Newspaper of Portland Daily Press, March 27, 1873, Page 2

Newspaper of Portland Daily Press dated March 27, 1873 Page 2
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THE PBES8. THÙBSDAY MORNING, MAB. 27, 1878. KvfîBY regular attache of the Press is furnished will) a card certificate countersigned by Stanley T. pullen, Editor. All railway, steamboat aud bote managers will confer a favor upon us by demanvling credentials ever> person claiming to represent our journal, as wo have information that several "hum mers" are seeking courtesies In the name of the Ρ κ ess, and we have no disposition to be, even pas A voly, a party to such fraud. We do uot read anonymous letters and communi cations. The name aud address of the writer are in all cases indispe ab e, not necessarily for publication but as a guarauty of good iaith. W ; cannot undertake to retaru or pre erve com· municauons that are not useu. Hon to Settle Railroad Quarrels. The telegraph announces that two railroad companies in the State of Ohio have institut ed a new method -jf making war upon each other. One rival company with its adherents seizes a road that it claims, tears up the track, cuts the telegraph wires and stops the trains and there waits the result. At list accounts the other party was approaching with its armed bands of men. Viewed from the ideal stand point of 19th cantury civilization and the advanced prece dent ot the Treaty of Washington,this method of settling a rial road broil, isn't quite the thing. Nevertheless there are valid roasons why an adjustment ot such troubles by an appeal to the arbitrament of revolvers and Henry's rifles, should be generally adopted. Humor hath it that e, cry Legislature in the land is scandalized by their outrageous enactments In the interest of railroad corporations. The State of New Jersey is often called New Scotland because of the power of Tom Scott over its legislation. The New York legisla ture has been so demoralized by fifteen years of railroad lobbyism that two of those bodies elected as reformers have agonized in vain to get out of the bad old ways. The legislature of Pennsylvania has its money valuation as accurately fixed by experienced railroad kings as is that of other property in the Siate. In Maine where all men possess such rare vir tue that they cannot be purchased by annual passes, the legislature does very strange things for railroads, aud neglects the business of the people. In short, from all we can gather from the papers, despite such rare and shin ing examples as Oakes Ames, Daniel Drew, Jay Gould, Commodore Vanderbilt and Tom Scott, the railroad rulers of the land are a class that the country would be more happy and virtuous vere it rid of them. Now suppose they change their mode of warfare so that instead of buying legislatures, bribing courts or justice and harrassing the people general ly, the magnat ;s be allowed to enlist their several bands of retainers, place themselves in tlie fore front ran s of their armed cohorts, and in every case where a dispute arises, set tle it by a vigorous appeal to arms in an open field where there can be no subterfuge. It' this new system of adjusting troubles is adopted and the great leaders are as valient on this arena as they have proved themselves persistent in demoralizing legislatures and good but weak men, we may not only expect a speedy adjustment, but that the railroads of the nation will be left without kings andown ers. Then we shall be prepared to adopt the plan of Mr. Charles Francis Adams, Jr., which is that the State own the railroads and run them for the benefit of the people ; for the mighty magnates and the corrupt corpor ations having committed mutual hari-kari, the roads will naturally fall to the State. The more we think of this plan the more strongly impressed are we with its great value ; for it will hurry up the millennial period at least a thousand years. Doubtless the Amer ican Peace Society and Mr. Bergh will pro test against this method, but let us remind them that peace must come by the tword. The pending fight between the Boston & Maine and Maine Central affords an excel, lent opportunity to try the experiment. We d>u't positively insist upon it; but if they conclude to fight it out on the lino we pro. let them give us non-combatants timely notice that w; may get to the rear. Last tall three young ladies paid tbe regular matriculation and entered the Penn sylvania Dental College at Philadelphia. During the first session the young women were among the first students of their class in diligence and intelligence. But at the beginning of the second session the doors of tbe institution were barred against them because twenty of the young men of the class petitioned tbe fac culty to refuse them further instruction un der the threat that they would leave the in itiation. One can hardly conceive of a young man so utterly deficient of the spirit of fair play as to object to a woman's obtaining a pro fession by paying for it, or of the utter soul lessness of a college faculty who would mildly cringe to the selfish dictates of such students. It is to be said in behalf of a large majority of the students that they signed an indig nant protest to the contemptible action of the faculty. A ο heat many, if not a majority, of the Roman Catholics of Michigan have lately been greatly exercised thiough the passage of a bill by the State Senate to restrict the powers of their bishops and clergy in the natter of excommunication and "discipline." The measure in question p-ovides for the punishment, by fine and imprisonment, of any church dignitary who shall take such a course with persons over whom he may claim to have religious control as shall affect their rights in civil actions. The subject was doubtless brought to the notice of the Legislature by Catholics who have suffered from arbitrary proceedings on the part of priests of whose management of church prop erty they have found good reason to disap prove. ■W atebville, which already has six Churches, is to have another. Mr. C. F. Hathaway, formerly a Baptist, on Sundav lait addressed a large assembly in the town hall. He announced that be bad fitted up a chapel on Main street, where he should preach on Sundays and conduit Sunday school, singing meeting?, prayer meetings •ηΛ silent meet'ngs. He modestly states that his superior spiritual-mindedness leads him to take thl« strange step. Good people say, "he means well, but"—and finish the sen tence by tapping the forehead significantly. "Alas for the rarity of Christian charity." Now that the members of Congress have | got or can cet the $6000 that a small major ity votei to all, it is really wonderful to see how many ways the people hare to suggest for its expenditure. One of our most respec ted citizens suggests that the whole amount bî donated to complete the Washington mon ument now balf completed at the national Capitol. Other gentlemen who most severe ly denounce the Butlerian raid, complacently suggest that the Congressmen drawing it eould embalm their memories by giving it to this or that institution. Have they forgotten the legal maxim : Qui/aeit per alium, facit Per tef Perhaps it would have been just as well if Senator Caldwell had not resigned his seat in t"ie United States Senate since it is said that he will be a candidate for re-election. Ex Senator Pomeroy's friends are confident that he will succeed. Following these two rather nn-avory gentlemen there is a large number of candidates, beginning with Congressman Lowe and ending with ex-Rev. Isaac S. Kal loch. Mr. Yorke Is not yet in the field, but the election does not take place until Janua ry, 1874. Josie Mansfield is represented to be ia Paris again, where she is playing the role made famous by Cora Pearl, and "bleeding the pocket of an American millionaire." It is oleasant to know that the lady puts on no foreign al-s, modestly preferring to etick to *ler beloved countrymen. Thil aggregate ice harvest on the Kenne bec amounts to the round figure of 320,000 tons. This goes to show that the Kennebec ers expect warm weather even if there is no immediate prospect of it. The Supreme Court of Illinois lately de- I cided that bonds issued by towns and coun ties for the purpose of influencing tbe selec tion ot certain sites lor public institutions are illegal. Tbe question arose through the re fusal of the Treasurer of Livingston County to pay interest on bonds given to aid in the construction of the State Reform School buildings at Pontiac. The Augusta agent of the Associated Press and night operator ot the Western Un ion Telegraph Company in that city, when he appiopriates our specials will do well to re write them instead of taking them bodily. Such a course will at least indicate a degree ot modesty of which on several occasions he has shown himself painfully deficient. Γηε investigation before the Committee 3f the New York Senate into the affairs of the Erie Railroad Company, reveals the tact that it cost $800 000 to capture the road from Jay Gould and his associates. Of course this large sura came out of the stockholders as other larger sums have. In a few years railroads will pay larger sums for useless wars and corruption than as dividends. A bill lias been introduced in the Massa chusetts House of Representatives placing all publications which illustrate or «'escribe the commission of crime in the same categoiy with obscene publications, and forbidding their sale under the same penalties. The venerable citizen who has found in an experience of fifty years that the last week of March is the time of all the weeks of the year to plant his early peas, now concludes that the full moon of April or May will do quite as well. The shipment of lumber from Burlington is 120,000,000 feet per year, not 12,000,000, as misprinted in our issue of yesterday. This it just about equal the amount of lumber hand led here yearly. Wednesday gold run up to 110 1-8, the highest figu.-e siuce September, 1870. The Fakragut Models.—No one seems to have a good word for the models of a statue to Farragut since the Congressional Committee rejected them all, and a correspondent of the New York Tribune cuts them up in this merci less fashion: Here are the models for the Farragut statue, which are almost without exception the ludi crous failures of unheard-of stoue cutters. Somebody named Turini illustrates bis capaci ties by an Admiral, which is a pleasant combi nation of a poet and a Pecksniff; and another somebody, called Pickett, turns his subject into a gold-laced clergyman of a mournful and sanc timonious aspect, who holds his glass gingerly to his waist with one hand, aud appears to be contemplating doubtfully the future prospects of al'. other Christians. C. L. Ostner presents a pedestal down which two dolphins wiggle, and at whose base stands a fat boy in the act of howling. On the top stands a pompous and ip:isnîhli» !■':trr:i(πJf, nf t.hp fin#» nlH trail ΐ finifa ru sort, w'io is apparently shouting strong lan guage at the noisy fat boy. J. Drishler, an other unknown, brings a thing whose most striking point is a brow, and which may be tru ly said to be a terror to its foes. Mr. Fiske Mills sends a figure of a gloomy and muscular policeman standing by a park fence and playfully labelled "Farragut" for this occasion ouly. Another Mills griuds ont a chubby and cherubic creature, who grasps his sword and points into the distance in the ex tremely inane fashion which it is well known all naval commanders adopt on important occa sions. The models of Rogers and McDonald— both lashed to the mast—are rather better than the ethers, having something of spirited and enthusiastic action, but they have not, among other lacks, the dignity that anything larger than a statuette requires. A Mr. Eze kiel is represented by a work which looks as much like an uuhappy Feejee as it does like Farragut. Miss Ream's was the only large mod el presented. It nobly sustains the reputation of the artist. It is the figure of a respectable old imbecile, with as much life, soul, verve, spirit about him as a tobacconist. Any plas terer might moid a hundred of bim in a year and never feel it: It is a consolation to know that though needing but one sorry vote to gain the commission, Miss Ream did lose it with the rest of the image-venders. That she came within one vote of getting It is a sufficient com ment upon the critical taste of Congressmen. Ex-Senatob Patterson's Case.—Ex-Sena tor Patterson has prepared a pamphlet of forty pages in which be reviews and criticises the report of the Senate Committee to investigate the Credit Mobilier matter, so far as relates to him. In conclusion be says: "Never in the history of the United States or of Europe did it occur that causes so weak pro duced agitatiou so intense in the higher circles of the government. If it were a great cata c.ysm of corruption and fraud which had over whelmed us like the South Sea bubble in Eng land, or the Mississippi bubble in France.there might be something to contemplate with senti ments of respect for the public weal, and of consequent severity of inquiry into imputed or suspected corruption on the part of men in high stations; men of hitherto blameless lives, unstained honor, and some of them Represen tatives of the semi-sovereign States of the Un ion; but no, it is nothing of the kind. It is only a bagatelle of stock in the Credit Mobilier, utterly insignificant as an inducement to vote adverse to the public interest, wnich was not purchased or owned with auy such thought,and with 110 nroof existing that the fact haa preju dicially affected any measure before Congress, and yet for such a cause as this each house of Congress bas given itself np to the functions ot a tnounal of inquisition,exaggerating the most innocent or indifferent acts into crimes,dissem inating mutual distrust and ill-willj severing long cherished friendships, and laboring to find in metnbtrs subjects of inculpation, which, if fouud, would serve no purpose but discredit and lisgrace the institutions and people of the [Jnited States. I say the people of the United States, for the Senators and Representatives ire the elected agents of the people; their vir ,ues and their vices are the common stock of he nation, and if the Senators and Represen tatives are higher than the people so mucb the more are the latter depressed in estimation by the errors of the former. As to the present inquiry let the Senate look the facte frankly in the face to see that the ef fect of the report, when considered alongside of the report made to the House, and of the ac tion of the latter is to make me the single vic tim of proceedings in Congress, instituted pro fessedly to meet accusations of the public press emanating from an act of larceny or burglary, and pursued under the whip and spur of that same public press. Congress, in the morbid state of mind produced by these investigations, has seemed to sup pôts that sensational paragraphs in the news papers, which are pleasant reading to-day aud are forgotten to-morrow· constitute the judg ment of the people of the United States, and so it seemed to have been thought that Con gress must undertake the great process of self purification in the ingenious form of suicidal self-iuim lation; but the oxcitement was here, and not amont the people of the United States. The moment Congress adjourns reaction com mences in favor of the martyrs to this super fluous agitation in Congress. Gentlemen—The most inculpated are received with triumph when tbey return to theii- respec tive States. The Administration suffers no prejuc ice, either from the panic terror of the Ituvuecu) «.»» IJUV v\|uuo,r p«u*v vwx&wx υΐ ων B1U cere among the accusers. Thus we were told that the investigations regarding the Credit Mobilier were to affect injuriously and perhaps defeat the Republican party in my own State of New Hampshire, when the contrary effect is in dicated by the electoral returns from that State, and indications of similar reaction have occur red iu other States. In conclusion, let me say that X have re viewed tbe report with anxious purpoae to dis· cipline myself to a candid examination of its contents; discharging my miud of the natural feeling ot'resentfulness, in view of the severe conclusions of tbe Committee, penetrating into the recessee of my owi conscience to judge my owe actions and motives, without reserve or mercy; in a word, discussi ng the case impar tially and without bias, favor or affection, as if it were a question of history relating to some third person of another age. of other foreign country; and on such a retrospect of the facts, I do solemnly appeal from the condemnatory opinion of the Committee to the better judg ment itself, of my countrymen and of my God. Suspicious Destruction ok λ Mail.—The Springfield Republican says there are strange rumors concerni ag the railroad accident near Springfield at two o'clock on the morning of March 8, by which a train was thrown from'the track down an embankment, and the mail car burnt. A large and valuable mail from Boston and Springfield to New York was utterly d<· stroyed, save tbe insignificant items of two reg istered and fifty other letters. The accident was attributed at the time to a broken rail. The circumstances of the affair are under investiga tion, and in the course of tbe week severnl sin gular facts have been developed. For instance, it is said that tbe padlooks of the destroyed bags were all found unlocked; that there w<rj fewer traces of burned paper around the scene than would bave been left by so many letters; and that the "broken rail" was not broken un til after the accident, but that tbe spikes which fastened it to tbe sleepers, had been removed. Mk. Geo. O. Gosse, the well known and brilliant Assistant Editor of the Arjus, has resigned his position on that journal with whicli he has been connected for fifteen years. During that period he has acquired an envia ble reputation as an accomplished and versatile journalist. Hu lias a happy and genial facility of expression, and an unfailing fund of good natured wit and humor. He will be seriously missed by the press of this city and we sin cerely hope that his retirement is but tempora ry. We learn that Mr. Gosse'e services have been secured by tbe Boston & Maine Railroad Company to look after their advertising in Maine and the Provinces. Nftws and Other Items. Chicago has converted 1,400 miles of bogs in to pork this season. From 30 to 40 cents wa3 paid for botter at St. Albans on Tuesday. An Iowa cattle show will bo undertaken this year without a horse race, for the purpose of seeing how it will work. A man has just been indicted otOma a oi taking a winter ride over the Union Pacific on the pass of a deceased Congressman. Thomas Ball, the sculptor, is engaged upon the modeling of a figure of Saint Paul. He has got beyond American statesmen. The Illinois Senate has passed a bill to regu late freight tolls on railways, and killed the compulsory education bill. There is a farm in Essex County, Mass., which has been in possession of the same fami ly for 237 years. Gloucester, Mass., like Portsmouth, Ν. H., proposes to have a reunion of itj sons and daughters next summer. Only six of the eighty scholars in the Du buque High School were able to write the Lord's Prayer corrctly from memory. The λ\ ilmington (Del.) Commercial thinks the-New Jersey Fishery and Oyster laws mod els of exclusiveness and injustice. A Florida paper complains that pigs are kept in the cellar beneath the church it its town, and that they squeal during services. Southern papers are beginning to urge the re moval of Jefferson Davis' disabilities, so that he may be sent to Congress. The new Indiana temperance law is being rigidly enforced in the State, and many cases are coming before the courts. The legal weight of a bushel of torn has been reduced in Iowa from seventy to sixty-eight pounds. President Grant, on taking his oath of office, kissed the words to be fonnd in tho eleventh chapter of Isaiah, second and third verses. The Russians are beginning to emigrate to America in such numbers as to attract atten tion in Europe. Policeman George W. Matthcwe of Lawrence his been arrested on the charge of bigamy. He has one wife in Webster, and another in L iwrence. Scotland lias just tried electricity as a means of firing blasting charges, and is surprised at the great masses of granite which wcie up heaved. General Mosby was informed by the Presi dent on Saturday that he shall visit Richmond and Norfolk in a few weeks, but shall not go any further South this year. The remains of the Leavenworth (Kansas) Bulletin was sold by the Sheriff, last week, for $1,128.75, to satisfy a judgment in favor of ex Seuator Caldwell. The farmers of Illinois are to hold an "anti extortion" convention in Springfield, April 2. All county and town agricultural societies are requested to send delegates, A British society has lately had its member ship increased by the reception of a gift of a hundred and fifty skulls from the Consul at Peru xue ttoston lYanscript says that nearly all the national hanks in this part of the country pay half-yearly dividends of five per cent. They have earned six or seven per cent since October. A Rhode Island man invented a torpedo in the shape of a kernel of corn, which is design ed for the beguilement of crows. As soon as that offensive bird takes hold of it, it explodes and blows the top of his hand off. A Mississippi Sheriff makes an uncommon demand upon public credulity, asserting that bjth he and his wife were chloroformed by bur glars, and $7,000 carried off from his house. The money was publ ic funds, of course. A gentleman in North Carolina built a fire in his house on his wedding day,twenty-five years ago,and has kept it burning night and day ever eince, and declares his intention never to per mit it to die out while he lives. A New Haven lady, who has been dumb for two months past, was frightened into distinct utterance, Saturday, by the sudden and silent approach of a member of her family while she was ransacking the attic of her house. An Alabama paper, describing a recent exe cution, says: "He apostrophized the sun and the trses, bidding them farewell, and, turning to the Sheriff, as the cap was being drawn over his head, said: 'Mr. Sheriff, do your duty.' " Two young ladies in a Minnesota town volun teered to nurse the family of a neighbor during an attack of a contagious disease, and both were taken ill, died, and were buried in a com mon grave. The Samana Bay Company has adopted a flag and seal, The colors of the former are blue, red and white, and the device of the seal in cludes figures of Columbus and Liberty, with the inscription "Onward," and the name of the company. Mankato, Minn., is to have a prize ball. The best dancer is to have a sewing machine, and the one who holds out the lougest a new suit of clothes. The best dressed lady is also to have a prize, and so is the gentleman who briugs the most girls. It is said that it has recently been discovered that liquor dealers in Iiarrisburg buy large numbers of empty ink-bottles, which the.v fill with whiskey and sell to the members as "ink, warrante 1 not to corrode," which accounts for the frightful stationery bills. The Pennsylvania constitutional convention has adopted a section making it bribery for a member of the legislature to receive from any corporation or person "any money, testimoni al, reward, thing of valne, etc.," for his vote, or to act as agent or attorney for a corporation or person. A Mr. Von Vlick, ex-medium, has made something of a stir in Chicago by the exposure of spiritualistic quackery. He has just pub lie) ed a general challenge to any medium in the city to make manifestations which he cannot expose. Several mediums offer to accept the challenge, and a lively time is expected. A Philadelphia physician makes the cheerful prediction that we are te have a period of pes tilences. Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Nep tune are all approaching the earth; and with them come pla?ne, famine, and very hot and bitterly cold weather. The docror was born several centuries too late. He would have made an excellent astrologer. A New York toy merchant imported, among other goods, a lot of little woodeu statues, rep resenting the London "heavy swell." It hap pened that the beard of the toy swell was made of wool, and the appr ι iser accordingly decided that a duty of 00 cents per pound and 35 per ι cent, ad valorem should be paid, as the manu facture was partly wool. This decision knock ed all the fun out nf the at.ohlna on/1 portation of Londod "swells" lias greatly di minished. STATE NEWS. ANDBOSCOOOIN COUNTY. The Lewi^ton Journal says that the Pine Wood District in that city gives us most re markable instances of longevity. The district which is the smallest rural district in the city) has a population of only forty-one persons' Two of these are between 80 and 90 years <5f agi, five between 70 and 80, eight between 60 and 70, four betwten 50 and 60, two between 40 and 50, eight between 30 and 40, four between 20 and 30, seven between 4 and 20, and only one under 4 years of age. AROOSTOOK COUNTY. Last week Houlton and vicinity got no mails from Thursd .y to Monday, in consequence of a snow blockade. The Sunrise says that Stephen Kason, of Presque Isle, raised 60 bushels of Lost Nation wheat on 230 square rods of land. The North Star and Sunrise are asking each other, "What does history teach?" Give it up. KENNEBEC COUNTY. The State Library is to replastered aud re painted, the books re-arranged and other im provements maue. J. S. Hobbs is Librarian, OapL Young, assistant. An Odd-Fellows' Lodge is to be organized at Augusta. There is uone there. The 8prague Mills at Augusta have a capac ity of 45,000 spindles. At present they are run ning 31,000 on print cloths, which are sent to Cranston, R. X , to be printed. The Spragues have $1,000.000 invested in Augusta. A new mill will be b'lilt next Summer, the bricks for which are already secured. J P. Wyman, of Augusta employs a capital of $100,000 in his sash ard blind manufactory. Col. Lamuert has erecied extensive car-shops and foundry on the opposite side of the river, and will soon occupy tbem. A company have have purchased Waverley Hall, Augusta, and will flt it up for a shoe fac tory, using the Cushnoc for a boarding house, if the city will permit the erection of a steam engine at the factory. The Coburn Land Company will sell per mits to cut lumber for a year to come and not operate themselves. KNOX COUNTY. (Tlmmaeton Correspondence.) Several women's rights meeting have been held in Thomaston lately. Much enthusiasm prevailed, and many were the speeches made both pro and con. The series of dramatic entertainments given in Thomaston last week, under tbe auspices of the Thomaston Library Association, were en- t tirely successful. Tbe drama "Among the Breaker-," and the farces "The Boston Dip" and "The Duchess of Dublin" were presented ] to delighted and crowded audiences. The net proceeds amjunted to $175. PENOBSCOT COUNTY. T. B. Wasgatt ie to begin the manufacture of wood type, printers' cases, etc., at Hampden. Qeoteo In galls, of Bangor, insane, aged 20, assaulted his mother Tuesday, knocking her down, says the Whig. Eddington has voted $100 fur α free high school. Business is improving iu Bangor. The town of Veazie is out of debt and Ins 86,977.90 iu the treasury. ' SOMERSET COUNTY. The lumbering teams that have been oper ating on Dead River during the winter, carno out Sunday. Farmers predict a poor sugar season this year. >VALDO COUNTY There is some doubi thrown ou the reported robbery of the Liberty post-office. The matter is in the hands of the post-office authorities. WASHINGTON OONTY. The Machias Union says that the wife of the Hon. Wm. A. Richardson, the new Treasurei iu President Grant's Cabinet, is Ann Maria, daughter of the lato Jonathan Marston, of Machiasport. Capt. Joseph Bryant, jr., at Englishman's River recently caught a deer alive, uuaided by man, dog or gun. YORK COUKTY. The Biddeford T:mes says that Mrs. Cordelia Gordon, of that city, was found dead in her bed. Cause : heart disease. Thomas Goodall, Esq., of Sanford Corner, is about to ctilarge his manfacturing business. Last fall he put in the foundation for a mill ou what is known as the Elijah Witham privilege, below the village. The new mill will be 100 feet by 50 feet, and will be put up as soon as the ground settles in the spring. Λ Triumphant Record. In glancing back at the history of proprietary med icines in this country, it becomes at once evedent that Hostetter's Stomach Bitters has been the mott bucc ssful of them all. The record of its triumph» covers a period of about twenty years, and daring that time it has probably restored to health and vig or a greater number of deuilitated invalids than all other tonics and alteratives combined. The amount of disease and Buttering that has been pre vented by its exten lsivo use as a preventive me^jcina is, of course unascerlainable, but it is a well known and undisputed tfact that the malaria which gener ates periodic fevers and many other distressing and dangerous disorders seldom, if ever, produue I any injurious, effect upon systems that liave been fort! ft od in advance by a course of this invaluable vegetable tonic. SPECIAL NOTICES. Cumberland Bar Association. Tho members of the Cumberland Bar Association are requested to meet at the Law Library at 32 o'clock M., to-day (ilmrsday). mar27snlt Per order. FOR FAMILY USE. THE H ALFORD LEICESTERSHIRE T-A-B-L-E S-A-U-C-E Thc best Sauce aud Relish Made in any Part ot tbe World —FOR— F-A-jVI-I-L-Y xj-s-e. Pint» .·.··. aO Cents. Half Pints .... 30 Cent*. FOR SALE BY ALL GROCERS. WONDERFUL CURES ! DR. URANN, OF BOSTON, Who lias made so many Wonderful Cures all over the New England States, is at the PREBLE HOUSE, Anil will Remain a Few Weeks. Every invalid shou'd see lim,no matter what their complain' may be. 20,000 Patients have been Created by him within the last ten years, ici'.h Wonderful Success. itcail the following Wonderful Cure* in IT1 nue t Dr. Urann, who lias ma'c so many wonderful cures in this towu and others, wll remain in town but a short t ime longer. He he had good success. The case of Μς. J. B. Redman Attorney at Law in this town, is truly a wonderful one, when Dr. Urann was called to see nim a week àfo F iday, he was not able to turn himself in bed; hate now able to walk the street and is daily gainng strength.—[Ellsworth American. The above statement, so far as I am concerned, is but the simple truth, and I cheerfully endorse it as an act of justice 10 Dr. Uann, and earnestly recom mend all person* afflicte with Rheumatism, Neu ralgia, or other kindred canplaints, whether acute or chronic, to give him a cil, being sanguine that he will cure them. JOHN B. KEDMAN. Ellsworth, Jan. 7, 1873. This will certify that 1 wis troubled with Sciatic Rheumatism and suffered geit paiu, was unable to sleep without taking morfiine, could not walk. I was carried to Dr. (Ji-ann* office, at the De Witt House, and after one trearmnt was free from pain, and have been able to work ver since. A. W. BAILEY. Auburn, May 7, 1869. ItwlSTONy May 7, 1869. This will certify that I haoiost the use of my lower limbs and was unable to r&lk or even stand, had several physicians who pron»iu;ced my case incura ble. He ring of Dr. Urani's Wonderful Cures, I sent for him. In loss than iwoek wa:· able to walk In the streets, and can now *alt two miles daily. JAAES F. BRADBURY. EiLSTORTH, Oct. 8,1887. To THE MACIIIA.S Repuiucan.—Gents:—As Dr, Urann, of Boston, is about i&ting your place, and a stranger in these parts, I knwvery well, like most physiciaus traveling, he will ie looked upon with sus picion, particularly as his cirei look miraculous. I had been obliged to walk oi crutches for one year, and for nine months was ni ab e to put my foot to the floor. My spine and ari were also so lame aa to nearly disable me. I could ot dress or undress my self, or get oft the bed witUat help. He treated my case last Friday morning:, nd in less than an hour after I was able to walk hae, a distance oi nearly halt' a mile, up hill, withoucru'ches, and have been gaining ever since. J. K. JORDAN, mch26sntf fhnerly Deputy Sheriff. KAKË tr a JttAKUAlii ί Δβ I aui about to close tbStore 96 Exchange St., two doors above my old sta3, I shall for one week, commencing with to-day, 2h, offer the goods in said store, consisting of: FRAMED rilROllO, KIVORAVINGN, ALBIJine, VANCUBVICL^,4L'C., AT C) S T! Those wishing to oraamjt their dwellings with handsome Pictures at low ices, will do well to call and examine my stock. β. H. €OL˧WOirni , JK.j&Cl*. mar 21 snlw SPRINC 187Î3. NEW GOODS ! NEW GOODS! ORIS HAWES & CO. cvgTom dehbtjient. We have now iu stock life constantly receiving some of the choicest Sh$s and most desirable Fabrics in SPRING OVE COATINGS, Suitings, Fancy Wean and Diagonals for COATS, ANEVESTS, TROWSERKGS, AND FANCYrESTINGS, —a ENGLISH] SCOT®, AND AmttlCAN GOODS that it was ever our pleasuio show our customers, and we are in readiness make everv STYLE of G ARMENT in the most tas thorough and fashion able manner. W. W. CII8AM

lias charge of this Denart»it, and will spare no Pains to please those who imst their orders to us. 290 and 292 CONtESS STREET, OPPOSITE PRI1LE MOI7IHE mchlO „ snd&w3w "to belet. Tke Front Office on the sqid floor in the Canal sational Bank Building, rcctly occupied by Mat ocks & Fox. Also rooms in the Third >ry. Enquire at the lank decTsntl SPECIAL NOTICES. IT IS LIKE clubbing a man AFTER HE is DOWN To use powerful Cathartics to care COSTIVENESS an J DV SPEPSH, the diseased organs arc sensitive nud tender—treat them tenderly. Do not use them roughly. A Ittedl· cine Like LORING'S Vegetable Specific Σ which is entirely free from any Cathartic property whatever—that tones, corrects and strengthens the weakened parts—is the true reme dy—reason teaches this and expe rience confirms it. Price $1. LOB ING, Druggist. Proprietor. Trade supplied by GEO. C. GOODWIN & CO., Boston; W. F. PHILLIPS & Co., J. W. PEBKINS & CO.. WHIP PLE BROS., Portland. mar22eulw „ A Book lor Every Alan, The "SCIENCE OF LIFE, or SELF-PRESEKVA TION," a Medical Treatise on the Cause and Cure of Exhausted Vitality, Premature Decline in Man, Ner vous and Physical Debility,Hyiwchondria, Impotency, Spermatorrhoea or Seminal Weakness, and all other diseases arising from the errors of youth or the in discretions or excesses of mature yearB. This is in deed a book for every man. Thousands have been taught by this work the true way to health and hap piness. It is the cheapest and best medical work ever published, and the only one on this class of ills worth reading. 190th edition, revised, much en larged, illustrated, bound In beautiful French cloth. Price only $1. Sent by mail post-paid on receipt cf price. Address PEA BODY MEDICAL INSTI TUTE, No. 4 Bullinch Street, Boston, Mass., or Dr. VV. H. PARKER, Assistant Physician. Ν. Β The author may be consulted on the above an well as all diseasesrequiringskill and experience. en mar25-dly BONDS! BONDS of western cities and counties, 10 per cent, interest and principal payable in the east. Private property as well as public rea lied. Debts very small in proportion to property and therefore easily paid. Careful investors are invited to call and examine the Bonos. L .ws and Decisions of the courts upon such securities and tflll find them very safe. Tnere is nothing better. CHARLES M. HAWKES, febCsntf 28 Exchange st.^Portland. FOR PIMPLES ON THE FACE, Blackhead and Fleshworm, use PERRY'S Improv ed Comedone and Pimple Remedy, the great skin medicine. Prepared only by Dr. B. C. PERRY, Dermatologist, 49 Bond St., Ν. Y. Sold by Druggists everywhere. mar22sn6m R. A. of P. F. D. Annual Meeting. The annual meeting of the Relief Association of the Portland Fire Department, will be held at ' he Office of the Chief Engineer, City Building, on WEDNES DAY Evening, April2rd, 18/3, at 8o'clock; To make •hoice of sixteen Trustees, and to transact any other legal business. mar26sntd C. H. LEIGHTON, Sec'y. Maine Poultry Association. The Trustees of the Maine Poultry Association will meet in Portland on FRIDAY March 28th, 1873. mar26 sntd CONSUMPTION CAN BE CURED SCHENCK'S PULMONIC 8TBUP, MCHENCK-8 SEAWEED TONIC, SfHENCK^ MANDRAKE PILLS, Are the only medicines that will euro Pulmonary consumption. Sometimes medicineâ that will stop a cough will of ten occasion the death of the patient. It locks up the liver, stops the circulation of the blood, hemorrhage follows, and, in fact, clogging the action of the very organs that caused the cough. Liver complaint and dyspepsia are the causes of two-thiids of the cases of consumption. Many are now complaining with dull pain iu the side, the bow els sometimes costive and sometimes to loose, tongue coated, pain in the shoulder blade, feeling sometimes very restless, and at other times drowsy ; the food that is aken lies heavily on the stomach, accompani ed with acidity and belchiug of wind. These symp toms usually originate trom a disordered condition of the stomach or a torpid liver. Persons so affected, if they take one or two heavy colds, and if the cough in these cases be suddenly stopped, the lungs, liyer and stomach clog, and remain torpid and inactive, and before the patient is aware of bis situation, the lungs are a mass of sores, and ulcerated, and death is the inevitable result. Schenck's Pulmonic Syrup is an expectorant which does not contain any opium, nor anything calculated to check a cough suddenly. Schenck's Seaweed tonic diss ν the food, mixes with the gastric juice of the sto ach, digests easily, nonrishes the system, and créât a healthy circula tion of the blood. When the els are costive, skin shallow, and the patient i3 a billious habit, Schenck's Mandrake Pills are required. These medicines are prepaired by Dr. J. H. SCHENCK & SON, Noi theast corner of Sixtb and Arch streets, Philadelphia. Penn., and tor sale by GEO. C. GOODWIN & CO., 38 Hanover street, Bos ton, and John F. Henry, 8 College place, New York. For sale by Druggists generally. sept3sueodtf Ayerill Chemical Paint Co., Manufacturera of PUREST WHITE ! ▲2TD Any Deaired Shade or Coler, Prepared for Immediate Application. SOLD By The GALLON 6NLY DURABLE, BEAUTIFUL, ECONOMICAL. D. M. YEOMANS, Genoral Eastern Agent, S3 Commercial St. Portland. »e28-codtf sn WANTED. Canada, New Brum wick and Nora Scotia Bills, — ASD — «OLD AMD SILVER COIN. J. B. BROWN & SONS, Bankers, 40 Exchange Street, fob25 sneodtf STORE RENT! Splendid Chamber room with water closot, Sebago water and every convenience. Enquire of mch20 LUFKIN & CO. FARM FOR SALE ! The Farm owned by the late Bailey Talbot, situat ed about $ mile "roiu the villiage of South Freeport, aud on the road between there and Yarmouth, This Farm lying on the tide waters ot Harriseeket River, can be easily dressed from the sea, and is un rivalled in the country as a hay farm. It contaius about 125 acres of land with plenty of wood. House and 2 Barns. Can be bought to advantage before the 1st of April For particulars enquire of M. X. Talbot, on the premises, or, H·. Talbot, No. β Clapp's Block, Con srrasfl St., Pnrtland Me REMOVAL ! DR. CHARLES Ε. WEBSTER, has removed to 74 Free Street. Portland, Jan. 23,1S73. Jan25entf House for Sale. AT GORHAM, ME., a large handsome two story house, rooms of both stories of good size and height ou a fine lot having 27A ro<!s front on South St., a short distance from Church, Post-office and Dcrot. The Choice Nituatiou in Gorham; besides numerous and fine shade trees, flower beds and hedges, there are nearly a hundred fruit trees, apple, crab-apple, pear, peach and cherry, ten grape vines, and a good garden contaiuing many currant bushes, gooseberry bushes, strawberry and asparagus beds tine pieplant, <tc There are about 33 acres of land, affording pasturage an I many choice house lots. Inquire of JOHN W. PERKINS. Portland, or Rev. Geo. A. Perkins, on the premises. mar!2sntf ROCK SLOOPS. J WANTED SLOOPS earring from flftv to one Hun dred Tons Kocks. Apply at No. 13 Cahoon Block near City Building between tlie lioure or one anci two, sever and nine o'clrck P. M. mariotf BANK OF PORTLAND. On, and after this date, the un 'ersigned will carry on a strictly Banking business, at tbe Banking Rooms now occupied by the Second National Bank; in Portland, Maine, under the style of the "BANK OF PORTLAND" and as such, will receive Deposits and make Discounts, in the regular course of the Banking Business. w. N. GOOLD. Portland, June 24th, 1872. jun23newlt then sn tf BATCHELOR'S HAIR DYE. This splendid Hair Dye is the beat in the world. The only True and .Perfect Dye. Harmless Reliable and Instantaneous; η ο disappoint ment; no ridiculous tints or on pleasant odor. Remedies the ill effects of bad dyes washes. Produces IMMEDIATELY a superb Black or Natural Brown, and leaves the ïiair clean, soft and beautiful. The genuine, signed W. A. Barcbelor. Sold by all Druggists. CHAS. BATCHELOR, Prop., Λ. Γ. octld&w .vrs κ To Let. THE commodious four storied Brick Store, No. 57 Commercial St.—immediate noscssinn given. Inquire of ELIAS THOMAS & CO , No. 90 Commercial St. Or of W. "W. THOMAS, Canal National Bank. seDtl2sntf MARRIKD. In Bath. March 20, Moses R. White, Esq., and Miss Aurelia Clark, both of Bootbbav. In Hartford, March 1C, Daniel A. Fletcher and Mies Amanda M. Jordan. In Bowdoinliam, March li>. Addleon G. Collins and Eudora Cromwell, both of Richmond. In Sidney, March 15, Frank S. Cowan and Clara A. Swift. DIED. In this city, March 26, Mamie Pitts, only child of the late Albei t P. ami Elizabeth Merrill, aged 12 yews and 5 month». In Livermore, March 19, Israel M., oldest son oj Davis and Sarah M. Larrabee. aged 21 years. In Aabnrn, March 22, Rev. Flavel Bartlett. aged 80 years 11 months. In Auburn, March 14, Mrs. Melvina J., wife ot Fayette Starbird, aged 18 years 10 months. In Lisbon, March 10, Mrs. Elizabeth, wife of Isaac Starbird, recently of Richmond, aged G6 years and 11 months. DEPARTURE OF OCEAN HTEAM* ·«« NAME FROM FOR DATF City of Havana New York. .Havana Mch 27 St Thomas New York. .Port Prince..Mch 28 Peruvian Portland. Liverpool... Mi h 9 Palmyra Boston Liverpool Mch 29 Celtic New York .Liverpool Mch 29 City of Paris New York. .Liverpool Mch 29 City of Mexico New York.. Havana A pi 2 Nevada New York. .Liverpool Apl 2 Abyssinia New York. .Liverpool Apl 2 Moravian Portland... Liverpool Apl 5 City of Montreal New York.. Liverpool Apl 5 Sarmatlan Portland. ..Liverpool Apl 12 Miniature Almanac Match 31, Sunrises 5.511 Moon rises. 5.40 AV. Sun sets 6.211 high water 10.00 AM MARINE NEWS. PORT OF PORTLAND, Wednesday, Mareh 90. ARRIVED. Steamer Franconia, Brarc, New York—passeneere and mdse to Henry Fox. Reports Pollock Rip Light vessel out of position. Passed on Nantucket Shoals portions of a wreck supposed to be the Celeste Clark, in a dangerous position to passing vessels. Steamer New York, Winchester, Boston for. East port and St John, NB. Schs A H Sawyer, Cook, and M L Newton, Gray, Calais for Boston. Sch Swallow. Cailow, Calais for Boston. Sch John Boynton, Hill, Calais lor New York. Sch L H Smith, Leach, Bucksport for Boston. Sch Utica, Thorn dike, Rockland—lime to C A Β Morse & Co. Schs Susan, Bishop; Equal, Kennieton; Ida Hud son, Greeley, and Pallas, French. Rockland for New York. Sch R Hodgdon, Melvin. Rockland for New York. Schs Richmond, Guptill· Odeon, Morton ; fDela ware, Kellar, and Ariosto, El well, Rockland for Bos ton. Sch R Baker, Robinson, Thomaston for Boston. Sch G \V Rawley, Rawley, St George for a Southern port. Sch Près Washington, Rowe, Georgetown. Me. Selis J W Brown, Blake, and Cyrena Ann, Blake, Boothbay. Sch J <4 Craig, A1W, Boothbay. Sch Rosanna, Berry, Boothbay for Boston. CLEARED. Steamer Glendon, (Br) Sulis, St John, NB—John Porteous. Barque Ellen Stevens, Howe, Matanzas—George S Hunt. Barque Cephas Starrett, Babbidgc, Matanzas—Geo S Hunt. Sch Isaac Rich, Bryant, Boston—Ε Freeman. Sell Geo- Calhotfu, (Br) Price, St John, NB—John Porteous. MEMORANDA. Barijue Mary C Fox, which sunk over a year ago on the west side Stone Horse Shoal. Vineyard-Haven, has rolled over and is no longer an obstruction to ves sels passing that way. Part of the carzo of barque Celeste Clark, which consisted of rails, oar iron, crockery, &c, will be sav ed. The vessel has broken up and a large part of the wreck is floating about in the viciuity. Sch Maria C Frye. which went ashore below Wil mington last fall, has been floated oft and towed up to port. She was sold to the Wrecking Co and will J be converted Into a lighter. DOMESTIC PORTS. NEW ORLEANS—Below 19th, ships John Patten, Wvman. Havre; Thos Harward,Chisham, do: Gene Ù4-1-1-I ·' * « « - Cld 20th, ship Baden, Dyer, Havre; scbs Sylvan, Randall, Havana; W F Cushing, Cook, Fall River, man, Stetson, Havre; sch Lady Woodbu y, Wood bury, U ι ilia . Cld I9tb, brig Maria W Norwood, Washburn, lor Providence. Ar at SW Pass 2lst, ships F Ρ Sage, Urqubart. tm Havre ; Ellen Southard, Woodward, do, and sailed for Galveston. JACKSONVILLE—Ar 17th, scbs Saarbruck, Clark, New York. Ar 19th, sen Florida, Gilmore, New York. Cld 13th, schs Casco Lodge, Walker, New Haven ; 19th. Susan Stetson, Yates, Providence. SAVANNAH—Sid 20th, scb Cbas Sawyer, Mullen, New York. BRUNSWICK—Cld 19th, sch W Η Mailer, Crow ley. Philadelphia. S ATI L LA MILLS—Ar 10th, sch C R Flint, Doug lass, Bath. BALTIMORE—Ar 23d insc, sch Emma McAdam, Marsh. Demarara. Below, brig Harry, Sedgley, from Sagua. Cld 24tb. briï Proteus, Dyer. Sagua. PHILADELPHIA—Ar 24th, brigs Thomas Owen, Guplill, Matanzas; Helen Ο Phinney, Boyd, Sagua; Loch Lomond, Gilchrist, Matanzas. Ar 24th, schs Alfred Keen, Robinson. Savannah; Alzena, Boynton, Cardenas; Susan Ρ Thurlow, Tab butt, do. Cld 24th, barque Nina Sheldon, Sheldon, Antwerp; sch Saml Fish, Teel, Boston. Cld 24th. barques Aberdeen. Treat, for Matanzas; Sam Sbeppard, Evans, for Cienfuegos. Ar at Delaware Breakwater 24th inst, brig Walter Howes, Pierce, from Matanzas; sch Chattanooga, do for New York. NEW YORK—Ar 24th, schs S L Burns, Crosby, Pensacola; A Clarence,Freeman,Portland ; ClaraJane McAllep, do; Sedonia. Alley, Rockport; Ε C Denni Bon, Allen, Southport; Sunbeam. Gilley, Providence; Geo Sbattuck, Mills. Thomaston; Fred Dunbar. Per kins, New Haven ; Sedona, Wall, Rockport for New ark ; Adeline Hamlin, Lewis, Providence. Ar 25th. brig Ida L Ray, Pressev. Caibarien 1C days Ar 26t.h, barque Keystone, Matthews, Boston. Cld 25th, sch Israel Snow, Pease. Barbadoes. NSW HAVEN—Ar 24th, schs Kate Foster, [farra ti en. Mayaguez PR for New York, (and sailed); G L Bradley. Ohiptvan, St John, PR, 1G days, (and cld for New York.) PROVIDENCE—Ar 25th, schs Hannie Westbrook, McFarland, Philadelphia ; Cyrus Fossett, Pierce, Portland. Ν Ε WPORT—Sid 24th, schs Wm Stevens, Merrill C Staples, So Amboy for Newburyport ; Chas Comery, Creamer, Portland for New York, (lost anchor on the Shoals); Ρ S Liudsey, Hamilton, from do for Shelter Island. Ar 25th, sch Eureka. Stanley, fra Port Johnson for Vinalhaven; Saxon, Hammond, Portland for New fork. Std 25th. scbs Chae Comery» Saxon. Ρ S Lindeey. BOSTON—Ar 25th, barques Clotilde, Mi'ler. Cien fuegos; Scotland, Rogers.Baltimore; schs Tarry Not, Timmons, Philadelphia; Cynosure, Young, Rockport ; Jennie Howard, Knight. Bath. Ar 26th, barques Nettie Merriman, Rollins, Passa roeang; Henry Buck, Nichols, Pmbolingo. Cld 26th, schs Geo G Jewett, Patterson, Portland; Danl Webster, (formerly baroue) Haskell, for Mansa nilla. SALEM—Ar 23d, sch Paragon, Hickev. Eastport. GLOUCESTER—Ar 25th, schs John H Perry, Kel ley, Newcastle for Portland ; Hope On, Chase, do for do or Belfast. PORTSMOUTH—Ar 23d, sch Hattie Turner, Tur ner. Savannah. CASTINE—Sid 24th, sch Henry Whitney, Perkins, I Rockport, to load ice for Wilmington. FOREIGN PORTS. Cld at Liverpool 12th ult. barque Chasca, Jackson, Rio Janeiro. Ar at St Pierre 1st ult, sch Nellie, French, from Barbadoes. Sid tin Kingston J 10th inst. brig Selma, Richard son, Milk River and New York. In port 15th. sch John Wentworth, Lewis, from Wilmington, ar 15th. Sid fm Montego Bay 5th inst, sch Winona, for New Orleans. Sid fm Halifax 20th ult, sch Maggie, for Portland. Ar at St John, NB, 24th. schs Julia A Merritt, Hindon, Cienfuegos; Abbot Devereux, Rich, and Five Slsteis, Hooper. Boston ; L M Knowles. Peterson, do, Carrie, Bunnell, and Annie B, Sccord. from Portland ; Humming Bird, Finlay, do. Cld 22d, barques Colin Ε McNeil, Crowell, Carde nas; 24th, Lalla Rookb, Dakin, Montevideo. SPOKEN. Jan 3. lat 49 S, Ion 51 W, ship Sagamore, from Cal lao for Valencia. Jan 24. lat 21 48 S, Ion 27 10 W, ship Frederick Fish, from Callao f«>r Queen stow n. Jan 30. no lat, &c, ship Regent, from San Francisco for London. Feb 14, lat 48 N, Ion 25 W, brig Kilty Coburn, from Mansanilla for Hamburg. Feb 27, lat 40 15. Ion 69 30, brig Isaac Carver. March 14, lat 30 20, Ion 73. sch St Croix, from Rockport for Norfolk. Allan Line. Montreal Ocean Steamship Co.' UNDER CONTRACT FOR THic r»B»vivn nr -row Cauailian and United State· Mails. Passengers booked to London derry and Liverpool. Return Tickets granted at Reduced Kates. The Steamship PEBDTIAK, Capt. Richardson. Will leave this port for Liverpool on HATIIRDAT, march Md, immediately after the arrival of the Train of th previous day from Montreal. Passage to Londonderry and Liverpool, Cabin (ac· coidlog to accommodations) 87© to $8C Payable in Gold or its equivalent. For Freight or Cabin Passage, apply to H. & A. ALLAN, No. 1 India St. F. r Steerage Passage inward and outward, and loi Sisht Drafts on England for small amounts apply t( JAMES L. FARMER, No. 3 India Street. Portland. Nov. 19th. 18T2. novMtf Β Ο NJ) S! Portland City - β's Rockland City 6's Bath City 6?s bangor City 6's St. Louis City e's Leeds & Farmington, (Guaranteed,) 6's Haine Central, Consolidated. - - Cook County, Illinois, - - " ?'s Wayne Connty, Illinois, · · ' » Iowa Central, Gold, · · - · 7'a Toledo, Ohio, - - · 7.80'e Northern Pacific Gold, « · · 7.30's West Wisconsin R. It., Gold, · - 7'a Atlantic & St. Lawrence R. R. Stock and Defered Rent Script Bought. FOB 8ÂLE BY WM. E. WOOD, Ag't, Sept 7-dtfls 67 Exchange St. W. C. BECKETT, Merchant Tailor ! 137 MIDDLE ST., till keeps up lite reputation for selecting STYLISH GOODS, s you will see by looking uto his window, and call ig in to examine New Goods Just Received. .37 MIDDLE STREET. mar 14 (Ww NEW ADVERTISEMENTS annual r κ port of the equitable Life Assurance Society JANUARY 1, 1873, Ket Cash Assets January 1,1872 813,017,715 63 BEcsirre: $23,437.700 49 DISBCBSEJIESTS : ' ' Cairns bv death and addi tions thereto <imw. ,, Matured Endowments and ' ' additions thereto 04 «m m Cdsh Dividends and Sur- " ' " render Values 1 ggo ftAa -to Annuties Paid, .7.7; ''"J;"» ]» Total paid to Policy Holders. <13 gj« osq *>■ Dividend on Capital if, Reinsurance ;jij Commuted Commissions. 68.908 15 Commissions 554,7G6 84 EXPENSES ; Printing, Stationery and Agency Expenses 139,127 65 Advertising, Salaries and Office expenses 385,903 32 Taxes anil Legal Charges.. 93,864 57 Medical Examiners' Fees.. 67,3t8 43 Sundry Expenses (Ex change, Postage, Ex pressage, etc.) 85,229 24 Profit and Loss 5,076 74— 5,031,807 II Net Assets (exclusive of Future Prem iums). -81 ,405,933 18 INVESTED AS FOLLOW·: Bonds and Mortgages—$12,226,572 50 Keal Estate unencumber ed, Includlug purchases under foreclosure 2,331,359 05 Stocks created by the Laws of the United States 7(9,330 37 Stocks created by the Laws of iheStatL of New York 1,031,576 59 Stocks of other Slates 62,263 84 Cash on hand, in Bank and other Depositories on interest (including cash in transmission due prior to Jan. 1,1873, and sinee received at New Yoik Office and invest ed) 1,354,189 81 Temporary Loans secured by Collaterals 087,601 00 Actual Cash Investments 818,405,953 16 Interest and Bents due and accrued— 135,820 70 Premiums in hands of Agents and in course of collection, supplies and other property 319,311 05 Deferred Semi-Annual and Quarterly Premiums for the year 726,410 00 Safes, Fixtures, Furniture, etc 107,558 20 Total Assets Jan. 1,1873 819,695,053 20 TOE AfSETS ABE THUS ΛΡΡΒΟΡΒΙΑΤΚΓ). Total Liabilities, including reserve for reinsurance or existing Policies 817,074,963 03 Capital Stock 100,000 00 Tontine I'oHcies Γ. ™. "" »,520,080 17 «19,695,053 20 From the above surplus of «2,520,090.17 the Society bas declared a reversionary dividend available on settlement of next annual premium to participating poli les proportioned to their contribution to surplus. The cash value of such reversion may be used on set tlement of premium, when the sair.e becomes due. OFFICES OF THE SOCIETY, ■ 120 BROADWAY, SEW YORK. ROBERTS & CLARK MANAGERS FOB MAINE, I Office, 65 Exchange Street, PORTLAND, ME. JOSHUA ΝΤΕ, GENERAL AGENT, AUGUSTA, HE uc&27 eod3w&wlt ttlVINITY SCHOOL· —OF— Harvard University* THIS SCHOOL is open to persons oi all denomina tion·. Pecuniary aid is attarde I to those wi ο are needy and deserving. The next Academic Tear will begin SEPTEMBER 3«th. Farther Information «111 ba given on application to Pr*r, OLirEBITElB!», D. D , or Prtf. E, J. YOC1YC, Cambrllge, Mass. aar?7-lamtjel-thenedtjyl Piano Tubing. Orders attended to personally by ED. B. ROBINSON, Pian* Ruai, S Cahssn Black. (Opposite City Hall.) mar?7-d3a. J. B. Brown & Sons, BANKERS, No. 40 Exchange St., PORTLAND, MAINE. Business the same as an Incor porated Bank. Interest allowed on Deposits. Dealers in Government Bonds. Gold and Foreign Exchange. Investment Securities constant ly on hand. Ja.i29 istt W. C. CLARK. 103 FEDERAL STREET, 3 Door» East ef Temple St., PORTLAND, ME. GAS AND WATER PIPING. Gas and Water Pipe iutroduced into House*, Halle, Hotels and public buildings in a iaithful manner. Also, Qas Fixtures, Images and Busts rebronzcd and made to look as good as new. Gas Rings and Jwts made to order. Mr. C., who for several years past has been in the employ of Mr. Kinsman, hopes by promptness and strict attention to business to merit a fair ebaro ef public patronage. febl8dtf Special neelinir· A SPECIAL meeting of the St^kholders of thc Atlantic and St. Lawrence Baita^ ComMiiy will be held at the Company's offl£e °,o WEDNESDAY the second day or April ibis, al lu o'clock A M.-To ice if the stockholder» will accept un »i>t nf tht: Leiriplatnro of the Stste of Maine, ^titled an "Act actional to an Mt to establish the Atlantic ât St. Lawrence Railroad Company," ap proved February 4th, 1873. To see if the stuckh.lders will ratify and confirm the act'on of tbe Directors lu authorizing and in structing the Treasuier to endorse tn the name of the company, the bonds of ths Grand Trunk Railway Company of Canada, issued In renewal of bonds of the St. Lawreuce Λ Atlantic Railroad Company, indors ed by this Company. Per order of the Directors. F. R. BARRETT, Clerk. Portland, March 12,18T3. marlîdtd NEW OYSTER HOUSE. T. S. HATCH Respectfully informs bis friends and tbc public that hfl has leased and fitted tip in goo-1 shape store If·. JI07 Cenfrffli Street» nearly opposite Brown street. A fall supply of fresh Oysters, cooked in every style, and for sale by tbe quart or éallon con stantly on hand. Hatch's celebrated Ice Ci earn sup plied to parties on call. mcbetf City ol Portland. City Cl'RK's Officb, March 21, 1873. UPON the petition of Sise A Nevena for permis· sion to remove their stationary steam engine in store No. 176 Fore street to store No. 178 Fore street, notice is hereby given that on MONDAY, the 7th day of April next, at 7J o'clock P. M., at the Aldermen's room in tbe ity Building, a hearing will be bad of all parties interested in said petition. Per order, H. I. ROBINSON, City Clerk. mch22 dtd COR N1 .Just received 15,000 BUSHELS PRIME YEL LOW CORN. — FOB SALE BY — W"··* PBimn. 168 C—mtial Mlrrel. m#r26d2" Head of Merrill'· Wharf MISCELLANEOUS. Eastman Brothers WILL OPPEK On Monday, March 24th, NEW DRESS WOODS ADAPTED TO THE SEASON. — ALSO — BLACK GOODS! Brillianteen from 50c. to $1.&0. Alpacca from · 25c. to 1.00. Cashmere, Cretonne, Thibet, Henrietta and Coburg IN VARIOUS QUALITIES, Special Bargain» — IN — White Goods and Table Linen, Napkins, Doylies, Towels, Ac. SPRING ^WOOLENS — POU — HEX AND BOYS. Print,Cambric & Ginghams A large variety of CHOICE NEW DESIGNS Eastman Brothers, 333 Congres» Street. mch22 dtf BONDS FOB SALE, Portland 6's Bangor β'· St Louis ..... β'β St Louis Count}- . - 7's Cook Connty - 7'· Chicago - 7'a Colambns, Ohio 8's Leeds t Farmington B. R., guaranteed H's Portland & Rochester R. R. · - 7's Maine Central R. R. - - . 7's Central R. R. of Iowa <«'old · 7's Chicago, Danriile & Yincennes K. R., iiviiiuctn &u nu χν· η.· utum · revu Atlantic & St. Lawrence Β. B. Stock and Deferred Bent Scrip Bought. H. M. PAYSON, BANKER AND BROKER, 32 Exchange Street, PORTLAND* marl3 dtf BONDS. New York City Γ «·.... β' ii Brooklyn City - β'β Jersey City - 7't Elizabeth City · - - - 7Ί Canada Southern R. It., Gold, - 7'a Β. Λ Cedar Rapids R. R., Gold, - 7'· Northern Pacific R. R., Gold, - 7-80'β FOR SALE BY R. A. BIRD, 97 Exchange St· feb25 GRASS_SEED. 2000 Bags Western Timothy Seed 1500 " Canada " '· lOOO « Red Top . « 500 " Hlkhigan Clover " 200 " Ohio » ♦· 400 " No. New York " " lOO " Pea Vine, " " ISO «' Alsike " " 100 η millet " lOO " Hungarian brass " IOO " Orchard " FOR SALE AT THE Lowest Cash Price. KENDALL & WHITNEY. mclil'C tf COPABTNEBSHIP NOTICE. THE undersigned have this day formed α partner ship under the style of Craig, Jackson & Brackett, for the purpose of carrying on the Plastering, Stncco and Mastic easiness in all its branches, and have taken tbe stand NO. SO PLEASANT STREET, (formerly occupied bg Jennings Λ So».) All orders tor Whitening, Whitewashing and Coloi ng will be promptly and faithfully executed. A llb :ral share of public patronage respectfully solicited. JOSEPH CRAIG, CHARLES JACKSON, SAMUEL H. BRACKETT. Portland, March 19,1673. mch20eodlm HAMBURGS! WE shall onen this day one of the largest and best line of Edges and Insertion , ever opened in Portland, and at prices that defy competition GREAT BARGAINS AT 121.2c, 2©c, 25c, 50c. COYELL & COMPARY. HAMBtJRGS ! ' Jan2< tf GAS NOTICE. Orders for removal of obstruct ions in service pipes, if left at the Office in the Morning will be at tended to same day; if lelt late in the day, they may not receive at tention till next day. Argos and Advertiser copy. JauSldtf Bible Society of Itlaine. THE Annual Meeting of this Society for tb. election of oBieers for the ensuing year, and the tr»nsac tion of other business, will be held at the Yonng Mens' Christian Association Rooms, on Thuredav. April 3rd, 1873, at 4 o'clock P. M. ». , W. H. HOBBS, Bee. 8«'j. Portland. March 20, U73. marttdtd main*. Savings Bank. IV·. 10Φ niddle Street Portland. DEPOSITS made in this Bank, on or before April 3d, 1873, will draw interest from April 1st. NATÏIL. F. DKEKINQ, Treasurer. Marcli 21, 1873. d&wtd Final Dividend. THE final dividend of 21 per cent, on the estate of TCm. H. Melchor « Co.'will be paid »t the offlce of Cummlnn, Leavltt & Wldbnr, 220 Ctmmerclal Street, between the hour» ot four and si* P. M. Per order Assignees. Portland, March IS, 1873. martedlw· For Sale. HEAVY EXPRESS WACO,V,(new) — fob sale cheap — THOU. ΙΑΒβΗΙΙ» Λ SON, mar26ti 183 Consearrclal Street For Sale. THE SEBAGO DTE HOUSE, No. 17 Plum St., la in good condition with all apparatus neee.s rv 'or the basinet·. Apply to the proprietor at Ν . 33 Sewbnry street or to J KEtD, Brown's Block, eor. Ingres* aud Brown atreet. mar25t odtf FOB MOTH PATCHES, FRECKLES^ And TAN, uaePEBBV'S Moth and Freckle Lotion, t li «ILIAELF and a aim leu Sold by DntggieU rerywhere. Depot, it Bond St., N. Y. marMaaem

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