Newspaper of Portland Daily Press, April 30, 1873, Page 3

Newspaper of Portland Daily Press dated April 30, 1873 Page 3
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the press WEDNESDAY MORNING, APR. 30, >78 CITY AND VICINITY. New Adrertiftometifft To-Day. ENTERTAINMENT COLUMN. Music Hall—Harry Bloodgood. Postponed—The Old Folks Concert. SPECIAL NOTICES. What is Vitality- Ilostetter’s Bitters. The Better Way—George FeDno. House for Sale—John W. Perkins. NEW ADVERTISEMENTS. Elegant Spring Goods- Nelson & Co. Proposals for Dredging in Merrimac River. Personal—Mr. Bernhard Zitkow. Commission ot Insolvency. Notice—Crawford Bros. liORt—Gold Ring. For Sale—IIous3 and Lot. Agents—Fred L. Smiley. Portland Safe Deposit Vault—B. A. Bird. Kid Gloves and Millinery—Doten & Co. Coarse Gravel to Sparc—W. C. Cobb. For Philadelphia— J. Nickerson. Wood Ashes—Hiram Pierce. MISCELLANEOUS NOTICES Cogia Ilaesan's Announcements—2._ Super:®* Court. APRIL TEAM. SVMOXDS. J.. ESESIDISG. Tuesday.—A. H. Kicc et als. vs. Henry T. Cavtcr. Assumpsit upon an account annexed to recovor for paper furnished the “Sunday Star.” Amount claim ed $73. Defense—that defendant was general owner, but not the publisher, and not liable for any of its bills, and that he never ordered the paper sued for. De cision reserved. B. D. Verrill lor plaintiff. T. T. Snow tor defendant. International Telegraph Company vs. Enoch rvmgur. jvssumyisit on an account aunovcd amount ing to $123.10 for dispatches furnished the “Sunday Star.” Defense—that the defendant edited the Star under a contract and was never responsible for Its debts, nor never held liimself-out as responsible. Decision reserved. Snow for plaintiff. Knight pro se. SlcKennyvB. liainea. Action of assumpsit for twenty shares Second National Bank stock. De fense-general Issue. Decision reserved. Locke. Putnam. .JIuniriiHil Court. UEFOI-.K JUDGE MOBItlS. •Tuesday.—Patricd Donahue and Arthur McMa broy. Affray. Fiued S3 each with costs. Donahue paid. Mabroy committed. tVilford F. Coggins. Search and seizure. Fined *50. Paid. William S. Farwell. Assault and battery with a dangerous weapon. F.ecognized in the sum of $2000 for liis appearance at May term Superior Court. T. B. Reed. Brief Jotting*. Yesterday was a lovely day. A Hpecial meeting of the S. P. C. A. i> called for this evening. There will he a gathering of the Odd Fel lows this evening at thoir Hall to organize the “Hall Association.” See notice. The White Mountains looked maguificeutly yesterday, as viewed from the Western Prom enade. Mount Washington loomed up white and clear against the sky, with every outline sharply defined. The Selectmen of Deering arc completing that section of the highway left unshelled last year. There is now a good shell road from this city to Woodford’s Corner. A pocket book manufactory has beet) started at Woodford’s Corner. The street sprinklers arc getting fairly to work. Harwell's bondsmen were his father, Joseph Harwell of Rockland, and A. E. Stevens, Esq., of this city. A lady fonud in the street yesterday a little boy crying, and unable to tell where he lived. She led him to station. The police officers gave him something to eat and took him home. Tho police know everybody. Lincoln Park befiins to look quite green. Stevens, the fruit dealer on Exchange Btreet, had a strange customer on Monday. A large dog entered the store from the sidewalk through one of the glass window panes. It cost tho owner of the dog 815 The new crop of molasses is coming in freely from Cuba. The bond warehouses on Widgery’s wharf are full. The Eagle Sugar Refinery Co. are tho heaviest importers. All ladies of the First Parish and Park St. churches interested in the Hospital Fair, are requested to meet at Rossini Hall on Saturday, at 3£ o’clock p. m. See notice of ring lost. The statement in yesterday's issue that tho operatives of the Farnsworth Manufacturing Company of Lisbon, gave to the Hospital Fair SI 20 wa3 an error. It should have been §120. Mr. E. II. Burgiu lias been appointed store keeper at the Custom House, in place of J. F. Lake who is transferred to tho clerkship made vacant by the death o£ Mr. Gerrish. John Downing, formerly of this city, was killed by a kick from a horse at Cam bridge port on Monday. The annual meetings of the several Masonic Grand Lodges, will be held in this city nest week as follows: The Grand Lodge, Tuesday, May 6th, at 10 o'clock in the forenoon: the Grand Chapter, Tuesday evening at 9 o’clock; the Grand Council, Wednesday; the Grand Commander}-, Wednesday evening at 7 o’clock. Prof. Edward S. Morse has been visiting his friends in this city for tho past few days. It is rumored that the residence of Captain Charles M. Davis, comer of South aud Spring streets, ha3 been purchased for a Young Wo man’s Home. Near the Graud Trunk depot yesterday, a team was crossing the track on Commercial street, when it was run into by a locomotive The horse was thrown down and pushed for some distance. No damage was done. Mrs. Charles Cushman, the lady who disap peared from her home in Massachusetts Fri day, has not yet been fennd. Her husband formerly resided in this city, aud is a brother of Rufus Cushman. Eighteen tables have been engaged for the Hospital Fair. A splendid sword will bo pre sented to tlic Emmiuent Commander of aDy Maine Commandery of Knights Templar re ceiving the largest number of votes. The Montgomery Guards are to have a new green silk flag. Mr. Mullett, architect of the Treasury De partraent at Washington, is on his way to Port land. _ __ City Business Changes.—Yeaton & Boyd have removed to 83 Commercial street. Geo. S. Hunt has taken the store left vacant by the removal of Yeatou & Boyd, for tho Eagle Sugar Refinery. Geo. F. Paine, Cooper, has removed to Cus tom House Wharf. Sise & Nevins, spice and coffee dealers have removed two doors west of former location. J. Howe has removed to Commcraial street, head of Central Wharf. Judkins & Rich have opened a coal deposit on Long Wharf. Office on Commercial street, head of wharf. This is a new firm. Brooks & Burgin have opened a “salt” house at 130 Commercial street. This is a now firm. Hayden, Hibbard & Co., the Hoop Skirt and Bustle manufacturing company that located here a few months ago, are already in success ful operation. They cur ply 160 girls and still advertise for more. Their orders come in fast er than they can fill them. At present they turn off daily 260 dozen bustles and 100 dozen hoop skirts. Mr. Sherman Smith has charge of this department. A Lumber Firm.—The firm of Mowe, Co)e & Benson, recently established in New York, and engaged in the sale and shipping of lumber is already doing a large and prosperous busi ness. We take pleasure in noticing this fact for the reason that two members of the house are Maine men. Mr. Mowe was reared in East port, and Mr. L. H. Cole is well known here as the efficient manager of a large lumber busi ness in this city. All the partners are young mon l.oviiwr -.. .1 nn.-1 ilt/iii' success seems already assured. Wo are glad to know that they will have a branch office in this city, taking charge of the lumber business in which Mr. Cole has heretofore been interested. Messrs. Mowe and Cole were in the city yester day, and tendered a dinner at the Falmouth Hotel to a few of their friends in the lumber business. It was a very pleasant affair. Another Old Citizen Gone.—We recorded yesterday the death of Mr. James Mountfort, oil the 27 th instant, at the age of 81 years. The deceased was one of the worthy men ot Port land-honest and upright in all his dealings, and noted for his strict integrity. When Port land was organized into a city in 1832, Mr. Mountfort was elected Councilman from Ward one, and was re-elected for six successive years until 1839, when ho declined being a candidate. As a member cf the city government he always had the interests of the people in view and based his action accordingly. Of him it can truly be said, be was an honest man without guile.__ Grand Assembly—The first grand assembly of the Montgomery Guards takes place at City Hall this evening. The many friends of this fine organization will undoubtedly turn out in great numbers at this, its christening ball. A drill will precede the dancing, and will he fine, for tho company is in a state of efficiency and will ‘‘do itself proud.' We hope for a large as eembly. Tiie Trial op Elisha J. Cotton —A trial ’ of more thau ordinary interest has during tlio past few days occupied the attention of the U. • S. Circuit Court in this city, Judge Shepley pro- j siding. Elisha T Cotton of Brownfield, was ar rested on the charge of passing upon two differ ent persons, at different times, a ten dollar bill which is acknowledged to be counterfeit. The first party, a Mr. Whitcomb of Lewiston, to whom he passed i t returned the bill to Cotton and received two good fives for it. The secon party, Mr. Black, clerk of the Adams House ot this city, placed the matter in the hands of two United Staies detectives, who were hoarding at the Adams House at that time. The defeuce put in a general denial and plead ed a want of proof on the part of the govern ment They averred the unimpeached charac ter of the accused up to the time of this accu sation ; the failure on the part of the govern ment to prove beyond a reasonable doubt, knowledge on the part of the accused that the bill was had when he passed it. The defence introduced the testimony of Dr. Daveis to prove that Colton’s eyes are diseased, and that it is impossible for him to see anything distinctly. Hon. Nathan Webb, District Attorney, ap peared for the government, and Strout & Holmes for the defence. The Judge did not charge the jury last night. The general impression of those who have heard the testimony and the arguments is that the government lias failed to make out a case. An Irish Woman on Her Travels.—At the lower end of A. Q. Leach’s dry goods store is a large mirror extending from the floor to the A „ Tmlm tvoa ill til A store yesterday purchasing goods, seeing what she thought another department of the store be yond, attempted to step over the marble slab placed at the foot of tlio mirror and struck tho toe of her brogau solidly against the mirror. Fortunately the mirror was a thick plate glass and resisted the toe, or the damage would have been considerable. Removal op Prisoners.—Yesterday, Sheriff Warren of York county, and County Commis sioner Brackett and several deputy sheriffs, quietly removed the alleged murderer, Wagner, and tlio rest of the York county prisoners from the jail to a close c ar at the Portland and Roch ester depot, from whence they were conveyed on tho half past one train to the new jail in Al fred, which has been completed for the recep tion of prisoners. In addition to Wagner there were several hard characters. The removal was effectcJRo quietly that it. attracted no at tention. __ Ten Nights in a Bar Room.—Grand Army Hall was well filled last evening with an audi ence that appeared to enjoy very much the evenings entertainment. T. S. Arthur’s cele brated dramatic story was produced with a viv idness and power that reflected credit on tho club that presented it. This evening it will be repeated at the same place and as the proceeds of both evenings are to help swell tho fund of the Maine General Hospital, we sincerely trust our citizens will lend a helping hand. Police Notes.—At the station last night there were three persons arrested for drunken ness and disturbance; one, a young man,charged with stealing a pocket book from the captain of a vessel, and a man and woman charged with unlawful cohabtation. The parties arc a married woman from Augusta-and a man be longing in this city, who have been living as man and wife for some time. Marshal Parker and "Deputy Williams made the arrest. There were also three lodgers. Surprise Partv.—Some twenty or thirty of the members of Portland Division No. 95, Sons : of Temperance, visited Past Worthy Patriarch . R. W. Lincoln last evening, and presented him I with a beautiful Grand Division regalia. The presentation was made in handsome terms by Mr. Francis Loriug. The intention was en tirely unknown to tlio recipient, and was ns handsomely carried out as it was secretly got «P-_ The Owen Benefit.—We notice the tickets for Owen’s benefit to tho Hospital Fail for Saturday evening next are selling rapidly. We are glad to see the front scats in the gallery arc to he reserved at 75 cents each, as we consider them equal to any in the house. Those who failed to obtain seats at Mr. Owen’s last appear .auee will now have an opportunity to witness one of his most popular entertainments. Sheridan and Mack at Music Ilall last evening drew out a good house. The variety of this entertainment keeps the audience in ex cellent humor, and taken altogether it is one of tho hast of tho class that visits tho city. Presentation—Monday even ingFred Strout, l clerk of the Preble House, had presented to ] and well deserved testimonial in the shape of a j gold watch and chain valued at $240. Questionable Economy.—Any of the Safe Deposit Vault Companies in New York city, would have taken on special deposit the valu. abies going to make up the $1G2,000 belonging to individuals—received by the directors of the Atlantic National Bank, as a favor (?) to the depositors—which the Cashier of that institu tion used up in his operations in Wall street,for a sum not exceeding two dollars per thousand. The failure to make deposits with a Deposit Company results iu a loss to some one—the stockliolders.of the bank or the depositors—of some ninety-nine and four-fifths perceut of the amount. The depositars have the satisfaction of knowing that they did not have to pay that one-fifth of one per cent, for security, niSCELLAAEOTN NOTH!KM. Drap djs ete for sacqucs, and Guipure laces, gimps and ornaments for trimming, at our usual low prices. Cogta Hassan. For the convenience of customers our store 1 I will be open every evening until 9 o’clock, and : | Saturday evenings until 10 o’clock during the millinery season. Geo. C. Bobinson & Co. Proprietors of the Cogia Ilassati Store. A dainty slipper is the needed accessory to a lady’s home dress. The latest styles are of fered by T. E. Jlosely & Co., 293 Washington steet, Boston, Mass. Auction sales to-day at 10 o’clock the furn iture, paintings, bronzes, vases, &c., iu house No. Id Branhall street. At 12 o’clock oneBeni iugton rifle, doublo barrelled shot gun and a Smith & Wesson revolver. At 2 p. m. the brig Jibaro by order of E. N. Perry, late sheriff, i At 3 p. ra. three valuable lots on Union street. These lots are in a v cry desirable location, are of good size and should command the attention of those interested in real estate. In spite of flannels, coughs and colus will make a lodgment iu the system. But they are not tenants at will. You can dispossess them with 1dale’s limey of norehfiw'l and Tar, in less time than it takes a sheriff to execute a writ. Sold by all druggists. j Pike’s Toothache Drops cure in 1 minute apr25-eodlw&wlt Duponco’s Golden Pills are unqualified. apv30-eod3t&wlt Db. Ubann who lias made so many wonder ful cures of cases supposed to be incurable, will be at the Preble House every Thursday, Friday and Saturday for tlio present. All should seo him. apr28-tf Du. O. Fitzgep.ald, the wonderful Clairvoy ant Physician and Surgeon will remain at Iloom No. 11 Preble House, Portland, until Satur day, May 3d. Don’t fail to sec him, hs bis cures are almost miraculous. apr2fi tf UEXi!OElOI.O«i€AL. pbobabilities fob the nest twentv-fobb , HOUBS. War Dep’t, Office Ciiief Signal i Officeu, Washington, D. C., April 29. 8 (P. M.) \ Probabilities—The temperature will increase to morrow in the Mississippi valley and gener ally over the country eastward. For the North; west and Upper Lakes and thence to Missouri and Kentucky, northeasterly and southeasterly winds, falling barometer, increasing cloudiness and rain. For Western Gulf States and Ten nessee southeasterly winds, cloudy weather and occasional raiu. For the Eastern Gulf and South Atlantic States northerly and southeast erly winds, rising temperature, partly cloudy weather and occasional rain. Eor Middle States and Lower Lakes temporarily clearing and partly cloudy weather with occasional rain and li-ht variable winds. In Canada and New England generally cloudy weather, occasional rain and southeasterly to northwesterly winds. The Turf. Memphis, Tenn.,April 29—The spring inset iug of the Chickasaw Jockey Club opened to day with a hurdle race; two miles and eight hurdles. The race was won by Tom Corbett, benting Defender and Capt. H iitchins. linio 4:15. fciccond race, trial stakes three year old*,mile heats, won by Nashville, beating Demberine, Joe Jobuson, Harry Tudd and Vandalia. dime 1:52,1:51. Third race, Jockey Club purse, mile and a half, won by Frogtown. Time 2:49£. BY TELEGRAPH. MATTERS IN MAINE. Launched. Bath, April 29.—Launched to-day by Hogan & Tburlow, a bark of 625 tons, rigged on the ways, named B. Webster, to be commanded by Capt. A. W. Smart of the brig Emma. She is owned by Benj. Webster and others of Port land, to which port she will be towed to load for Buenos Ayres. The B."Webster was built under special survey of French Lloyds, and is of special model and build throughout, and is withal one of tho best vessels ever launched here. NEW HAMPSH1 BE. The Trouble of Close Elections. Concord, April 29.—At a meeting of tho Governor and Council to-day, the votes for Con gressional Bepresentatives'in districts one and two were counted, and the committee will count that for the third district to-morrow. There will he no change in the vote as already report ed iu the first and third districts. Iteturus in the second district were found to give the elec tion to Hon. Austin F. Pike by 7 plurality. At tho request of the Governor and Council parties were heard on the question of correcting elec tion returns, errors in favor of Hon. S. N. Bell having occurred, as declared in Ward 5, 51an chester and Hopkinton, the correction of which give Boil a plurality, it is said, of 13. The pow er of the Governor aud Council to go behind record of votes in the several towns in tho dis tricts was discussed at great length, pro and con. There were uo precedents to quote that bore directly on tho case, therefore controversy depended almost exclusively as a question of propriety ct opening a subject which might nato uu puiuii wi uiiuuiauuil, iiuu might not bo confined to errors specifically al leged. The Council arose without deciding on the question of granting a certificate to either contestant, and it is pretty well understood here to-night the question of executive authority to permit corrections of returns will be submitted to the Judiciary of the State. MASSACHUSETTS. The New Railroad Corporation. Boston’, April 29.—The Board of directors of the New York and New England Railroad met at the office of the trustees ot the Bostou, Hart ford & Eric Railroad to-day, aud organized by the choice of Win, F. Hart as President, and H. C. Luce as Treasurer. The executive com mittee consists of Messrs. Watson, Foster and Lotlirop, and the finance committee of Messrs. Jewell, Barlow and Dane. Chas. P. Clark of Boston, was appointed General Manager. Tlie War of the “Doctors.” The trial of the offending members of the Massachusetts Medical Society, against whom charges have been preferred by the society be cause they practice homeopathy, commenced to-day. Among tho prominent physicians on trial 'are I)rs. Win. Bushnell, David Thayer and J. J. Talbot. No. 2 of the specifications alleges “that while a member of the Massachu setts Medical Society, you have joined aud are a member of a certain Bociety called the Massa chusetts Homeopatlrc Medical Society, which adopts as its principle in the treatment of disease a certain exclusive theory or dogma known as homeopathy, and whose purposes are at variance with and which tends to disor ganize ttie Massachusetts Medical Society.” The trial attracts quite a largo attendance of M. D’s. Various Tinners The reported death of Crawford, who was stab bed by Hoppiu in Danvers, Sunday, was incor ect. Ho was alive to-day with a slight prospect af recovery. A very attractive fair in aid of the Young Mens Christian Association under name of “Bazaar of All Nations,” was successfully in augurated in Music Hall to-ni'ght. It is a com prehensive and altogether a moral exhibition aud will, doubtless, materially assist in its ob ject, the clearing of the association from debt. Edward McGloane was eonvieted of man slaughter to-day, for causing the deatli of Chas. Mahan by violently pushing him down a flight of stairs.' NEW YORK. Vicars of the Indian Commissioners. New York, April 29.—The commissioners in their discussion last night thought the most important field was among the Sioux Indians, who number about 35,000, many of whom may be disposed to give trouble if a satisfactory ar rangement is not mado with them in regard to tho Northern Pacific railroad. Spotted Tail’s band is restless because of the recent murder of some chiefs, and a rising is feared in Black River and Powder Hill country, should a new expedition seek to open up this country. The commissioners will have a couucii with the Ncz Forces m the summer, and they do not ex pect trouble from them. Neither do they ex pect trouble with the Klamaths, Snakes or other Indians in the Modoc country. A “Corner” in Sailors. Commissioner Duncan has succeeded iu ex citing the opposition of sailor hoarding house the commerce of the port. Vessels with valu able cargoes en board have been detained more than a week, and there is no prospect of get ting crows. The Commissioner lias telegraph id the Commissioners in Philadelphia, Boston tnd Baltimore to send seamen by railroad, hut the boardiug-houso keepers there decline to furnish men, hence none come. The Adamic Bank. Receiver Strong reports that to-day’s exami nation shows the Atlantic Bank to be in a bet ter condition than was anticipated. Sonic of tlio slock supposed to have been hypothecated has beeu found in a security box, and it is be lieved more will he discovered. The suspenso account in which call loans amounting toSJlOO, 300 were noted, shows that although the amount lias been carried a year, at least 50 per cent, is owned by parties from whom it may be collected. The defaulting cashier, Tainter, was indicted to-day by the United States grand jury. A Fight. This afternoon as Jay Gould was taking a lunch in Delmouico’s on Broad street, with Charles J. Osborne, his broker, J. J. Marvin, a lawyer, came up to Gould and after a few minutes conversation with him, struck him in the face. Gould did not retaliate hut left for his office and shortly afterwards drove up town with his counsel. A difficulty between Jay Gould and Marvin to-day is said to have arisen from an old Erie litigation. Marvin is said to have been under the influence of liquor. A warrant has been issued for liis arrest and he will appear before Tudgc Dowling to-msrrow. * Various .Hatters. Six convicts at Blackwell’s Island yesterday ifternoon, overpowered their keepers aud es iaped. Three of them were recaptured in the ivening in Williamsburg. Abbott’s factory on Nineteenth street was lillaged late on Sunday night,. and the thieves muni and gagged the watchman on the premi ses while they coolly robbed the place. Eight thousand shad wero captured in North ■iver yesterday. It is stated that another letter on the Plielps Dodge case is about to he published by Special Agent Jayne, who made some SCO,000 by the affair. Gen. Butler is iu town arranging for the de fence of Naylor & Co., in a suit of the Treas ury Dcparrinent against that firm, in whose be half Butler has been retained. Farrell, the man who starved 1G horses to death in Brooklyn, has been arrested. A third deposit was made yesterday in the wrestling match between Homer Lane anil John McMahon of Rutland, Vi., for §2000 and the championship of America. McMahon won the choiee of ground, and-named Troy, May S. Betting is in favor of Lane, 100 to 70." Frederick Hessick quarrelled with his wife yesterday. She called upon workman Peter Ritter to take him away, and in the struggle Hessick was stabbed fatally. Ritter was ar rested. Gen. Mills, U. S. Army Surgeon at Govern or’s Island, died last night. The Herald urges the government, if the At lantic cable monopoly continues, to take pos session of the line and give the public reason able rates. Base ball—Mutuals 24, Chelsea 1. President Watson and Counsellor Barlow of the Erie railway have gone to Bestoti to assist in organizing a Board of Directors of the Hart ford and Erie Company. It is believed that Mr. Hartt will be elected President. The aggregate of goods, offered the Indian Commissioners on bids opened to-day, was over 550,000,000. Prices were very low and compe tition greater than was ever known. An fhiK-in nnnifurl Alt»viiir1nr [or some time was preaching to Italians at the Five Points, disappeared in a mysterious man ner after having obtained from about 100 of liis countrymen §2.50 each to pay their nassago to Rochester where, as he statod to them, ho had found work for them, WASHINGTON. Au Important Decision, Washington, April 29.—The Supreme Court resterday, in the collision case from Maryland, eld that nautical rules require when a steam er and sailing vessel are approaching, that from he very moment a sail is in view the steamer shall watch with utmost diligence her course md movements so as to be able to adopt such finely measures of precaution as will necessary irevent the two boats coming in contact. The 'anlt on the part of the sailing vessel does not ibsolve the steamer suffering itself to get into langerous proximity. The steamer in allowing nidi proximity is cliargablo with all damages resulting. A steamer is bound to keep out of tue way o£ sailing vessels. * The Ulodoc iVcw». Intelligence from the Modoc war exeite3 inueli interest,especially in army circles. Cant, lhomas, who is reported among the killed, was a sou of Gen. Lorenzo Thomas” formerly Adju tant General of tlio army r.t ii '„-, .. . „ son of Major MarshSf .I^ve,^ somin law of Gen. Larry commandant at Fortress Monroe. Lt. W rtglit was the son of Z Gen. George Wright, aral ueplluw of u'e PUo Gen. Sumner. Snle of Furaitaro, Not Votes. The sale of desks, chairs and tables' of n House of Representatives took place to-da ° Each chair and desk handsomely carved of mb wood originally cost §90; many needed repairs The prices obtained averaged about oue-sixtii of that amount, Upwards of eighty members and ex-members of the House were among the purchasers, a few in person and others by prox. The new desks and chairs to supply the place’s of the old ones will cost, the desks §21.75, the chairs §13. The Speakers old chair bought six years ago for §30 by a private speculator, was to-day sold on his account for §00, Mr. Worrnly a colored hotel keeper, being the purchaser. This chair was occupied by all the Speakers previous to and including Pennington, of New Jers y. n Death. Ex-Governor Sharkey, of Mississippi, died here early this morning of pueumonia, aged 83 years. Various matters. The following patents have been extended:— 8. E. lioot, Bristol, Conn., clock dial; Nathan A. Dyer, Boston, cement for roofing. Third Assistant Paymaster General Barber sent an order to-day to the manufacturers for 5,000,000 postal cards. The aggregate applica tion for t hum is $12,000,000. THE MODOC WAR. Bloody Repulse of a Detachment of the Federal Troops. I.isj of tiie Killed anti Wou»d«fl, Lava Beds, April 20.—A roconnoitering party composed of batteries A and K, of the 4th Artillery, and Co. E of the 12tli Infantry, left camp at 7.30 this morning proceeding in the direction known to lead to the present stronghold of the Modocs, Capt. Thomas in command. A dozen or twenty of the Warm Spring Indian? were expected to co-operalo on Thomas’ left. The troops having formed a line the skirmishers advanced without molestation HU IIUUJ itlinuu illi U1C loot OL U U1U11, HOULXX U1 the Lava Beds having meanwhile signalled to the camp that no Indians were to bo found. On reaching the bluff the Modocs opened a severe tire causing the troops to seek such shelter a3 they could find in tbe crevices, chasms, &c. As usual the foe was uuseea; the first position soon became untenable owing to the fact that the Indians were able to deliver a cross fire and an enfilading fire, and tho position of the troops is so exposed that up to the present writing, 7 o’clock p. in., only two could reach the camp out of nine wounded. Lieut. Wright of the 12th Iufantry had sougbt’shelter iu the crevices which were particularly open to tho Modoc fire. Grave doubts exist as to their ul timate safety. As soon as information is re ceived at headquarters relative to tho peril of the party, troops wilhat once be pushed forward to the rescue. Four companies are ordered out, two of cavalry lrotn this camp, and two from Col. Mason’s. Stre obors for conveying the wounded were forwarded, but the latter are now returning without having achieved the object that they were intended for. A bitter cold night is be fore them. It is barely possible from the char acter of the evening that some of them no longer heed cold or lieat. Lava Beds, April 27, 5.39 A. M.—A des patch received from Col. Green of tho 1st Cavalry, who went out with reinforcements yesterday morning show3 tho surprise tp have been more complete and more terribly fatal than was first supposed. The despatch states that Adjut. Thomas and Lieut. A. K. Howe of tbe 4th Artillery were killed. Lieut. Harries of the 4th Artillery is hadlv and, perhaps, mor tally wouuded, and Lieut. Barustou of tho 4th Artillery is missing. From tho second despatch sent by Coi. Green it appears there are now collected and waiting conveyance to camp, the bodies of 16 men killed including Capt. Thomas, Lieut. Howe, Lieut. Wright, aDd eight wounded, including Lieut. Harris of the 4th Artillery. Three added to the number of wounded men above cited show largo percentage of casualties from the small number of men engaged. Eighty Modocs are armed with Spencer carbines anil breech load ing muskets. In more than oue instance a Modoc has been known to havo two or more Spencer rifles, enabling him to keep up rapid fire from his natural or artificial breastwork of rock. The surface of the ground in many places is toru up by volcanic actions, which form crev;ces, and these are adaptable to pur poses of either hiding or for points of defence. In several instances soldiers knowing nothing of topography have come unawares on such fissures and before they could escape were confronted by a wTily Indian with rifle levelled and finger upon the trigger. Death, of at least a dangerous wound, is the result. Too often the cowardly redskins escape by paths know'll only to themselves. As a sample of their treachery and cunning may not be amiss I will state that a portion of batteries A and K, finding themselves in danger of being out flanked, took shelter in a hollow spot affording partial cover. No sooner had they done so than tho Indians, who know and command every egress from tho cavity at that point, numbering21 warriors, detached seven of their number on one side, fourteen remaining on the other, and then opened a cross fire on the pour fellows who could not show a head or hand without the certainty of being struck. Very few escaped injury and tbe rest were killed or wounded. It is impossible to ascertain the number of Modocs killed and wounded yester day. Capt. McKay reported that his Warm Spring Indians had taken four scalps. This may lie the wholo or it may be only a portion of tho killed, the Modocs being very careful to destroy as fast as possible all traces of their casualties, carrying their wounded iu caves and burning the dead bodies. Tho wounded arc supposed to be hidden in eaves, but few of them l have been seen so far. Justice fo the gallant i dead compels a record of tho following facts j which aro well authenticated: When Capt. Thomas found himself and meu surrounded by his vindictive foe, true to his tia ■ turc as a soldier he sought to cheer the soldiers on to the hitter end, and obtain if possible life ! for life and sell their lives dearly, saving: "Men, we are surrounded; we must tight an-l die like men and soldiers.” In bis noble efforts to sustain the courage of his small command he was ably seconded by Lieut. Howe and Lieut. Wright. After receiving a mortal wound he buried his gold watch and chain among the rocks and emptied his revolver amongst the en emy before dying. If living he would also write in terms of well deserved praise of the conduct of Lieut. Howe, who was similarly sit uated. Capt. Thomas with a portion of batte ry K, -1th artillery, set au example of bravery aud determination to his men, uttering some such sentiments as those already quoted, not that that it required such expressions to stimu late men to deeds of bravery when every man would willingly have followed either officer wherever he chose to lead, yet they showed the mutual confidence existing between them. Sinco they were to fall it is u pity that it had not been alien opposed to worthier foes. Yet it is a mournful consolation that Capt. Thomas, Lieut. Howe and Lieut. Wright, the sons of soldiers, met a soldiers’ death in defence of the govern ment and laws of the country. Of the men killotl or wounded it is perhaps sufficient to sav they sealed their bravery with their lives 8.30 P. M.—The reiu'forccments sent out un der Col. Green, together with the killed aud wounded, are expected momentarily. Heavy rain is now falling, which is beneficial to the poor wounded men in alleviating their suffering auArelieviug their feverish limbs. Their arriv al is anxiously looked for by their more fortu nate comrades in camp. Every preparation is made for their proper reception. When the news of the massacre reached camp the soldiers who had grown old and grey in the service wept like babies at the fato of their officers and com rades. April 28—fi A. M.—Tho troops with the kill ed and wounded are returning. In addition to the death of the list giveu are the following: First Sergt. Robert S. Romer, battery A, and private James Rose, battery K, 4th artillery, died yesterday; Sergt, Back, battery A. came in wounded, not previously mentioned. In many instances it would be difficult to recognize the dead but for some article of brass known to have belonged to them, Indian barbarity has so defaced the lineaments of the killed. Complete Cist of Killed and Wounded. The following is a complete list of the killed and wounded now in camp: Capt. Evan Thomas, Battery A., 4th Artillery; Lieut. Alli son Howo, Battery A., 4th Artillery; Sergt Robert S. Romer, Battery A., 4th Artillery Private Parker, Battery A.. 4th Artillery; Pri vate John Lynch, Battery K., 4th Artillery; Private James Rose, Battery R,, 4th Artillery Private Joseph W. Ward, IBattcry K.,i 4th’ Artillery; Private Michael Wallace, Battery K., 4th Artillery; Lieut. Thomas Wright, Com pauy E., 42th Infantry; Private Greed, Com pany E., 42th Infantry; citizen Lewis Webber of Siskiyou County. In addition to the foregoing 8 men were buried on the field, whose names were not as certained. Lieut. Arthur Cranston, with four men of Battery A, are still missing’. Wound ed- Private Joseph Broderick, Battery A., 4th Artillery, left thigh; Private Mathew Mum phy, Company E., 12th Infantry, ring finger; Private James McMillan, Battery A., 4th Ar tillery, palm of right hand; Private John A. Gilford, Battery K., 4th Artillery, back and thigh; Corpl. James Noble, Battery K., 4th Artillery, neck; Private Charles Cuff, Company E., 12tli Infantry, hand; Sergt. M.IKennedy Company E., 12 Infantry, right elbow aud breast; Private James T. Butler,JCompany E., 12th Infantry, both temples; Private John Hig gins, Battery K., 4tli Artillery, through hand and shoulder; Private Schancks Rola, Battery K., 4th Artillery, left leg; Private George Van derwater, Company E., 12th Infantry, right hip; Private Wm. C. Coy, Battery K., 4th Ar tillery. right buttock and right hand; Private J. B. McLanchlin, Battery K., 4th Artillery,(both feet and right shoulder; Sergt. A. Beck, Bat tery K., 4th Artillery, right arm; 1st Lieut. Clavton. Comnanv li.. 12th Infantrv. left W i JTivnte W. Bremen, Company E., 12th Infant ry, both arms fractured; Lieut. G. M. Harris, 4th Artillery, back; Sergt. Bessing, United States Artillery, right leg; Privare Win. Boyle, Company E., 12th Infantry; Private Howard, Company E., 12ih Infantry; Private Newsburg, Company E., 12th Infantry. New York, April 29.—The Herald’s special from tho Lava Beds dated tho 26th savs that the force under Capt. Thomas which started to reconnoitre the position supposed to ho held by the Modocs, numbered69 men. The object was mainly to lind out how the Modocs were situat ed, and whether mortars could be brought up and used efficiently against them. As thetroops approached tho base of the Lava Beds about 101 o'clock, our command was brraght to a halt and the men were allowed to take a rest. The story of the first fire is differently reported. Mr.'Ticner states positively that it came from a party of nino Indians, who occupied tho bluff to the eastward of where the troops were sta tioned. Major Thomas immediately threw tho men into skirmishing order, with Lieutenant Wright’s company sn the right, Tho latter, however, had not got into position before they were flanked to the right by a party of fourteen Indians that had come up to the advance of those who fired first. The cross lire on Lieut. Wright’s men proved very demoralizing and they broke back in contusion, leaving their gal

lant leader in an exposed position and support ed by a few non-commissioned officors. In the meantime another small party of In dians had obtained a position to the left and opened a raking fire on tho two batteries of ar tillery. It was a fearful trap and the first few shots were only fired to draw tho troops more directly between the fire of the Indians on the right and left. Tho route was complete aud mall- e ?x21ption the officers and non-com nissmned officers, the majority of whom lay ml} *he? on tlle !'ocks with their life blood ob a!,1?v>ast. *5? watoi word was ‘ Sauvo rent. Confused and disorganized as they were tlie men became mi easyxirey to tho Mo docs who, confident in tho protection of their native rocks, shot them down like so many frightened deer. Occasionally news was brought by the scared stragglers exagerated in the ex treme, but significant of some dire disaster.— Many of these men who had deserted their offi cers in time of peril had seen a hundred Indi ans all around them. I ears had distorted their vission and made them so helpless that that one of their number was afterwards found dead on the field without a shot. Ho had been butchered, with kuives aud was so panic struck ho could not fire a shot in his own defence. There was a mystery about the attack that nobody apx>cared able to solve as to how tho troops were so complete ly surprised. If in camp, where wero the pickets or advanced skirmishers. It appeared so strange that a party of 09 men should be al most surrounded by tbe Indians without their being aware of tho Indian’s presence, as far as they could see. This fact alone will give the public an idea of the nature of tho ground on winch these Indians fight and what our sol diers have to contend against. During the uight the Indians were creeping through tho rocks to scalp and strip tho dead. Ihe soldiers coming through Col. Green’s line told him where the remains of batteries K and A were to be found. Col. Green immediately - moved forward his line to the place instructed, and there hidden in some sage brush were the bodies of Major Thomas, Lieut. Howe, acting surgeon Simig, Sergt. Rowe and six others. Col. Wright’s body lay a little to the left, and on the right was Lieut. Harris severely wound ed and the bodies of five of his men stripped of all their clothing* Fears of Another Indian Massacrec, San Francisco, April 29.—A despatch from Portland, Oregon, to-night, states that 1100 In- ; diau warriors are camped at White Bluffs, i Yakama river, above Walla Walla,and are put- j ting up breast works. The settlers are greatly MitiLiitou. iuuiaua are iravtfuiug aooui puiaieu, ; and warn the whites to leave the country. The j Spokamee Indians are threatening and fare also ! warning the white settlers to leave. Massacres ! like those by the JVIodoc3 are feared. FOltElG N. A I.umlo.i Carlist Report. IONDON, April 29.—Tho Carlist Couamitteo liorc has received telegrams from Spain report ing that on Thursday last, a groat victory was won at Vera on Navane, 40 miles north of Pom peluna. Carlists numbering 700 defeated the Republican force 1,400 strong. The battle be gan at eleven o’clock in the morning and last ed till dusk. The bauds commanded by Cure of Santa Cruz fought with groat heroism. The Republicans were completely routed with I033 of 80 killed and wounded. Gen. Novevillas’ plan of the campaign in the north has failed. The Carlists are receiving largo supplies. Tho reports that Don Alphonzo has re-crossed the frontier into France, and that Sabollas bad fled are pronounced false. Tlir Will of Nnooloon III. [Special to 24. Y. Herald]—The following is tho true will of the late Emperor Napoleon'un der which letters of administration are applied for. The estate is sworn to under §120,000 sterling,and this sum is subject to claims which will reduce it one half: “This is my will.” I reco mmend my son and my wife to the high authorities of the state, to the people and to the army. The Empress Eu genie possesses all the qualities requisite for capably conducting the regency; and my sou displays a disposition and judment which will reuder him worthy of his high destines. Let him never forget the motto of the head of our family. “Everything for the French people.”— Let him fix on his mind writings of the prison tr at St. Helena. Let him study the Emperor’s deeds and correspondence, and finally let him remember when circumstances permit that the cause of the people is the cause of France.— j Power is a heavy burden, becauso one caunot | always do all the good one could wish, and be cause contemporaries seldom render justice; so j that in order to fulfill one’s mission, one must j have faith and conscientiously appreeiate his 1 duty. It is necessary to consider that from j Heaven above those whom you have loved, re gard and protect you. It is the soul of my il lustrious uncle that has always inspired and sustained me. Tho like will apply to my son, for lie will always be worthy of lus name. I leave to tho Express all of my private proper ty. I wish that at the majority of my sou she shall live at the Elysee and Biarritz. I trust inV niPmrtPU will Iia rlnoi* hap marl fhot oflnr my death she will forget whatever unhappiness I may have caused her. With regard to my son let him keep as a tailsman the seal I wore attached to my watch aud which comes from my mother. Let him carefully preserve every thing that came to mo from the Emperor, my uncle, and let him ho convinced that my heart and my soul remain with him. f make no men tion of my faithful servants. I am convinced that the Empress and my son will never aban don them. I shall die in the Catholic opstatic and Roman religion which my son will always honor by his piety. Done and signed with my hand at the Palace of the Tuileries the 24th of April, 1835. (Signed) Napoleon. The Exhibition Trouble. Vienna, April 29.—Special to New York Herald—The American scandal still occasions great excitement in aristocratic circles. It is discussed with sneers as another indication of the working of Democratic institutions. Gen. Mayer acting under the advice of his counsel, premptorily refuses to surrender the official pa pers with list of exhibitors and the new com missioners are completely hampered, and will probably request interference of the Austrian govern merit. Dr. Ruppaner, another of the suspended commissioners, has left for Switzer land. Van Buren is still here. The Cnrlist Susnrrcctiau. Additional advises received through Carlist channels represent that chieftains Sabrilas, August, Merrietct, Soulla, Valles aud Cristany are capable of concentrating all their forces, some 1,009, in a few hoars. Seballas is block ading the City of Vick, 37 miles from Barcelo na; Don Alphonzo is in the Province of Lerida where 500 men of a San Fernando regiment of regular army have deserted to his banner. Rumors of a Ministerial Crisis. Paris, April 29.—Rumors of a Ministerial crisis are renewed. MINOR TELEGRAMS. A lire at -Como, Miss., Monday, destroyed properly to the value of $35,000. Tho Prince of Wales has arrived at Vienna. Tne first report of the loss by tho burning of the carriage works of the Lancashire Railroad Company, at Manchester, England, was exag gerated. The damage will not exceed $400, 000. The tin and stove establishment belonging to W. E. Cogswell of Henniker, N. H., was burned Friday night. Loss $3,500; insured for $1,300. An analysis of emigrants to New York for the past four years shows that 30 per cent, more Germans arrived thau Irish. Ten thousand emigrants left Liverpool last week for the United States. Tho St. Lawrence is clear of ice to Montreal The Grand Trunk Railway arrangemeut act has passed both houses of the Dommion parli ament. A girl named Lizzie Ness,-aged 14. was found brutally outraged and murdered Monday, in a grove near Salisbury, Pa., fourteen miles from Pittsburg. Two tramping painters have been arrested on suspicion. The political difficulties that at one time threatened to terminate iu bloodshed in Living stone, La., have been amicably adjusted. President Grant and party were entertained Tuesday at Denver, Colorado. A letter from Omaha to tho World gives the details of the great storm of the 13th, 14th and 15th inst., in Nebraska, showing it to have been the most terrible ever known in the depth of snow and violence of the wind, and confirming the previous reports of the great fatality am ou g the settlers, received by telegraph. The police of Geneva have arrested Don Car los, who was just starting for Spain with how itzers packed in his baggage. HjGen. Sheridan and Secretary Belknap left Brownsville, Texas, for New Orleans yesterday. The President left Cbeyeunc for Omaha yes terday afternoon. ” The local prohibition bill has been amended so as not to prohibit cider aud lager beer by the New York Senate, and assigned for Thursday. The round houso and paint shop of the St. Louis, Kansas City & Northern Railroad, at St. Louis, were burned Tuesday. Loss from $45, 000 to $60,000. Tho New York Assembly lias passed a bill re pealing tho usury law. Augusta, Ark., had a $40,000 fire Tuesday financial and commercial. Receipts by Railroads and Steamboats. Ghand Thunk Railway—3 cars sundries, 1 do for Boston, 2 do potatoes, 3 do for St. John, NB, 0 do for Halifax, 33 do lumber, 5 do com, 3 do oats, 2 do ship knoea, 1 do telegraph poles, 19 do iron, 25 do for Allan Line, 5 do G. T. It., 1 do flour. Foreign Exports. HAVANA. Sclir Ethan Allen—3281 box shooks 713 shooks and heads, 70 empty casks, 20,523 hoops’ 3 cases mdse. * ' Brig J B Brown—0127 box shooks, 310 empty casks. ST. JOHN, NB. Sclir E & F Williams—1000 bbls flour, 10 tons feed, 1 safe. HALIFAX. NS. Steamer Falmouth—300 bbls flour 200 do oatmeal, 140 casks nails, 18,000 lbs butter, 5210 do tobacco, 373 galls liquor, lot of mdse. lloston Stock foist. (.Sales at tlio Broker’s Board, April 29.) Eastern Railroad■•..•.107 I New Vork Miock and money market. New Yoiiic, April. 2a-Morninq.—Gold 1103. Mon ey 7 per cent. Sterling Exchange 1088 @ 109}.— Stocks heavy. State stocks quiet. New Yobk. April 29—Evenina. -Financial affairs are unsettled. Money was close most of the day at l-lG(i5 1-32 per cent, per day, and Anally easier at the closoat 7 per cent. Express compantes brought 13.000. 009 curroncy. Legal tenders ontstanding.strow a decrease of 3533,000. Sterling Exchange is dull at 108} for 00 days and 109J ® 1031 for s gilt. Gold is weak , lower and declining from 117J @ lie}. Tlio out flow from the Treasury gradually weakening the market; loans at 5@7 per cent., closing at6per cent. The clearance* were $55,000,000. Treasury disbursements $395,000. Customs receipts $490,000. i'-i8™]?18/606 pts *or t*10 wcck ending April 19, $3, 200.000. Governments dull aud prices well support ed. State bonds stoady. Stocks very irregular.— Business moderately large iu the early part of the day, and smaller in the afternoon. The principal featuros were Pacific Mail, Western Union, St. Paul common and Indiana Central. The market declined shortly after opening, but partially recovered after the first board. Another decline set in about 1 o’clock and lasted till after- the second board, when a firmer feeling prevailed. The weakness was renewed at S o’clock, but in the last half hour tlio market was again firmer and closed strong The following were the quotations of Government securities: United States coupon G’s, 18S1.120$ United States5-20’s .. 118$ United States 5-20’s 1864. • • .. 118$ United States 5-20’s 1865, old.120$ United States 5-20’s 1865, new... .... 1171 United States 5-20’s 1807. UM United States 5-30’s lfGS.117J United States 5*s. United Statesjl0-40’s., coupons.. It3j Currency 6’s.. .. , 1J59 Wheat firm. Lsw grades heavy and 1 @ 20 lower; saiea 68.000 bush; No 1 Spring 1 76 @ 1 80; No 2 Spring 1 1*1 @ 1 71; Winter Ilea Western at 1 SO @ 1 95; White Michigan 1 95 @ 2 GO. Corn is a shade firmer; sales 86.000 bush; Mixed Western 71 @ 72c; do old 68 @ 68} in store. Oats lc lower on new and old and very firmly held; sales 44,000 bush; Black Western 51 @ ® 54c; new Western Mixed at 53 @ 55. Beef steady. Pork is a shade firmer; new mes.s}9 00. Lard steadi er at 98 ® Butter dull ana lower; Western 31 @ 35c; State 35 (a> 39c. Whiskey firmer at 91c. Rice firm at 7} @ 8}c . Sugar active and strong; refining 7} @ He- Coffee strong and 4c higher; Rio at 17 @ 19c in Gold. Molasses quiet; New Orleans 7l@74. Naval Stores—Spirits Turpentine is dull and declining at 52}c; Rosin dull and heavy at 3 25 @ 3 35 for strained. Peleum strong; crude 10} @ 10|c; refined 21}. Tallow firm. extra spring ouutgo <o. Wheat is active and lower; No 2 Spring 1 24} @ 1 21} for cash; seller May 1 24®; 1 27§ seller June; No 3 Spring at 1 16; rejected 98 Q 99c. Com is quiet and weak; No 2 Mixed at 37 (5> 37}c for regular and cash; 37% @ 371c seller May; 39| @ 40 for seller June; rejected 31c. "Oats quiet, weak and lower; No 2 regular and fresh on spot at 29} @ 30c ; 30c for seller May Rye quiet and unchanged; No 2 at 69} @ 70c for fresh. Barley dull and unchanged; No 2 Fall regular cash 70 @ 71c. Provisions—Pork firm, in fair demand and a shade higher; seller May 17 83. Lard dull and lower at 84@ 9 cash or seller May; 9 15 for seller June. Bulk Moats dull; sales of shoulders 6}c loose; short rib middles quoted 8g @ 91; short clear middles quoted at 8§ @ 8Jc. Bacon steady and unchanged; shoulders 8c; clear rib sides 10c; clf‘“ 5 ’ is steady at 87c. HIT.10.000 hnOi wTinat 77 - 000 bush com, 44,000 bush oats, ,000 bush rye, 15,000 bush barley, 00,000 hogs. Shipments—9,000 obis flour, 193.000 bush wheat, 25, 000 bush com, 99,000 bush oats, 0,000 bush rye, 0,000 bush barley, 0300 hogs. Cincinnati. April 29.—Provisions less active and holders firm. Pork quiet, ottered at 18 25 on si>ot.— Lard is quiet at 9c: generally held at 9Jc for steam; kettle nominally at 9Jc. Bulk Meats quiet; shoulders held at G| @ 7c: clear rib sides at 9c; sales at 9 j @ 9fc buyer June; clear rib at OJeonspoc; 10J bid buyer July. Bacon is firm; shoulders at 7Jc; clear sides at 9J @ 10c with sales. Whiskey steady at 86. xolsdo. April 29.—Flour quiet and unchanged.— Wheat dull and lower; No 1 White Michigan 198; j No 4 White Wabash 1 90; No 2 Michigan on spot at ! 1 72; seller May 1 72 J; seller Juno 1 74|;No 1 Rod 180. . Corn dull and a shade lower; high Miked on spot at , 45Jc; seller June 45J; seller July 47Jc; buyer May j 46jc; low Mixed 45c; White 50c; no grade 44 @ 44 J.— Oats dull and declining; No 1 at 47c; JNo 2 at 40Jc; ; Michigan 41c; rejected 38c. Receipts—0,000 bbls flour, 7,000 bush wheat, 50,000 ! bush com, 3,000 bush oats. Shi pinouts—2000 bbls flour,17,000 bush wheat ,70,000 bush com, 1,000 bush oats. Detroit, April 29.—Flour quiet and unchanged. ; Wheat steady: extra White opened at 2 02 and closed at 2 00; No 1 White opened at 1 89 and closed 1 88; • Amber Michigan at 174. Corn is steady; 50c for J Yellow; 42c for No 2 Mixed. Oats in good demand at 1 4Uc for State. Receipts—5,000 bbls flour, 3,000 bush wheat, G,000 bush corn, 1,000 bush oats. Shipments—1000 bbls flour, 19,000 bush w'heat,12.000 ; bush corn, 0,000 bush oats. Freights dull; 11c asked to Oswego. Charleston, April 29.—Cotton quiet; Middling i uplands 18Jc. Savannah, April 28.—Cotton nominal; Middling ! uplands at 18Jr*.. Mobile, April 29.—Cot'.on is nominal and unquot able. KOHLING HAS GOT HIS New Style Goods — FOR THE — Spring & Summer of 1873. i lie has exercLjod his usual excellent judgment, and j has selected the BEST STOCK j Ever yet Exhibited in this City by Him. j TBIE ASSORT.11EVT INCUHIES i COATINGS, ©i German. I'rcneh and fiajlisli , Manufacture, in Strnislits, I>i-' 4 agonals Hi: ir Lines, Basket and Diamond Goods, Ac PANT GOODS. In this Dep .rtmcnt, If anywhere, Koluing thinks he can SIT IT EVERYBODY HIS ASSORTMENT OF WHOLE SUITINGS Embraces some of the Nobbiest Design? ever intro duced. In full confluence that be can suit all taftes, and all forms, he spreads these goods open to the Inspec tion of all. r^T’Tlicsc Goods will be made up iu a fnaaltic«s Htlyc nail in a perfect manner. W. H. KOHLEVG, 99 EXCHANGE STREET. ap4_ ~lm HENRY CLEWS & CO., 32 WALL STREET, MEW YORK, Offer for sale a limited number of the FIRST MORTGAGE 7 PERCENT, CON VERTIBLE SINKING FUND GOLD BONDS — OF THE — Burlington, Cedar Rapids & Min- j uesota Railway Line. At 90 and accrued interest in currency. I At which prico they yield over 9 per cent., and are strongly recommended as a Safe anil Profitable Investment. Tliis Railway is a corporation organized under the laws of the State of Iowa, which is iho most prosper ous State in the Northwest, (icing the only State in the Union free from debt. The Minnesota Di vision, running from Burlington, Iowa, to Ansi in Minnesota, a distance of 260 miles, was completed iu February, 1872, and earned during that year an av erage of $83,000 per month, Ix ing a monthly increase of $35,000 on the earnings of 1871. Tho earnings for : 1873 are estimated to exceed $1,500,000, or moro than $125,000 per month. The .Milwaukee Division, from Cedar Rapid, to Ppstvillo, on the Milwaukee and St. Paul Railroad, a distance of 110 miles, passes through one of the richest sections of the Stato of Iowa and furnishing an outlet to Milwaukee and the lakes’ The Burlington, Cedar Rapids and Minnesota Railway bonds have been admitted to the New Yurk ?xt0ck*E,!t?,.?nd;'ire daU5’deaIt 1“ and quoted on the official lists, thus furnishing doalers an advantage enjoyed by few Of the new issues of Railway Bonds. the enlirc loan has been sold, except about $300 - 000, winch wo now offer, to close it out. ’ - All marketable securities taken in exchange at cur rent prices, without commission. * For sale in Portland by Robt. A. Bird, ox.., 97 Exchange Street. apL'Guu Those Baked Beans. THOSE BAKED BEANS — WHICH — W. C. COBB is soiling BY THE QUART, at his Bakery, NOS. 28 & 30 PEARL STREET, no vo been tested and pronounced I GOOD ! 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E. week. > May iEt, i, postponed one apr30 First Grand Amateur UenefltT ^ favor OF TI1K MAINE GENERAL IIOSPl’l'Ll GRAM) ARMY HALL Tuesday aud Wednesday, April 29 & so. Ten Niglits ill a Bar-Room. A Drama in five acts from the pen of T. S. Arthur, — BY THE — 1. E. N’s. Dftr.js open at 7; to commence at 8 o’clock. Ad mission 35cents. Reserved seats 50 cents. JicRets lor sale at Cuatis’s, 203 Congress St., Hawes & Lra gin«. and at the door, lteserved seats for sale at the Hall cn and alter M nday morning the 28th. apr»3 did _ ~pT m! g. First Brand Assembly ! AND EXHIBITION DKII.E. — OF TUK — Portland Montgomery Guards ! AT CITY HALL, On Wednesday Evening:. April 30tli. FLOOR DIRECTOR. .. Scrgt. .M. H. Cunningham. aids:—Scrgt. M. J. Lawless, Sergt. W. J. McCal iam, Sergt. L. B. Howard, Sergt. Thomas Hinds, Corn. .Ini* Flnlmrlv (V.rn W».. t t... Kyan, Priv. James H. Flynn, PiIv. P. Tobin, Priv M. C. McCann. MUSIC BY nillMIM'KN BAND ('lotInn- will be checked tree. PRICES OF ADM1SSIOX:—Floor Ticket*, ad mitting Cent and Ladies, $1.00; Cents Oalleiy tick ets, 50 cents; Ladies Gallery ticket. 25 cent*. ty Military are requested to appear in Uniform. _Per order._npr&VUw “Crowning the Rose.1’ A Cantata l.y Geo. F. Hoot, to be performed at the MAY-DAY FESTIVAL — OF TIIE— SECOND PARISH — AT — CITY MALL, Thursday Eve’g, May 1st, To be followed by BRAIDING A MAY-POLE, BY Thirty-six Young Ladies. Hall open for admission at 7 in the Evening. Cantata commences at 8. There will be an exhibition in the Afternoon com mencing at 3 o’clock, to which Children will be ad mitted at 15 cents. Evening Tickets, ai cen's, tor sale at Hawes & Cragin’s, Stockbiidges’s, Hoyt & Fogg’s* and at the hall. H^'Refreshraents for sale Afternoon and Evening iii Reception Hall. apr26dtd GRAND_BALL! The Active Base Ball Association of Sebago Lake, will give their last Ball of the season at PAVILION, — ON THE — Evening of May-Ray, 1873. — MUSIC by — Chandler’s Full Quadrille Baud An extra train will leave the Boston & Maine De pot, (Walker House) Portland, at 7 o’clock P. M running to Stocp Falls and also to Baldwin, provided 10 couples from the latter town attend the Ball, and returning after the Dance. Half fare i n the train. Admission $1.00. apr29d3t THE ANNUAL Fair and Festival — OF TIIE — Ladies of the St. Lawrcucc St. Society . will be held in their Vestry on Tkursiliiy-iind Friday, May 1 & 2, aftekwo&VA*® eybuito. On Thursday evening theic wiiMwim entertain ment by the children and a hot supi>er will be served. On Friday evening there will bo several of the Jubi lee songs sung and other entertainments. Refresh ments will be for sale on both evenings. A lancy table will be well supplied with useful and ornamen tal articles for sale at fair rates. aumuBioD 10 cem^ supper extra. ap29<33t OWEN’S BENEFIT — TO THE — Maine Gen. Hospital Fair, Saturday Night, May 3, 1873. Scale of Pricci-Bcserrcil Seat* *5 cents aud 91-00; tncucral Admission 50 cents. The latter may lie had at the following places: Stock bridge's music store, OUkey’s apothecaiy store Falmouth House, Dana’s * “ Prcblo “ Abner Lowell’s Jewelry United States Hotel, store. Reserved seats to be had at Stockbridgc’s music store, 156 Exchange street, only. ap29__td MUSIC HALL. Manager.MB. THEO. HAMILTON. MB. OWENS, In response to many requests that he would appear as U A. U Ij U U Y s Has made arrangements to deviate from his arranged route, and will appear ONE NIGHT MORE, — ON — Next Saturday, May 3d, FOR THE MAINE GENERAL HOSPITAL, (Seo correspondence.) On which occasion he will present Poole’s Comedy in 3 acts, of PAUL PRY! And hi3 Farcical piece of absurdity, tLc EIVE INBIAN. Mr. Owens in 4 Distinct Characters Saturday Evening, May 3—The performance will commence with Poole’s Comedy, in 3 acts, I5 Y U L PRY. “I Hope I Don’t IntraJc.” Paul Pry. .MR. OWENS. To conclude with the LIVE INDIAN. Hr. Owens in Four Characters. Scale of Prices—Reserved Seats, Orchestra and Paniuetto $1.00. Reserved Seats, Balcony, 75 cts. General admission 50. t3F~The sale of seats will beitin at Stockbridge’s music store, 156 Exchange St., on Tuesday morning, April 20. apr28dlw MU8IC_HALL, “They’ve Got to Come,” Returning on their grand and successful tour of the Provinces. x or x wo jn lgixts, MONDAY & TUESDAY, MAY 5th & 6th. HARRY BLOODGOOD'S Minstrel and Burlesque Combination, Including the Monarch?, Walters and Morton, the greatest known Song and Dance Artists. Charles Mathew. and M’llc Belle Celeste, in their astounding Aerial Flights and terrific feats on tno Flying Trapeze. CLARKE. MANNING, RIDDELL, BLOODGOOD HIMSELF, and twenty others together with a ITull Brass Band and Orchestra. comprising an entertainment of acknowledged supe rior merit. For particulars see posters and programmes. Prices as usual. Reserved places ready at Box office, Moudav May 6th. C. H. JARVIS, Agent. HARRY NILES, Business, Managor. aprtOdlw L. C. JOHNSON & SOX^ —IT AVISO TAKES THE— under tlie New City Building in Lewiston, for the term of fivo years, would now say to the public that wel nta: d to keep a first-class placo In every respect. Our Bia of Fare shall be in keeping wi'h tlie Portland and Boston Markets. Those visiting Lewiston do not forget to call at Manufacturers’ and Merchants’ restaurant, LEWISTON, MAINE. 11 jm^>‘ ■ J0USS0N'’ J08KPH A. JOHNSON, —-— -dlyneweffia 500 Bbls. Algae Fertilizer. 200 Bbls. Fish Chnin, POHS-VLE BY CONANT A RAND, 153 COMMEECIAI. STREET. ap20 daw j _ AUCTION SALES. .<• S. BAILEY* CO., Commission Merchants, —AND— A CJ CTIONEER8 WO. JJ EXCHANGE n rHKfc r. Next below Merchants’ Exchange. JOSEPH S. BAILEY, GEO. \V. PAKKEK. 1 *tEF®BENCKs—Messrs. H. J. Libby <& t o., an<l Hon CuarleiP. Kimbal Portland, Me.; Messrs. Leonard j & (.o.. and Lee & Shepard, Boston. apllt * iirnidirc at Anctiun and llouvc „ ,. for Rent. O M Ew?HWnVYi. A,pr11 30,h> at 1U o’clock A Bramliafl street U w'1">ho Furniture in House 16 Black Walnut ot *’arlor Furniture In fbr„u1,";lSI Venter Tabic I tagere, Easy Chair nettes, Black Wafnut\no Jo1"88’ Vases, Stat Sprlng Beds. Curtains iJi 'C)I08tnut Chamber Setts, Soli.,Silack Walrnu SaSiia“*‘Tapestry Carpets. Ware. Ice Flicker, Casto, S ,laWe. Silver Flirt.-d geo Cook Stove. ’ s ai,°l Crockery, Ma Also, at 13 o’clock, ono Rcmlnet™ ammunition. Also, one nickel pbdtVlsmith * w ^ ton’s Revolver, now with ammunition auS doable barrel t»hot Gun, with Uxtoree. ’ A*®°’ or*c IIoiiBe will be leasod for one to three P. 0 (>AIL£Y A- CO. AS’,,.,,,, j W18___ dtd | Three Valuable Lots or Laud on Union Street at Auction. ON Wednesday, April 30th, at 3 P. M., we shall sell three lots of Land on Ibc easterly ski0 ct I Uuion Street, next below I. P. .Merrill A Co., and ad piinibg each other; two lots ftj by CC feet Ibe other 31 by alKJiit SO feet. This is an opportunity rarely offered, the lots benn; very coin naot, there being not an inch of unavailable laud, very desirable oil that account, and also on ac count of'location. They will be sold on easy terms of pa v meat. ' E. O. BAILEY & CO., Auctioneers. np23 dtd Adi.g..1a STATE OF MAINE,) Cumberland as. ( \ TTACIIED on a writ, and v, ill be sold at public -cA- auction on WEDNESDAY, the OOtb day of April, A. D. 1873, at 2 P. M., at east side of Commer cial wharf, in Portland, aud said county, the follow ing personal projierty, to wit:—The Brig gctncr with her tackle, apparel and furniture. Said brig 13 123 ton3 N. M., was built in 18(5(5 and is in good order. Dated at Portland, Ayril 25,1873. , e. n. perry, late Sheri ft of Cumberland County. b. O. UA1LEY & CO., AaitionccrH. __dtd BY j. v. BAILEY A CO.) AietltMtn Fnrnitarc, Carpels. Pinnies, Ac., at Auction. jjl* at auction at our salesroom on FR1 , May 2d, at 10J o’clock A. M., an assort inont of CarjietB, Bms.els, ;i-ply ana Cbambvr Car pets, Lounges, ore B. '.V. 1-arlor suit In Hair Cloth, Chairs. Bureaus, Tables, Bedsteads. CYockcrv, Glass i anil Wooden Ware, Brooms, Trunks, about 30 tine 1 Pictures In Frames, G ass. Sash. Doors, Blinds, &c ! Also one second hand Wagon aud Harness, j a i-2G_dtd ByJ ». BAILEV & CO., Auctioneer*!. Oold Ilnntcr rase Walcli nntl Chain at Anction. ON FRIDAY, May 2, at 11 o’clock A. M., at office. We shall sell One Fine Waltham Watch with I Gold Hunter Case, full jeweled Chronometer balance, I new and In perfect order. A Gold Chain, also new. npr.’fl td Tea at Auction. ON FRIDAY, May 2d, at 2) o'clock P. M., at office, we shall sell 13 Chests choice Tea, sold to close the estate of a deceased dealer. F.O. BAILEY & CO., Aurtioaers. »P29dtd j Beal Estate ou Exchange and Mai ket Streets at Anction. ON SATURDAY, May 3d, at 12 o’clock M., wo phall sell the very desirwblo lot of laud situated on Exchange and Market Streets, north of the Okt | Post Office lot. In Portland, and bounded, beginning 1 on the westerly side of Market street, seventy-seven ; and eight-tenths feet from the southerly side of Con I grew* street, thence south-westerly by land of heirs 1 of James Deering fifty-four feet, to Exchange stroot, thence north-westerly by said Exchange street aev enty-onc feet to a stake, thence north-easterlv paral lel with the south-easterly lino herein described for ty-eight feet, more or less, to Market street, thence south-easterly by said Market street seventy-one* icct, more or less, to the point of beginning. For particulars call on J. & E. M. Hand, 121 Mid dle street, or E. O. BAILEY & CO., Auctioneri <*. jap r2 ltd For Sale at Anction. : fTIHE centrally located brick house. No. 28. Free | A Street, comer of Cotton. A jnod location for a ; Physician or a Dentist. The lot is sufficient in site for two good stores, which will bo wanted in a few j years—tne premises being within a few rods of well , established business houses. The above property will hp nrti>ri>d hv nnpilnn rn Unn/lnw e.*y, of °1 i o’clock, P.M. F. O. 1SAILSY & CO , Auctionrm. j apr29_ _ Mlw j Properly at C*orhani Vil lage, tu *>e sold at Auction. PURSUANT to license from Ur^bate Court, will be sold at public auction on SAjPI^^AY, the 10t,h day of May next, at 2J o’clock I*. ^ , able Estate known as the “Broad Place.'* Said estate consists of about six acres of land, on which ! are a Urge two-story House, Bam and out-buildlngs, : fruit trees, shade trees, &c., Ac. This is a moat at l tractive location, but five minutes walx from ! Churches, Seminary, public School House, and R. R. | Station; and will unquestionably be sold at a bargain, i A train on P. & R. R. leaves Portland at U P. M.. and one returns at 4.25 P. M. S3f“Sale to take place on the premises. JOHN C. CARD, Ex’r ot Will of the late _ , . Henry Broad. , Gorham, April 7,1S73. aprOdlawSw then dtd* SALE OF ! Obsolete ami Unserviceable Ordnance and Ordnance Stores. j XT* S. AGENCY. Cor. of Houston mail Greene 9ta. Entrance on Greene Street, (P. O. Box 1811.) New York, April 17,1873. ^EALED proposals in duplicate, will be received 1 at this office, for the purchase of Ordnance and j Ordnance Storms, embracing Cannon, Small Anns, I Leather-work. Lead, &c.,at the various Arsenals, Forts and Depots, iu the United States. I Bids will be opened at 12 o’clock, M., on Wednes day, the 28th day of May, 1873, for stores located at Posts iu the following named States, to wit: Con necticut, Delaware, Indiana, Illinois, Maine, Mary land, Massachusetts, Michigan, Missouri. New Hamp shire. Now Jersey. New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Virginia, and the District of Columbia. Bids will be opened at 12 o’clock, M„ on Thursday, the 12th day of June, 1873, for stores located at Posts in the following named States and Territories, to wit: Alabama, California, Florida, Georgia, Kansas, Louisiana, Minnesota, Nebraska, Nevada, North Car- • olina, Oregon, South Carolina, Texas, Arizona, Col orado, Dakota, Idaho, Indian, Montana, New Mexi co, Washington and Wyoming. **or list of atoms in detail, location, terms. &c., see Catalogues, which can be procured on application to the Ordnance Office, War Department, Washington, D. C., at this Agency, or at any of tho Arsenals or Depots, and Commanding Officers of other riosts will furnish, on application, iniormation as to what stores on hand at their respective posts for sale. Tho Department reserves the right to reject all bids which are not deemed satisfactory. Prior to the ac j ceptance of any bid, It will have to be approved by • the War Departmei t. Terms cash: Ten per cent, at the timo of the award, and the remainder when the property is de ; livereu. Thirty days will be allowed for the removal of tho stores. Packing boxes will bo charged at prln ccs to be determined by the Department. Bidders w ill stato explicitly the Post where the stores are located which they bid for, and will give the kinds and qualities they propose to purch:u>e. Deliveries will only be made at the various Poet* where stored. Proposal will l>e addressed to the U. S. Ordnance Agency, N, Y., (P. O. Box 1811,) and should be en dorsed “ProjKraals for Purchasing Obsolete and Un serviceable Ordnance and Ordnance Stores,’’ with the names ot the Arsenals. Forts or Depots where stored, and the names of States or Territories in which tho stores proposed to be purchamxl are locat ed. By authority of the Chio* of Ordnance. H. CRISPIN, Brevet-Col. 17. §. A. Majjr of Ordnance. *pr28 ed6t Allan_Line. Montreal Ocean Steamship Co. , UNDER CONTRACT FOR THE CARRYINO OF TI1B Canadian and United Mtatei IHaiU. Passengers booked o London derry and Liverpool. Return Tickets granted at Reduced Rates. n i W"' xuu .m'juifuui AI8TRI IN, Cupt. Ritchir, Will leave this port for Liverpool on 8ATIRDAT, May 34. Immediately after the arrival of the Train of tli previous day from Montreal. Passage to Londonderry and Liverpool, Cabin (ac cording to accommodations).....*70 lo 8HO Payable In Gold or its equivalent. For Freight or Cabin Passage, apply to H. & A. ALLAN, No. 1 India St. For Steerage Passage inward and outward, and lot Sight Drafts on England for small amount!, apply to JAMES L. FARMER, No. 3 India Si root. Portland, Nov. 19th, 1672. nov20tf State Pensions. PERSONS holding certificates under the State Pcn fl°?akaw of m'Ji and continued in forco b ACT of 1873, are no longer entitled to pensions by virtue of such certificates, but new applications must bomado in all cases by parlies desirous of availing themselves ot tho benefits of the law. Such applied “W person and not otherwise, to a *bby, by disabled soldiers or seamen, ree lueivts of tho city, who have served and been credited °5 ?u0‘a Maim*, by the widows of such doceaa od soldiers or sailors, by the legal guardian of orphan children of such deceased persons, and by the ilej»end ent mother or sister of such deceased Mraoni. and no others, on Saturday, May 3d, Monday, May 5th and Saturday, May 10th, between the hours of 2J and 5 o clock, l\ M.. at tlio Aldermen’s Koom In City Building. Z. A. SMITH, \ Committee on E. H. DAVE1S,I State Pension Argus and Advertiser copy. apr28__ _- - NEW OYSTER HOUSE r. S. HATCH in.siicctfully informs his friends and the public tbat S 3 and fitted up lu good shape stow N». !««T CoB*reBB Street, nearly opposite Brown a fill supply of fresh Oysters, cooked In »vi.rv stvle, and for sale by the quart or galloo oon srantly on hand. Hatch’s celebrated Icecream eup piied to parties on call.__tsclMt To Owners of Jersey Co »». THE subscriber offers his pure bloodod_J°5!gJgoU for the use of Cows daring the eyffi* i Wooilftjrd’s Corner, April 3,1673. apAdlm*

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