Newspaper of Portland Daily Press, April 22, 1873, Page 3

Newspaper of Portland Daily Press dated April 22, 1873 Page 3
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THE P HESS. TUESDAY MORNING, APRIL 22,1873. THE PBEM« May be obtained at the Periodical Depots of Fes senden Bros., Marquis, Robinson, Branell *St Co.‘ Andrews, Wentworth,* Glendenniug Mosei, Hender son, and Chisholm Bros., ou all trains that run out of thecity. At Biddeford, ofPillsbury. At Saco of L, Hodgdon. At WaterviUe, of J. S. Carter. At Gorham, of News Ageut. At Bath, of J. O. Shaw. At Lewiston, of French Bros. At Kennebuuk. of C. E. Miller. CITY AND VICINITY. ;»w Adv< riiMMiir•mu To>Dav. AUCTION COLUMN. Administrator's Sale ot Real Estate. Administrator’s Sale—Samuel S. Murry. ENTERTAINMENT COLUMN Levee and Fair—First Baptist Church. Elite tainment—St. Lawrence St. vestry. Fair and Festival—Allen Mission. SPECIAL NOTICES. Spring Opening—O. C. Goldor. NEW ADVERTISEMENTS. E. T. Eldon * Co.-Dry floods. Ditson «£ Co.’s Home Musical Library, luspectori of Burning Oils. Notice Samuel Staples. Brunswick High School—Wanted. Wanted-Situation. Wanted—Man. Wanted—Bov. House for Sale—Wm. II. Jerrls. Wanted Immediately—Ailen & Co. MISCELLANEOUS NOTICES. The Portland Shirt — Orin Hacrkcs & Co. Slated Meetings. CITY GOVERNMENT. ’ The Board of Mayonand Aldermen meets the first Monday evening of each month. The Common Council meets the second Monday evening of each mmtli. The School Committee meet t he fourth Monday eve ning of each month. MASONIC At Masonic Ifall, No. 03 Exchange St red. YORK BITES. Blcr Lodges—Andont Land-Mark, first Wednes day: Portland, second Wednesday; Atlantic, third Wednesday. Chapter5—Greculcaf R. A. C., first Monday; Mt. Vernon, R. A. C.. third Monday. Council—Portland 0. R. & S. Masters, second Monday. Commasdebies of K. T.—Portland, fourth Mon day: St. Albans, eecond Thursday. Grand Bodies—Grand Lodge, first Tuesday in May; Grand Chapter, first Tuesday evening in May; Grand Council, Wednesday 3 r. M.; Grand Com mandory, Wednesday evening. ANCIENT ACCEPTED SCOTTISH RITES. Lodge—Yates Grand Lodgo of Perfection, first Friday. Council—Portland Council P. of J., second Fri day. Chapter—Dunlap Chapter Rose Croix do II., third Friday. CoNSiSTonr—Maine Consistory'? S. P. R. S., fourth Friday iu Maieh, June, September and December. I. O. O. F. At Odd Fellows• Hall, No. 88 Exchange Street. Lodges—Maine, on Monday evenings; Ancient Brothers, on Thursday evenings; Livonia, on Friday evenings; Beacon, on Tuesday evenings; Ivy, D., of U., second and fourth Saturday. Encampments—Machigonne, first and third Wed nesdays; Eastern Star, second and fourth Wednes days; Portland, first and third Saturdays. Relief association —Every third Tuesday in the month. TEMPLARS OF HONOR. At Templars* Hall, No. 100 Exchange Street. Council—Maine, first and third Mondays in each month. Temple—Forest CUy, No. 1 every Wednesday evening. Maine Charitable Mechanic Association— Corner of Congress and Ca- co streets. First Thurs day in each mouth. Young Men’s Christian association- Corner Congress and Casco rtreets. Every evening. Portland Fraternity—No. 333^ Congress street. Every evening. Knights of Pythias—Bramhall Lodge, No. 3, Thursday evenings; Munjoy Lodge, No. 6, Wednes tay evenings. At their Hall. Clapp’s Block, Market Square. Portland army and .navy union- corner Congress ami Brown streets. First Tuesday in each month. Sons of Temperance—Portland Division, No. 93; Sons’ of Temperance llall. Friday evening. Independent Order of Good Templars—Ar cana, Monday; Mission, Wodne*day;—in Williams’ block, Congress street. Mystic, Thursday: Atlantic, Saturday;—at Sous’ ot Temperance Hall, Congress street. Iron Clad, Thursday, at West End; Pocahou ta3, Thursday, at Arcana Hall. Portland Typographical Union, No. 73—Cor ner Congress and Casco streets. Second Saturday in ■each month. Payson Literary Society.—Meetings every Monday evening, Brown’s Block, cor. Brown and Congress streets, at 7£ o’clock. Boswortii Post G. A. R.—Meetings every Friday evening in Mechanics’ Hall, cornor of Congress ana Casco streets. Supreme Judicial Court. APRIL TERM—3EF0RE JUDGE VIRGIN. Monday.—No case tried. The following assign ments have been made: Tuesday, April 22. 232.—Smith, app’t from decree of Judgo of Pro bate. r „ Littlefield. Swascy & Son. 171. —Emery vs. Hobson. Putnam. Smith. 172. —Emery vs. Hobson. Putnam. Smith. 283.—Libby vs. Portland Water Works Company. •Cobb & Ray. Mattocks & Fox. Wednesday, April 23. *.:Gd.—Merrill vs. Merrill. Merrill. Reed. 218.—Spring vs. Burke. Libby. Sweat. 278.—Barrett v.;. Portland Dry Dock Company. Libby. Sweat. 2S9.—Rand vs. Nesmith. Merrill. Drummond. Superior Court. APRIL TERM, 8YM0NDS. J., PRESIDING. "Monday.—Hanson vs. Noble. Acriou to recover *$600 for money bad and received. Defense—general issue. Decision reserved. Cobb & Ray for plaintiff. J. H. Drummond for defendant. AL P. Frank, assignee of Isaac Dyer, vs. George Hearn and Daniel Brown. Action against defend ants as partners on an account annexed to recover $400, balance alleged to be due on an account for lumber. Defense—no partnership, and on the part, of Hearn, who admits the merchandise, was delivered to him, payment. Prank tor plaintiff. Hale fur Hearn. Carleton—Webb for Brown. yiatiicipal Court. BEFOBE JUDGE M0EB1S. FnlOAY.—Robert Costello, George Koeley and John Marry. Search and seizure. Fined $59 each. All paid. Satueday,—Patrick Deeban. So arch and seiz ore. Fined $50. Paid. One lot of libeled liquors, claimed by W. S. Mc Gowan of Boston, Mass, Agent of the Metropolitan Steamship C imp.iny.' Order of restoration. On? lot forfeited. No claimants. Monday.—William McNulty vs. George N. Hayes et al. Action ou account for services rendered by plaintiff, $18.81. Judgment for plnintiff for amount 1 aimed. Appealed. L. M. iVebb. Howard & Cleaves. Seth Scribner at al. vs. Atinio E. Mason. Action ■on account for groceries, $12.88. Judgment fbr de fendant. Appealed. Bulled. __'_Williams. Uriel' Joltings. TtiO United States Commissioners will begin work on the harbor lines in May, April worn a scowl on her brow yesterday. Three well-known inhabitants of Yarmouth died suddenly Saturday evening. They were Capt. Henry Newton,Capt. Barnabas Sherman and Mrs. B. L Storer. A grand Scandinavian hall will bo given at Lancaster Hall to-morrow evening. European and American dances will be given. . Tlic third grand assembly of tlio Longshore Boat Club comes off at Lancaster Hall Thurs day evening. The Iudia street Uuivorsalist Society contem plate an excursion to Biddeford next week. A contribution of $30.50 was taken at the Second Parish Sunday, for tlio benefit of the Abyssinian church. Collector Washburn has arrived home from Minnesota in excellent health. Hon. M B. Allen, just appointed Judge oi the Criiuiu-i! Court at Charleston, S. C., was a .student in the law office of Fessenden & Da blois, 29 years ago, and is tlic first coloreJ man .ever admitted to the bar of tlie United States. A Grand Trunk engineer, named Tobey, hat bis ankle sprained at the G. T. depot in tliit city Sunday. Mr. E. H. Tobey,late (superintendent of tin Plymouth street Sabbath School, has been pre seated with J>r. William Smith’s dictionary c ihe Bible by the school. Mr. Edward C (Chamberlain succeeds Mr. Tobey as supeiintfcc .dent. '('he U. S. Circuit Court came in yesterday wnd adjourned till to-day, The svalks at Evergreen Cemetery are being put in or&.'r, (lie snow having nearly all disap peared. _ _____ Vboxas B.€ogs.—It becomes our duly tc chronicle the decriji another of our old citi zens, Thomas D, Cook, w£o died at his late residence on Cedar street yestep.dsy morning,at the age ot 53 yeats. Mr. CQok Yri1^ we be lieve, a Portland man by birth, and was £*<££ up to last January a member of the well known tailoring firm of Cook & Ayer.*, one oi the oldest to w > hi the city. Jie retired from business last Jauuiwy on account of failing health. Mr. Cook leaves a&’ife and five child ieu. The funeral services over his remains will take place from his late residence, No. 30 ..Cedar street, to-morrow afternoon. County versos City.—The land on which the City Building stands was leased by the county to the city on condition that the city should furnish suitable rooms for certain coun ty offices and for the safe keeping and preser vation of the county records. It was stipulat ed that the rftoms to be used for the keeping of the records should be fire-proof. The pen alty for forfeiture was §50,000, After tho erec tion of the City Building tho county o cc. therein were examined hy the County Coiumis siontrs, pronounced satisfactory and acccp e< . There has of late been some comp am >* • Probate office was damp, ili-ventdated,noisome i ^ onfi that the health of those and non-hreproof. ana ium * . who had occasion to pass much time therein was seriously affected by those causes. Yes terday these complaints took a legal form, an action for breaking of contract being brought against the city by the County Commissioners in l he name of the county. Tho writ sets forth with the usual amount of verbiage, tbs above mentioue d complaints; and demands the pay ment of the §50,000 penalty. The case will probably come to a trial at tlic May term of i the Supreme Court next to be liolden in York county. New Directoby.—The Portland Directory for 1873 lias just been issued, and reflects great credit upon the industry, perseverance and judgment of Mr. S. B. Beckett, its author. Tho work is an exhaustive one, and will be found an invaluable aid to all our citizens. Wo glean the following facts of interest from its pages: The first brick store in tho city was built by Capt. N. Doering in 1705, at the foot of Ex change street. The first granite store was erected in 1824, on Middle street. The first brick school house was erected in 1802. The fii*st newspaper, tho Falmouth Gazette and Weekly Advertiser, was published in 1785. There are 47 miles of streets in tho city. The first brick dwelling house was built in 1785 on Congress street hy Gen. Pelag Wadsworth; it is still standing. The reservoir on Bramhali’s Hill has a capacity of 17,000,000 gallons. The Uigh»st elevation of laud within the city limits is 1751 feet. Tho latitude is 43 deg. 39 min, 27 see,, tho longltukc 70 deg, 15 min. 40 sec; longitude in time, 4 hours, 41 minutes, 027 sec onds. The magnetic variation is 12,10 wester ly. Tho city comprises 1,668 acres. Dibectobs' Meeting S. P. C. A.—Tho direc tors of the Society for the Prevention of Cruel ty to Animals met at tho Aldermen’s room in City Building, last evening. Tno treasurer’s report was read, accepted and ordered on file. Mrs. L. D. M. Sweat resigned her position as director. Her resignation was accepted. The Board then proceeded to tho election of officers, and chose Benj. Kingsbury, jr., President; the old list of Vice Presidents with the additiou of Elbridge Gerrv; Miss O. ,C. Carroll, Recording and Corresponding Secre tary; J. W. Symonds, Treasurer. A committee consisting of Messrs, loring and Cleaves, was appointed to make a contract with some person as agent. The Secretary was instructed to call a special meeting of the So" ciety on Wednesday evening, April 30th. Ad journed. _ The Conteihotioss.—The following addi tional contributions to the Hospital Fair have been received: Hall Brothers, rubber goods. Randall & McAllister, three tons of coal. Byron Greenongb & Co., set fur, seal, muff, boa and cap. Lord & Haskell, case of boots. ftononronni eusn contribution S.50. first ill stallmcnt. J. F. Morrill, refrigerator, patent. John I!. Thaxter, free use of Music Hall for severaljuights previous to the Fair. Stevens & Co., 100 boxes salt. Jules Ch Moruzain, cash contribution. Geo. H. Cloudman, services painting. Thos. P. Beals & Co., set of chamber furni ture. J. W. North, TJ. S. N., chess hoard, elegant ly finished aud furnished. Geo. W. Farley, trucking for the Fair. Sudden Death.—About five o’clock yester day afternoon as Mr, David Chandler was measuring lumber on Burnham’s wharf, he complained of feeliug ill, and immediately fell to the ground. He was taken to his residence at the corner of Newbury and Franklin streets, and Dr. Merrill summoned to attend him. He survived hut a few moments. The cause of his death was heart disease. Mr. Chandler was about Cd years of age, and leaves a wife and two children. Fair and Festival.—The Fair aud Fes tival of the ladies of St. Paul’s church guild opens at Grand Army Hall to-day. Those wish ing to purchase for the Hospital Fair will find a grea t variety of useful and elegant articles for sale. The charming little French play of the “Mischief Maker” will he given this evening. To-morrow evening an original comic lecture entitled “Elder Crawford’s Farewell,” will be delivered. The M. G. P. Sociable.—The M. G. P. So ciable at Laucaster Hall last evening, iu aid of the Hospital Fair, was socially, financially and iu every other way a complete aud very gratify ing success. About 150 couples were present. The young ladies, under whose auspices it was gotten up, have every reason to cougratulate themselves upon having carried through so brilliant aud recherche on affair. John E. Owens.—Our readers will remem ber that the sale of seats for J. E. Owens’ en tertainment opens at Stockhridge’s to-day. Without doubt our citizens will eagerly em brace the opportunity of witnessing the admir able acting of tbi3 distinguished comediau. Those who wish to secure scats will do well to apply early. Forest Crrr Shooting Club.—The annual spring shoot of the Forest City Shooting Club will take place, weather permitting, on Thurs day, April 24th, on one of the Islands. The club propose leaving by the steamer, at nine a. m., from Custom House wharf, return ing at four p. in. x ll iui: ajtktllL. Mr. Editor: I perceive that some party, through one of the newspapers, is advocating tho demolition of the Old City Hall, and the appropriation of its site for a public square. I would put the seri ous question, cau we, with such burdensome taxation as our citizens are subjected to, afford to lose the rent of the building at present. There are parties who would be glad to hire the building for 33,000 perannnm. Ten years hence, when the Portland and Ogdeusburg Railroad is iu operation, such a procceduro might he advisable, but iu heaven’s name uou’t let us increase our hardens unnecessarily tor the present. Tax Payer. I). C. Colder, importer and manufacturer of cloaks, mantillas, shawls, &c., holds his spring opening next Thursday. His stock is large and fresh,embracing ail the novelties of the season. The attention of the ladies is directed to his ad vertisement in another coliltnn. ttlHOBEEANEOUS NOTICE*. I All who wear tlie Portland Shirt are much | pleased with if. Harper’s Bazar.—This beautiful weekly j publication is a welcomo visitor to the parlor circle. The number for the ensuing week has j been received by Fessenden Brothers, Lancas ! ter Hall and I). Wentworth, 337 Congress, cor j ner of Oak street. Harmon & Lewis, 308 Congress street, iu | addition to their usual fine stock of candies and fruits, have for sale a choice lot of maple sugar of most excellent quality, which they are offering at reasonable rates. Vice maple sugar is a rarity this season. Job Printing.—Every description . f Jos Printing executed promptly, and at the lowee. pricc.s, at the Daily Press Printing House, If . Exchange St. IVa. M.Marks. Steel Knives and every description of Table Ware Plated, or Replated in the very best man , i ner at short notice and at a reasonable price, at Atwood’s Sew Rooms, 27 Market Square. • i _ fci>2y-cqdtf Does Advertising Pay?—There is no In stance on record of a well sustained system of I jndicioua advertising failing of success “My success is owing to my liberality in ad j vertising.”—Bonner. “Advertising has furnished me with a com petence,”—Amos Lawrence. j “I advertised my productions and made mon ey.”— Nicholas Longworth. ' “Constant and persistent advertising is a sure • prelude to wealth.— Stephen Girard. “Htf who inyestspnc dollar iu business should I invest one dollar in advertising that business.” ' -4. 21 Stewart. “Without the aid of advertisements I could have done nothing ill my speculations 1 have the most complete faith in printer * ink. Ad* ! vertising is the royal road to business.—Bar \ !?’')». __ Goo. Brown, haying received no answer to i Ids sculling challenge to /Saddler, the English ■ champion, will issue a .challenge to HJlis Ward, John Biglin, Henry Coulter ;or any other American oarsman, for a race for $2000, td ttikb place at Halifax in July. Letters from the South At’antic squadron re I port the health sf the officers and crews good. MASSACHUSETTS. Convicted of Arson. Boston, April 21.—Philip Golilsteiu was convicted in the Superior Criminal Court to-ilay of setting fire to store No 813 Washington St., with intent to defraud Insurance Companies. Case appealed on exceptions and defendant committed in default of $10,000 hail. Tired of Life. About eleven o’clopk this evening a man named Henry H. Gardner. 50 years old. painter by trade, weut to the Second station for lodg ing and stated he had taken an ounce of laud anum, and a letter was found in his pocket which read: “Father, I have gone to the old men’s home.” He will probably die. NEW YORK. Reforming Tnmmnny. New Yobk, April 21.—The Tammany Socie ty is making efforts to elect a ticket of men to day wholly disconnected with the “Bing.” A Kind Seed. Police Captain Walsh and officers of Eldridgo street station yesterday paid the fare of Mary Metcalf, an old lady rubbed at the New Haven depot while en route from Boston to Guernsey, '' A Murderer Pleads Guilty. In the Court of Oyer and Terminer before Judge Brady John Fitz Gibbous, charged with the murder of Jolm O’Hara, by hacking him to pieces with an axe Christmas evening, plead ed gui>ty of manslaughter in the first degree and was remanded for sentence. The Pence Commission. The meeting of tbo Indian Peace Commis" sion is postponed to to-morrow. Only one mom* berhas arrived, aud Mr. Bruuot, the chairman; is delayed by the death of his mother. Assault ou an Officer. A gang of roughs attacked aud beat in a shocking manner police officer Spellman of Brooklyn, while taking one of their number to the lock-up. Reinforcements were sent for, aud after a hard struggle three of the gang were ar rested . Beecher on Strikes, doiitb Carolina and the Eudlaus. Becclier alluded in bio sermon yesterday to the striking workmen of New York as being heroic in a had cause. He said he did not know on earth a more pitiable sight than South Car olina; and besought the Father of all mankind to remember in mercy “the children of the for | i st, whose pent up wrongs had driven them to bloodshed and diabolical murder.” New Railroad Project. It is reported that plans are being matured in Europe for constructing a now rail route from New York to Philadelphia via New York bay and Staten Island.} Beatca in a Gambling Den. Henry Maudelbaum, the tradesman brutally beaten by gamblers in a Bowery faro bank last week, is in a critical condition. Thomas Bar clay, a brother of the keeper of the den, was arrested last night. Election of Tammany Sacln un. The Tammany Society to-night elected the folio wing sachems for the ensuing year: John Kelley, Jno. W. Chandler, Sam’l .1. Tilden, Jno. Fox, Thos. Dunlap, Nathaniel Jarvis, Jr., Abraham S. Hewitt, Abraham R. Lawrence, William C. Counon, Miles 15. Andrews, Ed ward L. Donnelly, James B. Nicholson, Wm H. Wickham. The Bank of England Kobbcrs—TIje Mon ey Cantu red. The recovery of nearly a quarter of a million of dollars of United States bonds which had been obtained by McDonald, alias Bid veil and associates, in the late Bank of England forge ries, was made to-day, the facts concerning which are as follows: On the oth of March a trunk said to contain wearing apparel, old and in use, was delivered at the offico of the North I Atlantic Express Co., No. 1 Margate street, j London, by a person calling himself C. Lassing of Tunbridge Wells, England, and addressed to aj. George Matthews, New York, to be kept in bond at express office No. 71 Broadway, N. Y.. until called for. The trunk was duly for warded by tl e expres company and reached New York by the steamship Cuba, which arriv ed here May 20th, and was kept in bond hv the company as per instruction until Saturday last, when a womau calling herself Mrs. Geo. Mat ; thews, presented an order for its delivery at the i express office, duly signed by George Matthews. Meantime the counsel for the Bank of England had received some information in regard to the trunk which led to its detention by the compa pany till to-day, when it was taken possession of under an order of the Supreme Court by Na , thauiel Jarvis, esq., receiver in the Bank of England forgery case, and on being opened and examined was found to contain a qnautity of wearing apparel, old and in use, two gold watches, several miscellaneous articles and j three packages of United States o-20 and 10-40 bonds rolled up in soiled linen, amounting in all to 8220,930.- The bonds were found jo he identical in class, amount and numbers with those advertised by the Bank of England, to have been obtained by the Bidwell forgers, and in the trunk were found cards and a card plate with the name of George Bidwell, a quantity of I memoranda hills, &c., showing conclusively it i had been shipped by and belonged to him. Out of the 8300,000 obtained from the Bank of Englanu by these forgeries, all hut about j 830,000 have now been recovered. IEint to Persons Suing Newspapers. The suit of George B. Davis against the New York Times to recover 850,000 for alleged lib.-', was tried to-day. Davis was put on the stand, when tlie counsel for plaintiff objected to his testifying on the ground that he was a convict ed felon, aihl the Judge sustained the objection, thus ending the trial. Kccovcry of Stolen Securities. A curb-stone broker named Chas. G. Hough ton, of 342 West Oth street, was arrested to-day because he had railroad securities of the Penn sylvania & Western Bailroad in his possession, valued at 830.000, which he said had been stol en. Houghton was arrested while offering a portion of the bonds to Fitch, Otis & Co., in Pine street, which were stolen from a Pittsburg merchant. The Northern Pacific Rnilronii. There will be a meeting of the Board of Di-‘ rectors and stockholders of the Northern Pa cific Co. Wednesday, at No. 23 Fifth avenue. A report will then bo made of the survey of the vast tract of land granted by Congress to the company, and of the progress made in the J construction of the road. Tne chief officers : and comptrollers of other railroad corporations ! interested in the Northern Pacific road are ex- j peeled in tbe city during the session of the directors. Already many of those distinguished [ gentlemen have arrived here, among whom are Mr. Joy, President of the Michigan Central, Mr. Walker,President of the Chicago, Burling ton & Quincy, and Mr. Hinckley, President of the Chicago & Iowa. Col. Thomas A. Scott, who is largely interested in Northern Pacific, is expected to-night for consultation. Tho British interests held in the Northern Pacific, will ‘.it. t.Tif* irw»oHiior WWlnfWflav by English bankers, many of whom are now here. Various .'lowers Most of the striking gas men have gone to work at different occupations and but few are found in the vicinity of tlieir headquarters now. The Bull’s Head Bank resumes businoss Wednesday. Additional stock has been sub scribed and new officers elected. It is reported that Senator O’Brion will not accept the office of Commissioner of Police, and that George Matscl! is to be appointed either Superintendent or Commissioner of that department. The ltcceiver of the Ocean National Bank to-day sold seven of the second mortgage bonds of the Portage Lake and Superior Ship Canal, of $1000 each, for five per cent of their face value. WASHINGTON. I _ fiautuua uml Big Tree. | Washington, April 21.—Owing to the Mo doc massacre and the consequent excitement, especially in Indian localities, the government is not now advising the release of Big Tree and Santana. A council is soon to take place be tween government agents and the liiowas, Camanches aud other Indians within tho In dian territory, when the subject of the release of the chiefs will doubtless again be introduced but whatever may bo done in the premises will be uu< er the direction of the President and Secretary of the Interior. Pisciculture. Prof. Baird, United States Commissioner of Fisheries, has just despatched Seth Green end four attendants to Augusta, Ga., to begin the work of sliad hatching witn a view of restock ing the western and southern waters. After tho season closes at Augusta, Mr, Green will Srocced northward and continue his labors at ewbern, Weldon, Fredericksburg, Washing ton and other localities. A portion of the fish hatched out will be placed in the river at each particular station, and others will be transmit ! ted by rail to adjacent waters, both on tho At ; lantie coast and in the Mississippi valley. The Vienna Exposition? The Department of State lias received infpr ! matiou that 0000 additional square feet of space has been allotted to tho American de partment of the Vienna Exposition, arid that articles from tho United States intended tor exhibition will bo received until Jun * 10th, next. The Court of Claims. The Court of Claims to-day rendered judg ment against the United States in favor af cx Scnator Alexander Caldwell for §35,803 on a contract for army transportation in Nebraska 111 Chief justice Drake dissented. this week will probably bo wholly occupied in nearing arguments in the heavy cotton cases known as the \ '.eksburg cases,*’ which involve several bundled thousand dollars, and all arc to be tried together. Bu«iiau iHatln*iy. In a conversation to day, 8eo»(,_ t. ... I said that Should the Mudoes rVeapo fron, ° Lava Beds he did Bot believe they wSffiifom coalitions with other bands for 'hostil«f°™ there are i,o unfriendly Indians fieighborbood. All the advices through Indian Office are to the effect that the 0M nr I Indiana in that locality are friendly. it appears that the reported resignation „f Secretary Pclmo prose from a typographical error, hi* »»wc having been printed for that of Delong. The ftloaioen, Gen. Scofield, in a private telegram nO’wMi ty-U.,y, expresses great confidence in hi -troops, He Is engaged in leaking every possible ar rangcuient to render SitecciMuJ the movement against the Modoes and believes from luforo.a tion received that they are still in the Lava Beds. ' . Various Matters. The Commissioner of Indian Affairs has gone to New York city, to open bids for furn ishing Indian annuity goods and subsistence supplies for tho ensuing fiscal year. The Commissioner of Patents to-day extend ed the patent of Amos S. Blake of Waterbury, Ct., for animal trap. Legal tenders outstanding $353,833,717. Surrender of tlie Apaclies. Gen. Cook as Peace Com missioner. Successful Termination »f Hi* Cnm Apaches Completely Humbled. Ban Francisco, April 20.—The details of the peace conference at camp Verde, Arizona, the Cth of April, were received to-night. Tho conference resulted ill tho unconditional sub mission and surrender of two of the worst bands of Apaches. Peace was brought about through tho complete route of the bands of Apaches who have defied the government for twenty years past. Over 200 of their warriors have been killed in their campaigns in the fastnesses of the, Apache country. Tlie council opened at 0.30 o’clock a. m. Cracky, a Mojava Indian, was interpreter. The war chief of tho Tonto Apaches, with 150 men, women and children, joined tho council, and the warriors gave up their arms when the talk began. Tho Apache chiefs were tlie first speakers. They ail acknowledged their complete defeat and ex pressed a desire for peace. Gen. Cook replied briefly, accepting their surrender. The chiefs promised to send word to all outside Indians in arms to come in and surrender. Crook prom ised to issue passes for their protection to run ners to be employed in spreading the news of peace. When the conference broke up tlie vanquished Apaches went up the river to the old military post, where feast was given them. The general policy will be to treat the Indians humanely, place them on the reservations,make them no promises that caanot be fulfilled, to maintain order among them, and instruct them in simple duties, thus proving io them that peace is better than war. Gen. Crook in his general orders, commends by nanio a long list of officers and soldiers for gallantry in the last campaign. Perfect har mony exists between the officers and the In dians at the war department. Tho terms of the treaty will be strictly enforced and there seems to be no doubt that peace thus inaugur ated will ho permanent. m TIIE MODOC WAR Tho itamls Still ist !3ii‘ JLava Beds. Washington, April 21.—Gen. Schofield, in a private telegram received to day, expresses great confidence in his troops, lie is engaged in making every possible arrangement to render successful tlie movement against the Modocs, and believe , from information received that they are still in tho lava beds. San Francisco, April 21.—Gen. Schofield lias issued orders to the commanding officers at the military posts in the neighborhood of the Modocs to closely watch tlie movements of In dian tribes in their vicinity, and make all prep arations and hold tho troops ready to march on a moment’s notice. Munitions of war are daily shipped from Benicia arsenal for the front. Tho troopswliich left this city Friday have been ordered to Pitt river India grounds, and use every means in their power to prevent a junction between the Modocs and Pitt river Indians. Gen. Schofield will leave for Redding and es tablish his quarters there as sood as he receives dispatches regarding General Gillem’s where abouts. Terrible Fire. Leaves worth, Iian., April 21.—A letter to the Champion from Belleville, 150 miles west of this city gives an account of a terrible prarie lire iu that vicinity which destroyed many houses, stables, cattle, grain, &c. Dreadful Accident. The same let'or records a dreadful accident on Monday night week, during a fearful storm which passed over that country. The house of Mr. Crane, near Belleville, was burned Satur day ami his family consisting of wife and four children took shelter in the residence of Mr. Bennett. On Monday night the storm took the roof off of Mr. Bouuett’s house, a stone build ing, and blew in the gable which' fell into the cellar where the inmates had taken refuge. Mrs. Bennett was severely injured. Iu the morning Bennett went to procure assistance. When he returned he found that the floor had fallen in and hie wife and three children, together with Mrs. Crane and two of her child ren were crushed to death. A boy and a girl of Crane’s were still alive, and were carried to a neighboring house, but the hoy died short* lv after reaching there. The Wheat Crop. Tlie wheat crop throughout northern Kansas is in good condition and promises a largo yield. THE RAILROAD DISASTER. An Earetligatiosi Ordered. Providence, April 21.—The Railroad Com missioners have ordered an investigation rela tive to the railroad disaster on Wednesday next at tea o’clock, at the railroad station iu this city. Victims of Ike Railroad Disaster. Providence, R. I., April 21.—Of the seven victims of the disaster at Richmout switch, four remain unidentified, two of which are supposed to be women. The wife of Jerry Creamer of Boston, was here to-day to identify the body of her husband, hut was uot satisfied and returned without it. She was not certain lie was on the wrecked train. The wife of John Callahan, a sailor who was on the train, was also here to-day, but the bodies are burned he yond recognition. Possibly one of the bodies may be his. Parties were here to-day from Arlington, Mass., in search of Miss Austy Worreii, who loft her brother’s houso in Jersey City last Fri day, for Arlington, via Stonington route, and had not arrived; they found no means of ident ification. Strike of Ran Stokers. Cincinnati, April 21.—Out of 43 stokers em ployed by the Cinninnati Gas Light Co., 39 have struck for an increase of pay and shorter hours of labor. They have been receiving $2.50 a day and demand 83. As only six of the men struck during the day the general strike to night was not expected. New bauds have been employed. -novciacais 03 inc s-resmoutiai 1'urt;. St. IiOUis, April 21.—The Presidential party made au excursion to-day to Kirkwood aua Carondolet, and at tho latter place they in spected the various iron works, To-uiglit a re ception was given to Miss Nellie at the resi dence oil Commissioner Campbell, and the President was serenaded nt the same place. 1 lie Mpring Disease.

Philadelphia, April 21.—Base ball, Phila delphia 11, Athletics 3. Only one ran was earned by each. Baltimore, April 21. Baltimore’s 18. 'Wash ington’s 2. IIKTEOKOLOCIDAI, . PROBABILITIES FOR THE NEXT TWENTY-FOUR HOURS. War Dep’t, Office Chief Signal) Officer, Washington, D. 0., > April 21. 8 (P. V.) J A disturbance of some magnitude is appai eutly about to develope in the eastern ami cen tral portions of the Gulf of Mexico. For Tues day in the Southern States, continued south westerly wiuds with hazy and partially cloudy weather and possibly rain on the coast of Texas. A storm of some magnitude will ex tend easterly from tlie loner Missouri Valley towards Illinois and the upper lakes. For the lower lakes, winds veering to the northeast with cloudy weather. For the middle Atlantic Stales, winds hacking to the southwest with a rising temperature. For New England and New Vork. cold, northwest winds with partly cloudy and clearing weather. Cautionary sig nals are for Duluth, Chicago, Milwaukee and Grand Haven. F O K X Gr JSJ. Tioccnliugs lu S*ariianieut. .London, April 21.—Parliament re-assembled to-day and in the House of Commons Mr. Fawcett’s tests in University of Dublin passed its second reading. The Trench Atlantic Cable Broken. Brest, April 21.—The French Atlantic cable :s broken. Electricians locate the break at. a distance of 230 miles from Brest. The New Captain Ocaeral of Cuba—4 Vigorous Policy 1'oicshadov.eil. Havana, April 10.—The new Captain Gen eral of Cuba, Pieltaiu, arrived yesterday, and was received with the usual formal ceremonies upoi) landing. 4" immense concourse of citi zens witnessed the disembarkation. Nut a cheer was offered, not even for Spain, when the new Captain Geucral passed by the crowd, owing to rumors widely circulated that the Re publicans intended to make a demonstration. Tiie Republicans, however, ilrmiy denied any intention of doing anything of the kind. Noth ing is known of Captain Pielain’s programme. The first measure will probably be tire order ing of elections fur depnt'tsa to Cijrtes. At the reception given the new Captain General ho said he would soon he able to finish the rebel lion with the aid of loyalists. Later.—Captain General Pleltain has issued a proclamation addressed to the soldiers, the people and the volunteers. To the soldiers lie says they will bo called on to operate in the field all the time ft' is possible. Ha wants them to make another energetic and decisive • effort to crush the insurrection. To the people he says bis mission is a difficult one, viz; To restore peace to that yon can fully enjoy the liberty which as a part of tho great nation, now also tree because it lias become a republic, you have the right to enjoy. He will require tho cooperation of everybody that jiistice may be realized^ everywhere. To the volunteers he “g*; ‘ f appreciate your patriotism, loyalty unu sacrifices aufi eouutpu your active coopera tiuo, f will always act as a loyal Spaniard and give you my confidence, consequently you must trust 111c. United our difficulties will decrease and we will soon restore peace. If tho insur gents repent we wilt receive them with open . i arms as friends. If they prefer to be enemies we will combat them accordingly.” Itiot at Praukfort. Frankfort, April 21.—A riot occurred here to-day, which lasted the whole afternoon, and now is only kept from breaking out by military. The wrath of the mob is directed against the beer sellers and makers; several beer houses aud breweries have been gutted. The troops were called out and dispersed the rioters, but a renewa. or the disturbance is feared to-night; i sll°Ps are.cJ^se^ an<1 soldiers occupv llie squares and guard the breweries. Several persons were injured, but no deaths are reported. Tlio mili tary did not fire on the crowd. The Pope. New Yoiik, April 21.—Archbishop Bailey said at Baltimore last night that the Pope is subject to attacks of lumbago, which he be lieves bo is now suffering from, and that he will recover. He always felt better after the at tacks. He discredits the theory that the Pope’s death would be kept secret to prevent the inter ference of European powers in the election of a successor, aud does not believe that either Get many or Italy lias any intention of interferinir in the case of his death. lllSOU TELEEKAIIS. A Cleveland, Ohio letter asserts that the English holders of the Atlantic and Great Western road are still planning to fasten it on the Erie corporation, and thu3 make tin a por tion of their 88,000,000 losses. It is rumored that one of trans-atlantic steamship companies is attempting to obtain control ot the Pacific Mail stock. There is some excitement in Jersey City over the reported expulsion of a Catholic boy from one of the public schools for refusing la join in singing a hymn. The board of education arc investigating the charge. The epizootic has nearly subsided in Arizona, and all the stages are running again. The flouring mills and distillery of John Barr, at Morris. II!., were burned Saturday night. Loss 831,000; the contents wore insured for tflO.COO. Several persons known to have served recent ly in the Carlist’s ranks have been arrested at Barcelona. Col. Staffel has announced himself a candi date for the vacancy in the French National Assembly from Paris. The funeral of the late Baron Leiliig took place in Munich, Sunday, and was attended by a large number of distinguished persons, in cluding Itcv. Dr. Dollinger. Sunday night eight freight oars consigned to New York from the West, which wore stand ing on the Pennsylvania road track, near rsoll niont Avenue,. Philadelphia, were broken open and robbed. The French steamship Gamble was wrecked on the Brazilian coast on the 25th ult. No lives were lost. William Tito, a well-known English architect, died Sunday lit London, aged 72 years. Charles Stoddard, of the firm of Stoddard & Layering" of Boston, died Sunday. He was many years senior deacon at the Old South church, and was prominently identified with Congregationalism and the American Board of Foreign Missions. The Prince Edwards Island Government hav ing been defeated in the recent elections, has resigued. President Thiprs gave a reception Saturday night. U. H. Ministers Wasbburne and ScliencU were present. A heavy snow storm prevailed at Chicago, Monday evening. Tlio largest procession over spoil in Rich mond, Va., lurni-d out Monday, the anniver sary of the proclamation of the 15th amend ment. Six thousand colored men were iii line. Gov. Baxter of Arkansas, lias issued a proc lamation declaring that the constitutional amen Iments-doingaway with disfranchisement are to be ratified. FmNICI4I, ANP COJI^IEISCSAL. I'ftii tgu Kxporu, CA IB ASIAN. Sclir Cygnns—2100 shook* ami heads, 112 empty casks. Foreign Imports. HAVANA. SchrBcnj. Rccd—003 Uhds 10 tcs mo lasses to Geo S Hunt. -- Boston Slock Lint. (Sales at the Broker’s Board, April 21.1 Boston & Maine Railroad.19$ Eastern Railroad.100$ Eastern Railroad.10G$ JYc’.v York Stock and Moacy.Markri. New York, April. 21—Aforniiif?.—Gold 117$. Mon ey 7 per cent. Sterling Exchange 107$ @ 108$. Stocks unsteady. State stocks dull. New York. April 2\—Eoenlna.—The week open3 with a marked improvement in finances and a more cheerful feeling pervades in business circles. The two extremes lor money on call have been 1-32 per day aud 7 per cent, per annum with most of the loans at 1-64 @ T per cent. The supply of money is rapid ly increasing, the receipts by the express companies to-day being two and a half millions, and the legal rate bids fair to be the maximum price for money in the early future, but mercantile notes are now wanted by capitalists at 10 @ 12 per cent. Sterling Exchange advanced to 108$ for G'J davs and 103$ for sight, closing at 108 7-16 @ lo8.$ for 'the former and 1094 @ 109$ for the latter. Gold was weak at 117g, going down to 117$. and closing at 117$ @117$; loans at 7 per cent. t6 fiat for carrying, with one lot at 1-64. The clearings were $69,000,000. Treasury disbursements $25,800. Cus toms roceipts $476,000. Outstanding legal'tenders show a decrease of $34,000. Governments $ @ $ per cent, higher and very strong. State bonds<dull and steady. The continued iuflux of money ami the easier rates of interest were felt in the sto-dc market in a further advance in the geue-al list. The principal dealings of to-day were in Western Union, which at no time was strong; Pacific Mail, concsming which there are already rumors in circulation about a con tost at the May election, .New York Central and Un ion Pacific; Western Union fell from 87$ @85$; Pa cific Mai! advanced to 61$, fell to 59$, and closing at 60; Northwestern common 81 @ 82$; New York Cen tral 101$ @ 102$; Union Pacific 33 @ 33$; Erie 66$ @ 66$. The prices fell off in the afternoon under realiz ation, but the market closed steady. Tho following were the quotation* of Government securities: United States coupon 0’s, 1S31.120$ United States 5-2U’s 1S62.118$ United States 5-20’s 1804;.118$ United States 5-20’.* 1865, old.120 United States 5-20’s 1865, new. . 1174 United States 5-20’s 1S07.....119L United States 5-20’s 1868.117$ United Stales 5’s. new.111$ United States 10-40’s.,coupons. ....113$ Currency 6’s . H4j The following were the closing quotations ft Stocks: Western Union Telegraph Co. 85$ Pacific Mail. GO N. Y. Centra’and Hudson River consolidated. ...102 Eric. 664 Erie pro (erred...: .75 Union Pacific stock.33 The following were t he quotations for Pacino Rail road securities: Cen tral Paci fic bonds. 103 Union Pacific do. 86$ Union Pacific land grants.74$ Union Pacific income bonds.73$ Frovideuce Print Market. PBOVIDEXCE, April 21.—Print Cloths firm at G§ @ G$c for 64 and a 64 best cloths, with rather more inquiry. Domestic lllarhi'tM. New York, April21—Evening—Cotton $c higher and more doing; Middling uplands 19fc; sales 1457 bales. Flour quiet and steady; sales 9800 bbls; State 5 70 @8 25; Round hoop Ohio 7 00 @10 50; Western 5 70 @ 10 50; Southern 5 80 @ 12 50. Wheat a shade firmer; sales 43.000 bush; No 2 Milwaukee 163@ 165; Winter Red Western at 170 @100; White Michigan 1 85 @ 2 23. Corn a shade firmer; sales 94,000 bush; new Mixed Western G6 @ G7ie. latter on extreme; old doG44@G54c instore. Oats a shade firmer; sales 48.000 bush; Mixed State 54c; new Wes tern Mixed 52 @ 54. Beef is steady. Pork is higher; new mess 19 50 @ 19 75. Lard firmer at 94 @ 9 II-16. Butter—Ohio 30 @ 37c; State 37 @ 42c. Whiskey is quiet and unchanged at 91c. Rice is quiet at 7$ @ kkc. Sugar Irregular; refining 7|@8c. Coffee quiet and firm; Rio at 16$ @ 18^c iu Gold. Molasses quiet and firm; New Orleans 67@80c. Naval Stores—Spir its Turpentine nominal at 54c: liosln unchanged at 3 20 @ 3 25 for strained. Petroleum is easier; crude 9$ @ OJc; refined at 1U| @j20c. Tallow firm at 9c to arrive. Freights to Liverpool lower; Grain per steam at 0J @ GJil. Chicago, April 12.—Flour Is quiet and unchanged; extra Spring 5 73 SS 6 50. Wheat unsettled and lu speculative demand; prico3 higher; cash nominal; Nod Spring at 121 for regular; few cars strictly iresli sold at 1 22J cash; May sold at 122J@123, closing at 1 22J; June sold at 1 25J; No 3 Spring at 1015. Corn excited and higher; No 2 Mixed 38c on spot, 39c for seller May; 41c for seller June; rejected 335 ® 311c. Oats in fair demand and higher; No 2 at 29c tor regular and cash; seller May 29}; do Juuo 31Jc. Bye quiet and unchanged; No 2 £dl, only ouo salo of regular atC9Jc; No 3 at GG. Barley unchaiig ed. Whisker—buyers and sellers apart at 86J bid, 87c asked. Fork excited and prices higher, closing quiet; seller Juno sold up to 19 20,and closed at 18 50; seller May closed at IS 35. Lard in fair demand and higher; Juno sold at 9 20 and closed at 9 12J eash. Bulk meats in good demand at full prices, offerings light; sales 100,U00 lbs short clear middles at 9c. Ba eon iiuiet and unchanged. Receipts—13,000 bbls flour, 31.000 bush wheat, 73, 000 bush coni, 58,000 hush oats, 0,000 bush rye, 13,000 bush barlev, 00,000 bogs. Shipments—11.000 ools flour, IT,900 hnsli wheat. 30, 000 busliEcom, 18,000 bush oats, 0,000 bush rye, ,13.000 bash barley, 0300 hogs. Cincinnati, April 21.—Provisions excited and ac tive. Pork—18 00 bid, but held higher; offerings light. Lard lirro; steam «t 8J ® 8|e; kettle 84 ® uc • jobbing sales of city at latter rate. Bulk Meals'are excited with Eight offerings; shoulders at 7c on spot • sales at 7c buyer April; clear rib sides held at 9e: sales at 9c buyer April, and held at an Je higher at closo at 9Jc buyer .way; clear sides held at 94. Bacon lielil higher; shoulders at 7|c; cloarrib sides y*c ele ir sides at 10c, in demaud at Jo lower. Whiskey steady at 83y. J J.01EDO, April 21.—Flour in fair demand and firm CAtra spot i 66. ® u'000 basli ***> ■ taS'sss? Wusbnsr’ 16'0M b,isb »*■*. *>«*> bifsu ^rm G,TO0’nbushboat“OUr’ 13’000 b“Sh Havana Harkrt. Havana, April 19.—Sugar dull, unsettled and nominal, more sellers than buyers. Buyers demand redaction; ]\q 12 d. s. quoted at 10 @ 105 re- Stock iu Warehouses at Havana and Matayzas is 353,000 bjjxiv aiK! ?i’200 !,bds 5 receipts for the week 61,<>00 boxes and 17,500 blids; exDorfced 31,600 boxes and 10,200 hhtls; including 10,01)0 boxes and 86u6 hbda for tbo loadin« at Dayana U5S?5 5U;pir Sugar from ports on north cp^t fo:H. S. o V-3 @ u to net hnd. Molaeaes loading at Havana for U. S. 3 50 per lind; Molasses from ports on north coast 4 00 @4 50; to Falmouth aud orders, 47s Gd loading at Havana; 52s 6d loading at oilier ports on norm coast of Cuba. charleston, April 21.-Cotlon quiet; uplands 181c. New Orleans, April 21,-Cotton active; Miaaiing uplands 18Jc. Mobile, April 21.-Cotton quiet; Mlddlmjj up lands 18}c. Savannah, April 21. -Cotton steadier; Middling uplands at ISgc._ finropenu Market** London, April 21—11.00.—Consols opened at 93} for money and for account. _ fttl. American securities—U. S. 5-20’s 18G5, old, at 91?; do 1867, 93}; do 10-406, 89}: new 5s, 89}. Erie Kail way at 52}. London, April 21—5.00 P. M.—Consols closed un changed. American securities—U. S. Bonds, 18C5, old, 915*— Erie 51}. Liverpool, Aoril 21—5.00 P. M.—Cotton closed firm; sales 14,000 bales, 3000 of which were for sim ulation stud export. Freights New Orleans, April 16.—Freights.—The market is steady. The supply of tonnage is small. We still quote: By steam, Cotton to Liverpool 11-16. By sail— Cotton to Liverpool 11-16<1; Havre l}c;Bremen 11-16; New York, steam }c. Corn in balk to Liverpool 1*2} @ 13:1; Lard 6s bbl; Pork 5s Cd bbl; Oil Cako 43s @ 45s 6d p toil. Philadelphia, April 19.—Freights—There is more doing. The rates to Liverpool are S}d for Grain, 3s for F.our, 27s 6d for weight, and }d for Cotton. A bark was taken with Petroleum for Gibraltar and re turn at $8300; one to Bremen at Cs 3d and one at 5s 9d; a ship to Hamcurg at 6s 6.1, an l a bark to the Bailie at 7s. ALLEN A (JO. ■ I direct from the Importers their SPRING STYLES FINE WOOLENS FOR Gentlemen’s Wear ! Please Call and Examine ! We have also in Stock a line of Fine ■ 4 \ C'list©sb! Head^llade ' CLOTHING * OF OXJR OWN | DESIGN AND MANUFACTURE, which has the same genteel | appearance as those made ! . _ to order. 87 MIDDLE STREET PORTLAND. April in, 1878. WP&M31V BONDS JF O R SAL TE. Portland City - - - (J’s Bangor “ 0’s St. fouls “ fl’s Elizabeth, N. J., - 7’s Cleveland “ 7’s Toledo “ ... 8’« Cook County, 111., - ■ -7’s Marion County, Ind., - . 8’s Maine Central It. R, - . 7’s Portland & Rochester B. R. . 7’s Atchison, Topeka & Sante Fc Gold 7’s Northern Pacific R. R. Gold - 7-30’s Chicago, Dan. & Tin, R. R. Gold - 7’s Atlantic & St. Lawrence R. R. Stock and Dcf. Rent Scrip BOUGHT BY Swan & Barrett, lOO MIDDLE STREET. Ieb21 eodti OPEN TO-DAT. Slice & Calderwood, HAVING TAKEN THE Bakery No. 22 Anderson Street, (lesiro to inform the public that they arc prepared to furnish, at Wholesale or Retail, fresh baked end of good quality, Loat Broad, Cakes, Pastry, Common aud Fancy Crackers,Extra Pilot Breads, &c, at fair prices, Hot lea Kollo every Afternoon. Special attention paid to lbc baking cf BBOWN bread and beaks °b Saturday nights. Parties aud Excursions sup plied at i-hort notice, N. li.—All kinds of Goods can l>o obtained from our carts, which will run to all uarts of tho city. Portland, April 21,1873. ‘ eodlm I>esi ruble Property sit Gorham Vil Ia«c, to bo sold sit Auction. I PURSUANT to license from Probate Court, will 3 bo sold at public auction on SATURDAY, the loth dav of May next, at 2J o clock P. 31., tlio valu able Sato known as tho “Droad Place.” Said estate consists of about six acres of land, on which __Unuu) Rnrti nn/1 V...!l.n. ■ f t ( s W premises. J0PN ty Ci\RD, £x*r ot Will Of the late Gorham, April 7, 1873. $prfidlaw3\v tlion dtd* Portland B. li. Company. 4 MEETING of the Stockholders of the Portland Railroad Company will be held in Reception Rooms,(City Hall,) Portland,oil Friday .April 25th ins:, fttd o'clock P. Mr. for tho purpose of filling tnc vacan cy in the board of Directors, occasioned by the reslp naliou o' Col. Charles li. Merrill, Attest: apt7 T M WAF* CHARLES HOLDEN, Sec’y, Oysters. A RlclVED to-day Schooner Albert Clarence, with Jr%, tho best cargo of Oyslors tins season. You tan got them by going to ATWOOD’S Oyster House, t:< 47 and 49 Central street. ..piodat- • | Entertainments. Fair and Festival. Tlic Ladies of SLPaul’s Cli. Guild WILL HOLD A F AIR a T Grand Army Hall, Tuesday and Wednesday, 22 ana^i insts. j Those wishing to purchase f.r ttlc 1Io „ . _ I will find a great variety of uospiLd Fair | IMI1ITL. ASBELEthmAStTrei.B*. I Til£ MISCHIEF MAKER, ft charming little French play, in fail Peasant cos tame, will be given each evening. On Wednesday evening. GLD^Sl CBAWFOBD^ FABEWRLf^, an original Comic Lectore. Hefres’iD.cnts at all hours. Admission Free during the dar. Evening lickots 33 cents—at Stockhrldg© s. Hawes and Cragin’s and at the door. aplSKltu Brand Scandinavian Ball —will bk ox— Wednesday, April i! 1 - European am cl -American Dance,. | H»»ir l.y ('handier’* fintid. gvol time anticipated. Tickets $1.00, to be had at the Musi • Stores and at tho door. Doors open at 7. Dances commence at 0. _lVr order Scandinavians. aprlG-td. LEVEE AND FAIR. A SOCIAL gathering will take place in the Ye-t ry or the First Baptist Church, on the After noon und Evenings of Wctlnrxrin. unit Thurs day. April 43d aud 44t!i; when a variety of useful and fancy articles will bo for sale. J3T"A1so Refreshments oacli Evening from Cl until 10 o’clock. A cordial invitation is extended to all apr22 d3t* entertainment! ! ST. LAWRENCE ST. VESTRY, THURSDAY EVENING, April 24. The committee in cliargo having spent several weeks In preparlngthls entertainment feel confident it will bo worthy a liberal patronage. Among the good things otlored will bo tho performance of the beauti ful “Cantata of Tho Christian Graces’’ by a chorus of 40. and three soloists. Also, the Jubilee Singers not of Fisk University will b> present and render a few selections, such as “Roll Jordan Roll,” Turn back Pharaoh’s Army, &c., (“Keep me from Sinking Down.”) Tho Poem by Jean Ingelow, “SoDgs oi Seven,” will be recited and illustrated. Ac. All for the benefit of our Sunday School. (Dear friends, i'lease gladden u« by yotjtpresence, thus do u good deed while you can.) Tirkrts 21 Ceals Exer cises commence precisely at o’clock. up22(ltd Feed the Hungry and Clothe the Naked. Fair and Festival ALLEN MISSION CHAPEL j LOCUST STREET, Thursday & Friday, 24th and 25th inst, afternoon and Evening. Useful and Fancy articles and Refreshment* for sale. Thursday evening the ladies of the Mission will rive an Antiquarian Supper. Also Singing by the children. Friday evening Concert by the “Old Folks." Admission afternoons free. Thursday evening ad mission 10 cents; Supper 25 cents. Friday evening admission 20 cents. Tickets at the door. Contributions will be thankfully received. ai'-2 __ ___ 4t MUSIC—HALL. Haxaoeb....MU. THEO. HAMILTON. THREE NIGHTS ONLY Thursday, Friday aud Saturday Events April 24th, 25th and 2<Uh. The far-famed Comedian, and Delineator of the Pathetic and Comic Drama, IfSv. JOHN E. OWENS! Supported by his own talented Dramatic Organiza tion, expressly engaged 1o accompany him during his extended tour of the United States. TIUJHSD AIT JE VEINthe performance will ' commence with the delightful comedy of the VICTIMS, Joshua Batterby.,.Mr. J. E. Owens. } To conclude with Mr. Owens’ great specialt*-* of SOLOV SHINGLE ! Solon Shingle.Mr. J. E. Owens. As performed by him throughout the entire English World, upwards of 2000 niglita. FJRH>Alf EVEN’G will be presented Coyne’s j celebrated Comedy, in 3 acts, entitled EVERYBODY^ FRIENDl Mnj. De Boots the Swashbuckler.. .Mr. J. E. Owen?. To be followed by Mr. Owens’ original Farco of -A O WINKS! Iloratio Sprriggins.Mr. J.E. Owens. SATFRD1Y KYE’N’O, (aud positively the last night of Mr. Owens.) w 11 be produced the ex quisite Comedy of ilIARKIED LII i:! Henry Done.Mr. J. E. Owens, j Ta conclude with tho Owens specialty,—SOLON i SHINGLE. — PRICES OF ADMISSION.—General Admission 75c. Reserved seats, $1. Gallery, 50c. The sale of Reserved scats for Mr. Owens, will commence on Tuesday morning, April 22d, at Ira C. Stockbridgc’s Music Store, No. 15G Exchange Street. 85r*Mr. Owens will perform lo I^ewiston, on Mon day Eve’ng. April 28th. aprlOdot L. 8. B. C. THffi LONGSHORE BOAT CLUB, will give their 3rd Grand Assembly, — AT — i LANCASTER HALL On Thursday Evening, April 2Rh. FLOOK DIRECTOR.P. MoKcon aids:—I*. Sullivan. Moses O’Brien, J. Sullivan, I*. O’Donnell, William Dechan. Music by Raymond-* Quadrille Hand. J. W. RAYMOND, Prompter. Dancing to commence at 8 o’clock. Tickets $1. Q^Cloiblng checked free. aprlDdtd Grand Presentation Concert. PARWELL & AMES’ HALL, ROCKLAND. Thursday Eve., Apr. 24. For parll'itlars see Small Bills and Cards of Ad mission. J. A. LORIIVG, ol Poi'Uuud, Oeucrnl Agent for Cumberland Comity. Elf-Thcre will bo Excorsian tickets issued from Portland for tit. accomodation of those wishiir: to al end the concert. Fare for tho ronnd trip, $3.50. miir2? ‘ codtf New Spring Millinery ! —AT HI. II. NEAL’S, 327 Congress St., Nearly opposite their Old Stand. They can now show a splendid stock of New Mil Imery Goods in all the variety of 8t>les, at very rea sonable prices. Bonnets and bats ready trimmed, kept on hand. Also, bleaching and pressing done in the best manner. A good assortment of real liair switches and imitation of all kinds. Indies in want of millinery or hair goods, will do well to call at her Store. aprl? _dim NEW HOOTS, Custom Made, Hand Sewed, Easy Fitting, Genteel Looking and Serv iceable just received at IBS MIDDLE ST., HI. G. PAL HIE R. apt 9_cod3w Portland Savings Rank. K*. 91 Kxrhnnge Street. DEPOSITS made in this Bonk on or before SAT URDAY. May 3d, will commence interest cn the ft ret of month. aprlSdtd FRANK NOYES, Treasurer. Piano Taking. Orders attended to personally by no. 3. bobinsok, Finn. Rooms, 3 Cnboon Bloch. (Opposite City Hall.) _____ma£S-$jnv For Safe 4* Mem, VF1&$ octave piano will be sold or Rented nii'vbry reasonable term?. Apply to IIOWELL & MORSE, Market Square. apr19*3fc AUCTION SALES. T«2 »<sirable K. »j »,'*,»»!«■ F..r 8safcw**w i,iu"w- »* S5®5»?«iaB!Sg nirtl? r^"11"" ash h'ghly polished. ,„o tVri0n,l**nt.°l8 in parlors, eevm Chamber* » .if, hi jlar<1 'T.?U<J* Jious® furnished Vlth vettfei™, G%.fctaWi " •tler al,d »« OMKlcvn con coed ah ar*°r. Library ami Hall elegantly tre is nlexHanilwrf* ru®I“s we 1 painted. T ids properl} Cify Hall in mmat<41:.witl:il' ,lvu minutes walk ut very desirable ' i ii'ii tto,he*'t neighborhood,, and is known at taC Plc,i'trf«< t-. Terms easy and made to auctioneers! Lan f-tumineU upon application soiat!ie<i*'n,“;^aj‘,,rf0,« Of Seal Estate will be lor Furuiiur,, 1.1 11 us*;, consisting of Par Center and Card Talib .? and Grom Damask, ley 8 Brussels Carnot?’ £‘‘,cklsk Ka“>' Ghair. Cros Bmncli Cluck, tine Vn«.'.S c‘n Brncatelle Cnrtaius, *> Black ■ aunt and c ll. £'u*ravini>'“’ Graapadores, ng Ucu T AY*,1 GhataWr bets, llnit 2rain and Taicstrv Canids S*"‘- Curtains, lu llrecn l,c, nlilor \:n,\ a£,V1“ an.l tension Table, Side Board So? *»»«•, B. W. Kx Solver, let* Pitcher, Cake Baskets t<Xi^^r s,,vkc* t“na w. Siagio Cook Sb>,;,Lwi‘h"'iiiUl'“a,n 1 Kitchen 1'unfit ure. * *u tntire .Also, fit 1-J o’clock, cue tVelxM pi.,«n ebgjntly curved, rosuwooa caw. prSe’fetii!ft^22^?rp* Horn double action; one Howe's Xr-^Sd sSS? Machine, nearly new. °'w,nl F. O. A- CO., Anniorrcrii aPtg__ did KkiI Instate oil Franklin Street ui Auction. ON WEDNESDAY, April 231. at 3 P. M., we shall sell the property No ifij l ranklin street, beinir the southerly half of a 1) story double house, con tains 8 rooms, large Pantry, ample Closets, good Cel lar. Scba ro Water, good erment tlrain, all in prime order. Lot 3o x 70 feet. This is a very pleasant little property in a good neighborhood. Phi lies wishing ibr a moderate pi iced home are invited to cxaufin<-. Terras at Sale. F, O. BAILEY A CO., Anctio»er» aplC _dtd Valuable Fanil autl Farming Tools at Aiictlou. / VN the premises on THURSDAY, April 2-lth, at " J 10 o’clock A. >1., the Farm known as the Nich olas Hasty Farm in Scarboro, on the SpurWlnk River road, containing seventy-five acres of land and two lots ol Salt Maisli. The buildings consist of a dwel ling house, ell, carriage house and barn, all in good repair. Also Farming Tools and a part of the House liold Furniture, 40 bushels of Grain and about 8 tons ot Hay. BAILEY A: CO., Auctioneers. nlllT _ _ did Stt’ttnuiliip TYliiiHviiul sit Auction. On FRIDAY,Abril 23,1S73, at o clock, at Atlantic Works Wharf, ■ East Boston, the steamship Whirl .wind, length t:w feet, hold 17 3-10 o,,. b.,n, r — fe®!» feain 24 -hi feet, tonnage 374, built of Connecticut oak and chestnut in IKK), IffW direct acting vortical engiue. cylin er 32x30, tlran deep loaded UTeet, boil er autl engine in good order. For further particulars apply to \» IIITNEY & SAMPSON, Boston, Mas;*.. Or HENRY WINSOR & CO., c , . . . . Philadelphia, Pa. Sale positive without regard >o weather. aplOdtft Furniture ut Auction and 1 loans* lor Rent. ON WEDNESDAY, April 30th, at 10 o’clock A. M., wo shall sell the Furniture in House to Bramhall street, consisting of Farlor Furniture in Black Walnut, Center Table, Itagert*. Ea.y Chair, Chiomos. Paintings, Engravings, line Vases, Stat uettes, Black Walnut and Chestnut Chamber Setts, Spring Beils. Curtains. Ingrain and Tapestry Carpets, Sofa, Black Walnut Extension Table, Stiver Plated Ware, Ice Pitcher, Castor, Class and Crockerv, Ma gee Cook Stove. Also, at 12 o’clock, on© Remington Eitle, new, with ammunition. Also, one double barrel shot Gun, with lixturcs. House will be leased for one to tltrco years. If. O. liAIliEV Ik CO. Auetiwcerra. »;■>»_ ___dm Administrator's Sale. PURSUANT to license from tho Judge of probate for the County of Cumberland, I shall sell at public auction, at the office of W. H. Vinton, In Pert land on Wednesday April Doth, 1873, at IP o’clock A. M., tho personal estate of the late Kllxa P. Hush, uh per inventory consisting of Sofa, Chairs, Mirror, Bed and Bedding. Stove, Crockery Ware. Also six notes of hand against J h‘n B. Coyle of one hundred dollars each, parable annually with in terest, Terms cash. SAMUEL S. MURRY. Administrator. Portland, April 22, 1673. apr22dlw AUmiuisti'Utor's Sale ol Kea) SStUUc at Public Auction. By (virtue of a license from the lion. Judge of 1’iobatc for Cumberland County, 1 shall sell at public auction, on the premises, on Thursday the twenty-second dajr of May next at 11A.M., all the real estate belonging to the estate of Levi A. Cates, lato of Ere port, in said County deceased. Said real estate consists of about 35 ants of land situated on the road leadlDg front Freeport to South Durham, abont 3 miles from Freeport Village, coutnlningmow ing. pasturage, Arc., with geotl barn standing thereon. Also about three acres of salt marsh near Israel True’s, iu said Freeport about one mile below Free port Village. The reversion of the Widow's dower iu the first described property will Is) sold at the same time and place. Terms made known at time of sale. EDWARD P. OXNARD, Adm’r of Estate of Levi A. Cates. Freeport, April 22,1873. apt22dnaw3w. J6. S. BAHIA A- t’O., Commission Merchants, —AND— A. UCTIONLERB !VO.*W EXCHA^GK HTREET. Next below Merchants* Exchange. JOSEPH S. BAILEY, CEO. W. PARKED. Inferences-Messrs. IT. J. Libby & co., and Hen Charles P. Kimh:d t'ortltmJ, Me.; Mefcsrn. Leonard & Co., and Lee & Shepard, Boston. anllt Those Baked Beans. THOSE BAKED BEAKS -TOH W. €. COBB i» selling BY THE QUABT, at his Bakery, NOS. 28 & 30 PEARL STREET. have been tested and pronounced GOOD ! Now If you wish to try them, you can bv sending In your order have them Drought right from the oven to your door any morning during the week. 0». if you say you want them Sabbath morning (as is the custom) Mr. Cobb will have a fresh lot ready which ho will send yon Saturday evening. Then by rut ting them in your own ov< n you can find them there at breakfast time nnd save tho unpleasant ta*k of rising before j’ou are ready a ad hurrj ing to the bak ery. I*. S.-Tnkc some choice BROIV.V BREAD with them or uof, nt von like. nplg__ tf D. W. CLARK & CO., — DI ALERS IX — ICE HOUSE, MARKET ST., * -AND — 3 3 U X C H A N G as. ST.’, Pitre lee supplied for nil purpos es, and .it any quantity at the LOWEST RATES npr3_ t* GRASS SEED. 2000 Bags Westcm Timothy Nwd 1500 »• Canada “ •• lOOO “ Red Top •* 500 ,k Michigan Clover “ 200 “ Ohio “ “ 400 u No. New York ** “ 100 “ Pea Vine. “ *» • 150 “ Alsikc lOO “ Millet 100 “ Hungarian Grass lOO “ Orchard “ FOR SALE AT THE Lowed Cash Price. KENDALL & WHITNEY. mch£6__ ^_}£ _ Leavitt, Burnham & Co., WHOLESALE k RETAIL HEALERS — IN* — ICE. No* 14 ( loss Street, Portland. Order* left at Ice Office, 14 Cros.** St., or wiih J. C Froctor, 93 Exchange St., will bo promptly attended Hr**a*i>uro Ico snpplkd f< r all purposes In any quantities and at the ut io LOWEg*^ KATES._. DRUGGISTS STAID FOR SALE ! One of the very (,,-4 stands in the city f«r a Druggist, Is on the corner of Fore and India Streets, which is now offered for Sale. lor particulars inquire immediate!}'or Lufkin & to., N'o. H Woodman Block. MRS. ELIZA A. CUSHMAN. \Yr;i'I, 13, lbTJ. _ ^iprU*t TO BE LET, £! TORS AND CHAMBERS No*. 13« anil 138 south, io side Commercial street, near bend Widgerj's Wharf. Apply to H. N. JOSE, np4d3wis tyi Fore street

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