Newspaper of Portland Daily Press, April 17, 1873, Page 3

Newspaper of Portland Daily Press dated April 17, 1873 Page 3
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the pbess. THURSDAY MORNING, APR. 17, 1873 THE PRES* May be obtained at the Periodical Depots of Fes sen ieu Bros., Marquis, Robinson, Brnnell & Co. Andrews, Wentworth, Glettdenning Moses, Hender son, aud Chisholm Bros., on all trains that run out of the city. At Blddeford, of Pillsbury. At Saco of L, Hodgdon. At Waterville, of J. S. Carter. At Gorham, of News Ageut. At Bath, of J. O. Shaw. At Lewistou, of French Bros. At Kennebunk, of C. E. Mider. CITY AND VICINITY. New AdTertiMemenu Te-Day. AUCTION COLUMN. Farm, &c.—F. O. Bailey & Co. Executor's Sale—F. O. Bailey & Co. ENTERTAINMENT COLUMN Grand Scandinavian Ball- Lancaster Hall NEW ADVERTISEMENTS. Taxes in Cape Elizabeth—Elisha N. Jordan. Soused Tripe—C. W. Belknap «£ o. Portland 1!. It. Company—Charles Holden. Two Nice House Lots for Sale. For Sale—Daniel C. Emery. New Spring Millinery- M. H. Neal. Tags—Dennison’s Patent. Probate Notice. For Sale—Boot and Shoe Stock. Spring Millinery—Johnson & Clark. Gas Notice. Lost—S. W. Cone. MISCELLANEOUS NOTICES. The Portland Shirt—Orin Ha»vkcs & Co. Lormg’s Vegetable Specific. For Breakfast—Walter Baker & Co. Stated Meetings. CITY GOVERNMENT. The Board of Mayor and Aldermen meets the first Monday evening of each month. The Common Council meets the second Monday eveuhng of each month. The School G unndttee moot t he fourth Monday eve ning of each-mouth. MASONIC At Masonic Hall, No. 95 Exhcnige. Street. YORK RITES. Blue Lodges—Ancient Land-Mark, first Wednes day: Portland, second Wednesday; Atlantic, third Wednesday. Chapters—Greenleaf R. A. C., first Monday; Mt. Vernon, R. A. C., third Monday. Council—Portland C. K. & S. Masters, second Monday. Commandeuies OF K. T.—Portland, fourth Mon day: St. Albans, second Thursday. Grand Bodies—Grand Lodge, first Tuesday in May; Grand Chapter, first Tuesday evening in May; Grand Council, Wednesday 3 r. M.; Grand Com mandery, Wednesday evening. ANCIENT ACCEPTED SCOTTISH RITES. Lodge—Yates Grand Lodge of Perfection, first Friday. Council—Portland Council P. of J., second Fri day. Chapter—Dunlap Chapter Rose Croix do II., third Friday. Consistory—Maine Consistory, S. P. R. S., fourth Friday in Maieh, Juno, September and December. I.O. O. F. At Odd Fellows’ Hall, No. 88 Exchange Street. Lodges-—Maine, on Monday evenings; Ancient Brothers, on Thursday evenings; Llgonia, on Friday evenings; Beacon, on Tuesday evenings; Ivy, D., of H., second and fourth Saturday. Encampments—Macliigonne, first and third Wed nesdays; Eastern Star, second and fourth Wednes days; Portland, first and third Saturdays. Relief association—Every third Tuesday in the month. TEMPLARS OF HONOR. At Templars' Hall, No. 100 Exchange Street. Council—Maine, first -and third Mondays in each month. Temple—Forest City, No. 1 every Wednesday evening. Maine Charitable Mechanic Association— Corner of Congress and Ca- co streets. First i hurs day in each month. Young Men’s Christian Association- Corner Congress and Casco streets. Every evening. Portland Fraternity—No. 333A Congress street. Every evening. Knights of Pythias—Bramhall Lodge, No. 3, Thursday evenings; Munjoy Lodge, No. 6, Wednes lay evenings. At their Hall, Clapp's Block, Market (Square. Portland Army and Navy Union- Corner Congress and Brown streets. First Tuesday in each month. Sons of Temperance—Portland Division,No 93; Sons* of Temperance Hall. Friday evening. Independent Order of Good Templars—Ar cana, Monday; Mission, Wednesday;—in Williams* block, Congress street. Mystic, Thursday; Atlantic, Saturday;—at Sons’ ot Temperance Hall, Congress street. Iron Clad, Thursday, at West End; Pocahon las, Thursday, at Arcana Hall. Portland Typographical Union. No. 73—Cor ner Congress and Casco streets, second Saturday in each month. Payson Literary Society.—Meetings every Monday evening, Brown’s Block, cor. Brown and Congress streets, at 7J o’clock. Boswortii Post G< A. R.—Meetings every Friday evening in Mechanics’ Hall, corner ot Congress and Casco street*. Superior Court. APRIL TERM, 8YMONDS. J., PRESIDING. Wednesday.—In the case of Joshua T. Emery vs. Charles G. Woodman, the jury returned a verdict for the defendant. Bradbury & Bradbury for plff. Strout & Holmes for deft. Jury discharged finally. Justice cases were resum ed. Henry Goff, applt., va. James N. Winslow ct al. Action against the defendants as common carriers to recover the value of two barrels of apples Bhipped by Eastern Express, ot which defendants are proprie tors, from Gray direct to F. O. J. Smith, Morrill’s Corner. Value claimed $12, with an item of $5 for trouble iu looking after goods. Tht* apples were brought into Portland and reslii p j*ed by Portland & Rochester road back to Morrill’s Corner. Plaintiff says he was told by depot master who received the freight that the express charges would be fifty cents per barrel, which Winslow test! fies is a fair rate. Smith says he was notified apples were sent, and sent to the depot after them on the day they ought to have arrived and the next, and could not find them; that three days after his hired man was notified two barrels of apples were at the depot for him from Boston, with express charges of two dollars, which Smith refused to pay, and tender ed the agent one dollar. The agent declined to re ceive It, and the apples were subsequently brought to Portland and remained in the office of the compa ny until they were spoiled. Decision will be render ed at the coming in of Court Friday morning. O’Donnell for plff. Webb for deft. Municipal Court. BEFORE JUDGE MORRIS. Wednesday.—William Parr. Search and seizure, j Fined $50 with costs; appealed. James D. Moore. 8earch and seizure. Fined $50; paid. Two cases libelled liquors forfeited; no claimants. Brief Jottings. In accordance with custom, no paper will bo issued from this office to-morrow. Custom house, hanks, &c„ closed to-day. The Cary Concert netted over a thousand dollars. Somebody way down south, with a soul for music, and an ear for sweet sounds, wants Portland to send him a cargo of Maltese cats. A solemn mass will be performed at the Ca thedral of the Immaculate Conception, next Wednesday, to the memory of Rev. Father De Rose, and the Easter vesper music will he re peated next Sunday evening. Mr. L. C. Breed, for six years a member of the firm of Hoyt, Fogg & Breed, leaves Port land this week to take a position iu the publish ing house of Lee & Shepard, Boston. The citizens of Naples have subscribed $2500 for a building for the Portland Packing Cornpa. ny—wlio lease it—and the town has exempted the company from taxation for ten years. In our notice of the Cary concert, wo omitted to mentiou the superb Weber conceit grand) which was sent on from New York to be used on the occasion. Mr. Ed. B. Robinson is the agent in this city for these popular instruments. The York County Independent contains a strong and well-considered editorial, endorsing the Hospital Fair. The Joseph W. Dyer house, corner of Pleas ant and high streets, has been bought by Hon. George T. Davis. 11G6 entries of merchandise were made at the custom house during the mouth of March. The Bath Times says that the Maine Genera* Hospital Fair will be the event of the year, so far as this State is concerned. A young son of Henry A. Ward of Bangor, had a rib broken, and was severely bruised a few days since, by a fall into an open “well, way” >n the rear of Westbrook Seminary. No freight trains on the Maine Central to-day and no freight received or delivered. The Grand Trunk Bailway Company invite tenders for the manufacture of thirteen liundrei freight cars; and also for two thousand sets o trucks for box cars. Yesterday afternoon, a young mau was dis covered in the water off the end of Uniut wharf. He was rescued in an exhausted coudi tiou. He accounted for his bath by saying tha he got wslking aud was too lazy to stop. Yeaterday was a prophecy of summer. The residents on Pearl street, below Cumber land, complain bitterly of the truckmen, wb overload tlieir horses, and then incite them t renewed exertions by blows and curses. Lou mcpiiries arc made for the agent of the Sociei for the Prevention, etc. The Portland Company have just forward! to Sau Francisco, a riveting machine for tl Union Pacific Railroad. The gas is to be shut off to-day, tThurstlay from 10 a. m. to 3 p. m , to enlarge the pipe £ Boston & Maine railroad crossing, on Clar street Good Portland young meu instead of going out to drinking saloons for morning and eve ning refreshments, are now putting the money in boxes for the benefit of the Maine General Hospital, [A'. Y. Timet, A native Portland lady, having been absent nineteen years in California, and married there, is receiving her many old friends at the Fal mouth, daily. A large muskrat, who wandered to Mi ® street from somewhere, created quite an exel ® ment in front of Burleigh's“churned evening;. “Oh, what a biff 1110 * an excited lady meetiUg will be held attheTs^oMhc rndl. Street Church this evenin'* An elegant bachelor’s ball was given at the Falmouth Hotel last evening, and the young unmarried brave led out the fair in the round and square dances, with decided zest, and all I enjoyed the occasion highly. “Old Proh” was decidedly off the track yes terday, in his calculations; he was to have east erly winds, and generally cloudy weather, hut we did have one of the most pleasant days of the spring. A large number in t’lis city propose to try the Boston & Maine for the first time to day, by taking an excursion to Old Orchard. The Preble House billiard hall, which has been closed for repairs, during some days past, will he re-opsned to-morrow. It looks very pretty with tasteful frescoing and freshly painted walls. As W. tV. Thomas, Ksq., was assisting a la dy to alight from a carriage at the Maine Cen tral depot, yesterday, the horse became fright ened at an approaching locomotive,and began lo plunge and rear, nearly overturning the car riage. He then started at a “dead run.” The lady, with rare presence of mind, seized the reins and stopped the horse. Officer James arrested a slightly tight Indi vidual last evening, who was attempting to break in a window on Franklin street. “liumpty Humpty closed a three nights en gagement at Music Hall, last evoning. Gen, John M. Brown of this city, will deliver the occasional address at the celebration of Memorial Day in Augusta. The Trial of Wagner. — After copying a paragraph from the I’bess, relative to the reported trial of Wagner in this city, liSteuo3,” who has as good a right to know as anybody, says: This paragraph is based upon the statute of 1872, chap. 45, which provides that it shall be the duty of any judge of the Supreme Judicial Court for this State, while holding any nisi prius term of said court for the trial of civil or criminal causes, to order for good and sufficient reasons shown, on motion of either party, the transfer of any civil action or actions, or crimi nal case now pending or hereafter to lie brought in said court, to the docket of said court in any other county in this State for trial. Two objections suggest themselves in this case of Wagner. In the first place the Supe rior Court, and not “ this court,” the Supreme Judicial Court, has by statute the exclusive jurisdiction of criminal causes in Cumberland County, and jurisdiction of snch causes is spe cially taken away from the Supreme Judicial Court. It might be questionable whether in so grave a matter as a capital trial, the statute of r72 will bo construed to repeal both of these 5revisions, and give jurisdiction to the Supreme udicial Court of Cumberland County, in this case. The second objection will perhaps pre vent its transfer to any other county from York. The Constitution of Maine, in the De claration of Bights, sec. 6, provides that iu all criminal prosecutions, the accused shall have a ri rht to a speedy and impartial trial by a jury of the vicinity, meaning of the county, where the crime was committed. This would seem to prevent its transfer on motion of the State’s at uirney, 11 oujecieu w uii piisuuei. ** uctuei he can waive this constitutional privilege, the law court have not yet decided. Deceased.—The remains o£ the late James L. Roothby, who died at Bangor Monday, were brought to this city yesterday for interment. Mr. Bootliby, who was well-known to most of our citizens, was born in Limingtou, York county, and was about 00 years of age at the ttme of his death. He went into business in this city in 1814, and remaiued here until 1864, when he went to New York and engaged in business there. While in this city he served in the city council. He remained in New York until recently. The deceased had many warm friends in this city, for he was a man of quick, generous impulses, and genial disposition, kind and free-handed, ever ready to assist those in distress. While in Portland, he was a lieuten ant of the Light Infantry, and he is remember ed by many of the “white-coats,” as the very life of the island excursions. He leaves a wife and adopted daughter. The funeral sendees take place from State Street Church at 2 o’clock this afternoon. Friends of the deceased, Knights Templar and Odd Fellows, of which he was a member, are requested to attend. -Fast Day Services.—At the churches in this city there will be services as follows: Rev. Mr. Hincks will preach at the State street church at 11 a. m.,on the “Press;” Rev. Dr. Hill at the First Parish at 10 1-2 o’clock. The Congress street Methodist unites with the St. Lawrence street church in Fast Day services. Sermon at 11 o’clock a. m. in St. Lawrence street church by Rev. Mi. Wright. United prayer meeting iu the vestry of the Congress street church at 3 o'clock p. m. There will be united religious services in the lecture room of the Memorial church; Dr. Carruthers will preach at 11 a. m.; united prayer meeting at 3 p. m. The Chestnut street Sabbath school will hold anniversary exercises at the church this evening. The Pine street Methodist Sabbath school will give its anniversary festival aud ex hibition also, and the history of the school since its organization, thirty yeers ago, will be re lated. _ Grand Excursion.—Forest City Temple of Honor has completed an engagement with the Portland & Ogdensburg Railroad, for a grand excursion over that road to Upper Bartlett, N. H., and as soon as a nearer completion of the road will warrant, announcement as to time will be made. Meanwhile arrangements will bo perfected to make this the most complete excursion ever offered to the people of Portland* Starr King has writteu his “White Hills,” and Louis Prang became immortalized by his glow ing pictures of the “Switzerland of America,” and the universal desire of the thousands who visited North Conway last summer, was to pen etrate still farther and witness the subjects of such writings aud paintings. The simple an nouncement that the tickets for this excursion will be but one dollar and fifty cents for the round trip will suffice to tax the P. &• O. road to its utmost capacity. A Naughty Man.—A despatch was received at the police station last evening from the City Marshal of Lewiston, ordering the arrest of a married man of that city who had left his wife, and taking to himself a young and pretty girl, had gone to Portland. Deputy Brydges, on the receipt of the despatch, immediately started in search of the man, and found him and his in amorata enjoyiug the absurdities of “ Humpty Dumpty” at Music Hall. Tho fickle one was “ tall, was dark, was haughty of mien, just the thing for sweet sixteen,” and “ sweet sixteen” nestled at bis side, looking very pretty and very happy. Mr. Brydgcs “ allowed” he could show the man a trick surpassing anything in “ Humpty Durnpty.” So he arrested him. With many tears ami parting kisses the girl let him pass from her soft embrace iuto the stern grip of the law. Art Notes.—At Schumacher’s there is on exhibition aline painting of the Kattskill Falls, by Lottichins, a German artist. The picture, though rather delicate and perhaps wanting it) forcibleness, is admirable for the delicacy of coloring and for its fine general effect. Mr. C J. Schumacher has a little sylvan scene remark able for its warmth and force of color and foi tlie sombre magnificence of its great trees. In the window is a fine photograph of thi late Toppan Robie, and an exquisite one bj Lamson, of one of Portland’s fair daughters the face is a beautiful one. An elegant cliromo after Titian’s ‘‘Lavinia,’ and a couple of fine English chromos are alsi I on exhibition. Musical Matinee.—The musical club wil give one ot their choice and pleasing entertain ments at Rossini Hall, this afternoon. Tba the entertainment will be a very pleasing am successful one, no one who lias ever listenei to tlie young ladies can for a moment doubt Tickets for sale at Stockbridge.’s, at Lowell’t and at the door. The Minstrels.—Morris Brotherscelebratei minstrel troupe give a performance at Musi Hall to-night. The reputation of this troupe i too firmly established to need any commends > tion. It has been before the public ever sine 3 1851, with a popularity ever on the increasi 1 The bill for this evening is a very attracts y one. Fihe.—The slaughter bouse at Brighton Co d ner, Westbrook, owned by G. R. Davis, and o e cupied by Henry & Wilson, was destroyed l fire Tuesday night. Tlie buildings were valrn I, at $6,000, and were insured for $4,200 in tl t Hoffman of New York, Brewer of Milwauke It and Amazon of Cincinnati, at the agencies W. D. Little & Co., and Dow & Palmer. ‘shtotheseason, occurred lust night at the Falmouth. The affair was most elegant iu all its appointments, no pains nor expense hav ing been spared by the young gentlemen in charge to arrive at perfection in eveiy depart ment. The invitations, the dance cards, the supper and the music were each excellent. The party was not large, in point of numbers, but was of comfortable dimensions, just avoiding the crush which sometimes marks these occa sions. The toilettes of the ladies were unusu ally elaborate and tasteful, and the general beauty and grace of the wearers was frequent subject of remark. There were many guests from neighboring [cities. The hall may fairly be pronounced the event of the season, and on the whoica decided success despite the noticea ble absence of some of our citizens who were naturally expected to attend. Hospital Fair Concert.—At the urgent request of the Executive Committee of the Maine General Hospital Fair, Miss Cary has consented to appear in a concert for the benefit of tiiat charity on May IGtli. This will be the last public appearance of Miss Cary in Ameri ca prior to her visit to Europe, as she sails from New York on May 21st. Funeral Services.—Mrs. Wilson arrived from California yesterday, with the remains of her husband, the late W. L. Wilson, Esq., and the funeral services will take place Friday af ternoon at 2 1-2 o’clock at the residence of Sirs. N. L. PuriDgton, No. 124 Oxford street. G. A. It, Assembly.—The concluding assem bly of the G. A. It. series takes place at their hall this evening. The assemblies have been highly successful so far, und this evening’s en tertainment will prove no exception. Prof. J. P. Eveletb’3 class in vocal music, assisted by the Uuioa Brass Baud, will give one of their popular concerts at Seaside Hall, Ferry Village, Cape Elizabeth, on Thursday evening, April 17th, 1873. The exercises to consist of anthems, chants, quartettes, glees and solos, besides choice selections by the “Band.” Mr. Eveleth has labored for tho past year to bring the latentvocal and instrumental musical talent to the surface. As a mark of respect and ap preciation, the Union Brass Band and Glee Club, also M. E. Church choir, have volun teered their sendees gratuitously for the occa sion, so that the Professor may have the full benefit of tho receipts of the evening. Ar rangements have been made with'the Ferry Company to ran one trip after the close of the coaeert for the benefit of those at ten ling from Portland. A. J. R. MISCELLANEOUS NOTICES. Tub joy there is in a dollar can be learned by a trial of Lohinq’s Specific by any person suffering from Constipation and Dys pepsia. Price $1.00. Lori ng, Druggist, pro prietor. _ We would call attention to the sale of Real Estate on St. John street by F. O. Bailey & Co. on Friday, the 18th inst., at 2 o’clock, p. m. Thf. Portland Shirt is warranted to fit. Sold by Orin Hawkes & Co., 290 and 292 Congress St. For Breakfast, Luuchoou or Refreshment after a late evening. Walter Baker & Co.’s Co coa requires but one trial to establish it as the most desirable beverage. Since 1780, their headquarters have been in Boston, but the r popular goods may be had of any grocer in the land. _ Steel Knives and every description of Table Ware Plated, or Replated in the very best man ner at short notice and at a reasonable price, at Atwood’s New Rooms, 27 Market Square. feh25-eodtf Advertisers naturally seek the means for reaching the largest number of readers, and those of tlie best quality. The Daily Press fills the bill in both particulars better than any other daily journal in Maine. Does Advertising Pay?—There is in in stance on record of a well sustained system of judicious advertising failing of success. “My success is owing to my liberality in ad vertising.”—Bonner. “Advertising has furnished me with a com petence.”—Amos Lawrence. “I advertised my productions and made mon ey.”—Nicholas Lonpworth. “Constant and persistent advertising is a sure prelude to wealth.—Stephen Girard. “He who invests one dollar in business should invest one dollar in advertising that business.” —A. T. Stewart. UXXT-.i U 4-V.PV n;.1 nf'opficonianie I D/tnlll have done nothing in my speculations. I have the most complete faith in printer’s ink. Ad vertising is tho royal road to business.—Bar num. ____ BY TELEGRAPH. MATTERS IN MAINE. (Special to tho Pres9.1 The Filiform Contracts — Appointment. Augusta, April 16. -The contract for fur nisliing five hundred uniform' coats aud pants for the militia vras to-day awarded to John Boylan, 1"9 Grand street, New York city. The contract for furnishing five hundred uniform caps was awarded to Bent & Bush, Boston. Both were the lowest bidders, aud are large and responsible firms. The articles are to be deliv ered by tho 15th of May. The Governor has appointed Henry 0. Good enow, EsqM Judge of the Police Court of Bangor, vice Major Clark, resigned. [To the Associated Press.] Jam in the Kennebec. GAitDlN'Elt, April 16.—The ice in the Kenne bec has formed a jam, reaching from Dresden camp meeting station to the head of Swran Is land, a distance of three miles: but as the ice is old and weak, it will probably pass out next tide. Tho water has fallen oft two feet since yesterday. There is not much ice running above the jam. The weather is warm and pleasant. Freshet in the Androscoggin. Bkunswick, April 18.- The Androscoggin river is very high and the ice is coming down rapidly from above. The flume of the Topshara paper mill was broken by the ice this morning, which will cause a suspension of operations until the freshet subsides. MASSACHUSETTS. A Strange Case. Arrest of the Dangerous Som nambulist. Lowell, Mass., April 16.—Young Wilfred Fitts whose parents reside in this city, and who committed a somnambulistic assault at Candia, N. II., was arrested hero this afternoon ou a telegram from the county solicitor I< rmk, at Exeter, N. H. He is a bright appearing lad, raid does not take his confinement to heart. He savs he has no recollection of the deed. Be fore being sent into the country for his health, he had on one occasion taken §15 from his fa ther and another time S50, secreting the latter in a bottle in the ctller. Books aud other things were missed and afterwards discovered in a'remotc and unused corner of the attic of the house. There is no question but that he committed the deed, and a detailed account of his former actions would show that he has been fearfu “y a,id painfully afflicted His father, a i.jchlv respected citizen, had a long interview with] the City Marshal to-night giving a full account of the boy, who, evidently is not fit to he at large. c#Mon interest. Boston, Mass., April 10. The annual meeting of New England Cotton manufactures Association was held in Boston to-day, and the following officers were elected , for the ensuing year: President.Gov. E. A. Straw of N. H., Vice *vi_tj_a it TAphwnnH Rnstnn. John It Palfrey, Lowell; Directors, Phineas Adams, 1 Manchester, N. H., Chas. Nourse, W oonsock ct, it. I., Tlios Borden, of 1’all Biver, John Hil born of Salem, A G Cumrock of Lowell, and ; J. E. Clark of Lawrence. Discussions was new 1 upon Fpindlcs, steps and bolsters, for cotton l spinning, and models of inventions in tins etc partiuont were presented and explained. » NEW YORK. Mt-udiujc oirtmiuiiiruiK. ’ New Yoke, April 16.—Immigrants are. now ' put through to Chicago from here in forty e eight hours. There are now 3000 at Castle Gar den, and arrangements have been made to sem " to Illinois, Nebraska and Southern Kansas al 0 who can measurably support themselves. ’ marine Disaster. Bark Freeman, Dennis, from Amsterdam reports that on March 22d, lat. 50 30, long. ;i *7 sighted barque Glenalladale, Capt. McAi y th’ur from Halifax for Liverpool,'limber loaded d waterlogged, tbe foremast, bowsprit and rut ie der head gone, after-deck stove iD, hatchc washed off, and vessel unmanageable, bavin e’ been so for fifteen days. Launched a boat an ” took off captain and crew, after making flirt trips. It was blowing a gale at the time, and heavy sea running. They were brought to this port McArthur, of the Glenalladale, makes the following report: Sailed from Halifax Feb ruary 20, with a cargo of deals for Liverpool. Un the 27th had a moderate gale, shipping heavy seas. On the 28th, a strong gale from the northeast split the foretopsail and started the vessel leaking. March 2d, had a heavy gale from the northwest and split lower top sail; made all possible sail. In lat. 43 10, long. 4!) 24, shipped a heavy sea, which washed every thing moveable off the deck, stove the compan ion way, skylight, and stanchions, started the stem and wooden ends, and started the deck load, choked the pumps, tilled the galley and forecastle, and washed the deck load overboard. On the 7th, the vessel was shipping heavy seas and settling very fast, and in live hours and thirty minutes she became waterlogged. On the 8th, lat. 48 30, Ion. 34 37, found the main hatch bursted up, and the main lower topsail was blown awav; twenty minutes after she was hove to The'bullc-liead state rooms were all knocked down, and the sea was making a clean breach over her. We saved three barrels of bread and 100 pounds of ice cut from a cask on the poop deck, and took them to the mam top, as it was the only plaee wo had for shelter. On the 9th, the crew made a raft out of the deals, bent a hawser to it, passed a line forward and used it as a dredge. At ti o’clock p. m. a steam er passed five miles distant, going east; made signals to her but she took no notice. On the 21st, the decks were all ripped up from aft to the foremast. Ou the ‘24th was taken off by barque Freeman, Dennis, and brought to tins port. We saved nothing from the wreck. The crew were about giving up, as their legs were swelling when taken off. The Glennalladale hailed from Pictou. Various Jialfera Owing to a blunder Saturday, a large portion of the mails for Europe were leftupon tliedock, and had to be held over for the steamer Russia, sailing to-da.v. The Republican General Committe last night unanimously endorsed the recent appointments of postmaster James and Surveyor Sharpe ot this city. , . „ There was a large meeting of the citizens ot Brooklyn last night, to consider the recent ac tion of Ivinsella and other members of tlio board of Education. Resolutions were adopted asking the legislature to pass a new education al hill. A mass meeting will be held Friday evening. The recent burning of tlio First Baptist Church, Harlem, is attributed to incendiarism, growing ont of a feud between the pastor and flock. The sickness of King who murdered O’Njel in this city, is so serious that he will be removed to the hospital to-morrow. It is doubtful if he ever will lie well euough to he tried. The Seward memorial Services. Albany, April 16.—The Seward Memorial services, oration, etc., will take place on Fri day, not Thursday, as erroneously stated. Passage of the City Charter. The Senate amendments to the charter were concurred in hv the house. Ayes 109, nays 11. Andrew J. Garvey, Boss Tweed’s plasterer, was arrested to-day ou complaint of Richard V. Harnett, that Garvey ahusid him and threaten ed his life. Garvey was hound over in 8-(00 to keep the peace. Horcucio Ribas, YeneznSlean consul at this port for the past four years, died to-day. A convention of advertising agents met to day. Sixty persons were present from various parts of the country. S. M. Pettinrill was chos en president. The Storm. Albany, April 16. — The storm continued during last night and up to noon to-day, but has abated, so that men are at work cleariug the track of snow. If the storm is not renew ed the track will be cleared by to-morrow. The storm covered a stip of country 200 miles wido and has lasted about three days, and was the worst ever known. Among the passengers de tained here is Gen. John P. Hawkins, brother in-law to Gen. Canby, ou his way to bring home the remains of Gen. Canby. WASHINGTON. Important Decision of the Supreme Court. Cen. Fremont all Bight. Washington, April 16.—The Supreme Court of the United States1 has rendered an impor tant decision in ease Ho. 161, E. J. Davis Horr, of Texas vs. John A. C. Gray, receiver, affirm ing the decree of the Circuit Court of Texas, that the Memphis and Elpaso Railroad Co., are entitled to the exclusive right to locate the land certificates of said State, and obtain patents therefor on lauds within and forming part of land reservation of said Company, being the odd section evanted on the 20th of June. 1868. for distance of eight miles on each side of the extension of tko lino of said road from tluv eastern boundary of Texas to El Paso, designa ted aud recognized according to returns aud maps of the same now on file in the General Land Office of the State of Texas. The ordi uace of the State convention granting lands to actual settlers and repudiating the Memphis and El Paso Railroad grant is declared uncon stitutional and the injunction of the lower Court against the Governor and land commis sioners restraining them is made perpetual. The total amount of land grant is 8,000,000 acres of which the entire, amount passes to Texas Pacific Railroad; condilioned upon 700, 000 acres being set apart for redemption of El Paso bonds. This amount being sufficient fer tile purpose. All bonds known to have been uttered were transferred to John Monroe of Paris, for re ceipt, agreeing upon their redemption in this amount. They stand in escrow with Duncan, Sherman & Co., New York, waiting atwisio.,. Tile lands provided arc ample for all the expen ses of the receiver, besides redeeming the bonds. The result will release Gen. Fremont from all obligations. He has for some years devoted himself almost exclusively Ito securing this re sult, aud lias refused political and other employ ment until its consummation. Ill view of his success, the absurd French edict against him, must be as hastily vacated as it was inconsider ately rendered. Legal tenders outstanding, $358,241,450. Issue of Postal Cards. Third Assistant Postmaster General E. \V. Barber, has given notice that the necessary ap propriation having been made for the purpose, the Department will on the 1st of May next, commence the issue to Postmasters ol the pos tal cards authorized by the Act of June 8, 1872. The Enforcement Act. In the Supremo Court to-day the ease is in argument w kich involves the constitutionality of certain details of the enforcement act. The case is that of the United States against Sa naugli and Conners, from the Circuit Court of South Carolina. Sapaugh was convicted of murder in connection with Ku Klux outrages. A section of tho enforcement act provides that a convicted party shall receive tho same sentence as though tried under State laws. This provision, it is claimed, is unconstitu tional. Attorney General Williams aud Assistant Attorney General Still appear in behalf of the Government, and KeverdyJohuson for the other side. Important to Steamboat Hen, Perhaps. At a meeting of the board of Supervising In spectors of Steamboats to-day, the committee on boilers aud machinery were instructed to re port the draft of a circular, to he distributed among iron manufacturers, boiler makers and inspectors on the inspection of boiler plate. It was resolved that ttie department’s circular re quiring one copy of eacli certificate of inspec tion to bo returned to the department is unnec essary, and that the Secretary of the Treasury be requested to abolish the same; aud also re solved that hereafter only two certificates of inspection shall he required on all tow and freight steamers. The following resolution was referred to the committee on rules and regulations: Resolved, That hereafter fire extinguishers shall not be required on tug, tow or freight steamers, neither shall the same be required on passenger steamers of less than 100 tons. Appointments. 1 The President this afternoon before leaving for St. Louis made the following appointments of Collectors of Internal Revenue: Max Web er 2d district of New York, iu place of St. A. Treadwell; R. P. Lothrop, 14th district of New York, in place of John M. Bailey; Alexander P. Keteinim, in place of A. Williams. Further Details of the Colfax Massacre. | From 200 to 300 Negroes All tt/a i rs Q "RllYiYi mg Building. New York, April 10.—The Times has tlie following special: New Oreeaxs, April 15.— Intelligence is just received in this city, that a sanguinary ri ot occurred Sunday in Grand Parish. The dis turbance grew out of the iucreasing animosity which existed between the negroes of Grant Parish, and the whites of Papules Parish, each color predominating in their respective locali ties. All day Sunday the two factions quarrel ed at the court house in the village or town of Colfax, and the riot culminated in the court house being set on fire by tlie whites, and burn ed to the ground, together with from 200 to 300 negroes, who were uuable to escape from the burning building. The unfortuuate colored men were literally roasted alive, in sight of their enemies. Of all of the whites who engag ed in the fight, only two or three were killed or wounded, owing to tlie fact that very few ne groes were in possession of arms or weapous. Tlie details ef this sanguinary riot are quite shocking, and the news has created intense ex citement throughout the city. It is understood that the United Stales authorities intend mak ing a thorough investigation into the affair, fer tlie purpose of securing the punishment of tlie guilty parties, whoever tlio.v may he. The war between the races, continual ly carried on in this district and state, lias sel Join presented such a horrifying iustance, as this burning oi a court house filled with human beings, It is scarcely credible, but the news is unfortunately too true for the reputation of oui people. _ Poisoned. Sr. Louis, Mo., April 1G.—Tlie Clarksvillt (5Io ) Sentinel gives an account of a poisoninf . case at Spenccrhurg some days ago, in which ; Dr Jordan administered aconite and arsenic t( D M. Kirslcy, aud after the death of tlie latte: nm away with his wife, with whom it is allcg ged he had for somo time had criminal rela tions. The relations of tho parties pursued am ’ overtook them and after an examination, Jor dan was committed for murder. Humored Drsli-nrtion of n Village b * Fire. ? Gixcesxati, Ohio, April 1G.—It was rumoiei 1 the village of Horse Cove, Ky., was burned t e ashes. Ten business houses and several dwell a ings were destroyed. Loss 920,000. j A RIOT BETWEEN WHITE AND COLOR ED MEN. — I The .Hegroes Besieged in Iheir Bearding Ileuse—.Tlilitary Assistance Asked for— Women Leading the Bioters. Indianapolis, Ind., April 1(5.—A serious riot MinJritSreSSfV'{. Kui?htst0'vn> between the strikers at the coal mines and furnaces, and the colored miners lately imported from Virgin ia. The whole town is apparently engaged in a general melee originating with negroes and strikers, which soon spread. The lien-roes are now at their boarding house, well armed and well guarded by the local police A crowd is surrounding it, throwing stones and other mis siles. A company of colored miners from Brazil and vicinity came to the aid of the negroes. Many shots were fired during the melee. Gov. Hendricks has been applied to for troops, and it is expected that the Emmett Guards and a bodyot police from this city will leave for Knightstown. The indications now are that there will be bloody work before they arrive. 9"®of tbe guard over the negroes has been in jured. The town is full of rumors. The wo men are the most furious and are the leadine rioters. " . Knightsville, April 10.—Tbe riot lias been 111 progress at the blast furnaces of the Western Iron Co. m this place sinco four o’clock last evening, between the negro laborers from Vir ginia and white miners and pudd'ers who are on a strike. Three of the guard detailed from the police of the town were cruelly beaten. Rev. Mr. Matthews, who appeared on the scene and endeavored to secure peace, was set upon by tbe mob and struck in the head by a large cinder,

winch cut a severe gash, but did not severely injure him. Two guards were badly bruised about the face and body by the women who .ook the lead in the affray and urged the riot ers on. Tlie Emmett Guards and a detach ment of police, commanded by Gen. Dan > 1 1 i olll'cu util; iiv o clock this morning, siuee .which peace lias been restored. Several ringleader.! have been arrested and are being taken to Brazil, where they will be tr!jJ', Jllie mincrs all<1 puddlera are confident aud defiant, and it is supposed that they are waiting for the withdrawal of the troops to renew the attack. The better class of miners and puddlers are disposed to be law abiding. Later—'. 1 p. m.—Eight arrests have been care fully made and the prisoners sent away safely. All is apparently quiet no y. The police aiid Emmet Guards return to Indianapolis to-night. The trouble is likely to break out again at any time, and arms and ammunition will be kept by the furnace authorities, who are determined to prevent interference. There is a very bitter feeling on the pjtrt of the strikers, and only great caution aud strength can prevent a very serious riot, while the negroes are here. Indianapolis, April 16.—Indications of an other riot at Knightsville have ended. Tho military left for home this afternoon, a detach’ ment of Indianapolis police remaining to pre vent further outbreak. Most of the ringleaders will be tried at Brazil to morrow. Two escap ed on an early train this morning. All is qniet and the crowd has dispersed. THE MODOC WAR. Attack uu om- Pickets—One of the Savages Killed. Lava Bkd Camp, April 14.—On the evening following the murder of Canby and Peace Com missioner Thomas, the ModOcs attacked Ma son’s pickets, one and a half miles east of tho Modoc camp. The pickets were quickly rein forced and drove the savages back, killing one Modoc and capturing ten horses. Donald McKenna arrived here yesterday with 72 Warm Spring Indians. As soon as Mcacham is out of danger, Dyer will return to the reservation to attend to the Modoc and Klamath Indians there. The Snake and Pitt river Indians are quiet, but watching the events of the conflict with g'eat interest. * Death of lAeut. Sherwood. San Francisco, April 15.—General Schofield lias received despatches from General Gilleui, dated Yreka, to-day, aunouneing the death of Lieut. Sherwood, who was wounded in the at tack on Colonel Mason’s camp, the 11th inst., while the Lieutenant was holding an interview with an Indian boy who approached the picket line under a white flag. Fnnri'nl of Ocuera! Canby and Commis sioner Thomas. The funeral of General Caubv and Commis sioner Thomas took place on the 12th inst. The troops were drawn up and received the remains in the customary manner, with salutes and drums. Imlcst from the Camp. San Francisco, April 15.—A despatch from Gen. Gilleui to Gen. Schofield, recieved to night, says that he will use every endeavor to prevent the escape of the Modocs, aud that if possible not an Indian shall be left to boast of the murder of Gen. Canby. The regular couri er arrived at Yreka to-night, bringing the fol lowing news from headquarters: Yesterday morning, while the signal officers were engaged signalizing between Gen. Gillcm’s headquar ters and Mason’s camp, a Modoc Indian got upon a ridge near Captain Jack’s camp, and with a white rag on a pole, imitated the move ments of the signal ofiicers, waviug the rag to and fro. Meacliam's condition was more hopeful at the time the courier left the camp. Sir. Dyer, tjio Cbmmissioner who was unhurt, has tele graphed to Washington for instructions, sajiug there was no longer any use of trying the peace policy toward these Indians. 1 “~*ircute of Kuigliu of JPTlb'»““ Richmond. Va.. iPai ns.—The Supreme Lodge, Knights of Pythias, met yesterday, Su preme Chancellor H. C. Berry of Illinois’pre siding. Nearly every State in the Union was repieseui«u, utiu ucurj^utcw wme, present troni Canada, etc, The reports of the Supreme offi cers show the order to embrace about 1300 lodges, and over 100,000 members,, including lodges in Australia and the Sandwich Islands. Last night the members of tlieoramj Lodge attended a grand ball at the Exnh,d,r,, Hotel. _ " UETUOKOLtHilllAI, . PROBABILITIES FOR THE NEXT TWEN rY-FOI.R HOl'RS. War Dep’t, Office Chief Signal j Officer, Washington, D. C., > April 10. 8 (P. K. 1 J Probabilities—The storm centre in North Carolina will move slowly northeastward, and that in Ohio extend over the lower lakes and New York State. For New England on Thurs day continued northeast and southeast winds with threatening and rainy weather. For the Middle States easterly winds, falling barome ter, cloudy weather and possibly liglit rain, ex cept in Maryland and Virginia, where, as well as in North Carolina aud the Ohio Valley cold easterly winds and cloudy or clearing weather is more probable. For the Southern States gen erally westerly winds and clear weather. For Lake Ontario increasing northeast winds with rain. For Lakes Huron, Erie and Michigan northeast winds backing to the north, with cloudy weather and light rain. F'or Lake Su perior, the Mississippi and Missouri Valievs a rising barometer and cold northerly winds. F1 O It li] 1 Ci N . . SPANISH AFFAIRS. General Success of the Republicans ami Defeat of the Carlists Reported. Madrid, March 16.—Many Carlists are sur rendering to Government troops in the north, in hope of receiving amnesty. Additional reinforcements to troops wlucli arrived at Puigierda were received with great enthusiasm by the populace. The Carlists are again threatening the town. "The Government has received intelligence of -the crushing defeat by the republicans of the Carlist force at San Lorenzo de Ja Muga in the Province Gerona. It is reported that a sou of Prince Henry, of Bourbou, Duke of Seville, who took op arms in the cause of Don Carlos, was killed in the late engagement between the national troops and insurrectionists. The detachment of Carlists under Saballo, which before the attack on Pingeorda was sent tn hamner the march of the troons to the relief of that town, were repulsed by the republicans. | They lost 300 men, exclusive of prisoners. fal>te|Rcporls about Pope Plus, Rome, April 10.—'The reports that the Pope I is in a critical condition are false. His pliysi j cians believe that tho indisposition will last j some time, but is not dangerous. MINOR TELEGRAMS. The annual convention of the National Ma chine Manufacturers was held at Philadelphia yesterday. The New Jersey Court of Pardons on Tues day refused the petition for the commutation of the sentence of tusignani, the wife murderer . and he will be banged May 1. A Raleigh despatch states that S. Mordecai and Thos. Griffin are sentenced to be bung May 30, for burglary and attempt to kill. Gov. Osborn of Kansas telegraphs from To peka that no trouble is anticipated from the Indians on the border of that State. Gen. Pope’s troops are scouting on the southeastern border, but find nothing indicating trouble. A San Francisco despatch says: “The epi zootic is fast coining this way. About half of the horses in the upper end of Shasta valley are down with tho disease.’ A negro won tho Newmarket, England, bi ennial stakes yesterday. The race was foi yearlings of 1871, and interesting as probably glinting out the winner of the succeedinp The officers of tho New York Central Railroad have returned tho locomotives they replevinec from the Internal Revenue Collector. They don’t like the criminal prosecution threatened ®ov- Hendricks denies that his recent visit t< \\ asbington had any thing to do with politics A Bridgeport, Conn., despatch to the Time; states that the Howe Sewing Machine Coni pany appears to be involved, more than half ol the employees having quit work for tho non payment of six weeks wages. Tlie General in command of ^vv.mesduy army of occupation gave a dinner, i>r(.3klou in Paris, in honor of the birthday of l resmeu Thiers. Dr. Cassimoro Correl bas been clocted Presi dent of Polivia, South America. Advices from Gc°P!®iOthercDdestroym'T$50< r that a large fire occurred there, aestioyin= ?»U, 000 worth of property. I Work has been suspended at the Acadia coa \ mines on account of the men sinking About $10,000 worth of the cargo of the At 1 antic bas been brought to Halifax | FINANCIAL AND COItlltiEitciAL. ! Review of Portland Marlin*. Week Ending April 16, 1873. Tiie business transactions during the past week have been very fair, notwithstanding the obstruc tions to transportation have not been removed. But now the ice is moving out of the rivers and in a week more our rivers will be open to navigation and the various lines of steamers and packets will be in full pray. The markets continue in a very steady condi dition, with great firmness in prices of all articles for which gold has to be paid. The money market is very stringent and borrowers are obliged to pay ex tra interest, though not quite so high as in New York, where the rate paid on some days during the week, was about 275 per cent, per annum! Gold has maintained high figures, the speculators Keeping up the price to about 118£ until Tuesday when it lei to a fraction below 118. On Wednesday, 13th, the rates were 117^@117£. Apples are very plenty ^and dried apples are a I drug. Beans are very steady and In good supply. I Box shooks are out of the market and prices are nominal. Butter is very firm at about 40c for choice family grades. Cliecso is steady ami in good supply. Coal is unchanged. Coflee is firm at our quotations. Cooperage U dull, the demand having fallen oft— stocks are very light. In Cordage there has been a slight advance on Manila. Dry Goods are firm with largo sales of all seasonable and staple articles. Drugs and dyes aro very steady, with the usual Spring demand. Fish are in light supply, and cod are particularly scarce, with a large Western de j in and. Flonr is rather dull, but quotations aro un altered. Fruit is steady with a slight auvance on I layer ini'ins. Oranges are in good supply at S3 50(ti> | 50 per box; lemons are selling at $4 50@3 00 per Ik>x. Grain is in good supply and corn has declined Ic, as will bo soon by our quotations. Ilay is steady. Iron is very firm at our quotations. Lard D firmer, i hut quotations arc not altered. Leather is firm and steady with a good demand. Lumber is quite actlvo and very firm. Lime is steady at §1 45 per cask. Molasses is in good supply and prices arc firm and steady. Nails arc unchanged. Naval stores are rather dull aud prices have fallen off. Oils are same as last week, with the exception of porgie, which has advanced. Plaster is now coming along and soon here will be a large supply. Produce is quiet; eggs are lower aud selling at 20@22e in lots; potatoos arc telling at 70@80c. Provisions are very firm, espec ially for pork. Salt’is steady and in good supply. Seeds are active at our quotations. Sugars are low er. The Forest City Refinery has started up aud is now turning out its handsome grades of‘sugars. We quote granulated at ll^@llgc and codec crushed at 10@10|c, according to grade. Teas aro steady and quiet. Tins are firm with an advance on both pig and plate. Wool remains in the same dull state as previously noticed, but there is no change in quota quotations. FREIGHTS.—There is no activity in Cuba freights —rates arc unchanged. The engagements since our last report are sclir. A. R. Weeks, hence to Cardenas at 31600 round sum out; schr Ebcn Fisher, hence to Sagua at 20c for box shooks. Rates to River Platte are $23@ old, for lumber. Coastwise freights are dull and unchanged, with very little doing. Brig R. M. Hesley was chartered for hence to Baltimore in ballast and back to Boston with coal at 33.25. Foreign Export**. DEMARARA. Bark Zephyrine—100 bales hay, 250 bbls potatoes. ST. JOHN, NB. Steamer Glendon—100 bbls flour. 182 bags feed, 1200 bush oats, 560 cases boots ana shoes, 475 do liquors, 195 boxes cheese, 150 do tea, 10 bbls oil, 3000 Ids tobacco, 10 cases cigars, 525 pkgs mdse. Sch Charles E Scamucell—2700 bblsflonr. 100 do oat meal. Sch Annie W—lot machinery. WOLFVILLE, NS. Sch Volunteer—700 bbls flour, Forcicn I in ports. HALL’S HARBOR, NS. Sell Day Star—29 cords wood, 21 doz eggs, to order. BARROWS. Bark Silver Cloud—700 tons steel rails to John Porteous. Portland Daily Press Mlork Ei*t. |For the week ending April 16,1873. Corrected by W. E. Wood, Broker, 67 Exchange. Descriptions Par Value. Ofjered Asked. Gold,.117*... 117* Government 6’s, 1181,. —118}-111) Government 5-20’s, 1862,..115}.... 116 Government 5-20’s, 1864,. 116*-116* Government 5-20’s, 1865,.118 -118* Government 5-20’s, July, 1865,.. 115} .. .116 Government 5-20’s, July, 1867,.....117}. ...118 Government 5-20’s, July, 1868,.116§_117 Government -40’s,...112* .. 112* State of Maine Bonds.,.. 91)-99* Portland City Bonds, Municipal,. 94* ... 95 Batli City Bonds,.... 89_90 Bangor City Bonds, 20 years,. 90_91 Calais City Bonds,....94_96 Cumberland National Bank,.... 49.60 ... 61 Canal National Bank,.100.1.32*... 13.3* First National Bank,. 100.132*_133* Casco National Bank. 100.132*....133* Merck ants* National Bank,.. 75.95... 9G‘ National Tradors’ Bank,. 190.132*. . 135* Portland Company,. 75 * . 80 Portland Gas Company,. 50. 02 ... 64 Oeeau Insurance Company,... 100. 95 .... 97 Atlantic & St. Lawrence it. It.,....80_88 A. & IC. it. It. Bonds. 87 .. 88 Maine Central It. It. Stock.luO.55 ... C'J Maine Central K. It. Bonds. 7’s.97 ... 98 Leeds &U’rm’gton It. It. Bonds,100. 87 88 Portland & ICen. li. It. Bonds.. 100.88_89 Portland & Ogdensburg lt.R. Bonds, gold, ... 90 Portland & Rochester It. R. Bonds, 7%. . 92 .... 93 Portland & Rochester K. It. Stock.. 20 .... 30 Ifoston Slock LLl. I Sales at the Broker’s Board, April 16. | Boston & Maine Railroad. 120 j Eastern Railroad. ...106* 1 Sales at Auction. Boston & Maine Railroad. 120* Eastern Railroad. 106* Portland City Sixes, 1890.. 94 Eastern Railroad 7s. 1882. 1003 Hill Manufacturing Company. .144* Lewiston Gas Light Co. 70 j Eastern Railroad 7s, 1882. 101 1 New York Stock and llout r Market. New Youk, April. 16—Mariiuia.—GohJ H7*. Mon- j cent. Sterling rcxeuange lm @ 108*. state ! stocKa Stftfik# weak. New YoRw. April IG—Evcnina.—’i^ pressure in i tho Money market 1m* resulted in eonio^,,. con_ . sequences, including a general decline in sixict* 1 the Stock Exchange. The failure of the firm y Bos- 1 ton & Allen was announced at 2 o’clock, cautw a j general panicky feeling, in which there was a fau-*f | * @ 7} per cent, in values. The house was supposed j to be confidential agents of Commodore Vanderbilt, the senior member being his nephew and the junior his grandson. Under the announcement of their iu ability to meet their engagements stocks were thrown overlward amidst the wildest conlusion, for any price. The failure is understood to be the result of a confed eration of Union Pacific, Lake Short, Western Union and N Y Central stocks in the exttcmely stringent Money market of the past three weeks, the daily . large commissions having eaten up the cash resources of the firm so taxed those of its customers that they were unable to respond Other suspensions are re ported but not confirmed. Tbe market finally rallied to a considerable extent from its depression, and clos- ! ed quite steady with indications that the worst is over. It is the general belief that this financial storm will clear the atmosphere here .and that Wall street is on the eve of a bettor condition of affairs. There are many complaints at tho persistent action of cer tain street parties on the usury matter, and the claim is that but for their intervention the panic of to-day would not have occurred. Money was scarce and dearer to-day; early busi ness on call was at* @ } per cent, per diem, but dur ing tbe afternoon rates advanced g @ }, and after 3 o’clock dealings were at *@$ per cent. Just before 4 o’clock the rate fell to 7 per cent. The express com panies received a million and three-quarters to-day. Outstanding legal tenders show a decrease of $200,000. Foreign Exchange heavy and sales were made for cash at from 107* down to 107 for 60 days Sterling, and 108S to 107 13-16 for sight, while cable transters were offered at 1084 for cash to-morrow. Gold weak early in the dav and fell to 117*; afterwards it became firm er rising to 117f, but finally declined to 117* @ 117g; loans at 2 @ 5 per cent, for carrying to flat for bor rowing. The clearings were $124,000,000. Treasury disbursements $162,000. Customs receipts $419,000. The Treasury sells a million and a half Gold to-mor row. Governments dull and heavy closing? feverish. State bonds neglected. During tho first half hour business in tho Stock Exchange at an advance of 4 @ } per cent, was made and tho market was firm, but a freo selling movement prevailed at tho first Board aud prices by noon were slightlylower. During the second call tbe market was very excited and prices rapidly declined to nearly 8 per cent. Subsequently there was a recovery of 1 @ 4* per cent., and the mar ket closed quite strong. At a meeting here to-day of the directors of tbo Columbus, Chicago & Indiana Central Railroad it was determined to enter into arrangements to secure its full share of business of connecting lines East and West. The contract with tho Hocking Valley Railroad was also perfected, making Indiana Central an important coal road. Theic sent to Washington to-day $1,142,000 worth of cancelled Gold certificates. The following were the quotations of Government securities: , .... United States coupon 6 s, 1SS1.118} United States 5-20’s 1862.116* United States 5-20’s 1864...1164 United Slates 5-20’s 1865, old.1184 United States 5-20’s 1865, new.115} United States 5-20’s 18G7.117} United States 5-20’s 1868.115* rTnUi.fl Qt-ntos r»’s. new.. ..114 Uuited States 10-40 s.,coupons. ... .112$ Currency O'* .. • • ....113$ The following were the closing quotations of Stocks: . _ „ Western Union Telegraph Co.70| Pacific Mail. 54§ N. Y. Centra1 and Hudson River consolidated_9H$ Eric.63| Erie preferred... .. Union Pacific stock. 29 The following were the quotations for Pacific Rail road securities: Central Pacific bonds. ton Union Pacific do. g5 Union Pacific laud grants.72 Union Pacific income bonds. 72 Boston Boot and Shoe Market. Boston, April 15.—The shipments of Boots and Shoes from this market to places outside of New Eng land for the past week comprise 25,061 cases, against 33,199 for the same week last year. , ^ The total shipments since January 1, h&Jf • 421,391 cases, against 451,869 cases for the same pc The market has undergonouojm^portau^ckan^c ufacturers are tilled 'vl'l*'“..“ll parccls, the orders although the deman, Jfgeep tho best workmen fully aro numerous enough . for homemade goods for the employed. ,,dade is improving, aud we hear of Now England workmen on this description of some complaint t not eaaiiy obtained. Some or 5ood8i:Ive been given for thick boots, but they are der8tiv for well known makes which have become so “i2?..lar at tho West as to becomo a staple article, ol which every dealer must have a few. New York buy ers continue to purchase about 4000 vases a week, and there is a lair inquiry from Philadelphia and New Orleans. _ The Weal market. Boston.-April 16 —[Reported 'or the Pres*.]—The following Is a list of prices quoted this afternoon; Domestic—Ohio and Peunsvlvania pick-lock 60® 62c; do choice XX 63 @ 5fic; do lino X 52 ® 55c; me dium 521® 55c; coarse 48 @ 50c; Michigan extra and XX 50 @ 53c; flue 40 ® 51c; medium 49 ® 51c; com mon 48 ® 49c; other Western line and X 48 ® 50c medium 4S@50e, common 45 @ 47c: pulled extri 35® 53c; superfine 35® 07; No 1,20® 30c; comb ' imi fleece GO®65c; California 18 @ 35c; Texas IS ® 30c; Canada 40 ® 55c; do combing — ® 75; Smyr I ua washed 22 @ 35c; do unwashed, 22 @ 30c; Bueno: Avres 25 ® 37e; Capo Good Hope 30 ® 37c; Austral laii 43 @ 55c; Donskoi 30 @ 15c i pres ■ ®62Jc. rtu- - — sure to sell in greater than ever, partl,,ul.irl> York ami other markets. To-morrow 500,000 ids do mestic fleece and pulled wool are to be offered in New York without reserve. If this Wool is sold ill good faith, without reserve, wo have no doubt buyers from Boston and other points will bid with confidence, al though Woof auction sales in that city are not looked ui»on very favorably. The fact that holders ot Wool are forcing oft atoekf at auction when Wool is so much ?3£eMe<i a,,d Price8 ruIe low, indicates the ex SSUSm t0/e11- Most of our dealers have difloron.**! that ‘hey look with more or less in After th« T?mi?e c<?ntini,0<1 downward tendency.— on a firmer f V,of *he 2lth Prices will be fixed ? ba8is» aml in the meantime extensive ore SSlI no doubt to httIldk 1110 clip, wilcli In vi v f l, HI*® » more settled market. In New York there has been a little better rlenviini during the past few days, but the market must ctill bo called weak and irregular. Dealers aronot ilisp,.* «<ito reject .liny reasonable otter, and uurcbhaaers knowing tlds, generally bid far below wbit ls con^l ered fair market rates. In Philadelphia the market has been very quiet this week. The protracted stringency in the Mouey mar ket prevents manufacturers from purchasing largely. The stock of all descriptions is now reduced to a very low figure, and should an active trade spring up in the article some difficulty would be eifierioneed fti filling orders at current rates. Sheep and Lambs—From the West the supply has been light, Sheep being worth more for the New York market than to briug this way. Those that came here cost, delivered, from 8 to 81c |> lb. Swine—Store Pigs, wholesale, 7 @ 7Ac; retail 7 to 9c lb. Fat Hogs—17.100 at niarke>prices 8!«* <•, 6|c |» lb. lirigblnn C attle .Unrkci. For the week ending Wednesday, April 13. At market for the current week:—Cattle, 2357; Sheep and Lambs, 4855; Swine, 17.579; number or Western Cattle, 2114; Eastern Cattle 68: Working Oxen and Northern Cattle 175. Prices of Beef Cattle, *> cwt. live weightExtra quality 87 50 to 7 75; first quality 87 00 to 7 25; sec ond quality 86 50 to C 75; third quality 84 50 to 550; poorest grades of coarse oxen, bulls, Ac., 83 50 to a ox ’ ^ Brighton Hides 91 @ 10 cents *7 jfe. Brighton Tal low 6 <a OJc |> lb. Country Hides Scents p lh. Country Tallow 5 © 5}c p ih. Call'Skins 16 @ 20c p Ib. Sheep Skins $ l 75 © 2 50 each. Lamb Skins $1 75 © 2 50each. Remarks—The quality of Cattle in mar'kettliis week w.kH better upon an average than that of last week. Cattio cost higher at Albany, but on account of the large supply one week ago the butchers were, in some instances, supplied with Cattle which they bought at last market; prices upon ell grades remain unchang ed. Drovers are try ing to get higher prices, but the trade lias not been so active and we do not think that there were many Cattle sold for higher prices than those obtained one week ago. There was a good sup ply of working oxen in market from Maine. Working Oxen—Trade for working oxen has been improving of late, and the supply in market lias been very fair. We quote sales of 1 pair, girth 7 feet, for $225; 1 pair, girth 6*eet, 10 inches, for $190; 1 pair, girth 7 feet, for $222; l pair, girth 6 feet 10 inches, for $190; 1 pair, girth 6 feet 8 inches, for $180; 1 pair, girth G feet 7 inches, for $200; I pair, girth G feet G inches, for $150; 1 pair, girth G feet 8 inches, for $170; 1 pair, 6 feet 1 inch, for $210; 1 pair, 7 for $185. Milcli Cows—We quote: Extra from $55 ® $90; ordinary from $25 to $50 $> head; Store Cows from $16 @50i> head. Most of the Cows offered in market for sale are of a common grade, there being but a few fancy breeds offered for sale. Most of the Store Cows aud many of the Milch that are in fair condition arc bought up to slaughter. Store Cattle—Nothing doing in the Store Cattle trade, except for Working Oxen and Mllcl\ Cows. Domestic lUarketM. New York, April 16—Evening—Cotton in very light demand at *c decline: sales 782 bales; Middling uplands 19gc. Flour dull, heavy and easier; sales 8500 bbls; Stale 5 90 @ 8 25; Round hoop Ohio 7 20 @ 10 50; Western 5 90 © 10 50; Southern 6 10 @ 12 00. W heat dull and 2c lower; sales 35,000 bush; No 1 Spring at 1 73 @ 1 77*; No 2 do at, 1 55 @ 1 64; Win ter Ked'Westem at 170 @ 1 90; White Michigan 1 85 © 2 15. Corn linn and in fair demand; sales 62.009 bush; new Mixed Western 50 © 54c. Beef is steady. Pork firmer; new mes* 18 00. Lard is firmer at 9 © 9 5-16c. Butter less active and in buyers favor; Ohio 37 @ 44c; new State 40 © 45c. Whiskey a shade firm er at 92c. Rice is quiet mid steady at 7f @ 8*c Su gar irregular; Porto Rico 7 @ 8gc; refining 7* © 8*c; Havana White 10 © 11c. Cottee steady; Rio at 18* @ 18*c in Gold; Java 19} ©21c. Molasses firm; clayed 32 @ 37c; New Orleans 67 @ 75c. Naval Stores—Spir its Turpentine quiet at50*c; Rosin nominal at 3 30 for strained. Petroleum is quiet and easier; crude 10c; refined at 20*c. Tallow steady at 8* © 9*’. Wool dull and irregular; domestic fleece 52 © 55c; pulled 45c. Freights to Liverpool quiet; Grain per steam at 8 © 8Jd. Chicago, April 16.—Flour is quiet and unchanged. Grain—all quotations cash to-day are on a basis of 2e additional for storage. Wheat opoi.ed dull and clos ed active; No 2 Spring regular at 1 19*; 1 20 for fresh cash; T21§ seller May; do Juno 1 24*; No3 Spring nominally at 1 10; rejected 95c. Com is excited ana higher; 34* @ 341c lor No 2 Mixed regular cash; 35*c seller May; 373 ©37}c do June: rejected is scarce at 30*c. Oats active and higher: No 2 27|c cash; seller May 28fc. Rye firm and in fair demand; No 2 fresh 65c. Barley quiet and higher; No 2 Fall regular at 70Jc; 75c for fresh. Pork opened firm and closed dull > at 16 50 seller May; 16 75© 16 95 do Juno, closing weak, sellers at im ide price. Lard steady at 8 40 on , spot; 8 50 seller May. Bulk meals firm and in fair , demand; shoulders at 6*c; short rib middles 6*t; clear middles all loose 8*c. Bacon quiet and un- j changed. Whiskey—no sales; held & 87c. Receipts—9,000 bbls flour, 12,000 bush wheat, 48, 000 busli com, 27,000 bush oats, 3,400 bush rye, 1,000 bush barley, 00,000 hogs. Shipments—8,000 obis flour, 2h000 bush wheat, 15, 000 bush corn, 29,000 bush oata 9,000 bush rye, 10,000 bush barley, 0000 hogs. x'OLXPO. April 16.—Flour* quiet and unchanged. Wheat steady; extra Whtc Michigan 1 95; Amber Michigan on spot 1 68; seller May 169*; do June 1 72*; No 1 Reel 1 74*; N> 2 do 1 68 on spot; May at 1 70. Corn quiet; high ^ixed seller May 44c; do June 45c; do July 46c. Oa«* a shade higher; Michigan at 46c. Receipts—0,CC0 l>»ls flour, 15,000 bush wheat, 3,000 bush corn, 0,000 biyh oats. Shipments—OOOf bbls fiour, 3,000 bush wheat, 1,000 bush corn, 1,000jash oats. Detroit, Ajfil 18.—Flour quiet and unchanged.— No 1 White atl 88J; Amber Michigan at 170. Corn ; steady; Yell'w 44c; Mixed 43c. Oats in good demand • ut 3Gc bid, J*3c asked. Receipts very small. UlxciN»ATI»April 16.—Provisions strong and ac tive. prk—sales at 17 00 on spot; buyer Juno 18 00. Lard in good demand and very Arm; steam at 83 @ 83c; kettle 8Jc. Bulk Meats are strong: sales shoul ders at 6g @ 63c: clear rib sides at eg @ 83c; buyer Juiv 9 Jc; do Aug 9}c; clear sides 83c. Bacon strong; shrtilders at 74 @ 7ic; clear rib sides 9$ @ 9|c; clear sues at 93 @ §3C- Whiskey steady at 86c. Charleston, April 16.—Cotton is quiet; Middling uplands 183c. Savannah, April 16. —Colton quiet; Middling up lands at 183e. Mobile, April 16.—Cotton dull; Middling uplands 1 183c. New Orleans, April 1C.—Colton in moderate de mand; Middling uplands 18Jc. European JIarketi. London, April 16—11.00.—Consols opened at 93g for iupucy and for account. . J American securities— U. S. 5-20’s 1865, old. at 944; :lo 2807, 93g; do 10-10s, 891: new 5s, 9cf Erie Rail tray at 513. _' Freights Savannah, April 11.—Freights—Wo quote as fol —Cotton to Liverpool, via New York by steam £j£doni7p.: Sea Island Id; to Havre, lc Gold; Bre id on uPiantiB. Coastwise—To New York per • steam Upland fic; Sea Island 2c l> ih • ripa a1* jm* cask Steam to*Boston, ^ cat. To Philadelphia, UplandtTotton, by steam, f R*e $2 & cask; -Domestics $1 25. To Baltimore, steam, p on Up. cotton. Rice to Baltimore SI 50 aask. Ctton to Boston, steam via New York 75c t> . 100 lbs; tProvidence via New York 75c D1100 lbs; i ia Bosto. 75c ioo lbs. Lumber to Philadelphia. ! steam, —; oil $0 00 @ 9 50. New York and Sound j ports, Lunger $10 50 @12; Lumber to Boston and | eastward $lijo@ 13 00; Baltimore. Lumber, $8 50. Vessels are b^ood demand to load here or at neigh boring ports: rom 50c to $1 50 additional is offered | for change of >ort. The rates for Timber are from | $1 50 @2 00 hiker than Lumber rates. West Indies , and windwattTnojninal, Gold. Lumber to River Platte $26 @ 28 :Hi 5 IH?r ccnt United Kingdom, Timber 45 @ 48s-i C0rh fir orders. Rio Janeiro $23 and 5 per cent. • Baltimore, Akfl 12.—Freights.—The supply of j tonnage continues fir and with light offerings to Eu ropean ports, rates atttle easier. Rates per steamer to Liverpool, we quot* Grain 9d; Oil Cake 30s; Cot Ion 3 @ 9-16d; Lard' Per sail, engegements as follows:—For Resin 3sq ® WH, Tallow and Lar i 37s 6d ton, Walnut Woocff!86d f**con: Tobacco. Mary- ! land and Ohio hhds 30s, Miginia <lo Cotton 7-lwl 1> lb. Staves 35s 4> AJ, of Cake 28s »30S & ton.— 1 Grain 9d |> bush. To Bremm i»cr steame* w0 quote: ■ Lard 50s; Maryland Tobttbo 35s. Virgin* do 40s. The charters include brig Yeung Dick, toBristol, E, Oil Cake 35s; a brig 305 tous to Wilmington, Nc, to I load ror Cork and orders to thi United Kbgdom or j Continent, spirits at 7s 9d; Resin fs 9d; direct portsrt • off. Several vessels, Coal to Martinique $150 @5 75 Gold; and several others to ports in Cuba sal Porto j Rico, out and home at usual rates; also sereral for cigu vessels, Cork for orders, Grain 7s 6d,which is the current rate for vessels of 3000 to 3500 qr. Coast- \ wise, Coal to Boston$375; Sound ports $@3 50; : > ew York $2 75. ENTERTAINMENTS. The Event of the Seaswi. MUSIC HALL-ONE NIGHT ONLY Thursday, 17th. MORRIS” BROS' MINSTRELS. In a Grand Holiday Eutertainment, The Best Company ever brought to Port land. CF“.4II the old Favorites and a host of new one*, LON. BILLY and CHARLEY MORRIS, MAT WHEELER. DICK MELVILLE, HOLBROOK, BURDEE, JACKSON, and THE MONSTER COMPANY'. In a Grand Programme. EVERYTHING NEW. y Reserved Seats now ready at n»weo gin's music store. „PrH,Id,14.13. loau cnonti fioAmiiiiavian Ball vn*. - —WILL BE OX— Wednesday, April 33. —is— LANCASTER HALL, European and .American Dunces. Itnic by Chandler’* Band. Grand Presentation Concert. FARWELL & AMES’ HALL, ROCKLAND. Thursday Eve., Apr. 34. For particular* RooSmaU Bills and Cards of Ad mission. J. A. LOKIXG, Of Portland, r entertainments. MUSICAL CLUB THUBSDAY, 17, 3 P. M., AT ROSSINI HALL. Tickets for salo at StoekbriJge’s, Lowell's and at tjodoor^^^^^—mm—^^ AUCTION SALES. J. S. BAILEY A COw Commission Merchants, -iSD— AUCTIONEERS KO.tW KXCHAXUE NTRKfe. T. Next below Merchants’ Exchange. JOSEPH S. BAILEY, OEO. W. PAUKEK. 1 Refebexcks-Messrs. H. J. Libby & lo., amt Hon Cluirl«‘ti F. Killlh il l'ttrllan.1 \l.. • \louure T o^nuril «X Co., ami Lee & Shepard, Boston. apllt lira! Estate on SI. John Street at Auction. OS' FRIDAY, April IKth, at 3 P. M., we shall sea the vfiluublu real estate No. 52 St. John street, consisting ot a 11 story wooden House with brick basement, containing 7 rooms, good closets, hue cel lar. Ac. Also a small statue. The above buildings have recently been put in thorough repair. Dot 50 t 110 feet* This property is very pleasantly situated anti is valuable. Title good. Terms a’ sale. F. O. B.VIIKV & 4 0 , Aut liouecr. Qpti__at Executor s Sple. ON SATUItDA Y, April 13tb, at 10 .’chick A. M in .Market square, I shall sell at public am tlsii one black Horse, weighs 950 lbs., sound and kind good driver, super worker, kind for a lady to drive! an excellent family horse: A. H. SYVEJCTSIR, Executor. At name time and place 1 superior Jersey Cow, 5 years old. and Calf, 2 hives of Bees, 1 box Baggy, city built, 2 new Beach Wagons, new aud second band Express Wagons, j Carriages and Wagons of different styles, Whips, Halters, Harnesses, <Src.; also, to pay advances, 5 New Harnesses. F» O. BAILEY Sc CO., Aaartinufrra. »pn_ 2t Very Desirable Real Estate. Fur niture, Weber Piano, dec., at Auction. ON WEDNESDAY', April 23d, at 10 o’clock A. M.. we shall sell the very desirable property No. 108 Cumberland street, corner of Boyd. The house i* 2$ story and contains Dining Room and Kitchen fin ished In hard wood, suit of Parlors and Library fin ished in black walnut aud ash h'ghly jiolisbeif, two marble- mantels in parlors, seven Chambers, Bath Room finished in bard wood. House furniahed with Furnace, Gas, Sebago Water and all modern con venience*. Parlor, Library and Hall elegantly ires coed. All ether rooms we1'painted. Inis property is pleasantly situated, within live minutes walk oi City Hall, In one ot the best neighborhoods, and is very desirable. Title perfect. Terms easy and made known at sale. Can be examined upon application , to auctioneers. Immediately after the sale of Beal Estate will be sold the Furniture In above bouse, consisting of Par lor Furniture In Black Walnut and Green Damask, Center and Card Tables, Turkish Easv Chair, Cros ley’s Brussels Carnets, Safin Brocatelle Curtains, French Clock, fine Vases, Engravings, Crnspadores, 5 Black Walnut and Chestnut Chamber Sets, Hair Mattresses, Spring Beds, Toilet Sets, Curtains, In grain and Tapestry Carpets, Lounge in B. w. and Green hep, Parlor Coal and Gas Stoves, B. W. Ex tension Table, Side Board, Silver, Plated Service. Salver, Ice Pitcher, Cake Baskets, Castors, Glays and China Ware, Magee Cook Stove, with the entire Kitchen Furniture. Also, at 12$ o’clock, one Wehei Piano, seven octave, elegantly carved, rosewood case, price $630; one fine Harn, double action; one Howe’s improved Sewing Machine, nearly new. F. O. BAILEY Sc CO., Auction****. aplfi_did Real Estate on Franklin Street at Auction. ON WEDNESDAY', April 23d, at 3 P. M„ we Khali sell the property No 92 Franklin street, being the southerly half of a 1$ story double house, con tains 8 rooms, large Pantry, ample Closets, good Cel lar, Sebago Water, good enuent drain, all in prime order. Lot 33 x TO feet. This is a very pleasant little property in a good neighborhood. Parties wishing for a moderate pi iced home are invited to examine. Terms at Sale. F. O. BAILEY Sc CO., Ancliouers. apl6 dtd Valuable Farm an<l Fsi ruling Tools at Auction. ON the premises on THURSDAY, April 24th, at 10 o’clock A. M., the Farm known as the Nich olas Hasty Farm in Scarboro, on the Spurwink River road, containing seventy-five acres of land aud two lots oJ Salt Marsh. The buildings consist of a dwel ling house, ell. carriage house and barn, all in food repair. Also fanning loolx and a part of the Houie hold Furniture, 40 bushels of Grain and about 8 ton* of Hay. F. O. IMIbEY At CO., Auctioneer*. np!7_ did Administrator’s Sale ol Real Estate. WILL be sold at public sale on the proud*##, in tho town of Deering. on the “Gray road.” about one mile from Allen’s Corner, on TUESDAY, the sixth day ot May next, at eleven o’clock A.M. So much of the Real Estate. (Wood and Timber land,) of Geo. Frost, Esq., late of Westbrook, in the County of Cumberland, deceased, as will produce a sum not exceeding eighteen hundred and twenty-six dollar*. By virtue ot a License from Hon. J. A. Waterman. Judge of Probate for Cumberland County. THOS. QUINBY, Administrator, (with Will annexed.) Portland. Apiil 4,1873. F. O. Bailey A CO,, Auctioneers. ap4,11,18 Allan_Line. Montreal Ocean Steamship Co. U-MIKE COSTEACT FOB THE CARKYIXO OF THE Unundian and United Stale. .Hail.. A Passengers booked o London m T-P- derry ami Unpod. •JTllf TlVPVv', Ketm n rl*ii If *■* — i i Mshiidlo' ~"mv‘mrrr' SCANDINAVIAN, Capl. Aird Will leave this port for Liverpool on SATURDAY, April 11Mb, Immediately after the arrival of the Train of it> previous day from Montreal. Passage to Londonderry and Liverpool. Cabin (ao cordiug to iwcommodatlona).IIO la SNO Payable hi Gold or Its equivalent. For Freight or Cabin Passage, apply to U. & A. ALLAN, So. 1 In.lla St. F. i Steerage Passage inward and outward, and lot ■Si’ hi Drafts on England for small amounts apply to JAMES L. FARMER, No. 3 India Street. Portlaud, Nov. lDtli. 187'-'. _nov2#tf Chandler’s Band ! D. U. CHANDLER. I Promoter. C. M. RICHARDSON, 1 mp Office 27 Market Square, D. H. CHANDUKK, Acral Lessons given on all Instruments used in a Military Band. 21 MARKET SQUARE 27 apr8 __CtM WAF New Sewing Machine Rooms No. 286 Congress Street, OPPOSITE PREBEE HOUSE* UP STAIRS. All first-class Sewing Machine*, new and second hand. It will pay to examine all kind* together and judge for yoorseli which 1* the best. W. S. DYER, Agent. am _lm Leavitt, Burnham & Co., WHOLESALE & RETAIL DEALEBS j 1 € E . I ll < mss Sfceet. Portland. Orders left at lee Office, 14 Cross «•. or wljh JjOj Proctor, 93 Exchange St., will be piomptly a "W-Pure Ice supplied for all purposes in any quantities and at the aplO LOWEST BATES. druggists staid iron SALE ! One of the very best stands In the elty for a Druggist, is on the corner of Fore and India Streets, which is now offered for Sale. For particulars inquire immediately of Lufkin & Co., So. 2 Woodman Block. MBS. ELIZA A. CUSHMAS. Portland, April 15, 1873. aprlodtf Spring Styles for Ladies Dresses and Street Garments, at MISS M. G. MAGUIRE’S, No. II Clapp’s Block, up stairs. aprl6 plaster: r rwv tons GROUND LAND PLASTER fci OGU tale in barrels or bulk at the lowest task price by ! KENDALL & WHITNEY. j le _ TO BE LET, I cjTffl® .aaDCHAMBERS Noa-Ui and lMiionth - t side Commercial •treet, near head WWjary • J Wharf. Apply to H JOS*. \ &p4d3wie 194 Vot% itW*'

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