Newspaper of Portland Daily Press, May 3, 1873, Page 3

Newspaper of Portland Daily Press dated May 3, 1873 Page 3
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THE PRESS. SlITRDAY MOKMNR, MAY 15. 1S7S THE PBE89 May be obtained at the Periodical Depots of Fefl eetiden Bros., Marquis, Robinson, Branell & Co.‘ Andrews, Went wortn, ulendenniug Moses, Hender •on, and Chisholm Bros., on all trains that run out of the ity. At Blddeford, of Pillsbury. At Saco of L, Hodgdon. At Watcrville, of J. S. Carter. At Gorham, of Nowb Agout. At Bath, of J. O. Shaw. At Lewiston, of French Bros. At Kennebunk, of C. E. Miller. ~CITY AND VICINITY. Nevr AdTcrtiMement* Id-Day. AUCTION COLUMN. Teas—J. S. Bailey & Co. Sherift’s Sale—F. O. Bailey & Co. Office Desks, Ac—F. O. Bailey & Co. Furniture, Ac. F. O. Bailey A Co. Fruit Trees—F. O. Bailey & Co. Administrates Sale—Eunice Poole. ENTERTAINMENT COLUMN. Music Hall—Marietta Ravel. SPECIAL NOTICES. Room Papers—Loring, Short A Harmon. NEW ADVERTISEMENTS. Notice to Special- tax Payers—Franklin J. Rollins. Hard Pine Timber—Stetson A Pope. House for Sale Cheap—F. G. Patterson. To Let—Tenement. For Sale—John B. Herreshoff. ft Coat and Pant Makers Wanted—W. C. Beckett. IlSeulo in Boilers—Geo. W. Lord. Daucy’s Announcements—1. | A Small Farm for Sale in West Buxtcn. Home Again—A, M. McKenney. Wanted—Albert Chase. MISCELLANEOUS NOTICES. Boots and Shoes—T. E. Moseley & Co. Loring’s Vegetable Specific. Geo. W. Rich & Co.’s Announcements—3. Saleswoman Wanted—L. D. Strout. J. Burleigh’s Announcements—1. Religious Notices. First Baptist Church, Congress st., comer of Wilmot.Rev. Wm. H. Shailer, Pastor.—Preaching at 3; Sabbath School at 1$; Social meeting at 7 p. m. High Street Church.—Rev. W. Fenn, Pastor. Preaching services at 10$ a. m. and 3 p.m.; Sunday School at the close of forenoon services; Prayer meet ings Sunday Bve’gs at 7 o’clock, and Tuesdays at 7$. New Jerusalem Church.—Preaching at 10$ A. M. by Rev. G. F. Steams. Subject: “The new Heart.” Evening lecture at 7$ o’clock, Subject: “The Flood.” India St. Uni vers a list Church.—Rev. Geo. W Bickucll, pastor.—Preaching service to-morrow at 10$ A. M. Sunday School Concert at 7$ P. M. Congress St. M. E. Church.—Rev. C. B. Pitbla do, Pastor. Communion at 10$ a. m. Preaching at 3 and lecture at 7 p. m. by the pastor. Subject of lecture, “True Glory,” First Second Advent Church, 353$ Congress street. Elder B. S. Emery, will preach to-morrow at the usual hours. Seats free. St. Paul’s Church, comer ol Congress and Lo cust street.—Services Sunday at 10.30 o’clock a.m. and 3 p. m. Bethel CnuRcn.—Sabbath 10$a. m., 3 and 7$ p. Prayer meetings on Monday and Thursday eveniugs at 7$ p. m. All from sea and land are invited. Newbury St., Church.—Prayer meeting at 10$ a. m.; preaching in the afternoon at 3 p. m. Spiritual Fraternity, Army and Navy Union Hall—Children’s Progressive Lyceum at 10$ A. M. Conference at 3 P. M. Williston Church.—S. S. 10$ a. m. Preaching service at 3 p. m. Sittings free. Social meeting at 7 P. M. St. Lawrence St. Church.—Rev. A. H. Wright, Pastor.—Preaching at 10$ a. m. and 3 p. m. Y. M. C. A. Chapel, Deering’s Bridge.—Sabbath School at 3 o’clock P. M. Y. M. C. A. Mechanics’ Building, C ongress St.— Elde G. Kimball will preach Sunday at 3 p. m. So cial meeting at 7 p. in. All are invited. Preble Chapel, comer Preble and Cumberland «treets. Sunday School as usual at 2 p. m. The after noon service commencing heretofore at 3 p. m., will commence to-morrow ana hareatter at 11 a. in. A Temperance meeting at 7$. Free to all. Free St. Baptist Church.—Preaching at 10$ a m. by thejpastor, Rev. A. If. P. Small. Sabballi School at close of morning service. Communion ser vice at 3 p. m. Missionary Concert at 7$ p. m. United Stages Circuit Court. BEFORE JUDGE 8HEPLEY. Friday.—Samuel C. Loud et al. vs. Maine Mu tual Marine Insurance Company. Action to recover a policy of $4000 of insurance on vessel lost. On trial. Dodge of Boston. Bradburys. Strout & Holmes. Supreme Judicial Court. VIRGIN J., PRESIDING. Friday.—Humphrev vs. Town of Gray. Action for jury on defective highway. On trial. ' The argument for the defense is closed. Mr. Gage will address the jury for the plaintiff in the morn ing. Gave for plaintiff. Vinton for town. Brief Joltings. Yesterday was a raw, cloudy day, with an east wind. Yesterday a large number of coasters put in here for a harbor, there being a strong east wind outside with indications of a storm. Hon. John Lynch was at the Falmouth Thursday night. The Boston and Maine railroad company have made the summer rates for|tickets to Old Orchard Beach and return GO cents; to Wells beach and return $1.50. The coat, cape and cap recently found on Brown street, were stolen from the entry of a gentleman up town. Morris Brothers’ Minstrels are to give one of their unique entertainments on Thursday even ing, May 8th. The tickets for “Owens” at Music Hall to night are nearly all sold. Our citizens will bear in mind that this is a benefit for the Hos pital Fair. The steamer Mississippi 1370 tons burden ar rived at this port yesterday from Liverpool via Boston. She left a portion of her cargo in Boston, but brought the largest part of it here. She sails from Portland direct to Liverpool and takes out a full freight. George P. James & Co., of Norton Mills, have recently placed upon the Grand Trunk railroad a number of new platform cars to be used in the transportation of lumber from the r mills to this city. Bloodgood’s troupe will be here May 5th and 6th. Despite the fact that the past winter was one of unu.iual severity, yet the steamer Carlotta which runs beta een this city and Halifax nev er lost s trip, was always promptly on time, which,considering the circumstances,is consider ed remarkable. She is commanded by Capt. E. D. Mulligan and carries a full list of frieght and passengers Hon. F. O. J. Smith has received notice that a decision in the famous “Cornell” case lia8 been rendered in his favor to the amount of $532,000. Since December last one hundred and thirty three caces of small-pox have been received at the Hospital, thirty-three of whom died. The Horse Kailroad Company tan a car into the city at midnight, Thursday from Deering, to accommodate citizens who attend ed the dance at the seminary. The ice went out of Sebago lake Wednesday. A carved human bone has been found in Scarborough twenty feet below the surface. The Portland Yacht Club hold their annual meeting next Monday at the Club-h„u£e. Marietta Ravel with a New York company is to appear at Music Hall May 9th and 10th in ■ jarune ana me wiia v_;u. A drunken man in getting on board the cars at the Rochester depot Thursday night, slipped, and fell between the car and platform. He was pulled out by the train hands just in time to avoid being crushed, as the train was in mo tion. Mr. Bion Bradbury of this city who is on the United States Coast Survey was at Jackson ville, Florida, April 25th. The western mail will hereafter close at 8.30 a. m., 3 p. m. and9p. m. Arrive at 12.30p. m^ 8 p. m. and 1 a. m. Officer York yesterday went for the man who stole the pants, and found him. The three masted schooner launched Thurs day ai Newburyport is owed by \V. S. Jordan and others of this city. She is about BOO tons old measurement, andis to be in charge of Capt. E. K. Crowell. It commenced to rain about 4 o’clock yester day with some snow in it. Nest week the St. Andrew’s society hold their quarterly meeting. The New York Coopers demand that Portland made barrels shall no longer be used in tin Sugar Refineries of that city, otherwise they will inaugurate a strike. The brig “J. Polledo” arrived yesterday from Cardenas with 529 hogshends, 52 tierces and 4 barrels of molassesr In a stable on Uniou street yesterday after noon a horse got frightened aud jumped through a window cutting his fore-leg badly. There will be a temperance meeting at Preb le Chapel Sunday evening. O. D. Wctmcre, Esq., of St. John, N. B., M. W. P. of the Na tional Division of Sons of Temperance of North America, will address the meeting. Mr. Elisha Wheeler who has charge of the restaurant at the P. S. & P. depot in this city has been longer in the business in connection with railroads than any other man in the State. His assiduity and urbanity have rendered him popular with the travelliuS public. High St. Church—Rev. Wm. II. Fenn, Pas tor.—The services in this church are now held in the morning and afternoon at the usual hours The attendance on the afternoon ser vice for the last two Sabbaths has been very much larger than it was in the evening as held last year. This parish is fortunate in securing the services of Mr. Samuel Thurston, as leadei and manager of the choir for another year The society is now one of the few entirely free from debt and in a flourishing and prosperous condition. A Bit of History—Capt. James Brooks, father of the member of Congress by the same name,whose death was announced Wednesday, was a native of England and was for several years a worthy shipmaster of Portland. His last cruise was as captain of the private armed sloop Yankee, a unique craft, modeled by John H. Hall, the inventor of the breech loading rifle which was adopted by our United States War Department. The sloop had a flat bot tom with a keel six feet deep. She sailed from Portland in June 1814. On Sunday July 10th, the Portuguese armed ship San Jose Indiana, with a cargo most of Which was British goods, came in as a prize to the Yankee. The armament of this ship was in the September following, transferred by the Portland ltiile Corps, to the dismantled brig Boxer, which placed the brig in position to de fend Vaughan’s bridge from a threatened at tack by the enemy. The capture of this prize by Capt Brooks was the last that was heard of him or his vessel. Her deep keel probably caused her to founder in a storm. Capt. Brooks left a son and daughter—James and Eliza, who afterwards married a Mr. Marsh, of New York. The second son, Erastus, now of the New York Express was born several months after his father sailed. The orphan children drew au annuity from the United States naval pension fund and were cared for by their mother and their guardian, the late David Trull. W. G. Windham, May 2. Maine Hospital Fair.—We understand that it is proposed by the committee who have oharge of the Hospital Fair to depart from the ordinary arrangements of tables and decora tions and present something novel and beauti ful. It is suggested that eacn tame ue alleg ed in the form of a booth, with every booth dif. feriug from the rest in its style and decorations. In fact to make prominent the grand and strik ing features of the Bazaar of all Nations that now attracts so much attention in Boston, and yet to make our fair dissimilar from that. Ex tensive decorations of the Hall will be dispens ed with, in case the suggestions are carried out, and in place of decorations it is proposed to have a supurb flower booth octagonal in shape, placed in the centre of the hall, attended by charming youDg ladies. The West Point Appointment.—Several of our Portland boys will be pleased to learn that Congressman Bnrleigh has signified his intention of nominating to the West Point ca detship, the young man who shall pass the most successful examination before a commit tee that he shall name. This action on the part of Mr. Burleigh, is highly creditable to his generosity and sense of justice to a largo class of worthy young men, who have to depend up on themselves, as well in the interest of the ser vice which will secure better officers by this method of selection. The time, place and names of the examining committee will be named at an early day. Portland Fire Insurance Company.—A meeting of the committee to solicit stock sub scriptions was held yesterday afternoon, at 3 o’clock, at the office of T. C. Hersey, esq., on Commercial street. In the absence of thechair man, A. K. Shurtleff, Mr. T. C. Hersey was elected chairman pro tern, and G. C. Tyler, esq., Secretary. Mr. W. W. Thomas declined serving on the committee, and Bufus E. Wood esq., was appointed in his place. Messrs. Jas. H. Smith, G. W. Woodman and J. S. Bicker were elected additional corporators and mem bers of this committee. Adjourned to Tuesday next at 3 o’clock, at same place Personal.—O. D. Wetmore, Esq., of St. John, N. B., M. W. P. of the National Divis ion of the Sons of Temperance of North Amer ica, now on a visit to this State, in prosecution of his business in connection with the agency de partment of the Phenix Life Insurance Com dany, visited Portland Division No. 95, last evening, and made a strong and effective ad dress. relating the progress of the cause in the Western and Southern States, and also in the Dominion. From his statements it appears that the Order is in a most flourishing condi tion. Good Templars.—The following officers of lion Clad Lodge were installed last Thursday evening by D. G. W. C. T., Chas. E. Jordan: L. M. Webb, W. C. T; Delia Huston, W. V. T; L. T. Chase, W. S; Melville Morton, W. F. S; G. W. Burnham, W. T; Henry Batchelder, W. M; Warren Harmon, W. C; Emma Spaulding, W. I. G; Benj. Huston, W. O. G. Police Notes.—At the police station last night there were two cases of drunkenness and two lodgers. 'aiSCELLANEOUM NOTICES. Burleigh, 89 Middle street, sells more cloth ing than any other party in Maine. An experienced sales-woman is wanted at L D. Strout’s. my3-lt* Always send your friends to Geo. W. Rich & Co. for clothing. my3-lmS Attention of capitalists and others is called to the sale of valuable land lying between Ex change and Market streets above the old post office. This is one of the most desirable lots in the city, and will ho sold by auction to-day by F. O. Bailey & Co., at 12 o’clock. All the new and nobby styles of clothing, very low, at George W. Rich & Co.’s, 173 and 175 Fore street. _ my3-lmS Twenty-five thousand dollars worth of Gents’ Furnishing Goods very cheap. Whole sale and retail. J. Burleigh, 89 Middle street. French Boots for gentlemen, ladies and children, in all novel and desriable styles, are always to be obtained of T. E. Moseley & Co. 293 Washington streot, Boston, Mass. The gratitude expressed by the hundreds who have been cured of Cositiveness, Dyspepsia and Piles by the use of that remarkable reme dy, Loring’s Vegetable Specific, is the strongest evidence of its wonderful efficacy. Price §1.00. Loring, druggist, proprietor. All the dealers sell it. Trade supplied by J. W. Perkins & Co., W. F. Phillips & Co. We have added store 175 Fore street, corner Exchange, for custom clothing, and can show one of the best stocks of woolens for gents’ wear in Maine. Geo. W. Rich & Co. my3dlm _-_ The finest stock of Clothing is at Burleigh’s, 89 Middle street. The largest and best assortment of Clothes for Boys’s wear to be found in this city, is at L. D. Stbout’s. mayl-dlw_ The largest stock of Clothing n Portland is at Burleigh’s, 89 Middle street. Dr. Urann who has made so many wonder ful cures of cases supposed to be incurable, will be at the Preble House every Thursday, Friday and Saturday for the present. All should see him. _apr28-tf Steel Knives and every description of Table Ware Plated, or Replated in the very best man ner at short notice and at a reasonable price, at Atwood’s New Rooms, 27 Market Square. feb2fi-eodtf MINOR TB1BGBAM8. Felix Dueras, a well known New Orleans broker, is reported to have absconded with 8100,000. The chairman of the committee to investi gate mail transportation will soon visit different cities on the Atlantic coast and on the lakes, and make personal observations and enquiries on that subject. The American department was closed Tburs na^Exposition.°PCUing cerem0“iesof the Vien' A fire at Modoc, Ontario, Friday morning burned the Hoffman House and a block or stores, together With the Presbyterian church and lower hall. The straits of Macinaw are now fully onen and several steamers passed through from Lake Michigan Thursday night. A number of Carlist prisoners confined on one of the Canary Islands mutinied several davs ago and the guard were compelled to fire on'them. Many of the prisoners were killed and wounded. Mrs. Ridley, residing in the township of Grey, Ontario, Thursday drowned her children in the river while insane. She unsuccessfully attempt ed to drown herself but was rescued. A special from Fort Garry says ihat in com pliance with orders from the home military de partment, a coinpany of the provincial battal ion stationed at Toronto will march this week for Fort Ellis, in the northwest territory. D. P. Nichols, a resident of Hyde Park, Mass., was kicked to death by his horse Thurs day night. James W. Darrab of Charlestown, Mass., was killed Thursday evening while walking on the railroad track near Prison Point. The paper mill of Crockett & Burbank of Crockerville, Mass., was destroyed by fire Thurs day. Loss $10,000; insured. A bill of exceptions has been filed and ac cepted in the murderer Nixon’s case, and his counsel is to move a stay of proceedings. A Constantinope despatch says that Admiral Alden, of the United States Navy, visited the Sultan Thursday and left for Vienna the same evening. BY TELEGRAM* MATTERS IN MAINE. Suicld*. 1 Wateeville, May 2.—Charles Bigelow of Skowhegan, aged between 35 and40 years, com mitted suicide this morning by shooting him self through the breast. Ho lived but a few minutes. No cause is assigned for the deed. MASSACHUSETTS. The Postal Cards. Springfield, May 2.—The production of perfect postal cards was commenced at the works of the Morgan Envelope Co. in this city yesterday. Presses will hereafter be run night and day," and will thus be able to turn out 000, 00 to 700,000 cards daily. No cards will he issued to postmasters till the receipt of further orders from Washington. Various Matters. Boston, May 2.—Some derangement of the water service in the upper portion of the build ing numbered 22, 24 and 26 Kneeland street, caused an overflow involving severe loss last night. The Bay State Suspender Co. was damaged in stock to the amount of $5000. W. H. Sliaw’ gas stove manufacturer, Chas. L. Fowle, hair mattresses, and J. W. Bailey & Co., hardware, also suffered ftom $2000 to $3000 each. The Massachusetts House to day by a two thirds vote passed to be engrossed the bill to loan the State credit in the suui of $300,000 to the Lee & New Haven R. R. Co. A cold north-east rain prevailed last evening and to-night. _ NEW YORK. Gen. Hawley on the Currency. New York, May, 2.—At the dinner of the Chamber of Commerce last night, Gen. Haw ley oi Connecticut, responuea to tne toast ot “legislationupon commerce” as follows: I have been looking to the expression of this body with a great deal of interest, and if I had time I should like to talk upon a topic of so very great value—a topic in which you are all as merchants interested-the topic of hard mon ey. It seems to me, from what study I have beeu ablo to give to the political condition of the country and its legislative needs, that there is no subject of greater importance to us than that of our currency. I am a hard money man; I don’t believe in a lying paper currency. That which we have in our pockets says the United States will pay one, five or ten dollars for it, but the United States has not done so within ten years and they don’t try to do so. We are waiting, it is said, for rhe country to grow up to hard money. Meanwhile there is not a branch of interest that is not suffering. The manufacturer suffers, the importer suffers, the western farmer suffers and the mechanics and laborers suffer. We need a fixed and stable currency. The interests of the industrious de mand it. The Chamber of Commerce has said what is right on the subject and the influence of its members can be beneficially exercised in assisting national legislation to bring about the desired end. The Atlantic Dank. Receiver Strong of the Atlantic National Bank reports that $301,000 iu securities are missing. The liabilities are set down at $1, 027,300, the assets os which are $301,000 short. It may be further changed by new developments in the investigation. City Appointments. It is rumored that a combination has been made in the board of Aldermen to defeat all the nominations made by Mayor Havcmeyer unsatisfactory to them, three republicans, four Tammany democrats and one Appolo Hall be ing the parties. It is also asserted no provision having been made in the new charter for re tention of Mayor Havemeyer as in the case of heads of departments, he will go out of office with the expiration of the old charter. Concert Saloons. The Grand Jury to-day made a presentment on the subject of the suppression of concert saloons, in which they say the excise licenses shield the proprietors, and oaly the owners of the premises are liable to criminal prosecution and punisbment. The Number of the Grog Shops. The figures just presented by the excise Board, show that during the year ending April 30tb, no less than 8,061 licenses to sell liquors were issued. This averages one drinking place to every 120 of the population. Suicide. Col. W. A. Cameron, who during the war commanded the 5th U. S. Artillery, committed suicide to-day because of his removal from the HiiefAm TTaiioa T'Iapouanil trJiA ia aoiil Ia o relative of Gen. Burnside, was at the time de ranged in consequence of a wound. Various Matters. The laborers on the Harlem road have struck for higher wages. A dummy engine on the Hudson River rail road in West street, run over and cut an un known man, completely in twain this morning. All business connected with the Vienna Ex position here has been transferred to the Unit ed States despatch agent Baldwin. A load of furniture worth $(>,000, was stolen yesterday by robbers, who knocked the driver off the team and threw a boy into the street. The owner caught one, but while waiting the arrival of a policeman the robber drove the team away. The sailor hoarding-house keepers have pass ed a resolution tantamount to a defiance of the shipping commissioner here, and agreeing to furnish a crew to the Boston ship Nerth Amer ica, which has been waiting several days for men. They however state that they are satis fied with the law, hut not its application here. If the rumor is well founded, Alderman Vance representative of the Custon House in terest, would be Mayor until the next election provided by the new charter. Bupt. Kelso has ordered the police to make census of all disreputable houses and charac ters in the city. Rev. Dr. Joel Parker died in this city this morning, aged 74 years. The strike of the coopers is virtually ended, several of the largest manufacturers conceded to the demands of the strikers, the men return ed to work. A bill to provide for a new city prison in place of the tombs, passed the Assembly. Thurlow Weed is reported seriously ill. WASHINGTON. Naval Charges. Washington, May 2.—Lient. Geo. M. Tot ten has been detached from the “Lackawana” and placed on waiting orders; and Engineer William H. Platt, from the Canandaigua, and placed on waiting orders. The Funeral of Mr. Brook. Mr. Ordway,Sergeant-at-Arms of the House, in view of the fact that the late James Brooks was one of the oldest members in service elect ed to the 4:3d Congress, and following the pre cedent in the case of the late Thaddeus Stev ens who died in Washington during the recess, has tendered in behalf of the House, an escort to take charge of the remains till after the fun eral ceremonies in New York city. A detail from the capital police under charge of Black ford will remove the remains from the residence of the deceased at 7 o’clock Saturday morning to the depot to be conveyed by the 8 o’clock morning irain to New York, where they will he deposited in Grace Church till the funeral cer emonies Saturday. Doorkeeper, Mr. O. S. Buxton will represent the Sergeant-at-Arms, and the»remains will be in charge of John T. Chauncev, one of the oldest employes of the House of Representatives, till they are removed to their final resting place. Representative Marnom nf Manr Vnrlr ^Inravnns Ik1 nl. of Arizona, Samuel J. Randall of Pennsylvania and Hon. J. H. Sloss of Ala., have expressed their intentions to accompany the remains and attend the funeral. The Postal Cards. Yesterday was the day fixed by the Post-Of fice Department for the issue of the first lot of postal cards, but becansc of inability of the contractors to prepare the necessary quantity, the distribution is postponed for a few days.— It is confidently believed at the Department that the issues will begin at the commence ment of next week and thereafter be continued without hindrance. The Parragut Case. The Supreme Court of this District, in gene ral term, has overruled the motion made by the special attorney of the United States to set aside the award of $268,000 as bounty to the captors and destroyers of the confederate ves sels at New Orleans iu April, 1862. The case of same parties against ship Metropolis and others is next to be heard. The Ciril Service. Kon. Samuel Shellabarger has signified his acceptance of the appointment as a member of the Civil Service Commission. The Vienna Commissioners. Several days ago a telegram was published, the fact having been obtained from official sources, giving the names of eleven gentlemen of the original Vienna Commission who are free of the charge of irregularity. The na nes of the other three Commissioners who' are im plicated iu the charges of improperly receiving money are William Mayer, Robert Sergeant and A. E. Sliasny, together with Chief Com missioner Van Buren. So far the telegrams have only been received by this government, but a full report is expected in a few days. It is understood that all these commissioners were appointed on the recommendation of General Van Buren before Congress made an appropria tion to defray the expenses attending the Amer icau display at the expositiou, and that he was cautioned to be particular in the designations. Gen. Van Buren will, however, have a fair op portunity to bo heard in reply to whatever charges have been made against him, when,- it is hoped, he will be able to establish his inno cence. The statement made heretofore that the Gen6 v act!Sn °f the Secretary of State against Va“ Buren originated in uufriendly per thpse Slons has no foundation in fact, as previous toth*6? .ha<1 beeu pleasantly intimate present" inJ?*l 'ato. scandalous disclosures. The Snen^ofThe^rehT, °rdered T C0D*> The minister to j„paa It is ascertained that the recall of Minister Delong from Japan was owin» to wfi ■ repeatedly made presents to i he Mikado On first doing so, the fact having come tn n knowledge of this government, he was remind ed that under general instructions to our Mini," ter such proceedings were forbidden, as al' nreV ents to a sovereign must be made through his own diplomatic representative, but Minister De long instead of desisting, repeated the act and was reminded of his instructions. Besides these objections to Mr. Delong it was thought some person should be appointed whe would more faithfully represent the United States in Japan. The President will, on his return, ap point a successor. THE Mebftb WAR. AcirJiti'cftl'al Det&ils of the Fight. c - - The Troops Fire on tbe Friendly Indians. » «’• .. j ;—" "• 1 ■. >s Mutilation of the Dead Bodies. , San Francisco, May 1— A lava bed special of- the3!9th iuet. says that the troops have all returned, and nothing is heard of Lt. Cranston, Sergeant Selig or private Brown. The last two were last seen running in the direction of the centre of the lava beds, right into the den ot tlfe savages. . Donald KcKay and his Warm Spring Indians in the fight were’ of little assistance _ as our troops were so demoralized that they bred on them by mistake, compelling.them to retire. Most of the mules have the opizootic. The Indians had completely surrounded our troops and when the men broke many ran right into the jaws of death. Our men lost fourteen guns and about two thousand rounds of ammu nition which the Indians probably have. Plight of our killed were buried on the field. The wounded are doing well. Some of the bodies were mutilated by the Indians, having their feet and hands cut off. As far as known there were twenty-one killed, eighteen wound ed and six missing. A. Yreka despatch of the first inst., says the bodies of the above named officers had arrived there and are in state in Masonic Hall. Accident to the Portland Express Train. Thirty-Two Persons Injured. Montreal, May 2.—This morning at 5.30, as the Portland express on the Grand Trunk Poilnrnn nrnn *1. „ D-iL_11 . non* Soixacste, the last three cars, Pullman and two others, left the track, from the spreading of the rails, broke the coupling and rolied, down an embankment thirty feet. Thirty-two per sons, more or less injured, wera brought to Montreal by the forward part of the train. The others were left at St. Hracinthe and Beloiell. Several are frightfully hurt. Most of the pas sengers were Americans. The following are the names of a few of the injured: Geo. Thurber Upton, Quebec, seriously in jured internally, badly cut about (he head, left at St. Helaire; Rev. Dean Slack Bedford, Que bec, face bruised and cut and several rib3 brok ken: A. F. Parker, Worcester, Mass.,and Wm. Taylor are now at the Ottawa Hotel slightly bruised; Mrs. Brooks and George Brooks of Sherbrooke, slightly injured; G. H. Greely, Boston, badly cut about the legs and had a narrow escape from burning to death, the stove having fallen upon him and setting fire to his clothes. Great Excitement over a mining Sail. Virginia City, Nev.. May 2.—H. J. Thorn ton has challenged another lawyer named Per ley, on account of personalities growing out of a suit just closed. Perley is the man who challenged Broderick, out of which grew the fatal duel between Terry and Broderick iu Cal ifornia. The difficulty between Perley and Thornton originated in the suit of the Raymond and Ely Silver Mining Company against the Hermes Mining Company, involving-immense interest, which has been on trial before the United States Court at Pioche ten months past, and resulted Thursday in favor of the Hermes Company. The whole commuuity of Pioche is greatly ex cited. The pending trial and result was made the subject, of heavy wagers. Abont $40,600 changed hands on the issue. The excitement is still runuing high and a number of shooting affrays between persons interested in the con test have occurred, in which three men were wounded, one fatally, San Francisco, May.l,—Jikere is intense ex citement here to-day amohg street dealers in ’ mining stocks, over the verdict in the" great mining suit between the Raymond and Ely and Hermes Companies in Nevada. Many brokers loss .heavily on Raymond and Ely. meeting of the American Health Auocia ciation Cincinnati, May 2.<- At a - session of the American Publtc Health Association Drs. Toner, Jarvis and Bell were appointed as com mittee of publication. Invitation of the Mayor of Providence, R. I., to hold the next annual meeting there was accepted. A resolution was adopted appointing Drs. Elisha Harris, Dor man B. Eaton, John Ordrotneaux and Stephen Smith, committee to report the best plan for organization of national State and local boards Ilf hutllfh Wm ninndanin nf Pi’noinno*! read a paper on general causes of ciseases. Special committee en quarantine presented a report prepared by Henry Hartshorn of Phila delphia, its President. The report was discuss ed ann recommitted. The Strike—Election. Providence, R. t, May 2,—The mills, from which any considerable number of operatives have struck for ten hours, have shut dawn and will not start up again, it is understood, until they can run with a full force on the old sched ule of time. A large portion of the mills in the State are not affected by the strike. The suspension of the others will not probably be. of long duration. The third trial to elect a Mayor of Newport to-day resulted in the choice of Stephen C. Slo cum by 25 majority, in a poll of 1400 votes. Question of Responsibility. Baltimore.—May 2.—In the Superior Court to-day, the case of Win. A. Boyd vs. the Third National Bank of Baltimore, for the recovery of U. S. 5.20 bonds amounting to $20,000, and other bonds valued at $6,500 deposited as Colla teral security, the jury diragreed and was dis charged, standing nine for the plaintiff and three for the defendant The above bonds were stolen from the bauk at the time of its robbery in August last. Threatening Attitude of Snake Indians. Virginia City, Nev., May 1.—A mail car rier who has just arrived at Elko from the north, reports that the settlers in Mountain City district are greatly alarmed at the threat ening attitude of the Snake Indians are pour ing in from all directions, all in war ]Mnt. A public meeting was called in Mountain City to take measures to procure arms and prepare for an outbreak, Heavy Thunder Storm at Chicago. Chicago, May 2.—A heavy rain storm, ac companied by thunder and lightening, prevail ed here from seven o’clock last night until near daylight this morniug. An immense quantity of water fell. Four houses in different parts of the city were struck by lightning and set on fire, but the damage was slight. Terrible Storm. Sardis, Miss., May 2.—A terrible storm pass ed over the vicinity of Como, Miss., Wednesday night, destroying houses and fences on Colonel,

Wallace’s farm. Three.negroes were killed and several iujured. It is feared the storm was more destructive in other localities. METEOROLOGICAL. ■ PROBABILITIES FOR THE NEXT TWENTY-FOUR HOURS. War Dep’t, Office Chief Signal ) Officer, Washington, D. C., > For the Gulf States, Tennessee and the South Atlantic States, generally cool, clearing weath er, north-westerly to south-westerlv winds and higher pressures; for the northwest and upper lakes, and thence southsrard to lower Missouri and the lower Ohio valley, occasional rain partly cloudy and clearing weather with lower temperature; for the lower lakes and Middle States, cloudy and rainy weather, northeasterly and southeasterly winds; for Canada and New England, falling barometer, threatening weath er and rain. Cautionary signals will continue at Duluth, Milwaukee, Chicago, Grand Haven, Detroit, Toledo, Cleveland, Buffalo, Rochester, Oswego, Norfolk, Baltimore, Cape Mav, New York, New Haven, New London, Wood’s Hole. Bostou, Portland, Eastport, and are ordered for Savannah, Charleston and Wilmington. FOKF1 G N. Recruiting. Madbid, May 2.—The recruiting of the vol unteers to be brought into active service against the Carlists is in progress throughout Spain. The Tichbnrne Ratter. London, May 2.—In the Tichborae trial to day French tutors of Sir Robert Tichborne were examined, and gave testimony which is re- ■ garded as fatal to hopes of claimants. The American Question ia Parliament In the House of Commons Lord Hamilton called attention to the nature .of reference to the treaty of 1846, which under the treaty of Washington was submitted together with the North-western boundry question te the decis ion of the German Emperor.- .He regretted that the English govertttoent-had allowed lipon that part of the' Oregon treaty an interpertra tion fatal to the just claims'of England. Ro sarij) strait tong after 1846, was theonlv known navigable channel between Oregon and Van couver’s Island, and hence was undoubtedly the ! channel indicated in the treaty of 1846; yet the government with unhappy ingenuity excluded the arbitrators from the consideration of this particular channel. • He ■ found no fault with Emperor Will am. He thought that the Gene va arbitrators would' have acted more wisely had they anticipated tnis method; and confined themselves to rendering their.. decision without giving reasons therefor. Lord Hamilton'said he would make no mo tion, and only deserved to obtain from the House such an expression of opinion as wonid discourage the making of treaties hereafter on the “give all and take nothing*’ principle. Capt. Bailie Cochrane sdid Earl Granville’s foreign policy had always been the reverse of that of Aberdeen, Palmerston,- Russell and Stanley. Ii had recently given to Russia 600 miles of frontier in Asia. Negotiations with the Usited States had been pursued in accord ance with the same policy of consideration and humilation. Viscount Enfield, undersecretary for the For eign Department defended Earl Granville, and vindicated the coursebe had taken. The north western bonnday question wes an intricate one, and none was better adapted for arbitration. He traced the history of the boundry negotia tions and final settlement. As an Englishman he regretted the decision, but he cheerfully and ungrudgingly accepted it. Hon. Percy Wyndham regarded the Emper or’s decision as a natural one because conces sions in the Washington treaty excluded evi *xr!e ?;hich In‘£ht have led to different result. Mr. Eastwick thought the government should t if on a striot adherence to the terms or the treaty of 1846 in which the word “mid channel” was plainly used. Viscount Bury conld not but feel that the ’Emperor’s decision was a serious blow, but thatit would be a waste of time to reopen the negotiation, probably arbitration woud soon be required- again to settle the boundary Hue between Alaska and British Columbia. Lord John Manners said the-'- r overnment was unwise in consenting to restrict instead of open orpitrauon. ., kfr. Gladstone Contended that restricted ar bitration was better than none. While the English had been defeated, he showed that ar bitration had removed the causes of irritation and restored friendliness between two great nations. The subject was then dropped. Various Matters. The Turkish government lias ordered 400,000 rifles iv the United States. The trouble between the Latin and Greek monks at Bethlehem has partially subsided and order is restored. The Porte leaves the guilty unpunished, but Kussia demands their punishment. Hopes are expressed that the great powers will now settle the dispute about the custody of the holy places out of which this scandal arose, but they hesitate to approreli a question of so delicate a character. Mexican Neva. Matamokas, May 1.—The New York Herald correspondent at the City of Mexico says that that the treaty is progressing; that the treaty claims of the Commission have been approved by Congress; that Manual Seamacain has been appointed Commissioner; that the administra tion party has elected its Congress for May: that Losada is losinz ground daily, but is not yet captured. MINOR TELEGRAMS. Gov. Jacobs of West Virginia, refused to per mit the Superintendent and Board of Directors of the Penitentiary and Insane Asylum ap pointed by the Legislature to take possession Thursday, and gave orders to shoot any one at tempting to enter without his permission. Over forty suits are pending in the U. S. Cir cuit Court for the eastern district of Missouri, involving $2,000,000, against counties which is sued bonds to railroads or for other purposes, and are brought to recover interest on overdue counons. A raid has been made on the illicit distiller ies in Southwest Virginia, and a large quantity of whiskey and distillery apparatus destroyed. Joseph Garibaldi is reported dangerously ill. Two hundred troops left New York for San Francisco Thursday. The funeral of Jame Brooks will take place Sunday in New York, from Union Grace church. The Missouri Penitentiary has been leased for ten years to private parties for $10,000 a year. It has cost the State $100,000 more than ex penses of late. Action has been commenced for the appoint ment of a receiver of the St. Louis Life Insur ance Company, the funds of which are alleged to have been wasted and misapplied. The reception to Gem Grant at Galena, 111., Friday evening was a grand affair. The Caribon silver mines in Boulder county, Col., have been sold to the Nederland Mining Company of Holland, for $3,000,000. Theodore Thomas and Anna Louise Cary ar rived at Cincinnati Friday to participate in the May musical festival. Afire at -Whitby, Ont., ■ Friday, destroyed Geixie’s drug store, the express and telegraph offices, and several other buildings. Loss $30, 000. Steamer Edinburgh, from New Orleans for Little Bock, sank at Swan Lake Friday. She was loaded with railroad iron. FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. Foreign Exports. HAVANA. Brig Ysidora-Rionda—3781 box shooks, 250 empty hhds and tcs. ST. JOHN^NB. Schr Margie—2'locomotives and fixtures. Foreign Import!. LIVERPOOL. Steamship Mississippi—05 crates 1 cask eartbem ware to C E Jose & Co., 71 pkgs mer chandise to Geo Stopbcns & Co., 108 cases do tosS Waddell & Co. CARDENAS. Brig J Polledo—529 hhds 52 tcs 4 bbla molasses, 2 do-sugar to Gca S Hunt. Boston Stock List. [Sales at the Broker’s Board, May 2.1 Hill Manufacturing Company.145 Laconia Manufacturing Co .775 do do 777J New York Stock and Money Market. New York, May 2—Morning.—Gold 116J. Money at i per cent. Sterling Exchange, long, 1081; do short, 1091* Stocks steady. State stocks dull. New York, May 2—Evenlna.—-The money market is more active and stringent, ranging from 1-16 @ J per cent, per day until about 2.30 p. m., when rates broke to 5 per cent, per annum, closing easy at that to legal rate. Express companies brought 11,200,000. The Harlem Company is paying off (1,600,000 of ma tured mortgages. Sterling Exchange declined to iuo$ ior ou aay8 ana iuy lor s-gnt, recovering to 108} (g 108} ana 109} @ 109} respectively. Gold quiet at 116} (f£>@ 116}; loans at 7 per cent, to 1-32 per cent, carrying and 7 per cent, to flat for borrowing. The clearances were 73,000,000. Customs receipts $294. 000. Legal tenders outstanding $357,140,000. Gov ernments dull and steady. State bonds are quiet and unchanged. Stocks dull with prices alternately weak and strong;depression being mostly prominent in the afternoon. Western Union was the most ac tive sto^k and quite firm throughout tho day. The whole market closed steady at some recovery from the lowest figures. The following were the quotations of Government securities; United States coupon 6’s, 1881. 120} United States5-20’s United States 5-20’s United States 5-20’s 1865,,.....117 United States 5-20’s 1865, new. 117 United States 5-20’s 1867. 1191 United States 5-20’s 1868 . 118 United States 5’s, new.1141 United States,10-40’s.,coupons. ... .113} Currency 6’s . ... .114} The following were the closing quotations oi Stocks: Western Union Telegraph Co. 85} Pacific Mail. 55} N. Y. Centra’ and Hudson River consolidated... .100} Erie.64} Erie preferred... .. Union Pacific stock. 29} The following were the quotations for Pacific Rail road securities: Central Pacific bonds. 103} Union Pacific do. 86 Union Pacific land grants.75 Union Pacific income bonds. .72} Providence Print market. Providence, May 2.—Printing Cloths—market is strong with light business. Domestic markets. New York, May 1—Evening—Cotton is dull and unchanged; sales 1293 bales; Middling uplands 192. Flour heavy and easier; sales 8900 bbls; State 5 75 (g 8 25; Round hoop Ohio 6 90 (g 10 50; Western 5 75 § 10 50*; Southern 6 0Q (g 12 50. Wheat firmer; sales 52.. 000 bush; No 1 Spring 1 75 @ 1 78; No 2 Spring 1 50 1 69}; Winter Rea Western 1 80 @ 1 95; White Michi gan 1 95 @ 2 35. Corn is dull and heavy; sales 40. 000 bush; new Mixed Western 68 @ 70c; do old 67 @ 68c in store. Oats firm and more active; sales 59,000 bush; White 63 @ @ 54c; new Western Mixed at 50. Beefsteady. Pork steady; new mess 18 75 @ 19 00.— Lara weak at 9 5-16 @ 9}c. Butter dull and in buyers favor; Ohio 30 (g 33c; new State 33 @ 37c. Whiskey is steady at 91c. Rice steady at 7} @ 8}c Sugar is strong; refining 7|@8c. Coffee strong; Rio atl9@ 19}cin Gold. Molasses quiet; New Orleans 67 @ 80c. Naval Stores—Spirits Turpentine is dull and heavy at 52}c; Rosin weak at 3 10 @ 3 20 for strained. Pe troleum is firm; crude 10}c; refined 20|c. Tallow is steady at 8} @ 9 1-16. Freights toLiverpool steady; Grain, per steam, at • 5}d. Chicago, May 2.—Flour dull and unchanged: extra Spring 6 00 @ 6 75. Wheat unsettled, lower and irregular, closing find; No 2 Spring at 1 25 for cash or seller May; 1 26} for seller June; No 3 Spring at 115 @ 115}; reflected 98c. Corn steady; No 2 Mired at 40fc cash; 40|c seller May; rejected 34c; No 1 can al 39c. Oats in fair demand and advanced; No 2 at 31} (g 31fic cash; 33fc seller June; rejected 30c. Rye firm and in fair demand; No 2 Fall fresh at 80c.— Prowislons—Pork doll and declining, closing firm and nominally at 17 75 @ 17 85 cash; 18 CO bid seller June. Lard quiet and nominally at 9 05 @ 9 10; sales at 9 20 for seller June. Bulk Meats are In fair de mand and firm : sales of shoulders 6jc; short clear middles 8Jc; both loosec. Bacon Is steady and un changed; shoulders 8c; clear rib sides 10c; clear sides 101c. Whiskey is good demand at 87 @ 87J. Receipts—9,000 bbls flour, 25,000 bush wheat, 123, 000 bush com, 51,000 bush oats, 2,000 bush rye, 2,008 bnsh barley, 00,000 hogs. Shipments—5,000 obis flour, 42,000 bush wheat, 233, 000 bnsbtcorn, 71,000 bush oats, 1,000 bush rye, 3,000 bush barley, 0000 hogs. Cincinnati. May 2.—Provisions firm and less ac tive. Pork held at 18 50. Lard is quiet and firm; steam 9c, generally held at 91c; kettle at 91c. Bulk Meats firm; shoulders held firm; clear rib sides at 9£. Bacon held firmly at 8c for shoulders: clear rib sides 9jc; clear sides 10ic. Whiskey steady at 86. Detroit, May 2.—Flour 1b quiet and unchanged.— Wheat steady; extra White at 198® 199; Nol -White at 189; Amber Michigan 174}. Corn steady at 47} @ 48c. Oats in good demand at 37} @ 38c. Freights to Oswego 10c. ■ Receipts—1,000 bbls flour, 9,000 bush wheat, 6,000 bush com, 0,000 bush oats. Shipments—1000 bbls flour, 10,000 bush wheat,10,000 bush com, 0,000 hush oats. Charleston, May 2.—Cotton quiet; Middling up lands 181c. Savannah. May 2.—Cotton is qulot; Middling uplands at 181c. Mobile, May 2 —Cotton Is dull; Middling uplands 17Jc. New Orleans, May 2.—Cotton in good demand and irregular; Middling uplands 18Jc. European markets. Liverpool, May 2.—Cotton closed quiet and steady; Middling uplands 9 @ 9}d; do Orleans 91 ® |d; sales 12,900 bales, including 6000 for speculation and export, London, May 2—11.30.—Consols opened at 934 for money and for account. American securities—U. S. 5-20’s 1865, old, at 92; do 1867, 93}; do 10-40S, 89}; new 5s, 891. Erie Rail way at 50}. London, May 2—5.00 P. M.—Consols closed un changed. American securities quiet, steady and unchanged. Freights New Oblevns, April 27.—Thcro Is a great scarcity of freight room, both steam and sail, for foreign ports. The demand 1b active, as there are large quantities of Cotton. A eofisiderable fleet, especially small vessels, would readily be chartered at high rates. Leavitt, Burnham & Co., WHOLESALE & RETAIL DEALERS ICE. No* 14 Cross Street, Portland. Orders left at Ice Office, 14 Cross St., or wiih J. C Proctor, 93 Exchange St., will be promptly attended to. SyPure Ice supplied for all purposes in any quantities and at the aplO LOWEST KATES- Istf New Boarding House. THE Subscriber, having leased the new and com m odious house, recent lyerecteUby ueo . K. Da Ar nnon the “Blanchard property, oU* High St takes’oleasure in announcing to the public that he wftf abounthe first of April open It for a fir., claws boarding house. Rooms can be seen and fall particulars as to terms, &C., obtained, by calling at the house from 10 A. M. to 12 M., auu from 2 until 5 p. M. apr3eodtf S. S. KNIGHT. MISCELLANEOUS. ELEGANT SPRING GOODS. WE SHALL OPEN ON Thursday, Friday and Saturday, May 1st. 2d and 3d, the most ELEGANT STOCK -OF Ladies’ Furnishing — AND — t FANCY GOODS ever seen in Portland. Onr Patrons and the Public are cordially invited to call and examine these beanti ful Goods. ' Respectfully, NELSON & CO., 297 Congress Street, Just above Preble House. ap30 3tWT&S One Price, No Yariation! E. T. ELDEIV & C0„ — HAVE — This Day Received One Case more of those Cheap FANCY SILKS At $1.00, $1.12 1-2 and $1.25 Yd., WORTH AT WHOLESALE $1.25, $1.50 and $1.62. All new Patterns and superior Quality. Lot Jap. Silks worth 42c. for 25c yd. Also Two Bales Rusia Crashes for 12c, actually worth 15c yard. One Case more Bates Quilts for $1. 100 dozen Towels at about two thirds the cost of Im portation. Our entire stock at Equally Low Prices. 5 Free Street, Portland. sd29 cod3t EXHIBITION. I beg leave to inform my Cm to men and the Pnblie in general that I will exhibit Wednesday, April 23, TUE LATEST NOVELTIES —OF— SPRING GOODS French, English and Domestic, in the greatest variety. Soliciting yonr esteemed call, to examine goods and prices, f* I remain, yours very respectfully, T. LOBENSTEIN, NO. 4 DECKING BLOCK. ap22 _______ 2w D. W. CLARK & CO., — DEALERS IN — ICE HOUSE, MARKET ST., — AND — 33 EXCHANGE ST., Pure Iec supplied for all purpos es, and .n any quantity at the lowest bates. apr3__ THE Maine State Agricultural Society will hold Its 11TH, EXHIBITION AT BANGOB, September ^6^ 17,18 & 19, (yover &GOOO, in premiums uro oflered. mar22 Portland Savings Bank, Ns. 91 Exchange Street. DEPOSITS made In this Bank on or before SAT URDAY, May 3d, will commence Interest on the first of that month. aprlSdtd FRANK NOYES, Treasurer. ENTERTAINMENTS. OWE.WS BENEFIT — TO THE — Maine Gen. Hospital Fair, Saturday Night, May 3, 1873. Seal* of l*rirr»_n " "xh ?t°°! StocktoC’S.^ P'aCe9: Falmouth House, ’ I nanaV ®Pothecmry store United Stales Hotel. | Abl>st0ro'°W,!U’8 jewc,r>' Reserved seats to be had at StockbrM„>-„ , store, 156 Exchange street, only. 1,5 8 mui'lc ‘P29__ __ _ td musicjhall, “They’ve Got to Come,” Ret urn lug on their graud and successful tour or the Provinces. For Two Nights, MONDAY & TUESDAY, MAY 5th & 6th. HARRY BLOODGOOD’S Miunircl and Burlcoqoc Combination, Including the Monarchs, Walter* and Morton, the greatest known Song and Dance Artists. Charle* Mathew* and M’lle Belle Celeste, in their astounding Aerial Flights and terrific feats on the Flying Trapeze. CLARKE, MANNING, RIDDELL, BLOODGOOD HIMSELF, and twenty others together with a I^ull Brass Band and Orchestra. comprising an entertainment of acknowledged supe rior merit. For particulars see posters and programmes. Prices as usual. Reserved places ready at Box office, Monday May 5th. C. H. JARVIS, Agent. HARRY NILES, Business, Manager. apr30dlw MUSIC HALL Amateur Entertainment! PEEP O’ DAY, Benefit of Maine General Hospital. Wednesday Even’gs, May 7th and 14th. THE EMERALD BOAT CLUB. Assisted by their lady friends will produce the play of “Peep O’Day,” for the benefit of the Maine Gen eral Hospital, with beautiful music, scenery and cos tumes. Incidental to the piece is. the Fair scene with chajactics by company faction tight, &c. The old quarry in the Fort Dnuiv by moonlight. The Montgomery Guards have kindly volenteered their services Reserved seats are for sale at Stockbridge’s Music Store on Exchange street. PRICES OF ADMISSION:—Reserved scats in Orchestra, 75 cents; Parquet, 50 cents; Balcony, 35 cents, to be obtained of the mem berg and at the door. P?1_. 1-3-6-7-8-12-14 THE EVENT OF THE SEASON. musichall. One might Only \ J THURSDAY, KAY 8th. MORRIS BROS' MINSTRELS. ——— * LON, BILLY AND CHARLEY MORRIS, and their monster Company of TWENTY STAR ARTISTS. Minstrelsy a hundred years ahead of the times. No Females, nor acts in White Faces! MINSTRELSY PURE AND UNAL LOYED. _ v.w wviuto U liuaii VI Itri« O In IVO. The Monster Company in a Grand CHALLENGE PROGRAMME,Jprqj/iUcing burlesques, farces, 6cc. NINE COMEDIANS ! Prices as usual. Reserved seats now ready at Hawse & Cragin’s music store. Carriages may be ordered at 10.20 P. M. Look out for programmes, posters, &c. my2dtd RUBINSTEIN GRAND CONCERT — AT — CITY HALL, Friday, May 9th, 1873, at 8 P, M. MR. GRAU liis the honor to annonnee as above to the citixens of Portland and vicinity the FIRST AND ONLY APPEARANCE OF ANTON RUBINSTEIN, the greatest living Pianist, HENRY WIENIA8K1, the world renowned Violinist, 9ILLE. LOUISE LIERHART, the celebrated London Soprano, HONS. L. REHBIELIASKI, Accompanist. POPULAR PRICES. Adariasion including Reserved Neat, S t so, sale of which commences at Stockhridge’s music store on Monday morning, May 5th, at 9 o’clock. Steinway’s Pianos used at all Rubinstein Concerts.myjdtd MUSIC HAIL. Two Nights Only! Manager, M. W. HANLEY. The young and beautiful Pantomime Actross, H’LLE. HARIETTA RAVEL! supported by her powerful NEW YORK COMPANY, will appear in the above Hall on FRIDAY' and SATURDAY EVENINGS, May 9th and 10th. Friday Evening— “Jnrtine.” Saturday Evening— '‘Wildcat.” Prices of admission as usual. The sale of seats for M’lle Ravel’s nights will commence at the Box Office on Friday morning, May 9. For further par ticulars see bills ot the day. my3-«t H, PRICE WEBBER. Agent. GRAND FLORAL FESTIVAL Five Hundred Children — AT — CITY HALL. MAY 81, ’73, — FOR THE BENEFIT OF THE — MAINE GENERAL HOSPITAL. MR. W. L. FITCH, would most respectfully Invite all who have been members of the “Three o’clock Ringing Rchoeln,” in the past, and all others who would be pleased to join in this Festival, to meet at the RECEPTION HALL ON SATURDAY AFTERNOON, RAY 3d AT 3 P. N. It is designed to organize a chorus of five hundred, and commence at once the rehearsals. Let us have a generous response. Rehearsals Saturdays and Wednesdays at 3 P. M. t3T*P!«»■« bring the Rocking Bird. /re my2 JUST RECEIVED A few pieces Black and White Striped Silks AT 9t.OO, WORTH 91.93 A Small Lot CHECKER MILKS AT 85c. COVE LI, a COMPANY. apr25 tt NEW OYSTER HOUSE" T. S. HATCH Respectfully Informs his friends and the public that he has leased and fitted up in good shape store Nn. 307 Cnngreas Street, nearly opposite Brown street. A rail supply of fresh Oysters, cooked iu every style, and for sale by tbe quart or gallon con stantly on hand. Hatch’s celebrated Ice Cream sup plied to parties on call.__rochott 500 Bbls. Algae Fertilizer, 200 Bbls. Fish Chum, FOB SALE BY CONANT A RAND, 133 COlHiTIEGtIAL STREET. ap26 _ d3w Spring Styles for Ladies Dresses and Street Garments, at MISS M. G. MAGUIRE’S, No. 11 Clapp’s Block, up stairs. aprlS_ tf A Fine Business Opening FOB a young or middle aged man of unexceptiona ble character. Exparienccd accountant and one thousand dollars capital. Investigation is invited Address Box 2015 Portland Me, Bovtitf To Owners of Jersey Cows. THE subscriber offers his pure blooded Jersey Bu 11 for tbe use of Cows during the present seaion Woodford's Corner, April 3, 1873. Tl AM oennison’h patent | A 111 „ SHIPPING tags 111 \ Over 200 millions have been used with | U ■ ■ lin the past ten years without complaint jll‘floss by tug becoming detached. All wL inf W Express Companies use them. N«Id by Primers and fftationern Everywhere. aprl7 TTASWm ‘""-J -1’-1_^JL AUCTION SALE3. Ilc<il Estate on Exchange and Mai' ket Streets at Auction. ON SATURDAY, May 3d, at 12 o'clock M. w* shall sell the very desirable lot of land situated on Exchange and Market Street*, north of the out Post Office lot, In Portland, and bounued, beginning on the we.tterly side of Market street, seventy-seven and eight-tenths feet from the southerly side of Con gress street, thenco south-westerly by land of heirs of James Deering fifty-four feet, to Exchange street, thence north-westerly by said Exchange street sev enty-one feet to a stake, thence north-easterly paral lel with the south-easterly line herein described for ty-eight feet, more or less, to Market street, thence south-easterly by said Market street seventy-one tcet. more or less, to the point of beginning. For particulars call on J. & E. M. Kaud, 121 Mid dle street, or O. BAII.KY Ac CO., Auctioneer*. apr2Ud For Sale at Auction. TlffnSSn?1,ly ,ocatefl brick house, No. 28 Free Fhv-taMTE of, A good location for a for two^rood lot “ sufficient in size yCar^nrBrem|I,’^.hlch wHI **= "“ted *" » *■* itstubl'uiho.| hii»ln™« h Ill< w,thtn a few rods of well ta oZSd by t2SonOUor MS2 lb0.T.‘' Vr^ttJ WlU o’clock, P. M ’ on Mouday, May 5th, at 2* F. O. BAILEY & c-o a__ ar>r29 tu » Auetluueera. •—--—_•dlW Furniture, Crockery, >cw Tin Ware, dec., at Auction ON MONDAY, May 5th. at 10 A. M., at offle., w, shall soil one new Parlor Suit in B. W. amt irm Sept, a very fine suit. One do. in Hair Cloth, Loane es, Mattresses, Feather Beds, Carpets, and other fur niture. _ A large lot of New Crockery and Tin Ware; also a small lot of Table Damask, Napkins, Towels, Mar selles Quilts, &c. ■ . F. O. BAILEY dr t'O. Amlieaon. iny.i dtd Administrator’* Sale of Real Es tate. WILL be sold at public sale on the premises, in the town of Deering, on the "Qr>y wd/* [ about one mile from Allen’s Corner, on TUESDAY, i the bixth dav of Mav next, at eleven o’clock A.M. So much or the Real Estate. (Wood ana runner um,> of Geo. Frost, Esq., lute of Westbrook. In the County of Cumberland, deceased, as will produce a suns net exceeding eighteen hundred and twenty-six dollars. By virtue ol a License from Hon. J. A. Waterman, Judge of Probate lor Cumberland County. THOS. QUINBY, Administrator, (with Will annexed.) Portland. A pi 11 4, 1873. Immediately after the above, gale will be sold thg. valuable property a! Allen’s CorR^fT^now^aiitoe™***** Knights fiekt, containing about 20 sere*. This Is one of the best fields in this location. F. O. BAIIjEIT Ac CO., Aiclissesn. my*__dtd Extra Choice Fruit Trees AT AUCTION! 0N,?eI5>NT8DA£’ M»y 7th. ** W o'clock A. M., . at 18 Exchange Street, wo snail sell a large stock oi Emit Trees, * Extra size in Fruiting Order. Grown in Mass.; consisting of the leading varieties of Penns, Apple*, Cherries and Also, Vines and small Fruits. The above is very superior stock. The ground on which they stood is sold to be built open. F. O. Bailey dc CO., Auctioneers. n>y3._ dtd By J. S. Bailey & Co., Auctioneers Teas, Teas, at Aaetion. ON THURSDAY, May 8th at 8 o’clock P. M., at salesroom 22 Exchange Street, 20 Chests Young Hyson and Oolong Teas 1 mp3 dtd Sheriff’s Sale, STATE OF MAINE, 1 Cumberland ss. j TAKEN on Execution and will be sMd at pnbil* auction to .the highest bidder, oa Thursday, May 8th, lb73, at ten o’clock in the forenoon, at the sales room ol F. O. Bailey & Co., No. 18 Exchange street, in Portland, County aforesaid, theibllowing personal property, to wit: A stock or MUllntry and Fancy Goods, together with Store Furnltare, Show Cases, Boxes, &c. Dated at Portland, May second, A. D., 1873. W. H. DRESSER, Dept. SheriB. t'. O. BAlliEX Sc CO., Auctioneers. my3 d’d Desirable Properly at Gorham Vil lage, to he sold at Auction. TkURSUANT to license from Probate Court, will JL be sold at public auction on SATI RDAY, tbe 10th day of May next, at 2^ o’clock P. M -, the valu able Estate known as the “Broad Place.** Said estate consists of about six acres of land, on which are a large two-story House, Barn and out-buildinga, fruit trees, shade trees, Stc., &c. This is a most at tractive location, but five minutes wain from Churches, Seminary, public School House, and B. R. Station: and will unquestionably be sold at a bargain. A tram on P. & R. R. leaves Portland at 1| P. M., and one returns at 4.25 P. M. f5f"Sale to take place on the premises. JOHN C. CARD, Ex’r ot Will of the late Kerry Broad. Gorham, April 7, 1873. apr9dlaw3w then dtd# Administratrix's Sale. BY virtue oi license from the Judge of Probate for the County of Cumberland, 1 shall sell at Public Auction on Tuesday, June 3d next, at the office ot F. O. Bailey & Co., Exchange 8t., at two o’clock, P. M.. the following described Real Estate, belonging to the estate of the late James Poole, viz., one sixth of an undivided third part of a lot of land on Exchange street, Portland, adjoining the Savings Bank building; said, lot containing about 3,000 square teet, or all the interest of the said estate in said lot. Also, a bouse and lot on Great Chebeague Island in the town of Cumberland.. EUNICE POOLE, Administratrix of the Estate of James Poole. may-3dlaw3w9 J. S. BAILEY A COM Commission Merchants, —AND— ■A.TJ CTIONEER8 NfO.W EXCHANGE STBEkf. Next below Merchants* Exchange. JOSEPH S. BAILEY, GEO. W. PARKER. References— Messrs. H. J. Libby St t.o., and Hon’ Charles P. Kimbal Portland, Me.; Messrs. Leonard St Co., and Lee & Shepard, Boston. apt It ABRAMS A BRO., Auctioneers and Commlasion Merchants, give their special attention to selling Real Estate, Furniture and Merchandise of all kinds, Horses Car riages, &c. Advances made on consignments. Reg ular Sales of new and second-hand Furniture at the Auction Rooms every Saturday morning. Commu nications by mailnromptlv attended to ABdAMtl A BBOTHER, 125 Federal St., under the U. 8. Hotel. N. B. Money advanced on Watches, Jewelry, Furniture, Clothing, and all goods of value. apr23dtf GRASS SEED. 2000 Bair^ Western Timothy Seed 1500 “ Canada “ »• lOOO “ . Red Top « 500 “ Michigan Clover “ 200 “ Ohio « « 400 “ No. New York “ “ 10O “ Pea Vine, « « 150 “ Alsike “ « lOO “ Millet « 100 “ Hungarian Oran “ 100 “ Orchard “ FOR SALE AT THE, Baowesv i :i8)i mce. KENDALL & WHITNEY. mcli26 „v*V tf Those Baked Beans. THOSE BAKED BEANS — WHICH — W. C. COBB is selling BY THE QUART, at ius Bakery, NOS. 28 & 30 PEARL STREET, have been tested and pronounced GOOD ! Now if you wish to try them, you can by tending in your order have them brought right from the oven to your door any morning during the w***- or,iff you say you want them Sabboth morning (as to the custom) Mr. Cobb will have a fresh tot ready which he will send you Saturday evening. ^ Teen by put ting them in your own ov< n yon can and them there at breakfast ’time and save the unpleasant tank of rising before you are Teady and hurrying to the bak ery. P. b.-Tnke eome choice BROW* BREAD with then or not, a« tow like. __tf Allan_Line. Montreal Ocean Steamship co. UNDER CONTRACT FOB TUB CARRYING OF TW Canadian and Hailed State. Matte. — Passengers booked o Loadon derryand Liverpool. Return Tickets granted at Reduced Rates. The Steamshlu AH8TRI in, Capt. Ritchie, Will leave this port for Liverpool on SATURDAY, May 3d, immediately after the arrival of the Train of tb previous day from Montreal. Passage to Londonderry and Liverpool, Cabin 0k C01 ding to accommodations).lo Payable in Gold or Us equivalent. For Freight or Cabin Passage, nop y to F XnU and for Sight Drafts on IinSluu<l for smalUmtmnt.^ply te No. 3 India Street. Portland. Nov. mb. 18T2._nuT2W Notice. HAVING purchased the Stock in trade of Josteh Duran, No. 212 Cumberland St., we shall keep , eood supplv of Groceries and Provisions, which wiu Kid at the lowest market prices. Hoping tor . continuance of the patronage bestowed on the above flrU1' CRAWFORD, BR08. , apr30 M1W

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