Newspaper of Portland Daily Press, April 24, 1873, Page 3

Newspaper of Portland Daily Press dated April 24, 1873 Page 3
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THE PRESS. THURSDAY MORNING, APR, 24, 1873 the press M ty be obtained at the Periodical Depots of Fes 6cu leu Bros., Marquis. Robinson, Brunell & 9°* Andrews,Wentworth, Glendenning Moses, Hcnder ion, and Chisholm Bros., on all trains that run out ot thee tty. At Biddcford, of Pillsbury. At Saco of L, Hodgdon. At Waterville, of »J. S. Carter. At Gorham, of News Agent. At Bath, ofJ. O. Sliaw. At Lewiston, ot'French Bros. At Kennebuuk, of C. E. Miller. __i CITY AND VICINITY. Yew Advertisement* Te-Day. AUCTION COLUMN. Deal Estate—F. O. Bailey & Co. Liuens, «Sfcc.—F. O. Bailey & Co. Furniture Abram & Bro. ENTERTAINMENT COLUMN. I. O. O. F.—54th Anniversary. SPECIAL NOTICES. E. T. Eldon & Co.—Dry Goods. Special No*.ice—Y. M. C. A. Hall. 1. O. O. F.—Drill Meeting. For Sale—Joshua Davis & Co. NEW ADVERTISEMENTS. New Tamarinds—Win. Allen, Jr. Fancy Goods—Fitzgerald & Co. Birds—F. O. Bailey & Co. Pressman Wanted—Smith & Co. Apples—Wiliiam Allen, Jr, Wui. H. Jerris—Lot on Elm Street. Portable Fo ges—A. J. Wilkinson & Co. Steamer Clias. Houghton- Harris, Atwood & Co. Stated Meetings. CITY GOVERNMENT. The Board of Mayor and Aldermen meets the first Monday evening of each month. The Common Council moots the second Monday evening of each month. The School Committee meet the fourth Monday eve ning of each mouth. MASONIC At Masonic Hall, Xo. 95 Ex:ha:ige Street. YORK RITE*. Blue Lodges—Ancient Land-Mark, first Wednes day; Portland, second Wednesday; Atlantic, third Wednesday. Chapters—GreenleofR. A. C., first Monday; Mt. Vernon, R. A. C., third Monday. Council—Portland C. R. & S. Masters, second Monday. Commaxderies of K. T.—Portland, fourth Mon day: St. Albans, second Thursday. Grand Bodies—Grand Lodge, first Tuesday in May; Grand Chapter, first Tuesday evening in May; Grand Council, Wednesday 3 l\ m.; Grand Com inandery, Wednesday evening. ANCIENT ACCEPTED SCOTTISH RITES. Lodge—Yates Grand Lodge of Perfection, first Friday. Council—Portland Council P. of J., second Fri day. Chapter—Dunlap Chapter Rose Croix d« H., third Friday. Consistory—Maine Consistory, S. P. R. S., fourth Friday iu Match, Jane, September and December. I. O. O. F. At Odd Fellows' Hall, No. 88 Exchange Street. Lodges—Maine, on Monday evenings; Ancient Brothers, on Thursday evenings; Ligonia, on Friday evenings; Beacon, on Tuesday evenings; Ivy, J)., of IL, second and fourth Saturday. Encampments—Machigonno, first and third Wed nesdays ; Eastern Star, second and fourth Wednes days; Portland, first aud third Saturdays. Relief association—Every third Tuesday in the month. TEMPLARS OF HONOR. At Templars' Hall, Xo. 100 Exchange Street. Council—Maine, first and third Mondays in each month. Temple—Forest City, No. 1 every Wednesday evening. Maine Charitable Mechanic Association— Corner of Congress and Ca co streets. First Thurs day in each mouth. Young Men’s Christian Association- Comer Congress and Casco streets. Every evening. Portland Fraternity—No. 353$ Congress street. Every evening. Knights of Pythias—Bramhall Lodge, No. 3, Thursday evenings; Munjoy Lodge, No. 6, Wednos i iy evenings. At their Hail, Clapp's Bloek, Market tf^uare. Portland Army and Navy Union- Corner Congress and Brown streets. First Tuesday in each mouth. Sons ok Temperance—Portland Division, No. 93; Sons’ of Temperance Hall. Friday evening. Independent Order of Good Templars—Ar cana, Monday; Mission, Wednesday;—in Williams* block, Congress street. Mystic, Thursday; Atlantic, Saturday;—at Sons’ ol Temperance Hall, Congress street, tron Clad, Thursday, at West End; Pccanon ta*, Thursday, at Areaua Hall. Portland Typographical Union, No. 75—Cor ner Congress and Casco streets. Second Saturday in each month. Payson Literary Society.—Meetings every Monday evening, Brown’s Block, cor. Brown and Congress streets, at 7d o’clock. Bos worth Post G. A. R.—Meetings every Friday ■ evening in Mechanics’ Hall, corner of Congress and Casco streets. Huprcaur Judicial Conri. VIRGIN J., PRESIDING. Wednesday.—No. 160.—Horatio Merrill vs. Ed ward P. Merrill. Case on note burned in the great fire July Cth, 1866, for $1780. Defense—part pay- . ment, partial failure of consideration, pledged to a third party for advance?, and the statute of limita tions. Referred to Court. Decision reserved. Albert Merrill for plaintiff. Reed for defendant. fSiiiirrior Court. APRIL TERM, SYMOND8. J., PRESIDING. Wednesday.—In the case of Hanson vs. Noble, tried Monday, which was on action to recover $600 for money had and received, decision was rendered • for tho plaintiff’for $90.77. Cobb & Ray for plaintiff. J. H. Drummond for defendant. The following decisions have been rendered in cases tried at the February term: John T. Smith vs. James Berry. Action on ac count annexed for furniture amounting to $262.87.— Decision for plaintiff*for $83. Thompson—Strout & Holmes for plaintiff. Orr for defendant. Jo so nh Chencry vs. Francis W. Seabury and Win* S. Nash. Assumpsit on two promissory notes, one for $300 and the other for $130, purporting to bo notes of the firm of Seabury & Nash. The writ nev er was served on Seabury. Defense—that the money for which the nates were given was not borrowed nor used in the partnership business, and plaintiff knew it; and ihat the S150 note has been paid. Decision for plaintiff for $300 and interest. Freeman for plaintiff’. Strcut & Gage for defendant. Laura C. Partington vs. Frank Green. Assumpsit on a promissory note for $73. Defense—partial fail ure of consideration. Decision for plaintiff for $17.80. Locke for plaintijT. C. Hale for defendant. Court will probably adjourn Wednesday afternoon the 30th of April, that being the latest day for which assignments have been made. §e The May term commences on Tuesday the 6th of May. __ .TSuiaicipa! Coart. BEFORE JUDGE MORRIS. Wednesday.—Charles II. Roberts. Intoxication. Fined $5. Four cases of libelled liquors forfeited. No claim ants. Michael Lee. Assault and Battery. Ordered to recognize in the sum of $200 wdth sureties for appear ance at May term Superior Court. Sureties furnish ed. Rldlon. Locke. Brief JolliEiSN. Tliere will be au oyster supper with other re freshments at Preble Chapel this evening at 7 o’clock. Tickets of admission 10 cents. This s for the benefit of the Preble Chapel Mission, and the generous public are invited to attend. Yesterday was the best thing that April has yet done for us. The air was “balmy.” The “idiot fringe” is making its appearance quite generally upon the heads of our ladies. The early freight train on the Grand Trunk yesterday morning jumped the rails uear Yar mouth. Several cars were wreckeil and travel impeded for some hours. This road is getting famous for accidents. Yesterday was the first fair opportunity which the ladies have bad to air their spring costumes,Jand it was embraced by many of theEu. The inner walls of the City Building arc liaviug a spring coat of whitewash applied to them. The street paving is being patched up whore it needs it. , We learn from the Ncwburyport Herald that Mrs’ John Mussey of Portland, who lately contributed five huudrsd dollars to the funds of the Marine Society of Ncwburyport, has again donated two hundred dollars to Howard Benevolent Socity and two hundred dollars to the Society for the Belief of Aged Women. The alarm of fire yesterday was occasioned by the burning out of a chimney of a house on Mayo street. A pail of water extinguished the fiatnes. H. J. Murray, Esq., British consul at this port, sails on the Polynesian Saturday, on a three months leave of absence. The Y. E. R.’s give a grand amateur benefit tor the Hospital Fair on the 29th and 30th Grand Army Hall,when T. S. Arthur’s ’"Ten niglits in a Bar Room” will be present ed. The evening express train on the Boston & Maine to connect with the Bangor boat, begins running next Moutlay. A lady at a down town boarding house thinks just because somebody took hold of her foot one uiglit that there is a somnambulist about . ©Louis Whidden & Co. have leased Ho- Is land from the Deering heirs for ten years. They are ploughing in Buxton. Happy land ! * Tin LT. S. Circuit Court caine i n and empan elled the juries yesterday. The curse has came upon us. A match game •of base ball was played yesterday between the Howards and the Boys in Green. The How ards won by a score of 40 to 15. Two waiters at the United States Hotel got belligerent last night, and the stronger smash ed the nose of tho weaker. It hurt him. The Hampton colored students giro a con cert at C^y Hall on the 3th proximo. Mr. Charles Day, jr. has offered a silver cup as prize in tho annual spring shoot of the Forest City Club, which comes off to-day. Somebody with murderous intent threw piece of orange peel on Middle street sidewalk, yesterday, thereby causing a lady to slip down and brui3C herself severely. The Portland Company arc employing 500 operatives. The Advertiser tells of a Portland girl visit ing in a neighboring city, who made herself so attractive to her hosts they would not let her return home. Her father was obliged to call in the aid of the City Marshal to rescue his child. There was a young man in the case. Tickets for the Oratorio of St. Peter, to be given by the Haydn Society, are selling well. -A New York despatch says that Frank Bak er, who died suddenly at tho St. Nicholas, Monday night, has been taken to Portland for burial. The St. Paul’s Guild Fair finished a success ful career last evening. The levee and fair of the First Baptist Socie ty opened well yesterday. It will he continued this afternoon and evening. A cordial invita tion is extended to all. A bluff looking Englishman has been vic timizing over merchants by buying goods and paying for them in hills on the 15 years explod ed hank of Ciifton. Canada About S300 were put iu circulation. According to the Argus a monument is to be erected in Deering “to the memory of Mary Magdalene, frjeml and protegee of Jesus [ Christ.” Mr. Adam Brown of Woifboro’, is at the United States Hotel. He has been furnishing money to Boston parties for re-building pur poses, and taking mortgages in the burnt dis trict. The entertainment at the St. Lawrence St. church this evening will be found worthy of patronage. Tile beautiful cantata of the “Christian graces” will bo given by a chorus of 40 voices, assisted by three soloists. Poems, recitations, &c.. will be given. The third grand assembly of the Longshore Boat Club comes off at Lancaster Hall this evening. A fine time is anticipated. Bay mond’s Quadrille Band furnishes the music. Tuesday the police found a circular gray cloak, small cape and Scotch cap, on Brown street, between the offices of Drs. Gilman and Clark. The garments are at tho police station awaiting an owner. There were three drunks at the station last night._ Victims and Solon Shingle.—The delight ful commedy of “Victims” will bo presented at Music Hall this evening, Mr. John E. Owens taking the leading part of Josiah Butterby. Tho entertainment will conclude with Mr. Owens' famous specialty of “Solon Shingle,” in which he takes the title role. The prospects are that the hall will he filled by a large and fashiona ble audience. Fiue acting doesn’t come to us so often that we can afford to neglect it. Mr. Owens’ support is said to be unusually fine, Miss M. E. Golden being especially commend ed for her wit and grace. There are«till a feu seats for sale at Stockbridgc’s. gggg) The last time Mr. Owens played here he did not give us the whole of Solon Shingle. We trust he will not follow his own bad example to-night, for it is little short of a swindle of the public. I*. L. I.—The Light Infantry elected the fol lowing officers last evening: N. CL Fessenden, Captain; Frederic McCullock, 1st Lieutenant; D. P. 15. Pride, 2d Lieutenant. Mr. McCul loch, "who is Orderly Sargeaut of the company, declined the office of Lieutenant, aud the fill ing of the vacancy was postponed. Colonel Mattocks, the retiring captain, made some re marks in which he urged upon the company a rigid attention to drill and discipline in view of the May training. He stated that cutters were hourly expected from New York to meas ure the meu for the new uniform. After the election of officers the compauy adjourned to a good supper at Heed’s. Somnambulism.—Colley of Gray brought two horses of Simpson, aud in company with the latter drove iuto town. When the shades of eve began to fall the two men went to bed Simpson, becoming dissatisfied with the bar gain, arose in the stilly watches of the night, took the horses, aud “sloped.” Therefore Dep uty Sheriff Dresser arrested Simpson, and Ad ams arrested the horses. Simpson has been put under thousand dollar bonds for his ap pearance at Court. He will probably plead somnambulism. Entertainment.—The pupils of the West End Grammar School, Miss Carleton, Princi pal, gave a very pleasant and pleasing enter tainment consisting of dialogues aud singiug in Harmon’s Hall last evening. About 400 peo ple were present, and so much gratification was expressed by the audiance that the exer cises will he repeated Friday evening. The teacher and pupils of the school have hil upon this method of raising moucy to hire a piauo. Mr. Harmon generously gives the use of his hall for the purpose. Equine Notes.—HeDry T. Carter’s favorite trotting mare “Kate Sharp” has presented her proprietor with a fine “Tom Patchen” colt. The Patchen Blood, crossed with that of a Maine horse possessing so much speed and so many excellent qualities as does “Kate Sharp” promises to add one more to the noted horses of Maine. Antiquarian Supper.—The antiquarian supper at the Allen Mission Chapel this even ing must not he forgotten. As we have had an intimation of the bill of fare we can congratu late our readers that it will be a real old-fash ioned supper. Douatiou3 were received yester day from many of our leading citizens. Forest City Shooting Club.—The annual shoot of the Forest City Club comes off at Peak’s Islaud to-day. The steamer leaves at 0 o’clock this morning. A flue time is antici pated, aud several New Hampshire sportsmen have come to tnc city for the purpose of attend ing _ Grand Scandinavian Ball.—The Grand Scandinavian ball at Lancaster Hall last even ing was fully at; ended, and was a very pleasant affair for all who were present. The dancing was good, and the music hv Chandler’s hand was excellent of coarse. Colby (Tnivrraty. The Sophomore class of Colby University bad a crowded house at their prize declamation on Tuesday evening. Chandler furnished the music for the occasion. The prizes were award ed as follows: First to Herbert W. Tilden of Lewiston, second to Miss Mary C. Lowe. The following is the order of exercises: PRAYER. •Music. 1— Edward .John Colcord.Parsonsf.eld. •‘Lite Intended to be Happy.”—Windon. 2— Leslie Colby Cornish.Winslow. “The Death of Horace Greeley.”—Beecher. 3— John Hosmer Cox.Lewiston. “The Traitor’s Death.”—Anon. 4_\Yilliam Goldthwait.Lawrence, Mass. “The Union of the Republic.”—Russell. Music. 5—Charles Francis Hall*.Oxford. “The Revelations of Astronomy.”—Mitchell. C—George B;;ssett Howard.Winslow. “The Nobleness of a True Life.”—Mann. 7— Henry Hudson, Jr.Guilford. “The Barbarities of War.”—Chalmers. 8— Mary Cafifrey Low.Watervllle. “Slavery.”—ChauuiDg. 0 Cyrua Knapp Merriam.Houllon. “America.”—Anon. IO-GubIutos Isaac Pony.Waterfille. Motives to Intellectual Action.”—Hillard. “ ^fe-,;^nar,Hucr, Mas, Music. 13— Edward Hawc^Smile^..VosaUboro’. 14— Hcrbert Tilden.Lcwislon ‘•The Dying Alcbymist."—Willis. 15— Jostali Oden Tilton.Milford. X. H. ‘•Tbe Irish Aliens.”—Shiel. Music. “Excused. Spuing Opening.—The very attractive dis play of fine laces, superb fans, worsted work, passementerie, oxydized silver in Mrs. T. Lob enstein’s windows attracted a very large num ber of ladies to that deservedly popular estab lishment yesterday. The promise of the win dows was amply sustained by the array within. The goods consisting of a finely selected stock of the latest aud most fashionable styles of im ported spring goods, are arranged upon the long counters in a most attractive manner, be ing set off by beautiful bouquets of flowers. Tbe stock of laces is particularly fine, consist ing of point applique, Spanish guipure, Clian tiiley, Valenciennes, thread and others, in the piece ar.d made up into collars, coiffures, &c. 1 he hosiery and undergarments are in large and fine quality, as also are tuckings, silk gimps, passementerie, dress and cloak trim mings, worsteds, &c. Iu a word, tlie stock is unusually full and complete. Oil account of the great rush tho “opening” will be prolonged some days further to accomodate the errand of visitors. Our lady readers shonld not fail to attend. Wonderful Cure.—Many of our readers will remember Miss Mary ,T. Marston, who has goue about our streets with crutches for the last six years. She sustained a severe injury to tho knee joint about eight years ago while get ting upon a railroad car. Chronic inflammation ensued, and she was obliged to betake herself to crutches. During these eight years she has been under the care of our ablest physicians, but has been afforded little relief. Four weeks ago Dr. Urann took her ease in baud, and in one week’s time she had thrown away her crutches and was enabled to walk without their aid. Since that time she has been steadily im proving, and uow walks long distances every day without inconvenience or fatigue. It is a wonderful cure. Nearly all the tickets for the Complimen tary Hop at Fluent Hall Friday evening, have been sold. A few more can be obtained by early application to the managers. TI1SCE1.1ANEOIS NOTH'E*. The best dress Sbirt—Tho Portland Shirt. Dr. O. Fitzgerald, the wonderful Clairvoy ant Physician and Surgeon will visit,by request, Portland again at Preble House, Thursday, April 2Itli, remaining three days only. Don’t fail to see him, his cures nre truly wonderful. . apr23 tf Steel Knives and every description of Table Ware Plated, or Replated in the very best man ner at short notice and at a reasonable price, at Atwood’s New Rooms, 27 Market Square. feb25-eodtf In the distressing complaints peculiar to fej males, we have a Panacea in Duponco’s Gold en Pills. apr23-cod3t&wlt Advertisers naturally seek the means for reaching the largest number of readers, and those of the best quality. Tho Daily Press fills the hill iu both particulars better than any other daily journal in Maine. Factory Operatives, after the exhaustion of their long day of labor in overheated and poorly ventilated rooms need a stimulant that is nourishing as well as warming. Neither tea nor coffee with all their agreeable properties is so eminently suited to meet this need as is Cocoa or Chocolate. That prepared by Walter Baker & Co.. Boston, has the highest reputa tion the world over. Try it! BY TEIEGRAPH. MATTERS IN MAINE. (Special to tno Frees.) Contract Awarded. Skowiif.gan, April 23.—The County Com missioners have awarded the contract of build ing the new court house in this town to Messrs. Foster & Dutton of Bethel. The whole cost will be $10,000, which ex-Gov. Coburn donates to the connty. Grand Lodge of Good Templars. Augusta, April 23.—The lodge was called to order in Meonian Hall by G. W. C. T. Hall. Over 180 delegates were initiated. The Secre tary’s report and address of G. W. C. T. Hall were very interesting. Reports of G. W. Treasurer and Superintendent of Cold Water Templars were made. Important resolutions were presented and referred. In the evening, after the usual busiuess was transacted, Gov. Perliam was introduced to the lodge and made a telling speech. Remarks were made by Messrs. Briekett of Augusta, Payson and Crockett of Rockland, Dow of Portland, and others. [To the Associated Pres?.] Vessel Ashore. Bath, April 23.—Schooner Addie Walton, Rich, from Philadelphia for this port, with 430 tons of coal, run on to Young’s Rock,about five miles below this city this forenoon at high water. Her cargo is being discharged into lighters and the tug Adelia, which has gone to her assistance, may succeed in getting her off at high water. Cargo insured. Sale of Steamer. The little steamer Spray, which was recently sold to parties in Dennysviile, sailed from Boothbay for that port this morning, where she is to he used for pleasure parties, towing, &o, Maine Central Bridge Burned Watebville, April 23.—Over three-fourtbs of the bridge at Kendall’s Mills was destroyed by fire this afternoon, which is supposed to have caught by sparks from the freight train which had passed over a short time before. Loss estimated at $100,600. All the telegraph lilies ran on this bridge and were destroyed. MASSACHUSETTS. The Hoosac Tunnel. Proposition for the People to Rnn a Railroad. _ Boston, April 23.—The minority report of the Legislative Committee on Railroads, esti mate the cost of the Hoosac Tunnel, including interest, at $12,000,000, and say that this ex penditure is a charge upon the people and the whole State. It seems improbable that any disposition can be made of the tunnel which can return to the Treasury the whole sum ex pended, and it is for the Lagisla'ure to deter mine how far a return can be made to the peo ple of the State from this great public expendi ture in increased means ot transportation and reduction of rates, which are now a burden upon the whole community. Since the tuunel was projected new lines of railroad have been built which givo to nearly every portion of the State direct access to the tunnel and through it to the great West. The Comnvttee are fully convinced that to secure to the people the full advantages to he derived from the construction of this new avenue to the West and to secure equal rights to all parties desiring to use it, the State mus not part with the control of the tunnel. Wo are equally con vinced that secure efficiency in the lines work ing through the tunnel, consolidation is neces sary, and that the tunnel itself must be worked and managed for all parties using it by one head. No private |corporation can be trusted when its own interests may conflict with inter ests of other and perhaps rival corporations io establish or to enforce rules for the transaction of such business ftwvj UU «.v/ umwcrtw; uiJtc mail agement, which, it is claimed, would be effi cient and reliable beyond that of ordinary rail road corporations. Tbe bill accompanying tho report provides for the appointment of five trustees by the Governor and the committcee who are to he created a corporation under the name of the State Board of Trustees of the Hoosac Tunnel Railroad, and shall have solo charge, direction) and controljof tho Troy as d Greenfield Railroad and of the Hoosac Tunnel when said tunnel shall be completed or sur rendered by tbe contractors; also of tbe South ern Vermont Railroad, and of such other rail roads as be may be leased or acquired under tho provisions of this act. They shall appoint a treasurer, and a general manager whenever they may deem such an officer necessary, one or more superintendents and such other agents as may be|required for the operation of said rail roads and tunnel. Semi-annual reports to the Governor and Council, and annual reports to tho Railroad Commissioners are provtded for. Each trustee shall receive $3000 per annum, except the Pres ident who shall receive 83000. The sum of 80,000,000 is appropriated to carry out tile pro visions of the act, which shall be provided for by the issue of scrip. Provision is made for the leasing of the Vermont and Massachusetts railroad, the Fitchburg railroad and the Troy and Boston railroad. Twenty-five per cent, of the gross earnings of each leased road is to he reserved annually, to pay the rental equal to ten per cent, of the present capital stock of each company. Each company is to elect one trustee for fivo years, who shall become a member of the hoard. The majority report favors consolidation, but not State control. Bam Murder. Boston, April 23.—At Edgeworth this morn ing, Mark Boothby, a carpenter, while under the influence of liquor, deliberately shot liis wife,instantly killing her. The murderer escap ed, but his little girl gave the alarm and he will probably soon lie arrested. Various Mutters. Lewis alias Deluse. was sentenced to sixteen years in States Prison to-day for burglary. Alonzo Burke of Milton, was killed last even ing while trying to 'get on hoard of a moving train. The Massachusitts Legislative Committee on Labor reported to the House to-day leave to withdraw on the various petitions for the eight hour law. Boiler Explosion. Nonwicn, Ct., April 23.—A boiler in the foundery of Merritt & Bugay, in Main street, exploded to-day with terrific force, instantly killing Horace Stevenson, the engineer, anil Allen McLeand, fireman. It is supposed the former was working on the boiler, as he was blown bigli into tho air. A portion of the boiler, weighing half a ton,was burled 23 yards. Another large piece seriously damaged a build ing opposite. The foundry is completely wrecked, loss 830,000. The country printers in northern Alabama refuse to work on papers using “patent out sides.” NEW YORK. A Decision Against Blokes. New York, April 23.-The Supreme Court room was densely crowded to-day to hear the decision in a motion made yesterday m the Stolces case by District Attorney Phelps. The motion was to set aside the allegation of errors made by the defendant’s attorney. Judj?e Davis to-day granted the motion. This decision les sens Stokes’s chances of obtaining a new trial. Tkc IVatiounl Board of Underwriters. At a meeting of the National Board of Un derwriters to-day the following companies were represented: , From Bangor, the Union; from Boston, the Fanueil Hall and North American; from Glcu Falls, the Glen Falls; from Springfield, Mass., the Springfield; from Providence, the Atlantic, Equitable, Narragansott aud Providence; from Hartford, the Orient and Phoenix; from Mcii den, the Meriden; from Middletown, the Peo ple’s: also delegates from all parts of this State and from tile west and Europe. The Treasur er’s report showed the funds to be i n good coil ditiou. President Oakley delivered an address congratulating the association upon its pros perity asserting that its objects were for the en hancement of insurance. The interests through out the country were being attended with good results. He said the Chicago and Boston fires demonstrated that the insuring in companies who charge a small competition premium on risks was so low that when heavy losses cams they were not able to meet thempind the policy holders had to suffer. Referring to the Boston fire he said the total loss is estimated at $70, 000,000. On this there was insurance in Massa chusetts companies of $35,000,000, over $15,000, 000 in companies in other States, and over $4,000,000 in companies of other countries, and of this amount $36,870,343 have been paid, which makes 65 73-100 per cent, of the entire losses. Regarding the rates he said that after the Chicago fire, when it was found necessary to advance the rates 50 per cent the public met it with good fee ling and cheerfully acqniescedTn the advance. The public had learned that the safety of insurance was not only in capital hut depende d greatly upon adequate rates on risks, which made the companies strong and the poli cies secure. The average per cent, last year paid in New York State on the capital invested was 72 1-100, a falling off of four per cent. The reports of committees were read and commit tees for the next year appointed, after which the convention adjourned till to morrow. Various Matters. Henry Bergh was arrested to-day in suit of Dennis Cbestie, for false imprisonment. Bergh was released on bail. City Sanitary Inspector James reports that of 540 cellars examined between Houston street aud Battery, 450 arc unfit fer occupancy. The Railroad Tax. Albany, April 23.—United States Collector Bailey to-day sold eight locomotives belonging to the New York Central Railroad, seized for non-payment of taxes. They realized $22,750 and were bought on behalf of the company. WASHINGTON. The Coinage Question. Washington. April 23. —The director of the mint has fixed the charge for coining the new trade dollar at one-half ncr cent, per piece, which is the lowest possible rate under the law. Great expectations are entertained of the trade dollar as a means of creating a home demand for departing bullion and keepingj-old in the the country. The republic of Hayti, Ecuador and other South American republics are anx ious that their coinage he executed by the United States, but there is no law which will permit this to be done. It is probable that Con grq^i will autlirize such services. THE MODOC WAK. Capi. Jack not to be found* New York, April 23.—A despatch from the lava beds says the Modocs were seen in their camps yesterday (Tuesday) morning, and the Warm Spring Indians are to he put on their track at once. Our camp was not attacked on Monday night, as was anticipated. A light fall of snow yesterday afforded water to the Modocs hidden in the rocks. More teamsters were reported fired on Monday cveniug and a Modoe ambush was discovered. The troops have been stationed to fire upon any Modocs go ing to the lake for water, All the troops are doing well, and the prospects for bagging the whole tribe are brightening. San Fnancisco, April 22—A courier from the front arrived at Yreka this morning. Some of the volunteers who escorted Hovey’s remains to town had a talk with Fairchild and ascer tained that Scar-facedOharley is not killed, the body supposed to be his being that of Shack nasty Jim. Schoncbin was not killed by Mea eham, hut only wounded in the breast. He was killed by a shell, and the whole of liis body below the breast was torn to pieces. Another yonng Modoc named Watchatalle was recog nized among the dead. The shell that killed Schoncbin and others was picked up by Watch atalle before it exploded. From the way things looked in the cave, the finding of ammunition, provisions and other articles; it was evident that the Indians left in a hurry, no doubt sup posing that ttioir stronghold was to be blown up. "Tracks at of least seven Indians have beeu seen between Fairchild’s place and the lower Klamoth Lake. Many persous are of the opin ion that small parties of Modocs will raid around the couutay toj obtain good horses, while a sufficient number will remain in the lava beds to keep the soldiers busy there. At the Fhont, April 20—i p m.—The cav alry have returned. They failed to discover any sigusjof an Indian trail. Dr. Cahaneseo lias returned from the lava beds. (He reports two squaws captured. Col. Ferry travelled about eight miles mak ing a circuit of the lava beds. He saw no In dians. The Warm Spring Indians will soon be on the trail of the rambling Modocs who bother ed the troips to-night. Dr. Cabanesco was along the line during the day of the fight, and says he counted twelve warriors slain. How many were buried no one knows. The Modocs were seen to-day from the look out at the signal station. Mr. Tiekuor started to-day with express forLinkville hut he saw a party of Indians and had to turn back. Two Modocs are supposed to have been killed in the fights yesterday. There is much speculation in regard to tiro Modocs gaining aid from other tribes. It is possible that all the tribe3 except tne Warm Spring Indians will sympathize with Capt. Jack, but they are satisfied that to aid him means extermination. The Fitt River Indians will not be likely to join Jack unless he forces them. They are a miserable set, and have be come so demoralized over the many chastise ments by Gen Cook that they have lost all cour ago to fight the whites. The Snake Creek In dians of Fall River are a mean set and really belong to the Flutes. The Snakes and Fiutes who roam about Goose Lake aud further north are vieious customers, although belonging to some northern reservation in Idaho and Oregon, they are constantly prowling around the sec tion comprising Goose Lake, Cliavan and other valleys in eastern Oregon, northern Nevada and southern Idaho. The Shastas scarcely number half a dozen warriors. They have al ways Been bitter enemies of the Modocs. The Scott Valley and Klamoth River Indians al- ' though sought for aid had never shown a dis position to take stock in Capt. Jack’s crusade. The Indians hereabouts and throughout Scott Valley are well posted on the movements of the Modocs. Signal fires are reported on some of tlio hills in Scott Valley, but whether they are signals of Modocs or not it is not known. The Modocs Found. A San Francisco special dated last night has the following:— An nffiniJ TV the Lava Beds from Gen. Gillem to General Schofield reports that tho Modocs have been discovered in the Lava Bads four miles from their old stronghold. The Modocs were com pelled to evacuate their first hiding place in consequence of the scarcity of water. General Gillem reports that the Indians aro now three miles from water. Monday the Modocs made an attack on an escort party, killing oue and wounding another. Gen. Gillem thinks he has the Modocs completely in his power, and that thero is no chance for them to escape. He was actively engaged for three days before their hiding place was discovered. Gen. Jeff C. Davis tho successor of Gen. Canby, arrived in th's city this evening. He will depart immediately for the Modoc country and assume command of the expedition. San FrancisoO, April 23.—No further news has been received about the Modoc war. A despatch from Portland, Oregon, to-night, says the Indians on the upper Columbia, Snake and Lewis rivers are well posted ou the Modoc affairs; and are indulging extravagantly on war paint and war dances. Their conduct l's mena cing. Troops in eastern |Oregon will probably prevent or punish any overt act. Tho troops in Sanora arefmaking vigorous war against tho Apaches from Arizona, and expect to diminish the number of depredations maternally. Rninorc I Imliita Xroublo on the Border. Atuhinson, Kan., April April 23.—A cor respondent of the Daily Cliampian, writing from Arkansas City,says a man named Thomp son has arrived there, who states that on ilio 11th inst. he was robbed by a band of Indians near Medicine Lodge Creek and his four com panions killed. The party consisted of him self, John and Win. Mitchell, and Wm. and James Falkenstou. The party arrived at Med icine Lodge Creek, near the south line of the State, on the 8th iust. They had with them a span of horses, wagon, camp equipage and about S1000 in money. On Friday, the 11th inst., Thonfpson was about ous-quartcr of a mile from camp when he saw 300 or 400 Indians surroundihg it, and shortly afterwards heard firing and saw the Indians usiug their toma hawks on liis comrades. He supposes they were all killed at the time. Fart of tho band took him prisoner, robbed him of all ho had,but finally let him go. He arrived at Caldwell about noou ou the 14th, and while there was told that nine others were killed on Medicine Lodge Creek by Indians about tho same time liis oarnt was attacked. Bnilroad Changes. Cleavela.nd, April 2*.— It is reported that J. H. Deveraux, General Manager of the Lake Shore Railway, has tendered his resignation and has been elected President of the Cleave land, Columbus, Cincinnati and Indianopolis Railway, in place of H. B. Hurlburt, resigned; also that Mr. Devereanx will be elected Vice Fresideut of Erie Railway in place of Gen. Diven, and will havo the general management of the Atlantic aud Great Western Railroad. Gov Booth, of Cal., and Sam Bowles, of the Springfield Republican are in Salt Lake City.

Epozooticis having a severe run in Sap Francisco. lieTEOBOLOGICAL. PROBABILITIES FOB THE NEXT TWKNIV-FOL'K HOURS. War Dep’t, Office Chief Signal j Officer, Washington, D. C., > April 23. 8 (P. MA 1 continue «£3e area of l°wcst barometer will for Thursday 1?BcCast 1>cVoad Carolina coasts temperatu re'and ^"3, A*,an-tic States falliuR with cloudy weatherFor® CnW tSt"°rth w<;ft and north-west winds inrr.,3 ^ States north Western Gulf Co'Sst’3i?£r“Mvb'^ weather and lower temperature f die and Eastern States risiogbarom,3,3, and north-west winds and generally cloudy weather. For Lake region rising barometer diminishing northerly winds and cloudy weath er with slightly higher temperature. Caution ary signals will continue at Wilmington and Norfolk. ___ T ' o K KI o jN . The S.ost Steitmuhip. We are under obligation to Mr.gC. C. Bedlow of the Western Union Telegraph Co., and Mr. Crane of the Portland office, for the following: Halifax, N. S., April 23.—In conversation with the third officer, (Brady) of the Atlantic, who leaves for New York in the morning, I learn that 209 bodies still remain to bo recover ed. Capt. Merritt of the New York Coast Wrecking Company, takes charge of tho wreck with ten divers.* A brig left to-day for New York with a large portion of the personal bag gage, The weather has been so had that no work has been dono this week. Capt. Williams re mains to identify the bodies. Rpashh matters. Madrid, April 23.—The permanent commit tee of the N ational Assembly held a session to day. Tho ministers were present at the meet ing and hopes are now entertained that ail agreement will be reached between these two branches of the government. Gen. Pavia has resigned the Captain General ship of Madi id. ni.NOIi TELEGUA.TIS. Mrs. Annie Hennessey, residing in New York, chocked her two children to death Wed nesday, and them roasted the bodies while la boring under a fit of insanity. No more dead heads on the Union Pacific Railroad, says President Clark. A member of the bricklayers uuion in New York has raised a breeze by saying that lie didn’t believe in a principle that put (>0,000 idle men into the streets of New York last winter. Icelanders are having splendid spectacles for nothing. The vo'c.vcoej arc active. The Atlantic cable companies will raise the price to $1.50 a word in gold. Indianapolis had four inches of snow Mon day night. A $30,000 hotel was burned Tuesday night in Mitchell, Indiana. Gen. Pope thinks that the surveyors murder ed on the Kansas borders were the victims of white horse thieves, rather than Indians. Recorder Haclcett of New York, lias received threatening letters for sentencing prisoners to long terms of imprisonment. Eli Brown, a well known western burglar, counterfeiter, &c., was arrested in New York yesterday. He lias eseaped for many years. The Priuce Edward Island government has been defeated, at the polls, aud Hon. J. C. Pope has forrnod a new ministry. Eev. Dr. Fulton, of Tremont Temple, will probably accept the pastorate of tho Hanson Place church, Brooklyn, N. Y. -Lnomas c. Drown, of NewJIaven, shot him self to death yesterday. Sir Samuel Baker, and party arc safe in the African jungles. An eminent German professor advise the Japanese embassadors not to attempt to estab lish the Christian religion as the Slate religion. The professor tells them that it is only vital when it springs from the people. A bill has passed the Nova Scotia Assembly to establish a lire alarm in Halifax* Recently 110 Indians dashed into a camp in Sidney, Nebraska, stealing 3D horses. FINANCIAL ANI> COiTLlIFKClAL. lie view of Portland JIarkcts. Week Ending April 23,1S73. It has been a fair week for business in wholesale circles notwithstanding it has been rather unfair weather. The ico is now out of the rivers and they are navigable by the steamers. Tho stoamor f jr Bangor left on Tuesday filled with freight for that re gion, and tho Macliias boat is loaded every trip. The markets aro very steady, with but slight fluctuations. The long continued stringency in the money market seems to have been broken in New York and tlii3 week opened with more offers of money than were wanted, sending down the rales of interest to some thing near the legal rate. Gold advanced during the week to 118$, but tho rates sinco Saturday have been about 117$. Wednesday, 23d. tho rates were 117$® H7|. Apples have not coine in so plentifully during tho week, but there is no change in prices—the best re packed Maine fruit being sold at $2 50®2 73 P1 bbl; dried apples aro very dull. Beans arc steady at our quotations. Butter is scarce for choice tablo quali ties, and tubs of old arc selling at 35@42c, while new brings 45c. Cheese is steady and in fair supply. Coal is unchanged, but prices must soon recede. Coffee is very firm. Cooperage is in very light sup ply anl prices are firm. Copper and cordage aro without change. Dry goods are steady in prices for all staple articles, and tho sales continue to be large. Drugs and dyes are without asinglo change from last week. Duck is in good demand and the produc tions of the Portland Company are taken about as fast as manufactured. Fish arc in lighter supply ban has been known, at this season, for several years; consequently prices arc very firm. Flour is a little firmer than it lias been, but sales are made only in small lots. Fruits are unchanged. Graiu is firm at last week’s quotations, and there is an upward tendency on corn. Hay is without cliango, though there has been but little brought in lately on account of bad roads; a superior article of pressed would bring $19 though $18 is the price of fair loads. Iron is very firm. Leather is steady. Lumber is in good demaud at our quotations. Lirno is unchanged Molasses is steady at our quotations and in good sup ply. Nails are without change. Naval stores are quiet. Oils are without change in any way. Paiuts are steady. Produce is more active; eggs aro selling at 20c in lots, and potatoes are selling at 75@85c; tho receipts have been rather light during tho week. Provision* continue firm and there seems to be au upward tendency on pork. Salt is steady and with out change in prices. Seeds arc active and our quo tatious for timothy are advanced. Sugars are a lit tle off from last week’s prices and we quote Forest City granulated at ll$@ll$c, and coflee crushed at 10@10}c according to grades; Eagle sugars are selling at 8@9$c according to grade. Teas arc steady. Tin^. are firm and unchanged. Wool is dull; our quota tions are reduced. The demand during the week has not been large, but holders aro looking for an im proved demand soon. FREIGHTS.—Cuba freights are very dull and rates aro unchanged. There is a demand fur vessels to load lumber for River Platte at $24 gold. The engagements since our last report aro brig J. H. Kennedy, hence to Matanzas at 20c for box shooks; brig M. A. Berry, hence to Cicnfuegos and back N. of Hatteras, at $5 for molasses and 55c for sugar, brig San Carlos from New York to Portland at $2 foriron, and hcuce to River Platte at $24 gold and 5 per cent, primage for lumber. Coastwise froights aro un changed. Receipt* by Railroads aud Steam boats. Grand Trunk Railway—8 cars sundries, 1 do potatoes, 1 do wheels, 1 skins, 1 do bbls. 1 do lard, 3 do for Boston. 4 do clapboards, 59 do lumber. 2 do corn, 1 do barley, 2 uo oats, 1 do for Bangor, 1 do for Portsmouth, 5 for St. John. NB, 13 do tor Halifax, 1 do hay, 2 do piles, C do bark, 25 do for Allan Line, 2 do masts, 1 do horces, 1 do shingles. Koston Stock. Lim. (.Sales at the Broker’s Board, April 23.1 Eastern Railroad 7’s.101 Boston & Maine Railroad.120* Sales at Auction. Bates Manufacturing Co.102} Boston & Maine Railroad.120 @ 120} Eastern Railroad.100} Maine State Sixes 1889 .— @99 Portland City Sixes, 1890. 93} Eastern Railroad 7s, 1882. 100} York Manufacturing Company.— @ 1852} Franklin Company, Lewiston.110} @111} Laconia Manufacturing Co .537} Boston and Maine Railroad. Nov. div. on.124} Eastern Railroad 7s, 1882.101 Foreign Export*. BUENOS AYRES. Bark Blancho IIow—393,302 ft lumber, 80,750 shingles. CARDENAS. Sclir A R Weeks—1316 box ebooks, 1633 shooks and heads, 2000 pairs heading, 9300 hoops, 12J empty casks, 62 bbls potatoes. HALIFAX,4 NS. Schr Maria Joseph—100 bbls flour, 1 wagon, 1 boat. ST. JOHN, NB. Schr Alice J—300 bbls flour, 103 bags oats. _ New Work Wtock nu«l Money Market. New York, April. 23—AToming.—Gold 117}. Mon ey 7 per cent. Sterling Exchange 108} @ 109}. Stocks easier. State stocks dull and steady. New York. April 23—Eoenina.—Financial affairs quiet. Money a little close, loans ranging 1-32 @ 3-32 per diem with late dealings at 1-16. Express companies brought about §1,300,000 to-dav. Sterling Exchange dull at 108} for GO days aud 109|@lU9l for sight. Gold dull at 117} @ 1178, and closing at L 17| @ 117}; loans at 1-^ 7 percent. The clearances were §57,000,000. Treasury disbursements §32,000. Customs receipts §513,000. Governments quiet aud steady. State bonds dull. Stocks quiet. The following were the quotations of Government securities: United States coupon G’s, 1831. 120» Uuited States 5-20’s 1862.. . ..ngf United States 5-20’s 18G4. .1184 United States 5-20’s 1SG5, old.'.'.'..'.'.'..1-0 Uuited States 5-20's 1865, new. ml United States 5-20’s 1867.110 United States 5-20’s 1868. ..mi United States 5’s, new.... . .116 United StateB 10-40’s.,coupoiiV.".. . Currency G’s .. . •• . The following were the closing quotations of Stocks: ... Western Union Telegraph Co. ». V. Centra’ and Hudson Uivcr consolidated.... 10U Erie. Eriepreterred. Union Pacific stock.. The following were the quotations for Tacnic Kail road securities: . Central Pacitic bonds.. Uuion Pacitic do....• - ;. Union Pacitic land grants *. <4} Union Pacitic income bonds.73} Rostou Boot and Mhoc Tlnrlirl. tj'tr'un SlfipiUCIltS of IS.TOtS Mill Shoes from this market to places ontsklo of New Eng land tor the past week comprise 29,020 cases azainst 28.309 for the same week last year. ’ ” The total shipments since January l. have l>een 451.011 cases, against 470,438 cases for the same peri od last year. Business is evidently slacking up, and although a good many offers arc continually veceived from vari ous sectinis, they are for small lots that are wauted at once. Domeiitic iflnrkci** New York, April 23—Evemng--Cotton dull and unchanged; sales750 bales; Midtiling uplands 19&c. Flour in good demand and a shade firmer; sales 16, 200 bbls; State 5 70 @8 25; Round hoop Ohio G 90 ^ 10 50; Western 5 70 @ 10 50; Southern 5 85 ® JZ oO. Wheat less active, opened 1 @ 2c higher and closed weaker, holders anxious to realize; sales 36.000 bush ; No 1 Spring 1 73 @ 1 774; No 2 do 1 57 @ 1 G9; No 3 at Winter Red Western at 169 @193; White Michigan l yo @ 2 30. Corn in fair demand and a Mw. Srmer» <*l«»sing dull; sales 74,000 bush; new Hnii iLYu8tern67@68c; very choice old 69e. Oats now w. , avy ;.8,aK'8 43.000 bush; White Slate 51c; stcaivVCpnr?-MnXC<1 at 51 ® M- Beef is quiet amt at 0? ® in ,, ,! flrmer; new mess 20 00. Lard firmer State® ® ®m» steady; Ohio 30^38; steady at 7} @ Hie tj eMWL at ® 91c- Rlce “ Coffee in gnol T* 9C' Molasses .fuiot an l ttrm. v.».. J ® l8*,: ‘D GolJ Stores—Splr its Tur,.muitmZadv m " $%80: ^ or at 3 23 fur strained. Petrnhu,Vn ;5n :,f{os,n lrm,' @9Jci refined at 20c. TaHnw'^™^ “i Wool in fair request and in buyers favor Vi i fleece 16 @ 521c; pulled 40c. . Jur3I1™r. dnmesllc Freights to Liverpool quiet ami unchanged; Grain per steam at 6*d. ’ ’ wain Chicago, April 23. Flour is in fair demand and firm; extra Spring 6 00 eg G 75. Wheat unsettled and lower, closing weak, and for cash nearly nominal at 1 22*; seller May ranged from 1 23* @ i 25*; seller Juno 1 26 @ @ 1 27*. closing at inside quotations; ! No 3 Spring at 1 23; rejected nominal. Com unset tled and lower and closed dull; No 2 Mixed at 37c regular on spot; 37|c for seller May; 39|c for seller June; rejected sold at 31c. Oats in good demand.— Rye quiet and unchanged; No 2 fresh at 69c. Barley steady; No 2 Fall nominal at 72c for regular: fresh sold ot 78c. Provisions buoyant, unsettled and high er. Pork quiet and nominally at 18 20 for round lots on spot and active for June, selling at 18 75 @ 19 00, closing at 18 75. Lard in fair demand and higher for future delivery at 9 35 for seller May: 9 C5 do June.— Bulk meals active and higher; sales 960,000 lbs shoul ders last half May G|c; sales 490,000 lbs; short clear middles at 9 @ 9Jc loose on spot; 9Jc seller June. Ba con in good demand at full prices; shoulders at 7*c; clear rib sides 9$c; clear sides 10c; Hams 12* @ 14, all packed. Whiskey firm at 86 @ 87c. Receipts—7,000 bbls flour, 9.U00 bush wheat, 75, 000 bush corn, 47,000 bush oats, 0,000 bush rye, 7,000 bush barley, 00,000 bogs. Shipments—8,000 obis flour, 9,000 bush wheat, 50, 000 bush corn, 33,000 bush oats, 0,000 bush rye, 7,000 bash barley, 0000 hogs. j. ole do. April 23.—Flour in fair demand and high er at 8 73 @ 9 00. Wheat steady; No 1 White Michi gan 186; Amber Michigan on spot 1 70*; seller May 1 71 @ 1 714; seller June 1 73; No 1 Rod 1 76; No 2 do 1 70 @ 1 70*; No 3 do l 60. Corn b dull and lower; high Mixed seller May 45c; seller June 46c; seller July 48c; low Mixed 45Jc; Yellow 45c*. Oats are in light demand, holders firm; No 2 at 3SJc offered sell er; Michigan 39c. Receipts—0,900 bbls flour, 7,000 bush wheat, 3,000 bush corn, 1,000 bosh oats. Shipments—-1000 bbls flour, 21,000 bush wheat, 5,000 bush corn, 1,000 bush oats. Detroit, April 23.—Flour quiet and unchanged. Wheat dull and lower; extra White at 2 00; No 1 White at. 1 92; Amber Michigan at 173. Corii steady: Yellow 47c; Mixed 46c. Oats in good demand; Mixed State 39c. Receipts—2.000 bbls flour, 5,000 bush wheat, 2,000 bush coru, 0.000 bush oats. Shipments—1,000 bbls Hour, 0,000 bush wheat, 6,000 bush corn, 2,000 bush oats. Charleston, April 23.—Cotton quiet; Middling uplands 18*e. Savannah, April 23.— Cotton quiet; Middling up lands at lgge. Mobile, April 23.—Cotton quiet; Middling up lands 18*c. New Orleans, April 23.—Colton steady; Middling uplands 18Je. Providence Print UlnrUct. Providence, April 23’.—Print Cloths firm at 6J @ 7c for 6-1 and X 61 best goods with fair and active demands; sales thus far for the week over 10,000 pie ces. finropeag Jlarheia. London, April 23—11.00.—Consols opened at 93} for money and for account. American securities— U. S. 5-29N 18G3, old. at 915: do 1867, 93J; do 10-408, 89} ? now 5s, 90. Eric Rail way at 51. London,April 23—1.30 P. M.—Consols closed at 03} for account. Liverpool, April 23—1.30 P. M.—Cotton closed quiet and steady; sales 12,000 bales, 2000 cf which were for speculation anil export. PROBATE NOTICES. To nil Person* interested in either of the Estates hereinafter named: AT a Court of Probate held at Portland within and for the County of Cumberland on the third Tuesday of Apri , in the year of our Lord eight een hundred and seventy-three, the following matters having been presented for the action thereupon h jrc inafter indicated, it is hereby Ordered, That notice thereof be given to all persons inter ested, by causing a copy of this order to be published threo weeks successively in the Maine State Presg and Eastern Argus, papers priuted at Portland afore said, that they may appear at a Probate Court to be held at said Portland on the third Tuesday of May next, at at ten of (be clcclc in the forenoon, and be^ieard thereon, and object if they see cause. WILLrAM STANWOOD PERRY, late of Bruns wick. deceased. Will and petition for the probate thereof, presented by William L. Putuam, one of the Exoeui ors therein named. CHARLES RYONSON. minor child and heir of Edward Ryonson, late of Brunswick, deceased. Pe tition for license to sell and convey real estate, pre sented by Robert Bowker, Guardian. MARY LIBBY, late of Now Gloucester, deceased. Will and petition for the probate thereof, presented by Charles W. Cummings, the Executor therein nam JOHN H. PHILBRrCK, late of Standish, deceas ed. Petition for administration, presented by John N. Weston, brother-in-law of saiu deceased. JOSEPH W. LAWRENCE, of Yarmouth. Secoud account presented for allowance, by Barnabas Free man, Assignee. LYDIA LORD, late of Gotham, deceased. First and final account presouted for allowance, by Edward W. Fox, Administrator. ANN E. GURNEY, late of Falmouth, deceasod. Second account presented for allowance, by John C. Cobb, Administrator. ANDREW II. GURNEY, minor child and heir cf Ann E. Gurncv, late of Falmouth, deceased. Ac count presented for allowance, by John P. Gurney. Guardian. OLIVER BUCKLEY. late of Deerlng, deceased. Petition for license to sell and convey real estate, pre sented by Edward W. Fox, Administrator. HENRY BAILEY, late of Westbrook, deceased. Petition that Lorenzo D. M. Sweat, may be appoint ed Trustee, presented by George H. Bailey, benefici ary under the Will of said deceased. DANIEL CONANT, JR., & Ah, minor children and heirs of Soloman Conam, late of Westbrook, de ceased. Petition for license to sell and convey real estate, presented by Fablns M. Ray, Guardian. THIRZA AUSTIN, late of Cape Elizabeth, deceas ed. Second account presented for allowance, by J. Pierrepcnt Neal, Administrator. m EUNICE O. COLLET, late of Portland, deceased. Petition for license to sell and convey real estate, presented by Frank L. Colley, Administrator with the Will annexed. HENRY P. DEANE, late ot Portland, deceased. ; Will and petition for the probate thereof, presented | by Annie S. Deane, the Executrix therein named. DANIEL GARY, of Portland. Petition for license to sell and convey real estate, presented by George W. Parker, Guardian. LYDIA E. THAYER, late of Portland, deceased. First account presented for- allowance, by Samuel Rounds. Executor. JOSEPH H. WHITE, late ot Portland, deceased. Second account presented for allowance, by Hcnrv R. Stickney, Administrator. FREEDOM MESERVE & ALS, minor children and heirs of Matthias Meserve, late of Gorham, de ceased. Second account presented for allowance, by Lucy Meserve, Guardian. And upon the following matter it is further Ordered, That notice thereof bo given to all persons inter- | ested, by causing a copy of this order to be published once a week in the Portland Daily Press and Daily i Eastern Argus, and three v’eeks successively In the [ Maine State Press and Eastern Argus, papers, print- i ed at Portland aforesaid, that they may appear at a Probate Court to be held at said Portland on the third , Tuesday of May next, at ten of the clock in the fore- i noon, and bo heard t hcroon, and object if they see 1 cause, tho first publication to be thirty days at least ! before the time so assigned; RICHARD T. DODGE, late of Ipswich, in the County of Essex and Commonwealth of Massachu setts, deceased. Authenticated copy of Will and the probate thereof, proved and allowed in said County of Essex, and petition that the sameinav be filed and recorded in said County of Cumberland, presented by Abby T. Dodge, Executrix o»* said Will. JOHN A. WATERMAN, Jiu’gc. A true ropv of the original order. Attest, WILLIAM K. NEAL, Rogister. PROBATE NOTICE. To all PcrAonn interested in the Estate i hereinafter named: AT a Court of Probate held at Portland, within ) and for the County of Cumberland, on tfco third Tuesday of April, in tho year of our Lord eigh teen hundred and seventy-three, the following mat ter having been presented for the action thereupon hereinafter indicated, it is hereby Ordered, That notice thereof be given to all persons interest ed, by causing a copy of this order to be published throe weeks successively in the Maine State Press and Eastern Argus, papers printed at Portland afore said, that they may appear at a Probate Court, to be hel 4 at said Portland on the first Tuesday of Juno next, at ten of the ciock in tho forenooD, and be heard thereon, and object it they see cause, the first, publi cation to be thirty clays at least, before tlie time so assigned. STEPHEN HANSON, late of Windham, deceased. Petition that Charles Jones, Administrator, may be licensed to sell real estate, and distribute tho pro ceeds, after payment of expenses, piesented by Josh ua Hanson & als, heirs-at-law of said deceased. JOHN A. WATERMAN, Judge. A true oopy cf the original Order. Attest, WM. K. NEAL, Register. w3wl7 Desirable Properl j at Gorliam Vil lage. to be sold at Auctiou. PURSUANT to license from Probate Court, will be sold at public auction on SATURDAY, the 10th day of May next, at 2J o’clock P. M., the valu able Estate known as the “Broa-l Place.” Said estate consists of about six acres of land, on which are a luge two-story House, Bam and out-buildings, fruit trees, shade trocs, Ac., Ac. This is a most at tracts e location, but five minutes walk from i Churches, Seminary, public School House, and K. K. Station; and will unquestionably be sold at a bargain. A train on P. & K. K. leaves Portland at 1$ P. M., and one returns at 4.25 P. M- a rS^ale to take place ou the premises. U JOHN C. CARD, Ex’r of Will of the late Henry Broad. Gorham, April 7,1S73. apr9dlaw3w then dtd* Portland Savings Bank, y.o. 91 Exchange Street. DEPOSITS made in this Dank on or before SAT URDAY, May 3d, will commence interest cu the first of that month. aprl5dtd FRANK NOYES, Treasurer. TO BE LET, STORE AND CHAMBERS Nos. 138 and 138 south side Commercial street, near head Widgcry’s Wharf. Apply to H. N. JOSE, apld3wis IS l Fore street. If yon want a nice photograph or Tin Type, go to A. M. McKonuy’s, 161 Middle Streot. He warrants them as good as can be made In Port land. augssneodtf liNTEKTAINMENTa. LEVEE AND FAIR. A SOCIAL gathevin!! will lako place In the V«t> ry of the First Baptist Church, on the Aitei noon and Evenings of %Ve«liie»«li»)' and 1 liurtf dny, April *J.‘i«t mil *Jltli; when u variety ot useful ami fancy articles will be for sale. Q^Also Refreshments each Evening from 6* until 10 o’clock. A cordial invitation Is extended to all apr22 d3tv E1YTERTAIIOIEIVT 1 ST. LAWRENCE ST. VESTHV, THURSDAY EVENING, April 24. The committee in charge having spent several weeks in preparing this entertainment feel conlident it will be worthy a liberal patronage. Among the good things ottered will be the performance of the beauti ful “Cantata of The Christian Graces” by a chorus of 40, and three soloists. Also, the .Jubilee Singers not of Fisk University will be present and render a few selections, such as “Roll dorian Roll,” Turn back Pharaoh’s Army, &c., (“Keep me troin sinking Down.”) Tho Poem by Jean Ingelow, “Songs ot Seven,” will be recited and illustrated. «&c. All for the benetit of our Sunday School. (Dear friends, ]‘lease gladden us by youvprvsenco, tlius do a good deed while you can.) 'TicuctM 25 CVul* Exer cises commence precisely at 7J o’clcn k. ap22dtd Feed tlio Hungry and Clothe the Naked. Urtir and Festival — AT — ALLEN MISSION CHAPEL locust street, Thursday & Friday, 24th and 25th iust, afternoon and Evening. Useful anil Fancy articles ami Refreshment* for sale. Thursday evening the lailics of the Mission will Stive an Antiquarian Supper. Also Singing by the children. Friday evening Concert by the "Old Folks.” Admission afternoons free. Thursday evening ad mission 10 dents; Supper 25 cents. Friday eveniug admission 20 cents. Tickets at the door. Contributions will be thankfully received. ap22 4t MUSIC_FIA.LL. ~ Manager.MR. THEO. HAMILTON. THREE NIGHTS ONLY Thursday, Friday and Saturday Evcn’gs April 24tn, 25th aud 20th. The far-famed Comedian, and Delineator of the Pathetic and Comic Drama, Mr. JOHN E. OWENS! Supported by his own talented Dramatic Organiza tion, expressly engaged to accompany him during his extended tour of the Uuited States. THURSDAY EYRN’G the performance will commence with tho delightful comedy of the victims, Joshua Butterby.Mr. J. E. Owen?. To conclude with Mr. Owens’ great specialty of SOLO* SHINGLE ! Solon Shingle.Mr. J. E. Owens. As performed by him throughout the entire English World, upwards of 2000 niglita. FRIDAY EVKUDO will be prosented Coyne’s celebrated Comedy, in 3 acts, cntitlod EVERYBODY’!! FRIEND! Maj. De Boots the Swashbuckler... Mr. J. E. Owens. To be followed by Mr. Owens’ original Farce of •dt U V V X XN XX O i Horatio Sprriggins.Mr. J. E. Owens. NATIJRDAY fiVElY’O, (and positively the last night of Mr. Owens.) will be produced the ex quisite Comedy of IJlXRRIED LIFE! Henry Douc.Mr. J. E. Owens. To conclude with the Owens specialty,—SOLON SHINGLE. PRICES OF ADMISSION.—'General Admission 75c. Reserved seats, SI. Gallery. 90c. The sale of Reserved scats for Mr. Owens, will commence on Tuesday morning, April 22d, at Ira C. Stockbridge’s Music Store, No. 156 Exchange Street. CEF“Mr. Owens will perform in Lewiston, on Mon day Eve’ng, April 28th. aprl9d5t ~L. 8. 13. C> THE LONGSHORE BOAT CLUB, will give their 3rd Grand Assembly, LANCASTER HALL On Thursday Evening, April 24th. FLOOB D1EECTOB.P. McICeon aids:—P. Sullivan. Mow:. O’Brien, J. Sullivan, P. O’Donnell, William Dechan. Magic by Rayuiouil'. Qaudrillc Baud. J. W. RAYMOND, Prompter. Dancing to commence at 8 o’clock. Ticket. $1. t Jr'C.OLl:in„' checked free. aprlOdtd Grand Presentation Concert. FARWELL & AMES’ HALL, ROCKLAND. Thursday Eve., Apr. 24. For parti?ulars sec Small Bills and Cards of Ad mission. J. A. LORING, ol Portland, Genera! Agent for Cnmbrrland County. f£Sr“*There w ill bo Excursian tickets issued from Portland for the accomodation of those wishing to at eud the concert. Fare for the round trip, $3.50. mar27 codtf I. O. O, JJ1. FIFTY-FOURTH ANNIVERSARY The Odd Fellows of Portland will celebrate their Fifty-Fourth Anniversary Saturday, April 26th, 1873. The Lodges and Encampments will meot at ODD FELLOWS’ HALL, Exchange Street, at half pant 1 P. ML, And the line will be immediately formed on Congress street, right resting on Elm. The procession will move promptly at two o’clock to the Preble House, where tbo “Speaker of the Day” and Officers of »ho Grand Lodge and Encampment will be received, from thence on the following route, viz: Down Congress to Exchange, thence through Exchange, Itliddlc, Free, High, Danforlb, State, Deering, High, Congress, Elm, Cumberland, Smith and fougren to the City Hall, Where a Lecture will be delivered by WILLIAH ELLISOX, P. G. Sire, Of Boston. In the livening there will be a Band and Promenade Concert. The doors will be open at 7 o’clock. The Band Concert will be from 7fr to 8$ o’clock. Dancing to be gin precisely at $A o’clock. S3P*The doors for the Locture will be opeued to the PUBLIC at 2 o’clock. Oud Follows can obtain tickets for the evening at their Hall on any evening and at the door. apr24 td p. al a. First Grand Assembly ! AND EXHIBITION DRILL. — OF THIS — Portland Montgomery Guards ! -A.T CITY HALL, On Wednesday Evening, April 80th. FLOOR DIRECTOR. .. .Sergt. M. II. Cunningham. aids:—Sergt. M. J. Lawless, Sergt. W. J. McCal lam, Sergt. L. 15. Howard, Sergt. Thomas Hinds, Corp. Jamer Flaherty, Corp. Win. O’Brien, Corp, J. Smith, Priv. James 11. Flynn, Priv. P. Tobiu, Priv. M. C. McCann. MUSIC BY CHiNDLER'8 BAH) Clothing will be checked tree. PRICES OF ADM I SSI OAT:—Floor Tickets, ad mitting Gent ami Ladies, §1.00; Gents Galleiy tick ets, 50 cents; Ladies Gallery ticket. 25 cents. Military are requested to appear in Uniform. ‘‘Don’t you forget it.” Per order. apr23dlw First Grand Amatenr Benefit! IS FAVOB OF mE MAINE GENERAL HOSPITAL. GRAND ARMY HAIL Tuesday and Wednesday, April 29 & 30. Ten Nights in a Bar-lioom. A Drama in five acts from the pen of T. S. Arthur, j — by Tiir. — Y. E. NTs. Doors open at 7; to commence at 8 o’clock. Ad mission 35cents. Reserved Keats 50 cents. Tickets lor sale at Custis’s, 283 Congress St., Hawes & Cra gin«*. and at the door. Reserved scats for sale at the llall on and after Monday morniug the 28th. apr23__dtd Spring Millinery. Mrs. I. P. Johnson - AND — Mrs. E. D. Clark would tor*m the Ladle.^Portland and vicinity Tuesday and Wednesday, April 22d & 23d, they will exhibit new and choice style, of HATS AND BONNETS. bfRS. I. P. JOHNSON, MISS E. D. CLA1!K. NO. 7 CLAPP’S BLOCK. apl* iw _ auction sales. 4 ,,,u“b1^ Farm and rarmins < >N the ,.r'^i £“«*?“• vJ It) o’clock A. \l th.. riA' • Al’ril 24th, at olas Ilasty Farm in ScarKwifTS KnoS!l :i' !ll° Mch road, containing aevcnt\•«•/,! . 10 ,.,'Ul'vink River lots ol Salt Marsh. The bui'i ii',,,* *‘ * ;UI 1 ulul ling house, cJL carriage Imam, and Sral.t ,*dwel" rtjpair, Also Farming Tools and a i a-1 i.rtiJVi *ood hold Furniture, 10 l Uthel* of Grainund about 8 of Hay. 1 V, O. A' CO.) Auctioneers apn______ did Steamship W Isiiiwiucl at Auction. On FRIDAY,April 25,1813, at o’clock, at Atlantic Works Wharf, ^ Fast Boston, ihe steamship Whirl •wind, length l:!'1 f et, hold 17 3-10 i __ rlfeet, beam 24 -10 feet, tonnage 371; built of Connect lout oak and chestnut in 1803, has two decks, schooner tigged, direct acting vertical engine, cylin er 32x30, dra'i deep loaded 13 feet, boil er and engine in good ordi r. For further particulais apply to WHITNEY & SAMPSON, Boston, Mass.. Or HENRY WINSOR & CO., Philadelphia, Pa. Sale pushivt lo weather, apl Furniture at Auction 'and SIo.s-i*’ Cor itent. ON WEDNESDAY. April 3.1th, nt 1# o’clock A. M., we shall sell the Furniture in House 10 Bramhall stroct. consisting of Park r Furnituro In Black Walnut, Center Table, 11 as ere. Easy Chair, Chromos. Paint ides. Engravings, line V aw:', Stat uettes, Black Walnut and Chestnut Chamber Setts, Spring Beds, Curtains, In-raiu and Tapestry Cans t*. Sofa, Black Walnut Extension Table, Silver Plat -d Ware, Ice Pitcher, Castor, Gl ass and Crockery, Ma gee Cook Stove. Also, at 12 o’clock, one Remington Rifle, new, " ammunition. Also, one double barrel phot Gun, with fixtures. House will be leased for one to three years. F. O. if AILi£Y & t O. Aurnoums. a;d9 . tltd AdiiiinislraJor's Sale, IJUKSUANT to license from the Judge of Frotwile for the County of Cumbyrland, 1 ►hall se.l at public auction, at the office of \\ . H. \ lnton, m Pert land on Wednesday April 30th, 1K73, at 10 o clee. A. M.f the personal estate of the laic KUzu i . Rush, sis l»er inventory consisting of Sofa, Chairs, Mirror, Bed surd Bedding. Stove, Crcekeiy Ware. Also six notes of hand agaiu»t John R. Coyle of one bundled uollaiB each, pajablc annually with in terest, Terms cash. SAMUERS. MURRY, Administrator. Pori land, A pi il 22, 1 $73. :ipr*22d 1 w Adiiisiiisir.uor’ssjiiTo^i^ Bstatc Public ViirliiM^u HYPnfw, £*»"«?« from the ilrn. Jud*>ts. iiSucPauet!onf ™ UthUcrl,ln,10ou",>>1 ’•* '■ at tweutv-Mennd’Jh. ^\.prcn,lM-'"’ <n Thursday the fate of Ere MrtTSh,^ *?•'« 1-evi A. Cates, estate conaistRlofihnm V3untJ deceased. Said real the ro ad leading t om Fw’reJtot 1:,nd *kuated on a^atnilcRfr^Fr”^^,^1! P-'*""’ in*, pasturage, Ac., Also about three acres of salt mare? » £oeaKuf.l1bt"J I,r0pcrty ^ «the^ Terms made known at lime of sale. E11W AKD 1* OXVAUTt Ailm’r of Estate of 1*5 a?S’ Freeport, AprllZ2, 1873. __ Linens, Ac., at Auction. TO close consignments we shall noli on Satnnlnv April 26th, at 10 o’clock, at office, a flue 1 t of Table Damask, Marsailles Quits, Towel*, Books Sta tionery, Ready-made Clothing, Fan?y Soaps. Silver PlateiI Ware, two Watches, Ac. 1 ’ vcr F. O. BAILED A CO., Auctioneer* apr21t(l | By Abram A Bro,. 2’i.i Federal Htxetf, under the U. Hold. Furniture. WE ahull sell SATURDAY, April Will, 1873, at our Store a lot of Bod, Dining and Sitting Room Furnituro, Bedding, Sheets, Stoves, Ac., «2fcc | Sale commences at 10J A. M. apriMtf Ileal Estate on Exchange and Mat ket Streets at Auction. ON SATURDAY, May 31. at 12 o’clock M.,Wc shall sell the very desirable lot of land situated on Exchange and Market Streets, north of the uld Post Office lot, in Portland, ami bummed, beginning on the westerly side of Market street, seventy-sevc-u ami eight-tcutna feet from the southerly side of Con gress street, thence south-westerly by land of heirs of James Deering fifty-four loot, to Exchange street, thenco north-wc.-dorly by said Exchange street sev enty-one feet to a stake, thence north-easterly paral lel with the south-easterly line herein described for ty-eight feet, more or less, to Market street, thenco south-easterly by said Market street seviuty-uno teet, more or lean, to the point of beginning. For particulars call on J. & E. M. Kami, 121 Mid dle street, or V. O. BAILEY & CO., AncliourrM. apr24t(l J. M. BAILBV & O), | Commission Merchants, —ASH— A. CJOTIONEIEltS no. w exchange: strel r. Next below Merchants* Exchange. JOSEPH S. BAILEY, GEO. W. PARKER. Reference*— Moots. H. J. Libby <Sr co., end Hon Charles P. i'unkind. Me.; Messrs. LecnarU & Co., and Lee & Shepard, Boston. apllt GRASS SEED. 2000 Bags IVcsIcni Timothy Scwl 1500 “ Canada “ *• lOOO “ Red Top «* 500 “ Nichi^an Clover “ 200 “ Ohio “ «• 400 “ No. New York" “ 100 “ Pea Vine, “ “ 150 “ Alsikc “ *• lOO u Dlillet “ lOO “ Ilitnitanati Urass “ lOO “ Orchard “ FOR SALE AT THE Lowest Casla Price. KENDALL & WHITNEY. mch26 tf “OPEN TO-DAY. Rice & Caidei'weod, HAVING TAKEN THE Bakery No. 22 Anderso.i Street, j desire to inform the public that they are prepared to ! furnish, at Wholesale or Retail, fresh baked and of | good quality, Loaf lire,id, Cakes, Pastry, Common uad j Fancy Crackers,Extra Pilot Breads, Jte. at fair prices. Hot Tea Rolln every Afternoon. ! Special attention paid to the baking cf BROWN BREAD AND BEANS on Saturday nights. Forties and Excursions sup plied at short notice. N. B.—Ail kinds cf Goods can bo obtained front our carts, which .run to all t.arts of the city. Portlaud, April 2t, 1S73. oodlm J New Spring Millinery ! -AT n. n. i\EAi;s, 327 Congress St., Xcarly opposite their Old Stand. They can now show a splendid stock of New Mil linery Goods in all the variety of styles, at very rea sonable prices. Bonnets and hats ready trimmed, kept on hand. Also, bleaching and pressing done in the best manner. A good assortment of ical hair switches and imitation of all kinds. Ladles in want of millinery or hair goods, will do well to call at her Store. aprl7 dim MW ROOTS."' Custom Made, Hand Sewed, Easy Fitting, Genteel Looking and Serviceable just received at 138 MIDDLE ST., M. G. PAL M E R. a,ll_9 _ _ enil3w Leavitt, Burnham & ToT, WHOLESALE & RETAIL DEALERS I C\ E . No- 14 tross Stmt, Portland. Prattor*OT^r^l^?. 11 St., or tviih J. C to. °r’ J3 Kxcba,,Sc St., w ill lie promptly sttcmlwl f"r *" *" <,n5 _?*??_LOWEST KATES. l«f D. W. CLARK A CO., — DF VLEB-S Vi — ICE HOUSE, MABKET ST., -A.ND 3 ^ EXCHANGE ST., Pure Icc supplied for all purpos es, and tn any quautily at Hit* LOWEST RITES. apr3

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