Newspaper of Portland Daily Press, 23 Nisan 1873, Page 3

Newspaper of Portland Daily Press dated 23 Nisan 1873 Page 3
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the press. WEDNESDAY MORNING, APR. 23, >73. THE PRESS May be obtained at the Periodical Depots of Fes senden Bros., Marquis, Robinson, Branoll & Co.‘ Andrews,Wentworth, Glendenning Moses, Hender son, and Chisholm Bros., on all trains that run out of thecity. At Biddelbrd, ofPillsburv. At Saco of L, IFodgdou. ‘ At Watervillc, of J. S. Carter. At Gorham, of News Agent. At Bath, of J.O. Shaw.' At Lewiston, of French Bros. At Kennebunk, ol' C. E. Mider. CITY AND VICINITY. IVcw Adi'rrtisrmeiitH To-Dny. ENTERTAINMENT COLUMN. P. M. G.—City Hall. Grand Amateur Benefit—G. A. R. Ilall. SPECIAL NOTICES. What to Teach the Boys. NEW ADVERT1SE5IENIS. E. T. Eldon & Co.—Dry Goods. Dirson Co.’s Home Musical Library. City of Portland. Administrator’s Sale—Charles Jones. Notice Freeman II. Groen. First Dose—Austin F. Parrott. Truth is Mighty and will Prevail. Ab.ams & Brother. For Sale—William Kronbcrg. For Side—U. L. Howard. Stray Cow—A. P. Hillman. Wanted—Man. To lnlioldcib and Victuallers. Copartnership—Green & Jordan. Hotel Property for Sale—1). C. Page. Rare Chance lor Agents. Hnpreme Judicial Court. A PHIL TERil—BEFORE JUDGE VIRGIN. Tuesday.—No. 311. Daniel F. Emery vs. Joseph Hobson. Case on the following check: $C0U0. Port land, June 11,1870. First National Bank pay to F. O. L. Hobs >n or order, six thousand dollars. (Sign-* ed) Joseph Hobson, (endorsed) waiving demand and notice, F. O. L. Hobson. July 11, ’70. Presented to First National Bank f r payment and refused. W. L. P. Defense—True, the cheek an 1 endorsements are genuine*, and that I had not funds at the bank when the chock was presented; but, you gave no notice of refusal before c jmmeneing suit; you delayed unrea sonably in making demand of bank. Reply—I mailed you notice before the writ was made and on the day of its date, for caution’s sake; but it was a useless ceremony. It was voui^duty to have funds at the bank to meet tlio check; besides the delay in presenting check was at your own re quest. Submitted to presiding justice with right to except. Decision reserved. Putnam. Smith. No. 312.—Same vs. Same. Case on memorandum check dated Sept. 28, 1870—$3330, payment guaran teed by F. O. Libby. Also on the following: “Port land, Oct. 3, 1870—$1321.77. Received of Daniel F Emery thirteen liundre 1 and twenty-one 77-100 dol lars on account with interest at 12 per cent. (Signec. . Joseph Hobson. Defense—As to the cheek, I eeusent to default. As to receipt, it has not a U. S. revenue stamp as requir ed by law. Reply—Stamp not necessary. Submitted to presiding justice with right to except. Defendant testifies he omitted stamp; don’t know why; not with intention-of defrauding the United States. Counsel agree that the papers upon tlicir face call for $5188.17. Court order judgment fof the sum.— Defendant excepts to ruling, admitting unstamped receipt as evidence. Putnam for plain lid’. E. 13. Smith for defendant. On motion of Josiah H. Drummond. Ignatias A. j Navarre of Portland, and Henry C. Nixon of Dcer ng were admitted to practice law. Superior Coon. APRIL TERM, SYMOXDS. J., PRESIDING. ^TCESDAY.c-Frauk, assignee, vs. George Hearn and Daniel Brown. Action on account annexed amount ing to $400, alleged to be due the baukrupt estate of Isaac Dyer. Defendants are sued as partners.— Brown defends on tlie ground that there never was any such partnership, and that he merely ordered tin lumber fur Hearn, for whom he was building hoases under a contract. Hearn says the account has been paid in full. Testimony closed. Frank for plaintiff. Carle ton—Webb for Brown. Hale for Hearn. fflHuicipai Court. BEFORE JUDGE MORRIS. Tuesday.—Juhn Flynn. Larceny. GO days. William Corboti Intoxication. Fined $3 with costs. Paid. William Gilley. Open shop on the Lord’s day.— Fined $10 with costs. Paid. James Taylor and wife. Assault and battery.— Wife Fined $1. Paid. James Taylor lined $5 with costs. Committed. Carlcton. Howard & Cleaves. Patrick McDonough. Search & Seizure. Fined $50. Paid. Patrick Keating. Search and seizure. Fined $50. Paid. John W. Anderson. Search and seizure. Fined ' $50. Appealed. , Bradbur.vs. Four cases of libelled liquors forfeited. No claim ants. _ * Brief JotUiiM*. There will be a grand ball at the Pavilion at Lake Sebago on lli > evening of May 1st.— Chandler’s full Quadrille Baud will furnish the music. The concert at ibe St. Lawrence street ves- \ try on Thursday eveniug will be worthy oj pat ronage,and we would remind the readers of the Press that the ladies of the same society pro pose holding a fair and levee on the eveniugs of May 1st and 2d. The reading of Hamlet,by the Binding Club, announced for Friday evening, 25th inst., is postponed to Monday evening, 27th inst. The Portland Band played at the Colby Uni versity exhibition last evening. It plays at Rockland, at the presentation enneerfc, to-mor row evening. The County Commissioners and Sheriff have been trviug to find something for the prisoners in the jail to do, Yesterday was a pleasant day, and deceived some people into the belier that it was a warm one. Great clouds of dust blew through the streets yesterday. The services of the sprinklers will be needed soon. lion. John A. Burleigh, member of Congress from this district, is in town, Yesterday was a good day for visitors. The Preble and the United Slates wer3 both crowd ed to overflowing. A letter from Boston was recently received at the police office, asking for the arrest of one Marr, who is described as wearing good clothes and as having stolen a bottle of whiskey and various other articles from the writer of the letter. The stealing of the whiskey is dwelt upon very pathetically. $150 were realized for the Hospital Fair by the M. G. P.’s Monday night. The Portland Band very generously refused to accept pay for its services. iv concert 1.1 aiu. ol uiev^atuuiic vjrpmui jv>y~ Inm was given at City Hall last evening. The repairs that Railroad wharf has been undergoing make it about as good as new. Warren Sparrow is to remove his insurance agency to the store under the St. Julian, which is now being fitted np for that purpose. Yesterday was the last day of service for the May term of court,and writs were flying about thick as as leaves in Vallambrosa. One officer alone served 150. The sale of seats for tho John E. Owens’ series of entertainments opened at Stock bridge’s yesterday with a rush. An immense number were sold. There are still a few seats left, which may ha secured this morning. The Rolling Mills bridge is not to be remov ed. A levee and fair will take place at the vestry of the First Baptist ebureta this afternoon and evening. It will be continued to-morrow af ternoon and evening. A variety of useful and fancy articles will be for sale. The grand presentation concert at Farweil & Ames’ n.ili, Rockland, comes off to-morrow evening. Many persons ill this city proposo availing themselves of the excursion tickets. Abbested and Discharged.—City Marshal Parker received a despatch from Superinten dent Hall of Brown’s Hill, Walsall, England, requesting him to arrest William Robinson, alias Alexander Robertson, a passenger on hoard the steamship Austrian, for the embez zlement of £200 from his employers at Can nock Colliery. Yesterday morning the Mar shal, assisted by bis deputies, effected the ar rest on the arrival of the Austrian. Robertson Is a bold, bluff locking man, tell and dark whiskered, very self-p assessed,^and evidently well educated. He took his arrest very coolly, and was evidently not in the least surprised. Nothing was found on liis person nor in his baggage to substantiate any cliargo against him; so bo was discharged. His principal earthly possession seemed to be a case of very nice Honors, the contents of which lie offiered to dispense to the thirsty-lookffig crowd about him. He bad no money w ith him,but a money order from a distinguished Bangor divine, of whom lie is the nephew, was awaiting him at the postoffice. Robertson is a native of Bed fordshire, England, and is twenty-cigh t years old. A Card.—The young ladies of the M. G. !’• wish to express their hearty appreciation of the liberal assistance given their sociable for the benefit of the Maine Geiicral Hospital, by all who were in any way connected with the af Per order of Committee. St. Patrick’s Concert.—City Hall was crowded to its utmost last evening, on the oc casion of tho concert given by the pupils of tho Convent Schools for the benefit of the Ho man Catholic Orphan Asyldm, soon to be erected in this city, under the direction of Bishop Bacon. This, aud other concerts of like character have been held on tbe evening of April 22nd, as it is the anuiveisary of the con secration of Bishop Bacon over the diocese. The young ladies and Misses were tastefully dressed iu white with pink or blue sashes, aud filled the entire platform on tbe stage was arranged with seats raised so as to presen them most attractively to the au lence. . i< following is tho musical programme. „ Gran I Chorus—"Union anJ Liucr^y Aioy8lu8\ Schoal, . . si. Dominick’s School. A Juvenile S>uf;_,.B8au[iful Is0 of ti,e Soa.” Solo and Clioius st. Dominick’s School. Comic Duet—Compliments of the XIX Century, ° A Juvenile Operetta. S .Io and Chorus—“The Sweet Little Shamrock,” St. Aloysius’ School. A Juvenile Song—“We Love to Turn,” . , _ St. Aloysius’ School' Grand Chorus— “Star Spangled Banner,” . _ By all the Pupils. A Drama. Comic Song—Laughing Trio. St. Patrick’s Day. By the Pupils of all the Schools. The performance was of unusual excellence, reflecting great credit to the teachers and pu pils. As a part of the exercises. Rev. Michael Goodwiu, delivered a lecture on “Irish faith, valor and literature,” weaving out of the three a crowti for St, Patrick, the n itional saiut. It being the eighteenth anniversary of Bishop Ba con’s consecratiou, one of the scholars in be half of the schools, made a very pretty address to him, to which the Bishop responded in a very feeling manner to them, and the young people generally of his charge. By request, tho entertainment will I” repeat ed this evening. A Good Move in a Right Direction.— Wo are highly gratified to learn that tho First Baptise Society at its adjourned meeting on Monday evening, unanimously determined to abandon tho old plan of renting pews in its House of Worship, and to make the sittings free to all who choose to worship there. The step is a most important one in breaking down the barriers which have heretofore operated to tlie exclusion from tl e privileges of worship of many of our people who either cannot or will not hire pews; and we congratulate our Baptist friends upon tho groat advance they have made. We learn that the action of tho society was entirely unanimous and exceeding ly eutlihsiaslic, aud that several hundred dol lars were immediately subscribed towards the payment of the deficiency of the past year. We bid tbe society God speed in its new move ment for a free gospel. Contributions.—Tbe Executive Committee acknowledge additional donations of the fol lowing named articles aud money in aid of the Maine Genera] Hospital, viz: Sprague Mowing Machine Co., Amasa Sprague Treasurer, one mowing machine. Elwell, Pickard & Co., fifty chromos. Saccarappa, additional cash contributions of $25. GO. Harry F. Thompson, marble cross—gold mounted. L. Iledion &Co., brooms and brushes. E. S. Partridge, two dozen bottle can do co logne. T. IT. Payson, cash contribution. E, Iv Gately, “ “ Hayden, Hibbard'& Co., hoop skirt inaufac turers, one days work of operatives ill Iho fac tory. Martin, Pennell & Co., one of their celebrat ed wagons, superior fiuish and workmanship. Chas. H. Haskell, Treas. Allen Mission.—A Fair aud Festival will be holdeu at the Allen Mission Chapel to-mor row and Friday afternoon and evening. Use ful and fancy articles and refreshments will be for sale. To-morrow evening the ladies of tho Mission will give an antiquarian supper. Fri day evening there will be a concert by the “Old Folks,” which organization embraces some of the best singing talent in the city. It is to be hoped that the fair will be very generally at tended, for the mission is one of the most wor thy charities. Contributions will be thankful ly received. Tiie Mischief Maker at Graud Army Hall last evening was a perfect success. Tho sever al parts were all well sustained. The Mischief Maker herso'f, was charming, sparkling with French vivacity, piquant iu repartee, making the lovers quawel in the most delightful man ner, a perfect French Mischief Maker. It will be given again this evening after “The Elder’s Lecture.” ’Tis said he holds liis hearers entranc ed or convulsed. A few more tickets left. Go early, and look at the lovely articles the ladies’ have on their tables. Land Damaces.—The hearing ou the ques tion of land damages iucurred by the Portland anl Rochester Railroad, was held before the county commissioners yesterday morning. Several of the petitioners appeared by counsel and after hearing considerable of tho evidence, on motion of Frederic Fox, Esq., the counsel for the Portland and Rochester corporation, it was agreed that the hearing should close and that the county commissioners should award the damages on the evidence that had been af forded them. Steamer Lewiston.- We are authorized by Capt. Sturdivant to state that there is not the slightest ground for the rumor, stated in the Advertiser, that, “the company owning the steamer City of Richmond and Lewiston intend selling the latter and p'aoing the former oil the Lewiston’s old route, which will deprive the towns on the Penobscot inside line.” Two or three months ago there was some talk about forming a new lino to Eastport and St. John, and propositions were made for the purchase of the Lewiston. But they amounted to nothing as the effort to establish the new line failed, and the matter has not since been talked about. Decoration Dav.—Tho General Committee of Bos worth Post’ G. A. E., held a meeting last evening, and took further action to secure the proper observance of the day. Sub com mittees were further appointed to look after the details, and the general plan discussed. The exercises will probably occur more largely in town the present year then heretofore. The oration which will bo given by Rov. Mr. Bick nell will be delivered in City Hall. Tho com mittee meet again next Tuesday evening at the Grand Army Hall. Steamship Arrival.—The Allan Mail steamship Austrian, Capt. Ritchie, from Liver pool the 10th inst., arrived at this port yester day morning, bringing 37 cabin and 09S steer age passengers, and a full cargo. The Austrian 5*1 t.hp Ifiit. Kt.PfiivwViin of tliis Hup wliirli roinPM into Portland this season. The Polynesian sails nest Saturday, and the Austrian, the last steamer to leave, sails the 3J proximo. ' Wo are indebted to the purser for late foreign files. Finn Last Night.—About eight o’clock last evening, flames were discovered issuing from house No. 13 Larch street, a two story wooden building occupied by Michael Welch. Three small children wore in the house at the time, and were got out with some difficulty. It is not known how the flames originated, and the work of an incendiary is suspected. Con siderable damage was done to the building be fore tlie flames were subdued. Real Estate Changes. —The Hubb’s lot, corner of Federal and Franklin streets, lias been sold to John Cammett. The house belonging to Mrs. Jacobs, corner of Spruce and Emery streets, to Hanson M. Hart. The house belonging to Mrs. Blanchard, on Emery street, to W. C. Cobb, and this gentle man lias also purchaset the lot adjoining said i premises at 53 cents a foot. Narrow Es.ape.— Monday evening a young sou, aged twenty months, of Mr. J. T. Leaner, No. (i Chestnut street, while standing on a chair gazing into the hack yard from the second story window, lost his balance and fell from the window to the ground below. Strange to say the child was but slightly injured, "cceiv ing only a few scratches about the face. Assault.—Officer Hanson arrested a man i named Cobb last evening for an assault on pc j ter Pccie with a hatchet. The parties live on I Montgomery street. Pccie camo home last I night and discovered that some children had been defacing his furniture. He accused Cobb’s children of the mischief, whereupon Cobb assaulted him with the hatchet, making an ugly looking wound on Pccic’s head. Traverse Jurors.—At a special meeting oi the Board of Mayor and Aldermen, held yes terday afternoon, the following named persons were drawn as traverse jurors for the May term of the Superior C iurt: Charles B. Rogers, Cullen C. Chapman, John Randall, Samuel A. B. Lufkin and John W. Swett. Grand Scandinavian Ball.—The Grand Scandinavian Ball comes off at Lancaster Hail this evening. Those who wish to see the unique Swedish aud Danish dances which will be gone through with, should not fail to attend. Chand ler furnishes the music. Election of Officers.—The Blues elected the following officers last evening: Cliailes. . .. ,, n . . itt p Vouns. 1st Lieutenant; Pennell, Captain W. C l ouIo.i . , ti Jerelllsley, 2d Lieutenant After the election they adjourned to Webster s, where they par took of a supper gotten up m h.s best style. Correction.—Elegant ice pitcher, hereto fore credited to J, Ambrose Merrill, in aid of the Hospital Fair, should have been J. A. Mer rill & Co. Geo. W. Farley, trucking for the fair, should have been to Geo. Furlong, OorEiaun. Bev. Mr. Pitblado delivered his lecture on ‘ Mind your own Business” in Gorham Monday night to a good audience. Dr. John Buzzell has just received from Green Cove Spring, Florida by mail, a tan inch aliena tor. lie arrived iu a sprightly condition after a four days trip. He displays a very open countenance to the curious. Bice & Calderwood have taken the bakery No. 22 Anucrsou street, where they axe now prepared to furnish at reasonable prices all ar ticles in their line. Their orange colored carts may now he seen upon the streets. Mr. Editor:—A matter of great interest to the shippiug of this country has lately been decided by the U. S. Courts of New Fork. A suit has lately been brought in that Court to determine the construction of the late amend ment to the United States shipping act In its relation to American vessels bound to Havana, Mexico and similar ports. It appears to be the intention of the parties libelled to evade the operation of the act under the provision relat ing to coasticg vessels. Such a construction of "the act was, however, iu evident conflict with its spirit and Intention, and it was ac cordingly held that vessels bound on the voy ages named, were not within the intent of the amended clause, referring to coasters. Tlio de cision is one of a very important character and it will be of moment for those interested iu this class of shipping to inform themselves upon the construction thus judicially put upon the amended law. Mercator. mscELLANEOim .totioks. Hats and Caps at low prices—'-p town Hat store. Oriu Hawbc3 & Co., 2110 and 292 Congress St. No goods aro sold by T. E. Moseley & Co., 293 Washington street, Boston, that are not strictly as represented. Their stock of Import ed Boots and Shoes contains all desirable pat. terns for ladies, gentlemen, and children. Dr. O. Fitzgerald, the wonderful Clairvoy ant Physician and Surgeon will visit,by rec|ucst, Portland again at Preble House, Thursday, April 21th, remaining three days only. Don’t fail to see him, his cures arc truly wonderful. apr23 tf Steel Knives and every description of Table Ware Elated, or Replated iu the very best man ner at short notice and at a reasonable price, at Atwood’s New Booms, 27 Market Square. fob2o-eoc!tf In the distressing complaints peculiar to fej males, we have a Panacea in Duponco’s Gold en Pills. apr23-eod3t&wlt Advertisers naturally seek the means for reaching the largest number of readers, and those of the best quality. The Daily Press fills the hill iu both particulars better than any other daily journal iu Maine. Takeup your line of march for CriBenton's No. 7 Oth Avenue, all ye conghers and wheez ers and snuffers. It is tlio depot of Hale’s Haney of Ilorehovvd and Tar, from which all ailments of the lungs and their air passages is an immediate and sovereign remedy. Sold by all druggists. Pike’s Toothache Drops cure iu 1 minute aprl8-eodlvv&vvlt BY TELEGRAPH. I _ MATTERS IN MAINE. Suicide. Lkwistox, April 25.—Win. Jordan o£ Web ster, aged about 89, committed suicide Tuesday morning by banging himself in his barn. MPSHIRE. A Suit for Libel. Exeter, April 22.—In the suit of J. N. Car penter against John H, Bailey, both of Ports mouth, an action to recover $.5909 damages for a libelous communication to the Secretary of the Navy, at Washington, four years ago, pe titioning. with others, for the removal of Car penter as United States Paymaster, on the ground of disloyalty, incompetence and inat tention to business, and assigned for trial by jury this morning in the Supreme Judicial Couat, the Court overruled the demurrer of the defendant’s counsel and the case was trans ferred to the law term on exceptions. Albert B. Hatch, counsel for plaintiffs, and J. S. H. Frink for defendant. MASSACHUSETTS. Burglar CouTicled—Deg Fight. Bostox, April 22.—Thos. II. Lewis, known under numerous aliases, was to day convicted of burglary by the Superior Criminal Convt. His alleged confederates, O’Bouke and Mur ray were thee pat on trial. A dog tight in Lynn yesterday resulted in the arrest of Harry Jennings and Thomas Thorn ton, the t vo principals who were lined $75 each with costs in police court. Ill-fated Mlalf. New York, April 22.—A Washington de spatch says that Gen. Butler announces that he will again be a candidate for the Massachusetts governorship. NEW YORK. New Through Blue to the IVnl. New York, April 22.—The extension of the New Jersey Southern Railroad is expected to be completed about the 1st of July. It will prac tically make a new trunk line to the west, ex tending from St. Louis to New York by means of connection with the Baltimore and Ohio rail road near Baltimore. The Inilinu Commission. Only two members of the Indian Peace Com mission, Campbell and Stewart, have yet arriv ed, and no arrangement as to the meeting and action have been made. The other members are expected this afternoon, and if so the com mission may organize this evening. It is un derstood that their meeting will he secret. A Bond Stealer. Charles G. Hainptou, arrested yesterday fo having in ins possession $50,000 worth of rail road bonds, was before a police justice to-day and a representative of Fitch & Otis appeared and stated that he represented Col. Phillips of Pittsburg, owner of the bonds. The prisoner was committed to await a requisition from the Governor. JLUI1U11 K1|(UU A fight occurred at Albany this morning be tween Hugh Hastings, Publisher of the Com mercial Advertiser, and Dexter A. Hawkins, a prominent politician. Neither men were much hurt. Musical. Tlie opening concert of the Musical Festival to-night at Steinway Hall, was attended by one of the most brilliant audiences ever congregat ed within its walls. Tho oratorio of Elijah was given by the Handel and Haydn society with Theodore Thomas’ famed orchestra. At the opening of the oratorio the audience was apparently rather critical, but all criticism van ished after the chorus had made its second ef fort, and at tho closing of the first part of the oratorio with the grand chorus “Thanks be to God,” the applause was of the most enthusias tic character. The recitations by Messrs. Whitney and Varley and Mrs. West, Mrs. Beckett and Miss Annie Louise Cary, as well as the qurrtettees, were throughout rendered with such fine effect as to command repeated applause. The oratorio as rendered throughout was perfect under the direction of Carl Zerralm, and this is considered the first time an oratorio has been properly and thoroughly given in this metropolis, and is a complete triumph in a musical way for the Boston Handel and Haydn society. Vnrious Matters. The number of emigrants that have arrived litre since January 1st, is 51,489, against 49,783 The petition to have the Bull’s Head Bank declared involuntary bankrupt has been discon tinued on the payment by the bank of nearly $0,000 accrued costs. Commodore Strong of the Light-liousc Board, exonerates the light house keeper at Frogg’s Point from all blame for the recent accident to the steamer Elm City, saying that he rang the oeb,during the fog as usual. . Hie coroner’s jury finds that Matthew Mor tjson and wife caused tho death of Mary Fogan r Ip1 10tb-»ud Mrs. Morrison is committed Brand iury. was tn-V'Jv Glbbons- for killing John O’Hara, j;f0 - sentenced to imprisonment for the uewec?hle wmsai'°1’’ "'itu tbo shore end of Rockawavhi « wprreed »*> Hog Island off of the cabl’u which fc tPor.ti°n sea cable now on hoard the GiJSir1*/ Hie deep Frank Baker, a well-known, died suddenly at the Saint NicholasTT5t'ir°V?,r’ on route fur home. olas Hotel wbilo New Vcrlt I-esinlutnrc Albany, April 22.—A hill has mssod n„. Assembly providing for tho adjuftm^it of claims of James O’Brien, late sheriff of Now lork. A bill was also passed for the removal of Sing Sing prison._ The trial of Albert H, Smith, for the murder of C. H. Sackett at Westfield, last November began in Springfield, Tuesday. WASHINGTON. The New Coinage* ashington, April 22.—Dr. Linderman, di rector of the mint states that the dies for the new trade dollar will be submitted to the Sec retary of the Treasury iu about a weekj and he thinks the coin will be ready for issue in New York by the first of June. Treasury Balances. The following are the Treasury balances to day: Currency §3,309,758? special deposits of le gal tenders for redemption of certificates of de posit §27,555,000; coin §74,800,159; including §25,285,700 in coin certificates; legal tenders outstanding §358,111,085. To Assessors of Internal Revenue. Commissioner Douglass has issued an order to all assessors of internal revenue to turn ove all papers in their respective districts to in collectors, except those showing the list oi: P ” sons indebted, which will be sent to the depa nieut. This order is issued preparatory- to abolishing I he office of assessor, which will he done ou the 20th of May in accordance with the late act of Congress. Indian Pensions. The pension office is now prepared to receive applications under the late law from such of the Indians as served in the late war m the Union army and sustained injuries entitling them to pensions. Tlic Vicnun Affair. It is ascertained from au official source that Minister Jay and Thomas MoElrath, in addi tion to being instructed to examine fully into the cliarge-of the sale of sites for resturants ou the American grounds of the Vienna exposi tion, have just been instructed by telegraph to extend their examination to the charge recently made of the sale of cotnmissiotierships._ They have the power to suspend all commissioners thus implicated. The power of removal rests with the President. Various Matters The first colored graduate of the law school of this district was to-day admitted to practice in the Supremo Court of the District of Colum bia. A despatch received to-day from Secretary Belknap mentions that lie and Gen. Sheridan and party were at Ringold barracks on the Rio Grande, and would leave to-morro a for Brownsville. The Commissioner of Patents has extended the patent of W. E. Lockwood represented by the Union Collar Co., of New York for paper collars and cults. The Modoc Campaign. The Indians desert the Lava Beds The Troops in Search of the iSand Sixteen or Seventeen Indians Ksllcd in the I* ate Battles—The Death of Schoa ebin and One-eyed Jake—The Baud has I’robably Scattered — CSreat Alarm among the Settlers* New You It, April 22.—A special despatch from the lava bed camp the 21st, contains the following: For two davs there have been no Modoes to fight with. They have gone—it is uncertain whore—but it is expected to hear soon of their whereabouts and destruction. Thursday night two troops of cavalry and seventy Warm Spring Indians, with three days’ rations, started on the east side of the lava teds, and Friday morning two more troops of cavalry left for a hunt of the Modoes. It;is believed to be impossible for the remainder of the Modoes, encumbered with women and children, to es cape. Four companies of infantry and two batteries of artillery are now guarding Capt. Jack’s stronghold, under Col. Mason. Gen. Gillem yesterday made a personal ex amination of Capt. Jack’s stronghold, which shows that without mortars and howitzers the Indians never could have been driven out. The soldiers found the body of an Indian and a squaw hidden in different parts of the rocks. Ashes were found, showing that the Modoc3 had burned their dead. A few Indians were sighted about four miles south yesterday, ou a bluff, hut no troops were scut after them. Au old Modoc squaw was captured yesterdny, who stated that one of the shells during the re cent attack fell near a council of Indians, and that One-eyed Jake picked it up and took it to nn.l .r.l.rvn it- nwnlo.l cd. killing all three. She stated that four oth ers were killed by musket kalis the same day, and their bodies found aud the traces of those burned showed that at least sixteen or seven teen Modocs were killed and an equal numbar wounded. The matter now is reduced to hunting the In dians in the rocks, and it will be some time be fore they arc all destroyed. Captain Hasfrouck’s light battery are on their way here. San Francisco, April 21.—A courier arrived at Yreka to-night with the following news from the front toApril 18th. Col. Perry, Lieut. Miller and 110 men left the camp at sunrise this morning on the scout southeastward. Nothing is to bo done in the" camp until they return, unless the Modocs make an attack, which is not probable. A part of the command will return to-morrow night, and a part will proceed to Willow Spring by the land route, aud determine whether the Modocs have fled that way. The Indians were seen in close proximity to the camp to-day. They camo for water. Shots were heard in tho southeast, evidently fired by Indians killing cattle. This afternoon the Indians were seen out herding horses four miles southeast of this point, aud au equal dis tance south of their former position. It is said there are huge caves and strong positions there, and they will make a stand at that point. The women and children are there, having been re moved before the massacre. There is a quanti ty of ammunition there, aud a supply of water. Fortifications will be thrown up at points com manding the lake shore to guard the water lino Eleven dead bodits aud one live Moaoc were found in a cave of the lava-beds to-day making sixteen warriors slain. The bodies of the dead were buried. Tho number of Indians wounded is unknown. Sume of the bodies were horribly mangled bv shells. Six soldiers and one civilian have been slain and eleven soldiers wounded, two severely, and four disabled by sprained ankles. It is report ed that two more of the wounded in the lava beds are to arrive to night. Sirs. Meacham was within three miles of this lava beds on the 17th, when she was turned back. Meacham is doing finely. Tho day Af ter to-morrow he will be taken to Ferris ranone, by boat to Lost river, and thence by ambulance to the ranclie. As soon as the cavalry return tho Modocs will be attacked if they remain where we think they now are. Capt. Egan is rapidly recovering. Young Hovey will be buried at Yreka this evening. He was scalpedl and disembowelled, and his head was massed with a flat rock Hannon, who fell within the Indian lines, was scalped. Headquarters, Lava Beds, April 20.— Nothing further has transpired, We are await ing the return of tho cavalry. Tho Warm Spring Indians are scouring the country east of the battle ground, aud are working toward tho craters, which are at the end of the high ledge of tho Modoc stronghold south. If tho Modocs have fled to this section wo will strike the trail and the troops will follow as soon as wo are no tified. The cavalry will return to night and we will then know whether the Modocs liavo fled to the south. The Warm Spring Indians and the cavalry will probably communicate with each other to-day. Col. Mason has moved his camp into Capt. .Tack’s cave. The lava bed presents a horried spectacle. Bodies are discovered in the crevi ces from under heaps of rocks, aud a sickening stench fills the air. Their must have becu many killed and wounded that we no nothing about, but we have evidence of the death of seventeen Modocs. There wounded must be at a greater rate than ours as the ground is literal ly covered with fragments of broken shells all over the place. Three shells fell in tl o mam ravine, in the centre of them, scattering the most of them. a ue women anu cniiarcn were removed be fore tbe massacre of the peace commissioner, and therefore a large portion of them are alive. There were about 220 men, women and child ren, sixtv of whom could light. , .If the Indians make a stand, this country will be in a homed state this summer. Tho ranchers will sell their cattle and be compelled to abandon their ranches. Fifty desperate sav ages roaming these rocky fastnesses will work in culciuable destruction to property, and cause a tearful loss of life, anil lay wasto the country, while the soldiers will be comparatively pow erless because they cannot hurt them, aud when they turn them they cannot venture out with out incurring great risk, not knowing what branch of sago bru-di conceals the foe. Tbe troops will not be idle. Tbe Moiloes will havo no chance to recruit their shattered forces. Extermination” is tbe word. The country in this section is in terrible excitement. All busi ness is suspended in a great measure. Wo are hourly expecting to hear of the massacre of de fenceless citizens living in the valley. Jf the Indians will make a stand togtuher inone place we will soon have the last oue, but if they scat ter into small bauds it will be next to impossi ble to get at them. 10 a. rn.—Firing commenced at the head of Long Cave, where the troops were attacked by Indians down to water. An escort coming to meet the pack train lias also beeu attacked, and tbe men have been ordered to fall in. Light battery 15 of the 6th artillery is on the way from the presidio to assist the cavalry, anil battery G of theflth artillery is also on tho way from Black Point, about a mile from thecainp. Tho firing is heavy aud steady. The escort is driv ing the Modocs. No further particulars can be obtained before the courier leaves. W. A. Hovey is on the way in with tho re mains of his son. A company of volunteers who started out from Yrcka a day before yes terday will return to-night. The settlers on Bogus ami Willow creeks are-much excited,and are preparing to move into.the town. It is re ported that three Indians were seen in the neighborhood of Bogus creek a few days since, and others were.seen down near the “picards.” Tho Klamoth river Indians supposed the Mo docs were at Crvstle creek in Scott’s valley. Tnc Klamoth river Indians were painted, aud were having war dances. They numbered 15 or 20 warriors, aud are well armed Whether there will be any danger or not the people aro arming. Col. Mendenhall's command has been orlcr oil to more by the way of Shasta valley instead of by the way of Pitt river route. ' Despatch from Oca. Gillcm San Fuancisco, April 22.—The following has been received here : Head Quarters Modoc Expedition, I April 22d. ) To Major General Scofield, San Francisco. The position of tho Modocs has not yet been discovered. I think the hand is near the mount ain in the southern part of the lava beds, about five miles south of their old stronghold. All of the cavalry, troops and the Warm Spring

Indians are out scouting for the trail of the Modocs. The bodies of 13 Modocs havtf been found on the field of their old stronghold. I have ordered two batteries to this place. It is more than probable that if the Modocs leave this vicinity they will go into the mountains to the south and southeast tswards Gose Lake and Pitt river. « (Signed,) A. C. Gillem, Colonel Commanelng. TJie Modocs Attacking Trains. Tho following despatch has just been receiv ed: Camp Lava Bed. April 20.—A pork train under escort of Lieut, liowe and twenty lueu, was attacked yesterday about ten o’clock a. .in. Previous to this hour an escort from Colouel Mason’s camp coining to meet it was attacked at the head of Long Cave. Lieut. Leary’s men sought shelter behind the rocks and drove tho Moaoc3 back. When Lieut. Howe’s train came near them, the Modocs attacked it but were again driven back. Lieut. Leary lost one mau killed and one wounded. The train arrived safely but was fired into when nearing tne Lava Beds and again ou its return. When returning of this side of the cave Lieut. Howe was again attacked by the Modocs, who followed him to tho camp, firing on the tram. They crept up to within 800 rods and fired at the pickets and sent a volley through the camp. Maj. Thomas sent a shell into their midst which scattered them. There were eleven in ihe attacking party. Arms were distributed to all in the camp, and| the Modocs soon lied among the rocks. The Warm Spring Indians will start to hunt tlie Modocs but they are scattered in small parties, and it w ill be difficult to follow them. The roads are not safe to Yreka. The country is in great fearm on t. TERRIBLE STORM. Many Persons Frozen to Death. l.£I2S2LS,.Neb,J April 21—-Reports 0£ the late storm snow it to have been the most se ™*nknoIrullcr?' Men were frozen to .tw° r?ds ot their houses, while trying to get to their stock to feed them. Near Grafton a man named Kcler attempted to reach a neighbor, scarcely half a mile away, accom panied by lus wife and child, and the two lat ter were frozen to death. Mr. Marshal of Hastings, perished while trying to reach Ids slock from his house: The wife and child of ,r:, living near Red Cloud, were froze* while attempting to reach a neighbor’s, after tlie house trad been rendered uninhabitable. Iheir bodies were found on Friday, ten rods from the house. Families were compelled to take refuge m cellars or keep their bads for three days. Houses were blown down and tilled with snow. The destruction of cattle and horses is great. Some farmers lost all they bad. <'-o ii-irly los. a whole herd of 75 head. 1 lie gullies on the railroads were filled with snow as hard as ice, and snow plows were useless. The Centennial. PaiLADELPHiAt April 22,—A meeting was held to-day for the election of a Centennial Board of Financo. At noon Gen. J. R. Haw ley called tile meeting to order. Ex-Gov. Big elow was elected President of tho meeting and he delivered a brief address. Tlie following gentlemen were elected Directors of the Board of Finance from Philadelphia: John Nelson, Wm. Sellers, Samuel L. Felton, Joseph Patter son, J. Edgar Thompson, Daniel M. Fox, Wm. S. McKean, Joseph Martin, Edwin Sutler, Thomas Cochrane, Clement it. Biddle, N. P, Shortridge, James M. Robb, Henry C. Leo and Edward J. Steel; also the following: Robert M. Patten of Alabama, Benjamin F. Allen of Iowa, John Cummins of Mass.. A C. Hewitt of New Jersey, Wm. II Appleton of New York, A. B. Bullock of Ohio, Charles W. Cooper of Pemj., John Gorliam of If. I., .Tolm S. Barbour of Va., and C. C. Washburn of Wis. dlunler—Grain in Store. Chicago, April 22.—Wm. Brown became en raged at Jesse Jones* visiting bis -wife last night, and murdered the latter, beating him terribly ou the head with an iron skillet. He was arrested. Grain in store here in bushels: Wheat 2, 183,119, corn 5,330,80G, oats 1,77(1,588, rye 295, 058, barley 201,801. Aboard vessels in the harbor in bushels: Wheat 175,935, earn 1,701, 702. exploring expedition. Salt Lake City, April 22.—The exploring expedition to operate in Southern Utah, Color ado, New Mexico, and north-eastern Arizona, leaves this city, Denver, Santa Fe aud Win gate in May and Juue. The explorations will be west of the hundredth meridian. Extensive preparations are being made, including a mili tary detail to escort the different sections of tbe explorations from the points named. Dcstrnclire Fire. Cincinnati April 22.—An extensive fire at Owensville, Bath county, Ky., last night, de stroyed the livery stables of James Stone aud G. A. Lee, the dry goods stores of W. H. Dougherty & Co., aud J. W. Barnes, the sad dlery shops of Henry Scott and James Finklin. law offices of Mr. Nesbitt and Judge Auds,and several dwellings. L )33 not stated. Insurance light. Fire supposed to be incendiary. The President at St, Louis. St. Louis, A pril 22.—President Grant spent a quiet day in the city. To-night he, in com pany with a number of prominent gentlemen, dined at tbe residence of Giles F. Filley, and afterwards attended a reception at tbe home of Mrs. Edgar Ames. Political. Milwaukee, April 22.—A special election ‘ was held to day to fill the vacancy occasioned by the ineligibility of certain candidates chosen at the regular election on the 1st of April. Harrison Ludington, Republican, was elected Mayor by 1206 majority FOKE1GN. The Beer Question in Germany. Frankfort, April 22.—The riotin'; .yester day was caused by an advance in the price of beer. The disorderly demonstrations lasted till midnight, and the troops were pelted with stones several times during the evening. Six teen breweries were wrecked by the rioters and there was much plundering. During the con flict twelve persons were killed, and forty wounded. One hundred and twenty of the rioters were arrested. The Charges against the Vienna Commis sioners. New York, April 22.—A'special from Wash ington says one of the commissioners to Vien na has been suspended for improper practices, who is now on h!s way to Vienua, and another is suspended and his case is being inquired in to. Reports are in circulation that some of tbe complimentary commissioners secured their ap pointments in order to represent certain man ufacturing interests, and that a sewing ma chine company and a gun company each has a government commissioner in its employ. Election Excitement. Paris, April 22.—The election to fill the va cancy in the National Assembly from this citv which will take place Sunday next, is causing much excitement. Unsuccessful efforts have been made to induce M. Baradet to retire from the contest. Eugene Peleton, the eminent French writer and politician is supporting Count dc Remusat. The Silver IMate. Hon. E. B. Washburn lias presented to Bar on do Itajuba on behalf of the American Gov ernment, two cases of silver plate in recogni tion of the ability and impartiality with which he discharged his duties as a member of the Geneva tribunal of arbitration. Itajuba ac knowledged gracefully the compliment tender ed upon him by the United States Government. Mr. Schenck, American Minister at london was present. « unuus iuniivrs. Havana, Ai>ril 21.—A severe drought is pre vailing in the vicinity of Santiago de Cuba and the poor people are suffering from au insuffi ciency of water. O’Kelley *8 case continues, hut little Ua3 been elicited against or for him. Gen. Ceballos told the English consul that O’Kclley’s case causes little talk now as everybody is convinced that O’Kelley will be banished from the country. The official acts of Capt. Gen. Cieltain are anxiously awaited by both Spaniards and Cu bans. Tbe Gaceta published a decree returning em bargoed properties belonging to loyal wives of disloyal husbands. Jf husbands are still con spiring, or in tbe insurgents ranks their wives are to receive $1000 each per annum. The same amount is granted to destitute wives and children to disloyal husbands from proceeds of joint property surrendered by ihe insurgents. They are to lie placed in the immediate jiosscs siou of such pro[>erty provided the product thereof does not exceed $1000; should it pro duce $2000, there is a condition that it shall not be sold or mortgaged for two years. Prop erties producing more than the abovo amount must remain in charge of the government who will give the owner $3000 annually, provided the parties reside on Spanish territory. UETEOROI, OCICAL PROBABILITIES FOR THE NEXT TWENTV-FOUR HOURS. War Dep’t, Office Chief Signal ) Officer, Washington, D. C„ V April 22. S (P. iV,) ) The area of low barometer will extend on Wednesday eastward over the Middle Atlantic coast, thence north-east as a storm of consid erable severity; tbe barometer will coutinue ta use m the north-west and over the upper lakes, with cold northerly winds; The southerly winds vcer V ft0 northerly in the western Cult States, probably forming a severe uorth east storm; for the Eastern Gulf aud South Atlantic States, south-west winds veering to nortlj west, with cloudy weather and falling temperature; for New England, New York aud the lower lakes, north-west winds, cloudy and rain; for Lake Michigan, increasing northerly winds Tuesday night. Cautionary signals will coutinue at Chicago, Milwaukee, Grand ■ aV en, Detroit, Toledo, Wilmington, Cleveland, Buffalo, Rochester, Oswego, Norfolk, C I> May and Baltimore, and Charleston, Savannah,New iork, New London, New Haven aud Woods Hole. SS53l"£>?“"” Votk to St.' Ill Providence, R- I., Tuesday, Francis Hughes was convicted of wife murder and sen tenced to Stato Prison for life. HINOK TELEORARN. -t A c?Jd northeasterly rain storm prevailed in New York yesterday. It 13 probable that the reduction in Atlautic cable tariffs, which it was announced some time ago would go into effect the 1st of May, will not take place, but that an advance in the rates will be instead. Capt. Franklin is detached from the New London naval station and ordered to the com mand of the Wabash, in the European sta tion. ! The physicians of James Brooks, pronounce his condition very critical. A despatch from Algiers say3that four insur gents, Arabian chiefs, have been executed at Constantina. Reports of the late storm in Nebraska show it to have been the most severe known. Men were frozen to death within two rods of their houses,while trying to g*?t to tlieir stock to feed them. The battle flags of the 2d, od, 4th and 5tli Delaware regiments in tho late war, were pre sented to the State Historical Society by the Grand Army at Wilmington, in the presence of a large audience, Tuesday night. During the Train lunacy investigation last | evening, Judge Daly requested the ladies pres ent to retire as evidence would be given unlit : for them to bear. An old boiler used for hoisting goods from i *ne English steamers at Graud Junction wharf , Boston, exploded Thursday afternoon, severely j lne engineer and injuring several oth President Grant will leave St. Louis for Idaho Springs, Colorado, Thursday. Fred Boca, IT.-8. Consul at Manzanillo, was drowned on the 15th inst. FINANCIAL ANT) COJVmEKf'fAL* Receipt" |»y Railroad" and Men in boat*. Grand Trunk Railway—5 cars sundries 1 do to? Ne,w York’ 3 ,l° fljr Boston.’ 1 do cattle, ldo straw bands, 5 do laths, 20 do lumber. 2 ™ oatA2 do flour 5 for St.John. KB, tl G°T R HaUfaX’1 d0 hay» 32 do fjr A11411 Lino, 3 do for Forciga Export". MONTEVIDEO. Brig Oronocto—339,213 feet lum ber. SAGUA. Sell Ebon Fisher—3375 box sliooks, 1000 snooks and heads, 177 empty casks, G bales hay. .ST. JOHN, NB. Solir E B Beard—1000 bbls flour, 1656 galls refined oil. HALIFAX NS. Steamer Chase-2000 bbls flour, 319 bags seed, 392 casks nails, SG00 lbs butter, 3.1 pkgs mdse. HALIFAX. NS. Steamer Falmouth—100 bbls flour 100 do seed, 275 cases liquor, 250 do syrups, 56 sewing machines, 250 pckgs cordage, 120 do tobacco, 800 galls whiskey, 300 casks nails, 300 green hides, 6009 lbs butter, 4500 pairs boots and shoes, 12 pkgs machinery, 122 do mdse. Foreign Imports. LIVERPOOL. Steamship Austrian—269 bdls iron E Corey & Co, 86 bars do A E Stevens & Co, 1729 bars do 47 bdls do 5 bdls hoops. 1 do nail roads J S Win, slow & Co. 12 pkgs mdse J E Prindle, 4 bales do H & A Allan, 20 bdls steel Pori land Locomotive Works, 87 pkgs mdse Can Ex Co, 2355 boxes tin to order, 159 bigs iron spikes 2643 bars iron J II Allen & Co Bath, 1 ^A'Ise, Lockhart & Holden. 62 cases do S Watl * do d? Deering, Milliken & Co, 38 bales do C M Bailey, 15 eases cigars Can Ex Co. ,Bri,g ? Bsrry-43G bhfh noo boxes sugar to J Rodpath & Son, Montreal. Ronton Stock Liu. (.Sales at the Broker's Board, April 22.1 Boston & Maine Railroad.n«>a Eastern Railroad.1064 Eastern Railroad..... ioc} New l'crk Mock and Jloncy JIarkcl. New York, April. 22— Morning.—Gold 1175. Mon ey 7 per cent. Sterling Exchange 108g @ 1092. Stocks firm. State stocks dull but firm. New York. April 22—Evening.—Financial af fairs are dull with a slight reaction from tho late ex treme buoyanev. . Money loaned at 7 per cent, currency to 11-16 and interest with the bulk of business a‘ 1-64 @ 1-32, and closing at 7 per cent, currency to coin interest. Ex press companies brought §700,000 currency. Out standing legal tenders show an increase of 71,000.— Sterling Exchange advanced to 108} for GO days and 109} for sight, but closed dull at 103$ @ 109$ Gold rose from 117$ @ 117}, and closed weak at 117$ @ 117}. Tho decline was caused by large exports of produce this week amounting to §6,947,560; loans at 1 @ 0 per cent. Tho clearings were §9G,000,000.— Treasury .disbursements §145,700. Customs receipts §376,000. Governments in active demand from for eign bankors. State bonds verv dull. Stocks dull with a decline in prices of $ @ 1} per cent.; fluctua tions averaging only about $ per cent. >viiv«iua 1M.IO « inj 4uuiav,wiw ui 11 JVCriilUUll securities: United States coupon 6’s, 1831.121 United States 5^20*8 1862.118} United States 5-20’s 1SG4.118} United States 5-20’s 1S65, old.120 United States 5-20’s ISC5, new.. . 1171 United States 5-20’a 1807.1103 < United States 5-20’s If 63.1173 United States 5’s. new.mi United States 10-10’s., coupon?.. ...1134 Currency G’s .. .. .. ....114} The following were the closing quotations of Stocks: Western Union Telegraph Co. 85 Pacific Mail. 584 N. Y. Centra'and Hudson River consolidated.. ..101} Erie. 05V Erie preferred. 744 Union Pacific stock. 32} Tlie following wore the quotations for Pacidc Rail road.seen cities: Central Pacific bonds.103 Union Pacific do. 87 Union Pacific laud grants.74 Uuioti Pacific iueomo bond?. 74 UoniMtie illarkeix. New York, April 22— Evening-—Cotton quiet and steady; sales 1405 bales; Middling uplands 19$c.— Flour more active and firm; sales 15,7000 bbls; State 5 70 @8 25; Round hoop Ohio 6 85 @ 10 60; Western 5 70 ©10 50: Southern 5 80 @12 50. Wheat more active and 2 @ 3c higher : sales 100,000 bush; No 1 Spring 1 72 @ 1 77; No 2 do 1 5$ © 1 67; Winter Red Western at 1 70 © 1 95; White Michigan I 85 © 2 25. Corn active and a shade firmer; sales 141,000 bush; new Mixed Western 66} @ 67}c; old do 66c in store. Oats a shade firmer\ sales 47,000 bush; Mixed State 54c; new Western Mixed 52 @54. Beef is steady.— Pork is firmer; new mesi 19 75 @ 20 00. Lard firmer at 9} @ 10. Butter in buyers favor; Western 30 38; new State 37 @ 42c. Whiskey is a shade firmer at 91 @ 91}c. Rice is quiet at 7} @ 8}c. Coffee steady; Rio at 16} @ 18}c in Gold. Sugar steady; refining li t8c. Molasses quiet and firm; New Orleans 67 @ 80. aval Stores—Spir its Turpentine nominal at 53} @ 51c; Rosin firmer at 3 25 for strained. Petroleum is easier; crude 9} @ 9}c; refined at 19c. Tallow firm at 9c. Freights to Liverpool quiet and easier; Grain per steam at C ® 6fd. Watertown, April 22.—Cattle Market.—Receipts of beef Cattle 7G5 head; market inactive and prices ruled newly the same aslast week; sales of choice at 1U50@ 1100; extra 9 50 @ 10 25; first quality 8 00 @39 00; second quality 6 00 © 7 50; third quality 5 00 @ 5 50: Sheen and Lambs—receipts 3763 head. Prices on Sheep delivered }e |> lb. Few spring Lambs are in market, but not sufficient to make a quotation; sales in lots 3 50 @ 4 75 each; extra 5 00 © 7 00. Chicago, April 12.—Flour is steady; extra Spring 6 00 @ 6 75. W heat in speculative demand; prices are higher; market buoyant and unsettled; No 2 Spring sold at 1 22} @ 1 23} cash; 1 24 @ l 25} for May; 1 26| @ 1 28} for June, all closing at tiutslde quotations; No 3Soring at 1 12; other grades nominal. Corn ac tive, higher and unsettled; No 2 Mixed closed at 38c cash; 38}cfor seller May; 404c for seller June; 42 @ 42}for July; rejected 31c. Oats active, higher and irregular; No 2 at 29}c cash; 30} lor seller April; 32} @ 32}c for seller May. Rye firm, scarce and higher; No 2 at69 @ 69}c. Barley steady; No 2 at 71c lor regular. Pork unsettled and irregular; closed about 18 12} cash or May; 18 50 seller June. Lard in fair demand aud higher :9 90 cash; 9 20 @ 9 30 seller June. Bulk meats in good demand and advanced ;shoalders quoted at 6} @6|c loose; clear rib sides at 8|c loose; short clear middles seller June at 91c. Bacon in good demand; shoulders quoted at 7}c; clear rib sides 9?c; clear sides 10c; llama 12} © 14, all packed. Whiskey firm. Receipts—13,000 bbls flour, 9,000 bush wheat, 59, 000 bush corn, 48,000 bush oats, 0,000 bust rye, 6,000 bnsb barley, 00.000 bogs. Shipments—6,000 obis flour, 63,000 bush wheat, 81, 000 bush corn, 41,000 bush oats, 0,000 bush rye, 8.000 bush barley, 0000 hogs. Cincinnati, April 22.—Provisions are strong an higher. Pork nominally at 18 50 spot; sales at 19 00 buyer May; 20 00 do July. Lard is strong and higher; steam at 9c; kettle 9}c with sales. Bulk Meats are strong; shoulders at 7c on snot: clear rib at 9c on spot; sales at 9c buyer A pril:9fc buyer May; clear sides at 9V; sales at 9}c buyer April; gene-ail y held at an }c higher at close. Bacon in gv>od de mand and held higher; shoulders, few out of smoko nominally at 8c; clear rib sides sold at 9}c;cloar sides at 10c. Whiskey steady at 85c. iol 2do, April 22.—1 lonr in f ilr demand and (inn. Wheat in fair demand and higher; Ambor Michigan spot 1 70 @ 1 70}; sellar May 1 71; seller June 1 72} 'ffi 1 73; No 2 Rod spot at 1 68 t 69; seller May 1 71 @ 171}; No3dot60. Corn active and higher; high Mixed on Bpot 43c; seller May 45 @ 451c; Beller last UalfMay46; seller June 46} @46J; low Mixed on spot 43} @ 45; seller May 14c}; no grade firm. Oats, No 2 at 37} @ 38}c. Receipts—1,000 bbls flour, 11,000 buBb wheat, 1,000 bush com, 0,000 hush oats. llETltoiT,- April 22.—Flour quiet and unchanged. Wheat steady; extra White at 2 uo; Not White at 194<$ 105; Amber Michigan at 173. Com steady at 47e. Oats in good demand at 37}c for Mixed Western ami 38 @ 39c tor No 1. Receipts—1,000 bbls flour, 5,000 bush wheat, 4,000 bush com, 3.000 bosh oats. Shipments—0,000 bbls flour, 1,000 bush wheat, 3,000 bush corn, 3,000 bush oats. Ciiarlrston, April 22,-Cotlou quiet; Middling uplands 18}e. Savannan, April 22.-Collon dull; Middling un lands at 18|o. Mobile, April 22.—Cotton quiet; Middling up lands 18}c. New Orleans. April 22.-Cotton steady: Middling uplands 18}c. __ European Markets. London, April 25-11.00.-Consols opened at 934 for money and for account. a American securities—U. S. 5-20’s 1SG> old atnift do 1807, 93}; do 10-10s,S9};. now Bs, M. Erie Ran w ay at oij. changed0*’April"~2 00 P' m-Copso!s closed un wAyI51}i.Can securUlcs-U- S. 10-10’B, 89|. Erie Rall . April 22-11.00 A. M.-United States bonds at 95£ tor the issue of 1862. Liverpool, Aoril 22—2.00 P. M.—Cotton closed mm; sales 10,000 bales, 2000 of which were f>r spec ulation and export. Havana Market. Lon.loa 41 k 43 prem. d.w7clai{K & co., — DEALERS IN — ICE HOUSE, MARKET ST., -A.ND 32 EXCHANGih ST., Pure Icc supplied tor all purpos es, ami .n any quantity at the LOWEST BATES. aprS ENTE RTAI NM ENTS. Fair and Festival. The Ladies of St. I'nul’s C'h. Guild WILL HOLD A FAIR A T Grand Army Hull, Tuesday and Wednesday, 22 aiul 2d lusts. Thoso wishing fo mu-cbasc for tho Hrwr.lfnl ir..i, will tlnd a great variety of *Kal F',lr I I'SliFlIli ASD KLEGAVT ABTICliCS. THE MISCHIEF MAKER, | ft charming little French full Peasant cos. tume. will be given each evoiiing. C w On Wednesday evening, CBiffFOSD’S FABCWGLI,, an original Comic Lecture. liefreshn cnts at all Iionrs. Admission Kreo during the dav. 35 cents—at StocUbridge’s, Hiwes ana Gragin’g and at tho door. apl9dtd Grand Scandinavian Ball —WILL BIS OX— Wednesday, April 23. —IX— f| LANCASTER HALL, European ancl American Danccg. Music by Chandler** Baud. good time anticipated. Tickets, to be had at the Music. Stores anti at the door. Doors open at 7. Dances commoner* at D. j Per order Scandinavian a. aprl6-t<l. LEVEE AND fair; \ SOCIAL gathering will take place in the Vert ry of the First Baptist Churcii, on the After noon and Evenings of Wednesday nud Tiiurw day, April 43d and 41th; when a variety of useful and fancy articles will be for sale. GSgr'Algo Refreshments each Evening from CJ until 10 o’clock. A cordial invitation is extended to all apr22 d3i* EATERTAINT MKST ! ST. LAWRENCE ST. VESTRY, THURSDAY EVENING, April 24. The committee in charge having spent several weeks in preparing this entertainment Teel confident it will bo worthy a liberal patronage. Among the good things oflered will be the performance of the beauti ful “Cantata of The Christian Graces” by a chorus of 40. and three soloists. Also, the Jubilee Singers not of Fisk University will b<) prestnt and render a few selections, such as “Roll Jordan Roll,” Turn back Pharaoh’s Army, &e., (“Keep me troiu Mnking Down. ) Tho Poem by Joan Ingelow, “Songs fit Seven, will be recited and illustrated, &c. All for tlie benefit of our Sunday School. (Dear friends, please gladden u<* by your presence, thus do a good deed while you can.) Ticket* 25 Ceui* Exer cises commence precisely at 7J o’clock. ap22dtd Feed the Hnn^ry and Clothe the Naked. i Fair and Festival — AT — ALLEN MISSION CHAPEL LOCUST STREET, Thursday & Friday, 24th and 25tk iust, afternoon and Evening, Useful and Fancy articles and Refreshments for sale. Thursday evening the ladies of the Mission will give an Antiquarian Sapper. Also Singing l»y the children. Friday evening Concert by the “Oltl Folks.” Admission afternoons free. Thursday evening ad mission 10 oents; Supper 25 cents. Friday evening admission 20 cents. Tickets at the door. Contributions will be thankfully received. ap22 4t MUSIC_frl-AUU. Manages.MR. THEO. HAMILTON. , THREE NIGHTS ONLY Thursday, Friday and Saturday Even'gs April 24th, 25th and 2<ith. The far-famed Comedian, and Delineator of the Pathetic and Comic Drama, iHr. JOHN E. OWENS! Supported by his own talented Dramatic Organiza tion, expressly engaged to accompany liim during his extended tour of the United States. THURSDAY' EVEX’O the performance will commence with the delightful comedy of the VICTIMS, Joshua Batterby.Mr. J. E. Owens. To conclude with Mr. Owens* great spcllaltv of SOLOV SHINGLE! Solon Shingle.Mr. J. E. Owens. As performed by him throughout the entire English i World, upwards of 2000 nighta. FRIDAY' EVEN’D will be presented Coyne’s celebrated Comedy, in 3 acts, entitled EVERYBODY’S FRIEND! Maj. Da Boots the Swashbuckler.. .Mr. J. E. Owens. To be followed by Mr. Owens’ original Farce of <£ O "W INKS! Horatio Sprrigglns.Mr. J. K. Owens. SATURD AY EVKR’G, (and positively the last night of Mr. ‘ )wcn»,) will be produced the ex quisite Cornody of MARRIED LIFE! Henry Done.Mr. J. E. Owens. To conclude with the Owcn3 specialty,—SOLON SHINGLE. PRICES OF ADMISSION.—General Admission 75e. Reserve-1 seats, $1. Gallery. 50c. Tlio sale of Reserved seats for Mr. Owens, will commence on Tuesday morning, April 22d, at Iia C. Stockbridge’s Music Store, No. 15G Exchange Street. £3P*Mr. Owens will perform in Lewiston, on Mon day Eve’ng, April 2Sth. aprlOdjt U B . Ii C . THE LONGSHORE BOAT CLUB, will give tlicir 3rd Grand Assembly, — AT — LANCASTER HALL On Thursday Evening,■ April 24th. FLOOR DIRECTOR.... .P. McKcon aids:—P. Sullivan. Moses O’Brien, J. Sullivan, P. O’Donnell, William Deehan. Tlusic by Rnymonil’N Quailrillc Ham!. J. W. RAYMOND, Prompter. Dancing to commence at 8 o'clock. Tickets $1. £3UClotbing checked free. aprlPdtd ~~ P. M. GL First Grand Assembly ! AND EXHIBITION DRILL, — OF TUB — Portland Montgomery Guards ! AT CITY HALL, On Wednesday Evening:, April 30th. FLOOR DIRECTOR. .. .Sergt. W. H. CunuingUam aids:—Sergt. M. J. Lawless, Sorgt. W. J. MeCal iam, Sergt. L. B. Howard, Sergt. Thomas Hinds, Corp. Flaherlv, Corp. Wiu. O’Brien, Corp, J. Smith, Priv. James 11. FIvud, Priv. P. Tobiu, Priv. M. L. McCann. IflliSil/ ui i;uAnviiE.n7n n \.i is Clothing will be checked free. PRICES OF ADMISSION:—Floor Tickets, ad mitting Gent and Ladies, §1.00; Gents Gullet v tick ets, 50 cents; Ladies Gallery ticket. 25 cents. fisyMllitary are requested to appear in Uniform. “Don’t you forget it,” Per order. apr23d2w First Grand AmatenFBenefit1 IN FAVOR OF TIIE MAINE GENERAL HOSPITAL, GRAND ARMY HALL Tuesday aud Weducsday, April 29 & SO. Ten Nights in a Bar-Room. A Drama in five acts from the pen of T. S. Arthur, — BY TIIE — Y. E. BJ’s. Doors open at 7; to commence at 8 o’clock. Ad mission 35cents. Reserved seats 50 cents. Tickets lor salo at Cuslis’s, 293 and Strout’s, 335 Congress Sts, and at the door. Reserved seats for sale at the Hall on and after Monday morning the 28th. &pr23 * dtd OPEN TO-DAY. n ice & Calderwood, | HAVING TAKEN THE Bakery No. 22 Anderso-i Street, desiro to iniorm tho public that they are prepared to furnish, at Wholesale or Retail, fresh baked and of g«jod quality, Loaf Oread, Cakes, Pastry, Common and Fancy Crackers,Extra Pilot Breads, Ac, at fair prices. Hot Tea UelU ertrf Afternoon. Special attention paid to tlie baking cf BROWN BREAD AND BEAN'S Far“CS aml Excu"lnns *”P Portland, April 21,1873 ! ‘ lho dtJ, ---i— ____eodlm Portland Savings BnnkT !>'o. 91 Exchange Street. TA“'•‘Jo In this Bank on or before SAX a n . May 3d, will commence interest on the first of that month. aprlOdtd FRANK NOYES, Treasurer. ^—m | ^ AUCTION SALES. Auction. “r Wano, Ac- at ON WEDNESDAY . WO shall Boll ttii’vn arl! Zkl- nt 10 O'clock A Cumberland sine, vnroiJ JjT&sblc projSrty ¥m story and contains The h'.uw is 2 Isticd in hard wood, „? "ul Klx-hVn tin ialMd in black walnut and a*h li’ihfJVl JJJjary ftn niarble mantels in parln**, Fcr» n t k ”■ two Room finished in hardwood. Houa® f„r»,,Sr*\B*th Furnace, Gtia, Hebog» Wafer ami all SodSIi 71^ venience?. Parlor, Library and Hall elegantiv SSl coed. All ether rooms W pointed. Into Dronort* is pleasantly situated, within live minute# walk of City Hall, In one of the best neighborhood*, and is very desirable. Title perfect. Terms easy ami made known at sale. Can be examined upon application to auctioneers. Immediately after the sale of Real Estate will be sokl the Furniture in above bouse, consisting of Par lor Furniture in Black Walnut and Green Damask, Center and Card Tables, Turkish Easy Chair, Crus ley’s Brussels Carpets, Sat in BrocaleUe Curtains, French Clock, fine Vases, Engravings, Craspadnres, 5 Black . ainut and Chcstimr Chamber Sets, H*ir Mattr«s*es, Spiing Beds, Toilet Sets, Curtains, In grain and Tapestry Carpets, Lounge In B. W. ami Green *.ci», Parlor C»*al and Gas Stoves. B. W. Ex tension Table. Side Board, Silver, Plated Service. Sslvt.r, Ice 1'itchcr, Cake Haskcts, Castors, (H a s and China Ware, Magee Cook Stove, wl h tbo entire Ki c. cn rurniture. AKo, at 12 J o’cl ck. one Wcbei Plano, seven octave, elegantly carved, rosewood caw, i.rice *850: one tine Harp, double act on; one Howe's improved SeWinl Machine, nearly new. tf. O. iSAII-KV & fO., Auctioneer*. :>P1C___•__ U1H Kt'iil Etialo on FrankOii street hi Auetioa. ON WEDNESDAY, April 239. at 3 P. M., we shall sell the projierty No 9» Franklin street, being tho southerly half of a IJ story double house, con tains 8 rooms, largo Pantry, ample Closets, good Cel lar. -vba.'o Water, good ermcitf drain, all In prime order. Lot 35 x 70 feet. This h> a verv pleasant little property in a good neighborhood. Parties wishing for a moderate pi Iced home arc invite! to examine. Trruts at Salo. . , p. o. li.UliEk A CO . Aartieurn. apIO_ ~ *_'ltd_ Yu! liable Farm a?»<l Farming S’oo’s at Auction. ON the premise* on THUPPAY, 24th. at lo o’clock A. M., tho Earns known a» tho Nich olas Hasty Farm In Senfb ro, on1 the Spnrwlnk Hirer road, containing seventy-live acre* of land and two lots ol Salt Marsh. The building* consist of a dwel ling house, ell, carriage house and barn, all in good repair. Also Farming Tools and a part of the House hold Furniture, -10 bushels of Grain and about 8 tons of llav. 1\ O. BAILEY to CO.9 Auctioneers. np!7 did Uliii'lwind at Auction. On FRIDAY,April 23,1873. at o’clock:, at Atlantic Works wharf, East Boston, the steamship Whirl wind, length 130 feet, hold 17 3-10 feet, beam 243-10 feet, tonnage 374; built of Connecticut oak nod chestnut in 1863, has two decks, schooner rigged, direct acting vertical engine, cylin cr 32x30, draft deep loaded 13 feet, boil er and engine in good order. For further particulars apply to‘ WHITNEY <fc SAMPSON, Boston, Maw*.. Or HENRY WlNSOK & CO., Philadelphia, Pa. Sale positive without regard to weather. aplOdCt i'n!-niturc ai Auction and House for Rent. ON WEDNESDAY. April 30th, at 10 o’clock A. M., we shall sell the Puncture in House 16 Bramhall street, consisting of Parlor Furniture in Black Walnut,. Center. Tabic, Itarere. Easy Chair, Chromos, Paintings, Engravings, fine Vases, Stat uettes, Black Walnut and Chestnut Chamber Setts, Spring Beds. Curtains, Ingrain and Tapestry Carpets, Soto, Black Walnut Extension Table, Silver Plat;d Ware, Ice Pitcher, Castor, Glars and Crockery, Ma gee Cook Stove. Also, at 12 o’clock, one Remington Rifle, new, with ammunition. Also, or.c double Barrel shot Gun, with fixtures. House will be leased fbr ono to tfrreo years. Mf. O. BAILEY to TO. Auctioneer*. ap!9__dtd Administrator’g Sale. PURSUANT to license from the Judge of Probate for the County of Cumberland, I shall sell at public auction, al the office of W. H. Vint on, in Pert land on Wednesday April 30th, 18?* at 10 o'clock A. M., the personal estate of the late Eliza P. Bush, as por invenrory consisting of Sofa. Chairs, Mirror, Bod ami Bedding. Stove, Crockery Ware. Also six notes of hand against J; hn T». Coyle of one hundred dollars each, pavable annually with in terest, Terms cash, SAMUELS. MURRY, Administrator. P.trMnnrt Ai.rtl 1B7'1 -- Atlmtiiiatnitor's Sate of Steal £«tale at Public Auction. By rvirtue of a licenwi from the Hon. Judge of Probate for Cumberland County, I shall sell at public auction, on the premises, on Thursday the tweuty-second day of May next at 11 A. M.. all the roal estate belonging to the estate of Levi A. Cates, late of Fro port, in said County deceased. Said real ostate consists of about 35 a« res of Jand situated on the road leading from Freeport to South Durham, about 3 miles from Freeport Village, voutaiuing mow ing. pasturage, &c., with good barn standing thereon. Also about three acres of salt marsh near Israel True’s, In said Freeport about one mile below Free port Village. The reversion of the Widow’s dower in the first described property will besoid at the same time and placo. Terms made known at time of sale; EDWARD P. OXNARD, Adm’r of Estate of Levi A. Cates. Freeport, April 22,1873. apr22doaw3w. J* 8. BAILEY* CO* Commission Merchants, —AND— A CJCTIOlSr^EItB NO. 99 EXCHANGE STREET. Next below Merchants’ Exchange. JOSEPH S. BAILEY, GEO. W. PARKER. References—Messrs. H. J. Libby & u, and Hon Charles P. Kimb.iI I’ott land. Me.; Messrs. Leonard & Co., and Lee & Shepard. Boston. apllt Those Baked Beans. THOSE BAKED BEAKS , . . • — WHICH — W. C. COBB is selling BY THE QUART, ai his Bakery, NOS. 28 & 30 PEARL STREET, have been tested and pronounced GOOD ! Now if yon wish to try them, you can by sending in your order fcavo them brought right from the oven to your door any morning during the week. Or, tf you wiy you want there. Sabbath Thinning (as is the custom) Mr. Cobb will have a fresh lot ready which he will send you Saturday evening. Then *by rut ting; them in your own ovt n you can find them there at breakfast time and save the unpleasant ta>k of rising before you are r.ady and hurrying to the bak ery. P. H.—Take Mouse choice BROWN BHEAD with them or uot, an von like. apis_ tf GRASS SEED7 2000 Ba$s Wcslnii Timothy Kent 1500 ** Canaria “ •• lOOO “ Rod Top “ 500 “ iUichi?:a:i Clover 44 200 “ Ohio “ 400 “ No. New York “ “ 1©0 “ Pea Vine, “ •• 150 41 AMfee “ 100 44 iflUlot •• lOO “ Hungarian Grass 44 100 44 Orchard “ KOK SALK AT THK Lowest Cash Price. KENDALL ST WHITNEY. mchlTi . if New Spring Millinery ! -AT HI. If. AML’S, 327 Congress St., Nearly opposite their Old Stand. They can now show a splendid stock of New Mil linery Goods In all the variety of styles, at very rea sonable price*. Bonnets and hats ready trimmed, kept on hand. Also, bleaching and pressing done In the best manner. A good assortment <d ieal hair swiiche-*, and imitation of all kinds. Ladies, in want of millinery or hair goods, will do wt*U to call at her Store. aprlf . __dim Spring Millinery. Mrs. I. P. Johnson - A5D — Mrs. E. 1). Clark Would infbim the Ladles cf Portland and vicinity that on Tnesday and Wednesday, April 22d & 23d, they will exhibit now and choice style* of HATS AND BONNETS. MRS. i. P. JOHNSON. Miss e. i>. clark. NO* * CLAPP’S BLOC K. a<l17___ • lw Leavitt, Burnham & Co., WHOLESALE & RETAIL DEALERS — IS — ICE. No* 14 Cross Steed, Portland. Order* left at lee Office, 14 Crow St., ® Proctor, S3 Exchange St., will t;c promptly swemieu l°|j3p-puro Ice supplied fur ali j>drpc«es in any quantities and at tho aplO LOWEST RATES... tUtt NOTIC E THIS certllle* that I have relinquished to my son Oliver S. Staples, the 1 emainder of his minority and shall claim none of his wages nor pay any of ais debts after this date. SAMCSI, STAPLE*. Baldw in, April 10,1873. an*0-1*

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