Newspaper of Portland Daily Press, May 17, 1873, Page 3

Newspaper of Portland Daily Press dated May 17, 1873 Page 3
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THE PRESS. SATURDAY MORNISG, MAY 17, 1878 CITY AND VlClNITYr New AdvertiM uaeuls T*-Day* AUCTION COLUMN. Valuable Wharf Property—F. O. Bailey & Co. Trees—F. O. Bailey Sc Co. SPECIAL NOTICES. Portland Armv & Navy Union—Anniversary. , NEW ADVERTISEMENTS. C. A. Kennard re lies. Sebago D.\e Works—John S. Miller. Taylor’s Anuouucemen18—2. V iiliim brown—Clothing Cleaned. Freedom Notice—Daid* 1 «lookin. Freedom Notioe—J. C. Ward. Cut'ere Wanted—Stoll h, Morgan & Butler. For Sale—John C. Piocter. I. O. O. F.—Mutual Relief Association. For Sale—Seb;.go Dye House. Glen House—J. M. Thompson & Co. Want'd—Girl. Smith’s B »ih Rooms. MISCELLANEOUS NOTICES. Boo!s and Shoes—T. E. Moseley & Co. Window Screens—Lotnrop, Devcns & Co._ Religious IVotieca. Y. M. C. A. Mechanics’ Building, Congress St.— Elde G. Ivimbali will lecture Sunday at 3 p. m. on the Immortality of man. Seats free. Congress St. M. E. Church.—Rev. C. B. Pitbla d >. Pastor. Preaching at lu* A. M. and 3 P. M. by the p;-Btor. Portland Spiritual Association, Temperance Hall. 351* Congress st. Conference at 2 P. M. Sub ject : Spirit and Matter. Williston Church.—S. S. 10* a. m. Preaching service at 3 r. m. Sittings free. Social meeting at 7* St. Lawrence St. Church.—Rev. A. H. Wright. Pastor.—Preaching at 10* a. m. and 3 p.m. Bethel Church.—Sabbath 10*a. m., 3 and 7* p. Pravev meetings on Monday and Thursday evenings at 7* p. m. All from sea and land are invited. Newbury St., Church.—Prayer meeting at 10* a. m.; preaching in the afternoon at 3 p. m. Spiritual Fraternity, Army and Navy Union Hall—Children’s Progressive Lyceum at 1C* A. M. Conference at 3 P. M. High Street Cnuncri.—Rev. W. H. Fenn, Pastor. Preaching services at 10* a. m. and 3 p m.; Sunday 8 bool at the clone of foren > n services; Prayer meet ings Sunday Eve’gs at 7 o’clock, and lu slays at 7*. St. Luke’s Cathedral. State St.—Rt. Rev. H. A. Neely, Bish >p ol the Diocese ol Maine.—Sunday services 10.30 a. in., 3 and 7.30 p. m. Daily services at 9 a. m. and 5 p. m. Seats free to all. St. Paul’s Church, coi ner ol Congress and Lo cust street.—Services Sunday at 10.30 o’clock A.M. an I 3 p. m. Y. M. C. A. Chapel, Desring’s Bridge.—Sabbath School at 3 o’clock P. M. Park Sr. Church.—Rev. Dr. Morison, will preach to-morruw. first second Advent Church, 3531 Congress street. Elder U. G. Ladd, and W. 8. Campbell, will preach to-morrow at the usual hours. Seat*, free. India St. Uni verbalist Church.—Rev. Geo. W. Bicknell, pastor.—r reaching Services to-morrow at 101m. and 7$ p. m. Moi NTFOBT Sr. A.M. E. Church—Rev. J. H. M tdisou, Pastor Fourili quarterly meeting, love fo .bl at 101 a. ra.; preaching at 3 p. m. by the pas tor. Rev. 1. Luce will preach at 7$ p. m. Prehle Chapel, corner Preble and Cumberland •tr;et». Preaching at 11 a. m. Sunday School at 2 p. in. A Temperance Meeting at 7$ p. m. All are cordially invited. First Baptist Church, Congress st., corner of Wilniot. Rev. Win. H. Shailer. Pastor.—Preaching at 3; Sabbath School at 11; Sabbath School Concert at 7J p. m. Plymouth Church.—Rev. M. H. William*, Pas ter. Preaching at 1> } a m.and3 p m. Childrens’ Church in the :.iiernoon. Vestry meeting at 7$. Allen Mission Chapel, Locust Street.—Preach ing at 2 p. m. by Rev. O. M. Cousins; Sabbath School at 3 o’clock. R_v. Mr. Cousins will give Illustrative Bible lessons to the bun lay School. Concert lu the evening at 7$. All are cordially lnvi ed. Seats free. New Jerusalem Church—New High street.— Rev. Geo. F. bteams preaches at luj A. M. Evening lecture at 7 J. Advent Christian CHURcn, Union Hall, 87 Free St.—Preachlug next Sunday at the usual hours, by Eh1« r George W. Burnham, of Newburyport. Prayer meeting at 7 a. m. United States District Court. BEF' >BE JUDGE FOX. Friday.—United States vs. John W. Perkins an*1 Benjamin A. Perkins. Action to recover damages laid at $20,000 against J. W. Perkins and B. A. Perk ins for defrauding the Internal Revenue. On trial. Webb. A. A. Strout. Supreme Judicial Court. VIRGIN J., PRESIDING. Friday.—New docket called. The following di vorces were dtcreed: 234—Lewis W. Chase, from Abbie F. Chase. Hopkins. 259—Oscar W. Small, from Adeladc F. Small. Howard <& Cleaves. 272— Arianna Merrill, from Charles J. Merrill. C. Hale. 273— M *ry Roberts, from Samuel D. Roberts. Bradbury & B. 282—Jane L. Gilmari, from John L. Gilman. G. C. Yeaton. 284—Alohia B, Stanford, from John L. Stanford. Cobb t.ay. 287—Sam’l R. Bishop, from Sarah A. Bishop. Cli fiord. 303—Mary J. Perkins, from Otis W. Perkins. Strout & Gage. 319— Henry R. S. Rowe, libellant from Martha A. R >we. Cause, uiue years desertion. B. Bradbury. N. Webb. 320— Harriet Ann Train, from Allen W. Train. Strout & Holmes. 321— Narah J. Brown, from Charles R. Brown. Briggs. _ Superior Court. MAY TERM, SYMOND8, J., PRESIDING. Friday.—State vs. James Geary, Dennis Maho ney, James McLaughlin and John Driscoll. Re spondents were indicted for an alleged assault and battery on one James H. Lee, second mate of the steamer Montreal on the morning of the 31st of March last. The defendants w re all deck hands.— The mate’s s* ory was in brief that while the crew were unloading freight, Geary came to him in an in toxica ed condition ; nd stated he wanted more help on the after drop. I told him to gi along to work, that he was a drunken sot; he went off growling and swearing. Soon after I went forward, and was re pairing a broken case, which Mahoney had carelessly let fall and which I reprimanded him. Geary came in and said I bad accused him wrongfully of being drunk, and that I was a liar. I told him not to call me a liar, and gave him a push with my hand and he fell over the handles of his truck. He got up and came to vards me. I told him to keep away or I would knock liis head off with the hammer. Then Malioney grabbed me and McLaughlin struck at me and Geary pounced on. and they knocked me down, poundod and kicked me, and Geary chewed my hand up. McLaughlin held me down on deck and Maho ney s;ru k me cnee. After 1 got up I went down in to the wash-room to wash off the blood and Geary | and Mahoney followed me. Mahoney grabbed me an 1 hell me while Geary struck me three or four times in the face. Geary says Lee accuse 1 him wrongfully of be in/ drunk, and on Us telling him so, Lee struck him on the shoulder with the hammer and kuocked 1dm down; that he then got up ..nd Lee was spoiling for a fight as well as he; they then clinched and had a rough ami tumble fight, until Lee said he had enough; ho then let him up and be (Geary) went to trucking freight. One of the men told me I better go and j wash the blood from my face, and I went down to the wash-room, not knowing Lee was there; when I went in Leo says, (with an oath) I’ll fix you lor this; I asked him if he hadn’t got enough, and made a blow at liim; lie grabbed a shovel and I wrenched it away trom him and gave him a poke with the han dle. Mahoney didn’t touch him at this time. The testimony for the defence in regard to Malie ncy, was all to the effect that Mahoney did not touch Lee except to take the hammer from him after he •truck Geary, and to keep the crowd from interfering to separate the combatants. Driscoll denied being near the scene of the affray until it was all over. McLaughlin said lie was a witness to the fight but did uot take a hand. The jury returned a verdict as follows: Geary* guilty; Mahoney guilty of an assault only; Driscoll aud McLaughlin not guilty. Fox, Ass’t County Att’y. Hopkins for defendants. S’atc vs. Dennis O’Connor. Respondent indicted under the nuisance act for reniing a store on the comer of Summer and West Commercial streets to Patrick Sullivan, knowing that the same was to be used tjr the illeg il sale of intoxicating liquors. Respondent denies that be ever knew that Sullivan was engaged in such illegal traffic; he was informed at one lime by the sheriff that such was the fact, and commenced a process of forcible entry and detainer to recove possession, the sheriff promMog to furnish the necessary evidence of such illegal traffic, but the suit failed for want of evidence. Testimony and ar guments closed. Fox, Asst. Countv Att’y. Howard & Cleaves for defendant. In the case of Nelson L1 izhton, found guilty of an assault on police officer Miles, the defendant has filed exceptions and recognized in the sum of §530 for his appearance at the next term. The case of Jonathan Watson, indicted for arson, has lieen postponed until Tuesday morning next at ten o’clock. The first jury were excused until Tuesday morning at ten o’clock. Brief Jotting*. Yesterday bad a suspicion of summer about it that wa* cliarmiug. The Fifth Avenue Theatre company wiil br ng out “Divorce” and “Article 17” at Music Hill the 23d aud 21th insts. The horse cars begin Summertime next Mon day. The funeral of the late Eleazer M ’Kenney to >k place yesterday afternoon, Rev. Dr. Small offi dating. There was a large attendance. Miss Hattie, daughter of Col. Robie of Gor ham, sails for Europe on the ltlth, accompanied by Miss Small of Bridgtofi. The Harvard orchestra furnishes the instru mental accompaniments at the rendition of St. Peter, by the Haydn’s. Two boys, aged 11 and 13 years respectively, were arrested by Deputy Bridges yesterday for tbc larceny jf lead from the North School building. Officer Ssth Stirling arrested a man at the Boston depot yesterday, who was going about with a big stone in each hand, seeking whom he might knock down. The man was drank. \ The headquarters of the Hospstal Fair are fast filling up with contributions. Four fog signals are being constructed iu this city under the direction of Gen Devens, U. S. E., for the Pacific coast. Wc learn at the headquarters of the execu tive committee on the Hospital Fair, that a very valuable India camel’s hair shawl, donat ed by Mr. Ebcn D. Jordan, of the firm of Jor dan, Marsh & Co., Boston, and an elegant oil painting, fljwer p!ece, by G. W. Seavey, Bos ton, have been received through Mrs. Bion Bradbury for the benefit of the Fair. The agent of tbo Philozoic Society is look ing after unmerciful teamsters. Supervising aichitect Mullet, Lieut. Mullet, X7. S. R. M., and Mr. McPherson, visited the Custom House and Post Office yesterday, with a view to see what repairs were needed. The Sabbath services at the Y. M. C. A. rooms are sustained by the Christian denom inations and are not under the auspices of the Association. Rev. Mr. Pitblado will address the young at the Y. M. C. A. rooms this evening. \\ e understand that a special train will run from this city to the auction sale at Old Orchard Beach next Tuesday, leaving at 1 o’clock. The fountain commenced playing yesterday morning, and consequently last evening the reserved seate in the Park were all taken. At the “First Second Advent ohureh" Cush man’s Hall, 353J CongTess street, last eveniug, 'lrs. Tripp delivered a very plain discourse on the “Coming of the Lord,” from Revelations id chap., 3J verse. Another meeting will be held there this eveuing. Elders Tripp and Campbell are expected to be present. A Temperance meeting will be held at the Preble chapel to-morrow evening. Several persons will address the meeting. Business engagements will prevent Gen. Francis Fessend' n from accepting the invita tion to deliver the address at Biddeford on Me morial Day. Fifty thousand postal cards were sold in this city between Wednesday noon and Thursday night. The supply is exhausted. Mr J. L. Haydn has presented an elegant Wheeler & Wilson sewiug machine to the Hospital Fair. The President of the Common Council has been presented with a huge jack-knife, which looks like a bowie with a hinge in it. A little girl came running into the police station yesterday and said there was a man all broken out with the small pox asleep in the park. The man was found but the small pox ’ was not. He (the man) said he slept on the Promeuadc Thursday night, and purposed sleeping in the Park Friday night. He in timated that the starry canopy of Heaven was as g ood as a blanket. Nobedy believed him. The Hospital Concert. City Hall was packed by an enthusiastic au dience last evening on occasion of the benefit to the Maine General Hospital so generously and so gracefully tendered by Miss Annie Louise Cary. The time has passed by in Portland when it was necessary to criticise Miss Cary. With Portlanders, at least, she is above criti cism. We all know the magnificent voice, with its splendid volume and deep, rich tones; we all recognize the graceful, kindly presence, the cordial, unassuming yet noble air with which she sweeps upon the stage; we all eojoy tue unaffected gladness to see us which she manifests like a long absent child returned to the household. She places herself at once en rjcpport with her audience, and we are ready to laugh or weep with her, as her mood requires. This was particularly noticeable last evening in the “Many a Time and Oft,” which she sang with tears in her voice, and in the arch “Come in and Shut the Door.” She was received with the warmest demonstrations of applause, and repeatedly and rapturously encored. Miss Ada Cary’s voice possesses in kind that marvelous timbre characteristic of her sister s. The same rich tone, with its underlying strain of sweetness, the same compass and flexibility are apparent. Her voice markedly shows in its continuous improvement and in the develop ment of its capabilities the influence of careful study and culture. Her “Fatewell Kathleen” was exquisitely rendered and provoked warm applause, which culminated in an encore. This young singer surely has a brilliant future be fore her. The Beethoven Quintette sustained and add ed to the good opinions of it which were formed on its first visit. Better shading or more artis tic delivery has never been heard in this city. The objection which once obtained, that the members were, from lack of profes sional acquaintance, not always in perfect accord, is no longer tenable. The Clnb plays with nicety and finish, and the ease, grace and Apression is wonderful. Its artistic fidelity is worthy of all praise. The “Andante Concertante,” for violin and viola, by Messrs. Allen and Mullaly, was given with refined expression and sustained power, and the piccolo solo of Koppitz was exceedingly bril liant. The Traeumerci was simply magnifi cent. Of course the concert was interrupted by that relic of barbarism, that dilatory parody of the Norman curfew, the nine o’clock bell. Thanks to the generosity of Miss Cary, the noble charity for which she sang will realize a handsome sum from last evening’s entertain ment. Contbacts.—Contracts have been awarded by General George Thom, U. S. Engineer, for the following harbor aud river improvements under his charge in Maine, Now Hampshire and Massachusetts: For Penobicot rver. ex cavating a channel at and near Bangor at 75 cents per cubic yard to Curtis & Fobesof Port land. For excavating channel in the inner harbor of Portland, in front of the Harbor Com missioner’s line, from the Grand Trunk wharf up to Central wharf, part at 50 cents per cubic yard, and the greater portion at 35 cents per cuhic yard to A. R. Wright of Geneva, N. Y. For Cocheeo river, excavating channel throngh the ledge at the Upper Narrows at #30.50 per cubic yard to Edward Moore of Portland For Salem harbor, deepening entrance at South Channel by dredging at 44 cents per cubic yard, to A. R. Wright. The completion of the sea walls on Point Alderton and Long Island Head, Boston harbor, has been awarded at the same prices as heretofore to James M. Andrews and James Andrews, respectively, of Biddeford. For deepening South Channel at Duxbury har b >r by dredging, at 49 cents per cubic yard, to Hugh Cummisky of Boston. Maine Hospital Fair.—The Executive Committee acknowledge the donation of addi tional articles and money in aid of the Maine General Hosoital Fair, from the following named parties: S. D. Warren, Cumberland Mills, book paper (15 reams). G. W. H. Brooks, assortment of bread and crackers. Mahlon D. Spaulding. Boston, by Mrs, Bion Bradbury^cash contribution, $100. Marvin Bros. & Bartlett, Pprtsmouth.N. H., two dozen “Marvin’s Cod Liver Oil.”' Win. Allen, Jr., ten gallons lemon syrup. J. H. Hooper, fancy reception chair, (in satin). Ho.vt, Fogg & Breed, one copy each of their publications131 volumes, 40 cents to $8 each. Master Geo. Henry Robinson, cash contribu tion, $5. Richardson. Harris & Co., chest tea. James H. Baker, ton of coal. Chas, H. Merrill, lumber. From a farmer, Burlington, Me., 2 chairs. From a friend, bed table. F. Sweetvir, surgeon’s dissecting case. Buchanan & Lyall, New York, 5 packages assorted tobacco, in fancy boxes. John Preston, Boston, through Owen & Bar bour, G boxes chocolate. Charles H. Haskell, Treasurer. Real Estate Movements.—Dr. E. Leland of North Jay, has bought the story and a half unfinished house in Peering owned by A. L. Richardson, paying $1500 therefor. He has al so bought of C S. Sawyer 14000 square feet of back land, paying $700. Henry Chapman lias purchased the Brooks field, so called, in Peering, paying $250/ an acre for it. Thursday F. O. Bailey & Co., sold the lot known as the Steele lot on Vaughan street, to T. J. Lane. They also sold 5462 square feet of land ou Vaughan street, between Congress and Brackett, to Geo. A. Beal of Lynn,for 304 cents a foot. Several houses are budding on Congress St., near the termination of the horse car line. Attempt at Assassination.—Captain John son of the Portland steamer Pirigo had a mi raculous escape from assassination in New York, Thursday afternoon. He had just left bis vessel and was proceeding up the pier, on bis way up town, when a drnnken ’longshore, man named Richard Hurley placed a pistol to his head and fired. The ball entered the right temple and passed around beneath the scalp to the left side behind. He will recover. There was no reason for the attaek. Hurley was ar rested and committed. Sons or Temperance.—At the meeting of Portland Pivision No. 95, last evening, O. P. Wetmore, Esq., of St. John, N. B., M. W. P.. of the National Pivision of North America, was present, and made an effective address. The hour of meeting of the Pivision will be at 8 o’clock until next September. Peep O’Dav.—Those who went to Music Hall last evening enjoyed a rich treat. The Boat Club demonstrated that they can act and talk as well as pull an oar. A good audience greeted their appearance in the stirring Irish drama of “Peep O’Day." J, O’Brien as the rillicking, true hearted friend of Harry ( B. C. Donahue) and lover of Kathleen (Miss A. Derly), gave some capital acting. Miss Mc Pherson, as Widow Mahone, performed her difficult part well, which is saying a great deal. Miss Dolan as Mary Grace, gave some fine 'act ing an 1 sang splendidly. Nor should Miss Derly (Kathleen) be passed by with a mere word. Her naturalness in acting added a charm to the play. Indeed this amateur troupe furnish to our citizens far better acting than many of the travelling troupes that visit us. Eight members of the Montgomery Guards, nndei command of Sergt. M. C. McCann, vol unteered their services. This evening the club will repeat the play for the benefit of the Hos pital Fair, and we doubt not tho house will be crowded. _ Entertainment for the Maine General Hospital at Frteburo.—A Fryeburg corres pondent writes that tho energetic ladies of Fryeburg held an entertainment Thursday eve ning in aid of the General Hospital, consisting of a sapper and concert. The supper was got up in good style. The conceit was par icipated in by Mesirs A. F. Lewis,D. B. Scwall, Jotham Sewall, Barnard Sawyer, Willie Ward, Miss Susie Souther, Miss Hattie Pike, Mrs. E. C. Farrington, Mrs. Eliza G. Furbish, Miss War rener and the Misses Warren. One of the pleasing features of the occasion was the in strumental music of M ss Jennie Taylor of Waterville. Dr. S. C. Gordon of Portland, be ing present, addressed the assembly on the general merits of the Hospital in a very able manner. Quite a handsome sum will resalt from this and other efforts in behalf of that noblecharity that interests all. A Bit of a Row.- Near the Custom House on Fore street, a bit of a row occurred last eve mug between a boy and a sailor. It appeared that the boy recently sailed on board a vessel, where the man was second mate, and was bad ly kicked about and abused by him. Meeting him last night be expressed in forcible language the views be entertained towards him, and made the crowd roar with laughter at bis hits. This was too much for the mate who clinched with the boy and tbr»w him down, kicking him badly. The plucky lad, nowise daunted, “went for” the man again, with brickbats and virtually got the victory, when the women dragged him off. Military.—A small detachment of men from the six militia companies in this city, met at Old City Hall last evening to drill for the parade on Memorial Day. CoL Mattocks in command. After a short drill they marched to the pavement in front of the City Hall where they did some good drilling. From their ap pearance last evening, we are assured thi t they will make a line appearance on Memorial Day. In the State muster they are sure to reflect great credit on this city. The great interest in military matters that has sprung up in our city of late, is not likely to grow less at pres ent, at least. Portland has every reason to be proud of her military companies. Installation.—The installation of Rev. Dr Hi(l as pastor of the First Parish takes place to-morrow afternoon at three o’clock. The fol lowing is the order of services: Voluntary. Anthem. Introductory prayer, by Eev. C. W. Buck. Reading of the Scriptures. Hymn. Sermon by Eev. A. P. Peabody, D. D.. LL D. Chant. Prayer of Installation bv Rev. J. H. Morrison, D. D. Voluntary. Right hand of Fellowship by Rev. J. T. O. Nichols. Anthem. Prayor by Rev W. E. Gibbs. Hymn. Benediction by tho Pastor. Periodicals.—The Atlantic Monthly, Onr Young Folks and the Galaxy for June have been received and are for sale at the book stores of Messrs. Bailey & Noyes,and Hall L. Davis, on Exchange street; and at Loring, Short & Harmon and Augustus Robinson’8, under the Falmouth Hotel; also at the school book, music and periodicals store of E. C. Andrews, No. 36 Centre street, at the book and periodical depot of Messrs. Fessenden Brothers, Lancaster Hall, and at Wentworth’s, comer of Congress and Oak Sts. Extra Train to Old Orchard.—T. K. Lane, Esq., will sell at auctiou one hundred and twenty-three grove lots at Old Orchard Beach on Tuesday the 20th inst. An extra train will run from this city, leaving the Bos ton & Maine station at one o’clock p. in., to take parties to the sale. A free clam chowder will be served on the premises, and passengers will be allowed to return on any regular train. Fare for the round trip fifty cents. Ferry Village. Last Tuesday evening as Capt. Wm. Dyer was going home from his place of business, he was hit in the eye by a stone thrown by a care less boy. Dr. Shannon dressed the wound, and thought there was but little chance to save the eye. It is a fearful wound, and the shock to the nervous system has completely prostrated the Captain. The people here arc anxious to know how it is that Jonathan Watson can be tried on Mon day next for burning Cliff Cottage, as at the time of me Cottage fire Watson was in jail Query, did bis keeper let him out A. IT. S. Circuit Court.—Judge Clifford wil1 at 12 o’clock to-day announce the opinion in the case of John W, Junes vs. Henry Clark, which involves the validity of what is known as the “Winslow Patents” for canning green com. mgCELLANEOCS NOTICES. Have you heard of the new remedy for Co.'Itiveness, Dyspepsia and Piles, Lok ing’s Vegetable Specific? It is without doubt the best known remedy for those dis tressing complaints. We hear of some truly wonderful cures performed by it. Every sufferer should try it. Lonng, druggist, pro prietor, Portland, Me. Price 81.10. Trade sup plied by Perkius & Co., Phillips & Co., Port laud, Me. Baths, Hot and Cold, 23 cents, at Smith’s, 100 Exchange street. Now is the time to have your window screens made. Lothrop, Devens & Co. have received a large quantity of German linen and cotton gauze, green wire, &c. No. 61 Exclianga St. _ mayl7tf Sale of imported Marseilles quiltsnnd linen goods. Do not fail to call at salesroom of F. O. Bailey & Co. and examine the lot of elegant Marseilles quilts and linen goods to be sold to day. The quilts are said to be the finest ever offered in this city. •_ Economy is consulted in purchasing the best. The most desirable qualities of boots and shoes, in latest styles and highest grades,both import ed and of their own manufacture, are offered by T. E. Mosely & Co , 293 Washington street, Boston. Lad'es and gentlemen will find it of advantage to inspect their stock and prices. Always send your friends to Geo. W. Rich & Co. for clothing. my3-lmS Twenty five thousand dollars worth of Gents’ Furnishing Goods very cheap. Whole sale and retail. J. Burleigh, 89 Middle street. Dr. Ubann who has made so many wonder ful cures of cases supposed to be incurable, will be at the Preble House every Thursday, Friday and Saturday for the present. All should see him. apr28-tf All the new and nobby styles of clothing, very low, at George W. Rich & Co.’s, 173 and 175 Fore street. _ my3-lmS Teas, Teas. A new invoice of that Choice Formosia Tea has just arrived at Wilson & Co’s 142 and 144 Exchange street. 2t You lie, Villain?—Any physician who now says that Rheumatism can not be cu red simply lies. The wonderful effect of the Cen taur Liniment for all flesh, bo ne and mnscle ailments upon man and beast, are too well known to admit of question. It destroys swellings, soften stiff joints, soothes pain, makes the lame walk, aud the bedridden leap for joy. It is selling as no article ever did sell, and it sells because it does its work every time. Children cby—for Pitcher’s Casloria. It regulates the stomach, cures wind colic and causes natural sleep. It is a substitute for castor oil. mayl5-eodlw&wlt We have added store 175 Fore street, corner Excnatige, for custom clothing, and can show one of the best stocks of woolens for gents’ wear in Maine. Geo . W. Ricn & Co. my3 Sim The finest stock of Clothing is at Burleigh’s, 89 Middle street Good Dressmakers wanted at W. L. Snell’s, 337 Cougress St. mayl6-2t Burleigh, 89 Middle street, sells more cloth ing than any other party in Maine. Lotiirop, Deyens & Co. have the new China hoard shades They are a great improvement on the old style rustic shades. Call and sec them. No. G1 Exchange street. maylOtf Vases and Bouquet Holders for Cemeteries and Public Gardens. Send for price list. Nutter Bros. & Co., 29 Market Square, Port lend. may9-tf If you want a good Refrigerator, call at Nutter Bros. & Co.,29 Market Sunarc. may9-tf TnE largest stock of Clothing n Portland is at Burleigh’s, 89 Middle street. It has been proved beyond a doubt that there is no remedy equal to Smolander’sBuchu for toning and stimulating the nervous system, and by which means alone kidney, bladder and glandular diseases mental and physical debili ty, diabetes, gravel, loss of vigor in either sexi and female complaints succumb and health is restored. _ mayl3-eodlw Steel Knives and every description of Table Ware Plated, or Replated in the very best man ner at short notice and at a reasonable price, at Atwood’s New Rooms, 27 Market Square. feb25-eodtf BY TELEGRAPH. MASSACHUSETTS. Veto. Boston, May 16.—Gov. Washburn sent to the House this afternoon a message vetoing the bill granting State aid to the Lee & New Hav en Railroad. The Coe AITair. Further developments in the case of James H. Coe the forger, are that $33,0 >0 in Rail road and city bonds arc missing from the safe of Benj Humphrey in the deposit vaults. W. Y. Coe is employed as clerk by Humphrey, and in an attack of illness to .«hich be is subject, may have intrusted his key to bis brother who has a safe in the vault. This forenoon James A. Coe was expelled from membership in the Broker’s board by anaitiimous vote? NEW YORK. Execution of Nixon. New York, May 16.—Nixon, the murderer of Charles H. Pfeiffer, paid the penalty of his crime on the gibbet this morning. Tbe doom ed man, after taking farewell of his family and friends last evening, ate a hearty supper and remarked to his keeper, ‘this is my last night on earth, and I have done what I uever did be fore,—taken two cups of coffee.” He then prayed with Father Duranquet, the prison rhaplain, and fell aleep at twelve o’clock. He was awakened at five o’clock a. m., and having dressed attended mass read by Duran qnet, received the sacrament of tbe Catholic church. Tlie ouly words he spoke after were, “My Savior was crucified—this is nothing.” The crowds inside the prison yard a d out side were very large. At 9.02 o’clock he left his cell and walfce 1 fir nly to the scaffold, Fathers Duranquet and McKenna walking on each side. Nixon carried a large crucifix in his hand which he repeatedly kisseu fervently on the the way. Arriving at tke scaffold lie knelt between the clergymen and repeated the Loyd’s prayer and several credos. The prayers over the rope was cot and the body was launched up several feet. He died very easily. Nixon made his will yesterday, bequeathing his property to his wife and daughter. Tammany Fraud*. In the report of Comptroller Green of this city, sent to the Legislature to-day, he states that during the past five years the most mon strous Jobs of street openings had been given to politicians, who, by these means have drawn $1,315,669 from the treasury arid $250,000 re maiusunpaid, for which $300,000 would have been a liberal compensation. The Billiard Championship. The billiard match for the ohampionship of the United States, diamond cue and $1000, be tween Maurice Daly and Cyrille Dion at Tam many Hall to-night, reslted in favor of Daly by a score of 1500 against 1257. Winner’s average 26 9-10, Various matter*. The police have completed the census of places in the city where liquor is sold. The to tal number is 8,403. The trial of sailors boarding house keepers for the violation of the shipping act begins next Thursday. John W. Bertholf was sentenced to ten year’s imprisonment to-day for shooting the uucle of his wife, John Eberbardt, with intent to kill. The Warren Street Methodists of Brooklyn who refused to receive the pastor assigued them by the conference have now agreed, by a vote of 3 to 1, to accept the conference appoin tee. Report of the Erie Comutittee. Albany, May 16—The Erie Committee of the House made a report this morning. They find the dividend warranted by the earnings of the road. They commend the action of Mr.n Watson, condemn the turning out of the old directors and find that Sickles did not honor his office by his action in that matter. They pre sented a bill providing that parallel roads shall not be under the same management, that for eign corporations shall not lease our roads and that connecting lines may be leased by a vote of two-thirds of the stockholders at a meeting specially called for that purpose. WASHINGTON. The Equity Bill. Washington, May 16.—The Attorney Gen eral and the government have decided not to give any parties copies of the bill in equity to be filed at Hartford against the Union Pacific Railroad Co., and the stockholders of the Cred it Mobilier until it shall be tiled in Court. Mr. Jencks is gathering additional information to aid the counsel in the prosecution of the suit. The Internal Revenue Receipt*. The Internal Revenue receipts for the pres ent month have reached nearly $7,000,000, and the receipts tnr the fiscal year to date are, $100,129,000. The estimated receipt for the present, fiscal year were $110,000,000, and the probabilities are that they will be exceeded from three to four million dollars. One more. Senator Casserly has sent a check to the Sec retary of the Treasury covering the amount of his hack pay. THE MODOC WAR. A Battle Imminent or already Be gan. San Francisco, May 16.—Advices from the 'ava beds to-night, state that reinforcements with mortars are moving toward the present fortified position of the Modocs. The troops iu the field are suffering for water. Theremaius of General Canby are on the train which left San Francisco this morning for the East San Francisco, May 16.—The following dis patches have been received: Camp South of T'de Lake, Lava Bed, Map 12. The Modocs now are entrenched iu a crater butt or mass of lava southeast of this camp and are distant 15 to 18 miles. Cant. Harbrouck is camped within watching distance of the enemy witli a force of 210 men where lie awaits the ar rival of Col. Mason, who yesterday morn in'* started for Capt. Jack’s old stronghold with a toree of 170 men. He took the southeasterly course. It is intended that the two commands shall he united under Col. Mason and hold the ludians at bay till Morton’s command is for warded and a scout is made around the south ern boundary of the lava beds by way of Tick nor. At last accounts the ludians were forti fying their position with the evident intention of giving battle. Second Dispatch, 11 P. M.—Col. Mason has 1 signalled his knowledge of the whereabouts of the Indians this afternoon by way of Jack’s old stronghold and both himself and Harbrouck were ordered to obtain favorable positions du ring the night and make an attack on the ene my at 3 o’clock to-morrow morning. This news is only known to a few in camp and therefore has not yet created any excittment. Third dispatch.—Lava Beds, May 14, 7 a. m. One sentinel reports lie heard firing in au east erly direction from the camp at aii early hour this morning. It i9 inferred from this that Col. Mason has beguu his work. The body of Lieut. Harris arrived at Yreka to-day. Not an Agreeable Family. St. Louis, May 16.—Charles N. Guthrie, shot and killed his brother-in-law Charles W. Weaver here last uight. About a year ago, Guthrie married Miss Weaver having been in partnership with her lather. Last January the wife died and Weaver suspected foul play, and had the body taken up and examined by tile coroner. About the same time Weaver at tempted to shoot his son-iu-law but missed him. Grnthrie brought a suit two days ago to recover the casket aud shrowd enclosing his deceased wife from the Weaver’s. Last night Guthrie met two of the younger Weaver’s in the West erm suburbs and iu an altercation, drew a re volver and kil'ed one of them. He then gave himself up to the police. The Drummond Mine Calamity. The Fire Under Control. Westville, N. S., May 16.-Mr. Drum mond the President, and Mr. Burdoch, tho Vice President of the Drummond Colliery, ar D,,ght’ Tllpy are deeply affected at Jpa*f" disaster. The fire is now considered nr thm’ under control. Very little smoke aa ,n; lssup? fr°m the slopes, and it is ex e3tnn„t?wy that atl the pits will be dam pen .;,rrba p 8u®eient quantity of carbonic acid gas will be iu the mine to put out the fire. nETEUKULUUICAL. PROBABILITIES FOR THE NEXT TWENTF-FOUR HOITB8. WOfF?rE*PoT’vvPK.I?B ClIIEF Signal) Officer, Washington, D. C. > May 16. s'iP.’m.) J For New Ragland and Canada northwesterly winds, cool clearin'* Der lakes F°r u’e N°tthwest and up" am/thl ? d U'le.nce seaward to the Missouri *“e lower °h'0 valleys a slowly diminish . a pressure, northeasterly winds,cloudy weath er and occasional rain. For Tennessee, the

t^ulf and South Atlantic States, northeasterly to northwesterly winds, rising barometer, part ly cloudy and clear weather. For the lower lakes and thence to the upper Ohio valley northwesterly winds, high pressure and gener ally clear weather. For the Middle States, northwesterly winds, warmer and partly cloudy weather and conditions favorable tor occasional local rain near the Chesapeake Bay. F O KHJ1G JN . One Hundred Additional Failure*. Londno, May 16.—A despatch from Vienna says that 100 additional failures were announced at the Bourse yesterday. No importont bank has yet suspended. The protracted pauic has ere ited consternation in all branches of busi ness. The son of a wealthy banker com mitted suicide yesterday. Arrival of tbc New American Commis sioner. Vienna, May 1G.—Jackson S. Shultz, the newly appointed commissioner of the United States to the International Exposition in place of Gen. Van Buren, has reached here. Soon after his arrival he had a long conference with Mr. Jay, the American Minister, Remodelling of the Frepch ministry. Farm, May 16.—A complete remodelliug of the hrench ministry upon a strictly Republican basis is certaiu to occur at an early day. Extensive Fire at Ottawa. Ottawa, May 16.—A fire this morning on Sfc. Albans terrace, Ottawa, Cumberland, Stewat and Daly streets, destroyed thirty-six houses.— Loss estimated at $150,000. Quarantine Regulations Enforced. Halifax, May 15.—The Captain General has changed his mi mi and decided to continue to enforce the quarantine regulations. It is pro posed to petition t*ie government of the United States to interfere for the release of the vessels detained, the more especially as the detention of so large a number crowded with passengers in this unhealthy bay is dangerous. Several cases of vomito are already reported in the liar bor. All the available regular troops in Havana and other towns have been ordered to join the army in the field. It is reported that the Cuban General Agra monte, seeing that bis capture was inevitable, committed suicide rather than fall alive in the hands of the Spaniards. China and Japan. San Francisco, May 15.— Mails by steam ship Japan, from China and Japan, la«(*ed to day. At the conflagration in Hon? Ivorg on the 22d of March, forty-four acres of houses were destroyed, and five thousand persons ren dered homeless. The Northern Telegraph Co. have established connection with Amoy. Duke Alexis of Russia, is still on his travels through the principal Chinese cities. Members of the Corcan Assembly have gone to Pekin to submit to the Emperor of China as vassals of his power. L^.0?^/ra^ll>n occured at Oska, Japan, on the _Jth of March. Many lives were lost. The names raged all one day and night. Two vio lent shocks uf an earthquake occurred at the same place on the 12th of March. Ihe people of Japan are complaining about the centralization of the power of the govern ment. The native Christians imprisoned at Horara have been released. In tho provinces of Jetsizeu and Presbo, the farmers are rebel lious in consequence of the action of the gov ernment iu taking down the edicts against Christianity. There has been much fighting, but the insurgents will be put down. Seven have been executed already. MINOR TELfifiHins. Gov. Booth of California refused to re prieve the murdererof Mortimer and he was hung yesterday. Secre'ary Robeson having received a des patch from St. Johns that the harbor was clear of ice, he ordered the gunboat Frolic to sail from New York yesterday to bring back the Polaris crew. An enthusiastic meeting was held in Lowell, Mass., to encourage the building of a railload from that city to Windham Depot N. H., to connect with the Nashua & Rochester and the Manchester and Lawrence roads. Ex Postmaster Gill, of Hillsboro, N. H., on trial in the U, S. Circuit Court at Portsmouth, for robbing the mail, is declared guilty on ouo count by the jury. The German government has resolved to ex pel the Redemptorists, Lazarists, Congregation of the Holy Ghost aud Sacred Heart, ana the occupants of close convents from the country within six months. Joseph O’Neal was hanged in Mt. Carroll, 111., Friday. He confessed the crime aud laid it to whiskey aDd women. A committee of the Presbyterian Assembly in session at Baltimore, has reported in favor of that church participating iu the. Centennial celebration of America, and to designate the first Sabbath of 3876 as a day of thanksgiving The funeral of Lt. Sherwood, one of the Modoc victims, took place at Buffalo yesterday. Lt. Howe will be buried dt the same citw Sun day. Base ba'l—Baltimore—Baltimore 33,Mutuals 6. George B. Stuart, chairman of the commit tee purchasing the Indian supplies, asks Secre tary Delano for a thorough investigation of the charges. A new national bank has been authorized at Watertowu, N. Y. Quite large uumbers of Sioux Indians appear near Fort Lincoln, near where the Northern Pacific railroad crosses the Missouri, but their actions are regarded as mere bravado. Clayton McMichael of Philndelpqia has been re-instated as one of the Vienna commissioners. Herald O’Kelly is to be immediately released by the Cuban authorities. The Chicago eight hour Plasterers’ Union has been dissolved because the most of its membees were found to work teu hours. Gens. De Blanc and De Clo' et, and otlicre, have arrived at New Orleans from St. Martins ville, in charge of a squad of soldiers, and gave bail in $2000 each for their appearance Mon day. the ordinance of Chicago closing at 9 o’clock all liquor saloons, went iuto operation Thurs day night, and was generally observed, except in two or three cases where a suit is invited to test the constitutionality of the act. Commander Breeze is to command the mid shipmen at the naval academy. At the Lexington, K.v., races, the three year old, Tom Bowliug. made the best time on rec ord, running his mile in 1 43.J. A fire at Joliet, II1., Friday, destroyed eigh teen buildings on Bluff street. Loss $40,000; insurance $10,500. The fire was incendiary. The brush factory of Clerk & Rro., of Grand Rapids, Mich., was destroyed by fire Friday. Loss 860,000; insured $22,000. At a meeting of the policy holders of the St. Louis Mutual Life Insurance Co. Friday, a committee was appointed to make a full exam ination of the books and accounts. The health of the Pope continues to im prove. The total vote recorded in the recent election in Spain is 1,250,000. The steamer Nestorian, from Liverpool, ar rived at Halifax Friday. Four more bodies have been recovered from the wreck of the Atlantic. The Women’s Foreign Mission Society of the M E. Church, adjourned Friday, to meet in Philadelphia next year. Additional mission aries will be sent to Mexico and South Amer ica, but none to Japanor Africa. A public meeting is to be he.d in Philadel phia Mav 23d to raise funds for a monument to Philip Embury, who held the first Methodist service on this continentin 1765. Adv ces from Buenos Ayres report that steamers and sailing vessels with upwards of 200 passengers on board, were quarantined at that port. The Shah of -Persia with three wives and the whole of his cabinet are expected ut Vienna. His tour will cost £5,000,000. The United States Consul at Belfast, Ireland, writes that during the momh of April 3,300 of the flower of the youth of the agricultural dis tricts left that port for tile Unite I States. FINANCIAL, AA1) CtMltlEUOIAL Receipt* by Railroad, nod stieambnof*. Grand Trunk Railway—I cars sundries, 2 do for Boston, 1 do sliooks. 2 do clapboards, 1 do bags 5 do laths, 3 do shingles, 80 do lumber, 1 do flour, 1 do maclduery, 1 do bark, 12 for St John, N'B, 7 do for Halifax._ Foreign Export*. BUENOS AYRES. Brig Jlbaro—75,895 ft lumber, 1009 pickets. — HAVANA. Brig M A Chase—5972 box (hooks, 10 emptv casks. ST. JOHN. NB. Schr Lizzie G-1100 bbls flour,4180 galls nil. Foreign Import*. CIENFUEGOS. Schr Capella—292 hhds 33 tes mo lasses 1 bbl wine, 1 box cigars to E Churchill & Co. HALIFAX. NS.Steamer Carlotta—6 bbls fresh lish, 12 boxes eggs, 8 pkgs mdse to J F Llscomb, Boston Stock List. ISales si the Broker’s Board, May 16.1 Maine State 6’s.. 99} Netr York stork and Money Market. New Yobk. May 16—Momma.—Gold 117J. Money at 7 percent. Sterling Exchange, long, 108}; do short 109a. Stocks steady. State stocks firmer. Money abundaut and easy at 6 @ 7 per cent, on call and 7 ® 9 per eent. for prime Discount. Press dis patches from Vienna announcing one hundred ad ditional failuies place the panic there in a more seri ous light than heretofore. Sterling Exchange decid edly firmer, dosing at to9 1-16 ® 109} f ,r 60 uaye and 1104 ® 110} for s gilt, and 110} for cable transfers — Gold firm and higher, ranging from 117} @ 118. with more activity under the advance in Exchange. The “hulls” being confident of early shipments; loans at 4 ® G per cent. The clearances were 31.000,000. Out Ztfndlng legal tenders show a decrease of $390,UO».— Tre sury disbursements S233.000. Customs receipts *110 000 Governments quiet and firm. State bonds dull and heavy. Stocks depressed with a marked decline daring ibe day At times price were firm, but this always ended in n general selling movement. The transactions were very large and the figures In some cases were the lowest current this week. The market at the close was steadier with a recovery of } ® 4 per cent, from the lowest point. Jay Gould is credited with the genc-ol fall of to-day. A great Decline was noted in Union Pacific income bonds, which were offered at €8} with GO} bid. The following were luo quotations or Government United State* coupon G's, 1S81.1218 United States0-2o s 1862.115? United States 5-20 s 1804. ■ ■ .115} United States 5-20 s 1805, old.. United States 5-2u’s 1805, new. 1184 United States 5-2"’s 1867.120} United States 5-20’s If68 .118} United Slates 5’s. new.114} United States 10-40’s.,coupons.114^ ^'tUc following were the closing quotations ot Western Union Telegraph Co. fii| Pacific Mail. v Y. Centra’ and Hudson River consolidated... .lt'O Erie... Erie preferred. IV Union Pacific stock.•••• • VJI*;,00® I'be following were the quotations for Paciac Rail road securities: Central Pacific bonds. lOj-l Union Pacific do... £o* Union Pacific land grant*.. ,5 Union Pacific income bonos.. 60J Donx-nc LflnrketM. New Youk. May 16-Kvemi.a—Cotton dull and unchanged; sales 1041 bales; Middling uplands 19Jc. Flour is active and a snane firmer; sales 23. 000 bbls; Stale 5 90@*50: Round hoop Ohio 7 00 @ 10 50; Western 5 85 @ 10 60; Southern at 6 12 50. -----—— 1 C5 l ?!\wfth ahjV -Wl bu"b ■ No t Spring trade deman.l; Winter R!ifuLa?<1 a mod«*»t® home Michigan 1 95® 2 30 "loeu ® 1 Mi^hi-e and unchanged; new MixedWeiL™ Is duiet 07 A 69c in store; sales OS,000 hush f? ® 65 f,'r “Id; active and higher; sales 60.000 bu»h- wi5.„aS m01'° 48 (t$ 52c; new VVesiern Mixed at 60 k 'o il. iVe8tern Pork weak; new roes- 18 00. Laro tfiak at Butter is dull and lower; Ohio 23 @ 26c: new Jfari'os ® 30c. Whiskey firmer at 93 @!)3Jc. Hire iT at 71 ® Hi Sagir quiet, buyers aud sellers apart Muscovado 8 @ HJc; refining J ® sic. Coftce l» uulet and very firm: Kio at 17$ 19.$c id Gold. MolasKm. quiet; tfew Orleans 67 (o> 80c. Naval Stores-Spirits Turpentine dull at 49$c; Rosin dullland heavy at 3 15 for strained. Petroleum is dull and heavy; crude lie; eflned!9$c. Tallow steady at 9 @ 9 1-16. Fi-eights to Liverpool firmer; Grain, per steam, at 7$ @ 8d. , . Chicago, May 16.—Flour firm and in fair demand; good to choice t*xtra Spring 6 50 (a) 7 0U. Wheat active and higher but unsettled; No 2 Spring 1 32 cash; 1 30$ seller June; 115 bid seller all the year; No 3 do 1 22 tl 22$. Corn is dull, unsettled and lower at 39} bid; o 2 Mixed cash 40c; 40Jc seller June; 43 seller July; 44$ seller Aug; rejected 38 @ 38$c. Oats steady; No 2 at 32}c on spot; seller June 33$; rejected 39Jc. Rye qntei aud unchanged.Barley is quiet aud unchanged; uo s ties. Provisions—Pork dull aud lower at 16 00 on spot; 16 lu selle June; 16 60 seller July. Lard iu fiir demand and lower at 9c cash or seller June.— Haras In pickle at 10 @11$, according lo weight — Bulk Meats quiet and unchanged; shoulders 6$ (a) C|c for 1 oose; short rib middles seller J uly uc; shor clear middles at 8} %!8$c. Bacon unchanged; shoulders ^lcic ear 9^ea 10c* clear sides io$c. Hams at 13 @ HJc. Whiskey at 89$c. Receipts—9,000 bbls flour, 49,000 bush wheat, 85, 000 bush corn, 31,000 bush oats, 1,000 bust rye, 2,000 bush barley, 00,000 hogs. Shipments--17,000 ddisflour,105,000 hush wheat, ar>0, 000 bush corn, 79.000 bush oats, 0,000 bush rve, 6,000 bash barlev, 0300 hogs. Lake Freights—Wheat to Buffalo 7; Corn to Buffalo 6$. CINCINNATI. May 16.—Butter steady. Provisions quiet. Pork sol l at 17 50 on spot * r haver May.— Laid dull and nothing doing on spot; “to *m at kettle at 9$c. Bulk Meais firm and sieidy; shoul ders held at 6}: clear rib sides 8fc; clour *Me* at 9c; on demand at 5-16 lower. Bacon easier and very quiet; shoulders at 7$c; sides at 9$@ 9-jJc; ti ur si t s 9$@9}c. Whiskey is steady at 87c. «ii»o. May 16.—Flour firm and in f dr demand. Wheal dull and a shade lower; N i J Whi e Wabash 1 99; extra White Michigan 2 00; No 1 WniV »• •• - gan I 861; Amber Mi«*l>l^:ii» on spot 1 76; seller June 1 77$;; No 1 Red sit 1 82; No 2 at 1 82. Corn dull aud a shade lower ; high Mixed on sjiot 461c; seller June 46$; s ller July 47$c; seller Aug 49c; buyer Ma 47( ; low Mixed on spot 46c; no grade 45}. Oats'me a shae higher; No 2 on spot at 425c; seller Juno at 434c. Lake Freights dull—to Buffalo 3$ @ 4c; to Oswego 7 7$c. Receipts—1,500 bbls flour, 12,000 bush wheat, 28,000 bush corn, 4,000 bush oats. Shipments—1000 bbls flour, 5,000 bush wheat,11.000 bush corn, 0,000 bush oa's. Detroit. May 16.—Flour is steady; extra White 1 93; No 1 White at 1 93; Amber Michigan I 78. i oru dull and lower at 49 @ 5uc. Oats are in good demand at 42$c. Freights to Buffalo 4c; to Oswego 8 @ 8$. Beceipts—O.OOu bbls flour, 7,OUO busu wheat, 0,000 bush com, 5000 bush oats. Shipments—2C00 bbls flour, 25,000bush wheat,11,000 bush corn, 0,000 bush oats. Chaklk>ton, May 16.—Cotton quiet; Middling uplands 18$c. Savannah, May 16.—Cotton firm; Middling up lands at IS$<\ 17$,'OB1LE* *'Iay —Cotton quiet; Middling uplands Orleans, May 16.—Cotton in good demand; Middling uplands 18$c. Havana Market. Havana, May 1ft.—Exchange on United States CO days currency at 15 @ 15* prem; short sight IX prera: 60 days gold 31 @ 32 prem; do short teghi 35@36 prem * °n ^‘on^on ^ ® 48 prem; on Paris 20 @ 30 Riiropsnu Markets. May —11*30 A. M.—Consols opened at tor money and account. American securities—U. S. 5-20’s 1865, old, at 91f; do 1867, 93}; do 10-40s, 89}: new 5s, 89k Erie Rail way at 47. Frankfort, May 16.—United States 5-20s 1862, at 95. London, May 16—5.00 P. M.—Consols closed un changed. American securities—U. S. 5-20s, 1865, old, 614; do 67V, 93}; new 5’s 89. Those Baked Beans. _* THOSE BAKED BEANS — lrnicn — W. C. COBB is selling BY THE QUAKT, at his Bakery, NOS. 28 & 30 PEARL STREET, have been tested and pronounced GOOD ! Now if you wish to try them, you can by sending in your order have them brought right from the oven to your door anv morning during the week. Or, if you say you want them Sabbath morning (as is the custom) Mr. Cobb will have a fresh lot ready which ho will send you Saturday evening. Then by fat ting them in your own ov- n you can find them there at breakfast time and save the unpleasant task of rising before you are r^ady and hurrying to tbe bak ery. V. N.—Take some choice, BROWN BREAD with them or not) an yon like. apl5__tf PROBATE NOTICE. To all Person* interested in the Estate hcreiaafter named: AT a Court of Probate held at Portland withiu and for the County of Cumberland on the first Tuesday of May, In the year of our Lord eight een hundred and seventy-three, the following matters having been presented for the action thereupon hire inafter indicated, it is hereby Ordered. That notice thereof be given to all persona inter ested, by cansing a copy of this order to be published three weeks successively in the Maine State Press and Eastern Argus, papers printed at Portland afore said, that they may appear at a Probate Court to be held at said Portland on the third Tuesday of June next, at at ten of tbe clock in tbe forenoon, and be beard thereon, and object if they see cause, the first publication to be thirty days at least before the time so asngned. STEPHEN HANSON, laic of Windham, deceased. Petition that Charles Jones, Administrator, noy be licensed to sell real estate, and distribute the pro ceeds, after payment of expenses, piesented by Josh ua Hanson & als, heir -at-law of said deceased. JOHN A. WATERMAN, Judge. A true copy cf the original Order. Attest, WM. K. NEAL. Register, may 8 dlaw3wTh&w:>wl9 BEAL’S HOTEL, NORWAY, MA NE The subscriber, having lease1 T cal’s Hotel, one oi the best arnnged houses in the State, having all the mo * rn improve ments and being entirely refi uish.-d, is prepared to take Summer Boarders and entire Families at a very low price. The locality is one of 'he , ieas antcsl in the State, a first class livery calabli me t is connected with the House, anil its teams c r.inat with id trains :tt outh Paris, one mile diuau . All inquiries by mail tuomptly answered. O. H. UREESl, Proprietor. Norway, May 15, 1873. myl6dlm Leavitt, Burnham & Co., WHOLESALE & RETAIL DEALERS IN ICE. No- 14 Cross Street, Portland. Orders left at Ice Office, 14 Cro*s St., or wiih J. C Proctor, 93 Eichange St., will bo promptly attended to. B3T*Pure Ice supplied fur all purpoees in any quantities and at the aplO_LOWEST RATES. istt 'JV'OTICE is hereby given that the subscriber has ll been duly appointed and taken upon himself the trust of Administrators of the estate of MARTIN SHERIDAN, late of Portland, in the County of hind, deceased, and given bonds as the law directs. All persons having demands up hi the estate of said deceased, are required to ex hibit the same, —id all persons indebted to said estate are called upon to rnuke payment to JAMES T. McCOBB, Adm.r. Portland, May C, lOdlaw- wS * 1PORTLAi\D ba\i>, AS Military Band and Orchestra, arc in readiness to fum-sli music for all occasions required by applying to J. COLE, Leader and Secretary, No. 1G Brown street and at Band Headquarters, 194 Market Square. Also J. COLE’S Qnndville Band will furnish any number of pieces for Parties, Balls, Picnics, Thea tres, i*fcc., &c. Apply as above. myl4dtf Cheapest Book Stores IN THE UNITED STATES. OLD Book,* bought, sold, or exchanged, or loaned for one cent per day. Send three cents for cir culars. Agents warned. ALBERT COLBY & SONS, lls exchange St , Portland, Mass., and 156 Baltimore Sr., Baltimore, Md feb26_ rtJkwt*wO New Boarding House. THE Subscriber, having leased tho new and com mndions hnuse, recently erected by Geo. R. Da vis & Co., up n the *• Blanchard itroperty,” 3IU High St., takes pleasure in announcing to the nubile that he will about the fit »t of April open it (or a Oral, class boarding house. Rooms can bo seen and full particulars as to terms, &c., obtained, by calling st the house Horn 10 A. M. to 12 M., and from 2 until 5 P. M. apr3eodtf S. S. KNIGnT. Farmers Attention ! wl"h',',,g & contract to raise cucumbers for pickling will address E. D. PETTENGILL, 8 and 10 Market Street, Portland, We. m a y 6-2 wd Aw __ For Sale. SCHOONER COL. EDDf, 106 tons New Measurement, dimensions 82.9, ) 25.3,7. Vessel in fair order tor business. A For further p irticulais apply to CHAS. SAWYER, IVo. 1*3 Commercial Street, Up Mtairn ____i w ' Wanted to Charter! , I®* on Kenntbec Rirer1 for 1 hiladelphia, Washington, and Sa vannah by MICAH SAMPSON. No. 68 Mid,He Street. ™>10 (Opposite the Pont Office.) d-w CAPE COTTAGE, CAPE ELIZABETH, ME. This House will be openo.1 for transient custom and permanent boarders on and after Tuesday, May 20th, 1873. FBANK L. FOSS, Proprietor. my 12 lw# ENTERTAINMENTS. Fair and Entertainmentt The Members of the India Street Sunday School will hold a CHILDREN’S PAIR -AND ENTERx AlNm ent — AT TI1E— Vestry ol the Iudia Slret.t Ch„rcJi Wednesday Eyrniui. Mity 14,,. Thursday Erent:iK. II ,T . j . Friday Eiminii, .Wny Malurdfiy Evening. May |,lh A change cf Programme ouch evening. ments for sale. TOYS, FANCY and USEFUL AR TICLES for sale each evening. Admissiin 10 Entertainment in the evening 25ct». Five tickets for 3’.UO. Children’s tickets lu cents.— Afiemnon Admission, free. Tickets can be procured at the Vestry each afternoon. ntylldif MT7SJC HALL Amateur Entertainment l PEEP O’ DAY, OR, SAVOURAEEN DEELI$n. THE EMERALD BOAT CLUB. assisted by their lady fiiends, have given two r pre Bentations of Falc net’s beautiful drama “Peep O Day,” end ask your patronage on this occasion lor their own benefit. Saturday Evening, May 17th with the same beautiful music, scenery and cos umes ercaUy improve ! Incidental to the place is tt ’a Beene with characters by company, faction ;» he old quarry in the Foil Dhuiv by moon ug it. The Montgomery Guards Lave kindls volun teered thrir services Tickets fir sale at Whittier’s Drug store. Reserved ltB arc for 8ale at Stockbridge’s Music Store on Ex change street. t* RICES OF ADMISSIONReserved seats in Orolestra, 75 cents; Parquet, 50 cents' Bal-ony, 30 cents, to be obtained of tne members and at the door. Doors open at 6.45; i>enormance commeurts at 7}. rnf13___TTF&SIt MUSIC HALL. Wednesday & Thursday, May 21st & 22d. PEKFORHAKCEENTIRELk MEW. The famous TABLEAUX OF ERIN, and Celobrated HIBERNIAN COMEDY COMPANY New Performance and change of Character with the famous DUBLIN DAN In a new role. Delightful Singing, splendid Danc ing and uproaioiiB fun. THE MASTER TROUPE of the ERA. Outrival ling all other Combinations. Mr. John M. Burke, Ern’s Favorite Comedian as HUB I. IN n AN Mbs Annie F.Irt^b, as Kathleen, with Songs and Melodies of Erin: 5. Iss Nellie Burns, as Mam ie O’ James Shannon, as Hungry Sam; Bart Murry, as the Tourist; Frank Vickery Iiantat and Organist; Patrick Fay, as Sham, the Irish Piper. For further particulars ice programmes, bills, lithogiaphs, Ac. General admission. 35cts Reserved Seats . 50 c,,' PEoRSON & BURKE..Proprietors.' 0*0. H. Elkina, Business Agent. my!6 i» CITY HAUL. ANNA STARBIRD CONCERT COMPANY miss anna starbird respectftilly announces One Grand Concert — on — Thursday, May 22d, The Company being composed of the following emi nent artists: HIIS8 ANNA STARBIRD, Prima Donna Soprano. MISS ALICE FAIBNIAM, Contralto. IflKttS THEBFSE LIEBE, The eminent Violinist. MB. NELSON VABLEY, The celebrated hngli*h Tenor. mR. WRJ. H. BECKETT, Baritone, MR. J. A. HOWARD, Pianist and Conductor, POPULAR PRICES—Admission 50 c*ms; Re serv* d seats 75 cts. Reserved seats can be *ecured at Stnckbridge’s Music Store on and afler Monday, May 19th. To commence at 8 o’clock. mayl4dtd Forest City TROTTING PARK! 1873 June Meeting 1873 (t A-ffi COMMENCINK JgjglS. TUESDAY, June 10th and Continuing Fire Days. $2“500 Us PREMIUMS. First Day, Tnes ay Jane lOth. No- 1. Purse $2 >0 fir horses that have never trot ted better than three minutes; $150 to first, $C0 to se ond. $40 to third. No. 2. Purse $300 for horses that have never trotted better than 2:40; $175 to first, $75 to second, $50 to third. Second Day, Wedneaday, Jane 11th No. 3. Purse $100 for horses that have never trotted better than 2:35, to be trotted under saddle; $31 to first, $30 to second, $10 to third. No. 4. Purse $250, free to all road wagons, wag"*n and driver to w«.igh 300 lbs: $150 to first; $75 to second, $25 to third. Third Day, Thnrmlny June 12th. No 5. Purse $250 for horses ihat have never tr >tted bet'er than 2:50 ; $150 to first. $60 to secoud. ! $10 to third So. 0. Purse $3*30 for horses that have never trotted better than 2:37; $175 to first, $75 to sect nd. $C0 to third. Faarth Day, Friday, Jane 13«b. No. 7. Purso $300 for horses that have never trotted better than 2:38, two mih s and rej*cat in har ness; $175 to first, $75 to Recond, $ .0 to third. No. 8. Purse $100 f«r horses that hate never trotted better than 2:32; $250 to first $100 to second: $50 to third. Fifth Day, SnioHay Jane I4lh. SPECIAL PREMIUMS. Three Hundred and Fifty Dollars offered by the Executive Committee of the Maine General Hospital and for whose benefit the entire proceeds of the gate for this dav has been donated. No. 9. First Premium, Martin & Pennell, wagon, valued $250, open to all horses that have never trotted better than 2:45. No. 10. Second Premium, fine Gold Mounted Har ness, value $ If 0, open to all horses that ha.e never trotted better than 2:35. The above races will all be mile beats best 3 in 8 in harness, excepting Nos. 3 ami 4, and will be trotted under the rules f the National Association. All en tries must be made in accordance therewith. Id heats where e ght nr more horses start the distance will be ISO yards. When less than eight horses start the distance will be too yuds. In awarding premiums Rule 36 of the National Cote will be adopted. Entrance Fee—Ten per cent, must accompany the nomination in all cases. Ali entries, except for Special Premiums of the Hospital Fair, will close Saturday, May 31st at 9 o’clock P. 34., at No. 14 Preble Street, rear ot treble House. The Wagon and Harness Promiums will re main open until Friday noon at 12 o’cloefc Jane 13th Mid will then close with the Secretary of the Hospital Fair at their headquarters under Falmonth Hotel En'rance ten per cent, of value Entrance to be addressed to the proprietors. ,, .. BAILEY* WILLIS. (Ieohoe H. Bailkv, Horace E. Willis. m»I16 _ dtd D. W. CLARK & CO., — DEALERS UC — — ICE HOUSE, H1RKET ST.. — AMD — 33 EXChANGi ST., Parc Icc supplied Tor all purpos es, and .n any quantity at the LOWEST RATES. apiJ IF YOU WANT TO FIT A DIFFICULT FOOT — GO TO — PALMER’S, 132 Middle Street, Where you can get a wide or natrow, fun or .11m Boot just the width »nd length that will be easy and graceful, ann enjoy the rare lnxnry ot wearing a per fect fitting Boot.__ _ myleodCw HOT TEA ROLLS. HOT TEA ROLLS can be had from W. C. Cobb’s Bakery or Carts EVERY AFTERNOON. myl5_ t/ Announcement. MK. JAMES L. FOGG is admitted aa a member of our tirm from thi* day. „ , . .,, , J, B. MATHEWS <£ CO. Portland April 1, 1873. tf Bricks for Sn'e IN lots to suit purchasers. Enquire of . B. STEVENS, Jr., mylZdlw Head of Borliu’s Mills Wharf. _AUCTION SALES. Marseilles Quilts, Linens, Ac., at .... Auction. Cr shall HfjfatJJiJ.®a*X!S®£*’ Quilt* anil Linen |‘*k 1 f vwy fine Mimn ille* oUtaloaomant.betin*. " >'• lhl- •*«* will ®^od)» ever »ulu In this mar o. bailkv * co Anctlonrcr. Trees, Trees at Auction. ON MONDAY, May 19th, at 10 o’clock A. M.. we shad sell at office about 500 < he ice Pear Tree*. Apple Trees, Shrub*, Ac. This s’oek must be sold without reg rd price. F. O. KAILLV A CO. Auctioneer*. my!7_ 2t Auction Kale — or >23 GROVE LOTS, — AT — Old Orchard Beach, Saco, Maine. TUESDAY, May 20th at 1 ?c£k p on premises. oe* M. on the Oil- hundred an.i twenty-three honiu;r„i n ,, In:*; many of which arc iW'xlOO icct, .itnatnl comma ml an excellent view of t. e ocm u'nd In dnto proximity to the snrf. Tlic lots are coy, ml wit h i beautiful grove and arc the moat desirable lots ♦«,? building 10 be found on tlir Atlantic coast. The Boston »V Maine R ilroad Sratiou is within five min utes* wxltf of tbe lot*. They have been laid out in a tasty matter, with beautiful avenues, etc., a j lan < f which c m be ,een atiheSaco House, or a the time and place of sale. For further particulars inquire of T. K. LANE, Auctioneer. mayl3dlw Saco, Main®. BY J. «. BAIY.EY A CO., Actiowaecra. House and Lot at Auction. ON WEI XESDAY May 21st. at 11 o’clock A M., on the premises; Tbe two-*l01 y wooden House on Salem Lane No. The hous • is a very vood bouse and in very good ord« r. Tbe 1 t cento ins about 27o0 feet of land. Sale positive. Terms cash. my 15 dul 3 Desirable Lots at West End at Auction. ON SATURDAY. May 24th. at 3 P. M.. we shall sell 3 lots of land situated on corner ol Hill and Ellsworth strcHs. Said hits are of good sine und pleasantly localed. Tbe view firm this p»oierty is uusurpa*sed. Terms and paitii u ai> at sale. F. O. B illibV & CO., Auctioneer*. ma> 16_ dtd Valuable Whail Property at Auc tion. ON SATURDAY. May 24tb, at 12 o’c’ock M., we shall sell 1 undivided interest in Merrill Wharf ami the buildings thereon on Commercial street, Portland, Me. Terms at sa e. For particulars in quire of F. O. BAILEY & CO., Auctioneer*., my 17____7t Administratrix's Sale. BY virtue ol license from the Judge of Probate L»r tbe Couniy of Cumber.and, 1 shall sell at Public Auction on Tuesday, Juno 3d next, at ihe offlft- ot F. O. Bailey & t o., Exchange St., at two o clock, P. M.. the following describe. Beal Estate, DelonAng to the e-taie of the late James Poole viz., one sixth of an uudivhhd ihi d of a lot of land «n Exchange street, Port1 and, adj< iuing tbe Savings Bank building; said lot co tain in g about 3.000 square feet, or all iho interest of the add estate in said lot A Is *, a house and lot on Great Chebeugue Island in Ihe town ot Cumberland.. EUNICE POOLE, Administratrix of the Estate of James Poole. may-3rilaw3wS Executor's Public Sale ol Desira ble Real Estate comer ol Con gress and Carter Streets, West End, at Auction. PURSUANT tnllccrw from Hon. Join A. Wa termini, Judge of Probate Court for Cumber land Coun y, will be sold at aucti n. on TUESDA Y, the tenth day of June next, at 3 o’clock P. M., the valuable two story House on the comer o* Congress and Carter streets, continuing 14 well LnUbed io« ms, well divided for two families. Said Hou>>e is ne. rly new with good basement, having been built bince the fire. Terms cash. L. EUOINE WEYMOUTH, Executor of Will «.f the late I.evi W'evm uth. Portland, May lo, 1873. my 10_ dlaw3wS ABRAMS A: BRO.. AHrtiourcrs and f'ommissioia yirrrhnnti, ^ give their special a* tom it n to selling Real I state, Furniture anti Meichxrvb*- ol all kinds. Hordes ( ar riage>, Ac. Atlv nces made on c« nsignuientt. Reg ular Sales of new and rccoud Lams I u niluie at the Auction Rooms every Saturday tm rning. Ccmmu nicatious by mail promi th rttumed to A ft AiHSt A ICRO i K1I K, 125 Fe 'ertl St., under the U. S. Hotel. N. B. Money advanced on Watches, Jewelry, Furniture, Clothing, and all goods of value, apt 23 dtf WILSON Sewing Machines ! MEW PLAM! Extra Inducements ! Large discounts made for cash or one half down and balance in 30 and 60 days. This affords an opportunity to purchase the BEST MACHINE ! in the market at about one half the usual price charged for other Machines. Salesroom 179 Middle St., R. J. Bellamy & Co. myl5 dlw GRASS SEED. 2000 Bags Western Timothy Seed 1500 “ Canada “ »• lOOO “ Bed Top “ 500 “ Michigan Clover “ 200 “ Ohio ». 400 “ No. New York “ “ lOO “ Pea Yiue, “ “ 150 “ Alsike “ «. IOO “ MUIet * « 100 “ Huiigaiian Grass “ IOO “ Orchard “ FOR SALE AT THE; Lowest Cash Price. KENDALL & WHITNEY. mr.h26 tf Plants for Sale. 8000 VERBENAS, Strong and healthy, free from Rost. A very fine collection of Cireeiihouse and Bedding Plants, In excellent condition at my Greenhouse. Norlh and Montreal Sts., (Mnnjoy Hill.) ALBERT DIRWANGER, FLORIST. ___ds*_ New Spring Millinery ! —AT— HI. n. NEAL’S, 327 Congress St., Nearly opposite their Old Stand. They can now show a splendid stock of New Mil linoi v Go ds in all the variet> of stales, at very rea sonable prices. Bonnet? and bats ready trininitd, “®Pl °n hand. Also, bleaching .tnd pressing dr ik- In manner. A gO'*d assortnunt ol -cal l air •y1 "nU Imitation of all kind*. Ladies in want or millinery or hair goods, will do w#!i to call at her Store. »P«-17_ dim OR. 200 Congress Street. uuijunc VA s. H L pnEltCS, , 415 Dorchester Avenue, tnyli-lm South Beaton, Mass. •

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