Newspaper of Portland Daily Press, April 24, 1873, Page 4

Newspaper of Portland Daily Press dated April 24, 1873 Page 4
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T HE PRESS rHt'BSlUY MORNING, APR. 21, 187*. , Portland Wholesale Price Current. Oorroctod for the Pbess to April 23.1173. Apples. i Lead. Cooking. @1.30 Sheet* Pipe.. 10® 10} Ruling .2 00 @2 75 i Pig. «@ *4 t tried, w*-bteru 5@ 8 1 Leather, do eastern. 0}@ 84 Now Tor*. Labes. I Light 30 @ 31 Pearl, fib. .. 11 @ 11} Mid. Weight 30 @ 3J SStoSeiii:® Spi- cMvS2S 822 <,,,10 00 @12 00 No 3.4500 @40 00 Pilot f. lOOlb 7 50 @ 9 00 No. 4 .30 00 @36 0C lilolei.l lb 3 M % 00 Shippiug..20 60 @23 00 SaSkiii'piOO 40® 50 Spruce. ..16 00 @18 00 Butler. Hemlock. 1300 @1500 Family, f lb .. 35 @ 45 Clapboards, Stoic.'. 15 @ 18 Spruce ox.3300 @33 00 Cnudlrs. <lo No. 1.20 00 @27 00 Mould, fib.... @13 Pine.60 00 @65 00 Sperm. 33 @ 37} SliinglcB, Cement. Cedar ex... 3 50 ffl 4 00 p bbl.2 35 @2 40 Cedar No 1. 2 50 @ 3 00 Cheese. do Shared 5 50 @ GOO Vermont.p lb. 15® 16 Pine do... S’OO ffl 7 50 factory. 17 @ 18 LalbB, S. Y. Hairy.. 15 @ 16 Spruce. 2 25 @ Coni—(Retail.) Pine. 3 00 @3 30 Cumberland... 9 50@10 00 Melamea. Pictou.8 50 @9 00 Porto Kico netv 55 @ 03 Chestnut.8 00 @8 50 Cieufugos new.... @42 franklin.10 50@11 00 Muscovadouew 35 @ 37 L'gb&W.Ash. ,9 50@1000 Netv Orleans... none (’•Are. Mustart. _ dsva.flb. 28 @ 30 Sagua, new.... 35 @ 37 Hio. 23 @ 24 Nulls. Cooperage. Cask.5 50® Ifhd. Shooks and Hoads, IVarnl 8*terra. Mol. City_2 40 @2 0 Tar.f bbl —6 00 @5 25 Sn Cite_2 95 @ 1 Pitch (C. Tar)..4 50 @4 75 Sul C’try.. .1 60 @ [Wil Pitch....550 @575 Con* iy lUitMol. ptoBin.5 25 @ 6 00 Hb’d'Sh’ks 1 50 @ 65@ 70 HU'd Headings, w,,s Space 35 in. 28 @ Kerosene @ 23 uU pi,, . 28@ Port.Het Petr @ 28 Hard Fine, 30 @ Sperm.1 85 @ 2 00 Hoops. (14ft), 45 00 @ 50 00 Whale,. 85 @ 100 R.OakStaves 50 00 @ E»nk>. ® <* Copper, Shorr. 58 @ 05 Cep. Bolts 4*@ Porgie,.. 55 @ 60 Y.M. Sheathing @27 Linseed. @ 101 Pronto do. @27 Boiled do.,.. @106 Y. M. Bolts,.. 30 @ Lard. 80 @ 85 Cordage. Olive,. 1 25 @ 1 75 American,fib,”3 @ 13} Castor..160 @ 1 75 Russia. ni@ 14 Neatsfoot,.... 125 @150 Manila. 1(4@ 19} Blaine,. 58 @ CO lUrttoB’f'r’p 20} § 21 Paints. jc^iirRs* uud Ryes, Port. Lead,.. 11 75 @ Alcohol, f gai, 2 00 ffl 2 20 Pure Gr’d do 12 00 @ 12 25 Arrow Root, 25 @ 05 Pure Dry do 11 50 @ Bi-CarbSoda, 8 @ 10 Am. Zinc.... 12 00 @ 13 00 Borax. 32 @ 34 Bocbellc Yell 3!@ 4 Camphor,.... 40 @ Eug.Vcn.Red 3}@ 4 Cream Tartar 43 @ 45 Red Lead,... 11 @ 12 ludtgo.115 @ 1 40 Litharge. 11 @ 12 Logwood ex.,. 11 @ Fluster. Madder. 17 @ 18 Soft, f ton,.. @3 00 Naptha, f gal 25 @ 30 Hard,.... @2 75 Opium. 7 80 @ 8 00 Ground, m bis 8 00 @ 9 00 Rhubarb ... 100 @ 150 Calcined, brls 275 @ 3 CO Hal Soda,. ... IM£ 4 Produce. Saltpetre, : 10i| 18 Beef Side,p ft 9@ is Sulphur,. . .. 4}@ 5} Veal,. 10 @ 12 VltrdL. 13 @ 14 Mutton. 10 @ 12 Rack. Chickens,— 23 @ 25 No 1. @ 46 Turkeys,. 23 @ 25 No. 3.. ffl 42 Hggs, fdoz., 20 @ No 10. ffl 28 Potatoes,fbu 75 @ 85 Karen', Onions,.. f bblll 0»@ 12 00 8 oz.,. 24 Bound hogs.... 8 @9 10 oz. 30 Provisions. Dye wood*. Mess Beef,.. 10 00 ffl 12 00 Harwood,.... 3 ffl E* Mess, . 12 50 @ 14 50 Brazilwood,. 5 ffl 7 «»&.... M 00 @ 15 54 Camwood. 6@ 7 Ex Piute,.. @17 00 fustic,....... 2}@ 3 Perk, Logwood, Backs,.... ffl 2100 Campeachy, 1}@ 2} Clear,. ffl 20 00 St. Domingo, 1J@ 2} Mess,. @ 17 00 Peach Wood, 54@ Prime, @none Ned Wood.... 3@ 4 Hams....... 13 @ 14 Fish. Rice. Cod. perqtl., Bice, fib... 7}@ 9 L’ge Shore, 5 75 @ 6 00 „ , Solera us. L’ge Bank, 5 25 @ 0 50 Salcratus, fib, 7 @ 9} Small,.3 75 @ 4 00 Balt. pollock. 2 75 @ 3 75 Turk s Is. f Haddock,... .2 00 @ 2 25 „ hhd.(Sbus),. 2 23 @ 2 75 Hake.125 @ 150 St. Martin,.. none Herring. Bonaire, 2 25 @ 2 75 Shore.f bbl 4 00 @ 5 00 Cadiz,duty pd 2 50 @ 3 00 Scaled,f bx 18 @ 23 Cadiz,in bond 2 00 @ 2 50 No. 1. 13 @ 20 Liverpool,duty Mackerel, f bbl., paid,.2 75 ffl 3 25 Bav No. 1,. .17 0O@19 50 Llv. in bond,. 2 25 @ 2 75 Bay No. 2,.. .12 00@13 50 Gr’nd butter, 25 @ Large 3,.9 5C@10 50 Spracuse,—none@ Shore No. 1,..19 00@21 00 Seeds. No. 2,.1100812 00 Clover lb.,— 9 @ to Medium,... .7 OOffl 8 00 Red Top bag, 4 2'.@ 4 50 Clam Balt. 7 00@7 75 H.Grass, bush. 4 5 ffl 1'lnur. do Canada. 4 Chin Superfine,.... 6 00 @6 50 Nonp. Spring x,... 7 00 ® 7 0 Ex St’m Ret’d @ 9 “ xx,.. 8 00 @ 8 75 Family,. ® 8 Mich. Winter, 9 00 @ 9 75 No. 1,. ® 7 “ “ xx 125 (® 10 25 Illinois x,. 7 25 8 29 SpircK. “ xx,....1000 to 1200Cassia, pure.. 45 @ 48 St. Lords x,.. 8 75 @ 9 75 Cloves,. @ 35 '• “ xx, 10 00 I® 12 50 Ginger. 18 ® 21 Frail* Mace,.1 GO ® Almonds—Jordan F lb. Nutmegs,— 1 20 @ 1 25 Soft Shell,.. 20 @ 22 Pepper,. 25® 26 Shelled,- 40 (a) 55 Starch. Pea Nats,.... 2 25 @3 25 Pearl,. 9® 10* Citxon,. 43 to 50 Sugar. Warrants, new, 10® Granulated,. 11£@ llj Dales, new,. 7@ 8 Coffee A,.... 10#® 104 Pigs,. 12 to 20 Extra C,. log @ 10* Prunes,. 12 ® 15 C,. @10 Raisins, Syrups. 40 @ 60 Layer, new, @2 50 Eagle Sugar Refinery: Muscatel.. 2 90 @ 3 00-Yellow.... 8 ® Val.newpib. 10 @ C. 9 (*; 9* Lemons,.4 50 @ 5 00 (C C)— 9|® 3* Oranges.Incase,10 C0@ 1050 Mus. Gro... nono Messina,pbox,3 50®4 50 Hav. Brown Grain. Nos. 12 & 16 lOJ® 11 Corn, Mixed,. 74 @ 75 Refining.... 8 to 83 White,. 65 @ 90 Teas. ioilow. 75® 76 Souchong, .. 25 @ 40 Rye..110 @ 115 Oolong,. 35 (a) 43 Harley.. 75 @ 85 Oolong, choice 50 @ 75 Oats. 55 I® 60 Japan,.40 C5 Fine Feed,.. 30 00 ® 32 00 Do. choice... €5 @ 95 Shorts. 28 00 @ 30 00 Tiu. Gunpowder. Straits. .. 40 ® 41 Blasting,. 4 50 to 5 00 English,. 40® 41 Shipping,- 4 50 ® 5 00 Char. I. C.,.. 14 75 @ 1? 00 Hay. Char. I. X.,.. 17 25 @ 17 75 Pressed,|>tonl6 00 @ 18 00 Antimony,.... @21 Loose,.15 00 ® 20 00 Zinc. |10 @ 11J Straw,.12 00 @ 13 00 Tubncco. 1 run. Fives and Tens, Common. ... 4|® 5$ Best Brands, 65® 75 Refined,. 5® 5* Medium,.. 55® 60 Swedish. to Common,— 50 @ 50 Norway,. 8J@ 9 Half lbs.50® 58 Cast Steel. .. 21® 23 Nat’l Leaf,.80 @ 90 German Steel 14 @ 15 Navy lbs.,.50 @ S8 Shoe Steel . 7} @ 8 Varnish. Spring Steel . 9@ 12 Damar,.175 @2 50 Sheet J ron, Coali,. 2 25 @ 5 50 English,\V. 7J@ 74 Furniture, 150 @2 50 R. G. Hm 9 Wool. Russia. 22 ® 23 Fleece washed 43 @ 50 Galv,. 12 ® 15 do. unwasbd 30 @ 35 Lnril. Pnlled.Super 50 @ 55 Kegs, F tb... 92® 10 Pelts, large. 1 50 @ 2 50, Fib 1ft Pall,. to 111 Oaddi*'*,. li@ lU Portland Daily Press Stock Lhi. |Tor the week ending April 23,1873. Corrected by W. E. Wood, Broker, 67 Exchange. Descriptions Par Value. Offered Ashed. Gold,.tl7§... 117# Government 6*8,1181,.120*_120* Government 5-20*8, 1862..117} 118 Government 5-20*8, 1864,. in|_ug Government 5-20*8, 1865,.119j... .119* Government 5-20’s, July, 1865,. 117*_117I Government 5-20’s, July, 1867.119*. ...119} Government 5-20*8, July, 1868.117V 1174 • >vemment -40*8,. ......... 113| .. 1133 State of Maine Bonds. 99 .... Portland City Bonds, Municipal,. 94*.... 95 Bath City Bonds. 89 .... 90 Bangor City Bends, 20 years,. 90 .... 91 Calais City Bonds.94 96 Cumberlnnd National Bank,.... 40.60 .... 61 Canal National Bank,. 100.1321... 133* First National Bank,. 100.132.}... .133* Casco National Bank.ICO.132*....133* Merch ants* National Bank,.. 75.9G ... 97 National Traders* Bank>. 100.132*... 133* Portland Company,.. 79 ... so Portland Gas tympany,.50.152 ... 64 Ocean Insurance Company,... 100. 95 .... 97 Atlantic & St. Lawrence R. R.85 .... 90 A. & K. R. R. Bonds. 87 .... 88 Maine Central R. K. Stock.100. 55 .., 60 Maine Central R. R. Bonds, 7’s.97 ... 98 Leeds & F’rm*gton R. R. Bonds,100. 87 , 88 Portland & Ken. R. R. Bonds,. 100. 88 89 Portland & Ogdensburg R.R. Bonds, gold, ... 90 Portland & Rochester R. R. Bonds, 7*s,. . 92 .... 93 Portland & Rochester R. R. Stock.15 .... 25 Tnose Baked Beans. THOSE BAKED BEAKS —wmcn— W. C. COBB Is selling BY THE QUAKT, nt liis Bakery, NOS. 28 & 30 PEARL STREET, have been tested and pronounced GOOD ! New If yon nieh to try them, yon can by sending In your order liave them brought right from the oven to your door any morning during the week. Or, if you say you want ti er.. Sabbath morning (as is the iatsioni > Mr. Cobb will have a fresh lot ready which he will send you Saturday evening. Then by nut ting them in your own ov< n you can find them thero at U-eakiast time and save the unpleasant task of rising before you are ready and hurrying to the bak ery. P. M.—Take Mine choice BBOW1Y BREAD with then or not, as ron like. apir.__J£_ ABRAMS & BRO.. Auctioneers und Commission Merchants, ||r. their special altention to selling Real Estate, rw!lu/e an<* Merchandise of all kinds. Horses Car ttS sii c' Advances made on consignments. Reg new a°d second-hand Furniture at tlio |dcattnn«u?m*“very Saturday morning. Coiwnu DJr “Mlnromptly attended to v£i!t,A.*'» * BROTHER, ». B. Mon« ® ,e„ral st;> under the U. S. Hotel. Furniture,ci.)thi5"a?«K‘on Watches, Jewelry, apr23 and all goods of value. Book, Card & pr, IO» EXlHJU,a8 gT (DAILY PRESS PKISTISH HOUSE.) Every Description of work promptly „„, * I located, hnd at the lowest prices. J carehiTiy ! ap22 tc J New Boarding House. THE Subscriber, having leased tile new amt <■„ modions bouse, recently erected bv Goo. R r>’ vis & Co., upon the “Blanchard property,” 3111 ’n'Y 8t., takes ploasure In announcing to tlio public that bo will about the first of April epen it for a first class boarding bouse. Rooms can bo seen and full particulars as to terms, &c., obtained, by calling at the honse from TO A. M. to 12 M., anil from 2 nntil 5 **• M- aprSeodtf S. S. KNIGHT. Lumber and Dock Timber Wanted In exchange for l.oronvotirc Boilers, Horizontal Engines. Feed Damps uud’Other MachmStr" Address, G. H. ANDREWS, fobldtf 1X3 Pearl St.. New York. hotels._ HOTEL DIRECTORY, alfbev. County House, Edmund Warren, Proprie tor. _ AUBUBN dm House, Court. St.W. 8. A A. Young, Proprietor*. AUGUSTA. Augusta House, State St. Harrison Balt er, Proprietor. °* A** H> Cony• Pr®p^c —~— BANGOR. Unrrimnn House, J.E. HarrintauA Co., j Proprietors. Penobscot Exchange, A. Woodward, Pro- | prietbr. ’ | Franklin House, Harlow St., H. Qu.nby, with ill B HeLiingliliu A Soil., Prop. - bath. „ , SasadahoclIoaHejJobuH. Millikcuj ro j BuVh 'llotrl, C. M Plummer, Proprietor , boston. American Bouse, llanover St. L.Bie | rSr«o»-r, School St. H.B. Parker A ■ ;trvrri'Vimi'se *Bo wd oi u Square.Bulfineh, : Binglinm. WrisIcyA Co.. Proprietors ! Si. James Hotel—J. P. H. Stetson, Propri j Trcinout House. Trcmont St. Bingimm ! WrislcV A Co. Proprietors. BRTANT’S PONB. Bryant’s Fend House—N. B. Crockett, | Proprietor. BETHEL. Chandler nouse, F. 8. Chandler A Co. Proprietors. Chapman House, S. II. Chapman, Pro- : prietor. BRIBGTON CENTEB, He. Cumberland House.Harshnll Bacon, Pro j prietor. BOLSTER HILLS. Hancock House,—J. N. Hancock, Prop. BRUNSWICK. HE. P. A K. Dining Booms, W. B. Field, Proprietor. CAPE ELIZABETH. Ocenn House—J. P. Chamberlain, Propri etor. _ CALAIS. International Hotel, W. B. Simpson. Proprietor. _ ■ CAHBEH. Bay View House, E. H. Bcmuth, Prop. CORNISn. Cornish House.—P. Burgin, Proprietor. BAHARISCOTTA. Huinc Hotel, Sanborn A Jacobs, Proprie tors. _ BANVILLE JUNCTION. Clark’s Billing Hall, Grand Trunk Rail way Bcpot, H. W. Clark, Proprietor. BEXTEB. Bexter House. BIXFIELB. Androscoggin House, J. Jackson, Pro prietor. _________ EAST PORT. Passamnquoddy House.—F. Fowler,Prop ELLSWOKTH. American House.—S. Jordan A Sou. Prop | City Hotel.—N. H. Higgins A Sons, Props, j FOXCROFT. Foxcroft Exchange. D. Savage, Proprie tor. _ GARDINER. Evuus Hotel, O. C. Rollins, Proprietor GORHAM. Central Hotel, F. J. Berry, Prop. GREAT PALLS, N. H. Great Falls Hotel, O. A. Frost, Proprietor Hit. Cutler House,—Hiram Boston, Prot prietor. _ KENB ALL’S MILLS. Kendall’s Mills notel, Randall Andrews, Proprietor._ LIMERICK. Limerick House, Joseph G. Harmon, Pro prietor. _ MACHIAS. Eastern Hotel.—E. E. Stoddard, Prop. MECHANIC FALLS. Union Hotel, P. R’ Cobb, Proprietor. NORTH WINDHAM. Ncmaskct Honse, W. W. Stanley, Propri etor. NORWAY. Beni’s Hotel, L. B. Weeks, Prop. Elm Honse, Main St. W. W. Wkitmarsb Proprietor. _ NAPLES Elm Honse, Nathan Chnrch Ac Sous, Pro prietors. NORRIDGEWOCK. Daulorth House, D.Danfortb. Proprieto NORTH ANSON. Somerset Hotel. Brown Ac Hilton, Propri* ctors. _ OLD ORCHARD BEACH. Ocean Honof, B. Heavy, Proprietor. Old Orchard Honse, E. C. Staples, Propri etor. __ NORTH STRATFORD N. H. Willard House, C* S. Bailey Ac Co. Pro prietors. PARIS HILL. I Hubbard Hotel, H. Hubbard, Proprieto PHILLIPS. Harden Honse, Adams Ac Robbinson, Proprietors PORTLAND. Adams Honse, Temple St. Charles Adams Proprietor. Albion Honse, 117 Federal St. J.O Perry, Proprietor. American Honse. India St. J. H. Dodge, Proprietor. City Hotel, Cor. Congress and Green St. John P. Davis Ar Co. Proprietors. Falmouth notel, P. E. Wheeler, Propri etor. Preble House, Congress St. Gibson Ac Co., Proprietors. St. Jnlian Hotel, Cor. Middle and Plum Sts. G. E. Ward, Proprietor. U. S. Hotel, Junction of Congress and Fed eral Sts. E. Crain Ac Co., Proprietor. Walker Honse, Opp. Boston Depot, Geo. Bridgbam Jr., Proprietor. Commercial House—L. O. Sanborn Ac Co., Proprietors. PEAK’S ISLAND. Union House—W. T. Jones. Proprietor. SOUTH CHINA. Lake nouse, J. Savage, Proprietor. richmondT Richmond Hotel, H. Springer. Proprietor SKOWHEGAN. Skowhcgan Hotel,E. B. Maybnry, Propri etor. Turner Honse, T. H. Hussey Ac Co. Pro prictors. Elm House, M. H. nilton, Proprietor. St. ANDREWS, N. B. The Rail Way Hotel, Michael Clark, Pro prietor. SPBINGVALE. _b d nn:a.i__ n_.__ STANBISH. Stnnaliah House. Copt. Chao. Thompson, Proprietor. YORK HARBOR. { Marshall nouse.—N. CJ. Marshall & Sous, Proprietors. The Chicago, Danville & Vincennes RAILROAD COMPANY’S FIRST iffORTGAGG BONDS ! 1 Only 8100,000 remaining of the total issue of/our millions. Parties desiring to invest in this cholco securit y should make immediate application. Interest 7 per cent, gold, payable A^ril 1st and Oc tober 1st. Full particulars furnished, on application in per son or by mail, to MESSRS. SWAN & BARRETT, HENRY M. PAYS0N, PORTLAND, mi:., or to w. B. SIIATTUCK & CO., Bankers, 23 NASSAU STREET, NEW YORK, , GENERAL AGENTS. rach2(> d&wlm L. C. jOILVSO^ & SON., —IIAVISO TAKEN TUEJ— ItESTA-TJH^^T : of *J*"City Building in I/Vwiston. for the X? Vt* d tniSSI’ now Fay to tlio public that •otKare fS,'".c1i|9s !»*«« in every rospect. 'don be in keenim, wi'fi the Portland —_« --—.. atondonot Manuf«n«rs. v^ne Strand LEWISTON, MAINE. ’ wwwo.jomtros, 5WWa^^^*, MISCELLANEOUS. THINGS WORTH KNOWING. O A 64 pa^e book, full of good things, valuable ►ecrets, and important information, mailed for two itamps. Address ap2t4w LEE & CQ,, 524 Sixth Av- b'ew Yolk IlSend lor our Illustrated Catalogue of ,new books on building. A. J. BICKNEIX & CO., _ap2t4w 27 Warren-st bew loik. ^X^oitBr*eSB?-a?fVes.nb: UBEKaCTEEMS. Send for Cir S J B FOKB & CO., New York, Boston Chi ^oorSanFranclsco._WM* I. , q AMPt.ES sent by mail for 50c. that retail 2 quick for 810. K. h. WOLCOTT, 181 Chat ham-sq uarc.N.Y. apr2d4wt HUNT'S REMEDY Cures Dropsy. HUNT’S REMEDY Cures Kidney Disease. HUNT’S REMEDY Cures Gravel HUNT’S REMEDY Cures Inflammation of the Bladder. HUNT’S REMEDY Cures Diseases of the Urinary Organs. HUNT’S REMEDY Cures all Forms of Dropsy. HUNT’S REMEDY Is Purely Vegetable. HUNT’S REMEDY Will Rf.movb that Pain in Your Back. HUNT’S REMEDY Will Restore Your Appetite. HUNT’S REMEDY Has Saved tub Lives of Thousands. HUNT’S REMEDY Is Sold by all Druggists. HUNT’S REMEDY Only Known Cure for Dropsy. HUNT’S REMEDY CoXTAIXS NOTHING IxJ'jKIOCS. HUNT’S REMEDY Kffectbal Cure for Suppressed Urine. HUNT’S REMEDY Used bt Phtsiciaxs Daily HUNT’S REMEDY Will Cure Dropsy of Scrotum. HUNT’S REMEDY Will Keep in any Climate. HUNT’S REMEDY Prepared by William F. Clarkk. HUNTS REMEDY Will Cure Female Complaint* HUNT’S REMEDY Ask for I \ Take no OmEi:. HUNT’S REMEDY Cures Inflamed Kidneys. HUNT’S REMEDY Never Fails in Dropsy. HUNT’S REMEDY WTli. Remove that Tain in Your Loins, HOST’S REMEDY Take It. Don’t Delay. HUNT’S REMEDY Will Savr Your Life. gg J. W. PEREIVS & VO., apr2__9w1 WANTED IMMEDIATELY.—50.000 ad T W dresses, to which specimen copies of Smith’* Maga dne will be Bent/ree. Agents wanted. Write IV.qy F, Smith, 51 Liberty St., N. Y_ap2t4w camphorine! PAIN! PAIN! PAIN!—Th© Great Din covery for the relief of pain and a sure and immedi ate cure for Rheumatism, chronic and acute, Sprain* &c. It has a pleasant and refreshing odor, and wil not grease or Btain the most delicate fabric, whicl makes it a luxury in every family. Price 25 cents per bottle. For sale by all druggists. ap5t4w EEUBES’ HOYT, Prop’r, Yew York. A MECHANICAL CURIOSITY. Every mouse caugh * resets the trap for an [other! Six sent by ex press for 33. Samph by mail prepaid, 75 cts ! For sale by the trade. R. E. DIETZ, apoHw Patentee. 54 and 55 Fulton St., New York FIRE! FiRE!! FIRE!!! FIGHTING FIRE ! AGENTS WANTED For the grandest bool of rlie year, now selling with astonishing rapid ity. Tells of the causes of Fire; Safes: Fire-pvoo Buildings; Conquering Fire with Water, Steam ami Gas; Insurance—Is it safe? Its History, Basis Management, How to Insure, *&c.; Vivid accounts o; the Great Fires of History. Agents &end for circu lars. You will not regret it. Sent free. Addresf Dustin, Gilman & Co., Hartford, Ct. apr5t4w $10 A DAY ! Easily made by an Agency of “Our Own Family Doctor.’ Best medical work extant. Everybody buys that see it. (Jnusual inducements to Agents. Send for circu lars and terms to HURS T & CO., 745 Broadway, N. Y G£P“An easy and sure way to make money. ap5 _t4w r . i1 It is not. a physic which may give temporary relie: to the sufferer for the first few do-op, but which, from continued use brings Piles and kindred diseases t< aid in weakeningtheinvalid,nor is it adoctored liquoi which, under the popular name of “Bitters’* is s< extensively on the public as sovereign rem edies, but it is a most powerful Tonic and alterative, pronounced bo by the leading medica authorities of London and Paris, and has been lonj used by the regular physicians of other countries witl wonderful remedial results. Dr. Wells Extract of Jurubebs retains all the medicinal virtues peculiar to tho plan and must be taken as a permanent curative agent. In there want of action in your Iiiver A Spleen? Unless relieved at once, the blood beGomei Impure by deleterious secretions, producing scrof ultras or skin diseases. Blotches, Felons, Pustules Cauker, Pimples, &c., &c. Take Jnrnbeba to cleanse, purify and reaton the vitiafcsd blood to healthy action. Have yon a Hyspepfttie Stomach ? unlcsi digestion is promptly aided the system is debilitated with loss of vital force, poverty of the Blood, Dropsi cal Tendency, General Weakness or Lassitude. Take it to'assist Digestion without reaction, It wil impart youthful rigor to tho weary sufferer. Have you wcn!<aie«s of the Intestine*? You are in danger ot Chronic Diarrhoea or the dread ful Inflammation of the Bowels. Take it to allay irritation and ward off tendency t< inflammations. Have you weakness of the Uterine 01 Urinary Organs ? You must procure instant re lief or you arc liable to suffering worse than death. Take it to strengthen organic weakness or life be comes a burden. Finally it should be frequently taken to keep tlx system in perfect hoaltli or you are otherwise in greal danger of malarial, miasmatic or contagious diseases JOHN Q. KELLOGG, 18 Platt St., New York, Solo Agent for the United States. Price One Dollar per Bottle. Send forCircular apr5_4wt FIRST- MORTGAGE SINKING FUND GOLD BONDS. Secured bv mortgage on 6,000 acres of very valuable Coal and fron LANDS. BONDS of WOOD CO., WJS., duo In Horn 11 to 2C y TaNSAS REGISTERED County and School Bnndf 10 P*f It CENT. NEBRASKA SCHOOL BONDS. All payablo in N. Y. City, and for salo at price! ,'bat will pay onr 12 por cent, on the Investment. Call or scud for pamphlets with maps and full paiticularsthat will satisfy tbemost cautious Invest ors THOS. P. ELLIS & CO., Bankers, 14 Pine St., N. Y. City. _aprattw ‘ JOSIAH ALLEN’S WIFE’ HAS WROTE A BOOK, in spito ot Joeh’s determination not to spend a cent to hire any one to read it. $300,00 a month can be made by selling this book. A GENTS TAKE NOTICE ! When wo brought out Mark Twain’s books wo promised you a harvest; we now promise you anoth er. end wise agents will secure territory, which we will now arrange for. For circulars address AMER ICAN PUBLISHING CO., Hartford, Conn. apr7 _t4w AGENTS’! RARE CHANCE ■Wo will pay all Agents $40 per week tn cash, who will engage witn us at once. Everything furnished and expenses paid. Addross apOf lw A. COULTER & CO., Charlotte, Mich. MISCELLANEOU S. THE MORMON WIFE. AC! i,NTS WANTED For this fearless book. It comprises the Adventures and Experience of a woman—written by herself— for years tho wife of a Mormon Prophet—disclosing all that is mysterious, wicked and startling. Full of thrilling adventure, humorous and pathetic scenes—the most fascinating book extant. Portrait of the Authoress, and of lead ing Morm ons,—men and women,—Life and Scenes in Utah, etc. For circnlars address Hartford Publish ing Co., Hartford, Conn. apr7t4w 10 PER CENT. County, Town, City, and School District Bonds of Iowa, Illinois, and Kansas for sale below par. Cou pon bonds registered with State Auditor. Interest collected aiulpaid by State Treasurers. They are more securo than State Bondi-, for States may repu diate, while Municipalities cannot. Write for circu lars and information. Any marketable securities taken in exchange. BROWN, WADSWORTH & CO., RANKERS, 22 Nassau-st., N. Y. aprlO t4w WING & SOFS PIANOS! (Siwoossors to DOANE, W1XG St CUSHING.) | -- • The American Piano. FIRST PREMIUMS. Illinois State Fair, 1870. Alabama State Fair, 1871. Ohio State Fair, 1871 & 1872. Texas State Fair, 1872. Numerous County Fairs, ; From Mr. Edward Hoffman, the eslebrated Fiauist “I conscientiously believe that your Piano is In | every respect a most magnificeut instrument/* Form the “Independent** ‘•The American Piano has deservedly become a j very popular instrument/* i I Purchasers’ testimonials from all parts of the U. S. WARRANTED SEVEN (7) YEARS Prices tow for the Quality. Responsible Agents wanted for unoccupied terri tory. In localities where agencies are not yet estab i lished, until such are established, we will sell Pianos j to the public at Factory Wholesale Prices. Send for circular to WIXG & SON, 423 Broome St., New York. mch22 ly j BOSTON LEAD CO., [lXCOTtPOKATFD IM 182».) , | J. H.Cliadwick & Co., Ag’ts, Office 22, 24 & 26 OliTer Street, j BOSTON j MANUFACTURERS OP BOSTON I Pure White Lead ! Dry and Ground in Oil, DRY AND GROUND ZINC, LITHARGE, RED LEAD, LEAD PIPE, SHEET LEAD, T/Ar PIPE, TIN-LINFD PIPE, IRON PIPE and FITTINGS, PUMPS, Ac., Ac. Our Pure White Lead, both dry and ground in oil, we warrant to be strictly pure, aud guarantee that for fineness, body and durability, it is not sur passed by any Lead in the market, cither foreign or American. &3T"ln order to protect ourselves, we havo adopted as our trade-mark an eight-pointed red star, with corporate seal in the centre. This is on every pack age of our Pure Lead. None genuino witnout it W. F. Phillips & C©., AGENTS FOB THE CO., 46 & 48 MIDDLE ST. febl6 6mTT&S A. CARD. MY attention having been called to a “notice” bearing date March 28th and appearing in the Portland Press of April 4th, I doom It justice to my self to state that I had prior to that date retired from the business of my father, Simon Colo, having form ed other business connections. LEWrS H. COLE. Portland, April 5,1873. Copartnership Notice. Notice is hereby given that the undersigned have this day formed a copartnership under the firm name of Mowe, Cole & Benson, for the purpose of conduct ing a wholesale Lumber Business, at No. 140 Water Street, New York, with branch office and Lumber wharf at Deakes wharf, No. 332 Commercial Street. Portland, Me. W. It. MOWE, LEWIS H. COLE, EDWIN A. BENSON. March 27th, iS73. TO MY FRIENDS AND FORMER PATRONS 1 beg to call your attention to the above announce ment and take pleasure in assuring you that my con nections in the Lumber trado are satisfactory. Our business at Portland will be in charge of my brother Mr Albert Cole, assisted by Messrs. David Birnie and L. L. Thurston, who wiil act under my instruct ions. I can assuse you that, the firm of Mowe, Cole ■ & Benson, will use their best endeavors to give satis faction to all who may favor them with their patrou age. aprSfllm LEWIS H. COLE. To Steamship Bnilders. Proposals for building: a Steam Propeller for tbe P. S. Revenue marine. Treasury Department, \ Washington, D. C., March 29, 1873. j SEALED Proposals will be received by the under signed until twelve o'clock M. of Uloitday the 19tb day of Hlay, 187.1, for the construction of a Steam Prooeller for service in the United States Revenue Marine. Plans and specifications of the same, together with all other necc-sary information, will be furnished to bidders on application to the Collectors of Customs at Baltimore, Philadelphia, New York, Boston, and Portland, Me. The right is reserved to reject any or all bids should it be deemed for the interest of the Government so to do. WM. A. RICHARDSON, Secretary of the 1'reasury. Dissolution of Copartnership. NOTICE is hereby given that the copartnership heretofore existing under the firm name of Sam uel Rounds & Sons, is this day dissolved by mutual consent. SAMUEL, HOUNDS. GEO. H. ROUNDS. CIIAS. F. ROUNDS. Copartnership Notice. THE undersigned have this day formed a copart nership under the firm name of Rounds, Sar gent & Co., and will continue the business of dealers in Coal & Wood, at the old stand of Samuel Rounds, & Sons, No. 36 Commercial Street. They will settle all demands ol the lato firm of Samuel Rounds & Sons. SAMUEL ROUNDS, GEO. H. ROUNDS, EDWARD H. SARGENT. apr5 dtf YEW lauymyT TIIE undersigned having assumod charge of a new and spacious Laundry would respectfully an nounce that he is prepared to do washing for Steam ers, Hotels. Families, &c., with special attention paid to Ladies Dresses, Skirts. Laces, Gents* Shirt? and every description of fine washing. This Laundry boing provided with the newest and most approved Machinery, and experienced help, the Proprietor believes he can guarantee perfect satisfac tion to to his customers. location, Bradbury’s Court, En trance on Fore near India St. JOHN SPENCER, Supcrintendant. Late Steward ot St’r John Brooks, Boston and Port land Line febSdlyr WEBSTER HOUSE,” SS« HANOVER ST., BOSTON The Proprietor having refitted and refurnished this Hotel, respectfully solicits the patronage of those vis iting Boston on business or pleasure. Terms: Rooms and full board, $2 per day. Rooms without board, for each person, 75c. to $1. This house is within flvo minutes* walk of all the Eastern Steamer Landings nnd Depot. It contains 125 rooms, every convenience for comfort, aud under the management of Mr.. G. W. RELYEA, must prove attractive to the travel ing public. Carriages iu constant attendance and Horae Cars pass the door, malil5eod3m ” PLASTER. RAA TONS GROUND I,AND PLASTER for sale in barrels or bulk at the lowest e.ash price by KENBAEE & WHITNEY. (c ____ Caution. ALL pernouB are hereby cautioned against trust ing or barboring any of the crew of the British barque Silver Cloud, as no debts of their contracting willbo paid without a written or^«r‘^emastor

or owners. IUdias DOTY, aplfldlw* __Master. For Sale. 1F1HE SEBAGO DYE HOUSE, No. 17 Plum St., is 1 in good condition With all apparatus necessary or the business. Apply to the proprietor at No. 33 Newbury street or to J REED, Brown’s Block, cor. Con gross and Brown street. mar25eodtl _STEAMERS. Maine Steamship €o ! NEW ABKANOE.HEAT. semi-weekly i.nsnrc Steamers Dirlgo mid Franeoni . will, until further notice, r?m , s follows: Leavo Galt’s Wharf, Portland i_every MONDAY and THURS DAY, at 5 P. M., and leave Pier 38 F. K.. New York every MONDAY and THURSDAY, at 3 P. M. The Dirigo and Franconia are fitted up with fine accommodations for passengers, making this the most convenient and comfortablo route for travelers be tween New York and Maino. Passage in State Room $5, Meals extra. Goods forwarded to and from Montreal, Quebec Halifax, St. John, and all parts of Maine. Shlppo are requested to send their freight to the Steamers as early as 4 P. M.,on tho days they leavo Portland. For Freight or Passage apply to HENRY FOX, Galt’s Wharf, Portland, J. F. AMES, Pier 38, E. R., New York. May 9-dtf Portland, Bangor and Machias Steamboat Co. Inside line between Portland anil Bangor, ITJt. Desert and Itlacbins. The Steamer CITY OF RICHMOND, CAPTAIN C. KILBY, Will leave Railroad Wharf, every MONDAY, WED NESDAY and FRIDAY evening, at 10 o’clock, commencing Wodnesday, April 9. For Bangor, touching at Rockland, Camden, Lin cnlnville, Belfast, Searsport,Sandy Point, Bucksnort Winterport and Hampdeu. Returning will leave Bangor every Monday, Wed nesday and Friday morning at 0 o’clock, touching at tho above named landing, arriving in Portland at 5 o’clock P. M. The Steamer Lewiston, CAPT. CHARLES DEERING, Will leavo Railroad Wharf evory THURSDAY Evening, at 10 o’clock, for Rockland, Castine, Deer Isle, Sedgwick, S. W. Harbor, (Mount Desert,) M1U bridge, Jouesport, and Maclilasport. Returning will leave Maclilasport evory Mondav morning at 5 o’clock, touching at thff abo'vo named landing. For further particulars Inquire of Ross & Sturdivant, 179 Commercial Street, or CUBES 8TIIBDIVAIKT, Oen Ag’t. Portland, April 5, 1873. npr5-tf HAIL LINE TO Halifax Nova Scotia, DIRECT! With connection* to Prince Edward Is land and Cape Bretou. TWO TBIpiPEB WililK. The new side wheel SteanieMp FALMOUTH, Capt. W. A. Colby, willleave Railroad wharf, Port land, every TUESDAY, at 5.30 P. M.f and the CARLOTT A, Cant. E. D. Mulligan, will leave Galt wharf, every SATUR DAY, at 6.30 P. M., (or on arrival of train leaving Boston at noon.) FOR HALIFAX DIRECT Making close connections with the Nova Scotia Railway, for Windsor, Truro, New Glasgow and Pictou, and steamers for Prince Edward Island; al so at New Glasgow, N. S., with Lindsey’s Stages for Cape Breton. RETURNING tho Carlotta will leave Halifax on TUESDAYS, at 4 P. M., and the Falmouth on THURSDAYS, at 9 P. M. For freight and further information applv to J B. COYLE, Jr., Atlantic Wharf, or mar25dtf_JOHN POKTEOUS. A^nt. PORTLAND - and;— j PHILADELPHIA. j Clyde’s Iron Line of • Steamers ! Running between Providence and Philadelphia everv WED NESDAY and SATURDAY givos direct communication to and rom Portland and all other points in Maine, with Philadelphia and beyond. Through rates are given to Philadelphia and all points reached oy the Penn. Central and the Phil. & Reading R. R’s., and to all the principal cities In the South and Southwest. No Wliarfege. Ho Commission tor forwarding. Full imformation given bv WALDOA. PEARCE, Agent, 124 Washington St., Boston, or J. B. COYLE Jr., Portland. WM. P. CLYDE, & CO., Gen’l Managers. janll iy 12 So. Delaware Avenue Philadelphia. INTERNATIONAL STEAMSHIP (0. Eastport, Calais and St. John, Uigby, Windsor and Halifax. SPRING ARRANGEMENT. TWO TRIPS PER WEEK! On and aflcr Monday March 21th the Steamer New York, Capt. E. B. Winchester, and the Stearn •cr New Brunswick, Capt. S. H. 'Pike, will leave Railrond Wharf, foot of State St., every MONDAY and THURSDAY at il P. M., for Eastport and St. John. Returning will leave St. John and Eastport on the same days. Connections made at Eastport for St. Andrews, Robbiuston, Calais, Woodstock and Houlton. Connections made at St. John for Digby, Annapo lis, Wlndson, Kentville, Halifax, N. S.,Shediac, Am herst. rff“FreI"lit received on days of sailiug until 4 o'clock P. M. marlSislwtcA. R. STUBDS, Agent. FOR BOSTON. - _ «-ir—wTHE SUPERIOR SEA-GOING STEAMERS FOREST CITY and MONTREAL, Having commodious Cabin and State Room ac commodations, will run alternately, leaving ATLANTIC WHARF, Portland, DAILY, (3DSDAYS EXCEPTED) A.T 7 O’CLOCK X>. 3VE. ‘ Returning leave INDIA WHARF, Boston, same days at 7 P. M. Fare $1.50. Freight taken at low rates. W. L. Itl Agent J. B. 4’OYLE JR.. General Agcnt.mchJOtf Norfolk nud Baltimore and Washington, I). 0. Steamship Line. Steamships of this Line sail from end of Central Wharf, Boston, w Semi-Weekly, for >'01’FOLK and J ►BALTIMOU E. Steamships “ William Lawrence.” Capt. W. A. Jlallett “ William Crane,” Capt. Solomon Howes. “George Appold,” Capt. Winslow Lovoland. ‘ 'Blackstone” Capt. Geo. H. Halletf. " William Kennedy,” Cant, Henry I>. Foster. ''McClellan,”Capt. F. M. Howes. Freight forwarded trom Norfolk to Washington Steamer Lady ot the Lake. Freight forwarded from Norfolk to Petersburg and Richmond, by river or rail: and by the Fa. tO Tenn. Air Line to all points in Virginia, Tennessee, Ala bama and Georgia; and over tbo Seaboard and Roa noke R. R. to .all points in North and Sou'll Carolina by the Balt. & Ohio R. R. to Washington and a!', places West.. Through rates given to South and West. Fine Passenger aecomraocations. Fare including Berth and Meals to Norfolk $15.00 line 48 hours; to Baltimore $15, time G5 hours. For further information apply to E. SAMPSON, Agent. .1une2tf__53 Central Wharf. Boston. • BOSTON' —A5TD— PHILADELPHIA Steamship Liuc. Leave each port every WedVy & SatM'y. No Wharfage. From Long Wharf, Boston, 3 p.m. From PineStreot Wharf, Phila delphia, at 10 a. m. Insurance one half tho rate of sailing vessels. Freight for the West by the Penn. R. R., and South by eounectinj lines forwarded free of Commission. rASS AGE, TEN DOLLARS. For Freight or Passage, apply to WHITNEY & NAM P NON, Agents, Jn23-1y70 Long Wharf, Horton. Union Ticket Office. RATES LOWER THAN EVER. We have made arrangements and can now ticket passengers to All Point* Went, North-West, Houth and South-West. Nan Francisco, Kansas City, Nt. Paul, New Orleans, and all points in Florida, via all the first-class Rail-Roads—Penn. Central. Lake Shore and Michigan Southern, Baltimore and Ohio, Erie, Great Western and Michigan Ceutra!. 36 HOURS BOSTON TO CHICAGO. Pullman Cara on all Through Train*. Passengers who wish to travel without deten tion, and with ease and comfort, will find the above routes very desirable. Continuous Trains, No Chan yes, Courteous Em ployees, Unusual Facilities for Meals at Seasonable Hours. Tickets to New York viaeSound Lines (State Rooms secured at this office), Fall River, «tonington and Norwich. All Rail Routes—Shore Line (via Provi dence), and Boston and Albany. Tickets to Boston via Eastern, Boston and Maine, Portland and Roch ester, and Boston Boats. Merchants going to Boston and New York, will save the time usually experienced at the depots by purchasing their tickets at this office. Call and ex amine our time tables, maps, etc., and be convinced that wo represent all the best roads running West. ROLLINS 6c ARAMS, Agents, mrl3-tf No. 1 Exchange Street, Portland, Me. Ship Timber and Knees. I HAVE tho largest and best stock ot Ship Knees in the Slate. Also best ipiality seasoned White Oak Treenails, and can furnish Hackmatack, Hardwood or While Oak Timber and Plank at the lowest cash prices, I, TAILOR Portland, Doc. 30,1872. tl Announcement. Mlt. JAMES L. FOGG is admitted as a member of our firm from this day. J, B. MATHEWS & CO. Portland ArtU 1, 1673. tf ■.- ■ ~ ■■ - ■ ' —_ RAILROADS. KNOX & LINCOLN RAILROAD. T -, Dlrcc trail route to Wtecawot, Now J??^f“«!|paCaKtlo, Dainariscotta, Waldoboro, 3Warrcn and Rockland. . No change of cars between Portland and Rockland. Steamers leave Rockland for all points on tho Pe nobscot nver, Machias, Mount Desert VJual Haven, Hurricane and Dlx Islandr. p mUVC ^,uiUG Cc,ltral Depot, at 7.00 a. jl, and 1.00 for Camden, Lincoln N At ‘ JiVomaston nud St. George, iifgton. ” di™0oi^Plet0? a,'d "'a8“ At Toomaaton tor S uclr“o di?‘nrJr,-V8' At Warren for Union, dalfir y‘ At Warr^ for Jetterson an<l WlmrUot i at t Wednesdays and Fridays. hneticld, Mondays, At Waidoboro’ for North WaMolv>rr.» tv , , • . and Liberty daily. ah,oboro •^ ashington, At New Castle for Bristol and Pemam.ui Mf‘ Trains daily and _C.A. COOMBS. Sun’t. GRAND TRUNK RAILWAY OF CANADA. ALTERATION OF TRAIN!*. WINTER AKIJA.NTGICM;ICjMT. __.__ On and after Monday, Nov. 4th ?!*?“??trains will ruu as follows: Passenger train for South Paris at ”™"7.50 A. M.; for Island Pond, Quebec, Montieal, and the west at 1.30 P. M. Stopping at all stations. Mail train (stopniug at all stations) for Island Poud. connecting with night mail train for Quebec, Montreal and the West. Accommodation for South Pai is and iutermediatc stations at 5.00 P. M. From Montreal, Quebec, Islaud Pond, Gorham and South Paris at 2,50 P. M. From So. Paris at 8. 20 A. M. Passenger and Freight Offices, 282 CONGRESS ST., . — AND — DEPOT AT FOOT OP INDIA ST. Tickets sold at Reduced Rates I To Canada, DctroiL Chicago, Milwau kee. Cincinnati, St. S.osiis, Oin ha. Saginaw, Ml Paul, Malt I.nkc City, Diuver, Man Francisco* anil all points In tko Northwest, West ami Southwest. THE GRAND TRUNK RAILWAY is in splendid condition, is well equipped with llrst-class rolling stock, and is making the best connections and quick est time of any route from Portland to tbe West. t PULLMAN PALACE DRAWING ROOM AND SLEEPING CARS attached to all through trains. B ggago cheeked lioin Portland to Detroit and Chicago, and not subject to Custom House examina tion. Tbe Company aro not responsible for baggage to any amount exceeding $50 in value (and that person al) unless notice is given, and paid for at the rato of one passenger tor every §500 additional value. 0. J. BRYDGES, Managing Director. H. BAILEY. Local Superintendent. Portland, March 5,1873. tf BOSTON & MAINE RAILROAD? Opening of. the New Ex tension ! MARCH 17, 1873. Passenger trains leave Portland from the tempor ary station, Walker House, Commercial street. For Boston tG.10, *3.40 A. M., *3.10 P. M. Returning, *8.30 A. M., *12.30 and *3.00 P. M. For Rochester and Alton Bay |6.10 A. M. and *3.10 , P. M. For Manchester and Concord via C. & P. R. R. | Junction *6.10 A, M., $3.10 P. M. For Milton and Union *9.40 A. M. and *3.10 P. M. For Old Orchard Beach, Saco, Biddeford and Ken nebunk at *5.00 P. M. Rotuming, leave Kennebunk at *7.30 A. M. * Accommodation. ast Jtxpi c**6. •Note.—The 16.10 A. 51. train connects at C. & P. It. It. .junction for Manchester and Concord, and ar rives in Boston In lime to connect with tko Shore Lme at 11.10 for New York. The 73.10 P. M. train connects with the a P. M. train for New York vio Shore or Springfield line. Pass-Tigers ticketed through by either route. Trains stop at Exeter 10 minutes tor refreshment; at first class Dining Rooms. Freight trains between Portland and Boston tlalld Freight received at Portland & Ogdcnsburg 11. 11 Freight station until 4 P. M. PAYSON TUCKER. Agent. Portland. ■'AS. T. FURBER, Gen. Supt., Boston, Boston, March 13,1873. mchlldtf MAINE CENTRAL RAILROAD Winter Arruugcmenf, Commencing Dec )3, 182)3. ______ Trains leave Portland for Bangor Ejfcig&ganonlton, Calais and Si. Jolm at 12:1 t -^SrO-sa. m. (sleeping and day ears on thi train.) For Bath, Lewiston, Rockland ami Augusta at 7:0 a. m. For Bath, Lewiston^Rockland, Augusta, RcadfioM ! Winthrop, Skowhegan, Belfast, Bangor, St. John an Halifax at 1:00 p. m. For Lewiston, Bath and Angnsta at 5.30 p. in For Lewiston via Danvillo at 5:25 p. m. Trains are Due at 1‘ortlaud. From Augusta,. Bath and Lewiston at 3:43 a. m. From St. Joint, Bangor, and North and Eist a 3:12 p. m. From Augusta and Lewiston at 6:35 p. in. From St. John, Bangor, &c., at 1:20 a. m. Through Tickets are sold in Portland and bag^ag cbeckod through to Houltnn, Calais, St. Jolm, llafi fax, Dover, Foxcroft, Rockland, &c. L. L. LINCOLN, Acting Superintendent. Augusta, Nov 30, 1872. dccStf EASTERN AND PORTLAND, SACO, ~i PORTSMOUTH R. R. j WINTER ARRANGEMENT j Commeuciug Monday, Dec. lid, 182*3 i Fatwnger trains leave Portland dal I pS!?f-JSff?HSly, lor Portsmouth and Boston. (Sun | lays excepted) at *1.30 A. 31. 17.00 A i M., 9.55 A. 5L, 73.20 P. M., f 6.15 I Leave Boston for Portsmouth and Portland at +7.3 A. M„ 78.30 A. M, H2.30P. M., t3.15P. M., *8.00P. J! Loavo Portsmouth for Portland at tlO.OO A. M, 71( 35 A. M„ 73.60 P.M.,t5.40 P.M.. *10.05 P. M. Leave Biddeford lor Portland at 8.00 A. M.. return tag at 4.35 P. M. ‘Pullman sleeping car express tram. N. B. Thi train runs Sunday Morning, does not run Monda morning. ♦Accommodation train. tFast Express. CSTThe Pullman Sleeping car Bxpress Train a; rives at and departs from the Depot of the Mail; Central Railroad, in Portland. N. D. The 7.00 A. M., and 3.20, P. M. trail from Portland, make close connections to Nc York by one or other of the routes from Bostoi Passengers ticketed through by either route. F. CHASE, nooOtf Sunt. Portland Division. PORTLAND & OGDENSBURfT r7^I CHANGE OF TIME. , - - __ On and after Monday, Nov. til further notice, train* will ru follows: A. M. P. 51. Leave Portland, 7.15 3.15 Leave N. Conway, 8.30 1.C0 Tito 7.15 a. m. and 1 00 n. m. Trains will be Freigli with passenger cars attached. STAGES Connect daily with 3.15 P.5!., For Cornish, Kczar Falls, Porter, Freedom, Den mark, Bridgton, Lovell, and North Lovoll. The 8.30 a. m. from No. Conway connects wit afternoon trains for Boston, via Eastern or Boston i Maine R. R’s., and the 1.U0 p. ro. train arrives i Portland In season to connect with Steamers for Bn ton. Ticket Office at the Boston & Maine Depot. J. HAMILTON, Superintendent. PonlaDd, Oct. 2,1872.. uovltr | I’UKAEAMJ & ROCHESTER RAILROAI! Winter Arrangement. feSSSBfgil Passenger (rains leave Tortlan -n»'"'ilr Rochester and intermediate statior “ at 7.15 A.M., and 1.30 P. M„ makhi direct connection at Rochester with trains for Bostor over Boston & Maine and Eastern Railroads. Al; conueot at Rochester witli Dover aud Wiuuiniseoge Railroad for Alton Bay, and with Portsmouth, Grot Falls aud Oonway Railroad tor Conway. Leave Rochester for Portland and way stations 8 7.30 A.M. and 12 M. Tho 7.30 train connecting with down train o Portsmouth, Great Falls and Conway Railroads, an the 12 o’clock train making direct connection a Rochester with trains from Boston, leaving Bosto at 7.30 aud 8.30, A. M., via Boston & Maine, and a 8 30 A. A. via Eastern Railroads. Leave Portland for Saco River at B.20 I’. 51 Leave Saco River for Portland at 5.30 A. M. Stages connect as follows: At Gorham for West Gorham, Standish, and N< Limiugton, daily. At Buxton Centre for West Buxton, Bounv liaal and Lhnlngton .daily. At Centre Wat erhoro' for Limerick. Newfield, Pat eonsrield and Ossipee, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sal nraays, returning alternate days. At Centro Wat erhoro’for Limerick, Parson sfleV uany. WILLIAM IT. TCRNLB, Superintendent. ___ declG-tc TIac €>M Uis Sosa Passenger Ticket Agency Is now as heretofore at NO. 491-2 EXCHANGE STREET — WHERE — TRAVELERS FOR CALIFORNIA And tbc West, South and Northwest, may proctiri Through Tickets at the lowest rates, via tho Michi gm Central and Great Western (via Susnensioi ridge) Pennsylvania Central (via New York city) Chicago, Burlington & Quincy, or Book Island, Chi cago & North Western, and all the principal and fa vorite routes to the Pacific Coast and all other points For Tickets apply to the Old Agency of W. ». LITTLE V CO., 49 1-3 exchange: street jan30d3wistostf 1 ELIAS HOWE Sewing Machine! AND RDTTKRICIvS Palter us of Garment! PLHMM S"& rtLDEB Janl 73 it 173 Middle St.. Dp Stairs. TIT ID Maiuc State Agricultural Society will hold its HTn, EXHIBITION AT BANCJOB, September 10, 17,18 & 10. 1870. tlTOver ^GOOO, ill premiums arc oftered. 1 mar22 u(,m MISCELLANENOUS. Allan_Line. Montreal Ocean Steamship Co. UNDER CONTRACT FOR THE CARRYING OF THE t'annilinii mill United State* flail*. 1 - **■ , rasaenEcrs hooked " o Londoo v~ diary and Liverpool. IlfllvBliN. Aietiiwi MUckt-i-: ^granted at Reduced lGm — w The Steamship POE. V N ESI AN, Capf. Blown, Will leave this port for Liverpool on SATURDAY, April 26lfa, immediately after the arrival of the Train of tli previous day from Montreal. Passage to Londonderry and Liverpool, Cabin (ac cording to accommodations).870 to 880 Payable in Gold or its equivalent, or Freight or Cabin Passage, apply to JL & A. ALLAN, No. 1 India St. Lr Steerage Passage inward and outward, and lor Sklifc Drafts on England for small amounts apply to .JAMES L. FARMER, „ „ , . No. 3 India Street. Portland, Nov. lotli. 1872. nov20tf COTTON SEED MEAL! j | 2000 Bags Cotton Seed Meal —FOR SALE BY— KENDALL A WIIITNLY, tcb7 '_<il£_ To Steamship Builders. Proposals for building; a Strain Propeller for flic U. S. Revenue Marine. — Treasury Department. I Washington, D. C., March 29, 1873.) SEALED Proposals will be received by the under signed nntil twelve o’clock M. of Tbnr»dny, thf* 15th day of .Tiny, 1873, ior the construc tion of a Steam Propeller for service in tbo United States Revenue Marine. Plans and specifications of the same, together with all other necessary information, will be furnished to bhldeis on application to the Collectors of Customs at Baltimore, Philadelphia. New York, Boston, and Portland, Me. The right is reserved to reject any or all bids should it be deemed for the interest of the Government so to do. WM. A. RICHAUDSON, Secretary of the 'treasury. apr4 2aw&raay3&7 Bleaching* . Campaign FOR 1873. Come and sec what a variety ol Shapes we have for the season. We arc now prepared to remodel old Hats and Bonnets in the high est style of the art at Sweetser’s Blcstchery, 342 Congress Street. ap2_ ood3w Saw Glimmer & Sharpener. A CHEAP, simple, and durable Machlno—easily operated and rumdng wheels from 8 x } inches to 12 x lineb. Price of Machine, - - <B>15. Wheels which bevelled, double bevelled and round faco from SfcS.lQ to $7.35, according to thick ness. Heavier Machines $70 and $90, run ning Wheels up to 24 inches in diameter. For illustrated Pamphlets or Photographs, address THK TANITE CO., Stroudsburg, Monroe Co., Pa. ~ A. S. LllIAS’S " Pat-eut Pure Dry Air Refrigerator The best stud Only Reliable One iu tbc .llurkcl. IT is Indispensable to Butchers, Provision dealers. Hotel Keepers, Grocers and Restaurants. Will save more than its cost evory Summer. Butchers who use it, in its best form, wiil soon find tbeirmeats recommended by their customers. The internal ar rangement is such that a current ot cold air is kept \ constantly moving over tho contents of the Refrlser } atcr. The Patent upon this has boon fully tested ic the U. S. Courts and its validity established in eiglv ) teen cases. For LICENSE, KIGIITS, &c., apply to i SCOTT I>. JORDAN, AISIiNtf FOR MAINE, : So. 2 Park Street or So. 80 Middle St. to whan all applications should bo made, and ,vb( f lias full power to settle infringements. mchlcodtf J. H. HOOPER, : | U P IT O LSTERER Xos, *1 aud 33 Free St.. ' I MAXCl'ACTUBEn OF Parlor Sviits, Lounges. Spring Beds, Mattresses, ?lc6)ononsli Patent Bc«l Loungei*, Cn< nmeled Cknira, Arc. tt3rJAU kinds of repairing neatly done. Fnniitcrt boxed and matted. oct5-’G9TT&Stt SPECIAL NOTICE, 3 All ei the TjAISTITIB CO.’S good are direct ly mode by the Co., at their own Factory anduindei their own Patents and Processes. * It is cheaper to buy Standard Goods directly fron well known manufacturers than to buy of Dealers • get low priced or poor goods. Tbe fullest irJbrma , tionon.all poinis connected with EMEH\’ ' WHEELS AND EMERY 7 GRINDING MACHINERY nil be furnished by this Company. fcb8eod3m NOTICE is hereby given, that the subscribers hav been duly appointed Executors of the Will of 0 JAMES B. THORNTON, late of Scarborough, s in tho County of Cumberland, deceased, and have tak v on upon themselves that trust by giving bonds as th i. law directs. All persons having demands upon th estate of said deceased, are required to exhibit th same: and all persons indebted to said estate ar called upon to make payment to JOHN W. THONTON, Boston, Mass., JAMES B. THORNiON, Scarborough, Me.. • CHARLES C. G. THORNTON, Madison, Wis., Executors. Scarborough, March 21,1873. apl2dlaw3wS* ' SCRIBNER & JORDAN, PATENT AGENTS. i j 74 MIDDLE, COR., EXCHANGE ST., PORTLAND, N1A.INTE. SPECIAL ATTENTION GIVEN TO P. EJECT ' apr, ED CASES. eodtf t J. ENGER, - PIANO-FORTE TUNER -AND REPAIRER. Orders In the city or country will receive prornp • attention. Address at U. S. Hotel, or 31 Temple St febl3 eod3iu O T I Tk «* • i uaiuuiu b i in |7i u * cu iicingcraivn s The three points ot excellence which I claim, arc i, 1st: constant and thorough circulation of pure air , 2nd; rynees, no dampness monld nor taint; 3rd; n 0 intermingling of odors; purity and active air, tli b elements of its success. Call, or send for circulars t Manufactured and for sale by J. F. MERRILL, be tween Cross and Cotton sts., near Leavitt, Burnhan t & Co.s lee House, Portland. Me. jeSdtf 1 Piano Tniting. t i Orders attended to personally by KS). B. ROBIXSON, Pinna Rooms, 5 Cnhoon Block. ^Opposite City HaKA mar28-d.3m. f Portland R. K. Company. A MEETING of the Stockholders of the Portland Railroad Company will be held in Receptior RooiB8,(City 11 all,)Portland,on Friday.April 25th insr, at 2 o'clock P. M.. for the purpose of filling the vacan , cy in the board of Directors, occasioned by the resig ; maMou o' Col. Charles B. Morrill. Attest: j .ipl7 T M WAF CHARLES HOLDEN, Sec’y. *91 AA BENIVISON’H PATENT fl in SHIPPING TAGS. 11 1 V1 Over 2d0 millions have been used with i U ■ ,\in the past ten years without complainl H 11 lot'loss by tag becoming detached. Al H y?Express Companies use them. Sold bj Prinlrrs nnd Stationers livery where. apr!7TTA S3m 1VTOTICE is hereby given, that the subscriber hai li been duly appointed and taken upon kimsel the trust of Administrator with the Will annexed o the estate of EUNICE O. COLLEY, late ol Portland, hi the county of Cumberland, deceased, and giver bonds as the law directs. All persons having demand upon the estate ot said deceased arcrtquired to exldbii the same; and all persons indebted to said estate are called upon to make payment to » FRANK L. COLLEY, Adra'r, with the Will annexed. Portland, April 1st, lft73.aprl0dlaw3w»T Gentlemen’s Garments ' CLEANSED, — OK — ! Dycil Brown, Black, Bliic-Black 1 ! and Blue, AND TRESSED READY FOR WEAR. No Ripping requlrod. Warranted not to crock. AT FOSTER’S OVE HOUSE, j niarClTTiSStt Union S«^ A Flue Business Opouinff - TTtOIt a young or middle aged f bio character. tavitS thousand dollars capital, invcauh nov^ttf • Address Box 2015 Portland Me. REMOVAL. ,5, B. JK., ! SioTL & Banner Painter Has removed to No. :MT Middle Street, nearly oppo 1 St" l«to old stand. aprlOeodlm MEDICAL, Iron in Blood The i • v ,j, Syrup, a Protect ed Solution of the Protoxide of. Iron, i:i so combined as to have the character of an aliment, as easily digested and assimilated with the blood as the simplest food. It increases the quantity of Nature'a Own Vitalising Agent, Iron in the blood, and cures “a thousand ills," simply by Toning tip,Invigorating and Vitalising the System. The en riched and vitalised blood per meates every part of the body, repairing damages and waste, searching out morbid _ score- % tlona, and leaving nothing for disease to feed upon. This is the secret of the won derful success of thin remedy in curing Dyspepsia, Liver Com plaint, Dropsy, Chronic Diar rhoea, Dolls, Nervous Affections, Chills and Fevers, Humors, Loss of Constitutional Vigor, Diseases of the Kidneys and Bladder, Female Complaints, and all diseases originating in a bad state of the blood, or ac companied by debility or a low state of the system. Being free from Alcohol, in any form, its energising effects are not fol lowed by corresponding reac tion, but are permanent, infu sing strength, vigor, and new life into aM parts of the system, and building up an Iron Con stitution. Thousands have been changed by the use of this remedy, from weak, sickly, suffering crea tures, to strong, healthy, and happy men anil women; and, invalids cannot reasonably lies • Hale to give it a trial. Sec that each bottle has PERU' 'JUAN SYRUP bloivnin the glass, Pamphlots Free, . SETH \V. FOY/LE &. SONS, Proprietorr. IVo. 1 Ulilton Place, Bostc:). Sold by Ditlge:sts bo15 deod&w Ia ADIE S, Madam Healy’s Uterine Tonic.Pill are now roady f r the general public. The many who have tried them will uced no other nolke. They are an invaluable remedy for All Uterine Diseases. They cur* PROLAPSUS UTERI, givo tone to tho muscles, and lift the organ into Its proper position, and keep it there. They speedily euro Leucorhooa, Dysmenorrhcea and Menorrhagia. Th y area spe cific tor Stangury, a diuretie in Grave) They pro mote sleep, allay nervous excitability. Remove ster ility, and all female weaknesses. They arc purely vegetable, pleasant to the taste, free from opiates and all injurious properties. Ma laiu Healths Pamphlet for Women is interesting and valuable. Sent lxce upon receipt of stamp for return postage, or can be found at Weeks & Potter's, 176 Treraom St., BOSTON. MADAM II KALI’S LOTI05, for ulcoratlon and Inflammation accompanies each box of Pills. Price of Pills and Lotion, $1.23 per box, or $6.t0 a half dozen. Address all business let tors to Madam Healy, Box 3.57, Station A, Boston. For sale by WEEKS POTTER, Boston, and all Druggists. apTdly RR. R. J. JOl llDAIN, ntoriuETon of tiie Parisian Gallery of Anatomy, Boston HA3 just published a new edition of Li* lecture containing most valuable information ui the causes, consequences and treatment of disease c l ibe reproductive system, with remarks on marriam., and the vaiiaus causes of the /oss of' manhood, with lull Instruction0 for US’complete restoration; also a eb if* 1 ter on venereal :»fectio?t, and the means of enre, hr ing the most comprehensive work on the subject eve: yet published, comprising ir*0 pages. Mailed free fo any address for 25 cents. Address, I Dr. Jcunlain’s CciimMGiu: Ollico, 61 ESancocEi Street, £So<«tun, Hn*%. janlSdlvr WH. HI. HARKS, Book, Card and Job PRSNTER I ; 100 EXCHANGE STREET : Daily Cress Priutins? House. Every description ol Work promptly auil carefully executed and at tlic Lowest Prices. Destructive Fires! - Involving the loss of million) r of dollars occur too ofi en In this country. We submit to every sensible, prudent man, that they can be prevented l*y the general iutrodnetl n of the GARDNER FIRE EXTIN GUISHER. i Tills machine stands upon its merits, having made for itself, BY SOLID WORK, a record & that commands attention. ■ Send ior descriptive circular tc M. & II. T. PLUMMER, 7 UNION STREET. ; noy 30 d fall T11 & T\M a w 1*0 HT I, »>I>. Me. SEW ENGLAND Babcock Self Acting FIRE ENGINE ! ) SEND IOR.C IHCILARS TO PLUMMER & EATON, State .Agents, BATH MAIN E . Upr9 __ i1*^7 For Sale in Portland by HALLL. DAVIS LOTI IQN, SHORT & HARMON,R. K. HUNT A CO. a.sM __ _ eodljy Dissolution of Copartnership. -— Notice is ncrebv given thrt the firm of RAN DALI., * MCALLISTER A: CO., la hereby dl» I colred bv nuttiial consent, solved t'} mm JOHN F. RANDALL. henry f. mcallister, EDWARD 1L SARGENT Portland, March 27, 1873. Copartnership Notice. THE undersigned have th*3 day formed a copart nership under the name of RANDALL & McALISTER. and will continue the business of dealers In COAL & WOOD at tlic old .(and ol tbo lute linn r I RANDALL, McAI LISTER & CO., GO Commercial St. They will pottle all demands of tho late Una or Randall, McAllister A Co. JOHN l\ RANDALL. HENRY. F. Mr\L].IS1T!’ Portland, March 27th, 1873. dS

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