Newspaper of Portland Daily Press, April 5, 1873, Page 1

Newspaper of Portland Daily Press dated April 5, 1873 Page 1
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PORTLAND DAILY PRESS. ESTABLISHED JUNE 23, 1862. VOL. 12.__PORTLAND, SATURDAY MORNING, APRIL 5, 1873. _TERMS $8.00 PER ANNUM IN ADVANCE. THF PORTLAND DAILY PRESS Published every day (Sundays excepted) by the PORTLAND PUBLISHING CO., At 100 Exchange St, Portland. Terms: Eight Dollars a Year in advance. THE MAINE STATE PRESS la pibllshed every Thursday Morning at $2 50 a year, if paid in advance, at $2 00 a year. Kates of Advertising: One inch of space, eng h of column, constitutes a “square. $. 50 per square daily first week; W cehts^per w elc after; three insertions, or lees,■ J1 ng every other day after first week, 50 cents. Half square, three insertions or less, i5 cents, one week. SI 00; 50 cents per week after Spfpiai Notices, one third additional. Coder held of “Amusmements,” *2 00 pet square ocr week; three insertions or less $1 50. ^Advertisements inserted in the “Maine State Press” (wli'.ch lias a large circulation in every part of the State) for $1 00 per square lor first insertion, and 50 cents per square for each subsequent inser tion. Address all communications to PORTLAND PUBLISHING CO. ~ BUSINESS CARDS. ' JOST & KEILER, FRESCO PAINTERS, Office 134 Middle St., up stairs. PORTuA 1ND, ME. Orders may be left at F. F. Hale’s picture gallery | ana O. M &' F. P. Brooks’, No. 333 Congress St. RSp^AII Orders promptly attended to. jan25 _^ _ PORTRAIT PAINTER. J. G. CLOUDMAN, 14S ENCHANGK ST. jap22tf J. II. LAMSON, PHOTOGRAPHER, Ko. 152 Middle Street. PORTLAND, NIK. Copying and enlarging done to order. All the now styles, Berlins, Rembrants, Medallion, he Porcelain, or Mezzotint card, and the retouched card, by which new process we get rid of freckles moles,wrinkles and all imperfections of the skin. Call and judge for yourselves. KF^Motto-UMd work a*» 91oderate Price*. Aim to Please. may 20 J. H. HOOPER, UPHO LSTERER Nos. 31 and 33 Free St., MANCFACTUBEB OF Parlor Suits, Lounges. Spring Beds, Mattresses, HcDonough Patent Bed Lounges, En ameled Chairs, &c. WAII kinds ef repairing neatly done. Furniture boxed and matted. oct5-’69T T&Stt J. H. FOGG, Attorney and Counsellor at Law, 1191-2 EXCHANGE ST., % (Corner of Exchange and Federal Sts.,) *d>27 PORTLAND, MIS. tf j~EN GER, PIANO-FORTE TUNER -AND REPAIRER. Orders in the city or country will receive prompt attention. Address at U. S. Hotel, or 31 Temple bt. febl3 eod3iu JAMES O'DONNELL, COUNSELLOR AT LAW, has removed to NTO. 84 1-9 MIDDLE STREET, (2nri door below Oanal Bank,) PORTLAND, MAINE. Commissioner of deeds for the several States. fbblO tf WILLI AU HENRY CLIFFORD, Counsellor at Law and in Patent Causes, NO. 80 MIDDLE ST., PORTLAND. Attends to all kinds of Patent business. marlO d3m STBOUT & HOLMES, Attorneys and Counsellors at Law, CANAL BANK BUILDING, PORTLAND, MB). A. A. STBOUT. GEO. F. HOLMES. feb3 d3m BENJ. KINGSBURY, JR., Attorney at Law, NO. 83 MIDDLE STREET, PORTLAND, ME. (Opposite Canal Bank.) marl 2 dim G. W. STOCKMAN. 91. D., Physici n and Snrgeon, 307 Congress St., Portland. i pposite the Park. max 15dtf T. W. EMERSON, Plain and Decorative Paper Hanger. Orders left at Loring, Short & Harmon’s roceive immediate attention. Residence, No. 3, Anderson St. mar 15 *dlm W. C. CLARK, 103 FEDERAL STREET. 5 Doors East of Temple St., PORTLAND, ME. GAS AND WATER PIPING. Gas and Water Pipe introduced into Houses, Halls, Hotels and public buildings in a taitbful manner. Also, Gas Fixtures, Images and Busts rebronzed and made to look as good as new. Gas Rings and Jets made to order. Mr. C., who for several years past has been in the employ of Mi. Kinsman, hopes by promptness and strict attention to business to merit a fair share of public patronage. _ feb!8dtf GEO. E. COLLINS, PHOTOGRAPHIC ARTIST, 316 CONGRESS STREET, I« prepared to make all the various styles of Card Pictures, Rembrnnt, Medallion,See., from Retouched Negative. By this process we Get rid of Freckle., Jtlole* and other i*n perfectiau. of the Skin. For all of which no charge will be made. All work warranted to please. Call and examine for yourselves. mcbl8dtf C. Sheridan, (tatesherldan, Griffiths & Brackett,) no. 6 south street, Plasterer, Stucco — AND — MASTIC WORKER. All orders in the above line, and also for Whiten ing. Whitewashing and Coloring, will receive prompt and personal attention. A large variety ot Centers, Brackets, &c., con stantly on hand, and at liberal prices. Portland, March 25, 1873. mar26dtm L. B. DENNETT^ Counsellor ut Law, NO. 1 EXCHANGE STREET, PORTLAND. ME. janiO_ tf F. A C. B. NASH, NO. 172 AND 171 FORE STREET, POR.TLxk.NTX>, MAINE, Having bom appointed Agents for one of the argest Lead Manufactories in New England are ow prepared t« offer Sheet Lead and Lead Pipe, to th; trade at Bostm prices. de28tf GAS -* AND — WATER HXTURES J. KOSOTAN, No. 128 EXCHANGE STREET, PORTLAND, lm BUSINESS CARDS. HENRY F. T. MERRILL, COUNSELOR AT LAW, No. 30 Exchange St., Portland. Formerly of the U. S. Treasure Department anti Attorney in all the courts in the District of olumbia, will attend to the prosecution of lairas telure the Court of Claims and the various departments at Washington. octll-ti WM. M. MARKS Book, Card & Job Printer 109 EXCHANGE ST., (IiAILY PRESS PRINTING HOUSE.) Every Description of work promptly and carefully xecuted, and at the lowest prices. ap22 tc WM. L. SOUTHARD, N*. 5 Pemberton square.BmIod, Will Buy and Soil on COMMISSION REAL ESTATE, I.AND, STOCKS, A *—ALSO — Negotiate Lonna on Mortgage* and other Securities. REFERENCES: Fancuil Hall Nat. Bank. Hon. John P. Healey. Messrs. Tlios. Dana & Co. Hon. Isaac S. Morse. “ Harvey Scudder & Co. Hon. J. S. Abbott. “ Kemble & Hastings. Gen. J. S. Whitney. “ Utley & Boynton. Joseph Dix, Esq. “ JohnP. Squires & Co. R. A. Ballou, Esq. Sani’l B. Krogman, Esq. F. W. Pelton, Esq. feb8 eod&wtf CHARLES H. SMITH, JR,, LAWYER, Commissioner for Maine, and all the Stales, 318 Broadway, Room 6 & ?, New York. Experienced in taking testimony on commission. mar26 W&SSt ROSS & STURDIVANT, W HOLES ALE COAL DEALERS 179 Commercial 81., Portland. Sole agents in Maine for tlie sale and shipment of the Celebrated Coal mined by Messrs. Ham 'Jictt Neill & Co., of Philadelphia. We have also lor sale at lowest market price, Vilkesbarre, Scranton, Lackawanna, and Pittston Coals, shipped from the vicinity of New York. Ves sels procured for the tranportation of coals from port of shipment / any point desired. tfapr27 BUSINESS DIRECTORyT Agency for Sewing Machines. H . H. DYEB, No. 272 Middle St. All kinds of Machines for sale and to let* Repairing. 0 Bakers. IV. C. COBB, No.. 28 and :iO Penrl Street. On direct route between New Custom House aud Post Office, near the Market. Booksellers and Stationers. DOVT.FOGGSc BREED,No.91 Middle Street. Book Binders. WM. A. QUINCY, Room 11, Printer’s Exchange, No. Ill Exchange St. SMALL & SHACKFORD, No. 35 Plum Street. Carpenters and Builders. WHITNEl A MEAN8, Pearl Street, op. posite Park. Dentists. DR. W. R. JOHNSON, over H. H. Hay’.. Dye-House. P. SVMONDS, India St. Velvet Clank, dyed and finished. FOSTER’S Dye House, 24 Union Street.* Furniture—Wholesale and Retail. WALTER COREY A CO., Arcade, No. 18 Free Street. GEORGE A. WHITNEY, No. 56 Ex change St. Upholstering of nil kinds done to order. Furniture aud House Furnishing Goods. BEN J. ADAMS, cor. Exchange aud Fed eral Streets. HOOPER Ac EATON, Old Post Office, Exchange Street. L. F. HOYT, No. II Preble Street. Up holstering done to order. Furniture and Upholstering. DAVID IV. DEANE, No. 89 Federal St. All kinds of VJphols cringand Repairing done to order. Hair Goods and Toilet Articles. J. F. SHERRY, No. 9 Clapp’. Block Congress Street, opposite Old City Hall. Horse and Ox Shoeing Done in the best possible manner by S. YOUNG & CO., No. 100 Fore St. t Jan 2173 Jewelry and Fine Watches. ABNER LOWELL, 301 Congress Street. Agents for Howard Watch Company. Manufacturers of Trunks, Valises and Carpet-Bags. J. R. DURAN A CO., 171 Middle and 116 Federal Streets. Masons and Builders. N. E. BEDLON, 233 1-2 Congress St. Paper Hangings, Window Shades, and Carpetings. . LOTHROP,DEVEN8 A CO., 61 Exhnnge Srcet and 48 Market St. Photographers. A. S. DAYIS A CO., N.. 80 Middle Street. J. H. LAWSON, 132 Middle St., c.r. Cross. Plumbers. JAMES Mll.liER, No. 91 Federal Street. Every description of Water Fixtures ar ranged and set up in the best manner. Jobbing promptly attended to. Plasterer, Stucco Worker, &c. P. FEENY, Cor. Cumberland and Frank lin Sts. Ileal Estate Agents. JOHN C. PROCTER, No. 93 Exrhauge (Street. GEO. R. DAVIS A Co., No. 301 1-3 Con gress Street. Silver Smith and Gold and Silver Plater. 91. PEARSON, No. 99 Tempi. Si., Bear Congress. All kinds of Silver and Plated Ware Repaired. Silver and Plated Ware. ARNER LOWELL, 301 C»mm» Street. Schools. ENGLISH and FRENCH SCHOOL, 430 Congress Street. Stair Builder. R. P. LIBBF.Lo. 959 Fore Street, cor. Cross St., in Drleno’s Rill. G. Id. HOOPER A CO., Successors to Iiittlefleid Ac Wilson, Cor. York A Ha pie Streets. Watches, Jewelry, &c. J. W. A H. H. JRCDCFFKE, Cor. Riddle A Union Sts. GEO. A. WHITNEY & CO., MANUFACTURERS of and dealer in FURNITURE! MATTRESSES, FEATHERS, &c. No. 46, and over 43 A 44 Exchange St., PORTLAND, MAINE. UPHOLSTERING DONE TO ORDER, »prl_tl OUT OF THE FIRF. TIIE subscriber would respectfully announce that he is already organized in another Mill and ready to fill all orders for Bar Mills Oak as promptly as before the fire. B. €. JORDAN. v28dtt_ For Sale. The SEBAGO DYE HOUSE, No. 17 Plum St., is in good condition with all apparatus necess ity or the business. Apply to the proprietor at No. 33 Newbury street or to J REED, Brown’s Block, cor. Congress and Brown street. m eodtf WANTS, LOST, FOUND. Wanted. A SITUATION to do general house work by a Protestant Scotch girl haying good recomend a tion. Enquire for Miss B. Brown Commercial House, apr3*lw Found. A SAFE KEY. The owner can have the same by calling at the Press Office. ap2dlw Wanted. A SITUATION in the city of Portland, by a com petent APOTHECARY of 8 years experience. Address, L.E. CONNER; Caro J. E. WESSON, Worcester Mass. mch31dlw Found. A GOLD RING. The owner can hare the same by calling at this office and proving ,>roi>erty. mcli26 _ tf WANTED 1 COAT MAKERS AT CHESLET’S, mch25dtf 167 MIDDLE STREET. Wanted A BAKER and Cook at Alms House. Apply to J. W. MERRILL, mcli22dtiat Alms House, Lost. A T CITY HALL, on Friday evening, at the XJL Blues* Masquerade, part of a new Waterproof Cloak, seams stayed with white tape. Auother was left in place of the one taken, which the owner can have by calling at 143 Middle street with the one tak en through mistake. feb25 Cord Wood Choppers Wanted. GOOD CHANCE—SI PER CORD. CASH every Saturday. Good boarding places near and chance to camp out. Fare paid on railroad. Also Teams wanted to haul out wood. Refers to W. H. Turner, Supt. P. & K. R R., Port land. R. €. JORDAN, fcblSdtfBar mills. Wanted. A PLEASANT room on Spring St., or vicinity, furnished or unfurnished, without board. janlOtt Address BOX 1336. WING & SON’iS PIANOS! (Successors to DOANE, WING & CUSHING.) The American Piano. FIRST PREMIUMS. Illinois State Fair, 1870. Alabama State Fair, 1871. Ohio State Fair, 1871 & 1872. Texas State Fair, 1872. Numerous County Fairs. From Mr. Edward Hoffman, the eslebrated Piauist. “I conscientiously believe that your Piano Is in every respect a most magnijiceut instrument.** Form the uIndependent'* ‘•The Amer can Piano has deservedly become a very popular instrument.** Purchasers* testimonials from all parts of the U. S. WARRANTED SEVEN (7) YEARS Prices Low for the Quality. Responsible Agents wanted for unoccupied terri tory. In localities where agencies are not yet estab lished, urnil such are established, we will sell Pianos to the public at Factory Wholesale Prices. Send for circular to WOG & SON, 423 Broome St., New York. mch20 ly The Chicago, Danville & Yincennes RAILROAD COMPANY’S FIRST MORTGAGE BONDS ! Only 8400,000 remaining of the total issue of four millions. Parties desiring to invest in this choice security should make Immediate application. Interest 7 per cent, gold, payable April 1st and Oc tober 1st. Fall particulars furnished, on application in per son or by mail, to MESSRS. SWAN & BARRETT, HENRY M. PAYSON, PORTLAND, ME., or to W. B. SHATTUCK & CO., Bankers, 93 NASSAU STREET, NEW TORE, GENERAL AGENTS. moh26 d&wlm llo Per Cent. Gold Interest. 1st MORTGAGE SINKING FUND GOLD BONDS. Secured by mortgage on 6,000 acres of very valuable Coal and Iron Lands. Principal and Interest parable in GOLD COIV. For sale at prices that will pay over 111 per cent, in GOLD. Equal to 13 per cent, in currency. Call or send for Pamphlets, with maps and full particulars, that will satisfy the most cautious invest ors. THOS. P. EtLJS & CO., Bankers, mar22eod&wlm 14 Pine St., N. Y. Saw Glimmer & Sharpener. A CHEAP, simple, and durable Machine—easily operated and running wheels from 8x4 inches to 12 x lineb. Price of Machine, - - $15. Wheels which bevelled, double bevelled and round face horn $3.12 to §7.35, according to thick ness. Heavier Machines $70 and $90, run ning Wheels up to 24 inches In diameter. For illustrated Pamphlets or Photographs, address THE TANITE CO., StroudBhnrg, Monroe Co., Pa. SPECIAL NOTICE, All ot the TANITF, CO.’S good are direct ly made by the Co., at their own Factory and'mnder their own Patents and Processes. It is cheaper to buy Standard Goods directly from well known manufacturers than to buy of Dealers or get low priced or poor goods. The fullest informa tion on all poims connected with EMERY WHEELS AlKTO HlTVLffiRY GRINDINGr MACHINERY wdl be furnished by this Cempany. feb8eod3m Assessors’ Notice. TO the inhabitants of the Town ot Cape Elizabeth, and ill persons liable to bo assessed therein. No tice Is he eby given that the subscribers will bo in session at the Town House in said Town, on the 9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th days of April Inst., from 10 o’clock in the forenoon, till 5 o’clock in the afternoon, for tho purpose of receiving true and perfect lists of the Polls and all theestates. real and personal, not by law exempted from taxation, which such persons were possessed of in said town of Cape Elizabeth on tho 1st day of April inst; whi h lists they are requir ed to make and bring in. and he prepared to make oath to the truth of the same. ^ t i And any person who neglects to comply with this notice will be doomod in a tax accoiding to the laws of the State, and be Larred of the right to make ap plication to the County Commissioners for any abate ment of his taxes unless he shows that he was unable to offer such lists within the time hereby appointed. THOS. B. HASKELL, ) Assessors NATHAN R. DtfER, } of ELISHA A JORDAN,) Cape Elizabeth. Cape Elizabeth, March 29th, 18T3. aprldtd j GAS NOTICE. Orders for removal of obstruct ions in service pipes, if left at the Office in the Morning will be at tended to same day; if lelt late in the day, they may not receive at tention till next day. Argus and Advertiser copy. -_ y _Jan31dtf PIASTER. 500 w.assK.aff.REp.s price by KENDALL & WHITNEY. te TO LEI. Store to let. A SMALL STOKE in a good business location can be secured for *-'50 per annum. Possession given at once. Apply to _ . __ GEO. R. DAVIS & CO., Real Estate and Mortgage Brokers. mcb29 eod2w New Boarding House. THE Subscriber, having leased the new and com modion8 house, recently erected by Geo. R. Da vis & Co., up«»n the “Blanchard property,” 30* High St., takes pleasure in announcing to the jroblic that lie will about the first of April epen it for a first class boarding house. Rooms can be seen and frill particulars as to terms, &c., obtained, by calling at the house from 10 A. M. to 12 M., and from 2 until 5 P. M. upr3eodtf S. 8. KNIGrlT. To Let, HOUSE No. 7 State Street, 10 rooms, rent $400 per year. Inquire of Byron D. Terrill, or S. W. Robinson, 49J Exchange Street. ap3 tt Rooms to Let. TWO gentlemen and their wives and two or three single gentlemen can be accomodated with pleas ant rooms and board at No. 75 Free Street. apr2 d2w* To Let. A DESIRABLE Brick House, with French roof, centrally located and arranged expressly lor two families. Inquire of JOHN C. PROCTER, 83 Exchange street. ap2dlw WANTED TO LEI.—One half of a house con taining six rooms, with or without the furni ture, in the southwehterly part of the citv, in a good neighborhood, ten minutes walk from the Boston and Maiue Central Depots. Responsible persons de 8itlng a tenement are invited to call at No. 1 Salem Street, Portland, Me. nprl-lm To Let. ^ ONE OF THE BEST OFFICES ON EXCHANGE STREET. Enquire of GEO. A. WHITNEY & CO,. mar24tf No. 46 Exchange St. To Let. TWO very ploasant and desirable front rooms on Congress St., between High and Green Sts. Terms reasonable. Apply at lb8 Fore Street. marl2 tf To Let. TWO connect ed furnished rooms with board at 119 Cumberland cor. of Franklin Sts. feb21tf Quiet Board. A GENTLEMAN and Lady wishing a quiet homo can find pleasant rooms with board at No. 4 two single gentlemen can be accommodated also. jan7 STORE TO LET. A large brick store in the Rackleft Block, corner of Middle and Ceurcb streets—basement and first floor, eleganth finished and adapted to jobbing dry goods or other similar trade. Apply to ALLEN HAINES. septlldtf ~ EDUCATIONAL. Navigation School! A NAVIGATION SCHOOL will be opened at No. 15£ Exchange street, March 3d. to bo under the charge of Capt. Edward Breen and C. H. Farley. Instruction will be given every afternoon by Cant. Breen, and Monday and Friday evenings by C. H. Farley. The course will begin with decmal arithme tic, and well comprise Plane, Traverse. Parallel Mid dle Latitude sailing; the use of Logarithms: the use and ag istment of Nautical Instruments; Lalitudo by Sun and Stars, and Longitude bv Chronometer. Lunar observations will not be included in the course but will be taught if desire 1. The evening instruction will be given before the whole class, when the various problems involved in navigation will be worked out upon the black-board and illustrated by suitable diagrams and apparatus, and the use and adjustme it of instruments explain ed. Subjects collateral to uavigation such as Mete orolgy, Ocean Currents, &c., will also be introduced at the evening sessions. For terms, apply to C. H. Farley, No. 4 Exchange street. febl9tf Mass, institute, of Technology. Entrance Examinations June 2 and 3, and Oct. 1 and 2. For catalogue, recent entrance examination papers, or further inf rmation, apply to Prof. SAM UEL KNEELAND, Secretary, Boston, Mass. marlSdlm LADIES, Madam Healy’s Uterine Tonic Pills are now ready f r the general public. The many who have tried them will need no other notice. They are an invalnabie remedy for All Uterine Diseases. They cure PROLAPSUS UTERI, give tone to the muscles, and lift the organ into its proper position, and keep it there. They speedily cure Leucorhoea, Dysmenorrhoea and Menorrhagia. They are a spe cific for Stangury, a diuretie in Gravel They pro mote sleep, allay nervous excitability. Remove ster ility, and all female weaknesses. They are purely vegetable, pleasant to the taste, free from opiates and all injiirlous properties. Madam Heal* ’s Pamphlet for \YTomen is interesting and valuable. Sent free upon receipt of stamp for return postage, or can be found at Weeks & Potter's, 176 Tremont St., BOSTON. MADAM HE ALT’S LOTION, for ulceration and inflammation accompanies each box of Pills. Price of Pills and Lotion, $1.25 per box, or $6.00 a half dozen. Address all business let tors to Madam Healv, Box 337, Station A, Boston. For sale by WEEKS & POTTER, Boston, and all Druggists. ap4dly COPARTNERSHIP. THE undersigned has this day admitted A. & A. C. CHAPLIN, partners in the Ice Business. D. W. CLABK. Portland, April 1, 1873. ap3dlw D. W. CLARK & CO., DEALERS IN ICE, ICE HOUSE, MARKET ST., — AMD — 32 EXCHANGE ST., Pure Ice supplied for all purposes, and inanv quan tity, at the lowest rates. ap3dtf City of Portland. In Board of Mayor and Aldermen, 1 March 19, 1873. J Ordered, That the City Clerk give notice by publi cation in two daily papers, as required by law, to all parties interested in Sidewalks constructed the past year, that this Boa d, at some time and place to be fixed in said notice, will hear the parties aforesaid, and will thereafterwards proceed te establish the as sessments on said sidewalks, as follows, viz: B ram hall street, East side; Lewis street, East side; Brackett street, Southeast of Pine stroot; Pine street and Western Promenade. Read and passed. Attest; H. I. ROBINSON, City Clerk. City of Portland. City Clerk's Office, March 20,1873. Iu pursuance of the foregoing order, I hereby give notice that on MONDAY, the seventh day of April next, at seven and a half P. M., at the Aldermen’s Room, in the City Building, the Mayor and Aldermen will hear all parties interested in the assessments above referred to and will thereafterwards establish the same. H. I. RuBINSON, City Clerk. inch20 dtd L. C. JOHNSON & SON., —HAVING TAKEN TUB— REST A.TJ under the New City Building in Lewiston, for the term of five years, would now say to the public that wel nta d to keep a first-class place in every respect. Our Bl. of Fare shall be in keeping wi'b the Portland and Boston Markets. Those visiting Lewiston do not forget to call at Manufacturers’ and Merchants’ RESTAURANT, CITYBTJILDING, Pine Street, LEWISTON, NUINE. LEWIS C. JOHNSON, JOSEPH A. JOHNSON, Jan21 dlvnewe3m COTTON SEED MEAL! 2000 Bags Cotton Seed Meal —FOR SALE BY— KENDALL & WHITNEY, teb7 dtf Wr¥T Just received 15,000 BUSHELS PRIME YEL LOW CORN. - FOB SALE BY — WEBB Ar PBINNEY, 108 Commercial direct, inar26d2w Head of Merrill's Wharf TAT IT© SOUTHWARK CO’S English Writing, X-Ll Ink writes Black anil never fades. Sole bs _P® »*or U. 8.—Schekck Tag Co 05 Bookman 8t.,N. Y. martdta REAL ESTATE. Geo. R. Paris & Co ’§ BULLETIN. We are prepared to loan money in Hnmi from 9100 to any amount desired, on firm claa* mortngcH in Portland Cape Eliza beth, Westbrook, or Peering. Parties de sirous of building ran also beaccommoda ted with loans. GEO. R. DAVIS & CO„ Real Estate and Mortgage Brokers. sep24 tf For Sale in the Town of West brook. A FINE residence one-half mile from the Railroad Depots, Post-office, go->d Schools and Churches, six miles fr -m Portland; House and Ell two stories thirteen finished rooms, double parlors with marble mantles, and Stable connected—all in good repair, painted and blinded, Barn 40 x 60 on the premises; grounds contain 15$ asres, excellent land, well fenced, 30 apple and pear trees, $ acre choice strawberries, three good wells of water upon the place and good cistern in the cellar, cellar under whole House, fine cement bottom; grounds ornamented with fine shade trees. This is one of the finest resi dences in the county. Terms easy. Enquire of 3. R.

Davis & Co., Portland, or Otis Brown, Westbrook. mar21tf House on Cumberland Street Tor Sale. I^y The 21 story Hou^e No. 103 Cumberland ji street, pleasantly situated within five minutes* L walk or City Hall, containing Dlu ng Room and Kitchen finished in bard wood, suite of Parlors and Library finished in black walnut aud ash, highly pol ished (tw > marble mantles in Parlors), seven cham bers, bath room finished in hard wood. House fur ni bed with Furnace, Gas, Sebago water and all modern conveniences. Parlors, Library and Hall el egantly frescoed. All other room s well painted. Title perfect. $2500 can remain on mortg go for a term of years. Apply to GEO. R. D VVIS CO., Real Es tate and Morfgage Brokers, or to WM. DAVIS, Ticket Agent, Grand Trunk Depot. mch29dlm For Sale. IN Cape Elizabeth. House and land, from one to five acres, to suit purchaser; situated on the road between the North Congregational Church and Town House. For particulars enquire of Geo. R. Barston, on the premises. Also one House and lot at Point Village. For particula s enquire mi the premises of apr4eodtf JEDDIAH LOVIETT. House at Morrill’s Corner, Ueer ing, for Sale. on ilie line of the horse R. R., can bo purchas ed a low figure, and on easy terms of payment. Apply to GEO. R. DAviS & CO., Real Estate & Mortgage Brokers. Argus and Advertiser copy. mar29 eod2w For Sale. A DESIRABLE residence at East Dcoring. A two story dwelling House, addition and stable, abundance of hard ana soft water, together with about three acres of land. Irquire of JOHN C. PROCTER. ap2d3w 93 Exchange street. Valuable Real Estate for Sale. I Farm in Harpswell, 60 acres, 400 cords wood, orchard in bearing, price.$3000 1 Farm in Freeport, 100 acres, price. 5000 1 Farm in Brunswick, 10 > acres, price. 3600 1 House with 3 acres land in Brunswick village, 1600 Enquire of T1IOS. W. EATON, mchUd&wlmBRUNSWICK. FOR SAFE. A LOT of vacant land, situated on the west side of High, between Pleasant and Danforth, Sts. This lot has a front of about 61 feet an'* is about 194 feet deep, and plans have been drawn by How, for a block of seven or nin.- genteel and convenient resi dences, and adapted for the same. Enquire of EDWIN CHURCHILL, No. 4 Portland Pier, mar28 From 12 to 2 o’clock, P. M. Beal Estate. FOR Sale, or lease lor a term of years, the proper ty belonging to the estate of Francis O. Libby, and formerly occupied by him on the corner of Free and High Streets. HARRISON J. LIBBY,) FRANK W. LIBBY, f AUm r*' mar24 tf Farm for Sale or Exchange. A superior Hay Farm in the town of Deering, three and a half miles from Portland. This iarm contains about 65 acres 1 ‘ofexcellent moving land, “cut 60 tons oi nay la^t season.” Good orchard near the house. Buildings consist of a two-story and a one-story house, a new barn 40x80. with other out-buildings. Also, farming tools. Part ot the purchase money can lay on a mortgage, or will be exchanged for a house in the city, or a peii-e of a vessel. For further particulars enquire of GEORGE SMITH, No. 13 Boyd St.marlOtf For Sale. HOUSE No. 45 Melbourne Street, head of North Street; said house is one of the best locations on the street, tine neighbourhood; consists of a two story frame house and ell contains 12 rooms, con venient for two families or noe, seven years old, two minuets walk from horse cars; will be sold at a very reasonabi price within thirty days. For particulars inquire at M. N. NEAL’S. 327 Congress Street. Portland. marl7ulm The “Limerick House,” FOR SALE The sno.-criber offers ror sale his Hotel proj rty in Limerick Village, York County. The house has 22 rooms all in good repair, with shed and two large stables adjoining: ,two wells of water on the premises, and every convenience for a first-class Hotel. The “Limerick House” is well situated for securing liberal patronage. Enquire further of the owner, JOSEPH G. HARMON, marl3dtf Limerick, Me. Real Estate for Sale. HOUSE AND LOT NO. 76 STATE ST., Lot contains 31,000 feet of land, with fine iult gar den, cold, grapery, etc. Apply to *W‘ H. FESSENDEN, marftf 215 Commercial Street. For Sale. THE house on State Street, occupied by the un dersigned. This house is thoroughly built oi brick and stone and has all modern conveniences. ALLEN HAINES. Portland, Sep. 18th, 1872. sepl9-tf St. Lawrence House. For Sale or To Let, 40 Rooms, Gas and Sebago water. Apply to E. H. GILLESPIE, sepl3-tfNo. 31 Plum St. FOR SALE ! House No. 24 Emery St., head ol Cushman Street. ESaid house is one of the best locations on on the street; tine neighborhood. Consists of two story framed House and ell. containing t<n highly finished rooms; painted walls throughout; gas; good cellar and heated by furnace; large brick cis tern, filtered; well drained. One of the most desi rable and convenient houses in the city; close to Spring street line of cars; can be seen from 3 to 5 P. M. Terms easy. Enquire on the premises. June 19.dtt FOR SALE! TEBBETS" HOUSE, SPRINGVALE. WILL BE SOLD CHEAP! As the owner wants to go West. Jan31 SAMUEL D. TEBBETS. STATE OF MAINE. Adjutant General’s Office, I Augusta, Mar. 29, 1873. / SEALED proposals, In writing, will be received at this office, for furnishing for use of the Militia oi this State, the following named arlicl. s, viz: 500 Uniform Coats for Inf entry. 100 Uniform Coats for Ar.illery. 500 pairs Pants for Infantry. 100 pa rs Pants for Arti lery. 500 Caps for Infantry. 100 Caps for Artillery. 1U0 Helmets for Light Artilery. 600 Overcoats, Cavaiery style. The price of each article muBt be stated, and each must he made according to sample at this office. A right to accept a part of any proposal Is reserved. The articles must bo delivered when called for, but none will be accepted unless approved by the Inspect or General. Envelopes containing proposals should he marked on the outside, “Proposals tor furnishing Uniforms,” aDd to be ontltled to consideration must be received on or before the fifteenth day of April next. B. B. MURRAY, .Te., ap2dlwActing Quartermaster General. PROPOSALS For furnishing Rations aud Shin Chandlery lor fj. S. Revenue Vessels. Collectors Office, March 29,1873. SEALED proposals will be received at this ofilet until 12 o’clock noon of Saturday the 26th day ol April next, for supplying rations anil ship chandler! for the use of the crews and vessels of the tlnitei: State Reven e Marine Service in this Collection Dis tnct, for the fiscal year ending 30th June. 1874. Schedules of the articles of ship chandlery to bt bid for will be furnished on application at this office. The Government reserves the right to reject any oi all bids. mar316tI. WASHBURN, JR- Collector. City ot Portland. City Cluik’s Office, March 21,1873. UPON the petition of Sise & Nevens for permis sion to remove their stationary steam engine in Btore No. 176 Fore street to store No. 178 Fore street notice is hereby given that on MONDAY, the 7th daj of April next, at 74 o’clock P. M., at the Aldermen'i room in the ity Building, a hearing will be had o all parties interested in said petition. Per order, H. I. ROBINSON, City Clerk. roch22 dtd JOU PBINTINO neatly executed at tbl office. MISCELLANEOUS. Eastman Brothers WILL OFFER On Monday, March 24th, NEW DRESS WOODS ADAPTED TO T £1E SEA-SOIST. — ALSO — BLACK GOODS! Brillianteen from 50c. to $1.50. Alpacca from - 25c. to 1.00. Cashmere, Cretonne, Thibet, Henrietta and Coburg IN VARIOUS QUALITIES, Special Bargains — IN — White Goods and Table Linen, Napkins, Doylies, Towels, &c. SPRING “WOOLENS — FOR — MEW AWD BOYS. Print,Cambric & Ginghams A large variety of CHOICE NEW DESIGNS Eastman Brothers, 332 Congress Street. meh22 dtf J>Al>x CAKKlAljEJS Ask for Whitney’s Patent St> in? Carrirge. Every one marked patented. All otnery are immitations. These Carriages cannot be tipp -d over. Every Car riage watranted not break. Having been in the Baby Carriago business for the past 18 a ears, we are confident that wo understand our business, and know whoso carriages are the best. WHOLESALE AND RETAIL At the Lowest Prices by €. BAY, JR. & CO., 94 Exchange St. apr4 eod3w Dissolution of Copartnership. NOTICE is fiereby given thrt the firm of RAN DALL, McALLISTER & CO., is hereby dis solved by mutual consent. JOHN F. RANDALL. HENRY F. McALLISTER, EDWARD H. SARGENT. Portland, March 27, 1873. Copartnership Notice. THE undersigned have this day formed a copart nership under the name of RANDALL & McALISTER, and will continue the business of dealers in COAL & WOOD 'at the old stand ot the late firm of RANDALL, McALLISTER & CO., 60 Commercial St. They will settle all demands of the late firm of Randall, McAllister A Co. JOHN F. RANDALL, HENRY, F. McALLISTER. Poortland, March 27th, 1873. mar29dtf To Steamship Builders. Proposals for building a Steam Propeller for the U. 8. Revenue Marine. Treasury Department, 1 Washington, D. C., March 29,1873. J SEALED Proposals will be received by the under signed until twelve o’clock M. of Utonda? the 19th day of May. 1873, for the construction of a Steam Propeller for service in the United States Revenue Marine. Plans and specifications of the same, together with all other nece sary information, will be furnished to bidders on api>lica>ion to the Collectors of Customs at Baltimore, Philadelphia, New York, Boston, and Portland, Me. The right is reserved to reject any or all bids should it be deemed for the interest of the Government so to do. WM. A. RICHARDSON, Secretary qf the Treasury. To Steamship Builders. Proposals for buildiug a Steam Propeller for the V. S. Berenne Marine. Treasury Department. I Washington, D. C., March 29, 1873.) SEALED Proposals will be received by tbe under signed until twelve o’clock M. of Thursday, the 15th day of May, 1873, tor the construc tion of a Steam Propeller for service in the United Spates Revenue Marine. Plans and specifications of the same, together with all other necessary information, will be furnished to biddei s on application to the Collectors of Customs at Baltimore, Philadelphia. New York, Boston, and Portland, Me. The right is reserved to reject any or all bids should It be deemed for the interest of the Government so to do. WM. A. RICHARDSON, Secretary of the Treasury. apr4 2aw&may3&7 A. S'. LYMAW’S Patent Pure Dry Air Refrigerator The best and Only Reliable One In the Market. IT is indispensable to Butchers, Provision dealers. Hotel Keepers, Grocers and Restaurants. Will Bave more than its cost overv Summer. Butchers who use it, in its best form, will soon find tbeirmeats recommended by their customers. The internal ar rangement is such that a current ot cold air Is kept constantly moving over the contents of the Refriger ator. The Patent upon this has been fully tested in tne U. S. Courts and its validity established in eigh teen cases. „ . . For LICENSE, RIGHTS, «Stc., apply to SCOTT D. JORDAN, A«KNT FOB MAINE, No. 2 Park Street or No. 80 Kiddle St., to whf m all applications should be made, and who has full power to settle infringements, mchleodtf Notice. HAVING purchased the Stock in trado of Covell Bros., 109 Oxford Street I shall kocp a good sup wly of Groceries and Provisions, which will be sold at the lowest market prices. Hopsng for a com inuance of the patronage heretofore bestowed on the above firm. I pledge my honest endeavors to dea. fairly with all who shall give me a call. Portland, April 1st, 1873. J’ F' NORTON Having sold our stock in trade at 109 Oxford Street, to J. F. Norton, we hereby reccomm nd him to our former patrons and friends, thanking them at the same time for their patronage anti hoping ourBuccea sor will receive the same. We shall continue at the above place for a tow weeks where we request all in debted to ub to make immediate payment, and all bills against ns will be promptly sen led. i, a, - a a COVELL BROS. Portlana, April lBt, 1873. apr3U3t* Sanford’s Improved Refrigerators. rbe three points of excellence which I claim, are 1st, constant and thorough circulattou of pure air; 2nd; ryness, no dampness mould nor taint; 3rd; no inte mingling of odors; purity aud active air, the elements of Its success. Call, or send foT circulars Manufactured and for sale by J. F. MERRILL, be tweeu Cross and Cotton sts., near Leavitt, Burnham & Co.s Ice House. Portland, Me. jeSdtf Copartnership Notice. MR. FRANKLIN FOX retires from tho firm of FLETCHER & I O. this dav. The undersigned will continue the business under the 6ame name as heretofore. J H FLETCHER. April 1, 1873. EDWARD TOMLINSON. Piano Tuning. Orders attended to personally by UD. B. ROBINSON, Piano Booms, 3 Cnhoou Block. (Opposite City Hali.) mar28-d3m. WOOD l WOOD HARD and SOFT WOOD for sale at No. i3 Ids coin street. Also Dry Edgings, WM. HUSE. T' H R PBES S. SATURDAY MOBMSG, ARP. 5, 1878 Gossip and Gleanings. “The wife’ secret”—her opinion of her husband. At muslcke‘8 sacred sounds my fansles eft bcgnnno In concurdc8, discordes, notes and cliffes, In tunes of anlsoDnc- _ -Oa,coi3ne. We state our experience, and then we come to a manly resolution of.acting in contradic tion to it.—Burke. Charles Cowden Clarke has a two volume work on “The Comic Writers of England ’ in press. It is very justly as well as frequently ob served that if our nation be ever mined it must be by itself.—Addison. A new Erckmann-Chatriau novel, “The Brothers Rantzan; A Story of the Vosges,” is just published abroad. Is there any reason why the name “lapdog” should be monopolized by any particular breed of canines? Don’t they all drink that way? Theology is but a science of mind applied to God. As schools change, theology must necessarily change. Truth is everlasting, but our ideas of truth are not. Theology is but our idea of truth classified and arranged. —Beecher. A Germantown family has a cat that drinks tea and coffee. He is very fastidious as to the quality of his young Hyson and Old Government Java. He takes them both “straight,” refusing anything in the shape of “trimmings.” Thieves break in and steal in the Cincinnati station house to such an extent that the po 1,______I.A — ••••>« |-V1»»VVIJ HUJ VIUVO v/X VIU1WUVO iVILj and the authorities think of engaging a pri vate watchman. But one man has been arrested thus far on suspicion of being Roscoe, the murderer of Charles Goodrich. A dozen men at the very least should have been arrested and discharg ed by this time. The Executive Mansion of Missouri is said to be so filled with electricity that every one who enters it is terribly shocked. The phe nomenon is attributed to the over-charging of the architect who built it. The veteran historian, Leopard Ranke of Berlin, announces as nearly ready for publi cation a selection of the correspondence be tween Bunsen and the late king of Prussia, Frederick William IV. The death is announced of the singer Isa bella Fabbrica. She was bom at Milan, and Donizetti and Mercadante, among others, wrote several operas for her. This once cele brated prima donna died at Lisbon, where she has resided for some years past. A clergyman in Chicago, in discoursing on capital punishment last Sunday, expressed the opinion that if the gallows is so effective in preparing criminals for heaven as it ap pears to be, it should be used with increased vigor as a means of grace. Boston's burnt district is to be rebuilt on a plan peculiarly appropriate for the “Hub”, namely, after the pattern of a wheel, with straight streets radiating like spokes from a common centre, and a curved avenue at the periphery, in which fellows may circle till they are tired.—Rochester Democrat. A German printer named Conrad Lutz, now living at Burlington, Iowa, has received official information that he has been drafted into the Wurtemburg landwehr. Inasmuch as he left Germany when two years old, a contemporary intimates that he intends re maining in the landwher he is. “Chocolate has a nutty taste, but is heavy. Coflee is heating, but has a fine, serious fla vor in it. We used to prefer it at all times, but tea has become preferable to the medita tive state of our digestion. How the Chin ese came to invent it, as Sancho would say, we do not know; but it is the most ingenious, humane, and poetical of their discoveries. It is their epic poem.”—Leigh Hunt Another Wisconsin man has fallen a victim to the law which allows a woman to procure a policy of assurance on her husband’s life. The companies remark that under the pres ent mixed condition of chemical expert testi monv it would be throwing good money after bad to dispute the claim, although they know where she bought the strychnine. For take thv ballaunce, If thou be so wise, And weigh the wind that under heaven doth blow, Or weigh the light that in east doth rise; Or weigh the thought that from man’s mind doth flow But if the weight of these thou canst not show Weigh but one word which from thy lips doth tall; For how canst thou those greater secrets know. That doest not know the least thing of them all? Ill can he rule the great that cannot reach the small. —Spenser. The Macoupin (111.) Inquirer says that a f'rnnn/a nnnnln ttAilvin larlxr xrltA ta ftQfl _ 000. recently refused to marry a clergyman because she thought she was unfit to be the wife ot a minister. He then abandoned his sacred calling, and proposed again. The sec ond time she declined his offer, on the ground that she was too good to marry a man who would throw away his clerical robes to win a woman’s hand. The late Henry Thomas Bucke, author of “The History of Civilization,” made a point of acquainting himself with the chief lan guages of Europe, but he could not have ac quired much conversational facility. Trav elling once in a railway carriage in Holland, he ventured to address a fellow traveller in Dutch, who after a time explained that he was sorry he did not understand Italian. The infant son of Mr. Charles Allen Per kins and the Princess Isabella de Bourbon, niece of the ex-Queen of Spam, was baptised in Paris on the 18th inst. Queen Isabella and Prince Alphonso, the sponsors, were rep resented by Count Gurowski, and the gather ing of Spanish noble3 and American sover eigns was very large. The infant is very high-toned, and seemed very unhappy at the font when “Perkins” was said by the officia ting clergyman. A wide white field, unbroken drifted mow, The frequent printing of the rabbit’s foot Its only spot; beside the twisted root Or old gray willows, whose bare boughs hang low Above a frozen stream, begin to peer The pale green blades of April’s earliest grass In sunny shelter of the tree, where pass Already soft, wet winds; and faint and clear Coue’s the first robin’s call from leafless sprays Where a few scarlet berries linger still; And though the pinetrce, standing on the hill, Casts a long shade at noon, yet lengthening days And warmer sun gives promise of the Spring. Of glad green boughs, and brown buds blossoming Recent Publications. Van Nostrand’s for April includes between iti flaming covers the usual amount of informa tion interesting to the engineer. As th( name of this magazine implies its contents are eclectic, consisting of articles selected ant matter condensed from all the Engineerin' Serial Publications of Europe and America together with original articles. This numbei opens with a continuation of the essay or 1 he Stresses of Rigid Arches, Continuous Beams, and Curved Structures” accompanied by numerous diagrams. There are two artl cles on Building Stones, the latter of which originally published in the tfoston Daily Ad vertiser, gives the result of experiments by the writer on various natural and artificial va rletles of buiiding stone; he arrives at the conclusion that the best nat ural stone is the Seneca brown-stone; this however is inferior to the Coignet an ar tificial stone, cognate but superior to th Portland cement which stands next on the list Narrow gauge railroads are discussed in an article entitled “Featiniog as a Type-’ giving an interesting description of this famous Welch railroad. There are five articles on iron industries, in eres ing especially to mechanical engineers ; arVcles on the “Gunpowder problem” and Heavy Guns at Sea,” and one on a subject that should receive more attention, the “Archilecture of Music Halls.” “Tlie 0rJ nance Survey of Great Britain” shows the minuteness with which our English cousins are mapping out their little island. D. Van Nostrand. Publisher, 23 Murray St. New York. A Book of Epitaphs; Compiled by Charles Nonhead. This exceedingly curious little volume con tains a great number of quaint, singular, and in many cases, comical epitaphs—copied from actual tomb-stones in various localities. It affords much room for thought to note the different styles In which these epitaphs are written; some expressing the egotism or mis anthrophy of their writers, others expressing in rude language the sincere feeling of sor rowing survivors, and others setting forth with extreme candor the faults and failings of their subject in unflattering terms. As the compiler hints, in his preface, the perusal of some of these epitaphs may lead to a more thoughtful and appropriate selection of monu mental sentences; and, with this view, a few pages at the end of the volume contain some tastefully selected inscriptions. Published by G. W. Carleton, N. Y. For sale by Loring, Short and Harmon, liife of Samacl J. Bay. This volume gives the history of the emi nent philanthropist and clergyman, carefully compiled by three of his especial Meads, Messrs. George B. Emerson, Samuel May and Thomas J. Mumford; to the latter of whom the literary part of the work is chiefly due. A. part oi the book is an autobiography, and the remainder is largely made up of notes from Mr. May’s diary, extracts from his let ters, and of anecdotes illustrative of his sin gular wisdom, force and purity of character. For the great anti-slavery cause—which was crowned by the honored bands of President Lincoln, when he signed bis noble and im mortal Emancipation act—the zeal and en ergy of Mr. May were untiring. His me moirs also contain much that is of interest, of a more personal kind, in connection with his social relations, and the many prominent men who were his friends. The task of edit ing the book is done with taste, judgment and solicitous affection. Published by Roberts Bros. For sale by Loring, Short & Harmon. We have received, from Messrs. Loring, Short and Harmon, “Mark Gildersleeve;’’ a novel by John S. Sauzade. As a work of fiction it has average interest and merit, and is well hound and printed. Published by G. W. Carletcn and Co., N. Y. Ml™ Leslie’s New Cask Beak. A Com plete Manaul of Dameslie Cookery is ■11 its kraackea. By Mi™ Leslie, aatkor of “Tfce Ladies’ Guide lo True Polite ness aad Perfect Mausers,” “Ml™ Les lie’s New Beceipts for Cooktop,” etc. Pkiladelpkia; T. B. Peterson A Break ers. Miss Leslie's New Cook Book contains near one thousand receipts not published in any of her other works, and is accompanied by a well-arranged index, by which any de sired receipt may be turned to at once. The receipts are tor cookiDg all kinds of meats, p mltry, game, pies, vegetables, etc., with di rections for plain and fancy cakes, sweet meats, desserts, pickles, preparations for the sick, and miscellaneous receipts. Miss Les lie has acquired great reputation among housekeepers for the excellence of her works on Cookery, and this volume will enhance it. By its aid the young and inexperienced are brought nearly on a footing with those who have seen service in the culinary depart ment, and by having it at hand are rendered tolerably independent of help, which some times becomes very refractory. The best regulated families are occasionally taken a little by surprise, by the untimely stepping in of a friend to dinner—to such, Miss Leslie’s new cook book is a friend indeed, ready as it is with instructions for the hasty production of various substitutes to serve in place of meals which require timely and elaborate preparation. It is issued in a large duodeci mo" volume of near 700 pages, bound in mo rocco cloth, full gilt back, and is sold by all booksellers at the low price of $1.75; or copies will be sent by mail, to any place, post-paid, by the publishers, on receipt of $1.75 in a let ter to them. Pav-Slar at Bnbel; aad OSn.-Br Baker* Bur tan Rodaer* C, S. N. The first composition in this volume, which gives it its title, is apparently an egotistical attempt to convey certain personalities in the form of a very clumsy, veiled satire. What its point is—if indeed there be such—we con fess we do not at all know. Perhaps the con fnoirvn frtn mmo m i rtVi ♦ tlamaml a ananta. ponding confusion of ideas—but In a careful reading of the book, we see no indications of ideas at all. We might have been led to re gard it as the chaotic elements of the English vocabulary, except that some of the words employed would scarcely find admittance into any good dictionary. Irreverence, coarse ness, lack of ordinary good sense, constant display of ignorance of the common rules of prosody and accent, and the most arbitrary and extraordinary use of language—are the characteristics of the volume. The most charitable supposition that can be made Is that the author—to quote his own words was not “hatted from the solar singe,” and that his lucubrations are the result of n ental aberration, induced by a sunstroke. Hay ing given our verdict of “emotional Insanity” we recommend the book to the mercy of the public. Published by D. Yan Nostrand, N. Y. JI1RCELLANEOCS NOTICN. |^“The American House, Boston, is one of the largest and best hotels in the country, and its extensive patronage by travellers from all sections proves that its superior advantages are widely kuown.__ Thb Purest and Sweetest Cod-Liver Oil is Hazard S Caswell’s, made on the sea shore, from fresh selected livers, by Caswell, Hazard & Co., New York. It is absolutely pure and tweet. Patients who have once taken it prefer it to all others. Physicians have decided it su perior to any of the other oils in market mar21-4wt What did rr?—is no longer the question since the introduction of Centaur Liniment. When we meet an old friend who has been shelved with rheumatism, or see a person man gled underneath a rail car, and restored to shape and comeliness, we now kuow that it is the Centaur Liniment that does the *or*- ® other article did perform such miracles, is no swelling it will not soften, no pain 1 not soothe, or lameness it will not cure. Children cby—for Pitchers Cssto^ ^ regulates the stomach, cures^ for causes natural sleep apr3-eodlw&wlt I castor oil. _ , „ the influence for toning and stlm go great is ,vstem, of BmoliNDEb’Z renewed energy and fresh vigor .is BCC .id throughout the whole nerve fabric, Tsuch maladies as affect the kidneys blzd „_d ci»nds, as well as mental and physical .fhimv diabetes, gravel, loss of vigor and fu made complaints are promptly expelled by thiz I “liable vegetable medicine. aprl-eodlw

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