Newspaper of Portland Daily Press, April 26, 1873, Page 2

Newspaper of Portland Daily Press dated April 26, 1873 Page 2
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THE PEESS. SATURDAY MORNING, ARP. 26, IS73 Event realtor attache of t&o Press to furnlsbcJ w!(!i a euivi certificate ceunterglgueil by Stanley T. Putleu, ItoltoT. All railway, steamboat anti bcte man igarawiltceutai nfavor upon ua by UemanJiuif ureil jttlai* of every person claiming !o represent oar Joarrai, as we have Information that several mors" are seeking courtesies in tbe name o e foul we have no disposition to be, even pas svely-n party to such ItuuJ. W. .,o no^l anonymous letters am, cownmol the name and address of the writer are In ail coses iu.Iispo ab «, not necessarily for publication but «s a guaranty of good &itli. W cannot umlortako to return or re erve com ujuDicanons iLat axe noi tisect. Tbe New Judge. Gov. Pei ham has at length solved the ques tion that has caused a great deal of interest ed comment the past few weeks by nominat ing Hon. John A. Peteis to succeed Judge Kent on the Supreme bench. Judged by the standard of integrity, experience, legal attain ments and natural judicial aptness, Gov. Pci ham would have found the task of select ing a gentlemen of qualifications superior ta those possessed in so high a degree by Mr. Peters, extremely difficult. John Andrew Peters was born in Ells worth October Oth, 1822; graduated at Yale College at an early* age, and subsequently studied Us* at the Cambridge Law School. He commenced to practice his profession soon after at Bangor, and by strict attention to business built up one of the largest practi ses. Few jnen in this State have been as for tunate as Mr. Peters iu securing the confi dence and esttem of so many men iu every Walk in life as has he in the practice of his profession. Ia early life Mr. Peters was a Whig. When that old party went to pieces, Mr. Pe ters very; strangely went with the straight Whigs into the Democratic party, where he was an honored member, supporting both Buchanan and Douglas. At the breaking out of the war, he warmly espoused the Un ion cause, and was one of the leading actors in Augusta, in August, 1801, when the party divided, and one faction took sides with the country, and the other agaiDst it. Mr. Pet ers took the former, and aided in the nomina tion of Gen. Jameson. He was subsequently elected to the Legislature from Bangor, and while serving his last year, by tbe unanimous consent of tbe Republican party, was nominat ed and elected Attorney General. * He filled the position with signal ability until his elec tion to Congress in 1860. He was re-elected to Congress in 1868 and 1870, but last year declined to be a candidate though urged to allow the use of his name. Maine Central Diversions. “PnoF.” John Haynes—“Prots.” are plen ty In these Jays—and Slim Jim arc cheerful ly pursuing the pleasant and lucrative paths of their favorite industry on the cars oi the Maine Central Railroad. Yesterday between Richmond and Brunswick they began a “friendly” game of euchre as partners, a young Biau from a down-east town—whose name we withhold at his earnest request—,and another gentleman both of whom were igno rant of the character of the swindlers be ing their opponents. Presently the “Prof.’’ discovered that he had a very good poker hand—on his own deal—and expressed the opinion that it was the best at the board. The down-eaater, who also had a good band, rather demurred, and the discussion which ensued resulted in a wager of thirty-five dol lars which of course Mr. Verdant Green lost, having four queens and an ace while honest John had four kings. Wo state the hands so that wicked persons who know the com parative value of cards may see exactly how it was done. Earlier in the uay the rascals, by some of their games, robbed another fiat of forty dollars in the Brunswick Depot. They practice their profession every day on the cars, and we have accounts of many oth er successful ventures of theirs. It seems al most incredible that people are extant, in these days, of such marvellous density of stu pidity as to be taken in by so glaring and palpable frauds. Yet the fact c-xists, and it should be the duty of somebody to prevent the recurrence of such scenes as that of yesterday. It is a crying shame that the railroad manag ers have not devised some means to meet this disgraceiul prostitution of their cars for gamb ling purposes. These gentlemen say that they have instructed the conductors to stop gambling when they see it, and seem to think they have thus discharged their whole duty to the public. But the conductors without assistance are impotent to prevent it, as noth ing of the kind is attempted in their presence and the gamblers have with them an accom plice to watch the movements of the conduct or, and report his approach. A practical man in the man agement,who meant business, would soon devise means of prevention. We propose to protect the public so far as we can, and for that purpose will give a de scription of these fellows as they appeared yesterday, though they arc probably capable of many transformations. “Prof.” John Haynes is a stout, broad-shouldered,thick built ruffian, with a broad face smoothly shaved except a dark moustache, a large thick nose, and cold gray eyes. He wore a dark blue half cape overcoat and black cap. Slim Jim is of about the same height but of slighter frame with a flashed countenance, and evil looking, bleared eyes, evincing great intima cy with bad rum, dark hair, a dark moustache without whiskers, a green and blue plaid necktie, a dark scotch coat, and a soft black hat Their general appearance is one of bus iness like gravity, approaching sadness even until their expressive countenances light up with innocent exultation on discovering that they have “a good poker hand.” They are both understood to differ diametrically in opinion from those moral persons who regard playing cards as a waste of time. Probably the Congressmen who voted for the salary grab, remembered how little was said about the increase made by the 39th Congress from $3,000 to $5,000, and thought that nothing more would be said in reference to the increase voted by the last session than the previous one. The sequel shows how gravely they were mistaken, and how they have failed to appreciate the growing interest the country takes in public matters. In 1866, a congressman in this State, iu his speech accepting a re-nomination, took occasion to refer to the increase then made, and in a half Jocose, half impertiuent manner, explained to what purpoees he proposed to devote his part of the extia ‘‘swag.” “I shall,” says he, “give $600 of my extra pay to my faithful friend,-, the Editor of the naming a political friend. He then spoke ol several other divisions which he proposed to make. The member was re-elected then but If we remember correctly failed last year on the Liberal ticket. With the present- temper of the people we don’t believe any congress man wonld have the audacity to state in a party convention that he proposed to give a friend a part of his salary grab in cansidera tion of personal services. Timra asks of those per is the object £2 *®CUlt Pr0b,em3: on a letter? ’ ? & p0Stmark was originally designed to t ^ h time of mailing a letter „a7VltUe,p,ace and afford a clue to the post-office "L ,re<plently Writing a letter which writer* fr ^ ?f omit. But the postmark U s„ indisWUy made in most eases that the Time a flnds th attempt to decipher them as hopeless as the effort of a traveller to extract information from a ticket agent at a New York railroad station relative to the running of trains. That journal calls for plainer postmarks. A pickpocket informs the public through the columns of the New York Tribuue that people having pocket books should write their names in them in order that the obliging pro fessional may be able to return to the former owner papers whic! from their nature are of no use to the party then holding the property. Hereafter who will say that the finer feelings of our civilisation do not smooth the as perities of business P THIS paternal government of Japan has discovered tbatAbe sharp Americans get the ,,e.t of it, almond eyed children m the matri monial market. During the past fivo years the Japanese authorities have found that the ambitious American girl of the period will make a matrimonial alliauce with a nobleman of that n ation who has come to this country to be educated, despite the fact that ho is a heathen and believes in carrying about an assortment of not very valuable gods. On the other hand the grasping young American who goes to Japan to seek his fortune has not been so scrupulously educated that he will not marry the daughter of a rich native merchant to secure wealth, with the purpose of forgetting her dusky charms and soft al mond eyes when he has made bis fortune and leaves for home. The prudent govern ment is not pleased with the infusion of pro gressive ideas by this means, and has issued a decree that no marriage between American, and Japanese can take place without the au thority of that government. It is held that when this authority is granted, the American that lakes a Japanese wife becomes a subject 0f that government and a heathen. A London letter says that the deep and and tender devotion shown the Prince of Wales during his illness and the general en thusiasm shown by the English people on bis recovery are manifestly declining. They fondly expected that coming out of his se vere experiences, he would bear some mark of manly thoughtfulness of which he has been so wanting. Unfortunately the expectation is not realized, and the Prince oi Wales follows the same com mon and frivolous life as before. He is not a bad or dissipated fellow but only a vul gar sort of a person—a mere eating and drinking machine, with no object in life ex cept amusement, and with tastes that carry him to the lowest kinds of amusements. The Prince i3 never heard of in connection with any public movement*, literary, artistic or charitable. He takes no interest in intel lectual pursuits or in any pursuits that require knowledge or application. The Journal of Commerce which has always been an ultra pro slavery state rights paper, approves the action of President Grant rela tive to Louisiana while the New York Tri bune which has always been an advocate of a strong central government, denounces it. It is greatly regretted that a letter ap peared in yesterday’s paper to which was ap pended the name of Rev. Mr. Dalton. The name of that gentleman was placed to it without his knowledge and w# gave it place believing it to be a genuine signature. A summary of the reports of the condition of winter wheat the first of April, teccived by the Agricultural Department, indicates that, on the whole, the condition of the crop throughout the country is more favorable than last year. Regulations eoe the sale of Coal Lands.—The Commissioner of the General Land Office has jast issued regulations, under tho act providing for the sale of United States lands containing coal, approved March 3d last, as follows: Any individual, 21 years of ago and a citizen of the United States, or who has doclared his intention to become such, may enter by legal sub-divisions any area not exceeding 1G0 acres. Any Association ma^ enter not to exceed 320 acres. Any Association, of not more than four persons, who shall have expended not less than 85000 in working and improving any coal mine or mines, may enter not exceeding CIO acres. Tile price per acre is $10 where the land is sit uated more than 15 miles trom any completed railroad, aud $20 per acre where the land is within 15 miles of such road. In conflicts, when improvements, ete., have been commenc ed subsequent to March 3d last, or shall be hereafter commenced, the priority of possess ion and improvement Eliall govern the award, when the law shall have been fully complied with by such party. A mere possession, how ever, without satisfactory improvements, will not secure the contract to the first occupant when a subsequent claimant shows his full compliance with tho law. The Shipping Act.—We learn that there is no authority whatever for tho report heretofore published that a decision had been rendered in tho United States Coart in New York ad verse to the right of ship-owners shipping sea men to British North American ports and the Republic of Mexico without the payment of fees to shipping commissioners. We have seen a letter written the 24th inst by a reliable firm in New York to parties in thi3 city saying that no such decision has been arrived at and none if any, will bo made before next June. We are further informed that the Secretary of the Treasury has instructed collec tors to clear vessels to the above mentioned ports without being required to take papers from commissioners under the shipping act. Maine General Hospital Fair. The General Committee for Bath request the ladies and gentlemen of this city to meet at the City Hall, on Tuesday, 29th inst,, at half past past two o’clock P. M. to arrange for a table at the Fair to be held in Portland on the tenth of June, or to adopt any coarse that may be deem ed advisable in the interest of the Fair. I Putnam. Chairman General Committee. The Committee had a meeting at the house of Dr. Putnam last Monday and decided to issue the above notice and most earnestly call the citizens to the importance of the subject. The necessity for an institution of the kind which is to be aided by the proposed Fair is emphatic ally acknowledged by the humane and charita ble citizen* of Maine. There Is a general move ment throughout the State to push forward the enterprise of completing and properly endow ing the Hospital and the credit and good of Bath requires that she should not lag behind in the good work.—Bath Times. When Does it Haem a Fathep. to Kill his Son?—In tho First Session of the Superi or Court Thursday forenoon, came up for trial the case of Edward Reagan vs. Charles H. Nichols, to recover for the killing of plaintiff’s minor son, six years old May 28th last, near a gateway at the corner of Fiske’s wharf and Commercial street. The evidence showed that the heavy waj»on of defendant passed over tho boy, killing him instantaneously. Judge Lord instructed the jury that ns no interval of con scious suffering intervened, they must find for defendant, and the verdict was rendered ac cordingly. B. J. Gerrish, Esq., appeared for plaintiff, aud A. Russ, for defendant.— Boston Traveller. News and Other Items. Boston has an artesianwell 1,300 feel deep in solid rock. No water is flowing yet. From Lake Tahoe, California, recently a trout was caught weighing eighteen pouqds. The receipt of fish at Gloucester last week were about 080,000 lbs. codfish aud 180.000 lbs. halibut. The San Francisco livery stables are closed by the epizootic. Wells, Fargo & Co., are driving oxen. Twelve hundred Chinamen are at San Fran cisco shut up together. They arrived infected with the small pox and are confined now to await developments. Commodore Vanderbilt is about to erect a large marble palace ou tho corner of Third avenue and Forty-second street, New York, to be known as the Grand Central Bank. A paper has been started in Madrid called Los Decomisados, or Tho Sbirtlcss. which advo cates absolute communism, with war against marriage, against property and against God. Hon. Schuyler Colfax says that he does not wish to go back to Congress, or to accept office of any kind; that for the first time in twenty years he belongs to his family and himself, in stead of to the public; and that bo enjoys the rest and quiet it gives him too well to consent that this ownership shall be changed. A prize fight between Tierny and Sloane took placo Thursday on Long Island, N. Y. Twenty rounds were fonglit in an hour and two minntes, and Tierny was the winner.— Sloane had two teeth knocked ont and was b3<lly bruised. Tierny bad his nose broken and his eyes closed. Eeligrious Intelligence. Kcv. O. Richardson has resigned tho pastor ate of the Baptist church in Warren. Rev. Mr. Pike late of Stow, is engaged to supply tho pulpit in Boothbay. Mr. H. M. Heywood of Colby University, has accepted the cal I of the Baptist church in Aina, and begins May 1st. Rev. Win. Beavins has resigned tho pastor ate «,£ the Baptist church at Norridgewuek. The Baptist church in Buckfidd, is to be re nuut the coming summer. Tho building Com r,n,"epro?°;0 10 build by “contract" and will Rev ProP03a'3 until the 1st of May. ties of m,,‘.:„Earle is 'xpented to commence a se May next i?,at„.Brnn8wick 011 ‘be 17th of Brunswick aud Tn,,oi evaagelical churches of ment. a T»P«ham unite in the movc Bishop Neely visits *t . . in Biddeford and Saco on K.Er>iis<x>Pal Parishes vices in Trinity chumh. S^0^* Ser Chnstchurch, Biddeford nor 103 a-ra-j in Eev Mr. Hart, pastor of^tho Central , , Bath, will take a trip to Europe^ hJtav]„cllu,rcl1’ the 7tb of June. ’ Ieav“S about Rev. W. H. Savary of Ellsworth, has decid ed not to accept the call to Christ’s church, Ail gusta, but has accepted the invitation to be come the pastor of tho first Cou-regatlonal ar ,f KC1 at Canton, Mass, Next pie hr EUswirtb“St ,0 Spcnd with llis pC°' The Methodists in Milltown, Calais, have been holding meetings afternoon an<l evening for three weeks past. There Is qnito a revival, also at Milltown, St. Stephen. Rev. \V, A. Keesc of Lowell. Mas*, and at present a member of the Theological Institution at K^wtnn It as {accepted au invitation of the Banfet cImrchaSd Society of Ellsworth to be come their pastor, and "I'l ®“ter U;I0Q bi3 Ia" ! hors about the middle of June. I The Androscoggin County Sunday School ; Convention will hold its annual meeting at Au- t burn, in Kev. Mr. Fornald’s church, on the 14th of May, day and evening. Four members were admitted to full mem bership in tho Methodist church in Fairfield Centre, (he first Sabbath in April. Rev. j. Gibson is holding a series of meetings and ac complishing much good. At the adjourned meeting of the Elm Street Church in Camden, Rev. IJ. A. Shorey insist ing upon his resignation being accepted it was voted to accept tho same. 'Considerable religious interest is reported in the Baptist church in Skowhegan, under the preaemug of Rev. B. F. Shaw. The Freewill Baptists in Calais organized a church the 1st day of March lust, of 14 mem bers wnico is enjoying a good state of prosperi ty- J-hey own a meeting-house free of debt, and have made it a Free House. STATE NEWS. ANDROSCOGGIN COUNTV. Frank Barker of Greene, bad his arm broke by a tree falling on him, on Tuesday last. The Senior class .of Bates College have en gaged Gilmore’s Band for Commencement con cert. The machinery for Barker’s Mill is arriving at Lewiston. The mill is expected to start up in July, and will employ from 300 to 400 hands so says the Journal. Work on the Lewiston & Auburn railroad is being pushed, additional force being put on. Judge Walton declines to give a hearing on the Lewiston & Auburn railroad case. Tho shipments of shoes and boots from Lew iston and Auburn, the past week ending Wed nesday, have been 1136 cases,against 1325 cases the preceding week. AROOSTOOK COUNTV. J. D. Teague, Esq., of Lyndon has gone to California. Mr. Records of Lyndon had a valuahlo horse killed by a fork. .Mr. Records bad tho fork in his hands, when the horse suddenly spraug round against it, aud pressed the tines into his body to the heart. The Aroostook Times states that a large number of young men are migrating from the Provinces into the States. On a recent train there were nearly one hundred en route for Boston. CUMBERLAND COUNTY. The new steamboat being built at tbo foot of Sebago Lake, is to be side-wheel, eighty five feet long by twenty-four feet beam. 'Win. Curtis of Portland, is the builder, and the Portland Company are constructing the en gines. Henry E, Warren of South Bridgton, has accepted a position in tho New York postal de partment. Most of the lops in Sebago Lake find their ulterior destination in Saccarappa. Iu ono boom there are 400,000 feet, in another 300,000. A large quantity of lumber is yearly rafted from these waters. The Warrens of Saccarap pa have various drives, comprising in tho ag gregate one million feet. Samuel Witham of Raymond, has contracted to furnish 40,000 bricks for the Portland Pack ing Company. He has also other contracts. He is to manufacture the present season S00, 000 bricks. yuite a number of new buildings are to be erected in Harrison the present season. The military drill has been resumed at Bow doin College, HANCOCK COUNTY. Ira Butler, while engugcd in taking down a bam iu Franklin on Wednesday last, fell, and striking upon head his fractured the skull. Ho was four days insensible,hut is now recovering. Bar Harbor is to have another hotel. KENNEBEC COUNTY The Journal says that preparatory work has commenced for the erection of the classical and scientific school buildings in Hallowell. It is the intention to push things. Page & Wilson have purchased suitable prop erty . in Hallowell, and propose going into tbo granite business extensively. Their qurry is on the ridge south of the Pond road. Iniprovemets and changes are being intro duced iu the post office at Augusta. A grindstone burst on Tuesday in tlio axe and scythe factory of Hubbard, B'lako & Co., in West Waterville. The report sounded like a cannon. One half ofltthe stone went through the building, cutting off. a limber eight inches square, and buried itself in the stream beyond. A lilock of first class brick and grani te stores is to be erected iu Hallowell the present sea son. The Journal states that several changes are to take place among the conductors on the Maine Central Railroad. “Joe” Chandler is to be conductor of a freight train running between Waterville and Bangor, Thomas Howard is to take Chandlers train, and a gentleman whose name is not stated from Bangor is to take How ard’s place. Repairs are^going on at the State House. The Trustees of the State Pomological Socie ty held a meeting at Augusta on Thursday. It was decided to hold no separate exhibition this season, hut to exhibit in connection with the State Fair at Bangor. KNOX COUNTY. Parlies are in Warren negotiaiing for the powder mill property, with the intention cf building a woolen mill in its place. LINCOLN COUNTY. A woman, whose name is not learned, was burned to crisp in her house iu Daniariscotta. Thursday afternoon. The widow of the late Judge Bruin of New Jersey lays claim to dower to all of Squirrel Island lying eastward to the mouth of tbo Sheepscot river. There is mueh excitement among thoso who have purchased lots and buili cottages thereon in regard to their ti tles. OXFORD COUNTY'. The total snow fall the past winter in Nor way, was 13 feet 7 inches. West Bethel has a boy nine years old wlio weighs 128 pounds. Last Thursday S. L. Knight of No, Water fora, met with a singular accideut while saw ing logs in Jewett’s mill. The saw was thirty inches in diameter, and making 2300 revolu tions an hour. A piece of sawn wood caught in it, and breaking into two pieces struck Mr. Knight on the chin, laying it open to the bone, and.jurt below the shoulder blade, inflicting a terrible wound. Mr Knight will recover. On Thursday last Mr. Bradbury of North Waterford, fell down stairs with a broad axo in his band, euttiug an artery on the left wrist. A little sou of C. F, Whitman, esq , of Nor way, fell and fractured his collar bone, last Saturday. Iu Norway the suo tv held good for sleighing 127 days last winter. W. W. Whitmarsh was elected captain of the Norway Light Infantry, last Saturday eve ning, H. R. Miliett first lieutenant, A. E,‘Den nison second lieutenant. Gen. Geo. L Beal presided at the meeting. S. F. Humphrey of Bangor, National Examiner, nv-ula tin nvominotinn a 1. — JNorway Bank last week. A large number of the citizens of Norway 5?™ .ond for Sr>000' «onditioned “to save the town treasurer harmless” if he pays ont of the treasury the $2300 in money, ahd shoe1 factory0ted '>y tde t9wn to complete tho Buckfield has abolished tho highway road tax, and raised instead a money tax to be put under control of a Road Commissioner. SAGADAHOC COUNTY. Henry Millay died suddenly last Sunday night while at supper. He was 77 years of .age and uncle to Sheriff P. K. Millay. The damage by water and ice to the paper mill at Topsliam proves to be less serious than at first supposed. The mill is now running. SOMERSET COUNTY. Hartland village is one of the briskest little Villages in Maine. In the village there are two dams across the Sebasticook, on the upper of which are a largo saw mill, machine shops, chair factory and tannery, where sole leather is made, and 2500 cords of bark are said to be consumed uunually. On the lower dam are 6 'T0°l®? factory, and another tannery, where upper leather is made. mSSJtaSSa.C9ran>ittee in aid of the Hospital Fair. Messrs. Dyer i„„ Tueidai nfi Columittoe> called a “wet thoaDno?ntm/n?flfrn00n> which ^suited iu three'iadies from' e£cb ““thT flconsisVnS of societies in the villa™ to r lell£loas soliict and receive contribution^ nnTi t07n t0 or otherwise obtain a;d. D3’ aud ^ lcvee3 The Reporter states that an entire ohm™ has been made in the running of . from Skowhcgan, by the Maine Central said changes to go into effect next Monday ’ U Virus iu the Air Wo know that a peculiar poison is ovolvod from marshy ground and from the decomposing filth 0f cities by tho sunshine of spriDg, and that this ele ment which is too subtle to be detected by scientific analysis, produces epidemic fevers, aggravates dys pepsia and all bilious disorders, disturbs the bowels, relaxes tho nerves and debilitates the general system* Luckily an antidote to this atmospheric virus, and a specific for the diseases It genorateB, has been provid ed. For a period of more than twenty years llostet tcr s Stomach Bitters, a medicine in which the finest vegetable tonics and alterative are combined with a perfectly pure stimulant, has taken precedence of every other preparation, as a specific for the ailments most prevalent at this aeason of the year It is acseeable as well as effectual, and eminently safe and wholesome. SPECIAL NOTICES. S PECIAL. NOTICE. Elder Kimball will deliver a lecture that has been prepared, on “tho rise and progress of tho Christian Denomination,” in the V. M. C. A. Hall, on SUN HAY, at 3 P. M. All are cordially Invited. Scats re0* apr21sn3t* SPECIAL NOTICES. Piano Tailing. Orders attendod to personally by ED. J3. ROBINSON, Pinna Borns, A Cuhoau Black. (Opposite City Hull.) mar28-03m. FOB FAMILY USE. THE Halford LEICESTERSHIRE T-A-B L-L S-A-U-C-E Thc best Sauce and Relish Made in any Part ot the World —FOB— EVA^M-I-L-Y XT-S-E. Pint*.. Cent* Bnlf Pint* .... 30 Cent*. FOR SALE BY ALU GROCERS. WONDERFUL CURES I DR. UBAf", OF BOSTON, Who has made so many Wonderful Cures all over the New England States, is at the PREBLE HOUSE, And will Remain a Few Weeks. Every invalid shou:d see him, no matter what their complaint may be, 20,000 Patients have been Treated by him within the last ten years, with Wonderful Success. Bend t!»c following Wouderfn* Corea in iflaiuc s Dr. Urann, who has made so many wonderful cures in this town and others, will remain in town but a short t ime longer. He has had good success. The case of Mr. J. 13. Redman, Attorney at Law in this town, is truly a wonderful one, when Dr. Urann was called to see him a week ago Fiiday, he was not able to turn himself in bod; lie is now able to walk the street and is daily gaining strength.—[Ellsworth American. The above statement, so far as I am concerned, is but the simple truth, and I cheerfully endorse it as an act of justice to Dr. Urann, and earnestly recom mend all persons afflicted with Rheumatism, Neu ralgia. or other kindred complaints, whether acute or chronic, to give him a call, being sanguine that he will cure them. JOHN B. REDMAN. Ellsworth, Jan. 7, 1873. This will certify that I was troubled with Sciatic Rheumatism and suffered great pain, was unable to sleep without taking morphine, could not walk. I was carried to Dr. urann’s office, at the DeWitt House, and after one treatment was free from pain, and have been able to work ever since. A. W. BAILEY. Auburn, May 7, lsca. Lewiston, May 7,1869. This will certify tliat I had lost the use of my lower limbs and was unable to walk or even stand, had several physicians who pronounced my case incura ble. Ho iring of Dr. Urann’s Wonderful Cures, I sent for him. In loss than a week wai able to walk in the streets, and can now walk two miles daily. JAMES F. BRADBURY. Ellsworth, Oct. 8,1857. To TnE Machias Republican.—GontsAs Dr, Urann, of Boston, is about visiting your place, and a stranger in these parts, I know very well, like most physicians traveling, he will he looked upon with sus picion, particularly a9 his cares look miraculous. I had been obliged to walk on crutches for one year, and for nine months wa« not able to put my. foot to the floor. My spine and arm were also so lame as to nearly disablo me. I could not dress or undress my self, or get ott the bed without help. He treated my case last Friday morning, and in less than an hour after I was able to walk home, a distance oi nearly half a mile, up hill, without crutches, and have been gaining ever since. J. R. JORDAN, mcli26sntf formerly Deputy Sheriff. BONDS! BONDS of western cities and counties, 10 per cent. interest and principal payable in the east. Private property as well as public reached. Debts very small in proportion to property and therefore easily paid. Careful investors are invited to call and examine the Bonus. L*ws and Decisions of the courts upon such securities and will find them very safe. Tnero is nothing better. CHARLES M. HAWKES, febGsntf 28 Exchange st., Portland. BATCHELOR’S HAIR DYE. Tills splendid Hair Dye is the best in the -world. The only True and Perfect Dye. Harmless Reliable and Instantaneous; no disappointment; no ridiculous tints or unpleasant odor. Remedies the ill effects of bad dyes washes. Produces Immediately a superb Black or Natural Brown, and leaves the hair clean, soft and beautiful. The genuine, signed W. A. atclielor. Sold by all Druggists. CHAS. BATCHELOR, Prop., A. F. ld&w Ivrs n BANK OF FORTLANIL On, and after this date, the undersigned will carry on a strictly Banking business, at the Banking Rooms now occupied by the Second National Bank, in Portland, Maine, under the style of the “BANK OF PORTLAND” and as such, will receive Deposits and make Discounts, in the regular course of. the Banking Business. W. N. GOOLD. Portland, J une 24th, 1872. * jun23newlt then sn tf CON SUMPTION CAN BE CURED BCIIENCK’S PULMONIC 8TBUP, 8CUSNCK-8 SEAWEED TONIC. 8CHENCK»8 HANDRARE PILL8, Are the only medicines that will cure Pulmonary consumption. Sometimes medicines that will stop a cough will of ten occasion the death of the patient. It locks up the liver, stops the circulation of the blood, hemorrhage follows, and, in fact, clogging tlio action of the very organs that caused the cough. Liver complaint and dyspepsia are the causes of two-thlids of the cases of consumption. Manv are now complaiuing with dull pain iu the side, the bow els sometimes costive and sometimes too loose, tongue coated, pain in the shoulder blade, feeling sometimes very restless, and at other times drowsy; the food that is aken lies heavily on the stomach, accompani ed with acidity awl belching of wind. These symp toms usually originate trom a disordered condition of the stomach or a torpid liver. Persons so affected, if they take one or two heavy colds, and if the cough in these cases be suddenly stopped, the lungs, liyer and stomach clog, and remain torpid and inactive, and before the patient is aware of Ids situation, the lungs are a mass of sores, and ulcerated, and death is the inevitable result. Schenek’s Pulmonic Syrup Is an expectorant which does not contain any opium, nor anything calculated to check a cough suddenly. Schonck’s Seaweed tonic diss v the food, mixes with the gastric juice of the sto ach, digests easily, nonnshes the svsdft. and creat a healthy circula tion oi the blood. When the els are costive, skin shallow, and the patient is a blllious habit, Schcnck’s Msndrake Pills are required. These medicines are propaired by Dr. J. H. SCHENCK & SON, Northeast corner of Sixth and Arch streets, Philadelphia, Penn., and tor sale by GEO. C. GOODWIN & CO., 38 Hanover street, Bos ton, and John F. Henry, 8 College place, New York. For sale by Druggists generally, sept3snendtf Jb JLJttS T UN THE FIELD ! 3IA1ME STATE HOSPITAL FAIR. In addition to my donation to tho above institution I propose to sell -A T COST, (without including freight,) any Dry or Faucy Goods to be used for that object. Auy person who intends making garments er fancy articles for the Fair, can purchase thorn at my store, 91 Middle Street, AX FIRST COST! and have them sent home.

. Please meution when you come that you want ike goods for the Fair, and no porfit will be askod. A. Q. LEACH 84 Middd.'c Street. hprk_ su3w For Sale. Preble House Hack and Livery Stock. Consisting of Coaches, Hacks Barouches, togoather with tho en tire Livery Stock. Tho above Stock k! first class and will bo sold at a bargain. Stable for sale or Lease. JOSHUA DAVIS & CO. apr24sndtfPreble House Stable. Ilonsci'or Sale. AT GORHAM, ME., a large handsome two Btory house, rooms ot both stories of good sizo and height ffiM*,10* having 271 rods front on South St, a Thn dhdanee from Church, Post-office and Depot. ni™«rm.?^®«SU“f‘i,n in Gorham: besides and ®'io shade trees, flower beds and nn.i _ peach and cherry, ten vrano yinpa Geo^A, Perkins, onthe premises. LAMdtty* SS&’SSAl*!? DR he“fthyr‘r0oMsZn"0rbs"8 ffl***"“ “^Tug & 9s£88&^vr9csa2si a itonS; SS, ft?** Pand»Hon,&c.. so compounded cureaTri™! T?,a™ of diseas0- and absolutely dh e !fr and Billions Diseases, Jaun cultiei »R^aiaii2!UTei,e,si" Scrf|fola, and all diffl huia8 *om a diseasoii stomach or impnro i?vd. twenty years of unrivalled success has prov ed Tri^l^he the best medicine in the world. GEO. L. GOODWIN & CO., Boston, and ail druggists. _inarb sneodlCw FOR PIMPLES 05 THE FACE, ^%*5f^and.I'Ic?hworm. nee PERRY’S improv meaoneaxAcI Pimple Remedy, the great skin only hv Dr. B. C. PERKY, Dermatologist, 40 Bond St., if. T. Sold by Druggists everywhere. mai22d&wsu6ml7 — - anaa—mmm SPECIAL NOTICES. Averill Chemical Paint Co~ Manufacturers of PUREST WH ITE ! AS» Any Desired Hbnde or Color, Prepared for Immediate Application. SOLD ByTho (3-^.ILX.OlSr 0NLY DURABLE, BEAUTIFUL, ECONOMICAL. D. M. YEOMANS, General Eastern Agent, £3 Commercial St. Portland. sel2-eodtf sn WHAT TO TEACH THE BOYS. Teach the dear Boys while they are young To make good use of all their time; To watch with greatest care their tongue. And make good use of each spare dime; To he to those around them kind; Do what they cau each one to bless; Thus their own happiness they’ll find Interested by others’ happiness; And teach them when they need new ‘‘Clothes” Coat, Pant, Vest, Hat and Shoes complete, That thoy cau buy them at Fenxo’s, Corner of Beach and Washington street. npr?3 _ amiCt INHALATION. For Hcmorrhago or bleeding from the Lungs for Sore Throat, for Asthma, for Catarrh, for Difficult breathing or shortness of breath, for all affections of Lungs use Dr. Morse’s Cold Medicated Inhalations Belief is sure. For all Female Weaknesses and Ir regularities use Dr. Morse’s Uterine Tonic. Pro crastination or putting off' what should be attended to at once, until another time, Is the causa of much Buffering. C. MORSE, M. D„ 73 Free Street, Portland, Me. mchl5sxlawS3m To Let. THE commodious four storied Brick Store, No. 57 Commercial St.—immediate poeession given. Inquire of ELIAS THOMAS & CO., > No. 90 Commercial St. Or ol W. W. THOMAS, Canal National Bank. sentldantf FOR MOTH, PATCHES, FRECKLES * And TAN, use PERRY’S Moth and Freckle Lotion. It is reliable and harmless. Sold by Dmgglsts everywhere. Depot, 49 Bond St., N. Y. mai22_ d£wsn6ml7 E. ELDEkTcoT NOW OFFER At One Price and no Vari ation. 20 Pieces new style Jap Silks for 25c yard; nsnal retail price 38c 22 Pieces best quality for 50c yard well worth 7oe yard. All of our Black Silks at Equally Low Prices. I j One Cose assorted Satin Striped Piques i for 37c yard; worth 62 l-2c. Trefonse best quality Kids Si,25 pair. — SPECIALTIES Bargains in HOUSEKEEPING GOODS One Case Bates Quilts $1.00 each. 10 Pieces best quality Turkey Bed Dam ask for $1.00 yard, Tery cheap. We shall sell our 2d quality lor 75c yd; usual price $1.00 yd. 100 doz Turkey Bed Doylies $1.00 dozen. 1 ' —-(iffg GREAT VARIETY OF| ~ Linen Damasks.’ ToAvels and N apkins* AT I.ESS THA.V BE MANiUFACTCREBSVPBICES. MOURNING GOODS! j ' U ; ■ Of Every Description at .Popnlar Prices, WHITE GOODS A Fall Assortment at Decided (Bargains. SB TOILET QUILTS, . lO Dozen Choice Patterns at less than the cost of Importation. E. T. ELDEN & CO. I One Price and no Variation. NO; 5 FREE ST., PORTLAND. apr24 sncodlf MARRIED. In Biddeford, April 16, Ira Perry of Biddeford and Vienna C. Berry or Limerick. fn Roth. April li>,Chas E. Furbush and Miss Mary E. Wright. In Lewiston, April 12, Bussell Macomber of Strong and Mary S. Morrison. In Woolwich, March 9, Chas. F. Foster and Hattie A. Blake, both of Wiscasset. In Galesbury. 111., April 17, by Rev. M. L. Willis ton, Chas. R. Crandall of Galesbury and Miss Jennie A. Larrab*. e of Portland. DIED. In this city. April 21, Mr. Isaac Smith, aged 80 years 9 months. [Funeral services this afternoon at 2 o’clock, at No. 12 Brumhall street. In this city, ApHl 25. Fred W. Drew, aged 20 years. [Funeral services Saturday forenoon, at 10 o’clock, at No. 205 Newbury street. Burial at the conven ience of the family. , ‘“selty. April 25, Mrs. Harriot S., widow of the late William Ramsey, aged 64 years. [Prayers on Sunday afternoon at 2 o’clock, at No. 23 Howard street. Burial at the convenience of the family. Falmouth, April 24, Capt. John Johnson, aged oo years. - [Funeral services Sunday afternoon at 2 o’clockl In Bowdolnham, April 20, Mr. Kingsbury Millay aged 77 vears. J •” in Lewiston, April 23, Mrs. Nancy Smith, formerly of PorMand. aged 75 vears. In West Harpswcll, April 15, William P. Bibber, aged 26 years. In Hallowell, April 17, Capt. Isaac Preble, formerly of Bath. Iu Saco, April 21, Mr. Samuel Cole, aged CS years 10 months. —■■■ .. ■ ■ ■■ ■*. ; Miniature Aluiniinc. April 26. Sunrises.15.02 I Moon rises.4.45 AM. San sets.0.54 I High water .10.45 AM j MARINE JSTEWgL j PORT OF PORTLAND. Friday* April 18. ARRIVED. Steamer New Brunswick, Pike, St John, NB via Scb^Harriet Baker, Webber, Elizabetliport—coal to ; 11 L Paino & Co. Sch Maricl, Anderson, Boston. Sch Carrie, (Br) Bunnell, Boston, to load for St j John, NB. Sch Nellie H, Malloch Eastpori—dry flab to Dana i & Co. Sch Challenge, Stone, St George. Sch L Snow, Grifliu. St George. Sch Liberator. Knight, Westport. Sch Medora, Famham. Westport. * j CLEARED. Sch E G Willard, Wallace, Philadelphia—E G Wil lard. Sch Maria Roxana, Palmer, Philadelphia—Bunker Bros. Sells Riral, Dnuton: Terrapin, Wooster, and H p Gibson, Hurst, New York—Bunker Bros. Sch E E Stimpson, Randall, Bridgeport, Ct—Bunk er Bros. _ _ . Sch Baltic, Parker, Providence—J Nickerson. Sch Day Star, (Br) Davidson, Wolfville, NS—John Porteous. Sch Escort, (Br) Curry, Cornwallis, NS—John Port eous. Sch M R w, (Br) Williams, St John. NB-John Porteous. Sch Jos Baxter, Baxter, Kennebec, to load for Georptowu-j Nickerson. Sf® ¥®yer» Reviilc, Kennebec, to load lor Philadelphia—J Nickerson. brig Geo Amos; sss* R Wesia' *11 Backiiu’ nenoRAxoA. fromVhi“delpWarroT5poPrilaUAwh?cf^8\\°^an,1 and iron on 'deck, is reported by IST, h8 ho!‘I have been seen to foundeY on tb? 9th taV£i 12 miles from Barnegat and all hands perished The vessel registered 188 tons, was built at Kennebnnk port in 1H72. and was owned at Provincotowu Wqgti socket, and Philadelphia. •* ocn" DOMESTIC PORTS. OKEGON—Arat Sebcc 12th, ship Grace Darling, Blot ben. San Francisco. b GALVESTON—Cld 16th, ship L L Sturgcs, Lin nekin, Liverpool. ® * NE>V ORLEANS—Old 19th, ship Qonevie Strick land Strickland, Liverpool. SAVANNAH—Ar 21st, brig Lizzie Wyman, Hop kins, New York. CHARLESTON—Ar 23d, sch Frank & Emily, Me Cobb, Rockport. Cld 2tst, sch Sophie. Robinson, Richmond. Va. Sid 23d. sch Neliie Doc, Richardson, Savannah. GEORGETOWN. SC —Ar 20th, schs Windward, Ellis, New York; Wm Butman, Carver, from Phila delphia. Cld 17th, sch Laura, Roberts, Bucksport; 21st, brig Chas Wesley, Harding, Baltimore. BEAUFORT, SO-Ar 13th, ech Jas Biles. Hatch, Boston. Ar I6tb, sch Farragut, from Boston. WILMINGTON-Ar 21st inst, sch Addie Murchie, Gibbs, Rockport; Brave, Foss, Providence; Fanny Pike, Robbins, Baltimore. RICHMOND—Sid 21st, sch Maid of the Mist, Pen dleton, Baltimore via York liver. _ Ar *cl18 Silver Spray, Chadwick, fm Rockland; Frank Wahcr, Br(!Wf,,erj fealtlmoro ASSSwfef£2SftS" Hope0u-Chase-Be!last: fonlEBiayEBe®S,’BC“Ar *»>••* Carrie H Spol BALTIMORE-Ar 23d barque Acac^ Robinson, Matanzas; sch Dclmont Locke. Hatch. Newburvnort Cld 23d, brig L Staples. Hernman, West Indies. PHILADELPHIA—Ar 23d, brigB Eudoius Earr Matanzas; Geo Harris, Stowers, Canlenas; schs Hat tie E Sampson, Davis, Sagua; Eliza B Coffin, Coffin. Cardenas. Ar glib, sch Jason, from Fcraandina. Cld 23d, brig Geo Burnham, Staples, lor Matanzas; sch Kate Carlton, Bowers, Cardenas. NEW YORK—Ar 23d, brig Josie, Pettigrew, Sagua todays; schs Frankiin, Berry, Indianoia; Koeina, Cummings, St George. Cld 23d, barque EvanelL Hlchbom, Marseilles; sch Diploma, Pinkhum, Port de Paix. Ar 24lh, schs Uzzio Dewey, Parker, Havana 19 da; Ella, Montgomery, Cienfucgos 21 days; Elwood Bur ton. Jarvis. Georgetown, DC. Cld 24th. barque Jas S Stone, Pbiuney, Angiers; brigs Ramirez. Bernard, Havana; Jeremiah. Ford, Sagua; schs S S Lee. Browu, Koy West; Gen Hall, Wade, St Augusliue, Fla; Susan Stetson, Yates, for Jacksonville; Cyrus Forset. Pierce, Savannah; Gar land, Lindsey, Brandford, Ct. Sid 2d, barque Josephine Martin, for Cadiz; sch Mollie, for Charleston. Passed throngh Hell Gate 22d, schs Van Buren, Seavey, Port Johnson tor Salem; Julia E Gamaee. Pitcher, do for Boston. s ’ Passed through Hell Gate 23d, brig J W Drisko, Haskell, Hoboken for Portsmouth; schs H M Waite, Golt, Hoboken for Portland; Sarah B, Sanborn, do tor do; Plienix, Thompson, New York for do; Mont roBe. Allen, do for Providence; Eugene, Smith, do for Thomaston; More Light, Allen, dolor Calais: All Lennox, Gray, do for Gloucester; Ganges, Yonng, do for Boston; Hand Mulloch, Norwood, Elizaheth porttor Salem: Mary, Hallowoll, Port Johnson ior Providence; E C Gates, Freeman, fm New York for Pembroke; Ada S Allen, Owen, Port Johnson for Boston: Julia & Martha, Lnnt, Elizabethport for do; Irene. Murphy, Hoboken fordo; Caslillian, Higgins, from New York tor Salem ; Sunbeam, Gilley, do for Providence. NEW HAVEN—Cld 23d, schJKate Foster, Harra den. Jacksonville. PROVIDENCE—Ar 23d, schs Olive, Warren, and Volant, Dodge, Calais; Arabella, Smith, Portland; Franklin, Coates, Calais for Providence. Ar 24th, schs Hyne. Oliver, Portland; F Coffin, Batson, Calais; Harriet Newell, Gould, Maeidas. 1 24tb, brig Maria VV Norwood, Sherman, for Baltimore. SM 23d, schs Wm Daren, Doyle, New York; G D King, EJdridge, Bristol. PAWTUCKET—Sid 22d, schs Annie Gas. Sawver. uuu X! XX Uttaiu, T*arren, new xnrK. VE^EYARD-HAVEN—Ar 23d, schs Clarissa Al len, Hodgdon, Weehawken for Haverhill; Matanzas. Bragdou, Calais for Providence: Parallel, McFaddcn, Cutler for New York. Ar 24th. schs Mary Farrow. Carter, Virginia for Keunebunk; Koret. Manson, Hoboken for Gardiner: Restless, Haskell, Calais lor do; Kate Lilly, Hutch ins, Baltimore for do. Sid, schs Sami Hart, A E Stevens, Col Eddy, A F Cole. Matanzas. J Somes. Parallel, SylvL L D Small, Clarissa Allen, Cherub, A L Butler, M F Cushman, Kate Lilly, Restless, Koret, and others. BOSTON—Ar 24th. brig PM Tinker, Bernard, Sfc Jago; schs Snow Squall. Snow, and Albert, Kent, Calais; Madeira, Douglass, do; Ringleader, Snare, Bangor; Exchange, Rowe. Westport; Medford,Orne, Winteiport; E A Elliott, Sproul, Belfast; Ariosto, t-lwcll, and Lucy Jane, Grant, Rockland; R L Ken ney, Coleman; Oregon, Miller; Solon, Perry, and Sarah. Holden, Rockland; J P Wallace, Thompson, Daraariscotta; Silver Lake, Reed, Boolhbay. Cld 24th, schs Fanny Elder. Rich, Bangor; H S Colson. Gray, do. Ar 25tb,/»ch Greenland, Orcult, Calais. Cld 25tb, barque Wood side, Montgomery, Portland; brig Madawaska, Smith, St John, NB, to load for Buenos Ayres; schs JW Bartlett, Bartlett, Rock port: Julia, Perry, Harrington. Sla 25th. barques Woodside, and J S Barker. PLYMOUTH—Sid 19th, schs Swallow. Wilson; Sea Witch. Wiokeos; Surprise, Hogg, and Silver Spring, for Portland. NiiWiHJitYPORT—Ar 23d. schs Fannie Flint, Warren, Hoboken; Carrie L Hix, Hix, do. FOREIGN FORTS. Ar at Dunedin, NZ, prev to 2Gth ult, barquo Chat tanooga, Freeman, New York for Hong Kong. Ar at Marseilles 9th in3t, barque James McCartv, McCarty, New York; 10th,brig F I Henderson, Hen derson, do. At Messina 30th nit, barquo Smyrniote, Howes, lor New York 10 days; and others. Ar at Vigo 31st, brig J H Gillespie, Brown, from New York. Ar at London 12th inst, ship Ne Plus Ultra, Hager, Antwerp. Ar at Pcnarth eth inst, ship Lady Blcssiugton, Wil liams, Liverpool. At Cardiff 12tli iust, ship A McCallum, Moodv, tor Callao, Idg. At Ponce PR 10th inst, sch Mineola, Langley, for Baltimore. Sid fm Mavagucz 10th inst, sch Zeta Psi,Thompson, Nov York. Ar at St John, NB, 22d inst, schs Cambria, McCann and Annie B, Secord, Portland; Clins E Scammell, Smith, do. SPOKE IV. Feb 19, lat 19 49 N, lon 27 14 W, ship JolinC Potter, from Liverpool Jan 25 for Callao. Feb 26, lat 1 30 N, Ion 26 40, ship Sontag, Herrim&n, from Liverpool for Iquique. April 10. lat 37 40, Ion 67 20, brig Catharine, from St John, NB, for Porto Rico. HENRY CLEWS & CO., 38 WALL STREET, NEW YORK, Offer for .ale a limited number of the FIRST MORTGAGE 7 PER CENT, CON VERTIBLE SINKING FUND GOLD BONDS >- OF TIHt — Burlington, Cedar Rapids & Min nesota Railway Line. At 99 nail accrued interest in currency. At which price they yield over 9 por cent., and are strongly recommended as a Safe and Profitable Inrestiacnt. j ills iwiunay is u aujwniuu'ii lugiuuzeu uuuti me laws of the State of Iowa, which is «he most prosper ous State in the Northwest, being the only State in the Union free from debt. The Minnesota Di vision, running from Burlington, Iowa, to Austin, Minnesota, a distance of 260 miles, was completed in February, 1S72, and earned during that year an av erage of $83,000 por month, being a monthly increase of $35,000 on the earnings of 1871. The earnings for 1873 are estimated to exceed $1,500,000, or more than $125,000 per month. The Milwaukee Division, from Cedar Rapids to Postvillo, on the Milwaukee and St. Paul Railroad, a distance of 110 miles, passes through one of the richest sections of the State of Iowa, and furnishing an outlet to Milwaukee and the lakes. The Burlington, Cedar Rapids and Minnesota Railway bonds have been admitted to the Now York Stock Exchange, and are daily dealt in and quoted on the official .lists, tlius furnishing dealers an advantage enjoyed by few of the new issues of Railway Bonds. The entire loan has been sold, except about $300, 000, which we now offer, to close it out. All marketable securities taken in exchange at cur rent prices, without commission. For sale lu Portland by Robt. A. Bird, 97 Exchange Strecf. ap26dtf _ Star Music Books. ***** DITSOIV Se CO. offer the following resume of prominent books reeently advertised. ***** Standard, . Price, $1.50 Emerson & Palmer’s Famous New Church Music Book. Sella finely. ***** Cheerful Voices, . . 50 cent;. L. O. Emerson’s brilliant now School Song Boek. All the Schools will uso it. ***** Sparkling Rubies, 35 cent?. 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Cent a Cay ^ INTEREST FOR MONET. ^ Taking Advantage 3-omo Dress Goods, Millinery, Shawls, AND _OTIIER GOODS IN OUR LISE. o COGIA 129 Middle 0 _ Onr Great Millinery Opening 1 npr25-cltf SberifT. Sale. State of Maim, i Cumberland s*. j TAKEN on Execution And will be »o!d at Public Auction on Saturday, the thirty-flm (31) day of May, A. D. 1873, at three o’clock in the afternoon at the Sheriffs Office in Portland in said County, all the right In equity, which Caroline L. Pearson, of Car denas in the Island of Cuba, has or had on the thirteenth day of December, A. D. 1872, at twelve o’clock, and hfty minutes in the afternoon, being the tune of the attachment of the same on the original writ, in the action on which said execution was ob tained. to redeem the following described mortgaged Real Estate, situated in the City of Portland, in said County of Cumberland, and bounded and doscrlbed as follows, viz: A certain lot of land in bald Port land, situated in a Court leading out from Park Street, with a brick house thereon, the same being No. 7 m the brick block and bounded as follows: Com mencing at the centre wall upon the Court between the seventh and eighth tenements, southwesterly from Paik Street, running from thence southeasterly through the center of the wall, and continuing the same direction until It reaches the land of Lewis Stetson, thence northeasterly by said Stetson’s land, about sixteen feet more or less until it reaches a con tinuous liue from the centre ol the brick wall between the sixth and seventh houscs—thence northeasterly i by said lino and through said wall to the Court, « thence southwesterly by the front of said building to the first bounds, together with the Portico and an en trance thereto on each side thereof; also the privilege of the use of the Court, for the passage of persons and materials for domestic use, the same being twcu ty-four feet in width. Also a free use of a passage j six feet in width leading from Danforth Street and ■ located on the southwest end of Abner Shaw’s lot. j A Iso, another lot of land immediately south of said first mentioned lot containing about one hundred and twenty-eight square feet, and now included in the yard of said house No. 7. All of which being the same conveyed by John II. Williams to Caroline L. Pearson, by deed dated October eleventh (lltb) A D. 1838, and recorded in Cumberland Registry of Deeds, Book 289, Pago 361, to which Deed and rec ord reference is hereby made for a more particular description of said property. Also at the same time and place I shall sell at pub lic auction, all the right, title and interest which Charles II. Pearson of Cardenas, in the Island of Cu ba, has or had in and to the above described premises on the twenty-fifth day of April, A. D. 1873, at ten o clock in the forenoon, that being the time on which the same was seized on said Execution. Dated at Portland this twenty-fifth day of April. A. D. 1873 — k j apr26 WH. H. DRESSER, Deputy Sheriff. 12,000.000 ACRES Cheap Farms: j The Cheapest Land in Market, for sale by tho UNION PACIFIC RAILROAD COMPANY. In tho GREAT PLATTE VALLEY. ; 11,000,000 Acres - in Central Nebraska ! Now for sale in tracts of forty acres and upwards on i Vivo and Ten Yean*’ Credit at 6 per cent. No Ad vance Interest required. Mild and Healthful climate, Fertile Soil, an Abun dance of Good Water. TliE BEST MARKET IN THE WEST! The great Mining regions of Wyoming, Colorado, Utah xl? keing supplied by the farmers in the Platte valley. Soldiers entitled to a Homestead of 160 Acres. The Beat Locations for Locations* FREE HOMES FOR ALL! Millions of Acres »f j choice Government Lands open for entrv under tho j Homestead Law, near this Great Railroad, with good ! markets and all the conveniences ot an old settled | country. Free passes to purchasers of Railroad Land. ; Sectional Maps, showing the Land, also ntw edi ! tion of Descriptive Pamphlet with New Maps, Mailed : Free Everywhere. Address, O. F. DAVIS, Land Committioner U. P. P. R. apr2G-4w Omaha, Nbb. AGENTS WANTED FOB THE UNDEVELOPED WEST j OR | FITE YEARS IN THE TERRITORIES. BY J. HC. BEADIiE, J WESTERN CORRESPONDENT of CINCINNATI COWMER i cial. The only complete history ol that vast region ! between the Mississippi and the Pacific: Its Re j sources, Climate, Inhabitants, Natural Cariosities, i etc., with life & adventure on Prairies, Mountains, 1 ana tlie Pacific Coast. Mr. Beadle bas spent five ! years travelling in the new States and Territories, and knows more about their Resources, etc., than 1 aov other writer. The book is illustrated with over 930 fine engravings of the Scent ry, Cities, Lands, Mines, People, and Cuiiosities of the Great West, A: is the best and fastest selling book ever published. 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Sole Agent for United States. aPr26___. d4wt tO PER CENT. NET. THE IOWA LOAN AND TRUST COMPANY will invest money on flrst-claes Real Estate at 10 percent, interest, net, payable semiannually in New York .and will garantee the collection of all loans made through its agency. All chargee paid by the borrower. Please write, before investing, for New York and New Eng land references, md full particulars. Samuel Mer rill, (late Governor of Iowa,) President. Address •JAMES B. HARTWELL, Scc’y, Draw 167 Des Moi nes, Iowa. apr26t4w 7to12PE RECENT. We make a Nprr ialty of County, City, ami School District Bonds, Guarantee E*e*»lity of all bonds sold, collect the coupons without charge, or tare same as so much cash on sales. GEIf’Scnd for prico list. THE LAW of MUNICIPAL BQNDS lust published bv onr senior, should be in the hands of all interested'in this class of securities. Two Vol umes, price510. IV. N. COLERdrCO., apr2Ctlw 17 Nassau-*!., New York. LI VIN G STON E'\r AFRICA over 800 rages, only $2.50. Incomplete and interior works ato uttered, look out for them. Send for circu lars and see Proof of the greatos success of the sea Icompanion worth $13 mallei free. ^JP®ARD BROS., Publishers, 723 Sansom Street, Phila. spr26J4w SewinK Machine IS THE BEST IN THE WORLD. Agent* Wanted. Send for circular. Address: “DOMESTIC SEWING MACHINE CO., N. V. apr28_ _?1» ^AGENTS WANTED fiiffi*. Pictures, Maps, and Charts. Also, for our Sett ling Silk and Linen Thread. $100 to $200 cleared .^per month bv good,active Agents. Apply at one© Wto D. L. GUERNSEY, Concord. N. II. apr26tlw rglHE WORKING CIaASS, male or JL female $60 a week guaranteed. RotpectobJo cm- j ployment at homo, day or evening; no capital reqnir- ( ed; full instructions and valuable package ot goods to start, with sent, tree bv mail. Add less with C cent return stamp M. YOUNG & CO., 173 Greenwich St.. New York._^_aprJMwf Notice. MR. LEWIS C. breed having retired from tbo firm of Hoyt, F'>g$ & Brood the business will be continued under the name or Hogt & Fog^ SAML. FOG 6, « Port load; April 25, 1873. ap2tid3t NEW ADVERTISEMENTS PANIC N YORK! ° — o Look at our JPrices. o These are all new goods and of the latest styles'*" and colors. __ > Stripo and Plaid Shawls, $2 00. Reversible Ottoman Shawls, $3 50. Reversible Ottoman Shawls, SI 23. Delaines, 15 cents a yd Austrian Cloth, solid colors, 33 cents a yd. Bright Plaids, 20 to 23 cents a yd. "" Black BrillianUno, 25 to 8125a yd. Now Shades in Colored Alpaca, 38 to 02 cts a yd.*^ Bustles, 15, 20 and 23c each. Linen Towels, 8 to 73c each. All from 25 to 50 per cent, less than regsjor P"C. w HASSAN > 6 Temple St, z will be in a few (lays. &pr23-tf Henry Ward Beecher, At the late Tyndall dinner, said “I don't say ihat good Sewerage ia Gomel, but I say that bad sewerage Is heresy / ” STOCKWELL, TRUE & CO., say; “If yon use Cement Pipe, you will Lave GOOD S£ W ERAG E.* ’ DIPLOMA AWARDED, — BY THE — NEW ENGLAND AND MAINE AGBI C11TUIA1. MOCIiiTIKg, -FOR Best Cement Drain Pipes. GEORGE B. I.ORING, Prrst. DANIEL NBECHAiU.Hee’T. SETH SCAM MON. Prest. SAM’L ROAR OMAN, See’,. The Cement Drain Pipe made by Messrs. Siockwcll, True & Co., has been used by us for the last four years tor Drains and Sewers. We hare found It entirely satisfactory, and have no hesitation In recommending it for these purposes. THE PORTLAND ROLLING MILL, By Geo. E. B-. Jackson, Treas. THE PORTLAND Cement Drain Pipe Co,, Manufacture under Patents of 1570, '71, '72, '73, at Works, Corner Danforth St., and Western Promenade, HYDRAULIC, ■CEMENT, DRAIN AND ?EWER PIPES. Superior for "WELLS, as it keeps out all surface water. Best thing for SEWERS and DRAINS, as the smooth interior, and moist surface tends to keep It free from clogging. CHEAPEST ILIh.Id Ihcl.nj run for Uit-st pu.pM«, The matter which Is to be carried aw&v, uewor ac ids, Jfco., hardens the pipe as It passes through. 83E"It Is also largely used lor Chimneys. Sold by KENDALL & WHITNEY, N. M. PER KINS & CO., and by STOCKWELL, TREE & CO., Pray.. P. S. In ordorod cur goods, it Is for the Interest of our customers to give us all tie notice nosslble previ ous to wanting to use them. We call especial attention to tho ARTIFICIAL STONE VASES, Which arc peculiarly adapted to I ho growth of Flow ers, Shrubs, and Plants. Because the moisture is re taiued about tho roots causing tbe plants to nourish with groat vigor. Portland Kerosene Oil Works. Messrs. Stock well, True & Co., SinsI have used your Cement Pipe at the Works of tho Portland Kerosene Oil Co., also at my house, for the last five years, and find it admirably adapt ed to tbe purpose. At the works of the Company they have been sub mitted to hard usage, being at times exposed to hot vapors and gases, as well as to water both hot and freezing. war. atwood, apr2Coodlm Supt. Portland Kerosene Od Co. In Bankruptcy. THIS Is to giro notice, that on the 21th day of April A. D. 1873, a Warrant in Bankruptcy was is sued against the Estate of Aaron M. Mellen, ot Fall *■ River, In the County of Bristol, and State of Mass achusetts. who has beon adjudged a Bankrupt on * is own Petition: that the payment of any Debts, and the delivery of any Property, belonging to such Bank rupt, to him or for his nsc, and the transfer of any Property bv him. are forbidden by law :%that a meet ing of the Creditors of the said Rankupt, to prove their Debts, and to choose one or more Assignees of his Estate, will be held at a Court of Bankurptcy, to be holden at Now Bedford, Mass., before H. M. Knowlton, Esq., Register, on the loth day of May, A. D. 1873, at 11 o’clock, A. M. ROLAND G. USHER, tJ. S. Marshal, Mass. DisruiCT, apr26d3t Mestmyrr. Desirable House on Indersou Street for Sale Cheap. THE property No. 1 Anderson St. consisting of a 3 story House, containing 18 roon.s, ample clos ets, fine cellar, good water. Property now rents for 3*366 per annum. For p rtlculars call on J. C. PROCTER, 1)3 Exchange street, or F. O. BAJLFY & CO., 18 Exchange street. ap26tf Steam Safe Co.’s Sate. WE have ono of Sanborn’s Steam Fire Proof Sales, medium sire, combination lock, new and In perfect order, for sale at a large diiettunl from mmufacturer’s prices. Call and examine It ut No. 22 Exchange etreef. J. H. BAILEY & CO., Aacllrawn. ap26 dtf For Sale. ATBIMM1KG and Fancy Goods Store, with a small well selected Stock, with steady tncreas ng trade. In one of the besl locations in the city. Address “BUSINESS,” THIS OFFICE. apr26»dlw_ then tf Horse Wanted. A GOOD young horse weighing between 1080 and i'A. 1200 tbs wanted by IV. C. COBB, apr26d*3t 30 pearl Street. Found. A SMALL sma ef money, which the oarer can have by calling on Robert Costello, or at 13« ore Street, and proving property. apr‘26dlw* Carpets Cleaned —AT— FOSTER’8 DYE HOUSE, so u tfrtOJI STREET. **• Ho"«. SIS Congret. ireot, or at .he Dye House ou Union street. * «”No charge for trucking. ^aplidtf

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