Newspaper of Portland Daily Press, March 28, 1873, Page 3

Newspaper of Portland Daily Press dated March 28, 1873 Page 3
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T PC E PR ESS. FRIDAY MORNING, MARCH 28,1873. THE PREM8 May be obtained at the Periodical Depots of Fes senden Bros., Mara ills. Robinson, Branell & Co. Andrews,Wentworth, Glcndeuniug Moses, Hender «on, aud Chisholm Bros., on all trains that run out or thecity. At Bid deford, of Pillsburv. At Saco of L, Hodgdou. * At Waterville, of J. S. Carter. At Gorham, of News Ageut. At Bath, of J. O. Shaw. At Lewiston, of W. F. Stanwood, CITY AND VICINITY. New Adverlifcenieiits To-Day. ENTERTAINMENT COLUMN. City Hall—Lecture by Rev. Samuel Davies. Grand Assembly—Lancaster Hall. NEW ADVERTISEMENTS. For Sa,c—Edwin Churchill. Wilson’s Supoiphosphate ot Lime. Up am’s Asthma Cure. Pressman Wanted—Orin Hawkes & Co. Wanted—Cutters. Assessors* Notice. MISCELLANEOUS NOTICES. Brick House to Rent—Dr. Lamb. Stated Meetings. CITY GOVERNMENT. The Board of Mayor and Aldermen meets the tirst Monday evening of each month. The Common Council meets the second Monday eveuing of each month. Tiie School Committee meet the third Monday eve ning of each mouth. MASONIC At Masonic Hall, No. 95 Exchange Street. YORK RITES. blue lodges—Ancient Land-Mark, first Wednes day; Pori land, second Wednesday; Atlantic, third Wednesday. Chapters—Greenleaf R. A. C., first Monday; Mt. Vernon, K. A. C., third Monday. Council—Portland C. R. & S. Masters, second Monday. Commanderies of K. T.—Portland, fourth Mon day : St. AlbaiiB, second Thursday. Grand Bodies—Grand Lodge, first Tuesday in May; Grand Chapter, first Tuesday evening in May; Grand Council, Wrednesday 3 p. m.; Grand Cora mandcry, Wednesday evening. ANCIENT ACCEPTED SCOTTISH RITES. Lodge—Yates Grand Lodge of Perfection, first Friday. Council—Portland Oouncil P. of J., second Fri day. Chapter—Dunlap Chapter Rose Croix do H., third Friday. Consistory—Maine Consistory, S. P. R. S., fourth Friday in Maich, June, September and December. I. O. O. F. At Odd Fellows* Hall, No. 88 Exchange Street. Lodges—Maine, on Monday evenings; Ancient Brothers, on Thursday evenings; Ligonia, on Friday evenings; Beacon, on Tuesday evenings; Ivy, D., of K., second and fourth Saturday. Encampments—Machigonno, first and third Wed nesdays; Eastern Star, second and fourth "Wednes days; Portland, first and third Saturdays. He lief association—Every third Tuesday in the month. TEMPLARS OF HONOR. At Templars* Hall, No. 100 Exchange Street. Council—Maine, first and third Mondays in each month. Temple—Forest City, No. 1 even* WTednesdav evening. Maine Charitable Mechanic Association— Corner of Congress and Casco streets. First i hurs day in each month. Young Men’s Christian Association- Corner Congress and Casco streets. Every evening. Portland Fraternity—No. 3531 Congress street. Every evening. Knights of Pythias—Bramhall Lodge. No. 3, Thursday evenings; Munjoy Lodge, No. G. Wednes day evenings. At their Hall. (Japp’s Block, Market Square. - Grand Army of the Republic—Bosworth Post, No. 2; corner Congress aDd Casco streets, Fridav evenings. —-'Jutland Army and Navy Union- Corner PnnoTAKfl find llrnn'ii UMret I'uocH<n aq<-Ii month. Sons or Temperance—Portland Division, No 95; Sons’ of Temperance Hall. Friday evening. Independent Order of Good Templars—Ar cana, Monday; Mission, "Wednesday;—in Williams’ block, Congress Btrect, Mystic, Thursday; Atlantic, Saturday;—at Sons’ ol Temperance Hall, Congress street. Iron Clad, Thursday, at West End; Pocahon tas, IttnifBday. Portland Typographical Union, No. 75—Cor ner Congress and Casco streets. Second Saturday in eaih month. Municipal Court. BEFORE judge morris. Tuesday.—Henry W. Shaw. Truancy. Sentenc ed to Kcform School. Execution of sentence suspend ed conditioned that the respondent attend school regularly hereafter. * Brief Jottings. The “Tiger” is in the dry dock, having her shaft put in. F. Lannegan & Co., of this city are to fin ish the new steamer “City of Portland.” Hon. Neal Dow sails for Europe Sunday week. / There was no afternoon session of the Su / perior Court yesterday because of the funeral 1 of the late Henry P. Deane. _ Iceland on the shady side of the streets yes terday, aud the tropics on the sunny side. The icy condition of the rails yesterday morning caused locomotives to stand still and mark time. There were several had falls on icy steps yes terday morning. An Irishwoman fell on Union street injuring her side, and a dry goods clerk on Congress street, injuring his ankle. An English shilling, on exhibition in Mc Duffee’s window, will be three hundred years old if it lives another year. A yacht of six tons burden is about to he launched for Mr. E. T. Merrill. The period of ice encased twigs has set in. The first exhibition of the season was given yesterday morning. The fishing fleets have begun to arrive. A vote of thanks from Portland Commandery K. T., to Bichard Coenr de Lion Commandery K. T., of Montreal, is on exhibition at Hale’s. It was exieuted by Mr. Sliaylor. There is to be a bachelor ball after Easter. Bev. James De Normandie, of Portsmouth, is expected to officiate at the First Parish next Smday. The Boston & Maine Railroad Company are budding about twenty elegant passengercars of a new aud improved pattern. A new smokiDg car lias just been put on tbc rails, and two drawijg-room ears, of the Wagner pattern, are nearly completed. See advertisement of boy wanted. See advertisements of house-lots for sale. A man who applied for lodgings at the police station last night told Uncle Oliver that he wanted a softer bed than he had Wednesday night, and that lie wouldn’t sleep there acothei night unless he had it. The usual Park Street sociable came off lasl night The Grand Armyr Sociable last night passed off, "s usual, very pleasantly. There were seven drunkards and thirteer lodgers at the police station last night. Prof. Churchill and wife are at the Preble House. Officer Rice found an old man at the foot oi Cross Street last night, very drunk, who was trying to pull a pair of stockings over his hands. The man belongs in Gorham, and says he has three wives living, who are all .much worried about him. There were two men each over seventy years old arrested for drunkenness yesterday. Two matrimonials infilicilated yesterday,and were arrested therefor. Funeral Services.—The funeral services over the remains of the late Henry P. Deane took place at his late residence, No. 50 State street, at three o’clock yesterday afternoon, th® Rev. E. Y. Hincks officiating. There was a very large attendance, many prominent busi ness men of the city being present, as were al so the directors of the Portland and Rocheste: Railroad and a majority of the members o Cumberland Bar. The pall bearers were Ger S. .T. Anderson, Judge Virgin, Judge Goddard and J. 8. Palmer, Esq., college classmates c the deceased. The remains were taken to Ev ergreen Cemetery for interment.. Saucy Compliment.—We acknowledge tli reecipt of a generous sample of Carter, Hale i Co.’s justly celebrated English pickles and Woi cestershire sauce, from Messrs. Ellison & John son, general commission merchants, No. 10 Court street, Boston. The samples receive* from that house are the finest of their kind and the epicure that once tests them will neve be satisfied with any other. Messrs. Ellison i Johnson are the sole agents in the Unite* States for Carter, Hale & Co.’s goods. New Music.—The following new sheet mus ic has been received by Hawes & Cragm “’Neath the Waves,” song and chorus, word by J. C, Macy, Mnsic by J. E. Stewart; “Mol lie Darling,” by Ch.Kinkel; “No Little One t meet me,” words by George Cooper, music b C. E. Pratt; “Morning Waltz," Mazurka b Florence Kinkel. Cautionary Signals.—Several ship mas ters complain that the. cautionary storm signal ° t!le ^'gnal Service are so poorly located thj t ey cannot be seen in the harbor, and suggei tiat the storm signals be placed on the Custoi ^iu»e, or better, the Observatory on Mun jo Prof. Churchill's Beading. A goodly audience assembled at City Hall last evening to attend the concluding entertain ment of the People’s Course, which consisted of reading by Prof. Churchill, the well-known elocutionist. The Professor was in unusually good voice, and read with even more than his accustomed spirit. His remarkable power of facial expression seems to grow by practice. The selections last evening were six in number, viz: Dothcboys Hall, from Nicholas Nickleby. Betsy and I Are Out, Joe’s Death, from Bleak House, The Tourists’ Guide, from The Inno cents Abroad, Sequel to Betsy and I Are Out; Mr. Bumble’s Courtship, from Oliver Twist. The selections seemed to find great favor with the audience, who were prodigal of applause. The course has been a pleasing and successful one. Mr. G. A. Jones, its manager, has certainly established his reputation in this State as a first class manager of fine entertainments, having presented to our citizens during the past three i years some of the finest we have had. Our J citizens are indebted to him for the first ap pearance in Maine of Charlotte Cushman as a reader, Mrs.Harriet Beecher Stowe,Prof. J. W. Churchill, Rev.Dr. Cudworth, Beethoven Quin tette Club and other intellectual and pleasing entertainments. We are pleased to learn that he has met with good success the past season in lurnisliing lyceum committees throughout the State with concerts. Much ado About Nothing.—The good peo ple of Pooduck have been much troubled for same days past over the discovery of a human thigh bone aud foot near the ruins of Cliff Cot tage. Several have thought it incumbent upon themselves to send communications to the -“■v -~ ' ---j --r> v apocryphal accounts of dogs who ran about the streets with human heads in their mouths.— The free circulation of absurd stories like this wrought a sort of panic in the minds of peace ful and law-abiding citizens, who conjured up visions ef murder the most foul. Yesterday morning Coroner J. S. Gould went over to Poo duck to investigate the circumstances. He made a full and impartial investigation, as is his custom, and elicited the fact that the hones were a portion of the left lower extremity of a medical “subject” which Dr. C. A. King had procured for anatomical purposes. The bones had been placed upon the roof of a shed at tached to Cliff Cottage, to bleach. The wind bad swept them off into the snow and they had become buried up. After the burning of the Cottage they were found. Then persons who had much leisure and little discretion magnified a thigh and an ankle bone into a gory head, and supplied from their heated imaginations a dog to trundle it about the streets; causing thereby much trouble and annoyance to the owners and denizens of the Cottage. Schedule of Price*. The following schedule of prices has been es tablished for the use of City Hall, by the Com mittee on Public Buildings for 1873-74: FttOM OCX OF CITY. Minstrel Troupes .$73 00 Operatic and other entertainments. 75 00 Magic and slight of hand performances. 75 00 Single Lectures and Concerts. 75 00 IN THE CITY. Fairs, Lectures and Levees of City Societies and Associations, day and evening, includ ing Reception Hall. 50 0 0 Same without Reception Hall . 45 00 Dances until 12 o’clock with Reception Hall. .. 70 00 “ “ “ without Reception Hall 65 00 Fairs, Levees, Ac., of Charitable Societies and Military Companies, including Reception Hall. 35 00 Same without Reception Hall. 30 00 Coarse of Lectures, five or more by City Socie ties and Associations—each. 30 00 City Hall after 12 o’clock, $10 per hour. 10 00 For use of Reception Hall until 12 o’clock. 10 00 Each hour after. 3 00 'VA *ll?iwin T iof" ia frt Vwl o 11 unrlnv circumstances. Portland and Eochester Bailroad.—At a meeting of the directors of the Portland A Eochester Bailroad Wednesday, the following business was transacted: in Board of Directors of the Portland & Eoch ester Bailroad Company, March 26, 1873. The sad tidings of the death of Henry P. Deane having come to the knowledge of the ! officers of this corporation, the directors desire to extend their sympathy to the widow and or phan, to express their regret at the loss not only this community have sustained, but especially this company, in whose web are he has so long manifested a very deep interest. By his counsel and advice the Portland and Eochester Bailroad Company for many years have been guided. His integrity of purpose has never been questioned. His loti" continued experience as a Director, his zeal, his honesty have been of great assistance to this company, and now that the earthly tie is severed the Di rectors desire to extend this tribute to his mem ory upon their records, and to convey to his afflicted family this testimonial of a faithful officer, kind friend and an honest man. '. W. Peters, Clerk pro tem, Portland & Eochester Bailroad Co. , The Trains.—Two fregbt trains on the Eas tern road •‘collided” yesterday, near Eliot. Several rear cars of one train broke loose, and running hack, humped into the train behind, injuring the locomotive and several cars. The icy rails prevented the effectual working of the brakes. Suow blowing upon the track delayed the morning train from Skowhegau a few miles this side of that place, and it was found neces sary to send snow plows and a relief train. A train got through about seven o'clock last night. The Pullman train from Bangor did not get through last night. A train on the Grand Trunk got smashed up this side of Gorham, blocking up the way of four trains, so that the Montreal train did not get through. A special train was made up at Paris, which arrived here abent ten o’clock. Art Notes.—Harry Brown has just com pleted one of his finest paintings, which has been purchased by a Boston gentleman. The picture is an autumnal scene, and is marked by that fine, soft color for which Mr. Brown has become so noted. The “dreamy autumnal haze” is perfectly reproduced, while the pic ture is still very realistic. The ricks in the left foreground are admirably drawn, while the long range of hills in the background start up out of the distance in a grand and picturesque manner. The picture is on exhibition at Hale’s. Not Guiltv.—Watts Phillips’ drama, “Not Guilty,” will bo brought out at Music Hall in fine style by the S. D. C.’s this evening. The cast is an excellent one, embracing the names of many who have won favor with the public on previous occasions. The costumes are fine, and the scenery is said to lie excellent. Those who have witnessed the rehearsals predict a a great success. The tickets are nearly all sold, tho’ a few reserved seats can be obtained by ap plication at the box office. SUNDAY LECTURE IN l.ITY HAUL.— IteV. Samuel Davies, who has spent many years in company with his father among the Oriental people, lectures next Sunday evening in City Hall, on Eeligious Social and Temperance Hab its among the Oriental People, the Turks and the eastern Christians in particular. Mr. Davies will also preach in the morning in Pine street and in the afternoon iu Chestnut Street M. E. churches. Auction Sale of Coal.—The cargo of coal , of the schooner E. E. Stimpson, recently re 4 -ported ashore at Wellfleet, was sold at auction ' yesterday for the benefit of the underwriters, and bought by W. E. Denison, at 87.20 a ton. Ask for The Portland Shirt. niSCELLAlVEOim WOTHiKH. Dr. Lamb has a good brick house-to rent, on Congress street. F. O. Bailey & Co. sell the machinery, boil ’ ®r jUd engme, belting, &c., at Melcher’s mill f o a-’ a*| 3 0 c'ock p. m. The above can be ex . am.ned dunng the day after 8 o’clock a. ra. Steel Knives and every description of Table > Ware Plated, or Rcplatcd in the very best man : ner at short notice and at a reasonable price at . Atwood’s New Booms, 27 Market Square. fabSa-codtf j --- l Ul.VOK TEI.E6RA.Tia. Reports from Campbellsville, Taylor county, ’ Ky., state that the greater part of the town wai r destroyed by tire Tuesday night. ; The steamer Dardanelle was sunk Tuesday 1 at Hall’s Bend, in the Arkansas river, 35 mile! below Little Rock. She belonged to the Mem phis and Arkansas Packet Company, and was . worth $16,000; uninsured The mutilated body of John Moran, a rail road laborer, was found on the track of tlx J Worcester Railroad, near Whiting’s station, Thursday morning. It is not known how he > was killed. , At Manchester, N. H., Henry Davidson, ager 12, while sweeping the spinuiug room of a mill 7 waa caught in the machinery and so badly in jured that he died in a few minutes. William Pude, a newspaper correspondent ■ has been expelled from the Delaware House o: * Representatives for criticising some measure! t before it. it The Senate bill appropriating 81,000,000 foi the centennial exhibition has been coneurrcd ii by the Pennsylvania House with much enthusi y asm. It now goes to the Governor for hie sig nature, which is already assured. BY TELEGRAPH. MATTERS IN MAINE. THE STATE CAPITOL. Appoiutincut of the Insane Hospital Com mission, Railroad Commissioner and Trustees of the Normal Schools A Regiment tf Infantry to be Organized. [Special to Press.] Augusta, March 27.—The Governor has made the following appointments: Wm. Penn Whitehouse of Augusta, N. G. Hichboru of Stocktoo, Josiali G. Coburn of Lewiston, Com missioners on a new Insane Hospital under a resolve of the last Legislature; John F. Ander son of Portlaud, Railroad Commissioner; Ebeu ezer Knowiton of Rocklaud, A. H. Abbott of Farmington, J. W. Dresser of Castine, Stanley T. Pullen of Portland, Sumner A. Patten of Monson, Trustees of the Normal Schools. These Trustees are appointed for a term of three years. The Governor has approved of the request to organize a regiment of infantry. The ten com panies organized under the law of 1869 are to form the 1st Regiment of Infantry, Maine Vol unteer Militia. Major General Chamberlain is charged with the duty of completing the or ganization. [To the Associated Press.] Train Struck in the Snow. Waterville. March 27.—We WPPP visitor! with a very heavy wind last night, causing the snow to drift badly. The western bound pas senger train from Skowhegau, due here at 10.30 a. m., is stuck in a drift between Somerset Mills and Fairfield. At 3 p. m., two engines and a plow left to assist tbem. The Pomolagical Society. The Maine State Pomnlogical Society met in this city to-day. There were but few members present. The act of the last Legislature, incor porating the Society, was adopted and a com mittee appointed to draft a constitution and by-laws, after which the meeting adjourned until to-morrow morning, when a permanent board of officers will be elected. NEW HAMPSHIRE. _ The Storm. Concord, March 26.—The storm of yesterday proved a very severe one for railroads and the northern part of the State. No trains arr.ved here over the Montreal road to-day, they being blocked by snow near Plymonth. Trains were delayed on the Northern & Sugar River rail road'. the latter road being effectually blocked again this afternoon by suow blowing in upou tho track. MASSACHUSETTS. Killed on the Track. Boston, March 27.—Thomas Rowe, laborer, was killed to-day, while crossing the Boston and Providence railroad track within the city limits. An Unnscated Treasurer Refuses to Cfire up the Books. There is some local excitement in State street to-day, resulting from the choice of a new Sec retary and Treasurer by the Pewabic Mining Company. Charles Emery, the displaced treas urer, refused to surrender the books to his elec ed successor, D. M. Demmonsand there is prospective business for lawyers." The Sumner Resolutions. The Massachusetts Senate to-day rejected all the amendments and accepted, 27 to 4, the re port of the committee (leave to withdraw) on ! the petition of John G. Whittiers and other for annulling or rescinding the Sumner resolutions passed at the last session. The House has al ready done the same thing so that the matter is finally settled. In the House a bill was reported appropriat ing $50,000 for purchasing breech loading arras for the State militia. NEW YORK. The I.abor Question. New York, March 27.—At a meeting of ma sous last evening resolutions were adopted con demning the action of the Harlem railroad, urging resistance to all violations of the eight hour rule, calls on all working men to aid in making tho eight hour law effective, and ap pointing a committee to wait on the Mayor to urge him to enforce that law. A Denial. Postmaster James publishes a card stating that the announcement of a proposed testimo nial to him from former companions in the custom house, is entirely untirely unknown to sure him of the good will of all of them. Tbc Pacific Mail. The Sun states that President Stockwell of the Pacific Mail Company has given that com pany a mortgage of $1,140,000 on the property of the Howe Sewing Machine Co. of Connecti cut, to secure the former for the amount of stock paid to Jay Gould as the result of certain stock transactions. Train in Court. George Francis Train appeared in the Su preme Court chambers to-day on a writ of ha beas corpus. His counsel moved his discharge on the ground that he was illegally detained. The case was not settled to-day and comes up to-morrow. The Hall’s Head Bank. The depositors of Bull’s Head Bank met this morning lo confirm the action of their commit tee and to subscribe to the new stock issutd by the bank and thereby re-establish it. After the depositors had drawn up their checks for the amount they wished to subscribe, the chair man, A. S. Cameron, aunounced that so far the amount subscribed was over $100,000. The meeting is still in session. The Supposed Murderers of Mr. Good rich. The Brooklyn detectives say that the man ner of Charles Goodrich’s death is no longer a mystery, but that the cause and the circum stances are still unknown. It is conceded that the woman so often mentioned in the case kill ed him, and to capture her seems to be the only effort the police are making. Wherever she may be, she conceals herself more skillfully than many professional criminals. Sbe was last seen in front of Mr. Goodrich’s residence on the night before the body was found. Later.—Brooklyn detectives arrested this eve ning a woman about 80 years of age,who works in a shirt factory in New York under an as sumed name. She refused to talk except to answer inquiiies in the briefest manner. She was arreste 1 on information given by W. W. Goodrich, brother of Charles Goodrich, mur dered Thursday night. She is married, had trouble with her husband and left him. Her connections with the murdered man was of the most iuti mate character. He was in the habit of visiting her at her abode in New York, at 22 Orchard street. According to her statement she has been thre^times with Goodrich at the house in De grau street. Goodrich there told her he was not married but had foolishly got in with a girl but had “shook” her. She says she had some trouble at her bouse with some men about Goodrich when he was present and took him into another room. Sbe refuses to tell where she was Thursday night, but thought she was at home. She got to work at 11 o’clock Friday morning. Didn not go over to Brooklyn to see the body because she disliked to see Goodrich in that condition. Sbe gave the police a roll of bills to take to her mother, wiih the request that the latter be not informed she was in Brooklyn. Being ask od if sbe had formed any theory as to how Goodrich came to his death, she said she thought he was killed by some man who followed lnm home. She will be detained at Brooklyn head quarters for the present. IVo General Strike. It is believed there will not be a general strike of the trades in this city. The present trouble comes chiefly from the masons and gas men. The Germans are especially opposed to the strike, and the great mass of mechanics seem averse to the movement. A Forger. Phillip Stanley, charged with forging and ut tering Fort Wayne, and Toledo & Wabash cer tificates. was brought into court to-day to furn ish bail in $35,000, but being unable to produce it was kiukcu up. u*. large amount ui private correspondence from Stanley lias been seized, which it is believed will lead to the arrest and conviction of persons implicated. Saw Dust Swindlers. Chas. Moore and Frank Morton were con victed of saw dust swindling to-day and were sentenced to one years’ imprisonment and to pay a fine of $1000. Bank af England Forger. Judge Fancber has granted an order ap pointing Nathaniel Jarvis, Jr., receiver of all of the property of Bidwell, one of the alleged Bank of England forgers. Bear? Suit. Wm. M. Earl and F. W. Saltonstall have commenced a suit against Geo. S. Scott, Geo w. ,aud takers, to recover $.300,000 alleged to of oe?u *03t by them through the failure tho taeta* to take stock bought for them in that tv?.1? I31?'1/1 I100'- The plaintiffs claim ants to »r.fla^tec.“ authorized by the defend ants to act as brokers for them in the pool. 'Th„ - . - MT»*«iou» Murder. still tuniedgt?8thetcantS’r!iCBf °?1Br°0klyn •arC woman who is s?pS03«i °tl uhe m>'at*rI°us Goodrich. She W1,ii,°3..t0 bave murdered sided sometime in BostoJ.^e England and re fers are now in possession ofSe*hfa °!leI IutT show that she was fairlv eiliio.V’°i l’0™06 and letter, dated Feb. 27th'is repioachf.,, T'le ,a8t , though some trouble had oriel?,** \ "ltonu as Goodrich and the writer. TheSl?tt!?™ between the general date of New York anrt«are VDder with an assumed name. Nothing^"® ji‘?ned discovered to indicate the direction y?fi®n flight. The police conceal her name. f llet Tweed Besigun Albany, March, 27.—President Ifobiuson has just announced in the Senate that be ha» filed with the Secretary of State the resignation of Senator Tweed as Senator from the Fourth New York District. WASHINGTON. Not Confirmed. Washington, March 27.—The nomination of R. B. Hayes to be assistant treasurer at Cin cinuati was not confirmed by the Senate before adjournment yesterday, although it is under stood there was no present opposition to Gen. Hayes. The office is a new one, and the a"t creating it does not take effect until the last of July. Senator Sherman had assured several applicants that there would be uo appointment at present, and therefore did not desire the con firmation of Gen. Hayes, as it would have look ed like breaking faith with those to whom he had so expressed himself. The office can he filled during the recess, and it is probable that the appointment will be given to Geuera Hayes. „ .. # Calling Upon the President. Senators Robertson and Patteraou, accom panied by Lieut. Gov. Cleaves, Swte Senator Swails and Representative Harley of Jsortn Carolina called on the President to-day and in vitod him to make a trip South, assuring him be would meet with a cordial reception from all classes of citizens of that State. The President thanked the eldegation for their assurance of friendly feeling and regretted ho would not'oo able at present to take such a tour, but hoped to do so at some future time. Secretary Belknap. Secretary Belknap will leave for Chicago to night, accompanied by Gen. Myers, Secretary Itobesou will temporary take charge of the War Department to-morrow under commission of the President. Application, for Patent.. There were 600 applications for patents re ceived at the Patent Office this week, and over 3TU1 TlQfnntt! looiin/1 Receipts for Documents* The receipts this year.for copies of documents, including those connected with litigation, etc., will, it is supposed, reach $75,000, a larger sum than has been received in any former year. On that account the general receipts thus tar tor March exceed any previous complete mouth since the organizatiou of the Patent Office. Death of Rear admiral Montgomery. The Navy Department announces the death of Hear Admiral John B. Montgomery, at Carlisle, Pa., the 26th inst. Redemption of Old Copper Coins. Instructions for the exchange aod redemption after April 1, 1873, in sums of not less than $20 or its multiple, of ail old copper, bronze and copper nickel coins heretofore authorized by law, have been issued by the Treasury De parment. __ „ Treasury Balances. The balances in the Treasury to-day were as follows: Currency, $2,363,034; special deposits of legal tenders for the redemption of certifi cates of deposit, $30,045,000; coin, $09,571,942; including coin certificates, $24,895,500; out standing legal tenders $358,4S0,090. An Improbable Story—Murder*. San Francisco, Mirch 26. — A despatch from Olympia, Washington Territory, says that an evening ; aper in that place publishes a sto ry about two men and one woman, survivors of the ill-fated steamer George S. Wright, who floated ashore on a raft, wheu the Indians mur dered the men and captured the women. There is probably no foundation for the story, as the steamer Petrel made a thorough search along the coast and fonud not the slightest clue to any of the passengers or crew pf the wrecked vessel. Last night a man named Lind was brutally murdered at North Bloomfield, Nevada County, this State, by some person unknown. A man named Francis Blair has been arrpsted on sus picion of being the murderer. In the same ;ounty, thirty hours before the murder of Lind, ’on 1 in Smith was murderca by George Kilgore. Sinking of a Vessel. Norfolk, Va., March 27.—The steamer Old Dominion yesterday afternoon, six miles east southeast of Smith Island, fell in with the schooner Ada M. Dyer, in a sinking condition, l'he schooner was taken in tow for Hampton Roads, but sunk when near Tail of Shoe in five Fathoms of water. No lives were lost. The Dyer was from Provincetown, Mass. Shcclear ed from Hampton Roads yesterday morning, with a cargo of oysters. The vessel and cargo were valued at $15,000. The Modoc*. San Francisco. March 27.—Rev. Mr. Thom as and Mr. Dyer, the new peace commissioners, arrived at Bremen’s Ranch on the 25th inst., and will seek an interview with Capt. Jack im mediately. Capt. O. Applegate, with five Mo docs, came from the Yoinox Reservation the same di p. The Modocs are the old chiof Schon clier, Charley Riddla, Little John, Mooch and another. They came at the request of Gen Canby to assist in the peace negotiations. War agaiust the Railroad*. Sr. Louis, March 27.—A special despatch from Peoria, Ills., says that the farmers in Liiiib ount* are urgauizmg ror war against me railroads. A meeting was held there to-day which adopted a resolution that the farmers in tended to prosecute war ou railroad corpora tions till the farmers’ rights are recognized and respected. A permanent organization was ef fected, and a feeling of earnestness and deter mination manifested. Drowned. Providence, R. L, March 27.—Tho body of the young man taken from the water at Tiver ton this afternoon is believed to he that of Peter Brennan of Fail River, who has been missing since last night. Suicide. George Leffingwell of Norwich, Conn., who has been visiting his brother in this city, this afternoon in a fit of aberration jumped from a second story window receiving injuries that soon proved fatal. He was 51 years old and of a high character. _ Death of an Ex-Scuator. Hartford, Conn., March 27.—The Hon. James Dixon, Senator in Congress from 1857 to 1809, died at his residence in this city this af ternoon, aged 58 years. He has been in feeble health for many mouths, being afflicted with heait disease. Three Piraaai Burned to Death. Milwaukee, March 27.—A daughter and son of a neighbor named Wadell, were burned to death near Read’s Landing, Minn., March 23d. They were encircled by a prairie fire and their clothes were all burned off and the flesh pealing from the bones. Indian Raid. Omaha, March 27.—It is reported that In dians are raiding on the stack near Cheyenne. METEOROLOGICAL, . PROBABILITIES FOR THE NEXT TWENTY-FOUR HOURS. War Dep’t, Office Chief Signal) Officer, Washington, D. C., I March 28. (1 A. M.)i On Friday the area of lowest barometer will move north-east over Lake Huron; for the low er lakes and Ohio valley, a falling barometer increasing south-east winds, veering to south west, and generally cloudy weather; for the Gulf and South Atlantic States, south and south-east winds, falling barometer and increas ing cloudiness, with probably rain on tke Gulf coast. A second storm centre will develope ou the Middle Atlantic coast, with north-east winds. FOREIGN . Death of the Countess Guiccioli. -Paris, March 27.—The Countess Guiccioli who was prominently before the public in con nection with the Byron scandal,died in Paris ves terday, aged 72. She was of Italian parent age, bora at Romagna in 1801. At thean-eof 10 she was married to Count Guiccoiii,a wealthy Italian nobleman of Ravenna. In 1851 she was married to Marquis DeBoissy. a French sena tor and peer, who died in 1800. At a recent date §lie wroto a book entitled “My Recollec tions of Lord Byron, and Those of Eve-Wit nesses of His Life.” J Gen. Fremoul Convicted. «/uuSun/u« uao wen 1CHUCICU 111 |,Ut5 lUC UJ D 013 and El Paza railroad case. The defendants are pronounced guilty of swindling, and sentenced to various terms of imprisonment, Gen. Fre mont is condemned in contumaciam to five years confinement. The other defendants who were present were arrested to-day as they were leaving court. State of Siege Continued. Versailles, March 27,—The Assembly to day rejected the motion made by the Left for the abolition of the state of siege. Don Carlos Design* hi* Clai m in Faror or Hi* Son. Madrid, March 27.—The lmparcial announc es that Don Carlos has abdicted his claims to the Spanish throne in favor of his son under the regency of Don Alphonso. Gen. Caluesa has been appointed to the Supreme command of the Carlist forces in Spain. I-ntcr Spanish Item. -Madrid, March 27.—It is rumored that a se cession movement is on foot in the Canaries, the leaders of which propose to declare the is lands independent of Spain and to ask for Brit ish protectorate. Gen. Hidalgo has been appointed Captain General of the Canaries. Insubordination is spreading in the army of Catalina. Many of the officers have been threatened with death and obliged to fly. The Carlists are masters of upper Catalouia. The ministerial crisis has terminated. No changes in the Cabinet are yet announced, but a decree will be issued to-morrow or Saturday, ordering elections for a constituent Cortes. The Conservatives, it is said, will abstain from vot ing.

Passage of the Flection Hill. Vienna, March 27.—The lower House of the Reichsroth has passed the direct election bill to a third reading by eighteen votes in excess of the required two-thirds majority. Cuban Hatters. New York, March 27.—Vice President Aguilara, of the Cuban revolutionists, who has been on a tour in Euglaud and France, arrived here yesterday. He reports that great sympa thy was expressed in England, but English offi cials say they cauuot interfere until the United States does. In France, opinion is divided, some saying that the present Republic of Spain ought not to be harrassed at present; while others urge that remonstrances be sent to Ma drid; others ask why tho United States does not interfere, as it is an American question. Aguilara says that the Spauish officials have boodwiuked Sickles by asking his advice to such an extent that the passive policy of the United States can be relied upon for along time to come in Cuban affairs. Che Case of Didwcll, the Alleged Forger. Havana, March 26.—Bidwell, the alleged torger, remains iu close confinement and per mission has been refused him to consult coun sel. The authorities have made arrangements subject ter the sanction of the heme government to send the prisoner back to Londou as soon as British officers arrive to take charge of him. Madrid*0 **lat effeut are daily expected from Various matter*. „VK1 Lftmld'cans continue to organize hero and in the interior. »i0rcd ^’lat a decree will soon appear :..,r.' J* ,etnfiarSood properties nowbeloug be? of CnhanT3 t,a,,d orPhans antl <" a num . ot truhan gentlemen who had been in no wise connected with the rebellion It is reported that three detachments of troops, comprised almost wholly of , f the island, and which l.itbmo L° 0 b£» oner ating withi the Spanish force in the neighbor hooil of Manzauilla have revolted and joined offic'erS*tShemrry,,,i; °ff “'Cir cot“'“a'“d">» The law for the abolition of slavery in Porto m'o°slaverv *ihe ?Ppruval .the People- A few P,™flaTeri leaders only ob|ect to it. Even the .m.iir,iCr:i consider its provisions more fa v orable thau they had reason to expect. miNOR TELEGR.lms. The jury in the case of William B. ItieU ardson, charged with the murder of John D Fogwell, brought in a verdict of murder in tlie first decree after being out twelve hours, rt Xenia, Ohio. ’ John Maloney, for the highway robbery of a woman last Suuday afternoon, at New York, Stote Prison^ sentenced to tiftoen years in the Thierry, the eminent French historian, died at Paris Thursday, aged 70. S. Wilson, D. IX, a distinguished Tbursd!^ Dlvme’ died at Atlanta, Ga„ on ,Th® Legislature at Lansing, Mich., have adopted a resolution urging upon Congress the construction of a ship caual from Lake Michi C —““V "HU U1 UU1UU. William Russell, a conductor on tlie Pitts burg, Cincinnati & Sfc. Louis Railway, was found guilty at Cincinnati of embezzlement and fined $100 and costs. The United States steamship Venderbilfc was sold at auction Thursday at Mare Island Navy Yard to George Howes & Co., of San Francis co, fer $42,000. C. A. Briscoe, agent for a Pittsburg whiskey manufactory, was arrested Thursday at Balti more, charged with embezzlement of $9000. He was released on $10*000 bail, 'resident Thiers has ordered the arrest of Don Carlos wherever found. FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. Receipt* by Railroad* nud Steamboats. Grand Trunk Railway—6 cars sundries, 2 do for New York, 1 do potatoes, 8 do for Boston, 45 do lumber, 4 do spars 28 do for St. John, NB, 24 do for Haliiax, 8 oo for Liverpool, 1 do corn, 1 do oats, 1 do flour, 8 do for Allan Line. Poreit'ii Import*. ST. ANDREWS, NB. Schr Mary Ellen-3018 rail road sleeper* to Chauney Barrett. tfoston Stock l.iMt. [Sales at the Broker’s Board, March 27.) Eastern Railroad.106J New York Stock an«l Money Market. New York, March. 27-Afomiwo.—Gold at 1163. Money at 1-32 per cent. Sterling Exchange 1083 1083. Stocks steady. State stocks very quiet. There were nineteen bids for gold to-day, amount ing to $5,565,000, at from 115271-100 @ 116 33-100. The am junt to be sold was one and a half mil.ion, which went at 116 33-100. New York. March 27—Evenlna.—Money scarce and dear at 1-32 (§) 1-16 per cent, per diem. Gold ad vanced from 1153 @ 1163, and closing at 3 @ 1-16.— The purchase of a whole million and a hal f ottered,by Jay Cooke & Co. at 116 33-100 is regarded as an inti mation of the April programme of Secretary Rich ardson as to reserve; loans at 23 @ 7 per cent, for car rying. Clearings $73,000,000. Treasury disburse ments $68,000. Custom receipts $568,0ti0. Sterling Exchange in sharp demand and the prime drawers, Brown, Clews and Belmont, have advanced rates to 83 @ 8| for 60 days, ard 93 @ 9| for sight. Govern ments continue strong ana advanced to-day 3 @ g percent. State bonds anil. The st ok market was dull, the ouly prominent features being an advance in St. Paul common from 57$ @ 59$ on rumors that it was to pass into the hands of the Pennsylvania Cen tral by lease, from which there was a slight reaction at the close, and Pacific Mail which, with considera ble activity, fell from 573 @ 563, advanced to 58 anti closed at 57$ bid. It is reported that a pool is loaded up with Pacific Mail for the purpose of making a sen sation soon as an ease in the money market permits an upward movement. The following were the quotations of Government securities: United States coupon f»’s, 1881.1203 United States5-20’s 1SG2.1173 United States 5-20’s 1864.1173 uniceu aiaies o-L'trs i860, Old.118 , United States 5-20’s 1865. new.116$ United States 5-20’s 1867.; .118$ United States 5-20’s 1868.117$ United States 5’s. new.114$ United States 10-4o’s.,coupons. • ....112$ Currency 6’s . 114$ The following were the opening quotations of Stocks: Western Union Telegraph Co. 86$ Pacific Mail. 57$ N. Y. Centra’and Hudson River consolidated_102$ Erie. 65$ Erie preferred. 74$ Union Pacific stock. 35$ The followiug were the quotations for Pacific Rail road securities: . Central Pacific bonds.103$ Union Pacific do. 87$ Union Pacific land grants.79$ Uniou Pacific income bonds. 76 IfouieHtic ITIarlceti*. New York, March 27—Evening—Cotton $c higher with a brisk export demand; sales 3193 bales; Mid upland sat 19$c. Flour is steady and in fair demand: sales 8600 bbls: State 590 @ 8 35; Round hoop Ohio 715 @ 10 50; Western 5 90 @ 10 50; Southern 6 10 @ 12 75. Wheat quiet; buyers and sellers apart; sales 15,000 bush; No 1 Spring 1 77$ @ 1 80; No 2 at 1 62$ @ 1 7.!; Winter Red Western 1 80 @ 1 87$; White Micb iga 1 1 82$ @ 2 15. Corn is quiet and firm; sales 50. 009 bush; new Mixed Western 66$c; old 66$ @ 65$e afloat; 64$ in store. Oats quiet and steady; sales 43, 009 bush; new White 51 @ 55; new Western48 @ 50Jc. Beef steady. Pork is very firm; new mess 16 05 @ 16 25. Lard higher at 8 11-16 @) 9c. Butter is quiet and steady; State 32 @ 42c. whiskey at 92c. Rice steady at 7$ @ 8$c Sugar steady; refining 8 @8$c.— Coflee $c higher; Rio at 16$ @ 19c in Gold. Molasses is firm and quiet. Naval Stores—Spirits Turpentine higher aud active at 61c; Rosin firm at 3 50 for strain ed. Petroleum quiet and firm; crude 9Jc; refined at 20c. Tallow quiet and unchanged at 8$ @ 8 15-16c. Freights to Liverpool are quiet. Chicago, March. 27.—Flour in light demand, hold ers nrm and unchanged price. Wheat quiet, weak and lower, closing unsettled; No 1 Spring at 1 28$ @ 1 29$; No 2 at 1 19$ for regular; 1 20$ for fresh; No 3 Spring 110 @ 1 10$; rejected 95c. Corn dull,unsettled and lower; No 2 Mixed 30$ @ 30$c cash; 34$ @ 34$c for seller May; 36$c hi 1 seller .June; rejected 28c. Oats dull and unchanged; No 2 at 25$c for regular cash; 28$c8ellerMay;rejected at 23$. Rye quiet and un changed; No 2 regular at 64$ 65$c. Barley firm aud in fair demand; No 2 Fall at 80 @ 81c; No 3 at 65 @ 66c. Provisions—Pork in good demand at full prices; sales at 14 75 cash; 15 00 sellerMay. Lard is in fair demand and lower at 8 00 cash; 8 15 @ 8 20 seller May. Bulk Meats in good demand: 5$c freely bid for shoulders: seller May 5$c; long clear middles 7$c; short rib middles 7$ @ 7$c; short clear middles 7$ 7$c. Bacon is steady and unchanged at 6$c for packed shoulders tor seller May; Sugar cured hams at 13$ @ 14c lor packe l. Whiskey is steady at 87c. Receipts—5000 bbls flour, 20,000 bush wheat, 29, 000 bush corn, 22,000 bush oats, 0,000 bush rye, 2,000 bnsh barley. Shipments—6.000 nbls flour, 12,000 bnsh wheat, 5, 000 bush corn, 16,000 bush oats, 1,000 bush rye, 4,000 bush barley. ! Cincinnati, March. 27.—Provisions strongand ac tive. Pork in demand at 15 5 ', but held higher. Lard quiet and firm; steam held at 8c: kettle 8$c. Bulk Meats are strong; sales of shoulders at5 60;heid at 5 62$; sales ofelear rib sides 7$, but gene-ally hold at 7$; sales of clear sides 8, closing with light offerings and more sellers than buyers. Bacon is firm; shoul ders at 6$c; clear rib sides held 8$; sales of clear sides at 8$c, now held at 8$ @ 9c for next week. Whiskey steady at 85c. roLXno. March 27.—Flour dull and unchanged.— i Wheat dull and lower; No 1 White Michigan 180; 1 Amber Michigan 1 67$; March 1 67; seller April 1 70$; \ May 1 73; No 2 Red at 1 65$. Corn is dull and droop- j ing; high Mixed on spot at 39$c; seller June 43c; sell- ! August 45$c; Yellow 40$c. Oats a shade lower; No 1 j at 40c; No 2 at 34c; Michigan 34$c. i Receipts—0,000 bbls flour, 6,000 bush wheat, 16,000 : bush com, 1,000 bush oats. Shi pmeuts—0000 bbls flour, 4,000 bush wheat, 15,000 bush corn, 3,000 bush oats. Detroit, March 27.—Flour dull and unchanged. Wheat is firm and in fair demand; extra White at 1 93 bid; 1 95 asded; no sales; No 1 White at 1 84$ @ . 1 85; Amber Michigan 1 67. Corn is steady at 42c.— Oats dull and declining at 36$c. . . Receipts—1,000 bbls flour, 16,000 bush wheat, 5,000 bush com, 0,000 bush oats. Shipments—0,000 bbls flour, 3,000 bush wheat, 4,000 bush com, 4000 bush oats. Charleston. March 27.—Cotton steady; Middling uplands 18$ @ 18}c. Savannah, M.iicU 27.-Cotton Is quiet; Middling uplands at 18$<\ New Orleans, March 27.-Cotton in moderate demand; Middling uplands 19c. European markets* London, March 27-11.30 A. M.—Consols opened at Qoi <y>6 tv>r money and for account. AfemaS securities—U. S. 5-20’s 1865, old, at 94; do 1807, 93}; do 10-408, 89i: new 5s, 90|. Erie Rail way at 51J LONDON, March 27—5.00 P. M.—Consols closed at nor ® 924 for money and account. "American securities—n ew 5’s at 91. Erie 52. t toi-upool March 27—5.00 P. M.—Cotton closed /,plot and Steady; Middling uplands 9}d; do Orleans 9J ®9£d; sale3 12.000 bales, including 3000 for specu lation an’l export. __ Freights Baltimore, March 22.—Freights.—Late arrivals relieved the market of the pressing need for tonnage, tlimiEli vessels are in good roiuest, with liberal rates T£ For Liverpool, bark Crimea will be laid on 11.0 hr rill as soon as iuward cargo is discharged. We nive Quotations per steamer; Grain lOd; Oil Cake 30s; 1 ad • Maryland Tobacco 32a 6d; do through to h lii'iml 45s; Virginia hhds to Holland and Antwerp Lard and Tallow to Liverpool 40s. Per sail. wa nnote:—For Resin 3s 6d *> bbl, Tallow and Lara •57« f;d (S’ 408 ton, Walnut Wood 37s 6d ^ ton; To harco Marylaud and Ohio hhds 30s, Virginia do 35s. Cotton 5-16 @ 3 *> lb. Staves 35s fM, Oil Cake 27s fid (a) 30s *> ton. Grain 9d & bush. To Bremen Tier steamer we quote Lard and Meat 55s; Maryland To bacco 40s, Virginia do 45s, Kentucky do 50s, Cotton Ad. We quote charters as follows: Brig Virginia Dare, to load Flour at Richmond to Rio at $1 25 bbl; brig Margaret Lewis, to direct port, 8s 7d; a bark to Cork for orders, 8s 3d •D' qr. At close we auote rates, viz; Grain 8s 3d @ 8s 0<1 to United Kingdom: Tobacco 37s 6d to Dutch ports; Oil to Continent 6s 6d @ 7s *> bbl: Coal to St. Tho*aas $5 50; to Boston $4; to West Indies, windward ports 85c lb bbl. Savannah, Mch 21.—Freights—We quote as fol lows :—Cotton to Liverpool, via New York by steam 9-16d on Up.; Sea Island }d; sail to Liverpool id.— To Havre, lc Gold; Bremen jd on Uplands. Coast wise—To New York per steam, Upland |c; Sea Is land lc -P lb; Rice $2 00 *> cask. To Philadelphia, Upland Cotton, by steam. 3°; R*ce ^ cask; Do mestics $1 25. To Baltimore, steam, £c on up. Cotton. Rice to Baltimore $1 50 *> cask. Cotton to Boston, steam via New York 75c *> 100 lbs; to Providence via New York 75c *> 100 lbs; via Boston 75c *>100 lbs. Lumber to Philadelphia, steam, sail$9 M@9 50. New York and Sound ports, Lumber 81900 @11; Lumber to Boston and eastward $12 00 @13 00, Balti more, Lumber, — @ 8 50. The rates for Timber are from $1 50 @ 2 higher than Lumber rates. West In dies and windward nominal, Geld. ,r Riv er Platte $26 and 5 per cent United Kingdom, Tim ber 40s to Cork for orders. Rio Janeiro $23 and 5 per cent. Charleston, March 2t.-Freizbt* to Uvenwtl hv steam direct id on uplands and W on SaTlawl Cotton, via N. York, pi oti uplands- 9,1 nn ss-, 1.. lands; by sail, direct, Jd nn uplands andVl on Sea Is land. Coastwise to N. York, steam, i,' ‘^°,S ™ lands; Jc on S. Islds; $2 ^ tierce on Rice:60c i>bblon Resin; by sail, $11@12|* M on Lumber; $12 ^ 13 50 on Timber. To Boston, by steam, Jc ^ lb on uplands; $250 ^ tierce on Rice; 70c on Resin; re sawed stuff $12 @ 12 50; Phosphate $5 00 @ 5 50. To Providence by sail $10 @ 11 ^ M on Boards; by steam, via Now York 1c. To Vessels are in demand to take Lumber freights irom Georgetown, S. C., Darien and Satilla River. Ga.. and Jacksonville, Fla., to Northern ports, and full rates are given on Lumber and Boards. Mobile, March 22.—Freights—Liverpool rates are easier, engagements having been made on ships to ar rive from New Orleans at rate as quoted. Coastwise unchanged, and no disengaged room. Wo quote: To Liverpool gd; and coastwise ports gc cut nomi nal. Great Southern Freight Line via Charles ton or Savannah, 100 lbs—To Boston 95c; New York 80c; Philadelphia 85c; Providence 95c; Fall Riv er 95c. Rates on Cotton compressed to the following cities by Mobile & Ohio Railroad, via Corinth and jjorrolk. Va., (and sea from thence,) 100 lbs: Boston fi Providence 95c; Fall Ri er 95c; Baltimore &5c; ruiadelphia 85c; New York 80c; Mobile & Ohio Rail road and StarLiue and Little Miami Railroad 100 XT y.ltle,nc ‘ :ini1 Fall RiveA $12C; Boston more$1 W Y°rk $1 10; PhUadeIPhlft S1 Balti ANNUAIi REPORT OF THE EQUITABLE Life Assurance Society JANUARY 1, 1873. Net Cash Assets January 1, 1872.$15,017,715 63 receipts : Premiums.$7,426,801 70 Interest and Rents-. 993,183 16—8.420,044 86 $23,437,760 49 DISBURSEMENTS: Claims by death and addi tions thereto.$1,653,988 47 Matured Endowments and additions thereto. 24,682 90 Cash Dividends and Sur render Values. 1,963,608 18 Annuties Paid,.•. 4,010 41 Total paid to Policy Holders.$3,046,289 96 Dividend on Capital. 7,852 00 Reinsurance. 8,900 43 Commured Commissions. 66,908 15 Commissions. 554,766 84 EXPE N8E8; Printing, Stationery and Agency Expenses. 139,127 65 Advertising, Salaries and Office Expenses. 385,803 32 Taxes and Legal Charges.. 93,864 57 Medical Examiners’ Fees.. 67,3>>8 43 Sundry Expenses (Ex change, Postage, Ex pressago, etc.). 65,229 24 Profit and Lo3s. 5,676 74— 5,031,807 31 j Net Assets (exclusive of Future Prem iums).$1 ,405,953 18 | INVESTED AS FOLLOWS: Bonds and Mortgagee_$12,226,572 50 Real Estate unencumber ed, including purchases under foreclosure. 2,331.359 05 Stocks created bv the Laws of the united States. 709,330 37 Stocks created by the Laws of i he Stati of New York 1,031,576 59 Stocks of other Slates_ 62.263 84 Cash on hand, in Bank and other Depositories on interest (including cash in transmission due prior to Jan. 1, 1873, and since received at New Yo;k Office and invest ed). 1,354,189 81 Temjiorary Loans secured by Collaterals. t'87,661 00 Actual Cash Investments.$18,405,953 16 Interest and Rents due and accrued_ 135,820 70 Premiums in hands of Agents and in course of collection, supplies and other propevty. 319,311 05 Deferred Semi-Annual and Quarterly Premiums for the year. 726,410 00 Safes, Fixtures, Furniture, etc. 107,558 20 Total Assets Jan. 1, 1873.$19,695,053 20 THE ASSETS ARE THUS APPROPRIATED. Total Liabilities, including reserve for reinsurance of existing Policies.$17,074,963 03 Capital Stock. 100.000 00 Total Surplus, including Surplus ou Tontine Policies. 3,520,090 17 $19,695,053 20 From the above surplus of $2,320,090.17 the Society has declared a reversionary dividend available on settlement of next annual premium to participating poli ies proportioned to their contribution to surplus. The cash value of such revepsion may bo used on set tlement of premium, when the same becomes due. OFFICES OF THE SOCIETY, 120 BROADWAY, NEW YORK. ROBE SITS & CLARK MANAGERS FOR MAINE, Office, 65 Exchange Street, PORTLAND. ME. JOSHUA NYE, GENERAL AGENT, AUGUSTA, HE. uicU27 cod3wiWlt PORTLAND Safe Deposit Vaults, No. 97 Exchange Street. SAFES TO RENT inside the Vaults at from $15 to $60 per annum. SPECIAL DEPOSITS of Stocks, Ron«s, and other valuables received. DEPOSITS of ANY ARTICLES of VAL UE RECEIVED at rates varying ac cording to the size of package and val nation. COLLECTION and REMITTANCE o Interest and Dividends attended to. Robert A. Bird. Manager oct24 w43tf FOR SALE. THE valuable and well known Farm of the late Charles Elliott, said farm is situated in the town of Buxton two miles from West Gorham, near the road that leads from West Go ham to West Buxton convenient to Meeeting-Houso School and Stores. Said farm consists of 80 aores of land, well divided into tillagh and pasture land. The soil is well adapted to the raising of Hay and early Vegetables for market. Plenty of wood, and $500.00 worth of Pine Timber. The buildings consists of 1* story House, containing nine well finished rooms, an Ell and Shed attached. Barn 60 X 40 feet with good cellar. Three wells of never failing: water. Also a building in the city of Portland, situated In on Spring St. Said building is on leased land, and contains a house aud store. All of the above will be sold low,-as the owner it going West. Or exchanged for property in the state of Illinois. For further particulars enquire of E. H. NORTON, sepll-dlw&Wtf_69* Spring St. MAINE WESLEYAN SEMINARY - AKD FEMALE COLLEGE. The Spring Term af this Institution will commence MARCH 9th, and will continue thirteen weeks. For circular address the Pres dent. H. P. Torsev. LL.I). R. C. PINGREE, Sec'y of Trustees. Keut’s Hill, Me., Feb. 10, 1873. w8w8 AGENTS WANTED FOR McCLELL’S AN GOLDEN STATE. The first and only complete history of the Pacific Slope; Descriptions of the Seasons, Products, M»mnt alns Scenery, Valleys, Uicers, Lakes, Forests, \. ater ialls, Bays and Harbors. 700 Pages, 200 Illustrations and Maps. Illustrated Circulars Free. "WM. FLINT & CO., Springfield, Mass. fcblT___ w3mo8 NOTICE is hereby given that the subscriber has been duly appointed and taken upon himself the trust of Administrator of the estate of ROBERT BARBOUR, late of Gray, hi the County of Cumberland, deceased, and given bonds as the law directs. All persons having de mands upon the estate of said deceased, are required to exhibit the same; and all persons indebted to said estate arc called upon to make payment to CHARLES S. BARBOUR, Adm’r. Gray, Feb. 18th, 1873. w3w21 Dissolution of Copartnership. THE partnership heretofore existing under the firm name of Aller. & Buuker ol Windham in County of Cumberland, expired by limitation ou the A' D>lm’ ami said firm by sa<d limitation is hereby dissolved. All persons indebted to said company are hereby requested to make immediate payment of their in ij u ne88’ a,l(* persons holding claims against said firm aro respectfully requested to present the same to ^ CYRUS K. ALLEN, mar!9w3wl2_ Senior Partner. $1,000 IN ONE WEEK' To any shrewd man who can do business on the quiet, I guarantee an Immense Fortune, oasily rap dly, and in perfect safety. Address In perfect confidence. JAMES FROST ov30Ivw West th tre New Yo* ENTERTAINMENTS. GRAND ASSEMBLY IN CONNECTION WITH RAYMOND’S DANCING SCHOOL, — AT — S| LANCASTER HALL, 'TIMS 1111 BAY EVESIK'G. HR t.\D t'l.OSIX; BAM,, Monday Eyening, March 31st! Tickets for flic Ball - * - • $1.00 mcL28 It MUSIC HALL. Amateur Dramatic ENTERTAINMENT ! to be glveu by tbe S. K>. C.’s OK FRIDAY A SATURDAY EVE KIKGS, MARCH 28tli. & 29th. — CAM.En — NOT GUILTY, In which there I* a support of TWENTY PERSONS Having been to a luge expense in the way of paint ing, scenery, and obtaining propeities In ordor to render the play in a proper manner, it is hoped that the public will show their appreciation bv tilling the house both nights. Prices of admission : Orchestra Chairs, S^cts. P?ir quet, 35c18. Gallery ,25ctc. mar21dtd CITY HALL. SUNDAY EVENING LECTUBE. REV. SAMUEL DAVIES, who for years lived among Oriental people, lectnies | Next Sunday Evening:, (March 30, 1873,) in City Hall. Subject—“Religious, social and tem perance bai its of the Turks and Eastern Christ Ians.” mcli28 2t “Love Letters.” A Lecture Will be Given — AT — CITY HALL, Wednesday Eve., April 2d. j By the eloquent and talented pulpit Orator BEV, CHARLES B. PITBLADO, By request of manv citizens, the subject will be “Love and Love Letters.” Doors open at 6J. Lecture at 7$ o’clock. Tickets can be obtained at Stock bridge’s and Bailey & Noyes, Exchange St., at J. Burleigh’s, Middl s St., and at the door. Admission 25c to all parts of the Hall. mar27 tJ SACRED CONCERT —AT THE— First Baptist Church, WEDNESDAY EVE, APRIL 3d. j By the following talent. Miss ADA CARlf, Contralto. Mr.WIIil, U. STOCKBRIDGK, Tenor. Mr. W. S. BECKETT, Baritone. Mr. 91. KOTZSCHMAR, Organist. Admission 50cts. Doors open at 7. Concert com mences at 8. Tick- ts for sale at Stockbridge’s, Bru uell’s, Loring, Short & Harmon’s, and the door. mar27 td Grand Presentation Concert. FARWELL & AMES’ HALL, ROCKLAND. Thursday Eve., Apr. 24. For parti?ulars see Small Bills and Cards of Ad mission. J. A. LOKI.Vfii, of Portland, General Agent for Cumberland County. mar27 eodtf hamburgsT^ WE shall open this dav one of the largest and best line of Edges and Insertion , over opened in Portland, and at prices that defy competition GREAT BARGAINS AT 12 l-2c, 20c, 25c, 50c. COVELL & COMPARY. HAMBCRGS! .iaxi24 tf GAS NOTICE. Orders for removal of obstruct ions in service pipes, if left at the Office in the Morning will be at tended to same day; if lelt late in the day, they may not receive at tention till next day. Argus and Advertiser copv. jan31dtf COPARTNERSHIP NOTICE. THE undersigned have this day formed a partner ship under the style of Craig, Jackson & Brackett, lor the purpose of carrying on the Plastering, Stucco and Mastic business in all its branches, and have taken tbe stand NO; 29 PLEASANT STREET, (,formerly occupied bg Jennings A Son.) All orders for Whitening, Whitewashing and Color ing will be promptly and faithfully executed. A lib eral share of public patronage respectfully solicited. JOSEPH CRAIG, CHARLES JACKSON. SAMUEL H. BRACKETT. Portland, March ID, 1873. mch20eodlm Hi Per Cent. Gold Interest. 1st MORTGAGE SINKING FUND GOLD BONDS. Secured by mortgage on 6,000 acres of very valuable Coal and Iron Lam Is. Principal and Interest payable in GOLD COIN. For sale at prices that will pay over 11$ per cent, in GOLD. Equal to 13 per cent, in currency. Call or send for Pamphlets, with maps and foil particulars, that will satisfy the most cautious invest ors. THOS. P. ELLIS & CO., Bankers, mar22eod&wlni 14 Pine St., N. Y. NOTICE is hereby given, that the subscriber has been duly appointed and taken upon himselx the trust of Administrator of the estate of EUGENE F. AUSTIN, late ol Portland, in the county of Cumberland, deceased, and given bonds as the law directs. All persons having demands upon the estate of said deceased arertquired to exhibit the same; and all persons indebted to said estate are called upon to make payment to BENJAMIN KINGSBURY, JR., Adm’r. Portland, Mar. 4th, 1873. marl9dlaw3w*W NOTICE is hereby given, that the subscribers have bceu duly appointed Executors of the Will of RHODA A. HANNA, late of Portland, in the County of Cumberland, deceased, and have tak eu upon themselvt s that trust by giving bonds as the law directs. All persons having demands upon the estate of said deceased, are required to exhibit the same; and all persons indebted to said estate are called upon to make payment to WORTHY C. BARROWS, j Executor9 RUFUS DEEHING. f executors. Portland, March 4tli, 1873. marl9dlaw3w*W Gentlemen’s Garments CLEANSED. — OR — Dyed Brown, Black, Blue-Black and Bine, AND PRESSED READY FOR WEAR. No Ripping required. Warranted not to crock. AT FOBTEB’f* DYE HOUI9E, mar21TTA8tt _*44 Union Nt. Final Dividend, THE final dividend of 2$ per cent, on the estate of Wm. H. Melcher Sc Co., will be paid at the office of Cummings, Leavitt & Widbur, 220 Commercial Street, between the hours ot four and six P. M. Per order Assignees. Portland, March 15,1873. mar26dlw* For Sale. HEAVY EXPRESS WAGON,(new) — FOR SALE CHEAP — THOS. I.AIGHLIN & SON, mar26it ^ ISJ Commercial Street. For Sale. THE SEBAGO DYE HOUSE. No. IT Plum St., to in good condition with all apparatus necessary ior the business. Apply to the proprietor at No. 33 Newbury street or to J REED, Brown’s Block, cor. Congress and Brown street. mar25eodtf 1 OB PRINTING neatly executed »t tbit ' O ofllce. AUCTION SAJLE3. Valuable Machinery, En gine, Boiler, &c., A T A U C T I O N ON FRIDAY, MARCH 28th, AT .1 O'CLOCK P. we shall sell at HELCHElt’S HILLS (so called) 0> WEST COMMERCIAL STREET, PORTLAND, MU, the following property if not disposed ol' at private dale: 1 tubular Boiler, 50 three, inch tubes, 16 ft; 1 sta tionery Engine, 11 x24; 1 Knowles Pump and ail connections; 1 K. Ball & Co.’sdouble Surfacing Ma chine; 1 Daniels Planer. 12 feet bed 18 In. wide; 1 Edging Saw Carriage Table, Ac.; 1 large5putting Saw Table; l Myer* large sire Moulding Machine; 1 Turniug LaOas ^ChuchTurning Latho; 1 Wood. fgJS ;J Panei -Pin'erl iTST Kiir ; !„» \r,Siii k„ ^ lH?a,teri 4 I,0<>1' I Sand Papcr IHorH^A af 1 ??litl,B Moulding Machine; t Smith’s Mortising Machine Sash; 2 Blind Slat Tenon Ma chines , 1 R. Ball * c'o.’s Tenon Machine; 1 Crimping Machine; 1 V\ mng Machine Blinds; 1 Wiring Ma chine; Main Sha t, Hangers and Pulleys; 2 four leet Iron Pulleys; 65 feet 3-inch shafting;*8 large Hang ers; Counter Shafis and Pullevs; Kmery wheel*; Hand>crews; Iron futting for Moulding Machine. F. O. BAILEY & CO., Aoclioawn inch! dtd BY J. 8. B ULKY & CO., Auctioneer* r— Household Furniture at Auction. ON FRIDAY, March 28th, at 2* o’clock P. M., at House No. 83 Franklin street, we shall sell all the Furniture in said house, consisting in ptart of Bedsteads, Spring Beds, Matrices, Bureaus Mir rors. Chairs, Tables, Carpets, Pictures, Clocks, Rock ers, Parlor, Air Tight and Cook Stoves. Crock*™ j *»ias», Tin, wool ami iron Ware .Table Cutlery, Ac. Ac., together with the entire Kitchen Furniture! j Also one Child’s Carriage, a very nice article. The above Furniture is good and in good order. mch25 du Horses, Carriages, Ac., at Auction. ON SATURDAY, March 29th, at 11 o’clock A. M., in Market square, we shall sell 3 Sleighs, Jump Seat; new and second hand Express and i iding Wagons. Top Carriage. Sunshade, new Express body, new and second hand Harnesses, Whips, Halters, Ac By F. O. BAILEY Ac CO., Anclioucrs. mch26 4t Choice Groceries and ?tore Fix tures at Auction. ON MONDAY, March 31st, at 2$ o’clock, I shall sell at store recently occupied by Bodge Brea., on Congress street, at head of Chestnut, Tea, Flour, Meal, Tobacco, Pork, Beef, Syrup, Molasses, Kero sene Oil, > inegar, Honey, Cun*lien, Canned Pcache,, Pcm, Corn, Blueberries, Tomaloes, Dried Currant, and Prunes, Rice, Eggs, Sait, Nutmegs, Spicoi,Crown Tartar, Herbs, Mustard, Extracts, Brown Paper, Coal, <£c.; also large upright lee Chest, Pang, stand ing Desk, Counters, Plaiform and Spring balance Scale*. Stove, Meat Block, Bench, Tub and Tray, largo Curtain, matched boards. Tools and Measure* H. C. PEABODY, 109 Exchange street, agent for creditors. F. O. BAILEE & CO., Antisuen. mch27 dtd Household Furniture at Auction. ON TUESDAY, April 1st, at 10 o’clock A. M., at House No. 26$ Danfortb street, we shall sell the Furniture in said house, consisting of Parlor Suit in B. W. and Crimson Kept, Pictures. 3 Coamber St tts, and other Chamber Furnii ure, Toilet Sett, Spring Bods, Feather Beds and Mattrasses, Bedding, UO Carpets, Extension Tab e, Dining Room Chairs. Cur tains, Crockery, Glass and Silver Plated Ware, 3 Coal Stoves, Kauge No. 8, together with the entire Kitchen Furniture. Also, at 12 M. a 7 octave Piano Rare-wood Case, in good Sondition. Boston make. By F. O. BAILEY Ac CO., Auctioneers, me h26 dtd Manufacturers’ Sale of Crockery Ware to the Trade by Auction. F. O. BAILEY Ac CO., Anctlwncera. ON WEDNESDAY, April 2d, at 2$ P. M., at our salesroom, IK Exc'iange street, wo shall sell to the trade a large line of White Granite, Paris White. C C, Rockingham and Yellow Ware. Catalogues ready and goods on exhibition on and after April 1st. mch2G did By Jr. S. BAILEY A CO., Auctioneer*. Furniture at Auction. WE Khali sell at public auction WEDNESDAY, April 2d, at 10 o’clock A. M.,ath use No. 136 Congress, corner of Yv aehington street, all the Fur niture in said house, consisting in part of B. W. Par* lor Suit in Gieen Damask ; do in Hair Cloth; Marble T. p Cantre and Pier Tables; B. W. Extension Din ing Table, French Plate Mirrors, Pictuies.What Not, Mantel Ornaments. Bedsteads, Bureaus, Toilet Tables. Chairs, Feather Beds, Mattresses, Parlor, Dining Room, Chamber and Stair Carpets, Crockery. Glass, Tin, Wood and Don Ware, Soap Stone ana Parlor Stoves, Kitchen Furniture, Ac., Ac. mch24 c dtd Grocirie* and Store Fixtures nt Auction. ON MONDAY', April 7th, at 2$ o’clock P. we shall sell at office. Confectionery, Coffee, Tea, Sugar, Spic s, Pickles, Hard Bread, Cream Tartar, Salerarus, Sage. Tapioca, Canary Seeu, Sauce and Canned Goods, Starch, Tubs, Pails, Brooms, Wash uuarus, c, omes nns, rancy ucous, scales, Nnow cascs, Measures, Ac. F O. Bailey & Co., Auctioneers. mch26 did J. S. BAILEY dr CO., Commission Merchants, —AND— -A. CTCTIONIlEIIS NO. EXCHANGE §TBEEr. Next below Merchants* Exchange. JOSEPH S. BAILEY, GEO. W. PARKER. References—Messrs. H. J. Libby & co., and Hon CharlesP. Kimbiil I'm*land, Me.; Messrs. Leonard & Co., and Lee & Shepard. Boston. a pi It GRASS^SEED. 9000 Bags Western Timothy Seed 1300 “ Canada “ *• lOOO “ Red Top “ 500 “ Michigan Clover “ 900 “ Ohio “ “ 400 “ No. New York “ “ 100 “ Pea Vine, “ “ 150 " Alsike “ M IOO « Millet “ lOO “ Hungarian Grass “ 100 “ Orchard “ FOB SALE AT THE Lowest Cash Price. KENDALL & WHITNEY. mchM tf Allan_Line. Itlontreal Ocean Steamship Co. UNDER CONTRACT FOR THE CARRYING OF THB Canadian and United State* Mail*. Passengers booked to London derry and Liverpool. Return Tickets granted at Reduced Rates. The Steamship PERUVIAN, Capt. Richardson. Will leave this port for Liverpool on SATURDAY, March A»d, Immediately after the arrival of the Train of tb previous day from Montreal. Passage to Londonderry and Liverpool, Cabin (ac cording to accommodations).$70 le $$0 Payable in Gold or its equivalent. For Freight or Cabin Passage, apply to H. & A. ALLAN, No. 1 India St. For Steerage Passage inward and outward, and lor Sight Draft9 on England for small amounts apply to JAMES L. FARMER, No. 3 India Street. iruk 1 fi.O nnvMtf “EAGLE SUGARS.” The Engle Sugar Refinery having commenced work for the season of 1873, now otters to the^trade Sugars of its various grades from EXTRA C TO YELLOW. GEO. S. RENT, Agent, in connsBciAi. street. mcb21dlw _ _ THE Maine State Agricultural Society will hold Its 11 Til, EXHIBITION AT BA1VGOB, September^0^ 17,18 & 19, ^“Ovcr &GOOO, In premiums ure ottered, martl d6m Sanford’s Improved Refrigerators. .The three points ot excellence which I claim, are: 1st; constant and thorough circulation of pure air; I ?nt*» ryness, no dampness monld nor taint; 3rd; no mte*mingling of odors; purity and active air, the elements of its success. Call, or send for circular*. Manufactured and for sale by ,1. F. MERBILL. be tween Cross and Cotton sts., near Leavitt, Burnham <Sfc Co.s Ice House. Portland, Me. je4dtf MOTA BEMA f Smart, energetic business men, who wish to receive an income oi front 91000 to *5000 per annum, will do well to confer with W. H. habkingtow, 4'A 1-‘J Exchange Hlrrot, F<r* "* t^dlw mchl’l __—■—~ „ b-tter Gun, Rifle, or Revolver, In Y°pirU»Dd,V the »amo money, th»u you can hy Jndlo* West for one. Try I¥o. 48 Exchange St X* G. L. BAUEF. mart#

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