Newspaper of Portland Daily Press, April 3, 1873, Page 3

Newspaper of Portland Daily Press dated April 3, 1873 Page 3
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the press. THURSDAY MORNING, APR. 3, 1873 the press May be obtained at the Periodical Depots of Fcs acnden Bros., Marquis, Robinson, Branell & Co.‘ Andrew*, Wentworth, Glendenning Moses, Hender son, and Chisholm Bros., on all trains that run out of Ithectty. RAt Biddeford, of Pillsbury. L At Saco of L, Hodgdon. * At WatcrviUe, of J. S. Carter. 4 At Gorham, of News Ageut. At Bath, of J. O. Sbaw. At Lewiston, of French Bros. At Kenncbunk, of C. E. Miller. CITY AND VICINITY. New Advertisement* To-Day. ENTERTAINMENT COLUMN. Dlrwanger’s Second Annual Exhibition. SPECIAL NOTICE COLUMN. Wanted—An active Man. NEW ADVERTISEMENTS. Kohling—New Style Goods. Gas and Water Fixtures—J. Kinsman. Notice—Coveil BroB. Executor’s Sale. New Boarding House—S. S. Knight. Wanted— Situation. Croasdale’s Genuine Super-Phosphate. Copartnership—D. W. Clark. To Let—House Administrators* Notice. MISCELLANEOUS NOTICES. Linnaeus—Walter Baker & Co. Stated Meetings. CITY GOVERNMENT. The Board of Mayor and Aldermen meets the first Monday evening of each month. The Common Council meets the second Monday evening of each month. The School Committee meet the third Monday eve ning of each mouth. aiAouniv At Masonic Hall, Ao. 95 Exchange Street. YORK RITES. Blue Lodges—Ancient Land-Mark, first Wednes day: Portland, second Wednesday; Atlantic, third Wednesday. Chapters—Greenleaf R. A. C., first Monday; Mt. Vernon, R. A. C., third Monday. Council—Portland C. R. & S. Masters, second Monday. Comaianderies of K. T.—Portland, fourth Mon day : St. Albans, second Thursday. Grand Bodies—Grand Lodge, first Tuesday in May; Grand Chapter, first Tuesday evening in May; Grand Council, Wednesday 3 l*. m.; Grand Com mandery, Wednesday evening. ANCIENT ACCEPTED 8C0TTIS1I RITES. Lodge—Yates Grand Lodge of Perfection, first Friday. Council—Portland Oouncil P. of J., second Fri day. Chapter—Dunlap Chapter Rose Croix de H., third Friday. Consistory—Maine Consistory, S. P. R. S., fourth Friday in Match, June, September and December. I. O. O. F. At Odd Fellows' Hall, No. 88 Exchange Street. Lodges—Maine, on Monday evenings; Ancient Brothers, on Thursday evenings; Ligonia, on Friday evenings; Beacon, on Tuesday evenings; Ivy, D., of K., second and fourth Saturday. Encampments—Machigonne, first and third Wed nesdays ; Eastern Star, second and fourth Wednes days; Portland, first and third Saturdays. Relief association—Every third Tuesday in the month. TEMPLARS OF HONOR. At Templars' Hall, Ao. 100 Exchange Street. Council—Maine, first and third Mondays in each month. Temple—Forest City, No. 1. every Wednesday evening. Maine Charitable MechanioAssociation— Corner of Congress and Casco streets. First Thurs day in each month. Young Men’s Christian Association-Corner Congress and Casco streets. Every evening. Portland Fraternity—No. 353$Congress*street. Every evening. Knights of Pythias—Bramhall Lodge, No. 3, Thursday evenings; Munjoy Lodge. No. 0. Wednes day evenings. At their Hall. Clapp s Block, Market Square. Grand Army of the Republic—Bosworth Post, No. 2; corner Congress aid Casco streets, Friday evenings. Portland Army and Navy Union- Comer Congress and Brown streets. First Tuesday in each month. Sons of Temperance—Portland Division, No. 95; Sons* of Temperance Hall. Friday evening. Independent Order of Good Templars—Ar cana, Monday; Mission. Wednesday;—in Williams’ bl ck, Congress stieet. Mystic, Thursday; Atlantic, Saturday;—at Sons’ ol Temperance Hall,Congress street. Iron Clad, Thursday,at WTest End; Pocanou tas, Thursday, at Arcana Hall. Portland Typographical Fnton, No. 75—Cor ner Congress and Catco streets. Second Saturday in each month. Hnperiar Coart. APRIL TERM, 8YM0NDS. J., PRESIDING. Wednesdey.—Jeremiah Barton vs. Eben Choate. Action ol trespass quare clausum. Reported yester day. The jury rendered a verdict for the plaintiff for twenty-five dollars. C. Hale for plaintiff'. N. S. Littlefield for defendant. Municipal Court* BEFORE JUDGE MORRIS. Wednesday.—James Geary, Dennis Mahoney, James McLaughlin and John Driscoll. Assault and battery on James H. Lee, second mate of the steamer Montreal. Ordered to recognize in the sum of $100 each for their appearance at May term of Superior Court. Mahoney furnished sureties. Geary, Mc Laughlin and Driscoll were committed. Brief Jottings* April wept incessantly yesterday. Poor thing! She is fated to die young. A complimentary dinner was tendered to Mr. J. W. Kennedy at the Preble House, yesterday, by his personal friends The affair was an in formal one, no speeches being made; but the hope was expressed that Mr. Kexnedy would take up his residenee with us. Amoug the gifts to the Maine General Hos pital Fair is an elegant rest chair from Walter Corey & Co , a Japauese sword stiletto, and silk sash, all of fine workmanship, from Mr. Augustus Gilman, U. S. N., and a valuable sportiDg gun and apparatus, valued at $250. There will be a Union Young Peoples’ Pray er Meeting at Plymouth church vestry this evening at 7$ o’clock. All are invited. We are glad to see Mr. H. W. Richardson, editor of the Advertiser, in town, after an ab B6 ce of two months. Rose buds are selling at five cents apiece. A silver coin 2100 years old is iu town. It looks as though it had some metal in it yet. The fire commissioners report on the Cliff C jttage matter to-day. Three other of the men who assailed the mate of the Montreal were arrested yesterday a* they were passing the court room, taken be biforc Jndge Morris and together with Geary, biund over to the May term of the Superior Court. Benton Libby, who was arrested for the lar oeny of stone from the Maine Central, was dis eharged yesterday. There appears to have been no charge against him that could be substanti ated. It was rather a matter of disputed title. Wo ante dated the performance of the Hay makers at Biddeford. It takes place tbiseven ing. However, our praise is as good for this evening as for last. Messrs. Dion and Bennett gave an exhibition of their skill at the Preble House last evening, which was witnessed by a large number of in terested spectators. Gen Chamberlain was in town yesterday. We learn that Messrs. George W. True & Co. ground at their mill in Harpswell yester day, ten hundred and forty-two bushels of meal in seven hours with two run of stones. If there is any mill in the State that can beat this we should like to see it. The Bible Society of Maine hold their an nual meeting at 4 o’clock p. m. to-day, at the rooms of the Y M. C. A. All members are invited to be present. H. B. Brown exhibits at Hale’s a charucter is ic picture of an ocean steamer homeward bound. The peculiar green color of water, for which this artist is becoming noted, is very ap parent . Seven dwelling houses are to be erected in the village of North Conway the coming season. The second opening of the Kearsarge House will take place the first week iu May. A large party from Boston will be present. Excursion tickets for the Haymakerslat Bid deford this evening are forsale at Stockbridge’s and at Hawes & Cragin’s. When the liquor barrels were removed from the police station about half a bushel of dead flies was found behind them, which goes to show the evih of intemperance. City Marshal Parket made an admirable ad dress to the police last , evening, in which be took occasion to mark out very explicitly the duties of the force. A Washington street woman having reason to doubt the fidelity of her husband, broke into the room where he was closeted with a girl last night, and found her worst suspicions realized. Thereupon she attempted to break open the fair and frail one’s bead with an iron pot. The ' husband interfered and heat bis wife severely. He is husband by brevet only. Business Change.—William Harmon, for merly a merchant at Brunswick, and Thomas Hancock of Gray, have bought B. G. Hull’s stock of goods at Gray Corner and will occupy the store formerly occupied by Hancock and Small Annie LnuUe Carr The correspondence between the distinguish ed citizens whose names appear below and Miss Cary explains itself. We may confident ly say that their expression accurately reflects the general publio sentimeut toward this emi nent artiste and accomplished lady. Although Miss Cary has appeared several times before Portland audiences and has thoroughly estab lished her position as prime favorite of our cit izens, there has never been an occasion when our people could directly testify their appre ciation of her character and talents, as she has always before sung for the benefit of some in dividual or some charitable object. The con cert on the 15th will afford an opportunity for a direct personal compliment to Miss Cary, and we have no doubt but that it will be generally and cordially improved. Miss Annie Louise Cary: In order to give expression to the cordial good will of our citizens toward you, their pride in the high artistic position which your distin guished talent, supplemented by a rare energy and perseverance, have given you at home and abroad, and especially to testify their cordial appreciation of the generous assistance which you extend to all good works and which has been of such substantial benefit to the Maine General Hospital, we hereby tender you a com plimentary concert to occur at such time as you shall appoint. Hoping that this action may receive your favorable consideration and that our citizens may thus have the pleasure to meet you again prior to your departure for Eu rope, we remain, Very Respectfully Yours, Nathan Cummings. W. W. Thomas, A. W. H. Clapp. S. E. Spring, Geo. T. Davis. Wm. IJeerino, Geo. P. Wescott. H. J. Libby, William L. Putnam, Joseph Howard, H. N. Jose. Portland, March 26, 1873. Nathan Cummin</s. William W. Thomas, and others, Portland, Maine. Dear Sirs,—Your kind and complimentary favor of 26tn inst., is received. I am highly gratified by it as a testimonial of kindness and friendliness from citizens of my native State and am glad to take this occasion to express a grateful appreciation of the unvarying cordiali ty and warmth of welcome which have always greeted me in Portland. I shall take special pleasure in again meeting a Portland audience before going abroad, and accept your flattering tender of a complimentary concert, assigning Tuesday evening, April 15th, as the time for its occurrence. Very Respectfully Yonrs, Annie Louise Cart. New York, March 31, 1873. Lore and Lave Letters. A large audience assembled at City Hall last evening to hear Rev. C. B. Pitblado discourse on Love and Love Letters. Many young people were present, apparently anxious to obtain some hints in regard to inditing the soft epistles aud fully prepared to blush and smile on the slightest provocation. The lecturer began by giving the quotation, “Nothing is great but man, and in man noth ing is great but mind.” The greatest thing in mind is love. He then proceeded, in his pecul iar and characteristic manner, to speak of dif ferent kinds of love; Divine love, love of coun try, philanthropy, maternal love, filial love> “sweet-heart” love, &c. He illustrated his dis course by many historical examples and allu sions, and embellished it by many apt and amusing anecdotes, though they were, most of them, the old stock stories of the world. He then took up letter writing, which has, he said, kept many a mind from stagnation and intellectual consumption. He spoke of various sorts of love letters, and dwelt at some length upon “sweet-beart” love letters, which “exer cise the muscles of the intellect.” He conclud ed by a lofty and impassioned allusion to the two love letters of God, creation and revela tion. The effort was a very interesting one, and was flatteringly received by the audience. At therequestof many Mr. Pitblado has consented to repeat it on some day not far distant. Stale Street Conceit. Our citizens must not forget the concert in aid of Williston church, which comes off at State street chapel this evening. The concert will be a fine one, as the following programme testifies: PART i. 1. Allegro movement 5th symphony. Beethoven. Miss Blanchard. 2. “Break, break, break,” G.W. Marston. Mr. Howard. 3. “Music of the Meadow,” Franz Abt. Mrs. Chase, Mrs. Farley. 4. Polacca Brillante,” Weber. Miss. Mary O’Brlon. 5. “Many a time and oft,” G. W. Marston. Miss Ada Cary. 6. Quartette, Miss Lewis, Mrs. Farley, Mr. Howard, Mr. Coffin. PART II. 1. “Across the far blue hills, Marie.” Marston. Mr. Will Stockbridge. 2. “Marche Trlomnhale.” Kuhe. Mrs. Thompson. 3. “ Beautifnl bird Sing on,” Howe. Miss Lewis. 4. “I Pescatosl,” Gahussi. Mr. Howard, Mr. Coffin. 6. Piano Solo, Miss Dyer. 6. Serenade, llossiui. Miss Lewie, Mr. Will Stockbridge. Sacred Concert.—The coucert last night at the First Baptist Chnrch was a little gem in its way. The singers, Mrs. Wetherbee, Miss Ada Cary, Will H. Stockbridge and W. S. Beckett, acquitted themselves admirably both in the solos and the concerted pieces, and dis played those fine qualities of voice and method which are so familiar to Portlanders. Worthy of special commendation was Mrs. Wetberbee’s beautiful rendering of “Consider the Lilies.” Mr. Kotzschmar presided at the organ with his accustomed good taste and fine execution. On account of the bad weather the audience, al though of fair size, was not so large as the mer it of the entertainment deserved. The audience room of the church, whioh is most elegant in all its appointments, is a specially fine place for a concert, and is well adapted to give a good effect to the music. We were sorry to see that the traditional sense of decorum, which the very idea of a church seems to inspire, pre vented the thorough heartiness of applause, which the hearers were disposed to give, and which the performers amply merited. The con cert was a complimentary benefit to our popular music dealer and publisher Ira Stockbridge, who is worthy of all sorts of good things. Annual Meeting.—The animal meeting of the Belief Association of the Portland Fire Department was held at the City Building last evening. A board of Trustees was elected and the annual reports of tho Secretary and Treas urer read and accepted. The Treasurer’s re port shows that 8855 have been paid out in ben efits during the past year. The Association have received donations amounting to 8125 the past year, including 8100 from the late F. O. Libby. After the reading of the reports,Heury Fox, Spencer Rogers, J. C. Tewksbury and D. W. Nash, were elected life members of the government of the Asimuiot’pn. The follow ing Board of Trustees was elected for the eu- i suing year: H. C. Barnes, Ezra Russell, John Cammett, C. H. Rich, Wm. H. Chase, A. J. Cummings, J. F. Chase, N. Li tlefield, C. H. Leighton, Frauk Merrill, Frank W. Green, Eng. 1, C. E. Skillings,Eng. 2, R. H. Ball,Eng. 3, B. L. Sawyer H. & L. 1, Leonard Pennell, Eng. 5, F.C' Moody. Atlantic & St. Lawrence Railroad.—A special meeting of the Atlantic and St. Law rence Railroad stockholders was held yesterday at the company’s office in this city at 10 o’clock, to see first if they would accept an act of the Legislature of the State of Maine, entitled an “Act additional to an act to establish the At lantic and St. Lawrence Railroad Company,” approved February 4, 1873, authorizing the company to increase their capital stock to one million dollars, and also to see if the stock holders would ratify and confirm the action of tho Directors in authorizing and instructing the Treasurer to endorse in the name of the com pany the bonds of the Grand Trunk Railway Company of Canada, issued in renewal of bonds of the St. Lawrence & Atlantic Railroad Company, indorsed by this company. Both these propositions were accepted by the stock holders by an affirmative vote. S. P. C. A—The annual meeting for the election of officers of the Society for the Pre vention of Cruelty to Animals, was held last evening at the Council Chamber,City Building, Woodbury S. Dana, Esq., President, in the chair. On account of the bad weather the at tendance was small, and the meeting was ad journed to Monday evening April 14tli, at 7 1-2 o’clock. Prior to adjournment on motion of Mr. Palmer, M. G. Palmer, Hon. Bion Brad bury and S. T. Pullen, were appointed by the President as a committee to present a list of Directors to the adjourned meeting. P. W. W.—The interest on the bonds of the Portland Water Company were not met in Boston Tuesday. A meeting of bondholders will be held soon to devise means to relieve the Company of its embarrasments. A writ has been filed by J. B. Brown & Sons to recover the sum of 850,000, advanced the company, and the attachment for double that amount will be is issued. Passing Counterfeit Money.—Yesterday Elisha E. Colton, a hotel keeper at Brownfield, was arraigned before Commissioner E. M. Band charged with passing one and perhaps two counterfeit $10 bills on the Mutual Nation al Bank of Troy, New York. District Attor ney Webb appeared for the government and W. H. Clifford, esq., for the accused. It is stated that Colton passed off one of these counter feits upon the clerk of tho Adams House, and subsequently attempted to pass tbe same or another similar bill upon other parties in tbe city, knowing the same to be counterfeit. At the conclusion of the hearing the Commission er held the respondent in the sum of $3000 to appear at the Circuit Court in April. The ar rest was made by Unitsd States detectives from Boston, under Col. H. C. Whitley, who have ■worked the case up, as much as there is already known. Cotton is a man about 45 years of age, and is well if not favorably known in the north ern part of York and western part of Oxford counties. Hophni Eaton.—It is our sad duty to chron icle the death of Mr. Hophni Eaton, one of our oldest aud most respected citizens, which oc curred yesterday morning at the age of sixty years. His disease was dropsy of the heart. Mr. Eaton was a native of Wells, when but sixteen year- of age he went to Cuba aud be came a clerk in the bouse of Eaton & Co. Thence he came to Portland, and went into partnership with Mr. Whitmore, in the sugar trade.In this business aud in the shipping inter est he continued until his death. He has been ill for some weeks, and his death was not wholly unexpected. The funeral services take place Saturday forenoon, Bisbee Literary Union.—Despite the in clement weather of last evening a goodly au dience assembled at tho vestry of Congress Square church, on the occasion of the first j>ub lic meeting of the Bisbee Literary Union. Af ter the substantial supper had been discussed, the exercises went on very acceptably, consist ing of an original poem, readings and recita tions; and all inteispersed with some very ex cellent vocal and instrumental music. It was a very pleasant meeting and highly auspicious for future literary and musical enjoyment, on the part of the members of the Union. Make General Hospital Fair.— Dona tions of money, manufactured articles, and all kinds of merchandise will be cheerfully receiv ed at the room of the Executive Committee under the Falmouth House, No. 120. Let no one deem any sum or merchandise however small, which his means and inclination prompt him to give, too insignificant to be contrinut ed. Means Business.—At eight o’clock last evening Street Commissioner Payson was at work with a large and lively force on Middle street removing the heavy accumulation of ice. He is fast demonstrating that he is the man for the present cnergency, and for any other that comes along. Cape Elizabeth. At a meeting of the citizens of Cape Eliza beth to take measures to procure aid for the Maine General Hospital Fair, S. P. Maybery was elected Chairman and Joshua Brackett, Secretary. After some remarks by Messrs. Maybery, Brackett, Emery and others, a com mittee was chosen to solicit subscriptions of articles for the fair, and also money: Rev. B. F. Pritchard, Knightville; Capt. Califf, Ferry; Rev. Mr. Harlow, North Church; Joseph Chamberlin, Cape; ffm, Attwood, Ligonia; J. M. Robinson, Poud Cove, and Col. Cbas. Han naford, Town House District. It is hoped that other towns will organize and make efforts to have the Fair a success. The value of Accident Insurance has been proved by the payment of 17,505 claims amount ing to over $750 per day, upon the average since the Travelers Insurance Co. com menced business. This company occupies one of the most important fields of underwriting and its success proves all that has ever been claimed for superior management by its officers In 1872 the Travelers issued in both depart ments 34,785 policies covering over $110,000,000 insurance; more than twice the amount taken by any other life company in the country. The assets of the Travelers amount to $2,260,000,— surplus over liabilities,’$705,000. Life and en dowment policies issued on the “low rate plan” by this company. Jobbers should sell the Portland Shirt. ..— «18CELLANEOII8 notices. Linnasus, the great naturalist, in conse quence of his fondness for chocolate conferred on the order Cacao the title, or “food for a god.” It is certainly food for men, as well as a most healthful beverage, and med ical men the world over recommend its use.' The highest awards for excellence of prepara tion have been won by Walter Baker & Co, Bostop, both in Europe and America. Their goods are sold by all grocers. Parties in want of a choice barrel of flour will do well to call at Wilson & Co.’s, corner Exchange and Federal streets. mar29eod3t Dr. O. Fitzgerald, the wonderful clairvoy ant physician and surgeon, will visit Portland again, Friday and Saturday, April 4th and 5th, at the Preble House, remaiug two aa.ys only. Don’t fail to see him, his cures are truly won derful. * aprltf BY TELEGRAPH. NEW YORK. Fresh '■Ring” Revelations. New York, April 2.—Investigation shows that the late Superintendent of Clinton Market, under the Tammany ring, obtained his posi tion by paying Henry Genet, one of the ring, $8000, and in eighteen months cleared $80,000, (his salary being $2000,) by a system of Mack mailing all who wanted either to buy or sell stalls iu said market. The $30,000 ho made was only his share of the plunder, as he was compelled to divide with Genet, Tweed, Mike Norton and others. A Mammoth Slenmcr. Jay Gould is reported as superintending at Newpori, R. I., the building of a mammoth steamboat which is to carry a train of thirty cars from this city to Sandy Hook in one hour, counectihg with the New Jersey Central road. This is a new line which Gould lias undertaken to construct in ninety days from New York to Baltimore. Various Matters. At a meeting of the stockholders and deposi tors of the Bull’s Head Bank it was decided to reorganize on a capital of $150,00, most of which was subscribed yesterday evening. It is thought in mauy quarters, includ ng Mayor Havemyer, that Gov. Dix will veto the city charter unless certain reform measures are engrafted in it. WASHINGYm _ — Revenue Assignments. Washington, April 2.—The following as signments of revenue marine officers have been made: Capt. A. B. Davis from the Hamilton, Boston, to the Lincoln, at Port Townsend; Capt. Joseph A. Mageen from active to com mander of tlio Mosswood, at Eastport, ale.; Capt. D. B. Hodsgon from the aiosswood to to commander of the Delaware, at Mobile; Thomas W. Lay from waiting at Washington to duty on the McCulloch, at Portland, Me.; First Lieut. E. C. Gardiner from the McCul loch to waiting orders. Pardoned. Walter P. Anthony of South Carolina, con victed of Ku-Klnx crimes and sentenced to eight years’ imprisonment, was to-day pardon ed. _ Triumph over Railroad Monopoly. Ttenton, N. J., April 2.—The Governor has just signed the General Railroad bill. Flags are being flung to the breeze to commomorate the release of New Jersey from railroad mo nopoly- .. , . The bill relative to tax on railroads has pass ed both houses, with all amendments. As the bill now stands the main and principal passen ger and freight depots are exempt from muni cipal tax, the exemption at the terminal points to include ten acres. All other property, in cluding rolling stock, is subject to municipal in addition to the State tax. Terrible Roller Explosion. Wilmington, April 1.—The boilers iu the steam saw mill of Colville & Co., exploded ■ “orn,'nS- Two men aud one woman were killed and one man and one woman severely wounded. All the killed and wounded are ne groes. One of the boilers was carried over a hundred yards to Front street, killing a woman in its course. Another was hurled nearly half way across Cape Fear river. J Rhode Island Election Providence. April 2.-The annual election for State officers and members of the IeMsla“ ture occurred to-day. Henry Howard (rep ) is elected Governor bv a very large majority with the remainder of the State ticket except Lieut enant. Governor, for which there is no choice Howard will have about 5800 majority. Vaii Zandt will lack about 600 of an election. The statement that the Secretary of the Treasury will deposit ten millions with the banks is entirely unauthorized and incorrect. THE ATLANTIC. Rescue of the Survivors. 546 of 976 Persons Lost. Statement of Captain 'Williams. Heart Rending Details. London, April 2.—The anuouncemeut of tho wreck of the steamship Atlantic and the ap palling loss of life caused thereby, creates a profound sensation in this city and Liverpool. The disaster is the universal topic of conversa tion The offices of the agents in both cities were thronged all the momiug with people.— The friends of passengers on the ill fated ,teamship are all anxiously inquiring for the names of the survivors. The information sought has uot yet been received from the United States,and meanwhile a feeling of most painful anxiety prevails. Halifax, April 2.—The steamship Delta, which was dispatched to the scone of the dis aster to the Atlantic, has not yet returned, and there is no later information from tho wreck than was contained in the despatches furnished last night, The Delta is expected here this af ternoon. Halifax, April 2.—Early this morning the Dominion government steamer, Lady Head, Capt Watson, the Cunard steamer Delta, Capt. Shaw, and the steam tug Goliah, Capt. Jones, left this city for the scene of the wreck of the White Star steamer Atlantic. The Lady Head Had on board a number of custom house officers and the Delta several newspaper reporters. T le start was made about three o’clock so that the steamers might reach the the scene immediately after daylight. As the morning broke the steamers approached Pros pect. Those on board quickly learned the whereabouts of the ill-fated Atlantic from the presence around her of a large fleet of fishing schooners and small boats. The locality is one that a marriner would be disposed to give a wide berth to if possible, the shore being a succession of large beds of rock with dangerous shoals running out for some distance, while the bay is studded with innumerable islands, large and small, all of solid rock with scarcely a sign of vegitation, or soil for anything to grow. The business of the vessels was to get on board the passengers and others who had been saved from the wreck and put on shore, where with the large number and the small place, not ;ven the large hearted generosity and kindness them comfortab:e. The Delta and Lady Head oeing unable to venture near the shore came to anchor, and the Goliah with a life boat went to re-imbark the shipwrecked people. No time was lost. The Goliah and the boat soon return ed filled with men who proceeded to get on board the Delta, “and such a motlv party.” r'alstaff’s regiment was well attired and re spectable looking compared to these English, Irish, Scotch, Welch and Germans, indeed,rep esentatives of every country in Europe and the United States were huddlod together, talk ng, laughing, crying, praying and thanksgiv ing, producing a confusion of tongues of the most mixed character. The wealthy merchants if London aud New Volk, the high-toned pro fessional gentlemen and the lowest of the for eign emigrants appeared in strange clothing, much of which had been given to them by the good people of Prospect. Some were without coats, many without hats, others without bools ind all had to mouru the absence of some com fort in the clothing line. Here was an aristocratic looking man striv ing to make himself at home under a delapi lated looking overcoat that probably done duty in days of yore on tne back of moro than one hardly fisherman of the place, while at the lame time he made desperate efforts to get on his benumbed hands a pair of lavender kid gloves. He had a preference for kid as a rule uo doubt, but at that particular moment he was gazing enviously on a half frightened to death Dutchman who sported a prodigious pair of wool mits which did great credit to the skill and sense of the fisherman’s pretty daughter who had given them to him. All were warmly welcomed off board the Delta by Capt. Shaw and his officers who shared no pains to make them as comfortable as possible. The Goliah returned to the shore and was soon back again with just such a crowd as the previous one. By 12 o’clock all those who had reached the shore safely were, excepting an officer and four men, who had walked to the land brought on board the Delta and the Lady Head. The for mer having about 330 and the latter 77. The Lom of Life. A calculation was now made by Capt. Wil liams, which shows that the loss of life, though immense, was not so large as had been report ed. The Atlantic had on board 33 cabin pas sengers, 800 steerage passengers and a crew, of ficers included, of 143 men; total 976 souls.— Thsoe known to be safe numbered 430, leaving the number lost at 546. This may not be pre cisely correct, but is nearly so. The Statement of Captain Williams. The following is the statement: We sailed from Liverpool March 20th. During the first part of the passage we had favorahla wenii.— anil easterly winds. On the 24th, 25tH and 26tn we experienced heavy south west and westerly gales which brought the ship down to 118 miles a day. On the 31st of March the engineer’s re port showed but about 129 tons of coal on board. We were then 460 miles east of Sandy Hook, wind south west, and a high westerly swell and a falling barometer, the ship steaming only — knots per hour, and considered the risk too great to push on as we might find ourselves iu event of a gale shut out from any port of sup ply and so decided to bear up for Halifax. At 1 p. m., on the 31st, Sambro Island, north 5 degrees east was distant 170 miles. The ship’s speed varying from 8 knots per hour to 12. The wind was south during the first • part with rain versed to westward at 8 p. m., with clear weather. At midnight I judged the ship to have made 122 miles which would place her 48 miles south of Sambro. I theu left the deck and went into the chart room leaving orders about the lookouts, and .let me know if they saw anything, and call me at 3 p. m., intending then to put the ship’s heal off to southward and await daylight. My first intimation of the catastrophe was the striking of the ship on Marr’s Island, re maining thence fast. The sea immediately swept away all the port boats. The officers went to their stations aud commenced clearing away the weather boats. Kockets were fixed b.v the 2d officers. Before the boats could be cleared only 10 minutes having elapsed, the ship keeled heavily to the poit, rendering the starboard boats useless. Seeing that no help could be got from the boats, I got the passen gers into the rigging and outside the rails, aud encouraged them to go forward where the ship was highest and less exposed to the water. The 3d officer, Mr. Brady and Quartermasters Owens and Speakman by this time having es tablished communication with the outlying rock about forty yards distance by a line. We then cot four other lines to the alnncr which about 200 people passed. Between the rock aud the shore was a passage 100 yards wide. A rope was successfully passed across this by which means about fifty got to tbe land, though many were drowned m the attempt. At 5 o’clock a. m., the first boat appeared from the is a id but she was too small tobeofauy assistance. Through the exertions of Mr. Brady the 3d officer, the islanders were arous ed, and by 6 o’clock a m., three large boats came to our assistance. By their efforts all that remained on the side of the ship aud on the rock were lauded in : afety and cared for by a poor fisherman named Cleavy and his daugh ter. During the day the survivors to the num ber of 42!) were drafted off to tbe various hous es scattered about. The resident magistrate Edmund Ryon rendering valuable assistance. The chief officer having got up the mizzen rig ging the sea cut off his retreat. He stood for six hours by a woman who had been placed in the rigging. The sea was too high to attempt his rescue. The wreck remained in the same positiou as befere reported, tbe bow and masts only above water and the sea breaking so rough that, boats could no approach with safety. She was brok en in some places and a few packages had wash ed out and drifted to sea, but the bulk of the cargo appeared to be undisturbed. At 3 p. m. a clergyman. Rev. Mr. Ancient, succWsded in getting him a line and getting him off. Many <>.' the passengers, sslrgui ail') &U\ ; age, died in the rigging' of'cold. Before the boats went out 1 placed two ladies in the life boat, but finding the boat useless carried them to the main rigging where I left them and went aft to encourage the others to go forward on the side of the ship. At this juncture the boilers exploded and the boat rolled over to leeward, the ship this time being on her beam ends. Finding myself useless there I went to take the ladies forward but found them gone; uor did I see them afterwards. Many passengers at this time could not be stimulated to any ef fort to save themselves, but lay in the rigging and died from fright and exposure. I remain ed on the side encouraging, helping and direct ing until about fifteen were landed when, find ing my hands and legs ware becoming useless I left the ship, two other beats being close to and embarked the remainder. On reaching the shore I dispatched Mr. Brady, the third officer, off to Halifax across the country to telegraph tbe news of the disaster and to obtain assist ance. Mr. Morrow, the Cunard Line agent, promptly responded and sent two steamers with provisions, to convey the survivors to Halifax, whore they will be cared for and forwarded to New York the first opportunity, in charge of the first and fourth officers, the third officer aud four men being left at the island to care for the dead as they come ashore. Capt. Sheridan, a diver, has received provisional authority to the salvage of tbe cargo and materials. The second officer was lost with No. 3 life-boat. A Heroic Han—A Terrible Scene. Officer Barry in his account speaks of his de liverance as follows: At 2 o’clock in the after noon after we had been in the rigging ten hours the Rev. Mr. Aricient, a clergymau, whose no ble conduct I can never forget while I live, got a crew of four men to row him out of the wreck.

He got into the main rigging and procured a line, then advanced as far as he could towards me and threw it to me. I caught it, made it fast around my body and then jumped clear.— A sea swept me off the wreck, but Mr. Aucient held fast to the line, pulled me back and got me safely in the boat, I was then so exhausted and benumbed that I was hardly able to do anything for myself, and but for the clergy man’s gallant conduct I must have perished soon. . . , , The woman after bearing up with remarka ble strength under her great trials, had died twu hours before Mr. Ancient arrived. Her half nude body was still fast in the rigging, her eyes protruding, her mouth foaming—a terrible ghastly spectacle rendered more ghastly by the contract with the numerous jewels which spark led on her hands. We had to leave her body there, and it is probably there yet. The scene at the wreck was an awful one, snch as I had never before witnessed, and hope never to wit ness again. List of Cabin Passengers Saved. The following are the cabin passengers saved Freeman 1). Marshwald, of Thompson, La lip don & Co., New York, S. W. Vick, of Vick & Meland, Wilmington, N C., J. Spencer Jones °f Ross, Ireland, Lewis Levinson of Lou don, Charles W. Allen of London, Henry Hes zel of Switzerland, Simon Camochio of New lork, B. B. Richard of Detroit, Adolphus Jugea of New York, Wm. John Briudley ol Bunslem, Eng Daniel Kivore of Springfield, Ohio James Brown of Manchester, Nicholas Brandt of New York. Cabin Passengers Loll. Names of the cabin passengers lost: Cvius M. Fisher, counsellor at law, of Vermont, and h!s wife, Miss Brodie and Miss Barker befth oi Cnicago, J. H. Price of New York, Mr. Kingei of New York, Albert Sumner of San Francis co, Henry S. Hewitt of New York, Mr. Merriti and wife of New York, Mrs. Scrimmer anc Miss Merritt of New York, Mrs. Davidson and daughter of London, W. B. Wellington of Bos ton, Mr. Streat, wife, son and daughter oi Nevada. The steamer Delta arrived this aftemoor with 320 survivors from the wreck and arrange ments are made to have them well cared for.— She reports that the Altantic has not broker up. Several vessels with diving aparatus had arrived at the wreck and commenced operations for the removal of the dead bodies and cargo.— The disaster was so soon over that hundreds could have known nothing of the danger. Oi the ihree hundred women and children a ma jority were swept off the steerage and drifting beyoud the vessel on immense waves, were car ried seaward and seen no more. The bodies re covered will be buried at Prospect village. The survivors brought by the Delta were mostly men from 20 to 25 years of age. Many were in a pitiable condition, without shoes, fe 1 swollen and bruised, clothes torn and drench ed, some with bits of carpet malting and blau kets around them, and all fretted and sick from exposure all night. On reaching the locality il was found that a considerable number more than were first named had been picked up among whom were some old and feeble persons who died after their rescue from exhaustion and cold. The Lady Head is bringing 77 more. Sate of a Railroad. Knoxville, Teun., April 2.—The Knoxville and Charleston Railroad, oue of the delinquent railroads in this State, was offered for sale to day and bought by the State in Tennessee foi $100,000. There was no other bidder. FOKJbCIC4iN . Collision Between Carmen aud Military. Bucharest, April 2.—A collision occurred this morning between the carmen and military, growing out of the refusal of the former to pay certain taxes at Guirgeno, a town of Walla chiu, about forty miles from this city. Several persons were killed and wounded. Tranquility is restored. MINOR TELEGRAMS. Win. T. Landstreet, the Baltimore commis sion merchant who shot himself Sunday, died Tuesday. A San Francisco despatch says Lay, the bal loonist, was not heard from since Sunday till Tuesday night. He lauded safely on the coast range of mountains, over one hundred miles distant. A Mexican letter of March 1st says that the constitutional party is re-organizing undei Porfirio Diaz, and will offer bitter and powerful opposition to the Establishment of a govern ment. Returns from all precincts in St Louis give a Democratic majority of 4000. Of fifteen Al der elected, six are Republicans. Frank Dennison won the golden cue aud a purse of $200 in the billiard match at Boston Wednesday. Charles Nixon of New York, was convicted Wednesday of murder io the first degree. FINANCIAL ANI> C'OiTUViLRCIAL. Review of Portland Market*. Week Ending April 2,1873. Notwithstanding the unsettled state of the road* in the country towns, and the various rivers in Maine being yet sealed up, thereby impeding the transit ol merchandise, there has been a revival of business in all wnolesale circles, and the signs all point to a large Spring business for our importers and jobbers. The great event of the week has been the sudden and un expected advance of gold on Monday to 1181—pushed up by the clan of speculators in New York, whe seize every opportunity to disturb and disarrange the market in furtherance of their own interests. A not very short period in the State prison for these harpies would be of public benefit. Tho ad vane was of but slight duration, for on Tuesday gold went down to about 117. On Wednesday, 2d, the rates were 117® 1171. Prices of merchandise have not yet been sensibly affected by the advance in gold, bnt should the rise continuo all articles for which gold has to be paid must advance io prices. Our prices current this week show no material changes. Apples are very abuudant and almost a drug in the market. The best repacked. Maino fruit piuciiaseu at $>2 7S<p bbf. Beans are rather dull, with a good supply and prices are not so firm. But ter is very scarce for choice table qualities, and prices have advanced to about 38c for tubs of “gilt edged.” Cheese is steady and quiet. Coal is un changed. Coffee is firm. Copper and cordage are without change. Dry goods present no new features, prices for all standard articles being firm, with a good demand for the retail trade. In drugs and dyes there is no change to note. Fish are in good demand with very light stocks and firm prices. The fishermen are here in force fitting out, and earlier returns may be expected. Flour is very firm for all desirable grades, and the supply is very good. Fruit is plenty—lemons of prime quality selling at $5 and oranges, repacked at $4@4.25. Grain is in good supply and corn is about lc oil from last week’s prices. Hay is un changed-dealers are unwilling to pay over $18 for average lots of pressed. Iron is very firm and must go up if the high price of gold continues. Lard is in good supply and prices are rather firmer. Leather is firm and steady with a good demand. Lumber is very steady with an increasing demand both for ex port and home uses. Lime continues steady at $1.45. Molasses is more active aud the cargoes of new have been taken soon after their arrival. Nails are steady at $5.50 cask. Gils are quiet. We note a reduc tion of 2c on Portland Kerosenes, which find a good market. Paints are steady at the recent advanco on leads. Produce is more active; the only change is in eggs which are selling at22(g24c. Provisions are firm and pork has advanced abont$l )>bbl. Salt is in good domand for fishing purposes, and prices are very firm. Sugars are unchanged from last week, and are in demand at our quotations. Teas are quiet. Tins are vory firm, Wool is more active than it has been for several weeks, but there is no improvement in prices. FREIGHTS.—Cuba freights are slacking off and there is not much demand for tonnage, as there is but little to send forward. Rates are unchanged. The only charter since our last report is brig Joseph Clark heuce to N. side of Cuba and back N. of Hatteras, at $5 for molasses and 55c for sugar. Coastwise freights are unchanged—$3@3.25 for lumber to New York and $2@2.12.J to Boston. Foreign Exports. MATANZAS. Brig Horace Beal—4369 box shooks, 1000 shooks and heads, 80 empty casks. SAGUA. Brig Mechanic—1940 sugar hhd shooks and heads, 116 double tierce do do, 500 pairs heading, 133 empty casks. Foreign Imports. CARDENAS. Sclir Chas E Scammell—541 hhds 51 tcs 2 bbls molasses to Geo S Hunt. ST. JOHN, NB. Sclir Lizzie S—4539 box shooks to John D Lord. New Fork Stock and money market. New York, April. 2-Mominq.—Gold at 117.— Money at * per cent. Sterling Exchange 107* @ 108. Stocks steady. State stocks very quiet. New York. April 2—Eventnq.—The financial situ ation is less distressing to borrowers than yesterday, but nevertheless stringent; call loans ranged from 7 per cent, coin for a brief period iu the afternoon to 1-16, *, *, S and h P®r cent, per diem, closing at * @ | per cent. The tone fluctuated closely in sympathy with alternateXavoNililiiyml to the Treasury assistance. The rumor of yesterday as to the $10,000,OOu legal tenders rests on facts that a large reserve for years has been kept In the Sub Treasury here to meet sudden demands upon it. The officials nave not yet received any orders to pay it out. The latest Washington reports indicate the probability of the prepayment of the May interest or s imething over $16,000,000 in coin, but nothing defi nite is known. Money is returning slowly from the West, and in a few days currency will flow back from the Middle and Eastern States. Outstanding legal tender circu lation $358,640,000. a slight increase. Sterling Ex change dull at 107* @ 1U7| for 60 days and 108* @ 108* for sight. Gold rose from 116* @ 117$, under pur chases for the “bull” clique, but the advance was partially lost, closing at 117$ @117*; loans at5@ 3-64 for carrying. The clearings were $83,000,000.— Treasury disbursements $22,000. Customs receipts $229,000. Governments firmer but dull. State bouds quiet and weak. Stocks irregular and unsettled.— The changes in the money rate beiug reflected in the difference between cath and regular transactions of * @ 5 per cent. The market oponed somewhat lower than last night but subsequently a weak feeling set in and there was a fall of * (3 1 per cent, on the general list, the closing prices t>elug the lowest of the day. The transactions of the day were most important in Pacific Mail, Wes tern Union, New York Central, Lake Shore and St. Paul. The following were the quotations of Government securities: United States coupon 6’s, 1881.119* United States5-20’s 1S62.....1153 United States 5-20’s 1S64. 116* United States 5-20’s 1865, old. .'117I United States 5-20’s 1865, new. 1153 United States 5-20’s 1867. ” ‘ 117I Uni ted States 5-20’s tf 68.!.’!.’!!* 116* United States 5’s. new. .113* United States|l0-40’s.,coupons.,mlM" ’* im Currency 6’s .. .. ...!!!!li3* The following were the opening quotations o Stocks: Western Union Telegraph Co. tag Pacific Mail...\\\\\\. N. Y. Centra’ and Hudson River consolidated. *.100* Erie. . 63| Erie preferred... ' ’ 73 Union Pacific stock.34 The following were the quotations for Pacific Kail road securities: Central Pacific bonds.1C2J Union Pacific do. 854 Union Pacific land grants.744 Union Pacific income bonds. 73 Boston Slock List. (Sales at tlie Broker’s Board, April 2.1 Boston & Maine Railroad.1194 do do .. Sales at Auction. Hill Manufacturing Company.1431 Bates Manufacturing Co.. do do .. Eastern Railroad..7.ioS| Bath City Sixes.1891_ Eastern Railroad 7b. .. 894 Bates Manufacturing Coi.V..— @loo| Androscoggin Mills.. . ... Pepnereil Manufacturing Co .. Franklin Company, Lewiston. . Eastern Railroad.. Maine State Sixes 1889.'" Eastern Railroad 7s. 1882.iqi* Cllouceiter Fish market. For the week ending Wednesday, April 2. Georges* Codfish—The stock remains small, being taken as fast as cured. Market active and firm at $0 00 ^ qil. „ . Bank Codfish—Sales of a small lot of W estern Bank at $5 75 qtl. Mackerel—None. _ 4. Fresh Halibut—Receipts the past week about 140, 000 lbs. We notice sales of George’s at 8$c and Bank at 7J to 8c lb for white; gray 5c lb. Smoked Halibut— We quote at 10c p1 lb. Oil—We notice sales at G7c and 68c p gal. Fresh Herring—We quote at $1 50 p 100. Market Fish—Shore in fair stock, fhrc3 ranging from 1000 to 3000 lbs in good weather, with sales of Cod and Haddock at at 34c p lb. Sales of George’s Coil for market fish at 25 to 3c p lb. Kriifbtou Cattle market. tor the week ending Wednesday, April 2. At market for the current weekCattle, 2417: Sheep and Lambs, 6651: Swine, 14 000- numher of Tw«8v?r? Cattie, 1926: iastern Cattle 16; Working Milch Cows and Northern Cattle 175 * Prices of Beef Cattle, p cwt, live weight-—Fxtra quality $7 75 @ 8 00; first quality $7 25 fw 7*50 • sec ond quality $6 50 @ 7 00; third quality $4 75 ® 5 75 • purest grades of coarse oxen, bulls, &c., $3 50@ Brighton Hides 94 @ 10 cents p lb. Brighton Tal low 6 ta 6*c p lb. 5 Country Hides 9 cents p ft. Country Tallow 5 @ 5jc p lb. Calfskins 16 @ 20c p lb. Sheep Skins SI 75 @ 2 50 each. Lamb Skins 31 75 @ 2 50eacli. Remarks—The trade this week has not been so ac tive as it was one week ago. The Beef trade at Bos ton has been dull and Western Cattle having cost higher than they did last week, butchers were not purchasing so free at the prices asked as they do when their trade is good. Most of the Cattle in market were of a common grade, and having cost higher, have been sel tag at J @ Jc better than they did one week ago. There were a few Working Oxen brought in from Maine this woek, the finest lot of Cattle from that section for several weeks: Beei Cattle aro sold in this market every week to take back to Maine Working Oxen—There were more in market this weea than has been for several weeks past, and a fair demand. Holders were asking higher prices We quote sales of 1 pair, girth 7 fee: 4 inches, for $235: 1 pair, girth 7 *eet, 4 inches, for $220; 1 pair, girth 6 feet 10 inches, for $205; 1 pair, girth 7 feet, for $200; 1 pair, girth 6 feet 8 laches, for $185; 1 pair, girth 0 feet 8 inches, for $100; 1 pair, girth C feet 6 inches, for $140; 1 pair, girth 7 feet, for $155. Milch* Cows—Extra from $55 @ $95* ordinary from $25 to $50 p head; Store Cows from $20 @ 50 p' head. Not a large supply in market; mostly of an ordinary grade. Prices for Milch Cows do not vary much from week to week. The trade will probablp be better os soon as spring opens. Store Cattle—Not much doing in the Store Cattle trade, except for Working Oxen and Milcli Cows.— Most of the small Cattle and many of the Store Cow are sold for Beef. Sheep and Lambs—From the West the supply was not quite sa large as that of one week ago. Nearly all were owned Dy butchers,who employ agents at the West to buy and ship Sheep and Lambs to them overy week. Prices at Albany were from j @ }c lb lb high er than they were one week ago. Western Sheep and Lambs cost, delivered at Brighton, from 7 @ SJc p lb. Swine—Not much call for Store Pigs; we quote prices, wholesale, 6J @ 7c; retail 71® 8c p lb. Fat Hogs—14,300 at market ; prices 6J @ ticj p lb. Boston Boot and Shoe market. Boston, April 1.—The shipments of Boots and Shoes from this market to places outside of New Eng land for the past week comprise 32,436 cases, against 32.682 for the same week last year. The total shipments since January 1, have been 367,363 cases, against 384,762 cases for the same peri od last year. There has been no change in the essential features of the market during the past week, and the sales continue to be about equal to those of average sea sons. Still the sales are in small quantities, and there does not seem to be enough confidence in the future to induce heavy purchases, and it seems now that the operations through the balance of the season will be confined to actual wants of consumers. The smaller Southern markets are better represen ted.and from most of the Western points orders are daily re ceived. The New England trade is improving, and manufacturers look for an active business with this section for the next three or four weeks. The Wool market. Boston, April 2 —[Reported *or the Press.]—The following is a list of prices quoted this afternoon: Domestic—Ohio and Pennsylvania pick-lock 60 @ 62c; do choice XX 55 @ 57c; do fine X 54 @ 55c; me dium 55 @ 57c: coarse 50 @ 53c; Michigan extra and XX 54 @ 55c; fine 53 @ 54c; medium 53 ® 54c; com mon 50 @ 52c; other Western fine and X 53 @ 55c; medium 53 @ 55c, common 48 @ 50c; pulled extra 35 @ 55c; superfine 35 ® 57; No 1, 20 @ 30c; comb ing fleece 60 @ 65c; California 18 @ 35c; Texas 18 @ 30c; Canada 40 @ 55c; do combing 75 @ —; Smyr na washed — @ —c; do unwashed, — @ —c; Buenos Ayres 26 @ 37c; Cape Good Hope 32 @ 37c; Austral ian 43 @ 55c; Donskoi — @ —c; Mestiza pulled 45 @ 62$c. Remarks—There has been a large business doing in Wool the past week, but the market remains with out improvement, and in s^me instances further con cessions have been made, particularly in pulled Wool, the shrinkage on which has been very marked the past two months. Domestic marketM. New York. April 2—Evening—Cotton dull and heavy and $c lower; sales 943 bales; Middling uplands 19Jc. Flour is quiet and unchanged; sales 7500 bbls State 6 15 @ 8 35; Round hoop Ohio 720 ® 10 50; Wes tern 6 15 @ 10 50; Southern 6 10 @ 12 75. Wheat is quiet and steady; sales 22,000; No 1 Spring 175® 1 80; No 2 at 1 59 @ 1 69; Winter Red Western 1 70 ® 1 87j; White Michigan 1 85 @ 2 25. Corn is steady with fair business; sales 60.000 bush; new Mixed Western 65A@ 66c; old 66cafloat. Oats scarce ^ Wi&tfoii1fti1fe^^*504c. Beef quiet at 9 00@13 00. Pork is higher; new mess 17 00. Lard weak at 86 @ 9Ac. Butter is quiet and steady; State 32 @ 48c.— Whiskey is easier at 904c. Rice quiet at 7} @ 84c — Sugar steady; refining 8 @ 8|c. Coflee quiet and firm; Rio at 16| @ 19c iD Gold. Molasses quiet and firm; New Orleans 67 @ 75c. Naval Stores—Spirits Tur pentine dull and heavy at 584c; Rosin quiet at 3 30 ® 3 35 for strained. Petroleum dull; crude 94c; refined at 19Jc. Tallow steady at 8$ @ 9c. Wool dull and lower; domestic fleece 50® 55c; pulled 46c. Freights to Liverpool firmer; Cotton, per sail. 8® 7-16; Grain, per suil 8d. 1 ^ Chicago,April 2.—Flour—extra Spring 5 50 @ 7 25. Wheat dull and lower; No 1 Spring nominal; No 2 Spring weak at 116|; No 2 at 1 O84 @ 1 09 for regular and fresh; rejected 93 @ 95c; No 2 Spring seller May 1 214 @ 1 21$. Com is steady; No 2 Mixed 303c for cash; 30$ @ 31c for seller May; rejected 284c. Oats in fair demand and lower; No 2 at 24k; for regular; 256 @ 26Ac for fresh; rejected at 23c. Rye sready at 65c for No 2. Barley dul and declining; No 2 Spring at 76 @ 78c; rejected 45c. Provisions - Pork is unsettled and lower at 15 624 @ 15 75. Lard steady at 8 25 @ 8 30. Hams in pickle steady at 10 @ 124; Dry Salted Meats in good demand and stronger at 6 @ 6ic for loose shoulders; 64 @ 6fc for boxed; short rib middles at 8c; Cumberland middles at 74c loose; boxed lots 4c higher. Bacon is quiet at 7Ac for shoulders; clear rib sides at 9c; clear sidee 9Jc. Sugar cured hams at 13 14c. Whiskev at 87c. Receipts—12,000 bbls flour, 34,000 bush wheat, 37, 000 bush corn, 34,000 bush oats, 24,000 bush rye, 10,000 bnsb barley, 13,000 hogs. Shipments—tO,000 ools flour, 24,000 bush wheat, 14, 000 bush corn, 20.000 bush oats, 0,000 bush rye. 12,000 bush barley, 9000 hogs. Cincinnati, April 2.—Provisions quiet. Pork is nominally at 16 50. Lard Is firm; steam at 8c, held higher at the close; kettle at 84c. Bulk Meats quiet aud more offering: shoulders at 6Jc; clear rib sides at 8Jcc; clear sides 84 @ 86c. Bacon quiet; shoulders at 7c; clear rib sides 9c; sides at 94c, with jobbing sales, generally held at 9Jc. Whiskey steady at 86c. x'OLSDO. April 2.—Flour dull and unchanged.— Wheat in fair demand and higher; Amber Michigan spot 1 654 @ 1 65J; seller April 1 654; 1 68J @ 1 69 for seller May; No 2 Red 1 64| @ 1 65: seller June 1 69; No 3 do 1 54. Corn is steady; high Mixed on spot at 39$c; seller last half April 40Ac; seller June 43c; sell July 44Jc; seller Aug 454c; seller Sep 461; low Mixed 394c; Yellow 404c; White 414c; nograde 38. Oatt— No 2 a shade higher at 334c; Michigan at 35c. Receipts—1,U00 bbls flour, 9,000 bush wheat, 79,000 bush corn, 3,000 bush oats. Shipments—0000 bbls flour, 5,000 bush wheat, 0,000 bush com, 1,000 bush oats. Detroit, April 2.—Flour quiot and unchanged.— Wheat is steady; extra White at 1 93; No 1 White at 1 844 @ 1 84J; Amber Michigan 1 66. Corn is steady; No 1 414c; Yellow 42c. Oats arc in good demand at 36c. Receipts—0,000 bbls flour, 6,000 bush wheat, 8,000 bush corn, 4,000 bush oats. Shipments—0,000 bbls flour, 5,000 bush wheat, 2,000 bush com, 0000 bush oats. Charleston, April 2.—Cotton quiet; Middling up lands 18|c. Savannah, April 2.—Cotton quiet; Middling up lands at I8je. Mobile. April 2.—Cotton quiet and firm; Middling uplands 18f @ 19c. * New Orleans, April 2.-Cotton weak; Middling uplands 194 @ 194c. European market*. Loxuox, April 2—11.30.—Consols opened at 92} @ 92} for money and for account. American securities—U. 9. 8-20’s 1865, old, at 94}; do 1867, 93}; do 10-409, 89}: new 5s, 91. Erie Hall way at 51}. Liverpool, April 2—3.00 P. M.—Cotton closed unchanged; sales 12,000 bales, including 2000 for spec ion ami export. Freight* Savannah, Mch 28.—Freights—We quote as fol lows:—Cotton to Liverpool, via New York by steam 9-ltidoiiUp.; Sea Island Id; sail to Liverpool jd.— To Havre, lc Gold; Bremen $d on Uplands. Coast wise—To New York per steam. Upland 4c; Sea Is land icjp lb; Rice $2 00 Ip cask. To Philadelphia, Upland Cotton, by steam, §c; Rice $2 Ip cask; Do mestics $1 25. To Baltimore, steam, £c on up. Cotton. Rice to Baltimore *150^ cask. Cotton to Boston steam via New York 75c P 100 lbs; to Providence via New York 75c Ip 100 lbs; via Boston 75c «|p 100 lbs Lumber to Philadelphia, steam. —; sail $0 00@9 50. New York and Sound ports, Lumber $10 00 @ 11* Lumber to Boston and eastward $1200 @13 00; Balti more, Lumber, — @850. Vessels are in good demand for Lumber to New York, Boston and Sound ports — The rates for Timber are from $1 50 @2 00 higher than Lumber rates. West Indies and windward nom inal, Gold. Lumber to River Platte $26 @ 28 and 5 per cent United Kingdom, Timber 40 @ 48s to Cork nr orders. Rio Janeiro $23 and 5 per cent. Baltimore, March 29.—Freights.—The general supply of tonnage has muen improved from the late arrivals at our ports. Rates per Rteame to Liverpool rn? «ffcrings good. We quote; Grain lod; Maryland Tobacco 32b 6,1; do through to Holland 45s; Virginia hhdsto Holland and Antwerp 50s; Lard and Tallow to Liverpool 40s.— Fer sail, we quote:—For Resiu3s Gd 4p bbl, Tallow anti Lard 37s 6d @ 40s *p ton. Walnut Wood 37s 6d & , f °oacco. Maryland and Ohio hhds 30s, Virginia (lo 35s. Cotton 5-16 @ g & lb. Staves 35s M, Oil Cake 27s 6d @ 30s ton. Grain 9d IP bush. To Bre men per steamer we quote Lard and Meat 55s; Mary land Tobacco 40s, Virginia do 45s, Kentucky do 50s, Cotton fd. Bleaching Campaign FOR 1873. Come and sec what a variety ot Shapes we have tor the season. We are now prepared to remodel old Hats and Bonnets in the high est style of the art at Sweetser’s Bleachery, 342 Congress Street. aP2_eod3w For Philadelphia. FEJ® SjJlQon®r J. W. MAY, all under deck. For treight apply to or »p2dtf I DAS. H. CHASE & CO. ENTERTAINMENT’S. “HAYMAKERS” (Iranil Excursion, Concert - and — Promenade Dance —AT_> City Hall, Biddeford, Thursday Evening, April 3d. Excursion tickets for the round trip ami admission to entertainment 85 cents. For sale at Stockbridge’i and Hawes & Cragin. Ticket holders can leavo Portland Thursday after noon and return on the Pnllmau train or the nexl day. ap2d2t Amateur Concert. THE LADIES OF State Street Church WILL GIVE A CONCERT IS AID OF Willis ton Chapel — AT — State Street Chapel, Thursday Evening, April 3d AT 8 O’CLOCK. Refreshments tor sale before and after the Con cert. Tickets 50 Cents. For sale at Loring, Short & Harmon’s, and at the door. ___aprldtd dirwmuerT Second Annual Exhibition. fooVifDow?tomtLGpub"crr0or0n C°ngrC"’ StrCe»' Monday, April 7th, until Friday, April 11th, inclusive, for the exhibition ot my stock of beautiful and rare PLANTS AND FLOWERS, many of which have heretofore been unknown in thii State. AD.VIUIOR CERTS, which will entitle the holder of each ticket to a Pre mium valued trom 25 cent, to (1.0 . aP3dlw J A. DIRU’ARGER. CITY HALL, ONE NIGHT ONLY, MONDAY EVENING, APRIL 7th. Excelling all Rival, and Competition. Return of the World-Renowned DUPREZ & BENEDICT’S Gigantic Minstrels. FROM THEIR GREAT SOUTHERN TOUR, Crowned with Brilliant Success. Now on their 21st Annual Tonr. The largest and most powerful company in exist egce. Everywhere pronounced by press and public as the superiors or the Minstrel Stage. The Im mense success attending the performances of this fa mous troupe have been universal. For lull particu lars see Programmes. Admission as usual. CHAS. H. DUPREZ, Business Manager. CHAS. H. KEESHIN, General Agent. apr2 _d6t MUSIC_HALL. RETURN OF THE FAVORITES ! They’ve “Got to Come” Again? FOR THREE NIGHTS ONLY. Saturday, Monday and Tuesday Evenings, April 3th, 7th and 8lh. THE ORIGINAL AND ONLY Harry Bloodgood’s niltSTREL AND BURLESQUE COMBIN A.TIONT, Including the Monarchs, Walter, and Morton, Charles Mathew* and M’I.le Belle Celeste in their Astounding Aerial Flights and Terrific Feats on the Flying Trapese. CLARKE, MANNING, RIDDELL, BLOODGOOD HIMSELF, • and twenty others, together with a FULL BRASS BAND & ORCHESTRA. For particulars see posters and programme. Prires as usual. Reserved Places ready at Box Of fice Friday, Apgil ^^A , „UB11KBB Ageni. mar29td Grand Presentation Concert. FARWELL & AMES’ HALL, . ROCKLAND. Thursday Eve., Apr. 34. For particulars see Small Bills and Cards of Ad mission. J. A. LORING, ol Portland, General Agent for Cumberland County. mar27 eodtf BONDS FOR SALE. Portland City • - • O’s Bangor “ O’s St. Lonis “ O’s Elizabeth, N. J., • 7’s Cleveland “ 7’s Toledo “ ... 8’s Cook Connty, 111.. - - - 7’s Marion County, Ind., - • 8’s Maine Central R. R. - - 7’s Portland & Rochester R. R. - 7’s Atchison, Topeka & Sante Fe Gold 7’s Northern Pacific R. R. Gold - 7-30’s Chicago, Dan. & Yin. K. R. Gold - 7’s Atlantic & St. Lawrence R. R. Stock and Dcf. Rent Scrip BOUGHT BY Swan & Barrett, lOO MIDDLE STREET. _feb24eodtt Witt. M. HARKS, j Book, Card and Job PRINTER 109 EXCHANG^^TREEX Daily Press Printing House. Every description of Work promptly and carefully executed and at the Lowest Prices._ Choirs, Musical Classes, Convert tions, Academies. ATTENTION! to the following Choice List ot NR IV CANTATAS’ ORATORIOS ANTHEMS New and attractive Cantatas. FORTY-SIXTH PSALM.Dudley Buck. 1.00 FESTIVAL CANTATA.Eugene Thayer. 1.25 GOUNOD’S CHORAL MUSIC. 50 Well worthy ot careful study. MUSICAL ENTHUSIAST.Hewitt. 50 An amusing and very melodious musical extravaganza MEW ORATORIOS. ST. PETER.yJ.K. Paine. 1.73 PRODIGAL SON.Arthur Sullivan. 1.00 Fine eflcctive compositions. AMTHESI ROOKS. BAUMBACH’S SACRED QUARTETTES,[New]2.5C IIV PRENN —-NEAREY READY. STRAUSS’S DANCE MUSIC. Violin and Plano. 1.00 Tit® hove books sent, post-paid, for retail price. OLIVER D1TSON A CO., Boston 0. H DITSON & OO., New York._ janl8 SAWAwlyrwS auction sales. s. BAILEY a co,, Commission Merchants, .A. UCTIONLER8 NO. SID KXCKAltCE KTRfifc r. Next below Merchants’ Exchange. JOSEPH S. BAILEY, GEO. W. PAUKEK. ltEFEBEXCEft—Messrs. II. J. I.lbby Si t o., and Hon Charles P.' PonlsnJ, Me.; Messrs. Leonard & Co,, and Lee & Shepard, Boston,apllt Sporting and Fancy Goods at Auc tion. (lN„tATUKDAY. April 5th, and MONDAY, April shnii‘ill111 o'clock A. M. and 3 P. M. each day, wo Street of B. Lucas, No. 51 Exchange “ sss t.s f a & & -»—• ap27 * 1,iEY CO., Auctioneers. —---—_ St Groceries and More Fixture* at Auction. O^.^.9^PAY, April 7th, at 2$ o'clock P M w•• shall sell at office, Confrctl JnervCoffeo * " Sugar, Splc s. Pickles .hard Bread, Cm™ T^rll?' Saleratus, Sage. Tapioca, Canar, Seen, Sauce Canned Goods, Starch, Tube, Palls, Broom. Wash boards, C othes Pins, Fancy Goods, Scales’, Show cases, Measures, &c. F O. Bailey A Co., Auctioneer*. mch26 _ dtd Real Estate at Auction. ON TUESDAY, April 8th, at 12J o’clock P. M., we shall sell the 2t storv wooden House aud Lot No. 24 Adams street. Said House contains 9 rooms, never falling aqueduct in cellar. Fine property for investment. Terms at sale. F, O. BAILEY Sc CO.. Auctioneers. ap2 dot Manufacturers’ Sale of Crockery Ware to the Trade by Auction. I*. JBAILsKlf Ac CO., Auctioneer*. ON TUESDAY, l|ill llll il | )Tl|fc salesroom, 18 Exchange street, we shiv* v the trado a large line of Wbito Granite, Pai\£, , C C, RocMngham and Yellow Ware. Ci remch?Gd 0,1 exbibitiou Monday, Apr O* Auction Salts TO be sold at public auction on the premi Thursday, April tenth, the valuable an Known farm of the late Richard Purinton: said is situated in East Windham, on the road let acres of k!,“a'*,0,,G*“I,Corner’ and con.Utloe ofS divided into tillage- and pastnr. land’weli farn> i Also 30 acres ot wood U Ihc unlhlings consist of dwell S&S2* two Bams, and other onl bu tidings. Wnter convenient to house and barn. Ab*o farming tools, carriages, baggage wagon, nice ton buggy, horse, household fnrnliure7itc., Ac. Sale commencing at 9 o’clock I* m * ~ xc' n, a?**? Sr A ’ctioneer. So. Windham, March 18, 1873. marljdlawtdw3w AUUllUiN. Large and Attractive Sale of RARE AND BEAUTIFUL Italian Marble Statuary » Rich Vases, Alabaster Groups A Figures REdCNTLY IMPORTED. J. S. BAILEY & CO., Auctioneer .s,. — WILL SELL OS — Wednesday, Thursday, Friday A Saturday April 9lh, loth lllh a.d l?lb, Commencing at lO 1-2 A. MU — AT — Salesroom, 22 Exchange Street, a recent importation of magnificent STATUARY, by Corrello Benzie. Figures of Pure Marble and Al abaster, elaborately carved. VASES of great variety of styte and design, including the Tuscan, Roman, Hebe, Gothic, Egypt iau, Florentine, Grecian, Slc. Elegant Card Receiver*, Mantel Oinaments, and other cho cc articles for decorating Parlors, Drawing Rooms, <Xtc. OP'This elegant stock will be on exhibition on Tuesday afternoon and evening previous to sale. mch29dtd Administrators Sale of Real Estate at Public Auction. BY virtue of a license from tbe Hon. Judge ot Probate for Cumberland County, I shall sell at public auction, on the premises, on Saturday tbe nineteenth day of April next at 11 A. M., all the real estate belonging to the estate of Levi A. Cates, late of Freeport, in said County deceaised. Said real es tate consists of about 35 acre* of land situated on the road leading from Freei-ort to South Durham, about 3 miles from Fieei»ort Village, contaioging mowing, toTmar7tfi*TfBay*TS«eI True’s, in said Freeport about one mile below Free port Village. The reversion of the Widow’s dower in the first described property will be sold at the same time and place. Terms made known at time of sale. EDWARD P. OXNARD, Adm’r of Estate of I.evl A. Cates. Freeport, March 18th, 1873. raari8doaw3w# GRASS SEER. 2000 Bags Western Timothy Seed 1500 “ Canada “ *• lOOO “ Red Top “ 500 “ Michigan Clover “ 200 “ Ohio “ *• 400 “ No. New York “ “ IOO “ Pea Vine, “ “ 150 «« Alsikc •• “ IOO “ Millet “ IOO “ Hungarian Grass “ IOO “ Orchard “ FOR SALE AT THE Lowest Cash Price. KENDALL & WHITNEY. mch26 tf Allan_Line. Montreal Ocean Steamship Co. UNDER CONTRACT FOR THE CARRYING OF TBE Canadian and United Staten Halls. Passengers booked to London' deny and Liverpool. Heturn Tirlcet* granted at Reduced Rates. The Steamship MORAVIAN, Capt. Graham, Will leave this port for Liverpool on SATURDAY, April 3th, Immediately after the arrival of the Train of th previous day from Montreal. Passage to Loudondeny and Liverpool, Cabin (ac cording to accommodations)..870 !• 810 Payable in Gold or its equivalent. For Freight or Cabin Passage, apply to H. & A. ALLAN, No. 1 India St. For Steerage Passage inward and outward, and lor Sight Drafts on England for small amounts apply to JAMES L. FARMER, No. 3 India Street. Portland. Nov. 19th, 1872. nov20tf W. C. BECKETT, Merchant Tailor ! 137 MIDDLE ST., Still keeps up his reputation for selecting STYLISH GOODS, lYlfflBB ftT&oflnguto his window, and call ing in to examine New Goods Just Received. 137 MIDDLE STREET. marl,_ <Ww HAMBURGS! WE shall open this day one of the largest and beat line of Edges and Insertion-, ever opened In Portland, and at prices that defy competition GREAT BARGAINS AT 121'2c, SOc, 23c, 50c. COYELL & COMPARY. HAMBURGS! jan24_tf PROPOSALS For inrnistainK Rations and Ship Chandlery lor II. s. Revenue Vessels. Collectors Office, March 29,1873. proposals will he received at this office until 12 o clock noon of Saturday the 2«th day oi April uext, for supplying rations and ship chandlery rortheuseof the crews and vessels of the United State Reven »e Marine Service in this Collection Di» trict, for the fiscal year ending 30th June, 1874. Schedules of the articles or ship chandlery to be hid for will bo furnished on application at this office. The Government reserves the light to reject any or all bids. mar316t I. WASHBURN. JR.^CoIjector^ NEW OYSTER HOUSE. T. S. HATCH Respectfully informs his friends and the pobBc that ho has leased and fitted up in good SOT Cooar... S«ree., m*rlv or|,osde Krowu street. A frill supply or fresh Oysters^oooaeu m every stylo, and for sale by ttojJSjlMfiaam mo sfantly on hand. Hatch’s celebrated Ice Cisam sup plleil to parties on call. _P1CP0” First Class Fish and Oyster Hlarfce* FOR SALE. On a Pjeal 'hourouahlais. well tablished, with a splendid run of A. ho. tomera. A great bargain Is offoreO. as lbc OB PBMTUS neatly r* seated at this office.

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