York, every MONDAY and THURSDAY, at 3 P. M. The Dirigo and Franconia are tilted up with Une accommodations for passengers, making this the most convenient and comfortable route for travelers be tween New York ami Maine. Passage in State Room $5. Meals extra. Goods forwarded to and from Montreal, Quebec Halifax, St. John, and all parts of Maine. Shippe are requested to send their freight to the Steamers af early a» 4 P. Μ.,οη the days they leave Portland. For Freight or Passage apply to HENRY FOX, Gait's Wharf, Portland Ύ V til- «*'· »- — May 9-dti* Union Ticket Office. LOWEST RATÉS GIVEN. We liare made arrangements and can now ticket passengers to ill Point* West, North-Went, South and South-WV*t, Nan Francisco. Kansas City, St. Paul, New Orleans, and all points in Florida, via all the first-class Rail-Road*—Penn. Central, Lake Shore and Michigan S utbern, Baltimore and Ohio, Erie, Great Western and Michigan Central. 36 HOURS BOSTON TO CHICAGO. Pullman Cars on all Through Trains· 03Γ* Passengers who wish to travel without deten tion, ami with ease and e>mfort, will find the above routes very desirable. JOoatinuous Trains, Ko Changes, Courteous Em ployees, Unusual Facilities for Meals ç.t Seasonable Hours. Tickets tDNew York via Sonnd Lines (State Rooms secured at t his office), Fall Hiver, Stonington and Norwich. All Rail Hontes—Shore Line (vli Pinvi dence), and Boston and Albary. "tickets to boston via East em, Boston and Maine, Portland and Roch esi r, and Boston Boats. Merchants going to Boston and New York, will save the time usually experienced at the « epots by purchasing their tickets at this office. Call and ex amine our time tables, map*, etc., and be convinced that we represent all the best roads running West. ROLLINS & ADAMS. Agents, mrl3-tf No. 1 Exchange Street, Portland, Me. J>estrnetive Fires Σ Involving ihe loss of millions ο Γ dollars occur too often iu this omntry. We submit to every β -nnible, prudent man, that they can be prevented by the general introaucti η of the GARDNER FIHE EXTIN GUISHER. This machine stands upon its merits, having made for itself, BY SOLID WORK, a rccord that commands attention. Send lor descriptive circular tc C. M. &H. T. PLUMMER, 7 UNION STREET. Dov30tliin>Tii(£F2taw PORTI.4IVD. !»I«. Janl 731' ELIAS HOWb Sewing Machines AND BIJTTERICK'S Patterns <»f Garments PI.' MM Κ "h WILI ER 173 Midiiie St.. ûp Stairs. Ê4. From £5 cts.—Eight samples mailed free for Φ * 25 cts. that sell at sight for four dollars, to any person in Portland who will act as a?ent. mar22t4w RANDALL & CO., 767 Broad'y, Ν. Y. railroads. PORTLAND t (MJDEXSBUKH R. »· CHANGE OF1 TIME. a?'!.,a,f,or M"nday, Nov. 4th, end n°<"°· «»*» will run Α. Μ. ρ λτ Leave Portland, 7.15 315' Leave N. Conway, 8.30 i\,0 Πιο 7.15 a. m. and 1 OU p. m. Trains will h. » · ,. with passenger cars attached. "Ibelreight STAGES Connect daily with 3.15 P. M.t For Cornish, lCezar Falls, Porter, Freedom Den mark. Bridgton, Lovell, and North Lovell. ' The 8.30 a. m. from No. Conway connect» with ifrernoon trains for BosUn, via Eastern or Boitoii «; Maine R. U's., and the 1.00 p. m. train arrive·. in Portland in season to connect with Steamers for lion, loti. Ticket Office in Portland at Depot of M. C. R. R. J. HAMILTON, Superintendent. Portland, Oct. 2,1872.. nov4tr PORTLAND & ROCHESTER RAILROAD. Winter Arrangement· EÛ"Î5??r|£!5| Passenger trains loave Portland S~w4«'"""erw".fl-,r Rochester and intermediate stations "*-at7.15 A.M., and 1.30 P. M.. niakinfc direct connection at Rochester with trains for Boston, over Boston & Maine and Eastern Railroads. Also connect at Rochester with Dover and Winnipiseogee Itailroad for Alton Bay, and with Portsmouth, Great Falls anil Conway Railroad tor Conway. Leave Rochester for Portland and way stations at 7.30 A. M. and 12 M. The 7.30 train connecting with down train 011 Portsmouth, Great Falls anil Conway Railroads, and the 12 o'clock train making direct connection at Rochester with trains from Boston, leaving Boston at 7.30 and 8.30, A. M., via Boston & Maine, and at 8 30 Α. «I. via Eastern Railroads. Leave Portland for Saco River at 6.20 P. M. Leave Saco Hiver for Portland at 5.30 A. M. Stages connect as follows: At Gorham for West Gorham, Standish, and No. ^'ju^naon'Centre for West Buiton, Bonuv Ea^le and Limiugton .dally. _o.,j D— At Ceutre Waterboro' for Limerick, Newfleid, Par sonsfleld and Ossipee, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sat "'^CemK^WaterixH^^for ÎJmerick, Pareonsfleld, dally' WILLIAM H. TURNER, Superintendent. declG-tc KNOX & LINCOLN BAELEOAD. . Dirct ' rail route to Wise asset. New IgS^jpfSBcaetie, Damariscotta, Waldoboro, SS?^^3Warren an.l Rockland. No change of cars between Portland and Rockland. Steamers leave Rockland for all point9 on the Pe nobscot river, Machiae, Mount Desert Vinal Haven, IIurTicane and Dix Islande. Leave Maine Central Depot, at 7.00 A. M., and 1.00 P. M. Stages connect at Rockland, for Camden, Lincoln ville, Northj»ort. South Thon: aston and St. George, dally. At Rockland for Union, Appleton and Wash ington. Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. At Tnomaston tor St. George daily. At Warren for Union, daily. At Warren for Je tier son and Whiteticld, Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. At Wa doboro' for North Waldoboro', Washington, and Liberty daily. At New Castle for Bristol and Pemaquld, daily. Freight Trains daily and freight taken at low rates. Jv29dtf C. A. COOMBS. Suu't. GRASP 1ΈΓΧΚ RAILWAY OF C AX A DA. ALTERATION OF ΤΚΑΙΙΓ8. WINTER ARRANGEMENT. . ■ .. - On ani after Monday, Nov. 4th will run as follows: t-erm—Passenger train for South Pari·* at 7.30 A. M.; for Island Pond, Quebec, Montieal, and the west at 1.30 P. M. Stopping at all station*. Mail train (stopping at all stations) for Island Pond, connecting with night mail train for Quebec, Montreal and the West. Accommodation for South Paris and intermediate stations at 5.00 P. M. From Montreal, Quebec, Island Pond, Gorham and South Pari» at 2,50 P. M. From So. Paris at 8. 20 A. M. Passenger and Freight Offices, 283 CONGRESS ST., — AUD — DEPOT AT ΓΟΟΤ OF INDIA ST. Tickets sold at Bcdnced Bates ! To Canada, Dctroi', Chicago, Milwau kee. Ciuciunnti, Ht. l-oai«, On ha, Sagiiiavr, rtt Paul, Salt Lake City, Omrer, »aa Francisco, and all points in the XoiJhni'St, West and Sonthvrcst. THE GRAND TRUNK RAILWAY ii in splendid condition, is well equipped with first-class rolling stock, and is making the best connections and quick· est time of an> route from Portland to the West. By PULLMAN PALACE DRAWING ROOM AND SLELP1NG CARS attached to all through tiains. Β ggagc checked from Portland to Detroit and Chicago, and not subject to Custom House examina tion. The Company are not responsible for baggage tc any amount exceeding. $50 in value (and that person al) unless notice is given, and paid for at the rate ol one passenger tor every $500 additional value. Cî. J. BRYDGES, Managing Director. H. BAILEY- Tsiml Portland. March 5, 1873. tf BOSTON & MAINE RAILROAD. Opening of the New Ex tension ! MARCH 17, 187.3. Passenger trains leave Portland from the tempor ary station, Walker House, Commercial street. For Boston t6.10, t9.40 A. M., $3.10 P. M. Returning, *8.30 A. M., 112.30 and t3.00 P. M. For Rochester and Alton Bay |6·10 A. M. and J3.10 P. M. For Manchester and Concord via C. & P. R. R. Junction t6.10 A. M., Î3.10 P. M. For Milton and Union t9.40 A. M. and J3.10 P. M. For Old Orchard Beach, Saco, Biddeford and Ken nebunk at t .00 P. M. Returning, leave Kennebunk at t7.30 A. M. t A ccommodation. jFast Express. Arote.—The t6.10 A. M. train connecte at C. & Ρ· R. R. Junction for Manchester and Concord, and ar rives in Boston in time to connect with the Shore Line at 11.10 for New York. The J3.10 P. M. train connects wiih the 9 P. M. tiain for New York via Shore or Springfield line. Pass ngers ticketed ihrouuh by either route. Trains stop at Exeter 10 minutes lor refreshments at first class Dining Room*. Freight trains between Portland and Boston daild. Freight received at Portland & Ogdensburg B. R* Freight station until 4 P. M. PAYSON TUCKER, Aeeut, Portland JAS. T. FURBER, Gen. Supt., Boston. Boston, March 13, 1873. mch!4dtf MAINE CENTRAL RAILROAD. Winter Arrangement, Commencing Dee. il, 1874. Trains leave Portland for Bangor, Roulton, Calai» and St. .John at 12:15 a. m. (sleeping and day cars on this train.) For Bath, Lew is ton, Rockland and Augusta at 7:00 a. m. For Bath, Lewiston, Rockland, Augusta,Readfield, Winthrop, Skowhegan, Belfast, Bangor, St. John and Halifax at 1:00 p. m. For Lewiston, Bath and Angnsta at 5.30 p. m. For Lewiston via Danville at 5:25 p. m. Train· are Dae at K*ertlaad. From Augusta,. Bath and Lewiston at 9:45 a. m. From St. John, Bangor, and North and at 3:12 p.m. From Augusta and Lewiston at 6:35 p. m. From St. John Bangor. Ac., at 1:20 a. m. Through Tickets me sold In Portland and baggage checked through to Houlton, Calais, St. John, Hali fax, Dover, Foxcroft, Rockland, &c. L. L. LINCOLN, Acting Superintendent. Augusta, Nov 30. 1872. dec3tf | EASTERN AND PORTLAND. SACO, & PORTSMOUTH R. R. WINTKE ÂBBAN GEMKNT. Commencing iRndar, Dec. !id, 1879. ——_ Paseenger train» leave Portland dai SffKlly, foi* Portsmouth nnd Boeton, (Snn — \fays excepted) at *1.30 A. M. (7.00 A. M., 9.85 A. M., {3.20 P. M., t 6.15 P. M. Leave Boeton for Portiimoiitli and Portland at tî.30 Α. Μ.Λ8.30 A. M, (12.30P. M., (3.I5P. M., *8.00P. M. Leave Portsmouth for Portland at (10.00 A. M, J1U. QR A TIT ΙΟ ι ft D Μ if ΛΛ ·* ». — ·» ·· I>ave Biddeford for Portland at 8.00 A. M., return ing at 4.35 P. M. •Pullman sleeping car express train. Ν. B. Tills train runs Sunday Morning, does not run Monday morning. ♦Accommodation train. tFaei Express. ja^The Pullman Sleeping Car Express Train ar rives at and departs from the Dej»ot of the Maine Central ltnilroad, in Portland. Ν 15. The 7.00 A. M.t and 3.20, P. M. trains from Portland, uiake close connections to New York by one or other of the routes from Boston. Passengers ticketed through by either route. F. CHASE, noSOtr S nut. Portland Division. INVALIDS A NO OTHERS GOING SOUTH, may procure Through. Tickets TIA THE GREAT ALL RAIL ATLANTIC COAST LISE. VIA WASHINGTON To Charleton, Nnrnnitnh, St. Angu%tiue, New Orleans, Oalveatou, and all parts of (he Moath. ria Wcldoa, Wilmington nnd Colambia at the Old Ticket Agency, No. 40J Exchange Street W. D. LITTLE & CO. Agents. G3P*lnvalids and others going South, will find this route most desirable for comfort and expedition. Ask lor tickets via the Atlantic Coast Line, febltf The Old Union Passenger Ticket Agency! Is now as heretofore at NO. 191-2 EXCHANGE STREET, — WHERE — TRAVELERS FOR CALIFORNIA And the Weet, Sont h and Northwest, may procure Through Tickets at » lie lowest rates, via tne Michi gan Central and Great Western (via Suspension Bridge) Pennsylvania Central (via New York cltv), I Chicago, Bnrliir ton & Quincv, or Rock Island. Chi- j ?a-*o Λ North Western, and all the principal and fa- j Fori te routes to the PaHflc Coast and all other points. For Tickets apply to the Old Agency of \V. D. LITTLE Λ CO., 49 1-9 EXCHANGE STREET. jan30d3wietoetf 1 MEDICAL. Is becoming very conr.xuon in every «omrounity, ami the sudden deaths resul ling warn us t . seek some re lief. Hie disease as-ume* njany different f rnis, among w hi hue notice Palpitation' Lnlargcmtnt, Spasms Ossification or Bony Formation of the heart, Rheumatism. General Idebility, If'ateu about the Heart, Sinkiug ot the Spirits, Pains in the Side or Chest, Dilzzin ss, Sluggish Circulation of the bloc·/, and Momentary Stoppage of the Action of the Heart. These foiins of He-art Disease have he η cured by ®r· •■rare*' Heart Keen In for. and we do not hesitate to say it will cure them ag-iin. An> form ot Heart Disease will readily yield to its une, and we nave vet to learn of any ca*e where the Heart lîogu lator has been taken projterly and the i»arty not re ceived a marked benefit. • »ur ag. n·, on application, will fumis'i you wit ι oar circular, giving full dei«cri])tion of the disease, and alHv) a number ot testimonial* of cu es; and it Îou would like further proof fioin tl.c parties who avo Kivt-n the testimonials, write them and see what they say. We have sold many thousand battles of th% Heart Regulator, and the demand is still increasing. Wo are confident we arc doing the pub ic a benetit, and not trying to impose on them a worthless prepara tion. The price of the Ifirnrt Itc5jn!n!or is One Dol lar per isottle, and can be obtained ef any χ τ-* ι om L7X\ U janl3 deodAwly-wJ aanzs. Extract οί R-»ote and Herba which almost invari ably cure the following complaints:— Dywpepein, Heart Burn, Liver Complaints, aud Loss ot Appetite cured by taking a few bottles. Latitude, Low Spirits·, and Sinking Sensation cured at once. Eruption·!, Pimples, Blotch cs and all impurties of the blood, buisting thr· ugh the skin or otherwise, cured readily by following the direct! ne on the bottle For Kidney, Bladder and Urinary derange ments it has no equal ; one bottle will convince the most sceptical. Wermi, expelled from the system without the least difficulty; a few bottles are suiliciont for the most obstinate case. Piles: nne bottle has cured the most difficult caso when all other remedies faile J. i>crvou^ Difflcnltie·!, Neuralgia, Headache, &c., eased immediately. Κ he uni a tin ni, Swelled Joints, and all Scrofular Afflictions removed or greatly relieved by this inval uable medicine. Bronchitis,Catarrh, Convulsions, and Hysterics cured or much relieved. Difficult Breathing, Pain in the Lungs, Side an i Chest almost i variably cured by taking a few b.-t'.les of the Quaker \ liters. Female Difficulties*. so prevalent among American ladies, yield readily to this invaluablo med icine, the Quaker Bitters. Billion*, and Intermi?tant Fevers, so prevalent in many pans of our country, completely eradicated by the use of the Quaker Bitters. The Aged find in the Quaker Bitter* just ihe article thay ttand iD need of in th ir declining \ears. It quickens the b ooa and cheers the mind, and pave· the passage down ihe plane Inclined. No One can remain long unwe'd (unless afflicted wl h an Incurable di-easc,) after taking a few bottles of the Quaker Bitters. Sold by ail DruaviMt* nn:l Dealers in PREPARED BY DR. II. S. FLINT Sc CO.. At their Great Medical Depot 1C5 and 197 Broad Street, Providence, R. I. SOLD Δ Τ WHOLESALE BY W. F. Phillips & Co. & J. W. Perkins & Co., mhl7 PORTLAND. eod&wMwl2 DR. R. J. JOURDAIN, PBOPBIETOR OF ΤΠΕ Parisian Gallery of Anatomy, Boston HA'i Just publlehe<l a new edition of hie l?cluie containing most valuable information on th€ causée, consumées and treatment of disease « i 1 h€ reproductive system, with remarks on marriapc, and the vaiicu* eau sen of the loss of manhood, with lull instructions for its complete restoration ; also a chip i«r on »enereal infection, and the means qf cure, be ing the mopt comprehensive work on the subject eve: yet pnjlished, comprising 150 pages. Mailed tree to any address for 23 cents. Aidrass, Dr. Jenrdain's Consulting Ofilco. 61 Hancock Street, Bouton, Ma». junlSdlvr REASONS WHY THE PAIN-KILL ER MA>*UF*D BY PERRY DÀYIS & SOX 13 TEE Best Family Medicine of the Age ! And ichy it thjnld be kept ahcaye near at hand: 1st. Pain-Killer is the most certain Cholera cure that medical science has produced. 2nd. Pain-Killer, as a Diarrhoea and Dysen tery remedy, seldom if ever fails. 3rd. Pain-Killer will cure Cramps or Pains in any part of the system. A single dose usually effects a cuie. 4tli, Pain-K.ille» will cure Dyspepsia and In digestion, if used according to directions. 5th. Pain-Killer is an almost never failing cure for Sudden Colde, O-ughs, A·. Gth. Pain-Killer has proved a Sovereign Rem edy for Fever and As.'ue, and Chill 7ever; it has cured the most obstinate cases. 7th. Pnia-Killer as a liniment is unequaled for Frost Bites. Chilblains, Burns, Bruises, Cuts, Sprains, &c. 8th. Pain-Killer has cured eases of Rheuma tism and Neu algia after ears standing, 9th. Pain-Killer will destroy Boils, Felons, Whitlow», Old Sores, g{ving relief from Pain alter the first application. 10th. Pain-Killer cures Headache, and Tooth ache. 11th. Pain-Killer will save you days of sick ness and many a Dollar in time and Doc tor's Bills. 12Jh. Pain-K"Ucr is a purely Vegetable prep aration, safe to keep and to use iu every family. The simplicity attending i s use, together with the gnat variety of diseases ihat may be entirely eradicated by it, and th« g eat amount of ρ .in and suffering that can be alleviated through its use, make it iiu peratiue upon every person to supply themselves wiihtliis valuable remedy, and to keep It always near at hand. The Pain-Killer is now known and ap preciated in every quarter of the G1 .be. ΡΙιλ sicians rec"»mme .d it in their practice, while all classes of so i :ty have found in it telief an ι comfort. Give it a trial. Be sure and buy the genuine. Evoi y Drug gist. and nearly every Country Grocer throughout the land keep it for sale. mchlleodlm 0 L Djn HcîoodHûE5 1 BITTERS, Tua υ I MARK. Which has stood the test for more than 50 years is acknowledged the most reliable Medicine for the re lier of JAUNDICE, NERVOUS COMPLAINTS, WEAK NESS OF THE STOMACH AN Π BOWELS, L< >SS OF APPETITE, CuUGHS. COLDS, HEART BURN. BILIOUS ATTACKS. COLIC, CRAMP IN THE STOMACH. DIZZINESS AND DULLNESS OF Τ Η Ε HEAD, LIV ER COMPLAINTS. PILES, PIMPLES, BOILS. SOl'R STOMACH. CONSTI TUTIONAL WEAKNESS. Η Κ AD ACHE LOWNESS OF SPIRITS, COSTIVENESS.IΝ DIGESTION, DYSPEPSIA, and all complaints arisiug from an impure state ο the Blood, or th»· deranged com it ion of the Stomach Liver, Bowels or Kidnevw. This Preparation is purely Vegetable, containing Extracts in a highly concentrated form of Rome, Herbs and Barks—anion r which are Sareai-aiiHa» Yrllow Dock, Dandelion, Gentian, Wild Cherry . Or ange, Mandrake, Anise. «Juniper Benie?. Ac —-roaK~ ing a fine Tonic alterative au Λ Lnrative Medicine, which never fails to give tone and ntrengtht■* the syj tera debilitate·! by disease. AS A BLOOD PUK« 1 ER, GOODHUE'S B'TTEHS HAVE NO EQUAL. FLINT & GOLDTH WAIT, Proprietor», No. 21 St. Peter Street, Salem. Mas·. Sold by all Dealers iu Medicines goiie'aiiy. inari7 deodAwM"-» BAXTER'S PORTAPLE steai»; KYGIVE! T*c Safest am? Βrt-t In the wor ΙΊ. No ex ira iiiMiranca to pay. Semi lor Circular. MAUri:·, KDDV Jit., I«>n. Agi. Ne. ο rnnymnpl4H qiih>c, |1'·γ. Charh'ilowD Hi. Β Ο 8 Τ Ο Ν . 9m

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