Newspaper of Portland Daily Press, April 4, 1873, Page 2

Newspaper of Portland Daily Press dated April 4, 1873 Page 2
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TJdLK PRESS. FRIDAY MORNING, APRIL 4, 1873. Every regular attache of the Press is furnished will) a car*/certificate countersigned by Stanley T. Pullen, Editor.* All railway, steamboat and bote managers will confer a favor upon us by demanding cred utials of every person claiming to represent our Journal, a* wo have information that several “bum mers” are seeking courtesies in the name of the Press, and we have no disposition lo be, even pas d vely. a party to such fraud. W e do not read anonymous letters and communi cations. The name ami address of the writer are iu all casesiuiispo ab c, uot necessarily for publication but as a guaranty of good faith. W • caunot undertake to return or pre erve Cum miinications that are not used. STATE OF MAINE. BY THE GOVERNOR, A IPTfcOC IL. A M A T IOINT. In humble recognition of our dependence upon Almighty God, who h s so graciously remembered us In the abundance of His loving kindness and tender mercies, I do, with tbe ml vice of the Executive Coun cil, appoint Thursday, the Seventeenth day of April Next, as a day of public Fasting, Humilia tion and Prayer, and recommend its appropriate ob servance by all the people of the State. Consecrat ing the day to prayer and supplication, that we may be strengthened iu all upright purposes and every noble eijiteavor, and mindful of those whom misfor tune and sorrow have made deserving our kindly sympathies, let us not forget those acts of charity and good will which give to life its highest joy, and liil the thoughts in holy communication with the Great Giver of all good. “Is not this the Fast that I have chosen? to loose the bonds of wickedness, to undo tbe heavy burdens, and 10 let the oppressed go free, and that ye break every yoke? Js it not to deal thy broad to the hun gry, and that thou bring the poor that are cast out, to thy house?” <.iven at tbe Council Chamber, in Augusta, this twenty-fifth day of March, in the year of our Loid, one thousand eight hundred and seventy threo, and of the Independence of the United States of America the uinety-seventh. SIDNEY PERHAM. By the Governor. George G. Stacy, Secretary of State. The Loss of the Atlantic. The appalling disaster on the coast of Nova Scotia sinks into comparative insignificance the horrors and loss ct life that have attended the history of steam navigation. In a single moment a magnificent ship freighted with over a thousand human beings, who are Sleeping securely, becomes a vast charnel house and the greater part of its human freight, after a pang of terrible agony, are transferred to that sleep that knows no wak ing. The heart-rending scenes, the intense suffering in the pitiless storm and freezing cold, the Bcores ot hopeless battles for life, the brief but unutt 'rable anguish of scores that only awoke to find the most teirib.e forms of death staring them in the face, may in an in definite manner be comprehended by the most unimaginative: but human language can never depict in their terrible reality the tragic scenes about this ill-fated ship, in that dark and stormy night on that rugged coast. Doubtless the f-illest investigation will he made into the causes of the terrible calamity and possibly some mat ters may be brought to light that may relieve Captain Williams of the blame that apparently rests upon him. But by his own statement as given by the press despatches, he shows a lack of prudence that cannot be accounted for by any natural course of reasoning. The ship, as the commander knew, was on a coast always regarded as dan gerous, in a dark night, witli a high wind and blinding storm. Under these circumstances, one can hardiy understand how an experi enced ship master would allow the usual speed of his ship to he continued, not even fully knowing at wliat rate she was running and to retire to his state room. It is said that the lights in t-iat locality are insufficient and that one may be mistaken for another; but the fact that the ship struck the roc'.: bound shore far to the westward of both of these lights goes further to prove that Captain Williams was criminally careless. It would seem that an officer in the possession of all his faculties, with a thousand human beings consigned to to his care, and property worth not less than » million dollars,would have careiully worked his way at slow speed into the harbor or gleamed- slowly' land until daylight and improved weather sbouia rendered hisenlrance to the port less hazardous. Pos_ sibiy fuller testimony will give a different view of the case but from the published state ment of tho commander, the only inferenei is that,the calamity is principally due to hii carelessness. It has already been a matter of discussioi whether or not the models which thi White Star and other lines of oceau steamer have adopted for their vessels, makinj speed the chief object, are safe. Experience! ship-builders and owners on both sides of thi wa er have criticised 'he models as being i violent departure from the old-fashionei; standard of length- healing to breadth o beam, which is a proportion of six to one, anc have declared that such a policy would leac to disaster. As the length of the Atlantic is about eleven times her breadth, this importanl question will again come up and be broughi to more general notice under spur of this ter rible disaster. There is, however, a genera feiiing that some of these lines have sacrificed too frequently, security to dispatch. It is statei that this same company allowed the Adriati to go to sea with a broken propeller, in ordc to secure the contract to carry the Unite States mails, and that its escape from disaste on that occasion was only luck. M reover theie is too good reason to he lieve that the Atlantic had on board a suppl; of coal inadequate to the necessity that sucl a voyage might and does frequently demand a culpable neglect from any point of view. In conclusion, it must be admitted tha there is every indication that this steamshi was managed, if not recklessly, with the sin idea of speed. The model of the shij the light supply orcoat, the rashn““* th commander in attempting make the port all iudicate the* **,e cardinal end sought wa t0 good time.” Mr. Curtis’ Resignation. The resignation of George William Curtis from the Civil Service Board is a matter - general comment, especially among *e friends of the reform to which Mr. Curtis'as maintained so cliivalric a devotion a*1 of which he has been so effective a chc'P1011" The best efforts of his silver tongue ar>d his elegant and powerful pen have beer given to the furtherance of this system. Inspired by his interest in the subject, le threw the weight of his distinguished character, v:gor ous intellect and high literary culture into the Presidential contest of last year, and no man in all the nati w was more potential on the right side than Mr. Curtis. He presented the most striking example possible of a gen tleman and scholar in politics, and elevated the tone of the contest by his presence and action in it. ne imbued the cultivated classes, who were somewhat inclined to neg lect political action, with his own enthusi asm, and inspired the feeling that an interest in public affairs was a matter of duty to every citizen, From tj,e [jme 0f jestablishment ft) 'S('3CtiT1 an act've and laborious member L „Llim”i9ai0n t0 Prepare a code of rules duties 7 thattSia‘e CiVi‘ SerViCe- The charged, and the ^1“,”n.h,ave been dis forced so far as pracfuTeT» *7™ on his own motion, in )h e PrCsi(,en,> gressional action on the subject6"06 °* C°R' Some of the more unscrupuious . position journals are endeavoring to T® °F* litical capital out of the tact of° then's6 P° tion, by alleging that Mr. Curtis retire’ in despair and disgust at some of the preg* dential appointments in violation of the Civil Service rules. assumption is entirely gratuitous as he himself states nothing of the kind, and the practical completion of the task assigned him aff >rds ample reason for his action, in the absence of any feeling of dissa'isfaction on his part. Nor is there any cause for dissatisfaction. When we consider the impediments,it is real ly wonderful that the system is made as ef fective as it is. For nearly half a century the iramen le machinery of the public service has been run in accordance with the one idea of mere political reward for usefulness. This principle of management was never seriously questioned before General Grant became President. He early became convinced that a change of system was desirable and it was by his influence that the Civil Service Board came into existence. Since that he has steadily adhered to the general policy in his usual wise and practical way. In the face of a hostile Congressional majority it would have been indiscreet and would have jeopard ed everything to have instituted an immediate and radical elimination of all political consid erations front all appointments. President Grant was one of the earliest advocates of a Civil Service independent ot political consid erations in its lower grades, and he is nat the kind of man to abandon any of his well gronnded convictions. If there be any one quality in him more conspicuous than all others it is pertinacity, and no fears need be entertained of his desertion in this case. We think the judicious and thoughtful friends o. a Civil Service Reform are highly gratified by the cautious, practical and sagacious manner in which he encounters the difficult problem. Ghosts, we imagine, are not the most cheerful and desirable of companions.— Our personal experience in this line has been exclusively confined to that political phantom called the Democratic party, but a Georgia town is troubled with an unearthly visitant who drops red hot nails upon the heads of people or where others so unfortunate as not to have the usual protection for their feet will be sure to step on them. We are inclined to protest against this species of ghostly attention, both on account of the dis agreeablencss o) red hot nails on the ground or in the air, and the residence that hot nails in ghostly bands suggests. Op late the local government of Nova Scotia has been giving greater attention to its public educational matters than formerly, as is shown by the fact that in five years the sum voted by the assembly for public instruc tion has incaeased from $90,000 to 117,000. A bill has just been introduced making rad ical changes and improvements. Among its provisions is one providing that the public school fund shall be divided among the coun ties “according to the grand total number of days’ attendance made by all the pupils throughout the Province.” Bbotheb Morhill, of the Home Journal is a good fellow and wouldn’t swindle a wo man or anybody else by selling an article pur porting, to their apprehension at least, to he a thing which it is not. Unquestionably there arc many honorable men in the accident insurance business, but this is no reason for modifying our strictures upon the other class, who are also in the business, and who are guilty of swindling women by false pretenses out of twenty five cents each on the cars. If Bro. Morrill wants an instance, we refer him to tllfi CaSP O.if.Pfl hu Afns Painnh/ill aa r»nminor under her own observation. The Philadelphia Press says that .Senator Scott has not drawn his back-pay. So far so good. Let full credit he given for this. But quite a large number have not drawn trom whom there is no assurance that they will not take it when the popular feeling is lulled. The way to do the business is to clinch the refusal by puttiug the amount where they cannot get at it hereafter. The names of Congressmen Van Trump, of Ohio, and Wil lard, of Vermont, are added to the small but growing list of decliners. IIon Joseph Powell died at Greenville, Tennssee, lately, after an eventful life, and one act in it entitles him to an immortality of fame. He served in the South Carolina Leg islature, and was the only man who voted ‘•No" at a public meeting that passed the nullification resolutions. A gold-headed cane was presented to him inscribed “The Immor tal No.” During the Rebellion he served in Burnside's army, and was imprisoned at Richmond. In the Dominion Parliament Wednesday the opposition moved a committee of enquiry iuto the affairs ot the Canada Pacific Rail road organization. After a debate, the As sembly divided and the resolution was lost there being a majority of thirty-one against it. This is claimed by Sir John Macdonald's friends as a very important victory for the nwnistry and a virtual vote of confidence. Ttm. Hew York Commercial says that the i managers of the Boston and Albany Rail road are a sapient set. Because their em l ployes will steal cigars when they are shipped ! over that road, they have resolved to charge i four times as much for carrying cigars a9 ; they do for other freight. The idea of thrust 1 ing the responsibility upon the shippers is > quite original. t — - ‘ Fobnet’s Press whiah was so bitier ■ againt Gov. Hartranft last fall, is now com mending him for vetoing several bills which declares to be of an unworthy character. The Wreck of the Atlantic •lx THRILLING EXPERIENCES AND cn>ENTS I _ j The following additional see*' t'le night of the loss of the Atlantic arc ivcn by special dispatches: r Patrick Leahy, a youn, ^'pbinan bailing 1 from Waterford, was on * . •* ° dock, a. m., and then everything fjL"®'118’ "n.a? u?na*: He went iuto the forwa ®*eeraSe ai>d bad not been there but a few sr™ „W,,en nth® ®rash . came. With his chu-1°“®"Ogan he instant ly attempted to gain'® cre vi'n,a r moment the passac'1,^® bad become block ed Such was the’art,ins nature of the shock ‘ tlmtitbtl arouL^r^r8 °at °V^ir ' berths and tbey^j®®, ^®1^ passages before thf»v know or f? thought of what was the l matter. WhJ^Sh£ «*c,,ed tbe de(*tbe ! 1 drowned. When the water commen ce! to come into the steerage the passengers made for the hurricane deck. The captain shouted for any men who had life belts or buovs to rush into the sea or mount the rigging; as those were the on ly chances for life. Leahy and his chum immediately' ascended the rigging after much trouble, and from thence had a good view of what was gcingon.“ Then,” said be, “I saw the first and an awful sight.” It was just gleaming day. A large mass of something drifted past the ship ou top of a wave, and then was lost to view ©n the trough of the sea. As it passed by a moan—it must have been a shriek, hut the tempest lulled the sound—seemed to surge up from the mass, which extended over fifty yards of water. “What is that,” asked Leahy of one next him. “Sea lions, said the man addressed, probably a foreigners who did not know that we had none such on our shores. “My God,” said another, “its the women”; and so it was. The 6ea swept them out of the steerage, and with their children to the number of two or three hun dred they drifted thus to eternity. Leahy was in the lagging seven hours moving npand down to keep hi blood in circulation. He saw men on both sides of him fall from exhaustion, mostly able-bodied Germans. The only chance of escape n'as by means of a rope to the shore, which Mr. Brady, the third officer, swam ashore with. Nearly half those who ran the risk of crossing ou this lost their lives. One man had just secured a flour barrel on deck when he was washed overboard, but not before be had obtained a hold on either end, the bottom being out. The fore; of the waves was such, however, that the barrsl was torn from the man’s grasp, and he disappeared while bis quondam support floated away on the top of a bugh billow A little fellow, the only child saved from the wreck, rushed upon deck with the stream of passeugers, when the first alarm was given.— His parents and other members of his family were still below a d evidently perished wheu the ship filled and fell over on her side. Hust led about among that struggling mass of ex cited humanity, the piteous screams of the poor little fellow went to the hardest heart.— He leaped upon tho back of one of the men. in tile hniipu (,foo<iin» v: —.-1r —-, the first engiueer in particular, who remained ou the wreck for hours, assisting the passengers to reach the rock. The lady caom passeugers came on deck iu the excitement, and were standing near the wheel-house. They hesitati d a moment, as if panic stricken and returned in to the companion-way, as if looking for some thing. Presently they came out am endeavor ed to reach the forward part of the ship, where the passengers were sent ashore on the lines. At this moment a huge wave, swept over the ship's quarter, the men clinging to the rigging heard two heart-rending shrieks,and when they looked again the women had disappeared. These are only a fe v of the incidents of that terrible wreck. Young men as well as old be camenalXed, and as they clung to the rig ging and to the sides of the vessel they seemed bereft of all reason. When spoken to by the others to make some effort to reach the boat and save themselves, they would roll their eyes in their bead, stare vacantly at the speakers and ask them in a whining tone, “What boat?” Many again who were aroused out of their berths had scarcely time to put their clothes ou and rush on deck to perish. One cabin passenger, a young man, came up with only a vest on. He clung to the ship’s side as long as he was able, and finally rolled off into the sea, frozen to death. Maine Industrial School for Girls. The undersigned, trustees of the Maine In dustrial Schools for girls, hereby earnestly ap peal to the generos:ty and philanthropy of the people of the State,of all classes and conditions, to the rich and poor alike, for aid to this im. portant movement. Our call is to mothers and fathers blessed with virtuous and obedient children; to those who have suffered by the waywardness of some beloved daughter; and to all kind hearted men and women, who would gladly Bee reclaimed from evil, or restrained from sinking into lower depths of vice,the neglected, exposed and erring girls in our midst. For six years has this subject been agitated in the State, and presented to the considera tion of several legislatures, and during that time the objects, plans and practical workings of such an institution, have become familiar to the public mind. The project is now so near consummation that by a promptand liberal re sponse to this appeal, the school can he in act ive operation by the first of July next. By the terms of the Kesolve of the Legisla ture granting State aid of 85,000, the sum of twenty thousand dollars must first be secured from other sources, Of this amount ten thou sand dollars at least is contributed by two gen erous ladies in Halloweli. For the balance, the trustees confidently look to the citizens of Maine, in every city and village, as equally con cerned and equally to be benefitted. Let them send their contributions, whether large or small, freely and at once, to either of the under signed, and the receipt of the same will be duly acknowledged. Benj. Kingsbury, Portland President. E. B. French, S. Chesterville, Secretary. William Deering, Portland, Treasurer. Sidney Perham, Governor, Augusta, Ex. officio. George G. Stacy, Secretary of State, Au gusta. Warren Johnson, Supt. of Schools, Augusta. John B. Neally, South Berwick. Nelson Dinglev, Jr., Lewiston. ,T. S. Wheelwright, Bangor. H. K-Baker, Haliowell. Mrs. <J. A. L. Sampson, Bath. Mrs James E. Fernald, Portland. N. B. All papers favorably disposed will - /vtnfop fap/tp Iih inaorfinrr tlio oKutra Annie Louise Cary.—The New York World ion tains the following complimentary notice of Hiss Cary’s appearance at the concert of the Brooklyn Philharmonic Society: Miss Cary was ad in Table both for her selec ;ions and her sieging of them. The vocal por ;ions of Philharmonic concerts are commonly juite useless for the purposes of musical in struction. which such concerts arc supposed to >e iu part instituted to promote. For they con sist in selections from operas which are iu the repertory of every opera compauv, aud which ire to be heaid every season. Selections from* unsuccessful operas like “L’ltaliua in Algeri” md from obsolete operas like “Orfeo,” are much more suitable for this purpose. The “Che faro seuza Euridice” as it was sung by Miss Cary last evening did the same service for Gluck's vocal music which was done for his in strumental music by the “Iphigenie” overture, produced early in the winter by the Brookbjn Philharmonic and afterwards by Mr. Thomas. To common concert-goers it was the revelation of a new master rather than the revival of an old. It vindicates Mr. Chorley’s saying of Gluck that “his recitative stands alone,” and it vindicates also the meledic invention which was denied to him in his day as it is denied to his successor in musical dramaturgy in our own. Miss Cary sang it perfectly. Her noble voice a’d styfe are alike suited to the severe and solemn music. The Sugar Trade.—Statistics show that the present supply of sugar in Europe and America amounts to 375,587 tons, against 262,520 tonsJS compared with 1872, showing an increa^ oC nearly fifty per cent, over last year. 'me m" crease in the several countries whch S° to make up this aggregate is quite-tenoral, ex cepting in the United States, t* stock l)e,nS 41,105 tons, against 45.786 torn wlllle ,ke slock in the United Kingdom is *2'743 toas- agaiust 96,806 tons. The supplP >'et t0 come forward Rrcrii ae West Indies, etc., Premise to bc fully ' large a3 those of la8t STbl throughout Europe, ac ! statistics” will reach 1,100, 000 tons^at *865’000 4ons- ,ast vearl a"d the increase m ^ 4 sugar alone wil1’ witl) onl'r th« nsnal cron c CaDC sugar> more than suPP]y 'lie increase consumption. Prices of sugar have Drobabl*eatllfd their lowost point, notwith 84a^ntte1^ete0s.diti0n°fSt0CkS thr0agh' test Day of April.—A Washington des ,.ch of April 1st says: A stupendous hoax was perpetrated by the laily Republican, this morning,by printing with Ihe utmost gravity and minuteness along ac ;ount of the arrival in this country of a party if Hindoos of noble blood, their arrival in Washington, the death of one of the party—a leautiful young lady—on ship-board, and the iringing of her remains to this city for burial, rhe arrival of the party at Wormley’s, the irection of a Hindoo alt »,r in one of the parlors, he correspondence with the Chief of Police. >y which permission was obtained to perform he ceremony of cremation in the monument 'rounds at 9 o’clock this morning, the funeral ^recession, service, funeral pyre, flames, ashes, md so on. The consequence was that hundreds if staid and respectable citizens called at Wormley’s early this morning to view this nov H party, and about 2,000 men, women, and ihildren traveled down to the Monument Grounds to find out that it was the 1st of April. Trade Prospects.—If there is any reliance to be placed upon the opinions of importers, we nay look for greater activity in trade later in he season. Various causes have conspired to lostpone trade, chief among which is the un favorable weather and the stringency of the nonnn " fPl.A _£ XT_XT V . a Boston officials show that, during the past week, importations at those ports reached the sum of $16,000,000, the largest amount record ed in any one week in the history of either city. This large importation is partially ac counted for by the numerous arrivals of over due steamers and ships, which had been de tained by the severity of the weather, but the imports are too large in volumo for the re quirements of trade. A dull business season must prove uuprofiitable to importers. President Grant recently appointed Mrs. L. A. Cary Postmaster at Ashtabula, Ohio,and afterwards wrote as follows to General Gar field: Executive Mansion. I Washington, D. C., March 18. j Dear General:—In your absence! appoint ed a lady for Postmaster in Ashtabula, Ohio, in your district. It is of a class of appoint ments I am glad to make, where it can he done: that is, it is giving a soldier’s widow an opportunity of supporting herself and orphan children. I hope it will be satisfactory to you and to the citizens of Ashtabula. Hodgdon Town Officrs :—Moderator, J. O. Smith; Clerk, K. J. Smith; Selectmen, Hen ry Jones, J. W. Jackson, E. A. Porter; Treas urer, J. C. Ingraham, S. S. Committee, S. H Berry; Agent, W. H. Outhouse. The town voted to raise $300 for the Free High School. The Selectmen report $950 in treas ury above indebtedness. News and Other Items. Minced meai, in tins for transportation, is a new Connecticut industry. A thief stole a policeman’s club from his belt in the New Haven depot the other day. Th»y announce a sea-serpent in the Indiana marshes, without regard to locality. Duluth grows apace, aud is about to crown its civilization with a hook and ladder com pany. Sixty-five Boston liquor dealers paid fines of $50 and costs in the Municipal Court Wednes day, onN;omplaintsof the State Police. A Bostonian asked a few friends around to a strawberry supper, the other night; about twenty went, and there was one strawberry. An Indiana patient, to whom was prescribed leeches, took them inwardly, and piteously begged his physician to “fix them different next time.” Charles Nixon, who killed one Pfiefer in Chatham square, New York, a few months since, was on Weanesday found guilty of mur der in the first degree. The amalgamation of the Anglo-American Transatlantique, and New York aud Newfound land Atlantic Cable Companies is announced from London. The Bowing Association of American Col leges met at Worcester on Wednesday and chose Springfield as the place aud July 17th as the time for the college regatta. New revelations in New York implicate the j late Superintendent of Clinton Market under 1 the Tammany ring in a system of wholesale blackmailing, the proceeds of which he divided with the ring officials. An indignant young woman in Utica who had not received cards to a friend’s wedding, sent in a bill for $60 for twenty weeks’ board of a canary, which she had cared for during that friend’s winter in Albany. Among the preseuts at an old-fashioned wed ding in Indiana the other day was a gallon mug filled with beer. The bride drank first, and then all the women present followed her example. W hen it came to the men there was nothing left. The bridegroom filled an old fashioned, long-stemmed pipe, took the initial whiff, and then all the men took a long pull each in turn. STATE NEWS. ANDROSCOGGIN COUNTY. Judge Walton has given an opinion that, or dinarily, one jury is sufficent at a court term, and, consequently, at the approaching session of the S. J. Court at Auburn there will be only tweuty jurors summoned. FRANKLIN COUNTY. A snow slide from the roof of the passenger depot of the Maine Central Railroad in Farm ington, Monday afternoon, shaved one of the chimneys snug to the shingles. Chestervilie is talking of erecting a new town house, and of establishing a free High School. Mrs. Charles P. Landers of Kingfield, at tempted suicide March 23d, by taking arsenic, but failed to accomplish her design, and Tues day following she took 12 grains of morphine. Medical aid saved her life. The Wilton Cheese Factory Company have contracted for the erection of a building which is to be finished by the first of June. Notwithstanding the deep snow, more than the usual amount of lumber has been cut ou Dead river this season. Farmington is endeavoring to get up a cornet band. HANCOCK COUNTY. The 'Ellsworth American in speaking of the city election says, “There were local questions not affecting political preferences that moved certain good Republicans to vote and work for the success of the ticket that has been elected.” Hancock County Savings Bank has been or ganized at Ellsworth, and Arno Wiswell chos en President, and Charles C. Burrill Treasurer. Franklin votes $200 for a High School. Ma riaville raises $150. - On the 28th ult.,Mrs. Perry Grendall of Bluebill, was in Orland doing some trading; as as she was going from one store to another, she slipped down and broke both bones in her leg, near the ankle. On Monday Surry voted 5 per cent, of its val uation in aid of the Shore Line road; the route being from Ellsworth to Bucksport. KENNEBEC COUNTY’. Speaker Blaine has advertised that the cadet ship at his disposal will be open to competition for all suitable persons. This is the way to dis pose of the places. The Adjutant General has advertised for 5C0 uniforms. The Journal says that J. P. Moore of Gard iner, was badly hurt in the face Friday, while working in a planing mill by a chisel flying off and hitting him. Gardiner taxes dogs $1 each. Three were twel"e deaths in Augusta during the month of March. The Rev. George F. Pentecost of Boston, de livers the oratiou before the literary societies of Colby University at the coming commence TTY A TT fr PENOBSCOT COUNTY. The Whig learns from President Allen that by a vote of the trustees the standard for ad mission to the Freshman Class of the Maine State College of Agriculture and the Mechanic Arts has beeu raised, so that candidates will be examined in five books of plane geometry, in addition to tbe grammar, geography, arithme tic and algebra formerly required. We learn from Prof. Fernald of tbe Agricul tural College, that the snow fall since Nov. 1, 1872, has been 10 feet 3£ inches—1 foot in ches nore than during tbe same time last year. YORK COUNTY. [Press Correspordenc3.] Tbe City Marshals of Saco and Biddeford, tired of searching the liquor shop of C. A. Sleeper in Biddeford, with ill success, Wednes day at ten o’clock, raided upon adwelliugbouse on Spring’s Island, occupied by an assistant of said Sleeper, where they captured three full barrels of whiskey, and removed the same for further process The Thoughtful Phys clan Docs *ot regard spring as a healthy season. Its sud deu transition of temperature, searching winds and chilling rauis are provocative of rheumatism and neuralgia, ana where there is a predisposition to dys papula or hilious Ctfic, or chills and fever, such varia tions of the weather are apt »o superinduce a visita tion of one or other of those complaints. By toning and regulating the system with Hostetter’s Sto-acb I Bitter® «t this season, these evils may. however, he warded off. The direct effect of tfce Standard Vege table Specific is to invigorate the body and renovate the constitution, while it indirectly operates as a pre ventive of disease by purifying the animal flui-is from any acid particles tlie.y may contain, and regu lating the functions upon which health mainly de pends—notably those of digestion, secretion and evac uation. SPECIAL NOTICES. CUMBERLAND COAL! 450 Tons nice Hampshire Cnmb. Coal. Just arrived per Sch. H. H. Fisk, and Tor sale by JAMES & WILLIAMS, 306 (OH'IEKCltl. STREET. fiE3r*This is a cargo of iresh mined Hampshire Cum berland Coal, a first class article for Steam or Forge purposes. apr4dlwsn Announcement. MB. SAMUEL PORTER,Js admitted as a member of our firm, to date from March 24th, 1873. apr4snlw ORIN HAWKES & CO., Wanted. An active intelligent man with ability for the busi ness, wanted to take an agency for Portland and vicinity, of one of i he most popular Life Insurance Cunpanies in this country. For information, address P. O. Box 739._ apr3snlw SPRING OH1 1S73. ROLLINS & BOND, Have just returned from New York and Boston with a CHOICE STOCK of WOOLENS. For Gentlemens’ Wear, Which we propose to make up in our usual GOOD S T Y 1 j E And to which wo invito your attention at NO. 90 MIDDLE STREET. marlO sneodtf ON THE BREAKFAST, LUNCHEON, DINNER AND SUPPER TABLE, LEA & PERKINS’ Worcestershire Sauce IS INDESPENSABLE. JOIIN DUNCAN’S SONS, New York, Agents for the United States. octlfi___eodsnly House for Sale. AT> GORHAM, ME., a large handsome two story house, rooms ot both stories of good size and heiglit on a fine lot having 274 rods front on South St.? a short distance from Church, Post-office and Dcc»ot. The Choice Situation in Gorham; besides numerous and fine shade trees, flower beds and hedges, there are nearly a hundred fruit trees, apple, crab-apple, pear, peach and cherry, ten grape vines, and a good garden containing many currant bushes, gooseberry bashes, strawberry and asparagus bed» tine pieplant, *%c There are about 33 acres of land, affording pasturage an t many choice house lots. Inquire of JOHN W. PERKINS. Portland, or Rev. Geo. A. Perkins, on the premises. marl2mtf If you want a nice Photograph or Tin Type, go to A M. McKenny,’s 161 Middle Street. He warrants them as good as can be made in Port land^_ aaS-eodtf sn To Let. THE commodious four storied Brick Store, No. 57 Commercial St.—immediate posession given. Inquire of ELIAS THOMAS & CO , * , No. 90 Commercial St. Or ot W. \V. THOMAS, Canal National Bank.

__ sei>M2sutf DR. HENDRICK’S E-l-i-x-i-r of S-t-i-l-l-i-n-g-i-a AND IRON, The Best Blood Purifier Known. Now is the time to take it. Sold by LORINGr, Druggist. Price 91.00 .... Six Bottle. 95 00 ____snlf STOKE KENT! Splendid Chamber room with water closet, Sebago water and every convenience. Enquire of mch20 _LUFKIN & CO.. BONDS! BONDS of western cities and counties, 10 per cent, interest and principal payable in the east. Private property as well as public rca lied. Debts very small in proportion to property and therefore easily paid. Careful Investors are invited to call and examine the Bonus. L ws and Decisions of the courts upon such securities and will find them very safe. Tnere is nothing better. CHARLES M. HAWKES, feb6sntf 28 Exchange st., Portland# SPECIAL NOTICES. BATCHELOR’S I1AIR DYE. This splendid Hair Dye is the ft.,. ,. The only True and Perfect Dye. H armies* RMiaUe and Instantaneous; "“disappointment;\m rldicnfoui tints or unpleasant odor. Remedies tile ill etfect»°of bad dyes washes. Produces Immediately a su ,erh Black or Natural Brown, and leaves the hair clean, soft and beautiful. The genuine, signed W 'a Batchelor. Sold by all Druggists. ' * CHAS. BATCHELOR. Prop., ^ r octldsw ivra n WONDERFUL CUREsl DR. URANN, OP BOSTON, Who has made so many Wonderful Cures ail over the New England States, is at the PREBLE HOUSE, And will Remain a Few Weeks. Every Invalid shou tl see him, no matter what their complaint may be, 20,000 Patients have been 'Treated by him within the last ten years, with Wonderful Success. Head the following Wonderful Cures in 171 nine i Dr. Urann, who has made so many wonderful cures in this towu and others, will remain in town but a short t ime louger. He has had good success. The case of Mr. J. B. Kedman, Attorney at Law in this town, is truly a wonderful one, when Dr. Urann was called to see him a week ago F. iday, he was not able to turn himself in bod; he Is now able to walk the street and is daily gaining strength.—[Ellsworth American. The above statement, so far as I am concerned, is but the simple truth, and I cheerfully endorse it as an act of justice to Dr. Urann, and earnestly recom mend all person-* afflicted with Rheumatism, Neu ralgia, or other kindred complaints, whether acute or chronic, to give him a call, being sanguine that he will cure them. JOHN B. REDMAN. Ellsworth, Jan. 7, 1873. This will certify that I was troubled with Sciatic Rheumatism and suffered great paiu, was unable to sleep without taking morphine, could not walk. I was carried to Dr. Urann’s office, at the DeWitt House, and after one treatment was free from pain, and have been able to work ever since. A. W. BAILEY. Auburn, May 7,1869. Lewiston, May 7,1869. This will certify that I had lost the use of my lower limbs and was unable to walk or even stand, had several physicians who pronounced my case iucura ble. He 'ring of Dr. Uraun’s Wonderful Cures, I sent for him. In less than a week wa> able to walk In the streets, and can now walk two miles daily. JAMES F. BRADBURY. Ellsworth, Oct. 8, 1867. To the MAcm\s Republican.—GentsAs Dr. Urann, of Boston, is about visiting your place, and a stranger in these parts, I kn >w very well, like most physicians traveling, he will be looked upon with sus picion, particularly as his cures look miraculous. I had been obliged to walk on crutches for one year, and for nine months wa> not ab e to put my foot to the floor. My spine and arm were also so lame as to nearly disable me. I could not dress or undress my self, or get oft the bed without help. He treated my case last Friday morning, and in less than an hour after I was able to walk home, a distance of nearly half a mile, up hill, without crunches, and have been gaining ever since. J. It. JORDAN, mch26sntf formerly Deputy Sheriff. ROCK SLOOPS. WANTED SLOOPS carring from fllty to one Hun dred Tons Rocks. Apply at No. 13 Cahoon Block, near City Building between the hours of one and two, seven and nine o’clock P. M. marlOtf BANK OF PORTLAND. On, and after this date, the un lersigued will carry on a strictly Banking business, at the Banking Rooms now occupied by the Second National Bank, In Portland, Maine, under the style of the “BANK -— uuu UU IHILU, 11111 ictutc UU^USlir and make Discounts, in the regular coarse of the Banking Business. W. N. GOOLD. Portland, June 24th, 1872. jun23uewlt. then sn tf FOR PIMPLES ON THE FACE, Blackhead and Flesh worm, use PERRY’S improv ed Comedone and Pimple Remedy, the skin medicine. Prepared only by Dr. B. C. PERKY, Dermatologist, 49 Bond St., N. Y. Sold by Druggists everywhere. mar22sn6m A BOOK FOR EVEiil JJ1AN. THE “SCIENCE OF LIFE, OR SELF PRES ERVATION,” a Medical Treatise on the Cause and Cure of Exhausted Vitali-y, Premature Decline in Man, and Nervous and Physical Debilitv, Hypochon dria, lmpotency. Spermatorrhoea or Seminal Weak ness, and other diseases arising from the errors of youth or the indiscretions cr excesses of mature years. This is indeed a book for every man. Thou sands have been taught by this work the true way to health and happiness. It is the cheapest and best medical work ever published, and i he only one on ! this class ot ills worth reading. 190th edition, revis ed, much enlarged, illustrated, bound in beautiful French clorh. Price only $1. Sent by mail, post paid, on receipt of price. Address PEABODY MED ICAL INSTITUTE, No. 4 Butnnch street, BioUm, Mass., or Dk. W. H. PARKER, Assistant Physician. N. B. The author may be consulted on the above as well a* all diseases requiriug skill and experience. mar3lsneod&wly A Book tor Every Jlau. The “SCIENCE OF LIFE, or SELF-FRESEltVA TION,” a Medical Treatise on the Cause and Cure ol Exhausted Vitality, Premature Decline in Man, Ner vous aud Physical Debility,Hypochondria, lmpotency, Spermatorrhoea or Seminal Weakness, and all other diseases arising from the errors of youth or the in discretions or excesses of mature years. This is in deed a book for every man. Thousands have been taught by this work the true way to health and hap piness. It is the cheapest and best medical work ever published, and the only one on this class of ills worth reading. 190th edition, revised, much en larged, illustrated, bound in beautiful French cloth. Price only $1. Sent by mail post-paid on receipt ci price. Address PEABODY MEDICAL INSTI TUTE, No. 4 Bui finch Street, Boston, Mass., or Dr. W. H. PARKER, Assistant Physician. N. B The author may be consulted on the above as well as all diseases requiring skill and experience. sn mar25-dlv FOR MOTH PATCHES, FRECKLES Aud TAN, use PERRY’S Moth and Freckle Lotion. It is reliablk and harmless Sold by Druggists everywhere. Depot, 49 Bond St., N. Y. mar22sn6m MARRIED. In Damariscotta. March 28, Harley Greenwood of Bath and Nettie Hodgkins ol Damariscotta. In East Wilton, March 17, Orestes Perry and Lizzie Bridges. In Phillips, March 2C, Charles Cofran and Ella F. Stetson. In Ellsworth, March 27, Zalmon Garland and Lau ra V. Maddox. In Bluebih, March 24, N. T. Chatto of Bluehill and Clara A. Bowden of Penobscot. In Gouldsboro, March 26, Hiram E. Whitaker and Ophelia Fernald. In Lamoine, March 28, John F. Lear and Miss Bell W. Bragdon. DIED. In this city, April 1, Mrs. Mary M. Treat, aged 76 years. [Funeral services at 2 o’clock I his afternoon, at No. 21 Tyng street. Relatives aud friends are invited to attend. In this city. April 3, John, son of Anna M. and the late Charles W Peabody, aged 5 years 1 month aud 19 days. [Salem papers please copy.l lu Lamoine, March 21. Mrs. Ellen W., wife of Capt. Elisha Dunbar, aged 32 years. In Surry, March 31, Mrs. Lizzie E. Hinckley, aged 26 years. In Industry, March 24, Mr. Stephen Lovejoy, aged 70 years. In New Vineyard, March 9, Mr. Zebcdiah Swett, aged 64 years. In Rangeley, March 18, Mr. John S. Lamb, aged 67 years. DEPARTURE OF OCEAN STEAMERS NAME FROM FOR DATE City of Mexico.New York.. Havana.Apl 3 Moravian .Portland... Liverpool.Apl 5 City of Montreal—New York.. Liverpool.Apl 5 Hammonia.New York. .Hamburg.Apl 3 City of Merida.New York .Hav&V Cruz Apl 3 Lagos.New York. .St Thomas... .Apl 5 Atlantic.New York.. Liverpool.A pi 5 St Laurient... New York,. Havro.Apl 5 Canada.New York.. Liverpool.Apl 5 Hecla.Boston.Liverpool_A pi 5 Rising Star.New York. .Aspin wall. ...Apl 5 Anglia.New York. .Glasgow.Apl 5 Sarmatian.Portland. ..Liverpool.Apl 12 Miniature Almanac. April 4. Sunrises.5.37 I Moon sets.1.35 AY. Sun sets.6.30 I High water.4.45 PM MARINE 3STEWS. PORT OF PORTLAND. Thursday, April 3. ARRIVED. Steamer Carlotta, Mulligan, Halifax, NS,—passen gers and mdse to John Porteous. Steamer Franconia. Bragg, New York—passengers and mdse to Henry Fox. Steamer New Brunswick, Pike, Boston for Eastport and 8t John. NB. Brig Merriv/a. (of Portland) Downes, Cienfuegos 18 days,—555 hhds 48 tcs molasses. Cargo and vessel to Geo S Hunt. JBrlg R M Heelen, (ot Boston) Jones. Cardenas— 422 hhds 32 tcs 24 bbls sugar to J Red path & Son. Brig Antilles, Thestrup, New York—coal to Ross & Sturdivant. Brig Iso]a, Lord, Rockport for Wilmington. Sch Oliver Dyer, Falker, Mobile 12th ult, with cot ton for Blddeford. Sch H H Fisk, Wixon, Baltimore—coal to James & Williams. Sch Eva L Leonard. Googins, Boston. Sch Burdett Hart, Brooks. Newburvport. Sch H Whitney, Perkins. Rockport lor Wilmington. Sch Massachusetts. Lewis, Rockland for New York. Schs Leon tine, Clifford, and Alleghanian, Arev, Rockland for New York. Scbs Kosciusko, Clark, and Pulaska, Ervin, Tho maston for Boston. Sch Bouaventure. Knight, Damariscotta for Boston Sch Franklin. Colby, Wiscasset for Bostou. BELOW—Br brig Chief, from Cuba, with loss of foretopgallant mast, (put in for orders.) CLEARED. Steamer Chesapeake, Mangum, New York—Henry Fox. Sch Seguin, Rogers, Savannah—Ryan & Kelsey. Scb Unexpected, (Br) Simpson, St John, NB—John Porteous. Sch Odessa, (Br) Tatten, St Andrews, NB—John Porteous. (FROM MERCHANTS’ EXCHANGE.! At Liverpool 10th ult, baroue Caroline Lemont, for Portland. Ar at New York 3d inst, brig Tubal Cain, Stone, Cardenas. MEMORANDA. Shin Polar Star, which left Auckland NZ for Lon don with the cargo of condemned barque Robert Porter. is«wnnunced by cable to have put back leaky and will discharge. DOMESTIC PORTS. GALVESTON—Ar 24th, barque St Olaff, Hassell, Port Talbot. MOBILE -Cld 26th. sell Enterprise, Falker, Provi dence: Wenonah, Kimball, Pascagoula. PENSACOLA—Sid 28tb>sch Joseph Segur, Ellis, Kingston. Ja. FERNANDINA—Cld 27th, brig Charles Miller, Gilchrist. Philadelphia. JACKSONVILLE—Cld 27th ult, schs Saarbruck, Clark, Martinique. Cld 28tb, sch Ospray, Dyer, Boston. NORFOLK—Ar 29th, sch Addie F Cole, Cole, from Boston Ar 1st, sch Storm King, Higgins, fm Baltimore tor Portsmouth, leaky. FORTRESS MONROE—Passed ill 1st, brig L Sta ples, irom Sagua for Alexandria. BALTIMORE—Ar 31st, barque Zulma, Peterson. Sagua; sch ES Newman, Newman. Matanzas. Ar 1st inst, brig Rachel Coney, Coney, M tyagues; bcIi Airuna, Mitchell, Matauzas. PHILADELPHIA—Ar 1st, sch Marcia S Lewis, Lewis. Galveston. <&!*• bl Thoa Owen. Guptill, Caibarieu; Mary M Williams. Hanna. Matanzas; fronfdc)’ 8CllS ^ O King, from Matanzas, Adeliza, AtNlwSSS.bri» Addie Ha,e' for Matanzas. Pyrola foXckl!,ni8C"B Eliza Sawyer, for Belfast; Grande brii?9 11 u Seavev, Cross, Bio I>«if,e. roiuauri, Humboldt. Smith, Bristol■ Trade Wind, Inrabam. and Lark. Gut,till N™ h.„„ Old 2d ship Comet, Br„y,San Francisco' hrm at.. Nichols. B isebrook. Cicufiego" I? Fadden, Uatn; M A Folsom, kose St S ao ' vela, Coggins, Wilmington: Susanna ^ Baltimore; Wm Demiug, lillicheil, Boston? ' * At Hart a Island 1st, sclis Mary F Hike, fm Lubec ■ Susan, Bishop, from Bocklaud. c’ Sid 1st, sclis L F Warren, lor Dcmarara; Martha Maria, for Barbadoes; Carrie S Webb, lor George town, SC. * Passed through Hell Gate 1st, sch Belle Brown Nash, New York tor Boston. ’ NEW HAVEN—Ar 1st. schs Casco Lodge, Walker Jacksonville; Oliver Ames. Phillips. Baltimore. * PROVIDENCE—Ar 1st, sch R Leach, Pendleton, Rockland. Sid 1st. sch Cyrus Fossett, Pierce, New Yc«-k. NEWPORT—Ar 1st, sell Maggie Bell, Gregory, ftn Fall River for New York. In port 1st, schs Abbott Lawrence, Griffin, Port land for Baltimore: Suliote, Soule, do for New York; Sami Nash, Hart. Rockport for do: Kelpie, Bryant, Machias for do; Alpine, Marshall, Providence for do; Ella Frances, Bulger, Fall River for do; Cygnus, Small. Caibanen for Portland; It S Hodgdon, Hall, and Equal, Kellar, Rocklaud for New York; Henry Castoff, Dumont, do for do; Freddie Walter, Smith, Portland tor Newcastle, Del; G W Rawley, Rawley, Rockport for Norfolk. NEW BEDFORD—Ar 2d, schs Fleetwing, Cobb, Virginia- Hattie Ellen, Tripp, Rockport. c yJJEYA RD-HAVEN— Ar 2d. sclis Abigail Haynes Smith, So Amboy for Boston; Annie May, Simpson, Philadelphia for Portland: C Matthews, Lnnt, New V ork for do; Delia Hodgkins, Bernard, Virgiuia tor do; Fannie H Backlit., Bucklin, Philadelphia for do; ivy Bell. Cox, New York for do: J B Knowles, Mer ritt, do for Machias: Calista, Farnham, Vinalhaven for New York; Eddie F Treat, Hodgdon, Bath tor do; Ocean Ranger, Whitney, Portland for do; NH Hall, Muri.hy, Boston tor do; H Macomber,Williams, Deer Isle for Washington. BOSTON—Ar 2d. brig Wm Mason, Adams. Cien fuegos ; schs Samos, Howes. Galveston; Addie Ful ler, Henderson, Pensacola; Annie E Glover, Terry, Jacksonville; Eureka, Strout. do; Mary J Adams, Gilchrist. Savannah; Sami Fish, Teel, Philadelphia; Angeline, Robinson, New York. Cld 2d, Br schs Emma J Sharp, Munroe, and The Star, Clark, Portland and St John, NB ; Adnana, Bailey, Bath. FOREIGN PORTS. Ar at Rangoon Feb 13, ship Helicon, Rogers, Bom bay. to load for Europe. Ar at Liverpool 31st ult, ship Kate Prince, Hamil ton, New Orleans. Ar at Queenstown 29th ult, ship Daniel Marcy, Marcy. San Francisco. At Arroyo lfcth ult, sch Mollie, Atherton, for New York lew days At Trinidad 20th inst, brigs Adeline Richardson, Crowley, for New York 5 days; Sarah Gilmore, Gil more, tor do 6 days. Sid fm Cientuegos 22d ult, brig E O Redman, Gar diner, for New York; sch Nellie, for do. Sid fm Nassau, NP,25th ult, brig Lena Thurlow, (from Portland) for Matanzas; 17th, schs Gertrude Plummer, Wright, (from Santa Martha) for NYork; 24th, St Croix, Eaton. Cardenas. Sid fm St John, NB, 1st inst , sell Annie B, SecorJ, Portland. SPOKEN. March 22, lat 44 25, Ion 80 25, brig Harry Stewart, from Pascagoula for Montevideo. March 25. off Caryslort Reef, brigs C C Colson, and Lima, from Cienfuegos for New York. March 26. lat 36, Ion 74 35, sch Frank Jameson, from New York for Georgia. NEW ADVERTISEMENTS BABY CARRIAGES Ask for Whitney’s Patent Spring Carriage. Every One Marked Patented. All others are imitations. These Carriages cannot be tipped orer. Every Carriage warranted not to break. Having been in the Baby Carriage business for the past 18 a ears, we are confident i hat we understand our business, and know whose carriages are tho best. Wholesale and Retail At the Lowest Prices toy C. BAY, JR. & CO., 94 Exchange St. apr4 eod3w LADIES, Madam Healy’s Uterine Tonic Pills are now ready f r the general public. The many who have tried them will need no other notice. They are an invaluable remedy for All Uterine Diseases. They euro PROLAPSUS UTERI, give tone to the muscles, and lift the organ into its proper position, and keep it there. They speedily cure Leucorhcea, Dysmenorrhcea and Menorrhagia. They are a spe cific for Stangury, a diuretie in Gravel They pro mote sleep, allay nervous excitability. Remove ster ility, and all female weaknesses. They are purely vegetable, pleasant to the taste, free from opiates and all injurious proper tie®. Madam Heap’s Pamphlet for Women is interesting and valuable. Sent free upon receipt of stamp for return postage, or can be found at Weeks & Potter’s, 176 Tremont St, BOSTON. MADAM HEALY’S LOTION, for ulceration and inflammation accompanies each box of Pills. Price of Pills and Lotion, $1.25 per box, or $6.00 a half dozen. Address all business let tars t® Madam Healy, Box 337, Station A, Boston. For sale by WEEKS & POTTER, Boston, and all Druggists. apidly ESTABLISHED 1821. Byron Greenongh & Co., 140 Middle Street, PORTLAND, ME. military, 1 I Firemen’., Grand Army, Ifl I pfil Bane Ball, Navy, j V-'xmATS'J Mrhool, ILasonlc, J 1 Glab. HATS, CAPS AND CHAPEAUS, MADE TO ORDER, tlie Lowest PriooR._g8 Samples sent on application, and all orders filled at short notice. apr4tf THE FINEST LAUNDRY WORK. AT the request of many of our patrons we have arrangements to I aundry Gent's Collars and Culls. Every article will be finished in the same shape, and made to look precisely as when it was first new. The prioes are as follows: Collars per dozen • - 36 Cents. Caffs per dozen pairs - 79 Cents. As these prices are only about one half the usual price of the poorest work, we shall only receive and deliver them at our store, and no package will be de livered until paid for The name of the owner must be in indelible ink on each article. Citizens of Portland, we otter you the opportunity to indulge in the luxury of always wearing a new and perfectly laundried collar, and at a price that must commend itself. CHARLES CISTIS Sc CO., 993 Congress Street. apl dtf To Steamship Builders. Proposals for building a Steam Propeller for the V. S. Revenue marine. Treasury Department, I Washington, D. C., March 2D, 1873.1 SEALED Prnposa's will be received by the under signed until twelve o’clock M. of Monitor the, 1873, for the construction of a Steam Propeller for service in the United States Revenue Marine. . .. ... Plans and specifications of the same, together witn all otlier nece sary information, will be furnished to bidders on applies' ion to the Collectors of Customs at Baltimore, Philadelphia, New York, Boston, and Portland, Me. The right is reserved to reject any or all bids should it be deemed for the interest of the Government so WM. A. RICHARDSON, Secretary of the Treasury. TO BE LET, STORE AND CHAMBERS Nos. 136 and 138 south side Commercial street, near head Widgerv’s Wharf. Apply to H. N. JOSE, aptdwis_ 191 Fore Btreet. Lost! ON C.™?™’'' street, near Elm street, a leather WALLET containing about Thirty Dollars. The finder will leave it at this office and confer a great favor on a poor woman. ap4d3t For Sale. ATRTMMTNG and Fancy Goods Store, with a small well selected Stock, with steady increas ing trade, in one of the best locations in the city. Address “BUSINESS,” THIS OFFICE, ap™ d2w* Portland Dispensary. THE annual meeting will be held at the Dispens ary, 122 Federal Street, on Monday, April 7th, 1873, at five o'clock in the af ernoon. FREDERICK HENRY GERRISH, Sec’v. ap4 dtt NEW ADVERTISEMENTS. To Steamship Builders. Proposals for building a Steam Propeller for the V. S.KB“em?e Marine. Tbeasebt Depabtment i Washington, D. U., March 29,1873. } SEALED Proposals will be received by the under signed until twelve o’clock M.ot Tbaraday. the 15th day ot Kay, 1813. for the construc tion of a Steam Propeller for service In the United < S ates Revenue Marine. ► Plans and specifications of the same, together with all other necessary Information, will be furnished to I biddei s on application to the Collectors of Customs at Baltimore, Philadelphia. New York, Boston, and Portland, Me. „... . ,. The right is reserved to reject any or all bias should it be deemed for tue interest of the Government so to do. WM. A. RICHARDSON, Secretary of the Treasury. ] apr4 2aw&may347 For Sale. TN Capo Eliiabcth. House and land, from one to A five acres, to suit purchaser; situated on the road House*1 t^1C Rort*1 Congregational Church and Town premise^1'U':ir“ en<lulre of Ge0- R- Barston, on the Also one House and lot at Point Village. * U a 8 en<lulre Jn the premises ot apileodtfJEDDIAH LOVIETT. To Owners of Jersey Co a s. THE subscriber offers his pure blooded Jersey'BuU for the use of Cows during the present season ’ JOHN REED. Woodford’s Corner, April 3,1873. aptdlm* GEO. F. THURSTON is admitted a partner with the undersigned from this date. ii. in. PAYsonr. April 2, 1873. lw H. M. PAYSON & CO., Bankers and Brokers, OFFER EOR SALE i Portland City .... 6’s t Bangor ...... 6’a St Louis - - 6’s St LonisConnty - - . - 7’s Cook County - - . - 7’g « Chicago - . . . - j»a Columbus, Ohio - - . S’s - Dayton, Ohio - • - - 8’s Leeds & Farmington R.R., guaranteed 6's Portland & Rochester R. R. ■ - 7’s Maine Central R. R. - - - 7’i Central R. R. of Iowa Gold - 7’s Chicago, Danville & Vincennes R. R-, Gold,.7’s Northern Pa.iflcR.R. Gold • 7-80’s Government Bonds, Bank Stocks and Gold Bought and Sold. 32 Exchange Street, PORTLAND* ap2 dti Tk /V MT n Jj U li no. New York City - - . - r U ‘t it . . (> Brooklyn City - - 6’i Jersey City - - - 7’r Elizabeth City • - - - 7’i Canada Southern R. R., Gold, - 7’s B. & Cedar Rapids R. R., Gold, - 7’s Northern Pacific R. R., Gold, - 7-80’* -FOR SALE BY R. A. BIRD, 97 Exchange St. feb25 COPARTNERSHIP. THE undersigned has this day admitted A. & A. C. CHAPLIN, partners iu the Ice Business. D. W. CLARK. Portland, April 1, 1873. ap3dlw D. W. CLARK & CO., DEALERS IN ICE, ICE HOUSE, MARKET ST., — AND — 39 EXCHANGE ST., Pare Ice supplied for all purposes, and in any quan tity, at the lowest rates. ap3dif COPARTNERSHIP NOTICE. THE undersigned have this day formed a partner ship under the style of Craig, Jackson & Brackett, for the purpose of carrying on the Plastering, Stuceo and Mastic hnsiness in all Its branches, and have taken the stand NOi 29 PLEASANT STREET, (formerly occupied bg Jennings Jb Son.) All orders for Whitening, Whitcwashingand Color ing will be promptly and faithfully executed. A lib eral share of public patronage respectfully solicited. JOSEPH CRAIG. CHARLES JACKSON, SAMUEL H. BRACKETT. Portland, March 19,1873.mch20eodlm CROASDALE’S GENUINE SUPERPHOSPHATE {^“Richer in Ammonia and Acids than Any Other Fertiliser in the market. CONANT~& BAND, AGENTS FOR MAIN E. 153 Commercial Street. Portland. ap3 dadtw3wl4 Bleaching Campaign FOR 1873. Come and see what a variety ol Shapes we have tor the season. We are now prepared to remodel old Hats and Bonnets in the high est style of the art at Sweetser’s Bleachery, 342 Congress Street. ap2 eod3w Cheapest Book Stores IN THE UNITED STATES. OLD Book* bought, sold, or exchanged, or loaned for one cent per any. Send three cent* for cir culars. Agent* wanted. „ „ „ . ALBERT COLBY & SON'S, 11s Exchange St, Portland, Mas*., and 156 Baltimore St., Baltimore, Md. feb2« d<&wttw9 For Philadelphia on Saturday , . Packet Schooner JOHN H. PERRY, jLz\, Capt. Kelley. For 'night apply to J. NICKERSON, US COnHERCIAL STREET. »P-__3t BONDS. Sedalia Water Bonds and other first class 10 per cent. Municipal Bonds for sale. CHARLES M. HAWKES, 38 EXCHANGE STREET. mch29d3w For Sale. HEAVY EXPRESS WAGON,(new) — FOB SALK CHKAF — THOR. LAHOHLIN Sc SON, mar26lf 183 toinra.rcinl Streer. Announcement. MR. JAMES L. FOGG is admitted as a member of our firm from this day. J, B. MATHEWS * CO. Portland, April 1, 1673.___i£_ For Philadelphia. FINE schooner J. W. MAY, all under deck. For freight apply to ap2dtf CHAfl. H. CHASE Sc CO. For Sale. SECOND-hand Jiggers and Dump Carts. Apply to BENJ. SHAW, Ag t for J. B. Brown, mar28-2w* Ho. 217 Commercial St. _miscellaneo us. kohling HAS OOT HIS New Style Goods — FOR THE — Spring & Summer of 1873. le has exercised his usual excellent judgment, and has selected tho BEST STOCK !rer yet Exhibited lu this City by Him. TDK ASSOUI'UEM IM'MUES COATINGS, If German, Frcneh and English manufacture, lu Straights, Dl agouab. Ha ir Lines, Basket and Diamond Goods, dee. PANT “GOODS. n this Department, If anywhere, Kohling thinks he can SUIT EVERYBODY. HIS ASSORTMENT OP WHOLE SUITINGS unbrace, some of tho Nobbiest Designs ever intro duced. In full confidence that be con suit all tastes, and 11 forniB, he spreads these goods open to the iuspec lon of all. IT'TIum Geoil. will be made up iu a ■allies* »«lye and in ■ perfect manner. W. H. KOHLING, >9 EXCHANGE STREET. sp3 lm OPENING —OF— DRESS GOODS, SILKS, Paisley, Cashmere and Ottoman SHAWLS. —AT— ‘ TURNER BROS. Tuesday and Wednesday, April lit, and !N. We shall open as abrve, the most at tractive lines of goods, that we have ever displayed. Embracing all the novelties of the New York and Boston Markets, and at prices greatly reduced from what they have been selling tn this market. Special attention is Invited to our line of BLACK SILKS, which exceed any that we have ever offered. “ONE PRICE O.Vir," TURNER BROS., Cor. Congress and Elm Sts, aprl 2w Dissolution of Copartnership. NOTICE is Hereby given tbrt the firm of RAN DALL, MCALLISTER & CO., is hereby dis solved by mutual consent. JOHN F. RANDALL, HENRY F. MCALLISTER, EDWARD H. SAROENT. Portland, March 2T, 1873. Copartnership Notice. THE undersigned have this day formed a copart nership under the name of RANDALL & McALISTER, and will continue the business of dealers in COAL & WOOD at the old stand ot the late firm of RANDALL, MCALLISTER & CO., 60 Commercial St. They wilt settle all demand, of the late firm of Randall, McAllister A Co. JOHN F. RANDALL, henry, f. McAllister. Poortland, March 27th, 1873.mar29dtf BONDS. Portland City - • . . 6’s Rockland City • - - . - 6’s • Bath City • 6’s bangor City 6’* St. Louis City . . • . . 6’s Leeds & Farmington, (Guaranteed,) 6’s Maine Central, Consolidated. - • 7’s Cook County, Illinois, • - • 7’s Wayne County, Illinois, • - 7’s Iowa Central, Gold, • - • . 7’s Toledo, Ohio, - • • 7.30's 11V1 tuciu I Uliuv UU1U) ■ • • f.ou 9 West Wisconsin R. R., Gold, - - 7’s Atlantic & St. Lawrence R. R. Stock and Defered Rent Script Bought. FOB SALE BT WM. E. WOOD, Ag’t, Sept 7-dtfip 61 Exrhnnir Ht, BONDS FOR SALE. Portland City • - ■ 6's Bangor “ 6’s St. Louis “ 8’s Elizabeth, N. J., - 7’s Cleveland “ 7’s Toledo “ ... 8's Cook County, 111.. • • - 7’s Marion County, Ind., - . 8’s Maine Central R. R. . 7’g Portland & Rochester B. R. . 7’g Atchison, Topeka & Sante Fe Gold 7’a Northern Pacific R. R. Gold - 7-80’s Chicago, Dan. & Yin. R. R. Gold - 7’s Atlantic & St. Lawrence R. R. Stock and Dcf. Rent Scrip BOCOHT BT Swan & Barrett, lOO MIDDLE STREET. feb2«___eodtt J. B. Brown & Sons, BANKERS, No. 40 Exchange St., PORTLAND, MAINE. Business the same as an Incor porated Bank. Interest allowed on Deposits. Dealers in Government Bonds. Gold and Foreign Exchange. Investment Securities constant ly on hand. Jau29 __tot> NEW OYSTER H0U8E. T. S. HATCH Respectfully Inform. hU fr,1”ld*“,d l?1® Publlc ,b»‘ he haslesrtxl and fltled up In good shape store No. .*107 Comarr— Oirerl, nearly opposite Brown street. A fill -uppiy of fresh Oysters, cooked In ,,.rv style, and tor sale by the qnart or gallon con stantly on hand. Match’s celebrated Ice Cream sup plied to parties on call. mcbwr r

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