Newspaper of Portland Daily Press, May 1, 1873, Page 2

Newspaper of Portland Daily Press dated May 1, 1873 Page 2
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TIIK 3?BESS. TIII KSDAT MORMNU) 3IAA 1, 1878 ~Ev.:itv l-ejular attache of the Press is furnished with a aai-d certificate countersigned l>y Stanley T. Pullen, Editor. All railway, steamboat and hoto managers will confer a favor upon us by demanding erv l . ntials of every perBOU claiming to represent onr Jourxal, as we have information that Bevcral "bum mere” arc seeking courtesies in the namo of the Puttss, and we have no disposition to he, even pas «!v ely, a party to sucli fraud. M n do not read anonymous letters and commmii .ns. The name and addrers of the writer are in oil eases in IisjHi ab e, not nocewarily for i-ublication hat as a guaranty offroo l faith. W: ca.mor undertake to return or re erve com «iu»ii.!anoDs that arc not used. Republican State Convention. The Eepablkans of Maine and all other* who sup port the present National and State Administrations, axe invited to *end delegate* to a State Convention to 1* lioMcn in Norombcga Hall, Bangor, Tknr.da7.Jane ttt, 1578, at 1» o’clock. for tlie purpose of nominating a candidate for Gov ernor and transacting any other business that may properly come before the convention. The basis of representation will be as follows:— Each city, town end plantation will bo ontillcd to on. delegate and one additional ior every 75 votes for the Republican candidate for Governor in 1872. A fraction of tb votes, nddliional to the full number for « delegate. Is also entitled to a delegate. Delegates are authorized to fill vacancies only wilh actual resident* of the county to which the town be longs. _ Tto State Committee will be in session at 0 o’clock the morning of the Convention for the reecptiou of .Tames G. Blaine, Kennebec, Chairman. William P- Pbye, Androscoggin. «ben Woodbury, Aroostook. T. PULLK.V, CnmbciHnd. P C. Pkbkin‘3, Franklin. Jons I>. Horn ins, Hancock. - X. B. Si'BAK, Knox. . g. s. Makble, Lincoln. K. E. Shaw. Oxford. John H. Lynde, Penobscot. E. A. Thompson, Piscataquis. E. D. Sewat.l. Sagadahoc. * Sswau. E. Pbbscott, Somerset. Fbed. Atwood. Waldo. Nr I aon S. Allan, Washington. Lewnakd Asdbbws, York. K. A. SMITH. Secretary. May 1,1S73-_ State Railroads. The Massachusetts people having nearly completed the Hoosac tunnel at a cost of twelve million,, are novr considering the quesiion of what disposition shall be made of it. One party and by far the greater part of the Legislature seem disposed to consolidate all the railroads that will he likely to avail thera K-lvcs of it, and dispose of it in a way to se cure the State a return of its investment. Another party, including a number of men of ability advocate the policy of the State pur chasing the roads ruuning through the tun nel and managing them as a c irporation. The leading papers of the State, however, op pose this policy and are not at a loss for ex amples to show that the government man agement of railroads aud canals has not proved successful. The experiment of rail road mauagement by the government doe, not premise well iu the Dominion where it is ~ being extensively tried, and in construction is found very expensive, not to say extravagant. As to the operating of road,, the experience of the government in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick, is far from flattering. The Nova Scotia lines are 144 miles in length. They had cost,up to the end of June, 1872, $6,976, 269. During the proceeding year the receipt, were $354,337, and the expenses $339,324. The profit was $15,013, which amounts to two mill, on the dollar of cost. This result is not due to a light business. During the year 191,167 passengers were carried, the pas senger mileage being 6,329,822; and 242,210 tons of freight were moved, the mileage being 11,697,0S5. In New Brunswick the cost of 149 mile, up to June 30,1872, was $4,760,553; the receipts for the year, $294,059; the work ing expenses, $226,816; the net revenue, $6S, 24B.—beint? less than one and a half ner rent. on tbe cost. The profit was larger on a shorter line and doing less business. The number of passengers carried was "288,056; one mile,6,793,673; tons of freight moved 98, 961; one mile, 6,823,164. Missouri by aiding railroads was take possession of several that c<ay|3p0t meet - ‘iiim tL,[l?-5tate!'^ These the State attempted to operate but so unsatisfac tory were the resui ts that the legislature in 1866 directed that they be sold. To show the dif ference between State and private manage ment in Missouri, it is stated that a road that netted but $6,064.45 in seven months under government, with only a slight increase oi business yielded $203,472.76 the first year that it was ruu by a private corporation. Another road returned $37,036.54 under gov ernment management, in five months. In 1871 with the same mileage, the purchasers realized a net profit oi $667,310.55. The people of Massachusetts will not find anything to encourage them to try the experi ment in that State from the above examples. But the conditions for successful manage ment by the State are more favorable in Massachusetts than iu the localities cited, and there "are thousands of iutelligent men who are eagerly watching the solution of tho railroad problem, who would like to see tbe theory ofjsuch management faiily put into operation in that State. There is a plausi bility in the theory of a State tunning a great avenue of trade in the interest of Ihe people, but it may tail in practice in the future as it has in the past. If, after a fair trial in a State like Massachusetts, it shall be declared a failure, it will not be worth tryiug again until there are certain indications of the approach of the millennium. TnE New York Evening Post in noticing the letter of Gen. Garfield to his constituents • who called upon him to resign, and the an nouncement that he has ordered tho back pay which ho never received to be turned back to the General Treasury, says: This is simply in accord with the conduct of General Garfield throughout his service in Congress, and is what we supposed would be his position. The Forty second Congress -e persistent foe of special legisla ted of one class at the ex r than General Garfield, and * differ from him as to tlia -*te on tire back salary ques e of saving the Appropria v *w.vjuinvu vi nil iuuvvU* are glad that he has so nis mark upon this kind of .. vUa •jbody can read him and ;e his opinion of its character. The New York Tribune, the Philadelphia Age and other leading Democratic papers take sharp issue w Uh the World in its declar ation that the Democratic party must make aggressive free trade the only plank in the party platform lor the future. The World may see that this is the • only issue it can raise to read the Tribune o.H of the Demo cratic party and thus again le without a jour nalistic rival in the commercial metropolis,but the Tribune and many thousand democrats believe that that old organization lias not struggled through the defeat and odium of the last twenty years for the sole purpose of sustaining Mr. Manton Marble’s newspaper. The friends of total abstinence have good cause for encouragement when the secular papers of New York city deplore intemper ance as as shamemi vice and pronounce it a crime to be punished. Yet such is the fact: and while they oppose prohibition and local option as remedies, they do say that “the times anew and fuller presentation of the wrongs of intemperance, and they re quire also the enforcement of penalties against drunkenness in public.’’ The Texas Legislature, as will be seen from a despatch, is badly reconstructed, and Jef ferson Davis in accepting its invitation to a public reception after it had voted not to ten der such a compliment to President Grant, exhibits a bit of insolence for which, in view of its mischivious tendency, the country will have no forbearance. The postmaster of Colfax Louisiana, the scene of the recent massacre has tendered hit resignation. lie does not complain at the salary of $12 per annum but being a quiet and peacefully inclined man, lie declares there is too much excitement about office holdinj ibere to make it attractive. Artillery against Indians Were not the drama now being enacted about the Atodoe Lava Beds so shockingly tragic, it would be a roaring farce. Tile marching of regular troops in lines of battle, the use of artillery and all the pomp and pageantry of glorious war against less than an hundred skulking redskins, seem utterly preposterous and absurd. A single company of frontiers men accustomed to the country and to the wiles of the savages would be more efficient than a division of regular troops and whole parivs of artillery; and the borderers are very ready to engage in this kind of warfare, for they hate the Indians as cordially as the Indians hate them. A call for volunteers would speedily produce a force capable of bet ter work than the whole United States army —horse, foot and dragoons—to say nothing of artillery. It is to be hoped that a little prac tical common sense may be infused from some quarter into the managementof this wretched business. The present system is too shock ingly costly in its lavish expenditure of the best blood of the nation, and what is worse this blood is spelled in vain. The Indians are not only unconquered but gain encourage _s r- wrwnuql atrocities bv their easv triumph. Nothing hut repetitions of past lior • rors can he looked for under this stately style I of warfare. Let us, in the name of humanity, employ the means which are ready to our hand, in the persons cf the sturdy hunters, trappers and miners cf the west who have a knowledge of Indian warfare which cannot be acquired at West Point. Lieutenant Albion.Howe who is re ported to be among the killed in the late Mo doc battle was well known by many people ia Maine. He was a son of Col. Marshall S. Howe who before he received an army ap pointment, was deputy sheriff in this county, and a grand-son of Dr. Howe, who was a well known physician of Standish forty years ago. Lieutenant Howe was born in Florida about 1838. He entered Bowdoin College in 1867 and graduated in 1861. In 1863 he entered the volunteer service as a lieutenant in the 14th New York Artillery but afterwards re ceived an appointment as miyjor on the staff of his uncle, Gen. A. P. Howe. At the close of the war he was mustered out and going to Boston was appointed by Collector Hamlin to a position in the Boston Custom House. In 1866 he was commissioned second lieutenant in the fourth artillery and in 1869 promoted to first lieutenacy. The same year he married a' daughter of Gen. W. F. Barry commanding the artillery school at Fortress Monroe. In the meantime he had been brevetted captain in the regular army and colonel of volunteers, He fairly won the reputation in the late war ol being a brave soldier; and,as we remember, he always claimed to be a Maine man and was proud of the distinction. The New York Herald leaves O’Kclley for a moment in order to be funny by solemnly advising the farmers to let both political parties severely alone. This is very much like advis ing a man not to get pushed in a dense crowd of people. ‘ We understand that Judge Kicc has not yet decided whether or not he will accept the po sition of resident Vice President of the North ern Pacific Railroad on the Pacific coast. Letter from Camden. STEAMBOATS REFUSE FREIGHT. Camden, April 29th, 1873. Mr. Editor :—You will remember that I wrote you at Waterville, stating that in all probability it would be necessary to put an other boat on the Bangor and Boston route to carry freight. The prediction has proved too true. Last night the Cambridge refuse'’ to come to the wharf, being already ’ loaded with freight—but allow passen gers to come on board in rf There was a large lot of fieigh. - .listing of eggs, veal, and olher meji^.dise demanding im mediate transpm# The cost of carting to v>rgni mues j, ana senamg Uy cars cannot hip-Sustained by shippers, so the mer chaudjgg win have to lay over till Thursday, ■"ij^fprobably no better chance of shipment ^Xhen. We must have our other boat here ' between Boston and Bangor. It is an impo sition on the public not to have one put on immediately. No one can do it, perhaps, better than the Sanfords, but we don't care who the parlies are, it we can only have a chance to ship our freight. Kai Gab. Suicide at FuYKBuna Center.—I am pain ed to record the death of Frank W. Chandler of Fryeburg, a young man eighteen years old, of good habits, and son of Moses Chandler, a respectable and well to do farmer. Some days ago he went to Dr. Damson and bought ten cents worth of morphine. Monday he came again and called for fifty cents worth, asking the Doctor liow much it would take to kill a man. The Doctor replied there was enough to kill half a dozen. No suspicions were aroused from the fact that lie had been in the habit of using considerable morphine during the winter for neuralgia, from which he had been a great sufferer. Not appearing at the usual hour Tues day morning, parties went to his room where they found him conscious, hut under the influ ence of a large dose of morphine. Medical aid was immediately summoned, but he could not be restored, and died in the evening. The reason for this act may bo drawn from the following facts: Some two or moro years ago Moses Chandler, his father, buried his wife, and afterwards hired a Miss Guptill, a poor hut smart and prepossessing youug girl, as house keeper. Frank soon became enamored of the girl, who, being older, artfully encouraged him. After a few weeks he took her into New Hamp shire where they were married. The father was naturally very indignant at this, and im mediately sent the wife of his only son to her father’s hou«e and made an attempt to secure a divorce, which has not been accomplished. The unpleasant complication in which the young man found himself, aggravated by a new intimacy is supposed to have led to the sad ter minatiou of his life. * * * Kcws and other Items. No beer can be sold in Boston after May 1st. Boston is to have a new paper, The After Dinner. Cleveland, O., fanatics insist upon having this world put an end to on the second of May. Tbo Union Pacific Railway made 391,000 in passenger fares during the first week of the cur rent mouth. William Cullen Bryant, in his 78th year, walks on an average, twelve miles a day. Girls scarcely ten years of age work in tho Lawrence mills from 6i o’clock in tho morning till ten at night. The St. Albans butter market was active on Tuesday, with a dccli no iu pricos.which ranged from 30 to 36 cents. Tho preliminary work in tho government suits against the Union Pacific Railroad is nearly completed. Ex-Congressman Sutherland of Michigan, who took the back pay, lately ran fer Mayor of Saginaw, and was naturally enough defeated. The students of Kentucky University arc re ported in active rebellion because tho faculty forbid their selecting ex-President Andrew Johnson as their orator for commencement. A Chicago man is suing a druggist for $23. 000 for killing his wife by a wrong prescription The druggist has filed a conuter claim of the amount for benefits. Mr. Robinson from Pawtucket, Maine (?), according to the Milwaukee Wisconsin, has been visiting that city. He is one hundred and twenty-two years old—or less. The graduates of Colby University, resident in and near Boston, will have their annual din ner at Young’s Hotel Friday evening. After dinner they will call it Young S’liotel. Among the newspapers which the Pope has recontly placed on the “index Expurgatorius” are the New York Evening Mail tho New York Times, Harper’s Weekly and tho Independent. A special act which was drainiug the Treas ury of Florida wa3 repealed by the late Legis lature, but now the repealing act has been stolen, and the drain goc3 on. Some of the postmasters in backwoods town skips, whose salaries rango from 35 t» 810 * year, think that if the compensation was paid yearly, instead of quarterly, as now, it might be of some use to them. A “milk and musli sociable" was recently held at Little Rock, Ark., in aid of one of the churches, and the Republican says that it was as well attended and highly appreciated as it was novel and strange.” A runaway horse in Providence, R, I., Sat urday afternoon, struck a telegraph pole and knocked down the fire-alarm wires, sounding an unanswered alarm. The pole struck a horse car, and almost killed a woman in the car; the horsa disappeared. • Edward H. G. Clark publishes a caitl in tiie Albany Times, statin" that lie is about to 1 issuoapaper called tho 'Thundertolt. where be w.U -arraign every great social force that has entered into the late national conspiracy to hide the biuf of Heury Ward Bccchcr.” on^rcssman Dunuell of Minnesota, who also took the back payment §75 of it to the Baptist church in Ovatonua, of which lie is a member, with a note to the pastor explaining the matter The latter declined to become 3 receiver of stolen goods, and returned the money. Lockhart Gordon, a high India official, advo cates Bible instruction in Indian schools, on the ground that the course pursued iu the secular schools leads Hindoo pupils to loose faith in their superstition. Having abandoned it and lost.ali . e restraint which it exercised over them, til' ed -.eated youths of India come forth destitute i moral principle. The Conuni -ioucr of Internal Revenue de nies the statements that increased expenses of collectors will halanco the saving by the aboli tion of assessorships, which he says are largely circulated by those officials who lose their posi tions iu the consolidation. He thinks that the work of the bureau will certainly be done at an annual cost of §1,000,000 less than under the old law. _ STATE NEWS. ANDROSCOGGIN COUNTY. Martha A. Tinkbara and Alice Barns, two Kiris from Lewiston, were rescued last Tuesday from a den of infamy iu Boston. They were induced to go there, while ignorant of the character of the bouse, under the promise of Lewiston led to their discovery and rescue. Dr. Wiggiu of Auburn is at home sick. John Townsend of Lewiston,who was thrown from his carriage and badly injured, is recover ing. Auburn is to have a new shoe jobbing estab lishment. The Androscoggin Musical Society of Lewis top, with Ballard’s to visit Bruns wick and give a concert next Monday evening. Lewiston has 2560 Americans, 1677 Irish, 1181 French, and a sprinkling of other nation alities for scholars in her public schools. Of •iho 6,726 scholars, less than one half are of American parentage. AROOSTOOK COUNTS-. The new broom factory at Moulton is to turn out from three to five thousand dozen brooms annually. CUMBERLAND COUNTY. ' Taylor & Percy of Bridgton. Lave recently put into their mill one of Morton & Merrill’s patent shingle machines, which is capable of working 20,000 shingles per day. The steamer Sebago will begin her regnlar trips about the middle of May. She is now at Harrison receiving a coat of paint. Tho ladies of the Universalist circle at Bridgton,have wiped ont their church debt of $1330, and have something left over. The Bridgton News has purchased an Im proved Fairhaven Job Press, for their new of fice. Three American chemical fire engines have recently been purchased by as many private citizens of Harrison. The Pondicherry Company of Bridgton, which was incorporated last winter, held a meeting Tuesday of last week and chose tho following officers. President, Rufus Gibbs, Directors, Geo. Taylor, Wm. F. Pony, Wm. W. Cross, John P. Pcrley, Wm. A. Stevens, Henry Mil liken; Treasurer and Clerk, Owen B. Gibbs. This company has a capital stock of $100,000, the shares being $1000 each, and all the stock but $0000 is already taken up. A new boiler and dye house arc to be Built in the Pondicher ry Mills, and sorno general repairs made; the old company are using up tho raw material ou hand, and the new company will coinmenco operations in a few weeks. Harrison has a curiosity in the shape of a strangely barked tree. From one-half to two thirds of the bark is removed clean from the treo from near the top to within four or five feet of the ground, and is scattered in fine dust on the ground. There arc no marks upon the tree. There arc other trees in a similar condi tion in the vicinity. There arc sixteen unoccupied houses in Har rison. F. A. Hill of Bridgton, is largely engaged in the manufacture of trunk cleats. He has con tracts with parties in Massachusetts, He turns out 23,000 cleats per day. KENNEBEC COUNTY., ^ Tht Journal savs Judge JSsfiThas returned from his California trq>. J. L. CheestThan Esq., of Gardiner was thrown frofm Ills carriage last Tuesday in Hal low£UrT>reaking his shoulder. OXFORD COUNTY. •T. C. Hodge of Denmark, is to open a new salework establishment this spring, employing 20 girls. Gray & Pendextcr of Denmark, are enlarging their manufactory so as to employ 20 or 30 more girl3. TENOBSCOT COUNTY. ‘ .Lewis Deves has been appointed postmaster at North Hermon, vice John Graves resigned. A Mr. Smith of Eddiugion was thrown from his r - mage in Bangor last Sunday and received painf ul injuries about the head. Q hf iv i3. t null tin alinnf; tho riionca footiYrxr of. Haniph.L Internal commotion iu cheese is very hat1. Dennis McCarthy’s house in Bangor was bur glarized last Thursday night. Chandler Merrill of Winterport is to carry the mail between Wiatcrport and Bangor. A meeting of the stockholders of the Bangor & Piscataquis Knilroad Company is called for May 14th, to see If they will authorize a per petual lease of their road to the E. &. N. A. Railroad Company. The Whig understands that Messrs. D. Knowlton & Co. of Camden, have contracted to furnish one hundred sets of car wheels and axles of the “continental gauge” for the E. & N. A. Railway, for use when tho track has been narrowed. Messrs. Knowlton & Co . will also build a large number of box cars for this road. A large fog bell, hung in a frame so as to ho rung by tho action of the tides, has been in vented and built in Bangor and taken to Sears port for trial. The Bangor atid Piscataquis Slate Company have shipped their fifth cargo of slato to Boston since the river opened at at Bangor. Mrs. S. W. Coombs of Mattawamkcag, was thrown from her carriage on Monday last and fractured her arm. A young man named Foss was arrested on Monday in the town of Lee, for robbing the house of C. S. House. Epes Davi3, Jr., of Bangor, has been ap pointed postal elerk on the route between Ban gor and Boston,vice S. R. M. Richardson trans ferred. SAGADAHOC COUNTY At Bath on Tuesday, a committee, consisting of four from each religious society, was organ ized in behalf of tho Maine General Hospital Fair. They will meet again on Saturday to complete arrangements. SOMERSET COUNTY. Mr. Jefferson Taylor, of tho senior class of Colby University,has been engaged as Principal of the Skowbegan high school YORK COUNTY. The new enrollment of scholars in district No. 1, Saco, shows 1573, an iucrease of nearly 200 since last year. The loss by fire in Saco for the year ending March 1,1873, was SO,400. Ship building is rather up-hill work in Saco, carpenters being very scarce. IN GENERAL. It is estimated that this State now haa 6,000 manufactories, giving employment to over 40, 000 persons, the aggregate products amounting to $80,009,000. Sineo 1850 the State has more than trebled the number of her manufacturing establishments. What Is Vitality t Science has not yet answered this conundrum Tho principle of life, in spite of tho researches of chemists, doctcrs and metaphj slcians, remains un known. We know, however, that when the blood is impure, the stomach inert, the bowels irregular, the liver disordered, or I ho nerves relaxed, this life sus taining principle, whatever it may be, is shorn of its active power and that the body it animates languish es. Wc know, too, such of us are capable of deriving knowledge from authenticated tacts, that HoBtctter’s Stomach Bitters correct Impurities of tho blood, lu vigoratethe stomach, regulate the bowels, tonic tho liver and brace tho nerves, thereby combatting and Bubauinu tllO IfiArllntr mm-Tiirl unnHififin tnrifl tn shorten lite. The average time of humain existence might unquestionably bo greatly lengthened bv judi cious stimulation, especially in tho decline of life, and this famou-* preparation is undoubtedly the mostw holesome stimulant at present known. SPECIAL NOTICES. WANTED A WOMAN TO MAKE BUTTON HOLES AND BUSHELS AT OB1N HAWKES & CO., 290 and 293 Congress Street, myl sn3t BATCHELOR’S IIAIB DYE. This splendid Hair Dve is the brst in the world The only True and Perfect Dye. Harmless Reliable and Instantaneous; no disappointment; no ridiculouf tints or unpleasant odor. Remedies tho ill fleet* o! bad dyes washes. Produces Immediately a super! Black or Natural Brown, and leaves the hail clean, soft and beautiful. The genuine, signed W. A. aiehelor. Sold _I ldsw tyrsN THE BETTER \V"aY. IJ '*.0 to all is just and true, V. h whom he deals from day to dav. Wilt 1 his labors shall review, \y■,’ f- 1 it was “the belter way." Bcr-id. ■ i it pleasure it will give To have I ,ose he has dealt with say— Piano Tnninff. Ordors atlondod to personally by ED. B. ROBINSON, I'inno Boomi, A Cnlioon Illock. iOpposite City Half.) marJf-dSm. SPECIAL NOTICES. FOB FAMILY USE. THE HALFORD LEICESTERSHIRE T-A-B L-E S-A-U-C-E Tlie best Sauce un«l Relish Illadc in any Fart ol the World —FOB— • tr-s-ic. w«l*.*0 Cent* Ilalf Fiat* .... 30 Cent*. FOR SALE BY ALL OROCEBS. E. T. ELDER dr CO„ NOW OFFER At Ono Pr»inA hdH nn Vor»i. ation. 20 Pieces new style Jap Silks for 25e yard; nsual retail price 38c. 22 Pieces I^st quality for 50c yard well worth 75c yard. All of our Black Silks at Equally Low Prices. 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The public aic therefore lequestcd to give prompt information to him of any cruelty to animals that may come to their knowledge, and ’he will see to it that the offenders are brought to speedy and strict justice. Per order. ap29 ___sntf FOR PIMPLES ON THE FACE Blackhead and Flesh-worm, nsc PERRY’S improv ed Comodone and Pimple Remedy, the great skin medicine. Prepared only by Dr. B. C. PERRY, Dermatologist, 49 Bond St., N. Y. Sold by Druggists everywhere. mai22d&wsn6ml7 IlCI. THE commodious four storied Brkk Store, No. 57 Commercial St.—Immediate poaaasion given. Inquire of ELIAS THOMAS <& CO., No. 90 Commercial St. Orol W.W. THOMAS. Cauai National Bank. septlisntf For Sale. Frcble House Hack and Livery Stock. Consisting of Coaches, Hacks Barouches, togeatbor with tho en tire Livery Stock. Tho abovo Stock is first class and will be sold at a bargain. Stable for sale or Lease. JOSHUA DAVIS & CO. apr24sndtf Treble House Stable. CONSUMPTION CAN BE CURED MCHENCK’S PULMONIC SYRUP, SCHENCK’S SEAWEED TONIC, SCBENCK’S MANDRAKE PILLS, Are the only medicines that will cure Pulmonary consumption. Sometlmos medicines that will stop a cough will of ten occasion the death of the patient. It locks up the liver, stops the circulation of the blood, hemorrhage follows, and, in ihet, clogging the action of the very organs that caused the cough. Ltvor complaint and dyspepsia arc the causes of two-thiids of the cases of consumption. Many are now complaining with dull pain in tho side, the bow els sometimes costive and sometimes ton loose, tongue coated, pain in tho shoulder blade, feeling someiimes very restless, and at other times drowsy; the food that is aken lies heavily on the stomach.'aecompanl ed with acidity and belching of wind. These symp toms usually originate trom a disordered condition of the stomach or a torpid liver. Persons so affected, if they take one or two heavy colds, and if the cough in those cases be suddenly stopped, the lungs, liver and stomach clog, and remain torpid ami inactive, and before tue patient is awaro of his situation, the Kings areamaes of sores, aud ulcerated, a„d death is the inevitable result. Schenck’s Pulmonic Syrup is an expectorant whh-h docs not contain any opium, nor anything calculated to check a cough suddenly. Schenck’s Seaweed tonic dlss v the food mixes with the gastric julco of the sto acli, digests easily nourishes the system, and crest a healthy circula tion of tho blood. When the els arc costive, skin shallow, and tho patient is a billiouB habit, Schenck’s Mandrake Pills are required. These medicines are prepaired by Dr. J. H. SCHENCK & SON, Noitheast. corner of Sixth and Arch streets, Philadelphia, Penn., and tor sale by GEO. C. GOODWIN & CO., 38 Hanover street, Bos ton, and John F. Henry, 8 Collegeplaco, New York. For sale by Druggists generally. soptSsneodtf BONDS!

BONDS of western cities and counties, 10 per cent, interest and principal payable in tbe oast. Private property as well as public reached. Debts very small in proportion to property aud therefore easily paid. Careful investors are invited to call and examine the Bouds. Liws aud Decisions of the courts upon such securities and will tind them very safe. Tnere is nothing better. J ^, . CHABLBS M. HAWKES, ftb7*B.t 28 Exchange st., Portland. SPECIAL NOTICES. ] WONDERFUL CURES!j DK. I li A \ > , OF BOSTON, j Who has made h> many Wonderful Cares all ovoi tlio New England States, is at the PREBLE HOUSE, ! Aiul will Remain a Few Weeks. Every invalid should poo him, no matter what their complaint may be, 20,000 Patients have been Treated by him within the last ten years, with Wonderful Success. Head the follovriux Wonderful Cures in Blaine t Dr. Urann, who has made so many wonderful cures in this town and others, will remain in town but a short t ime longer. He has had good success. The case of Mr. J. B. Redann, Attorney at Law in this town, is truly a wonderful one, w’hen Dr. Urann was called to see him a week ago Friday, he was not able to turn himself in bed; hols now able to walk the street and is daily gaining strength.—[Ellsworth American. The above statement, so far as I am concerned, is but the simple truth, and I cheerfully endorse it as an act of justice to Dr. Urann, and earnestly recom mend all persons afflicted with Rheumatism, Neu ralgia, or other kindred complaints, whether acute or chronic, to give him a call, being sanguine that he will cure them. JOHN B. REDMAN. Ellsworth, Jan. 7,1373._ This will certify that I was troubled with Sciatic Rheumatism anti suffered great paiu, was unable to sleep without taking morphine, could not walk. I was carried to Dr. urann’s office, at the DeWitt House, and after one treatment was free from pain, and have been able to work ever since. A. W. BAILEY. Auburn, May 7, I860. : , Lewiston, May 7,1863. This will certify that I had lost the use of my lower limbs and was unable to walk or even stand, had several physicians who pronounced my case incura ble. Hearing of Dr. Urann’s Wonderful Cures, I sene ior mm. in less man a weeK was> aoie to walk in tho streets, and can now walk two miles daily. JAMES F. BRADBUkY. ' 'Ellsworth, Oct. 8,1837. To the Machias Republican.—Gents:—As Dr, Urann, of Boston, is about visiting your place, and a stranger in these parts, I know very well, like most physicians traveling, he will be looked upon with sus picion, particularly as his cures look miraculous. I had been obliged to walk on crutches for cue year, and for nine months was not able to put my foot to the floor. My spine and arm were also so lame as to nearly disable me. I could not dress or iindr-ss my self, or get oft tho bed without help. Ho tre~* d my case last Friday morning, and In less i ha? hour after I was able to walk home, a distance oi nearly half a mile, up hill, without crutches, an I have been gaining ever since. J. K. JORDAN. rach26sntf formerly Deputy Sheriff. ~L e a c h . 84 middle Street, j Has got back fromJNew York with an immense stock of FASHIONABLE DRY GOODS ! j At his prorcrbritl Lott Figaros. LEACH, 84 MIDDLE! STREET. j apr29 sn2w bank or Portland! On, and after this date, the undersigned will cany ■ on a strictly Banking business, at tho Banking Rooms now occupied by the Second National Bank, in Portland, Maine, under the style of the ‘‘BANK OF PORTLAND” and as such, will receive Deposits and make Discounts, iu the regular course of the Banking Business. W. N. GOOLD. Portland, June 24th, 1872. jun23newlt then sa tf ■ m0S OX TOE BREAKFAST. IAJSCHEOX, DIXXEK _ A'w SUPPER TABLE. liEA Sc PERRINS’ Worcestershire Saner IS INDESPENSABLE. JOHN DUNCAN’S SONS, New Terk, Agents for the United States. ootl7_ eodsnly “Buy ITIe and I’ll do yon Good.”.—DR LANGLEY’S ROOT AND HERB B1TTETS. &o drugs, no poisons, nothing deleterious, nothing but healthy roots and herbs, such as Sarsaparills, Wild Cherry, Yellow Dock, Prickly Ash, Thoroughwort, Mandrake, Rhubarb, Dandelion,&c., so compounded as to rea ;h the fountains of disease, and absolutely cure all Humors. Liver and Billious Diseases, Jaun dice, Dyspepsia, Costivcuess, Scrofula, and all diffi culties arising from a diseased stomach or impure blood. Twenty years of unrivalled success has prov ed them to be the best medicine in tho world. GEO. C. GOODWIN & CO., Boston, and all druggists. marCsneodl6w Arerill Chemical Paint Co., Manufactnrcrs of PUREST WHITE! AND i Any Desired Shade or Color, Prepared for Immediate Application. | SOLD ByTlie GALLOX ©NX.Y ! DURABLE. BEAUTIFUL, ECONOMICAL. i D. M. YEOMANS, General Eastern Agent, 83 Commercial St. Portland, j wl2-eodtf tn FOR MOTH, PATCHEST FRECKLES And TAN, use PERRY’S Moth and Freckle Lotion. It is reliable and harmless, Sold by Druggists everywhere. Depot, 49 Rond St., N. Y. mar22 d&wsnGml7 xMARRIED. In this city, April 30. Thomas Pike and Miss Mag gie Blades, both of Portland. In Skowhegan, April 21, Wm. J. Sewell and Miss Mary E. Dole. 4 • •• * *ubee, April 12, Lemuel Rumeryaud Miss Lydia Gnptill. iu uaina, April 1G, Gideon Preble of Winslow and Mrs. Emily J. Larrabee of Somersot Mills. DIED.! In this city. April 29, Mrs. Paulina, wife of Capt. Chas. L. Millikcn, aged 55 years 10 months. [Funeral services Thursday afternoon at 3J o’clock, at No. 26 Munjoy Btreet. Transcript copy.] In Falmouth, April 1G, Mr. Samuel Swctt, aged 79 years 10 months. In Bridgtcn, April 26, Mrs. Lucinda Mead, widow of tho late John Mead, aged 70 years 11 months. In Bridgton, April 25, Mrs. Anna, widow of tho lato D. Stiles, aged SO years. DEPARTURE OF OCEAN STEAMERS JTAME FROM FOR DATE Cleopatra. ..New York. .Hav& VCraz May 1 Westphalia.New York. .Hamburg., .May 1 Hatteras.New York. .Bermuda... May 1 City of New York. .New York. .Liverpool . May 1 Austrian.Portland .. .Liverpool . .May 3 Pereire.New York. .Havre .May 3 Samaria.Boston. ... Liverpool_May 3 City of Paris.New York. .Liverpool.... May 3 Australia.New York. .Glasgow.May 3 Celtic.Now York .Liverpool_May 3 Crescent City.New York.. Havana.May 6 Malta.Boston.Liverpool_May 6 Scotia...,.New York. .Liverpool—May 7 Ismalia.New York.. Glasgow..... May 7 Wisconsin.New York..Liverpool_May 7 City of Baltimore.. .New York.. Liverpool.May 8 City of Havana_ New York..Havana.Mav 8 Lagos.New York. .St Thomas... May 10 Wilmington.New York. .Havana.May 13 Hecla.Boston.Liverpool-May 13 South America. New York Rio Janeiro.. May 23 miniature Aim none.may 1. Sun rises.4.55 j Moon rises. AY. Sun sets.C.59 I High water. 2.45 1*M MARINE NEWS. PORT OF PORTLAND. WcdncdtiT, April 30. ARRIVED. fS+Aampr f!hr>Rftnp*iVp. Mnncrnm. Now Ynrlr—na^enn. gers and mdse to Hcnrv Fox Sch Mary Louise, (of Portland) Simpson, Gtiaynn illa PR—207 puncheons 18 tcs molasses to Phinncy & Jackson. Scb E C Smith, Newcomb, Chesapeake Ray—oys ter# to H Freeman & Co. Sch Geo Savage, Nye, New York—coal to Rich Jfc Junkies. Sch Gazelle, Gardiner, Pembroke. Sch Columbia, Stover, Bristol for Boston. CLEARED. Sch Annio E Glover, Terry, Jacksonville—J Nick erson. Sch A L Lockwood, St John, Washington—E Free man. Sch M & E Henderson, Spear, Georgetown DC—E Freeman. Sch Maggie D Marston, Marston, Philadelphia— E Freeman. Scb J M Richards, Irving. New York—E Freeman. Sch Spring Bird, (Cr) McLean, St John. NB—John Porteous. Sch Anna Elizabeth, Getchcll, Bangor, to load for New York—J Nickerson. Sch Sally S Godfrey, Godfrey, Kennebec, to load tor Philadelphia—J Nickerson. memoranda. Brig M A Herrera, ashore at Cape Henry, has been stripiiod and will probably be a total loss, as she is settling in ihe sand. Sch St Elmo, before reported in collision with the sloop President, carried away head gear and flying jibboom. The sloop was cut down to tlio water and her master, (Marshall) killed. Sch Addlo Kyerson, Pike, from Lubcc for Wind sor, NS, struck on Mnlholland’s Point, Campobcllo, 23d, hut came off next tide with only light damage. DOMESTIC PORTS. NEW ORLEANS—Ar 21th, sells Florcnco V Turn er. Graves, and Wm Fisher, Lyman. Kuatan. &ATILLA MILLS—Ar 21st, sch Thos Fish, Young, Bath. Me, Sid 17th, sch C R Flint, Douglass, Batli. BRUNSWICK, GA—A r 20th, sch Tangier, Sauls burv, Boston, to load ior Addison. SAVANNAH—Sid 28th, schs Maggie Mulvcr. Al len, Boston; Charter Oak, Poole. Bath and wiscas Bct; Effio J Simmons. Simmons, Bath. GEORGETOWN, SC—Ar 21st, brig Gambia, Gilley, New York. WILMINGTON—Ar 26th, sch N A Farwcll, Fanr ham. Boston. Cld 26th. schs Altaycla. Coggins. Hnyti; Lilllas, Griffin. Matanza#; Henry Whitney, Perkins, Caslinc; H G Thorndike, Thorndike. Satilla River. NORFOLK—Ar 20th, schs H S Rowe, Tavonen, Boothbay; Enterprise. Falker Richmond. BALTIMORE-Ar 28th, brig Wm U Parks, Dix, Cardenas; sch Irene E Mcscrvcy, Meservev, from Providence. Cld 26th. sch Ida S Burgess, Lymbnrncr. Savannah PHILADELPHIA—Ar 28th, brig Josie C Hazel tine, Hassell, New York; sch May Munroc, Hall, Uatamxu. NEW YOKE—Ar 2Sth, schs U A Book, Gray, from Baracoa 7 days; B A Edwards, Miller. WllmltiKton; Honest Abe, Gould. Portland; Waterloo Peck, from Vinalhavcn; Abigail Haynes, Smith, Rockport, J 1 Henry, Snow, Portland. , . Cl»i 28tb. brig Myronus, Higgins, Matanzas; sch M E Higkins Paine, Harbor Island. * Cld 29ui, barques Ada Gray, Race, for Montevideo; Florence Peters. Mitchell, Matauzas; brig Cascatelle, Simmons, do; Acelia Thurlow, Gallison, do; Ante lope, Rumball, Cardenas. Sid 28th, ship John Harvev. for Mobile; sch Edw Waite, for Havana. Passed through Hell Gato 28th, schs Scud, Ilallo weli. New York for Boston; F A Pike, Gove, Hobo ken lor Salem; Daylight, McFaddeu, fm Virginia for New Haven. PROVIDENCE—Sid 29tb, sch Flora Condon,Con don. Jacksonville. NEWPORT—Ar 28th, schs Wm Arthur. McDuflle. Portland for Baltimore; Sunbeam, Bunker, Provi dence tor Georgetown. VINEYARD-HAVEN—Ar 28th, schs Helen J Hol way, Dow, Philadelphia for Boston; Kate Mitchell, Eastman, and Rival, Duntou, Pori land lor N York; Gen Howard, Erskins, Gardiner for do ; Kendrick Fish, Rawley. Fox Island for do; Terrapm, Wooster, Portland for Elizabethport; E E Stimpson. Randall, do for Bridgeport; Baltic, Parker, do for Providence; Hero, Foss, Belfast for Rondout. Sid, schs Tarquin, Mary Ellen, Burniab, C S Reg ers. E E Stimpson. Ar 29th. sells Sedona, Wall, James River for Bath; Chas Comery, Creamer, Salem for Wood’s Hole. BOSTON—Ar 27th, brigs Clytio, Dow, fm Messina; Geo Gilchrist, Hart, New Orleans; schs Eli, Stew art, Guayanilla; schs S L Burns, Allen, Alexandria; Senator Grimes, Pbilbrook, Elizabethport: Lacon, Kilpatrick, Hoboken; Sardinian, Yates, and Charlie Cobb, Ames, Rondout; Mary Clark, Perry, Rondout; JEGamage, Pitcher, do; Grecian, Mitchell, New York; Telegraph, Woodward,and Highlander,Wood, Ellsworth; Otranto, Hammond,and Forester,Loring, do; L S Barnes, Coleman, New York. Cld 27th. schs Nellie Carr, Lansil, Bangor; Forest, McAllister, Rockport. Ar 3Uth, baraue Alexandrina. Mitchell, C'icnfuegos; sch Hannibal. Pendleton, Hoboken. Cld 30tli, steamer Mississippi, Dunlevy, Portland, to load lor Liverpool. PORTSMOUTH—Ar 27th, brig J W Drisko, Has kell, New York. Ar 28th, sch Storm King, Higgins, from Baltimore; Herald, Frisbie, Elizabethport. FOREIGN PORTS. Passed Anjier March 2, barque Metis, Ellis, from Batavia for Akyab. Passed Gibraltar 3d, brig F H Todd, Maguire, from Messina for Boston. Arat Marseilles 29th, barque McGilvery, Nichols, Boston. Cld at Liverpool 18th, ship L B Gilchrist, Emerson, Boston. Ar at Falmouth, E, 23'h, ship Hattio E Tapley, Tapley, Valparaiso, (ordered to Dunkirk.) At Buenos Apres Mch 27, barques Philena, Chase, for Boston; La Plata, Crowell, for New York; AC Bean, Wooster; Sami B Hale, Matthews; L H Jaek son. Marwick, and Sami E Spriug, Small, wtg; brig ill IK- ** 1U81UW, WUlbXl, 1X0. Ar at Montevideo 22d, barque Geo Walker, Walker, Brunswick. Ga; 26th. Nonpareil. Flinn, do. In port Mcb 28, barque American Lloyds, Park, for Boston; Isaac Lincoln. Jordan, wig,(has been report ed sailed for Calcutta); brig Clara Jenkins, Coombs, tor Boston; and others. Sid fm Rio Janeiro 29tli ult, ship Sami Watts, Mil ler. (trom Cardiff) for Callao; brigs Moraney. Gor ham, Baltimore ; R W Messer. Smith, New York; Apl 3, Sarah & Emma, Carter. Baltimore. Sid fra St Thomas 16th, schs Mary A Holt, Higgins, Cuba; Grace B West, Lord. do. ® Ar at Cienfuegos lOtli, brig Amos M Roberts. Jen kins, Kingston, Ja. Sid 10th, sch David Wasson, Jones, Boston. Ar at Cardenas 19th, schs Nellie Star, Poland, from Martinique; 20th. Annie Bliss, Simmons, New York; 22d, Mercy T Trundy. fm Apalachicola; Marcia Rey nolds, Houghton, St Johti, NB. Sid 12th, brigs Mariposa, Staples, North of Hat teras; J Pollcdo. Dyer, do; 18tli. schs Amos Walker, Dunn, do; David Ames, Ames, do; Nettie Cushing, Wood, do; 20th, Eva May, Andrews, do; Lizzie 15 Gregg, Anderson, Sagua ; St Crcix, Eaton, for Now York. Ar at Havana 18th, brigs Isis, Anderson, Boston; Helen O Phinney, Boyd, Philadelphia. Sid 23d, barque Shamrock, Dow, Sagua. Ar at Matanzas 21st, barques Coplias Starrett, Bab hid ge, Portland; Sarah E Fraser, Knight, Havana; 18th, schs Nellie Bell, Stahl, Fcrnandina; 19th, Del ia ont. Gales, Portland; 21st, Kocheko, Jasper, New York. Sid 16th, brig J Bickmorc, Henly, Baltimore; 17th, barque Caribou, Bibber, lor North of Uatteras; brig Chimborazoo, Coombs, for Baltimore; 18th, barque Courser, Marsden. New York; 19th, Shannon, Saw yer, do; sch Light of the East, Clark, for North of Hatteras. Ar at Sagua 13th, brigs Raven, Spencer. Cardenas; 14th, Proteus, Dyer, Baltimore; 20th. Hattie S Bish op. Johnson, Caibaricn; Casrillian, Crouchen, Port land; sch Agnes, Hodgdon, Pensacola. Sid ICth, sch Jas Warren, Drisko, Philadelphia Ar at St John, NB. 28th. prig Boston; schs M R YrVrrlij| XitocsT. dlnsgow, do; barque J Sargent, (Dew) Leigh SPOKEN. March 25, lat 1 N, Ion 32 W, ship St Nicholas, from San Francisco for Liverpool. April 14, lat 30 20, Ion 74 12, ship Helen Clinton, Blanchard, from New Orleans for Falmouth. NEW ADVERTISEMENTS GRAND OPENING — OF — SPRITS' Gr GOODS — AT — F. LATNER’S, GROS GRAIN RIBBONS ! In all new shades, viz:—Bronze Browns, Nile and Sago Greens, Turquoise, Blue and all colors. No. 9 at 36c; No. 12 at 16c; No. 10 at 53c per yd. All silk, best quality, full widths warranted. Also second quality Gros.Grain Eibbons very cheap. Plaid .Watered aad Roiled Hash Ribbons 25 per cent less any other Store in the City. TURQUOISE SILKS in all new shades at $1.50 per yard. Preneh Flowers, Brussel* Race for Veils, Spanish and French Blonde Races at very low prices. REAL fli ALTA LACES * 100 pieces newest patterns, warranted all sill:, hand made, at Importers Prices. BRAIDED (iinpg. 50 pieces from 20c per yard and upwards. Also rich Cloak Ornaments from 38c a piece and upwards. KID GLOVES! KID GLOVES! 20 doz. 2-Button Gloves at 62c per pair; 20 doz. at 00c per pair; 50 doz. best German goods in all shades $1.15 (worth S1.50); Eonninger’s 2-Button,best qual ity, at $1.50 per pair (worth $1.85); also the celebrat ed Courvoislers leading Glove in New York and Josephine Seamless Kids retailing at wholesale price. Gents’Kid Gloves at $1/25; the best in ezistcnceat $1.90 per pair. CORSETS ! CORSETS ! Best German Colored and Whito at 70c per pair and French Corsets at $1.00 and upwards. Fringes, Tissues, Fans and Parasols and small wares HAMBURG EDGINGS closings out at cost. Jtew York Brancli, 335 Congress Street. P. S.—As I could not sell the stock and fixtures (as advertised a few months ago) to any advantage, I have concluded to remain heica season or so, and will endeavor to keep the choicest goods in my lino at the lowest possible prices. Respectfully, F. LATNER. *■___ U BABY CARRIAGES. Ask for Whitney's Patent Spring Carrirge. Every one marked patented. All otnery arc immitations. Those Carriages cannot be tipped over. Every Car Jiage watranted not break. Having been in the Baby Carriage business lor the past 18 >ears, wo are confident that wc undone land our business, and know whose carriages are the best. WHOLESALE -AJSTX) RETAIL At the Lowest Prices by c. DAY, jr. & co., 94 Exchange St. xnyl oodiw IF YOU WANT TO FIT A DIFFICULT FOOT — GO TO — PALMER’S, 132 Middle Street, Whcro you can get a wide or narrow, full or elim Boot just the width and length that will be easy and graceful, and enjoy tho rare luxury oi wearing a per tvvi UUlllg IVUUUlf . SEELEY'S Hard Enlifigr SaTRDSSES ABDORINAI. SFPPOBTEBS AS(D PILE PIPES. Belief, Comfort and cnro for Bettcbe, Fe male Weaknesses and Piles, unliko all other ap pliances known, will never rust, limber, break chare, Boil, nor move from place,—indestructible. The fine steel spring being coated with hard rubber, light cool, cleanly, used in bathing, fitted to form, universally recommended by all Burgeons as the best me hanical snppnrts known.—Send for pamphlet.—Establish ments 1347 CheetnutSt., Philadelphia and 737 Broad way, Now York. Complete assortment for salo, with careful adjustment, by F. Sweotser. L. C. iilson, W. W. Whipple & Cu., aud Tiros. G. Loring, Portland. Beware of imitations. myld3ra Real Estate for Sale. THE HOUSE at Tate Street, and lot extind tug through on Brackett street, with Stable Also, a lot of 10 acres of Hay Field wllh a good Barn situated m Scarboro, ontho Paine road near Hubbard Libby’s, about 0 miles from Portland. The ART V ateJ.b«c",in by oprlyitltg t* * T;.No* CC1 Washington street, corner of Pme, Boston, Mass. ’ myl__ ‘ d2m I'or Sale. f^HIFTIlCG TOP BUGGY, nearly new , rna only K-7 a tew months. A premium carriage and made dv one or tho best workmen in the state. Will bo sold at a bargain. Inquire at No. 5 Cahoon Block, Myrtle Street. myl*lw New House at Woodford’s Corner, 1ft For Sale; on lino of the Homo Cam. Tho house is two storied aud partly finished; will ilbsold low. Apply to WM. H. JERRIS, myL*3w Real Estato Agent. NEW ADVERTISEMENTS. Notice of Foreclosure^ WHEREAS, Riifur R. Hamlin , County of Cumberland, and State^fM8fn’ n tlie twenty-sixth day of September !y^*lno on, out Lorn, one thousand eight hundred and .1 yoar.of by his deed of mortgage of that date?IS* undersigned, Ebeneaer It. Holmes of Oxford to !h County of Oxford and State aforesaid, a certainnfiS of land situated in said Harrison and Luhded2 follows, to wit: unuea as Westerly, by Island Ton cl, northerly by Waterford line, eaeterlv, on lot numbered thirteen in tho eighth range, southerly, on lot numbered twelve in the seventh range, being the same land formerly ownod by Jeremiah and David Stiles, except about fifteen acres sold to David Brackott, containing fifty aciea more or less, and being the same premises conveyed by me, tho said Holmes, to Nehemiah Kneeland and Hester Ann Meade by deed of warranty dated Feb. 5th, A. D. 1864, and recorded in tho Cumberland Reg istry of Deeds, Book 323, page 543. Reserving and excepting therefrom In said mort gage about twelve acres in the southwest corner part or said premiss, which part reserved was the farm then covered by second growth pines, and which was not deeded to said Hamlin by D. S. Andrews, of whom said Hamlin bought the remainder of tho premise* above described. th^itirf.htrl°S , ,n^rtK*Kc, which ill recorded in the liegiiitry amresald, Hoik 545, page 565, was cor.dl n™ <USiiy“*e?t 10 ,ail1 H°h“» of the sum of ife hrTarv A 0n.0 >ear from the tlr:-t day cf Sd & brokinf7' *nd f;ud couditiun h" •**“ Now, therefore, I, the Mid Ebenezer R. Holmes by reason of the breach of said condition afoKskid claim a foreclosure of said mortgage "ureuant tothe statute in such ease made and pKd and hereby give public notico thereof. 3 . . . .. „ EBENEZER R. HOLMES. Oxford, April 30, 1673. w3wlB Henry ward beecheb-sTpi,^ with tho largest, circulation In the world, grows wonderfully because it is the best paper, gives sub scribers the most beautiful p,cmiums, and oilers Can vassers the most, LIBERAL TERMS. Send for Cir cular. J. B. FORD & CO,, New York. m v 114w A GREAT OFFER. Wo will pay all AGENTS 840 per wfek in cash, who will eng :ge with us at osoe. Everything fur nished and expenses paid. Addreses, A. COULTER A CO., Charlene, Mich. myl__ttw Lost! A SMALL Hack and tan DOG. A sutiable To ward will be paid by returning same to 1M Spring Street. myl*3c Carpets Cleaned -A* FOSTER’S DYE HOUSE, NO. 94 UNION STREET. Orders left at Forest City Dye House, 315 Congress street, or at the Dye Houte ou Union street. E£^"Xo charge for trucking. apl4Utf One Price, No Variation! E. T. EIDEN & C0„ — HAVE — This Day Received One Case more of those Cheap FANCY SILKS At $1.00, $1.12 1-2 and $1.25 Yd., WORTH AT WHOLESALE ( $1.25, $1.50 and $1.62. All new Patterns and superior Quality. Lot Jap. Silks woi th 42c. for 25c yd. Also Two Bales Rasia Crashes for 12c, actually worth 15c yard. Oue Ca&e more Bates Quilts for $1. 100 dozen Towels at about two thirds the cost of Im portation. Our entire stock at Equally Low Prices. 5 Free Street, Portland. ap23 _cod3t PORTLAND Safe Deposit Vaults. ON after the 12th of May next, the rent of Safes within theso vaults, except in cases of renewal, will ha advanced: CLASS 4 FKOAI 815 TO 818, “ 3 “ 18 “ 20, “ 4 “ 30 “ 33, PEB ASTJNTJM. R. A. BIRD, ,n MANAGER. anr30 did HAMBURGS! WE shall open th is day one of the largest and bent line of Edges and insertion-, ever opened in Portland, and at prices that defy competition GREAT BARGAINS AT 121-2c, 20c, 25c, 50c. COYELL & COMPARY. HAMBURGS! Jau2( t f RE-OPENED. Will, W. GOODY. The subscriber would announce that he has taken tho store lattly occupied by GOODY & DEERIXGr, NO. 374 CONGBG8S STREET, where may be iound a a choice line of general (SroeerieM, prime IVIeatn, and other provisions for the table, lie solicits a share of patronage and SELES LOW as possible. ap29eod3dtnM w&F WILLIAM W. GOODY. Scissors Grinders—A Rare Chance. FOIt SALE low for cash, tlio complete and most perfect street Grinder’s machine, heretofore used in Portland by W. H. Wright, now deceased. It may be seen at shop of Simpson & Sawyer, No. *6 Congress street. Inquire there, or of G. W. VERRILL, ap29eod2w No. 50 Exchange Street. Spring Styles for Ladies Dresses and Street Garments, at MISS M. G. MAGUIRE’S, No. 11 Clapp’s Block, np stairs. aprlG if New Boarding House* TIIE Subscriber, having leased tho new and com roodions house, recently erected by Geo. R. Da vis & Co., upon the “Blanchard property,” 301 High St., takes pleasure in auuouncing to the public that he will about the first of April epen It for a first, clans boarding house. Rooms can bo seen and full particulars as to terms, <Stc., obtained, by calling at the house Lorn 10 A. SI. to 12 M., ana from 2 until 5 t P. M. apr3eodtf S. 8. KNIGHT. | -— - - ! Coarse Gravel to Spare. ! i : W. C. COBB. ai30 dtf PERSONAE. MR. BERNHARD ZITKOW, PORTLAND, MAINK, Is hereby requested ty bis Bister, MRS. GLE1TS MANN, in Baldenhaln, near Ronueburg, Saxe, Al tenburg, Germany, to communicate to her his pres ent address. apr30d2t Notice. ITATIXCLirarcliiwed tho Stock in trade of .Tosiah XI Duran,No.212Cumberland St., wo shall keep a good supply of Groceries and Provisions, which will De sold at the. lowest market prices. II oping fora continuance of the patronage bestowed on the above ii rm, _ CRAWFORD, BROS. apr30 *dlw For Philadelphia ou Saturday. PACKET HCUOONGB Kl' «EA'i: BARDA, Capt. Smith. '< - For freight apply to J. NICKERSON, ap30tl3t ltiS Commercial dlwfl WOOD ASIIES 7 j FOR SALE BY THE CAR LOAD. Enquire of niRAitl PIEIICE, ap3t)d3t 301 Commercial Slrret. 103 middle Sircrt, 31. tt A. P. DARLING, Have reedved Thread and Guipure taros, Clnny and Took Laces, new shades of Fringes, Jet and plain Gimps, Silks and Satins in all shades for trimmings, OxyeSscd, Metal and bilk Duttons Sack Ornaments anil Tassels, Grenadine and Luce Veils, Fichus and Scarfs apr29 dedlw&eodSw 1 _JMISCELLANEOUS. ELEGANT SPRING GOODS. WE SHALL OPEN ON Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Hay 1st. 3d and 3d. the most ELEGANT STOCK — Of — Ladies’ Furnishing — AND — FANCY GOODS ever seen in Portland. Our Patrons and the Public are and examine these beauti ful Goods. Respectfully, NELSON & CO., 297 Congress Street, Jnst above Preble House. apSQ 3tWT&S H.M. PAYSON & CO., Bankers and Brokers, OFFER EOR SALE Portland City .... «’ Bangor ...... c* St. Louis - 6’s St Lonls County 7’s Cook County • • - -7’s Chicago - 7’s Columbus, Ohio * - • 8’s Dayton, Ohio - - - - 8’s Leeds k Farmington B. R., guaranteed 6's Portland & Rochester It. 1!. - - 7’s Maine Central R. R. - - - 7*» . Central R. R. of Iona Gold - - 7’s Chicago, Danville & Vincennes R. R., Gold, •■•••• 7’s Northern Pa.ifle R. R. Gold • 7-30’s Government Bonds, Bank Stocks and Gold Bought and Sold. 32 Exchange Street, PORTLAND’ ap3 dtl ““BONDS. ~ Portland City - • - • 6’s Rockland City.6’s Bath City.0’s FangorClty - - - - 6’s St. Louis City.6’s Leeds & Farmington, (Guaranteed,) C’s Maine Central, Consolidated. • - 7’s Cook County, Illinois, - • - 7’s Wayne County, Illinois, • • 7’s Iowa Central, Gold, • - - * 7’s Toledo, Ohio, - - - 7.80's Northern Pacific Gold, ... 7.80’s West Wisconsin R. R., Gold, - • 7’s Atlantic & St. Lawrence R. R. Stock and Defered Rent Script Bought. FOB SALE BY WJ?I. E. WOOD, iig’t, Sept 8-<Ilfl.« U7 Kiehanir Si J. B. Brown & Sons, BANKERS, No. 40 Exchange St., PORT LAND, MAINE, Business the same as an Ineor. porated Bank. Interest allowed on Deposits. Dealers in Government Bonds. Gold and Foreign Exchange. Investment Securities constant* ly on hand. Ja.»?0__l?tl BONDS. New lorls City - . - V * “ “ - . «> Brooklyn City - - O’s Jersey City - - - Elizabeth City * ■ • • 7’* Canada Southern H. It., Gold, - 7’* B. 4 Cedar Rapids R. R., Gold, - 7’» Northern Pacific R. R., Gold, - 7-80’ -FOR SALK BY R. A. BIRD, 97 Exchange St* ____feb£B Portland Savings Bank, iVo. 91 Exchnugv Slrrct. DEPOSITS made in this Panic on or before SAT URDAY. May 3d, will cominonco iatorctit on the first of that month. a]»rl5dtd _FRANK NOYES, Treasurer. White Corn and Ont*, FOR SEED A'l' GEO. WYEB A CO S, opr29d3w* !<*» Coi.WKi,| N|r,„

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