Newspaper of Portland Daily Press, May 1, 1873, Page 3

Newspaper of Portland Daily Press dated May 1, 1873 Page 3
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THE PRESS. THURSDAY MORNING, MAY I, 187S TUE i’KEM.H •M ay bo obtained at the Periodical Depots of Pes ■ajndea Bros., Marquis. Kobiuson, Brunei! * bo. Andrews. Wentworth, GlondonuluK Moses, Bender* son, amt Chisholm Bros., on alt trains that ran out ol tho 3 ity. ftAt Biddeford, ofPillsbury. tt.At Saco of L, Hodgdon. » At Watcrvillo. of J. S. Carter. HAt Gorham, of News Ageut. Pi At bath, of J. O. Shaw. At Lewiston, of French Bros. P At Keuucbunk, of C. E. Mhler. _ CITY AND VICINITY. New AdmliMiHCHls To-OnT* AUCTION COLUMN. Administrator’s Sato—F. 0. Bailey & Co. ENTERTAINMENT COLUMN. Music Hail—Tho Emerald Boat Club. SPECIAL NOTICES. Wanted—Orin Hawkcs & Co. NEW ADVERTISEMENTS. Grand Opening—F. Latucr. Difficult Foot—Palmer’s. For Sale—Top Buggy. r . New House for Sale—Wui. II. Jcrris. Sifelev’s Hard Rubber Trusses. Lost—Dog. Dancy’s Announcements—2. Baby Carriages-^-Chas. Day, Jr., & Oo. Real Estate for Sale. Notice of Foreclosure. MISCELLANEOUS NOTICES. Cloths for Bovs- L. D. Strout. t. S. tliMMit Coart. BEFORE JUDGE 8HEPLEY. WKDNE8DAX.—The United States by indictment vs. Elisha T. Cotton. The ebargo is, that Cotton, on the 5th of March last, passod to Moses Black a coun terfeit ten dollar bank note on the Mutual National Bank of Troy, knowing it to be such. Tho character of the noto was not controvertod, hut the defence rested upon the question of kuowledgo on Cotton’s part as to its being counterfeit. Verdict not guilty. Webb. A. A. Strout. United States vs. John Maiey. Takiug letter from a letter carrier with intent to obstruct another man’s correspondence and Interfere with bis business. On ♦trial. Webb. Howard & Cleaves. Bradbury & Bradbury. Supreme Judicial Coart. VIRGIN J., PRESIDING. Wednesday.—John E. Donnell ct &1. vs. City of Portland. Assumpsit for rent of lot corner at Pearl and Newbury street from Jan. 1, 1869, to April 1, 1871, at $400 per year—$900 and interest after-. Defense—principally to reduce tbc damage, though the Solicitor made the legal technical objection that the deputy marshal aud the mayor were not properly authorized by the city government to make the con tract with plaintiffs. Reply—Ratification. The jury have retired and will bring in a verdict in the moruining. Putnam for plaintiffs. Libby for City. Howe, lib’t, for divorce vs. Rowe. This case has been in the courts of Massachusetts and Maine for years. Mrs. Rowe resides in Boston, and Mr. Rowe now resides in Maine and brings his libel here. Mrs. Rowe’s counsel fight for delay on tho plea of illness.— Numerous depositions have been taken in Boston and presented to tho court as to the state of her health.— On hearing the proofs the motion to continue is refus od and the case will be tried without jury by Mr. jus tice Virgin next week. Bradbury for libellant. Webb for Mrs. Rowe. Superior Conrl. APRIL TERM, 8YMOXDS. J., PRESIDING. Wednesday.—William G. Davis ct. als. vs. Isaac Varney et al. Action on a note of hand signed by Varney & Baxter for $2000, dated August 26th, 1858, on four mouths. Defence—payment, and that Davis, a member of the plalntifts firm, was ostensibly a special partner In the defendant firm, but that tho formalities requi site to constitute a special partner were not complied with, and therefore Davis was a general partner, and if so, this action cannot be maintained. Decision re served. McCobb & Kingsbury for plaintiff. Butler & Fessenden for defendants. S. W. Eaton et al. vs. Cyrus S. Noble. Action on an account annexed for four Weed sewing machines valued at $198.00. Defense—that C. P. Eaton, one of the plaintiffs of the firm of S. W. Eaton & Co., sold the machines to defendant and agreed to take his pay In horse hoard and a watch; defendant gave him the watch and fur nished him with horse keeping to a larger amount than the price charged for the machine:;. Decision ror defendant. Cobb & Bay tor plaintiff. J. H. Drummond tor defendant. Court adjourned sine die. There has been disposed of this term 113 cases on tbo old docket and about eighty new entries. The continued docket for next term numbers only 399, tho large majority of which are marked bankruptcy or continued for judgment. municipal Court. nEFOKE JUDGE MOBEIS. Wedkesday.—Thomas Lowns and Isaac Ache.— Intoxication. Fined $3 each with costs. Granville D. Miller, Hugh Doherty and William H. Dyer. Search and seizure. Fined $30 each. All paid. Four cases of libelled liquors forfeited. No elaim ■ ants. Amount of liquor duos received* lor the month o; April $1300. Brief Jotting*. The Boston & Maine railroad company ara laying a double track from the Walker House to the Rolling Mills. The improvements at the Boston & Maine depot for the convenience of hacks is a great desideratum. Yesterday was a lovely day. The fog in the morning rolled away, leaving » clear, soft, sweet air. Don’t forget the May dance at Congress Hall to-night. The “Emeralds” are to bring out “Peep O’ Day” at Music Hall, Wednesday, May 7th, and also May 14th. Now that the season has arrived for burning °ld brush and rubbish, people should be cau tious about lire. The Boston & Maine train waited several hours yesterday morning for tho Maine Cen tral. The destruction of the bridge on tho lat ter road lias disarranged their running time. The baggage car of the early down traiu yes terday, on the Ogdeusburg road, caught fire by sparks from the engino when just above Lake Station. The train was stopped and the fire extinguished. The car was but slightly dam aged. We are requested to remind the corporators of tho new Insurance Company of tho meet ing called for three o’clock this afternoon. There is in Hale’s window a fino crayon fin ished photograph of the late F. O. Libby. It was executed by Lamsou. A prominent wholesale grocer informs us that trado has opened better this spring than for several years past. There appears to be a general feeling of prosperity in nearly all branches of business. Oolong teas are lower than they have been since 1854. » Bev. D. H, Hannaburg, pastor of the Pine street Methodist church, bids his flock a final farewell next week. We hear that he proposes to spend tho summer in California. The church has not yet designated his successor. Wo un derstand, however,that they contemplate draw nnoil n. nr-iwliWirincr for tho rialit man. Rev. Mr. Luce, of the Chestnut street Meth *, odist church, preaches his farewell sermon next Sabbath. Itumor has it that he has become Presiding Eider in another circuit. To-day is the traditional May day. Tbs Boston and Maine Railroad Company have placed an elegant smoking car on their road to run between this city and Boston. The flags were at half mast yesterday in honor of the memory of the late Mr. Mount fort. He was buried in the morning, The Aged Brotherhood attended the funeral. The land on Union street that was .sold al auction yesterday by F, O. Bailey & Co. to Mr. Moulton, brought §1.33 a foot Judge Sawyer of San Francisco, has present ed to his father, Enoch Sawyer, who resides in this city, a handsome Malacca cane. The han dle is of ivory and gold. The Judge was once a printer’s hoy. The workmen on the B. & M. railroad exten sion, east of the Walker House, are making good progress. The ledge is of a hard flinty character, . Rev. Mr. Buck’s young son accidentally fell into the e'oek from the boat-hou3e at Merrill’s wharf Tuesday afternoon. His father prompt ly rescued him. Don’t forget Owens' performance next Sat urday night. Conductor How ard of the Maine Central, slipped while getting on the train at South Gardiner last Monday, and just escaped serious injury. ^ The injunction against the Maine Central has been continued without prejudice on mo tion to dissolve. Grand Army Hall was filled last evening with an appreciative audience. The young people who presented “Ten Nights in a Bat Room have reason to feel proud of their suc cess. We hope we shall hear train them again. The y ouug man, Jordon, who was arrested on suspicion of larceny, Tuesday, was dis charged yesterday. A sweet little dot of a girl got lost yesterday, aud was carried to tlio station by a lady. Marshal Parker received a despatch last night from the City Marshal of Halifax, requesting him to arrest and return a runaway boy who was on board tbo steamer Charlotte, which was due here at three o’clock this morning. Meeting op the Maine Central Direc tors.—A very full meeting of the Board of Directors of the Maiuo Central Railroad was held in this city (its natural headquarters) Tuesday night and Wednesday morning. The principal matter considered was the re-con struction of the line of the road at Kendall’s Mills, which is now interrupted at that point by the burning of the bridge. We understand that there was a full consultation on the subject and plans were considered, viz: First: To rebuild the bridge at Ken fall’s Mills. Second: To build a bridge abovo Colby Uni versity, iu Waterville, and connect on the east side. Third: To have ouo bridge somewhere npar the present bridge at Waterville for the Skowhegan aud Lewiston trains to cross, but extend the road up the oast side of the Kenne bec to Kendall’s Mills for all the through east business and thus avoid crossing the Kcnnebac more than once. The opinion of the Directors was decidedly preferable to the last plan and it would probably be adopted at once if the company had a char ter to enable them to build the now road. They would probably run the risk to do this could they secure all the land for location on the pro posed line at any possible rates; butone citi zen at Kendall’s Mills owns a lot of land which the road must crops that he will not sell, as lio avers, for that purpose if it is “covered with greenbacks a foot deep.” The Directors, how ever, are assured of a location if they will lay their road out so as to make a junction a mile (and a half east of Kendall’s Mills that will be no more expensive than the route along the rii’Gv Knnlr The made President Itiec, Vico President Morrill and Noah Woods a com mittee, clothed with full power, to make the best possible connection in the briefest possible time. Tlie matter of discontinuing the old Kenne bec road from Augusta to Kendall’s Mills and building a road from Augusta to Belgrade in stead, lias never been considered a moment and is only the liorid apparition of timid Ken nebec farmers who have been frightened by oft repeated tales of railroad perfidy. There is no doubt but what the managers havo fully determined to adopt the last plan named if they can safely carry it into execu tion. It can be done in the shortest time, will bo the cheapest and most peimancnt. The Montgomery Guards at City Hall.— The assembly and drill of tho Montgomery Guards at City Hall last evening, was a success ful affair. A large company was present to participate in the festivities. The company drill and bayonet cxerciso were both finely ex ecuted. A splendid flag was presented to tho Company by Miss Mary A. Dory, with an ap propriate address, which was happily respond ed to by Captain A. J. McMahon, who receiv ed the flag in behalf of tho Company. The flag was a rich green silk with a Harp on ono side, and the wreath of Shamrock on the re verse. It was made in Boston, and cost $75. The Company appeared in their new and tasty uniform made by Arthur Noble of this city. The dancing was continued until the weo hoars of morn. New Feature in the Boston & Maine Dei*ot.—The Boston & Maine Itailroad Com pany are adding a new feature to their depot arrangements in this city. One wing of the Walker House is being fitted up as a restau rant. The main room has a principal entrance from the large hall of the depot and is intend ed for the use of gentlemen. A long double counter will serve as table. At tlie upper end of the counter is a large window opening into the ladies’ room. The cooking will ba done down stairs. Communication with the upper room i3 had by means of a dnmb waiter. The whole arrangement will bo tasty and conven ient. C. C. Spring, of Boston, is to havo oharge of this department and will take posses sion next week. Suicide.—Over one section of tho Grand Trunk line the Vermont Central train passes. On Tuesday as this train was running between Lachiuc Junction and Bonaventure station, about a mile from the latter point, a lady who resides near the track, observed a man coolly place bis head and shoulders between the wheels of tlie second and third car from the engine. No one on the train seemed to observe the act. The inward bound train came along soon after and seeing tlie body stopped, took it aboard and carried it to the next station. The head and shoulders were horribly crushed. Tho man was | well dressed, and appeared to be about 50 years of age. The body wa3 unrecognized up to tho time our informant left. It was unquestiona bly a case of suicide. A Brio with a History.—Yesterday F. O. Bailey & Co. sold at auction the brig Jibaro, ly ing at Commercial wharf, to K. Lewis, esq., for $2100. There is a history connected with the sale of this brig. Certain parties in Cuba were owiDg E. Churchill, J. E. Carter, M. B. Clem onts and E. S. Churchill of this city. The Cu ban parties were unable to pay tho Portland creditors, and pending a settlement of these claims they purchased this brig. The Portland gentlemen attached tho brig and advertised her for sale. The Cuban parties then claimed that they purchased tho vessel for auothor party, who now sues Sheriff E. N. Perry, who served the writ of attachment, for $14,000 damages. Portland Odd Fellow's Hall Associa tion.—The first meeting of the above Associa tion was hold at Odd Follows’ Hall last even ing by call of the corporators. After fixing a temporary organization a code of by laws simi lar to that of the Boston Odd Fellows Hall As sociation was adopted to govern this associa tion. After which a permanent organization was perfected, which is as follows: President, Franklin Fox; Clerk, Albro E. Chase; Treas urer, Stephen It. Dyer; Directors—Orriu B. Whitten, Nathaniel G. Cummings, Augustine D. Smith, Charles H. Fessenden, Franklin H. Morse, James N. Reed and Daniol W* Nash. ; The meeting then adjourned. Temple of Honor.—Forest City Temple of Honor, No. 1, at their meeting last evening, elected the following officers for the ensuing six months: W. C. T., P. J. Larrabee; W. V. C. T., II. B. Skillings; W. R., W. E. Piumtner; W. A. R., F. E. Jordan; W. F. R., H. B. Ben nett; W. T., A. H. Waite; W. U., E. F. Waite; W. D. U., M. L. Smith; W. G., Royal W. Lincoln; W. S., M. B. Bourne; W. C., Rev. Geo. W. Bickuell; Trustees for the ensuing year, Thomas Pennell, J. B. Thorn dike, and Francis Loring. Tho officers will be installed next Wednesday evening. Mat Day Festival.—May Day afternoon and evening at City Hall will be made very en tirtaining by tho young ladies of the Second Parish and their friends. The parts in the Cantata of crowning the Rose Queen of FIow ai*i li'n-.. IiCpm Rlndionslv nerfeeted bv the voting ladies talcing them, having given much time to rehearsals. The May polo will be an attractive feature with its long streamers of bunting woven In a circling braid. The low price of the tickets for such an entertainment should en sure a full house. A 1- rksutened Irish Woman.—On Tuesday a woman engaged to wash the floor of Lam son’s photograph rooms. There chanced to be a basinfilled with nitrate of silver standing on the stove, and the woman thinking it contained warm water emptied the contents into her pail The result was apparent after a few minutes scrubbing. The floor grew black, her arms grew black, and slio became so terrified with this sudden transformation that she grew black in the face through fear. “An’ tho devil has turned ms into a uagur sure.” The loss to Mr. Lam sou was fifteen dollars. A Eelic of the Past.—Mr. S. S. Eich show ed ns yesterday a tax bill which he keeps as a relic. In size it was four inches long and two inches wide. The following wa3 printed on it, except tho names and dates: “Friend Samuel Sweet, thy taxes for the year 1814 in the hills committed to me to collect, uro 2 dols 00 cents, which thou art requested to pay. David All n, Collector. Falmouth lltli mo. 10th. 1814. He ceived paymeut. David Alien.” A Home fob Y'ouno Women.—The Young Women’s Christian Association voted yester day afternoon to purchase the residence of Captain Charles M. Davis, No. 1G Spring St., to be used as a boarding house for young wom en seeking employment. Tho furniture goes with the Tho price to be paid is 85,500. I Police Notes.—The general report at tho ; police station last night was “a quiot time.” i There were three drunks and several lodgers. A Man Drowned.—Last niglit about half seven o’clock, just before the New York steam er sailed, a deck hand named Martin Kennedy, attempted to go on board the steamer to get his supper. He was intoxicated and somehow slip pled from the plank and went down between the wharf and the steamer. A number cf per sons saw him fall, and every effort was made to rescue him, but in vain. He was about thirty years old and belonged in Halifax, where he leaves a wife and two children. On Tuesday ho foil overboard, but was rescued. JflSCELiLANEOUft NOTICE**. The largest and best assortment of Clothes for Boys s wear to bo found in this city, is at „ L. D. Strout’s. mayl-dlw Mrs, Harriet Beecher Stowe, after a res idence of some years in Paris, and a thorough rial of foreign makes, wrote as follows in com mendation of W. Baker & Co.’s preparation: “No one need look abroad for a superior ar* tide of Chocolate in any of its preparations to that which you manufacture.” Dr. XJrann who has made so many wonder ful cures of cases supposed to be incurable, will be at the Preble House fcvery Thursday, Friday and Saturday for the present. All should see him. apr28-tf Dr. O. Fitzgerald, the wonderful Clairvoy ant Physician and Surgeon will remain at Boom No. 11 Preble House, Portland, until Satur day, May 3d. Don’t fail to soc him, as his cures are almost miraculous. apr20 tf BY TELEGRAPH. MATTERS IN MAINE. Lnuurhcd. Bath, April 30.—Launched to-day by C. IS. Harrington, a beautiful schooner yacht of about seven tons, owned by James L. Little of Bos ton, named Brinda. She goes into the Eastern Yacht Club. Lou of a Boothbay Vessel. Schooner Lion of Boothbay, owned by Steph en Hodgdon, sailod from that port yesterday morning for the banks and went ashore near the mouth of Little River, so called, near Eden’s Neck. She was stripped of sails and rigging and soon after fell over on her beam ends and sank. The crew wero saved. The vessel is probably a total loss. She was j)artially insur ed in the Boothbay Mutual Insurance Compa ny. NEW YORK. The Press on the Modoc M ar. i New York, April 30.—The Times urges the fighting of the Modocs their own way, as the country is tired of the miserable slaughter of our soldiers. The Tribune says that the Indians should never bo allowed to forget the supreme power of national forces, and it will ho easy to pre dict how many bauds will spring up from this last fatal success. The Herald says that in view of the threat ened uprising of the Indians, the immediate suppression of Capt. Jack and his Modocs is a matter of the highest moment. It says: “Let Gen. Sheridan he detailed to the duty of the settlement with Capt. Jack, and to a general overhauling of all tribes, reservations, Indian Agents, peace makers and all, and then we shall have peace.” The World finds fault with Gen. Gillem for making the advance, and says it is idle to waste indignation on the Modocs. The Sun calls for the utter extermination of the Modocs, but not at the expense of so many lives of good soldiers. Inhumanity to n Sick Woman. An elderly woman named Elizabeth McGraw, of Boston, was found last evening in the raio on one of the benches in City Hall park, sick. She had been ejected from the Park Hospital by the keeper in a cruel manner, against the remonstrances of the Park physician. The po lice kindly cared for her, and she will be sent to-day to Syracuse, where she has relatives. The Continental Bank. Notwithstanding the declaration of the clear ing house committee yesterday, considerable uneasiness existed to-day in financial circles relative to the Continental Bauk. The follow ing is claimed to lie the exact position of the bank: 81,100,000 discount of good mercantile paper, 8700,000 on call loaus, 8630,000 legal ten ders and gold, $1,700,000 net deposits. The building owned and occupied by the bank stands on the books as worth $330,000, and is said to he worth double that amount. Various Mutters. The case of Taintor, defaulting cashier of tho Atlantic Bank, was to-day adjourned ono week by Commissioner Osborne. A Post special from Washington says tho re sult of tho consultation of Gen. Sherman and Secretary Robeson will be to transfer a large number of troops from east of the Rocky Moun tains to the Pacific coast and a determined ef fort to exterminate the Modocs. Arrived, steamship Humboldt from Copen hagen. She experienced heavy weather, and lost two fans of her propeller. The Eight Hour Enforcement League held a large meeting last evening, and measures were taken for the furtherance of their objects. Jacob W. Brown of Meriden, Conn., was ar rested for passing bogus checks on the Meriden National Baak. The Crispins have decided to strike to-mor row. They appear thoroughly organized and confident of carrying their point. The steamship Scotia, from Liverpool, brought a half million dollars in specie. A suit has been commenced in the U. S. Dis trict Court by the United States officers against Solomon N Wolff and Alphonze D. Riesthal, hardware merchants, under section 66 of the act of March 2,1799, and section 1 of tho act of March 9,1863, to recover 875,000 for an al leged under valuation on importations of goods. Chief Justice Daiy declines to sit in judg ment in the Bergh contempt case, as his name still appears as a member of the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. A gang of Italian and Swedish laborers have recently been put to work on the railroad at Pattensburg, N. J., at reduced wages, and fears of another riot are entertained, as the old men are said to be resolved that the new ones shall not continue their labors. ut --.— it .i _ of the leadin'* firms on Broadway have acceded I to their demands and their success is certain. WASHINGTON. Death of Hon. James Brooks. Washington, April 30.—Hon. James Brooks, Representative in Congress from New York, died at his residence in this city to-night at 8.30 o’clock in the presence of his family. Ho rec ognized those around him to the very last mo ment. He had long hcen in feeble health from, as lie himself frequently said, the effects of a fever contracted in Asia. Deceased was in his 63d year. His death has created profound sor row in all circles of the community. Official Dospafch to Gro, Gillctn Waiiinoton, April 30.—Geu. Sherman to day received the following despatches. San Francisco, April 29.—The following in teresting intelligence just received: Lava Beds, April 28.—To Major Gen. Scho field, San Francisco. On 26th inst., Major Greene commanding camp on the west side of the lava beds, ordered Capt. Thomas of the 4th Artillery, and a party of Warm Spring Indians about 70 soldiers, and 14 Indians to mako ro connoisance in a southeasterly direction to a p-'int about four miles from the camp. The party left camp about 12 in., and reached the designated point and were resting, No Indians had been seen. Suddenly a party was fired up on by Indians. When searching in the lava bed chasms, the bodies of Capt. Thomas and Lieut. A. P. Howe of the '4th Artillery, and Lieut. Thomas F. Wright, of the 12th Infantry were found. Lieut. Arthur Cranston of the 4th Artillery has not been found and is undoubted ly killed. Lieut. Geo. M. Harris, acting assist ant surgeon B. Seminge are seriously though it is hoped not dangerously wounded. Thirteen enlisted men were killed and six wounded. All the officers and a part of the men remained to gether and fought like lieioes, hut tlio Indians secured the advantage of position before being discovered. The remains of the officers will be taken to Yreka to-morrow. Tiic bodies of four warriors had been found near the scene of the battle. Capt. Meudinehall reports from Beu lettsville and is expected to join on the 30th. Indians occupy the position in I’ocks, four miles south of old cave. It will be impossible to surround them with force here or enrouto to this place. The circumference of lava beds is about 30 miles. Gen. Davis is expected to morrow. Signed, axil > l.S V. UJLtlii&Jii Col. 1st Cavalry Commanding. Gen. Davis started from Yreka for lava beds this morning. Signed, J. M. ScHoriELD, Major Gen. Gen. Sherman has, after conference with Acting Secretary Robeson telegraphed to Secre tary Belknap and President Grant in way of consultation as to future army movements. The Vienna I'ommiimion. . A telegram has been received from the Spcc <iont^w.Im?s'0n at Vienna, appointed by Presi l'iriti^r,%n*e° cxa“>'nc into the alleged irregu tliat soine^!rC(?rlslnal commission to the effect near to?™ ’,L“' Baspcnded commissioners ap free from any imparities vi?. ‘n ¥'T"** Ruppaner, Thos. McElntli’tI?'- ?r' ^nt*101'rv J. 0! Bolten, G. S. BloStYr °Dg??/’ ward Gcttbicl, Clayton rCteonA^<?' A. G. James and Wm. 3 Uook ouimend that no part of tho suspended* com mission be restored at present. eom It is understood tho result of tho cximm, tion and the ground on which recommend" ion I is founded are to be immediately forwarded Treasury Affairs. An account of the irregularities in the U. g depository at Mobile, Secretary Richardson has decided to close that office and hereafter the business at that point will bo discharged by the Assistant Treasurer at Kew Orleans. The Secretary of tho Treasury decides that rubber hoots with felted lining composed in part of wool are not subject to duty on wearing I apparel composed of wool imported under act of March 2,18C7, but are subject to duty as lubber boots which is 30 per cent, under act of Aug. 1,1861, with 10 per cent, reduction under the act of June 6,1872. / The Bcrcunr. The total internal revenue receipts for the month ending to-day was 87,866,490.23, The total for May 1873 was S10,190,175.20. Total receipts from all sources for the first four months of 1872, $41,045,937, and for the first four months of tho present year, $32 094,609. There seems uo doubt that the estimated re ceipts for the present fiscal year,namely, 8110, 000,000, will be fnlly realized. The receipts al ready amount to over $93,000,000, with two months remaining of the fiscal year. Postal Card Decisions. The Postmaster General decides that ho postal cards containing notices of assessments, &c., that have been once properly transmitted through the mails and the stamps properly cancelled, can, after being returned to the send er in a sealed envelope, be retransmitted to tlio person originally addressed, with the word “paid” stam ped or endorsed there by placing on the envelojie a one cent adhesive stamp, no also decided tliai postmasters am not autnor ized to sell postal cards to any person, in largo or small quantities, for more or less than one cent each. , . . , „ . . . Commissioner Douglass is in daily receipt of estimates from collectors of internal revenue, under the new law going into effect the 20th of May. Present indications are that the savings anticipated under the new system will Ire fully realized, and is not less than 81,000,000 per an num. The Labor Parly. There will soon appear au officially authoriz ed stalcmcut of the labor movement by John Pool of North Carolina, chairman of the Na tional Executive Committee of the united workingmen of America. Gen. Crook’s Peace Policy. Gen. Crook’s manner of carrying out the peace policy in Arizona is strongly endorsed, especially in military circles. It is known that two of the most formidable hands of Apaches have recently surreuded through the absolute of his troops, one of the chiefs saying in coun cil that he first thanked Gen. Crook then God for holding forth the olive branch and permit ting his people to come in under the whitest rag in the band. Gen. Crook in a letter to dele gate McConnic dated Prescott, Arizona 11th, says "although we may have some scattering depredations in some parts of the tenitory I feel that the main work is over and the necessary connection can be made by the post conimand I crs. I expect, however, to be kept busy several months to como watching that the Indians on tho various reservations settle down in the right grounds,” THE MODOC WAB. The Peeling about tbe Modoc Disaster. San Ebancisco, April 29.—A despatch from Yreka to night says that tho people of that place and in Scott’s Va’ley are ariniug under the apprehension that there will be a general Indian war. Mendenhall’s troops, numbering 130 men, were expected to join General Gillern last night. The settlers in the valleys of Oregon, above the lakes and lava beds, are moving away with cattle and other property, being afraid to re main lonsrer. There is no further nows from Uie tront. New York. April 30.—A Yreka despatch dated last nisi)1- 3ay3 that tho news there over the defeat of our troops causes the greatest ex citement, and there is strong disposition by old frontiersmen to organize a party to fight the Modoes in their own style. If any inducement were held out to these men they could exter minate G'apt. Jack and his band shortly. Tlic report that the Modoc squaws and pap poses had taken refuge with the Pitt River Indians is not credited at Yreka, as those tribes are not on friendly terms. The ladies of Yreka have organized a society for the relief of the wounded soldiers. It is generally believed that Lieut. Cranston and party will not be heard from again. Gen. Davis and staff leave this morning (the 30th) for camp. A Wash ire ton special says that it is a mys tery to the War Department how tho Modoes are so well provided with ammunition and the latest implements. Gen. Sherman says there was no such loss during any engagement in the late war as in the last fight with tho Modoes. The latter have chosen a far more difficulty country to battle in than the Scmiuoles had in the everglades of Florida, and how it is to end we cannot tell. He thinks they certainly have allies, either Indians or whites, but the difficult to overcome is the same, aud whatever the victory may cost it must be achived. Another prominent army officer states that every prep aration is making for an emergency that may arise in that section of the country. The suc cess of tho Modoes over the army is thought by. old army officers to be the precursor of a long conflict with the Indians. Loss of an Ocean Steamer. New York, April 30.—The Herald has a let ter from RioJanerioof April 4th giving the following account of the less of French steam ship Gambia. It is chiefly interesting because of the similarity in some respects to the Atlan tic disaster, though the results are so widely different. The Gambia sailed from Rio March 4th for Bordeaux with quite a full passenger list and a cargo of coffee, hides and tallow. She was duo at Bahia on the 2Gtb, and at midnight of that day, or more properly at twelve o’clock on the morning of tho 29th, she suddenly went on the reef known as the Java Rocks, off the small town of Abrantes, seven miles north of the village of Itapona, and about eighteen miles north of Bahia, as she was bound to Bahia, which port she had not cntcrod. The only way to account for her being whero she was lost, as well as for the loss of her course, is the hipotliesis that the wind had been prevailing many days strong and steady from the south and south-west and may have occa sioned a slight increase of coast current, of wliicn sufficient notice was not taken. As the wu-a tuiuii. uuu stormy >v»a nupussiuiL* to see any distance ahead, and the passengers were all asleep. The sudden blow of the steamer woke them and occasioned naturally the greatest confusion and alarm. The prompt decision and cool conduct of tl o officers, how ever, served in a great measure to allay the excitement The vessel’s launches were lower ed and maimed, and by sixiu the morning the passengers were all safely landed. Oontrngc by Strikers. Cleveland, Ohio, April 30.—A despatch from. Youngstown, Ohio, says a gross outrage was committed Monday night at tho Vienna coal shaft, half a mile east of Vienna centre. About 10 o’clock a number of men attacked the house of John Cannif, a coal miner who had gone to work in a coal bank. Tho men broke in the doors and windows with stones and clubs, putting tho inmates in great peril from missiles. One ot Cannif’s boarders fired at the attacking party and they fled. Tho darkness prevented their recognition Cannif was one of about twenty old miners who weut to work on Fri day. lie and others had been threatened with injury if they did so. Some twenty miners who agreed to go to work this|morning were debar red by this outrage and the threats that were posted on their gates and houses. The miners’ striko is now in its seventeenth week. Au Important Case. Puiladelfia, April 30.—In the IT. S. Circuit Court yesterday the case of Herman vs. Wil liams et als., came up. This is an equity suit ^brought in the •Supreme Court of Pennsylvania for the recovery of 63,000 acres of land in Wy oming county, West Virginia. The defendants are charged with having used a mortgage in violation of tho trust in such a manner as to deprive themselves of the title to the estate. The State jourt granted an injunc tion restraining TheodoreS. Williams and Cros by Noyes, defendants, from selling or encum bering the property. The case was removed on the petition of tho defendants to tho Circuit Court, aud came up on a motion to dissolve the injunction. On the coming in the answer to the motion was refused and the injunction is continued till a final hearing. The Texas Legislature Votes not to I u uite President Grant bnt Iuvitcs Jeff Darts. New Yobk, April 30 —The Post’s Washing ton special says that a private letter from Aus tin, Tex, says that Governor Davis recently sent a message to the Legislature requesting that body in view of the contemplated visit of President Grant to some of the Southern States in May or June to invite him to extend his visit to Texas. A resolution was accord ingly introduced but voted down by a largo ma jority. The following day a resolution was §assed requesting Jefferson Davis to visit tho tate. The letter adds tnat Davis lias accepted the invitation. Indian Flatters in the Southwest. _kj, a>uu., Aijn11 uu.—uiiubii xu dian Superintendent, passed here to-day with a delegation of Winnebago Indians from \Vis cousin, who go to select a home in tho western part of the Indian territory for their tribe, which numbers about 1000. Topeka, April 30.—Full advices from the Southwest leave no room to doubt that the re cent stories of Iudian outrages in that locality are pure fabrications. There are no hostile or troublesome Indians within 100 miles of the outermost settlements. A Mother Kidnaps her Son. Springfield, April 30.—Mrs. Emeliue Foley of New Haven, to-day kidnapped her child by a former marriage, a boy seven years old, from a school in Westfield where he had been placed by his father, H. Taylor of West |Springfield. Father and mother were divorced some years ago; aud tho custody of tho boy was given to Taylor. The mother now claims that tho hoy is not Taylor’s. Goes for Him. Chicago, April 30.—Mrs. Sarah Reed of Bos ton, lias tracked hither her absconding lover, John R. Goss, and caused him to he held in S2000 bonds for robbing ljcr of S800 and a dia mond pin. _ FOKFIGN. — Trouble with Indians in Manitoba. Tokonto. April 30.—A special despatch from Fort Garry to the Mail says it is understood that despatches have been received by the ad ministration from Hon. Mr. Borelaud, who was sent out by the council to ascertain the feelings and intentions of the Sioux Indians encamped in the neighborhood of Fort Ellis, The nature

of Borolaud’s report has not been made public. Information received from sources generally considered reliable, states that- somo American traders having poisoned two Sioux chiefs, Lit tle Knifo and Sitting Bull, nt a piano called Cypress Aill on British territory, by adminis! tering strychnine in their food, the Sioux fell on the Fort there and massacred all the Amer icans in tho vicinity. It is also stated that the half breeds living in tho vicinity shared the same fate, but this is contradicted by another reiiort Cypress Hill is about 4o0 miles from •* ort Garry. Prarc Assured. April 30.—The Provincial Corres poudtmce says the visit of tho German Emper or to St. Petersburg confirms the pacific policy agreed to by the Emperors of Germany, Ana j ria and Russia, lust September. It is espec ially significant at this time, because the pros pects of quiet in western Europe were growing gloomy. ■ Slrnnlebu868 °^°^el'a arc reported to-day in Defeat of %Vouinn Suffrage. i m^yrn<?N’^pri130—In the House of Com I ^^n,f rl-,rfterU?01,1’ Jaco>> Bright moved the i °? 1,10 woman's disabilities bill, ! KSu? ln. support of tho hill, Mr' : Bright cited the adoption of female suffrage in I terntory auJ elsewhere. He at so I was defeated now it would be brought forward again and again Mr- Bouverie moved that the second reading ?.f th® b'U be postponed six months, and Mr" fecoaniela seconded the mstiod. Dobate followed, at the close of which the House divided and the bill was rejected, 222 }o METEOROLOGICAL. ritOUABILITIES FOR THE NEXT TWENXV-rOI’H HOURS. Wati Dep’t, Office Chief Signal 1 Officer, Washington, D. C., } „ , „ April 30.8 (P. IV.) ) onA m-U° '°wor Mississippi Valley, Tennessee, and Missouri and the Gulf States, a falling bar ometer, fresh south-east winds, rising tempera ture, cloudy weather and heavy rain: for the north-west and upper lakes and thence to Indi ana and Kentucky, falling barometer, brisk north-easterly winds, increasing cloudiness and rain; tor the South Atlantic States, easterly and south-easterly winds and diminishing pres sure followed by cloudy weather with occasional rai?;J?r»c,\owerlake8aild upper Ohio Valley and Middle States, north-easterly to south-east crly winds and light pressure diminishing to night; for Canada and New England, clear and partially cloudy weather with north-east winds. Cautionary signals are ordered for Duluth, Chi cago,-Milwaukee, Grand Haven, Detroit, Toledo and Cleveland. -MINOR TELEGRAMS. . Tiie annual meeting of tho Western Unita rian churches is in session in Chicago. No business has been done by the court in Utah, as it is conceded that tho marshal who drew the jurors is not a legal officer. A Washington special says the revenue from manufactured tobacco in ten months of tho present year is only $.'100,000 less than the en tire rcceiptof the previous year, notwithstand ing the reduced tax. A Richmond despatch gi%-os four instances where sheriffs and tax collectors report having lieeu robbed by highwaymen after having col lected large sums of money. Their reports sa vor of a suspicious coincidence. It is reported that the Carlists in the Spanish province of Biscay have surrendered Bilboa, which is almost defenceless. The mother and brother of Lieut. Harris, wounded in the last Modoc massacre, have left Philadelphia to join the wounded relative. Richard Petit, a Philadelphia attorney, com mitted suicide Tuesday. Ho was to have been married at noon Wednesday. Tho shoe manufactory of Lawrence, Board man fir. Po in V.vnfnr K T-J nrnu Lnvitf fTnm. day night. Loss about $10,000; well insured. The cause is unknown, but no doubt it was ac cidental. Gov. Dix signed tho New York charter Tues day morning. The Philadelphia bauker Gambo fails for $700,000, with $100,000 assets. The body of an unknown man, .70 years old, was found in the river at Lowell Wednesday. The Governor and Council of New Hamp shire have referred the question of power to go behind election returns to the courts. Mackinaw Straits are nearly open for navi gation. Lizzie Heydgger of Kingston, N. Y., during a fit ot temporary insanity drowned herself and babe Tuesday. Baseball at Baltimore—Baltimores 12, Alh-' lotics 10. Thompson of tbeN. X. Evening Post, died Wednesday. The Massachusetts Legislature Wednesday by vote of 109 to 94, passed a hill annexing Charlestown and Brookline to Boston. Kev. J. D. Fuller of Tremont Temple, Bos ton,has accepted a call from Brooklyn, N. Y. The New Hampshire State Convention of xouujf Men’s Christian Associations meets at Manchester to-day. In Cincinnati, by the breaking of a cable used in the railway on a hill Tuesday, a stone laden train went down the incline smashing a house and throwing the stone among children in the yard, killing two and seriously injuring two others. & , ^ Halifax special states that the wreck of tne Atlantic was blown up Tuesday but no bodies were recovered. It is probable that 200 corpses have been washed to sea or have been ground up by the floating cargo. Divers arc rapidly recovering the cargo. kate advices from Jerusalem state that se yere_nghts have occurred in Bethlehem lietwccn the Latin and Greek Monks, in which five of tho former and six of the latter were injured. A Iiio Jauerio letter of the 4th inst. states that owing to the late raius there a land-slide occurred which crushed and threw down a mas sive stone wall on to a building in tho navy yard, instantly killing twenty workmen and wounding some fifty others. The difficulty at Irort Vincent, La., has been amicably adjusted. The boiler <;f the Sloauaker saw mill at Wil liainsport. Pa., exploded Wednesday morning kihiug the engineer, EzraE. Fanner, danger ously injuring William Muncy, the watchman, and two others slightly. ^■—— FIMAMCIAL AMD COMMERCIAL. Beritw of Portland Marked. Week Exmku April 30, 1873. There has been considerable activity In commer cial circles during the past wock. As tho means of transportation have improved, country merchants u-»»o uccu lciiitvuiamug ineir blocks, maKing traao here pretty active. A farther improvement is looked for the coming week. The markets aro pretty firm at our quotations, the greatest advance being on pork. The money market, though still stringent, is somewhat easier than it has been, and not so much difficulty is experienced in negotiating prime paper at a fair rate of interest. Gold has been dull, not withstanding the efforts of speculators to shove up the premium. On Tuesday it 6old at 116}. Tbo rates on Wednesday, 30th, were 117}@117§. Apples aro higher tor prime, sound fruit. Baldwins are selling at $2 50@4 00, and Russets at $3 50@5 00 per bbl. Dried apples arc dull. Beans are in good supply, and prices steady. _Butter is without change prime tablo qualities being scarce. New is selling at 4S@48c. Cheese is unchanged. Coal is lower, tho dealers having agreed to reduce prices $1 after to day. Cooperage is in light stock and light demand. Coffee is very firm. Cordago and copper romain un changed. Dry goods aro without change, and the de mand still continues to .bo large. Drugs and dyes are unchanged. ®uck is steady, with large saleB of Portland manufacture. Fish aro firm—the supply of cod being very light. Flour has not materially changod, but thoro is more firmness in prices and a bettor demand for family grades. Fruit is without any change. Grain is very firm with an upward ten dency for cbm. Hay is a little firmer tkau it has been, and onr dealers have boon paying $20 for choice lots of pressed; $18 for prime and $17 for ordinary. Iron continues to be very firm and our quotation for cast steel is advanced. Lard has further improved and our quotations are about }c higher than last week. Leather is firm and steady. Lisae is steady and unchanged. Lumber is unchanged with a good demand for shipping. Matches aro steady at $1 03 per gross for star. Molasses is very steady. Nails are firm. Naval stores aro quiet. Oils aro steady at a slight advance on kerosene and linsoed. Paints aro without change. Plaster is in bettor supply. Produce is a little more active; eggs are lower aud selling at 18c in lots; potatoes do not come in very freely, and prices are firm. Provisions arc more ac tive with a sharp advance on pork, the market being very firm. Salt is steady and prices are unchanged. Seeds are strong at our quotations, with a large de mand for herdsgrass. Sugars are lower and we quote Forest City gianulatcd at U@ll}c and coffee crushed at 10@10}c, according to grade. Ragle sugars are eolling at 7}@9}c, according to quality. Teas are steady and unchanged. Tins aro very firm both for pig and plate. Wool is unchanged, but the demand has been rather better during the past week—manu facturers purchasing moro freely. If'nTT'flTTTH-—fhlhfl. frp.irrhta arn Hull v»v>,1 nnf offering. Tho engagements since our last report aro brig J. B. Brown, honco to Havana and back N. of Hattcras, at 84 G21 for molasses; schr Lottie, from Bath to N. side of Cuba and back N. of Hattcras, at |5 for molasses and 55c for sugar j schr Elhan Allen, hence to Havana and back N. of Hatteras, at 84 75 for molasses. There is a demand for vessels for River Platte and the following charters have been made,. Bark Carrie Lcmout and new hark B. Webster, hence to River Platte at 823 (gold) and 5 per cent, primage, for lumber. Coastwise freights aro dull aud lower. Lumber to New York 82 75. Brig George Amos was taken from Savannah to Kcnnebunk at ® 13 for hard pine; schr Lizzie Dewey from Georgetown to Portland at 83 25 for coal. A few vessels have been chartered to take ice from the Kennebec to Philadelphia at 9123. Receipt* by Railroad* and Mlcamboat*. Guano Thunk Railway—10 ears sundries, 2 do hay, G do for Boston. 1 do bark, 4:1 do lumber. 4 do flour, 1 do barley, 4 do for Halifax, 3 do for Allan Line, 3 do for DFCoiscr, 8 do for G. T. It.,* 2do laths, 1 do bark. siEAMEit Chesapeake, from New York.—82 hales rags, 10 do jute, 30 do trees, 950 half chests tea, 100 rolls leather, 80 do carpet inc, 250 bags seed, 403 do flour, 50 do coffee, 50 hhds sugar, 26 do molasses, 21 tes retorts, 11 casks skins, 2 uo nails, 8 do white lead 260 kegs lead, 25 do suda, 50 bbls sugar, 30 do glass ware, 80 boxes soap, 50 do tobacco, 75 do hardware 70 do drugs, 20 eases trees, 25 do soda, 32 do paint ’lS0 ■ pkgs sundries. ’ Foreign Export*. ST. JOHN, NB. Schr Spring Bird—S00 bb's flour 10 tons feed, 700 galls oil. u0l,r> Foreign Imports. PORTO RICO. Schr Marv Louise_"97 puncheons 19tcs molasses to Phinney <& Jackson, P “ Boston stock Elat. (Sales at tho Broljor’s Board, April 30.1 Boston * Maine Railroad.... i*u Eastorn Railroad."" "'".'.'107 Sales at Auction. Bates Manufacturing Co. 103 Bites ManutufaeringCompaiiv. 103 Franklin Company, Lowistou .T.'.V.V.... 111®*“ Pepperell Manufacturing Co .075 taJ OJi Laconia Mannlacturing Co .•AlfS Boston & Maine Railroad.— ® ,„7, do do .hi* Eastern Railroad.. do do . luiii Eastern Railroad 7s. ... Eastern Railroad 7s, .. Not York Stock and dloncy Market. Stocks steady. Stato stocks quiet. New York. April 30—Evening,—Money more ac tive aiul stringent at 7 per cent, cold to £ per cent, nor day, closing at a higher rate. Express companies brought $1,120,OOP currency. Sterling Exchango dull and heavy at 1083 for CO (lavs nr>,l m-i r . • ,. Gold is miner,trow lisj &YinwithtLnw.ff111’ loans at 2 @7 percent. The ciearaneee w„e SW ’ 000,000. Treasury disbursements $535,000. Custom's roeeipts $349,000. Governments are 4 hotter and firm State bonds aro dull. Storks altermatcly weak and strong, but the fluctuations are generally eonliued to narrow limits. Western Union active and advanced from 844 iaj 8oJ, but receded under tight money at 84}; Pacific Mail rose from 37 @573, bat closed at the opening figure. The tollowiug wero the quotations of Government securities: United States coupon G’s, 1S81.12111 United States 6-20’s ..>18} United States 5-20’s ..118} United States 5-20’s 1865, old.1204 United States 5-20’s 1805, new.117} United States 5-20’s 1S67.119| United States 5-20’s lf6S . US United States 5’s. new.11G United States.10-10’8.,coupons.113} Currency G’s. .... _1)4} Scranton Coal gale. e»?EY York,i April 30.—The regular monthly sale of Scranton coal by tho -Delaware & Lackawanna and Western Railroad Co. took place to-day. The at tendance was largo and tho bidding was brisk, witli 2-r’..l<J'p?vor’ a"? appreciate defierence from tho prices of last month; the following prices were ob 4mflfTsn?np’ *i,2‘*; 8tcamt»at, $4 22}; grate, 4 70! 8t°VC ¥310@612» = Domestic iVIarkcis* „ Vork, April 30-Evenmg—Cotton }c lower and dull; sales lOoO bales; Middling unlands 19*_ and unchanged; sales 10,250bbls; State 5“®?^“.' l-oaud hoop Ohio GOO @10 50; Western M liito Michigan 1 05 @ 2 30. Corn is heavy and (oi lc lower; sales 63,000 bush; new Mixed Western 72 (ffi 7i.Ac; do old 68 @ 69c in store. Oats dull and heavy; sales 31,000 bush; White 55 @ @ 55Ac; new Westehi Mixed at 52 @ 54. Beef steady. Pork steady; new mess 18 62i @ 18 15. Lard firmer at Dg @ 93c. Butter dull ana lower; Ohio 32 @ 36c; State 36 @ 39c. Whit key is a shade firmer at 91Jc. Bice steady at 7 j @ 8$c. Sugar active and strong; Muscovado 7Ac; refining 7A @ 7|c. Coftee strong; Bio at 17 @ 194cin Geld. Mo lassesi quiet and unchanged; New Orleans 67 @80.— Naval Stores-rSpirits Turpentine is dull at 52 @ 5lc; ltosln dull at 3 25 for strained. Petroleum is quiet and easier; crude 10£c; refined 21. Tallow steady at 8| @ 94. Wool steady; domestic fleece 45 @ 48c; tubbed at 45c. Freights to Liverpool easier; Grain, per steam, at 5}d; do sail 5d. Chicago, April 30.—Flour quiet and uuebanged; extra Spring c 00 @ 6 75. Wheat irregular and low er; No 2 Spring regular nominally at 1 24 for fresh; sold for 1 25; seller May 1 24 @ 1 24}; 1 27} seller «» tv * *«> i mn,. vuill In fair demand anil lower; No2 Mixed at 371c cash; 37g seller May; 40c for seller June; rejected 34o. Oats in fair demand; No 2 on spot at 3oc cash; 30Jc for sell er May; rejected 29c. Eye quiet and unchanged at 70c for fresh. Barley quiet snd unchanged; No 2 Fall regular cash 70 ® 7lc. Provisions—Pork steady, held 18 00 seller May; 18 45 seller June. Lard iirm at 9} cash; 9 45 for seller June. Bulk Meats aro un changed ; shoulders We loose; short rib mildlcs 8{ (5) 9}; short clear middles qnoted at 8jj @ BJe. Bacon Is unchanged; shoulders 8c; clear rib sides 10c; clear sidos 10jc. Whiskey is steady at 87c. Eeceipts—7,000 bbls flour,17,000 bush wheat, 35, 000 bush corn, 29.000 lmsb oats, 0,000 bush ryo, 2,000 bush barley, 00,000 liogs. Shipments—5,000 obis flour, 48,000 bush wheat, 90, 000 bush corn, 55.000 bush cats, 0,000 bush rye, 0,000 bash barley, 0000 bogs. Cincinnati, April 30.—Provisions strong and more active. Pork nominally at 18 50 with light offerings. Lard is quiet at 9c for steam; kettle held at 91c.— Bulk Meats steady on spot and tinner for future de livery; shoulders at 6 ® 6jc; buyer Juno 7}e; sales of clear rib sides at 9e; sales at 9jc buyer June; 10c do July;lolc bid buyer Aug; 10Jc do Sep; clear rib sides 9} ® 9|c. Bacon steady; sales of shoulders at 7Jc; generally held at 8c; clear rib sides 9}; sales 9Jc for buyer July; clear sides 10c. Whiskey quiet and weak at 80.' jtOLSOO, April 30.—Flour dull and unchanged.— Wheat irregular; No 1 White 115: No 2 do 2 04; No 2 White Michigan 1 65; Amber Michigan seller May 1 71 @ 1 72;; seller Juno 1 75}; No 1 Bed 179; No2doat 1 72}; No 3 do 1 61; rejected 1 43. Corn is dull and lower; high Mixed on spot at 45c; seller June 45}c; seller July 45}c; seller Aug 46}c; low Mixed on spot 44}; seller May aud June «|c. Oats dull and declin ing; No 2 on spot at 40c; seller June 41c. Eeceipts—1,000 bbls flour, 13,000 bush wheat, 19,000 bush corn, 3,000 bush oats. Shipments—0000 bbls flour,25,000 bush wheat,90,000 bush com, 3,000 bush oats. Detroit, April 30.—Flour quiet and unchanged. Wheat steady; extra White at 2 00; No 1 White at 1 86 @ 1 871; Amber Michigan at 1 72. Corn steadv at 40. Oats in good demand at 11 ® 41‘e. Receipts—,000 bbls flour, 10,000 bash wheat, 7,000 bush com, 3,000 bush oats. Shipments—1000 bbls flour, 11.000 bush wheat, 5,000 bush corn, 1,000 bush oats. Freights to Oswego 10c. Charleston, April29.-Cotton nominal; Middling uplands 18}c. Savannah. April 30.—Cotton easier; Middling uplands at ISJo. 6 Mobile, April 30.—Cotton Is dull; Middling up lands 18c. New Orleans, April 30.—Cotton in moderate de mand; Middling uplands 18}c. Euro pc an Markets. London, April 30—11.30.—Consols opened at 93} for rnuney and for account. American securities—U. S. 5-20's 1665, old, at 92; do 1867, 93}; do 10-403,89}; new 5s, 90. Erie Rail way at 50}. London, April 30—5.00 P. M.—Consols closed un changed. Liverpool, April30—5.00 P. M.—Cotton closed unchanged. EXHIBITION. I beg Ictive to inform my Customer* and the Public in general that I will exhibit Wednesday, April 23, TilE LATEST NOVELTIES —or— SPRING GOODS French, English and Domestic, in the greatest variety. Soliciting yonr esteemed calls to examine goods mid prices, I remain, yours very respectfully, T. LOBENSTEIN, NO. 4 DECKING BLOCK. ni>22_2w Maine Gen. Hospital Fair. The following: Rules liace heon adopted by the Executive Committee. 1st—Tables shall be numbered, and assigned by lot 2d—Nothing shall bo sold on commission. Every article brought into tho Hall lor sale becomes there by entirely the property of the Fair, and it must not be given away, or disposed of in any manner not ap proval by the Executive Committee. 3d—The prices oi all articles will be fixed by the Executive Committee. 4th—All articles ai^to be marked and sold at rea sonable prices. 5th—All responsible parties—whether individuals, Parishes, or other organizations—throughout the State, desiring spaco at the Fair, may have tables assigned them on application to the Executive Com - mittoe at their Headquarters, 120 Middle street. 6tli—There shall be a general tabic to bo called tbe “Portland Table,” for the reception and disposal of all articles received by the Executive Committee, aud of all other articles not designed for other tables. 7th—There will also bo a State table for tho dispo sition of all articles contributed without assignment to any table from outside of Portland. CHAS. E. JOSE, Secretary. aplld3w PROBATE NOTICE. To all Persons* Interested in flic Ettnic hereinafter named: AT a Court of Probate held at Portlaud. within and for the County of Cumberland, on the 1 hird Tuesday of April, in the year of our Lord eigh teen hundred and seventy-three, the following mat ter having been presented for tho action thereupon hereinafter indicated, it is hereby Ordered, That notice thereof be given to all persons interest ed, by causing a copy of this order to bo published onco a week in the Portland Daily Press and Daily Eastern Argus, and three weeks successively in tho Maine State Press and Eastern Argus, papers printed at Portland aforesaid, that they may appear at a Pro V.,*,. fo . of coM rtn flu. fltlr.l Tuesday of May next, at ten of the clock in the fore noon, heard thereon, and object it they see cause, the first publication to be thirty days at least before tbe time so assigned. RICHARD T. DODGE, late of Ipswrch, in (he County of Essex and Commonwealth of Massachu setts, deceased. Authenticated copy of Will and tho probate thereof, proved and allowed in said County of Essex, and petition that tho same may be filed and recorded in said County of Cumberland, presented bv Abbv T. Dodge. Executrix of saiil Will. JOHN A. WATERMAN, Jud-c. A true copy of the original order. Attest, WILLIAM K. NEAL nprl7dlaw3w£w3wl7Register. .lit C. M. A. • A STATED MEETING of tho Maiuo Charita ble Mechanic Association, will site held at Lib rary Room, Mechanics’ Hall, on Thursday cvenuic May 1st, at 71 o’clock. The question of amendment of article 23d, of tho 2°JtS,tit!li1(>MilliSel’^for afln'ittanco to the as sociation shall bo raised from $5.00 to $12 00 will como betorc the meeting for action ’ GEO. A. HARMON^ MILUNERY! Miss 8. b\ True, Would inform her patrons, and tho that slio lias now and will from time continue to re ceivo E3F\%.1I the iVorclitir* ,hc consisting of Round Hats &JBonnets in French, Chip and English braids, a choice selection of Flow ers, Ribbons, Laces, and Ornaments. NO. 1 ELM ST. S, p, TBl'E. apr29___ d3t Steam Safe Co.’s Sale! WE have one of Sanborn’s Steam Fire Proof Saios, medium size, combination lock, new and in perlect order, for sale at a large discount from mrnufacturer’6 pricos. Call and examine it at No. 22 Exchange street. J. 8. BAILEY A CO., Auctioneers. ap2G dtf DENNISON’S PATENT SHIPPING TAGS. Over 200 millions have been nsed wlth kin the past ten years without complaint I if loss by tag becoming ctetacbod. All I Express Companies use thorn. Sold by printer* and Stationers Everywhere, nprll TTiSSm ENTERTAINMENTS. POSTPOIE1): The "Old Folks Concert*” rhJi!2h "“V? co,nu> oa at Congress St. M. E. week. Thursday, May 1st, Is postponed one »pr30 __ (1;t OWEM’S BENEFIT — TO THE — Maine Gen. Hospital Fair, Saturday Night, May 3, 1873. Scale of Prieea-Keieryeil Meat* >5 rents and 91.00; General Admission 50 cents. The latter may be had at the following places* Stockbrldge’8 music store, GUkey’s apothecary storo Falmouth House, Dana’s “ * “ Preble “ Abner Lowell’s jewelry United States Hotel. store. Reserved seats to be hud at Stock bridge’s music Btoie, 15G Exchange street, onlv. _ap29____ td “Crowning the Rose.5’ A Cantata by Geo. F. Root, to be performed nt the MAY-DAY FESTIVAL — OF TIIE— SECOND PARISH — AT — € I T Y HALL, mi__ .1_ MX_ir_ n i limimnj ilittj INI, To be followed by I BRAIDING A MAT-POLE, BY Thirly-six Youii? Ladies. Hall open for admission at 7 in the Evening. Cantata commences at 8. There will be an exhibition in the Aftomoon com meiiciug at 3 o’dock, to which Children will be ad mitted at 15cents. Evening Tickets, ar> cen's, lor sale at Hawes & Cragin’s, Stockbridges’s, Hoyt & Fogg’s, and at the ball J C3jr*Refreshments for sale Afternoon and Evening m Reception Hall. apr2(kltd GRAN D_ BALL! The Active Base Ball Association of Sebago Lake, / 'vill give their last Ball of the scasou at ih« FAlYILIOISJA — ON THE — Evening of May-Bay, 1873. — music by — Chandler’* Full Quadrille Baud An extra train will leave the Boston & Maine De pot, (Walker House) Portland, at 7 o’clock P. M running to Steep Falls and also to Baldwin, provided 10 couples from the latter town attend tho Ball, and returning alter tho Dance. Half faro in tho train. Admission SI.00. apr20d3t THE ANNUAL Fail* and Festival — or the — Ladies of the St. Lawreucc St. Society will be held in their Vestry on Thursday and Friday, May 1 & 2, AFTERNOON AND EVENING On Thursday evening theiewill be an entertain ment by tho children and a hot supper will be served. On Friday evening there will be several of the Jubi lee songs sung ana other entertainments. Refresh ments will be for sale on both evenings. A fancy table will be well supplied with useful and ornamen tal articles for sale at fair rates. Admission 15 cents; Supper extra. np2D d3t ~ MUSI C HALL MANAGES.MR. THEO. HAMILTON. MR. OWENS,! In response to many requests that he would appear as PAUL PRY, Has made arrangements to deviate from his arranged route, and will appear ONE NIGHT MORE,' — ON — Next Saturday, May 3d, FOR THE MAINE GENERAL HOSPITAL, (See correspondence.) On which occasion he will present Poole’s Comedy In 3 acts, of PAUL PRY! And his Farcical pitce of absurdity, the LIVE INDIAN. Mr. Owens iu 4 Distinct Characters Satfrday Eyt-yino, May 3—The performance will commence with 1’oolc’s Comedy, in 3 acts, PAUL R R Y . “I Hope I Don’t Intrale.” Tanl Pry.MR. OWENS. To conclude with the LIVE INDIAN. Mr. Owens in Four Characters. Scale of Prices—Reserved Seats, Orchestra and Parquette $1.00. Reserved Seats, Balcony, 73 cts. General admission 50. C^'The gale of seats will begin at Stockbridge’s music store, 15G Exchange St., on Tuesday morning, April 29. apr28dlw MTT 8IC-JEIALL, “They’ve Got to Come,” Returning on their grand and successful tour or the Provinces. For Two Nights, MONDAY & TUESDAY, MAY 5th & 6th. HARRY BLOODGOOD’S ' UliiiMtrcI and Burlccqnc Combination, Including the Manarchs, Walters and Morton, the greatest known Song and Danco Artists. Charles Hlathews and Jf’lie Belle Celeste, in their astounding Aerial Flights and terrific feats on the Flying Trapeze. CLARKE. MANNING, RIDDELL, BLOODGOOD HIMSELF, and twenty others together with a Full Brass Hand and Orchestra. comprising an entertainment of acknowledged supe rior merit. For particulars see posters and programmes. ^“Prices as usual. Reserved places ready at Box office, Monday May 5th. C. IT. JARVIS, Agent. HARRY NILES, Business, Manager. apr30dlw 1\TTTClTn XT ATT Amateur Entertainment! PEEP O' DAY, Beueilt of Maine General Hospital. Wednesday Events, May 7th. and 14th. THE EMEBALD BOAT CLUB. Assisted by their lady friends will produce tho play of “Peep O’Day,” for the benefit of the Maine Gen eral Hospital, with beautiful music, scenery and cos tumes. Incidental to tho piece is the Fair scene with charactics by company faction fight, &c. Tho old quarry in the FortDhuiv by moonlight. The Montgomery Guards havo kindly voleuteercd their services Reserved scats are for sale at Stockbrldgc’s Musio Store on Exchange street. PRICES OF ADMISSIONReserved seats in Orchestra, 75 cents; Parquet, 50 cents; Babony, 36 cents, to bo obtained of the members and at the door. myl 1-3-G-7-0-12-14 1). W. CLARK cV tO. — OEU.EBS IN — ICE HOUSE, MABKET ST., — AND — 32 EXCHANGE ST., Pore Icc supplied for all purpos es, and k.n auy quantity at the LOWEST BATES. apri) ABKATOSAKKO. Auctioneer and Commission Merchnnts, glvo their special attention to selllug Real Kstate, Furniture and Merchandise of all kinds. Horses Car riages, &c. Advances made on consignments. Reg ular Sales of new and second-hand Furnituro at the Auction Rooms every Saturday morning. Commu nications by mallt.romptly attended to AB.tA.UM A- BROTHER. _ ,, 123Fodleral St., under the U. S. Hotel. N. B. Money advanced on Watches. Jewcirv Furniture, Clothing, and all goods of value - ’ _dif JUST received A few pieces Black and White Striped Silks AX 91.00, WORTH » A Small Lot CHECKED MILKS AT M5r. COTEXJL * COMPACT. ap.-iTi ti I • --— ■■ — ■ - j AUCTION SALES. J. S. ISAIM'V & CO., Commission Merchants, A. UCTIONEER S ivo.iw ExenAneu MTKiKfcr. fyxt below Merchant a’ Exchange. JOSEPH S. DAILEY, OEO. W. PABKKK. References— Messrs. IT. J. Libby & « o., and Hen Charles P. Kimbil' Me.; Messrs. LeontfO & Co., and Lee & Shepard, Boston. apllt BY J. 8. BAILEY A CO., AncliauwM Furniture, Curpels. Pieiures, Ac., at Auction. WE shall sell at auction at. our salesroom on FRI DAY. May 2d, at lo$ o’clock A. M., an assnit ment of Carpets, Brussels, 3-ply and Chamber Car pets, Lounges, one 15. W. Parlor suit in Hair Cloth, Chairs. Bureaus, Tables, Be Istoads, Crockery, (Hass and Wooden Ware, Br«.©ins, Trunks, about 30 fine Pictures in Frames, <1 ass. Sash, Doors, Bliuds, <£c. Also one second baud Wagon and Harness. ab-0 _____dtd By J. H. BAILEY A CQ., Anciionrcw 4Ioid lluuter cash AValch anti Chain at Auction. ON FRIDAY, May 2, at 11 o’clock A. M., at effle* 'Vo shall sell One Fine Wnltlmm Watch with Uold Hunter Case, full jeweled Chronometer balance new and iu perfect order. A Gold Chain, also now’ apr29______ M Tea at Auction. ON FRIDAY, May 2d, at 2} o’clock 1*. M„ al oftic ■. we shall sell la Chests choice Tea, sold to close the estate of a deceased dealer w 10 ooF- B 4,LI{,f * «° • A«ii.a«n “P"*_dtd Real Estate on Exchange and Mat ket Streets at Auction. tp1’. SATUKDAY, May 3d. at 12 o'clock M., w. VF shall sell the very desirable lot of land sitnato.1 and Market Streets, north of the Old cost Office lot. In Portland, and bounoed, be.lunlne oU Jo? 8*?° °/ Market street, seventy-seven and eight-tentna feet from the southerly side of Cou greHS street, thence south-westerly by land of heirs of James Deering fifty-four feet, to Exchange street, thcnco north-westerly by said Exchange street sev enty-one feet to si stake, thence north-easterly paral ei with the south-easterly lino herein described for ty-etglit lcet. more or less, to mmaf eouui-easterly by said Market street seventy-one leet. more or less, to the point of beginning. For particulars call on J. <& E. M. Kand, 121 Mid dle street, or apr24t?* ^ CO., Anciioarm. For Sale at Auction. 111!E centrally located brick house, No. 28 Fr*. • Street, corner of Cotton. A good location for a ruj sician or a Dentist. The lot is sufficient in siao for two good stores, which will be wanted In a few years-the premises being within a few mis of well estuWished business houses. The above property will be ottered by auction, on Moudav, May 5th, at 2* o’clock, P. M. ’ " ’ ” F. O. BAILEY »Y CO., Anrtionm*. _ aPr29__Mlw Ad in inis! rat or's Sale of Heal Es tate. WILL l>e sold at public sale on the premises, in tho town of Dee ring, on the “Gray road.” about one mile from Allen’s Corner, on TUESDAY, the sixth day of May next, at eleven o’clock A.M. So much of the Real Estate. (Wood and Timber land,) of Geo. Frost, Esq., late of Wcstbiook, in the County of Cumberland, deceased, as will produce a gum not exceeding eighteen hundred and twenty-six dollars. By virtue of a License from Hon. J. A. Waterman, Judge of Probate for Cumberland County. THOS. QUINBY. Administrator, _ , (with Will annexed.) Portland. April 4. 1873. Immediately after the abovo sale will be sold tbe valuable property at AUcn'a Corner, known as tbe Knights field, containing about 20 acres. This hi one of the best fields in this location. F. O. BAILEY & CO., Auctioneer*. myl__ dtd Desirable Properly at Gorliam Vil lage, to be sold at Auction. PURSUANT to license from Probate Court, will be sold at public auction on SATURDAY, the lUth day of May next, at 2$ o’clock P. M., tbe valu able Estate known as the “Broad Place.” Said estate consists of about six acres of land, on which are a Urge two-story House, Barn and out-buildings, fruit trees, shade trees, &c.f Ac. This Is a most at traetivo location, but five minutes walk from Churches, Seminary, public School House, and R. R. Station; and will unquestionably be sold atubargain. A train on P. & K. R. leaves Portland at IjP.M., and one returns at 4.25 P. M. tySale to lake place on the premises. JOHN C. CARD, Ex’r ol Will or the lat Henry Bro s . Gorham, April 7,1873. aprikllaw3w then did* APRIL 18737 New Store, New Goods LAMES — op — PORTLAND AND VICINITY can now find a full and complete stock of »Kiru, i ui.ri, ituu dusiks, Plain, Kaflicd and Einb. Night Gowns. Plain, Rutiled aud Emb Gored Skirts, Plain, Ruffled and Emb* Chemises, Plniu, Ruffled and Emb. Drawers, Infant’s ltobes and Dresses, Aprons and Tires, Ac., Ac. Price, Quality and Make of Goods can be relied on. Store No. 3 under U.S.IIotel P. S.—Also in stock first quality PATTI HI® GLOVES ap28_ tf GRASS SEED. 2000 Bags Western Timothy Need 1500 “ Canada “ *• lOOO “ Red Top ** 500 “ Michigan Clover •* 200 “ Ohio “ 400 “ No. New fork “ *• lOO “ Pea Vine, ** “ 150 “ Alsike “ “ lOO “ Millet •• lOO “ Hungarian Grass “ IOO “ Orchard « l'OIt SALE AT THE Lowest Cash Price. KENDALL & WHITNEY. mck2G tf Those Baked Beans. THOSE BAKED BEANS — WHICH— W. €. COBB is selling BY THE QUART, at his Bakery, NOS. 28 & 30 PEARL STREET, taro been tested and pronounced GOOD ! Now if you wish to try them, you can by sending In your order have them'brought right, from the oven to your door any morning during the week. Or, If you say you want then. Sabbath morning la the custom) Mr. Cobb will have a frr«di lot ready which he will send you Saturday ovening. Then by put ting them iu your own ov* n you can find them there at breakfast time and savo the unpleasant ta*k cl* rising before you are ready and hurrying to the buk ery. P. H.—Take* Home choice BROW> BREAD with them or not, an you like*. apio_ _ Allan_Line. Uoutrcnl Ocean Moainsliip Co. UNDER CONTRACT FOR THE 0ARBYI3O OF TUI Canadian and United SlntM .TVaiU. Passengers booked, o London derry arnl Liverpool. 'Return. Tiokots granted at Reduced Rates. Tlie Steamship AISTRI tN, Capt. Ritchie, Will leave this port for Liverpool on SATURDAY, 31 ay 3d, Immediately after the arrival of the Train or th previous day from Montreal. Passage to Londonderry and Liverpool, Cabin (ao coiding to accommodations).to 9SO Payable in Gold or its equivalent. For Freight or Cabin Passage, apply to ft. & A. AXLAnTNo. 1 India St. SiZSiSSSSZ PJB9JJgc 1i"ward an»l outward, and lor night Drafts on England for small amounta apply to JAMES L. FARMER, Portland, Nov. 19th. 18711. N°'31mli*Si NEW 0 Y S T Eli HO U 8 E t. s. iiatcii Respect tally Informs hU friend* and the public that he lias leased and fitted up in good shape store Na. 307 Congress Street, nearly opposite Brown street. A full supply of fresh Oysters, cooked in every style, and for sale by the quart or gallon con stantly on baud. Hatch’s celebrate. 1 Ice Cteam sup plied to parties on call. mebstt 500 Bbls. Algae Fertilizer. 200 Bbls. Fish Chum, FOR SALE BY CO.VWT A. HAND, 133 rOn.UKKCIAL STBLFT. ap26 dJw To Owners of Jersey Cows. THE subscriber offers his pure blooded Jersey Bull for the use of Cows during the present season. JOHN REED. Woodford's Corner-. April 3,1873. ftp4dla.#

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