Newspaper of Portland Daily Press, May 13, 1873, Page 4

Newspaper of Portland Daily Press dated May 13, 1873 Page 4
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LAWS OF THE UNITED STATES PASSED AT THE THIRD SESSION OF THE FORTY-SECOND CONGRESS. (General Nature—No. sc.] AN ACT making appropriations *?.sl^}vL) of’tbo clea in the appropriations torU»sejuno lhini. government for the nseiil y ear ® A three, and for etlx, eighteen hundred and seventy ui other Purposes- and Iloute of llepre- i Be it enacted bj the be 0f America m con- ; itutaluet of the ended following sums be and j greet «ttembled, / ' iatod, out of any money ' ft “"Jimy not otherwise- appropriated, to sup dvdeflcieucles In the appropriations tor the service , if the government for the fiscal year ending June, j thirtieth, eighteen hundred and seventy-three, and ] for former years, and fur other purposes, namely: SENATE. For clerks to committees, pages, and so forth, for the fiscal year cuding J une thirty, eighteen hundred and seventy-two, eight hundred and sixty-four dol lars, for compensation and mileage, seven thousand dollars; for lolding documents and materials, four thousand five hundred dollars, and for furniture and repairs, six thousand dollars; in all, seventeen thou sand live hundred dollars. DEPARTMENT OF STATE. For publishing the laws of the second session, Fort;-second Congress, for the fiscal year eighteen hundred and seventy-two, twenty-four thousand and fifty-six dollars. For additional compensation to the consuls of the United States at Havre and La Rochelle, for extra- j ordinary services during the late war in Europe, to be paid from the unexpended balanco remaining to to tho credit of the appropriation for diplomatic an.i consular war expenses in London, Paris, Berlin an i Madrid, such sums as the Secretary of State may al low, with the approval ot the President, not exne lug . fioeti hundred dollars. , „r .t,, - -I .lionery, book-cases, seals, armi Uui.c i states, presses, llags, rent, S^m/eal years and miscellaneous expenses, for the . ^ eighteen hundred and seventy-twoandeg^ aul|ara * died and seventy-three, sixty- t]j0 jjcpartmciit of Statis aXlitioMl compcnsadonfoi^di^bursing monoys •Su22^^-*!55??5«S?SSw v!!S*u£rtt!i'SiSrs utT annum from the commence mcnt of such d^tle^ unti! the thirtieth of June, “ghteen liundred.aud seventy-four, a sufficient sum *“Fore'xtiensesmixed commission on Ameri can and British claims, including salaries of the commissioner and agent, and expenses of tho de fense of the United States against claims presented before said commission, for the fiscal year ending June thirtieth, eighteen hundred ami seventy-four, twentv-Bix thousand one hundred and sixty-six dol lars, to l c expended under the direction of the Sec retary of State. TREASURY DEPARTMENT. For furniture, carpets, desks, tables, chairs, shelv ing for file-rooms, boxes, repairs of furniture, cases, oil-cloths, matting, rugs, chair-covers, and cushions, repairs and lay ing of carpets, and other miscellane ous expenses, for the fiscal rear eighteen huudred and seventy-three, ten thousand dollars. MIST, BRANCHES, AND ASSAY-OFFICES. Branch mint at Carson city, Nevada. For salary for coiner for fiscal year eighteen hun dred and seventy-two, two thousand five hundred dollars. For wajres of workmen and adjusters for fiscal year eighteen liuudred and seventy-three, sixteen thou sand dollars. For contingent expenses for fiscal years eighteen hundred and seventy-two and eighteen hundred and seventy-three, forty-four thousand dollars. Branch mint, Charlotte, Nortn Carolina: For re {>airs, fixtures, and chemicals, for the fiscal year end ug June thirtieth, eighteen hundred and seventy, five hundred and six dollars and forty-two cents. Mint at Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: For v/ages of workmen for tho fiscal year ending June thirtieth, eighteen hundred and seventy-one, six thousand two hundred and seventy-seven dollars ami seventy-four cents. For the amount required to makegood to tlio treas urer of the mint a Joss iu the redemption of forty four million seven hundred and forty-seven thousand six hundred and five pieces of base coin, amounting to seven hundred and ninety-four thousand five hun dred and fifty-seven dollars and eight cents, for the fiscal years ending June thirtieth, eighteen hundred and seventy-one, and Juue thirtieth, eighteen hun dred and seventy-two, four thousand four hundred and eighty-onc dollars and seventy-eight cents. Assay-office at New York: For wages of work men for the fiscal year ending June thirtieth, eight een hundred and seventy-three, four thousand live hundred dollars. For salary of deputy treasurer for tho fiscal year ending June thirtieth, eighteen hundred and seventy iwo, one thousand five hundred dollars. For incidental and contingent expenses for the fis cal year ending June thirtieth, eighteen hundred ami seventy-three, thirteen thousand dollars. Assay-office at Boise city, Idaho: For amount duo on construction of the assay-office for the fiscal year ending June thirtieth, eighteen hundred and seven ty-two, one hundrod and thirty-two dollars and thirty-sovon cents. INTERNAL REVENUE. For compensation and actual necessary travelling expenses of internal-revenue gaugers, lor the fiscal year ending June thirtieth, eighteen hundred and seventy-three, nine hundred thousand dollars. For compensation of internal-revenue storekeepers, for tho fiscal year ending June thirtieth, eighteen hundrod aud seventy-three, six hundrod thousand dollars. COAST SURVEY. For survey of the Atlantic and Gulf coasts, for the fiscal year ending June thirtieth, eighteen hun dred and seventy-two and eighteen hundred and sev enty-three, sixty-one dollars and twenty-sir cents. For the survey of western coast, for the fiscal year ending June thirtieth, eighteen hundred and seven ty-two, one thousand seven hundred and two dollars and eighty-three cents. For extending the triangulation of tho Coast Sur vey to form a geodetic connection between the Atlan tic and Pacific coasts, for the fiscal year ending June thirtieth, eighteen hundred and seventy-two, sixty our dollars and sixty-six cents. For nay aud rations of engineers emploped in the Coast Survey, for the fiscal year ending June thirti eth. eighteen hundred and seventy-three, live thou sand dollars. LIGHT-HOUSE ESTABLISHMENT. To pay seventy-seven keepers of liglit-houscs, for the fiscal year ending Juno thirtieth, eighteen hun- ; dred and seventy-three, forty-six thousand two hun- j dred dollars. To replace buoys already lost, and to meet emer gencies that may arise, for the fiscal year ending June thirtieth, eighteen hundred and seventy-three, one hundred and ten thousand dollars. TERRITORIAL GOVKNMENTSv TERRITORY OF ARIZONA. For balance due Isham Reavis, late associate judge, on account of his salary from April first to June thir tieth, eighteen hundred and seventy, as per certifi cate «>f First Comptroller, for fiscal year ending Juno thirtieth, eighteen hundred and seventy-two. four hundred and sixty-nine dollars and seventy-eight cents. For legislative expenses for tho year ending June thirtieth, eighteen hundred and seventy-three, three thousand and fifty-four dollars. TERRITORY OF COLORADO, For amount due to Edward McCook, governor, ou account of his salary from April first to Juuc thirti eth, eighteen hundred and seventy, as per ccrtificato cf the First Comptroller, for the fiscal year ending June thirtieth, eighteen hundred and seventy-two, one hundred and ninety-seven dollars aud fifty-two cents. For amount required to pay printing expenses for the ninth session of i he legislature, convened Janu ary first, eighteen hundred and seventy-two, two thousand seven hundred and forty dollars and sixty iour cents. TERRITORY OF MONTANA. For amount due First National Bank of Washing ton, District of Columbia, assignee of John P. Btuce, for printing, third session legislative assembly, lor fis cal year ending June thirtieth, eighteen hundred and seventy-one, one hundred and twenty-two dollars and fifty cents. TERRITORY OF NEW MEXICO. For per diem and mileage of members and officers of tho legislative assembly convened December fourth, eighteen hundred ana seventy-two, nine hun dred and fifty-nine dollars and eighty-five cents. For rent ot office, fuel, lights tor secretary’s office, for fiscal year ending June thirtieth, eighteen hun dred aud seventy-three, one thousand five hundred dollars. TERRITORY OF UTAH. For current and contingent expenses of the Terri tory, for the fiscal year ending June thirtieth, eight een hundred and seventy-three, two thousand five hundred dollars. To pay the just expenses and emoluments of tho marshal of tho United States for the Territory ot Utah, incurred and earned in the service of process and performing other official duties pursuant to tho decision of the supremo court of said Territory, that it was the duty of said marshal to serve all process of said supreme and tho district courts of said Ter ritory, twenty thousand dollars, or so much thereof as may be necessary: Provided, That the accounts of said marshal shall be settled by the same officors and upon the same principles required by law in re spect to his accounts as marshal of said courts when exercising jurisdiction as circuit and district courts of tho United States. TERRITORY OF WASHINGTON. For amount due Elisha P. Ferry, governor, for sal ary from June fifth to June thirtieth, eighteen hun drod and seventy-t wo, as per adjustment of account by First Comptroller, for fiscal year ending June thirtieth, eighteen hundred and seventy-two, two hundred ana fourteen dollars and twenty-eight cents. For contingent expenses of secretary’s office, for the year ending June thirtieth, eighteen hundred and sovenfy-three, one thousand five hundred dollars, TREASURY—MISCELLANEOUS. To pay the commissions allowed by law and now due to collectors of customs acting as superintendents of lights, sixty thousand dollars. For a new boiler and to complete the steam-heat ine apparatus of the Treasury Department building nine thousand dollars. For completion of the building for the custom house at Saint Paul, Minnesota, thirty-four thou sand nine hundred and forty-three dollars and fifty cents, To enable me secretary ot the Treasury to settle j tbe accounts of disbursing officers and agents for cx- I penditurea of the Freedmen’a Bureau already made under orders of superior officers, which will not in volve any actual expenditure, a transfer on the l>ook8 of the treasury of seventy-five thousand dol lars is hereby authorized. Forcompeusation to designated depositaries under the fourth section of the act of August sixth, eight een hundred and forty-six, for the collection, safe keeping, transfer, and disbursement of tbe public revenue, ten thousand dollars, for the fiscal years ending .June thirtieth, eighteen hundred and seven ty-two and eighteen hundred and seventy-three. WAR DEPARTMENT. OFFICE OF THE QUARTER31ASTER-GENERAL. JgtfSfSLS". ®ffico-furniture. rc Sred and seventh-three*two thmwaml dollars" ’’"" " cnfAtagt^uelffir^mcor^enu0^0? for bating anil at the several posts and statins. a9,.er’s department In the field, and for horses 411,1 with the armies of cavalry and batteries of artlli.™ voral regiments nles of Infantry and scouts as m-X’>and Eucl1 compa rer the authorized number of otRgpSS “ounted, and ing bedding for the animals straw forS' >nelnd ding, stationery, including blank book, K™Jre bed tonnaeter’s department eertifleates ofr,nU\Qu:lr soldiors, blank forms forthe Pay and Quirt’™'harsed departments, and for the printing of divia , ,," ”81' !'" partment orders and reports, each item belm»v dc service of the fiscal year eighteen hundred ^5 I Boventy-two, three hundred and ten thousand dolit?d For .toves for heating and cooking, fuel i„c 0m“"8, enlisted men. guards, hospitals, storehouses, and of’ flees, for fiscal year eighteen hundred and Sevent y three ; forage for the horses, mules, and oxen of the Quarterma Iter's department at the several posts and stations, and with the armieB ia the field, ami for the horses of the several regiments of cavalry and batter ies of artillery, such companies of infantry and scouts as may be mounted, and for the authorized number of officers’ horses, including bedding for the animals, straw for soldiers’bedding, stationery, in cluding blank hooks for the Quartermaster’s depart ment, certificates of discharged soldiers, blank forms for the Pay and Quartermaster's departments, and Ibr the printing of division and department orders and reports, each Item being for the fiscal year eight een hundred and seventy-three, five hundred and n in sty thousand dollars. For incidental expenses, consisting of postage and telegrams or despatches received and sent on public business, extra pay to soldiers employed under the direction of the Quartermaster’s department in the . . „n.rlnr3. store-houses, and bos erectionoi barracks. quarten^ allJ oti,er con_ pltals: iu the coasiruu on ^ un day, ln. ' stant labor, foi per'O**® ^ at division audile cluiling those <*PW au(j hospital-stewards on partment bcai‘2“',,sos'of expresses to aud from tho clerical duo , exp* armies j„ the Hold; of escorts to frontier-posts • ot]jeJ. disbursing ollicers, aud to PS where military escorts cannot be furnished; ’ ,o of the interment oi ollicors killed in action, n?whodie when on duty in tho field or at posts on tho frontier or other places, when ordered by the Sec rotary of War, and of non-commissioned ollicers aud soldiers; authorized office-l'urniture; hire of kihor in the yurteruiaster’s department, iucludiug the hire or interpreters,spies, and guides for tho army; com pensation of clerks for officers of the Qua"tormas ter’s department; compensation of forage and wa» ou mastersc for the apprehension, securin'* and de livering of deserters aud the expenses incident to their pursuit, and for the following expenditures, required for the several regiments of cavalry, the batteries of light artillery, and such companies of iu tan try anu scouts as may bo mounted, viz: the purchase of travelling-forges, blacksmiths’ and ahoe 111o tools, horse and mule shoes and nails, iron aud steel for shoeing; hire of veterinary surgeons; nmui ciiies tor horses and mules; picket-ropes; amiror shoeing the horses of the corps named; a}*0,rfjT tlie ally, tho proper and authorized exl>^f(CpXi)resslv movement and operations of tho army n . * . VCdr assigned to any oi her departm^***,***££ eighteen hundred and 6e\eutj i" » thousand dollars. . 0 ^t fortb, for fis her incidental exnenscs,^ above ^ ono cal \ear eighteen hundred am soc j hundred thousand dollars. Army transportation. & including the bag For transportoth “vhcu moViUg cither by land or gageot the camp, and garrison equipage, ivalv ti.n^ir'Srs at Philadelphia and Jefiersonville to fwiflveral ‘pests aud army depots, aud from these iionote to the troops iu the field; of horse-equipments XnS of subsistence stores from the places ot purchase I from the places of delivery, under contract, to such places as the circumstances of the service may require them to be sent; of ordnance, ordnauce stores, and small-arms, from the lonaderies aud ar mories to the arsenals, ’.ortifications, frontier posts, and aimy depots; freights, wharfage, tolls, and fer riages; the purchase and hiro of horses, mules, oxen and harness, and the purchase and repair of wagons’ carts, and drays, and of ships and other soa-goin^ vessels and of boats required lor the transportation o" supplies aud for garrison purposes; for drayage and cartage at tho several posts; hire ot teamsters; trans portation funds for the Fay aud other disbursing de partments; the expense of sailing public transports on the various l ivers, the Gulf of Mexico, the Atlan tic, and the Pacific; for procuring water at such posts as from tlicir situation require that it be brought f;om a distance: and for cleaning roads aud for re moving obstructions from roads, harbors, and rivers, to the extent which may be required for tho actual operations of troops in tho field, for fisoal year eight een hundred and seventy-two, six hundred thousand dollars. For transportation of the army, including the items as above set forth, for fiscal year eighteen bun dred and seventy-three, five hundred thousand dol- 1 lars. Barracks and quarters: For rent or hire of quar ters for troops, aud for officers on military duty; of store-houses for safe-keepiug of military stores; of offices; of grounds for camps and cantouments, and and for temporary frontier stations; for construc tion and repair of temporary huts, of stables and other military buildings at established posts, and for repair of buildings occupied by the army, for fiscal year eighteen hundred and seventy-three, two hun dred and fifty thousand dollars. Clothing and equipage: For purchase and manu facture of clothing, camp aud garrison equipage, and for preserving and repacking stock of clothing, camp and garrison equipage, and materials on hand at the Schuylkill arsenal and other depots, for fiscal year eighteen hundred and seventy-three, one hundred and thirty thousand dollars. PAY DEPARTMENT. General expenses of Paymaster-General’* office: For postage on letters and packages, and telegrams received and sent by officers of the army on public business; the additional compensation ot judge advocates, recorders, members, and witnesses, whi'e cn court-martial service, and the travelling expenses of paymasters’clerks, for fiscal year eighteen hun dred and soventy-two, six thousand dollars. For postage on letters and packages received and sent by officers of the army on public service; cost of telegrams; compensation of citizen witnesses at I tending upon courts-martial, military commissions, courts of inquiry, and travelling expenses of pay masters’ clerk*, for fiscal year eighteen hundrod and seventy-three, seventy-five thousand dollars. Mileage, Paymaster-General’s office: For allow ances made to officers of the army for transportation of themselves and their baggage when travelling on duty without troops, escort, or supplies, for fiscal year eighteen hundred and seventv-three, seventv II ve thousand dollars. ' To enable the Secretary of War to pay certain in debtedness incurred by the officer in charge of pub lic buildings and grounds in the city of Washington duriug the fiscal year ending June thirtieth, eighteen hundred and seventy, in furnishing the Executive Mansion, one thousand four hundred and ninety-five dollars and thirty-six cents; and the officer in charge of the public buildings and grounds ihall have the rank, pay, and emolument of a colonel. To enable the Secretary of War to pay W. H. Shir ley, for additional clerical services, heretofore em ployed by him in the investigation and settlement of accounts for abandoned property, one thousand dol lars. SIGNAL SERVICE. Observation and report of storms: For expenses of the manufacture, purchase or repair of meteoro logical and other necessary instruments for telegraph ing reports; for expenses of storm signals, announc ing the probable approach and force ©f storms; for instrument shelters; for hire, furniture, and expenses of offices maintained for public use, in cities or posts receiving reports; for maps, bulletins, and so forth, to be displayed in chambers of commerce and boards of trade rooms, and for distribution to agricultural, scientific, and other associations; for books and sta tionery; nud for incidental expenses not otherwise provided for, for the fiscal year of eighteen hundred and scvcnty-tlirec, eighty-eight thousand dollars. MEDICAL AND HOSPITAL DEPARTMENT. To enable the Secretary ot the Treasury *to settle ! the accounts of disbursing officers for expenditures I already made in pursuance of law, which will not in- i volvc any actual expenditure, a transfer on the books of the treasury of two hundred and seventy-five thousand dollars is hereby authorized. To pay bills for medical attendance and medicines furnished by citizens to officers and men on detached service, such hills not having been presented until after the close of the fiscal year, eight thousand dol lars. For payment of costs and charges of State peni tentiaries (for the care, clothing, maintenance, and medicaj attendance of United States military con victs confined in them, five thousand dollars. MARINE CORPS. For a deficiency in the appropriation for clothing for the marine corps, ten thousand dollars: For a deficiency in the appropriation for contingen cies in the marine corps, ten thousaud dollars. INTERIOR DEPARTMENT. For clerks, copyists, messengers, and laborers in the office of the Secretary, eight thousand dollars. Contingent exirenses: For expenses of packing and distributing official documents, for fiscal year ending June thirtieth, eighteen hundred and seventy-three, two thousand dollars. For the expense of preparing, engraving, and printing fifty maps for the Statistical Atlas of the United States, based on the results of the ninth cen sus, to be compiled by Francis A. Walker, and to be published in an edition of three thousand copies, thirty thousand dollars. For compensation of Francis A. Walker, late Com missioner of Indian Aftaire, for extra services and labor performed by him while such commissioner, in finishing the report of the census, fifteen hundred dollars. PUBLIC LANDS. For office of surveyor-general of Idaho, for fiscal year ending June thirtieth, eighteen hundred and seventy-one, ten dollars and eighty-seven cents. . For office of surveyor-general of Oregon: For clerks in his office for the fiscal year ending June thirtieth, eighteen hundred and seventy, one hun dred and sixty-one dollars and ninety-one cents. Surveyor-general of Washington Territory: For clerks in liis office, for fiscal year ending June thirti eth. eighteen hundred and seventy, sixty-eight dollars and ninety-four cents. For surveyor-general of California: For rent of office, fuel, books, stationery, and other incidental ex penses, for fiscal year ending June thirtieth, eighteen lmudred and seventy-three, four hundred and eighty dollars and four cents. For recorder of land-titles in Missouri, for fiscal years lending Jnne thirtieth, eighteen hundred and seventy-two, and June thirtieth, eighteen hundrod and seventy-three, one thousand dollars. For surveying the public lands in Nevada, at rates not exceeding fifteen dollars per mile for standard, twelve dollars for township, and ten dollars for sec tion lines, four hundred ana seventy-eight dollars and eighty-eight cents. For surveying the public lands in Montana, at rates not exceeding fifteen dollars per mile for standard, twelve dollars for township, and ten dollars for sec tion lines, one thousand and eight dollars and fifty eight cents. For surveying the public lands in Oregon, at rates not exceeding fifteen dollars per mile for standard, twelve dollars for township, and ten dollars for sec tion lines, seven hundred and ninety-eight dollars and sixty-seven cents. For surveying the public lands in Wyoming, at rates not exceeding fifteen dollars per mile for stan dard, twelve dollars for township, and ten dollars for section lines, one hundred and forty-six dollars and forty-eight centr. For surveying the public lands in Nebraska, at rates not exceeding ten dollars per mile for standard, seven idollars for township, and six dollars for sec tion lines, one hundred and thirty dollars and nine cents. For surveying the public lands in Kansas, at rates not exceeding ten dollars per mile for standard, sev en dollars for township, and six dollars for section lines, six hundred and ninety-two dollars and five cents. * For surveying the eastern boundary ot Nevada, two hundred dollars. For surveying the public lands in Idaho, at rates not exceeding fifteen dollars per mile for standard, twelve dollars for township, and ten dollars for sec tion lines, one thousand and thirteen dollars and eight cents. The foregoing for surveys of public lauds are for deficiencies in the appropriations for the fiscal years eighteen hundred and seventy-one, eighteen hundred and seventy-two, and eighteen hun dred and seventy-three. For the building tor the penitentiary in Wyoming Territory, being amount of deficiency in the pro ceeds of internal revenue set apart for this purpose, for the fi*:cal year ending June thirtieth, eighteen hundred and seventy-one, thirteen thousand one hundred and ninety-six dollars and seventy-six cents. EXTENSION OF CAPITOL GROUNDS. SQUARES SIX HUNDRED AND EIGHTY-SEVEN AND SIX HUNDRED AND EIGHTY-EIGHT. To enable the Secretary of the Interior to purchase from thc owners thereof all the remaining real es tate and improvements thereon in square numbered six hundred and eighty-eight, in the city ef Wash ington, necessary to be taken to complete the pur chase of said square, and of sbuare numbered six hundred and eighty-seven, in said city, authorized by sections six, seven, eight, nine, ten, and eleven of an act entitled “ah act making appropriations ior tho legislative, executive and judicial expenses of the government for the year ending June thirtieth, eight een hundred and seventy-three, and for other pur- • poses.”approvod May eighteen hundred and seventy two, the sum of two hundred and eighty-four thousand one hundred and ninety-nine dollars and fifteen cents is he Shy appropriated: Provided,That such real estate and improvements shall bo purchased at the prices fixed in the report of the commissioners appointed by the supreme court of tbe District of Columbia to appraise the value of such property, made to said court on the twelfth day of July, eighteen hundred and seventy-two, and confirmed by said court on the sixteenth day of October, in said year: Ptovided farther, That the Secretary of the Interior is hereby authorized to sell at public auction such materials in tin; buildings in said squares, numbered six hundred and eighty-seven and six hundred and eighty-eight as are not necessary for thc public works iu this Dis trict ; and from the proceeds of such sales shall be paid, by the Secretary of the Interior, all actual and necessary charges for advertising, auctioneer’s fees extra clerical labor, services of commissioners for appraising the property aforesaid, and such other ex pends as may have been incident to and occasioned ny, the appraisement and purchase of thc real estate I ^ i j(,r?vomen(s Id the squares hereinbefore nam yi, and the sales of the materials in the buildings lne re“ointJcr of such proceeds, after pay to tbft 1 8uch cha«ges and expenses, to bo applied *gromMlfi Pr0VCmentl au^ extension of the Capitol ten thou4ndadHiti« thc 801111(0 winS of tlie Capitol, necessary tni. ar8,orKO much thereof as may bo Archlteet’of f*J,caded under the direction of tho To enable tb««api(,o( Extension, the expenses incurrod°«ary of thc ,nt(-r‘or to defray the eighth section S®*}n 0Xccuting the provisions of fifth, agbteSrM"}8 »<* approve! June twenty mating appropriation-1 fur'1 “W. entitled -An act tlio government fortho, Bundry civil expenses of eth, eighteen hundred am? 717 cndine Jl""' tbirti examinatien of titles »mL8 xtJ'onc> being for tbo ment, forming the b:ii, s ,7S;.,>latH’ and aPI’raise Unite.l States of snuaros nm„,tU(! ,p,!rc^se„ b>i tb® eiehtv-seven ,in(i tr-tf8 numbered six hundred and tbo cit^ of wni<“ix. !'undTOl and <ighty-eigbt,in sum of sewn tfhinst?n’uu'rict of Cblumbfi, tbo is necessan i! n?U8Knd dollarR!or 80 lnlK'h tliorcof us is ncccssan, 13 hereby appropriated. MISCELLANEOUS. Secretary "f the Inteslor to pay to Ztbulon H. Sturges, assistant secretary to sign pa tents ot public lands for ihe President, for the months ot June, July, August, and September, lars CCU hundred and seventy-two, live hundred dol To pay Alexander Lynch for services rendc hmi as clerk of the select committee, toInqubo into matters connected with tho Union Pacdlc«aiiroad Company, tho Credit Mobilier, npi>omtedlursnat t Douse resolution of January sixtffi eighteen Uuu dred and seventy-three, four oonor messenger To pay John 6. Merritt for ot the benate, trom Jub «r k bt,,CI1 hundred and seventy-two, to » by resolntion of the Scu seventy-tnree, as autao hundred and seventy ate passed June ‘ont^ llollarB. To enable the Secretary of the Interior to pay r , , w Wright for rent of building, under lease J May twentieth, eighteen hundred and seventy, thirteen thousand live liundred dollars; to enable the Secretary of the Interior to pay John W. Wright for buildiugs, under lease dated June second, eighteen hundred and seventy, two thousand six hundred dol lars ; and to pay John W. Wright and Thomas Lewis for rent of buildings, under lease dated June second eighteen hundredandseventy, one thousand live hun dred dollars, making the total sum of seventeen thousand six hundred dollars. To enable the Commissioner ot Pensions to employ certain temporary clerks in his office for the remain der of the current year, twelve thousand eight hundred end sixty-nine dollars. ° For this amount, or so much thereof as niavba necessary, for the construction of a wagon-road, by winch supplies may be transported from a point on AA,r,henl PaSj“? Pll,lwa>'. »“ Dm State of Mnine Rli1 La£u Crossing, to the lted Lake S,ra“.h i°*-th-e ®Seney for the Chippewa Indians of the Mississippi, five thousand dollars. INDIAN BUREAU. That the Secretary of the Treasury is hereby au thomed and directed to transfer from the proceeds or sale ot tho Osage Indian lands in Kansas, mado in accordance with the twelfth section of the act of Congress approved July fifteenth, eighteen hundred and seventy, the sum of one million six hundred and titty thousand six hundred dollars, or so much there of as may bo iioecssiry, to pay lor lands purchased by the Osasgcs from the Cherokcos, and to place the same on books of his Department to the credit of tho Cherokee Indians, the same shall bear intoiest at the rate of five per cent., in accordance with tho act of Congress approved June fifth, eighteen hundred and seventy-two, entifled “An act to confirm to tho Great and Little Osage Indians, a reservation in the Indian Territory,” and the acts of Congrsss and treaties therein mentioned and referred to, whenever the amouut to be so transferred shall be certified to the said Secretary of the Treasury bv the Secretary of the Interior: Provided, That nothing herein con tained shall be construed as in any mamier changing the provisions of section four of tuc act “making ap propriations for the current and contingent expenses of the Indian department, and for fulfilling treaty stipulations with various Indian tribes for the year ending June thirtieth, eighteen hundred and seventy four, and for other purposes.” For this amount, to be paid to the Osage Indians, being interest at five per cent per annum, in accord ance with section twelve of the act approved July fifteenth, eighteen hundred and seventy, upon the net avails of Osage trust and diminished reserve lands sold by the United States prior to November first, eighteen hundred and seventy-two, cue hundred and five thousand seven hundred and twenty dollars and j soventy-one eents. x'ui i>uu uuiuuut ui b > juucu mcrcui us may do necessary to make up deficiency in the appropriation for the fiscal year ending June thirtieth, eighteen hundred and seventy-three, for the subsistence and support of “Sioux oi different tribes, including San tee Sioux in the State of Nebraska, and Poncas in the great Sioux reservation, and families of Santee Dakota Sioux, who have taken homesteads at or near Flandrcau, in Dakota Territory,” three hnndred and fifty thousand dollars. For the following amounts, or so much thereof as may be necessary to meet deficiencies in the appro priations for the year ending June thirtieth, eighteen hundred and seventy-three: For the general inciden tal expenses of the Indian service in California, tch thousand dollars; in Utah, ten thousand dollars; in Nevada, ten thousand dollars; in Dakota, five thou sand dollars; and in Montana, five thousand dollars; amounting, in all, to forty thousand dollars. For fulfilling treaty with tho Menomonee tribe of Indians, being an amount erroneously carried to tlie surplus tund, for fiscal year ending Juno thirtieth, eighteen hundred and seventy-one/seven thousand four hundred and eighty-nine dollars. For this amount, or so much thereof as may be re quired, for the purchase from the Mississippi bands of Chippewa Indians one township of land in tho White Earth reservation in Minnesota, for the use and bsnefit of the Pembina band of Chippewas, twenty-live thousand collars. For thi3 amouut, or so much thereof as may be necessary, to aid aud assist the Chippewas of the Pembina band in establishing themselves upon tho White Earth reservation in Minnesota, ten thousand dollars. For this amount, or so much thereof as may be necessary, to meet the deficiency in the appropria tion for the fiscal year ending June thirtieth, eigh teen hundred and seventy-three, to subsist and prop erly care for the Apache Indians in Arizona aud New Mexico, who have been, or may be, collected on reservations in New Mexico and Arizona: Provided, That this appropriation shall be expended only in behalf of those Indians who go and remain upon said reservations, and refrain from hostilities, one hun dred and fifty thousand dollars The Secretary of the Treasury is hereby authorized to transfer from the proceeds of sales of public lands one hundred and seventy-four thousand five hundred and tbrtv-eiglit dollars and eighty-three cents to tho credit of the appropriation. “Fulfilling treaty with Stockbridges—proceeds of land,” tlie aforesaid sum having been received from the sale of the Stockbridge and M a usee Indian lauds, and having been errone ously covered into the treasury as receipts from sales oi public lands. To enable tho Secretary of War, according to the act upon that subject passed at the present session of Congress, to pay, for expenses incurred in sup pressing Indian hostilities in the Territory of Mon tana in the year eighteen hundred and sixtv-seven. to the persons entitled thereto, the claims reported upon by General James A. llardie, under the pro visions of section ten of an act entitled “An act mak ing appropriations for sundry civil expenses of the government, and for other purposes, for tlie year ending June the thirtieth, eighteen hnndred and seventy,” approved July fifteenth, eighteen huudrod and seventy; and for that purpose there is hereby appropriated, from any money in tho treasury of tlie United States not otherwise appropriated, the sum ot five hundred and thirteen thousand three hun dred aud forty-three dollars, or so much thereof as may be nacessary. For this amount, or so much thereof as may be necessary, for the subsistence, civilization, and care ot the Arickare, Gros Ventre, and Mandan Indians, at Fort Berthold agency, Dakota, to make up defi ciency in the appropriation for the fiscal year ending June thirtieth, eighteen hundred and seventy-three, seventy-six thousand dollarsr MISCELLANEOUS. For introduction of shad into the rivers and lakes of the United States, to be expended under tlie Uni ted States Commissioner of Fish aud Fisheries, ten thousand dollars. For a deficiency in the appropriation for folding documents in the House of Representatives, eight thousaud dollars. To pay Rives and Bailey for reporting and the publication of the debates and proceedings of the Forty-second Congress, forty-two thousaud dollars. For tho public printing, fifty thousand dollars. To reimburse S. Wolf, recorder of deeds for the District of Columbia, for certain books of record and indexes purchased by him for the use ot his oflico in the years eighteen hundred and seventy-one and eighteen hundrod and seventy-two, ono thousand six hundred and fifty dollars. To pay the last installment due W. H. Powell for picture illustrative of Perry’s victory, nine hundred and five dollars. To pay for five hundred copies of the proceedings of the International Prison Reform Congress which as sembled in London in July, eighleon hundrod aud seventy-two, for the use of the commissioner of the United States at said congress, ono thousand fivo hundred dollars. For repair and improvement ot tlie Congressional Cemetery, to be expended under the direction of and on vouchers to be approved by the officer in charge of tho District ot Columbia, two thonsand dollars. To enablo the board of heulth of tbc District of Co lumbia to perform the duties imposed upon them by law, thirty-nine thousand three hundred dollars. For completion of the building known as the Co lumbia Hospital for Women: Fora steam-heating apparatus, for remodeling the upper stories in order to have more rooms, and to ventilate the building properlv, fifteen thousand dollars. For the purchase by the United States of the inter est of the District of Columbia in tno present city hall building in Washington, now used solely lor government purposes, such sum as may be deierm iued by three impartial appraisers to be selected by the Secretary of the Interior, not exceeding seventy five thousand dollars, the same to be applied by said District only for tho erection of a suitable buildiug for the District offices; and the govenor and board of public work3 are authorized, if they deem it advisable for that purpose, to make arrangements to secure sufficient land fronting on Pennsylvania and Louisi ana avenues, between Sevcntli and Ninth streets: Provided. That the government of the United States shall not dc liable for any expenditures for 6aid land, or for the purchase-money therefor, or lor the build ings to bo erected thereon; and no land, or tlie use thereof, is hereby granted for the purpose of erecting any buildiug thereon, for such building. For purchase and distribution of valuable seeds, being so much of the appropriation for tlie Depart ment of Agriculture, lor fiscal year ending June thirtieth, eighteen hundred and seventy-one, errone ously carried to the surplus fund, two thousand ono hundred and eighty dollars and ninety-two cents. DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE. For defraying expenses ot the Supreme Court and circuit aud district courts of tho United States in cluding the District of Columbia, and also for jurors and witnesses, and likewise for defraying tho ex penses of suits in which the United States are con cerned, and prosecuting ofienscs committed against the United States, and tor the safe keeping of prison ers, for liscal year ending June thirtieth, eighteen hundred and saventy-two, three hundred thousand dollars. For salaries of United States district judges, for fiscal vear ending June thirtieth, eighteen hundred and seventy-two, one thousand six hundred and ninety-three dollars and eighty-seven ceuts. For associate justices of the Supreme Court, for the fiscal year ending June thirtieth, eighteen hundred and seventy-three, feus thousand dollars. For rent of the fifth story of tho building occupied by the Department of Justice from January first to June thirtieth, eighteen hundred and seventy-three, two thousand dollars. For fitting up rooms twenty-two, twenty-three, and twenty-four, aud connecting hall, in above build ing, and furnishing the Bame, oae thousand dollars, or so much thercot as may be necessary. To enable the Sergeant-at-Arms of the House of Representatives to pay the members ot the Forty first Congress from the State of Mississippi for the time embraced in the period between the fourth day of March, eighteen hundred aud sixty-nine, and the thirtieth day of November, eighteen hundred and sixty-nine, a sufllcient sum is hereby appropriated. To enable the clerk of the House to nay the Repre sentative from the first district of Ohio, as provided in the House resolution of February twenty-fourth, eighteen hundred and seventy-three, his compensa tion from the eleventh day of July, eighteen hundred and seventy-two, to December second, eighteen han dled and seventy-two, the sum of one thousaud, nine hundred and fifty-eight dollars and thirty-threo < ruts, to be added to the contingent fund of the House. x j enable the Sergeant-at-Arms of the Honso of Kcpiescntativcs to pay to each Representative iu tho Forty-first CongrcSH from the State or Georgia such sum as shall make his pay equal to that received by 1*. M. B. Young, as a Representative in said Con gress. To enable tho Secretary of the Treasury to pay the bearer of the contesting electoral vote of the Slate of Louisiana, tho sum of six hundred and thirty eight dollars is hereby appropriated out of tbe ap propriation heretofore made to pay the regular mes sengers. To reimburse tlio Sergeant-at-Arms of the House of Representatives for sundry payments made by him for contingent expenses of t he House on vouch ers approved Uy the Committee oil Accounts of said House, three thousand four hundred and sixty dol lars and forty-five cents. For the purchase of site, and to commence the con struction of a brick building at Evansville, Indiana, to be nsed as a custom-house, court-house, post-ottioe ami for otlic government offices, one hundred thou sand dollars. To enable the Secretary of the Treasury to pur chase a part of a lot of ground iu Indianapolis, Indi ana, east ot and adjoining tlm ground on which the conrt-house and post-office is situated, the sum of thir1 y thousand dollars be, and is hereby appropri ated. „ , For salary of deputy commissioner of pensions two thousaud five hundred dollars; tor salary of med ical referee, two thousand five hundred dollars; fur additional compensation ol lour surgeons, now re_ ceiving ono thousand two hundred dollars per an num, to be one thousand eighl hundred dollars per annum, two thousand four hundred dollars; in all, seven thousand four hundred dollars, the same to l>o immediately available. Sec. 2. That the unexpended balance of the appro priation of one million dollars for payment ot any balance due, or to be found due, during t lie liscal vear eudiugJunc thirtieth, eighteen hundred and seven! y-two, to any State for costs, charges, and ex penses, contemplated and provided for iu and by tlie act approved July twenty-seventh, eighteen bun rtrwl an<l sixty-one, being on act entitled “An act to indemnity certain States for expenses Incurred by them in enrolling, equipping, and transporting troops for the defense of tiie United States during the war of the late rebellion,” ia hereby reappropri Bted for the service of the fiscal year ending June thirtieth, eighteen hundred and seventy-three. Sec. 3. That a sum sufficient to pav the amounts due respectively to the topographer, and to the as sistant carpenter of thePost-Offlee buildin" under the provisions of tho “act to revise, consolidate and amend the statutes relating to the Post-Office Department,” approved June eighth, eighteen hun dred and seventy-two, is hereby appropriated- and to pay William M. Ireland and ifTsKwfir ^V°nS anli iB6‘r«e'ions for the use of tho loht-Ofiico Department under the new postal by SppX".°lleth0USa’‘lldol,arS ^ *■ delicien1cy in the appropriation for regis envelopes for the Post-Office Depart ment lor the liscal year ending June thirtieth, eight +in(lrcJr ,?nd seventy-two, eleven thousand and nRy-tnree dollars and two cents. r or balance on salaries of postmasters for the year ending June tihirtieth, eighteen hundred and seventy tliree, one humired and eighty-four thousand dollars, lo enable the Postmaster-General to pay the ex penses incurred in eighteen hundred and sixty-six in fitting up the post-office at Charleston. South Car olina, one thousand four hundred and thirty dollars and five cents. Sec. 4. That the following amounts, or so much thereof as may be necessary, are hereby appropriated for the following named officers and Departments for purchase of postage stamps for use during the fiscal year ending Juno thirtieth, eighteen hundred and seventy-four. For Executive office, six hundred dollars; for De partment of State eighty-three thousand dollars: lor Post-Office Department, eight hundred thousand dollars; for Treasury Department, five hundred and four thousaud dollars; for Navy Department, thirty eight thousand dollars; for Interior Department, two hundred and twenty thousand dollars: for Agricul tural Department, iifty-two thousand dollars; lor Department of Justice, fifteen thousand dollars; for War Department , one hundred and fifty-three thou sand dollars; for offices of the Clerk of the House of Representatives, the Secretary of the Senate, and the Sergeant-at Anus of tho House of Representatives, one hundred dollars each; making, in all, one million eight hundred and sixty-tivo thousand and nine hundred dollars: Provided, That the Postmaster General shall cause to be prepared a special stamp or stamped envelope, to be used only lor official maU iratter, for each of the Executive Departments; and said stamps and stamped envelopes shall be supplied by the proper officer of said Departments to all per sons under its direction requiring the same for offi cial use: and all appropriations for jiostage heretofore made shall no longer be available for said purpose; and all said stamps and stamped envelopes shall be sold or furnished to said several Departments or clerks only at tho price for which stamps and stamp ed envolopes ol like value arc sold at tho several post-offices. * \ ^ ux xxxo xau; v-'iiuries n . yv . Meehan, assistant librarian, for the month of July, eighteen hundred and seventy-two, to be paid to Mary M. Meehan, his widow, two hundred and ten dollars ami sixty cents. Sec. 5. That there shall bo appointed an assistant treasurer of tho United States, to be located in the city of Cincinnati, in the State of Ohio; and one to be located In the city of Chicago, in tlie State of Illinois, and such assistant treasurers shall be appointed in like manner, for like time, and be subject to all tho provisons of law to which the other assistant treasu rers of the United States are subject. Sec. G. That there shall be prepared within the custom-house of the city of Cincinnati, iu the State of Ohio, and within tlie custom-house to be erected in the city of Chicago, in the State of Illinois, suitable and convenient rooms for the use of the assistant treasurers liereiu authorized, and sufficient and se cure lire-proof vaults and safes for the safe-keeing of the public moneys collected aud deposited with them; aud the said assistant treasurers shall have the cus tody and care of said rooms, vaults, and safes, re spectively, and of such other rooms, vaults, and safes as may be temporarily assigned to them, or either of them, by tho Secretary of the Treasury, aud of the public moneys deposited therein; and they shall per form all the duties required to be performed by other United States assistant treasurers in reference to the receipt, safe-keeping, transfer, and disbursement of such moneys; Provided, That the rooms, vaults, and safes now used by the United States designated de positaries at Cincinnati, Ohio, and Chicago, Illinois, shall bo set apart for the purposes named in this sec tion, as far and as long as they may be applicable and convenient. Sec. 7. That upon the appointment and qualifica tion of said assistant treasurers, the Secretary of tho Treasury shall revoke tlie designations as deposito ries of the United States of the surveyor of customs at Cincinnati and the collector of customs at Chicago and shall direct the transfer of all the books, ac counts, vouchers, property, and public moneys in the offices of the said assistant treasurers, respectively. Sec. 8. That the assistant treasurers authorized by this act t.* be appointed shall receive a salary of five thousand dollars each per annum, to be paid quarter lv-yearly at the treasury of the United States, which shall be in full for all their services; and a sufficient amount to pay said salary until June thirtieth, eigh teen hundred and seventy-four, is hereby appromi nted. Sec. 9 That tlie assistant treasurers herein provid cd for may, with the approval of the Secretarv of the Treasury, appoint the same numl»cr of clerks and messengers in their respectivo offices, and at the

same compensation, as is now provided by law for tlio offices of the United States depositaries at Cincinna ti and Chicago, respectively; and all unexpended bal ances of moneys heretofore appropriated, or that may hereafter be appropriated, lor tlie payment of tho clerks and mess ligers appointed in tlie offices of tho assistant treasureis created by this act. Sec. 10. That there shall be appropriated and paid, out of any money in tho Treasury not otherwise ap propriated, tho sum of live thousand dollars, to be expended, under the direction of the Secretary of tlie Treasury, in such repairs and additions as msy be necessary to put iu good condition for immediate use tlio offices, rooms vaults, and safes herein mentioned, or snob others as may bo temporarily assigned to the assistant treasurer at Chicago. Ulnois, aud in the purchase of any necessary furniture and fixtures, and in defraying any other incidental expenses necessary to carry this into effect. 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Bath and Lewlst™, 3M0r^m.t'*Olln, a,‘d North B,i\l Prom Augusta and Lewiston at 8:20 n n. From St. .John, Bangor. &c., at 1:20 a. m‘. Ihrongh Ticket s arc sold in Portland and baggage checked through to Huulton, Calais, St. John iwn fax, Dover, Foxcroft, Rockland, &c. ' al1 L. L. LINCOLN, Acting Superintendent. Augusta, May 5,1873. myl2tf tilt AND TRUNK RAILWAY OF CANADA. ALTERATION OF TRAIN*. WINTER ARRAN Gr JQNIICISrT. On and after Monday, Nov. 4th Trains will run as follows: Passenger train for South Paris at 7.30 A. M.; for Island Pond, Quebec. Montreal, and the west at 1.30 P. M. Stopping at all stations. Mail train (stopping at all stations) for Island Pond, connecting with night mail train for Quebec, Montreal and the West. Accommodation for South Paris and intermediate stations at 5.00 P. M. From Montreal, Quebec, Island Pond, Gorham and South Paris at 2,50 P. M. From So. Paris at 8. 20 A. M. Passenger Offices, 282 CONGRESS ST., — AND — DEPOT AT TOOT OF INDIA ST. Tickets sold at Reduced Rates! To Canada, Octroi!, Chicago, Milwau kee. Cincinnati, 8t. I.ouia, Omaha, Saginaw, St Paul, Salt Cake City, Denver, San Francisco, and all pointB in the Northwest, West and Southwest. J. C. FURNIVAL, Agt. GRAND TRUNK RAILWAY is in splendid condition, is well equipped with first-class rolling stock, and is making the best connections and quick est time of any route from Portland to the West. A ^“PULLMAN PALACE DRAWING ROOM AND SLEEPING CARS attached to all through trains. ** Bjggagc checked from Portland to Detroit and Chicago, and not subject to Custom House examina tion. The Company are not responsible for baggage to any amount exceeding $50 in value (and that person al) unless notice is given, and paid for at the rate of one passenger for every $500 additional value. 0. J. BKYDGES, Managing Director. H. BAILEY, Local Sujyrentendent. Portland. March 5, 1873. tf PORTLAND & OGDENSBURG R. R. CHANGE OH TIME. Op and after Monday, Nov. 4th, and until further notice, trains will iud as follows: A. M. P. M. Leave Portland, 7.15 3.15 Leave N. Conway, 8.30 1.00 The 7.15 a. m. and 1 00 n. m. Trains will be Freight with passenger cars attached. STAGES Connect daily with 3.15 P. M., For Corulsh, Kezar Falls, Porter, Freedom, Den mark, Bridgtou, Lovell, and North Lovell. TheS.30 a. m. from No. Conway connects with afternoon trains for Boston, via Eastern or Boston & Maine R. R’s., and the 1.00 p. m. train arrives in Portland in season to connect with Steamers for Bos ton. Ticket Office at the Boston & Maine Depot. Portland, Oct. 2^™^' ^riafentori.■ BOSTON & MAINE RAILROAD Slimmer Arrangement. MAI 5, 1873. pSggrgSTSS Passenger trains leave Portland from their station, Walker House, Commercial street. For Boston *6.00, *9.00 A. M., t3.30, 76.15 P. M. Ijeturningjcuve Boston at t8.30 A. M., *12.30,*3.30 For Rochester and Alton Bay *6.00, *9.00 A. M. and t3.30 P. M. For Manchester and Concord via C. & P. R. R. Junction *0.00 A, M., 73.30 P. M. For Milton and Union *9.00 A. M. and t3.30 P. M. For Scarboro’, Old Orchard Beach, Saco, Biddeford and Keunebunk at *5.10 P. M. Returnin'', leave Kcnneliunk at *7.30 r. M The *9.00 A. M. train connects at Lawrence with trams for Lowell, Manchester and Concord and all points Noith. Passengers ticketed through by either route. Trains stop at Exeter 10 minutes lor refreshments at first class Dining Rooms. Freight trains between Portland and Boston daily. Freight received at Portland & Ogdensburg It. R. Freight station until 4 P. M. b Portland & Ogdensburg R. R. passenger trains ar rive at and depart from this station. ♦Accommodation. IFast Express. JAS. T. FURBER, Gen. Snpt., Boston, PAYSON TUCKER, General Agent, Portland. Boston, May 5,1873. myodtf PORTLAND & ROCHESTER RAILROAD. Winter Arrangement. ]KgSfSgSfgl|. Passenger trains leave Portland :'w«-9'Or Rochester and intermediate stations at 7.15 A. M., and 1.30 P. M.. making direct connection at Rochester withtrains for Boston, over Boston & Maine and Eastern Railroads. Also connect at Rochester with Dover and Winnipiseogee Railroad for Alton Bay, and with Portsmouth, Great Falls and Conway Railroad for Conway. Leave Rochester for Portland and way stations at 7.30 A.M. and 12 M. The 7.30 train connecting with down train on Portsmouth, Great Falls and Conway Railroads, and the 12 o’clock train making direct connection at Rochester witli trains from Boston, leaving Boston at 7.30 and 8.30, A. M., via Bostou & Maine, and at 8 30 A. A. via Eastern Railroads. Leave Portland for Saco River at 6.20 P. M. Leave Saco River for Portland at 5.30 A. M. Stages connect as follows: At Gorham for West Gorham, Standlsh, and No. Limington, daily. At Buxton Centre for West Buxton, Bonny Eagle and Limington .daily. At Centre Waterboro’ for Limerick, Newfleid, Par sonsfield and Ossipec, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sat urdays, returning alternate days. At Centre Waterboro’ for Limerick, Parsonsfleld, daily. WILLIAM H. TURNER, Superintendent. _dec!6-tc KNOX & LINCOLN RAILROAD. . Direc trail route to Wiscasset, New }?£:!! wjff^ffiSCastle, Damariscotta, Walaoboro, t:^"’-*‘^£‘3Warren and Rockland. No change of cars between Portland and Rockland. Steamers leave Rockland for all points on tho Pe nobscot river, Machias, Mount Desert Yiual Haven, Hurricane and Dix Islands. Ii©ave Maine Central Depot, at 7.00 A. M., and 1.00 P. M. Stages connect at Rockland, for Camden, Lincoin ville, Northport, South Thoraaston and St. George, daily. At Rockland for Union, Appleton and Wash ington, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdavs. At Thomaston lor St. George daily. At Warren for Union, daily. At Warren for Jefferson and Whitetield, Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. At Waldoboro’ for North Waldoboro*, Washington, and Liberty daily. At New Castle for Bristol and Pemaquid, daily. Freight Trains daily and freight taken at low rates. ■Iv23dtf C. A. COOMBS. Sup’t. EASTERN AND PORTLAND, SACO, & PORTSMOUTH R. R. SPRING ARRANGEMENT. Comment ing Monday, April 28th, 1873. 1 . man Passenger trains leave Portland dai Kj7?JSW?S||ly, for Portsmouth and Boston, (Sun excepted) at *1.30 A. M. t6.t5 A. -9.10 A. 51., J3.4IJ P. 51., t 6.25 P. 54. Leave Boston for Portsmouth and Portland at t7.30 A. 5L.t6.30 A. 51, tl2.30P. 51., t3.15P. 5L, *8.00P. 51. Leave Portsmouth for Portland at tlO.OO A. 51, J10. 35 A. 51., t3.l)0 P. 51., 15.40 P. 51., *10.05 P. 51. Leave Biddeford for Portland at 7.40a. 51., return ing at 4.35 P. 51. •Pullman sleeping ear express train. N. B. This train runs Sunday 51ornlug, does nut run Monday morning. ♦Accommodation train. JFast Express. The Pullman Sleeping Car Express Train ar rives at and departs from the Depot of the Slaine Central Railroad, in Portland. N. B. The 6.15 A. 51., 9.t0 A. 51-, and 3.40, P. 51. trains from Portland, make close connections to New York by one or other of the routes from Boston. Passeugers ticketed through by either route. F. CHASE, apa2otf Sant. Portland Division. The Old Union Passenger Ticket Agency! Is uow as heretofore at NO. 491-2 EXCHANGE STREET, — WHERE — TRAVELERS FOR CALIFORNIA And the West, South and Northwest, mav P™?111!0 Through Tickets at tho lowest rates, via the Michi gan Central and Great Western (via £“*Pe°?t x Bridge) Pennsylvania Central (via New Yor ■>/* Chicago, Burlington 4& Quincy, or^Rock cago North Western, and all the prjn P. points, vorito routes to tho Pacific Coastand_aHother pon For Tickets apply to tho Old Agency oi w. o. LITTIE v CO., 49 1-2 EXCMANCB STKKKT. l.m30d3wistOBtf _ __ ^'cT55hSsoF& sox., —having taken the— bestatjrant lltl(lpr the New City Building in Lewiston, for tho tVrm of live years, would now say to the public that wei liter d to keep a first-class place in every respect. Our Bi»i of Fare shall be in keeping wi'.ta the Portland and Boston Markets. Those visiting Lewiston do not forget to call at Manufacturers’ ami Merchants’ restaurant, CITY building., Pine Street, LEWISTON, MAINE. LEWIS f. JOHNSON, JOSEPH A. JOHNSON, jan22 dlynewoSm WOOD: WOOD HARD and SOFT WOOD for sale at No. 43 Us coin street. Also Dry Edgings. WM. HUSK. MEDICAL. THE NEW YORK University Medicines. The Greatest success of the Age ! Branch Office 250 Congress Street PORTLAND. Under Congress Hall. PELEG STAPLES, Agent for the State of Maine and New Brunswick. Tlie University Medicine lias been tested by so many, and its merits so well known, tha*. the hue and cry ot humbug has lost all its scare. It has cured ever 5000 cases in Maine within three years, including all diseases subject to this climate. It has cured over 3000 cases that could not be reach ed with any other medicines. It has cured many patients after their physicians told them there was no cure for them. It has proved itself to be superior to any other known medicine in the world for the cure of all forms of chronic diseases. CATARRH (the mother of consumption,) Scrofula, salt Rheum, and many other diseases hithertocon sidcred incurable, readily yield under treatment of the University Medicines. SPERMATORRHOEA, the greatest destroyer of humanity on the face of the Giobe. How many be wail the loss of precious vitality without having the slightest idea of the cause, their manhood is daily vanishing and t hoy are gliding into a state of bone less decay. Too strong language cannot be used by parents to oouncil their children while young to guard against this horrid malady. By so doing they may save Iheir sous and daughters from a ruiDed health, insanity and a premature grave. Abate this evil and there will be no more appropriations required to enlarge our Insane Asylums. I have cured over 2000 cases of this life and soul destroying malady within three years, in the New England States and Canada. I have invariably found that the foundation of destruction was laid before the victim was old enough to know of its evils. Do not let false modesty stand in the way of treatment be fore the constitution is ruined. Persons afflicted with diseases will please call or « a£d *ct a book (f:ree,) wherein they will find their diseases explained, and necessary remedies. Address PELEG STAPLES, . _ 250 Congress St., Portland, Me. 1 housands of certificates can be presented if nec essary, but if the following are not sufficient to sat isfy the most sceptical, 10,000 additional ones would be useless. A few words on Rheumatism I OR HOW I BECAME ENGAGED IN THE UNIVERSITY MEDICINES. Some eight years ago, (after lotmning from the sickly climate of Southern China) I was attacked with Ithcumatism, and for four years I was unable to dress myself and most of the time, my suffering was bo great that I would have given all I possescd or the wealth of tho world If 1 had its to be relieved from my sufferings. I tried all remedies 1 knew or could hear of but received no benefit. I had about given up in despair when I received ona of the Uuiversity hooks. 1 thought it a humbug at first, but after a oreful perusal It looked so reasonable, like a drown ing man catching to a straw, I sent for the medicine, and in one week after I commenced taking it I felt some relief. In one mouth I could move about wit h ease, and at the end of two months I was perfectly cured. I tried tho medicine on several othors af ilictcd with Scrofula, Salt Kheum, Dropsy. Ac., with tho same beneficial effect. After testing the medi cine to my satislaction and finding it far superior to any other medicine for all chronic diseases, 1 obtain od the general agency for the State of Maine and New Brunswick, and moved to Portland some three years ago. And of tho thousands of patients 1 have treated I have met with almost universal success. I do not expect to cure ail, and when I sec a patient that I think I cannot cure I toll them so, for above all other abominations there is none greater than to deceive and rob the sick. As thoro arc thousands suffering with rheumatism I wish to impress the minds of such to not despair; their ease is cur able. When I can see the patient and apply the direct Medicator, 1 can relieve the rain In a few min utes,and by taking the University Medicines. If not cured in a month there will bo great relief, and it must be a very stubborn case that I cannot cure in two months. Why I dwell so much on ltheumatism I know too well how to sympathize with those that are its victims, and I know they can be cured. If the above statement with the following certificates is | not enough to sufficiently satis!) those that are suf fering with it, God help them. Certificatcs-of Cures. This is to certify that I had been for a long time afflicted with ltheumatism. For nine months I was under medical treatment without receiving benefit At length I became nearly helpless, and my suffer ings intense, in this dreadful condition I sent for Dr. Staples, General Agent for the New York Univer sity Medicines. In ten minutes after applying tho Acopuncturatur I was able to dress. Anti in six days I walked from my bouse on South Street, to Dr. Sta ples’ office, 250 Congress Street, and 1 have been ablo to attend to my business ever since. L. V. WHALEN, Barber. Portland, April 1C, 1873. 138 Fore Strcot. After suffering a ycai with Sciatic Rheumatism and most of the time unable to move without great pain, all tlie time being under the best medical treatment 1 could find, I called on Dr. S.aples’ Agent for the University Medicines, and in four weeks 1 was free from the above disc .so, and have been well up to the present time. JAMES A. MAYBERRY, Portland. April 15 1873. Casco, Me. This is to certify that I have been afflicted with the inflammatory rheumatism for over twenty years. 1 have employed most of the best physicians in Port land, and paid hundreds of dollars for medicine with out any permanent cure. Two years ago last March 1 was taken with Rheumatic fever; for five weeks I was unable to turn in bed or feed mvself, my left arm and hand was reduced to nearly" half the size of my right one, anti was unable to lift two pound's weight until last J nly, when I saw the effect of the University Medicines on tho daughter of Capt. Win. Thorndike. I called on Dr. Staples and stated my case. He said he could care it. I commenced taking the medicine with the acupuncturation. Before” had taken four bottles I considered mvself more free from pain than 1 have been for twenty years up to this time. 1 have not had a relapse. I consider it to be the only sure medicine for the above complaint. WILLIAM. J. SMITH, late firm of Pearson A Smith. I have been troubled, more or less, for five years, with inflammatory rheumatism. For tho last six months 1 have suffered beyond description. My limbs were badly swollen and inflamed;" it was with great pain and difficulty that I could move. My case was well known by thousands of citizens in Portland. I am to-day a well man, and I was cured by the ■ University Medicine, and Acapunctnratlon. CAPT. W. S. PENNELL, 18 Grey St. This may certify that I had been suffering with the “Rheumatism” for five months, and at that time it seized my right hip anti leg, down to the foot. This the physicians called “Sciatic.” I tried many kinds of highly recommended medicines which 1 took for the blood. Still I got no relief tor sevon months more, all tho time doing my best, with as good advisers as wo have in our city. Finally, I called at the New York University Branch, and the proprietor said he could help help me. So I com menced on his medicine, and 111 four weeks I thought I felt relief, and in eight weeks I was able to leavt my cane at home and have been well tip to tliis ti me three months havo passed. DAVID KEAZEll.c, Portland, Aug. 2,1S70. I liave been ameted for twenty years with Chronic Rheumatism. 1 have spent hundreds of dollars for medical treatment without benefit. Ten days ago, I commenced taking the University Medicines ami I can truly say it has been more benefit to me than all other treatment I ever received. My placo of business is 137 Pearl street. I shall be pleased to an swer all enquiries. JOHN TURNER. I had the Catarrh so bad for several years that my hand became confused and painful. I was obliged to fet up several times a night to keep from choking. employed some of the best Physicians without benifit. I was perfectfy cured with the University Medicines in three weeks. A. M. MORGAN, 119 Congress St., Contractor on flic Portland & Ogdensburg R. R February, 18,1870. Since giving the above certificate I have been per fectly free from Catarrh though 1 have been contin ually exposed to wet and cold. Oct. 15,1871. A. M. MORGAN. For twenty-live years I have suffered with Scrofu la and Salt Rheum, (or Tetter.) Have paid out hun dreds of dollars, and been treated by several first class physicians without benefit. Some fonr weeks ago, I commenced using the University Medicines. At the time my forehead and head were covered with sores and scaliness of the skin; also my tongue was covered with small ulcers. 1 am to-day free from all the above troubles, and can heartily recommend these medicines to the afflietdd. S. C. MUNSEY, 27 Chestnut Street. Portland, January 24,1870. I have been troubled with Scrofula all njv lifetime, and Neuralgia in the hem! seven years and bjw con sulted good physicians from Maine to Ncw ^ ork without any benefit whatever. I l[»vetu&m aix iinffiMitf Hie Cancer Plant and one and one-half of tti NWteta h££ ind . little of some other kinds nVidlnmvfeel hotter than I ever was before in my fife I cannot *v with Mr. Marne?, that I feel twenty years younger, being only twenty-eight, hut can say I never felt so young to my knowledge in my UfI think the worth of the Medicine cannot be esti mated in words or money. MRS. A. O. W. FOSTER, Wilton, Me. Some three months ago I was persuaded by my wife to take the University Medicines. My health and mind were so badly affected that mv friends be camo alarmed for my safety. In a weolk after com mencing to take the Medicine I felt great relief. I am now as well as any other man. My wife has been for a long time a raided with disease that has baffled the skill of our best physicians; some of whom pronounced the case incurable. Under treat ment of the University Medicines her health has greatly improved. Any one doubting will please call at No. 6 Lincoln street, or at repair shop Grand Trunk depot. GEORGE KINGSBURY. Portland, Aug. 5,1871. Some two years ago my daughter, seven yean old, had a severe attack of rheumatic and pleurisy fever, which left her in a very dangerous condition. Her liver inactive, no appetite to eat, general debility and sinking daily* Mo employed good physicians with out benefit. Afler having nearly despaired of her recovery we decided to try the New York University Medicine. In two months she was able to go to school, and has not been compelled to lose a day since on account of ill health. CAPT. J. II. THORNDIKE, 18 St. Lawrence Street. Portion \ June 25th, 1872. The best and cheapest Fertilizer In the Market. maxcfactured nv TREAT, STAPLES & CO., 19 FOR SALE BY KENDALL & WHITNEY, Old City Hall, AND DEALERS IN FERTILIZERS GENERALLY. Send to 250 CongTess St., Portland and get a Pam phlet. apr21-T&F&weow3ro. medical. Iron in Blood MAKES THE WEAK STRONG, The Per : inn Syritp,'a Protect-. ed Solution of the Protoxide of, Iron, is so combined as to have the character of an aliment, aa easily digested and assimilated with the blooil as the simplest food. It increases the quantity of Nature's Own . Vitalizing Agent, Iron in the Wood, and cures (Cathousand ills,"simply by Toning up,Invigorating and Vitalizing the System. The en riched and vitalized blood per meates every part of the body, repairing damages and waste, searching out morbid secre tions, and leaving nothing for disease to feed upon. This is the secret of the won ( erf til success of this remedy in curing Dyspepsia, Liver Com plaint, Dropsy, Clironie Diar rhoea, Boils, Nervous Affections, Chilis and Fevers, Humors, Loss of Constitutional Vigor, Diseases of the Kidneys and Bladder, Femalo Complaints, and all diseases originating in a bad state of the blood, or ac companied by debility or a love state of the system. Being free from Alcohol, in any form, its energising effects arc not fol lowed by corresponding reac tion, but arc permanent, infu sing strength, vigor, and new life into all parts of the system, and building up an Iron Con stitution. Thousands have been changed by the use of this remedy, from weak, sickly, suffering crea tures, to strong, healthy, and happy men and womenj and invalids cannot reason<thM hea t Hate to give it a trial. See that each bottle hast PERU' ViAPJ SYRUP blown in the glass, Paciphlots Free. SET! 1 W. FOWLE & SONS, Proprietor:-, Ko. 1 Milton Place| Boston. Bold by 1> n l g c: a t a gxbihiabby. i>o15 (Tcoi&vr ly SEELEY'S f ^ ' 3 Hard PiTHiiier ABDO.H1NAL SITPORTEBS AND PIKE PIPES. Relief, Comfort and euro for Rupture, Fe male Weaknesses and Piles, uulike all other ap pliances known, will never rust, limber, break, chafe, soil, nor move from place,—indestructible. The fine steel spring being coated with hard rubber, light cool, cleanly, used in bathing, fitted to form, universally recommended by all surgeons as the best mechanical supports known.—Send for pamphlet.—Establish ments 1347 Chestnut St., Philadelphia and 737 Broad way, New York. Complete assortment for sale, with careful adjustment, by F. Swcotser, L. C. Gilson, W. W. Whipple & Co., and Tlios. G. Loring, Portland. Beware of imitations. myld3m DR. R. J. JOURDAIIV, PROPRIETOR OF THE Parisian Gallery of Anatomy, Boston HAS Just published a new edition of his lecture eoutaining most valuable Information on the causes, consequences and treatment of disease (1 lb< reproductive system, with remarks on marriage, and the various causes of the loss of manhood, with lull instructions for its complete restoration; also a chip ter on venereal infection, asid the means of cure, be ing the most comprehensive tcork on the subject eve: yet published, comprising 150 pages. Mailed free to any address for ‘.’3 cents. Address, Dr. Jcitrdain’s Cotifeultinff Office, 61 Hancock Hired, Ronton, 3Iaw. junlSdlyr JL AD IKS, Madam Healy’s Uterine Tonic Pill are now ready f.r the general public. The many who have tried them will need no other notice. They are an invaluabie remedy for All Uterine Diseases. They cure PROLAPSUS UTERI, givo tone to the muscles, and lift the organ into its proper position, and keep it there. They speedily cure Leucorhoeu, Dysmenorrhcea and Menorrhagia. They are a spo eifle for Stangury, a diuretie in Gravel. They pro mote sleep, allay nervous excitability. Remove ster ility, ahd all female weak nesses. They arc purely vegetable, pleasant to the taste, free from opiates and all injurious properties. Madam Healv’s Pamphlet for Women is Interesting and valuable. Sent freo upon receipt of stamp for return postage, or can be found at Weeks* Potter’s, 176 Tremont St., BOSTON. MADAM HEALY’S LOTION, . for ulceration and inflammation accompanies each box oi Pills. Price of Pills and Lotion, $1.25 per box, cr $6.00 a half dozen. Address all business let tars to Madam Healv, Box 337, Station A, Boston. For sale by WEEIvS & POTTER, Boston, and all Druggists. ap4dly BOSTON LEAD CO., [lSCOKPOEATED IS 1K2A.) J. n.Chadwick & Co., Ag’ts, Office 22, 24 & 26 Oliver Street, BOSTON MANUFACTURERS OF BOSTON Pure White Lead! Dry and Ground in Oil, DRY AND GROUND ZINC, LITHARGE, RED LEAD, LEAD PIPE, SHEET LEAD, TIN PIPE. TIN-LINED PIPE, IRON PIPE and FITTINGS, PUMPS, Ac., Ac. Our Pure White Lead, both dry and ground in oil, we warrant to be strictly pure, and GUARANTEE that for fineness, body and durability, it is not sur passed by any Lead in the market, either foreign or American. S3F~In order to protect ourselves, we have adopted as our trade-mark an eight-pointed red star, with corporate seal in the centre. This is on every pack age of our Pure Lead. Nono genuino witnout It W. F. Phillips & Co., AGENTS FOR TIIE CO., 46 & 48 MIDDLE ST. fot>16 lyXT&S 15,000 COPIES SOL dT^ OF DITSON & CO’S VNEQUALED GEMS OF STRAUSS, Containing all the best Strauss Waltzes, Polkas, Ma zurkas, Galops, Quadrilles. &c. [250 pages.] Price $2.50. Tills extraordinary collection of Strauss’ best mus has achieveda great success. and edition after edi tion lias been issued to all the popular and steadily increasing demand; 15,000 copies sold since November last testify to its popularity. Among its “Gems” are the “Blue Danube,” “1,001 Nights,” “Manhattan,” “Wine. Women and Song,” “New Vi enna.” “Ar Gems Gems Songs” •f “Mar- of tiage Strauss JiSS. Strauss er waltzes ^‘Piz zicato” Polka; “Clear the Track,” Galop; “One Heart, One Soul,” Mazurka; and 20 other choice Polkas Mazurkas, Quadrilles, Ac. Price $2.50 in board covers; $3 in cloth; $4 in gilt. Also, just published: “Mtraunn Dance .llueic for Violin A Pi an©,” Being a collection of the Best Strauss Music, effectively arrang cd for Piano and Violin Price $t. Sold by all Book and Music Dealers. Published by OLIVER DITSON & CO., C. H. DITSON <fc CO. Boston. 711 Br’dway, Now York. may7 d«&w2w Destructive Fires ! Involving the loss of millions o. dollars occur too often in this i country. We submit to every I J-nsible, prudent man, that r they can he prevented by the general Introduction of the GARDNER FIRE EXTIN GUISHER. ThU machine stands upon its merits, having made for Itself, . BY SOLID WORK, a record “ that commands atteuticn. Send lordescriptirecircular to U. M. & H. T. PLUMMER, 7 UNION STREET. nov30d6mTu&F2taw POBTtAKD, Mg. Horse ami Sleiirli for Sale A FINE driving, well broke and xtyllsh four year old COLT, with Sleigh, Harness and Tlobcs lor ■ale at a bargain. Apoly at PUJM STREET STABLES, <lec15 ■t*- *0 Pinna Street.

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