Newspaper of Portland Daily Press, April 30, 1873, Page 2

Newspaper of Portland Daily Press dated April 30, 1873 Page 2
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TlrlE PRESS. WEDNESDAY M0BX1XU, APRIL 30, ’73. ~ A Bloody Affair. The despatches from the Modoc country given elsewhere, Indicate that our troops have met with a bloody repulse that can be regarded little better thau causeless slaughter The accounts are very unsatisfactory, but there is enough to indicate that a small body was led by the Indians into an ambush and there massacred. The Case of Messrs. Phelps, Dodge & Co. There never has been an alleged or real at. j tempt to defraud the Government of tariffs due by law that has caused so much comment as the case against Messrs. Phelps, Dodge & Co. of New York which was compromised a few weeks since by the payment of $271,017. 23, No house in the country was more wide ly or favorably known. Few, if any, have done so much business in the past decade. In addition to this, the gentlemen comprising the firm, arc widely known and respected as high minded, patriotic and every way reliable citizens. It is for these reasons that the pub lic have been unusualiy interested to know the part iculars of the w hole transaction that so suddenly brings a stain upon one of the hith erto most honorable houses of the country. Not long since we published an abstract of Messr*. Phelps, Dodge & Co.’s statement of the matter. It was an admission of a techni cal violation of the law but a denial of any purpose to defraud the revenue. Indeed, they that if the whole transactions of the firm were considered, the Government would be found to be the gainer. Their onense was me matting ot a second invo'ce or certain importations of tin which differed in some particula s from the invoice sworn to before tbc United States consul at Liverpool. The tariff was to be a certain percentage of the cost price when it was greater than the the contract price and the reverse when the contract price was greater than the actual cost. Ou certain lots, the firm asserts that Us Liverpool agent through ignorance of the laws invoiced at the contract price which was sometimes less than cost and sometimes greater, but on the whole the result would be favorable to the government. He not only did this but ha made oath that such invoices as he presented to the consul were the only ones made and then sends others giving the . actual cost of the goods. A clerk employedby the firm saw this irreg ularity and as the firm aver, selected such of the invoices as made an unfavorable showing against the revenue and destroyed those showing the opposite. In the course of time the spy becomes in former, and Messrs Phelps, Dodge <fc Co. say they prefer to settle the matter for just the value of the goods, the packages of which are tainted with irregularity rather than be come involved in a long suit ia law. Since the publication of the statement of Messrs. Phelps, Dodge & Co., the Treasury officials have given the official correspondence in full. The first communication relative to the alleged irregularity is a report of Special Agent Jayne on the matter in which he says lhat he finds that the invoices of the manu factures which he received from the informer agteed in every particular with those on file in the custom house except in the price paid, the difference being four shillings or less per package and in omitting the cost of transpor tation from Wales to Liverpool the place of shipping. As both invoices were made in the same hand writing and in direct violation of the provisions of the law governing the in voicing of ad-valorem goods that haB been in force since 1863, Mr. Jayne concludes that it was a systematic attempt to defraud the government. To conclude otherwise, is to assume that this great firm in the transaction of their enormous business knew nothing of the fmport or meaning the oath taken by their Liverpool agent or taken many times daily by some member of their firm and have known nothing or cared nothing for the laws they have systematically disregarded and defied, at least so says Mr. Javne. The transactions begun in January 1871 ; and of invoices which have been entered since that time, $1,720,000 have been tainted with fraud and would have been liable to seizure if discovered. Tbe items ou which an under valuation occur, amount to but $217, 017 23 on which the amount of undervalua tion is $0,657.78 and the total amount of du ties that the government should have receiv* ed on the same is $1664,68. The total im portation ol the firm i3 about 80,000.000 annually. There can be no question but that the government had a good case agiinst tbe firm; Indeed it admits as much when it makes the proposition to compromise for the cost of tbe goods. Tbe other question, and the one most important in connection with a firm so widely known, is, was it an act of oversight and carelessness or a well devised plan to de fraud the government? Messrs. Phelps, Dodge & Co. say it was not; and while they fail to show (hat such was not their intent, and it is evident that their Liverpool shipper failed to rtgard tbe express provisions of the law, it is hardly possible that men of their ex perience and reputation in business circles would have the folly to engage in a fraudulent transaction out of which they only realized $1600, and thereby vitiate an importation that embraced millions of dollars and rim the risk of damaging a reputation upon which no value could be set even in commercial circles. Good character and reputation must stand (or something, too; so in view of the circum stances, the judgment of fair minded men will be that thij great firm had become care less in some of the minor details of their enormous business. Thebe is a dead lock in the municipal gov ernment of Lawreuce. Six Democratic alder men were elected with theDemocratic Mayor, hut the common council is composed of eigh teen Republicans and twelve Democrats. The city officeis holding over are all Republicans. The Democratic board of mayor and aldermen are anxious to go into convention to elect officers for the present year, but the Repub lican council, fearing that the mayor will break the apparent tie, refuses to concur in the vote of the upper board, and, as a result, no officers have been elected but tbe old hold over until successors are chosen. The “outs” are getting anxious, nod now the Mayor has petitioned the Supreme Court for relief, and the court has ordered that the council go Into convention before a certain day, and in case of failure to appear and show causa there for. Ocb brief comment on W. Gilbert Esq.’s extrajudicial card seems to have roused the sleeping lion. In a letter occupying more than a column of I he Bath Times, lie devotes himself to a vigorous denunciation of the “congressional junto,” as he calls it, and to a demonstration, with full historical references, of the gross wrongs which Sagadahoc has sustained at the hands of the Republican party; and all liecause Mr. Gilbert was not appointed Judge instead of Mr.Pcters. That it » *3 mournfnl, viewed from the Gilbertian stand point, we will readily admit; but we caution the venerable dis-appointee to avoid choleric humors. They derange the blood, impair the digestive functions and often make elderly per sons appear ridiculous. Above all he should keep out of print. We have heard of men whoso “mouths go off too easy” ■ Mr GiI bert’a pen seems afflicted with a s’itnila'r ten dency to premature discharge. Tue following were the ordinary expenses or the United States and Great Britain for the past three years, the English pound sterling being turned into dollars at the rate of enc of the former to five of the latter: United States. Great Urit.i mi:::::::::;. , ,h‘s doc* uot of course include the amount seen that despite our paid°CorJS 'tWlU te large appropriations for rivers tT'" other internal improvements,’the expense of our Government are smaller than those of Great Britain and constantly decreasing while the latter indicate a steady increase in a time of peace. The St. Johnsbury Caledonian says that immense amounts of freight are delivered at the depot at Xlydo Park on the line of tho Portland and Ogdcnsburg railroad for mer chants along that road and in the towns north, south and west of it. When the road is comploted Portland will beyond question, be the place where the greater part of these goods will be purchased and where the great er part of the products of Vermont will find a market. Thera is, therefore, ample reason for our people making frequent and anxious inquiries as to the progress of the work. — ■ . Excitemeuton the Kennebec PROPOSED ABANDONMENT OF A RAH-ROAD. Augusta, April 20,1873. AIk. Editor,—The alleged revolutionary plans of the Maine Central oligarchy crea great excitement among the people living on the East side of the river, between here and Waterville. These plans conte mplate noth ing less than the abandonment of the eighteen or nineteen miles of road between this city and Waterville, and the construction of the new line from Augusta to Belgrade, thus forming a connection with tho Maine Cen tral proper in such a way as to avoid main taining two expensive bridges over the Ken nebec, one over the Sebasticook and several others of minor consequence. There would nlso be ton ot eleven less miles of track to be kept in repair, if the plan were adopted. You will see that there is a kind of plausi bility about tho scheme that is raleulated to create alarm in the rural district through which the doomed road passes. The new iron bridge across tho river at this point might seem to preclude the idea of au aban donment. But the company must build a new bridge across the Kennebec at Water ville at a very early day, and It is proposed to build it at the College Narrows, and to make it the only bridge across the Kennebec main uuueu oy uic juaine veuirai rauruuu. xuu new iron bridge at Augusta can easily be taken down and used for this purpose. The crossing at Kendall’s Mills is to be abandon ed in any event, and the further changes above described would undoubtedly add much to the simplicity, if not to the economy, of the Maine Central system of roads. Many of the original projectors of the Ken necbec and Somerset road were in favor of building it on the west side of the river, but the influence of the Langs and the villagers on the east side was sufficient to counteract that influence. In this way it happened that the track got so wonderfully mixed up with the Kennebec and Sebasticook rivers and with the country roads. The probability of the change is still further increased by the fact that tho Maine Central is now substantially controlled by strangers —men who care nothing for the rights and interests of tlis people, and who look upon it no longer as a local road, but merely as a link in that great through line from New York to Halifax of which ihey will soon be in pos session. The sacrifices made by the humble farmers of the Kennebec valley for the sake of insuring the building of*the road, their ex tensive losses by their subscriptions to the capital stock of the Somerset road, the adapt ation of their business and mode of life, to the new situation in which the road placed them, the new manufactures that have sprung up in consequence of the facilities offered by the road and which must be aban doned when the track is taken up—all these things will go for nothing with the stranger, who knows not Joseph. To the Editor of the Press: In your issue of the 21st a paragraph ap peared entitled “Topsham Finances”. The paragraph consists of an inference drawu from an inference made by a certain committee of Topsham to review the accounts of that town through a period of six years. While I have no hesitatiou or objection to fairly meet any issue which may be offered mo personally on that subject, I do object that an inference drawn from an inference of a committee sitting in judgment on town accounts should be cir culated throughout the State to my injury as a business man, when such inferences have no foundation in fact. My object in writing this being simply to ask a publication of it to piaco me in a proper position as regards the para graph referred to, I do not now intend to show the errors and I am sorry to say unjust insinu ations of this correctional committee of Public Safety. Suffice it to say the accounts they have passed in review had already passed the examination of six boards of aimual auditors and pronounced by them to have been properly vouched at a time when these matters were fresh in the minds of all, and everything ac counted for at the time. During a period of six years almost—after these accounts had been kept to the satisfaction of the towu who had knowledge of them when fresh—this committee mmcni, or raiuer mucu uepiore rue looso manner in which the town affairs were conduct ed. If it was any part of the duty of this com mittee to express lamentations on this subject, they have fulfilled that part. When the period to their lamentations consists iu making insinu ations against myself as the cause of this de plorable looseness in the town affairs—so much so as to occasion the paragraph referred to—I feel it a duty I owe to myself and the public to repudiate such insinuations as untrue. When issue is taken with me on.that subject in such a manner as will afford me an opportunity to meet it I shall be ready to meet it and happy to do so. Until then I trust all distant inferences to iny prejudice may be suspended. H. P. Mai,lett. Topsuam, April, 28tli, 1873. Death of a Celebrated Actor.—The cable announces the death of the actor Macready in London, at the age of 80. He was bornin Lon don, March 3,1793. Macready graduated at Rug by, where he is said to have left a reputation for classical acquaintances exceeded by few. Ho made his dehut as Romeo at the Birming ham Theatre, at the age of 17. So successful was he that he determined to adopt the stage for a profession. After playing iu the provinces with great success he made his first appearance in London Sept. 16,1816. as Orestes, at Covent Garden. In Septem ber, 1826, lie made his first appearance in America at the Park Theatre, Now York, with immense success, the receipts being SI ,680. Became manager of Covent Garden September 29. 1837. Revisited Ameri ca, playing in all the principal cities in the Un ion, iu 1843. On May 7,1849, he was announc ed to appear at the Astor Place Opera House, New Turk, when the great riot took place, said to have been induced by Forrest. Ho made his last appearance on any stage Wednesday, Feb. 26,1851, at Drury Laue, Loudon, as Mac beth. Ho was the original “Ion,” and the orig inal “Rob Roy.” He was the leading tragedian of the English stage. News and Other Items. The Indianapolis Journal appeals to Congress to make suitable provision for the widow of Gen. Canby, that officer having died poor. One of the oldest citizens of Bedford, Mass., is under arrest, charged with so mutilating a liberty-pole as to make it unfit for use. A Lynn man has invented a substitute for solo leather, which, he claims, is Cheaper in price and superior in durability to that article. An Iowa man, whoso wifo recently presented him with their fourth pair of twins, has begun to fear that it is possible to overdo the thing. At Enfield, N. H., the grasshoppers amuse themselves by jumping from snowdrifts fiyo feet high. The Democrats of Connecticut arc talking of rewarding the Liberal Republicans by making UUU U1 IUUI UUIUUVI .HVOOVUgl l UL till, xauuiw of Representatives. Liberal, surely. Eliphalet Field of Taunton, Mass., got drunk and set liis house on fire on Saturday uight, and now the sky is the only covering he doesn’t have to pay rent for. Isaac N. Delamater, a well known member of the bar in Buffalo, is under arrest on a charge of setting fire to his house in order to defraud the insurance companies. On Sunday afternoon John Hoppin, keeper of a low place in Danvers, Mass., fatally stabbed George Crawford in tho abdomen as the latter was entering the door. Rum did it. Gen. Garfield has published an address to his constituents explaining why ho thinks it unjust to ask him to resign his seat on account of his action on the Back Salary bill. ■ The Providence Journal thinks the govern ment ought to have made an appropriation for both Secretary Seward and Senator Sumner, in consideration of the injuries they received. •Minister Washburne haa sent f25 to a gentle man in Illinois, to bo nsed in defending the suits instituted by the Chicago and Alton Rail road Company against the farmers who refused to pay more than tho legal fare. The Democratic Legislature of Kentucky has found it necessary to pass a special law to in sure the punishment of Kuklux, and yet the Democratic papers of the North assert tha there are no Kuklux, and never have been. The soldiers of Connecticut are incensed against Gov. Ingersoll because lie did not recog nize that clement by putting one or more veto rans ou his somewhat extensive staff. They should remember that Gov. Ingersoll was iu 1801-5 what was known as a “copperhead.” On Sunday last a Sabbath School teaclieiwa3 startlod in the midst of an earnest anil eloqueut exposition of Scripture by tho sudden query of a curly headed hopeful: “Mr. B-, will Bar num’s procession really he three miles loDg?” ’ The moral of that lesson was lost. The statistics of British Foreign Trade for the year 1872 show that during that year the aggie gate of tho imports was £355,170,715, and to exports £255,961,009. Both exports ani ■ ' ports have increased since 1871, the o the larger ratio. _ „an;. What shall be done ^am“u that glorious fests a disposition to *PC« aa eagle? A New. bird of fieedoru, ^ tQ precipitate a speedy JP°r hard question, as he has cap answer to promises to set them free Itoncfon BostonCommon, if 8100 is raised and paid to him. John McLean of Lawreuce. got a set of false teeth down his throat wlii'e eating supper on Friday last, and they lodged there so firmly that two doctors who were called could not rc niovo them. He was brought to a hospital in Boston, when tho stray masticators were got into proper position again. During the stop page the patient could not swallow even water. STATE NEWS. ANDROSCOGGIN COCNTT. Judge Walton was obliged to adjourn cuurt on account of the death of his grand daughter. By the request of Judge Walton, Hues im posed by the court to the amount of $215, have been set apart to increase the law library. In Lewiston there are 5726 children between ! the ages of 4 and 21. The population is between 18,000 and 19,000. The Journal thinks thfl in May, 1874, the population of Lewiston and Au burn will exceed 30,000. The Auburn Y. M. C. A. held its sixth anni versary last Sunday. AROOSTOOK cousir. C. A. Si H. G. Sleeper of Patten, have estab lished a com broom manufactory. UUl'lUIttU HAD 1* 1UUU Ul <7UlD,XO IU UK UCVVIVU to a soldiers’ monument. KENNEBEC COUNTY. Three hundred and six persons petitioned the city council of Augusta last Saturday for new side walks. OXFORD COUNTY. Col. Clark S. Edwards of Bethel, has deliver ed at the railroad the past winter two hundred and fifty cords of wood and twenty-five hun dred railroad sleepers, two hundred and fifty ship knees, besides a quantity of ship timber; all on his own teams. A. M. Tuill of Norway, is building a carriage manufactory. Gen. Chamberlain is [to lecture in South Paris next week. OXFORD COUNTY. Waterford was settled iu 1775 by David Mc Maine. It has a saw mill, grist mill and tan nery. Commencement week at Oxford Normal Institute will occur next week, commencing Tuesday. A graud concert is announced for Wednesday evening. The deposits in the So. Paris Savings’ Bank during the first three weeks of its business amount to $6000. 4 Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Gleason of Phillips, had a crystal wedding on the 8tli inst. PENOBSCOT COUNTY. S. W. Mathews, Esq., of Hampden, has opened an office at Bangor for tho practice of law. Tho Union Hose Company of Bangor are to visit Salem, Mass., and Boston tho last of July. The buildings of W. W. Tracey of Pittsfield, were destroyed by fire last Friday. Loss $2500. Insured for $1700. The second term iu college year of tho State College of Agriculture closed on Monday, April 28th. The third torm opens Thursday, May The town of Winn has raised $511.40 for schools, and $150 for a free high school. YORK COUNTY. The following officers were elected for tho Biddeford Light Infantry Monday eveuing: Captain, James W. Andrews; 1st Lieut., Joseph L. Small; 2d Lieut., George N. Ward. Eighty members participated in the election. The Times says that Edward Haves of North Berwick, has been held in $300‘for trial, for giving a mortgage on a team he claimed as his for $100, when in fact it belonged to other par ties at the time of the mortgage. Jacob Thompson of Hiram, has been ap pointed Deputy Sheriff for York County. What Is Vitality f Science has not yet answered this conundrum The principle of life, in spite of the researches of chemists, doctcrs and metaphysicians, remains un known. We know, however, that when the blood is impure, tbe stomach inert, the bowels irregular, the liver disordered, or ihe nerves relaxed, this life sus taining principle, whatever it may be, is shorn of its activepower and that the body it animates languish es. We know, too, such of us are capable of deriving knowledge from authenticated iacts, that Hostetter’s Stomach Bitters correct impurities of tbe bleod, in vigorate tho stomach, regulate the bowels, tonic the liver and brace tho nerves, thereby combatting and subduing the leading morbid condition which tend to shorten Ufe. The average time of humam existence might unquestionably be greatly lengthened by j u<i i cious stimulation, especially in the decline of Ufe, and this famous preparation is undoubtedly the mostw holesome ktimulant at present known. SPECIAL NOTICES. inL 1>CjX XJka \YAX. He who to all is just and true, With whom he deals from day to day. When he his labors shall review, Will feel it was “the better way.” Besides, what pleasure it will give To have those lie has dealt with say— He’s willing other mon should live, Which all will own “the better way.” “The better wajr,” when Bovs need “Clothes,” Coat, Pants, Vest, Hat and Shoes complete, Is to purchase them at George Fhnno’s, Corner of Beach and Washington street. apr30 sndOt House for Sale. AT GORHAM, ME., a large handsome two story house, rooms ot both stories of good size and height, on a fine lot having 274 rods front on South St., a short distance from Church, Post-office and Depot, The Choice Mitnation in Gorham. Besides numerous and fine shade trees, flower beds and hedges, thero are nearly a hundred fruit trees, apple, crab-apple, pear, peach and cherry, ten grape vines, and a good garden containing many currant bushes, gooseberry bushes, strawberry and asparagus beds flue pieplant, *c. There are about 33 acres of land, affording pasturage and many choice house lots. Inquire of JOHN w. PERKINS. Portland, or Iter. Geo. A. Perkins, on the premises. apr30sneodtf Notice. A special meeting of the Portland Society for Pre vention of Cruelty to Animals, will bo held April 30th, at half-past seven P. M. in the Aldermen’s Room. apr29sn2t OCTAVIA C. CARROLL, Sec. f. O. O. F. Subscribers to the Stock of the Odd Fellows’ Hall Association, are requested to meet, at Odd Follows’ Hall on Wed nesday evening, April 30th, at 74 o’clock, to effect a permanent organization, adopt By-laws, &c. All other Brothers who are interested in the cause, or who may desire any information are also cordially,in vited to be present. apr29sn2t FIRST DOSE On a Boston Police Officer. BOSTON, Nov. 15, 1871. U. R. Stevens, Esq. : Dear Sir—In the spring of 18691 was stricken down with fever, which had a long and almost hopeless run. The best medical advice being in attendance, I was taken through tho fever; butitleftme terribly reduc ed and weak, with excruciating pains in my side, back and hips I was completely prostrated with Kidnoy Complaint, and no medicine seemed to reach my case In tliis condition I was persuaded to try VEGE TINE by a friend whom it cured or the same disease, and it seemed as though I could ieel the effect ot the first dose through my whole system; and from that moment 1 began t' mend, gradually growing better from day to- tay; and I followed on with the VEGE TINE, until it completely restored me to health, since which time I have been able to i»orform my duties as a police officer, enjoying good health; and there is no doubt about tho great value of VEGETINE in Kid nev Complaint and similar diseases, i am, sir, respectfully, LAFAYETTE FURD, 561 Broadway. Disease s of I ho Kidneys, Bladder, &c., are always unpleasant, and at times they become the most dis tressing and dangerous diseases that can affect the human system. Most diseases of the Kidneys arise from impurities in the blood, causing humors which Bettle on these parts. VEGETINE excels any known remedy in the whole world for cleansing and purify ing the blood, thereby causing a healthy action to all the organs of the body. VEGETINE is sold by all Druggists. HE REID THE ADVERTISEMENT i\n wis rirnrn H. K. Stevens, Esq.: Dear Sir—In expressing my thlinks to von lor ben efits derived from the use of VEGETINE, and to benefit others, I will state— When eight or nine years old I was afflicted with Scrofula, which made its appearance in mv eyes, face, and head, and I was very near blind for two years. All kinds of operations were performed on my eyes, and all to no good results. Finally the diseaso prin cipally settled in my body, limbs and feet, and at times in an aggravated way. Iaist summer I was, from some cause, weak in my spine and kidneys, and it was at times very hard to retain the urine. Seeing your advertisement in the Commercial, I bought a bottle ot VEGETINE and commenced using according to directions. In two or three days I obtained great reliet. After using four or five bottles I noticed it had a wonderful effect on the rough scalv blotches on my body and legs. I still used VEGETINE, and the humorous sores one after another disappeared until they were all gone, and I attribute the cure of the two diseases to VEGETINE and nothing else. Ifl am ever affected with anything of the kind again, I shall try VEGETINE as the only reliable remedy. ,, „ . . ODce more accept my thanks, and believe me to be, Verv respectfully, AUSTIN F. PARROTT. Dec. 1,1872. No. 33 Gano St., Cincinnati, O. npr28 eodlw BATCHELOR’S HAIR DYE. This splendid Hair Dye Is the belt in the world The only True and Perfect Dye. Harmless Reliable and Instantaneous; no disappointment; no ridiculous tin'.s or unpleasant odor. Remedies the ill fleets of had dyes washes. Produces Immediately a superb Black or Natural Brown, and leaves the nair clean, soft and beautiful. The Genuine, signed W. A. •itchelor. Sold by all Druggists. CHAS. BATCHELOR, Prop., A. T. ld&W _ivrs s If you want a nice photograph or Tin Type, go to A. SI. McKonny’s, 161 Sliddlo Street. He warrants them as good as can bo made in Port land. augSsneodtf Piano Tuning. Orders attended to personally by ED. B. ROBINSON, Piano Rooms, .1 fnhoon Bloch. (.Opposite City Hall.) mar?8-d3m. SPECIAL NOTICES. SPRING OPENING! . D. C. G OLDER, | Over E. T, Elden & Co., 5 Free Street. j Will open on THURSDAY, APRIL S4TH, A very large and complete assortment of Now Spring Styles in SACtfcUES, IKANTIEEAS, AND CAPES, of CaShmere and l>rap d'ete, handsomely trimmed with Passementerie Trimmings, Yak and other Lacos, including all the newest designs from Paris Honsosj together with the latest novelties in FRENCH AVALKING SUITS, •r exqaiaiulColara and]*hadr. Especial attention U (llrectedjtoj atirjmagnirtcent assortment ot Llama Lace Jackets, Llama Lace Points, Ficlros and Parasol Covers. A full line of Cashmere, Broche, . - India,’IThibet, Ileal' Shetland, and Shetland Imitation, in plain White Scarlet, and Black; Scarlet, Bine & Black Borders. / AU the newest anil most novel 9tyles in PARASOLS dr SI/tf-UBMRELLAS, Kr«*ry variety af Form autl Color. tV^Hot ina nJontnd M.o.o —SOI. _a _ from the choicest Foreign importations, I shall hav great pleasure in presenting them for inspection to the public. d. c. G O L D E R . Over E. T. Eldon & Co., No. 5 Free St. apr22 sueodSm To the Public. Tbe Society for the Prevention ot Cruelty to Ani mals respectfully gives noliee that Alonzo H. Libby, Constable, whose office is at No. 80 Middle street, (up stairs) has been appointed Agent of the Society. The public aic therefore i equested to give prompt information to him of any cruelty to animals that may come to their knowledge, and 'he will see to It that the offenders are brought to speedy and strict justice. Per order. ap29 sntf A BOOK FOR EVERT IUAN. THE “SCIENCE OP LIFE, OR SELF PRES ERVATION," a Medical Treatise on the Cause and Cure of Exliaustod Vitality, Premature Decline in Man, and Nervous and Physical Debility, Hypochon dria, Impotency, Spermatorrhoea or Seminal Weak

ness, and other diseases arising from the errors of youth or the indiscretions cr excesses of mature years. This is indeed a book for every man. Thou sands have been taught by this work the true way to health and happiness. It is the cheapest and best medical work ever published, and the only one on this class ot ills worth reading. 190th edition, revis ed, much enlarged, illustrated, hound in beautiful French cloth. Price only $1. Sent by mail, post paid, on receipt of price. Address PEABODY MED ICAL INSTITUTE, No. 4 Buliinch street, Boston, Mass., or Dr. W. H. PARKER, Assistant Physician. N. B. The author may be consulted on the above as well as all diseases requiring skill and experience. mar3lsneod&wly FOE PIMPLES ON THE FACE, Blackhead aud Fleshworm, use FEItRT’S Improv ed Comedone aud Fimplo Remedy, the great skin medicine. Prepared only by Dr. B. C. PERRY, Dermatologist, 49 Bond St., N. Y. Sold by Druggists everywhere. mar22d&wsn6ml7 To Lei. THE commodious four storied Brick Store, No. 57 Commercial St.—immediate postsaion given. Inquire of ELIAS THOMAS & CO., No. 90 Commercial St. Or ot W.W. THOMAS. Canal National Bank. septl2sntf For Sale. Preble House Hack and Livery Stock. Consisting of Coaches, Hacks Barouchos, togoather with the en tire Livery Stock. The above Stock is first class and wiltbc sold at a bargain. Stable feu- sale or Lease. JOSHUA DAVIS & CO. . apr24sndtf Preble House Stable. FOR MOTH, PATCHES, FRECKLES And TAN, use PERRY’S Moth and Freckle Lotion. It is reliable and harmless. Sold by Druggists everywhere. Depot, 49 Bond .St., N. Y. *nar22dftwsn6ml7 WONDERFUL CURES! I> K. FRANK, OP BOSTON, Who has made so many Wonderful Cures all over the New England States, is at the PREBLE HOUSE, And will Remain a Few Weeks. Every invalid phon'd see him, no matter what their complaint may be, 20,000 Patients have been Treated by him within the last ten years, with Wonderful Success. Read tlae following Wonderful Cure* in Maine x Dr. Urann, who has marl© bo many wonderful cures in this town and others, will remain in town but a short t ime longer. He has had good success. The case of Mr. J. B. lledman. Attorney at Law iu this town, is truly a wonderful one, when Dr. Urann was called to see him a week ago Friday, he was not able to turn himself in bed; hels now able to walk the street and is daily gaining strength.—[Ellsworth American. The above statement, so far as I am concerned, is , but the simple truth, and I cheerfully endorse it as an act of justice to- Dr. Urann, and earnestly recom mend all arsons afflicted with Rheumatism. Neu tlAMJUS u . rradbURY. Ellsworth, Oct. 8. isct. had been obliged to walk on crutcces ior one year, and for nine months waj not able to pvt niy foot to the floor. My spine and arm were also so lame as to nearly disable me. I could not dress or undress my self, or get oft the bed without help. He treated my case last Friday morning, and in less than an hour after I was able to walk home, a distance of nearly half a mile, un hill, w ithout crutches, and have been gaining aver since. j. r. JORDAN, mch26sntf formerly Deputy Sheriff SPECIAL NOTICES. L E A C H~~ j 81 Middle Street, Has got back from New York with an immense stock ; of FASHIONABLE DRY GOODS * j At his prorerfornl I.ow Fijm-c*. LEACH, 84 MIDDLE STREET. apr29 sn2w j BANK OF PORTLAND. On, anil after this date, the undersigned will carry on a strictly Banking business, at the Banking Rooms now occupied by the Second National Bank, in Portland, Maine, under the style of the “BANK OF PORTLAND” and as such, will receive Deposits and make Discounts, in the regular course of the Banking Business. W. N. GOOLD. Portland, June 21th, 1872. Juu23newlt then sn tf --:-—-i MARRIED. In this city, April 28, bv Rev. Dr. Carruthers, Wil lard C. Collms, M. D., and Sarah O. Hancock, both ot Buoksport. In Cumberland Centre, April 27, by Rev. Geo. A. Perkins. Eugene M. Leighton and Miss Lorana Var ney. both pi Cumberland Mills. In Lewiston, April 21, Chas. F. Hilton and Miss Eliza Spratt. In North Auburn, April 23, Fred J. Dunbar and Louisa A. Herscy, both of Minot. In North Turner, April 23, Daniel F. Simpson and Mary C. House. DIED. - I T_ *1.,-1..1M 11. T-,1_.._A_1 .1. i year# 7 months. [Funeral services Wednesday forenoon at 10} o’cllc, at his late residence. Relative# and friends and members of the Aged Brotherhood are invited to attend. Burial at the convenience of the family. In this city, April 29, Mrs. Lucy E. Hughes, aged 42 vears,—daughter of Mrs. George Potter. [Funeral services Thursday afternoon at 3 o’clock, ; at tho house, DC Washington street. Boston Herald i please copy.] f- _ ! DEPASTURE OF OCEAN STEAMERS SAME FBOM FOB DATE Cuba.New York.. Liverpool.Apl 30 Manhattan.New York. .Liverpool.Apl 30 Henry Chauncey.. .New York.. Aspinwall.... Apl 30 Colombia.New York Glasgow.Apl 30 Leo.New York. Havana.Apl 30 Hansa.New York. .Bremen.Apl 30 Cleopatra. ..Now York. .Hav&VCrax May 1 Westphalia.New York. .Hamburg.... May 1 Hatteras.New York.. Bermuda.May 1 City of New York..New York. .Liverpoel. ...May 1 Austrian.Portland ... Liverpool_May 3 Pereire.New York.. Havre.May 3 Australia.New York. .Glasgow.May 3 Celtic.New York .Liverpool_May 3 Crescent City.New York. .Havana.May C Miniature Almanac. April 30. San rises.4.56 I Moon rises.11.25 PM Sun sets.6.58 I High water. 1.45 PM MARINE NEWS. PORT OF PORTLAND. Tuesday, April HO. ARRIVED. Steamer New York, Winchester, St John, NB, Tla Eastport for Boston. Sch Cynosure, Piukbam, Crancy Island --oysters to Jas Freeman. Sch Commerce, Lowe, Gloucester. Schs Pioneer, Powers, and Aurora, Haskell, Ma chias for Boston. Sch Mary, Spurling, Cranberry Isles lor Boston. BELOW—Schs Rod Beach, Sabine, and Lancaster, from St Andrews, NB, for Boston. CLEARED. Steamer Falmouth, Colby, Halifax, NS — John Porteous. Brig J B Brown, Foster, Havana—Geo S Hunt. Sch Ethan Allen, Blake, Havana—Phlnney & Jack ton. Sch N Berry, Grant New York—Bunker Bros. Sch Ancona, (Br) Munson, St John, NB—Chas II Cbftso Co I Sch E <& F Williams, (Br) Titt, St John, NB-John | Porteous. ' Sch Sami Gilman. Kelley, Kennebec, to lood for Philadelphia—J Nickerson.* MEMORANDA. Ship Rochester, from Messina for New Orleans, put into Gibraltar 3d inst, with loss of mizen yards and water tanks leaky. Sch Angeline, of and from Rockland for Providence with ashes, was suuk by collision in Vineyard Sound 27th, in 15 fathoms water. Sch St Elmo, Davis, from Boston, collided with the sioop President 28th, off Ward Island, carrying away topmast and "head gear ot the sloop and killed tho captain. Sch Union, from Spruce Head for Philadelphia, wnnt null nr « mi HAiilnnpn Pnitit 07iR n 1 f r-Roro uRa remain?, in an easy position. DOMESTIC PORTA. GLOUCESTER—Ar 28th, sch A H Lennox, Gray* New York. SAN FRANCISCO—Ar 20th, ship John Tucker, Taylor, Arrtrossan. SAVANNAH—Ar 2-1 th, sch Adeliza, Huntley, fm Philadelphia. Ar 27th, sch J S Insrraham, Packard, Baltimore. SAT1LLA MILLS—Sid 17th, sch C R Flint, Uoug lass, Bath. BRUNSWICK, GA—Cld 22d, brig Abby Thaxter, Parker, New York. Cld 23d, sch Ella. Randall, Portland. CHARLESTON—Ar 25th, schs Mollic, Atherton, New York; Mattie Holmes. Cox, Rappahannock. Sid 25th, ship Richard III, for Liverpool. Sid 27th, sen John McAdam, Montgomery, Alex andria. WILMINGTON—Ar 25tb, brig Waltham, Trimm, New York; sch G B Ferguson, Ferguson. Belfast. FORTRESS MONROE — Passed in 28th, barque Andes, Davis, from Ponco for Baltimore. BALTIMORE—Cld 26th, brig Mary E Leighton, Gray. Cuba, and sailed; schs Anna Harris, Harris, Eleuthera; Edith, Randall, do; Flora M Crowley,do; Mary, Gilchrist, Bucksville. Sid 28th. sch M M Knowles, tor Sagua. PHILADELPHIA—Ar 26th, sch M B Mahoney, Sheppard, Vinalhaven; Congress, York, Havana. Ar 28th. sch Crescent Lodge, Crowell, Boston. Cld 26th, sch A D Henderson, Henderson, for Ma tan zas. NEW YORK—Ar 27th, brig Anna D Torrey. Has kell, Calais; schs Carrie Melvin, Andrews, Pouce; Eastern Belle, Parker, Wilmington; El wood Doran, Jarvis, Alexandria; Daylight, MeFudden, Virginia; Lyra, Pickering, and Yankee, Higgins, Portland; P L Smith, Upton, and J P Ames, Snow, do; Abigail Haines, Smith, Ellsworth; Cicero, Cook. Rockland; Mary FCushman, Wall, Rockport: Alligator, Mc Greger, Calais: St Elmo, Davis, Boston; Evelvn, Crowley, and Lizzie, Leighton, St Georgo. NB; Wliite Sea, Kennedy. Vinalhaven; Eastern Belle, Parker, Wilmington, (with loss of jibboom and bowsprit.) Ar 28tn, sch David Nichols, Wymau, Savannah. Cld 28th, barque Alaska, Gay, Gibraltar; bugs Sa rah Gilmore, Clifford, Sag Harbor; Selma, Ricnaril son, Key West; Star, Cook, Cardenas; sch Jennie B Gil key, ’Gil key, Matauzas. Passed through Hell Gate 27tli, schs Geo Savage, Nye, Port Johnson for Portland; Alleghanian, Arey, New York ior Salem; Thoa Uix, irora Rondout for Boston.I PROVIDENCE — Ar 26th, sen Sunbeam, Gilley, Trenton. VINEYARD-HAVEN-Ar 27th, schs New Zealand, Cook. Spruce Head for New York; George & Albert, Woodbury, and H P Gibson, Hurst, fin Portland for New York; Josie, Look, Machias for do; E G Wil lard, Wallace, Portland for Philadelphia. Sid 27tb, schs S S Bickmore, Starlight, Ada Ames, Garland, Montana, M C Moseley, S D Hart, Teazer, Van Buren, Royal Oak, Silas McLoon, A B Baxter, Hiram Tucker, Senator Grimes, Sardinian, and Red Jacket BOSTON—Ar 28th, schs Traveller, Mitchell, Calais; Freedom; Whitney, Jonesboro; Victory, Shaw, and Lexington, Kellocb, Rocklaud; J C Rokor, Taylor, Portland. Cld 28th, barque Augusta C Small, O’Brien, Cien fuegos; sch A Andrews, Conant, Rockport. Ar 29th, shin Wild Hunter, Howatt, Cadiz; barque Scotland, Smalley, Baltimore; Scotland. Rogers, Bal timore; schs M C Moseley, Coggins, Baltimore; Ma ry Clark, Perry, Rondout; Julia E Gamagc, Pitcher, Rondout; Ganges, Jordan. Port Johnson ; Damon, Johnson, Elizabeihport, L S Barnes, Coledin. Sau gerties; Anaconda, Wallace. Machias; Ida, Wltson, Cherryftcld; Victor, Grant, Franklin; Isabella,Tnur rcll, wiscasset; Albus, Rich. Bath. Cld 29th, schs Eveline, Bagley, for Belfast; George Brooks, Smith, Vineyard-Haven. SALEM—Ar 28th. schs Maud Mulloch, Norwood? Elizabeth nor t; Castillian, Hoboken. NEWBURYPORT-Ar 28th. ecb Ada S Allen, Owen, Port Johnson. FOREIGN PORT*. Sid fm Melbourne Feb 18, ship Fearless, Crowell, Newcastle, NSW. i Ar at Singapore 13th nit, ship Templar, Fessenden, lor Manila, to load ior New York, (hemp at $15 and sugar at $12 per ton, gold.) Ar at Calcutta 18th ult, barquo Lizzie H, Spring, Swansea. Sid fm Saugor 19th ult, ships Tirrell, Morgan, Bos ton; 19th, Lottie Warren, LucaB. New York. Boston. Cld at Genoa 18tli iust, barque Rome, Otis, Tor Leghorn. Sid fm Havre 13th inst, ships Martha A McNeil, Watts, New York; John O Baker. Spear, Philadel phia; Lizzie Moses, Cox, Delaware Breakwater; Ro setta McNeil, Sproul, Bordeaux and United States; 15th, Sablno, Paine, Cardiff. At Stetin 5th inst, barque Surprise, Hoyt, from New York. Ar at Shields E l&b. ship Melrose, Mills, fm Kong Rong. Ar at Falmouth E, April 24, barque Priscilla, Fra ser, Guanape, (ordered to Sligo.) Ar at Queenstown 14th, Columbus. McNeilly, San Francisco. Arat St Ubes 8th, brig Charlotte, Whittemorc Lisbon. Sid fm Gibraltar 3d inst, barque Harvest Moon,Pdr rv. (from Messina) for New York; brig J G Norwood, Darkness, (from do) for Philadelphia. At Gram! Canary 5th inst, H A Litchfield, Spauld ing, from Callao. Ar at Montevideo March 23, barque Sarmicnto, Lewis, Portland, 48 days. Sid fin Montevideo Feb 19, barque Isaac Lincoln, Jordan, Calcutta and Boston. Sid fm Rio Jaueiro 27th ult, sch Lamoino, King, for Hampton Roads. Ar at St Thomas 15th inst, brig Ambrose Light, Higgins, tor Cardenas next day. At Baracoa20th, sch O M Marrott, Reed, for New York 5 days. Ar at Havana 20tb, brigs Geo W Chase. Bacon, fm Cardenas; Atlas, Powers, Portland; Daphne, Watts, do; sclis Nellie Chase, Dalling. New Orleans via Shieldsboro; Louisa Bliss, Strong, Portland. Sid 20th, barques Ellen Dyer, Lei and. Sagua: Josic Mildred, Maiu, do and New York; brig S E Kenne dy, Ray, Sagua; 22d, barques Pictcus, Eaton, and Enrique, Orcutt, do. Cld22d, barque Shawmut, Dow, Sagua; schsSG King, Sleeper, Pascagoula; Laura Bridgman, Clark, Sagua. Ar at Matanzas 22d, barque S E Frazer, Knight, Havana; brig Prairie Rose, Griffin, do. Sid 23d, barque Ironsides, Tapley, North of Hat tcras; brig M A Chase, Dolan, do. SPOKEN. Jan 15, lat 53 56, Ion 64 37 W, barquo Patinos, from New York for San Francisco. Ship Timber and Knees. IITAVE tho largest and best stock ot Ship Knees in the State. Also best quality seasoned White Oak Treenails, and can furnish Hackmatack, Hardwood or White Oak Timber and Plank •t the lowest cash prices. I. TAVLOK Portland, Doc. 30,1872. tl NEW ADVERTISEMENTS j I elegant SPRING GOODS. WE SHALL OPEN ON Thursday, Friday and Saturday, May 1st. 9d uud 3d. the most ELEGANT STOCK — or — Ladies’ Furnishing — AXD — « FANCY GOODS ever seen in Portland. Our Patrons and the Public are cordially invited to call and examine these beauti ful Goods. Respectfully, NELSON & CO., 297 Congress Street, Just above Preble' House. ap30 3tWT*S Twenty-five Hundred (3500) A 1 H 8 KID GLOVES Selling for 03 cents, WORTH $1.25. — ALSO — FRESH STOCK OF MILLINERY - AND — REAL HAIR GOODS just received at JDOTEJV & CO.’S 143 MIDDLE STREET. &0O eodlw PORTLAND Safe Deposit Vaults. ON after the 12th of May next, the tent of Safes within these vaults, except In cases of renewal, will be advanced: FLANK 4 FKO.V 815 TO 818, “ 3 “ 18 “ 80, “ 4 “ 30 “ 35, PEE ANNUM. It. A» BIRD, MANAGER. atprOO dtd PROPOSALS For Dredging in Jffcrrlmac Hirer, Nlass. PROPOSALS will U received at tbls office until 10 o’clock A. M. on Friday, the 30th day of May next, for about 6,500 cubic yards of dredging at the Upper Falls of Merrimac Slyer, about three milea above Haverhill, Mass. Persons desirous to make proposals for this work. are requested to appiy to me undersigned at ms omce Ne. 11 Clapp’s Block, Congress street, Portland, Me., or at No. 2 Bulfinch street, Boston, Blass., for printed forms, specifications and further information concern ing the same. GEO. THOM, Lieut. Col. of Engineers, Bvt. Brig. Gen. U. 8. A. U. S. Engineer Office, » Portland, Me., April 30,1873. i apr30dct Commission of Insolvency. NOTICE is hereby given that the undersigned have been appointed Commissioners to receive and decide upon all claims against the lato firm of Higgins & Bucknam, which Is represented insolvent. We hereby appoint the office cf Geo. C. Hopktns, No. 119J Exchange street, in Portland, and the seventh day of June 1873, the fourteenth day of June 1873, and the fifteenth day of September 1873, at ten o’clock in the forenoon as tho place and times cf our meeting. MARCUS M. LORD, GEO. C. HOPKINS, Commissioners. Portland, jApiil 29,1S73. apr30dlaw3wW Coarse Gravel to Sparc. places by applying to W. C. COBB. apSO Jtf For Philadelphia on Saturday. , PACKET SCHOONER KC Mk GKNK BARDA, Capt. Smith. JaSgSHC. For freight apply to J. NICKERSON, apB0<13t 148 Commercial Street. WOODASHES j FOR SALE BY THE CAR LOAD. Enquire of HIRAM PIERCE, ap30d3t 301 Com mere ini Hired. For Sale. ANEW two story Houso and lot in Deering, next to the Mission Chanel, North end Deerlng’s Bridge. Has 15 rooms, besides store rooms and closets, conveniently arranged for two families, a good cellar under the whoio house. Has a full view ot the city and on the line of horse cars and within ten minutes walk of the Preblo House. Will be sold low. If not sold will l*e let to a family without chil dren. Enquire on the premises. ap30eodlw* NEW ADVERTISEMENTS. | AGENTS. _____ $10 Per Day Easily Made ! For further particulars enquire at 41 CENTER STREET. FRED L. MMIliElT, Gen. Agent. ap30___lw* Notice. HAVING purchased tho Stock In trade of Josiah j Duran, No. 212 Cumberland St., I shall keep a good supply of Groceries and Provisions, will > be sold at the lowest market prices. Hoping Tor a , continuanco of the patronage bestowed on the above firm, CRAWFORD, BROS. apr30 __#dlwj| PERSOIVAL. MR. BERNnARD ZITKOW. PORTLAND, MAINE, Is hereby requested by his sister, MRS. GLE1TS- i MANN, In Baldonhain, near Ronneburg, Saxe, Al- ; tenburg, Germany, to communicate to her his pres- f ent address.__ apr30d2t i Cost. A Geld Ring with Blood Stane Seal. The Under ! will bo rewarded by leaving it at , A. G. GROVER’S, 1 apr30d3t 419 Congress ht. - ■■■■■■■ j Carpets Cleaned —AT— FOSTER’S DYE HOUSE, NO. 34 UNION STUEET. Orders left at Forest City Dye House, 315 Congress ‘ •treet, or at the Dye House on Union street. Ey No charge lor trucking. aplldi f We 81iall Open T- [-S - D-A-Y, One of the Best Assortments of; DRY GOODS! To be Found in Portland j Comprising many New ami Elegant varieties never I before seeu in this market. BLACK SILKS, at prices much below the Market. BLACK »n«l WHITE Cheeked and Strip ed Silks, at very ATTRACTIVE PRICES ! A Large and complete assort j inent of 8HAWL8! | From the lowest to the best grades. All arc cordially Invited to a personal Inrjlection of our stock. Coveil & Company, CONGRESS COR. BROWN STS. oprlG __<itf APRIL 1873. New Store, New Goods LABIE S — or — PORTLAND AND VICINITY can now find a full an ] complete stock of Hoop Skirts, Corsets and Bustles, Plain, Hnfficd and Emin Night Gowns. Plain, Ruffled nnd Enib. Gored Skirts, Plain, Ruffled nnd Enib. Chemises, Plain, Ruffled nnd Emb. Drawers, Infant’s Robes and Dresses, AproAs and Tires, Ac., Ac. Price, Quality and Make of Goods can be relied on. Ya Q nmlnit TT Cl Ua+aI I j r^/ xi v* muuvji f j P. S.—Also in stock first quality PATTI KID GLOVES ap28 tf OPEN TO 1) AY. I Race &, Calderwood, HAVING TAKEN THE Bakery No. 22 Anderson Street, desiro to intorm the public that they arc prepared to furnish, at Wholesale or Retail, fresh baked and of good quality, Loaf Bread, Cakes, Pastry, Common aud Fancy Crackers,Extra Pilot Breads, ke, at fair prices. Hot Ten R*ll« every Afternoon. Special attention paid to flic baling of BROWN BREAD AND BEANS on Saturday nights. Parties' and Excursions sup plied at short notice. N. B.—All kinds cf Goods can bo obtained from our carts, which wil bun to all parts of the city. Portland, April 21,1S73._ codim Extra Baldwin Apples I 100 BARRELS, ! Extra Baldwin Apples, repacked this week and landiug TO-DAY, — FOR SALE BY — WM. ALLEN, JR. 11 Exchange Street. apr24 dlw MILLINERY! -Miss 8. P\ True, Would inform her patrons, and the public generally that she lyrs row aud will from time continuo to re* ecive ' By All the No veil tie. of the SoniMm. JF* consisting of i Round Hats & Bonnets in French, Chip and English braids, a choice selection of Flow ers, Ribbons, Laces, and Ornaments. NO. 1 ELU ST. 8. F. TBi t. j apr29 • «*!3t C O T T O N SEED MEAL! ! 2000 Hags Cotton Seed Meal . — FOR SALE DY— KENDALL & WHITNEY, lob7__otf_ JUST RECEIVED A few pieces Black and White Striped Silks AT 8t.OO, WORTH St.!l* A Small Lot t'lIKCKED SILKS AT SSc. COYELL & COMPANY. apr23_ U M. C. M. A. A STATED MEETING of the Maine Charita ble Mechanic Association, will be held at Lib rary Room, Mechanics’ Hall, on Thursday evening, May 1st, at 7J o’clock. The question of amendment of article 23d, of tbo constitution whereby the fee tor admittance to the as sociation shall be raised from $5.00 to $12.00, will come before the meeting for action. GEO. A. HARMON, apr2Pd3t _ Secretary^ Portland Savings Bank. No. Ol Exchange Sn-eet DEPOSITS made in this Bank on or before SAT URDAY, May 3d, will commonce interest cn the first of that month. ... aprlSdtd FRANK NOYES. Treasgrer. For Sale. A TRIMMING and Fancy Goods Store, with a small well selected Stock, with steady increas in'; trade. In one of the best, location* in the city. Address "BUSINESS,” THIS OFFICE 1 apr26*dlw hen tf _ MISCELLANEOUS. ALLEN A 00. We have just received direct from the Importers their SPRING STYLES FINE WOOLENS FOH Gentlemen’s Wear ! Please Call and Examine Wo have also in Stock a line of Fine Custom Ready-'fttade CLOTHING O P OUR OWN DESIGN AND MANUFACTURE, which has the same genteel appearance as those made to order. 87 MIDDLE STREET PORTLAND. April IB, 1873. WF&M3w MILUNERY! Mrs. M. B. Cushman has just received her SPRING STOCK OF MILLINERY, —ISCLCDISO ALL THE— New Styles and Patterns, which she would invite the Ladiei of Portland and vicinity to CALL and EXAMIN E.. Also a Cne Assortment of Fancy Goods, Perfnmery, Toilet Articles, Ac. Hair Goods! Every Lady in want of Yfnir Good* should call and examine my sUi'lc before purchasing i xbcw litre. Ladies own Hair and Combiug* made over to the latest style at short notice. MRS. M. B. CUSHMAN, Congress, cor. Oak Street. apr25 dim .Yon open and ready for inspection at Fitz gerald A Co.’s, a full and complete Spring Stock of French, Eng lish, German & Amer ican Hosiery; also La dies’ and Gentlemen’s India Gauze Under vests, Kid and Lisle Gauntlets in every va riety. A large stock of Cambric Edgings, Ac. &c, Onr entire stock offers great induce ments. _ aprilitl BONDS FOR S A LE. Portland City - - - Bangor “ «» St. Louis “ Elizabeth, N. 4., - • - 7»s Cleveland “ Toledo “ ... s's Cook Comity, 111.. - . - 7’s Marion County, Ind., - . 8’s Maine Central It. It. - - y, Portland JL- Biudinctnv n i> Atchison, Topeka & Santo Fe Gold 7’s Northern Paeiltc It. It. Gold - 7-30’s . Chicago, l>au. & Vin. R. R. Gold - 7’s Atlantic & St. Lawrence R. R. Stock and Dcf. Rent Scrip bought by Swan & Barrclt, lOO .tllDDLE STREET. feb24_t odtl I New Spring Millinery ! —AT— HI. II. AKAI/S, 327 Congress St., Nearly opposite their Old Stand. They can now show a splendid stock of New Mil linery Goods in all the variety of stjles, at very rea sonable prices. Bonnets and hats ready trimmed, kept on hand. Also, blenching ami pressing drne in the best manner. A good assortment of real hair switches and imitation of all kinds. Ladies iu want of millinery or hair goods, will do well to call at her Store. aP'17___dim A uuounccuicnt. “a mc:ob“ ^ Ported Aprtll.,871. J’B MA'ra*W,S*CO

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