Newspaper of Portland Daily Press, May 5, 1873, Page 3

Newspaper of Portland Daily Press dated May 5, 1873 Page 3
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THE PRESS. MONDAY MORNING, MAA 5, 1878. the press May*be obtained at the Periodical Depots of Fes senden Bros., Marquis, Robinson, Brunell & Co.1 Andrews, Went wortn, Glendenning Moses, Ilender «pn, and Chisholm Bros., on all trains that run out of the ity. [■’ At Biddeford, of Pillsbury. £ At Saco of L, Hodgdon. t! At Waterville, of J. S. Carter. "<At Gorham, of News Ageut. If At Bath, of *J. O. Shaw. At Lewiston, of French Bros. ST At Kenuebuuk, of C. E. Mider. CITY AND VICINITY. ftctr Advcrtineuieuts To-Day* AUCTION COLUMN. Oil Paintings—F. O. Bailey & Co. Cooper Shop, &c. F. O. Bailey & Co. ENTERTAINMENT COLUMN. City Hall—The Hampton Colored Singers. SPECIAL NOTICES. D. C. Golder—Parasols. Seventy-one years of Age—Vegetinc. NEW ADVERTISEMENTS. Babcock Self-Acting Fire Engine. Plants for Sale—J. Vickery. To be Lot—House. Be Calm—K. McDonald. Notice—C. A. Weston & Co. Wanted—Live Man. Notice—Gorliam Seminary. Copartnership Notice—Rich & Judkins. Reopened- Wm. W. Goody. Removal—Henry Dunn & Son. For Sale—Two double Tenements. Notice—Cavalry Corps Association. They Say—Swcctsir. Boston & Maine Railroad. MISCELLANEOUS NOTICES. Choice Teas—Chinaman’s Tea Store—2. Notice—E. Ponce. Supreme Judicial Court. VIRGIN J., PRESIDING. Saturday.—Humphrey vs. Town oi Gray. Ac tion for injury on defective highway. Plaintitt says: was driving in wagon down a steep hill; the road full of ruts and icy; met a loaded team and passed it on the left side; wheel caught in a rut, horse slipped, recovered aud backed; plaintiff thrown down a steep embankmeut six feet; struck on head and badly in jured. Defense does not deny statement of plaintiff, but avers that whoel went into hole by side of log out of road and got pinched in; road not detective but if so, plaintiff exercised want of care; should have passed to right as law directs; horse was smooth shod; the tswn not liable for defect, if the hole was such; plaintiff suffered no injury. This is the second trial. Jury separated without a verdict. Gage for plaintiff. Vinton for town. The jury are excused uutil Mouday the 12th inst. .’Wnnicipnl Court. DEFOBE JUDGE MOBBIS. Fbiday.—Dawson McGlinehy. Search and seiz ure. Fined $50. Paid. Howard & Cleaves. Thomas Pike. Intoxication. Imprisonment thirty days and ordered to recognize in the sum of $t00 for his keeping the peace and being of good behaviour for the term of six months. Commuted. Saturday.—William B. Leavitt. Search and seizure. Fined $50. Paid Four cases of libelled lipuors forfeited. Xo claim ants. _ Brief Jottings. Robert Smith has resigned his position on the police force to take the place of private watch man at Casco Bank. Win. Davis ticket agent at the Grand Trunk station for the past twenty years, has resigned his position to take charge of a hotel in Kings ton, C. W. J. F. Strout, keeper of Portland light met with an accident while oiling the machinery last Wednesday whereby it became necessary to amputate two fingers. The accident howev er, does not prevent him from attending to his duties. Saturday morning opened with a snow storm. It made nasty walking for a few hours. An enterprising cat leaped out of a cellar on market street through a pane of glass, Friday night. Rich and Judkins are putting in a Fairbanks sealo at tneir new coal office on Long wharf. Saturday was cold, wet and uncomfortable. Sunday opened warm and luscious, giving us one of the finest days of the season. People begin to talk about the coming Gary concert. Thosalc of reserved seats for the Rubinstein concert begins to-day. Bloodgood’s combination always draws a crowd. Remember Music Hall to-night. The sale of the lot of land on the corner of Exchange ant Market streets is postponed un til next Tuesday. George W. Green has been appointed custom House boatman at this port, vice Win. H. Brown. The steamer Austrian sailed at -1.50 a. in., Saturday. She took out 28 cabin and 32 steer age passengers, and a full freight. This is the last steamer of the Allan line from this port for the season. The steamer Mississippi sailed for Liverpool early Sunday morning with a full freight. Schumacher Brothers will present at Lan caster Hall, on the 12th and 13th inst., a splen did collection of oil paintings to be sold at auction. They will be on free exhibition for a few days prior to the sale. Next Thursday evening the Hampton colored students will favor our citizens with one of their unique entertainments. C. S, Gorham & Co., have presented one of their Square Grand Pianos to the Hospital Fair. The Star complaims of a “towering head dress fiend” who obstructed the vision of the handsome editor. Dr. J. T. Gilman arrived home from Florida last Saturday. The tickets for the Cary conceit have been placed at the low price of fifty cents for reserv ed seats. The New Steamer Circassian.—The new steamer recently built for the Allan line is elaborately described in the last number of the Liverpool Post. She is fitted up with every convenience, and has a carrying capacity of 1,000 steerage and 90 cabin passengers. With reference to the cabin passengers everything that can in reason he done has been accomplish ed for their convenience. They have in the first place a splendid saloon of sixty-five feet iu length, and for the most part of the entire width of tbe ship. Around the saloon are sofas of crimson velvet, and seats of similar kind are placed at the tables, which are covered with handsome crimson cloths. The part of the mizen mast which passes through the fore part oi the saloon, is handsomely mirrored; elegant swinging lamps, with arms and fittings of sil ver, depend from the ceiling; the walls are panelled with oak and gilt beading, the panels being occasionally interspersed with mirrors Bet in gold frames. More important and not less generally inter esting, however, is the manner in which the steerage and intermediate passengers are pro vided for, and here the results of large experi ence are plainly seen. These passengers are accommodated upon the main decks in berths which are much more liberally arranged with regard to space than the Act of Parliament re quires. _ The Hampton Colored Students.—These sweet vocalists will make their first appearance in Liiy nan next j.nursuay evening. ncare happy to announce an entertainment of so great merit in our columns, and we trust our people will turn out in large numbers. The songs for tlie most part to be sung are those they sung in slavery,and they are given in their own peculiar strain of wildness, full of fervor and pathos. Gen. Armstrong will accompany them. The company numbers seventeen and they make a beautiful chorus. They have a little hoy and girl with them who are very fine singers. Inspection of a Steamer.—Saturday af ternoon Capt. .1. W. Dyer and C. S. Staples, Jr., government inspectors, made a thorough inspection of the steamer John Brooks of the Portland Steam Packet Company’s line, lying at Franklin wharf. The hull, engines, boilers, life-boats, pumps, &c., were carefully examined and received high praise from the inspectors. Everything about the boat that the law requires was fonnd in perfect order, and the “John Brooks” was declared ready for duty. This favorite steamer in her new dress of paint looks finely. She leaves for Boston to-niglit. Narrow Escape from Drowning.—Satur day evening a man named Thomas McGinnis lell off the drawer of the Boston & Maine Rail road bridge and drifted to tlie piling between the two bridges. His outcry aroused the draw tender, who could not get him out, when he alarmed the neighborhood, aud a large number of men arriving, lie was rescued with the aid of a rope and a boat after being in the water over half an hour. The man was much chilled and is a railroad laborer. The Storm Signal.—The reason why no storm signal was displayed Friday announcing the approach of this storm, is because the des patch from Washington ordering it, was not re ceived till twenty-four hours after it was sent. 1 thought this explanation was due to those who depend upon those signals, and to the repu tation of the Signal Service. A. B. IV illiams, Observer in charge. Ckurch Notes. Rev. 1. Luce delivered a farewell sermon at the Chestnut street church yesterday forenoon Ho took his text from the 118tli Ps , 25th verse His subject was the development of a church The object of a church organization is to save the imperishable soul. A minister is the moutl: piece of God. Holiness is not the end of Chris tian work. The church must go out to men in the scum of society and lift them up. But one out of twenty live are saved unless connected with church organizations. The church must be a unit that prescribes all animosity and sel fishness. The most devilish thing on earth is a church divided against its members. There was a time when Methodism cost nothing, but now it requires money. No church can bo Christlike unless benevolent We must care for the children. If men regarded the church as uo longer the rich man’s church but their Father’s house, the church would be crowded every Sunday. In conclusion, he urged renew ed activity on the part of the church, and refer ! red pleasantly to his three years’ connection with the church and people. . Lev. A. K. P. Small delivered yesterday morn ing at I rec street Baptist Church, an able ser mon on “False and true jirosperity.” This church have abolished the practice of taking up a collection at their Sunday School concerts. Rev. Dr. Hill of the First Parish, preached on Sabbath evening on the authorship of the Gospel of St. John aud the Book of Revela tions, entering into an argument to prove that both books were written by St. John the Evan gelist. Rev. W. H. Fcun gave his people a lino ser _o.. _ i_c _ . IT?r.*—fpnm Tin. UIVU MUUUIIJ AV1VUUUU «*V --7 seaG: 3, on the aualogy between the beauties of Nature as seen in the opening spring, and the glory of a developing Christian character. The sermon abounded in felicitous periods. Eev. E. Y. Hincks of the State street Con gregational church, delivered a discourse Sun day evening founded on John 8: 24. “If ye believe not that I am He, ye shall die in your sins.” Eev. Dr. Shailer of the First Baptist church, baptized on Saturday evening last iu the church, eight ladies and three gentlemen. Sunday fore noon the Doctor delivered a powerful sermon from Heh. 10: 20, on the consistency of faith. An Old Land Mark Gone.—That sectior of a city where progress and improvement hold dominiou, always undergoes marked changes. Few of our citizens will recollect that the old one story house situated at the ex treme foot of Brackett street on the westerly side, and now being demolished, was once the toll house to Portland bridge. Yet for twenty seven years such was the fact. It was built for that purpose, and until 1851, when the bridge became a free bnidge, the sign board with its rates of toll held dominion over th< thoroughfare. The incorporators of the bridge company received their charter in January 1823, and the bridge was built that same year As a matter of historic interest we give the names of the incorporators, nearly all o: whom have passed away from earthly ■senes: Silvanus Higgins, E. Jordan, \V, Gregg, E, Dyer, Elias Thomas, J. Neal, T. Eohison, E. Ilsley, A. W. Tinkham, H. Ils ley, and J. Mussey, Jr. The toll house was built in 1823 by the proprietors of Antho ny Brackett’s dower, and with four rods square of laud on which the house was situated was deeded Nov. 10th, 1823 to the incorpora ters by Thomas Beck iu behalf of the proprie tors. The following is the language of the deed: “Conveying in fee a lot of land fora toll house to be four rods square, on the south-westerly side of Brackett street and adjoining said bridge, for the considera tion of fifty dollars.” All passage over the bridge was then from the foot of Brackett street. On January 0th, 1851, the bridge was surren dered to the county and became free. The county in 1855 lowered the grade of the north cud to a level with Colhmercial street and oth erwise improved the bridge, so that passage from Brackett street to the bridge ceased. This act, however, did not affect the right of lb* county to a claim upon Brackett street for an outlet, as the charter was “in perpetuo.” The toll house was then sold to Samuel Tyler and W. W. Thomas, who afterwards sold to other parties, so that until recently it has been occu pied as a dwelling. At the time it was built it was the only building in that neighborhood and the waters of Fore river washed the base of the bauk on which it stood. For many years James Townsend was the toll keeper. Sunday morning at the Chestnut street Meth odist church fourteen persons were baptized and three admitted to the church. Sunday after noon two were baptized by Eev. Mr. Luco, pas tor of the Chestnut street church, iu the water at Back Cove. Tho Chestnut street church have secured as the successor of Eev. Mr. Luce, the Eev. Mr. Jeuesof Newton, Mass., from the New Eng. land Conference. He will preach his first ser. inon next Sabbath. Drowned.—Capt. Alfred Burns, owner and master of schooner Langammon, of Waldobo ro, while passing down Commercial wharf to his vessel about 10 o’clock Saturday night, stumbled and struck his head aaainst the mail boom of another vessel and fell overboard. Tht blow must have rendered him insensible as lit made no effort to save himself and was drowned. The noise caused by his striking the boom and falling into the water was heard, and search was made. In about one hour the body was re covered. Coroner Gould held au inquest ant the verdict was “accidental drowning.” The remains were taken to Waldoboro yesterday. where he leaves a wife and three children. Exports per Allan Line or Steamers.— Herewith we give the value of the exports from this port per British steamers. Season of 1871 and 1872, $4,728,929; 1872 and 1873, $5,832, 436; excess for 1873, $1,103,507. This docs not include the invoice of the “Austrian” the last of the Allan line of steamers from this port for the season. The value of the imports is a sep arate item, which we will give to the pvblic be fore long. It will be seen by the above figures that the business of this line of steamers is steadily on the increase. Good Templars—The following officers of Atlantic Lodge, No. 83, were installed last Sat urday evening by D. G. W. C. T. Lefavor:—W. C. T., Joseph Craig; W. V. T., Maria Lynch; W. S., H. S. Burgess; W. E. S., Geo. H. Pear son; W. T. Melville B. Estes; W. C., Wm. Wilson; W. M., Albert A Frank; D. M., Nel lie Dunn; W. I. G., Wm. E. Boss; W. O. G., Frank P. Burnham; B. H. S., Geo. H. Le favor; L. H. S., Lizzie St. John. Change in Mail Time.—On and after Mon day, May 5th, the morning mails from Lewis ton, Auburu, Augusta and connecting roads will be due at the Portland Post Office at 9 a. m. The afternoon mails from the North and East will he due at 3.50 p. m. The Owens Benefit.—The Executive Com" mittee of the Maine General Hospilal Fair, have received from John E. Owens, Esq., of Owens’ Combination, a donation of fifty dollars for the Maine General Hospital. An Editorial Wedding.—Mr. B, O. Bob bins, editor of the Dexter Gazette, was married to Miss I assett of Hearing, last Saturday in the Congregational church, Woodford’s Corner, by the Rev. Horace Toothaker. Police Notes.—At the police station last night there were two cases of drunkenness and one lodger. Thursday night there were two in stead of ten commitments for drunkenness. t'npc Elizabeth. Sorno boys from your city built a lire May day on Mount Holy which was fortunately dis covered by Mr. Brackett the proprietor before it reached bis residence. Mount Holy in 1756 was thought to cover an immense coal bed. Edward Weston, Walter Simonton and others formed themselves into a company to work it. They dug soveral days and whilst off to dinner the side of the excava tion caved in and covered up the tools left. In 1834, the Portland and Cape Elizabeth coal and Railroad company, with right to build a rail road from Mount Holy to tide water and to mine for coal, was incorporated by the Legisla ture. The companywas organized but could not raise the necessary funds to carry on the work. More than two hundred persons turned Out to serenade an old gentleman of more than three score and his young bride. The next morning ho found a plenty of old tinware in his front yard The friends of the projected Sunday School at Kuiglitville are in search for a library they purchased some two years since. They do not think that it was any of the Sunday sehoo] scholars who stole it._ P. Gorham. The closiug reunion and supper at Academy Hall, Gorham Seminary, was a very happy close to a very pleasant term of study. The four days’ examination shows a close attention to study on the part of students, and faithful labor on the part of teacl ers. Tbe school numbers this term one hundred and fifty students. Notice is called to tiie new lot of teas at the Chinamen’s tea store. niSCEI.BANEOl H NOTICES. Just Deceived.—A large assortment of choice teas, Oolong and Japan, which I shall sell very cheap. Call at the Chinaman’s Tea Store, No. 333 Congress street. mvatf Attention is called to the sale of valuable real estate No. 28 Free street, this day at 2i p. in., by F. O. Bailey & Co; also at their sales room at 10 a. m., one fine parlor suit, new crock ery and tin ware, linens, &o. Notice.—The manufacture of cigars of E. Ponce is on Market Square, No. 1G. up [stairs, under the name of N. C. Thompson, which we will keep up my own brand of cigars suitable for any market for quality aud prices. The ci gars will be sold at E. Ponce’s cigar store, cor ner Middle and Exchange street. Yours respectfully. E. Ponce. iny5-l\v N. C. Thompson. Burleigh, 89 Middle street, sells more cloth ing than auy other jiarty in Maine. Confectioners find their choicest goods in the Chocolate line at W. Baker & Co’s well known Boston House, of nearly a hundred years standing. Their Chocolate liquors are es pecially fine and deserve especial attention. Sold everywhere. Twenty-five thousand dollars worth of Gents’ Furnishing Goods very cheap. Whole sale and retail. J. Burleigh, 89 Middle street, Tiie finest stock of Clothing is at Burleigh’s, 89 Middle street. Harper’s Bazar.—This beautiful weekly publication is a welcome visitor to the parlor circle. The number for the ensuing week lias been received by Fessenden Brothers, Lancas ter Hall and D. Weutwortli, 337 Congress, cor ner of Oak street. The largest aud best assortment of Clothes for Boys’s wear to be found in this city, is at L. D. Strout’s. mayl-dlw Tiie largest stock of Clothing n Portland is at Burleigh’s, 89 Middle street. Dr. Uhann who has made so many wonder ful cures of cases supposed to bo incurable, will be at the Preble House every Thursday, Friday and Saturday for the preseut. All should see him. _ apr2S-tf Cosmoline, the ne plus ultra for all skin dis eases; is odorless, will not become rancid, and as an emollient is far superior to glycerine, Can be obtained at Whittier’s Drug Store. my2codlw Just Deceived.—A large, assortment cf choice teas, Oolong and Japan, which I shall sell very cheap. Call at the Chinaman’s Tea Store, No. 333 Congress street. inyStf BY TELEGRAPH. MATTERS IN MAINE. Snow. Hath, April 3.—Tlxe fifty-fifth snow storm of the season commenced here last night and con tinued through the foreuoon. Vessel Sunk. Camden, April 3.—The schooner Dolphin owned by D. W. Kuowlton & Co., of this place, sprung aleak this forenoon off Turtle Head, and sunk, with 6,000 feet of ash lumber and 18,000 laths. The crew and two passengers had barely time to save their lives. There was no insurance on the vessel or cargo. • Drowned. Eastport, May 3,—Albert Chaffee, mate of the schooner Mary Harmon of Lubec, was drowned to-day off Cape Moospeck. He was setting staysail, and while holding the sheet was thrown overboard. He leaves a wife ami family at Lubec. A Shocking Death. Waterville, May 3.—Edward McDonald, an Irishman about 30 years old, was crushed to death yesterday while at work on a jam of logs near the mouth ef the Kennebec river. Hie ribs and collar bone were crushed flat. He lived but a short time after. He leayes a wife and child. MASSACHUSETTS. Bailroad Consolidation—Suicide. Boston, May 3.—The Massachusetts Legis lative committe on financee will report on|Mon day that the bill to consolidate the Hoosac Tunnel lines of railroads under the name of the Boston and Northwestern llailroad ought to pass with certain amendments which will not materially effect the general character of the bill as reported from the committee on rail ways. They report that the expense to the State for the completion of the tunnel after the work of the contractors is completed, such as laving track, etc., will be about $300,000. The dead body of a well-dressed stranger, ap parently about 35 years old, with a discharged pistol in one hand was found to-day in an open boat in Waltham. Suicide was the cause. Fire. Boston, May 4.—A fire on Snow’s wharf last night destroyed the extensive establishment of Freeman Knowles & Co„ dealers in salt and pickled fish. Loss not fully ascertained, hut will probably reach $50,000. Fatal Affray. Thos. Maher, aged 22, employed at the Read ville Iron Works, was shot last night in Merri mac street, by Frank J. Shaida, a Portland street saloon keeper. The shooting was the re sult of a sudden quarrel. Maher was taken to l,na„;inl --1. „ _11.. wounded. Sliuida. was arrested. NEW YORE. Those Down Enn Barrels. New York, May 3.—The coopers’ strike closed to-day by the employers agreeing not to use any more barrels made at Portland or Bath, Maine. Only one shop holds out against the Crispins. minister Delong’s Case. The Tribune charges that Minister Delong has slandered the Japanese Government by not residing at its capitol, falsely alleging that his life was in danger there. He presented and had paid by the Japanese Government unjust claims of private American citizens. He urged upon that Government the appoint ment of a notorious cooly trader to a responsi ble position. He has been virtual protector and defender of the coolie traffic, and has maintained sympathetic relations with the ex tinct administration of the tycoon’s which is in antagonism to the existing Japanese Gov ernment. Systematic Swindling of Sailors. Captain Tucker, of the ship North America, makes affidavit that United States Commission er Duncan made out a bogus list of a crew for his ship in order to clear her at the Custom House, so that he (Duncan) could collect the fees. An investigation into the affairs of the shipping commissioner's office shows that every officer is a relative of Duncan; that they are connected with a savings bank in which they prevail on sailors to deposit their money, charg ing them exhorbitantly for the rates of ex change; they also are part owners of a clothing store on which they give orders to sailors for clothing, and in many other ways gain emolu ments at the expense of sailors. Funeral of James Brooks. New York, May 4.—The funeral services over the remains of the late Hou. James _ _ Church, Rev. Henry C. O. Peter, 1). D., assist ed by Rev. Robert Holden officiating. The body since its arrival from Washington, had lain in state in the right aisle of the church, and during the day was viewed by crowds of citizens. The casket was of massive rosewood, orna mented with silver and floral decorations, while the church wus filled with mourners, rel atives and friends of the deceased. Among others present were Charles O’Connor anil rep resentatives from all the prominet journals. The attaches of the Express attended in a body. Several members of Congress were pres ent, also delegates from tho Tammany Society, the Arcadian Club and other organizations. By the express desire of the deceased, all at tempt at display was omitted. At 2 o’clock p. in., the remains were taken to tlie high altar when the solemn service of the Episcopal church appropriate to tho occa sion was performed. No funeral oration was pronounced. The remains were interred in t-reenwood Cemetery in the family vault. Various Hallers. “k’f'n and easterly gale continued morningDlgIlt' antl still prevails here this man'-vt'^fplr^!0 w-leJ Jolm Morrison, a fire cominitfed wC actiou5^1'*}!0011^^1’®8 beeu der tUe verdict of the coroner’s jurv"4 *,ry’ President Stockwcll nr,,,., true the reports regardin'- the insnfln.ttCrly UDi illegality of the elcven-Eundiil 1 I"!1 lar mortgage on the Howe Sewin”U Mnpi"*-0 property Held, by the Pacific Mail "f,Mac'unc He says the property is fully worth1 threePmU lions of dollars. rau The Board of Education in Jersey Citv v terday, indorsed the action cf the prlncinal nf a public school in enforcing the rule relative tn the readiug of the Bible at the opening of thp school. The coopers now announce that they will compel all union men to leave the employ Gf any sugar refiner who uses Portland or Boston made barrels, or of any master cooper who sup plies other barrels to refiners who uso Eastern made barrels. The six thousand dollar load of furniture stolen in the streets on Thursday afternoon, was recovered last night by the police, anil four members of the notorious Tenth street gang of robbers were arrested in tbc possession thereof. Besides the furniture there were six thousand dollars’ worth of lace curtains and jewelry in several trunks, which the robbers "atj Qot discovered when arrested. Bleakley the murderer of his neice, made an other make-believe attempt at suicide last night Notwithstanding tho rumors to that effect, there were no failures of brokers to-day. The police found Mrs. Cassidy dead with small pox, with au infant lialf-starved, beside her husband drunk on the floor of a tenement bouse in Essex street this morning. WASHINGTON. Juuics Brooks’ Will. Washington, May 3.—The will of James Brooks bequeaths his half of the Express news paper and his home library to his son. To his wife he gives his house, horses, carriages and $10,000 iu Union Pacific laud grant bonds (the latter if she renounces the dower in the Ex press property) his real estate in Washington, $32,000 income bonds of the U mou 1 acihc and $3j!oOO first mortgage bonds of the samo road. To his daughtcriVirgiuia ho gives $5000 of Eas tern Division of Kansas bonds, $35,000 of the St. Louis and Omaha Railroad bonds, to his daughter Mary hold free of her hus band gives $30,000 first mortgage Union Pacific bonds. The remainder of his property he gives to his son J . W. Brooks. The will has been probated. A codicial provides that his son and daughter, Virginia pay his widow $5,000 per year. Treasury Balance*. The following are the Treasury balances to day : Currency $3,001,980: special deposits of le gal tenders for redemption of certificates of de posit $25,885,000; coin $73,121,965; including $24,917,200 in coin certificates; legal tenders outstanding $357,160,308. Postal Cards. The Assistant Postmaster to-day received 500 postal cards are samples of completed work. Orders will be filled towards the close of next week direct from the manufactory. Postal Changes. Washington, May 4.—The following are the postal changes during the past week:—In New England, officers established,--Elmwood, Hart ford county, Conn., W. E. Goodwin, postmas ter; Hampden Centre, Penobscot county, Me., Henry R. Moore, postmaster. Postmasters ap pointed:—At North Hermon,Penobscot county, Me., Lewis Deves; at South Albion, Kennebec couuty, Me., Geo. A. Rider; at Nelson, Chester /.nmitir N 11 Charles C. Atwood: at Stafford. Stafford county, N. H., Alonzo M. Foss; at AVoodville, Grafton county, N. H., Chatles B. Smith; at Pomfret, Windsor, county, Vt., Charles H. Vaughn; at Raynliam, Bristol coun ty, Mass., Elmer Lincoln. Indian Matters in Washington Territory. The Secretary of the Interior yesterday re ceived the following telegram from Gov. Ferry of Washington Territory: There strong indications of hostility among the Indians in this territo ry. Einmissaries from the Modocs have prob ably visited them. Settlers have called upon me for arms. There are none in the territory. I await instructions. This telegram being referred to the War De partment, Acting Secretary Robeson to-day in formed the Secretary of the Interior that under the provisions of the act of 1808, the Territory of Washington iscntitled to arms to the valueof 820,000 on is quota for militia, and that the War Department is able to furnish about 500 stand of arms with cquipements and ammunition to be charged to the quota of the territory upon a requisition of Governor, either by letter of tel egram, but the acting secretary desires the Governer should distinctly understand that these arms are to be advanced only on regular allowance of the territory and that general government in no way directs or authorizes any militia operations not instituted by its orders and under its direction and control. The sub stance of the foregoing was telegraphed by Secretary Delano to Governor Ferry. Various Matters. In order to avoid express charges, a bank note company of Boston has been authorized to mauufacturo bank checks by the Internal Revenue Bureau. Assistant Librarian Schelds has been arrest ed for stealing some 500 books from the Con gressional Library. TERRIBLE ACCIDENT. Fall of Ail Iron Bridge Thirty-Two Bodies Recovered. Dixon, 111., May 4.—A terrible accident, in volving fearful loss of life, occurred this after noon. The rite of baptism was being adminis tered to a number of recent converts to one of the Baptist churches liere, at a point in Rock river, just below the Trustelle iron bridge, ami about 2U0 persons, including many ladies and a number of children, bad gathered on the bridge to witness the ceremony. Suddenly and without warning, the bridge gave way and pre cipitated its living freight into the stream be low. The scene which ensued was indescrib ably terrible as the struggling victims vainly endeavored to free themselves from the ruins of the bridge and from each other. Large crowds of people on the banks rushed to anil fro, many of them so distracted with terror as to be unable to render any assistance. Others were self-possessed and speedily brought ropes and planks anil boats and went nobly to work to rescue the living and recover the dead. Some of those who were on the bridge when it fell were so near the edge that they were able to reach land without Jassistanee, while others were fortunately in reach of those on shore, but up to six o’clock this afternoon 32 dead bodies bail been taken from the river, and it is>lmost certain that there are others still under the wreck of the bridge. Of thosejwho were saved twenty-four were more or less in jured , some fatally. Fire—Counterfeiters--Rexistnucc lo Kel logg New Orleans, May 3.—Twelve houses on Lafayette and Freret streets were burned this afternoon. loss $31,000. During the fire a den of nickle counterfeiters was discovered. A largo quantity of the baso coin was captured anil sev eral arrests made. The citizens of Iberia parish organized a tax resisting association to-day. The meeting was very enthusiastic, and addresses were made by several members of the bar, who offered their services free of charge. Resolutions were adopt ed endorsing MeEnery, repudiating Kellogg auu urging resistance to tue collection ot taxes. One hundred Metropolitans with a piece of ar tillery have gone to St. Martinsville, St. Martin Parish, to instal Kellogg’s officers. Conference of the Mormon Church. Salt Lake, May 4.—A special conference of the Mormon Church assembled to-day. It is rumored that Brigham Young will resign the the Presidency of the church during the ses sion. Threatening Attitude of the Indians. Application has been made to the command er of Camp Dougins for two companies of troops to protect the settlers in San Pete valley, Southern Utah. The Indians have assumed a threatening attitude and the settlers are great ly alarmed. Gen. Morrow, the commander at Camp Douglass, is seriously ill. Waiting Beinforccmcuta. A Herald lava bed special says that nothing will be done at present. They are awaiting the 4th infanttry, 500 strong, from Little Book,who arc expected to arrive on the 17th inst. The correspondent attributes the great loss of life in the fight of the 26th of April to the deser tion of Co. E. 12th infantry and some few of the artillery, who, when ordered by Captain Thomas to fall back and hold a bluff in the rear of the troops to cover the retreat, contrived to fall back till they reached camp. It is said only twenty-three Modocs were engaged and that only two were killed and two badly wounded. Congressional Conference. ^ St. Louis, May 3.—Forty-three members of Congress, representing in part the States of Alabama, Arkansas, Illinois, Keutucky, Louis iana, Michigan, Missouri,New York, Nebraska, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee and Wisconsin, have already accepted invitations to participate in me congressional uonterencc to meet Here the 13th iust, Only six of those invited have so far declined, and they solely because of impor portaut business engagements. A Swindle. Salt Lake City, May 3.—Grcri excitement is caused m mining circles by a card of Gen. .T. F. Harrisou of New Orleans, Superintendent of the Stafford Line Star Silver Mine, denounc ing the whole project as a deliberate fraud and swindle. Nearly $200,000 in stock lias been taken and paid for, principally in New Orleans. Harrison denounces Major S. Wooley of Cheyenue, W. J. Jones of San Francisco, Col, Amos C. Ticknor and William Gardner of Salt Lake, as projectors of the swindle. A Murderous Hanged. Atlanta, G., May 3.—Tho Constitution has a special telegram from Prestou, Webster coun ty, detailing the execution of Miss Susan Eber hart, an accomplice of Spawn in the murder of his wife. She was hung at 11 o’olock to-dav. Her last words were, “I am ready and willing'.” Bloodshed at Mnnclme, La. Manchae, La., May4.— A fight occurred here this afternoon in which ten persons were en gaged. Sam Patterson was killed and John Edwards seriously wounded. One woman was serously wounded. METEOROLOGICAL. probabilities for the next twenty-four hours. War Dep’t, Office Chief Signal ) Officer, Washington, D. C., > May 4, 8 (P. M.) j Probabilities—For the northeast and Upper lakes and thence to Missouri and Kentucky, partly cloudy weather, diminishing pressure and higher temperature with southerly winds will prevail. For Tennessee and Gulf States southeast and southerly winds, falling barome ter, increasing cloudiness and occasionally rain. For the South Atlantic States easterly and southeasterly winds, partly cloudy weather and higher pressure, followed by oecasional rain Monday evening. For the lower lakes and Mid dle States generally clear weather, northwes terly and northeasterly winds and higher tem perature. For Canada and New England States northwesterly winds and generally clear and warmer weather. Keports are missing from

„ Northwest, Southwest, Western Gulf and upper Missouri Valley. The May anniversaries were commenced Sun day in New York. F O KFI a N. The Official Jobbing at Vicuna. New York, May 3.—A Vienna letter states that one of the jobs in connection with the re moved American commissioners was the A ner ican restaurant, for the privilege of the run ning of which Commissioner Meyer was paid $2000, and was to have 5 per cent, of the re ceipts.^ The same letter (in the Tribune) says that Van Huron lia3 given Meyer a whitewash ing certificate. llayuua fi? iunuces. Havana, May 3.—The Spanish Bank is un able to supply the demand for the exchange. The grand bear scheme of the bank has failed and exchange is rapidly rising. The merchants consider the crisis over. There are no longer any fears. Some heavy sugar houses will he compelled to suspend, although some will lose heavily. Various matters Halifax, May 4.—The steamship Moravian arrived this morning from Liverpool. Major Gen. Haley who succeeds Gen. Dcrrille in com mand of the troops here, was a passenger on the Moravian. The steamer Prince Edward arrived at Char lottetown yesterday, twelve days from Liver pool. She skirted the coast of the Island on the outer side. An immense sheet of ice pre vents communication between Nova Scotia and Newfoundland, Seventeen more bodies were recovered from the wreck of the Atlantic yesterday. A violent snow storm lias prevailed heie all day. Central and South American News. New York, May 4.—The steamship Rising Star brings Panama advices of April 24th. Af fairs were quiet. There was no likelihood of armed resistance to the recent change of gov eminent, though troops arc kept under amisfo any emergency. The United States steamer Ttiscarora arrived at Panama tho 20tli, witli the members of the I)arien Exploring Expedition. There are still fears of hostilities between Co lumbia and Venezuela on the boundary ques tion. Shocks of earthquakes continue at San Sal vado. l'lie government Palace has at last fall en. A great many people were injured; many were crazed. The United States Exploring Expedition had finished tho survey of Lake Nicaragua, and are now at work on San Juan river, hoping to con clude in June. A hand of robbers in Peru sacked two towns but Were finally captured by the government troops. Forty-four houses were destroyed by land slides at Piscobanda, Peru, and thirty-six per sons perished. The river is dammed aud inun dation is likely to add to the misfortune of the people. Aiie vyiuii mini is coining $3,UU(VJUU tor t'eru, and $1,000,000 for Ecuador. The explorers of Lake Gamute have ascer taiued that it is in Argentine territory, and 12, 000 feet ahovo the sea. There were heavy shocks of earthquake at Mendoza, March 25th. The United States ship Omaha left Valparai so for Coquimbo. The Portsmouth was at Tal cabrun. Demand of the llonnrchinl Parly. Paris, May 4.—The Monarchial party in the Assembly demand a remodelling of the ministry by the President, and that it be made more con servative. MMiOB TELEC1BA1IS. Senator Sumner has ordered his back pay turned into the treasury. The building of Abel Prescott & Co., Hour dealers, in Ayer, Mass., was burned Saturday morning. An Havana despatch says tiiat the command er of the British gunboat Plover has demanded the removal of O’Kelly to Havana for trial, an immediate change from his present place of confinement, and other measures for the miti gation of his imprisonment. The impression there is that the interference of the British commander will only complicate matters, with out benefiting O’Kelly. Wm.'Smith, colored, assistant librarian of the House of Representatives, is about to bring a suit against the Georgia Central railroad for ejecting him from a first-class to a second-class car, while on a trip between Augusta and Sa vannah, in company with Representative Hooper of Massachusetts. A Poughkeepsie despatch says that the pas senger station at Livingston, on the, Hudson River railroad, together with the hay house sheds and store, were burned Saturday morn ing. Loss $20,000. The United States Commissioner at Vienna, is actively working to get the American de partment into order. A Halifax despatch says that Sir Charles H. Doyle, retiring commander of the British forces in Canada, received several ovations there Friday. Meyer & Co.’s furniture factory at Cincinna ti was burned Saturday. Loss $30,000. A young man named Bacon murdered a boy named Scharm, 1C years of age, at Ridgeville, Pa., Friday, to get some groceries the latter was carrying. The body was found concealed tinder a log, but the murderer confessed the crime. In West Virginia there is a conflict between the Governor and a Board of Works, relative to the management of the Penitentiary. The matter has got into the courts. Cairo, 111., reports a slight earthquake. A hill is pending in the Newfoundland As sembly to prevent the killing of seals as early as has been the custom. Committees of the two Chi Psi fraternities, North and South, met at Washington Friday and Saturday and agreed upon a consolidation. The first two grain laden vessels of the see sou arrived at Buffalo Sunday from Chicago. There lias been no loss of life the present sea son in connection witli the Newfoundland seal fishery. A man, supposed to ho George W. Wash barn of Boston, fell insensible in tlie street at Chicago Saturday, and died at the hospital. There was no movements on the Modocs up to late Saturday. Gen. Davis has arrived at the camp. “Public llOnAKt.V.” KAllt. to t.liA T' St TrAAjnrx, Saturday, $1000 from Boston, due the govern ment for income tax. A full and searching examination into the transactions of the trustees of the Central Pa cific railroad since 1858, by a Committee of the Vermont Legislature, fully exonerates the trustees of all the charges made against them. Rev. Dr. M. A. Corrigan was Sunday conse crated Bishop of Newark, N. J. A co-operative tailors association was formed in New York Saturday evening. The new Masonic constitution is being dis cussed in the New York lodges and does not meet approval. The funeral ceremonies of Bishop Mcllyain will take place to morrow in New York. Geu. Sickles presented Saturday to President Figueras of Spain, the resolution of Congress congratulating the country ou the hill abolish ing slavery. President Figueras replied with warm expressions of thanks. The first boat of the season between Chicago and Detroit arrived at the latter place Satur day. It is expected that four cables will be work ing across the Atlantic and five across the Gulf of St. Lawrence by the first of Septem ber, The order directing the people of the sec tions of Spain infested by Carlists to abandon their homes and retiro into the cities, has created a strong feeling against the govern ment. Navigation is now open between Quebec and Montreal. The Emperor of Germany and the Czar re viewed the Russiau troops at St. Petersburg Friday. In the evening the city was illnminat ed in honor of tho imperial visitors. FINANCIAL ANI» COMMERCIAL. Foreign Exports. LIVERPOOL. Steamship Austrian—11,360 galls ext. bark, 599 bbls oatmeal, 200 lbs beef, 389,000 do bacon, 157.200 do lard, 1900 do bladders, 75,000 do grease, 25,000 do pork, 10,000 do tongues. 25 boxes sawsages, 130 bbls apples, 11 lulls steel, 15 bars do, 4 sowing machines, 700 lmsh wheat, 10 pkgs mer chandise. 212 bars 1 1 lies iron. BUENOS AY RES. Bark Envoy, 402,961 ft lum ber. HALIFAX. NS. Steamer Carlotta—'700 bbls flour, 1020 galls gale and porter, 12 sewing machines, 1680 pairs boots and ani shoes, 100 galls chain page. 6850 lbs tobacco, 10 bags wheat seed, Tot of merchandise. Foreign Imports. LIVERPOOL. Bark Lemon t—711 tons salt to E G Willard. Boston Stock List. [Sales at the Broker’s Board, May 3.] Eastern Railroad. 107 Eastern (N. H.) Railroad. 100j} Sales at Auction. Bostonton & Maine Railroad—aiv. off—admr.1223 I Bangor City 6s, 1894.88 (to 896 Portland City Sixes, 1887, P & R RR. 90 Bath City Sixes,1888. 89$ Eastern Railroad 7s, 1882. 101 Bank Stntcmcut. New York, May 3.—The following Is the wcekly bank statement: Increaso in loans.§1,419,200 Increase in Specie.. .. 2,688,100 Increase in legal tenders. 2,361,100 Increase in deposits.. 787,300 Decrease in circulation. 173,300 Showing a gain ou the reserve of §2,092,700. IVcw Vork Stock and Money Market. New York, May 3—Morning.—Gold 116f. I Money at 1-16 per cent. Sterling Exchange 1083 (to looi.— Stocks heavy. State stocks quiet. The following were the quotations of Government securities: United States coupon G’s, 1881. iona United States5-20’s!!.«T Uuited States 5-20’s .nia United Slates 5-20’s 1865, oldex.iut.,...mi United States 5-20’s 1865, new. .117? United States 5-20’s 1SG7. .iJa? United States5-20’s 1868 1174 United States 5’s, new.‘.}}If United States 10-40’s.,coupons. .1 {0* Currency 6’s . .„... .. ‘ 11«1 Stocks:1'0110"'"'3 WCr0 the closln<? quotations of Western Union Tclegranli On... Pacific Mail..;;;;;;;;;;;;; N. Y. Centra' and Hudson River consolidated..’.. 100 Rrie. ,,41 Erie preferred. *’*t -,3 Union Pacific stock_-!!!!!!!!!.’.'!!!!!!!!..' ... -'9$ The following were the quotations for Pacino Rail road securities: Central Pacific bonds.... 1031 Union Paoiflc do. . . 86 Union Pacific land grants.'.I* Union Pacific income bonds. ;• J2* There was a bad break down in the prices of 1 a cific Mail, this morning, wbicli declined 4 @ 5 per cent., dragging down with it tlio remainder of the At about noon to-day there was a fresh decline,and the market was badly demoralized on rumors that a large Broad street house was in trouble. At the time of writing (12.30 P. M.) there is a small panic, and the decline in stocks is very rapid. It is under stood the Jay Gould clipuo are large sellers, and are determined on breaking the market. The rates for money are stringent at 1-16 per cent, and interest. Sterling Exchange has advanced to 1083 109f. ^ Domestic market.. Sew York, May 3—sp m *,1 for pots. Cotton is itull anq at 8 00 sales 55C bales 10Je for 51MdUng’iln?^iUnc'Sf’ge‘ * receipts 2828 bbls; Flour is dull and hok Flou^~ 7200 bbls at 5 65 @8 25 for superftoT wSKj. 8alc’! State; 0 90 @ T 40 tor common to good extraWest!,™ and State; 7 43 @ 8 25 lor good to choice do; ® 10 50 for common to choice \\ bito Wheat Weston, extra; 0 90 @10 50 for common to good extra Ohio ■ 7 50 @ 12 25 for common to choice extra St. Louis: market closing quiet. Southern Flour uiet and uu changed; sales 450 bbls at C 00 oj. 8 -5 for common to fair extra; 8 25 @ 12 25 for good to choice <lo. Rye Flour quiet and steady; sales 250 bl)ls at 4 10 @jia; Corn Meal is quiet; sales 150 bbls. Wliiskey 6teadj; sales 200 bbls at 92, closing lieavy with some ottered at 914. Grain—receipts of Wheat 24,700 bush; Spring Wheat dull and heavy;Winter quiet anil firmly field; sales 30,000 hush at 145 @ 1 47i for rejected Spring; 1 55 @ 1 58 for No 3; 1 03 for car lot of strictly prime No 2 Chicago; 210 tor White State to arrive; No 2 Milwaukee quoted at 1 074 @ 1 TCJ in rtore and afloat. Rye quiet and firm at 95 (of 1 00 fur Canada bond. Barley is dull and nominal. Barley malt u quiet; small sales of 2 rowed State at 110* Seed—Clover Seed in fair request at 81 @ 9c for Western and State; Timothy firm at 4 25. Corn—receipts u07,00 buBli, Corn quiet and without decided change; demand lor home trade; sales 56,000 bush at 09 @70.; for new Mixed Western; G"l@68e for old do in store 70J for do afloat. Oats—receipts 43,103 bush; Oats dull ami heavy; sales 50,000 bush at 50 @ 32c for new Mixed Western, chiefly at 51c; 49 @ 51e for new Black Wes tern; 53 @ 544c for new WlJ'o Western. Eggs dull and in buyers favor at 141 @ 15c for Western; 15 @ 154c lor State. Pennsylvania and Jersey; 14 @ 144 for Southern, llay quiet and steady at 95 for shipping; 75@90 for Clover. Hops quiet and steady; 1872 quoted at 35 @ 50c; California 45 @ 55c. Coal active and firm at 5 00 @ 000 for Anthracite {> ton 4> car go. Leather is quiet and steady; Hcmlocksole, Buenos Ayres anil Rio Grando light middle and heavy weights at 281 @ 31c; California do 271 @ 281c; Orinoco do 27 @ 28c. Wool In moderate request and steady; domestic fleoce quoted at 48 @ 52c; Ken tucky 45c; Oregon 3Gc; California Spring 30 @ 314c; do Fall 19 @ 22c; Texas 17 @ 19; pulled 44c; tubbed 53o Cod’strong: sales 4547 bags Rio on private terms; Rio quoted 17 @ 19Jc in Gold. Sugar quiet and firmo fair to good refining quoted at 7g @ 8; sales 720boxes at 71 @ 9sc; 450 hhds on private terms. Molasses is quiet and unchanged; New Orleans quoted at 07 @ 80c. Rico is steady: sales of 35 tes at 7} @ 84c. Pe troleum is quiet and easier at 101 @ 101c lor crude and 201 @ 20Jc for refined. Provisions—Pork dull, heavy and lower; sales 125 bbls at 18 021 for new mess; 14 75 @ 15 00 for extra prime; 1800 @ 18 23 for prime mess; mess ffo May quoted at 18 50; for June 18 50; July 1000. Beef quiet and steady; sales 00 Q Hi) ftil 11 71? f.w 10 fill f. >.. do. iicef liams dull; sales 30 00 @ 33 00; Tierce Beef quiet; sales 100 tes at 20 00 @ 22 00 for prime mess; 23 00 @ 25 00 for Indiana. Cut Meats dull; sales 100 boxes shoulders at 7c. Hams quoted at 12 @ 13; mid dles steady; sales of 3000 boxes long clear at 9} a 9Jc; 111 do to arrive at 93c; 50 light do at lOe. I.ard is a shade lower; sales 500 tes at 9J@ 9 5-10 for Western steam: 9|c for kettle rendered; also sales of 500 tes for July at 10c; Juuo quoted at 95 @ 9 11-lGec. But ter dull and lower at 32 @ 36c for new State; 30 @ 33c for Western. Cheese is steadyat 12 @ lGJe for fair to very fancy. Naval Stores—Spirits Turpentine dull and easier; sales 70 bbls at 504 40 51 Rosin lower; sales 900 bbls at 3 00 for strained. Tallow quiet; sales 00,000 lbs at 81 @ 9Jc. Freights to Liverpool steady; Grain per steam 5d; CO lbs Cotton at 7-16*1. taeesa Chicago, May 3.—Flour dull and unchanged; extra Spring 6 00 @ 6 73. Wheat is dull and a shade lower for future delivery; No 2 Spring at 1 23 for May; 1 254 for seller June; No 3 Spring at 111J 4q 115; rejected 983c. Com steady and a shade lower; No 2 Mixed at 38c cash; seller May 36c; 40J for seller .June; 42l@ 42jc for seller July; rejected Slo. Oats in fair demand aud firm; No 2 at 318 @ 31jc cash or seller May; 333c seller June. Ryeouiet and weak; No 2 at 08jc. Barley quiet and unchanged; No 2 Fall fresh at 72 @ 82c, according to location. Pro visions—Pork steady at 18 00 seller June. La. I quiet oudweakat9 50 for seller June. Bulk Meats arc unchanged; no sales. Bacon is unchanged; shoul ders 8c; clear rib sides 10c; dear sides 10k. Whis key is steady at 87J. Lake Freights—Corn to Bua'aio hehl atlCc; char ters to arrive reported at 27c for Wlieat to New York. Receipts—7,000 bbls flour. 33,000 busli wheat, 70, 000 bush corn, 6,000 bush oats, 1,000 bush rye, 1,000 bnsh barley, 00,000 hogs. Shipments—5,000 obis flour, 59,000 busli wheat, 156. 000 bush corn, 37,000 bush oats, 0,000 busli rye, 3,000 bash barley, 0000 bogs. aOIKDO. May3—Flour in fair demand and ad vanced. Wheat ill fair demand; No 2 White Wab ash 2 05; No 2 at 1 90; Amber Michigan on spot at 1 724; No 3 Red at 1 63 @ 1 6-4; rejected 1 66. Corn is a shade higher; high Mixed on spot at 453 @ 455; seller May 45c; Iscllcr June 4CJc; seller July 48c; seller Aug 46c; low Mixed on spot 45 @ 43jc; White 50c; no grade 44J. Oats quiet and unchanged; No 2 at 391c; Michigan 40c. Lake Freights—to Oswego 9; to Kingston 84 for corn. Roceipts—1,000 bids flour, 13,000 busli wheat, 30,000 hush com, 4,000 busli oats. Shipments—2000 bbls flour,3.000 bush wheat, 20,000 bush com, 1,000 bush oais. Detroit, May 3.—Flour is quiet aud unchanged.— Wheat dull and a shade lower; No 1 White at 1 8Si, closed at 1 87J; Amber Michigan 1.84 ® t 743. Corn steady at 40c. Oats arc quiet and moderate at 374 @ 38c. Receipts—1,000 bbls flour. 7,000 hush wheat, 5,000 bush corn,25 bush oats. Shipments—2000 bbls flour, 25 bush wheat. 00.000 bush com, 0,000 busli oats. Havana market. Havana, May 3.—.—Sugar in speculative demand and prices higher; stock withdrawn in anticipation of higher prices; Nos 10 to 12 d. s. 9} @ 10J rs; Nos 12 to 20 d. s. llj@133rs; Molasses Sugar 64 (oj 7J4rs; Muscovado Sugar, inferior to common 03 (g 74 rs; fair to good refining quiet aud weak at 71 (a) s{ rs; grocery grades weak at 9J @ 9} rs. Stock in ware houses at Havana and Matanzas is 388,000 boxes and 37,500 hhds; receipts for the week 71,000 boxes and 7300 hhds. Hoops firm; long shaved 95 ® 110 » M; short do 85 ® 90. Havana, May 3.—Kxchangc excited and irregular and a decline expected to-morrow; on United States, 00 currency, at 14,4g 15 prem; short sight at 16@ 17 prem; 60 days in gold 28 @ 30 prem; short sight 35 prem. London 50 prem; Paris 30 prem. European markets. London, May 3—11.30.—Consols opened at 934 for money and for account. London, May 3—3.00 P. M.—Consols and Ameri can securities closed unchanged. Livei;Poor,, May 3.—Cotton closed licary and declining; Middling uplands 9d; do Orleans 94d; sales 10,000 bales, including 3000 for speculation and export. New Spring Millinery ! M. II. NEAE’S, 327 Congress St., Nearly opposite their Old Stand. They can now show a splendid stock of New Mil linery Goods in all the variety of styles, at very rea sonable prices. Bonnets and hats ready trimmed, kept on hand. Also, bleaching and pressing done in the best manner. A good assortment of real hair switches, and imitation of all kiuds. 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Tickets with reserved seats for sale atStockbridge’s music store at 75 and 50 cents, according to location. m,V 5_ 4t RUBINSTEIN GRAND CONCERT — AT — CITY HALL, Friday, May 9th, 1873, at 8 P, M. 1 MR. GltAU lias the honor to announce as above j to the citizens of Portland and vicinity the ! FIRST AND ONLY APPEARANCE OF ! ANTON RITRINSTEIN, the greatest living I’iauist. HE3TBV WIENIASK1, tlie world renowned Violinist. 1LIE. LOUISE LIEBUABT, the celebrated London Soprano, MONS. I,. REM B IE LI ASK ■. Accomnanist. I’OPXrLAIJ PRICES, j Allmission including Reserved Sent, $1.50, sale of which commences at Stockbridge’a I music store on Monday morning, Mav "Its, at 9 o’ciock. Steinway’s I’ianos used at all ltubinstein Concerts. ___ my'-’dtd MUSIC HALL. Two Nights Only! Manager, M. W. HANLEY. The young and beautiful Pantomime Actress, MILE. MARIETTA RAVEL! supported by her powerful IsTEW YORK COMPANY, will appear in the above Hall on FRIDAY and SATURDAY EVENINGS, May Oth and 10th. Friday Erenins- “Jartiue.” Saturday Kvenlug— -‘Wild Cat.” Prices of admission as usual. The sale of seats for M’lle Ravel's nights will commence at the Box Office on Friday morning, May 0. For further par ticulars sec bills ot the day. my3-6t H. PRICE WEBBER, Agent. 500 BARRELS” — or — LOBSTER cmryi ! As a Fertiliser it lias no Equal. For sale in lots to suit purchasers. Enquire of GEO. F. LEWIS, Wurehoiise End of Custom House Wharf. my2__ »lw D. W. CLARK & CO., — DEALERS IN — ICE HOUSE, MARKET ST., — AND — 3>i EXCHANGE ST., Pure lee supplied for all purpos es, anil -u any quautity at the LOWEST BATES. npr3 PORTLAND Safe Deposit Vaults. OK after the 12 th of May next, the rent of Safes within these vaults, except in cases of renewal, will he advanced: CLASS 4 FROM !?1J TO SIS, • * :i “ IS “ 520, <• 4 “ 30 “ 33. PER .AJVJNTJM. R. A, BIRD. MANAGER. apr30___dl.l New Sewing Machine Rooms No. 286 Congress Street, OPPOSITE PBEBLE HOUSE, UP STAIRS. All first-class Sowing Machiacs, new and second W. S. D1KR, Agent. aphl ■-----___ lm Notice. HA' ING Purchased the Stock in trade of Joelah, No. 212 Cumberland St„ we shall keep a eoou supply of Groceries and Provisions, which will be 80l(l at the lowest market prices. Hoping for a continuance of the patronage bestowed on the aborc firm, (It AW FORI), BROS. apr30 *<Uw ' AUCTION SALES. * «»• Sale at Auction. centrally located brick house, No. 28 Fr«* Street, corner of Cotton. A good location lor & Physiciau or a Dentist. The lot is sufficient iu size for two good stores, which xyin t>o wanted in a few years—the premises being within a few rod* of woll established business house*. The above property wil l be ottered bv auction, ou Monday, May 5th. at 54 o’clock, P. M. 1 F. O. BAILEl &r CO , Auciioat-t i< apr29 ___ _ Mlw Furniinre, Crockery, Hew Tin Ware, Ac., at Auction* ON MONDAY, May 5th. at 10 A. M., at office, w« shall sell one new ParlorSuit in B. AY. and greeu Kept, a very tine suit. One do. in Hair Cloth, Loung es, Mattresses, Feather Beds, Carpets, aud other fur niture. A largo lot of New Crockery and Tin Ware; nb*o a ►mall lot of Table Damask, Napkins, Towels, Mar selles Quilts, &c. w BAILEl' A. C’O. AiefiMecrt. m>3 did • •■ilMlaliBia, ■ Sale «r Heal Ks «. .. tfttc, ! V\ the \owi?4l«fkf£uSUc ou tl,e premise*, in about one u3te ft?nPriJ‘n?’ "" lh" ““n7 tnaul-“ the hlxtU <lay Corner, on TUESDAY, : So much of the Real E,£»JtJxK *}*TeB o’clock A.M. | of Ueo. Frost, “ hrtetf a“a hmd.) i of Cumberland, ifeccaswl, a, llw Coau,> cxccotllng eighteen hundred 2nd {wStS.5L*"f“" By virtue oi a License front 1 ion j I S, ''‘'liars, ; -full go of J’roliale lorCuuiltriaml Couuiv" l“n‘">u’ THOS. QUINBY, Aitnilulitrator Portland. 4.1873. <WUl1 WM Immediately after the above sale will be gold valuable property at Allen's Comer, known a, the Knights field, containing about £0 urns, tu, i. of the best fields in this location. F. O. BAII.EV A CO., Auctioneer., myl__dtii Real Estate ou Exchange and Mai ket Streets at Auction. ON SATURDAY. May 3d. at 12 o’clock H„ we shall sell the very desirable Jot of land situated on Exchange and Market Streets, north of the Old Post Office lot, in Portland, and Ixmnued, beginning on the westerly side of Market street, seventy-seven and eight-tenths feet from the southerly side of Cou gress street, thence south-westerly by land of helm of James Dcering fifty-four feet, to Exchange street, thence north-westerly by said Exchange street sev enty-one feet to a stake, thenco north-easterly paral lel with the south-easterly line herein described for iy-oigut root, more or lees, to Market street, thence south-easterly by said Market street seventy-one Xcet, more or less, to tho i>oint of beginning. For particulars call on J. & K. AI. Hand, 121 Mid dle street, or F• O. BAILEY & CO., Auctioneers. apr24td OT The above sale was adjourned till TUESDAY. May 6th. at 31*. M., at which time will be sold the entire lot lying between Congress, Market, and Ex change Sts., land of Decring Heirs. Extra Choice Fruit Trees AT AUCTION! ON WEDNESDAY', May 7th, at 10 o’clock A. AI.. at 18 Exchange Street, we shall sell a large stock of Fruit Trees, Extra size in Fruiting Order. Grown in Mass.; consisting of the leading varieties of I Pears, Apples, Cherries anil Plums, I Also, Vines and small Fruits. i The above is very superior stock. The ground on j whjch they stood is sold to be built upon. ! F. O. Bailey A CO., Auctioneers. ! my 3_ __._ .ltd By J. S. Bailey A Co., Auctioneers Teas, Teas, at Auction. ON THURSDAY, May 8tli at 3 o’clock P. JM., at salesroom 22 Exchange Street, 20 Chests Young Hyson and Oolong Teas 1 mp3 (ltd Sheriff’s Sale, STATE OF MAINE. 1 Cl'MEKlM® SS. I TAKEN on Execution ami will bo Sold at public auction to the highest bidder, on Thursday, May 8th, 1873, at ton o'clock In the forenoon, nt tho sales room ot F. 0. Bailey & Co., No. 18 Exchange street, in Portland, County aforesaid, the following personal property, to wit: A stock of Millinery and Fancy (foods, together with Store Furniture, Show Cues. Boxes, &c. Dated at Portland, May seeoud, A. D.. 1973. W. H. D11F.SSER, Dept. She: 1ft. F. O. BAILEY A CO., Auctioneers. my3 .ltd ASSIGNEE’S SALE. Cooper Shop, Stock, Tools, Car riagrs, Ac., at Anetion. ON Saturday.May 10th,at 24 o’clock p. m. We shall sell at public auction at the Cooper Shop of C. II. Wright, between Commercial and Fore street, foot of Cotton, the above Cooper Shop, a 24 story building about 40 x 30ft., a large lot of lialf Bbl and Syrup, Keg-stock, Staves, Hoops and Heads, lot of Manu factured Bbls,Kecs, Grind-stone, Stove, Water Tank. YVork-bench, Tools, Flags. Lumber. &c., also 1 dou ble Traverse Runner Rigging, 1 Sleifili. 1 <Jepnv Lind, 1 large Cart body. - J. W. PARKER, I . . M. M. LOUD, J As»l«noes _4. „ , , of C. II. WEIGHT. Dated at Portland. Mav 3d, 1873. F. O. BAILEY A CO.. Aneli.ner. ! mayodtd Desirable Properly at Gorham Vil lage, to be sold at Auction. PURSUANT to license from Probate Court, will lie sold at public auctlou on SATURDAY, th» 10th day of May next, at 21 o’clock P. M., the valu able Estate known as tho “Broad Place.’’ Said estate consists of about six aeros of land, ou which are a luge two-storv House. Barn andimt-butMtnm. | mm; trees, suaae trees, &c., Ac. This is a most at tractive location, but five minutes walk from Churches, Seminary, public School House, and It. R. Station: aud will unquestionably be sold at a bargain. A train on P. & It. K. leaves Portland at li P. W.. and one returns at 4.25 P. M. Sale to take place on tbc premises. JOHN C. CAiU>, Kx’r oi Will of the Uto | Henry Broad. Gorham, April 7, 1873. apr9«llaw3w then dtd* OIL PAimiVGS I AT AUGT 'ON ! .SCHUMACHER, BROTHERS’ Seton I Cirand Anumil Sale -AT AUCTION— Of Fine Oil Paintings — AT — LA.Yt’ASTKR HALL, Monday aud Tuesday Afternoons and Ereuings, May 12th and litlh, at 8 1-2 and 7 1-2 o’clock. Paintings will be on Exhibition from Wednesday. May 7th, until the day of Sale. F. O. BAILEY A CO., Auctioucer*. iaay3 dtd I. S. BAILEY' Ac CO., Commission Merchants, —AND— AUCTIONEERS NO. 3-J RXCH.INOK STREfe r. Next below Merchants’ Exchange. JOSEPH S. BAILEY, GEO. W. PARKER. ncri!.a».AUhti—Ait'Bsrp. n. u. isiuuj w v^u., turn not* Charles P. Kimball I’orllantl, Me.; Messrs. Leonard & Co., and Lee & Shepard, Boston. npllt ABRAMS Ai BKO., Auctioneers and Conamissioa Merchant., give their special attention to selling Real Estate, Furniture and Merchandise of all kinds, Horses Car riages, &C. Advances made on consignments. Reg ular Sales of new and second-hand Furniture at the Auction Rooms every Saturday morning. Commu nications by mall promptly attended to ABRAMS A BROTHER. 123 Federal St., under the U. S. Hotel. N. 11. Monev advanced on Watches, Jewelry, Furniture, Clothing, and ail goods of value. apr23 _dtf Twenty-five Hundred (2500) IP A I R S KID GLOYES Selling for 62 cent*, WORTH $1.95. — ALSO — fresh stock of M ILLINERY - A>'D — DEAL HAIR GOODS just received at i>oti:\ & co.’s 143 MIDDLE STREET. ap30 codlw To Owners ol' Jersey Con s, ItHK subscriber offers Mb pure blooded Jersey Bull for tbo use of Cows during the present season. JOHN REED. Woodford's Corner. April 3,1S73. apVIlm'

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