Newspaper of Portland Daily Press, April 7, 1873, Page 2

Newspaper of Portland Daily Press dated April 7, 1873 Page 2
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T HEPRE8S. MONDAY MORNING, APRIL 7. 1873. v;v .uv re ulaf attacks of the Press Is ftiTnJshci wi!0 a curd certificate coantereipie 1 by Stanley T. I'u’lou, Editor. All railway, steamboat and bote managers will confer a favor upon us by demanding cred ntials of every person claiming to represent our Jour al, as we have information that several “buni mers” are seeking courtesies in the name of too 1*15 : and wc have no disposition to be, oven PtU s wiy, a party to such fraud. .< : ,lo not read anonymous Jotter, ™a call.,.-. I he name and address of“°” all -erindtope ab e, n„< necessarily for publication but is a guaranty of good faith. w cannot undertake to return or ,re «vc com muiiieationfi that are not useu. state OF MAINE. 55V TSHJ OOVKBIYOR, A PROC Ir AMAT IO N. In humble rocognilinn of our dependence upon Almighty God, who h s so graciously remembered us in the abundance of His loving kindness and tender mercies, I do, with the advice of the Exocutive Coun cil, appoint Thursday, tiie Seventeenth day of Aphid Next, ab a day of public Fasting, Humilia tion and Prayer, and recommend its approptlate ob servance by all the people of the State. Consecrat ing tlie day to prayer and supplication, that we may be strengthened in all upright purposes and every nubia endeavor, and mindful of those whom misfor tune and sorrow have made deserving our kindly sympathies, let us not forget those acts of charity and gooil will which give to life its highest joy, and lift tlio thought* in holy communication with the Great Giver of all good. “Is not this tho Fast that I have chosen ? to loose tho bonds of wickedness, to undo the heavy burdens, and i o let tho oppressed go free, and that yo break every yoke? Is it not to deal thy bread to tlie hun gry, and that thou bring the poor that are cast out, to thy house?” e.iven at tho Council Chamber, in Augusta, this twenti -fifth day ol March, in the year of our Do id one housand eight hundred and seveuty threo’ aud of the Independence of (lie United States of America (he ninety-seventh. SIDNEY VER1IAM. Dy tho Governor. Geobge G. Stacy, Secretary of State. R3-Valuation of the City. There is unquestionably a general desire on the part of property-holders and tax-pay ers for a re-valuation of the city of Portland. As ten years or more have passed since such a valuation as that term implies has been made, there is every reason, in view of the important changes that have taken place in that irae, for a thorough and systematic revision. But while all agree as to the importance of a re valuation, there will doubtless be a consider able diversity of opinion as to the best policy to be pursued to secure such an appraisement of property as shall be most equitable. • One of the plans suggested is to secure the services of a competent commission selected from other localities. At first, fhomrht this might appear to be the wiser course as such a commission would he supposed to be most impartial and beyond the influence of local prejudice. On the other hand this system would be open to the vety serious objection that being wholly unacquainted with the rel ative value of property in different localities, growing out of a score of circum-tances that none but those who have. resided in the city can properly understand, the commissioners must rely upon the statements of property holders or consult the present assessors a? to relative values. In the former case the parly who had the best advocate would he quite likely to get the best favorable valuation, while in the second, if the assessors are to be con stantly consulted and their judgment ac cepted,it would appear that a foieigu commis sion would be superfluous as well as expen sive. Another plau has been suggested and will, we undeistand, be submitted by Mayor Wes cott to the city council as a basis for the con sideration of the whole subject. Briefly stat ed, this proposition is to have a careful valua tion made by the city assessors. Iu connec tion with it, and as a basis of operations, the city engineer is to make a complete chart of the city in sections which, when completed, will comprise one hundred and fifty sheets, about twenty inches square, so as to be easi ly referred to. In connection with this plan the assessors are to re-number the streets, both the lots upon which there are buildings and those unoccupied,-giving each fiontage of twenty feet on a street a number, as far as practicable, according to the existing ordi nance of the city. In making the valuation this proposition looks to a careful examina tion into the value of the property in all parts of the city with due allowance for location and other matters that should enter into a correct and equitable valuation of the real es tate thereof. Several reasons are urged in favor of the last proposition. Its advocates say that it will be much less expensive, and, judgin'! from the valuation once niade by commissioners, more pquitable to property ho ders, and cau be more carefully and thor oughly performed. Aa Autocratic Mayor. It appears from the Portsmouth Chronicle that that city is blessed with a mayor who not only dares to take responsibilities, but as sumes to revoke the will of majorities, and if allowed to go on is iu a fair way to ignore the city charter. Not long since Mayor Marvin while presiding over the Board of Aldermen, refused to put a motion to proceed to elect committees, claiming for himsell full power in the matter. One bcfld alderman appealed from the decision of the Mayor, and the vote on the appeal stood two in favor of sustaining the decision of the Mayor and four agiiust it, hut ‘‘His Worship” declared three against him and two in his favor, and then added his own vole in favor of his own decision declar ing it sustaiued. If this ruling c f Mayor Mar vin ol Portsmouth is to be hereafter acknowl edged as a precedent, and so quoted we are on the eve ol a revolution the result of which no one would dare to pred ct. But we rather think that this novel achievement will end witu its not over modest author s first year. This action of Marvin reminds us ofa scene that occurred once in the Senate of this Slate where the parties were equally divided. The President was a Democrat, and upon a mo tion being made for adjournment the vote stood eight to eight, the President himself constituting one ot the eight that voted for adjournment. The vote being equal the neg atives had it, but the President said it was a tie vote and he should vote in the affirmative, which he did and declared the Senate adjourn, ed. The Democratic members—among whom was the late ex Gov. Dunlap, s iw the illegali ty of the vote and,upon a protest from Senator Klugsberry, declined to leave their seats. Af ter some fifteen or twenty minutes sparring between the members another motion was of fered by one of t ic opposition Stnaiors to a - joum. This motion the Piesident put, al though he hud previously declared the Senate adjourned, and it was adopted nem con. and the members left their sea's. This occurred when the Legislature met in Portland in 1830. As on a tic vote the negatives have it, the first appeal made from the decision of the President was sustained, the vote standing eight to eight. Tiie next day another appeal was made from his decision, but the worthy PresAent had got his lesson, and instead of pulling the question of appeal in the parlia tnen ary way, “Shall the decision of the chair stand as the judgment of the Senate,” ho put , .11 this original way ..Is the dccisio,i of the chair incorrect?” ti,:, the question would placeafifiu tLnlls^ihf negative, and of -course give them the vote Notwithstanding the objections made to tl •’ back handed way of putting the question the President insisted upon this style, and throughout 'he session an appeal from'his de cision was always put in that way. A Washington clerk, a native of Maine, opposes woman suffrage in the Camden Unt old. Has “Noel Byron” been beaten in i competitive examination for promotion b■ some aspiring lady who has proved to be bet ter qualified that lie concludes that no womat can be safely allowed to vote ? The citation of authority on Easements bj a correspondentAoes not cover the case t( which he refers. We suggest that he lool further as the subject seems familiar to him The Levant Times, a journal pushed1 at Constantinople in ^ l^n^na^es "ivcs an account o* . . language , . . d tor final decision to S'ttrSSS-*'"* •"« »• j “«™l ' * Constantinople. Tbe 1 CMC Carver and Gill vs. Enam Bey, had been j pCnd’ing (or tlie last eight years and finally as sumed a diplomatic character. It was a claim for a large sum of money arising out of cot ton contracts. H. B. M. Government nominat ed Sir. riiilip Francis, Judge of the Supreme Consular-Court, as arbitrator in behalf ot the Englishmen and the Egyptian Government appointed Signor Guiseppe Mori undo, It alian Cousul-Judgc. Mr. T. Nasmyth and Signor Magnola conducted the case on the part of the British Government, and a M. Daham from Egypt appeared for Enani Bey. The ar bitrators not agreeing—M. Moriundo finding that Enani Bey owed nothing to Messrs. Car ver and Gill and Sir Philip Francis finding ; that the Bey owed that firm upwards of j £30,000—Mr. Goodenow, was called in as ■ umnirc, and he has given his decision iu favor I of the plaintiffs, awarding them within a few I hundred pounds of the amount adjudged by i the British arbitrator. Though the name of the E yptian Government appeared in the case, i ;t ivas the opinion of the arbitrators that no j blame attached to that Government, and no damages were awarded in respect of their conduct in connection with the matter. So reasonable and satisfactory were Mr. Gooderiow s conclusions in the matter he has received the thanks of the British minister and of the representative of the Egyptian Government. The cordial respect which he has attracted to himself in diplomatic circles by his judicious decision in this case, which was of very general jnterest from its impor tant connections and surroundings, will do much to increase his standing and efficiency as a representative of our g vernment. We have a letter from Bangor signed ‘“Agent” in which the writer says that he is t'le agent referred to in the “petty swindle” exposure. He says that he always explains to women the restrictions in the accident ticket contract as applied to them and that in the particular case cited by Mrs. Campbell, “had 'he writer of the article (letter) in ques tion deferred speaking until the transaction was quite concluded, instead ot just begun, she might have rejoiced in the knowledge | that all men are not petty swindlers.’’ We are, of course, very willing to give his sta'e ment, for what it is worth, in the way of per sonal exoneration, although he does not give his uame and we are not certain who he is. If he be the young gentleman who was en gaged in that business at Bangor last winter wo are confident he would not do intentional j wrong. J.3T one oi our commercial ciues no' many months since a wealthy merchant died and the pastor ot his church paid him a glowing eulo gy, portraying him in such saintly hues that one was driven to the conclusion that the good man was snatched away from this wicked world to preserve him from contami nation. The profane reader of the newspa pers was greatly astonished to learn that this conspicuously good man unfortunately bore the-same name that had long appeared In an alleged suit as defendant, charged with mak ing fraudulent custom house entries thereby defrauding the government of a cool qukrter ot a million—a charge that was fully estab-' lished in court. It is a curious qpincidence. __.___i—-X All the Republican papers of New York express their deci Jed hostility to the charter for that city as passed by the Senate. Toe Times says it is not the move of the custom house or Tom Murphy to retain Hank Smith & Co. who ate really the Republican mem bers of the Tweed ring. That paper says this objectionable feature is the work of a “well-known veteran,” evidently referring td Tliurio ,v Weed. Our Portland (Me.) exchanges bring us a lengthy and glowing account of the public reception tendered to Hon. John Lynch Representative from that distr ct, on his re turn home. An ovation so hearty and sponta neous must have been exceedingly gratTying to the recipient, demonstriting as it did the high public estimation in which his Congres sional services were held. Mr. Lynch’s rare practical sagacity, his wide information upon coinmer ial, industrial, and financial ques tions, his clearness and force as a speaker, and his indefatigable industry made him one of the most useful members ot the House, both on the floor and in the committee room. His Congressional career has throughout been eminently honorable and successful, and the hearty tribute just paid him by his con stituents is a very appropriate testimonial to I the ability and fidelity with which he has ] served them.—Washington Chronicle. Sens and Other Items. The London Graphic is said to be growing into one of the wealthiest journalistic proper ties in the world. It is now asserted that cerebro-spiual men ingitis scarcely ever occurs except where bad se werage exists. The very “last of the Mohicans’ has been heard from as having died in Connecticut. He was a fisherman and a great hunter. The Alabama Legislature has passed a bill, by a vote of 4!) to 24, to provide for the annexa tion of West Florida. The lower branch of the Massachusetts Leg islature has rejected the bill to pension retired judges, by a vote of 74 to 92. Mr. Tilden denies having received two sums of $10,900 from the Erie. He did reoeivc one $19,000 fee as counsel in the case of a Cleve land railroad company, and that was all. The Savannah Republican hails the courtsey recently extended to General Gordcn by Vice President Wilson as a millennial case of the lion and the lamb lying down together. Local politics in Cincinnati must be getting into a frightful condition when the editors head their articles with such belligerent alliteration as “Guns, Gallows, Guillotines, Garote.” A young girl left Lowell, Mass., two years ago with $500 in her pocket, and went to Kan sas and turned farmpr. She could sell out her property this day for 860,000. A gentleman wishing to go from Wichita to Dodge City, Kau., applied to a friend for a let. ter of introduction. He was handed a donble barreied shot gun and a Colt’s revolver. The March winds were strong out in Kansas. One day last week a gust took up sixty feet of plank sidewalk in Lawrence, with a lady walk ing upon it, aud carried them both bodily into the middle of the street. The Philadelphia Pr’SJ says of the Pennsyl vania Legislature: “There is not an hour that this body is in session in which a swindle is not introduced in some guise or other. Let the peo ple pray for an early adjournment. Several old naval officers at Washington, who are familiar with the scence of the disas ter to the steamship Atlantic,state that from all the accounts published they are satisfied it was the result of gross carelessness. The other night a st-auge scene was wit nessed in a Boston theatre. A lady and her esc rt getting into some sort of difficulty, she drew and cocked a revolver, and threatened to shout him. She was disarmed aud taken from the theatre. Judge Faucherhas denied the motion of John Anderson to dissolve the Knickerbocker Life Insurance Company. The judge says the affidavits show that no room remains even for a suspicion against the solvency of the com pany. The Canadian Parliament has passed a reso lution declaring it expedient to amend and con solidate the laws of the Dominion relative to weights and measures, and to establish a uni form system. The imperial system will prob ably be adopted. A rnau residing near Sandy Hill holds a note against George Washington for $1500, giv en for supplies furnished daring the Revolution. There is au indorsement on the note for about half the amount. The balance has never been paid. A woman at Pelham, N. H., lived to the age 1°f 60 “in maiden meditation fancy free,** but some strange dispensation she succeeded in Retting married then, and since that time has i'a tban four different husbands, aud There l m wait f°r another victim. . hear upon Goffer I?8,SSUr<> bein« brouKht t0 appointment of aSe^mTT °/ ^ th® The chief object of those ’’!'? Cai(lwel1 seems to he to obtain the '"gv ■ n" p,aCC considerable. Osborno wants’ a °°W himself, and will not make any ai„w 8euator A Washington special says that tha "fw* tary of the Treasury, notwithstanding the side pressure from Wall street, continues^ decrease the amonnt of outstanding legal-ten der reserves. Since the publication^ the last monthly debt statement the Secretary lias withdrawn about balf a million of them. STATE NEWS. ANDROSCOGGIN COUNTY. There are twenty able-bodied men and wo men in the jail at Auburn that the Journal thinks should be at work. AROOSTOGK COUNTY. Presque Isle Correspondence. The past winter has been a hard one for lum bermen. There will be but little lumber cut, but those that are fortunate enough to be own ers of it will make money as the lumber will command a good price in the market this spring. Much disappointment is felt here over the re sult of the vote of Bangor on the question of loaning its credit for building the Northern Aroostook railroad Bangor cannot afford to lose the trade of thiB large section. Our Provincial neighbors are building a rail road up the St. John river, and next summer the iren horse will be at Tobique, wh ch is only seventeen miles from Presque Isle. Trial Justice Cook of Presque Isle tried a case, Trotting Park vs Trotting Park, on the 1st of April. The case is as follows: C, V. ” hue owns a majority of the shares of said .rark,aud is thus able to make himself President and control their affairs. At a recent meeting some of the members made a raid on the sec retary and possessed themselves of the hooks ot the concern, to find out how the business had been conducted by White. The “rioters” were arrested by White, but they waived an ex amination and were bound over to appear at Houlton next September. CUMBERLAND COUNTY. Miss Stetson has just closed one of the most successful singing schools ever held in New Gloucester. A hawk measuring four feet across his wings was caught in New Gloucester Monday by Cal vin True. The Bridgton News announces sap time and says that the best farmers in that section are manufacturers of that delicious sweetness. J. Winslow Jones notifies the people of Bridgton and vicinity that Thursday, April 10th, is pay day. Capt. James Chute of Naples, writes to the Newa the following note, which is good: Some “nincompoop” in your last week’s paper says that James Chute, the Naples juryman, is sick with the small pox in Portland. Now this is not so, for I am all the James Chute there is iu Naples, and I am not fit for juryman nor anything else! I am so deaf that 1 cannot hear it tnunder, and I am not very ambitious. It is Janies Chcte of Casco that is referred to. KENNEBEC COUNTY. Mr. B. B. Dyer of Portland, has numerous appointments to speak in Augusta. Ex-Gov. A. P. Morrill, Judge Titcomb of Augusta, and Judge Baker of Hallowell, have been appointed by Judge Dickinson to adjust the questions arising out of the division of the town of Waterville. The West Waterville Musical Association give a coucert Tuesday evening. The Tribune club in West Waterville num bers 73, ol which 61 are old line Democrats. The annual meeting of the Grand Lodge of Good Templars in this State is to bo held in Augusta on Wednesday and Thursday, April 23d and 24th. KNOX COUNTY. (Press Correspondence.) Rev. H. A. Shorey, pastor of the Congrega tionalist church at Camden, had resigned, the resignation to take effect the last Sunday of this month. Mr. Shorey has labored inces santly for four years in the church and commu nity, aud his going away will be deeply felt as a loss to the place. He has taken great interest in education, tempera ce aud lectures, having brought more talant into the place, by way of exchanges and lecturers, than auy former pas tor. Mr. Shorey will remain here during the Summer and rest, the use of the parsonage haviug been kindly offered him. A ves el of six hundred tons is to be built the present season at Camden. The Rockland and Belfast stages have been longer on runners the past winter than auy season for twenty years. Wheels were used Thursday, the first time since a week before Christmas. LINCOLN COUNTY. The following officers were elected the the 31st ult. in Wiscasset: Moderator, Samuel E. Smith; Clerk, J. W. Stimpsotr Selectmen, Abner Baker Hiram L Greetileaf, Orrin Pottle; Treasurer, Joseph Tucker; Constables, John G. Somes, L. S. Hubbard, F. McClintock, Alfred Call; Collector, Daniel Quinnam; S. S. Com mittee, B. F. Lancaster; Auditor, James Taylor. The town voted to decline to raise money for a tree high school, aud at a school meeting of district No. 1, held April 1st, the district voted to raise $500 for that purpose. Both Wiscasset and Newcastle have voted to issue bonds to pay the interest on the Kuoxand Lincoln Railroad bonds. The Wiscasset Oracle calls the annual town meeting the “annual disturbance.” TENOBSCOT COUNTY. Tbo Bangor Whig remarks that a lady wear ing furs was seen in that city carryiug a para sol at the same time. It was only a practical illustration of the fact that winter lingers in the lap of spring. James Norris has been appointed Surveyor General of Lumber at Bangor. Col. W. S. Clark has resigned the office of Municipal Judge at Bangor, after holding it for five years, in order that he may attend more ful y to his law practice, H. C. Goodenow will probably succeed him. The matter of building a bridge across tho Penobscot at Treat’s Falls is again bcingagitat ed by Bangor capitalists. The number of pensions paid at tho United States Pension Agency in Bangor since March 4th, is 2,895, amounting to $77,971.20. The to tal number of censiouers on the books of the Bangor agency is 3,191. Friday, J. E. Gould of Milo, gave two checks on the Eastern Bank to a neighbor, one T. H. Palmer, to get cashed in Bangor. Palmer took them to the bank, where, not having the cash, they gave him a check on Boston for $2800, that being the amount of the two checks. Palmer then forged Gould’s uame on the check and earned it to the Second National Bank where it was cashed. The forgery was soon discovered and the matter is in the hands of tho police. Dr. Daniel McRuer of Bangor, aged 71, died Saturday. His death was quite sudden, though he has been in feeble heatlh for some lime. He was a physician of great skill and eminence. WASHINGTON COUNTY. The Calais papers report a severe type of in fluenza in that locality, aud scarlet fever among the children. The Thoughtful Phys clan » Does not regard spring as a healthy season. Its sud den transition of temperature, searching winds and chilling rains are provocative of rheumatism and neuralgia, and where there is a predisposition to dys pepsia or bilious colic, or chills and fever, such varia tions of the weather are apt to superinduce a visita tion of one or other of those complaints. By toning and regulating the system with H >stetter’s Stomach Bit!ere at tbit season, these evils may, however, be warded off. The direct ettect of the Standard Vege table Specific is to invigorate the body and renovate tlie constitution, while it indirectly operates as a pre ventive of disease by purifying the animal flui s from any acid particles the.y may contain, and regu lating the functions upon which health mainly de pends—notably those of digestion, secretion and evac uation. SPECIAL NOTICES. WONDERFUL CURES ! DR. ITRANIK, OF BOSTON, Who lias made 60 many Wonderful Cures all over the New England States, is at the PREBLE HOUSE, And will Remain a Few Weeks. Every invalid shou d see 1dm, no matter what their complaint may bo, 20,000 Patients have been Treated by him. within the last ten years, wi h Wonderful Success. Read the fellowbs Wonderful Cures in Maine: , Dr. Urann, who has ma<!e so many wonderful cures in this town and others, will remain in town but a short t ime longer. He has had good success. The ca<e of Mr. J. B. Redman. Attorney at Law in this town, is truly a wonderful one, when Dr. Urann was called fo see him a week ago F May, he was not able to turn himself in bed; be is now able to walk the street and is daily gaining strength.—[Ellsworth American. The above statement, so far as I am concerned, is but the simple truth, and I cheorfully endorse it as an act of Justice 10 Dr. Urann, and earnestly recom mend all person-* afflicted with Rheumatism, Neu ralgia, or other kindred complaints, whether ac ute or chronic, to give him a call, being sanguine that he will cure th*m. JOHN B. REDMAN. Ellsworth, Jan. 7, 1873. This will certify that I was troubled with Sciatic Rheumatism aud suffered groat pain, was unable to sleep without taking morphine, could not walk. I was carried to Dr. Urami’» office, at the DeWitt House, and after one treatment was free from pain, and have been able to work ever since A. W. BAILEY. Auburn, May 7, I860. Lewiston, May 7,1869. This will certify that I had lost the use of my lower limbs ami was unable to walk or even stand, lia<l several physicians who pronounced my case incura ble. He ring of Dr. Urann’s Wonderful Cures, I sent for him. In less than a week wa> able to walk in ihe streets, and can now walk t w o m i iPShSSK V JA M ES F. BRADBURY. Ellsworth. Oct. 8, 1867. To the Machias Republican.—Gents:—As Dr, Urann, of Boston, is at>out visiting your place, and a stranger in these parts, I kn w very well, like most phvsioiaus traveling, he will be looked upon with sus picion, particularly as liis cures look miraculous. I had been obliged to walk on crutches for one year, ami for nine months wa- not ab e to put my foot to the floor. M V spine and arm were also so lame as to nearly disable me. I could not dresB or undress my self, or get oft the bed without help. He treated my case last Friday morning, and in Jess than an hour after I was able to walk borne, a distance ol nearly half a mile, up hill, without cruches, and have been gaining ever since. „ J- “• mch26sutf formerly Deputy Sheriff. fokIiotii patches, freckles And TAN, use PERRY'S Moth anti Frecklo Lotion. It is msutnii. and harmless Sold by Druggists everywhere. Depot, 49 Bond St., N. Y. mar22sn6m SPECIAL NOTICES. BONDS ! BONDS of western cities and counties, 10 per cent, interest and principal payable in the east. Private property as well as public rea lied. Debts very small m proportion to property and therefore easily paid. Careful investors are invited to call and examine the Bonos. L ws and Decisions of the courts upon such securities and will find them very safe. Tnere is nothing better. CHARLES M. HAWKES, febGsntf 28 Exchange st., Portland. BANK OF PORTLAND. On, and after this date, the un ’ersigncd will carry on a strictly Banking business, at the Banking Rooms now occupied by the Second National Bank, in Portland, Maine, under the style of the “BANK OF PORTLAND” and as such, will receive Deposits and make Discounts, in the regular courBo of the Banking Business. W. N. GOOLD. Portland, June 24th, 1872. jim23newlt then su tf CUMBERLAND COAL! 450 Tons nice Hampshire Cnmb. Coal. Just arrived per Sell. II. II. Fisk, and for sale by J AMES & WILLIAMS, 303 CO.V)IEKCIAIi STREET. Kff“This i3 a cargo of iresh mined Hampshire Cum berland Coal, a first class article for Steam or Forgo purposes. apr4 dlwsn BATCHELOR’S HAIR DYE. This splendid Hair Dye is the best in the world. The ouly True and Perfect Dye. Harmless Reliable and 1 nstautaneous; uodisappointmeni; no ridiculous tints or unpleasant odor. Remedies the ill effects of bad dyes washes. Produces ImkemAtely a superb Black ok Natural Brows, and leaves tbe hair clean, soft and beautiful. The genuine, signed VV. A. Batchelor. Sold by ail Druggists. CHAS. BATCHELOR. Prop., A. Y. octld&w lvra s FOR PIMPLES ON THE FACE, Blackhead and Fleshworm, use PERRY’S improv ed Comedone and Pimple Remedy, the great skin medicine. Prepared only by Dr. B. C. PERRY, Dermatologist, 49 Bond St., N. Y. Sold by Druggists everywhere. mar22sn6in SPRING- OF 1873. ROLLINS & BOND, Have just returned from New York and Boston with a CHOICE STOCK of WOOLENS. For Gentlemens’ Wear, Which we propose to mako up in our usual GOOD STYLE And to which wo iuvite your attention at NO. 90 MIDDLE STREET marlO sneoatf Announcement. MB. 8AMDEL PORTER, is admitted as a member of our firm, to date from March 24th, 1873. apr4snlw_ ORIN HAWKES & CO.. wanted. An active intelligent man with ability for the busi ness, wanted to take an agency for Pori land and vicinity, of one of i he most popular Life Insurance Cunpanies in this country. For Information, address P. O. Box 739. apr3sn ;w House tor Sale. AT GORHAM, ME., a large handsome two story house, rooms of both stories of good size and height on a fine lot having 27A rods front on South St., a short distance from Church, Post-office and Depot. The Choice Mitnntioa in Gorham; besides numerous and fine shade trees, flower beds and hedges, there are nearly a bundled fruit trees, apple, crab-apple, pear, peach and cherry, ten grape vines, and a good garden containing many currant bushes, gooseberry bushes, strawberry and asparagus beds tine pieplant, ftc There are about 33 acres of laud, affording pasturage an i many choice house lots. Inquire of JOHN W. PERKINS. Portland, or Rev. Geo. A. Perkins, on the premises. roarl2sntf To Let. THE commodious four storied Brick Store, No. 57 Commercial St.—immediate x»osfcssion given. Inquire of ELIAS THOMAS & CO , No. 90 Commercial St. Or of W. W. THOMAS, Canal National Bank. sent 12«ntf DR. HENDRICK’S E-l-i-x-i-r of S-t-i-lT-i-n-g-i-a AND IRON, The Best Blood Purifier Known. Now is the time to take it. Sold by XjORIIN'G-, Druggist. Price 93.00 - - - - Six Sollies 95.00 ap2 ___»ntf A BOO& FOR EVER! MAJf. THE “SCIENCE OF LIFE, OR SELF PRES ERVATION,” a Medical Treatise on the Cause and Cure of Exhausted Vitaliy, Premature Decline in Man, and Nervous and Physical Debility, Hypochon dria, Impotency, Spermatorrhoea or Seminal Weak ness, and other diseases arising from the errors of youth or the indiscretions or excesses of mature years. This is indeed a book for every man. Thou sands have been taught by this work the true way to health aud happiness. It is thu cheapest and besl medical work ever published, and ihe only one on this class of ills worth reading. 19Cth editiou, revis ed, much enlarged, Illustrated, bound in beautiful French cloth. Price only §1. Sent by mail, post paid, on receipt of price. Address PEABODY MED ICAL INSTITUTE, No. 4 Bultinch street. Boston, Mass., or Du. W. H. PARKER, Assistant Physician. N. B. The author may be consulted on the above as well all diseases requiring skill and experience. mar3 l&ncod&wly STORE KENT! Splendid Chamber room with water closet, Sebago water and every convenience. Enquire of mch20LUFKIN & CO. ON THE BREAKFAST, LUNCHEON, DINNER AND SUPPER TABLE, LEA & PERRINS’ Worcestershire Sauce IS INDESPENSABLE. JOHN DUNCAN’S SONS. New Work, Agents for the United States. octi« eodsnly If yon want a nice photograph or Tin Type, go to A. M. McKonay’s, 161 Middle Street. He warrants them as good as can bo made In Port land. augSsueodtf MARRIED. TnCape Elizabeth, March 30, by Rev. Edwin A. Harlow, George W. Doughty of Cape Elizabeth and Miss Gratia Moulton of Scarboro. In Powual. by Rev. N. D. Center, Mr. George H. Wilson and Miss Mattie A. Jordan, both of Powual. In Sotigo Gore. March 16, Edw. P. Foster of Gray and Clara H. Leighton ot S. G. DIED. in tms city. April o, air. uosepo symonas, ageu iv years 10 months. [Funeral services Tuesday afternoon at 2 o’clock, at his laic residence, No. 12 Pine street. Relatives an 1 friends are invited to attend. The Aged Broth erhood aro also invited. In Arrowsic, March 29, Mrg. Lynia Snipe, aged 59 years 7 months. in YVtecasset. March 29, Capt. Abner Foyc, aged 71 years 5 months. PASSENGERS. In the Moravian, lor Liverpool—Hon Neal Dow. of Pori land, C H Salemon, Miss King, Mr Irving, Mr Glendoven. Mr Alexander. Mr Passmore, and 13 oth ers in the steerage. DEPARTURE OF OCEAN NTEAiVl* •»« NAME FROM FOR DATE Mero Castle.New York.. Havana.A pi 8 Wyoming.New York.. Liverpool.Apl 9 Algena.New York..Liverpool.Apl 9 Olympia.New York. .Glasgow. Apl 9 Holsatia.New York. .Hamburg.Apl 10 City of Bristol.New York. Liverpool..Apl 10 City of Mexico.New York. .IIav& V Cruz Apl 10 Sarmatian.Portland. ..Liverpool.Apl 12 Crescent City.New York. Havana.Apl 15 ity of Havana.New York. .Havana.Apl 17 Scandinavian.Portland.. .Liverpool.Apl 19 Villedu Havre.New York. .Havre.Apl 19 Polynesian . Portland. .Liverpool-Apl 26 Jlimature A lusannc. April 7. Sunrises.5.32 1 Moon eels.3.35AM

Sun sets.6.33 I Iiigh water.7.15 A'*l MARINE NEWS. PORT OF PORTLAND. Saturday, April 5. ARRIVED. Steamer Chase, Bennett, Halifax, NS—passengers and mdse to John Porteous. Steamer New York, Winchester, St John. NB, via Eastport for Boston. Sch Cygnus, Small. Caibarien via Newport, where she put in to repair sails,—3DU hhds 25 tes molasses to E Churchill «Sr Co. Sch Fannie H Bucklin, Bucklin, Philadelphia—coal to S Rounds «Ss Son. Sch T S McLellan, Farr, New York—coal to James & Williams. Sch The Star. (Br) Clark, Boston. Sch Dexter, Lord. Gloucester. Sch Howard Holder. (Br) Holder, St John NB— 3840 box shooks to Geo S Hunt. Sch Annie W. (Br) Branscomb, St John, NB —3237 box shooks, to Geo S Hunt. Sch Eliza Frances, Hunt, St Andrews, NB—°1 000 sleepers to C Barrett. CLEARED. Steamship Moravian, (Br) Graham, Liverpool — H&A Allan. Steamer Carlotta, Mulligan, Halifax, NS—John Porteous. _ , , . Bark Zcpbynne, Johnson, Turks Islands, salt to Ryan & Kelsey. Sch Eva L Leonard, Googius, Caibarien—E Cbur ^SclrC^W May, Ltidson, Philadelphia—Charles H C-Scl? Mary Fletcher, Higgins, New York—Charles Sawver. Sell A returns, Nye, Shelter Island E Freeman. Mundny, April 6. ARRIVED. I Sch J L CotteT, (Br) Nutter, Matanzas 23d ult,—175 hlids 110 boxes sugar, 13 hhds molasses to Geo S Hunt. | Vessel to C H Chase & Co. Cnpt Chas Sawyer has sold the schr Idaho, of Free °va“« °f Portl»“J-“ W S^JordanfonprL [FROM OUR CORRESPONDENT.! LUBEC. April 2-SM, schs Powlona. Webber for Boston; Harmony, Mitchell, and Enterprise, Mitcli ell, tor Boston. Messers Gilllse & Pike have purchased the schr Torpedo, of Salem. Capt J M Mortou lias sold the schr Henry R to par ties In Eastnort, and purchased schr Lookout, of Portland. _ Tite fishing schooners Water Witch and Daisy have been -old to parties at Deer Island, NB. Sch Louisa A Johnson is receiving new stern, bul warks, Ac. at A I eightmi’s yard. The schr Jeddie also, is having a thorough overhauling and will bo ready for business about the lOtii. The new schooners in McBride’s, and Langmadc's yards are in frame, but the workmen in the latter vard have quit work and struck for 32.50 per day. Carpenters are scarce ami the builders will be com pelled to submit to tbeir demands. MEMORANDA. Barque Tatay, Morse at Montevideo Jan 21 from Portland, reports. Jan 10. lat 7 1 N, Ion 29 30 W. col lided with a German barque, showing no light, and lost jibboom, cur water, and sustained other. light damage. The German barque sustained considera ble damage to bulwarks. Brig L Staples, Herriman, at Baltimore 3d from Sagua, rejKirts, 29rh and 3Utb ult, oft Hatteras. en coumered a heavy irale from SE to WSW, and dam aged cargo. Sell Mary B Rcevos, betore reported in collision with barque R A Allen, lost bowsprit, started forcas tle deck, and sustained other damage. The barque bad a hole stove iu her side, and received other dam age. Sch Julia Newell, Sheppard, from Rockport, Me, for New York, put into Sionington 4th iust with loss of bowsprit sind bead gear, having been in coll sion with steamer Old Colony. DOMESTIC PORTS. GALVESTON—Cld 29th, sch Jas Eaton, Poole, St Mark. NEW ORLEANS—Below 29th, ship Anna Camp, from Liverpool; barque Annie Kimball, Stinson, £m Bordeaux. Ar at S W Pass 30th ult, ship Crescent City, Delano, from Havre. Sid 29th. sch Nellie Chase. FERNAND1NA—Cld 29th, schs Wiuner, Plummer, Boston; Gen Hall, Wade, aud Sabao, Dyer, for New York. In port, schs Nellie Bell, Stahl; May Morn, Keen, and J F Willey, Willey, ldg. CHARLESTON—Cld 31st, sch F P Frye, Alexan der, Baracoa, (and sailed.) Cld 1st, sch Florence Rogers, Sheppard, New York. GEORGETOWN. SC—Ar 28th, sch Joseph Fish, Hupper, Wilmington, Cld 28tli. sch Annie Murchie, Hamlin. Duxburv. WILMINGTON, NC—Ar 2d, schs Ada Ames, Ad ams. Rockland; Fannie Elder, Rich, Boston. BALTIMORE—Ar 3*1. brig L Staples, Herriman, Sagua; sch Anita, Small, Ponce. Cld 3d, seb Senator Grimes, Pbilbrook, Providence. PHILADELPHIA—Ar 3d, brig D U Stockwell, Hording, Messina; sch S C Nasb, Crowley, Charles ton. Ar 4th, steamer Achilles, Colburn, Portland; sch Clara Smith, Keen. Cardenas. Cld 3d, brig Helen O Phinney, Bovd, Havana; schs Sea Queen, Moon, Saco; Clara E Rogers, Rogers, for Portland. Sid fm Newcastle 4tb, schs Anna Bell, and C Heyer, for Portland. In port 4tb, sch Mollie Porter, for Portland. Passed Newcastle 2d. brig Annie R Storer, lor Car denas; 6cb Pyrola, for Rockland; 3d, barque Eva H Fisk, for Cronstadt; sell Alzena. for Matanzas. NEW YORK—Ar 3d, barque Sandy Hook, Barstow, Cardonas lOdays; brigs C C Colson, Favson, Cienfue gos 13 davs; Lima. Hill, do; Ramirez."Bernard, Ma tanzas 8 days; schs Windward, Ellis, Ponce 16days; Juliet, Nasb. Caibarien 8 days; Margie. McFaddcn, Matanzas 7 days; Amirald, Hickey, Newport; W H Rowe. Wbittemore, Nortbi*ort; H Prescott, Merri man, and Freddie Waller, Smith. Portland; Hattie Coombs, Jameson, and Mary B Smith, Chadwick, Rockland; Island Belle, Buckmaskr, Providence; Mary Means. Parker, New Haven ; Frank Maria, Wood. Fall River. Cld 31. schs Union Flag, Frisbce. Charleston; Ellie L Smith, Smith, Philadelphia; Pilot’s Bride, Brew ster, Boston. Ar4tli. steamer Dirigo, Johnson, Portland; sobs Kelpie, Bryant. Machias; Nathan Clifford, Coombs, ueuasi- anver spray, unauwicK, uocKiana lor uien mond, Va. Cld 4th. barques Shawmut. Small, Buenos Ayres: S W Holbrook. Polleys, Matanzas; Emma C Litch field, Hayden, Brunswick Ga; brigs Silas N Martin, Brown. Demarara; Mattano. Jarvis, Curacoa; schs Henry. Wass. Uumacoa; Sinbad, Terry, Portland and Thomaston. Passed through Hell Gate 3d, schs Helen Thompson from New York for Bath; Porto Rico, do lor New burvnovt; Hudson, do for Salem; Geo Shattuck, do for Bangor; Lizzie Raymond, Port Johnson for Pro vidence; N Berry. Hoboken for Boston; Edw Everet. Drinkwater. do for Portland; Duroc, Kendall, and Wm Arthur, McDuffie, New York fordo; Nile, do for Boston. Passed do 4th, schs Lark, Guptill, New York for Newburyport; Ned Sumpter, Pinkham. do for Bos ton; H Means. Dyer. Elizabetlmort for Portland. NEW HAVEN—Cld 3d, sch John L Tracey, Meser vey. Jacksonville. PROVIDENCE—Ar 3d, sch Sinaloa, Sawyer, from Machias. NEWPORT—Ar 3d, sch Alice Oakes, Marson. Pro vidence tor New York In port 3d, schs Abbott Lawrence, Griffin, Port land for Baltimore; Suliote, Soule, do for New York; Sarnl Nash, Hart, fm Backport for do; Maggie Bell, Gregory, do for do: Alpine. Marshall, Providence do; Ella Frances, Bulger, Fall River fordo; R Leach. Pendleton, Providence for New York; It S Hodgdon, Hall, and Equal, Kcllar. Rockland for do; Henry Castoff, Dumont, do for do; G W Rawley, Rawley, Rockport foi Norfolk. FALL RIVER—Ar 2d, sch Col Eddy, McBean, New York. Sid 3d. sch A’ice Oakes. Marson, New York. NEW BEDFORD—Ar 3d, sch Ella Percy, Percy, Newcastle, Del. VINEYARD HAVEN—Ar 2d, schs Rival, Dun ton, New York for Boston; Addle Rverson. Pike, tm Elizabeth port for do: Iona, Kendall, Elizabethport for Portland; Mary B Harris, Mitchell, Portland for Savannah. BOSTON—Ar 4th, barque R A Allen, T-irr. Mat an zas; schs Lucy Hoiroes, Eld ridge, Miragoane; May Queen, Crabtree. Sullivan; D Jones, Dunham, Win teiport; E A Elliott. Sproul. Belfast: Gen Washing ton, Haley. Kockland; Helen Mar, Duncan, do; J C Roker. Taylor, do. Cld 5tli, barque Envoy.Berry, Portland; sch Nel lie, Mason, New York. Ar 5tli, brig Lucy W Snow, Hall, Galveston; Ida L Ray. Pressey, Hoboken: sells Maria Lunt. Kent, Port Johnson; Torpedo. Fanning, Lubec; Neptune, Robinson, Machias: Areola, Walliston, Batb. Chi 5th. sch Laura, Foster, JPoitland. GLOUCESTER—Ar 4th, barque Zephyrine, John 8Ui, Turks Islands, tor orders. NEWBURYPORT—Ar 4th, schs Com Kearney, Metcalf. Port Johnson; Delmont Locke, Hatch, from Hoboken. CALAIS—Ar 28th, sch Alligator, McGregor, Port land. Ar 29th, sch Hattie Ellen, Ashford, Portland. Cld 31st, sch Bob. Lindsey, Portland. FOREIGN PORTS. Ar at Melbourne Feb 8. barque Rebecca Goddard, Mansou. Boston; 20th. Escort, Carver, do. At Manila Feb 7, ship Richard Busteed, Johnson, tor New York. Shi fm Calcutta Feb—, ship Lydia Skolfield, For saith, for New York, (and loir Saugor 24th.) Sid fm Sourabaya Jan 31, barque Reunion, Tucker, Boston. Ar at London 3d inst, ship Itaska, Rush, Iloilo. Ar at Dundee 20th ult, ship Cora, Coombs, trom Calcutta. In Elsinore Sound, 14th ult, brig Hyperion, Clark, from Philadelphia for Hango. Ar at Oporto 20th ult, sch Paul Scavcy, Lowell, New York. At Baracoa 2Gth ult, schs Lizzie Lee, Smith, from New York, ar 23d; O M Marrett. Reed, for do; I) B Wobb, Gross, from do, ar 23th; Annie Harris, Harris, trom Charleston, ar 23d. At Ponce 18th ult, barque Andes, Davis, for Balti more. ldg; brig Open Sea, Veazie, for do; sch Altoo na, Fitzgerald, tor New Haven; and others. Ar at Cienfuegos 25th ult, brig Ponvert, Allen, New York; 26th. barque Neptune, Beal, Bostou. Ar at Gibara 22d ult, sch Hermon Curtis, Curtis, Jacksonville. Sid 20tb, sch Helen J Holway, Bryaut. Sagua. At Havana 29th ult, barquo Esther, Loring, for New York; brigs Martha A Berry, Berry, for Port land; Ysiclora Rionda, Plummer, tor do: schs Nellie J Dinsmore, Dinsmore; Congress, York, and Benj Reed, Adams, for North of Hattcras; Lizzie Dewey, Parker, New York. Shi 27th, brig Josie C Hazeltlne. Hassel, New York; sell Addie M Bird, Merrill. Sagua; 28tli. brig Moses Day, Crosby, Cardenas; 29tb, Isaac Carver,Williams, Matanzas; Shannon. Sawyer, do; sch Nellie J Dins more. Dinsmore. North of Hatteras. Cld 29tb, barque Mary E Libby, Libby, Sagua; brig Hermon. Hichbam, New York. Ar at Matanzas 25th ult, brig Alice Starrett, Hoop er, Port Spain; seb Isaac Oberton.Acborn, Cardeoas; 26th, brig Antelope, Rumball, Havana; 28th, barqne Florence Peters, Mitchell, Cardenas; brig Abbie Clif ford, Clifford, Marseilles. S11 27 h, schs J B Gilkey, Gilkcy. New York; M D Haskell. Carter, Philadelphia; 28tb, Mary A Har mon, Davis, for Now York; 29tb, barque Carlton, Trecartin, do; brig Wm H Bickmore, Bickmore. do; sch H J McFarlanl, McFailand, Boston. Ar at Cardenas 26th ult, barque Gertrude, Carlisle, * ' "I ‘'“r* v . jv.., uv, nviii’ ailUJ IV Shaw. Watts. Bath; David Ames, Ames. New Yoik; 27th, brig Adele McLoon, Monroe, Havana. Sid 26tli, brigs Eva N Johnson. Johnson, Philade’ pfcia; Amy A Lane, Carver,and James A Davis, Sta ples, for North of Hatteras; sehs C P Gerrish, Arm strong, do; 27t.h, Quoddy, Fanning, do; Kate Carl ton. Bowers, Philadelphia. At Sagua 24th ult, barque Fannie, Willey, for New York in a few days. Cld at Halifax NS, 3d inst, sch Milo, McDougal, for Portland. Cld at St John. NB, 2d inst, sch Abbott Devereux, Rich, Cardenas. Ar 3d, sch Ida Ella, Berry, Thomaston. SPOKEN. Feb 26, lat 31 37, Ion 16 01. barque Hornet, from Messina for Philadelphia. March 5. lat 33 40. Ion 28 20, brig Clarabello, from Messina for New York. March 31. lat 34 30, Ion 72 50, sch Harry Blu£t, from New York for Nassau, NP, GRASS SEED. 2000 Bags Western Timothy Seed 1500 “ Canada “ *• lOOO 44 Red Top “ 500 “ Michigan Clover “ 200 “ Ohio “ “ 400 “ No. New York. “ “ 100 “ Pea Vine, “ “ 150 41 Alsike 44 44 lOO 44 Millet “ 100 44 Hungarian Grass 44 lOO 44 Orchard “ FOR SALE AT THE Lowest C ash Price. KENDALL & WHITNEY. mch2G tf l7c. JOHNSON & SON., —HAVING TAKEN THE— RESTAURANT under tho New City Building in Lewiston, for the term ^f five years, would now say to the public that wei nta d to keep a first-class f>laco in every respect. Our Bu. of Fare shall be in keeping wi'hthe Portland and Boston Markets. Those visiting Lewiston do not forget to call at Manufacturers’ and Merchants’ RESTAURANT, CITY BUILDING-, Pine Street, LEWISTOJT, MAINE. LEWIS r. JOHNSON, JOSEPH A. JOHNSON, jan21 dlynowe3rn Portland Dispensary* THE annual meeiing will be held at the Dispens ary, 122 H ederal Street. on Monday, April 7th, 1873, at five o’clock in the af ernoon. FREDERICK HENRY GERRISH, See’y. ap4 NEW ADVERTISEMENTS. To the Commissioners for the Har bor of Portland. TIHE undersigned desire permission to construct a bridge across Long Creek stream in Cape Eliza beth, (a portion of the same to be made of earth) commencing at tUe north end of Fourth street in Li gonia Village In said town, on the sout herly bank of Long Creek, and extending across 8 tid CrO' k to the panic <»n the north side, and on aline between the State land and Mark Trickev's ft HASKELL, 1 Selectmen of 1 DYER, ) Cape Elizabeth. Cape Elizabeth, April 5,1873. P On the foregdng petttloifius ' ing be U:ul on MONDAY, the iltu of April 1S73 *'L9 o’clock A, M at the northerly end of Fourth street I.igonia; and that a notice of the above petition “oi gejher with this our order thereon be given by pubH catton in two of the dully papers printed in Portland for seven days previous to the hearing ™ JACOB McLELLAN, i Harbor ALBERT MARWICK, Com ap7d7t _ C. H. FARLEY, ’jmisMoner,. ‘ JOSIAH ALLEN’S^WTFE’ IIAH wrote: a book, in spite ot Josh’s determination not to spend a cent to hire aiiy one to read it $500,00 a monthcanbe madohysellingtbisbook. AGENTS TAKE NOTICE ! When wo brought out Mark Twain’s books we promised you a harvest; wo now promise you anoth er, and wise agents will secure territory, which wo will now arrange for. For circulars address AMER ICAN PUBLISHING CO., Hartford, Conn. apr7 t4w THE MORMON WIFE. AG NTS WANTED For this fearless hook. It comprises the Adventures and Experience of a woman—written by herself—Sot years the wife of a Mormon Prophet—disclosing all that is mysterious, wicked and startling. Full of thiilling adventure, humori us and pathetic ‘cenes—the most fa-cinatiug book extant. Portrait of the Authoress, and of lead ing Morm ns,—men and women,—Life and Scenes in Utah, etc. For circnlars address Hartford Publish ing Co., Hartford, Conn. apr7tlw Horses for Sale. A PAIR of good work Horses for Sale Cheap, Weight 22U0. Enquire of UIRRIS ATWOOD fit CO., 145 COMMERCIAL NT., PORTLAND. apr7 dlw Board of Trade. A MEETING of the Board of Tnde will be held on MONDAY evening April 7. at 7J o’clock. apr7dtd M. N. RICH, Secretary. OPENING —or— DRESS GOODS, BILKS, Paisley, Cashmere and Ottoman SHAWLS. —AT— TURNER BROS. Tuesday and Wednesday, April 1st, and 2d. Wc shall open as abivc, the most at tractive lines of goods, that we have ever displayed. Embracing all the novelties of the New York and Boston Markets, and at prices greatly reduced from what they have been selling tn this market. Special attention is invited to onr line of BLACK SILKS, which exceed any that we have ever offered. “ONK PRICE OKU,” 1UBNER BROS., Cor. Congress and Elm Sts, aprl ^_2w Dissolution of Copartnership. NOTICE is Hereby given thrt the firm of RAN DAL L, McALLISTER & CO., is hereby dis solved by mutual consent. JOHN F. RANDALL, HENRY F. McALLISTER, EDWARD H. SARGENT. Portland, March 27, 1873. Copartnership Notice. THE undersigned have this day formed a copart nership under the name of RANDALL & McALISTER, and will continue the business of dealers in COAL & WOOD at the old stand ot the late firm of RANDALL, McALLISTER & CO., 00 Commercial St. They will settle all demands of the lato firm of Randall, McAllister A Co. JOHN F. RANDALL, HENRY, F. McALLISTER. Poortland, March 27th, 1873. mar29dtf THE FINEST LAUNDRY WORK. AT the request of many of our patrons we have arrangements to « aundry Gent’s Collars and Cutis. Every article will be finished in the some sliape, and made to look precisely as when it was first new. The prices are as follows: Collars per dozen - - 3G Cents. Cuffs per dozen pairs - 72 Cents. As these prices are only about one half the usual price of the poorest work, we shall only receive and deliver them at our store, and no package will bo de livered until paid for The name of the owner must be in indelible ink on each article. Citizens of Portland, we otter you the opportunity to indulge in the luxury of always wearing a new ana perfectly laundried collar, and at a price that must commend itself. CHABLES CFSTIS & CO., 203 Congress Street. apldtf GAS NOTICE. Orders for removal of obstruct* auus in scniuc 11 icji ai< hid Office in the Morning will be at tended to same day; if left late in the day, they may not receive at tention till next day. Argus and Advertiser copy. jau31dtf COPARTNERSHIP NOTICE. THF undersigned have this day formed a partner ship under the stylo of Craig, Jackson & Brackett, lor the purpose of carrying on the Plastering, Stncto and Mastic business in all its branches, and have taken the stand NO. 20 PEEASANT STREET, 0formerly occupied bg Jennings & Son.) All orders for Whitening, Whitewashing and Color ing will be promptly and faithfully executed. A lib eral share of public patronage respectf lly solicited. JOSEPH CRAIG, CHARLES JACKSON, SAMUEL H. BRACKETT. Portland, March 19,1873. mch20eodtm COBH! Just received 15,000 BUSHELS PRIME YEL LOW CORN. - FOB SALE BY — WEBB A PHIBHBY, HJg Commercial street, mar26d2w Head of Merrill’s Wharf Cheapest Book Stores IN THE UNITED STATES. OLD Books bought, sold, or exchanged, or loaned for ono cent per day. Send three cents for cir culars. Agents warned. 6 ALBERT COLBY & SONS, 11s exchange St, Portland, Mass., and 156 Baltimoro St., Baltimore, Md. feb26d&wttw9 Sanford’s Improved Refrigerators. The three points ot excellence which I claim, are 1st, constant and thorough circulation of pure air: 2nd; rvness, no dampness raonld nor taint; 3rd; no lute mingling of odors; purity and active air, the elements of Its success. Call, or scud for circulars Manufactured and for sale by J. F. MERRILL, be tween Cross and Cotton sts„ near Leavitt, Burnham & Co.s Ice House. Portland, Me. jeSdtf PLASTER^ KAA TONS GROUND LAND PLASTER for tLFVFVF sale in barrels or bulk at the lowest e iflli price by KENDAEE & WHITNEY. lo miscellaneous. IN STOCK t One ot tho largest assortments of ROOM PAPERS 'O BE FOUND IN THE CITY. Also dally receiving all new styles. stamped Gold, Bronze, Patent plain washable Tints, of every shade, Fresco Borders, New Patterns of Hall Decorations, Satins, Ac. Every variety in fact, from the best tnth« clwuinegt pa,w made, »„ of Which Wllii'Uw Ww CALL -A-ND EXAMINE, LULLL. L. DAVIS, 53 Exchange St. apr5 dim ROOM PAPERS: WE ARE NOW RECEIVING A VERY FINE LINE — OP — Papers and Borders. Of entirely new style* and designs, consisting of Gold Leaf, Bronze, Panel and Plain Tints. Those purchasing early have the advantage of a choicer selection, than those later in the season, LORING, SHORT HARMON, Under Falmouth Hotel, MR. T. W. EMERSON, an experienced Paper Hanger can be found at our Store. mar28d2w COPARTNERSHIP. t | 1UU uuuriaKUCU UAB U11B >1U> IWIIUIUW XX. U> XI • X C. CHAPLIN, partners in the Ice Business. D. W. CLABK. Portland, April 1, 1873. ap3dlw D. W. CLARK & CO., DEALERS IN CE, ICE HOUSE, MARKET ST., — AND — 33 EXCHANGE ST., Pure Ice supplied for all purposes, and in any quan tit) at the lowest rates. ap3dtf STATE OF HIAINE. • Adjutant Gene raj/s Office, I Augusta, Mar. 29, 1873. j ! SEALED proposals, in writing, will be received ai this office, for furnishing for use of the Militia oi this State, the following named articl s, viz: 500 Uniform Coats for Inf intry. 100 Uniform Coats for Artillery. 500 pairs Pants for Infantry. 100 pa tb Pants for Arti.lery. 500 Caps for Infantry. 100 Caps for Artillery. 100 Helmets for Light Artilery. 600 Overcoats, Lavalery style. The price of each article must be stated, and each 'must bo made according to sample at this office. A right to accept, a part of any proposal is reserved. The articles must be delivered when called for, but none will be accepted unless approved by the Inspect or General. Envelopes containing proposals should be marked on the outside, “Proposals tor furnishing Uniforms.” and to be entitled to consideration must be received on or before the fifteenth day of April next. B. B. MURRAY, Jr., ap2dlw Acting Quartermaster General. City of Portland. In Board of MayvR and Aldermen, 1 March 19, 1873. J Ordered, That the City Clerk give notice by publi cation in two daily papers, as required by law, to all parries interested in Sidewalks constructed the past year, that this Boa d, at sometime and place to be fixed in said notice, will hear the parties aforesaid, and will thereatterwards proceed te establish the as sessments on said sidewalks, as follows, viz: Bramball street, East side; Lewis street, East side; Brackett street. Southeast of Pine street; Pine street and Western Promenade. Read and passed. Attost; H. I. ROBINSON, City Clerk. City o 1 Portland. City Clerk's Office, March 20,1873. In pursuance of the foregoing order, I hereby give n tice that on MONDAY, the seventh day of April next, at seven and a half P. M., at the Aldermen’s Room, in the City Building, the Mayor and Aide'men will hear all parties interested in the assessments above referred to and will thereafterwards establish the same. H. I. RuBINSON, City Clerk. mch20 did Dissolution of Copartnership. NOTICE is hereby given that the copartnership heretofore existing under the firm name of Sam uel Hounds & Sons, is this dav dissolved by rautua consent. SAMUEL ROUNDS, GEO. H. ROUNDS. CHAS. F. ROUNDS. Copartnership Notice. THE undersigned have this day formed a copart nership under the firm name of Rounds, Sar gent & Co., and will continue the business of dealers m Coal & Wood, at the old stand of Samuel Rounds. & Sons, No. 36 Commercial Street. Tbev will setti* all demands ol the late firm of Samuel Rounds & Sons. SAMUEL ROUNDS, GEO. H. ROUNDS, EDWARD H. SARGENT. apr5 dtf HAMBURGS! WE shall open this day one of the largest and best line of Edges and Insertion , ever opened in * vmauu, aim at pi levs turn ucij cuiupouuUH GREAT BARGAINS AT 12 l-2c, 20c, 25c, 50c. COYELL & COMPARY. HAMBCRGS ! jan2a__tf COTTON SEED MEAL! 2000 Rags Cotton Seed Meal —FOB SALK BY— KENDALL & WHITNEY, iel>7 dtf City ot Portland. City Cl* rr’s Office, March 21,1873. UPON the petition of Siso & Nevens for permis sion to remove their stationary steam engine in store No. 178 Fore street to store No. 178 Fore street notice is hereby given that on MONDAY, the 7th day of April next, at 7A o’clock P. M., at the Aldermen's room In the ity Building, a hearing will be had of all parties interested in said petition. Per order, mch22 * X’ R0BIKS0N- City Clerk. For Baltimore on Wednesday. Parket Schooner II. H. FISK, Capt. Nixon. For freight apply to J, NICKERSON, W8 COMMEBCIAI. STREET. ®P5 3t Notice. CHAS. W. PIERCE of Portland, retires from onr firm, and his iutcrest and responsibility ceases trora tills date. NORTON MILLS CO., Lumber Mannfaetares. . , Norton Mills and Island Pond Vt. island Pond. Sept. 5,1872. «7H A Fine Business Opening FOR a young or middle aged man of unexceptiona ble character. Experienced accountant and one thousand dollars capital. Investigation Is Inytteo Address Box 2015 Portland Mo._1I V llt . WHEN YOU NEE hotter looking and bottor fitting BOOTS on Men, Women and tnis dren than you wear, and wish to obtain *” S™ classot goods, you have ouly to call at tlioebre mchlTeodSw JH. **• PALMBB. For Sale. SECOND-hand Jig/crs and Damn Carts. Apply to BENJ. SliAW, Ag t for J. B. Brown. £»o. 217 Commercial >3t. MISCELLANEOUS. K0HL1NG HAS GOT HIS New Style Goods — FOR THE — Spring & Summer of 1873. Ie has exercised his usual excellent judgment, and has selected the BEST STOCK Ever yet Exhibited In thl. City by Him THK ASSORTMENT INCLVDKN COATINGS, Of German. French and English Manufacture, in Straights, Di agonals, Hair Lines, Basket and Diamond Goods, Ac. PANT~GOODS. In this Department, If anywhere, Kohling thinks he can SUIT EVERYBODY HIS ASSORTMENT OF WHOLE SUITINGS Embraces some of the Nobbiest Def igns ever intro duced. In full confidence that he can Buit all t»«tes, and all forma, he Bpreads tboso goods opt n to the Inspec tion of all. lyThete Goode will be made op in a faultiest, atlfe and in a perfect manner. W. H. KOHLING, 99 EXCHANGE STREET. ap3 lm GKO. F. TbVaSTON Is admitted a partner with the undersigned from this date. II. M. PATRON. April 2, 1873. lw H.M.PAYSON&CO', Bankers and Brokers, OFFER FOR SALE Portland City .... o’ Bangor.6’ •!* T xx..! . A1. St Louis County - - . - 7’s Cook Connty - - - - 7’s Chicago • - - - - 7’s Columbus, Ohio • - • 8’s Dayton, Ohio - - - - 8’s Leeds & Farmingtou R. R., guaranteed 6’s Cortland & Rochester R. K. - - 7’s Maine Central R. R. - - - 7’s Central R. R. of Iowa Gold - - 7’s Chicago, Danville & Vincennes R. R., Gold.7’s Northern Fa ifle R. R. Gold - 7-30’s Government Bonds, Bank Stocks and Gold Bought and Sold. 92 Exchange Street, • PORTLAND’ ap2 dtl BON_DS. Portland City - ... 6’s Rockland City.6’s Bath City.6’s angor City 6’s St. Louis City - - - . - Leeds & Farmington, (Guaranteed,) 6’s Maine Central, Consolidated. - - 7’s Cook County, Illinois, • • • 7’s iVayne Connty, Illinois, • • 7’s [owa Central, Gold, ■ - - - 7’s (oledo, Ohio, - 7.80’s Northern Pacific Gold, • - • 7.80’s (Test Wisconsin R. R., Gold, * - 7’s Atlantic & St. Lawrence B. B. Stock and Befered Bent Script Bought. FOB SALE BY WHI. E. WOOD, Ag’t, §ept 7-dtfls 07 Exchange Pit BONDS FOR SALE, Portland City • - - 6's Bangor “ 6’s St. Louis “ - - - 6’s Elizabeth, N. J., - 7’s Cleveland “ 7’s Toledo “ ... 8’s Cook County, 111., - - - 7’s Marion Connty, Ind., - • 8’s Maine Central R. R. - - 7’s Portland & Rochester R. R. • 7’s Atchison, Topeka & Sante Fe Gold 7’s Northern Pacific R. R. Gold - 7-30’s Chieago, Dan. & Vin. R. R. Gold - 7’s Atlantic & St. Lawrence B. B. Stock and Dcf. Bent Scrip BOUGHT BY Swan A Rarrett, lOO MIDDLE STREET. fob24_ codtt J. B. Brown & Sons, BANKERS, Wo. 40 Exchange St., rWHTMUU, IVAinE. Business the same as an Incor porated Bank. Interest allowed on Deposits. Dealers in Government Bonds. Gold and Foreign Exchange. Investment Securities constant ly on hand. Ja.,23I.U BONDS. New York City - V M U II . . . g> Brooklyn City - - ft’s Jersey City - - - 7’r Elisabeth City • . . . 7>t Canada Sonthern R. R„ Gold, - 7’s B. & Cedar Rapids R. R., Gold, - 7’g i Northern Pacific R. R., Gold, - 7-80’ -FOR SALE BY R. A. BIRD, 97 Exchange St feb23 BONDS. Skdalia Water Bonds and other first class 10 per cent. Municipal Bonds for sale. CHARLES M. HAWKES, 28 EXCHANGE STREET. mch29d3w Removal. THE General Agency Office of the Continental Life Ina. Co., of N. V.. for the State of Maine, will be removed April 3, f om 42$ Exchange St.. Portland, to No. 2 PhcBnut Block, Anburn, Me. All remittance* and communica'lon* should hereafter be addressed to Auburn, as above. D. E. IIALL, General Ae*t. apr5 -eftw Lnmber and Dock Timber Wanted In exchange for L.r»ni,iiTf Boiler., Iloriz ntnl Eogia,,, Feed Pomp, nud Other M»rhiner,. Addrc**, O. H. ANDREWS, febhltf_ 178 Pearl St„ New York. AS URE CURE FOR SOKE THROAT AND CHIL BLAINS. Grows' Liniment! Sold by all dealer* In medicine. marl0eod2m

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