Newspaper of Portland Daily Press, April 26, 1873, Page 3

Newspaper of Portland Daily Press dated April 26, 1873 Page 3
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THE PRESS. SATURDAY MORNING, APR 26, 1873 THE PRESS obtaiuca at the Periodical Depots of Fes eenden Bros., Marquis, Robinson, Brandi & Co/ Andrews,Wentworth, Giendcnnino Moses, Hender #on, and Chisholm Bros., on all trains that run out of thocity. At Biddeford, of Pillsbury. a a «tC0 °* k, Hodgdon. * At Watervillc, of J. S. Carter. At Gorham, of News A "cut. At Bath, of J. O. Shaw. At Lewiston, of French Drop. At Kenuebunk, of C. E. MUer. CITY AND VICINITY. Xcw iilYcrliHCiiuBilK To-Day. AUCTION COLUMN. Sheriff Sale—F. 0. Bailey & Co. Furniture, &c. J. S. Bailey & Co. ENTERTAINMENT COLUMN. Music Hall—Va;icty Troupe. Second Parish- City Hall. NEW ADVERTISEMENTS. Terrible Panic—Ccgia Ilassan. Portland Cement Drain Pipe Co. For gale—Trimming and Fancy Goods Store. Horse Wanted—W. C. Cobb. Daucy’s Announcements—S. Notice- Hoyt & Fogg. Desirable House on Anderson street for Sale. Steam Safe Co.’s Safe—J. S. Bailey & Co. Fertilizer—Coniuit & Rand. Sheriff Sale—Wm. II. Dresser. Star Mutic Book—Oliver Ditson & Co. In Bankruptcy—Roland G. Usher. Girls wanted by Star Match Co. Found—Sum of Money. Wanted—Qfaig, Jackson & Brackett. MISCELLANEOUS NOTICES. Lormg’s Vegetable Specific. Cogia Ilasjin’s Announcements—3. ' —ftfjfitn and Shoes—T. E. Moseley & Co. The Portland Shirt—Orin IIa,vkes <» Co. I)r. O. Fitzgerald. Supreme Judicial Court. VIRGIN' J., PRESIDING. Friday.—Hiram J. lcand vs. Isaac C. Nesmith.— Clotring arguments concluded. Merrill- Drummond. Municipal Court. BEFORE JUDGE MORRIS. Friday.—Patrick O’Malley. Search aud seizure. Fined $50 and costs. Paid. RcliBioufl Notice*. Children’s Progressive Lyceum Concert to-mor row evening at Army and Navy Union Hall, com mencing at 7$ o’clock. All are invitod. Alle>’ Mission Chapel, Locust Street.—Prayer meeting at 2.30; Sunday School at 3 P. M. Preach ing at 7$ o’clock by Rev. Charles C. Mason. All arc cordially inrited. Seats free. Mountfort Street A. M. E. Church.—Rev J.H. Madison, pastor.—Preaching at 10$ a. m., 3 and 7 p.m. by the Pastor. St. Luke’s Cathedral, State St.—Rt. Rev. II. A. Neely, Bishop of the Diocese ol Maine.—Sunday servhW 10.30 a. m., 3 and 7.30 p. m. Daily sendees at 0 a. m. and 5 p. m. Seats free to all. Advent Christian Ciiurcii, Union Hall, 87 Free St.—Elder J. C. White of E. Boston will preach Sun day at the usual hours. Prayer meeting at a a. m. Portland Spiritual Association, Temperance Hall, 35U Congress st. Conference at 2 P. M. Sub ject : Re-Incarnation. Preble Chapel, corner Preble aud Cumberland streets. Sunday School at 2 p. m; preaching at 3 p. m. Sunday School Concert, at 7$. Free to all. First Baptist CiiURcn, Congress st., corner of Wilmot.Rev. Wm. H. Shailer, Pastor.—Preaching at 3; Sabbath School at l|; Social meeting at 7 p. m. First Second Advent Church, 353J Congress street. Elder G. W. Scdcrquest, of Lyun, Mass, will preach to-morrow at the usual hours. Seats free. New Jerusalem Ciiurch.—Preaching at 10$ A. M. by Rev. G. F. Stearns, Subject: “The wrath ami anger of the Lord iu the Old Testament, explained in the New. Evening lecture at 7$ o’clock. St. Paul’s Church, comer oi Congress and Lo cust street.—Service* Sunday at 10.30 o’clock a.m. and 3 p. M. I. onviini.—sjiooiiui, •» uiio ij r Prayer meetings ou Monday and Thursday oveniugs at 7} p. m. All from sea aud land are invited. Newbcry St., Church.—Prayer meeting at 10J a. m.; preaching in the allemoon at 3 p. m. Spiritual Fraternity, Army and N aw Union XXai.l—Children’s Progressive Lyceum at 1CJ A. M. Conference at 3 P. M. WiLLisroN Church.—S. S. 10-i a. m. Preaching service at 3 r. M. Sitiiogs Tree. Social moeling at 7 p. M. Sr. Lawrence St. Church.—Rev. A. IX. Wright, Pastor.—Preaching at 10* a. m. and 3 p. m. Y. M. C. A. Chapel, Dovring’sBridge.—Sabbath School at 3 o’clock 1’. M. Y. M. C. A. Mechanics’ Building, C ongress St.— Eide G. Kimball will preach Sunday at 3 p. m So cial meeting at 7 p. m. All arc invited. Brief .gwtting*. The Second Parish festival at City Hail, May Day evening, promises to he a very pleasant entertainment. Some one broke into the office of Messrs. Talliot & Johuson ou Commercial street Thurs day and stole a dollar, all ill coppers. The cheerful cry of “knives and scissors to grind,” how resounds through our streets,—or rather would resound if the kuife grinders had a docent regard for the traditions of their trade. Mostly a clear day yesterday, though April contrived to squeeze out a tear or two with difficulty. The ladies of the First Parish have subscrib ed 312.5 for a surplice for Dr, Hill. Dr. Hunt aud Mr. Fred. Quiuby are belli re covering their health. Mrs. Warren Brown aud family of this city, have been sojourning in Europe forsomc years, have returned home. Mr. J. E. Donnell lias arrived home from Europe. Two gentleaien who were foolisli enough to crawl under a train of cars near the Grand Trunk depot, Wednesday, narrowly escaped being crushed to death. Hugh Kelley says that McCuUum never kept bar for him. A largo iron pillar is to ho placed under one of the beain3 of the staircase in City Hall. McCuUum is on the fair road to recovery. Dr. Ring reports him as doing well. It is the first instance of well-doing recorded of him during his useless life. The “Old Folks’ Concert" at the Allen Mis sion last evening was a real success, the chapel being filled with interested spectators. All present were delighted. Tjoud calls are made for the employ men t of the street sprinklers. The clouds of dust are be ginning to he very annoying. Maine General Hospital —The Executive Committee acknowledge the donation of addi ditlonal articles aud in jury from the following named parties in aid of the MaincGeneral Hos pital Fair, viz: Dr, E. P. Moraug, Boston, cash contribution. M. G. P. Society, cash contribution S125. nro ceeds of ball. Radio A. Rich, cash contribution. Libby & Goodhue, lumber. James & Williams, four tons coal. Jackson & Eaton, two tons coal. 8. W. Larrabee & Son, lumber. Simeon Shurtieff, one ton coal. George C. Robinson & Co., plated card re ceiver. John T. Rogers, one ton coal. Kendall Manufacturing Company, (Nicholas Sheldon, Treasurer,) Providence, R. I., toilet and laundry soaps. Z. Thompson, physician’s sulky, uew design. Faik Week.—The programme of the week in June devoted to the Fair for the benefit of the Maine General Hospital, though not fully de cided upon, is understood to be as follows: On Tuesday and Wednesday evenings, June 10th and 11th, concerts will be given by the full Portland Band. These will be known as the “opening nights.” Visitors are expected to de vote their attention chiefly to purchasing arti cles which will bo for sale at the various tables. The music is furnished for the purpose of sooth ing tin melancholy which the loss of loose pocket change is apt to cause. The Band has volunteered its services for the opening night. Thursday evening, June 12th, Mrs. .Jarlev and her renowned wax-works put in an appear ance. Friday evening, June 13th, a concert will he given by the Rossiuis. Saturday evening, Jun6 14th, “An Evening with Dickons” is on the programme. Monday eveuiug, J une lfith, a concert by the Haymakers is promised. Tuesday evening, June 17th, amateur theat ricals will be given. Wednesday evening, Juno 18th, the closing night, a concert by the Portland Band takes place. Atrangemeuts are being perfected for a very pleasing week, and the prospect is that the Fair will be as entertaining as it is benevolent. A bridge will probably be built over Congress street, connecting City and Fluent Halls. An entertainment is expected at Fluent Hall every afternoon for the benefit o£ the children. The Managing Committee will probably give a fare well entertainment at City Hall on Thursday evening, J une ltltb, at which time the Hall will bo cleared and an auction sale will take place of what remains on hand. A Novel Consignment.—Mr. Win. Allen, Jr., received yesterday the consignment of a pair of the handsomest Peacocks that wo over beheld. They attracted great attention from tho passers by, were quickly disposed of and hereafter will add their graceful charms to the beautiful grounds of H. P. Storcr, Esq, Dan forth street. The tail of the male when spread is over four feet wide, aud five feet loDg, They were raised on the well-known Obenory farm in Falmouth. JllBDKB AT THE ALHS4IOI SK Killed by n Blow of the Fl»t. Yesterday morning about seven o’clock, as Mr. Joel Merrill, keeper of the Alms House, was seated at breakfast liis daughter came run ning into the room and told him that a terrible fight was going on near the front door, between two workmen. Mr. Merrill hastened to the door and found Michael Sullivan, the gardener, lying prone upon liis face across a stone step which leads up to the door. At a little distance washing his hands at <lio water-trough, stood John Warren, a laborer on the farm, who was pointed out to tho keeper as the man who knocked Sullivan down. Mr. Morrill, with tho assistance of some of tho inmates of the house, lifted tbe injured man up, carried him into tho hospital aud placed him upon a bod. Ho then Beized Warren, locked him up and went for a physician. When he returned, somo thirty minutes after, Sullivan was dead Coroners Gould and Hall wero immediately notified and acorouer’s jury was summoned. Gen. Mat tocks, the County Attorney, was present and conducted the examination. Mr. Merrill aud several of the inmates who were present at the scene, were called as witnesses. Tho testimony was substantially as follows: Yostorday morning Warren and somo other men were seated upon logs in the back yard, smoking aud jesting with some women. Sulli van looked out of a window in the west wing of tho building, and began hurling epithets at Y.rarreu, and made somo talk about the theft of a pair of boots and an overseer’s coat. Warren asked him why ho didn't come out of his shel ter like and settle the controversy; to which Sullivan answered that he would be down very- shortly'. A McNulty woman, who was present, advised Warreu to give Sul’ivan “a d—d good ki-king.” Warren then went round to the front of tho house, and Sullivan came down stairs and joiued him. When the men met Warreu seized Sullivan by tho throat snd asked him what he was abusing him for. Sullivan wanted to know what he had done to aim. Warren thou struck him two blows in ;he face with his fist. Sullivan in a feeblevoica ;ried out to Mr. Merrill, and begau retreating towards the door. Just as lie reached the gato post, Warren struck him again in the back. Sullivan staggered, fell against tho post and re covered himself, hut caught his foot in a scrap er and was thrown to the earth, striking his face upon some small stones. This was the sum of the testimony. It seems that the men have been at feud for some years. Tho McNulty woman is said to have taken a prominent part in tho long-staud iug quarrel, siding with Warren. There is a report that the two men were aspirants for her favor, and that jealousy was the cause of tho quarrel. The probabilities arc, however, that this poor-house romance exists only in the im agination, an i that a dispute as to gardening was the cause of the difficulty. Sullivan had frequently jeered at Warren because his wife, Polly Warren, was in State Prison. Sullivan was a man about 00 years of age* rather infirm, aud troubled with a chronic dis ease of the heart and lungs. He leaves a wife aud a young child, both of whom are at the Alms House. Warren is of about the same ago as Sullivan, hut a much stronger and hoalthier A post mortem examination was held by Drs. B. B. Foster, N. A. Hcrsom and T. A. Foster. They found a contusion and a cut on the sice of the head, a broken nose, and some evidences of concussion of the brain. They found organic disease of the heart and lungs, and came to the conclusion that death resulted from the nervous shock to a systc n already debilitated by dis ease. Coroner Gould returned a verdict in accord ance with the evidence, finding that Michael Sullivan came to his death by the hands of .fobn Warren. Warren has been arrested and taken to the jail. He says ho had no intention of killing Sullivan, is very sorry for the deed, and desired only to administer punishment for his abuse. Owens.—Last evening witnessed a largo and fashionable audience at Music Hall on the oc casion of the production of “Everybody’s Friend” and “Forty Wiuks.” In the first nam ed pla3’ Mr. Owens gave a most discriminating and appreciative rendition of the conceited swaggering, good-natured and utterly impassa- I :ile Major De Boots. All the possibilities of ibis most humorous character were brought out ind elaborated in an entirely finished and artis tic manner. In the hands of Mr. Owens the bold swash-buckler is a revelation of the hum orous. Miss Gordan as Mrs. Swandown, won a complete and very marked triumph, One could not wonder at the devotion of Icebrook, whose manner of making love, by the way, was sug gestive of that of Komulus and his followers. Miss Gordan’s grace, her repose, her beauty, her instinctive appreciation of the exigencies of her part, and the intense realism of her acting were ali evidently deeply felt by her audience, The other parts were capitally taken. Appar ently Mr. Walter Bonn had on the lavender in expressihles which figured so conspicuously in the ludicrous presentation scene of the night before. “Forty Winks” repeatedly brought the house down. Mr. Owens’ make-up was marvelous, and his conception of the miserly hntton-mak ker was au irresistibly humorous one. Mr. Ward did well as the conventional old sea-dog. Mr. Curry was an excellent Emerald Islander, and Mr. Stuart a capital fop. Miss Mary Wil liams was decidedly good as Fanella, playing the wayward, impulsive school girl with mark ed ability. Wc repeat our previous judgment that Mr. Owens’ support is markedly and uniformly ex cellent. The company is a strong oue, and much above those which generally accompany distinguished actors in their starring tours “Down East.” This evening "Married Life,” in which Mr. Owens appears as Henry pave, and the great speciality of “Solon Shingle,” will he given. We hope and expect to sec a P'-'OWtlfMl lirms« Tiiosb Book s.—Mr. Henry Deering informs us that the books which lie found at Colby’s book-store were copies of the United States statutes. Of these ho had some thirty-six vol umes. One by one they had been stolen, until none remained to him. Having reason to sus pect that they were at Colby’s, lie called there to see. The young man in charge was very im pudent to him, saying that he had only Mr. Deering’s word against the boy’s as to the own ership of the hooks. Mr. Deering felt that Colby ought not to have bought such valuable volumes under such suspicious circumstances, until he had traced the ownership; and he thought it no more than just that Colby should return tkem to his office. In regard to the charge of offensiveness, Mr, Deering judges that to be a matter of opinion. His statement is auother illustration that the shield has both a gold aud a silver side, aud we strongly sus pect that Mr. Deering” s side is the golden one. I. O. O. F.—We understand that the Odd Fellows bavo completed all their arrangements for an excellent time to-day. York Encamp ment of Biddeford is expected to bo present with their Dew uniforms, and together with the Encampments and Lodges of this city, will make a goad display. The line will form on Congress street, and move at two o’clock on tlio route. The exercises at the City Hall will take place as soon as the procession shall have arriv ed there. The doors will be open at two o’clock and the exercises will probably begin about half past three, to which the public are most cor dially invited to be present. William Ellison, P. G. Sire, who is to deliver the lecture, is high ly spokeu of as a lecturer. York Eucampment with the officers of the Grand Lodge and En" campmeut will dine at the Preble House after the lecture. In the evening there will he a con cert by the Portland Band and dancing. Street Sprinklers.—We were informed yesterday afternoon, that the proprietors of the street sprinklers arc making an effort to obtain sufficient subscribers ou Exchange street to warrant giving it a thorough wetting from the first of May to the first of October. This is a step in the right direction, for the hand hose are a nuisance, muddying the streets and mak ing puddles in every crevice of the sidewalk. 'J bo proprietors of the sprinklers did all the sprinkling that was done last year, and in no case did we hear of any dissatisfaction Three fourths of the time during the dusty season, our down-town merchants are deprived of much trade, because the ladies find the dust quite insufferable. We trust there will be a favorable response generally to tlin call for subscriptions. Surrendered.—E. T. Cotton of Brownfield, who was arrested by United States detectives a few weeks since and held to appear at the U. S. Circuit Court, this week, for passing coun terfeit money, has been surrendered by his bondsmen, and was committed to jail last night to await trial. He will probably be arraigned to-day. I Lost Himself.-Thursday afternoon one of the officers of the steamship Polynesian, ac ! eonipanied by ladies, desiring to see a i ..e o ! the surroundings Of Casco Bay, went to sail in a boat Not having any compass with him, he concluded to return after proceeding about twelve miles out to sea. It wa3 more difficult than ho expected. After paddling around for several hours, he was obliged to signal for a pi lot and reached the steamer about 4 o’clock Friday, having, no doubt, enjoyed himself fine ly. In the meantime great anxiety being felt for them on the steamship another boat was I sent in search of them. Raymond's Ball.—The select ball given in honor of Mr. Raymond by his private class, at Fluent Hall last evening, was one of the most enjoyable affairs of the season. About oue hundred aud twenty-five couples were present. The music was by Raymond’s Quadrille Baud of eight pieces, Chandler prompter. Music Hall.—Two nights only, Monday aud Tuesday evenings, April 28th aud 2Utli. Sheridau & Mack’s Variety Troupe—sixteen star performers—Miss Ada Bcskell, the beauti ful song aud dauco artiste; Miss Eiise Jordan, the bewitching Sorio-comic songstress; The Wonderful Girards, the only rivals of the Ma giltons; Master Casey, Lilliputian Comedian; supported by tha full strength of the company. Prices as usual. Tickets for sale, at .stock bridge’s Music Store. __ sj iHcaTitAKEOUS KOTICKS. Any female sufieringTrom Constipation or Dyspepsia, who is unable to purchase my Specific, the great remedy for those dis. tressing complaints, shall receive it without Money and without Price by calling at my store, corner Exchange and Federal streets this day Saturday'. Thomas G. Losing, Apothecary. F. O. Bailey & Co. sell at their salesroom a large assortment of Marseilles, quilts, towel linen, two watches, etc., 10 a. m. Gimps and Laces at the lowest prices arid the best assortment in the State. Cogia Hassan. The best aud the cheapest boots, shoos, and gaiters, for all ages and sexes, are constantly offered by T. E. Moseley & Co., 293 Washing ton street, Boston—both imported aud of their own manufacture. The Portland Shirt is a home product,. Nice Bustles of the most durable styles sell ing at 13, 20, and 23 cents, worth from 40 to 73 cents. Cogia Hassan. To morrow’s Star will contain amopg other things the last and raoiest of the "Train Mati-> nees,” a Max Adeler articlo, aud some account of the great East river bridge between New York and Brooklyn. ^ Dr. 0. Fitzgerald, the wonderful Clairvoy ant Physician and Surgeon will remaiu at Room No. 11 Preble House, Portland, until Wednes day, April 30th. Don’t fail to sec him, as his cures are almost miraculous. apr2G tf All the new designs in sash ribbons at panic prices. Extra heavy 7 inch sash ribbons, all silk, 61.00 a yard. Cogia Hassan. d UKipUUlflU.-, UUUUStUlim, UllVldUtf, UI uretieal solvent and tonic, there is no medicine yet discovered so reliable as Smolaxder’s Bu chu. Kidney, bladder and glandular diseases, dials;tes, gravel, female complaints, and all maladies of the urino-genital organs, are re moved or counteracted by its agency. apr22-eodlw SoitE Niitles.—The suffering which many ladies experience from caked breasts and sore nipples, is little realized by men. A remedy has now come to them, aud the wonder is that it has not been discovered before. The Centaur Liniment is as delicate and soothing as a cos metic, and affords such speedy and permanent relief, that we are showered down with thanks. It is Simply a wonderful thing for all sores, lameness and swellings. Children cry—for Pitcher’s Casioria. It regulates the stomach, cures wind colic and causes natural sleep. It is a substitute for castor oil. apr24-codlw&wlt Steel Knives and every description of Table Ware Plated, or Beplated in the very best man ner at short notice and at a reasonable price, at Atwood’sNew Rooms, 27 Mar??.et Square. fel>25-eodtf Advertisers naturally seek the means for reaching the largest Dumber of readers, and those of the best quality. The Daily Press fills the bill in both particulars better than any other daily journal in Maiue. Lieut. E. E. Small has be-’u elected captain, and Sergeant J. 51. Davis, second lieutenant of the Jamesoti Guards of Bangor. Good, but if anything too much, sleighing is reported one-third of the way from Bangor to Ellsworth. The brig Jeremiah of Soarsport, was boarded by four thieves at Brooklyn, N. Y., last Tues day, and while oue kept Capt. Ford and liis family quiet by a pistol at their beads, the oth ers packed up §70 worth of jewelry aud other property. _ BY TELEGRAPH. MATTERS IN MAINE. [Special.] Appointments. Augusta, April 25.—The following nomina tions have been made to-day by Gov. Pcrham: Hon. Joun A. Peters of Bangor, Judge of the Supremo Judicial Coart; Joshua Nye of Au gusta, Insurance Commissioner; Warren H. Vinton of Gray, Wm. E. Paine of Bath, Geo. Z. Higgins of Ltibcc, Trustees of the Reform School; J. H. Hanson of Watervillc, Trustee of the Normal School. [To the Associated Press.] Drowned in a Cellar. Wateevii.le, April 25.—Mrs. Lewis, aged about seventy-fire years, was found this noon drowned in about two feet of water in the cel lar of Wm. L. Leslie’s house. She had proba bly been in the water two hours when found. It is supposed she must have fallen down the stairs. Fire In Kilter?. Portsmouth, April 23. -Gunnison Hall in Kittery was burned this morning. It was oc cupied by the Free Baptist society while their church is being repaired, aud by the Good Templars, who held a meeting there last night. Both societies lost everything. Lost $5,000; partial insurance. MASSACHUSETTS. The Liquor Lav. Boston, April 25.—A petition to the Board of Aldermen is being extensively signed in this city, asking them to take such steps as shall secure the enforcement of the liquor law prohibiting the manufacture and sale of intox icating liquors. Bradley’s Car iflnnnfnctory Damaged by Fire., April 25.—The dry-house con nected with the extensive manufactory of Os good Bradley in this city, was totally destroyed by fire this noon. The flames spread to the cabinet shop and several dwelling houses in the vicinity. In the cabinet shop a largo quantity of car furnishing material was badly damaged. The flames were extinguished before any se rious damage resulted to the dwelling houses. Loss $6000; insured $2500. NEW YORK. Railroad Hallers. New York. April 25.—The officers of the New York West Shore & Chicago Railroad state that the corporation has recognized with a view to prosecuting the enterprise. The capi tal stock is to be increased to five millions. An agent is now in Europe negotiating the sale of securities. The road will be a competing line with the New York Central and Hudson River Railroad, on the west shore of the Hudson riv er. Rumors prevail that the Erie investigating committee will present a hill to the Legislature prohibiting the formation of any closer relations between the Erie and Atlantic and the Great Western Railroad. Erie will not object, it is said, if the application is made general. Bniltling in Hew York. The existiug and contemplated strikes, and the withdrawal of money to pay insurance losses by the great fires in Chicago and Boston, combined to reduce building in this city last year forty per cent., and the recent talk of strikes, together with the high prices of land aud materials, threaten to make still further reduction in the number of buildings erected this year. Numbers of carpenters, bricklayers, etc., are leaving the city in search of work. A Cable Funic. The Evening I’ost has a letter from New foundland which states that the charter of the New York, Newfoundland and Loudon Tele graph Company, which has passed almost un noticed, provides that at the end of the first twenty years the government of Newfoundland has the right of purchasing the line at valua tion. The first twenty years terminates in 1675. The company recently applied to the govern ment to have this clause recsnsidered and their possession be thus continued for the next thirty years, but the government, under the eminent legal advice in London that they have the right to purchase the line at .cost of the plant, has re tuseu. Ihe receipt of this intelligence in Lon-, don caused the stock of the company to fall from £20 to £14, but after the panic abated somewhat it rose to £17. Arrest of Sailor Boarding House Keeper* To-day it transpired that the Oyer and Ter nJ'n,er Si'and jury had found indictments against 147 keepers of sailors’ boarding houses, charged with violations of the act of Congress, known as the new shipping act, passed in 1872 for the protection of sailors. About six o’clock seven ty policemen, armed with warrants, made a tour of tho fourth and sixth wards and succeed ed in arresting tifty-two of the indicted parties. The arrests produced much excitement, and but for the overwhelming force of the police resist ance would doubtless have been made. The ar rested parties are locked up in the Oak street police station and will be arraigned at the Toombs. Various Halter*. The Wine and Spirit Traders’ Sociotv.of the United States is seeking an incorporation by the State. One of its chief objects is to main tain and extend a high standard of fair dealing, which has already made so many of the lead in" merchants pre-eminont in tho community. A pickpocket took from tho owner in Wall street nineteen first mortgage bonds of New Haven, Middletown and Milwaukco railroads of $500 each. Rob’t P. Bleakley, the murderer of his niece, attempted to commit suicide this morning by cutting arteries in his arm with a razor Tho physician saved him. The bill securing to colored citizens all their rights at theatres, hotels, etc., which passed the Legislature a few days since, has received the signature of Gov. Dix and is now a law. The report that Charles Moore, the emigrant swindler, had escaped from the tombs is incor rect He is cow at Sing Sing. The grand Jury has indicted Deputy Marshal ! Mortiz for murder. Mortiz alleged that in at tempting to dispossess Margaret Gordon of No. 73 Goerckstreet,last January,.kicked and push ed lier so violently that she died in February from the effects of the assault. WASHINGTON. Washington, April 25.—Information having reached the Department of State from general sources that irregularities had been committed by some of the Commissioners to the Vienna Exposition, appointed under act of 1872, Mr. Jay and Mr. McElrath were directed to insti tute inquiries at Vienna and to report to the Department of State. Day before yesterday their report was received, informing the Secre tary that they found proofs of some irregulari ties, and advising that ponding further exam ination and action of the department upon it, that all commissioners appointed under the act of 1872 be suspended and a temporary commis sion be appointed in its stead, to bo composed of Lc Grand B. Cannon, Theodore Eoosevelt, and Charles F. Spang, who were in Vienna, of Jackson S. Shultz, William F; Blodgett and James Eenwiek, who were soon expected there, and of such other persons as might he selected, who should act until the removal of the suspensions or the appointment of per manent commissioners in the place of those suspended. Tire recommendations were laid before the President and approved by him yes terday. Tho Secretary of State instructed Mr. Jay by cable that the suspensions were ordered and the recommended appointments, but that the suspensions were not to be taken as any opinion pronounced against any particular per son suspended by a temporary commission for rc-appointment. This act does not affect skill ed artizans or scientific commissioners, who were appointed by the President under the provisions of the act of 1873, whose appoint ments were made subsequent to these irregular ities complained of. Lami Oanstisn Settled. Id matter i>£ the controversy between the Winona and St. Peters Railroad Co., and St. Paul and Sioux City Railroad Co., involving possession of about 50,009 acres of land grow ing ont of overlapping land grants, the Secre tary of the Interior has decided that the first named company is entitled to the lands. Cochise Slandered. It is denied at the Indian Bureau that Co chise is off his reservation committing depre dations. When last heard from a short time ago, lie was still on the reservation on which he had been placed by Gen. Howard, and ex pressed his intention of remaining there. Great Less to Boston Shipping. Official returns made to tho Bureau of Sta tistics show that 13 vessels of aggregate ton nage of 1G,000 belonging to port of Boston were lost during quarter ending March 31, 1873. Among vessels lost were 7 barks of 3,000 tons each, 10 brigs and 10 schooners of 100 tons each. The loss of such a large number of ves sels belonging to a single port, and in such a brief period is unprecedented. Trcasnrv Balances. Tlie following are the Treasury balances to day: Currency $2,073,120; special deposits of le gal tenders for redemption of certificates of de posit $28,330,000; coin $70,090,074; including $20,199,800 in coin certificates; legal tenders outstanding §353,830,920. The New Bonds. Levi P. Luckey, Private Secretary to the President, Win. O. Avery, Chief Clerk of the Internal Revenue Office and Mr. Martin of the office of the Treasury, left to-night for New York, and will sail fftr Europe to.iuorrow ii) charge of lionds fqr the syndicate. THE M0D0C WAK. c “ Tilt: Indians Have Left the Lava Bet's, San Francisco, April 25.—A despatch was received from Yreka to-night with news from the Lava Beds up to yesterday. Nothing par ticularly interesting had occurred. Col. Perry with his cavalry liad returned from a scout without being attacked. He is convinced that none of the Indians have left the Lava Beds. Donald McKay reyorts that a party of Indians are eucampedin Big Cave, four miles south of the first battlefield. They must come out for water, and McKay’s Indians are posted to pick them off as they come out, It is thought des perate fighting will be required to dislodge them, A general border war is feared, owing to the bad faith of the government agents with the Indians. Mr. Meclieam is recovering. He lias left the hospital for Ferrer’s rancho. Capt. Egan is also recovering. Later.—Donald McKay lias just returned from the camp. Ho says tlie Modocs have left the Lava Beds. There has been no fighting since the 17th inst. Affairs in Louisiana. New York, April 25.—A New Orleans des patch says yesterday Gov. Kellogg sent the State militia to Tanger parish, installed the offi cers of that parish, scattered a mob which had collected and restored order. He lias purchas ed a steamboat, armed It with a 12 pound how itzer, and organized a battalion of cavalry. It is intended in the case of necessity to run up the rivers aud bayous, which at this stage of water will enable them to penetrate almost every parish of the State. He has directed the Attorney General to prosecute MeEnery and others under tlie usurpation act and also for treason. He has offered a large reward for ev idence that will lead to a conviction of those who were engaged in the recent massacre at Gram Parish. Decision in a Railroad Case. Cincinnati, April 25.—The Keutuckv Court of Appeals has rendered a decision in the cele brated ease of the Covington & Lexington Rail road Co. against the heirs and administrators of R, B. Bowler and others, that the heirs do not hold the road in their own right, hut as trustees for the railway company, anil that commission ers appointed by the proper court shall adjust the claims between Bowler’s heirs and thecom pan.v from the date of the transfer in 1859, to the date of restoration of the road to the Cov ington & Lexington Company. The decision of the court was unanimous. * acc uieai. PaTTERSoN, N. J., April 25.—About nine o’ clock this niomiug, as a construction train loaded with rails on the Deleware, Lackawanna and Western Railroad was passing Little Falls a number of rails ou ouc of the cars sprung around with great violence, killing Jno Sbough nam. and injuring five other men. A Swindler Robbed. Chicago, April 25.—The F. N. Fuller who was robbed in New York by Hoosier Brown, is Tim Fuller, a swindler now under indictment here for conspiracy to defraud. He is the man who, with Rainfortb, attempted to recover the insurance on Raiuforth's life, bv claiming that he was dead. tttrike of Crispins Ended. Cincinnati, April 24.—The striko of Crispins' has substantially ended. It is understood that they had a strong meeting last night and this morning, To-day a number of strikers made applications to the shops they had left for their old situations. The manufacturers to night believe there will be no further trouble. METEOROLOGICAL. PROUABILITIES FOR THE NEXT TWENTY-FOUR nOUBS. War Dep’t, Office Chief Signal) Officer, Washington, D. C., V April 25. 7.35 (P. JY. I l Probabilities—The barometer will probably

continue falling on Saturday throughout the Lake region, New York and New England States with generally cloudy weather; for South Atlantic States and the southern portion of the Middle States and Ohio Valley rising barome ter, partly cloudy and clearing weather; for the Gulf States diminishing north westerly winds veering to south east in Texas, with gen erally clear weather; for the NorthWest fall ing and rising temperature. FOKEICtN. STARTLING RVROR. C ivi 1 W ar Apprehended, in France. London, April 25.-[New York World spec ial.] The gravest apprehensions arc felt in the highest circles iu Paris of an immediate civil war. The Monarchists aro determined to oust President Thiers at any cost. I'cnving the Country . Owing to the troubled condition of Spain a great number of families are leaving the -coun try. Steamers arriving here and at French ports are crowded with refugees. DISTURBANCES IN MADRID. Republican Dissensions-Serrano At tempts a Coup d’filst—Dissolution of the Permanent Committee, etc,etc. April 24.—Madrid is full of con P?rtle,? . Recently there was a definite, fn-'s ?fs°i P° !t!cul elements, each taking sides whieh 'tho a St aiPermanent commission bv ilthrvh fwA33Cm > y boPed t0 r°ntrol the Min tstry. Serrano apparently hoped to determine the balances™ the Ministry by a coup d etat through a military demonstration and pronuncamento in favor of the party of order and against the dissolution of tte pe?maneut commission. His plan faded, became at the critical moment the troops fraternized with the people and the volunteers proved faint hearted Hie disorders began Wednesday night; Con trasas lately Captaiu General ef Catalona, was E»Al“ear PI“a Toras by volunteers who n.iu taken arms m defence of the permanent commission, and held the bull ring, &c At 9 weretn?r,eatten5so£ “vtillery and mitrailleuse un An anAhe '10 P0S,t'°" heia by tbl'sevol wh ci ,h“v 1 °y jewcpmwtmed to surrender wmeu tn.,y dnl. At imdnrght the minlstrv in “ sTKA811A tb«permancat^mis‘ a was tin, source of reactionary agitation called upon the commission to dissolve^willinr ly or be dissolved forcibly, and decreed Us dis solution and disarmed its defenders The Vd. becoming violent, forced their way i ®to the presence of the commission, but members of the ministry were personally protected from obnoxious individuals. The Reds have posted themselves at every street corner, holding pos Despatches received from Madrid state that the nasffeCwtV.n3beeUi8teatl-v “S*tat«d during UV.ln Li c.3- A Iiail,S was expected Wednesday uight and the theatres and shoos were ail closed. During Wednesday the permanent committee ot the Assembly held a session at which all the members of the government, with the excep tion of President .Figueras and Senor K. Y. Magale, acting president during tlio temporary absense of Figueras, wove present. A long discussion upon the situation took place. Gas’ tolar and Salmerod made speeches, in which they admitted that the state of affairs in the city was grave. They stated, however, that the depredations of the Carlists had been checked and discipline restored iu tlio army, and the government was of the opinion that it was not necessary to again convoke the Assem bly or postpone the * lection for members of the Gonstituent. .Castelar finally asked for an ad journment of twelve hours, which the commit tee refused. The. members of tbo government then retired to deliberate upon the course they would take und did not return During the afternoon eleven battalions of volunteers, composed of monarchists, revolted and fired upon Gon. Con toras, who escaped, but four other persons were killed and several wounded. The agitation increased as uight came on and sjiots wore fired in various parts of the city. A number of volunteers broke into the Hall of Congress where the Permanent committeo were in session, and tbe committee sought safety in tiight. Marshal Serano and a number of his political friends, fearing the wrath of the mob, prudent ly hid themselves. On Thursday a government decree appeared, dissolving the Permanent Committee, and the city became more tranquil. Lieut. Gon Docias has been appointed Capt. Genera] of Madrid, to succeed Pavia, who has tendered his resign a- j tion. Turbulent. Madrid,April 2j.—A formidable demonstra tion will soon be made by Federal Republicans in this city. Brig. Gen. Padias lias recaptured a largo amount of property taken by the Carlist chief Caballes. The Journeymen masons of Barcelona are on a strike, and to-day formed a procession : which passed through the principal street of ; the city. Many other workingmen nave been ■ compelled to join in the strike. Sporadic Cholera. . Vienna, April 25.—[New York Herald spec- ! lal.J Twenty cases of sporadic cholera were f brought to tbe hospital yesterday,five of which proved fatal. An effort is being mail 9 to con- j ceal the fact of the appearance of too disease j in the city. Church and Slate Berlin, April 25.—The Upper House of the Prussian Diet to-day pased a bill for the control of the clergy. Tlio German Parliament has ordered the withdrawal, on the first day of January 1875, of all bank notes not of the Im perial staudard. MIN’OB TELBGB.UH. Geu. Hancock delivered diplomas to tlie grad- | uating class in the military asylum at Ilamp- j ton Friday. Harry D. Campbell, a burglar from New York, was convicted in the Supreme Court Thursday moruing at Wolfburo, N. H., and sentenced for ten years for braaking into tho Wolfboro Bank three years since. A special from Kome says the Pope is again very ill. Several uukuown parties are claiming to ho relations of the late Charles M. Barras. author of the Black Crook, who left a large fortune. The peach crop of Delaware promises to be the largest for many years. Madame Tagl’om is not dead, as has been j reported. Johu Dole and Harry Stellt. engineers, were ! suffocated Thursday, while cleaning a boiler at Sbarpville. Ohio. The exodus of French Canadians to the States from the country districts aud Quebec is greatly in excess of former seasons. It is stated that an examination at tho Stato Department discloses the fact that Van Buren, Commissioner to the Vienna Exposition, in til ing his bond has not signed it nor is it. proper ly sealed, and the department lias no alterna tive but to stop payment on his drafts until all the requirements have been complied with. James B. Studley, of East Abiugton, Mass., was killed by a stick of timber falling on him from a wagon. He was a shoo manufacturer. The Secretary of War and Gen. Sheridan and staff, arrived at Brownville, Texas, Friday, from a tour of the Rio Grande frontier. The accounts of Indian troubles iu Barbour county, Kansas, are denied by parties wbo have been travelling iu that section. FSAASCIAL AN» COdlMEli C3 AE. foreign Exports. WOLFVILLE. NS. Scb Day Star—409 bbls Dour. ST. JOHN, NB. Schr M It W—1200 bbls flour, 10 tons feed, 200 bdls tubing. CORNWALLIS NS. Scbr Escort—250 bbls flour, 23 bags meal, 14 cases boots and shoes. Receipt* by Railroads nnc! Stteanibouf*. Gkaxo Trunk Railway—7 cars sundries, 3 do telegraph poles, 1 do iron. 1 do bay, 8 do latbs. Ido for Boston. 1 do tubing, 1 do clapboards, 1 do horses. 3 do oats, 4 do corn. 4 do flour, 1) do for St.John. N B, 5 do for Halifax, 51 do lumber, 21 do for Allan Line. _ _ ICostou Slock JLisl. v (Sales at the Broker’s Board, April 23.1 Maine Stato 6’s.... .. P9 Boston & Maine Railroad 6s.105 Franklin Company, Lewiston.113 New York Slock and Money Market. New York, April. 25-Moming.—Gold 117}. Mon ey? percent. Sterling Exchange 108} @10?}.— Stocks steady. State stocks dull. Neiv Volts. April 25—Jioentna.—Wall street -erv dull. the money situation improving; call loans rang ing from 1-61 per day to 6 per cent, per aunum with most of the late business at 7 per cent. Express com panies brought a million currency and several of tlic largest nation banks nre receiving heavy amounts from the interior. Outstanding legal tenders show an increase of $12,000, while the treasury currency balance has decreased $15,000. Sterling Exchange is firm at 108} for long and 109} @ 109} for short sight. Gold heavy, ranging Irom 117} @117}, closing at 117} @ 1173; loans at 2@7 per cent. The clearances were $49,000,000. Treasury disbursements $112,000. Customs receipts $355;C00. Governments are dull and steady. Stato bond} quiet. The following were the quotations of Government securities: United States coupon C’s, 1881.1205 'United Slates 5-20's 1862.118} United States 5-20‘s 1864.118} United States 5-20’s 1865, old.120} United States 5-20’s 1865, new.. 1175 United SlateB 5-20’s 1867.119 , United States 5-20’s 1868.117} United States 5’s. new.116 United States 10-40’s.,coupons. 1135 Currency 6’s . 1145 Stocks: Western Union Telegraph Co. 80 Pacific Mail. 58} N. Y. Centra’ and Hudson River consolidated... .101} Erie.. 03 Erieprcferrcil.73 Union Pacific stock. 32} The following were the quo! at ions for Pacific Kail road securities: Central Pacific bonds.103} Union Pacific do... 86} Union Pacific land grants. 74} Union Pacific Income bonds. 73 Providence Print market* PROVIDENCE, April 23.—Print Cloths quiet and firm at 63 @ 7c for 61 and X 61. Domestic markets. so {UJ I so, n u*w *>iw>swh y sv w s so. eul l] is r iro 2c higher and in fair demand; sales 64,000 bush; Mixed Western 60 @ 69Sc; do old 68} in store. Oats active and lc higher; sales 91,000 busb; White State 50 @ 67c; new Western Mixed at 53 @ 56. Beef is steady. Pork dull aud lower, closing unsettled; new mess iO 75; closing at 19 50. Laid weak at 9} ® Sic. Butter dull ana in buyers favor; Ohio 30 @38; new State 39 @ 10c. Whiskey dull and lower at 00}. Rico is steady at 7} @ 8}c . Sugar unchanged; refining 7} @7}c. Coflee Jc higher; Rio at 17}c in Gold. Molass es is steady; New Orleans 67 @80. Naval Stores— Spirits Turpentine nominal at 54}e; Rosin linn at 3 23 3 35 for strained. Petroleum strong; erudo 10e; re lined 20} @ 20}c. Tallow steady at 8} @ 9 9-16c. Freights to Liverpool quiet and unchanged; Grain per steam at 6}il. CHICAGO,April25.—Flourqniet and unchanged; extra Spring 0 00 M O 73. Wheat iu fair demand and u?;e^a.<-'!0Inina'l,5r for future delivery ;No 2 Spring ] 24} @125 lor regular or on spot; seller May 1 254 • 128} seller June; No 3 Spring at 114 ffl X 15 ■ roiootoJ 85c. Coni in fair demand and firm; demand mainly for Iutuiedelivery; No 2 Mixed at 37} :<£374 cash O Kinfd .?i^Ia>,i 4<¥Sr aellf June; r®eitSd“ - Oeits in fair demand and firm; >io 2 at 31c cash: 31 Jc VooeItectwI.ay’vilcicctS'*nIJC’ drm and scarce: 2 at 09}c. Barley dull and unchanged; No 2 Fail at 73c. Provisions quiet and weak. Pork dull and a shade lower, closing at 17 87} for seller May; 18 35 do June. Lard dull ami drooring at 0 12} on snot; 9 15 for seller .June; 9 40 for seller June. Moats held off market. Whiskey firm at 87c. , , - Receipts—6,000 bbls flour, 6.000 bush wheat, io, 000 bush corn, 29,000 hush oats, 2,000 bush rye, 7,OLD bush barloy, 00,000 hogs. . „ R- . Shipments—7,000 obis (lour, 10,00° dush at, 5 , 000 bush corn, 24,000 bush oats, 0,000 bush rje, 8,ouo bush barley, 0000 bop. „roTis,ons_p0rk nominal OINOlN.NATI.April 25.—Provisions— ly at IS 75 @ IS 00 on snot: 19 00 bid buyer may .sales at 19 75 M 20 0v,l,'.q'whcr; kettle 9}c; offerings llgiit y^jeenemllyhcldlnghcr^ Bl|,k V,cals a£,q*eJ oW ln g ’n | in good demand for future de Uvcry™.ouffersat7(gfl; sa^s at 7}c: clear rib at 04 ^9}: sales at 9 Oo buyer May ,9 75 buyer Jane; clear SdeVat 9} ffi 9}c; sales at 9} buyer June. Ba con is firm; shoulders at bc.clear rib sides 10c; clear sides at !0}c with sales. Whiskey firm at 80. x'OLBDO. April 25.—Flour in fair demand and firm Wheat active and higher; extra Whlfa Mfehiirmi NolWbite WfUggAmf sales for futnre ceUvery; high Mixed"STtpot «3c” last half May «c; Juno 40J; July 47tc; Ang i&fc; low Mixed 45 @ 45Jc. Oats 111 fair and higher; No i at 45c: No 2 at 40c; Michigan 40 @ 41c. Receipts—0,060 bbls flour, 5,000 bush wheat, 10,000 bush corn, 0,000 bush oats. Shipments—000 bbls flour, 30,000 busli wheat, 27,000 bush com, 8,000 bush oats. Detroit, April 25.—Flour quiet awl unchanged. Wheat steady; extra) White at 2 02; No 1 White at 1 92 @ 1 93: Amber Michigan at 173* @ 1 74. Corn Is steady; Yellow at 50 @ 51c. Oats in good demand at 39ic. Receipts—1,000 bbls flour, 8,000 bush wheat, 8,000 bush corn, 2,000 bush oats. Shipments—2,000 bbls flour, 1,000 bush wheat, 2,000 bush corn, 0,000 bush oats. Charleston, April 23.—Cotton quiet; Middling uplands lS£c. Savannah, April 23.—Cotton quiet; Middling up lands at 18J-c. Mobile, April 25.—Cotton quiet; Middling uj lands 18}c. Nf.w Orleans, April 25.—Cotton In moderate do mand -.(Middling uplands 18}e. Earopeou tHarkeli. London, April 25—11.30.—Consols opened at 93} for money and for account. American securities—U. S. 5-20’s 1S65, old. at 91}; do 1867,93); do 10-40s, 89}; new 5s, 89). Erie Rail way at 604. Liverpool, Auril 25—2.00 P. M.—Cotton closed quiet and steady; sales 12,000 bales, 2000 of which were for speculation and export. PROBATE NOTICE. To all Persona interested in the Instate hereinafter named: AT a Court of Probate held at Portland, within and for the County of Cumberland, on the third in tli0 year of our Lord eigli L?wJ ^au<ll,event^hroe'tbe following mat ter having been presented for the action therennon hereinafter indicated, it is hereby Okdkuf.d P That notice thereof be given to all i>erBona’intf>r-a«t e<l, by causing a cony of this order to to publishSi once a week in the Demand Daily Pross and Daily Eastern Argus, and throo weeks successively in tho Fress and Eastern Argus, papers printed at Portland aforesaid, that they may a linear at a Pm bate Court to be helx at said7PorffifSS ?he third Tuesday of May next, at ten of the clock in the forc nooD, and be heard thereon, and object it they see canse, the first publication to be thirty days at least before tho time so assigned. RICHARD T. DODGE, late of Ipswich, iu the County of Essex and Commonwealth of Massachu setts, deceased. Authenticated copy of Will and the probate thereof, proved and allowed In said County of Essex, and petition that the same may be filed and recorded in said County of Cumberland, presented by Abby T. Dodge, Executrix of said Will. JOHN A. WATERMAN, Judge. A true copy of the original order. Attest, WILLIAM K. NEAL, aprl7dlaw3w&w3wl7 Regbtor. BON BIT New York City - - - V* “ “ “ - - . Brooklyn City - 6’g Jersey City - - - 7’r Elizabeth City • - - - 7’* Canada Southern R. R., Gold, • 7’g B. & Cedar Rapids R. R„ Gold, - 7’s Northern Pacific R. R., Gold, - 7-30’ -FOR SALE BY R. A. BIRD, 97 Exchange St> feb25 li.M.FAISUJJ &LU., Bankers and Brokers, OFFER EOR SAFE Portland City .... ft* Bangor 6* St. Louis - - - . G’s St Louis County - - . - 7’s Cook County - - - - !*» Chicago - .... 7’s Columbus, Ohio • - - 8’s Payton, Ohio - - - - 8’s Leeds & Farmington R.R., guaranteed G’s Portland Sc Rochester R. R. - - 7’s Maine Central It. It. - - - 7’s Central R. R. of Iowa Gold - - j’s Chicago, Danville & Yincennes R. It., Gold.7’s Northern Pa ifle R. R. Gold - 7-30’s Government Bonds, Bank Stocks and Gold Bought and Sold. S3 Exchange Street, PORTLAND’ apa dtf lops; Portland City - G’s Itoekland City.G’s Bath City.G’s t nugor City G’s "St. Louis City.G’s Leeds & Farmington, (Guaranteed,) G’6 Maine Central, Consolidated. - ■ 7’s Cook County, Illinois, - • • 7’s Wayne County, Illinois, - - 7’s Iowa Central, Gold, - - - • 7’s Toledo, Ohio, - 7.30's Northern Pacific Gold, - - ■ 7.80’s West Wisconsin R. R., Gold, - - 7’s Atlantic & St. Lawrence R. B. Stock and Defered Bent Script Bought. FOK SALE BY Wifi. E. WOOD, Ag’t, Sept 7-dtfip 07 Exchange St J. B. Brown & Sons, BANKERS, Mo. 40 Exchange St., PORTLAND, MAINE. Business the same as an IncoiC porated Bank. Interest allowed on Deposits. Dealers in Government Bonds. Gold and Foreign Exchange. Investment Securities constant ly on hand. ja**29 istf EASTERN AND PORTLAND, SACO, & PORTSMOUTH R. R. SPRING ARRANGEMENT. Commencing lUondny, April V»8lb, 1873. . . ^ --p Passenger trains leave Portland dai pr^S^E'S3|ly» for Portsmouth and Boston, (Sun PS5?: -^qara^days excepted) at *1.30 a. M. $6.15 A. M., 9.10 A. M., $3.40 P. M., t 6.25 P. M. Leave Boston for Portsmouth and Portland at $7.30 A. M.. $8.30 A. M, $12.30P. M., $3.15P. M.,*8.00r. M. Leave Portsmouth for Portland at 110.00 A. M, $10. 35 A. M., $3.10 P. M., $5.40 P.M., *10.05 P. M. Leave Biddeford for Portland at 7.40A. M., return ing at 4.35 P. M. ♦Pullman sleeping car express train. N. B. This train runs Suuday Morning, does not run Monday morning. tAccommodation train. +Fast Express. E3P*The Pullman Sleeping Car Express Train ar rives at and departs from the Depot of the Maine Central Railroad, in Portland. N. B. The 6.15 A. M., 9.10 A. M-, and 3.40. P. M. trains from Portland, make close connections to New York by one or other of the routes from Bostou. Passengers ticketed through by either route. F. CHASE, apa25tf_Sunt. Portland Division. Allan_Line. Montreal Ocean Steamship Co. UNDER CONTRACT FOR THE CARRYING OF THE Canadian and United States Mails. Passengers booked o London derry and Liverpool. Return. Ticket a granted at Reduced Rates. The Steamship FOLVNKHIAI1) Capt. JBrowsi, Will leave this port for Liverpool on SATURDAY, April *6th, Immediately after tho arrival of the Train of th previous day from Montreal. Passage to Londonderry and Liverpool, Cabin (?u> oordiag to accommodations).. w lo Payable in Gold or its equivalent. LVr Freight or CahkiPassag, F r Stecraee Passage inward and outward, and lor to No. 3 India Street. Portland, Nov- 13th, _nortM JUST RECEIVED A few pieces Black and White Striped Silks AT 91.00, WORTH 91.35 A Small Lot CHECKED SILKS AT SSc. COVEI.L & COMPACT. apr25 tl New Boarding House. THE Subscriber, having leased the new and com modions h.mso, recently erected by Geo. U. Ha vis & Co., upon the “Blanchard property,” aOJ High St., takes pleasure in announcing to the public that he will about the first of April epen It for a (tu. class boarding house. Rooms can be soen and full particulars as to terms, &e., obtained, by calling at the house from 10 A. M. to 12 Mn and from 2 nnnl B p. M. apr3eodtf S. S. KNIGHT. ENTERTAINMENTS. iTo. O W. FIFTY-FOURTH ANNIVERSARY The Odd Fellows of Portland will celebrate their Fifty-Fourth Anniversary Saturday, April 26th, 1873. The Lodges and Encampments will rneot at ODD FELLOW'S* MALL, Exchange Mtrvct, nt hulf past I F. M., Aud tho line will be immediately formed cn Congress street, right resting on Elm. Tho procession will move promptly at two o’clock to tho Preble House, where the “Speaker of tho l).»y“ nnd Officers of r be Grand Lodge and Encampment will be received, faun thence on tno following route, viz: Down Congress to Exchange, fhence through Exchange, Middle, Free, High, Dnufortfa, State, Deeriag, High, Congress. Elat, Cumberland, Miuitli nod Congress to Ibe City Ilnll, Where a Lecturo will be delivered by WILLIAM ELLISON, P. «. Sire, Of Boston. In the Evening thcro w;ll be a Band and Promenade Coueert. Tho doors will be open at 7 o’clock. Tho Band Concert will bo from 7f to 84 o’clock. Danciag to be gin precisely at 8* o’clock. The doors for the Lecture will be opened to the PUBLIC at 2 o’clock. Oud Fellows can obtain tickets for the cv«$nlnjj at their Hall on ahy evening and at the door. __ M ; MUSIC HALL, JOHN E. OWENS, Mccoud Plight FBI D.1 V. imgs18®81’* *■■■»» and 40 Hatarday Kiglii. MARRIED LIFE 'AMD NOLO A SlIINCiLE. Reserved Seats nt Siockbridge’s Mtndc St re. apr-5_ djr at TJ 810 HAL L.; Monday aud Tuesday. APRIL 28th & 29th, Sheridan & Mack’s VARIETY TROUPE. j ' 1 •' 18 Star Performers 18 Doors open at 7. Commences at 8. Admission 35 ceuts. Reserved scats 50 cents. Tickets for sale at Stookbridge’s Music Store. apr26 dtd p. m. a. First Grand Assembly ! AMD EXHIBITION’ DRILL, — OF THIS — Portland Montgomery Guards ! AT CITY HALL, On Wednesday Evening. April SOtli. FLOOR DIRECTOR.Sergt. M. H. Cunningham. aids Sergt. M. J. Lawless, Sergt. W. J. McCal lam, Sergt. L. B. Howard. Sergt. Thomas Hinds, ; Corp. Jar. Flaherty, Lerp. Wti. O’Brien. Priv, John j Ryan, Priv. Janice H. Flynn, Piiv. P. Tobin, Priv M. C. McCann. WFflir nwr fn a nr nt n.'n>u Clothing will be checked free. PRICES OF A I)M I S31 ON -.—Floor Tickets, ad mitting Gent and La-lies, $1.00; Gents Galleiy tick ets,BQ cents; Ladies Gallery ticket. 25 cents. OTMUttaiy are requested to appear in Uniform. Per order. apr23dlw First Grand Amateur Benefit! IN FAVOR OF TUB MAI NIC GENERAL HOSPITAL. GRAND ARMY HALL Tuesday and Wednesday, April 2d & 30. Ten Nights in a Bar-Boom. A Drama in five acts from the pen of T. 8. Arthur, — by the — Y. E. NT’s. Doors open at 7: to commence at 8 o’clock. Ad- ; tnisuioii SSccsit*. Reuired M»&t» 50 Com is. Tickets lor sale at Custis’s, 293 Congress St., Hawes & Crm gin*. and at the door. Reserved seats for gale at .the ' Hall on and after Monday morning the 28th. _apr23_did “Crowning the Rose.” A Cantata by Geo. F. Root, to be performed at the MAY-DAY FESTIVAL — OF THE— SECOND PARISH j — AT — CITY HALL, Thursday Eve’g, May 1st, To be followed by BRAIDING A MAY-POLE, BY Thirty-six Young: Ladies. Hall open for admission at 7 in the Evening. Cantata commences at 8. There will be an exhibition in tho Afternoon com mencing at 3 o’clock, to which Children will be ad mitted at 15 cents. Evening Tickets, 35 con*!, lor sale at Hawes & Cragin’s, Stockbridges’s, Hoyt & Fogg’s, and at the hall. apr26dtd MILLINERY! Mrs. M. B. Cushman has just received her SPRING STOCK OF MILLINERY, —INCLUDIN’G ALL TnE— New Styles and Patterns, which she would invite the Ladies of Portland and vicinity to CALL and EXAMINE. Also a fine Ap«or(mcnt of Fancy Goods, Perfumery, Toilet Articles, &c. Hair Goods I Every Lady In want of Hair Ooeii* should call and examine my stock before purchasing exsewberc. Ladies own Hair and Combings made over in the latest style at short notice. MRS. M. B. CUSHMAN, Congress, cor. Oak Street. _»pr25_ din, EXHIB IT TO N I beg leave la inform nay Customer* and the Public iu general that I will exhibit Wednesday, April 23. * t«:e latest novelties —OF— SPRING GOODS French, English and Domestic, in the greatest rmifty. Soliciting yonr esteemed calls to examine good* and price*, T remain, yours very respectfully, T. LOBENSTEIN, NO. 4 DEBRING BLOCK. ap21 ____2w Birds. Birds. Birds. A FINE ASSORTMENT OF Canaries, Trained Bulfinchcs, Black Birds, Thrashes, Sterlings, Goldfinches, Linnets, Mule Birds and Larks, recently Imported from Hartz Mountains, Germany, Can be seen and purchased at private Bale lor a few days at Salesroom of f. O. BAILEE & CO* aj.r24-St IN JKxebauge Street. UntiiM, . . rr° r.lo*V, “X'-Lnin^V*’ Ht ABCUou. I Pbtj.1 » «*»*&£4i,: apr2Hd *w > A"**l««c»r Furniture nt Auction „ fop Hem. a OS \\i.J)NESI)Ay. April 30th, nt 10 oVWv. M., we shaIl B«ll tbe furniture |Q HoITJS *e Spring Beds, Curtains. Ingrain and Tapestry Carpet*. Sofj, Black Walnut Extension Table, Slirer Platxf AN are. Ice Pitcher, Castor, Glass ami Crockery, Ma gee Cool: Stove. - Also, at 12 o’clock, one Remington Ride, now. with ammunition. Also, one nickel plaited Smith A Wes ton’s Revolver, new with ammunition. Also, one double barrel snoiGuu, with fixtures. Mouse will be leased Tor one to three years. F. O. L’AILL'V 4k CO. Atirtioneers. a;>13 dtd 4<l!9iimslru*or’s Sule* PURSUANT to license from the Judge of Fro hale for the County of t(nml»erland. 1 hhall sell at public auction, nt the office of W. H. Vinton,in Pcrt Iand on Wednesday April 30tfc«2S73. at 10 o’clock A. M., the personal estate of tire ntte Eliza P. Bush, an j*er inveurbry consisting of Sofa. Chairs, Mirror. Bed and Bedding. Stove, Crockery Ware. Also fix notes of hand against John D. Coyle of one bundled dollars each, payable annually wftli in terest. Terms cash. SAMUELS. MURRY Administrator. Portland, April 22, 1SI3. aprtSdlw Three Valuable Lob of Laud on Union Street at Auction* ON Wednesday, April 36th, at 3 P. M., wc shall sell three lots or Land on the easterly side of Union Street, next below I. P. Merrill kSr Co., and ad joining each other; two lots 2Cf by 66 feet tho other 31 by about 50 feet* This is an opportunity rarely cfleied, the lots being very compact, there being not an inch of unavailable land, vorv desirable op that account, ami atooou me couut of location. They will be sold on easy terms of payment. ft*'. O. BAIbLl 4k CO., Auctioneers ap25 <ftd HberifTi* Sale. STATE OF MAINE, I Cl'ilHKHLAHI) SB. ) ATTACHED on a writ, and wIII Le sold at poblie auction on WEDNESDAY, tho 3Cth d»y of •!* * K M-. at want ride of ComtMf clw wliarf; hi Portland, and said county, the follow £?h,?t*^'vpro«iertt-t0 »“ =-»!» >rlt to hr a U V.-^ her;aC^*C- nuSttuM. orm-r* ^ t0DB was in 1£66 and is hi good Dated nt Portland, Ayril 26, ifc?3. i\ N. PERRY, Lit;* Sheriff of Cumberland County. F O. B IILEYftiO,,AsctissMn.7 apCC 4td BY «7. *. B.I3LEV & CO., AscUsseen Furniture. Carpels Pictures, Ath at Auction. WE .ball .-oil at auction ai our salesroom on FBI' DAX. May 2d, at 10} o'clock A. M., an assort ment of Carpets, Brussels, 3-ply anu Chamber Car pets, Lounges, ono B. W. Parlor suit in Hair Clotk, Chairs. Bureaus, Tables, Bedsteads, Crockery. Class ntiil Wooden Ware, Bo oms, Trunks, about 30 One Pictures in Frames, (9 ass. Sash, Doors, Blinds, Ac Also ono second band Wagon and Harness. ap2i! dtd Beal Estate ou Exchange and Mar ket Streets at Anction. ON SATURDAY, May* 3d, at 12 o’clock M., we shall Hell the very desk able lot of land situated on Exchange and Market Streets, north of the Old Post Office lot, in Portland, and bounued, beginning on the westerly side of Market street, seventy-seven and eight-tenths feet from the southerly side of Con gress- street, thence south-westerly by land of heirs of James I>eci ing tifty-four feet, to Exchange street, thence north-westerly by said Exchange street sev enty-one fbet to a stake, fhence north-easterly paral lel with the south-easterly line herein described for ty-eight feet, moro or less, to Market street, thence fcoutL-easlerly by paid Market street seventy-ono lcet. more or less, to fbo point of bc/flwfig. For particulars call on J. & E. M. Rand, 121 Mid dle street, or F. O. BAILEY A'CO., Auctioneers. apr24td Administrator's Male of Real Estate at Public A art ion. BY 'virtue ofn license from tho Hon. Judge oi Piobate for Cumbertand County, I shall seH at public auction, on tho premises, on Thursday the tncuty-m.coml day of M;iv next at 11 A. M.. ail tho real estate belonging to the estate of Levi A. Cate#, late of Fro i*ort, in said County deceased. Said real estate consists of about ;i5 a« res of land situated on the road leading iiom Frcepurt to South Durham, about 3 miles from Freeport Village, containing mow ing. pasturage, &c., wit n good barn standing therein. Also about three acres of salt marsh near Israel True’s, In said Freeport about one mile below Free port Village. 'Die reversion of ibe Widow’s dower In the first described property will be sold at the same time and place. Terms made known at time of sale. EDWARD P. OXNARD, Adm’r of Estate of Levi A. Cate#. Freeport, April 22, 1873. apr'AMoawSw. J. S. BAILEY A CO., Corn mission Merchants, —AXI>— A. UOTIONEER9 VO. 12XCXYAHGL MTBKfif. Next lulow MereUaats* Exchange. JOSEPH S. BAILEY, GEO. W. PARKER. Rkferknces—Messrs. H. J. Libby & u>„ and Hon CharlesP. Kimtxil I'orl.ipl, Me.; Messrs. Leonard & Co., and Lee & Shepard. Boston. apt It Those Baked Beans. THOSE BAKED BEANS — "WHICH — W. C. COBB Is selling BY TH1' QUART, at his Bakery, NOS. 28 & 30 PEARL STREET, ironouuoed ! ■' New if you wish to try thou, you can by sending in your order have them brought right (rout the ov.n to your door any morning during the week. Or, if you say you want them Sabbath morning (a*is the custom 1 Mr. Cobb will lr-ivo a fresh lot ready which he will send yon Saturday evening. Then by Kit ting thorn In your own ov> n vou can find them there at broakiast timo and Sard'tho unpleasant task of rising before you are ready aud hurrying to the bak ery. p. H—Take aovao choice BROWN BREAD with them or not, aa yon Ulu. aplo tf Mow open and ready for inspection at Fitz gerald & Co.’s, a full and complete Spring? Stock of French, Eng lish, German &, Amer ican Hosiery; also La dies’ and Gentlemen’s India Gauze Under vests, Kid and Lisle Ganntlets in every va riety. A large stock of Cambric Edgings, &e. &c. Onr entire stock offers great induce ments. _ itprtUi KEW BOOTS, Custom Made, Hand Sewed, Easy Fitting:, Genteel Looking and Serviceable just received at 132 MIDDLE ST., M. G. PALMER. ap!9___ood3w Leavitt, Burnham & Co., WHOLESALE k RETAIL DEALERS -IN ICE. No* 14 Cross Street, Portland. Orders left at Ice Office, 14 Cross St„ or wllh J. 0 Proctor, su Exchange St., will be promptly attended EJTTttro Ice supplied for all purposes in any Quantities and at the apiO LOWEST RATES. tsti Rnsiness Chance ! TIIE VICTOR Sewing Machine Co., want a good kumDeaa mun to take »he agency of ihcir mach~ ine. The \ ictor is the best belling machine and will give the best satisfaction of any in the market ana should be represented In Portland. To the right man an excellent opportunity Is offered. The \ ictor and J a Melbury can be seen at the Preble Portlaud Saving* *a«k» »1 Exchange DEPOSITS marie In this Bank ,,n ” 8AT IJKDAY. May 3d, wW commence interest on ^nrfSdid tlUlt m°n,FHASK MOYE8. Treasnror. ■ 1 VE.4XISOS’* PAT BIST TAnn I flI " V Over 200 millions hare been used wlth I Lila ■ Yn i be past ten years without ermpl»jn« I Mill! >f hiss*by tag Ueomingdetached. All IliO U dxiuess Companies use them. »7 Ptimcn nnd AMatinnera Kvcrywber® ^^ i »priT

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