Newspaper of Portland Daily Press, April 4, 1873, Page 3

Newspaper of Portland Daily Press dated April 4, 1873 Page 3
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the press, FRIDAY MORNIXG, APRIL 4, 1878 THE PRESS May be obtained at the Periodical Depots of Fes seoden Bros., Marquis, Robinson, Branell & Co. Andrews,VNent worth, Glendenniug Mo-es, Hender ion. aud Chisholm Bros., ou all trains that run out o thecity. At Biddeford, of Pillsbury. Hodgdou. At \\ aterville, of J. S. Carter. At Gorham, of News Ageut. At Bath, of J. O. Shaw. * of French Bros. At Kennebunk. of C. E. Miller. CITY AND VICINITY. Wew Advertisements Ts>Day. AUCTION COLUMN. Administrator’s Sale ot Real Estate. SPECIAL NOTICE COLUMN. Announcement—Orin Hawkes & Co. Cumberland Coal—Jameb & Williams. NEW ADVERTISEMENTS. Baby Carriages—Chas. Day, Jr., & Co. To Steamship Builders— Proposals—2. To Owners of Jersey Cows. Madam Heaiy’s Uterine Tonic Pills. Caps, &c.—Byron Greenough & Co. For Sale—Trimming and Fancy Goods Store. For Sale—Jeddiah Loviett. Portland Dispensary—Annual Meeting. To be Let—H. N. Jose. Lost—Wallet. The Finest Laundry Work—Charles Custis A Co. Stated Meetings. CITY GOVERNMENT. The Board of Mayor and Aldermen meets the first Monday evening of each month. The Common Council meetB the second Monday evening of each m< n»h. Tae School Committee meet the third Monday eve nin,' of each month. MASONIC At Masonic Hall, No. 95 Exchange Street. YORK RITES. Blue Lodges—AncieDt Land-Mark, first Wednes day: Portland, second Wednesday; Atlantic, third Wednesday. Chapters—Greenleaf R. A. C., first Monday; Mt. Veruon, R. A. C., third Monday. Council—Portland C. R. & S. Masters, second Monday. Commanperie8 of K. T.—Portland, fourth Mon day : St. Albans, second Thursday. Grand Bodies—Grand Lodge, first Tuesday in May; Grand Chapter, first Tuesday evening in May; Grand Council, Wednesday a r. m.; Grand Com mindery, Wednesday evening. ANCIENT ACCEPTED SCOTTISH RITES. Lodge—Yates Grand Lodge of Perfection, first Friday. Council—Portland Oouncil P. of J., second Fri day. Chapter—Duulap Chapter Rose Croix de H., third Friday. Con8I8T0RY—Maine Consistory, S. P. B. S., fourth Friday in Maich, June, September and December. I. O. O. Fi At Odd Fellows' Hall, No. 88 Exchange Street. Lodges—Maine, on Monday evenings; Ancient Brothers, on Thursday evenings; Ligonia, on Friday evenings; Beacon, on Tuesday evenings; Ivy, D., of It., second and fourth Saturday. Encampments—Machigonne, first and third Wed nesdays ; Eastern Star, second and fourth Wednes days; Portland, first aud third Saturdays. relief association—Every third Tuesday in the month. TEMPLABS OF HONOR. At Templars' Hall, No. 100 Exchange Street. Council—Maine, first and third Mondays in each month. Temple—Forest City, No. 1. every Wednesday evening. jmajnk charitable aiECIIANIC association— € riHT oi Congress and Ca co streets. First J hurs day in each month. Young Men’s Christian Association- Corner Congress and Casco streets. Every evening. Portland Fraternity—No. 353J Congress street. Every evening. Knights of Pythias—Bramhall Lodge, No. 3, T lursday evenings; Mnnioy Lodge, No. 6, Wednes d ly evenings. At their Hall, Clapp'B Block, Market Square. Grand Army of the Kepublic—Bosworth Post, N >. 2; corner Congress aid Casco streets, Friday ev nings. Portland Army and Navy Union- Comer Congress and Brown streets. First Tuesday in each month. Sons of Temperance—Portland Division, No. 95; Sons’ of Temperance Hall. Friday evening. Independent Order of Good Templars—Ar ca ia, Monday; Mission, Wednesday;—in Williams’ bl ck, CongrehS street. My6tic, Thursday; Atlantic, S lurday;—at Sons’ oi Temperance Hall, Congress street. Iron Clad, Thursday,at West End; Pocahon t as, Thursday, at Arcana Hall. Portland Typooraphical Union, No. 75—Cor ner Congress and Casco streets. Second Saturday in ea:h month. Brief Jslliags. Gangs of men were at work yesterday on the great bank oi ice on Middle street. There was a glorious sunburst yesterday, at »ljbt of which the snow disappeared rapidly. We regmt to notice that Mr. A. L. Dresser is suffering from a sprain of the knee, caused b • slipping on the stairs one day this week. A man fell from a load of dry goods boxes on Market street yesterday, hnt sustained no dam age except to his clothes. He got up and swore for about five minutes, which proceeding seem 61 to afford him immense relief. Miss Maybnry, who sweeps out the Public L brary room, lost her wallet on the streets yes t rday afternoon. It contained about $35, all the money she had in the world. It is to he h 'ped that whoever fiuds it will return it to the Public Library. „ Thirty-six casks of liquors were seized by the Cuunty deputies yesterday. A fine colored drawing of the Maine General Hospital adorns the window at the headquar ter! of the Fair executive committee. 103 consecutive days on runners, is the mourn ful br ast of the horse c?.rs, They want to kntw if civilization is a failure. Dirwanger announces his second annual flo ra1. exhibition to begin next Monday, and to continue until the succeeding Friday. His ■lock of plants and flowers is rare and beauti ful. A Boston paper contains a full and rather sensational account of the arrest of Cotton, the alleged qpunterfeiter Our yesterday’s is sue gave all the/acts in the affair, -ill beyond that account must be attributed to the imagin ation of the detectives, who are anxious to make their case as strong before the public as possible. Fifteeu cases of silks which the Sarmatian brought over, consigned to Bouchard & Co., of Quebec, were seized Wednesday in this city on account of a New York firm to which the Que bec firm was indebted. It is hoped that in the course of a week all the horse cars may be put on wheels. Gangs of men are picking out the track on both branches. By a typographical error Hon. Biou Bradbu ry was yesterday morning reported a member of a committee of the S. P. C. A. It should have been Mrs. Bion BradbuTy. The Grand Army had a pleasant sociable last night, their hall being crowded with danc ers. The store under the St. Julian recently occu pied by Hoyt, Fogg & Breed, is to be convert ed into a public dining hall attached to the ho tel. This will add considerable room to the St. Julian, and will be a much needed improve ment. On the news of the Carlotta’s arrival yester day afternoon, a reporter for a morning paper, hearing that some of the Atlantic passengers were on hoard, hastened to the boat, boarded “er, a™ eageriy asked tor the wrecked people. He was asked in turn what vessel had been wrecked. Thereupon he turned upon his heel, and came back a sadder but not a wiser man. The shelter in the office of the United States Hotel has been taken down. Another harbing er' ,__ Bible Society.—The Maine Bible Society held its annual meeting at the Y. M. C. A, rooms, in this city, yesterday afternoon. Th< following officers were chosen for the ensuinj year: President, Rev. William B. Hayden Vice President, Edward Gould; Treasurer Oliver Gerrish; Corresponding Secretary, Rev AsaDalton; Recording Secretary, W. H. Hobbs Trustees, Mark P. Emery, R. H. Hinkley, S W. Larrabee, Washington Ryan, Rev. Tlioma Hill, R. D. Curtis, H. W. Shaylor, Rev. W. H Shailer, S. T. Corser, W. W. Brown, Rev. T D. Ripley, Rev. M. H. Williams, Alfred Wool man, William Deering. A eommmittee consisting of Messrs. Daltoi Emery and Larrabee was appointed to mal preparations for a meeting to be held ip a fe weekj. Rev. Mr. Pendleton, who is canvassing Cun berland county in the interest of the Soeiet; made a report of his labors. Measures were taken looking to the distribi tion tf bibles among the immigrants landing: this port. James Noyes was chosen Librarian of tl Society. _ Election of Officers.—At a meeting i the Forest City Guards (a new company - young men) Wednesday evening the followii officers were elected: Captain, W. N. Floy 1st Lieutenant, W. G. Staples; 2d Lieutenat C. W. Parks: Secretary, F. M. Sennette; Trea nrer, G. T. McLellan. The uniforms are to blue pantaloons and scarlet coats, with bt trimmings. ■y—---——■ Broken Up.—All good citizens will be ready to sing tbeir jubilate at the intelligence that the notorious bagnio and tippling shop of Nelson Leighton has at last been broken up. About three o’clock yesterday morning Officer Miles beard an out-cry from the interior of Leighton’s house, followed by a noise of strug gling. On reaching the house he saw a win dow raised, and a man dropped out followed by another man who began to kick him. Mr. Miles seized the kicker, who broke the hold and spruug for the door, which was opned to admit him. The officer, being of an inquiring turu of mind, followed. Leighton and another pot valiant heio named Martin Conley aeiz ed the officer, while the prospective prisoner escaped. Leighton avowe , ^ wi many a curse upon his wicke ip, * no man should be arrested in his house, while the fair Annie drew a revolver, handed it to to her hnsbaDd, and implored him to shoot the officer. Miles broke f am the rascals, and ran after his man, while Conley ran after Miles. Miles caught up with the man and Conley caught up with Miles. Conley drew a revolver, when the officer knocked him down with a bil ly. Miles then resumed his chase, but it prov ed a vain one. He returned to Conley, but that worthy had fled. Soon after Miles in company with officer Barbour, arrested Conley at a house on Com mercial street. Yesterday noon Deputies Williams and Bridges arrested Leighton and liis wife. The woman is now in the county jail, as also is Conley. Leightou has given bonds for his ap pearance to-day. Maine Charitable Mechanic Association. —The annual meeting of this association was held last evening in the library room. The reports of ths various committees of charity, temperance, library, etc., were present ed, giving a favorable view of the situation of the society, especially that of the Finance Com mittee, which communicated the gratifying news that in the course of the present year the association will be free from debt, and will own their beantifnl building without incumbrance. The officers chosen were:— President—Luther F. Pingree. Vice President—Geo. O. Littlefield. Recording Secretary—Geo. H. Harmon. Treasurer—Dan Carpenter. Corresponding Secretary—Charles Holden. Trustees—Spencer Rogers, Francis Loring, Stephen Marsh, Albert L. Mitchell, Loring Lombard, David G. Drinkwater. Trustee of the School Fund-Charles Staples. Charity Committee—A. H. Waite, S. H. Colesworthy, H. C. Barnes, S A. Nash, Dan Carpenter, and J. B. Thorndike. A motion to amend the constitution so that the fee for membership shall be $12 instead of $5 was referred to a special committee to re port at a subsequent meeting. A vote of thanks was tendered to the retiring President, A. H. Waite, for faithful service during the past two years, who responded in a few happy words. State Street Concert.—The fine concert given at the beautiful chapel of State street Congregational church last evening, in aid of Williston Chapel, was well attended, and very enjoyable in point of musical expression. Where all of our resident vocalists present ac quitted themselves so well, we can hardly men tion one without naming all. The published programme was carried out and the other varied selections proved entirely satisfactory to the appreciative audience. There seemed to be a desire to encore everv niece, and they all deserved the compliment. Mrs. Thomp son accompanied the pieces on the piano forte, and also executed a triumphal march very art istically. It was a notable fact that all the songs descriptive of Spring and the singing of birds were especially applauded. Another of this series of concerts may be expected this season for the same object. Drowned.—A mau named James Dennis was found dead on the flats at Deering, yester day morning. The man came from Philadel phia but recently, and since then has been em ployed at the Casco Iron Works. He was known to be intoxicated Wednesday night, and was probably in the same condition yesterday morning. It is supposed that while under the influence of liquor he lost his way and was suf focated by the tide. He could have been under water but a short time, as the scrip in his pock ets was dry. Coroner Gould held an inquest, which resulted in a verdict of accidental drown ing. The man was about thirty years of age, and was unmarried. Generosity of the Brackett street Grammas School for Girls.—Whenever a great charity is started, it is indeed wonderful to see from how many sources come help and assistance; and now the Maine General Hos pital Fair has received from the girls of the Brackett street Grammar School, the sum of twenty-five dollars ($25.) All praise is due to them; it shows that yonnger and less thought less beads are, as well as older people, actuat ed by the same generous feelings, and are ever willing to help on some good work. Presentation.—Capt. J. B. Coyle, in behalf of the officers and crew of the steamer Carlotta has presented Miss Maggie Holiday, steward ess, with a very handsome gold chain, pin and opera glass charm, as a testimonial of their ap preciation of her unvarying kindness and cour tesy. Miss Holiday has been transferred to the steamer Falmouth for the summer season, and ladies traveling upon the Halifax route in that fine vessel may rely upon special good oare at her hands. The Atlantic.—Arrangements have been made by the White Star Line to have the sur vivors of the Atlantic brought to this city by the steamer Falmouth, of the Portland Sc Hal ifax line. The Falmouth left Halifax at sine o’clock last evening, and will arrive al this port some time Saturday morning. A special train will connect with the boat. Several of the cabin passengers are to come through by rail, and will probably arrive here about noon to day. _ Arrest.—A man named Timothy Flood, who belongs In Calais, was arrested yesterday afternoon by Deputies Williams and Bridges t just as he was preparing to go on (he St. John boat. A telegram was received from Lewiston, describing and asking for his arrest. The Lew iston officers will come after him to-day. Flood, who is about 26 years old, «ays he is ar rested for trifling with the affections of a Lew iston girl.__ Art Galleey.—Arrangements are making by the Executive Committee for the Fair for an extensive collection of valuable paintings and statuary. The Hon. Geo. F. Shepley and the Hon. Geo. T. Davis, have been appointed di rectors of the Gallery, and Messrs. James E. Carter, Fred. F. Hale, and F. Schumacher, Committee. Maine General Hospital Fair,—The Ex ecutive Committee of the Maine General Hos pital Fair, acknowledge with pleasure the re ception of Tweuty-five dollars from the Brack ett street Grammar School for girls, being the first contribution received in money. Wc are happy to learn that our venerable fellow citizen, Mr. James Todd, is rapidly re covering from the injuries with which he met by a fall on the ice Saturday. As will be noticed by the advertisement in another column, Conant & Rand, agents for Maine, are now offering for the use of agricul turists Croasdale's genuine superphosphate of lime, a compound which is claimed to be richer in ammonia and phosphoric acids than any other fertilizer in the market . Kohlirg has got a line of novelties for gentlemen’s ■wear, embracing ail the latest spring styles of German, French and English . manufacture. The stock of pant goods is es pecially large and fine, and the stock of whole , suitings one of tbo best ever brought into the city _ Xo more ill fitting shirts. Try the. Portland - Shirt. niSCELLANEOCS NOTICKg. * Ladies’ Elegantine and Inflatable rubber V bustles, at a. B. Butler’s. i- 1*Arties in want of a choice barrel of flour r, will do well to call at Wilson & Co.’s, corner Exchange and Federal streets. _ mar29eod3t ‘t Choice flower seeds, at A. B. Butler’s. Dr. O. Fitzgerald, the wonderful Uairvoy 8 ant physician and surgeon, will visit Portland again, ‘Friday and Saturday, April 4tli aud 5th, at the Preble House, remaing two aa.vs only. '* Don’t fail to sec him, his cures are truly won >f derful. _ aprltf “ Ladies’underwear aud children’s garments j’ in fine variety, at A. B. Butler’s. s- ---- The steamer W. J. Lewis, from 8t. Louis foi Red river, with 800 tons freight, sunk at 8heej .ff Island, fifty miles below St. Louis, Wednesday night Loss of cargo #100,000. BY TELEGRAPH. MATTERS IN MAINE. Drowned at Sea. Bath, April 3.—Lost overboard from the schooner Fanny K. Shaw, Watts, of Thomas ton, on the passage from this port to Cardenas, on the night of March 4th, Fred B. Treat, aged sixteen, son of Henry Treat of Bangor, and brother of C larles H. Treat of this city. NEW HAMPSHIRE. Destruction of the Ocean House by Fire. Portsmouth, April 3.—The Ocean House, kept by John Jenness & Son, at Rye Beach one of the most elegant and costly summer hotels on the coast, was totally destroyed by fire this mcrninq: Part of the furniture saved. The house cost $100,000. Reported insurance $60,000, largely in Providence offices. MASSACHUSETTS, The Observance of Fast Day. Boston, April 3.—Annual fast in Massachu setts to-day, according to the Governor’s proc lamation, but very much of a festival in its observance. Business in Boston is generally suspended. A few churches opened toe relig ious services, in which the wreck of the At lantic was ieferrcd to both in prayers anJ ser mons. __ NEW YORK. To be Hong oil. New York, April 3.—Michael Nixon, found guilty of the murder of Chas. Peiffer last night was this morning sentenced to be hanged the 16th of May. Tar ion. matter.. Thurlow Weed, General Sharp, Naval offi cer Claflin, Col. Howe and a large number of other friends called on the President this morn ing. At the hook trade sale to-day the catalogue of J. R. Osgood of Boston, brought fair prices. Prospect Park Fair Ground Association has increased its capital stock to $400,000. The first meeting this year occurs between the 7th and 14th of June. The examination as to the sanity of George Francis Train, commenced to-day before Chief Justice Daley and a sheriff’s jury, hut was ad journed until Tuesday to await the arrival of one of Train’s relatives, an important witness, from Omaha. Schoolsbip Mercury returned to-day from a live months’ cruise, during which she visited Maderia, Canary Islands, Rio Janeiro, St. Thomas and the West Indies. The underwriters of New York have despatch ed wrecker Wm. H. Merritt, with divers and full iustructioDB, to Halifax to take charge of the wrecked steamer Atlantic, and save the vessel and cargo, and make all possible provis ions for saving and preserving the bodies of the lost. The Coast Wrecking Company despatch ed a steamer te-day with a full wrecking com pany, to carry out this object. Joseph Perry, charged with perjury iu the Jumel case, waived examination here to day, and was held for trial in Providence. The murderer NixoD, sentenced to-day to he hanged, was entirely broken down after leav ing Court. His strength left him and his keepers had to help him across the prison yard. Edward Dunne was sentenced to seventeen years’ imprisonment to-day for highway rob bery. The Ice m.ving. Albany, April 3.—The ice in the river at this point broke loose to-day aud moved down the stream about half a mile where it became clogged in the gorge below. WASHINGTON. James Brooks’ Health. Washington, April 3.—James Brooks is in very feeble condition. He was carried to tbe Norfolk steamer to-day, in tho hopes that a change of air to the warm sea coast would aid • in the restoration of his health. Vacant Cadetships. Official notification has been sent to members and delegates of the next House of Represen tatives, representing districts which are not represented at the naval academy, requesting each to nominate a candidate to appear for ex amination in July. There are now about a hundred vacant cadetshi ps at the academy, caused by those leaving who graduated last year, dismissals, resignations, &c. The law provides that nominations of candidates for ad mission must be made between the 5th af March and the 1st of July, by the member or delegate, from ac’ual residents of his district, each member and delegate being allowed one cadetship. One from the District of Columbia is to be selected by the President, and ten at large can also be appointed by the President. Revenue Assigatmeuis. The following revenue officers have been as signed to duty: First Lieuts.—Thos. Nason, detached from the McCulloch at Portland, Me., and placed on waiting orders; Geo. Williams, detached from tbe Grant at Newport and ord ered to the Delaware. Third Lieuts.—H. New comb, ordered to the Petrel at Pensacola; Chas. H. Grce'iway to the Hamilton at Boston; W. A. Trailing to the Relief at Galveston; Geo. Delap to the Mosswood at Eastport; Geo. E. McCannel to tbe Nansemond at Savannah; John Wycoff to the Dobbin at Castine; F. A. O’Connor to the Stevens at Newbern. (Southern Claim*. Warrants are now being issued from the Treasury Department for awards made by the Southern Claims Commission. About 200 claimants have been paid the last three years. One warrant to-day contained the names of claimauts who received in the aggregate $60, 902. Speaker Blaine’s Replication. Speaker Blaike’s replication to the suit of Jos. B. Stewart was to day sent by Attorney General Williams to Judge Pascal, counsel for Stewart. The replication maintains that the House of Representatives has a right to attach for contempt of a contumacious witness. The Farmers vs. the Railroads, Hooting of the Farmers’ State Conven tion. Springfield, 111., April 3.—The Farmers’ State Convention yesterday elected D. W. Davis, President. Gov. Bpveridge, in an address, rec ognized the fact ofextortion on tbe part of rail roads in matters of freight,and urged farmers to bring influence to bear upon them through their representati ves. Resolutions were adopted con demning the Congressional salary bill; that chartered monopolies not regulated by law are detrimental to public prosperity; that'railways not under strict governmental regulations have proved extortionate and opposed to free com merce between States—a despotism which im poverishes the people and corrupts government. I and must be made subservient to public inter ests; that now is the most favorable time to set tle the question whether a State that creates a corporation cannot control it; that it is essential that the contest between the people and an in terns1 which can combine four thousand mil lions dollars in the uuion shall continue until corporations acknowledge the supremacy of the law; that it is the duty of the Legislature to pass laws fixing the rates of freight and pas sage; that the Legislature should pass a bill en forcing the principal that railroads are publio highways; that railroads should be compelled to carry all freight offered in the country through which they pass; that railway passes given to legislators are corrupting;and that du ties on materials for cars, steamboats and sail ing vessels should be repealed. The Convention to-day adopted the resolution recommending farmers to keep farm expense accounts, that tbe actual cost of production may be made public. The resolution of yester day favoring a repeal of the tariff on iron, steel, &c.. was reconsidered, as was that of censuring members of Congress, for voting for, and the President signing tbe bill increasing salaries of members of Congress, and both were indefin itely postponed. One delegate protested against this action after a majority of the dele gates had left. Great confusion ensued but finally quieted by adoption of resolution, that any resolution not based on the article of State Constitution entitled “Railroads,” will not motif flto noPAsaitioa rtf rtrnrlnooro in nnnlnnin« monopolies to reasonable maximum rates of freight and passenger tariff, aud unjust dis criminations, and that such maximum rate should be fixed by Legislative enactment as directed by the State Constitution. Adjourned sine die. _ Railroad Accident. Rutland, Vt., April 3.—The mail train over the Harlem extention railroad that left Rut Rutland at 9.05 to-day met with a serious acci dent at Hunt’s crossing, half a mile north of Bennington station, caused by the spreading of tracks. The locomotive and milk car passed safely over, but the baggage car, mail car and passenger coach were hurled from the track down an embankment twelve feet high. The coach turned over aed remained bottom up.— The smoking and mail cars were badly smashed and the trucks scattered in all directions. The following is a list of the wounded as far as as certainea: C. S. Moltby of Millorton, N. Y., leg aud arm broken; S. S. Coomack of Bennington, Vt., injured about the head and shoulders; Miss Julia Mattison of Shaftbury, Vt.. wrist dislo cated, etc. Supt. White, assisted by conductor McClure and the other employes, of train, promptly rendered all the aid in their power to make the injured passengers comfortable. The road is now clear. Attempt to Assassinate a Shcriff-The Shot Kills his Wife. m?vAT?N Rouge, April 3.—An attempt was Fimion°«S88^a8il?at0 Raymond Richard, colored faT which™ 6 “S ?f West Bat<>n Mon‘ wbo received thlllre Vhth*“Ur<^r °f “** A™’ ward of 8500 i"offe?adL‘5?.- as9,saan\. A rc‘ rest of the murderer#.d bj c,tlzen8 for tho ar' The Brownsville, Texas a^;i o war Wyoming is cruising^® tb3 ~3£e alooPof She IS the first American grande, visited this vicinity for some years cumstance, taken in connection w?th Clr' pected visit of the Secretary of War In* the ex' nent army officers, is supposed to lively interest on part of the govern^?10?**-a frontier affairs. government in Marshal Baiaine is to be tried by court mar ti&L THE ATLANTIC. Scene** at the Office of the (/Omnany nt New York. Nbw York, April 3. - Large crowds all the morning have surrounded the bulletin board outside of the office of the White Star Line, eagerly reading the passengers lost and saved. A continuous stream of persons are passing in and out of the office anxiously seeking infor mation regarding friends who were on board the ill-fated Atlantic. The Atlantic’s Cargo. Papers received from Europe by the agent of the White Star line here, state the Atlantic had 1836 tons assorted cargo on board. made Insane. Mrs. Graf, wl o lost her husband and two children on the Atlantic, is a raving maniac here consequent upon her affliction. The Atlantic’s Deviation not Understood. Mr. Sparks this forenoon received the follow ing from Ismay, Iinrie & Co., Liverpool agents of the line: Liverpool, April 3, 1873.—To J. H. Sparks: The Atlantic's deviation to Halifax is incom prehensible. The quantity of coal on board was 967 tons, against an average consumption during eighteen voyages of 744 tons. Ismay, Imrie & Co. This would seem to destroy the theory of an insufficiency of coal, and relieve the company of the terrible responsibility. The agents here state they do not know what to make of it, but think the Atlantic experienced very strong head winds, compelling her to burn nearly double the usual quantity of coal to keep up'her cus tomary speed. The List of Passengers. The duplicate list of passengers did not ar rive by the City of Montreal as was expected. The complete list however will not be received here before ten or twelve days. It was tele graphed for at Liverpool yesterday, and will be sent by mail. The Cunard steamer Algeria, which sailed on the 22d of March will bring a list of the-passengers whose passages were pre paid here, au<3 their destination. Freeman D.-Mackwall, a cabin passenger of the Atlantic, sends tka following despatch to the Associ ated Press: -N Halifax, April 3.—Say to the ..friends of the cabin passengers of the steamer Atlauticthat I will remain with the wreck until I have secur ed allot the lost cabin passengers. I have boxes going to the wreck this morning to re ceive the bodies. The bodies of Mrs. Fisher and Miss Merritt we have. The bodies of Mr. and Mrs. Merritt. Miss Scrymser and John H. Price of New York, 1 have great hopes of se curing. Belief for the SaOeren. Subscriptions will commence at once here and elsewhere for the sufferers by the disaster. The steerage passengers saved had many of them all their earthly goods, which being lost, they ore left in a wholly destitute condition. The suspense of many people has been relieved by cable despatches announcing that friends who were thought to be on the Atlantic did not take passage in her. The Insurance—Classification of the Pas sengers. London, April 3.—The steamship Atlantic was insured in London for $150,000. There were 760 steerage passengers on the ill-fated vessel. The passengers and crew of the Atlan tic as she sailed from Liverpool were classified as follows: English, 19S men, 74 women, 28 male children, 21 female children; Scotch, 7 men, 4 women; Irish, 43 men, 18 women, 3 children; other nationalities, 150 adult males, 32 women, 19 male children and 18 female children. A large number of emigrants em igrants embarked at Queenstown, making the total number of souls upon the steamship when she sailed from that port 952. Tarina Matters. Halifax, April 3.—Nothing of 'importance from the wreck has been received to day. A schooner load of coffins has been sent to Pros pect. About 150 of the survivors left here for Portland in the steamer Chase, and more will go to-night. It is probable that an investigation under the Dominion Shipping Act will be held. The officers aud some of the passengers will remain here for a dav or two to mv« statement if necessary before the tribunal. Statement of Quartermaster Thomas. Robert Thomas, Quartermaster, says: At 2 o’clock I went upou the bridge with the second officer, Mr. Metcalf. 1 told him not to stand into the land so, as the ship had run her dis tance to make Shambro light from my calcula tions. He told me that 1 was neither the cap tain nor mate. I then went to the fourth offi cer, Mr. Brown, and asked him if I should go on the main yards as he would notjsee the land until he struck on to it. He told me that it was no use for me to go up. I then relieved the man at the wheel; and at 2.30 the second officer told the captain, who was reposing in the chart room, that the weather was getting thick. The second officer went outside of the chart room. The man on the look-out called out “I see ahead;” and the second officer ran and told the captain that they were among the ice, and shortly after the ship struck. The time was 3.15. 1 put the helm hard starboard and reversed the engines fu'l speed astern. I left the wheel house and went to the after wheel house and got the axes out and distributed them for the purpose of cutting away the gear about the boats. William Purdy, Quartermaster, was the first that attempted to swim ashore, but when going he said, “Good-bye, Thomas; will you come with me;” but I replied I wanted to save the boy and his mother, who were there. Then I saw that the boy and mother were swept away. I swam on shore and when I landed on the rock a passenger called out, “Save me,” which I did. I traversed from rock to rock, falling sometimes from exhaustion, with this man with me, until I found the signal port, a place where the fish ermen have a look-out, aud signalized to the boats, and I then called out for help. Two old men and a boy came to my assistance, and l went to the house with them aud procured a line and then retraced my steps to the beach, where I saw a lot of passengers and crew upon the rock. Speakman, the Quartermaster, swam to wards me with a line from the rock and I hove my line and caught him and pulled him ashore. As soon as I had done so we hauled in the iiae which he had from the rock and made fast the end of my line to it so as to make it stronger. Soon as I got the line made fast 1 told those that were on the rock to come on shore one by on', as I would save them. The first man sav ed in this way I do not know, but the second one was Mr. Brady, the third officer. I saved in this manner about 70 as near as I remember. In some i stances, as the line was some dis tance overhead and the persons too exhausted, I had to reach down and pull them up; some I had to go into the water for, which was out of my depth, by a line fastened around my waist. In this manner the two old men would drag me and the man I rescued ashore. I remained there from 4 o’clock till 9, when 1 fell down through exhaustion. One of the stewards and somebody else came and relieved me and I was carried away to a house, where I was kindly cared for. A Hospitable People. Every care and attention has been bestowed upon the survivors since their arrival here by the marine department, the city authorities, Cunard & Co., and by private citizens, may of whom have cheerfully contribnted towards the distressed passengers. Harrowing Incidents. Some of the incidents of the disaster as re lated by the survivors are harrowing. At one time during the weary watch before dawn, the fore boom broke loose from its fastenings and swinging arouud instantly crushed to death about twenty persons who were gathered on the house on deck. Several passengers are report ed to have been drowned by life buoys which not being properly managed, they overturned

and drowned the unfortunates before assist ance could be rendered. Some of them who had life buoys on and endeavored to reach the rock by means of the line from the vessel, not having them properly on the lower part of their bodies were floated up with their heads down. In this manner many of them were drowned before reaching the rock. One young man with no clothing on save a shirt and vest, with two life buoys fastened around his body, leaped into the water and en deavored to reach the rock. The passengers who gave the statement say that they endeav ored to persuade him from the attempt, but he persisted. When they were at last rescued and landed on the shore, the body of this person who perished in the attempt to swim ashore was the first they saw and the life buoys were still aronnd him. Several of the passengers who were landed from the Delta yesterday were considerably bruised about the body and lower limbes One man had his two leg* broken and others were sore from being knoeked against the rocks,that they were scarcely able to stand. Three or four had to be sene to the hospital last night. statement or a Bay. The only youth saved from the wreck makes the following statement: My name is John Hinley. I a... about twelve years of age. T got on board the Atlantic at Liverpool with my father, mother and young brother. We all belonged to Ashton, Lacanshire. The first thing worth mentioning that he knew of that he was asleep in his berth when a great noise awakened him, although he did not hear any voices there seemed to oe a great rush, and he stumbled out of bed and into the crowd. The greater portion passed him, but he saw six men crowding into a top berth in the upper steer age. He followed them. One of the men broke a window and got out and I did the same. One kind hearted individual pushing me through before he had got out himself. Once outside I held on by the ropes until res cued by the life boat. What became of his parents and his brother he did not know, but is certain that they were drowned. The family were on their way to New York at the invitation ot two married daughters who had settled there. The Crew of the Atlautic. The crew was one of the hardest that was ever gathered in any vessel. They were pick ed up about the Liverpool wharves and docks, and it was with the greatest difficulty that they were kept under durmg the voyage. The store keeper states that one of them made an attempt to snatch his watch and chaiu one night but was foiled. On another occasion during the storm of the 25th, he states that some of the crew attempted to break into the spirit room, aud it was for a while feared that force would have to be used to prevent them. When the boats came from the shore to rescue the survivors, the sailors, repeatedly pushed passengers outside or knocked them down and jumped in the boats, Rhode Island Election. Providence, April 3.—Full returns of the election give Howard, Republican, for Govern or, 9837: Cbace, Democrat, 3779; for Lt. Gov ernor, Van Zandt, Bepublican, 6482; Ballou, Temperanoe Republican, 3933; Wales, Demo crat, 2920; scattering, 133. Van Zandt lacked 409 of the election. The Carlists are reported to have shot sixty prisoners at Berga. METEOROLOGICAL . PROBABILITIES for the next twenty-four HOURS. War Deb’t, Office Chief Signal ) Officer, Washington, D. C., > April 4. (1 A. M. 1 ? The area of lowest barometer will move dur ing Friday eastward over Iowa and Missouri; for the Gulf States, increasing Southerly winds, with cloudy weather and possibly tain along the coast; for the South and Middle Atlantic Staees, falling barometer, sonth-easterly winds, and a rising temperature, followed by Friday evening by cloudy or thieatening weather; for the lake region iu general, falling barometer, north-earterly winds, cloudy and threatening weaeher; for the upper lakes, winds will in crease to brisk rain by Friday afternoon. Cautionary signals continue at Duluth, Mil waukee, Chicago and Grand Haven, and are ordered for Detroit; Toledo and Cleveland. P O EE IG IN\ Chiua and Inpan. San Francisco, April 3.—The Pacific Mail Sieamship Caina arrived to-day, bringing Hong Kong dates to February 27, and of Yokolioma to March 10th. Vigorous efforts are to be made for the sup pression of the infamous coolie trade engaged in by Portuguese between Maco and South America. All the China papers are discussing the iniquities of the traffic. The question of opening Japanese ports to all foreigners hinges on condition that they will submit to native laws. Despite the edict of religious tolerations COO Christians in Loso are still treated as crimi nals. The great temple in Morzelli in Yeddosjis to he rebuilt under the superiutendance of a foreign architect and according to European ideas. The Arrest of George Bidwell. London, April 3.—The arrest in Edenburgh, of Geo. Bidwell, the alleged bunk of England forger, was effected just as he was about tak ing his departure for Ameri a. Bidwell made strenous efforts to escape capture, and war only secured after a sharp chase over a number of garden walls. X)pon being brought to the sta tion house he was searched and a number of important letters addressed to “George Bid well ’ found. High Price of Beef in II a van a. Key West, April 3.—Advices from Havana state that owing to the high price of beef it was feared an attack would be made on the butcher’s stalls, unless measures were taken by the government to compel the clique of Span iards, who have monopolized the cattle market, lo reduce prices. The Electoral Reform Bill. Vienna, April 3.—The Emperor has given his sanction to the electoral reform bill. The announcement was made in the Reichsrath to day and received with prolonged cheering. The Commnae. Bayonne, April 4.—The Commune has been declared in the province of Salamanca. Some rioting followed but was suppressed by gcu do armes. MINOR TELEGRAMS. A fire iu Galveston, Wednesday night, de stroyed stores of CalDt & Davis and William Windimeyer and the offices of H. M. Wicks, F. Gonesales, Alexander H. Ladd and James For ney. loss $50,000; insured. George Bidwell, one of the men alleged to have been implicated in the frauds on the Bank of England has been arrested in Edinburgh. The steamer Pink Varble, with 400 tons of freight, struck a snag while ascending the Ar kansas River, Thursday, sinking in three miu utes. loss $36,000. Two venders of patent medicine, named Deaux and Simmons, were fatally stabbed by a drunken desperado Wednesday night in Jeffer sonville, Ind., named Pawson. The latter was arrested. Two pistol shots were fired through the win dow of Franklin Hall, Jersey City, Wednesday night, where a Council of the Order of Ameri can Mechanics was assembled. There was much excitement. Thp stnnn nilttora rrf (Vmpinnati Viova James L. Ridgeley, Grand Secretary of the Odd Fellows of the United States, is reported dangerously ill at Baltimore. Sister Antonia, long time time Mother Supe rior of Carmelite in Baltimore died VVednes day. A Havana dispatch soys that merchants and others have agreed to take the Spauish loan. The Cuban anthorities are returning the American estates embargoed by mistake. The 7th U. S. cavalry,Gen. Custas command ing, has been ordered to the West for frontier duty. The State Constitutional Convention has been defeated in the New Jersey Assembly. While a passenger train on the St. Louis and S. E. Railway was waiting at a French village, seven miles from East St. Louis, Thursday a construction train ran into the rear car, killing two passengers a id more or less injuring five or six others. Miss Carrie G. Buruham, Thursday, argued before the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania in favor of female suffrage.! Charles Wesner, the counterfeiter, was rear rested at Philadelphia, Thursday, and placed under $9000 bail to answer to the charge of at tempting to bribe a U. S. detective. Dispatches from Rome says the Pope is slight ly ill. ___________ FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. Receipt* by Rnilroail* ami Steamboat*. WEDNESDAY, April 2d. Grand Trcnk Railway—5 cars sundries, 2 do hay, 5 do clapboards, 44 do lumber, 3 do laths, 1 do bran, 2 do for Boston, 1 do horses, 5 do oats, 4 do corn, 2 do flour, 14do for St. John, NB, 23 do for Hal ifax, 5 do for G. T. R., 30 do for Allan Line. Thursday, April 3d. 7 cars sundries, 3 do for New York, 11 do for Bos ton, 2 do laths, 1 do clapboards, 5 do heading, 1 do -, 52 do lumber, 1 do flour, 7 do for St. John, 9 do tor Halifax. 4 do knees, 1 do wb-els, 27 do for Allan Line, 7 do for Liverpool, 2 do oats. Steamer Diriqo. from New York—246 hales rags, 40 do wool, 75 hhds molasses, 2 do tobacco, 16 casks 1. oil, 1 do creamtartar, 140j dry hides, 750 hal chests tea, 160 boxes cheese, 79 do starch, 340 do rais- 1 Ins, 30 do tobacco, 40 do window glass, 125 bbls sugar, I 100 bags b. guano, 17 do hair, 200 do seed, 12 casks ' soda ash, 3 steam pumpB. s pianos, 36 springs, 67 rolls leather, 25 bales cassia, 600 pkgt sundries. Foreign Export*. ST. JOHN, NB. Schr Unexpected-1100 bblB flour. ST. ANDREWS, NB. Schr Odessa—200 bbls flour. Foreign Import*. CARDENAS. Brig R M Heslen—422 hhds 13 tes 24 bbls sugar to John Redpath & Son, Montrcel. CIENFUEGOS. Brig Murriwa-555 hhds 48 tes molasses to Geo S Hunt. New York (Stock and Money Market. New York. April. 3-Morn inn.—There were 18 hide for Gold to-day amounting to $5,540,000 at from 117 @ 117 56-100; amount to be sold was one million and a half, which wont at trom 117 28}-100 @ 117 56 100 inclusive. New York. April 3—Evenlna.—There was a slight relaxation in money Btringency to-day,although rates on call are still high; borrowers paid } @ } per cent, per day, with the Dulk of business at 4@ $per cent.; influx of cnrrency has set in and bank officials look for liberal receipts from the Interior by next week.— The continued high rates undoubtedly stimulate the usual April return flow. It is known that in event of trouble resulting from the monetary,the Government will exert its whole power for relief. Sterling demor alized, nominal at 6} @ 7 sixty days; 7} tffi 8 for sight. Gold strong on clique manipulators assisted by loss in reserve of the Bauk of England, and report that state endeavoring to make Canadian bauka pay taxes on capital effects of this impression was, however, eventually lost; the range was 117}, 117J, 117}, closing at 117} @ 117}; loans at 7 per cent, to } per cent, per day. The clearings were $97,000,000. Treasury dis bursements $32,600. Customs receipts $438,000.— Governments steady. No doubt the payment of the May Interest is anticipated. State bonds quiet.— Stocks oponed quiet at about last night’s prices. The whole market closed steady. The following were the quotations or Government securities: United States coupon 6’s, 1SS1.......119 United States 5-20’s 1862.115 United States 5-20’s 1864.115 United States 5-20’s 1865, old.117 United States 5-20’s 1665, new.115 United States 5-20’s 1867.117 United States 5-20’s 1F68.116 United States 5’s. new.113} United States 10-10’s.,coupons_.■. .. Currency 6’s . 113} The following were the opening quotations o Stocks: Western Union Telegraph Co. 84} Pacific Mail. 56} N. Y. Centra’ and Hudson River consolidated.... 100} Erie. 63} Erie preferred. 70 Union Pacific stock. 31} The following were the quotations for Pacino Kail road securities: Central Pacific bonds.102} Union Pacific do. 85} Union Pacific land grants.74} Union Pacific income bonds. 73} Domestic markets. New York, April 3—Evening—Cotton dull and an 1c lower: sales 909 bales; Middling uplands 19}c.— Flour is quiet and steady; sales 8900 bbls;Stale 6 15 @ 8 36; Round lioop Ohio 7 20 @ 10 60; Western 6 10 @ 10 60; Southern 6 10 @ 12 75. Wheat is quiet and heavy; sales 20,000; No 1 Spring 175 @180; No 2 do at 1 60 @ 1 69; Winter Red Western 1 70 @1 87}; White Michigan 1 85 @ 2 25. Corn is quiet and un changed; sales 54.000 busb; new Mixed Western 65} @ 66c; old 6! @ 631c in store. Oats }c higher and in fair demand; sales 59,000 bush; new Black 48 @ 50c; new Western Mixed 49 @ 50}c. Beef quiet at D 00 @ 13 00. Pork is firmer; new mess 17 00 @ 17 25. Lard steadier at 8} @ 9}c. Butter is quiet and firm: State 32 @ 48c. Whiskey is steady at 90} @ 90}c. Rice Is quiet at 7 @ 8}c Sugar firm; refining 8 @ 8|e. Coflee quiet and steady Rio at 16} @ 19c in Gold. Molasses quiet and Arm; New Orleans 67 @ 75c. Naval Stores —Spirits Tur|«ntinc dull and heavy at 57 @ 57}c; Rosin dull at 3 20 @ 3 25 for strained. Petroleumdull; crude 9c; refined at 19}c. Tallow steady at 8} @ 9c. Freights to Liverpool quiet; Cotton, per steam } @ 9-16; per sail, ?d. Chicago, April 3.—Flour is quiet and unchanged; extra Spring 5 59 @ 7 25. Wheat unsettled, irregular and lower; No 1 Spring nominal; No 2 Spring at 113} 113}; No 3 Spring at 1 07} @ 1 98; rejected 93c: No 2 Spring seller May 118} @ 118j. Com is in fair de mand and lower; No 2 Mixed 30} @ 30}c for regular; 33} @ 33}c for strictly fresh; rejected 28} @ 28}c. Oats quiet and weak; No 2 at 23 @ 21c. Rye is nominal; fresh 64}c; rejected at 60c. Barley firm and in fair demandr regular 78c; fresh 79 @ 80c. Provisions Pork is unsettled at 15 50 @ 15 60 cash; 15 70 for seller May. Lard quiet at 8 25 @ 8 30 seller April; 8 75 sell er May. Hams in pickle steady at 10} @13; dry salted meats In good demand and lower; shoulders firm at 6 @ 6}c for loose ; 6}@ 6}c for boxed; short rib middles In light demand and quiet at 8c cash; 8}c seller May; short clear middles at 8} @ 8}c for seller May. Bacon Is quiet and steady at 7}c for shoulders; clear rib sides, packed, at 9c. Sugar cured hams at 13 @ 14c. Whiskey sold at 86}c. Receipts—10,000 bbls flour, 19,000 busb wheat, 36, 000 bnsn com, 23,000 busb oats, 3,000 bush rye, 6,000 bush barley, 00,000 hogs. Shipment*—1,200 ools flour, 00,000 bush wheat, 00, 000 bush com, 15.000 bush oats, 1,900 bush rye, 1,000 busb barley, 0000 hogs. 101XDO. April 3.—Flour active and higher at 8 25 @ 8 50. Wheat dull and lower; No 1 White Wabash 2 00; No 2 at 190; extra White Michigan 1 30; No 1 do 178; Amber Michigan on spot 163; seller May at 166}; seller June 170; No lRedl 69; No Red Win W Mixri Mk; Z'b ^P 23l; Oats dull ami lower; Receipts—0,000 bbls flour, 1,000 bush wheat <* nnn bush corn, 0,000 bush oats. ’ a’uo° Shipmeuts—0000 bbls flour, 4,000 bush wheat, 4 ooo bush com, 1,000 bush oars. Detroit, April 3.—Flour dull and unchanged.— Wheat is dull and unsettled; extra White at 1 02 bid, 1 93 asked; No 1 White at 1 934; Amber Michigan at 1 654 @ 1 66. Corn is dull and declining; No l 414c; Yellow 42c. Oats unchanged at 3Gc. Receipts—l,0«u bbls flour, 2,000 bush wheat, 9,000 bush corn, 3,000 bush oats. Cincinnati, April 3.—Provisions quiet but firm; bu^rs holding off. Pork nominally at 16 50 on spot; , T? ^>’er April. Lard is steady; steam at held at 84 @ 84c i kettle at 84c. Bulk Meats nominally un changed; Moulders at 64c; clear rib aides at 84cc; clear sides 84 Sftfcflc. Bacon steady; shoulders at 7c; clear rib sides 9c; *des at 94 @ 94c. Whiskey active and firm at 85c. Charlkst«in,April3.—Cotton; easier Middling up lands 18| @ 18Jc. Savannah, Axiril 3.-Cotton quiet; Middling up lands at 18|«\ Mobile,April3.—Cotton nominal; Middling up lands 18fc. New Orleans, April3.—Cotton in moderate de mand; Middling uplands 194c. Havana Market. Havana, April 2.—Sugar nominal. Exchange is steady; on united States. 60 days currency, 154 @ 16 prem; short sight 19 @ 194 prem; 60 days in gold 344 @ 35 prem; short sight 364 <ffi 37 prem. European Market*. London, Anril 3-5.00 P. M.—Consols closed at 93 for money and account. American securities—U. S. 5-20s, 1865, old, 944; do 1867 , 938; U. S. 10-408, 89; new 5s90J. Erie Railway 51. Frankfort, Aprii 3.—United States bonds clos ed at 95| forthe issue of 1862. Liverpool, Anril 3—5.00 P. M.—Cotton closed heavy; Middling uplands 94 @ 9|d; do Orleans 9|d; sales 10,000 bales for simulation and export. 1-8-7-3. 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Tapioca, Canary Seed, Sauce and Canned Good*, Starch, Tuba, Pail*. Broom*, Wash boards. C oibe-* Pin*, Fancy Goods, Scales, Show cases, Measure*, Ac. F O. Bailey A Co., Auctioneers. mch26 dtd Real Estate at Auction. ON TUESDAY. April 8th, at 12* o’clock P. M.. we shall sell the i'4 story wooden House and Lot No. 24 Adam* street. Said House contains 9 rooms, never failing aqueduct in cellar. Flue property for investment. Terms at sale. F. O. BAILEY Sc CO., Auctioneer*. *p2__ _ d« Manufacturers’ Sale of Crockery Ware to the Trade by Auction. F. O. BAILEY Sc CO., Aadisssert. ON TUESDAY, April 8th, at 2} P. M.. at our salesroom, 18 Exc» ange street, we shall sell to the trade a large line of white Granite, Paris White, C C, Rockingham and Yellow Ware. Catalogues ready and goods on exhibition Monday, April 7th. mch26 dtd auction! Large and Attractive Sale of RARE AND BEAUTIFUL Italian Marble Statuary Rich Vases, Alabaster Group* A.W TSures RECENTLY IMPORTED. J. S. BAILEYAfco., Auctioneer.*. — WJfilL gELL ON — Wednesday•,Thursday, Friday A Saturday April 9th, lOth 11th a.d 19<h, Commencing at 10 1-3 A. N I — AT — Salesroom, 22 Exchange Street, a recent importation of magnificent STATUARY, bv Corrello Benzie. Figures of Pure Marble and Al abaster, elaborately carved. VASES of great variety of etyte and design, including the Tuscan, Roman, Hebe, Gothic, Egyptian, Florentine, Grecian Ac. Elegant Card ReceiveD, Mantel O.nament*,’ and other cho ce articles for decorating Parlors, Drawing Rooms, Ac. S3STThis elegant stock will be on exhibition on Tuesday afternoon and evening previous to sale. mch29dfd Administrator’s Sale of Real Estate. WILL be sold at public sale on the premises, in the town of Deering, on the “Gray road/* about one mile from Allen’s Corner, on TUESDAY, the sixth day of May next, at eleven o*clcck A. M. So much of the Real Estate (Wood and Timber land,) of Geo. Frost, Esq., late of Westbrook. In the County of Cumberland, deceased, as will prouuce a sum not exceeding eighteen hundred and tweniy-six do.lars. By virtue o! a License from Hon. J. A. Wateiman, Judge of Probate for Cumberland County. THOS. QUINBY. Administrator, (with Will annexed.) Portland. April 4, 1673. M. a Vo UOUHJ VVIJ .T*.UHUVUIV1 *« • A,11,18 ■ J. S. BAILEY A CO., Commission Merchants, —A2fJ>— ^TJCTIOISriMERS NO. 99 EXCHANGE STBEtr. Next below Merchants' Exchange. JOSEPH S. BAILEY, OEO. W. PARKER. References— Messrs. H. J. Libby & co., and Hob ' CharlesP. I'or'Uni, Me.; Messrs. Leonard & Co., and Lee & Shepard. Boston. split ROOM PAPERS. WE ARE NOW RECEIVING A VERY FINE LINE — OF — Papers and Borders. Of entirely new styles and designs, consisting of Gold Leaf, Bronze, Panel jind Plain Tints. _ Those purchasing early have the advantage of a choicer selection, than those later in the season, LOSING, SHORT HARMON, Under Falmouth Hotel, MR. X. W. EMERSON, an experience! Paper Hanger, can be found at our Store, marts_ d2w GRASSjSEED. 9000 Bags Western Timothy Seed 1500 “ Canada “ *• lOOO “ Red Top “ 500 “ Michigan Clover “ 900 “ Ohio “ “ 400 “ Mo. Mew York “ “ lOO “ Pea Vine, “ « 150 “ Alsike “ “ lOO * Millet “ lOO “ Hungarian Grass “ lOO “ Orchard “ FOR SALE AT THE Lowest Cash Price. KENDALL & WHITNEY. mcb26 tf Allan_Line. Montreal Ocean Steamship Co. UNDER CONTRACT FOR THE CARHYINO OF THB Csnsdlss sad United State, mails. Passengers booked to London derryand Liverpool. Return Tickets granted at Reduced Rates. The Steamship MORAVIAN, Capt. Grskan, WiU leave this port for Liverpool on SATURDAY, April Slh, Immediately after the arrival of the Train of th previous day from Montreal. Passage to Londonderry and Liverpool, Cabin (*c cordiog to aecommodatloDS).970 «• 990 Payable in Qold or Its equivalent. For Freight or Cabin Passage, apply to 57A A. ALLAN, No. I India St. For Steerage Passage inward and outward, and lot Sight Drafts on England for small amounts apply to JAMES L. FARMER, iuuw ouoet. Portland. Nov. 19th, 18T2. nov29tf HAMBURGS! WE shall open this day one of the largest and best line of Edges and Insertion , ever opened in Portland, and at prices that defy competition GREAT BARGAINS AT 131-3c, 3©c, 35c, 5©c. COVELL& COMPART. HAMBURGS! Jan24__tf Notice. HAVING purchased the Stock In trade of Coveil Bros., 109 Oxford Street I shall keep a good sup wly of Groceries and Provisions, which will be sold at t”®'°we*t market prices. Hopsng for a coni inuance or the patronage heretofore bestowed on the above nrm i i>l«lge my honest endeavors to dear fairly with all who shall give mo a call p„„. . . „ J.F. NORTON. Portland, April 1st, 1873. Having sold our stock In trade at 109 Oxford Street, (hrmpr Mi.™"1 w? hereby reccomm nd him to our laZ thanking .hem at the patronage and hoping our suocct JbS.™ nhSffcS ih,e *am'\ We shall continue at the a°ove puce for a tew weeks where we reonest all tn debtea to us to make Immediate payment and all bills against us will be promptly sett fed. * Portland, April 1st, 1873. COVELI^BROfL Sanford’s Improved Refrigerators. rbe three points ot excellence which I claim, are 1st, constant and thorough circulation of pure air; 2nd; ryncss, no dampness raonld nor taint; 3rd; no Inte mingling of odors; punty and active air, the elements of its success. Call, or send for circulars. Manufactured and for /ale by J. F. MERRILL, be tween Cross and Cotton, sta., near Leavitt, Burnham &Co.s Ice House. Portland. Me. leSdtf WOOD! WOOD HARD and SOFT WOOD for sale al No. 43 Lia coin street. Alto Dry Edgings. _ MX. HUM*.

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