Newspaper of Portland Daily Press, April 28, 1873, Page 4

Newspaper of Portland Daily Press dated April 28, 1873 Page 4
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POETRY. From the Battle-Field. GOOD SIGHT. Aro von watching for me, darling, are you looking "out for me? . Do you think I may be coming by tl-.c path along me My Ioyo! with golden trofws and ever-varying And tho welcome in yoar glances which your shy lips seldom speak. I can close mine eyos and gee you in the mellow even ing gleam, ‘ Your earnest face uplifted by some pure and happy dream; By tho chiming ocean billows In the radiance of tl:c wc?t, Thos* busy fingers folded for a little while at reel. Ah! I see you looking downward at that slender, golden ring, With a qui ;k, faint bluah—you priso it, the foolish worthless thing? Yon aro thinking of tho kiss that dared press your Ungers, dear; I tare never touched your lips yet, and I am lying here On the Acid of a lost battle, all, savo doad and dying gone; J *” A cold, slow rain is falling, and the night is drawing Our flig. deep stainod with crimson, Is wrapped about my arm, I have saved it with my life Mood through this bat tle day’s alarm. My passion has been silent; we have only been true friends. Thank Heaven we were not lovers! since this is how It ends,— I know your heart is tender, and has givon bolts prayers and tears To your well-beloved companion, your friend of early years. Kay they turn to yon in Mossing*—may my darling never know A ■Jngte tear moro Utter than those for me which li w! • •ess* * * Who will tell hor of my fbtc? I am (lying here alone, Bo yearning for ono tender look, one gentle, pitying I thong!)t to bring back honor, and lay It at vour feet; I thought to trill a glorious name and whisper “Share if, sweet”— Bat dying eyes see clearly; I never won vnur heart— Well, better so, fiir better—It Is easy now to part! There are many moaning round me, but mv wounds haro ceased to nain; I hardly bear the niglit-wind or feel the chilling rain. They will find me here to-morrow, and bury mo where I lie In a nameless giave. without a prayer-and lam young to die l be my darling; if you were by my Ton would kiss me a “good night”—the last before X died— Tkrewell! God skidd you, dearest! and sometimes think of we As yon sit in your sunny window [beside tho spark ling sea! 1 —London Society. BUSINESS DIRECTORY. , Agency for Sewing Machines. W- *. DYER, No. itr-i middle set. All | kinds of machines for sale and to let. ! Repairing. Bakers. W. X. COBB, Nos.‘28 and IIOBesrl Street. On direct route between New Custom House and Post ©Bee, near the market. Booksellers and Stationers. HOYT, FOGS A BREED, No.»1 middle Stirrer. Book Binders. Wm. A. QUINCY, Room 11, Printer’s Exchange, No, 111 Exchange St. 8mA1.1. A 8HACKFORD, No. 33 Flam Street. Carpenters and Builders. WHITNEY At MEANS, Pearl Street, op. posite Park. Dentists. DR. W. R. JOHNSON, over H. H. Hay’s. | .... . ■■ ■ -... . .. . l Dye-House. V. STMONDS, India St. YelTcl Cloaks : dyed and finished. POSTER’S Dye Honse, 34 Union Street.* | Furniture—Wholesale and Retail. WALTER COREY & CO., Arcade, No. IS Free Street. GEORGE A. WHITNEY, No. 50 Ex change St. Upholstering of nil kinds done to order. Furniture and Honse Furnishing Goods. BKNJ. ADAMS, cor. Exchange and Fed eral Street*. HOOPER Sc EATON, Old Post Office, Exchange Street. ■j. F. HOYT, No. IX Preble Street. Up holstering done to order. Furnitnre and Upholstering. DAVID W. DEANE, No. 89 Federal St. All kind* of IJphols rringaiid Repairing done to order. Hair Goods and Toilet Articles. J. F. SHERRY, No. 9 Clapp's Block Congres* Street, opposite Old City Hall. Horse Shoeing and Carriage repairing Don* in the bent possible manner by S. YOUNG Sc CO., No. lOO Fore St. Jewelry and Fine Watches. ABNER LOWELL, 301 Congress Street. Agent* for Howard Watch Company. Manufacturers of Trnuks, Valises and Carpet-Bags. J. R. DURAN At CO., 171 Kiddle and tltt Federal Street*. Masons and Bnlldcrs. N. B. REDLON, 333 1.3 C.ugreu St. Paper Hangings, Window Shades, and j Carpetings. YENS A-CO., 61 Exhange I JSreet and 48 Market St. Photographers. A. S. DAYIS At CO., No. 80 Middle Street. J. H. UAMSON, 153 Middle St.,eor. Cross. Plumbers. JAMES MIUBER, No. 91 Federal Street. Erery deseriptfoa of Water Fixtures ar —tIV1 »“<i **« up In the best manner. Jabbing promptly attended to. Plasterer, Stucco Worker, Ac. P. FKENY, Car. Cumberland and Frank, liu Sts. Real Estate Agents. JOHN C. PROCTER, No. 93 Exchange ; Street. OBO. R. DAYIS Ac Co., No. 301 1-3 Con gress Street. Sliver Smith and Gold and Silver Fiater. ®* PEARSON, No. 33 Temple St., near Congress. All kinds of Silver and Plated ware Repaired. Silver and Plated Ware. ARNER LOWELL, 301 Congrcaa Street. Schools. BSOUSn aid VBENCH SCHOOL,ISO I vORgreKa Htrrr.t. Stair Baiidcr. F. I.mnv, I.o. *2,VI F.rr Strrn, cor. Croaa St., in Deleno’. Mill. ®* F*‘ HOOFER & C'O., Saccemor. to I.ittlrflcid A. Wilson, Tor. York Ac Jin pic Streets. Watches, Jewelry, Ac. *• W. A II. II. NCOCFFEC.Csr. Middle At Union St*. Grand Trnnk Railway Co. TENDERS - FOB — ROLLING STOCK! ffTEXDERS will bo received by tho undersigned up JL to 0 o’clock on SATURDAY, the 3rd of May 1873, for tho following Rolling Stock, viz 600 Cattle or Box Freight Cars. 200 Platform Cars. 2000 Sets of Tracks for Box Cars. 500 « “ Platform “ SpccIflctttlonH end drawings can be seen at. tbe Of “£• of the Mechanical Sunt, of the Company at Mon real. Tenders to state tho numbers of each sort of car , mm set* of trucks that can l»o delivered by tiio 1st of £ an^ the price for each car and set of J MontrSjVery wil1 have ** nMM*e at Stratford * C. J. BRIDGES 1 ^aplodSw managing Director. L* c* JOHNSON & SON., —HATING taken THE— i REST AUrant J “™ <* ®TCV«ar«fwouw'now,?ftThJ0,fJ'l5ton- fo1'the wel nts-1 to keep a flmt-clZ „iLi°.the Pnblic that Oar Bei of Fare shall be ln H®' ,1?..ev'-ry respect, and Boston Market.. Th«» vffe"lb,b<> Portland forget to call at ™UnK Lewiston do not Manufacturers’ and Merchants’ ' BESTAURANt. I CITY BniLDINO, Fine street, 5 LEWISTOT, MAINE. JOHNSON, JOSEPH A. JOHNSON, -- -- dlynewo3ra NOTICE ] __ tl son, " and shall claim none’of hi»^waSS.S^,?f bl* minnrltv debt* after this date. ge' nor Pay any of hli r Baldwin, April 1(, 1673, S'^SL STAgLK. INSURANCE. _ ATLANTIC MUTUAL INSURANCE COMPANY, | Ol' NEW YOBK. 1 INSURES AGAINST j Marine Risks Only! -os Cargoes, Freights & Vessels j by the Year. ASSETS: $15,571,200! Dividend to Policy Holders on Premiums Terminating in 1872, 50 PER CENT. Policy Holders in this Company obtain perfect se curity, costing far less thau to insure iu any other company in this country. OFFICE. 166 POSE STREET, PORTLAND, j John W. Monger, CORRESPONDENT. febl7 dim eodllm&wGw unquestionably” The Best Known and Host Thoroughly Tested FAIIILT SEWING MACHINE For all kinds of work, heavy or light, and the most i popular Wheeler & Wilson’s. This practical aud easily managed machine has now stood the te3t of time and thorough experlmont; and the thousands who ''ave fortunately used ours, frank ly give it the preference, as tho very best. Doth in this country and in Europe. Study, capital and in ventive genius have been devoted to its improvement for years, till, now wit ITS NEW SILENT FEED, our present “Loek-Stich** Machine has no eoual in the world. The WHEELER & WILSON’S is relia ble, economical and noiseless. It answers the wants ; of the household completely, and ANY RIND OF SEWING Needed in tho Family can be done upon it with great er rapidity and ease of execution to beginners than can be accomplished on any other. It has received the HIGHEST PREMIUMS over all-as a Family Machine—on both sides of the Atlantic. Those who want tho best, should obtain WHEELER & WILSON’S SILENT feed Family Sewing Machine, AND TAKE NO OTHER. Machines sold on Monthly Instalments. All kinds of Sewing Machine Supplies, Silk, Thread Noodles, &c. Machine Stitching in all its branches done in the best manner. J. L. HA YHEHf, Geu’l igent for ITIaliie, 163 Middle St., Portland, Me. mcMld3m To Innholders and Yietnalers in the City of Portland. NOTICE in hereby given that the LICENSING BOARD OF THE CITY OF PORTLAND, will meet at the Aldermen’s Room, on MONDAY the fifth day of May. at 71 o’clock, for the purpose of granting licenses to Inholucis and Victualers, who mav then and there apply therefor. Given under our hands this twenty-second day of April, A. D. 1873. GEO. P. WESCOTT J. S. YORK. WILLIAM GOOLD, Z. A. SMITH, EDWARD H. DAVEIS, MICAH SAMPSON. FRED’K W. CLARK, H. W. HEIISEY, Taeasnror, H. I. ROBINSON, Citv Clerk, Licensing Board of the City of Portland. Advertiser and Argus copy. apr23dtd vuj v* jrvniuuu* In Board of Health, j April 21st 1873 1 ORDERED, that until otherwise directed tve do hereby dcBljenote the dump at tho foot of Hano ntKSJSffian" Uic dump at the foot in at d Smith Btrcets, aa the places forde posito of rubbish, sach as dirt, shavings, sawdust ashes, cinders soot, hair, shreds, manure oyster or lobster shells, or any other matter ot any kincf (except dead animals) which may be removed from anyibouse, cellar, yard, or other place within the City limits. J Approved April 21st, 1873. I hereby give notice that tho “City Ordinances” relating to the deposit of rubbish In auv Street. Lane, Alley, Court, Square. Public Place or unoccupied lots within the city limits, except the lots designated in the foregoing order, will bo strictly enforced GEO. W. PARKER, City Marshal. _Argus and Advertiser copy. ap2.'!ed3m City ol Portland. City Clerk’s Office, April 10.1873. UPON tho petition of Ed ward H. Gillespie, for per mission ro erect a wooden build ng, to be used as a Bowliug Alley, on the lot owned by the Collins heirs, on Federal Street,—Notice is hereby giveu that m MONDAY, the filth day of May uext, at seven and a half P. M., at the Aldermen’s Room, in the City Building, a hearing will be had of all parties In- I torested in said petition. Per order ! If. i. Robinson, city cierk. I 1 apr21_ dtd ] 1 City ot Portland. , City Clerk’s Office, April 19, 1873. UPON tho petition of L. .1. Hill & Co., lor pcrmls- 1 Sion to erect and maintain a stationary steam mgiue in wooden building corner of Cross and Fore 1 itrecls,—Notice is horeby given that on MONDAY, he 5th day of May next, at 7J o’clock P. M., at the I Aldermen's room in the city Building, a bearin'* Fill ho had of all parties interested in said petition! ' Por order, , H. I. ROBINSON, City Clerk. apr21__dtd 1 City of Portland. i City Clerk's Office, April 10, 1873. ] fTPON the petition of Cornelius Connolly, for j>cr U mission »o erect a wooden building on Centre ' treet, to be used as a dwelling house, notice is hero v given that on Monday, the 5th of May next at * * 1-2 o’clock, P. M. at the Aldermen’s Room in tho < ifcy Building, a hearing will be had of all parties in »resled in said petition, per order II. I. ROBINSON, City Clerk. I apr21 dtd Ship Timber and Knees. ] ■ HAVE the largest and best stock ot Ship Knees . in the State. Also best quality seasonod White > >k Treenails, and can furnish C lackmatack, Hardwood or White i Oak Timber and Plank *t tho lowest cash prices, f, TAYLOR ' Portland, Dec. 3(1. p Dissolution. i JOTICE Is hcrebv given that the firm of Morrison ' \ Sc McDouold is this day dissolved by mutual nsont. and that Duncan Morrison takes upon lilm lf the collection of all bills due, and the payment all claims against said firm. h DUNCAN MORRISON, t. K. MCDONALD, g Portland, April 24,1873. apr25-3t* A Fine Business Opening ^01! a young or middle aged man of nnexceptiona hie character. Experienced accountant and one w pusand dollars capital. Investigation is invited n ddrc*° Box 2015 Portland Me. ncVUtf J To Owners of Jersey Cows. j nHE subscriber offer* bis pure blooded JerseyBull L for the use of Cows during the present season. „ Woodford’s Corner, April 3,1873. J°UNa^dS “ _ MISCELLANEOUS. ji®?1® things worth knowing.— 64 page book, full of good things, valuable secrets, and important information, mailed for two stamps. Address ap2t4w LEE & CO., 524 Sixth Av.. New York. n 1111 n r n f\Send for our Illustrated Catalogue of DU LU ERSD6W b°AI:TB?&L & CO.. UWILULMW aP2t4w 27 SVuren-sf New York. Henry wako beecukb'S Paper with .tbo largeat circnloliun in the world, grows wonderfully because it Is the best paper, gives sub scriber* the most beautiful piCmiumt, aud oflersCan vassers tlio most LIBEKAO TEBMS. Send for Cir cular. J. B. Fi 1K1> & CO., New York, Boston, Chi cago, or San Francisco. ap2Hw f i> SAMPLES sent by mail for W>c. that retail 1 e-i quick for $10. E. L. WOLCOTT, 181 Chat iiam-sqnare, N. Y. ap«M4wt HUNT'S REMEDY CrRES Dropsy. HUNT’S REMEDY Cures Kidney Disease. HUNT'S REMEDY Cures Gravel HUNT'S REMEDY Cures Inflammation of the Bladder. HUNT’S REMEDY Cures Diseases of the Urinary Organs. HUNT’S REMEDY Cures all Forms of Dropsy. HUNT’S REMEDY Is Purely Vegetable. HUNT’S REMEDY Will Remove that Tain in Your Back. HUNT’S REMEDY Will Restore Your Appetite. HUNT’S REMEDY Has Saved the Lives of Thousands. HUNT’S REMEDY Is Sold by all Druggists. HUNT’S REMEDY Only Knows Cu&* **^-« P«©rsY. HUNT’S REMEDY Contains Nothing Injurious. HUNT’S REMEDY Kffeqtual Cure for Suppressed Urine. HUNT’S REMEDY Used by Physicians Daily. HUNT’S REiEDY Will Cure Dropsy of Scrotum. HUNTS REMEDY Will Keep in any Climate. HUNT’S REMEDY Prepared by William E. Clares. HUNT’S REMEDY Will Cure Female Complaint.'. HUNT’S REMEDY Ask fop. Ir. Take no Other. HUNT’S REMEDY Cures Inflamed Kidneys. HUNTS REMEDY Never Fails in Dr.orsr. HUNT’S REiEDY W»ll Remove that Tain in Your Loins. HUNT’S REiEDY Take It. Don’t Delay. HUNTS REiEDY Will Save Your Lite. & _ 4 J. W. PERKINS & to., _J>pr28w1 WANTEd fflflWE DIATEEY.—50,000 ad dresses, to which specimen copies of Smith’s Magazine will be sent free. Agents wanted. Write. Pliny F. Smith, 51 Liberty St., N. Y ap2t4w c'amphorineT PAIN! PAIN! PAIN!—The Great dis covery for the relief of pain and a sure and immedi ate cure for Rheumatism, chronic and acute, Sprain*, &c. It has a pleasant and refreshing odor, and will not grease or stain the most delicate fabric, which makes it a luxury in every family. Price 25 cents, per bottle. For sale by all drugalsts. ap5t4w REUBEN IIOYT, Prop’r, New York. A MECHANICAL CURIOSITY. mouse caught trap for an Six sent bv cy press for $3. Samole bv mall prepaid, 75 cte, For sale by the trade. It. E. DIETZ. ap5f4w_ and Sfi Fulton St., Ne ;v Yorlt. FIRE! FIRE!! EIRE!!! FIGHTING FIRE ! AOENT8 WANTED For the grandest booh of the year, now selling with astonishing rapid ity. Tells of the causes ol Fire; Safes; Fire-proof Buildings; Conquering Fire with Water, Steam and; Insurance—Is it safe? Its History, Basis, Management, How to Insure, &c.; Vivid accounts of lie Great Fires of History. Agents send for circu lars. You Mill not regret it. Suit free. Address Dustin, Gilman & Co., Hartford, Ct. apr5t4w $10 A DAY ! Easily made by an Agency of “Our Own Family Doctor.” Best medical work extant. Everybody buys that pees t. Unusual iuduceme’ita to Agents. Send for circu ars and terms to HURST & CO., 740 Broadway, N. Y. C^"An easy and sure way to make money. ap5 t4w I I Ji£«* a Physic which may give temporary relief totlm sufferer for the first few (To es. hut which, from -ontmued use brings l'llcs and kindred diseases to wofikentog the Invalid, nor is it a doctored ho uor which, under the popular name of •‘Bitters” ls‘ so extensively palmed ott on the public as sovereign rem edies, but it is a most powerful Tonic and altcrntiv*;, pronounced so by the leading medical authorities of London and Paris, and has been lone used by the regular physicians of other couni rice with wonderful remedial results. Dr. Wells Extract of Jnrnbeba •etains all the medicinal virtues peculiar to the plant rnd must be taken as a permanent curative agent. Is there want of avfron in your Liver &• ipiecn? Unless relieved at once, the blood becomes inpu re by deleterious secretions, nroducing scrof dous or skiD diseases. Blotches, Felons, Pustules, ,'anker, Pimples, &c., &c. Take Jnrnbeba to cleanse, purify and restore he vitiatod blood to healthy action. .Have yon n Dyspepstic Stomach f unless [igostiou is promptly aided the system is debilitated , S,1088 °-vital force, poverty of the Biood, Dropsi M Tendency, General Weakness or Lassitude. Take it to assist Digestion without reaction, it will inpart youthiul vigor to the weary sufferer. \ Have yon went!ness of the Intestine*! i i ou are in uangcr oi ChrouicDlari hooa or the dread- t ul Inflammation of the Bowels. < oflamJations1^irrltatlon ami ward °a tendency to ’rloprr n“ weakness of the Uterine or lefor vou f You must procure instant re Tako ft t^sr!inb\eitn 8ufferi»S worse than death, omes a bwdeS! gthCn organic weakness or life bo yftieEminiperfo?fh1eS;broqUCntly taken t0 keep the ' anger of l8c j" B™at JOHN Q. KELLOGG, 18 Plan 1“ l^w Yoi^8' TfooOne Dollar ve^S* *&£ Stf1 ] i’lEST MORTGAGE SINKING 8 FUND GOLD BONDS. « ecured by mortgage on 6,000 acres of very valuable oal and Iron LAN D8. BONDS of WOOD CO., WIS., due In from 11 to 20 3ars. KANSAS REGISTERED County and School Bonds 10 Pfc.R CENT. NEBRASKA SCHOOL BONDS. All payable In N. Y. City, and for sale at prices * lat will pay over 12 per cent, on the investment. J Call or seud for pamphlets with maps and full * Articulars that will satisfy the most cautious invest h THOS. P. ELLIS & CO., Bankers, 14 Pine St., ? • Y. City._’ aprOtlw 1 JOSIAII ALLEN’S WIFE’ HAS WROTE A BOOK, :h?™™e'Sn?tlnati0nnott08p“a a ccnt T 300,00 a month can be made bv selling this book AGENTS TAKE NOTICE ! » When we brought, out Mark Twain’s books wo b •omised you a hatvrst; we now promise you anoth- v , and wise agents will secure territorv, which wo « lil now arrange for. For circulars address AMElt- i, IAN PUBLISHING CO., Hartford, Conn. ^ apr7 ___tlw j. GENTS !~~ A RARE CHANCE ‘ We will pay all Agents $40 per week in cath, who *i til engage witn us at oncf. Everything furnished | id expenses paid. Address ap»t4w A. COULTER & CO., Charlotte, Mlcl). 5, MISCELLANEOUS. THE MORMON WIFE. For tbis fearless book. It comprises tbo Adventures and Experience of a woman—tentten by herself— for years tbo wife of a ssr.K-fca'jiffei.SS gssrMfsasasfasS ing Mormons,—men and women,—Life and Scenes in InyHarfa^^ 10 PER C ENT\ SSf .T'??? Wlih State A*«Hor. Interest rn ™ l!5f and paid by state Treasurers. They are So jj“an.8tat« Bondt, for States may hpu aiate, whi.e Municipalities cannot. Write for circu lars and information. Any marketable securities taken in exchange. BROWN, WADSWORTH & CO., BANKERS, 22 Nassati*st., IV. Y. aP''Q___ tfw 12,000.000 ACRES Clxeap Fai-ms: Xhe Cheapest Land in Market, for sale by the UNION PACIFIC RAILROAD COMPANY. In tho GREAT PLATTE VALLEY. a,000,000 Acres in Central Nebraska ££ rZ iaT, n v If’ n f°£y acrcs flu,> upwards on vince totoSit Sod. °dit ataper ccnU No Ad drdr^«.CUmat°-FartUe im Ahun THE BEST MAltKLT IN THE WEST! Tbp great Mining regions of Wyoming, Colorado," Utah PlatW VaTley ? euppUcl* b-v tb® farmers In tho Soldiers entitled to a Homestead of 160 Acres. The Best Iroeatians Tor Irocationa. FREE HOMES FOR ALL 1 MiUions of Acres ef choice Government Lands open for entry under the Homestead Law, near this Great Railroad, with aood markets aud all the conveniences ci an old settled country. Free passes to purchasers ef Railroad Land Sectional Maps, showing the Land, also new edi tion of Descriptive Pamphlet with New Maos Malle! Free Everywhere. Address, ’ r , _ . o. F. DAVIS. Lana Commissioner U. P. It. ft. apr2C)4w_ Omaha, Neb. AGENTS WA1VTRD FOR TI1F UNDEVELOPED WEST OR mYE TgARS IN THE TERRITORIES. BY J. H. BKaDLE. WESTERN CORRESPONDENT of CINCINNATI COMMER 5 b history ol that vast region between tho Mississippi and the Pacific- Its^ie snuices. Climate, Inhabitants, Natural Cariosities, etc., with hie & adventure on Prairies, Mountains, ant the Pacific Coast. Mr. Beadle has spent five yeiu-s travelling in the new States and Territories, aud knows movo about their Resources, etc., than nD« w liter. The book is illustrafod with ovor Y,, 1 engravings of the Scenery, Cities, Lands, Mines, People, and Cutiosities of tho Great West 6 is the best and fastest selling book ever published! bend for specimen pages and circulars, with terms. Address NATIONAL PUBLISHING CO. Pbiladel pliia,Pa._ apr26t4w. N E V E R J' l’ougli. Nothing in more certain to la> the foundation tor future evil consequence?. WELLS’ CARBOLIC TABLETS. are a sure cure for all diseases of tho Respiratory Or gans, Sore Throat, Colds, Croup, Diphtheria, Asthma, Catarrh, Horseucss, Dryness of the Throat, Windpipe, or Bronchial Tubes, aud all diseases of the Lunas. cases of sudden cold, however takeu, these T ABLETS should be promptly and freely used. They equalize tho circulation of the blood, mitigate the se verity of the attack, and will, in a very short time re store healthy action to the affected organs. .Wells’ Carbolic Tablets are put up only in blue boxes. Take no substitutes. If they can’t be found at your druggists send at once totfac A gen t in New York, who will forward them by return mail. Don’t be deceived by I nutations. Sold by all druggists. Price 25 cents a box. JOHN Q. KELLOGG, 18 Platt-st., New York. Send tor circular. Sole Agont for United States. af>r2G_ d4wt 10 PER CENT\NE7\ THE IOWA LOAN AND TRUST COMPANY will invest money on first-class Real Estate at 10 percent, interest, net, payable semiannually in New York,and will garantee the collection of all loans made through its agency. All charges paid by tho borrower. Please write, before investing, for New York and New Eng land references, rad full particulars. Samuel Mer ^LL’Clate Governor of Iowa,) President. Address JAMES B. HARTWELL. Seo’v. Orav/ ir.7 TV«a Uni. ues, lowa. apr26t4w 7 to 12 PER CENT: We make a.Specialty of County, City, and Seliool District, Bonus, Guarantee Legality of all bonds sold, collect the coupons without charge, or tasc Paine as so much cash on sales. S^Scnd for price list. THE LAW of MUNICIPAL BONDS just published by our Benior, should lie in tbo bands of all interested in this class of securities. Two Vol umes, price $10.* W. W. COL£R Ar CO., apr26f4w 17 Nassac-ut., New York. 2 aSa*'*lo,Blw *n Press. Sale inerrasiug. ^.OOO more IjIVJB AGENTS Wanted for our LIVINGSTONE2 ^"AFRICA over 600 pages, onlv $2.50. Incomplete and inferior works are offered, look out for them. Send for circu lars and sec Proof of the greaies success of the sea son. Pocket companion worth $10 mailed free. HUBBARD BROS., Publishers, 723 Sansom Street, Phl]a- _apr26+4w Sewing Machine IS THE BEST IN THE WORLD. Agent. Wanlril. Send for circular. Address: “DOMESTIC SEWING M ACHINE CO., N. Y. apr2« _tlw ^AGENTS WANTED SK ^■Pictures, Maps, and Charts. Also, for our Sew Silk and Linen Thread. $100 to $200 cleared Cper month by good, active Agents. Apply at once to D. I.. GUERNSEY, Concord. N. II. apr26tlw THE WORKING CLASS, mal~OT female $60 a week guaranteed. Respectable em ployment at home, day or evening; no capital requir ed ; full instructions and valuable package ot goods to start with sent free by mail. Addless with 6 cent return stamp M. YOUNG & CO., 173 Greenwich St.. New York._ apriC-Iwt WING & SON’S" P I A NOS! tSaccessors to DOANE, WING & CUSHING.) The American Piano. FIRST RRFMIirMS. Illinois State Fair, 1870. Alabama State Fair, 1871. Ohio State Fair, 1871 & 1872. Texas State Fair, 1872. Nnmcrous County Fairs. From Mr. Edward Hoffman, the celebrated Pianist “I conscientiously believe that your Plano is In ivery respect a mo»t magnificent instrument.” i Form the “Independent” 'A-Jne^:can Piano lias doeorvodly become a rcry popular instrument.” Purchasers* testimonials from all parts nf the IT. S. WARRANTED SEVEN (7) YEARS Prices Low for the Quality. Responsible Agents wanted for unoccupied terri P\y. In localities where agencies are not yet cstab islied, until such aro established, we will sell Pianos 0 the public at Factory Wholesale Prices. Send for ircular to WINTCr & SOS, t23 Broome St., New York, j mch22 ly XCAIt:D. attention having been called to a “notice” ▼A bearing date March 28th and appearing in the - ortland I reRs of April 4th, I deem it Justice to my 5if to state that I had prior to that (late retired from i 8S-° ,ny ^ather, Simon Cole, having forrn 1 other busino:-s connections. A -ir. LEWIS H. COLE. Portland, Apnl 5,1873. Copartnership Notice. 1 iisdavefornmda3cmmrtnte1I'ab|th0 “,1<lerBl8n®d >1*™ f Mowe, Cole & E?n forhtLander the Srm ’]aD!° ^40° Water . )v-n. MOWE. LLWIS H. COLE, EDWIN A. BENSON. ] March 27th. 1S73. t 3 MY FRIENDS AND FORMER PATRONS •— r I beg to call your attention to the _ lent and take pleasure in assuring vm!Tii,ftlnonUC«" 7 ectlcns In the Lumber trade are * atisrli? ™ y rw 1 uslness at Portland win bo In charge Xi^Vrab^ Ir. Albert Cole, assisted by Mess.f iw£bm™£ s id L. L. Thurston, who will act umtomy Instruct- J ns. I can assuse you that the flan ot“F0we * Colo t : Benson, will use tlielr best endeavors to irfvo satis- I clion to all who may favor them with then patron- c _LEWIS H. COLE. J nVlTG SOUTHWARK Wsi^STwriU^ ? LA" JV(3 Ink writes Black and never fades. Sole * i Beckman stfetor U‘ S-ScnENC^TAoCo ^ _STEAMERS. Alain® StesanssSijj^ C)© NEW ARRANGEMENT. SEMI-WEEKLY Steamers Dingo and Franrnni-. will, until further notice?run follows: ■ Leave Galt’s Wharf, Portland i _ ’every MONDAY and THUKS* DAY, at 5 P. M., and leavo Pier 3S E. It., Now York every MONDAY and THURSDAY, at 3 P. M. ’ Tlio Dingo anil Franconia are litted up with fine accommodations for passengers, making this the most convenient and comfortable route for travelers bo tween New York and Maine. Passage In State Room $5. Meals extra. Goods'forwarded to and from Montreal, Quebec Halifax, St. John, ami all parts of Maine. Shipne aro requested to send their freight to the Steamers a* early as 4 P. M.,un the (lays they leavo Portland. For Freight or Passage apply to HENRY FOX, Galt’s Wharf, Portland, J. F. AMES, Pier 39, E. K„ New York. May 9-dtf Portland, Bangor and Marinas Steamboat Co. Inside line between Portland and ftanzor, Alt, Ocsri’t and iliac hi a*. The Steamer CITY OF RICHMOND, CAPTAIN C. KILBY,. Will leavo Railroad Wharf, every MONDAY, WED — - - NESDAY and FRIDAY evening, at 10 o’clock, commencing Wedncsdav A pill 9. For Bangor, tciiiching at Rockiand, Camden, Lin colnvillo, Belfast, bcarsnort, Sandy Point, Bucksnort

Winterport and Hampden. ’ ’ Returning will leave Bangor every Monday, Wed nesday and Friday morning at G o’clock, touchiug at the above named landing, arriving in Portland at 6 o clock P. M. The Steamer Lewiston, CAPT. CHARLES DEERING, Will leave Railroad Wharf every THURSDAY Evening, at 10 o’clock, for Rockland, CaBtino, Deer Isle, Sedgwick, S. W. Harbor, (Mount Desert,) Mill bridge, Jonesport, and Macliiasport. Returning will leave Macliiasport every Monday morning at 5 o’clock, touching at the above named tanning. For further particulars inquire of Ross & Sturdivant, 179 Commercial Street, or CYRUS STURDIVANT, Gen Ag’l. Portland, April 5, 1873. _ apr5-tf MAIL LINE TO Halifax Nova Scotia, DIRECT! With connection* to Prince Edward Is land and Cape Breton. TWO TRIPS PER WEEK. The new side wheel Steamship FALMOUTH. Capt. W.A. Colby, wUllcavc Railroad wharf, Port land, every TUESDAY, at 5.30 P. _ M., and tbe OAR LOTT A, Capt. E. D. Mulligan, will leavo Galt wharf, every SATUR DAY, at 5.30 P. M., (or on arrival of train leavin'1 Boston at noon.) FOR HALIFAX DIRECT Making close connections with the Nova Scotia Railway, for Windsor, Truro, New Glasgow and Pictou, and steamers foi Prince Edward Island; al so at New Glasgow, N. S., with Lindsey’s Stages for Cape Breton. 83?“i*Fm"JKKIXG the Carlotta will leavo Halifax at 4 4>’ M” aUl* the Falmouth on THURSDAYS, at 9 P. M. and further information apply to J ”■ COYLE, Jr., Atlantic Wharf, or —raargmltf_JOHN PORTEQUS. Agent. PORTLAND — -VXD — } PHILADELPHIA. Clyde’s Iron Line of Steamers ! Running between Providence and Philadelphia every WED NESDAY and SATURDAY gives - — direct communication to and .rom Portland and all other points in Maine, with Philadelphia and bevond. Through rates arc given to Philadelphia and all points reached ly the Penn Central and the Phil. & Reading R. R»s., and to all the principal cilies in the South and Southwest. No \\ harfage. No Commission lor forwardin' Full imformation given bv WALDO A. PE Y11CK Agent, 121 Washington St., Boston, or J. B. COYLE’ Jr., Portland. WM. P. CLYDE, X' CO,, Gcn’l Managers. janll ly 12 So. Delaware Avenue Philadelphia. INTERNATIONAL STEAMSHIP CO. viiini, lino mi. ..onn, Ujobr, YYiudeoi- uinl Ualifax. SPRING A-ER/LJClGPINlENTT. TWO TRIPS FEB WEEK! On and alter Monday March 24th the Steamer New York, Capt. E. B. Winchester, and the Steam er New Brunswick, Cant. S. If. . - - —--— ■'Pike, will leavo Railroad Wharf, foot ot State St., every MONDAY and THURSDAY at 6 P. M., for Eastport and St. John. Retaining will leave St. John and Eastport on the same days. Connections mado at Eastport for St. Andrews Robblnstou, Calais. Woodstock and Houlton. ,, OonnoctioiiK made at St. John for Digby, Anuano 1s, Windson, Iventville, Halifax, N. S., Shellac, Am lierst. re<'c!ve<1 0" days of sailing until 4 o’clock P. M. ° marlSiBlwtc A. R. STUBBS. Agent. FOR BOSTON. --ypsTHE SUPERIOR SEA-GOD G -Hs,e2gi£S„ STEAMERS FOREST CITY nail illOJiTBEA!., Havingcommotlion* Cabin and State Room no commoilatlons, wiil runalternately, leaving ATLANTIC WHARF, Portland, DAILY, (SUNDAYS EXCEI»TED) A.T 7 O’CLOCK I?. JSl. Returning leavo INDIA WHARF, Boston, same day? at 7 P. M. Fare &l.r>0. Freight taken at low rates. _ W. L. Btf5JtnX!?il. A "list J. B. <'OrLE JR., General Agent.mch'JOtf Norfolk and Baltimore and Washington, I), 0. Steamship Line. Steamships of this Linesail from end of Central Wharf. Boston. Semi-Weekly. for NORFOLK and ^BALTIMORE. _ * Steamships “ William Laurence,” Capt. W. A. HaRett “ William Crane ” Capt. Solomon Howes. “(icorge Appold.” Cant. Winslow Loveland. “Blackxtone,” Capt. Geo. H. Hailott. . William Kenned//,” Capt, Hcnrv D. Foster. i •*McClellan ,**Capt. F. M. Howes. Freight forwarded trom Norfolk to Washington Steamer Lady ot the Lake. Freight forwarded from Norfolk to Petersburg and Richmond, by river or rail: and by the Va. & Tenn. Air Linz to all points in Virginia, Tennessee. Ala bama and Georgia; and over the Scalxxtrd and Roa noke R. R. to all points in North and South Carolina bv the Bait. & Ohio Ii. R. to Washington and aL places West. Through rates given to South and West. Fine Passenger accomiaocations. Faro including Berth and Meals to Norfolk $15.00 line 48 hours; to Baltimore $15, tirao 05 hours. For further information apply to E. SAMPSON, Agent. june2tf 53 Central Wharf. Boston. BOSTON —A>*D— PHILADELPHIA j Steamship Line. Leave caeli port every Wc-dVy & Sat’d’y. ; No Wliai’fage. From Long IVhftrf, Boston, 3 p.m. From Pine Street Wharf.'Phila delphia, at 10 a. m. Insurance one half the rate ef sailing vessels. Freight for tho West by the Penn. It. R., anil South i'y eonncctlnj Une3 forwarded free of Commission. rASS AGE, TEE DOLLARS. For Freight or Passage, apply to WHITNEY & SfAMPMON, Ageats, _70 Long Wharf, Borton. For Waldoboro and Damariscotta. The Steamer CHARLES HOUGHTON Alex. Farnham, Jr.. Master, will -on and after 30?h inst., leave At . , . ■■ ^antic Wharf every Wednesday at to clock, A. M., for Roothbay, Round Pond and jYaldoboro, and every Saturday at 7 o’clock A. M. or Booth bay, Hogdon’s Mills and Damariscotta. Returning, will leave Damariscotta every Monday it 7 o clock A. M., and Waldoboro, every Thursday it 6 o’clock A. M., connecting with the Rail mad s^nnd ioats for Boston. Freight and passage choaper than ? ia£V?icV0llt0* 5rei"Ufc received alter One . ) clotk P. M., days previous to sailing. Inquire of HARRIS, ATWOOD & CO.. I v> .. . . „ „„ 145 Commercial St. Portland, April 23,1873. apr21tf Argus copy. i Union Ticket Office, t RATES LOWER THAN EVER. ' We have made arrangements and can now ticket assengers to LA 1 Point* West, North-West, Month anil Month-West, Man Francisco. Kansas " City, St. Paul, New Orleans, nd all points in Florida, via all the flrst-class T ail-Road?—Penn. Central. LakeSliorc and Michigan nntbero, Baltimore and Ohio, Erie, Greet Western f nd Michigan Central. I 36 HOURS BOSTON TO CHICAGO. “ ’iiilmnn Cars oh all Through Tralu*. d Passengers who wish to travel without deten- r on, and with ease and comfort, will And the above * mtes very desirable. „ _ }! Continuous Trains, No Changes, Courteous Lm- ’1 Joyces, Unusual Facilities for Meals at Seasonable “ lours. ^ Y Tickets to Now York via Sonnd Linos (State Rooms h 'cured at this office), Fall River, Stoningtcn and ^ orwich. All Rail Routes—Shore Lino (via Provi ence). and Bouton and Albany. Tickets to Best on la Eastern, Boston and Maine, Portland and Roch itpr, and Boston Boats. - Merchants going to Boston and Now York, will ft ive tho time usually experienced at the depots by M archasing their tickets at this office. Call and ex mine our time tables, maps, etc., and bo convinced ■ tat we represent all the b«6t roads running West. ROlililNS & ADAMS, Agents, irl3-tf No. 1 Exchange Street, Portland. Me. RAILROADS, EASTERN AND PORTLAND, SACO, &. PORTSMOUTH R. R. SPRING .A.RRANG-EMiE^'X'. Commencing IWondnyT April tiSlSi, 4873. I5S?Sc<su>i««wAi ^a-setmgor trains leave Portland dai »lor Portsmouth and Boston, (Sun excepted) at *1.30 A. M. f6.t5 A. M. M » D-J0 A. M., t3.4o P. M., t 6.25 P. SSksssss •eSSSasr* lag at 4.33 P. M. a,ia at «.4ua. M., return ‘Pullman sleeping ear express tram 'T r. mon,inr ',i ,y *« ™ Momlay t Accommodation train, $Fast Express. ES-The Pullman Sleeping Car-Kxpross Train ar rn-es a an, departs from the Depot of the Mahfe Central Railroad, in Portland. 11,10 N* The 6.15 A. M., 0.10 A. M*, and 3.40, I\ M. trains from Portland, make close connections to New York by one or other of ilie routes from Boston. Passengers ticketed through by either route F. CHASE, apa25tfSurd. Portlaud Division. GRAND TRUNK RAILWAY OF CANADA, ALTERATION OF TRAINS, WINTER ARRAN G-EIMICiN'T. ■ n On nu.I after Monday, Nov. 4th will run as follows: fc Passenger train for South Paris at 1 ,”pu"7..‘i0 A. M.; for Island Pond, Quebec. Montieal, and the west at 1.30 P. M. Stopping at all stations. Mail train (stopping at all stations) for Island Pond, connecting with night mail train for Quebec, Montreal and the West. Accommodation for South Pads and Intermediate stations at 5.00 P. M. Fr2m Montreal, Quel>cc, Island Pond, Gorham and South Paris at 2,50 P. M. From So. Paris at 8. 20 A. M. Passenger Offices, 282 CONGRESS ST., — A3*D — DEPOT AT FOOT OF L\D!A ST. Tickets sold at Reduced Rates I To Canada, Ddraif, Chicago, Ililwna. hoc. Cincinnati, »j. l.oais, Oincha, Magma cr, Ml Panl, Mall Cake City, ‘ Deliver, Sau Fraucisro, and all points in the Noptinvest. West and Sontinvcst. <J. C. FURNIVAL, Agt. TIIE GRAND TRUNK RAILWAY is in splendid condition, is well equipped with first-class rolling stock, and is making the best connections and quick est time of any route from Portland to the West. . !T®rr,U.^.^AN PALACE DRAWING ROOM AND SLEEPING CARS attache-1 to ail through trains. s B gsago checked from Portland to Detroit and Chicago, and not subject to Custom House examina tion. The Company aro not responsible for baggage to any amount oxceoding 830 m value (and that person al) unless notice is given, and paid for at the rate of one passenger lor every *3*) edditimia! value. 0. J. BEY iSO'n -a——Director. il. BAILEY,Jt-ji—I >~ujrintendent. Portland, March 3, lo,— tf BOSTON & MAINE RAILROAD. Opening of tlie New Ex tension l 91 ARC II 17, 1873. Passenger trains leave Portland from the tempor ary Biation. walker House, Commercial street. For Boston tG.10, $9.40 A. M., $3.10 P. M. Returning, $8.30 A. M., $12.30 and $3.00 P. M. pFjgr Rochester and Alton Bay tG.10 A. M. and $3.10 For Manchester and Concord via C. & p R tj Junction $0.10 A, M., $3.10 P. M. For Milton and Union $9.40 A. M. and $3.10 P. M. I*or Old Orchard Beach, Saco, Biddeford and Ken xl1 oa a* tv*00 p* Returning, leave Kennebunk at $7.30 A. M. t A ccommodation. $Fast Express. Note.—The $6.10 A. M. train counects at C. & P. Ik. Iv. .junction for Manchester and Concord, and ar rives in Boston in time to connect with the Shore Line at 11.10 for JScw York. The $3.10 P. M. train connects with the 9 P. M. train for New York via Shore or Springfield line. Pas*:-ngers ticketed through by either route. Trains stop at Exeter 10 minutes for refreshments at first class Dining Rooms. Freight trains between Portland and Boston daild. Fre ght reee ved at Portland Jc Ogdeusburg It. R. Freight station until 4 P. M. b PAYSON TUCKER. Agent, Portland. 1Ap, T. I UltBER, Gen. Sunt*. Bo-ton Boston. March 13, 1873. P {nchUdtf MAINE CENTRAL RAILROAD. Train, arc Dae at Vortlnnrt. From Augusta,. Bath and Lewiston at 8:15 a m From St. John, Langur, and North and EisS at 3:12 p. in. From Augnsta.and Lewiston at 0:35 p. m. From St. John LaDgor, &e., at 1:20 a. m. Through Tickets arc sold id Portland and baggage cheeked throueli to Houltra, Calais, St. John, IfaS fas, Dover, Foxcroft, Rockland, &c. L. L. LINCOLN, Acting Supcrintondenr. Augusta, Nov 39,1872, dec3tf PORTLAND & OHDENSBURG if. K. CHiVNGOE! OB’ TIME. > On after Monday, Nov. 4th, and jrfHSgSISSuuti] further notice, trains will run fea ■ - follows: .Tia. - A, si, P 5i Leave Portland, 7.15 3.15 Leave N. Conway, 8.30 The 7.15 a. m. and 100 p. m. Trains will be Frei°l:t with passenger cars attached. STAGES Connect dally with 3.15 r. M., For Coniisli, Kezar Falls, Porter, Freedom, Den mark, Lridgton, Lovell,and North Lovell. The 8.30 a. in. from No. Conway connects with afternoon trains for Boston, via Eastern or Boston & Maine K. R and tiio 1.00 p. in. train arrives in Portland in season to conuect with Steamers for Bos ton. Ticket Office at tho Boston & Maine Depot. «J* HAMILTON, Superintendent. Portland, Oct. 2,1872.. nov4ti PORTLAND & ROCHESTER RAILROAD] VTiulcr Amn^fDjpnr, feSS, Passenger trains leave Portland Rochester and intermediate stations at 7.15 A. 31., and 1.30 P. 31.. making direct connection at Rochester with trains for Boston, over Boston & Maine and Eastern Kadroads. Also connect at Rochester with Dover and Winnioiseogee Railroad for Alton Bay, and with Portsmouth, Great Falls ami Conway Railroad ior Conway. Leave Rochester for Portland and way stations at 7.30 A. M. and 12 M. The 7.30 train connecting with down train on Portsmouth, Great Falls and Conway Railroads, and the 12 o’clock train making direct connection at Rochester with trains from Boston, leaving Boston at 7.30 and 8.30, A. 31., via Boston & 31ame, and at 8 30 A. A. via Eastern Railroads. Leave Portland for Saco River at G.20 P. 31. oaw iwvcr lor roruanu at o.oO A. JH. Stages connect as follows: At Gorham for West Gorham, Standish, and No. Limington, daily. At Buxton Centre for West Buxton, Bonny Eagle and Limington .daily. At Centre Waterboro* for Limerick, Newfleld, Par Bonsfield and Ossipee, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sat urdays. refuming alternate days. At Centre Waterboro’ for Limerick, Pareonsfield, ilaily. WILLIAM H. TURNER, Superintendent. _declC-tc KNOX & LINCOLN RAILROAD. ______ DirectraUroute'o Wisensset, New ?5g?SSS^IS*He, Damarlscotta, YY'al'ioboro, > -fejh--—^w-*Wnrren and Rockland. .„ . No change of cars between Portland rad Rockland. Steamers leave Rockland for all points on the Pe lobscot river, Machine, Mount Dcs.rt Vinal llavcn Hurricane and Dix Islands. ’ f l^»ve Maine Central Depot, at 7.00 A. a., and 1.00 Stages connect at Rockland, for Camden, Llncora dlle, Northport, South Thoro.aston and St. George, ially. At Rockland for Union, Anpleton and YVash ngton. 1 uesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. At Tnomaston tor St. George daily. At Warren for Union, daily. At Warren for .Jeflcrson and Whitctield, Mondays, ft ednesdays and Fridays. ’ AVK*1^ob?ro.’for North Waldoboro’, Washington, ind Liberty dally. ’ At New Castle for Bristol and Pcmaquid, daily. * » Trams daily and freight taken at low rates. Jv2i^rf_C. A. COOMBS. Siin’t. The Old Uniou Passenger Ticket Agency! Is now as heretofore at VO. 491-2 EXCHANGE STREET, — WHERE — rRAVELERS FOE CALIFORNIA Lwl the West. South and Northwest, may proeuro 'Urough Tickets at the lowest rates, via tho Michl ;111 Central* and Great Western (via Suspension Irlrlge) Pennsvlvauia Central (via New York city), Ihicago. Burlington & Quincy, or Hock Island, Clii igo Ji North Western, atid all the principal and th orite routes to the Pacific Coastand all other points For Tickets apply to tho Old Agency of W. D. LITTLE V CO., ■ -SO,4®,1!? exchange street. jan30d3wietostf M In Bankruptcy. ~ nHIS is to give notice, t hat on tho 2 llh day of April . L , A. D. 1873, a YY arrant In Bankruptcy wmIsT md against the Estate or Aaron M. Mellon "‘ Fall ! Ivor, in the County of Bristol, and State ’of M™ vn PetRhmMW ,rn *Uad«“» aonM, ! Hverv of an‘hp^,UJfTnve?t of anv lxbts! an<l tho Lnt tohfmnlfc?I'?rtjr’ bei,!nKing to sueii Bank- : Sn'frt.hvk f bltUF0’ an<1 tbo transfer of any f rf tLbC^ in’ aru Jor,li'Id< n hv law ; that a men'- 1 kirD ta Ule “id k'lnkupt, to prove : is Estate Will t * r. °"e nr mor,; Assignees of . ) holden’ Tr1 v C h<id a,Conrt of Baukurptcy, to 1 n " Bedford, Mass., before H. M. on the lttb <l»y of Mav, • D. 1Si3, a( ll o’clock, A. M. ROLAND G. USIIER, U. S. Marshal, Mass. District, apri?6d3t_ ax Messenger. ^ lumber and Dock Timber Wanted J In exchange for t erouiolivc Boilers, Horiz^ntnl L'nsines, Feed Pomps nud Other Machinery. 1 Address, G. II. ANDREWS. fbMdtf 17$ Pearl St.f New York. * _medical. .‘■^OLDjo ftiU?ooDH«^ BITTERS, m GRE.KV ®100|) pufMf^. TRADE MARK. "Which has stool the test tor more than 50 years is acknowledged the most reliable Medicine for tho ro Hef of K ,NEKVOUS COMPLAINTS, WEAK AxfoiSS stomach AND BOWELS, LOSS BUUN «m1;:l,90uuhs- COLDS, heakt C'RaVip fycious ATTACKS, COLIC, to^o^VSSP/constd' ach^lown^^^pi1^^ c°3ri\ ^^saNDKi estion, ’ and all complaints arising trnm an ...» tho or a^BsarasS®^ Herbs and Barks—among which are SarsanarilH' Yellow Dock, Dandelion, Gentian, Wild Cherry. Orl ange, Mandrake, Anise, Juniper Denies, &c.—mak ing a line Tonic alterative and Laxative Medicine which never fails to give tone and strength to the sysi tem debilitated by disease. AS A BLCKJD PUltLFJ. EU, GOODHUE’S BITTER8 HAVE NO EQUAL. FLINT & GOLDTH WAIT, Proprietors, No. 21 St. Peter Street, Salem. Mass. Sold by all Dealers In Medicines generally. mari7 * deod&wl4w-12 CAN BE CURED. DR. GRAVES’ Heart Regulator WILL CUBE ANY CASE OF HEART DISEASE, Although giecn up by the best Physicians. We do not hesitate to >ay it will euro tbe following symptoms, though nio:-t of them have been declared incurable: Palpitation, Enlargement, Spasms, Ossification or Sony Formation of the Heart, Rheumatism, General Debility, I Voter about the Heart, Sinking of the Spirits, Pains in the Side or Chest, Dizziness, Sluggish Circulation of the bloorf, and Momentary Stoppage of the Action of the Heart. Our agent, on application, will furnish yon wit onr clrcnlar, giving Tull description of tbe disease, and also a number oi testimonials of cures; and il you would like further proof from the parties who bavo given tho testimonials, write them and sec what they say. We have sold many thousand bottles of the Heart Regulator, and the demand is still increasing. We arc confident we are doing tho public a benefit, and not trying to impose on them a worthless prepara tion. Tbe prieo of tho Heart Rcgalntor is ONK DOL LAR per Bottle, and can bo obtained of any druggts in Portland. J. W. PEBKHVS & CO. WHOLESALE AHENT8, 88 Commercial Street Portland. Jatil3 deod&wlr-wS GOUT and RHEUMATISM mire excruciating pain of Gout and Rheumatism, relieved in two hours, and cured in a few days, by the celebrated Englien Medicine, Blair’s Gout and Rheumatic Pills. They require neither attention or confinement of any kind and are certain to prevent tho disease at tacking any vital parts. PBBPABSD liT PROUT & HABSANT XiONTDOJNT, 3ii:N'GrXj^Y^VD, and sold by all Druggists. uov^ __ codiyr WHITE, CLEAN, SOUND TEETH! ALL MAY HAVE BY USING DAILY THTTRSTCXNrS Ivory Pearl Tooth Powder. no20 Price, 25 and 50 Cents per bottle, eodlyr Beautiful, Soft, Glossj Hair ALL DESIRE IT, ALL MA Y HAVE IT by constant use .1 THOMPSON’S POM A E OPTIME nc29 rricc, 25 ami 50Cents p i rloitle. eodlyt LIGHT COLORED KID GL0YE8 ARE VERY STYLISH WHEN NOT SOILED. -TOUYEN'S INODOROUS Kid Glove Cleanei will renovate them thoroughly. Price 25 cents pel bottle. All sold by Drugglsta'and Fancy Dealers. F. C. WELLS & CO., New York, Wholesale Agents. DP*Q_eodlvr MLniNra' &• Extract of Roots and Herbs which almost invari ably cure the following complaints:— 8>y»jwpsin, Hoar; burn, Liver Complaints, and Loss ol Appetite cured by taking a lew bottles. Lassitude, Low Spirits, and Sinking Sensation cored at once. Eruption*, Pimples, Blotches and all impurties ot the blood, bursting through the skin or otherwise, cured readily by following the directions on the bottle For Kidney, Bladder and Urinarv derange ments It has no equal; one bottle will convince the most sceptical. . Worm* expelled from tbo system without 1he least difficulty; a few bottles aro sufficient for the most obstinate case. ®**l**s Dne bottle has cured tho most difficult case when all other remedies failed. ftcrvou* Difficulties, Neuralgia, Headache, &c., eased mnnodiatoly. *5^lll,a,*l,lil Swelled Joints, and all Scrofulnr Afflictions removed or greatly relieved by this inval uable medicine. Brouchitta,Catarrh, Convulsions, and Hysterics cured or much relicvod. Difficult Breathing, Pam in tho Lungs, Side an idlest almost i variably curodby taking a few bot Jes of the Quaker bitters. Female Difficulties, so prevalent among American ladies, yield readily to this invaluable med icine, the Quaker Bittors. Billions, Remittant and Intermil tan t Fevers, so prevalent in many pans of our country, completely eradicated by the use of the Quaker Bitters. The Aged find in tho Quaker Bitters just the article they ;>tand in need of in th ir declining years. It quickens the blood and cheers tho mind, and paves the passage down the plane inclined. No One can remain long unwoil (unless afflicted v. irli an Incurable disease,) after taking a few bottle of the Quaker Bitters. Sold by all Druggist* um% Dmlrrs in Jlcdicine* PREPARED EY Die. Ii. S. FLIXT & CO., bcett4l-rrovid™tc“R.iiaIDCp0t 1K aEd 137 Broad SOLD AT WHOLESALE BY IV. F. Phillips & Co. & J.w. Perkins & Co n,hu_PORTLAJiD. cod«£wl4wl2 Ii A D I E ®, ttatlam Healy’s Uterine Tonie Pill ire now ready f r the general public. The many who lave tried them will need no other notice. They are in invaluable remedy for All Uterine Diseases. They euro PROLAPSUS UTERI, givo tone to the nuscles, and lift the organ into its proper position, ind keep it there. They speedily euro Loucorhcea, Aysuienorrhoea and Menorrhagia. Tin y are a spe itlc lor Stanjmry, a diuretic in Gravel' They pro note sleep, allay nervous excitability. Remove stor lity, and all female weaknesses. They are purely rogetable, pleasant to the taste, free from opiates and ill injurious properties. Madam Heah ’» Pamphlet or Women la Interesting and valuable. Sent free ipou receipt of sfamj) for return postogo, or can be band at IVcoks & Potter’s, 1J6 Trcnsojit st., BOSTOX. MADAM HEALY’S LOTION, or ulceration ant! inflammation accompanies each ox of Pills. Price of Pills and Lotion, $1.25 per ox, or $G.tO a half dozen. Address all business let- ( ^rs to Matinni Honlv, Box 337, Station A, Boston. For sale by WEEKS & POTTER, Boston, and all * hruggiata._ ap-kily i_UI* FKINTINQ neatly executed at tlrib w offleo. MEDICAL. rf VOU WANT MUCK, FAT AND HKALTUI HOKMIiM IMK Grows’ Condition Powders. eotl2m That Favorite Home Remedy, PA I N-KI LLER Has been before tho public over tiiuity tears, ami probably has a wider and better reputation than any other proprietary medicine of tho present day. At tlds period there arc hut tew unicquaintod witli the merits of the Pais-Killkb; hut, wlult some exto it as a liniment, they knew but little of its power In easing pain when taken internally; while others use it internally with great succe-s, but are equally ignorant of its healing virtues when applied external ly. We therefore wish to say to all, that It is equally, successful, whethor used internally ,r extern illy. It Is sufficient evidence of its virtues as a st: ndird med icine to know chat it is now us d in alt parts of tho world, and that its sale is constantly increasing. No curative agent has had sneha nldo spread talc- or given such universal satisfaction. Davis’ Paix-Killeb is a purely vegetable com pound, prepared from the best and purest materials and with a care that injures the most perfect nniierm ity in the medicine; and while it is a most cfleclivo remedy for pain, it is a perfectly safe medicine, even >u the most unskilful hands. It is eminently a Family Mkdu ins ; and by being kept ready tor immediate resort, wil save many an hour of suffering, and many a dollar in limo and doc tor’s bids. After over thirty years trial, it is still receiving the most unqualified testimonials to its virtues, from persons of the highest character and responsibility Eminent Physicians commend it as a most effectual preparation for tho extinction of pain. It is not on ly the best remedy ever known for Brnists, Cuts. Burns, &c., but for Dysentery, or Oholeia, or any sort of bowel complaint, it is a remedy unsurpassed for efficiency, and rapidity of action. In tho great cities of India, and other hot climates, it has become the standard medicine for oil such complaints, as well as for Dyspepsia, Liver complaints, and all other kindred disorders. For Coughs and Colds, Canker, Asthma, and Itkotimatle difficulties, it has been proved by tho most abundant and convincing testimony to be an invaluable medicine. We wonld caution tho public against all imitations of oar preparation, either in name or stylo of patting ”P- aprUeod&wIm DR- IS. 3. JOCKUAIN, PROPRIETOR OF THE Parisian Gallery of Anatomy, Boston Has just published a new edition of his lecture containing most valuable information on the causes, consequences and treatment of diseato u the reproductive system, with remarks on marring.., and the vancus causes of the loss of manhood, with lull instructions for its complete restoration; also a chip ter on -encreal infection, and the means of cure, bo ing the most comprehensirs icork on tho subject eve: yet pnolished, comprising 150 pages. Mailed free to any address for 23 cents. Address, Dr. Jcnrdain's Cousolting Office, 61 Hancock Street, Beaton, Man. junlMlyr TUJ1 vi UK AT KEilEDY FOK ! CONSUMPTION which can be cured by a timely resort to this stand ard preparation, as lias been proved by the hundreds of testimonials received by the proprietors. It is acknowl edged by many prominent physicians to be the most reliable preparation ever in troduced for the relief and cure of all Lung complaints, and is offered to the public, sanctioned by the experience of over forty years. When resorted to in season it sel dom fails to effect a speedy cure in the most severe eases of Goughs, Bronchitis, Croup, Whooping Cough, Influenza, Asthma, Colds, Sore Throat, Pains or Sore ness in the Chest and Side, Liver Complaint, Bleeding at the Lungs, &c. Wistar’s Balsam does not dry up a Cough, and leave the cause behind, as is the case with most preparations, but it loosens and cleanses the lungs, and allays irritation, thus removing the cause of the complaint. PREPARED BY f'ETH W\ IWLE & SONS, Boston, Xacfl* Ami sold by Druggists and Dealers generally. 1>0v2^ __deodiB-WHoyly AS CJIII*: CURE 50R SOKE THROAT AND CHIL B LA INS. Grows' Liniment! Sold by all dialers In medicine. marl<>eod2m i if & D MUSICAL TREASURE, ^ i5 S Vocal and Instrumental. • SfI«-8 WREATH OF OEMS, g|,|s“ v«*! g . SILVER CHORD, •© Vocal. K 9S“5»s Hi sS-SS-. GE-MS OF SACRED SONG, Vocal. *3 OEMS OB’ SCOTTISH SONG. .s ir-4?5 oi' 0 OEMS OF GERMAN SONG. a w“i S~5#.^5 OPERATIC PEARLS, © tsv'.rs Vocal. S3 tc-oJJS-* 2 SHOWER OF PEARLS. ^S^eS Vocal, a V-.gS'l* ORGAN AT HOME. ‘5 *3 £ lor Reed Organs, 30 Instrumental. V S>§Ve OEMS OF STRAUSS, c lS Instrumental. W HOME CIRCLE, VOL. I. Instrumental. & l^2£~<2 HOME CIRCLE, VOL. II, ^ Instrumental. S*£5 9«> PIANISTS ALBUM, a Ca® Instrumental. © ■S^'SSSf PIANO FORTE GEMS, ao 5-cSsV.c Instrumental. s ~6-*a-§£ p f - f S VS XSk£2£PJ?ldlfor Retail Price. WTSOA & CO., Boaton. I’ll ®- H »itson & CO . a.< 5 711 Broadway, N. Y. - apr2S__ _d*«w Dissolution or Copartnership. ]V0,™'E_I» hereby given that tbo copartnership V p,,?,r,?Po<'*1 s ('n" under the firm name of Sam ronsont * * Sonss *" ,hi’t <h-v dissolved by mutual SAMUEL ROUNDS, GEO. H. ROUNDS. CHAS. F. ROUNDS. Copartnership Notice. THE undersigned have this day formed a copart nership under the firm namo of Rounds, Sar gent & Co., and will continue the business of dealers ?f Goal * Wood, at the old stand of Samuel Rounds. ® Sons, No. .,6 Commercial Street. They will settle all demands ot the late firm ef samucl Rounds & Sens. SAMUEL ROUNDS, GEO. H. ROUNDS. EDWARD H. SARGENT, npvo _ dtf ELIAS HOYTt Solving Machines ANDPUTTKIUCKS Pallerus of Garment £PV K&T S~& WILDSS Janl 73tt — _ 173 MUi’le St.. Up Stairs. TIITC ttaiue State Agricultural Society will hold its 1 ITU, EXHIBITION AT BAKUOR, September Itb 17,18 & 10, j3E"0ver 0OOOO, in premiums are ofiered. mar.1.1___dfira Notice. riHAS. W. PIERCE or Portland, retire, from ^P'd'-'ibmty eetSSI NORTON MILLS CO., %T . Lumber Manufact uron Island Pond,°S. mg’ ttnd Utad *»<» &

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