Newspaper of Portland Daily Press, April 26, 1873, Page 1

Newspaper of Portland Daily Press dated April 26, 1873 Page 1
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» I AH IMP PORTLAND DAILY PRESS ihiblldha.l every day (Suudaya cieepted) bj the PORTLAND IMJIBEIJSI3BHfC! CO., A i 109 Knchangk Sr. Portland. Terms: Kight Dollars a Year m advance THE MAIXE~STATE PRESS is jnbiJsiied every Thursday Morning at £2 50 a year, if paid in advance, at $2 00 a year. Ratjbk or Advertising : Gno inch ot space, eiig h ot column, constitutes a “square.** $. 50 Tver square daily first week; 75 cents pci w . k after; three insertions, or less, SI 00; com tilli ng every other day after tirst week, 5o cents. li'df square, three insertions or less. 75 cents; out wo~k. SI 00; 50 cents per week after. • ‘ ^Fei ai, Noticks, one third additional. Under head of “Am psements,** S2 00 per square per week; three insertions or Jess $1 50* Advertisements inserted in the “Maine State Pefss*’ (which has a large circulation in every part of the State) for $1 00 per square lor first* insertion, and 60 cents per square for each subsequent inser tion* Address al) communications to PORTLAND -PUBLISHING CO. BUSINESS CARDS. STBOCT & IIOI.IU.ES, Attorneys and Counsellors at Law, CANAI, BAN 11 Bl'IhSIJiS, PORTLAND, ME. — 4. BIBCirr. GEO. F. HOLMES. tfA.7 c!3ra GEO. E. COLIISS, PHOTOGRAPHIC ARTIST, 316 r»3(iBI>K STREET, I« prepared to make all tlic various styles of fr.rd Picture**, K» mbrniit, HErdnSiioii, Ar„ from Ketouclied IVetfativc*. By this process we Gi't riel of Fr«*clilea, Itioleti mid other in* perfect ion* of the NItiia. For all of which no extra charge will be made. All work warranted to please. Call and examine for yourselves.* mchlEcUf William H. Phinney. Jas. L. Lombard. PHINNEY & LOMBARD, Real Estate & Loans, No, 153 La Salle Street, CHICAGO. Safe invefttmeatN tnmSc for non-rraideuta, .'tud their iiaEcrr*!* carefully attended to. ItKFFBF.NCEsr—Chns.B. Sawyer, Prep. 5th Nat’l Bank, Chicago: Chan. If. Mathews, Capitalist. Sclien edady, V. Y.; j. S. Winslow & Co., Portland, Me.; S A. Briggs, Vice-Pres. Franklin Bank. Ch*cayo; G. If. Hosmer, Lcckport, N. Y.; Phinney & Jackson, Portlaud. Me. ” apil2dtf I . B. DENNETT, Connscllor at Law, NO. 1 EXCHANGE STREET, PORTLAND. ME. janlG tf ROSS & STURDIVANT, WHOLESALE COAX DEALERS 17!) Ccmioritinl St,, Portland. Sole a gents In Maine for the sale and shipment of the Celebrated Coni mined by Messrs. Ham 't.eft Neill & Co., of Philadelphia." We have also lor sale at lowest market price, ’VilkeAarre, Scranton. Lackawanna, and Pittston Coals, shipped from the vicinity of New York. Ves sels procured lor the tranportation of coals from put of shipment , aiiy point jlesired. t£apr27 ARETAS SHURTI EFF, No. 6 Moulton Street, PORTLAND, ME., — WILL SELL ON — COMMISSION ! ALL HUBS BEAL ESTATE. — ALSO — - Negotiate Loans on Mortgages! aprlG dtf GAS — AND — WATER FIXTURES j. kessmaw, No. 128 EXCHANGE STREET, PORTLAND. ap3 lm HENRY F. T. MERRILL^ COUNSELOR AT LAW, No. 30 Exchange St.. Portland. Formerly of the U. S. Treasury Department and Attorney in all the court s in the District of ohimbia, will attend to the prosecution of . laims teiore the Court of Claims and the various departments at Washington. octll-tf ~~ JOST & KELLER, FRESCO PAINTERS, Office 134 Middle St., up stairs. POBTUm ME. Orders min be left at F. F. Hale’s picture gallery ana O. M. & F. P. Crooks’, No. 333 Congress St. KTA1I Order* promptly all. tided to. Jan25 tf PORTRAIT P A1 NTT PC It. *1. «. CLOITDMAK, 14S EXEKVAf<»E HT. jan£2tf J. II. LANISOff. PHOTOGRAPHER, No. 152 middle Street. PORTLAND, ME. Copying and enlarging done to order. All the new styles, Berlins, Bembrants, Medallion, he Porcelain, or Mezzotint card, and the retouched raid, by which new process we get rid of freckles moles,wrinkles and all imperfections of the skin. Call and jxwlge for yourselves. SSP'iTlotto—Wood work at Moderate Price*. Aim to Please. may 20 .1. IT. FOGG, Attorney and Counsellor at Law, 119 1-2 EXCHANGE ST., (Comer of Excliangc ami Federal Sts.,) MOI PORTLAND, ME). tf JAMES O’DONNELL, COUNSELLOR AT LAW, has removed to SO. Si 1-2 MIDDLE STREET, (2ml door below Canal Bank,) PORTLAND, iVIA.I3S3 T£. Commissioner of deeds for the several State:', fcbio tf WILLIAM FTENRl CLIFFORD, Counsellor at Law and in Patent Causes, NO. 80 MIDDLE ST., POFt'1'XjA.NTX). {^"Attends to all kinds of Fatent business mnrll)_ 'd3m REMOVAL. J. B. HUDSON, JR.. Sign & Banner Bain ter Has removed to No. 267 Middle Street, nearly oppo site his old stand. aprioeodlm SCRIBNER & JORDAN, PATENT AGENTS, 74 MIDDLE, COR., EXCHANGE $T„ PORTLAND, MAINE. SPECIAL ATTENTION GIVEN TO REJECT apr5 ED CASES. codtf J. ENGER, PIANO-FORTE TUNER -AND REPAIRER, Orders in the city or country will receivo prompt attention. Address at U. s. Hotel, or 31 Temple St. feb!3__ eodSni J. H. HOOPER, U B TJ o LSTERER Nos. *1 and S3 Free St, MAXCTFACTURER OF Parlor Suits, Lounges. Spring Bede, Mattresses, aielionougli Patent Red Lounges, En. nmele.l Cliairs, Ax. tarAU kinds of repairing neatly dono. Famiturd boxed and matted. octS-’UT T&StJ BUSINESS CARDS. W. c. CLARK, 103 FEDERAL STREET, 5 Soon East of Temple St., | GAS AND WATER PIPING. _ap21_tr O. TV. STOCKMAN. M. »., Plijslti. n ansi Surgeo!i; -0~ Congress St., Portland. ' PPwttc Ihe Park, lnai !3<Ul CHAS. J. SCHUMACHER, FRESCO PAINTER, «$ ©eerisig Block, AT SC1XUMACH15B R30THERS. apvlG d3mo TOKTLAND MACHINEWORKS (FORMERLY C. STAPLES & SON,) NXarine, Stationary and. Portablo STEAJH ENGINES, i Steam Boilers, Bleach Boilers amt Tanks, Shafting, ! Mill Gearing and General Machinery. Castings of i iron, brass, and composition. Repairing promptly attended to. fi.’^T’New and Second-hand Engines lor sale. Highest cash prices paid lor old Iron. ^15 Commercial Street, AV. H. FESSENDEN. aprl4:f Portland, Me. E. C. JORDAN, Civil Engineer &. land Surveyor, > '■ - • ■ J £: Ko. 841-2 Middle Srce!., (near Canal Bant, PORTLAND, MAINE. aprl2 dim BUSINESS DIRECTORY. Agency for Sewing Machines. j TV. S. nTBB, No. af-J Middle St. All kiu*!» of lilachiiscti for sale ami to let* Btcpniriisg. Bakers. ! W* C. tORR, N'os. 28 and iJO Pear! Street. On direct route between New Ciotoxn" Hoase ami Po4 Office, near the Market. Booksellers and Stationers. HOYT, roan & BREED,No.Ol Middle Street. Book Binders. TYM. A. !|i r,ev, Boom 11, Pnatrr’a Exchaage, No. ffl Exchange Stt. SHALL & SIIACRFORl),lVo. 35 Plum Street. __ Carpenters anti Builders* 1VHITNEV &■ HRAlV8,Fearl Sired, ep posite i*nrk. . if enlists. D1S. W. R. JOHNSON, over H. H. Slay’*. Dyc-Honsc. , F. 8Y9IOND8, India 8t. Velvet Cloaks dyed and finished. FOSTER’S Dye Bonne, 34 Union Street.* Furniture—Wholesale and Retail. WALTER COREY & CO., Arcade, No. j IS Free Street. GEORGE A. WHITNEY, No. 5ft Ex- ! change St. Upholstering of all kin:En i dosse to order. _ Furniture and House Furnishing Goods. , BEN J. ADAHS, cor. Exchange and Fed eral Streets*. HOOPER Qc EATON, Old Po*l Ofllce, Exchange Street. L. F. HOYT, No. It Preble Street. Up holstering done to order. Furniture and Upholstering. DAVID TV. UKASE, No. 85* Federal Si. ! All kind* of Uphold rriizgand Repairing I done to order. , _t> ! Hair Goods and Toilet Articles. J. F. NHEBRV, No. 5* Clapp*. Biorli ; Congre.s Street. opposite ©Id City Hall, ' Horse Shoeing and Carriage repairing j Done in the best nossible manner by S. ; YOUNG & CO.. No. tOO Fore St. Jewelry aud Fine Watches. ABNER LOWELL.SOl Congress Street. Agents for Howard Watch Company. Manufacturers of Trunks, Valises and Carpet-Bags. .1. R. »I'KAN & CO., 171 Middle nn«t lift Federal Street*. Masons and Builders. N. E. REDI,OX, 233 1-2 Coagrr*, 81. Paper Hangings, Window Shades, and Carpetings. EOTHROF.BE YENS A: CO., 61 Exhaust Sreet and 4si iflsirket St. Photographers. A. 8. DAVIS dfc CO., No. SO Middle Street. J. SI. I.AMSON, 152Middle8t.,ecr.Cross. Plumbers. JAMES Ml 1,1,15R. No. 5*1 Federal Street. Evrry description of Water Fixture* ar ranged and act up in the bent snnmicr. Jobbing promptly attended to. Plasterer, Stucco Worker, Arc. P. FEENY. Cor. Cumberland and Frank lin Mts. Heal Estate Agents. JOHN C. PROCTER, No. 5*3 Exchange Street. GEO. R. DAVIS dfc Co.. No. .*501 fl-3 Con gress Street. Silver Smith and Gold and Silver Plater. M. PEARSON. No. 33 Temple St., near Congrc**. All kind* ©f Silver and Plated Ware Repaired. Silver and Plated Ware. ABNER I.OffEI.L, 301 Cr uSrcs^8trrrt. Schools. ENGV.I8H anil FRENCH 8CIIOOE, 130 Cougrew* Street. Stair Builder. B. F. LIBRV.Lo. 353 Fore Street, cor. Cron* St., in D* Icno’s Hill. r G. L. HOOPER & CO., Snecew*©r* to Eiftlcficid & Wi'nou, Cor. Y'ork & In pie Street*. Watches, Jewelry, &c. J. W. &- II. II. MCMTFFEE,Cer. Middle &■ Union St*. GEO. A. WHITNEY & CO., SlAXTFACTrCEP.S OF AND DEALER IN FURNITURE! suitresses, feathers, fe. - - ■ . - . ,.r " j Y«. 4©, c6Si<| over 42 & j 44 Exchange St., Portland, Maine. ! __ IPHitLSTERIJtC KOBE TO OttitEtt, j >l|rt___ j New Sewing Machine ! BOOMS No. 286 Congress Street, OPPOSITE PREBLE MOUSE, UP STAIRS. All first-class Sewing Machines, new and second hand. It w ill pay to examine all kinds together and judge for youraelf which is the best. W. DYER, Agent. apU__lm Rare ( Uaiico for Agents. <j!»tJ to S15 a dav. Business Ii?bt ami pleasant. •lf>0 Call at 1 Tolman Place from 12 M. til 12 P. M., aud from 6 to s P. M., or address ti lth stamp, . «■ MEEK, Portland, Mo. apr23-lw* REAL ESTATE. House EoSs ois Elm Sjreet for Sale. XO-ratn suit, purcliasers, on the westerly side of J Kim Street, between Congress and Cumberland Streets. Apply to Win. II. .Jerris, Real Estate Asent C'alioon Blook. next East of City Hall. April 24, 1873. " ap2Id»3w Hotel Property for Sale ! I1ST NOKTHIiOEO MASS. 1UIE Assabet House, beautifully situated on public • square in center of the village, on Railroad 25 miles from Deaton. House is new and of modern stylo, anil contains 38 rooms, dance hall, b Uiards&c. Large stable, 30 stalls. Will be sold at a great bar gain; owner wishes to retire from business. Apply to D. C. PAG E, Norikboro, Mass. apr23-Gw* _ FOE SALE. ON liberal tonn9, a valriublo tract of Timber and Wood lands comprising 15,00b acres, situated on the Androscoggin river, within 90 miles from Port land. That river and the Grand Trunk Railway pass through tho property; facilities for logging superior, and quality and quantity of timber un-urpa.ssjd. For further particulars and maps anply to WM. ICRON BERG, Owner, apr23Jlw Nos. 4 and 6 Piue St., N. Y. City. FOR SALE, A COUNTRY Gv occry and Dry Goods Store in Middlesex Co.. 1G miles from Boston, with a good class of customers. Post Office in tlio store. Amount of stock about $4000. To the right man a good chance is offered to do a safe and increasing business. Address C. L. HOWARD. apr23dlw Waylaud, Mar*. Mouse for Sale. milE square, two storied dwelling IT-mso No. 23 JL Watervillo street; contains twelve finished rooms. This property is pleasantly located and will i be sold low to close an estate. Arply to I WM. II. JERRIS, Real Estate Agent, corner Congress and Myrtle Sts. ap22 d2w I'wo X’sce House Eots for Saie. ONE on Pine Street, adjoining Capt. Goo. Knight, j —40x100 feet, and on Emery, near Spring St.. 54 ! x1'!. Term8 favorable. Apply to W. II. Jerris, Real Estate Agent. aprl7-3w* For Sale in the Town of West brook. \ FINE residence ono-balf mile from the Railroad j il Depots, Post-office, go d Schools and Churches, : six miles fr m Portlaud; Hou^c and Ell two stories thirteen finished rooms, double parlors with marble mantles, Wood-houso and Stablo connected—all in good repair, painted and blinded, Barn 40xG0 on the jiremises; grounds contain J5£ acres, ‘excellent land, well fenced, 30 apple and pear trees, £ acre choice strawberries, three good wells of water upon tho place and good cistern in the cellar, cellar under whole House, fine cement bottom; grounds ornamonted with fine shade trees. This is duo ot the finest resi dences in the county. Terms easy. Enquire of G. R. Davis & Co., Portland, or Oii> Brown, Westbrook. mnr21tf Farm in Saco for §1350 ! ! A GOOD FARM of eight acres; 1$ story house, barn 23x40, p ul ry-hous.?, piggery. & ., apple, pear and poach trees and small fruits. One half mile i from Saco depot, on Jordan road, so called. Torms j $900 cash and balance on mortgage. Apply to MRS. ; HANNAH JACKSON, o:i the premises, or GEO. R. DAVIS & CO., Real Estate autf Mortgage Brokers. ap5 dtf ■ jt. vi IN Gorliam, about twenty minutes walk from the Depot, a House and two acres of land, covered with apple trees bearing very choice fruit. As the property must, be sold, it can be purchased for half of what the buildings would cost. DANIEL C. EMERY. | Gorham, April 15,1873. apr-d&wtf I FOR BALE! A Superior Hay Farm, eight miles from Portland on the road leading from Portland to Buxton; a large two-story honse, barn, stable, pig '__ItT house, a splcnrlin cellar, cistein and a good well of water, orchard, pear, grapes, and oth er fruit**: and all conveniences to make a good farm. JOHN L. CURTIS, aplld&Wlw* then tf South Gorham. A New Honse for Sale ! MTlie commodious house on the westerly corner of Cumberland and Anderson streets. Very convenient for two families. Gas and Sohago. Now rents $525 per annum. Pleasant location and good neighborhood. Can Ixj had on lavorable terms. Apply to WM. IT. JERRIS, Real Estate Agent, aprl2dtf Cahoon Block. Tin* man' Farm for SaSe or to Eet. SITUATED in Scarborough, and for sale low. It being a st ock farm, any one desiring such would do well to call and 3ee it before purchasing else where. Apply at once corner of Middle and India Streets, or on the premises. aprlSdtjuul* Desirable Properly at Dorliam Vil lage, to be sold at Auction. “OURSUANT to license from Probate Court, will JL bo sold at public auction on SATURDAY, the 10th day of May next, at o’clock P. M., the valu able Estate known as the “Broad Place.” Said estate consists of abour six acres of land, on wi ich are a Urge two-story House, Barn and out-buildings, fruit trecH, shade trees, <S:c., &c. This is a most at tracts o location, but flvo minutes walk from Churches, Seminary, public School House, and R. R. Station; and will unquestionably bo sold at a bargain. A train on P. & R. R. leaves Portland at 1£ P. M., and one returns at 4.25 P. M. (nr'Sale to take piece on the premises. 1 JOHN C. CARD, Ex’r o: Will of ihe late Henry Broad. Gorham, April 7,1S73. apr9dlaw3w then dtd* For Sale-Summer Resort ©si Chc beaguc IsSaiBd, A good dwelling house with 12 Jti .TAV. - rooms in go id repaid, a story and a ^ ^alf store, good well of water, 22 i . *35*0 ncres of land, five in tillage, and the ^ 1 > rest ir. wood and pasture land; 28 young fruit trees, part in bearing order. The land is very free from rocks and is situated close to the sea slu re. A go >d chance to keop s’ore Enquire or CHAS. SAWYER, aplltf 123 Commercial St., Portland. FOR SALE. ~ A LOT of vacant land, situated on the west side of High, between Pleasant and Dauforth, Sts. This lot has a front of about fit feet and is about 194 feet deep, and plans have been drawn by How, for a block of seven or nine genteel and convenient resi dences, ami adapted for Hie same. Enquire of EDWIN CHURCHILL, No. 4 Portland Pier. mar28 From 12 to 2 o’clock, P. M. Real Estate. 1710R Sale, or lease for a term of years, the propar . ty belonging to the ostato of Francis O Libby, and formerly occupied by him on the corner of Free and High Streets. HARRISON J. LIBBY,) . - FRANK W. LIBBY, j Amn mar24 tf Eaim for Sale or Exchange. ^ A superior Hay Farm in the town _ of Deering, three and a half miles fl0ni Portland. /This iarm contains about Cl acres 1 of excellent mowing land, “cut 60 tons of hay last season.” G.>od orchard near the house. Buildings consist of a two-story and a one-story house, a new barn 40xS0, with other out-buildings. Also, farming tools. Part of the purchase money can lay on a mortgage, or will bo exchanged for a . house in the city, or a peice of a vessel. For further particulars on quire of GEORGE SMITH. No. 13 Boyd St. mar!9tf rue "Limerick House,” FOR SALE 3^ The su.>'Criber offers ror sale his Hotel rr^r-m% proj rty in Limerick Village, York County. The house has 22 rooms all ill good repair, with shed and two large stables adjoining: : / two wells of wafer on the premises, and every convenience for a fret-class Hotel. 'J'he “Limerick Hocse” is well situated for securing liberal pat rename. Enquire farther cf the owner. JOSEPH O. HARMON, mar 13dtf Limerick, Me. Heal Instate tf©B* Ssifie. MIDSIZE AND LOT WO. 7G STATE S!’., Lot contains 31.000 foet of land, with fine itiit gar den, cold, grapery, etc Applv to W- II. FESSENDEN, marGtf 213 Commercial Street. For Sale. milE house on State Street, occupied by the un X dersigned. This house is thoroughly built of brick and stone and lias all modern conveniences. ALLEN HAINES. Portland, Sep. 18tli, 1872._seplO-tt FOR SALE! TEBBETS” HOUSE, SPEINGVALB. WILL BE SOLD CHEAP! As the owner wants to go West. jau31 SAMUEL T). TEBBETS. DRUGGISTS STAWD FOR SALE ! One of the very best stands In the city for a Druggist, is on the corner of Fore and India Streets, which Is now offiwed for Sale. I or particulars inquire immediately of Lufkin & Co., Jio. 2 Woodman Block. MRS. ELIZA A. CL'SIIMAX. Portland, April 13,1873. - aprlSdtf NOTICE THIS certifies that I have relinquished to mv Oliver S. Staples, the remainder of hjg injmvriFv and shall claim none of his wages nor pay anv of i>d debts after this date. SAMUEL STAPLES. Baldwin, April 16,1873. apr22diw* WANTS, LOST, FOUND. Lost. ON THURSDAY a sum of money, tlio finder will bo suitable rewarded bv leaving tho same at this Office or 34 North St. ” apr25du Experienced Coat, Pant ami Vest Makers WASTED AT SMITH, MOBGAJf & BCTLEB'S, Cor. Middle ito Market Sts, apv25dt f Pressman Wanted -AT SMIT’S5, MORGAN & BUTLEB’S. Cor. BliiliUc & Market Sts. apr21 tf Wan led \ MAN who understands repairing Furniture. Apply at 125 Federal St. apr23 _ tf__ WANTED. A BOY to learn Carriage Painting. Apply to •i-L Z. THOMPSON, JR.t Successor to J. M. Kimball & Co. 302 and 304 Congress St. apr22 dlw Wanted. A SITUATION as a salesman or commercial traveler, in a Boot and Shoe or Grocery estab lishment. *»y a man who has bad an experience of ten years in 1 ho retail trade. Can give the best of references. Inquire at ibis Office. apr22*tf Wanted. CUTUATON as BOOKKEEPER by a young man ►o who understands Double Entrv. C m furnish good references. Address “P.” apr22dlw* Press Office. WANTED! A MAN acquainted with the subscription book business to take charge of Maine and employ others to sell a new book. Must have a small capi tal. 10,000 copies can be sold tho first year by the right man. Address, stating experience, W. *T. HOL LAND & CO., Springfield, Mass, ap lOdtf Wanted. A SITUATION as HOUSEKEEPER. The best il. ol references given and required. Address ‘MISS M. ” aprl&ltf Box 1G66, Portland. table waiters" Wanted at the St. Julian. ap8 _ _tf Found. A GOLD RING. Tho owner can have the same by calling at this office aud proving property. mch2G tf ’ WAITED ! COAT FAKERS AT CHESLET’S, Lost. A T CITY IIALL, on Friday evening, at the PSl. Blues’Masquerade, part of a new Waterproof Cloak, scams stayed with white tape. Another was left in place of the one taken, which the owner can have by calling at 143 Middle street with the one tak en through mistake. fe&25 Wanted. A PLEASANT room on Spring St., or vicinity, furnished or unfurnished. Without board. janlOtt Address BOX 1336. EDUCATIONAL. ■ Mav%ati©is Sclieol f A NAVIGATION SCHOOL will be opened at No. 15£ Exclungo street, March 3d, to be under the charge of Capt. Edward Breen and C. H. Farley. Instructs-n will be given every afternoon by Capt. Breen, and Monday and FridaV evenings by C. II. Farley. The course will begin with decmal arithme tic, and well comprise Plane, Traverse, Parallel Mid dle Latitude sailing; the use of Logarithms; the use and adjustment of Nautical Instruments; Latitude by Sun and Stars, and Longitude by Chronometer. Luuar observations will not be included in the course but will be taught if dcsiro 1. The evening instruction will be given before the whole class, when the various problems involved in navigation will be worked out upon the black-board and illustrated by suitable diagrams and appanvu*, and the use and adjustment of instruments explain ed. Subjects collateral to navigation such as Mcte orolgy, Ocean Currents, &c., will also be introduced at tlie evouing sessions. For icrms, apply to C. II. Farley, No. 4 Exchange street. ‘ fcblDtf BOSTON LEAD CO., LlscsrronATED is JS2<M J. II.Chadwick & Co., Ag’ts, Office 22, 24 & 2G Oliver Street, BOSTON MANUFACTURERS OF BOSTON Pure White Lead! Dry nail Groaud in Oil, DRY AND GROUND ZINC, LITHARGE, RED LEAD, LEAD PIPE, SHEET LEAD, TIN PIPE. TIN-LINED PIPE, IRON PIPE and FITTINGS, PUMPS, Ac., dc. Our Pure Whito Lead, both dry and ground in oil, v.e warrant to be Klrictly purr, and guarantee (hat for fineness, body and durability, it i* not sur passed by any Lead in the market, either foreign or American. ^IpMn order to protect ourselves, we have adopted as our t' ado-mark an eight-pointed red star, witli corporate seal in the centre. This is on every pack age of our IPure Lead. None genuine witnout it Wo F. Piiiflips & Co., ACEXTS FOB TIIE CO.. 46 & 48 MIDDLE ST. fcT>16_ _ _ f.mTT&S Maine Gen. Hospital Fair. _ The 1‘olloTvins Rales liare been adopted by the Executive Committee. 1st—Tables shall bo numbered, and assigned by lot 2d—Nothing shall be sold on commission. Every article brought into the Hall tor sa o becomes there by entirely the property of the Fair, and it must not be given away, or disused of in any manner not ap proved by the Executive Committee. 3d—The prices ol all articles will be fixed by the Executive Committee. 1 ft, ,1, 4 „ , __, sonable prices. 5th—All responsibfS parties—whether individuals, Parishes, or other organizations—throughout the State, desiring space at the Fair, may have tables assigned them on application to the Executive Com - mittee at their Headquarters, 120 Middle street. 6th—There shall be a general table to be called the “Portland Table,” for the reception and disposal of all articles received by the Executive Committee, and of all other articles not designed for other tables. 7th—There will also be a State table for the dispo eilion of all articles contributed without assignment to any laolo from outsido of Portland. CHA5. E. JOSE, Secretary. aplOdOw ESTABLISHED 1821. Byron Greenough & €o., 140 Middle Street, PORTLAND. ME. Military, 1 _ f Firemen’*, Oraud Army, \ A ! B»He Ball. Navy, School, Masonic, J (.Club. HATS, CAPS AND CHAPEAUS. MADE TO ORDER, A.t tlio Lowest Prices.^ Samples sent cn application, and all orders filled at short noi ice. aprltt Notice to Ladies ! Making Shirts, or pniting Bosoms into Old Shirts. THE PATENT “Reinforced” Shirt Bosom Is a great improvement on the common Bosom. 1)0 NOT CRACK OK SLIT OUT IN THE PlAITS; will Iron much Smoother, and set better than the old style. They need only be seen to be appreciated. FOR SALE BY — Messrs. J. R. COREY, “ VICKERY & LEIGHTON, “ EASTMAN BROTHERS, *• E. A. MARRETT. aprlO_ dlm&wlt _ NEW OTSTEE H0U8E T. S. IIATOI Respectfully informs his friends and tlio public that h.^ has leased and fitted up in good sbapo store No. 1107 Congress Street, nearly opposite Brown street. A full supply of fresh Oysters, cooked in evory style, and for sale by the quart or gallon con stantly on hand. Hatch’s celebrated Ico Cietun sup plied to parties on call._rachStf * WOOD! WOOD HARD and SOFT WOOD for sale at No. 43 Lin coin street. Also Dry Edgings. WM. HUSK. TO LEI. House to Bent ov Lease. THE upper tenement of honse No. 31 Emery St., consisting of six rooms, all very pleasantly situ ated; with Gas and Sebago Water, &c. Inquire on tbe premises. aprlSdtf WILLIAM II. GREEN. To Let, FOUR Rooms in the House of No. 17 Boyd street, consisting of fitting room, kitchen and two sleeping rooms, Gas and Sebago watc , to a small farai y with no children. Apply lo apltflf D. F. GERTS. To Lei, A NEW Store on Atlantic near Congress St., and Horse cars. Suitable for a Shoe Store or fancy and domestic goods or Groce lies. Apply to S. A. ANDERSON. No. 37 St. Lawrence St. mar26 diw then codtf To Let. ONE OF THE BEST OFFICES ON EXCHANGE STREET. Enquire of GEO. A. WHITNEY & CO.. mar24tf No. 46 Exchange St. To Loi. TWO connected furnished rooms with board at 119 Cumberland cor. of Franklin Sts. feb21 tf Unift Board, j 4 GENTLEMAN and Lady wishing a quiot home -rA. can find pleasant rooms with board at No. 4 Colton street, second door from Free street. One or two single gentlemen can be accommodated also. jan7^ I STORE TO LET. \ large brick store in the Rackloff Block, corner °* Middle and Cetirch streets—basement and I ur^t floor, elegant]* finished and adapted to jobbing ! dry goods or other similar trade. Apply to - ALLEN IIAINES. -w—_ ^ septlldtf UNQUESTIONABLY The Host Known and Most Thoroughly Tested FAREIK.Y SEWING MACHINE For all kinds of work, hoavir or light, and the roost 1 popular. Wheeler & Wilson’s. j • ... This practical an<l easily managed machine has now stood the test of time and thorough expenmont; and tho thousands who have fortunately used ours, frank ly give iMhe preference. as the very best, both in this country and in Europe, fctudv, capital and in ventive genius have been devoted to its improvement for years, till, now wit ITS NEW SILENT FEED, our present “Lock-St.ich” Machine has no equal in the world. Tho WHEELER & WILSON’S is relia ble, economical and noiseless. It auswers tho wants of the household completely, and ANY KIND OF SEWJN3 Needed iu.tlie Family can be done upon it with great er rapidity and ease of execution to beginners than can be accomplished on any other. It has received i the HIGHEST PREMIUMS over all—as a Family 1 Machine—on both sides of the Atlantic. Those who want tl;c best, should obtain WHEELER & WILLSON'S FEES I Family Sewing Machine, i AND TAKE NO OTHER. Machines sold on Monthly Instalments. All kinds ot Sewing Machine Supplies, Silk, Throad Needles, Machine Stitching in all its branches done in tho best manner. .1. I- II A ¥ D E 5 , j 9 l Cicu’i Agcuf for ftlatur, 163 Middle St., Portland, Me. inchSl_ d3m ’ A. S. LIIAIS’S Patent Pure Dry Air Refrigerator j flic btst amt OuSy Keiiaklc One in the Market. IT is indispensable to Butchers, Provision dealers, Hotel Keepers, Grocers and Restaurants. Will save more than its cost every Summer. Butchers who use it, in its best form, will soon find their meats recommended by their customers. The internal ar rangement is such that a current ot cold air is kept constantly moving over the contents of the Refriger ator. The Patent upon this has been fully tested in tuc U. S. Courts and its validity established in eigh- * teen cases. For LICENSE, RIGHTS, &c., apply to SCOTT D. JORDAN, ARISHIT FOR MAI.HL, No. 2 Park Sireet or No. 80 Middle St., to whrm all applications should be made, and who has full power to settle infringements, mchlcodtf City of Portland. In Board of Health, \ April 21st. 1873. J ORDERED, that until otherwise directed we do hereby designate the flump at the foot of Hano ver street (City Stable lot), and the dump at the foot of Franklin and Smith streets, as tho places for de posito of rubbish, such as dirt, shavings, saw dust, ashes, cinders, soot, hair, shreds, manure, oyster, or lobster shells, or any other matter of any kind (except dead animals) which may bo removed from any bouse, cellar, yard, or other placo within the City limits. Approved April 21st, 1873. I hereby give notice that tho “City Ordinances” rolatina to the deposit of rubbish in auy Street, Lane, Alley, Court, Sauare. Public Placo or unoccupied lots within the city limits, except tho lots designated in the foregoing order, will bo strictly enforced GEO. W. PARKER, City Marshal. Argus and Advertiser copy. ap23ed3m THE FINEST LAUNDRY WORK AT the request of many of our patrons we have arrangements to I aundry Gent’s Collars and Cutis, livery article will bo finished in the same shape, and mado to look precisely flB when it was first new. The prices are as follows: Collnrn ncr dozen - - 36 Cenls. Culls per dozen pairs - 73 Cents. As those prices arc only about cno half the usual price of tho poorest work, we shall only receive and deliver them at our store, and no package will be de livered until paid for Tho name of tho owner must be in indelible ink on each article. Citizens of Portland, we otter you the opportunity to indulge in the luxury of always wtarhig a new and perfectly laundried collar, and at a price lhat must commend itself. CHARIjES C1J9TIS & CO SOS Congress Streer. apt_ __ dtf NOTICE fa hereby given, that the subscribers have been duly appointed Executors of tho Will of JAMES B> THORNTON, late of Scarborough, in tho County of Cumberland, deceased, and have tak en upon themsclv. s that trust by giving bonds as tho law directs. All persons having demands upon the estate of said deceased, are required to exhibit the same; and all persons indebted to said estate are called upon to make payment to JOHN W. THONTON, Boston. Mass., JAMES B. THORN a ON, Scarborough, Me., CHARLES C. G. THORNTON, MaOi-on, Wis., Executors. Scarborough, March 24,1873.apl2dlaw3wS* City of Portland. City Clerk's Office, April 18.1873. UPON the petition of EdwardH. Gillespie, for per mission ro erect a wooden build ng, to be used as a Bowling Alloy, on the lot owned by the Collius heirs, on Federal Street,—-V tic:- isliereby given that on MONDAY, the lilth day of May next, at seven and a half P. M., at tho Aldermen’s Boom, in the City Building, a hearing will be had of all parties in torestod in said petition. Per order H. I. RuBINSON, City Clot It. apr21 dtd City ol Portland. City Clerk’s Office, April 18,1873. UPON tho petition of L. .1. Hill & Co., ior permis sion to erect ami maintain a stationary steam engino in wooden building corner of Cross and Fere Streets,—Notice is hereby given that on MONDAY tho 5th day of May next, at 7J o’clock P. M„ at the Aldermen’s room in the city Building, a hearing will he had of all parties interested in said petition Per order, H. I. ROBINSON, City Clerk. _ M'l'-’l_ dtd City of Portland. City Clerk’s Office, April 18,1S73. UPON the petition of Cornelius Connolly, for per mission to erect a wooden building on Centre street, lo be used as a dwelling house, notice is here hy given that on Monday, the 5th of May next at f mock, D- M. at the Aldermen’s Room in the City Building, a hearing will bo had of all parties in terested in said petition. Per order H. I. ROBINSON, City Clerk. apr21 (ltd Cheapest Book Stores IN THE UNITED STATES. Qto Secern culars. Agents "*W^ijRT COLBY & SONS, ^change St. Portland, Mass., and 150 Baltimore St., Baltimore, Mel febSO _ d*wtfw9 MISCELLANEOUS. KOHLING IIAS GOT HIS New Style Goods — FOR TnR — Spring & Summer of 1873. He 111. ororcisod his usual uxcsllent judgou-nt rud has eelected tlia BEST STOCK Ever jet Exhibited in this City by Ilim. TBIIi ANSOBT.H3XT IXCLIDKS COATINGS, Ol German, French and English HI an u tact lire, in Straights, Di agonal*. Hair Lines, Basket, and Diamond Goods, Ac. PAST ~GOOD§. In this Department, if anywliore, Kohling thinks ho can S U I T 13 V13 11Y B O I) Y. HIS ASSORTMENT OF WHOLE SUITINGS Embraces some of the Nobbiest Design* ever Intro duced. In full confidence that he can suit allLvfc©?, an«l all forms, he spreads these goods open to the inspec tion of all. JF’Tlicvc Good* will be made up in n (niilticNM Mtlyc nutl in a perfect manner. W. H. KOHLING, 99 EXCHANGE STREET. We Shall Open T- [-S - D A T, One of the Best Assortments of DRY GOODS! To bo Found in Portland Comprising many New and Elegant varieties never before been in this market. BLACK SILKS, at prices much below the Market. BLACK sand WIIIHE Cheeked sand Strip ed Silks, at very ATTRACTIVE PRICES ! / A Large and complete assort ment of 8 IT A WLS! From the lowest to the best grades. All are cordially invited to a personal inspection of our stock. « Covcll & Company, CONGRESS COR. BROWN STS. a;.ilC__ dtf Saw Glimmer & Sharpener. A CHEAP, pimple, and durable Machine—easily ' operated and running wheels from 8 x £ inches to 12 x lineb. Price ofMachine, - - S15. Wheels which bevelled, double bevelled and round fice fiom #2.12 to #7.3f>. according to thick ness. Heavier Machines #70 and #00, run ning Wheels up to 24 inches in diameter. For illustrated Pamphlets or Photographs, address TIT PI TANITE CO., Stroudsburg, Monroe Co., Pa. SPECIAL NOTICE, All ot the TANIT3H CO.’S good are direct ly made by the Co., at their own Factory andunder their own Patents aud Processes. It is cheaper to buy Standard Goods directly from well known manufacturers than to buy of Dealers or get low priced or poor goods. The fullest informa tion on all points connected with EMERY WHEELS AND HITVIFIRY GRINDING MxlCHINERY will be furnished by this Company. teb8eod3m NEW TAMARINDS. 124 KEGS! New Crop Martinique Tamarinds, jnst received per “Hattie Wheel er,” and for sale by Wffl. AldLENU JR. apr34 d2w HAM BURGS ! WE shall open this day oneof the largest and best line of Edges and Insertion-, ever f poued in Portland, and at prices that defy competition GREAT BARGAINS AT 13 l-3c, 3©c, 35c, 50c. CO YELL & COMPANY. HAMMRGS! jatdM _ _tf New Spring Millinery ! —AT— M. II. NEAL’S, 327 Congress St., Jiearly oppo.sito llicir Old Stand. Thev can now show a splendid stock of New Mil linery Goods in all the variety of st>lcs, at very rea sonable prices. Bonnets and hats ready trimmed, kept on band. Also, bleaching and pressing done in the best manner. A good assortment, of real Lair switches, and imitation of all kiwis. Ladies in want of millinery or hair goods, will do well to call at her Store. aprl7 dim To Innholders and Vittualers in the City of Portland. NOTICE is hereby given that the LICENSING BOARD OF THE CITY OF PORTLAND, will moet at the Aldermen's Room, on MONDAY the fifth day of May. at 71 o’clock, for the purpose of granting licenses to Inholders and Vit tualers, who n-av then and there apply therefor. Giyeu under onr bauds this twenty-second dav of April, A. D. 1873. • GEO. P. WESCOTT. J. S. YORK, WILLIAM GOOLD, 2. A. SMITH, EDWARD H. DAVEIS, MICAII SAMPSON, FRED’K W. CLARK, II. W. HERSEY, Taeasurer, IT. I. ROBINSON. City Clerk, Licensing Board of the City of Portland. Advertiser and Argus copy. _aprJixnd COTTON SEED MEAL! 2000 Bags Cotton Seed Meal —FOR SALE BY— KENDALL & WHITNEY, , _ tcb7 dtf Notice. CIIAS. W. PIEKCE of Portland, retires from oar ISrai, and his interest and responsibility ceases trora tbte date. „TT_ __ NORTON MILLS CO., Lumber Manufactures, Norton Mills and Island Pond ,Vt. Island Pond, Sept. 5,1872. e7tt MISCELLANEOUS. IN STOCK! On? ot the largest assortment* or ROOM PAPERS TO BF, FOUND IN THE CITY. Also daily receiving all now style* Stumped Gold, Bronze, Patent plain washable Tints, of every shade. Fresco Borders, New Patterns of Hall Decorations, Satins, &c. m 'a r' §«• fn,m the best lothc: cheapest price*. ’ '',l af w,,irb «•»* be sold at love call AXl) examine. HALL. L. 13A.VIB 53 Exchange St. _aPr5_;__^ _ ,1m Nmv MGIAKJ) Babcock Self Acting FIRE ENGINE ! • ' ,A- ■' SEND FOB CIRCULARS TO PLUMMER & EATON, Btate Argents, | BATH MAINE. ( GRASS SEED. ,r i ilAAA B?r> ---- .. — - — “ ^ — 1500 “ Canatla “ “ lOOO “ Kcd Top “ 509 “ Michigan Clover “ 200 “ Ohio “ *• 400 “ No. New York “ “ lOO “ Pea Vine. “ “ 150 “ Alsike “ IOO “ Millet “ 100 “ Hungarian Grass “ 100 “ Orchard . “ FOR SALE AT THE Slowest Cash Price. KENDALL & WHITNEY. mcliliO ' tf Extra Baldwin Apples 100 BARRELS, ixtra Baldwin Apples, repacked this week and landing TO-DAY, — FOR SALE BY — WM. ALLEN, JR. 11 Exchange Street. npr“J» ill w WEBSTER HOU8E, IS2 llAXOVI'ft ST., BOSTON The Proprietor having refitted and refurnishod this Hotel, respectfully solicits the patron .Tie of those vis iting Boston on business or pleasure. Terms : Rooms and full hoard, $2 per day. Rooms without board, for each person, 75c. to $1. This h»use is within five minutes’walk of all the Eastern Steamer Landings and Depot. It rontains 125 rooms, every convenience for comfort, and under tho management of Mr. G. W. RELYEA, must prove attractive to tho travel ing public. Carriages in constant attendance and Horse Cars pass the door. mnhl5eod3m Copartnership. (Masons ami Builders.) E, tho undersigned, have entered into a copart nership for the purpose of carrying on tho Mason Business in all its branches, under the firm name of Green & Jordan* and art* now ready to attend to all calls in their line. Ail orders left at No. 113 Federal street. 31 Emery street, or No. 5 Lewis street, will receive prompt attention. WILLIAM H. GREEN, ALVIN JORDAN. Portland, Me., April 21, 1873. aj>r23-2w. Gentlemen’s Garments CLEANSED, — on — Dyc<l Brown, Black, Blue-Black anti Bine, AND PRESSED READY FOR WEAR. No Ripping required. Waratntod not to crock. AT FOSTER’*? DYE HOUSE, mar21TT&Stt 34 Union St. ABRAIVS <V BROm Auctioneer* and Comminioa merchants, giro their special attention to selling Real Estate, Furniture and Merchandise of ail kinds, Horses Car riages, <&c. Advances made on consignments. Reg ular Sales of new and second-hand Furniture at tne Auction Rooms every Saturday morning. Commu nications bv mail promptly attended to ABRAMS Sc BROTHER, 125 Federal St., under the U. S. Hotel.' N. B. Money advanced on Watches, Jewolry, Furniture, Clothing, and all goeds of value. apr23 • ~ dtf Spring Styles for Ladies Dresses and Street Garments, at MISS M. G. MAGUIRE’S, No. II Clapp’s Block, np stairs. aprlG ________ _ Horse and Sleigh for Sale A FINE driving, well broke and stylish four year old COLT, with Sleigh, Harness and Robes lor sale at a bargain. Apuly at PLim STREET STABLES, dec!3 No. 10 Plum Mtrrrt. PLASTER. RAA TONS GROUND I,AND PLASTER for OUO ualc In barrels or bulk at the lowest Bash price by KEND4LL & WHITLEY. fo Sanford’s Improved Refrigerators. The three points of excellence which I claim, are 1st; constant and thorongb circnlattnn of piiro air; 2nd; ryness. no dampness mould nor taint; 3rd; no inte mingling of odors; parity and active air. Ui6 elements of its success. Call, or sc®'1 Manufactured and lor sale by J. F. MERR1 LI., oc tweeti Cross and Cotton sts„ near Leavitt, Bmtita a Co.B Ice House. Portland. Me- jtodtl Dissolution. Nattcf is horebv given lliat the firm of Morrison XcDnnald Is this day dissolved bv mutual consent and that Duncan Morrison takes upon him self tbo'collection of all bills due, and the payment of all claims against said firm. DUNCAN MORRISON, K. MCDONALD, Portland, April 21. 1673. apr25-3t* Lumber and Dock Timber Wanted In exchange for ■.oenmotire Boiler., Horizontal Gutinm, Feed Pomps nuil Other machinery. Address, G. H. ANDREWS, fobldtf _ 17t Pearl St.. New York. A Flue Business Opening IAGR a young or middle aged man of nncxceptlona ’ bio character. Experienced accountant and one thousand dollars capital. Investigation is Invited Address Box 2015 Portland Me. uov'Utf To Owners of Jersey Cows. THE subscriber offers his pure blooded Jersey Dull for the uso of Cows during the present season. Woodford's Corner, April 3. 1673. J°HNap4d?m; For Sale. milE SEBAGO DYE HOUSE, No. 17 Plum Si., is m good condition with all apparatus necessary or the business. Apply to tbo proprietor at No. 33 Newbury street or to J REED, UrowD’n Block, cor. Congress and Brown strict. roar*2£©odtf t THE PRESS. SATURDAY MORXIXG, APR 26,1S78 Gossip and Gleanings. f aPtain Jinks soils papers in Syracuse. Oi l To.a Fullor said, “All seasons of the year can bn carved out of an April day.” *’ t*'J” bas a boy with a cloven b) stop« circular saw with Smirkins has hit it. He aly, if lUere alc people about who can’t write a, ... . as tue census • ‘'dorms us. why don’t they telegraph? j “Lucca-Ucre, now,” is the way a Pittsburg paper announces the presence of the canta Irice. A seafaring saint in Ohio, whose son had in some way occasioned him grief, used to say, “Ah! children, when they are little, tread on our knec3; but when they are old, they tread on our hearts.” A reverend orthodoctrinaire in Beatrice, Neb., proclaims his unqualified disapproval of a public library which contain* works by Herbeit Spencer, Darwin, Tyndall, and Hux I ley. The gentleman so ol ten spoken of in nov . els who riveted people with his gaze, has ob ! tained employment in a boiler manufactory, i " bb extra pay, on account of his peculiar fac i ulty. •• _ Speaking of the sacred poetry in use amoDg ' (be negro students at Uampton, a religious paper describes them as metrical marvels of j wild sublimity aud pathos, mingled in the m*st indescribable doggerel. All through the life of a pure-minded, bnt feeble-bodied man, his path is lined with j memory s grave-stones, which mark the spots where noble enterprises perished for lack of physical vigor to embody them in ; deeds.—Horace Mann. — Sir John Lubbock believes that “La Belle j Ilelcne,” of Troy, is mal'gncdby popular tra I dition. His present Eastern journeying and j the study of Homer have vivified his chlval : rousness, and he is now trying to convert the j Royal Society of Antiquaries to his belief. I It13 gaid that .in Indian squaw recently j died at Lancaster, Mich., at the age of ona hundred and fifteen years. If wo were to lire that long, we don’t th.nk we could be in duced to die at all. We should keep on liv j ing and see the thing through, or perish In : the attempt.—Louincille Conrier-Jvumal. The New York Commercial thinks that the proposal to compel all hotels to supply their upper stories with rope ladders is nothing but a device of Satan. What a provocation to the lofty hut curiou3 spirit of some unquiet American, to set the building on 'fire, just to see liow the derned things would work. Is a signboard a vested right? This ques tion is now before a Chicago court. There are in that city two hotels named the Brigcs House; and each wants the other compelled to get married, or resort to some other device for having its name changed. The judge has th? matter under advisement. Why is it that young ladies seldom object to their beaux smoking; very often remarking that they enjoy so much the flavor of a good cigar, but do object when their brothers do the smoking? This is an idle question, hut one which is calculated to furnish food for reflection. The Nashville women, a little while ago, announced an intent'pn of being economical aud wearing calico to church. At last ac counts they had only succeeded in making a dress cost $19.50, but they are now going to trim them with Valenciennes, and do not de spair. Sir Henry Bulwer ouce asked a French hoy seven years of age, what profession ho intended to follow when he grew up. “I will be a doctor,” said he. “And what will you be, my little man ?’’said Bulwer to the lad’s elder brother, nine years old. “I will be the cure,” said he, adding, “My brothor will kill the peoplo, and I will bury them; and be tween us we will have, the village.” The Saturday Kevicw 3ays, “It is a familiar trick of a certain school of poets to represent the landscape as sympathetically responding to the feelings of the person who is gazing on It. If you are merry, then all nature is gay and frisky, too; the sky smiles, aud the tree* nod with quite a waggish air. If you are sad, the scenes mourns with you, the foliage droops, and the very sunshine is pathetic.” Many persons, besides schoolboys and col lege students, use the phrase “He Is a brick,” without the least idea that it is supposed to be of classic origin. It is said that King Agesilaus, being asked by an ambassador from Epirus wby they ha 1 uo walls for Spar ta, replied, “We have.” Pointing to his marshalled army, hff said, “There are the walls of Sparta; every man you see U a brick.*’ The learned and ingenious Max Muller has recorded that “no language can be inflection al without having first passed through the the agglutinative and isolating stratum.” Wc had always been of the same opinion our selves until wc came to 6tudy Arabic, or, as it is vulgarly called, Gnm-Arabic. When this language was passed through the “ag glutinative and isolating stratum,” it stuck fast, and nobody to our kuowedge has ever been able to thaw it out. Mr. A. Bronson Alcott, having returned from a talking tonr in the West, says that for conversation he prefers a Western company before an Extern. There appears a disposi tion to deal with things at first hand, a cer tain robust handling, rough, perhaps, but ready and respectful, that more than com pensates for the daintier and more decorous book-training common to Eastern people. And yet the West liughs at Mr. Alcott’s ec centricities. Goethe and Lessing.—Goethe’s poetic sense was the minotaur to which he sacri ficed everything. To make a study, he would soil the maiden petals of a woman’s soul; to get the delicious sensation of a reflex sorrow, lie would wring a heart. All that saves his egotism from beiug hateful is, that, with its immense reaches, it cheats the sense into a feeling of something like sublimity. A patch rf sand is unpleasing; a desert has all the awe of the ocean. Lessing also felt the duty of sell-culture; but it was not so much for the sake of feed ng fat this or that faculty as of strengthening character,—the only soil in w hich real mental power rati root itself ard find sustenance. His advice tohis broth er Karl, who was beginning to write for the stage, is two parts moral to one literary. “Study ethics diligently, learn’to express yourself well and coricctly. and cultivate your owu character; without that I cannot con ceivo a good dramatx author.” Marvelous counsel this will stem to those who think that wisdom is only to he found in the fool’s para dise of Bohemia!—Lowell. The Season.—Signs of Spring are multi plying in the city. Old Winter apples polish ed up with old handkerchiefs and cast-off un d*r-c!othes, are appearing at the fruit-stands, bananas, ready to be cut from the stem Dy the jack-knife of ' ’ swing in the breeze; and P>fden oraosfij» brought up to full color by J* R f hjg between the have the^etirriug pantaloons, • ,,d|es 0f the curb, who £avcnsbirered on pleasant Winter day. the pist season over their roast-chestnut s ands, are already looking up their second-hanu uaur brushesfor the peach season. In faet. pre parations for every taste are being made.— Commercial Bulletin

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