Newspaper of Portland Daily Press, 1 Nisan 1873, Page 3

Newspaper of Portland Daily Press dated 1 Nisan 1873 Page 3
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the press. TUESDAY MORNING, APRIL 1, 1873. THE PRBHK Muy be obtained at the Periodical Depots of Fes sendeu Bros., Marquis, Robinson, Brnnell & Co.* Andrews,Wentworth, Glendenniug Mo-es, Hender *qn, and Chisholm Bros., on all trains that run out oi thecity. * At Biddeford, of Pillsbury. At Saco of L, Hodgdon. At Waterville, of J. S. Carter. At Gorham, of News Ageut. At Bath, of J. O. Shaw. At Lewiston, ot French Bros. At Renncbunk. of C. E. Mfiler. _ CITY AND VICINITY. IVrir AiUfttiw*'*111 X.-Doy. ENTERTAINMENT COLUMN. Amateur Concert—State Street Chapel. SPECIAL NOTICE COLUMN. Opening—Turner Bros. Annual MeetingS. P. C. A. NEW ADVERTISEMENTS. Furniture—Geo. A. Whitney * Co. Assessors* Notice—Cape Elizabeth. M. C. M. A.—George A. Harmon. Freedom Notice-Moses M. Bennett. Lost—Sleeve Button Pasturing—H. B. Pike. Wanted—Gardene r. Copartnership Notice—Fletcher & Co. M. L. A.—James F. Hawkes. Announcement—J. B. Mathews & Co. Taylor’s Announcements—3. MISCELLANEOUS NOTICES. Dr. O. Fitzgerald— Preble House. Stated Meetings. CITY GOVERNMENT. The Board of Mayor and Aldermen meets the first Monday evening of each month. The Common Council meets the second Monday evening of each month. The School Committee meet the third Monday eve ning of each month. MASONIC At Masonic Hall, Fo. 95 Exchange Street. YORK RITES. Blue Lodges—Anciert Land-Mark, first W'ednes day: Portland, second Wednesday; Atlantic, third Wednesday. Chapters—Greenleaf R. A. C., first Monday; Mt. Veruon, K. A. C., third Monday. Council—Portland C. R. & S. Masters, second Monday. Commakderies of K. T.—Portland, fourth Mon day : St. AlbanB, second Thursday. Grand Bodies—Grand Lodge, first Tuesday in May; Grand Chapter, first Tuesday evening in May; Grand Council, Wednesday 3 I*, ‘m.; Grand (Jow mandery, Wednesday evening. ANCIENT ACCEPTED SCOTTISH RITES. Lodge—Yates Grand Lodge of Perfection, first Friday. Council—Portland Oouncil P. of J., second Fri day. Chapter—Dunlap Chapter Rose Croix de H., third Friday. Consistory—Maine Consistory, S. P. R. S., fourth Friday in Maich. June, September and December. I. O O. F. At Odd Fellows’ Hall, No. 88 Exchange Street. Lodges—Maine, on Monday evenings; Ancient Brothers, on Thursday evenings; Ligonia, on Friday evenings; Bead n, on Tuesday evenings; Ivy, D., of K., second and fourth Saturday. RvrAMPMPVTI! lionnim first and third Wail_ nesdays; Eastern Star, second and fourth Wednes days; Portland, first aud third Saturdays. Relief association— Every third Tuesday in the month. TEMPLARS OF HONOR. At Templars* Hall. No. 100 Exchange Street. Council—Maiue, first and third Mondavsineach month. Temple—Forest City, No. 1 every Wednesdav evening. Maine Charitable Mechanic Association— Corner of Congress and Ca co streets. First i hurs day in each month. Young Men’s Christian Association- Corner Congress and Casco streets. Every evetiing. Portland Fraternity—No. 333£Congres-street. Every evening. Knights of Pythias—Bramhall Lodge, No. 3, TLurs«.a\ evening?; Munjoy Lodge, No. 6. Wednes day evenings. At their Hall. Clapp's Block, Market Square. Grand Army of the Republic—Bosworth Post, No. 2; coiner Congress aid Casco streets, Friday evenings. Portland Army and Navy Union- Corner Congress and Brown streets. First Tuesday in each month. Sons of Temperance—Portland Division, No 93; Sons’ of Temperance Hall. Friday evening. Independent Order of Good Templars—Ar cana, Monday ; Mission, Wednesday;—in Williams’ bio k, Congte^sstieet. Mystic, Thursday: Atlantic, Sat un ay;—at Sons’ ot Tern pet a nee Hall, Congress str* et. Iron Clad, Thursday, at West End; Pocahon tas, Thursday. Portland Typographical Union, No. 75—Cor ne Congress and Cm co streets. Second Saturday in ea;h month. United State* District Court. BEFORE JUDGE FOX. Monday.—Andrew Eugitrone ve. Frederick Pad dleford, master. L ibel for wages as seaman an board of brig J. H. Kennedy, from Pernambuco to Port land. Si i vices admitted, but defence, that the libel lant was never shipped, and that he was a “stowa way,” aud not inti; led to wages. The Court ruled that the master having employed the libellant, and it appearing that he Lad done duty satisfactorily, as an able and faithful seaman, he was entitle 1 to wages. And the judge intimated that it might be a matter of serious importance for owners and masters to consider whether a vesse1 of this class, of 250 to 300 tons, was sufficiently manned and sea worthy, when coming to this coast, at this season of the year, manned with only four men before the mast, but gave no opinion on that point. Judgment for li llant. Howard & Cleaves. T. B. Reed. municipal Court. BEl OR JUDGE MORRIS. Monday.—Henry Goff J imes N. Winslow et al. In a j lea of the case, for the non delivery of two two barrels of apples of the value of six dollars a bar rel, by respondents as common carriers. Defence—no neglect on the part of respondents.— Judgment for respondents. Appealed. O’Donnell. Webb. Entries, 14; def ults, 12; continuances, 4. Brief Jotting*. Mr. Cobb, of the firm of Cobb & Kay, was thrown fiom his buggy yesterday morning at the foot of Green street. The horse took fright at a horse car, and ran against a post, cutting himself and smashing the buggy. As will be seen by an advertisement in an other column a gardener is wanted at the Asy lu ii in Path. • A gentlemen who was practising with a revol ver from the windows of a bouse ou Congress street yesterday, forgot to take out the ramrod which pinned three cats to the earth when the revolver was discharged. Saturday night’s rain storm caused quite an excavation at the corner of Neal aud Brackett ■hvAts fmm nrliirii stanm in hllffft VflldtnftE has been pouri ::g out. It is surmised that a hot spring exists there. Mr. William Burnham has been re-appoiuted janitor of the City Building. The appointment will give universal satisfaction, for Mr. Burn ham is deservedly a great favorite with all who have occasion to frequent the building. It appears that M’Douald, the Bank of En gland forger, was in the Portland jail in 18H8, on a charge of swindling several dry goods and jewelry firms. He then called himself George W. Bradford. The horse car people are digging out the tracks on Congress and Middle streets. What yon would call a harbinger, we suppose. The 48th snow storm happened along yester day, making about a3 much bluster as its old er brothers,but leaving fewer traces of its visit. In consequence of bad weather there was no steamer from here yesterday for New York. The Dirigo will leave this afternoon. I IKotzsclimar has just composed ‘‘A Song for EasterDay,” which has been published by Hawes & Cragin. It is a very pleasiug production, aud there will be a rapid demand for it. It is said that Mr. John S. Heald may accent the vacant deputy sheriff position. The April term of the Superior Court opens this morning. A despatch to Ihe Merchants’ Exchange says that Capt. Daniel Corbett of the brig “Lena Thurlow,” died at sea March 9th. Vessel a-. Nassau, where the captain was hurried and will proceed to Eatanzas where she was bounn from Portland. The match game of biU'ards at the Preble House rooms this evening b etween Mr. Shiel of this city aud Mr. Anstruther of Boston, 750 points up and $50 stakes, will draw' a large crowd. A man at the police station yesterday morn in r had several very alarming fits attributable to m n i i «p tu. The wind last night blew over several chim neys and the top of the dome on the City Building. The shipping must have suffered severely. The well-known and well-worn declamation, “Spartacus to the Gladiators” was written by Elijah Kellogg for the late Henry P. Deane, and was first delivered by him. Several good byes were bade at the police sta tion last night by retiring members of the Force. Oue of our wealthiest and hitherto most re spectable citizens was taken to his residence “dead-drunk” by the police last night. Where is the society with the long name? A dog fight between a Deering cur and a noted bull dog ab> ut town is advertised to come off at Gorham’s Corner at ten o’clock this morning. The backers of the dogs threaten resistance if the police interfere, so fun may be expected. A man named M’Gee or Townshead, for he lays claim to both cognomens, was arrested at his house ou Spring street last evening by of fleers Rounds and York, for insulting people on the street. He is a hard customer, and made the station house hiderons last night by his yells, Tne concluding ball of Raymond’s dancing course at Lancaster Hall last evening was a very pleasant affair. A pair of boots which Wagner had on when arrested have been found to fit several tracks in a snow bank on his route of escape. The Argus gravely informs its readers that there is no foundation for the report, that the fees asked for a sight of Wagner are to be ap plied to the liquidation of the county debt. We were in error in making that statement. They are to be used for the payment of the Na tional debt. A fter that is paid, the remainder will be used to pay for the construction of a new Atlantic cable. We are ready to be laughed at for placing a ball notice under a “church note head.” But don't laugh too hard, as you will hurt our feel ings. Collision on the Boston & Maine. Last evening a collision took place on the Boston & Maine between the regular passenger train due at 8 o'clock and the engine Shawmut, which was making up a train just this side of the Maine Central crossing. The regular pas senger train was on time, and having the track was running in slowly. The light of the other engine was seen but it was thought to be on a side track until within a few rods when both engineers discovered that they were on the same track. The engines were reversed and the engineers and firemen jumped off. The engines came together with some force. The passenger engine Strafford, No. 35, was injured somewhat, thrown from the track, the baggage car somewhat smashed and the others thor oughly stirred up. The head light of the freight engine was knocked off, and as the steam was reversed the concussion sent her back with great force into a freight train in the rear, smashing through them at a fearful rate tearing off the smoke stack and wrecking near ly all of them about twenty in number. It is asserted that the engineer of the freight thought he could reach the side track before the regular train wonld arrive, and the latter being on time, hence the accident. The name of the freight engineer is Alonzo Hunt, and to him the blame is attached. H. G. Mills ran the passenger train. Fortunately no one was seriously hurt, though several were thrown down in the passenger cars by the force of the concussion. Anxiversaiiv Exercises.—The twenty fifth anniversary of the advent of Modern Spiritulisui in the United State-, was observed with appropriate exercises by the Spiritual As sociations of this city, at Army and Navy Un iou Hall last evening. Mr. James Furbish act ed as President, and Mr. George French, as Secretary. The exercises opened by “auld lang syne1" by the choir of the Association. Miss Ella Bouney then read a charming poem, by Mrs. t tr vr; tr_______i. rise, progress and tendency of Spiritulism were made by Mrs. W. E. Smith and MeBsrs. M. A. Blanchard, Abner Shaw, S. B. Beckett, J. M. Todd, J. B. Hall. Asa Hanson and others. Mr. W. E. Smith read a poem which he prefaced by a few observations. Elder John Vance, of Alfred, a member of the United Society, called Shakers, was introduced to the audience, and made a short but admirable address in which he spoke of the common points of belief in the creeds which he and his listeners held, and con gratulated them that the belief in the appear ance of departed spirits upon earth, so long held by the Shakers, was becoming to be gener ally recognized as a truth among men. Fine singiug, and piano forte playing was furnished during the evening by Misses Ron ney, Carle, King and Adams. At the conclu sion of the exercises the floor was cleared, and some hours were given up to dancing and social enjoyment. Merchant’s Exchange.—The annual meet ing of the Merchant’s Exchange was held at the Exchange yesterday noon. The following named gentlemen were chosen directors for the ensuing year: A. K. Sburtleff, W. W. Thomas, M. N. Rich, Philip H. Brown, Charles E. Jose. The Superintendent, Mr. E. L. Ring, submitted the following report, which was adopted and ordered to be placed on file: To the Directors and members of the Mer chant’s Exchange, Portland. Your Superintendent would respectfully sub mit the following report: The Merchant’s Exchange numbers at the present time, 242 members, a slight increase over last year. The total amount collected from subscribers for the year 1872 was $1,858.75 against $1,812.75 the year previous. iV ex penditures for the last year I would respectful ly refer you to the report of the treasurer ren dered at the last annual meeting of the Board of Trade. We have on file in the Room at the present time, 17 daily, and 20 weekly papers; I receive regularly ev»ry day by telegraph, quotations of gold, stocks, bonds, Liverpool, Chicago and New York markets, marine intelligence, weath er reports, and other news of general interest to the business community, for which we are much indebted to J. S. Bedlow, Superintendent and C D. Livermore, Manager of the Western Union Telegraph Co., in this city, for tl eir un tiring efforts and promptness in procuring these telegraphic reports. A geneial record is kept of the arrivals and clearances of vessels at this port, together with the foreign imports and ex ports, which we find to be of much importance to many of our subscribers, all of whom we have tried to please, though many times sub jected to inconveniences, which I trust we may in time be able to overcome, and find ourselves in a prosperous, though perhaps not (under the existing circumstances! in a more flattering condition, than at the present time. Adjourn ed. First Parish.—At the meeting of the First Parish Society, held yesterday afternoon, the following letter of acceptance from the Rev. Dr. Hill was read : Waltham. Mass., March 2(1,1873. My Dear Sir:—X have received at your hands, an attested copy of the votes passed by the First Parish in Portland on the 17th inst., au thorizing their committee to extend to mo a call to become their pastor, and calling for a re port at an adjourned meetiu' on the 31st inst. I accept the call thus given, with a sense of mv entire dependence upon Divine Grace, and with the humble trust and hope that with the assistance of that Grace, I may in a measure fulfil my intention to became a good minister of Jesus Christ among you. In the bonds of Christian faith and hope, Yours, Thomas Hill. .Tmxv Tlivn flhaipnvin ffiraf Parish. Dr. Hill will enter upon pastoral duties im mediately, though his family does not take tip residence in the city until July. The matter of installation is left with Dr. Hill and the Parish Committee. It will probably take place in May. The committee was directed to make arrangements with the pastor in regard to the annual vacation. Portland and Halifax Steamers.—The business of this line has so much increased that two steamers will he dispatched from this port each week to Halifax. They are the Falmouth and Carlotta, the former commencing her reg ular trips this afternoon. During the past winter which has been one of the severest known on our coast, the Carlotta has made her passages with wonderful precision, not having lost a trip, and rarely beving behind time, and now with the addition of the fine new steamer Falmouth, the trips cannot be made otherwise than with great regularity. Both of these stenmers will'carry the United States and Do minion Government mails. The days of leav ing Portland are Tuesdays and Saturdays, at 5.30 p, m., so that passengers leaviug Boston on the 12.30 train can make connections. Aggravated Assault.—James Lee, mate of the steamer “Montreal ” was savagely as saulted by four men of his crew yesterday morning. They refused to obey orders, and on his attempting to enforce obedience, the 7 set upon him with shovels and soon struck him down. His held was badly injured and his face beaten to a jelly He also received other injuries. So badly was he bruised that he was unable to move from his bed, and lies in a dan gerous condition at his residence, No. 21 Tate street Officer Garlaud succeeded in arresting one of the the assailants, named James Lee. He is the same man who assaulted Mr. Rounds last fall. The others are still at large. Board of Trade.—A special meeting of the Managers of the Board of Trade was held yes terday morning, T. C. Hersey, Esq., presiding. The following names were proposed for mem bership viz: J. T. McCohb, and E. T. Elden. It was voted to call a meeting of the full board at 7.30 p. m., Monday, April 7th. In regard to the payment of the bills against the Merchant’s Exchange, the vote of the last meeting was re considered and laid on the table. It was voted, that the chairman of the Merchant's Exchange and the treasurer of the Board of Trade be add ed to the Committee on Ways and Means. Ad journed. __ Gentlemen should try he Portland Shirt. UUCELLANEOUS NOTICKS. F. O. Bailey & Co., sell at house 27J Dan forth Street, a fine parlor suit, one piano, three chamber setts, &c., at 10 o'clock to-day. Children crv—for Pitcher’s Castoria. It regulates the stomach, cures wind colic and causes natural sleep. It is a substitute for castor oil. _ mar27-eodlw'kwlt Dr O Fitzgerald, the wonderful clairvoy ant physician and surgeon, will visit Portland again Friday and Satunlay, April 4th and Gth, at the'Preble House, remaing two oavs only. Don’t fail to sec him, his cures are truly won derful. _ aprltf Parties in want of a choice barrel of flour will do well to call at Wilson & Co.’s, corner Exchange and Federal streets. mar29eod3t How to Make $300.—Buy for a song a stylish broken-down horse, one that is pro nounced played out from lameness;—cure him with a bottle or two of Centaur Liniment, and pocket the difference. The Liniment is simply one of the wonders of the world. Dumb 1 leasts neigh out tlieir gladness, and the sore, maimed and cripple of the human family hobble in and go on their way reioicing. Yes, it is wonder ful. _ BY TELEGRAPH. MATTERS IN MAINE. Defeat of the Aroostook Kailroud Loan. Bangor, March 31.—The proposition for the city to loan its credit to the amount of fifteen thousand dollars per mile in aid of the con struction of the proposed Northern Aroostook Railroad, was defeated in this city to day liy a V3te of 248 yeas, to 1117 nays. MASSACHUSETTS. Incendiary. Boston, March 31.—Philip and John Davis, recently from New York, leased store 813 Washington street and carried on a clothing and furnishing goods business under firm of Davis & Co. Early Sunday morning, tire was discovered in the store which it is supposed was purposly kindled to obtain insurance of $10, 000 on the property. Goldstein connected with A Man Accused of Murdering His Child. A mau named Daniel S. Marsh, living in Charlestown, was arrested for the murder of his own son, an infant 9 months old in Sept. 1871 by throwing it from the Fitchburg Kail road bridge. He was taken to the statiou house in Charlestown, and confessed the deed and the mauner in which he committed it. NEW YORK. The Goodrich Murder-Contradictory Statement. New York, March 31,—The morning jour nals repeat aud enlarge upon the statement made by a Sunday paper that Roscoe, the jeal ous Spanish lover of Mrs Meyers, murdered Goodrich. The Brooklyn Chief of Police, Campbell, says it is time that search was made for Roscoe in Baltimore, though h- cannot say whether yesterday’s published story be true or false. He adds that Mrs. Meyers, who is now detained as a witness,told him that Roscoe was the murderer and that lie had fled to Baltimore. She gives a tun uescript on ot nun and other important information which is withheld for the present. She had known Goodrich hut for two mouths aud dediuedto state where she had lived before going to Stanton street. The police are searching for a rough named Pop Tight, believed to know something of Goodrich’s murder. Thuilow Weed and quite a number of promi nent people have sent money to aid the father and mother of Mrs. Meyer. F'om certain admissions made by the moth er, it is thought that she really has information obtained from her daughter, of a circumstan tial character relative to the murder, which will prove important. District Attorney Britton is reported by the Herald this morning to have said that the story of the participation in the murder by Lucette Meyers is alia fiction; that she was not pres ent at the murder, and really knows nothing of the murder, but still her testimony will prove valuable. Narrow Escape of n Railroad Traiu. Cons derable damage was done on Long Is land by the storm Saturday night. The waves are reported as having washed portions of the beaches at Rockaway, Coney Island and Long Branch very badly. The meadows on Long Island were over flowed to a great depth, and ail the small bridges on the railroads between Hunter’s Point and Jamaica, were floated off. The tracks were covered with water aud in many places washed away. A traiu of cars was bare ly saved from engulfment b.v the presence of mind of the engineer, who feeling the bridge near Jamaica sinking under his locomotive put on the full head of steam just in time to draw ihe passenger cars out of the chasm made by the giving way of the bridge, the structure fall ing to pieces and fluatiug off as the last wheels of the passenger car was pulled on to terra firms. Some twenty passengers were in the car. The lowlands around Hunter’s Point, New town Creek and that vicinity, were also flooded and damage was done by the flooding of base ments in the lower part of Williamsburg. The Gold Excitement. The Post says that the bonud of gold to 11SJ to-day caused great excitement, bordering on a panic. No failures are yet reported, but it is believed that unless the excitement is checked and the market steadied some will necessarily occur. The Treasury programme for April, providing for the sale of $0,000,000 gold ana the purchase of 31,000,000 of five-twenty bonds, has had an effect just opposite to the Treasury calcula tions. Eric Investigation—The Trice of Scan tors. Gen. A. S. Diven testified—The only money I paid to parties in Albany was to Van Veich tou and Barber. Van Veichton told me that the money had been paid to both branches of the Legislature. I was told five or six Sena tors’ names who were said to have been paid SoOOJ each. I only remember the name of one of them now. There was no names of mem bers of the Assembly mentioned. Various Matters. Ofllcerltowen, who was assaulted by a mob of roughs last night, is not expected ‘ to live, Daeey, who threw the rock which broke Row an’s skull, is in custody. The Manhattan Lodge of Fenians took initial steps last evening for the reception of Boston Fenians lere in August. Mrs. James Gordon Bennett died at Kcenig stein, Saxony, this morning. Judge Brady to-day denied the motion to amend the judgment record in Stake’s case,and said the proper method was by certiorar es which will bring the case before the general term. Charles Burke, a burglar, escaped from Sing Sing Sunday 1 ight. The wife of E. Delafield Smith, corporation counsel, died unexpectedly this morning. Theo. Cozzins of West Point, died in Pans on Friday last. Hugh Maxwell, long prominent a ^ong the business men of this city and at one time Col lector of the no-t. died at his residence at St. Mark ft Place to-day, aged 85. WASHINGTON. Decisions of tlic Supreme Court. Washington, March 31.—The following opinions were delivered b.v tha Supreme Court today. In the case of New Orleans against Myra Clark Gaines, from the Circuit Court of Louisiana, the appeal sought to reverse tile de cree of the court below in favor of Mrs. G lines for $125,260 as rent and profits of land belong ing to her, which had been in possesion and use of the city. Mrs. Gaines brought an action to recover possession under the former decision of this court iu her favor on the general ques tion of her rights. The report of the master to whom the case was referred was in her favor, and the court entered a decree thereupon Ac cordingly the court directs the affirmance of the decree disallowing the acceptions thereto. Jrn - tice Hunt delivered the opinion. Barrett vs. Burney et at,, This is the action brought by Barrett to recover of Wells. Fargo & Co’s Express Company the damages alleged to have been done to a building in which tlie'r office iu San Francisco is located, by an explo sion of uitro-glyceiiue, which caused so much consternation a few years ago. The question was whether, as common carriers, they were liable for having in their possession the fatg^ box, and consequently for the damages done by the explosion to other portions of the building other than the rooms occupied by them. The decision below was in their favor, aud it is here affirmed. The court says that if express car riers are chargable with notice of the contents of packages carried by them, they must |have the right to refuse to receive packages unless their contents are known. It would be unrea sonable to require them in that case to ace 'pt as conclusive, every instance of information given b.v the owners They must be at liberty whenever in doubt, lo exact the right of inspec tion of the contents as a condition of carriage, but the doctrine which would lead to such a course of business would cause great inconven ience and seldom accomplish anv good. For tunately the law is not so unreasonable and does not enforce such a doctrine, aud the con cision is that the carrier is not chargeable with notice of the contents of the packages and should not he held liable for an act done with out his fault. James Brooks. It was thought last week that the condition of Hon. James Brooks was improving, but yesterday and to-day it was not so so favorable. The Modocs. Oem Canby telegraphs to Gen. Sherman that t“e ®ounnission to the Modocs works well. He says that on the 27th inst. the Modocs again invited a conference, and Col. Gillen, with the P“5*y ?J?m,n*ng the approaches to the lava i.^ir atlurt, interview with two of the nartV however of the peace ' , i , c * , the opinion that they are more cfe.“«’&’WS£5sJ8lr“ Financial. of $600,000 national bank notes during MsSX6 aud the Secretary will to-morrow call in th« balance of the three per cent, certificates re maining unpaid, which will finally coninlete the retirement of the whole of the $15,000 000 of the thrje per cents, as provided in the act of July l2tli, 1870, which authoiizes the issue of 8.11,000,000. Transportation Committee. The Senate Special Committee on Transpor tation Routes to the seaboard, will meet at the Fifth Avenue Hotel, New York, April 8th, to consider the subject of railroad postal car ser vice and hear statements. A fearful PANIC in a church. A Number of Persons Fatally In jured. Trenton, N. J., March 31.—A dieadful ca lamity liappo ed this morning at half past ten, at St. John s Catholic church, on the occasion of the funeral of Rev. Father Macklin. The church was densely crowded aud thousands stood outside. There were some twenty offici ating clergymen present, and while the requi em for the dead was being suug, a loud crack ing sound came from the gallery, and from the general opinion that it was giving away there arose a fearful panic. Consternation seized every one and loud screams ensued from the women and children. A rush was made for the door, and immediately scores of women and children fell and were trampled beneath the feet of the mass of human beings which be came wedged between the front gates aud the door. There the mass stood stubborn and i m movable and the groans of those beneath were fearful. It was fully ten minutes before the work of making an opeuing for the crowd to pass out to the street was effected. Stalwart men all the time were busily engaged in pulling out the women and children. It was a shocking S'ght as ,hey were taken out with blackened and bloody faces. They were carried to near resi dences and as soon as physicians arrived the extent of the damage began to be apparent. In the priest’s house two women were prostrated on the floor, in spasms, also a little boy with disfigured face and broken arm. A little girl, about twelve years of age, was suffering from internal injuries. At this moment matters arc quieted down, although a vast crowd is in the street, brought together he the wildest rumors. In the midst of the excitement ladders were thrown up to the windows and people and chil dren were taken out. Some of the windows were broken. The appeals of the clergy, who had jumped out of the windows aud gone to the trout door, for the mass to retreat back into the church, assuring them there was no danger, were unavailing. The noise did not come from a defect ill the gallery, but from the breaking of a kneeling board la the gallery. The services in the church were resumed. The following are the names of th- wounded: Mrs. Julia Slingerland, Miss Maggie Mallouey, Mrs. Bridget Clark, Margaret Calahaii, Mrs. and Miss Deshiiee, Mrs. Beni. Stokes and Rosa Evans, and a child, a boy and girl, names un known, were badly hurt. Some of the wound ed are now in spasms and in a critical condi tion. None have died. The cveut has produced the greatt st conster nation throughout the city. Later—The total number of persons injure by the church panic is twenty. None have die although three or four are in a dangerous con dition. Terrible Accident. Chicago, March 3R—A terrible accident oc curred th s morning in a new building being erected for Field it Reiter, corner of Washing ton and State streets. A platform on which a number of men work, putting into place, iron grinders for a dome of a building, gave way beneath the weights placed upon it aud precip tateu Mr. Bross aud Phillips Mersou, two workmen, 120 feet to the floor of the first story, both receiving fata! iujuries. F. C. C de of Montreal, an agent for Ramsey & Co., was standing on the lower floor and was struck by some falling boards. He appears to have sus tained some internal injuries, bnt will recover. A boy was also struck by the falling timber aud somewhat injured. Reported Murder of Government Survey ors. Leavenworth, Ks., March 31.—The Com mercial lias intelligence from private sources of the murder, in cold blood, by the Chprokee In dians, of Mr. Dewiug and three other govern ment surveyors, 120 miles southwest of Arkan sas City, on the 23th. The men had gone a mile and a half from camp, and their bodies were found by three comrades buried in the sand. Two others of the same party, with a provision train, have not beeu beard from for some time, and fears are eutertained for their safety. Funeral of Rx-Seuator Dixon. Hartford, Ct., March 31.—The funeral of ex-Seuatot James Dixon was quite largely at tended by prominent citizens at bis late' resi dence in this city to-day. Among those pres ent was Senator Autiiony of Rhode Island, Judge Shipman of the U. S. Court, Judge Lafayette S. Foster, ex-Senator from this State and others. JBrlligerciit Editors. New York, March 31.—A Richmond dis patch states tuat Walters, editor of the Norfolk Journal, and Hope, editor of the Virginian, have beeu arrested aud held in $1000 bonds not to violate the uueling law, as both were about to start for North Carolina to fight out au edi torial quarrel arising from a discussion of re cent railroad affairs before the Legislature. UETBOKOLUGICAL . PROBABILITIES FOR THE NEXT TWENTY-FOUR HOURS. War Dep’t, Office Chief Signal i Officer, Washington, D. C., > April 1. (1 A. Probabilities—The storm Centre in Arkansas will move during Tuesday into Teuuessee and the South Atlantic States; for Tuesday in the Gulf States, increasing southerly winds, clouds and rain; in the South Atlautic States, south easterly winds and threatening weather; over the lako region, northeast and easterly winds with rain on Lake Michigau, extending east ward over the lower lakes by Tuesday; for the southern portion of the middle States, a rising barometer and clear weather on the Tuesday morning, followed in the evening by a falling barometer, easterly winds and partly cloudy weather; for New England, a rising barometer, westerly winds and clear weather. Cautionary signals are ordered for New Orleans, Mobile, Milwaukee, Chicago and Toledo. F O li K I c ; N . The Town of Bcrga Burned by the Carlists. Madrid, March 31.—Despatches from Bar celona say that the situation in that city is grave. Intelligence reached there that the town of Berga which was captured by the Carlists Friday, had been burned by the insurgents who before applying the torch, saturated a number of buildings with petroleum. The news of the burning of the town created great excitement in Barcelona At the time the last despatches were forwarded from that city the populace were assembling iu the streets iul rge crowds and disorders were feared. The authorities were making every effort to allay the excitement and prevent disturbances. Re prisals were threatened against the clergy and a number of known Carlist sympathizers. Ber ga contained a hospital aud several convents, and had over (iUOO inhabitants. Madrid, March 31.—Gen. Contreras,Captain General at Barcelona, has resigned, and Gen. Vilarde is gazetted as his successor. It is expected that Catalona will soon he de clared in a state of siege. Acts of lawlessness and violence are of daily occurrence in Barcelona. The burning of the churches and massacre of the priests are threatened. The authorities are doiug all in their power to prevent such outrages. Ten thousand armed citizens maiutaiu order in the city of Malaga, but refuse to admit regu lar troops or government oust uns officers, nor will they allow vessels conveyiug troops to oth er points to remain in port. They provide for their expenses by taxing wealthy r- snlents. In the absence of customs officials smuggling is carried on to a large extent. The citizens are diviJed into two parties, moderate and ultra federalists. The Moderates uow hare the up per hands, but the Ultras are steadily gaining strength. Claims on Nan Domingo. London, March 31.—A council of foreign bond holders have opened communications with the Somalia Bay Company with the view ■. f bringing about an equitable airangement of their claims on the Republic of San Domingo. A memorial propounding the whole case has been forwarded to the Government of San Do mingo. MISOR TELEGRins. Richard Moon (colored), was struck dead by lightening in Anne Arundell count!, Md., Sun day, while driving a mule, which was also kill ed. Henry McCausland, tried at San Francisco for the murder of Noah Mallendou, was con victed of manslaughter. In Philadelphia at a late hour Sundav night, a man was beaten to death at 8th aiid Rose streets. Several parties are under arrest. Letters from Madrid represent Spain as in a very turbulent condition, and the belief is gain ing ground that the army will yet re-establish a monarchy, but it in doubtful whether Don Carlos or Alphonso will be piu on the tnrone. The Marquis De Chasselouu Laubat, an emi nent French statesman, is dead. He was G8 years old. The French government is sending strong re enforcements to the troops now stationed on

the Spanish frontier. During a quarrel in Boston Saturday, between John Rogers and Thomas O’Brien, the former was pushed into the street so violently by O’Brien, that he died from his injuries Sunday. O’Brien has been arrested. It appears from various despatches, that from fifteen to twenty persons were killed by the tornado in Mississippi Friday. The dam age to property was considerable. The extensive saw mills at Edgefield, Tenn., were destr >yed by fire yesterday morning. The United States frontier Commissioner commenced sessions on the Texas border. New Foundlaud reports show that the seal fishery is progressing satisfactorily. The Australian news by the steamship Moses Taylor is unimportant. The King of the Sandwich Islan ’s will soon come to San Francisco with Gen. Schofield to make a tour of the United States. Budd Dolle has failed to match between Ins mare Rosa Lind and Occident in San Francisco. In Boston the 25th anniversary of Modern Spriritulism was celebrated in Music Hall. Ad dresses were made by Robert Owen and others. The Cleavelaml (Ohio) Bar Association yes terday considered resolutions denouncing Judge | Sherman for his connection with a lobby scheme at Washington, and requesting him to resign. The resolutions were laid over until Judge Sherman can have time to reply The body of a brother of Senator York, lias been found in the woods near Osage Mission, Kansas. This is the seventh man that has been killed in this locality within six mouths. The Treasury Department has begun with holding the money earned for government transportation in accordance with the recent act of Congress. S veral youths while leaving the church of J.-sus, Rome. Tuesday, were attacked by a par ty of men and severely beaten. The ice gor^e gave way ill front of Pough keepsie Tuesday afternoon, and navigation is now open between that place anl New York City for the season. The State Presidents of the Catholic Total Abstinence Union of America, will hold a cou veutiou at Philadelphia to-day. Propositions from the Irish in Ireland for a junction have been received. President Thiers lias received an invatation from the Emperor of Austria to attend the Vi enua exhibition. Senor O’ozago, Spanish Ambassodor, while playing billiards at Paris with his Secretary Monday, was accidentally struck in the eye with a cue and received injury which may re sult iu the loss of his sight. Some lift cn buildings, mainly new, were badly damaged by the recent storm at Newark, N. J. Collector Bailey Monday afternoon, seized eight locomotives of the New York Central & Hudson Railroad on account of taxes due the government. J. Day, for many years the venerable passen ger agent of the Erie Raiiroad, died at Albany yesterday. FINANCIAL AND COlVliMERCIAL Receipt* by Railroad* aud Nteauiboat*. Grand Trunk Railway—2cars sundries, 2 do for New York, 2 do for Boston. 1 do heading 1 do shocks, 1 do hay, 22 do for St. John, NB, 23 do for Halifax, 43 do lumber, 25 do for Allan Line, 6 uo hops, 27 do for G. T. R., 1 do bark, 2 do noops, 1 do oats. Forcijgu Export*. BUENOS AYRES. Bark Minnesota—210,478 feet lumber. Eoreigii Import*. HAVANA. Scbr C W May—402 hlids 50 tea mo lasses. 65 hhds 8 boxes sugar to Geo. S. Hunt. New York Mlork and Jlouey itlnrkrt. New York. March. 31-Mormna.—Gold at 117. Money at 1-32 per cent. Sterling Exchange 108 @ 1U‘J. State stocks dull. New York. March 31—Eoenina.—The Treasury programme has had a serious effect in financial cii cl> s. Gold advanced 1J per cent. Money ro>e to } per ceut. per diem aud interest or 280 per ceut per annum. Stocks, under an active selling movement, declined 1 @ IJ per cent. M rchants have been com pelled to buy gold heavily and are indignant at tl e ue-*lect of the Treasury to c >me to the iellef of g Id aud the money market as in October. Money is very stringent au l the price ou call advance l rapi tly from 1-16 to , | and } per cent, per diem and interest, which was about tne highest rate, though some loans are rumored at 1 percent. Banks called in some loans, one of them to a large am mnt, aud there was shipments to a moderate am junt to the interior for April settlements. Sterling Exchange demoralized and closed nominal at 1071 for long ana 108$ f »r s iort sight. It is esti mated that there is about £l,800,0JO of borrowe 1 ex change outstanding. Geld bu >yaut and excited with wide and frequeuc Iluc. uations,opening sieaay at li6J (a) 1 7. There was an early rise to 117$, followed by u decline to 116$, from which a steady upward move men i carried the premium to 118$. There was heavy buvine >n mercan ile account to cover outstanding short contracts. The large advance induced const i erable realizati >n un ler which the market finally re acted 117$, the cl 'Sing bidding rate, wii h 117$ asked; loans were made fr*»m 4 7 per cent, per annum and 1-16 per day. Clearings $61,000,000. Treasury dis bursements $14,000. Customs receipts $459,000.— Governments were dull, rather heavy and feverish.— The effect ol re luced Treasury purchases was, how ever, iu the main offset by the advance in gold.— State bon is nominal. Railroad mortgages quiet ami firm. Stocks active with rapid fiuctuaii >ns an 1 gen eral weakness. The extreme decline was 4J per cent. ;the general list sh .wing a fall of l @ 2 per cent, an l closing weak at ihe lowest price of ihe day. The principal business was in Pacific Mail, which fell from 56$ ® 52$. The toilowmg were the quotations of Government securities: United Stales coupon ti’s, 1SS1.119$ United States5-20*8 1S62.lib* United States 5-20’s 1864.116$ Uniteil States 5-20’s 1865, old.lli$ United States 5-20’s 1665, new. 116$ United Slates 5-20’s 1867.117$ United States 5-2U’s 1858.117 United States 5’s. new.114$ United States 10-40’s.,coupons. .112 Currency 6’s . .114 The following were the opening quotations < f Siocks: Western Union Telegraph Co. 83$ Pacific Mail. 53 N. V. Centra’and Hudson River consolidated-lol$ Erie. 64 Erie preferred.7 $ Union Pacific stock. 33§ fhe following were the quotations for Pacific Rail road securities: Central Pacific bonds. 103 Union Pacific do. 86$ Union Pacific land grants.78$ Union Pacific income bond*. 74$ Douic«lir Market*. New York, March 31—Cattle market. -Beevrs advanced Ac and closed firm; sales at 10$ @ 14$; ma jority of tne sales at 10| @ 12c; average price ll$c; all sold; receipts of the week 8160 head. Sheep $c better with good comparatively scarce; range >* fg 8$c; Spring Lambs 8 00 @ 11 50; receipts 11,5J0 head. Hogs firm; live G$ @ 6$c; dressed 7| @ 8$c; receipts 31,000 head. New Yoke. March 31—Evening—Cot.ion $c higher with better export demand; sales 3330 bales: Mid dling uplands at 20c. Flour is quiet and stead; sales 8809 bids; State 6 10 @ 8 35; Round hoop Ohio 715 (g 10 50; Western 6 10 @ 10 50; Southern 6 10 @ 12 75.— Wheat 1 al 2c lower and very quiet; sales 12,000 bush; No l Soring 1 75 @ 1 80; No 2 at 1 60 @ 1 71; Winn r Red Western 1 70 @ 1 87$; White Michigan 185g 2 2>. Corn quiet and a shade easier; sales 56.000 budi; new Mixed Western 65$@G6$c; old 64c in store. Oats quiet and a shado firmer; sales 43,01)0 bush; Mixed State 48 (a) 50c; new Western Mixed 48 @ 5U$c. Beef quiet and firm at 0 00 @ 13 00. Pork is stronger; new mes* 16 50 @ 16 75. Lard firmer at 8 13-16 a) 9ic. Buttor Is firm for choice; State 32 'g) 48c. Whiskey is a shade easierl at 90$ (g 91; the high rote of gold checks the demand for groceries. Rice at 7$ @ 8$c Sugar—gx>d refining 8 (a) 8gc. Coffee—Rio at 16f 19c in Gold. Molasses—New Orleans 67 @ 75c. Naval Stores—Spirits Turpentine—at 59$ @60c; Rosin at 3 30 @ 3 40 for strained. Petroleum—crude 9$c; refined at 19$c. Tallow active at 8$ @ 9c. Freights to Liverpool are quiet; Cotton, per steam and sail, § @ 7-16; Grain, per steam, 7$ 7| 1. Chicago, March. 31.—Flour in fair demand and lower; extri Spring 5 50 @ 7 25. Wheat dull and drooping; No 2 Spring at 1 17| cash; 1 22$ seller May; No 3 Spring 1 07 (a? 1 09$ for regular and fresh; re jected 93 @ 95c. Com sready; No 2 Mixed 304 bid for cash; 31$c for seller May; rejected 28c. Oats dull and declining; No 2 at 26$c for regular and fresh: reject at 23 @ 24c. Rye nominal at 64$ @ 65$ for No 2 reg ular and fresh. Barley in fair demand and higher; N > 2 Fall at 77 ® 78c; No 3 at 65c. Provisions active and higher. Pork strong at 15 50 cash; 15 00 bid for seller May. Lard active an l higher at 8$ cash; 8 14 @ 8 35 seller May. Bulk Meats ore active and higher; shoulders 6$c; loose 6$c bid for b )xed; short rib middles at 8c cash;8$c seller May; 8$c buyer May; short clear middles held at 8$c; sales at 8$c ior loose. Bacon steady at 7c for shoulders; clear rib sides 9c; clear sidec 9$c. Sugar cured hams sold at 12$ ® 14c. Whiskey is steady at 87c. Receipts—6000 bbls flour, 37,000 bush wheat, 24, 000 bush corn, 37,000 bush oats, 0,000 bush rye, 7,000 bush barley. Shipments—1,000 Dbls flour, 34,000 hush wheat, 15, 000 bush corn, 31,000 bush oats, 0,600 bush rye, 17,000 b ish barley. Clsci XN ATI. March. 31.—Provisions strong. Pork at 16 00 @ 16 50, and held for higher figures. Lard is firmer; sales of steam at 8c; kettle at 8$c. Bulk Meats excited and higher; sales of shoulders at 6$c; clear sides 8$ @ 8$c. Bacon very strong; shoulders 6$, held at 7c ; clear rib sides at 9c; clear rib sides 9$c. Wbiskev at 85c. aoleho. March 31.—Flour dull and unchanged.— Wheat dull and lower; extra White Michigan atl 92; N > 1 White Michigan 1 78; Amber Michigan on spot an I seller April 1 63$; seller May 1 62}; seller June 1 68$ 1 69; rejected t 35. Corn is steady; high Mixed on spot at 39}c; seller May 41$c; low Mixed 31$c; White 41$c; no grade 38. Oats nominal; Michigan at 35c. Receipt*—0,000 bbls flour, 5,000 bush wheat, 17,000 bush corn, 0,000 bush oats. Shipments—1000 bbls flour, 2,000 bush wheat, 12,000 bush corn, 0,000 bush oars. Detroit, March 31.—Flour dull and unchanged. Wheat is steady; extra White at 1 93; No 1 White sit 1 84; Amber Michigan 1 62. « orn is steady; No 1 at 41$ ^ 42c; Yellow 42c. Oats are in good demand at 3Gc. flg'ieceipts—2,000 bbls flour, 6,0JO bush wheat, 14,<K0 hush coru, 3,000 bush oats. Shipments—1,000 bbls flour, 2,000 bush wheat,12,000 bush coru, 1000 bush oats. Charleston, March 31.—Cotton steady; Middling uplands 18}c. Savannah. Match 31.—Cotton is firm; Middling uplands at 18$'a; Mobile. March 31.—Cottonacliveand firmer; Mid dling uplands 19c. New Orleans, March 31.—Cotton firm; Middling uplands 19}c. European Market*. London, March 31—11.00.—Consols opened at 92} @ 92} for money and for account. American securities—U. S. 5-20*s 1865, old, at 941; do 1867, 93$; do 1U-40S, 89$: new 5s, 91. Erie Hail wav ai 52. 1.30 P. M.—Erie 51}. Liverpool, March 31—1.30 P. M.—Cotton closed firm; Middling uplands 9}d: do Orleans 9}d; sales 15.000 bales, including 3000 for speculation anJ ex ^ London, Mar 'h 31—5.09 P. M.—Jon sols closed at 9°} (&) 92} tor money and account. **American securities—U. S. Bonds, 1867, 93f. Erie 51$. Liverpool, March 31—5.30 P. M.—Cotton closed firm; sales 15,000bales, including3900 for speculation and export. _________ Havana Market. Havana, March 9.—Sugar ateadv and in moder ate demand for Europe, but for the United S a « s the business is small at unchanged quotations. Stock in wareh »uses at Havana and Maianzas is 28,00o boxes and 60u hlids; receipts for the week 60,IHMJ boxes and 9500 hluls; exerted 34,000 boxes ami 4600 hlids; in cluding 14,500 boxes and 3900 hlids for the Uuit. d States; empty hhds $4@$3. Lumber quiet; box sbooks steady at 12 @ 12$ reals; hoops are in fair de mand. Freights quiet; surplus of tonnage for the United to Falmouth and orders, 40 gg 42s 6d loading at Ha vana; 45 @ 57b£1 loading at ports on north coast. Exchange on United States 60 days currency, 15 (3? 15$ premium; short sLdit 17 @ 17$ prem; short sight" Gold. 35 @36 prem; London 48 (a) 48$ premium; on Paris 30} (g 32 prem. Freights ♦^L£^M0R.E^Iarch 28,__Coal freights are quoted I? ton 10Be<ff°rd an(i Wareham; §3 to Fall River; and 64 to B iston. Charleston, March 28.—Freights to Liverpool by Bteam direct nominal on uplands; nominal on Sea Cotton; via N. York, J1 on upland.; Id on sea It lands; by sail, direct, 0-l6d on uplands; jd on Sea Is land. Coastwise to N. York, steam. Ic |> lb on up lands; }c on S. Islds; *2 tierce on Itico ;60c ■P'btd on s,il> 411 @ 12 & M on Lumber; *12 @ 13 50 on Timber. To Boston, by steam, Ic ** lb ou uplmds; *260 ft tierce on Bice; 70c on Resin ; re Bawei atutt *12 @ 12 50; Phosphate *5 OO @ 5 50. To Providence by sail *10 @ It *> Mon Boards; by •team via New York le. To Philadelphia, by steam . Jd on uplon s; 81 75 b lierce on Rice; We■■ Jp bbl on Resin; spirits Turpeutine *1; through bilfs ladiiig to Provideuoe, Boston and New htijcland cities are regularly i-sued on this route, and dispatch guaran tied. by sail, *8 t> M Boards; 812 on limber; 82 tr ton on Clay; *3 50 on Phosphates, V > Ballim >re, by steam, ic; by sail $8 ® 8 50 ® M on Boarda;- on Lumber; 83 50 at city; $‘W @ *125 uu river ® ton on Phosphate Rock. \eBiel» are in demand to an*0 si* TuwJJ* 9£Hnm Gfor£e,™». S. C., Darie N'<r.> porta, aid'ftai’l :“*5°uvUle' Fla- M and Boards. rates are given on Lumber ASSESSORS’ NiOTIC/’E THE Assessors of the City of Portland i1(,r,.hv ! give notice to aU persons liable to taxation in i said citv, that they will bo in session every secular ! day from the first to he fitteeuth day of April next ! inclusive, at their room in City Hal., from ten to ! twelve o’clock in the loienoon, and from three t.. five I o’clock in the aftem >on, for the purpose of receiving 1 li>ts of the polls and estates taxable in said citv. And all suoh persons are hereby notified to make and bring to said Assess »rs true and perfect lists ot all their polls and e-tates, real and personal, held by them a- guardian, executor, administrator, trustee or otherwise, on the first day of Apri-. 18/3, and be prepared to make oath to the truth of the same. Ami when estates of persons deceased have been divided during the past ve>r, or have changed nan s from any cause, the executor, administrator, or other person interested, is hereby warned to give notice of such mange; and In default of such notice wdl be held under the law to pay the tax as'eased, although such estate has been wholly distributed and paid over. Au 1 any person who neglects to co "ply with this notice will be doomed in a tax according to the laws of the State, and be barred of the right to make ap plication to the Comity Commissioners tor any abate mtnt of his taxes, unless h shows that be was una ble to offer such lif>ts within the time hereby ap» pointed. tt^-In no case v ill the possession of Government j bonds be allowed as a idea in miii jali >n ot a doom. S B. BECKETT,) WM. HOW, | Aasessors. WM. O. FOX, ) Cd&^BIauk schedules will be tumised at the room ot the Annessors. Portland, March 28, 1873. d3W .GRASS SEED. 2000 Bags Western Timothy Seed 1500 “ Cauada “ *• 1000 “ Red Top “ 500 “ Michigan Clover “ 200 “ Ohio “ “ 400 “ No, New York “ “ lOO “ Pea Vine, « “ 150 <! Alsike *• “ 100 “ Millet “ lOO “ Hungarian Grass “ lOO “ Orchard “ FOR SALE AT THE Eowest Cash Price. KENDALL & WHITNEY. mel»26" tf ^COPARTNERSHIP NOTICE. THF undersigned have this day formed a partner ship un.ier the style of Craig, Jackson & Brackett, tor the purpose of carrying on the Plastering, Stncto and Mastic business in all its branches, and have taken the stand 510. 29 PEEASA5IT STREET, (formerly occupied bg Jenniugt & Son.) All orders for Whitening, Whitewashing and Color ing will be promptly and fakht'nlly ereeun-d. A lib eral share of public pat-onage respectf lly solicited. JOSEPH CRAIG, CHARLES JACKSON, SAMUEL H. BRACKETT. Portland, March 19,1873. mch20eodlm HAMBURGS! WE shall open this day one of the largest and best lin<-of Edges and Insertion , ever opened in Portland, and at prices that defy competition GREAT BARGAINS AT 12 l-2c, 2©c, 25c, 50c. COVELL& COMPARY. HAMBURGS! jan24 tI W. C. BECKETT, Merchant Tailor ! 137 MIDDLE ST., Still keeps up his reputation for se eding STYLISH GOODS, As you will see by looking uto his window, and call ing in to examine New Goods Just Received. 137 MIDDLE STREET. marl4 d3W BONDS. Sedalia Water Bonds and othei first class 10 per cent. Municipal Bonds for sale. CHARLES M. HAWKES, 28 EXCHANGE STREET. mch29d3w Dissolution of Partnership. THE partnership heretofore existiug under the name of Dellrw & Trefethen, «f Portland, County of Cumberland, ..ealers in Fish, U this day dissolved by mutual consent. The business will be con iuued under the name of Trefethen & Co. Portland, March 22, 1873. mar?4cod3w* PROPOSALS For furnishing Rations and Ship Chandlery Tor IT. 8. Revenue Vessels. Collectors Office, March 29,1873. SEALED proposals will be received at this office until 12 o’clock noon of Saturday ihe 26th day ot April uext, for supplying rations and si ip chandlery for the use of the crews and vessels « f the United State Reven e Marine Service in this Co lect on Dis trict. for the fiscal year ending 30th June. 18 4. Schedules of the articles of ship chandler* to be bid for will be furnished on application at this office. The Government reserves the right to reject any or all bids. marSIGt I. WASHBURN, JR., Collector. Administrators Sale of Real Estate at Public Auction. BY virtue of a license from the Hon. Judge of Probate for Cumberland County, I shal sell at public aucrioo, on the premises, on Saturday the nineteenth day of April next at 11 A. M., all the real estate belonging to the estate of Levi A. Cates, late of Freeport, in said County deceased. Said real es tate consists of about 33 acre* of land sit uated on the road leading from Free?*ort to South Durham, about 3 miles from Fiee**ort Village, containing mowing, pasturage, &c.. with •» good barn standing thereon: Also about tlire • acres os salt marsh near Israel True’s, in said Freeport about one mile below Free port Village. The reversion of the Widow’s dower in the first described property will be sold at the same time and place. Terms made known at time of sale. EDWARD P. OXNARD, Adm’r of Estate of l.evi A. Cates. Freeport, March 18th, 1873. mar.8doaw3w* T\TOTICE is herebv etven. that the subscriber has 1.1 been duly appointed and taken upon liimsell the trust of Administrator of the estate of EUGENE F. AUSTIN, late ol Portland, In the county of Cumberland, deceased, and given bonds as the law direets. All persons having demands upon the estate of said deceased arercqnired to exhibit the same; aud all persous indebted to said estate are called upon to make payment to BENJAMIN KINGSBURY, JR., Adm’r. Portland, Mar. 4th, 1873. marl9dlaw3w*W NOTICE is hereby given, that the subscribers have been duly appointed Executors of the Will of RHODA A. HANNA, late of Portland, in the County of Cumberland, deceased, and have tak en upon themselv s that trust by giving bonds as the law directs. All persons having demands upon the estate of said deceased, are required to exhibit the same: and all persons indebted to said estate are called upon to make payment to WORTHY C. BARROWS, 1 RUFUS DEE KING. } Lxecutor« Portland, March 4th, 1873. inarl9dlaw3w*W Tlic Press as an Advertising Jfledi- j um. The attention of advertiser* is called to the excel- | lent and constantly improving condition f the Daily Press as an advertising medium. Its circulation which has long been the largest in Maine has consid- , erably increased during the past six months, and is 1 steadily and rapidly increasing. It goes to the very b-'St class of readers in Portland and vicinity, is sold largely on railway trains and steamboats, and is found in all nubile places. n A BOOK FOR EVERY RAN. THE “SCIENCE OF LIFE, OR SELF PRES ERV ATION,” a Medical Treutise on the Cause and Core of Exhausted Vitali y, Premature Decdue in Mau, and Nervous and Physical Debilitv, Hypochon dria. Impoiency. Spermatorrhoea or Seminal Weak ness, ana other diseases arising fiom the errors of youth or the indiscretions or excesses of mature years. This is indeed a book tor every man. Thou sands have been taught by this work the true way to health aud happmesB. It is the cheapest and best medical work ever published, and .lie only one on this class ot ills worth reading. 190th edition, revis ed, much enlarged, illustrated, bound in beautiful r rencli cloth. Price only $1. Sent by mail, post P“d, on receipt of price. Address PEABODY MED ICAL INSTITUTE, No. 4 Bultincb street, Boston, «»«., or Dk. W. H. PARKER, Assistant Physician. N. B. The author may be consulted on the above as well as all diseases requiring skill and experience. mar3lsncod&wly SPRING OF 1073. ROLLINS & BOND, Have just returned from New fork and Boston with a CHOICE STOCK ol WOOLENS. For Gentlemens' Wear, Which we propose to make up in our usual GOOD STYLE And to which we iuvile your attention at NO. 90 RIDDLE STREET. marlO sneodtf WHEN YOU NEE bettor looking and better fltting BOOTH on Men, Women and Chil dren than you wear, and wish to obtain the same classot goods, you have ouly to call at the store ot mch!7eod3w 91. C. PALMER. ENTEHTAINM ENTS. Mission Lodge No. 41,1.0. of 0. T, will repea' b request the Amateur Dramatic Performance entitle. 1 The New Footman ! ARCANA hall, WEDNESDAY EVEWWu, April 9. C ome and see "A bashful youth of mlents rar„ Adnll'i-S"," I;,'hair.” I rsale. Perloruuiueat8Po’cl«k. ' “Love Letters.” A Lecture Will be Given — AT — CITY HALL, Wednesday Eve., April 2d. By the eloquent and talented pulpit Orator REV, CHARLES B. PITBLADO, By request of nianv citizens, the subject will be “Love and Love Letters.” Bpors open at 64. Lecture at 7J o’clock. Tickets can be obtained at Stockbridge’s and Bailey & Noyes, Exchange St., at J. Burleigh’s, MiddL- St., and at the do »r. Admission 25c to all part* of tl e Hall. mar27 tj sacred concert —AT THE— First Baptist Church, WEDNESDAY EVE, APRIL M. By the following talent. Mir*. II. IV. WETHERBEE, Soprano. MIInb AHA C Alt IT, Contralto. Mr.WILL II.NTOCKBRIDGE, Tenor. Mr. W 8. BECKETT, Baritone. Mr. II. KOTX8CHMAB, Organist. Admission 50cts. D «or» open at 7. Concert com mences at 8. Tick ts for sale at Sioekbridge’s, Bru nell’s, Lormg, Short Harmon’s, and th door. mar27 td Amateur Concert. THE LADIES OF State Street Church WILL GIVE A CONCERT IN AID OK Williston Chapel — AT — State Street Chapel, Thursday Evening, April 3d, AT 8 O’CLOCK. Refreshments tor sale before and after the Con cert. Ticket. 30 Cleats. For sale at Luring, Short ___ anrldtd MUSI C_HALL. RETURN OF THE FAVORITES I They’ve “Got to Come’’ Again? FOB THREE NIGHTS ONLY. Saturday, Monday and Tuesday Evening*. April 3th, 7th and 8th. THE ORIGINAL AND ONLY Harry Bloodgood’s HI NS TREE AMD ftVRLE^PE COMBINATION, Including the Mon&rchs, Waltrnaad Hortoa, Charles MuihewM and M’Lle Belle Celeste in their Astounding Aerial Flights and Terrific Feats on the Flying Traipse. CLARKE, MANNING, RIDDELL, BLOODGOOD HIMSELF, and twenty others, together with a FULL BRA*S BAWD & ORCHESTRA. For particulars see posters and programme. Pri m?s is usual. Reserved Places leady at Box Of fice Fri'iaj, April 4th. C. H. .JARVIS, Business Agent. mar29td B O N_D S. Portland City - - - • 6’s Rockland City.6’s Bath City.8’s • angor City 6’s St. Louis City ..... 6’» Leeds & Farmington, (Guaranteed,) 6’s Maine Central, Consolidated. ■ • 7’s Cook County, Illinois, - • * 7’s Wayne County, Illinois, - * 7’s Iowa Central,Gold, • • - - 7’s Toledo, Ohio, ... 7.30's Northern Pacific Gold, • - • 7 30’s West Wisconsin R. It., Gold, • • 7’s Atlantic & St. Lawrence R. R. Stock and Defered Rent Script Bought. FOR SALE BY WWI. E. WOOD, AgX Sept 7-dtfl. 07 E«h«M« St J. B. Brown & Sons, BANKERS, Mo. 40 Exchange St., PORTLAND, MAINE. Business the same as an Incor porated Bank. Interest allowed on Deposits. Dealers in Government Bonds. Gold and Foreign fxchange. Investment Securities constant ly on hand. ja..29 _ inti BONDS. Jiew York City - - • - Y « « « . . (> Brooklyn City - «’• Jersey City - - - 7’i Elizabeth City - - - - 7’i Canada Southern R. R., Gold, - 7’s B. & Cedar Baplds R. R., Gold, - 7’s Northern Pacific R. R., Gold, - 7-80’s -FOR SALE BY R. A. BIRD, 97 Exchange St feb23 The Largest Stock — OF — Canned & Dried Fruits — WITH — PRICES THE LOWEST TO BE FOUND IN PORTLAND can be had at ! W. L. WILSON & CO., Cor. Exchange & Federal Sts. mch29 _ cod3t_ Dissolution of Copartnership. NOTICE is hereby given that the Ann of GREEN. FOGG <& CO , is litrreb' dissolved by mutual consent. Unsettled accounts will be ailjusted by either member of tbe firm at the*r old stand. All ji&riics indebted are tequested to settle without ue GEORGE W. GREEN will continue in the Whole Bale Grain business. GEORGE W. GREEN. JAMES L. FOGG. Portion!, March SO, 1873. mar3UUw FOB SALbT d H . Spooner TEASER, 137 tons. N. M., MSU )»“"■ »} Freeport in 1867, is now kere. ]s /f\t\ ["coo1'order, and well found. Carrh* M lumber, 210 tons coal and Bails very fast. Apply a> once, ... ,, RYAN & KELSEY. mar3!d3t Commt:rclal s'reet, Portland, Me. For Sale. HEAVY EXPRESS WAGOV ,(new) — FOR BALE CHEAP — , THOM. LAIiGHLIN * MON, UUr26tl 183 ('.■uhkI.I Btrrvl AUCTION SAUB0. /viT'vm'' furniture v.t Auction. O -at 10 o'd- ok A..V.,ftl Furniture In-ai,uj, l *•r> Bt> * e si al, sel. tie b. W. anVcrlmso ' S;V Pt •^.P"Vr "J* «■ and other Cl.amlor AlnVn.e Vim 5** Boris, Fern he- bo is M JlV1 rV“i S*"V jf C.irpo s, Ex elision lab c, Lining itu, m ch.'ti''*!'''® tairs, Ciockery, Glass ami s Cr phited'fare’s Coa.Slov.s, K.iiiuc -V, Mogvlher il h the ,mt« Kiu ben Furni.‘lire. AJh », at 1* M. a 7 octavo Piano Rore-wood Cim* \n good Sonoition. Boat' n make. By U*. O. BAIJdKY At UO., Auctioneer*. mcillC__ 'ltd Manufacturers’ Sale of Crockery Ware to tlie Trade by Auction. F. O. BAIL.FIV & CO., Atirlioi c«m. ON WEDNESDAY, A|.rl 2d, at 7) P. M., at our, is Exc angc street, we alia 1 soil to tbetratl© a large line of White Granite, Paris W bile, c C, Itocbinghuni ami Ytli w War. . Catalo- ue* l* « ^ aiul K“"4.h on exhibition . n and aitei April 1*t. rac»l*r>_ _ dtd By J. M. BAILKV A CO., sliftionrfr*. Furniture at Auction* W aSI1!.'1* auction WEDNESDAY, Congress e rnoimif CVi' A use No. IM niluiein’^ilh,f '' “"''"K"'" street, a I the Fur oSui n(.™V; consisting in .art of B. W. Par TpS“ant,:e0.nTpt*rTUa'li-<1BlnrVr S' 'V inir Tabl b'r net, r»i . . , » “• " • txtendon Dio Mantel (’irnnm.h,I 'a L ' r"1"' PietUles.What Not, Ta les ClUST ?- 8' ^“‘'Dans. Bureaus, T. diet n?nlno tbini ;V'“gLher ", P rior, Dining U<Kr ui.cbarn la-r «nd Si air Carpe s. Crockery, SJU a,*”' .?i?.an<1 .Iron Waie, Soap Slone ami Parlor Stoves, Kitchen Furniture, ttr., esc. mch24_^ dtd Groct rii's and Store Fixture* at A'.-ollon. ON MONDAY, Abril 7th, at 2* •>Arfi D - shall sell at rflice, Conferth.nery. Coffee Wrts M Sugar, Spic s, Pickles, Hard bread, Cream I arur"— Saleranis, Sage. Tai loca, Canary Seen, Sauce and Canned Goo‘s, Starch, Tube, Pail-, Broom-, Wa.h boarilj, C nlhe Pins, Fancy Goods, Scales, show cases, Measures, Ac. F O. Bailey St Co., Auctioneers. mch26 dtd AUCTION. Large and Attractive Sale of RARE AND BEAUTIFUL Italian Marble Statuary ! Rich Vases, Alabaster Groups & Figure* RECJfiNTI.Y IMPORTED. J. S. BAILEY & CO., Auctioneers. — WILL SELL ON — » Wednesday, Thursday, Friday A Saturday April 9ih, lOih 1 Ilk and tilth, Commencing at lO 1.3 A. M. — AT — Salesroom, 22 Exchange Street, a recent Importation of magnificent STATUARY, by Corrvllo Benzie. Figures of Pure Marble and Al phas. er, elaborai ely carved. VA.-ES of great vanetv of rtf V I 44 nn.i tiotiioil lni>liultn.v D__ Hebe, Gothic, Egyptian, Florentine, G.ecian, Ae. Elegant Card Heeeiver . Mam el O naiuents, and o;her cho ce aiti< les for decorating Pail.ra, In awing Rooms, Ac. t3P"This elegant stock will be on exhibition on Tuesday afternoon ami evening previous to sale. mch29drd J. S. UAILEl A CO^ Commission Merchants, —A2VX>— A UCTIONKERS NO. 21 EXCHANGE STREET. Next below Merchants' Exchange. JOSEPH S. BAILEY, GEO. W. PARKER. References—Messrs. H. J. Libby & co., and Hon Charles P. •••tin 1, Me.; Messrs. Le* nard A Co., and Lee Jt Shepard. B ston anflt Allan_Line. Montreal Ocean Steamship Co. UNDER COST U A* nr FOB TUF. '.'A RR VINO OF TBI Casailiitn anil lTuite«l ktMim Msilt. Passengers booked to London derry aud Liverpool. Retum I'irkets granted at Reduced Rates. U The Steamship MORAVIAN, Capt. Graham, Will leave this port for Liverpool on NATl'RDA V, April 3lh, immediately after the arrival «>f the Train of th previous day from Montreal. Passage to Londonderry and Liverpool, Cabin tao coidiag to accommodations).$70 le hbO Payable in Gold or its equivalent. For Freight or Cabin Passage, apply to H. <fc A. ALLAN, No. 1 India St. ft i Steerage Passage inward anti outward, aud lor Si'Jtt Drafts on England for small amounts apply to JAMES L. FARMER, No. 3 India Sneet. Portland. Nov. 10th, 1872. nrvgmf Special ftleettup. A SPECIAL meeting oi the Stockholders of the Atlantic and St. Lawn nee Railroad Company, will be held at the Company's office In Portlanu, on WED' ESDAY the second day of April 1873, a 10 o'clock A. M.—To see if the stockholder will act ept an act of the Legislature of the State of Ma,ne, entitled an “Act additional to an act. to establish tbs Atlantic «£ St. Lawrence Railroad Company,” ap proved February 4th, 1873. To see if the st ckhol erg will ratify and confirm the act’on of the Directors in au'borizing anti in structing the I reasuier to endorse in the name ->f tbs company, the braids of ths Grand Trunk Railway Company oi Canada, issuer! In r« mwal or bom s of ihs St. Law rein* A Atlantic Railroad Con p ny, Indors ed by this Company. Per order of the Directors. F. R. BARRETT, Clerk. Portland, March 12, 1873. marl2dtd City of Portland. City Cl kk’s Office, Mnrcb 21, W73. UPON the |*etl*ion of she & Nevens for pe. ml* si >n to remove their stationary si**am engine in store No. 176 Fore street to store No. 178 Fore s'leet, notice is hereby given that on MONDAY, the 7tb day of April next, at 71 o'clock P. M., at the Aldern en’s room in the ity Building, a hearing will be hud of [ oil parties lute ested n said petition. Per order, H. I. ROBINSON, City Clerk. mch22 dtd CORN! Just received 15,000 BUSHELS PRIME YEL LOW CORN. - FOB SALK BY — WEBB * PHISYFV. Id8 Co.—rrlml Nimi. mar26J2w ilea.t of Merrill's Whaif NEW OYSTER HOUSE. T. §. HATCH Respectfully informs his friends and the public that be has leased and tltted *i|» in gim shape at ore N*. 1WT fongrrw Street, nearly opjesite Brown street. A fall supply o fresh Oysters, cooke*i in every style, and for sale hy ti e quart or calloo con stantly on band. Hatch's celebrated Ice Cieaxn sud plied t'' t«rtie* op call mclMt V7 OU can buy a better Gun, Rifle, or Revolver, m X Poitland. for thi same money, than yon can by sending West for one. Try No. 48 Exchange St. G. L. BAILEY. roar26 lw THE Maine State Agricultural Society will b Id its 1ITH, EXHIBITION AT BANVOR, September^6g 17,18 & 19, jyOver $6000, In premium* are oflered. martl d6m Sanford's Improved Refrigerators. fbe three points ot excellence which 1 claim. sre:* 1st, constant and thorough circnlatton of fufr 2nd: rvness, no dampness mould nor taint; 3ro, no inte mingling of odor*; parity and active air, 'he elements of It* success. Call, or '•’rcnlrra Manufactured and lor sale by J. F. MEKKILL. I e l ween Cross and Colton »t*., Dmr Leavlft, Buri bum S Co.» Ice House. Portland, Me._'* Piano Tuning• Orders attcndeil to personally by ED. B. ROBINSON, Plan., A CahMa Black. (Opposite City Halid_mariT-dSm. Gentlemen’s Garments CLEANSED, — UR — Dyed Brown, Black, Blne*Blark and Blue, AND PRESSED RFADY FOR WEAR. No Ripping required. Warranted not 10 crock. AT FORTBB’R DTK HOUSE. mar21IT&Stt .44 SSI. For Sale. THE SEBAGO DYE HOUSE, No. IT Plum St., ia in go si condition with all apparatus neC'.s ^ or the business. Apply to tlie propiioior at N . 33 Newbury street or to J HELD, Brown’s Block, cor. Congress aud Brown street. niai'-'Se du ^ For Sale. FIRST Class ProvlBlon Dealer’s Kefrlgor r* ly new. Enquire ot „ B. F. STEPHENSON ASCN, marl5-dtf_ TXT ¥70 SOUTHWARK CO’S Engllsb Wminjt. I \ K N Irik writes Black and Sow AAV JVO A , lor u s._sc„a»cK DoCo JVJ Beokmnn St., N. Y._ __-— ~ A A'siie Hustme** Openlns f^vesss thousand .lollars capital- Investigation <• tanjw Add res. Box 2*1* PorU md M»._* For Sale. SECOND-band Jig ers andDump SMA ’ ics&sjss«

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