Newspaper of Portland Daily Press, April 29, 1873, Page 3

Newspaper of Portland Daily Press dated April 29, 1873 Page 3
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the pbess. TUESDAY MORNING, APRIL 29, 1878. " VUE PBESS May be obtained at the Periodical Depots of Fes senden Bros Marquis, Robinson, Brunei la: Co. Andrews, Wcutwortii, tllendennin-' Mo'Os lteuder sou, and Chisholm Bros., on all trains that run out ol ‘th\t Buideford, of Pillsbury. At Saco of B, Hodgdon. At Waterville. of J. S. Carter. At Oorliam, of News Ageut. At Ralb, of 0» ShftW. At Lewiston, of French Bros. At Kcnuebuuk, of C. -L. Miuci'. oty~ and VICINITY. Kew .tdrertiwaeol, To-Day. AUCTION COLUMN. Watch and Chain—J. S. Bailey & Co. For Sale—House. Tea—F. O. Bailey & Co. ENTERTAINMENT COLUMN. Grand Bail—Sebago Lake. Fair and Festival—St. Lawrence St. Society. Owen’s Benefit.—Maine Gen. Hospital Fair. SPECIAL NOTICES. Dry Goods-Lcacli, 84 Middle St. I. 0. O. F.—Odd Fellows’ Hall Association. Notice—O. C. Carroll. To tho Public. NEW ADVERTISEMENTS. M. C. M. A.—Stated Meeting. Corn and Oats for Seed—G. Wyer & Co. Carriages—John Adams. Wanted—Bookccpcr. Millinery—S. F. True. To Commissioners of Cumberland Co. New Goods—M. & A. P. Darling. Brick Maker Wanted. Wanted—Straw Swcrs. Re-opcned—Wm. W. Goody. For sale—Seis3ors Grinders. Silks—E. T. Ellen & Co. MISCELLANEOUS NOTICES. P. Feeney—Plasterer and Stucco Worker. Brief Jeuiai!*. The First Baptist church entered upon the experiment of freo sittings Sunday, it is hoped aud believed that it will be a success. The family of tho late F. O. Libby are re storing their mansion in Congress Square, sub stantially to its condition before the fire. The workmen found two feet of ice in the cham bers. Butterflies put iu an appearance yesterday. It really looks as though we had got most through winter. The advent of the street sprinklers was ob served with appropriate, ceremonies yesterday. John I1. Thomas has sold his yacht, the “Whisper” to parties in this city. The sermon delivered by tho Rev. Mr. Uineks at State street church Sunday, was not, as might he inferred from our announcement, of a controversial character. Tho Boston trains mada no connection with the Maine Central yestetday, owing to tho failure of tho latter to arrange a time table corresponding to tho spring arrangements of the former roads. Yesterday was a glorious day. Doors were thrown open, and for the first time for months many buildings got a ventilation. One man,of sanguineous temperament, was hoard to ejacu late, “Isn’t this hot!” One of the large scows for the new mud-dig ger was launched yesterday. If the streets are to be sprinkled but once during a day, let it be at tho time when they are the most dusty. The Bev. Dr. Hill will deliver the annual ad dress before the Bible Society of Maiue, at the First Parish church, at their anniversary Sun day evening May 11th. The ladies of South Berwick have requested of the Committee a table at the Maine General Hospital Fair. BA letter directed to “Sigh—coy, main,” was received at the postofflee yesterday. It was sent to Saco, where it probably belongs. A chambermaid was arrested at the Ameri can House yesterlay morning by Deputy Wil liams and officer Smith, on suspicion of the larceny of $2!) from the trunk of a boarder. The money was not found upon her. Sho has been “flush” of money lately, but she insists that it was given to her by a certain sea cap tain. Another of cur merchants left the door of his store unlocked last night. Officer Merrill found the door unlocked. The Tonic. The Maine General Hospital Fair journal is to be called the Tonic, as a title with a medical flavor seems essential. It is to he under the editorial charge of Miss Mary S. Deering and Miss Marcia D. Bradbury, the bare mention of whose names is sufficient guaranty for the brightness and liveliness of the paper. It wil‘ contain eight pages, three of which will he filled with reading matter prepared specially for tho Tonic. We understand that gome of the most eminent and entertaining writers in the coun try will make contributions, and there will be a fall representation of the best talent of this city and vicinity. All the local interests and incidents of the Fair will be graphically writ ten up. This department will he under the spe- ! dal charge of Miss Bradbury, while Miss Deer ing will manage the general literary depart ment. Five pages wiil be devoted to advertise ments, and as the paper will be very largely sold both to our own citizens and to the crowds of strangers attending the Fair, it will afford a very desirable advertising medium. It will bo issued as an evening paper each day of the Fair. There will be also a number contaiuing announcements and other preliminary matters issued four days before the opening of the Fair and one number on the day after its close, mak ing ten numbers in all. We cordially commend this Charito-literary enterprise to the good graces of the public and congratulate the Fair managers en their happy selection of editors. A Thoughtful and Genebous Acr.—The operatives of the Farnsworth Woolen Manufac turing Co. at Lisbon, of which Messrs. Deeriug & Milliken of this city are agents, have given one day’s receipts to tho Maiue General Hospi tal. Tliis generous act cannot he too highly commended. Tho workmen giving the money will not probably directly reap any'of its bene fits, but they thoughtfully recognize the fact that scores of similar workmen are every day in want of just the kind of care that the Maine General Hospital is disposed to give, and they make this generous sacrifice in behalf of that class of men and women. They also recognize that the institution is just what its name indi cates, and will bo the asylum of the poor and suffering all over the State. The workmen of tho Farnsworth Company have set an example worthy of imitation. The .Second Parish.—The Annual Meet ing of this society occurred last evening. S. W. Larrabee was chosen Moderator, and the following officers elected for the ensuing year: Clerk, W. fl. Hobbs; Parish Committee, Geo. Brook, James M. Palmer, J. H. Webster, Sam uel Fogg and S. W. Larrabee; Treasurer, S. W. Larrabee; Collector, Holt Ingraham; Music Committee. Charles II. Carruthers, Enoch Martin and Samuel Fogg. The report of S. W. Larrabee, the Treasurer, was presented, from which it appears that $7,500.99 has been received since April 24, 1872. towards the completion of the church edifice, and $8,427.80 expended in the same time. The whole amount expended on the building, $63, 014.63; whole amount received, $33,038.53; present indebtedness, $10,940.57; amount need ed to complete the edifice, about 810,000. Maine General Hospital.—The executive Committee acknowledge additional donations of articles and money in aid of tlie Maine Gen eral Hospital Fair from the following named persons, viz: Bean & Brown, Brownfield, manufacturing coopers, 100 mackerel kits; Mrs. Lobenstien, lace cape aud undersleeves; A. It. Aldrich & Co., box of pine apple cheese; King, Gilman & Co., barrel of flour; T. Lobeustoin, writing desk and watch stand; Drew & Wilson, box of soap; Cbas. II. Farley, three boxes of thermom eters; Operatives of Farnsworth Manufacturing Compauv, Lisbon, Me., one days’s pay each, $1.20; Portland Suspender Company, one dozen “Sampson braces;** A. N. Noyes & Son, Mc Gee parlor stove; G. L Bailey, patent cove: and cork screw. Chas. H, Haskell, Treasurer. Omission.—We regret that in onr article ol yesterday upon general exercises at the High School on Saturday that the name of Miss Rey nolds who gave an interesting and carefnllj prepared essay entitled “What I have not ex perienced,” wan, unintentionally, omitted. Tin field was a wide one, aud the young lady dii full justice to her theme. The paper was verj amusing. The omission of her name in our re port was due to carelessness merely. Police Notes.—Two hot bloods on Centre street indulged in a bit of an argument wit! fists at about 11 o’clock last night. The polict called it an affray and they were booked a Marshal Parker’s* At about two o’clock this morning two re spectably dressod girls, claiming to ho money lees strangers, called at the station for lodgings Lnclo Oliver cared for them as well as his ac eommodations would allow. Reboot Committee. The regular monthly meeting was held last evening. 'I lie reports of the supervisors of the various schools were presented. The application of Mrs. Miora A. Smith, for position as teacher was received and place! on salary of Miss Nutting, First Assistant ot r irst Grammar School, was raised to $500 a 5'ear, to begin with tho present quarter. The report of the executive committee was presented. Bills to the amount of $630.63 were presented aud ordered to be paid. Orders passed—That the chairman or the Board be authorized to make such arran c meuts as may be necessary with the h ire Do partmeut under suitable ruguiations, to secure uniform dismissal of tlie schools bj means of the fire alarm whenever inclemency of the weather or other causes make a long session desirable; that the examination of applicants for admission to tlie High School this year be held on Monday, June 30th, and that the annual election of teachers take place on Monday even iug July 7th. at 8 o’clock, and that the examin ation of applicants for admission to tho Gram mar Schools be held in the several Primary Schools at the time of the regular semi annual examination in June next, by the sub-eommit tee assigned for such examination. Tlie action of the committee in securing Eeo nora Hincks as teacher in tho place of Miss Evans, was ratified by the Board. The Board appointed one o clock as the hour at which the long sessions of school shall ter minate. _'_ Patti, Pet.—We call attention to tlie adver tisement in anotheg column of Owens’ benefit to the Maino General Hospital, which comes off at Music Hail Saturday evening. Tlie play to be given is tho ever popular comedy of Paul Pry, in which Owens takes the part of the Peepiug Tom of the piece. The afterpiece is the roaring farce of the “Live Indian. The reserved seats have been put at a l<?w price,and we anticipate there will be a rusli for them. The sale opens at Siockfcridge’s music store at U o’clock this morning. The general admission tickets are sold for the reasonable price of fifty cents. Peep O’Day.—The members of the Emerald Boat Club, assisted by their lady friends, will give two grand amateur performances of the drama Peep O’Day, for the benefit of the Maine General Hospital. No pains will he spared to bring it out with the music, scenery and cos tumes incident to the piece. No doubt there will be a large attendance, as the object is a worthy one aud deserving of patronage. Itc served seats will be for sale Wednesday morn ing, April 30th, at Stockbridge’s music store, on Exchange street. “Ten Nights in a Bakiioom. ”—Perhaps few of our readers are aware of the excellence of the entertainment to he given by the Y. E. N.’s at G. A. It Hall this evening. This ama teur club get up the entertainment for the ben efit of the Maine General Hospital and they are fully prepared to give the public an old play in a new light. Help tlie Hospital fund by giv ing tickets to your friends and relatives.aud let them see the play and hear the good jokes and witty sayings. OUKKIDAiN ASU A1AU1W.— OUUI1UU.U uuu AUitvn. gave au excellent variety show at Music Hall last evening. Tho entertainment was much better than tho audience expected, and they were correspondingly delighted. Tho bi'l was a good one and well carried out. The singing and dauciug was much better than the average, and the farces were very funny. This evening the entertainment will be repeate ', and we look for a crowded house. Y. M. C. A.—T he Y. M. €. A. aro making arrangements to opeu a Sabbath School at Stroudwater. A special committee on obscene pictorials was appointed Saturday evening. The Association propose to sustain open air meet ings the coming summer. Besides its usual work last Sabbath, services were supplied at the Newbury and Mountfort street churches, city poor farm and at Cumberland. TIISCKiriLANEOKS NOTICE*. P. Feeney, Plasterer and Stucco Worker, has removed from 07 to 99 Federal street. It F. O. Bailey & Co., sell to-day at 10 a. m., at their salesroom, real and personal property belonging to the estate of N. W. Lowe & Son, consisting of two parcels of laud, one rifle, &c., &c. '_ To enable nature to throw off that depress ion caused by nervous affection, administer Smolandeu’s Bucnu. It sustains and fortifies the nerve structure, and also is the safest and best medicine for the positive cure of kidney, bladder and glandular diseases, mental and physical debility, diabetes,gravel, female weak ness, uterine complaints, errors of youth, and general prostration of the nervous system. apr29-eodlw Messrs. C. B. Chisholm & Co., at their rooms in Grand Trunk depot, and opposite the Maine Central depot, have received all the pe riodicals for the coming month, and all the fresh literature of the day. Dr. XJrann who has made so many wonder ful cures of eases supposed to be incurable, will he at the Preble House every Thursday, Friday and Saturday for the present. All should see him. apr28-tf Dr. O. Fitzgerald, the wonderful Clairvoy ant Physician and Surgeon will remain at Boom No. 11 Preble House, Portland, until Wednes day, April 30lli. Don’t fail to see bira, as his cures are almost miraculous. apr26 tf Steel Knives and every description of Table Ware Plated,'or Replated in the very best man ner at short notice and at a reasonable price, at Atwood’s New Booms, 27 Market Square. feb25-eodtf Sore Nitples.— The suffering which many ladies experience from caked breasts and sore nipples, is little realized by men. A remedy has now come to them, and the wonder is that it has not been discovered before. The Centaur Liniment is as delicate and soothing as a cos metic, and affords such speedy and permanent relief, that we are showered down with thanks. It is simply a wouderful thing for all sores, lameitess and swellings. Children cry—for Pitcher's Castoria. It regulates the stomach, cures wind colic and causes natural sleep. It is a substitute for castor oil. apr24-eodlw&wlt MINOR TELECBin*. The trial of seven Petersburg, N. J., rioters began Monday. Though some thirty we^e en gaged in the riot, during which several negroes were killed, only seven were indicted. Charleston, West Va., advices report that the railroad strike continues. A thousand uegroes on the Chesapeake & Ohio Railroad have not been paid for four months, and they are decid ly belligerent and hostile. The King aud Queen of Denmark will visit London the latter part of May. A great coal discovery is reported between Peace and Raw rivers, Canada. A colored farm laborer named Geo. Burke of Collinsville, 111., while drank, chopped olf tho head and one arm of Maria Bowman and threw the body into a ravine. The ship Pomeran arrived at Quebec Suuday, being the first sailing vessel of the season. She reports large quantities of ice below. The steamship Prussian, 88G passengers, arrived Monday morning. The carriage shops of the Lancashire Rail way, Manchester, Eng., were burned Sunday. Fifty locomotives and 120 coaches were burned. Loss §1,000,000. A despatch from Three Rivers, Canada, says the water is up to Market Square in the heart of the citv,>and farms are ali flooded on the banks of the river. In the town of Berthier the people have vacated their houses aud boats ply through the principal streets. The War Department has male extensive ar rangements for the protection of engineering parties of the Northern Pacific Railroad. The expedition will start June 15th. About forty companies of troops, of all branches of the ser vice, will compose the expedition. Col. Stan ley commands. Peter Clark, colored, employed as porter in the passenger depot, of tho Boston & Albany Railroad, was caught between a backing train "killed1 statlouary one Monday, and instantly John Locke, Town Treasurer at Barustead, .N. H., aged 45, was found drowned Sunday in that town. He had been thrown from his m» on, probably stunned, and trying to find Ids home fell into tho water. Vessels arc loading at Buffalo preparatory to leaving the port, the ice having partially brok en up in the lake. A club of Republicans has been formed iu Lisbon, Portugal. The cabmen of Vienna have struck in conse quence of a disagreement about freight. I'irc-Five Persons Biirinl Rcucntb the l ulling Walls. Iowa City, April 28.—This morning a fire broke out at Market Hall, occupied as apart ments for families. Five people were buried under the falling walls. Their names were W. Doty, Robert Love, F. Valkrsnger, Mr. Hark and George Andrews. Lovo died iu half an hour; Andrews, colored, will not live; Hark, a law student, cannot live. The other per sons had limbs broken anil were otherwise in jured. Loss §20,000. Indian Raids Denied. Boston, April 28.—A despatch from Genera Superintendent Sickles, of tho Union Pacifii Railroad, to Secretary Rollins, dated Denver Col., April 27th, contradicts the reported Indiai raids on or near the line of the road. He say: no troubles of the kind have occurred and nom are anticipated. BY TELEGRAPH. MATTERS IN MAINE. [Special to Press.] Fire in Farmington. Farmington, April 28.—The house and ell belonging to John Hiscock in this town, were burned this forenoon. The fire caught from a burning chimney. Loss $1500; insurance$150 (By Associated Press.) Death ot a Promiuint Physician. Belfast, April 28.—Dr. Nahum P. Monroe, for over thirty years a prominent physician of this city, died yesterday at Baltimore. He was snrgeoti of the 20th Maino Regiment during the rebellion, and was recently President of the State Medical Society. Dr. Monroe was twice a member of the State Senate and twice of the House. NEW HAMPSHIRE. Biot nl Kccnr. Keene, April 2S.—A serious riot occurred Saturday night in front of the American House, in which E. R. Locke. Chief of Police, was se verely beaten. A force was rallied in assistance of the police, and four of the rioters were ar rested-John Morris, John Gallagher, J. B. H. Phillips and Joseph Phelps-and brought be fore the Police Court this morning, when they were held for trial. MASSACHUSETTS. Killed by n Morse. Boston, April 28.—John Downing, for a number of years employed as ostler in Cam bridge, lost his life this afternoon by a kick from a horse. He leaves a wife and two chil dren. Sudden Dcnlli. William White, one of the publishers of the Boston Banner of Light, Spiritualist paper, dropped dead this afternoon in a 1’axbury horse car of apoplexy. He was about 50 years old. Fatal Accident. Spuing field, April 28.—John D. Parsons, employed in Joliu Cushman’s leather mill, No. Adams, became entangled in the machinery this forenoon and was dashed to death. Ho was 36 years old and leaves a family. NEW YORK. The Ctrcat Bnnh Defalcation. New York, April 28.—A large number of. depositors aud others interested, collected around the Atlantic Bank this morning, but the doors were closed and the bauk was iu pos session of United States Examiner Meigs, who in connection with its officials, is investigating its affairs. Charles R. Strong was to;day appointed re ceiver of the defunct Atlantic National Bank. Taintor.the defaulting cashier, was brought be fore the Uhitcd States Commissioner Osborn, but as he had no counsel, no application for bail was made, and be was sent back to Lud 1-Toil A Bank Bobber. Hampton, tl.c alleged Pittsburg bank rob ber, was discharged on a writ of Habeas Cor pus to-day, when he was rearrested on a requi sition from the government of Pennsylvania, as he left in a carriage. Another carriage pur sued that in which lie was placed, and an excit ing chase np town ensued. The result is as yet unknown. Fearful Full of a Burglar. In escaping from tlic police last night, a bur glar fell from the roof of a high building on Cortlandt street, miraculously escaping death. Four companions escaped. They had ransack ed tlireo stoves. The 81. Crispins. Another secret meeting of the St. Crispin and German shoemaker societies was lield to night, but no general action was decided on. It was rumored that two houses having de clared their intention of not considering the question of increasing the pay of their work men. tho lattar struck to-day. An early and general strike is not considered probable. Ef forts are being made to get German shoemaker societies to act in full accord with the St. Cris pin societies. meeting of the Atlantic Bauk Suffirtrs. Among the prominent sufferers by the At lantic Bank defalcation is Roswell S. Burrows of Albany. N. Y., who had $100,000 of stock; Smith Sheldon is also loser to tho extent of $1500, and Mr Fuller, of Abbott & Fuller, loses $4000. A large number of depositors of the bauk held a meeting this afternoon, J. A. Fuller presiding, and a resolutron was adopted for the appointment of a committee of five to co-operate with the receiver of the bank, and report to the depositors all the attainable in formation concerning the affairs of the institu tion. A number of speeches were made, in which much indignation was manifested agaiust the defaulting cashier, Tainter. Severe criticisms were also passed on other officers of the bank, to whose lack of vigilanco the accom plishment of frauds were attributed. Opin ions were expressed that Tainter still retained a large amount of money obtained by him; also that frauds had not extended through years as he asserted but were matters of the last few days or even weeks. Various matters The managers of the new Atlautic cable are dissatisfied with the Hog Island approach and contemplate bringing the cable to Brooklyn by some other way. This afternoon sixty longshoremen refused to allow a gang of New York men to go to work on the steamer Pembroke at Jersey City, and atone time a riot was threatened, hut the po lice appeared and prevented an outbreak Jurors were obtained to day in tho trial of Bleakley for the murder of his niece. The Commissioner of Indian Affairs to-day received bids for transportation. Twenty-two were made, principally by western men from St. Louis, Chicago; Pittsburg and Cheyenne. Three hundred and fifty destitute Italians will leave hero for Rochester Wednesday,where employment is obtained for them ou the rail roads. Suit in the United States District Court, of Milwaukee National Bauk against Arthur Hughes and otheis, for the recovery of $24,000 paid by the bauk on sight and time notes, which had been issued by defendants liy pur chase of a cargo of wheat, was tried to-day and verdict for the amount given for plaintiffs. Postmaster James pronounces without foun dation rumors of a defalcation in the accounts of Henry Whitman, cashier. The rumors orig inated from the fact that while Mr. Whitman is making up the last quarterly accounts of ex postmaster Jones, another is acting as cashcir. One half of the village of Edge water. Staten Island, is to be sold next month for takes. The people have applied to the Legislature for aid to overcome the evils of the former misrule. Three hundred Italian immigrants, who have wintered in garrets and cellars in this vicinity, attended the Five Points Missionery Chapel yesterday. The revenue cutter Bronx,which went ashore on the 4th in:-!, at Plum Island, has gone to pieces. It is reported that the Bull movement for “twisting” the heavy “short” interest in tho Pacific Mail will be made to-day. Several ships are detained in port owing to trouble arising from difficulties between the U. S. Shipping Agent and the sailor hoarding housekeepers. WASHINGTON. Belarus af Ialeraal Brreuac Collector*. Washington’, April 28.—Tlie Commissioner of Internal Revenue will soon issue a circular requiring Collectors of Internal Revenue to make two returns during May from 1st to 19 th, and from 19th to 31st, in order that tho liabi li ties for new bonds may bo determined. Decision on nn Insurance Case. The Supreme Court this afternoon decided the caso of the Mutual Life Insurance Co., of New York. vs. Terry, case of suicide by poison. The Court bolds that the facts show the reason of deceased to have been so impaired by insan ity that his suicide wkis not bis voluntary intel ligent act. On these facts it is held that tho Company is liable although the policy provided against suicide. The Louisiana Case. It is thought this afternoon ’by tho leading members of tho Supreme Court bar that tho motion submitted to the Court iu Conference last Saturday for allowance of an appeal in the Warmouth case which was refused by Judge Durell in Court below will go over till uext term. Treasury Balances. The following are the Treasury balances to day ; Currency §3,046,814; special deposits of le gal tenders for redemption of certificates of dc g”osit §29,000,000; coin §76,131,320; including 26,323,800 in coin certificates; legal tenders outstanding §337,835,982. Important Decision. The Court of Claims rendered judgment for §13,595 in favor of Eugene Dcikehnan, a sub ject of Prussia, for loss sustained by detention of tlie Prussian ship Essex at New Orleans un der an order of Gen. Butler, on suspicion of containing contraband goods. 1 lie Court held that the United States were liable under loth article of treaty of 1799 with Prussia, which requires damages for such detentions to be paid bv either nation when belligerent exercises bel ligerent privileges. Chief Justice Drake dis sented mainly on tho ground that martial lav was supreme at time iu Now Orleans, and that the vessel was brought there with the Knowl edge of the risk incurred in coming in conflict with tlie will of themilitary commander. Tins claim was referred to the Court by a special act of Congress. Judgment was rendered for §18, 060 in tavor of Andrew J. Gill for 536 tons hay | used by tlie army in Colorado in 1864 and 1863. 1 The Court anjonrued till next Monday, the I Chief Justice announcing that tho remaining ! cases on the docket would then ha proceeded [ with until finished, after which tho Court will I adjourn till October. Meeting of the Lrar!«in»«™ ! of the Council. Peter Campbell was elected ; President of tlie House of Delegates. Govern I or Gooke’s message contains much interesting information in regard to the financial and ma terial condition of the District. The not taxes and licenses for the year ending Juno on are §1,500,000. Of this §856,957 have been col lected. j The Governor urges that the appropriations . for the ensuing year be carefully scrutinized and kept within the revenues, and that the oc currence of deficiencies be prevented by more careful estimate of expenditures. The opera tions of the sinking commissioners have oeen highly satisfactory. Nearly all the floating debt of the late corporations of Georgetown and Washington in the levy court house have been paid. The funded debt of the District is now $9,010,891, and is gradually being reduced by purchases of a sinking fund. An appro priation of $250,000 is asked to enabled the commissioners to continue their purchises for the ensuing year. The total amount of ac counts audited by the board of work is $G,770, 621, and of cash payments $3,199,815. leaving outstanding indebtedness of $1,570,806. The cost of completing the outstanding contracts is $474,305, against what are due from assess ments on private property, and $2,179,549 be sides $913,000 appropriated by Congress for the next fiscal year. Supreme Court Decisions. The Supreme Court ha# decided in case of Ripley’s administrator vs. Railway Passenger Insurance Co., of Hartford, that there can be no recovery of the amount of the policy, as the deceased was not at the time of his death ou a public or private conveyance, but after travel ling from Grand Haven to Dalton, Mich., was walking home after midnight and was waylaid aud beaten to death. Court also decided that the license tax impos ed by the city of Mobile on the Southern Ex press Co., is constitutional. The tax had been resisted on the ground that as the Company was engaged in the carrying business beyond the limits of the State it was unconstitutional as being in conflict with the provision of the constitution, which vests in Congress the pow er to' regulate commerce. The Court ruled in a case from New York that an officer of the Internal revenue making a seizure under authority of law, is not a trans gressor, and reverses the judgment against the Collector recovered on that form of auction. The Court held in the case of the Union Bank of New Oilcans for recovery of the balance of au account auterior to the war that Gen. Banks had no authority to order the debt of the Plaut er s Bank to bo paid over to the military au thorities, and that obedience to that order did not exonerate the Union Bank. The Court then adjourned to Thursday when it is expected to adjourn for the term. Justice Miller proposes to sail for Europe Saturday. Au Expedition. An expedition will be organized to be as sembled at and in readiness to depart from Fort Rico, Dakota territory, on the 15th of June lioxl, for the protection of the engineer ing parties of the Northern Pacific railroad, making snrveys for the location of the line of that road between the Missouri river and the Rocky Mountains. The expedition will be constituted as follows: First—Battalion of teu companies of the 7th cavalry under commaud of the Lt. Colonel of the regiment. Second—Battalion of ten companies of in fantry of the 8th regiment and six companies of the 9th regiment, under commaud ot Lt. Col. L. P.1 Bradley of the 9th regiment. Third—Battalion of five companies of the 22d regiment of infantry, under command of the senior Captain; two of the companies to bo drawn from Fort Randall and two from Fort Sully, and designated by the respective fort commanders. Fourth—Battallion of four companies of the 17th infantry, two from Fort Rice, one from Fort Lincaln, and one from Camp Hancock, under command of Major R. E. A. Crompton of the 17th infantry. ^Fiftli—Detatchment of 75 Indian scouts an - thorized by special orders, aud in addition five scouts each from Forts Totten and Wadsworth, to be selected by the respective post command ers from those of their command who accom panied last year’s Yellowstone expedition. Sixth—A detachment of artillery sufficient to man two Rodman rifled guns, to be com manded by au officer sel* cted aud detailed by the commander of the expedition. The men of the detachment will be selected from the battalion of the 17th and 23d infantry, hereinbefore designated as a portion of the ex pedition. Col. D. S. Stanley of the 22d mfautry is as signed to tlie command of tbe expedition. Ex cepting such staff officers as may hereafter be assigned to him, ho will select tbo requisite staff from bis command. Tho expedition will leave Fort R'ce with six ty days subsistence and forage. Subsequent ar rangements will be made for farther supply of the command either from a depot to be estab lished on the Yellowstone or from Fort Bufford. Over 200 six-mule teams will accompany tlie expedition, and authority is given to hire such a number of private teams as will be required for the use of the sick of the command. Not less than five ambulances will be taken. Tbe ammunition allowance is fixed at 200 rounds per man for cavalry and infantry, forty rounds to be carried habitually in their cartridge boxes and the remainder in bulk in wagons. The commanding officer will determine the amount of artillery ammunition to be taken. The expedition will remain in tbe field until tbo loth of Oct. if its services arc required that length of time, and may at the discretion of the commanding officer be” kept, out till the first of November, but no later. This expedition has been organized by Gen. Terry, commanding tbe department of Darkota under instructions of tbo Geueral of the army. Closing up Banks. Tbs Comptroller of tlie Currency has declar ed a dividend of 32 per cent, in favor of tiio creditors of the Uuadella National Bank; also' a dividend of 25 per cent, in favor of the cred itors of tlie Scandinavian National Bank of Chicago. Tbe Comptroller also has directed tbe receiver of the 8th National Bauk of New York to make a requisition of 31 porceut. upon tbe shareholders to supply the deficiency required for the full payment of the creditors. A small requision is also to be made upon shareholders of the Farmers’ and Citizcus National Bauk of Brooklyn for the same purpose. The Atlantic National Bauk was examined ia February and October, 1872. The reports of tbe examiners show that tbo capital of tbe bank was seriously i mpaired. The Comptroller directed that no further dividends be declared, and accordingly no dividends were made during the year 1872. Bad debts to tlie amount of $32, 400 were charged off during the same year. Tlie defalcation is' supposed to have occurred from (he use. of special deposits and collaterals by the cashier. THE MODOC WAK. New York, April 28.—A San Francisco des patch lias tbo following: Reports frcin the lava beds iudioato that Gen. Gilltm is puzzled as to tbe whereabouts of tbe Modocs. It 1s supposed that they are scat tered. Small parties are at times visible in a number of places, bat are not found when the planes are captured, having escaped by some underground connections. Gillein’s inactivity has had abad effect on all tlie unfriendly tribes in northern California and Oregon. The outside Indians are well posted in regard to tlie Modoc war. No satifactory moveraeiitbas been made since the 17th inst. Gen. Gillein requires at least double his present fore?, and sharp shooters and experienced Indian fighters arc bally needed. The last reports are tint the .Modocs are en trenched in a new ambush, aud are gradually approaching tlie edgo of the lava beds. San Francisco, April 28.—Nothing impor tant has been received from tbe lava beds sinco the 20th inst., whon Lieut. Leary’s company was attacked near the camp. Donald McKay reports that the Modocs are encamped at tbe base of tlie mountains at the south end of the lava beds. The troops are now divided into three companies. Capt. Thomas left ou the 26th inst. with cavalry and Warm Spring Indians to reconnoitre in tbo vicinity of tlie Modocs’ position. Lieut. Egan is convalescent. Nearly all of tbo cavalry horses are sick with the epizootic. The Modocs Scattered. A special courier arrived at Yreka last night from the lava beds. The opinion prevailed at headquarters that the Modocs will not make another stand but will break up in small par ties that must be liuuted, iu detail making au all summer’s work for the cavalry. Gen. Jef ferson C. Davis and staff reached Yreka yester day afternoon aud will proceed immediately to tbo front. A- lyc—SIDjWU. Providence, R, I„ April 28.—A fir,! broke oat this evening in the Dunnell building on Canal street, owned by tho Dnunell Manufac turing Co. Although the building was saved, tlfe damage to tho contents by fire and water may reach $30,000 to §75,000, mostly covered by iusurnnee. Ouc thousand bales of cotton be longing to D. Remington & Son were partially burned. Wm.'S. Merrill bad 70 bales of wool injured. The other occupants damaged by wa ter were Colwell & Winsor,carriage trimmings; Jostram & Son, Hour anil feed; J. A. Budlow and Allen & Co., produce. Chinese I.nborers Threatened. St. Lours, April 28.—Between fifty aud sixty Chinese were set to work in a cooper-shop at Jones & Co.’s to-day. Considerable indignation was manifested by the coopers and a number entered the shop and indulged in rather threat ening remarks, and intimated that a strike would occur, but there being a strong force of police on tire ground no demonstration was made, and the probabilities are that no disturb ance will resuit. There are now nearly one thousand Chinese engaged in various occupa tions iu this city. Stage Bobbed. Virginia City, Neb.; April 23.—Thu stage from Hamilton for Pioclie was robbed Iasi niglit near Hamilton and the driver killed b.v three men painted to resemble Indians, anil having gunny sacks over their heads. No re sistance was offered. The driver stopped the stage when ordered, aud on demand banded oul Wells, Fargo & Co.’s treasure box. The shut

which killed the driver way fired unintention ally through the nervousness of one of the rob bers. Tho passengers, 13 in number, were un molested. Loss io tho Express Company b trifling. Parties are in search of the robbers. PROnARIDITIES FOR THE NEXT TWESTY-FOI.'D HOURS. War Dep’t, Office Chief Signai, 1 Officer, Washington, I). C., ! April 28. 7.33 (P. M.l ! Probabilities—The storm area now extending from the Ohio Valley to Tennessee will proba bly move north-eastward quite rapidly. For the Southwest, Tennessco and Gulf States, ex cept occasionally rain to-night, cloudy and clear ing weather, south westerly and north-wosterlj winds and slightly diminished temperature.— For the South Atlantic States rain to-night, fol lowed by clearing and partly cloudy weather, with south-westerly winds and increasing pres sure on Tuesday. For the Middle States ami lower lakes north-easterly winds, tailing barour eter, warmer, threatening anil rainy weather. For the Northwest and upper lakes and thenct southward to Kentucky and -Missouri occasion a light rain, northwest winds, partly cloudy nni clearing weather. For Canada and New Eng land increasing cloudiness, falliug barometer, winds veering to uorth-easterlv and rain bj Tuesday. Seven Persons Burned to Death* Cincinnatti, 0., April 28.—The railroad sta tion house at the crossing of tho Louisville, New Albany & Chicago & Lake Shore railroads was burned on Saturday night, and a man aged 70, named Klees, liis daughler and live children, living in the station house, perished in the flames. ^ o k e j q jsj . The french Election*. Paris, April 28. The following are the fiual returns of the eleclion in this city to till the va cant seat in the Assembly: M. Barodet, 180, 148; Coaut do Remusat, 135,408; Baron Stoffel, 27,058. The elections in the departments of Correze, Jura and Marne were carried by Re publicans. In the Morbihau tho Catholics were successful. The Vicuuii Commissioner*. London, April 23.—A despatch from Vienna says that all of the newspapersof that city com ment upon the suspension of the American commissioners to the Exposition. Tho Ameri can secti n of the Exposition is in a perfect cliaes. The late commissioners vehemently protest against the suspension. The Excitciucat at Madrid. A despatch from Madrid says that the search for members of tho Permanent Committee con tinues. Senors Becerra and Figuerola have been arrested. A monster mass meeting of Federalists was held yesterday, at which vio lent speeches were made. Another Indian War. Toronto, April 23.—A despatch from Fort Gary; Manitoba, says that reports from the interior state that there has been fighting be tween the American troops and the Black Feet Indians, and a large number of Americans were killed. It is feared that this is the begin ning of trouble in tho Black Feet country. The Iudians of Fort Sulloy are the Indians who b ave crossed tho line to the number of 7000 or 8000, and threaten the interior .settlement and Mani toba. Anxiety About the Pope. Rome, April 23.—The Pope has passed a restless night. Anxiety in regard to his condi tion is renewed. Cnrliwts. Madrid. April 28.—Five hundred Carlists entered the town of Capellades, thirty miles north-west of Barcelona, and demanded a con tribution, but fled on the approach of the na tional troops. The Paris Press ou the Election. Paris, April 28, evening.—The total result of the voting in Paris dhd other parts of France yesterday, to fill the vacancies in the assembly was the election of three radicals, four Republi cans and .one legitimist. All the journals except the radical organs express surprise at tho vote in the department of the Seine. The conserva Uve papers say it is due to Thiers leaning to the left. The Republican journals attribute, it to mistakes in the Assembly. The Bien Public looks upon Barodet’s triumph as a serious event but repudiates that it i party is discouraged. The Monarchical press generally regard; the. election as a terrible awakening for tlic conser vatives. Tho Lo Temps pionounee it a warn ing to the government. Tho moderate Repub licans who supported Count Do Remusat are embarrassed by his defeat. Remusat has ex prossed a desire to resign the Ministry of For eign Affairs, but President Thiers has induced him to remain in office. President Thiers Discourage;!. Paris, April 28.—Couut Do Remnsut’s elec torlal committee this afternoon visited Presi dent Thiers, who appeared discouraged. It is reported that when the President first received the news of the Count’s defeat he retired to his room and remained an hour alone. There are fears that the “Right” in the Assembly will now insist on restricting an&othorwise Modify ing universal suffrage. The Bouapartist jour nals declare that the conservative republic is UVilU. White Frost. A white frost has destroyed the vines iu the vicinity of Lyons. The disaster is similar to that of 1817. Reported Withdrawal of the Carlint#. London, April 28.—Reports are in circulation that the Carlists.intend to withdaw from Spain and give up the struggle for the present. FIKAflicitX AWD COMMERCIAL. Receipt* by Kuiiroati* and .Steamboat*. Grand Trunk Railway—10 cars sundries, 1 do for New York, l do horses. 4 do for Boston, 1 do clap boards, 1 do iron. 56 do lumber,1' do laths, 1 do bran, 3 do corn, 1 do oats, 10 do G. T. It., 2 do piles, 1 do skins, 2 do hoops, 3 do for Halifax, 5 do fir St. John, NB, 1 do bark, 1 do Hour. Foreign Export*. CARDENAS. Brig H E Wheeler—6164 box shocks, 35 empty casks, 10,775 hoops. ST. JOHN, NB. Schr Carrio~t000 bbls flour, 250 do coal tar. Foreign Import*. SAGUA. Schr Ananconia—302 lilids 35 tes molass es to E Churchill & Co WINDSOR, NS. Schr Plymouth—140 tons plas ter to Knight & Wliiddon. lSo*toa Stock Jii*rr (Sales at the Broker’s Board, April 28.| Eastern Railroad.107 .\ew York Slock aud Jloucr Market. New York, April. 28-Morninq.—Gold 117$. Mon ey 7 per cent. Sterling Exchange 108$ @ 109}.— Stocks steady. State stocks steady. New York. April 28—Evenlna.—Money tighten ed from 7 per cent, currency, gold interest, early iu the day to 1-16 per cent, per diem, with an activo demand, closing at 1-64 @ } per cent. The Atlantic Bank has been expelled from tbc clearing house.— Sterling Exchaugo is strong at 1081 @ 109 for 60 days and 109$ @ 109} for s glit. Gold is lower under the May Treasury programme but active; opened at 117}. touched 1174. foil to 117, closing at 117@ 117}; loans at 3 @ 7 per cent, coin, closing at 6@ 7 per cent — The clearances were §36,000,000. Treasury disburse ments §1,433,000. Governments } @ } lower, sympa thizing with Gold, and closed steady. State bonds neglected. Stocks have been activo but weak all day and prices declined throughout the list 1 @ 2} per cent. There was a slight improvement about two o’clock,but it was lost before the close and th9 market left otf weak. The money stringency aud the fears of other bank troubles were the impelling causes of the decline. There was a rumorthat 10,000 shares of va rious stocks held by Taint or, tbe defaulting cashier of the Atlantic Bank had been thrown on the market. The following were the quotations of Government securities: United States coupon 6’s, 1SS1... .120ft United States 5-20’s 1862. 118} United States 5-20’s 1864. 118} United States 5-20’s 1805, old.120 United States 5-20’s 1865, new. 117ft United States 5-20’s 1S67.*,.110§ United States 5-20’s IfCS. 117? United States 5*s, new.lie' United States 10-10's.,coupons. ... ,113ft Currency 6’a. . ...11 if The following were the closing quotations of Stocks: Western Union Telegraph Co. 83V Pacific Mail. 55§ N. Y. Centra’ aud Hudson River consolidated.... 100} Erie. C4f Eriopreferrcd. '<4 Union Pacific stock. 30} The following were t he quotatious for Pacific Rail road securities: Central Pacific bonds.1C34 Union j Pacific do. 80} Union Pacific land giants. 744 Union Pacific income bonds.72^ Providence Print Market. Providence, April 28.—Printing Cloths—markel firm at 6} @ 7c for best G4’s with fair business. Domestic Market*. New York, April 26—Evening—Cotton is quid aud higher; sales 727 bales; Middling uplands 19 . Flour is more active and a shade firmer; sales ll,00f bbls; State 6 00 @ 8 25;Round hoop Ohio 7 00 @10 50 Western 5 95 @ 10 50; Southern 6 00 @ 12 50. Wheal quiet and unchanged: sales 43,000 bush; No 1 Sprint 1 76 @ 1 80; No 2 Spring 1 61 @ 1 71; No 3 Spring 1 5c @ 1 Cl; Winter Red Western at 1 80 @ 1 95; Whitt Michigan 1 95 @ 2 30. Corn opened firm and closed i steady; sales 56.Q00 bush; Mixed Western 704 @ 72c I do old 68 @ 6S4iu store. Oats quiet and without de i cided change; White State 55 @ 57c; new Westcn Mixed at 56 @ 57. Beef is steady. Pork is firmer mess new 18 75 @ 19 00. Lard a shade easier at 92 (« I 9gc. Butter dull ana unchanged; Ohio30 @38; new . Stal e 39 @ 40c. Whiskey steady at 91c. Rice is in good ; demand and steady at 7$ @ 8}c . sUgar m f;lir dc. I mand; refining ;} @ 7}c. Coffee sirong; Rio at 17 (a i 19}c in Gold. Molasses dull aud unchanged; New Or leans 68 @70. Naval Stores—Spirits Turpentine is easier at 51c; llosin steady at 3 30 for strained Pc leum strong and advancing; crude 104c: refined 214 Tallow steady at 8g @ 9 l-16c. 5 ’ eu * Freights to Liverpool easy; Grain, per steam, at 5}d. CHICAGO, April 28.—Flour quiet and uncliamred extra Spring 6 00 @ G To. Wheat active, higher and irregular, closing weak: No 2 Spring l 20} lor cash seller May 1 26$; 29} seller June; No 3 Spring at 1 17 rejected 97 @ 97}c. Corn is firm for futures am. quiet for cash; No 2 Mixed at 38c cash; 38Jc for sellei May; 40*c for seller June; rejected 34} @ 34.}. Onto active and higher; No 2 at 31}e for regular and cash 31}c for seller May; 34}c seller June; rejecod 29} (g 30c. Rye quiet and unchanged; No 2 at 69}@7l>< for fresli. Bariev quiet and unchanged; No 2 Fal regular cash 70 @ 71c. Provisions quiet and weak. Pork nominally at 17 30 @ 17-40 on spot; 17 50 @ 17 9( for seller June; closed at. 17 75. Lard quiet at 9 25 (a 9 30 for seller June. Bulk Meats quiet, weak aut nominally; shoulders 6$ @ G4c; short rib mildles 8; @8$c. Bacon steady; shoulders 8e; clear rib sidci 10c; clear sides 10}c. Whiskey is steady at 87c. Receipts—7,500 bbls flour, 7,000 bush wheat, 93. 000 bush corn, 41,000 bush oats, 2,000 bush rye, 4,00' bush barley, 00.00U hogs. Shipments—7,000 obts flour, 50,000 bush wheat, 219, 000 bush corn, 77.000 bush oats, 1,000 bush rye, 16,00' b ash barley, 0300 hogs. i Cincinnati, April 23.—Provisions opened quio and closed firmer. Pork nominally at IS 50on spot. Lnrd is quiet: held at 9}c for steam; kettle 9}c. Bull Meats opened quiet and closed more active and firm er: sales of shoulders at 7c: clear rib sides hold at 9 sales at 9$ buyer June; sides of clear rib at 94c oi spot; 9} buyer May; 10 seller July. Bacon is firm sales of shoulders at 8cc; clear rib sides held at U3c clear sides held at lU}c. Whiskey steady at 85. lOLEDO. April 28.—Flour in fair demand and firm Wheat dull and lower; No 1 White Michigan 198 Amber Michigan on spot 174}; seller May 174* seller June 1 78}; No 1 Rod 1 85; No 2 do 1 76. Cori dull and lower; high Mixed on spot and seller May a 45}c; seller June 66}; seller July 47} @474; selle Aug 49; low Mixed seller May 45}c. Oats quiet am unchanged. Receipts—3,000 bbls flour, 14,000 bush wheat, 38.00 bush corn, 1,000 bush oats. I Shipments—oOOObbls flour,19,000 bush wheat ,126,00 1 bush com, 10,000 bush oats. Detroit, April 28.—Flour quiet and unchanged W heat, dull ami declining; extra White at 2 02- N I 1 White at 180 @191}; “imUer MicUisan at 175 i Corn is steadyc. Oats in good demand at 4ulc. ; Ueceipts-O.OOO bbls flour, 9,000 bush wheat, 3,00 bush corn, 1,000 busli oats. .Shipments—2,00'J bbls Hour, 0,000 busli wlicat, 0,00 I bush corn, 4,000 bush oats. ’ ’ Freights dull; Wheat to Oswego 10. Charleston, April 28,-Cotton quiet; Midilliu uplands 18}c. ’ Savannah, April 28,-Cotton quiet; Middling up lauds at 18}c. Mobile, April 28.—Cotton dull and weak; Mid dling uplands 18 @ 18}c. New Orleans, April 28.—Cotton in moderate dc maud and easier ^Middling uplands 18}e. Huroponn tsinrlfda. LONDON, April 28—11.60.—Csnsols Oiiened at 93 for money and for account. ,, American securltlcs-U. S. 5-20’s 1665, 'dd at 52 do 1867, 93}; do 10-Ws, 89}; new 5s, 90. trio bail way at 51}. London, April 28-5.00 r. Jl.-Consols closed at 93 for money and account. American securities—U- S. 5-.0», 1805, old, 92}; d 1807, hi; U. S. lo-ios, 89; uew 5s—. Erio halhva 5UJ. FRANKFORT. April 2S—11.00 A. M.—United Slate 5-20S 1862, at 'Jog. Huvnua Market. Havana, April 28.—Sugar—market opened active and closed dull and irregular with a downward ten dency. Holders have to reduce their prices in order to effect sales. Stock in warehouses at Havana and Matanzasis 357,000 boxes and 35.500 hbds; receipts for the week G4,000 boxes aud Il f 0J hhds; exported 43,500 boxes and 5000 hbds; including 39,000 boxes and 4100 hbds for the United States; No 1 d. s. quoted at 8|@yirs; Molasses Sugar Ci@7irs; Muscovado Sugar, fair to good refining, 7J ® 8 rs; grocery grades 0 @ 9J rs. Freights steady but a decline is expected; per box Sugar' loading at Havana or ports on north coast of Cuba to U. S. 1 00; 1 00 @ 1 25; per hhd of Sugar loading at Havana for U. S. 5 00 @ 5 B0: per hhd Su gar from ports on north coast to U. S. G 50 @ 6 75 per hhd; per hhd Sugar loading at Havana or ports on north coast ol Cuba for U. S. 3 50 @ 3 75. Molasses loading at Havana tor U. S. 4 23 @ 4 50 per hhd; to Falmouth aud orders, 52s 6d from ports on north coast. SALE OF Obsolete and Unserviceable Ordinance and Ordnance Stores. XT. S. ORDNANCE AGENCY. Cor. of ItouMtou ami Gmu. Him. Entrance on Greene Street, (P. O. Box 1811.) New York, April 17,1873. ^BALED proposals in duplicate, will be received at this office, for the uurchase of Ordnance and Ordnance Storms, embracing Cannon, Small Anns, Leather-work. Load, Ac., at the various Arsenals, Fort8 and Depots, in the United States. Bids will be opened at 12 o’clock, M., on Wednes day, tho 23th day of May, 1873, for stores located at Posts in the following named States, to wit: Con liectieut, Delaware, Indiana, Illinois, Maine, Mary land, Massachusetts, Michigan, Missouri, New’ Hamp shire. New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Illiode Island, Virginia, and the District of Columbia. Bids will bo opened at 12 o’clock, M„ on Thursday, the 12th day of June, 1873, for stores located at Posts m the following named States ami Territories, to wit: Alabama, California, Florida, Georgia, Kansas, Louisiana, Minnesota,Nebraska, Nevada, North Car olina. Oregon, South Carolina, Texas, Arizona, Col orado, Dakota, Idaho, Indian, Montana, New Mexi co^-Washington and Wyoming. vor list ot stores in detail, location, terms. Ac., see Catalogues, which can be procured on application to tho Orduance Offico, War Department, Washington, D. C., at this Agency, or at auy of tho Arsenals or Depots, and Commanding Officers of other posts will furnish, on application, information as to what stores on hand at their respective posts for sale. Tho Department reserves the right to reject all bids which are not deemed satisfactory. Prior to the ac ceptance of any bid, it will have to be approved by the War Department. Terms cash: Ten per cent, at tho time of tho award, and tho remainder when the property is de livered. Thirty days will be allowed for tho removal of the stores. Packing boxes will be charged at pri ces to bo determined by the Department. Bidders will state explicitly tho Post where the stores are located which they bid for, and will give the kinds aud qualities they propose to purchase. Deliveries will only be made at the various Posts where stored. Proposals will bo addressed to tho U. S. Ordnance Agency, N, Y., (P. O. Box 1811,) and should bo en dorsed “Proposals .for Purchasing Obsolete and Un serviceable Ordnance and Ordmince Stores.” with the names of the Arsenals, Forts or Depots where I stored, aud the names of States or Territories in j which tho stores reposed to be purchased are locat | cd. L By authority of tlic Chie' of Ordnance, ». Brcvrt.Col. 1J. H. A. Major of Ordnance. apr28 cilot HENRY CLEWS & CO., 32 WALL STREET, NEW YORK, OlTer for Male a limited number of the 1 FIRST MORTGAGE 7 TER CENT, CON VERTIBLE SINKING FUND GOLD BONDS — OF THE — Burlington, tcdar Rapids & Min nesota Railway Line. At 90 and accrued interest in currency. ! At 'wMeli price they yield over 9 per cent., and aro strongly recommended as a Safe and Profitable Investment* This Railway is a corporation organized tinder the ! lawB of the State of Iowa, which is tho most prosper ous State in the Northwest, being the only State in the Uhion free from debt. The Minnesota Di vision, running from Burlington, Iowa, to Austin, Minnesota, a distance of 2t>0 miles, was completed in February, 1872, and earned during that year an av erage of §83,000 per month, being a monthly increase of $35,000 on the earnings of 1871. Tho earnings for 1873 are estimated to exceed §1,500,000, or more than §125,000 per month. The Milwaukee Division, from Cedar Rapids to Postville, on the Milwaukee and St. Paul Railroad, a distance of 110 miles, passes through one of the richest sections of the State of Iowa, and furnishing an outlet to Milwaukee and the lakes. The Burlington, Cedar Rapids and Minnesota Railway bonds have been admitted to the New York Stock Exchange, and are daily dealt in and quoted on the official lists, thus furnishing dealers an advantage enjoyed by few of the new issues of Railway Bonds. The entire loan has been sold, except about $300, 000, which we now offer, to close it out. All marketable securities taken in exchange atcur ! rent prices, without commission. For salo in Portland by Bobt. A. Bird, 07 Exchange Street. ap2Cdtf We Shall Open T-: l-S . D-A-T, Oue of the Best Assortments of DRY GOODS! To be Found, in Portland Comprising many New and F.lcgant varieties nqycr before seen in this market. BLACK SILKS, at prices much below the Market. BLACK and WHITE Checked and Strip ed Silks, at very ATTRACTIVE PRICES ! A Large and complete assort mcut of S I I .V W I, S ! From tho lowest to the best grades. All are cordially invited to a personal inspection oi our stock. Covell & Company, CONGRESS COR. BROWN STS. aprl6 _dtf EXHIBITION. I bes leave lo inform my Customers and the Public in general that V will exhibit j Wednesday, April 23. TUE LATEST NOVELTIES —OF— SPRING GOODS French, English and Domestic, ill Ike greatest variety. Soliciting your esteemed calls to examine goods and prices, I remain, yourB very rcsj>ectfally, T. LOBENSTEIN, i SO. 4 DEERIHO BLOCK. np21__- 2w Sewme ot Goods. District of Portland and Falmouth. I Custom House, Portland, April 15,1873. j NONICE is hereby given that the following de scribed goods wore seized in this district on the ; days hereinafter mentioned, for violation of the rev enue laws, and ato detained in public store at thii port; any person or persons claiming the same are requested to appear and make such claim witliir ; twenty (29) days irom the date of this publication. ' ^2, 1872, on board Steamer Carlotta, G bottlei , Whiskey, 6 bottles Gin; July 19th, 5 bottles Gin, ; t iwttlcs Whiskey, 11 ottie Brandy; Nov. 8th, 12 hot : ties Whiskey, 7 bottles Wine, G bottles Gin, 1 bottle Brandy; Nov. 27th, on board St. John Steamer, -i bottles Brandv, 1 bottle Gin; Dec. 14th, at It. H. ) Wharf, 1 Trunk, 18 bottles Whiskey; 1 piece (13J yards) Velveteen, 1 Shawl,G pairs Stockings; Jan. 28, ) 4873, at G. T. Depot. 1 Carpot Bag, G pairs Pants, 12 Coats, 3 Vests; Jan. 30th, on board Steamer Carlotta, 3 bottles Whiskey, 4 bottle iiu. 10yanis Velveteen; ,* Feb. 21st, on Steamer Now Brunswick, .1 pairs ’ Socks; March 5tb, 1 China Tea Set; March 7tli, on • S. S. Corinthian, 1 Frock Coat, 1 pair Pauls, IV est, 4 naira Kid Gloves, 3 pairs Wool Stockings; March ) 26th MS S Moravian, 1 Shawl, 2 pieces (7 yards) ) Woole“ Cloth- i. WASHBUBN, JR., Collector, apis _,_dlawGwTn ! ETC. JOHNSON & SON., —I?AVISO TAKEN THE— REBTA.ITKAl^T under the New City Building in Lewiston, for the term of five years, would now nay to the public that wel nta d to keep a first-class place in every respect. Our Biu of Fare shall be in keeping wi'h the Portland i and Boston Markets. Tlioso visiting Lewiston do not ' forget to call at - Mamifacturcrs’ ami Merchants’ \ B E S T A l' it A N T, ) CIT^ BUILDING, !Pino Stroet, LEWISTON, MAINE. * LEWI8 C. JOHNSON, JOSEPH A. JOHNSON, j111122 dlynewo&n ENTERTAINMENTS. OWEN’S BENEFIT — TO THE — Maine Gen. Hospital Fair, Saturday Night, May 3, 1873. Scale of Prim-Bfaned SeaU »J ceato and $1.00; General Aduiiniou 30 eeul« Tho latter may be had at the following places: Stock bridge’s music store, GUkcy’s apothecary stoie Falmouth House, ltanas Preble “ Abner Lowells jewelry United States Hotel, .ta?™ihri«t<.A’» m„.i,. Reserved seats to be hail at Stockbriilgi. s musk stoie, 136 Exchange street, only. ap29 _ta NT IJSTo HAL L. Monday and Tuesday, APRIL 28th & 29th, Sheridan & Mack’s VARIETY TROUPE. 18 Star Performers 18 Doors open at 7. Commences at 8. Admission ^5 cents, Parquet 50 cents. Reserved seats 75 cents. Tickets for sale at Stockbridge’s Music Si ore. ftpr26 _ Jdtd P. M. Q. First Grand Assembly ! AMD EXHIBITION DRILL, — OF THE — Portland Montgomery Guards ! AT CITY HALL, On Wednesday Evening, April 30th. FLOOR DIRECTOR. .. Sergt. M. H. Cunningham. aids:—Sergt. M. J. Lawless. Sergt. W. J. McCal lam, Sergt. L. B. Howard, Sorgt. Thomas Hinds, Corn. Ja'. Flaherty, Corp. Wiu. O’Brien. Priv, John Ryan, Priv. James H. Fljnn, Piiv. P. Tobin, Priv M. C. McCann. music BY CHANDLERS BAND Clothing will be checked tree. PRICES OF ADMISSION:—Floor Tickets, ad mitting Gent and LadieB. $1.00; Gents Galleiv tick ets, 50 cents; Ladies Gallery ticket. 25 cents. [^"Military are requested to appear in Uniform. Per order. apr23dlw ■ -- - . ——■ . First Grand Amatenr Benefit! IX FAVOR or THE MAINE GENERAL HOSPITAL. GRAND ARMY HALL Tuesday and Wednesday, April 29 & 30. Ten Nights in a Ear-Room. A Drama in five acts from the pen of T. S. Arthur, — BY THE — Y. F. Y’s. Doors open at 7; to commence at 8 o’clock. Ad mission 35cents. Reserved seats 50 cents. Tickets lor sale at Custis’s, 293 Congress St., Hawes & Gra ins. and at tbe door. Reserved seats for sale at the Hall on and after Mcnday morning tho 28th. npr23 __ did “Crowning the Rose.” A Cantata by Geo. F. Root, to be performed at the MAY-DAY FESTIVAL —OF THE— SECOND PARISH — AT — CITY HALL, Thursday Eve’g, May 1st, To be followed by BRAIDING A MAY-POLE, BY Thirty-six Young: Ladies. Hall open for admission at 7 in the Evening. Cantata commences at 8. There will be an exhibition in the Afternoon com mencing at 3 o’clock, to which Children will be ad mitted at 15 cents. Evening Tickets, 35 cen»s, tor sale at Hawes & Cragin’s, Stockbridges’s, Hoyt A Fogg’s, and at the hall. 8gr*RefreshmentB for sale Afternoon and Evening iu Reception Hall. apr26dtd GRAND BALL! The Active Base Ball Association of Sebago Lake, will givo their last Ball of the season at the PAVILION, — ON-Till" — Evening of May-Bay, 1873. ; — music by — Chandler’s Full Quadrille Band An extra train will leave the Boston & Maine De pot, (Walker House) Portland, at 7 o’clock I*. M running to Steep F-alls and also to Baldwin, provided 10 couples from the latter town attend the Ball, and -returning after the Dance. Half iare cn the train. Admission $1.00. apr29d3t THE ANNUAL Fair and Festival — OF THE — Ladies of the St. Lawrence St. Society will be held In their Yestry on Thnrgday and Friday, May 1 & 2, AFTERNOON AND EVENING. On Thursday evening tbeie will bo an entertain ment by tbe children and a hot supper will bo served. On Friday evening there will be several of the Jubi lee songs sung and other entertainments. Refresh ments will be for sale on both evenings. A fancy table will be well supplied with useful and ornamen tal articles for sale at fair rates. Admission 15 cents; Supper extra. ap29 d3t ~MUSIC HALL. M.iNAOEIt.MB. THEO. HAMILTON. MR. OWENS , In response to many requests that he would appear as PAUL FRY, Has made arrangements to deviate from hie arranged route, and will appear ONE NIGHT MORE, — ON — a ext samraay, May .hi, FOR THE MAINE GENERAL HOSPITAL, (See correspondence.) On which occasion he will present Poole’s Comedy in 3 acts, of PAUL PRY! And his Farcical pieco of absurdity, the LIVE INDIAN. Mr. Owens in 4 Distinct Characters S.VTtnDAY Emm, May 3—The performance will commence with Poole’s Comedy, in 3 acts, PAUL XJ ]R Y . “I Hope I Don’t IntrnJe.” Paul Pry.MR. OWENS. To conclude with the LIVE INDIAN. Mr. Owens in Fonr Characters. Scalo of Prices—Reserved Seats, Orchestra and Parquetto Reserved Seats, Balcony, 75 cts. General admission 50. gy-The salo of seats will begin at Stockbridze’s music store, 156 Exchange St., on Tuesday morning, April 29. aprt'8d 1 w b7w. CLARK &C0., — I)CALEBS IS — ICE HOUSE, MARKET ST.. — ASD — 3a EXCHANGE ST., Parc Icc supplied Tor all purpos es, and .it any quantity at the LOWEST RATES. apr3 500 Bbls. Algae Fertilizer. 200 Bbls. Fish Chum, FOB SALE BY COWANT A RAND, 133 COnaKECUL STREET .mm____d3w New Boarding House. ^ Vk ^€r' ^av-n8 loased the new and com + house, recently orocted by Geo. R. Da u.s , “Pen the “Blanchard property,” 301 High vi’lim P*®Mure In announcing to tbo public that no will about the first of April epen It lor a flrat boarding bouse. Rooms can bo seen and full particulars as to terms. &c., obtained. by calling at the house from 10 A. M. to 12 M., and from 2 until 5 P. M. aprSeodtf S. S. KNIGHT. _AUCTION sales. 1’nrnirure at 7_.~ - ' — Hww ON WEDNESDAY M., we shall wll flS « 10 o'clock A. Bramhall street. conMKtng ^*“ Home l« Black Walnut, Center TaUc, Furoltur. *■ Chromoe. Paintings, Eograving,, Ehalt. uettos, Black \\ alnut and Chestnut UhamhU’ o1**' Spring lief Is. Curtains, Ingrain and TapesiiVr.. U» Sofa, Black Walnut Extenalou Table, sSia^wK^I Ware. Tee Pitcher. Castor, U Inland w gee Cook Stove. wiery, Ma Also. at 12 o’clock, one Remington Kill*, new wl . ammunition. Also, one nickel plaited Smith 4l\Vm ton’s Revolver, new with ammunition. Also on* double barrel shot Gun, with fixtures. House will be leased for one to three years. V. O. KA1LFY A VO. Auctientm. aplS_ dtd Three Valuable Lots of Land ou Union .Street at Auction. OX Wednesday, April 30th, at 3 P. M.,*we shall sell three lots of Land on the easterly side of Union Street, next below I. P. Merrill & Co., and ad joiuiug each other; two lots 20} by 66 feet the other 34 by about 50 feet. Tbis is an opportunity rarely offered, the lots being very compact, there being not’an inch of unavailable land, very desirable on that account, and also on ac count of location. They will bo noli ou easy term* of payment. F. O. BAILEY Ac CO., Auctioneers. ap2o _____ did SlicrilTn Sale, STATE OF MAINE, 1 C'CMBKRLANDSS. ) ATTACHED on a writ, and will 1* w>ld at nubile auction on WEDNESDAY, the 30th day of April, A. D. 1873. atP. 51., at eaat side of Commer cial wharf, in Portland, and said county, the follow ing i>erflonal property, to wit :-»The Brig JI bare, to gether with her tackle, apparel and furniture. Said brig Is 135 tons N. M-, was built in 1.86 and I, In good °rDatod at Portland, Ayril 25, 1873. K. Pi. rLKRY, late Sherifl of Cumberland County. F. O. BAILEY A I'O,, AKIiuwn. ap3C old BY J. «. BAILEY A CO., AaclUaten Furniture, Carpels. Pictures, dec., at Auction. WE shall sell at auction at our salesroom on FRI DAY. .May 2d, at 10J o’chck A. M-, an assort ment of Cariiets, Brussels, 3-ply ami Ctisiober Car pets, Lounges, olio 15. W. Parlor suit in Hair Cloth, Chairs. Bateaus, Tables, Bodstea,Is, Crockery, Glass and Wooden Ware, llr unis, Trunks, about 30 tine Pictures In Frames, G ass. Sash, Doors, Blinds, «c. Also one second hand Wagon and Harness. ap26 dtd By J. H. KAIliF.Y A CO., Auctioneers. Gold lluutcr cusc Watch nud Chain at Auction. ON FRIDAY, 51 ay 2, at 11 o'clock A. M., at office. We shall sell One Fine Waltham Watch with Gold Hunter Case, full jeweled Chronometer balance, new and In perfect order. A Gold Chain, also new apr29 td Tea at Auction. ON FRIDAY, -May 2d, at 2} o'clcck P. M., at offic., we shall sell 13 Chests choice Tea, sold to close the estate of a deceased dealer. E.O. BAILEY 8k CO., Aaelieoevs. ap29_ dtd Beal Estate on Exchange and Mar ket Streets at Auction. ON SATDBDAY, May 3d, at 12 o’clock M., Wo shall sell the very desirable lot of land situated on Exchange and Market Streets, north of the Old Post Office lot. in Portland, and bounded, beginning on the westerly side of Market street, seventy^-seven and eight-tenths feet from the southerly side of Con gress street, thence south-westerly by land of heirs of James Peering fifty-four feet, to Exchange street, thence north-westerly by said Exchange street sev enty-one feet to a stake, thence north-easterly paral lel with the south-easterly line herein described fbr ty-elght feet, more or less, to Market street, thence south-easterly by said Market street seventy-one leet, more or less, to the point of beginning. For particulars call on J. & E. M. Rand, 121 Mid dle street, or F. O. BAILEY A CO.. Auctioneer*. apr24td For Male at Auction. THE centrally located brick house, No. 28 Free Street, corner of Cotton. A good location for a Physician or a Dentist. The lot is sufficient hi size for two good stores, which will be wanted in a few years—the premises being within a few rods of well est uhl ished business houses. The above property wll 1 be offered by auction, on Monday, May r*tb, at 2$ o’clock, P. M. F. O. BAILEY & CO , Aactismvn. apr29 *dlw Administrator's Male of Real Estate at Public Auction. BY virtue of a license from the Hon. JwC.-e of Probate for Cumberland County, I shall ‘ ell at public auction, on the premises, on Thufsd; ■ the twenty-second day of May next at 11 A. M.. ail the real estate belonging to the estate of Levi A. Cates, late of Fre port, in said County deceased. Said real estate consists of about 35 acres of land situated on the road leading trom Freeport to South Durham, about 3 miles from Freeport Village, containing mow ing. pasturage, «&€., witn good barn standing thereon. Also about three acres of salt marsh near Israel True’s, in said Freeport about one mile below Free port Village. The reversion of the Widow’s dower in the first described property will be sold at the same time ami place. Terms made known at time of sale. EDWARD P. OXNARD, Adm’r of Estate of Levi A. Cates. Freeport, April 22, 1873. apr22doaw3w. .1. S. BAILEY & CO. Commission Merchants, —JLNI>— AITCTIONLERS NO. iJ KXCn AKGE Next below Merchants’ Exchange. JOSEPH S. BAILEY, GEO. W. PARKER. Reference*—Messrs. II. J. Libby & a-o., and Hon CharlesP. t’onkind, Me.; Messrs. Leonard & Co., and Lee & Shepard, Boston. apllt Those Baked Beans. THOSE BAKED BEAKS — wnicn — W. C. COBB is selling BY THE QUART, at his Bakery, NOS. 28 & 30 PEARL STREET, have been tested and pronounced GOOD ! Now if you wish to try them, yon can by sending in your order have them brought right from the oven to your door any morning during the week. Or, if you say you want them Sabbath morning (as is the custom) Mr. Cobb will have a fresh lot ready which he will send you Saturday evening. Then by put ting them in your own ov» n you can find them there at breaklast time and save the unpleasant task of rising before you are ready and hurrying to the bak ery. P. 8.-Take aouic choice BROWN BREAD with ifccnt or not, am von like. aplS tf Allan_Line. Montreal Ocean Steamship Co. UNDER CONTRACT FOR THE CARRYING OF IBS Canadian aad United States Malta. Passengers booked o London derry and Liverpool. Return TicUeta granted at Reduoal Rates. The Steamship AUSTRI IS, Capt. Ritchie. Will leave this port for Liverpool on SATURDAY, May 3d, Immediately after thb arrival of the Train of tb previous day from Montreal. Passage to Londonderry and Liverpool, Cabin (ac cording to accommodations).$70 la $SO Payable in Gold or its equivalent. For Freight or Cabin Passage, apply to H. & A. ALLAN, No. 1 India St. For Steerage Passage Inward and outward, and tor Sight Drafts on England for small amounts apply to JAMES L. FARMER, No. 3 India Stieet. Portland. Nov. lathy 1672. nov2««f Extra Baldwin Apples 100 BARRELS, Extra Baldwin .Apples, repacked this week and landing TO-DAY, — JOB SALE BY — WM. ALLEN, JR. 11 Exchange Street. apr24 dlw W JEW* BOOTS, Custom Made, Hand Sewed, Easy Fitting, Genteel Looking and Serviceable just received at 132 MIDBEE ST., G. PALMER. _ apl9_ eod3w Portland Savings Bank, I*. 91 Euhaage Street. ThEPOSITS made In this Dank on or beforciiAT JLF URDAY, May 3d, will commence interest on thu first of that month. aprlMtd FRANK SOVF8. Treasurer. Notice Mil T Firm c BREED having rcti'od from tlo "oVrtort,%£A Bre%l the bnsine« wUl bo continued under the namo of Hojt <v SAML. FOGG, Portland. April 23.1373._«£*£*_ For Sale. a .spkk&s&sk “Sr tug trade, * apRWdlw tf

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