Newspaper of Portland Daily Press, May 19, 1873, Page 1

Newspaper of Portland Daily Press dated May 19, 1873 Page 1
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PORTLAND DAILY PRESS. ESTABLISHED JUNE 23, 1862. VOL. 12. PORTLAND MONDAY MORNING, MAY 19, 1873. TEEMS $8.00 PER ANNUM in Anv..,. ——— _ _—^ _____ . ^ | ** ** » A J* * THF PORTLAND DAILY PRESS Published every day (Sundays excepted) by the PORTLAND PUBLISHING CO., At 109 Exchange St, Portland. Terms: Eight Dollars a Year In advance THE MAINE~"STATE PRESS is published every Thursday Morning at $2 50 a year, if paid in advance, at $2 00 a year. Rates of Advertising: One inch of space, eng'li of column, constitute*, a “square.” $• 50 per square daily first week; 75 cents per w el; after; three inbcrtionb, or less, $1 00; continu ng every other day alter first week, 50 centb. Half square, three insertions or less, 75 cents; one we *k. $1 00; 50 cents per week after. Special Notices, oue third additional. i IJrnler head of “Am usfments,” $2 00 per square per week: three inscrtionb or ies*1 $150. c t'lvertisemcnts Inserted fn the Maine State Press’* (wh’cli lia» a large circulation In every part of the State) for $1 00 per square for first insertion, and so cents per square for each subsequent rnser tion. Address all communication* to PORTLAND PUBLISHING CO. “Business cards. ClIAS. J. SCHUMACHER, FRESCO PAINTER, 5 Dcering Block, " AT SCHUMACHER BROTHERS. aprlu_ d3mo J. II. LAMSOU, PHOTOGRAPHER, No. 152 middle Street. PORTLAND, ME. Copying and enlarging done to order. All the new styles, Beilins, Rcmbrants, Medallion, he Porcelain, or Mezzotint card, and the retouched card, by widen new process we get rid of freckles moles,wrinkles and all imperfections of the skin. Call and judge for yourselves. Ik^Motto—Good work at moderate Price*. Aim to Please. may 20 William H. Phinney. Jas. L. Lombaed. PHINNEY & LOMBARD, Real Estate & Loans, No. 153 La Salle Street, CHICAGO. 8afe investments made for non-reftidents, and their interests carefully attended to. References :—Chas. B. Sawyer, Pres. 5rh Nat’l Bank, Chicago; Chas. H. Mathews,Capitalist, Schen edady, M. Y.; J. S. Winsl w & Co., Portland, Me.; S A. Briggs, VIce-Pres. Franklin Bank, Chicago; G. H. Hobmor, Lcckport, N. Y.; Phinney& Jackson, Portland. Me. _api!2dtf L. B. DENNETT, Counsellor at Caw, NO. 1 EXCHANGE STREET, PORTLAND. ME. janlO tf JAMES O’DONNELL, COUNSELLOR AT LAW, has removed to NO. 84 1-9 MIDDLE 8TR11ET, (2nd door below Canal Bank,) PORTLAND, M-AXNHI. Commissioner of deeds for the several States. feblO_ ARETAS SKURTLEFF, No. 6 Moulton. Street. PORTLAND, MB., — WILL SELL ON — COMMISSION ! ALL KINDS REAL ESTATE. — ALSO — Negotiate Loans on Mortgages! ttprlfidtf JOST & KEILER, FRESCO PAINTERS, Office 134 Kiddle St., up stairs. PORTLAND, ME. Orders may be left at F. F. Hale’s picture gallery an > O. M & F. P. Brooks’, No. 333 Congress St. Ep' All Orders promptly alt. sided to. Jan25__tf w. c. clarkT 103 FEDERAL STREET, 5 Doors East of Temple St., GAS AND WATER PIPING. ap21_ tr ROSS & STURDITANT, WHOLESALE COAL DEALERS 179 Commercial St., Portland. Sole agents in Maine for the sale aDd shipment of the Celebrated Coal mined by Messrs. Ham mett Neill & Co., of Philadelphia. We have also for sale at lowest market price, 'Vilkt'fbarre, Scranton, Lackawanna, and Pitteton Coals, shipped from the vicinity of New York. Ves sels procure! lor the tranportntion of coals from port of shipment any point desired. ttapr27 WILLIAtfllEiYR* CLIFFORD, Counsellor at Law and in Patent Canses, NO. 80 MIDDLE ST., PORTLAND. ty Attends to all kinds of Patent business. marlO d3m HENRY F. T. KERRILL, , COUNSELOR AT LAW, , No. 30 Exchange St., Portland. £ TWrmerly of the U. S. Treasury Department and Attorney in all the courts in the District of olumbia, wi! attend to the prosecution of lairas beiore the Court of Claims and the various departments at Washington. octll-if ESTABLISHED 1821. Byron Greenough & Co., 140 Middle Street, PORTLAND, ME. ITIilitnry, 1 f Firemen5*, Grand Army. If'I A j Bnae Ball, Navy, vill School, Ihasonir, ] (Club. HATS, CAPS AND CHAPEAUS, MADE TO ORDER, S3?“At the Lowest !Prioes.=£El Samples sent on ■•ppllcation, and all orders filled at short no,ice. apr4tf PORTLAND machineworks (FORMERLY C. STAPI.ES & SON,) Marine, Stationary and Portable STEAM ENGINES, Steam Boilers, Bleach Boilers and Tanks, Shafting Mill Gearing and General Machinery. Castings ot iron, t rass, and composition. Repairing promptly attended to. CSr New and Second-hand Engines for sale. Highest cash prices paid for old Iron. 315 Commercial Street, W. H. FESSENDEN. aprlltf Portland, Me. GEO. E. COLLINS, PHOTOGRAPHIC ARTIST, 316 CONGRESS STREET, I« prepared to make all the various styles offward Picture*, Rembrant. Medallion'Ac., from Retouched Negative*. By this process we Get ri«l of Freckle*. Mole* and other im perfection* of the *kin. For all of which no extra charge will be made. All work warranted to please. Call and examine for yourselves. mch!8dtf JAMES T. McCOBB, COUNSELLOR At|lAW, No. 95 Exchange Street, PORTLAND, MAINE. mar!2_ eod3m EEMOVAL F. FEENEY, PLMTEBKB A STUCCO WORKER, Having removed from the corner nt Cumberland and Franklin street to 99 Federal Street, between Exchange and 1 emide S'8., i« prepar d to do Plast ering, Coloring, Whitening and White Washing Prompt and teisonal attention paid to all kinds of Jobbing in my line. mhl9eod3m «. W. STOCKMAN. M. Physicl n and Surgeon, 307 CongreBa St., Portland. C pponite the Park. mailMtf BUSINESS CARDS. J. II. FOGG, Attorney and Counsellor at Law, 1191-3 EXCHANGE ST., (Corner of Exchange and Federal Sts.,) feb27 PORTEA-ND, TV1XC. t f PORTRAIT PA1NTKR. J. G. CL©UI>Jf|AIV, ,tan22t?48 K*« »• BUSINESS DIRECTORY. Agency for Sewing Machines. W. S. DISK, No. 373 Middle St. All kiu<U_ of Machines for sale aud to let. Repairing. Bakers. W.C COBB, No*.38nud 30Pearl Ntreet. Oil direct route between New Custom House aud Po*t Office, near the Market. Booksellers and Stationers. UOVT, FOGG & BREED, No. 91 Middle Street. _ Book Binders. WM. A. QITINCV, Boom 11, Printer’* Exchange, No. Ill Exi-hoage St. SHALL & SHACKPOBD, No. 35 Plum Street._ Carpenters and Builders. WHITNEt A MEANS) Pearl Street) op powiie Park*_ Dentists. DR. W. R. JOHNSON, over H. H. Hay’s. Dye-House. F. SYNONDS, India St. Velvet Cloaks dyed and finished. FOSTER’S Dye Honsc, 34 Union Street.* Furniture-Wholesale and Retail. WALTER COREV A CO., Arcade, No. 18 Free Street. GEORGE A. WHITNEY, No. 56 Ex change St. Upholstering of all kinds done to order. Furniture and House Furnishing Goods. BENI. ADAMS, cor. Exchange and Fed eral Streets. HOOPER dr EATON, Old Post Office, Exchange Street. E. F. HOYT, No. 11 Preble Street. Up holstering done to order. Furniture and Upholstering. DAVID W. DEANE, No. 80 Federal St. All kinds of Upbols rringand Repairing done to order. Hair Goods and Toilet Articles. J. F. SHERRY, No. O Clapp’s Block Congress Street, opposite Old City Hall# Horse Shoeing and Carriage repairing Done in the best possible manner by S. YOUNG Ac CO.. No. lOO Fore St._ Jewelry and Fine Watches. ABNER LOWELL, 301 Congress Street. Agents for Howard Watch Company. Manufacturers of Trunks, Talises and Carpet-Bags. J. R. DURAN A CO., 171 middle and 116 Federal Streets. Masons and Builders. N. E. REDLON, 333 1-3 Congress St. Paper Hangings, Window Shades, and Carpetiugs. LOTHROP.DE VENS A CO., 61 Exhange Sreet and 48 Market St. Photographers. A. S. DAVIS A CO., No. SO middle Street. J. II. L ANSON, 153 middle St.,cor. Cross. Plumbers. JANIES miLLER, No. 91 Federal Street. Every description of Water Fixtnres ar ranged and set ap in the best manner. Jobbing promptly attended to. Plasterer, Stucco Worker, &c. P. FEENY, Cor. Cumberland and Frank lin Sts. Real Estate Agents. JOHN C. PROCTER, No. 03 Exchange Street. GEO. R. DAVIS 6c Co.. No. 301 1-9 Con gress Street. Stiver Smith and Gold and Silver Plater. rn. PEARSON, No. 33 Temple St., near Congress. All kinds of Silver and Plated War* Repaired. Silver and Plated Ware. ABNEB LOVHL, 301 CnajnH glrtcl. ' ■ V ■■■..' --" ... . Schools. E.VOLnn and FRENCH «CIIOOI.,4:tO fougress Street. Stair Builder. R. F. IjTBBV.Lo. 959 F«rc Street, eor. Cross St., in D< le 110*0 Mill. G. L. IIOOPER Ac CO., Snrcenooro to Littlpflrid &WiUon, Cor. York Ac Ma ple Streein. Watches, Jewelry, &c. J. W. Sc H. H. MCDl'FFEE, Cor. Itfiddl. Ar Y’nion St*. EDUCATIONAL. Navigation School! A NAVIGATION SCHOOL will be opened at No. 1-H Exchange street, March 3d. to be under the 'barge of Cant. Edward Breen and C. H. Farley. Instruction will be given every afternoon by Ca;>t. Breen, and Monday and Friday evenings by C. H. Farley. The course will begin with decmnl arithme tic, and well comprise Plane, Traverse, Parallel Mid dle Latitude sailing; the use of Logarithms: the use and a-ijustment of Nautical instruments; Latitude by Sun and Stars, and Longitude by Chronometer Lunar observations will not be inducted in the course but will be taught If desired. The evening instruction will bo given before the whole class, when the various problems involved in navigation will be worked out upon the black-board and illustrated by suitable diagrams and appara! us, and the use and adjustme «t of Instruments explain ed. Subjects collateral to navigation such as Mete orolgv, Ocean Currents, &c., will also be introduced at the evening sessions. For terms, apply to C. H. Farley, No. 4 Exchange street. * febl9tf HENRY CLEWS & CO., 32 WALL STREET, NEW YORK, Offer for sale a limited number of the FIRST MORTGAGE 7 PER CENT, CON VERTIBLE SINKING FUND GOLD BONDS — OF THE — Burlington, Cedar Rapids & Min nesota Railway Line. At 90 and accrued interest in currency. At which price they yield over 9 per cent., and are strongly recommended as a Safe and Profitable Investment. This Railway is a corporation organized under the laws of the State of Iowa, which is he most prosper ous State in the Northwest, being the only State in the Union free from debt. The Minnesota Di vision, running from Burlington, Iowa, to Austin, Minnesota, a distance of 260 miles, was completed in February, 1872. and earned during that year an av erage of $83,000 per month, being a monthly increase of $35,000 on the earnings of 1871. The earnings for 1873 are estimated to exceed $1,500,000, or more than $125,000 per month. The * ilwaukee Division, from Cedar Rapids to Postville, on the Milwaukee and St. Paul Railroad, a distance of 110 miles, posses through one of the richest sections of the State of Iowa, and furnishing an outlet to Milwaukee and the lakes. The Burlington, Cedar Rapids and Minnesota Railway bonds have been admitted to the New York Stock Exchange, and are daily dealt in and quoted on the official lists, thus furnishing dealers an advantage enjoyed bv few of the new issues of Railway Bonds. foie entire loan has been sold, except about $300, 000, which we now offer, to cl-'se it out. All marketable securities taken in exchange at cur rent prices, without commission. For sale in Portland by B®bt. A. Bird, ap26dtf 97 Exchange Street L. C. JOHNSON & SON., —HAVING TAKEN THE_ REST A.TIRANT under the New City Building in Lewiston, for the term of five years, would now say to the public frat wei nte d to keep a first-class place in every respect Our Bn. of Fare shall be in keeping wi'hthe Portland and Boston Markets. Those visiting Lewision do not forget to call at Manufacturers’ and Merchants’ RESTAURANT, CITYBUILDING, Pine Street, LEWISTON, MAINE. LEWIS C. JOHNSON, J08EPH A. JOHNSON, jan22dlvnewe3m Sanford’s Improved Refrigerators. flie three points ot excellence which I claim, are, 1st, constant and thorough circulation of pure air; 2nd; rvness. no dampness mould nor taint; 3rd; no inte mingling of odors; purity and active air, the elements of its success. Call, oi send for circulars Manufactured and for sale by J. F. MERRILL, be tween Cross and Cotton sts., near Leavitt, Burnham & f'o.s Ice House, Portland. Me. ioSdtf A Fine Business Opening FOU a ynunii or middle aged man of 'ineneptlona ble character Experienced accountant and one thousand dollars capital. Investigation is invited Address Box 5. *15 Portland Me. novSitf REAL ESTATE. F. G. Patterson's Real Estate Bulletin. MftWPV TO LOAlt on First-Class lUVlilj I mortgages of Real Estate in B'ortl nd and Ticinity. Real Estnte bought and sold. Beats collected. Apply to F. ©. PATTEBStlN, Real Estate and mortgage Broker, over fjowell’s Jewelry Store* ap25dtf Cor. Congress A B own ats. Real Estate for Sale. All story House, 8 rooms, In complete order, cel far, Sebago water, drainage perfeet. Lot 34 x 70, with stable, Price $2000. A ppbr to F. G. PAT TERSON, cor. Crown and Congress Sts, myiotilw For Sale. TWO double tenement Houses on Cotton street— No. if, iwo tenements, five rooms each—No. w, two tenements, seveu rooms each. Also House No. 28 Bramball street, arranged for one or two iamines, lot 40x113, fronting on txco streets. ThisigopeJjy newly finished aud in com pie1 e sold as the health of the owner demands a change of climate. Apply to LEON M. BO vVIDOIN or . G. PATTERSON, Real Estate and Mortgage Broker, myg _tf Real Estate for Sale. A HOUSE in the Western part of the city, con taining 12 finished rooms, arranged for two families. Sebago Water, &c., with a corner lot 70x72. Price only $3500. Apply to F. G. PATTERSON. mylO 2\v FOR SALE! . A Superior Hay Farm, eight miles from Portland on tlie roaa leading from Portland to Buxton; a large JI*Op|K»S|P‘ two-stor> house, barn, stable, pig EAgHdaT* house, a Bph-ndin cellar, cistein and a good weil 01 water, orchard, pear, grapes, and oth er fruit«: and all conveniences to make a good farm. JOHN L. CURTIS, apl4d&wlw* then tf South Gorham. For Sale. HOUSE AND LOT No. 79 Oxford street. House contains 14 finished rooms, good cellar. Lot 27 x 100 feet besides passage. To be a >ld cheap. Im mediate possession given. Inquire of JOHN C. PROCTER, may!7d3w93 Exchange street. For Sale. IN Cape Elizabeth. House and land, from one to five acres, to suit purchaser; situated on the road between the North Congregational Church and Town HOU86, For particulars enquire of Geo. R. Barston, on the premises. Also one House and lot at Point Village. For particular s enquire m the premises of apr4eodtf JEDDIAH LOVIETT. For Sale in Peering. A FEW minutes walk from City limits. 25 acres of Land with nearly 1000 feet frontage, with Buildings thereon, consisting of TWO STORY HOUSE and two large Barns in good repair. Tbe Land ex tending through from one street to another, making it all available for HOUSE LOTS and will shortly be wanted for that purpose. It will be divided into two or more lots if desired. If not sold before June 1st, it will be sold at auc tion. For terms, etc., enquire at Cushman’s Fruit store, No. 306 Cougress street. myl3tf For Sale. THE house on State Street, occupied by the un dersigned. This house is thoroughly built of brick and stone and has all modern conveniences. ALLEN HAINES. Portland, Sep. 18th, 1872.scp!9-ti FOR SALE! tebbets'house, SPRINGVALE. WILL BE SOLP CHEAP! As the owner wants to go West. Jan31_SAMUEL D. TEBBETS. Valuable Lots for Sale. THE lot of land on Plum Street, formerly occupied by Rev. Dr. Carruthers. noxt below tho Eastern Ezpress Office; also the lot on Deer street, upon which stood the Second Parish Vestry, prior to the fire of I860; also a lot of second-hand curb stones Apply to WM. H. JERRIS, Real Estate Agent, myT *3w House for Sale. NO. 22 Bramhall Street tlie south-westerly half of a block of two houses containing twelve finished rooms; suitable for two families or one; fronting on two streets; ample room tor blulile. Apply on the premises. my6*lm For Sale. IN Yarmouth Village a two-story house and stable, finished throughout and in good repair. Also a second-hand covered carriage nearly new. Enquire of my7*2w LYMAN F. WALKER, Yarmouth. A SMALL FARM for sale in West Buxton. Contains twenty acres—has a young orchard, 1£ story house with four finished rooms. Connected is a barn and wood house. Buildings ten years ohL Cuts five tons hay. Pri^e only $900. Ap ply to WM. H. JERRIS, Real Estate Agent. my3-3w* Real Estate for Sale. rflHE HOUSE at No. 6 Tare Street, and lot extcnd JL ing through on Brackett street, with Stable. Also, a lot of 10 acies of Hay Field with a good Barn situated in Scarboro, on the Pi ine road near Hubbard Libby’s, about 6 miles from Portland. The above property will be sold at a bargain by applying to MRS. T. E. STUART, No. 664 Washington street, corner of Pine, Boston, Mass, myld2m New House at Woodford’s Corner, M For Sale; on line of the Home Cars. The house is two storied and partly finished; will be sold low. Apply to WM. H -TERRIS, myl*3w Real Estate Agent. Desirable House on Anderson Street for Sale Cheap. THE property No. 1 Anderson St. consisting of a 3 story House, containing lg rooms ample clos ets, fine cellar, good water. Property now rents for $366 T*er annum. For p rticulars call on J. C PROCTER, 93 Exchange street, or F. O. BAILFY & CO., 18 Exchange street. ap26tf Hotel Property for Sale J IN NOBTHBOEO MASS. rpHE Assabet House, beautifully situated on public A square in center of the village, on Railroad 25 miles from Boston. House is new and of modern style, and contains 38 rooms, dance hall, b lliards &c. Large stable, 30 stalls. Will be sold at a great bar gain; owner wishes to retire from business. Apply to D. C. PAGE, Northboro, Mass. apr23-Gw* For Sale in the Town of West brook. A FINE residence one-balf mile from the Railroad Depots, Post-office. go«*d Schools and Churches, six miles fr m Portland; House and Ell two stories thirteen finished rooms, double parlors with marble mantles, Wood-house and Stable connected—all in good repair, painted and blinded, Bam 40 x 60 on the premises; grounds contain 15} acres, excellent land, well fenced, 30 apple and pear trees, J acre choice strawberries, three good wells of water upon the place and good cistern in the cellar, cellar under whole House, fine cement bottom; grounds omamemed with fine shade trees. This is one oi the finest resi dences in the county. Terms easy. Enquire of 3. R. Davis & Co., Portland, or Otis Brown, Westbrook. mar21tf The Marr Farm for Sale or to Let. SITUATED in Scarborough, and for sale low. It being a stock farm, any one desiring such would do well to call and see it before purchasing else where. Apply at once comer of Middle and India Streets, or on the premise*. aprl2dtjuul* For Sale—Summer Resort on Che beaguc Island. A good dwelhrg house with 12 rooms in go xl repair, a story and a half store, good well of water, 22 acres of land, five in tillage, and the . rest in wood and pasture land; 28 voung fruit trees, part in bearing order. The land is very free from rock* aDd is situated close to the sea shore. A good chance to keep s ore Enquire oi CHAS. SAWYER, aplld6w 123 Commercial St., Portland. FOR SALK ATflT of vacant land, situated on the west side ortligh, between Pleasant and Danforth, Sts. This let has a front of about 61 feet and is about 194 feet doep, and plans have been drawn by How, for a block of seven or nim genteel and convenient resi dences, and adapted for the same. Enquire of EDWIN CHURCHILL, No. 4 Portland Pier, mar28 From 12 to 2 o’clock, P. M. Real Estate. FOR Sale, or lease lor a term of years, the proper ty belonging to the estate of Francis O Libby, and formerly occupied by him on the corner of Free and High Streets. HARRISON J. LIBBY, 1 Adm,„ FRANK W. LIBBY, J Anm "■ mar24_ tf The “Limerick House,” for sale T>rn!lert',‘,Tcr.iber offers r0r sale his Hotel I Tho hm. niblmerlclt Village, York County, with ba*,22 rooms all in good repair, _[two wells T'Jr,alge 8tablep adjoining; every convi-n;,,.., the premises, and The “Limclck Honse™^ £*,» fist-class Hotel., liberal patronage. We^ boated for secuiing Enquire iurther of the owner, marlMtf JOSEPH G. HARMON, — - Limerick, j*Ie. Real Estate for Sale. HOtr»E AND LOT WO. TO STATE ST Lot contains 31,000 feet of land, with fine ’’ den, cold, grapery, etc. Apply to W-H. FESSENDEN marOtf 215 Commercial Street. New French RoofHonse for Sale. LOCATED on Thomas Street, near Pine. Has is finished rooms with plenty of closets. Gas and spring water. PriOe #6000. Apply to WM. H. JER R1S, Iieal Estate Agent. my7*3w BEAL ESTATE. Foi' Sale. 2» FEET of land on North street, near O.UUU Walnut Price low. Terms * cash. balance time. Applv to F. G. PATTERSON, Port land, or WM. L. SOUTHARD, 5 Pemberton Square. Boston._mylSeodtf For Sale or To Let THE Cottage House No. 11 Cedar coraer Oxford streets. M- G- PAL"Sfj myl6 ______00011 - House for Sale, Cheap. A ONE a half Story House, 33x23, and finished rooms, cellar, &c. ^ °* 40 Anderson St. maylG Henry W ard Beecher, At tbo Into Tyndall dinuor, said “I don’t say that good Sewerage is Gospel, but 1 say that bad sewerage is heresy ! ” STOCKWELL, TRUE & CO., say: SEWERAGE ”°menl Pipe’ y°U wal .have GOOD DIPLOMA AWARDED, — BY THE — NEW ENGLAND AND IHAlfcE AGRI CILrilRAL SOCIETIES, -FOR Best Cement Drain Pipes. GEORGE R. CORING, Pre«». DANIEL NEECHAn, See’y. , SETH ICANHOI, Preit. HAIU’L BOABDNAN, Sce’y. The Cement Drain Pipemadeby Messrs. Stockwell, 1 rue & Co., has been used by us for the last four years or Drains and Sewers. W® h.ave found il entirely satisfactory, and have no hesitation in recommending it for these purposes THE PORTLAND ROLLING MILL,* By Geo. E. B. Jackson, Treas. THE PORTLAND Cement Drain Pipe Co„ Manufacture under Patents of 1870, *71, *72, & *f3, at Works, Corner Danforth St., and Western Promenade, HYDRAULIC, CEMEW, DRAIN AND SEWER PIPES. Superior for WELLS, as it keeps out all surface water. Best thine for SEWERS and DRAINS, as the smooth interior, and moist surface tends to keep it free from clogging. CHEAPEST thing In the long run for these purposes. The matter which is to be carried away, sewer ac ids, &c., har 'em* the pipe as it passes through. t^^It is also largely used tor Chimneys. Sold by KENDALL & WHITNEY, N. M. PER KINS & CO., and by 8TOCKWEI.L, TRUE A CO., Props. P. S. In orde el our g >ods, it is for the interest of our customers to give us all the notice possible previ ous to wanting to use them. We call especial attention to the ABTIFTCIAT, STONF VASES, Whicli are pectina. o imap to »..« growth of Flow erg, Sh/ube, an 1 Plants. Because the moisture is re tained iboui the roots causing the plants to flourish with groat vigor.

Portland Kerosene Oil Works. Mossrg. Stock well, True & Co., Sirs:—I have used your Cement Pipe at the Works of the Portland Kerosene Oil Co., also at my house, for the last live years, and find it admirably adapt ed to the purpose. At the works of the Company they have been sub mitted to hard usage, being at times exposed to hot vapors and gases, as well as to water both hot and freezing. WM. ATWOOD, apr26codtm Supt. Portland Kerosene Od Co. GEO. A. WHITNEY & CO., MANUFACTURERS OF AND DEALER IN FURNITURE ! MATTRESSES, FEATHEBS, Ac. jVo. 46, and over 42 & 44 Exchange St., PORTLAND, MAINE. UPHOL8TEBIKG DONE TO ORDER, »prl tf BURRO WES BROTHERS, CARPENTERS AND BUILDERS, Dotcn’o Planing Hill, foot of Cross St. HAVING enlarged onr shop and lifted it up with the latest improved machinery (by the aid of which we are enabled to get out our wo*k accurately and expeditiously,) we are now prepared to taao con tracts of any size in the building line. Plans and specifications prepared at a reasonable pri e. We can on the shortest possible notice furnish the win d°w and door frames and all the inside and outside finish for any description of building. Those about erectingsea side houses please take note of the above. We have superior facilities for the manufacture of in side blinds, and will fnmish them all painted and hung quick metre. We make a specialty of building and setting up machinery, and would be happy to re ceive calls from parties using power who contemplate a change of Quarters, or that may need any service in this line. We are also prepared to contract for the manufacture oi patented articles on more favorable terms than any one in the city. WILLIAM BURllOWES. J. W. BURRO WES. _^yi3___tf YEW LAUNDRY! THE undersigned having assumed charge of a new and spacious Laundry would respectfully an nounce that he is prepared to do washing for Steam ers, Hotels, Families, &c., with epecial .• ttentiot paid to Ladies Dresses, Skirts. Laces, Gents’ Shirts and every description of fine w ashing. This LauDdry bein provided with the newest and most approved Machinery, and experienced help, the Proprietor believes he can guarantee pericct satisfac tion to to his customers. Location, Bradbury’s Court, En trance on Fore near India St. JOHN SPENCER, Superintendent. Late Steward ol St’r John Brooks, Boston and Port land Line febMljr Lumber and Dock Timber Wanted In exchange for Locomotive Boiler** Horizontal Engine** Feed JPumps and Other Machinery* Address, O. H. ANDREWS. feb4dtf 17« Pearl St.. New York. Desirable Donble House* FOR Sale. Splendid neighborhood, good garden, near cars, churches, schools; will sell together ! or separate; terms easy and bargainisofferedifap applied for soon. myisd3t TAYLOR CO., 3 State St., B .ston. Superior Chance for Busine**. WANTS, LOST, FOUND. CUTTERS WANTED, — AX — SMITH, MORGAN & BUTTER’S. my 17 dtf Wanted. AT 225 Peail street a capable American or Nova Scoi la girl lo do bouse work Enquire as above. No Irish need apply. myl7d3t* Wanted. WE have a new book nearly ready, that will with out doubt have a very large sale by Agents. We have s » much to do, that we cannor attend to its s lie, and wish a man thoroughly competent to man age the entire sale for us. We will pay a salary, or part Salary and part commission. If we do not‘find the right man at once, we shall wish State Agents for it. Men who understand the assistant plan pre ferred. Give age and experience in full. Address, W. J. HOLLAND & CO., may!6-d3tSpringfield, Mass. Partner Wanted. A FIRST Class Western House wish a partner with from 810,000 to 820,000 capital. For par ticulars inquire of W. W. STEVENS, may!6-dlw or Westbrook Briitania Co. Rooms Wanted. IN a pleasant part of ttye city, furnished or unfur nished, with or without board. Address E. B., 37 Brown St., Portland. _mayl4tf Lost. AT the Boston A' Maine Depot upon the arrival of the eight o’clock train on Monday evening, a PORTMONNAIE, containing some money and pa pers valuable to the owner. The tfnder will be suit ably rewarded on leaving the same at this office. my!4dtf WANTED! SITUATION as Meat Cook. Can give first-class reference, J. E. GILMAN, maylsd»lw Brunswick. WANTED A PROTESTANT GIRL to do general housework In a small family. To a com [*etent girl good wages anu a permanent situation will be given. Apply at 23 South St. myl3dtf Wanted. KA Press and Suit Makers wanted immediately. ^ P. C. GOLDER, 5 Free St. mao ^ COAT AND PANT MAKERS WANTED. W. C. BECKETT, my3d3w 13» 9IIDOLE STREET. Experienced Coat, Pant and Test Makers WASTED AT SMITH, MORGAN & BUTLER’S, Cor. Middle <5e Market Sts, apr25dtf Pressman Wanted -AT SMITH, MORGAN A BUTLER’S, Cor. Middle A Market Sts. apr24_ tf Wanted A MAN who understands repairing Furniture. Apply at 125 Federal St. apr23 tf WANTED! A MAN acquainted with the subscription book business to take charge oi Maine and employ others to sell a new book. Must have a small capi tal. 10,000 copies can be sold the first year by the right man. Address, stilting experience, W. J. HOL LAND & CO., Springfield, Mass. ap!9 __dtf WANTED! COAT MAKERS AT CHESLEY’S, mch25dtf 107 3HPPLE STREET. Lost. AT CITY HALL, on Friday evening, at the Blues’ Masquera ’e, part of a new Waterproof Cloak, seams stayed with white tape. Another was left in place of the one taken, which the owner can have by calling at 143 Middle street with the one tak en through mistake. feb25 Wanted. A PLEAS ANT room on Spring St., or vicinity, furnished or unfurnished. YVithout board. janlOtt Address BOX 1336. UNQUESTIONABLY The Best Known and Most Thoroughly Tested FAMILY SEWING MACHINE For all kinds of work, heavy or light, and the most popular. Wheeler & Wilson’s. This practical and easily managed machine has now stood the test of time and thorough experiment; and tho thousand 8 who >ave fortunately used ours, lrank ly give ir the preference, as the very best, both in this country and in Europe. Study, capital and in ventive genius have been devoted to its improvement for years, till, now wit ITS NEW SILENT FEED, our present “Lock-Stich” Machine has no equal in the world. Tl.e WHEELER & WILSON’S is relia ble economical and noiseless. It answers tbe wants of the household completely, and ANY KIND OF SEWING Needed in the Family can be clone upon it with great er rapidity and ease of execution to beginners than can be accomplished on any other. It has received the HIGHEST PREMIUMS over all-as a Family Machine—on both sides of the Atlantic. Those who want the best, should obtain WHEELER & WILSON’S SILENT FEED Family Sewing Machine, AND TAKE NO OTHER. Machines sold on Monthly Instalments. All kinds of Sewing Macnine Supplies, Silk, Thread Needles, &c. Machine Stitching in all its branches done in tho best manner. J. L. H A Y D £ A, Gen’l Agent for Maine, 163 Middle St., Portland, Me. mch31 d3m BABCOCK Self-Acting Fire Engine! Fiuk Department Office, City Hall, 1 Boston, April 23, 1873. ) To whom it may concern:— This is to certify that the “Babcock Self-Acting Fire Kegine.” has been in the service of the city for the past three months, and has proved itself in every instance to be an invaluable auxiliary to this Fire De par tni ent. I cheerfully recommend it to all towns where wat er supply is limited, in preference to a Steam Fire Engine. Ine City Government contemplate buying three or four more of these Fire Engines, and olacing them in the Department daring rhe year. JOHN S. D4MBELD, _ Chief Engineer, B. F. D. PLUMMER & EATON, General Agents for State of Maine. BATH, MAINF Send for Circulars. myS.od&w8wl3 City ol Portland. _ w* ..on i r,*s Office, May 14,1R?3. AnuwAt,Yr.5if Hundreii I'ollais will be REW ARD ofTri^ ^ person who will give to pai • by the gft|j to lhe arrC8t and conviction iormatlon that wiU that Mt flre tn the i10UBe of of the person or I*!-" . . T,rj 1 or 1S73 M. Welch, on Larch street, AgU myI5d3m City Marshal. TO LEI. To Let. ANEW Store on Atlantic near^ongrees St., and Horse cars. Suitable for a Shoe Store or fancy goods or Groce les. Apply to S. A. ANDERSON, No. 37 St. Lawrence St. n,ar-6____dlw then f To Let. HOUSE No. 38 State Street, corner of Gray. Ap ply on the premises from 1 to 2J P. M , and 6 to 8 P- M. WM. F. HUSSEY. _my!6 _ d3t To Let. FURNISHED Rooms. Inquire of C. E. SMITH, mayl3-dtf No. 2 Toiman Place. Booms to Let WITHOUT hoard. Two newly finished rooms, adjoining, suitable lor geutleman and wife, or two single gentlemen. Apply to mylU.'w No. 24G CU V1BERLAND STREET. To Let. ONE large chamber In house No. 48 Spring Street myl dlw then 2weod To Let. A MCE convenient tenement in the Weatern part of the city, with Gasanc plenty of wator, &c. Apply at 30 Emery St., near Pine. may9 tf Rooms to Let. TWO gentlemen an 1 their wives and two or three single gentlemen can be accommodated with pleasant rooms aud board at No. 75 Free Street. may9_ tf To be Let. AT Morrill’s Corner, Decring; a first-class gen teel Dwelling House, Stable. &c. Convenient to both Steam and Horse Railroads. Apnly lo W. H. JERKIS, Portland, or Charles E Morrill, near premises. mySdtf House to Rent or Lease. THE upper tenement of honsc No. 31 Emery St., consisting of six rooms, all very pleasantly situ ated ; with Gas and Sebago Water, &c. Inquire on the premises. apriudtf_WILLIAM H. GREEN. To Let. ONE OF THE BEST OFFICES ON EXCHANGE STIUiET. Enquire of GEO. A. WHITNEY & CO,. mar24tfNo. 46 Exchange St. Quiet Board. A GENTLEMAN and Lady wishing a qniet home can find pleasant rooms with board at No. 4 Cotton street, second door from Free street. One or two single gentlemeu can be accommodated also. Jan7_ STORE TO LETi A large brick store in the RacklcS Block, corner of Middle and Ceorcb streets—basement and first floor, elegantH finished and adapted to jobbing dry goods or other similar trade. Apply to ALLEN HAINES. septlldtf ATLANTIC MUTUAL INSURANCE COMPANY, OF NEW YORK, INSURES AGAINST Marine Risks Only —os— Cargoes, Freights & Vessels by the Year. ASSETS : m $15,571,206 ! Dividend to Policy Holders on Premiums Terminating in 1872, 50 PER CENT, Policy Holders in this Company obtain perfect se cut ity, costing: far less than to insure in any other company in this country. OFFICE, 166 FORE STREET, PORTLAND, John W. Hunger, CORRESPONDENT. febl7 dim eodllm&w6w The Most Popular Medicine Extant, 1840. Over Thirty Years 1873, Since the Introduction of PERRY DAVIS’ PA I N-KILLER. The pain-killer Is equally applicable and efficacious to young or old. The pain-killer l» both an Internal and External remedy. The pain-killer Will cure Fever and Ague when other reme dies have failed. The pain-killer Should be used at tho first manifestations of Co d or Cough. The pain-killer Is the Great Family Medicine of the Age. The pain-killer Wi'l cure Painter’s Colic. The pain-killer Is good for Scalds and Burns. The pain-killer Has the Verdict of the People In its favor, The pain-killer Gives Universal Satisfaction. The pain-killer Beware of Imitations and Counterfeits. The Is almost a certain cure for CHOLERA, and has, without doubt, been more successful in curing this forrible disease than anvothe r known remedy, or even th most eminent and skillful Physicians In India, Afiica and China, where this dreadful dis ease is ever m re or less prevalent, the PaIN-KILL ER is couriered by the natives, as well as European residents in those climates, a Sure Remedy. The pain-killer Each t ottlc is wrapped with full directions for use. The pain-killer Is sold by all Druggist and Dealers in Fami ly Medldnos. eodlm&w21 BE CALM, and consider the weight of mj advice. ALL parties who are about introducing Steam Gas or \\ a'er iuto their dwellings, stores or any oth er place, will favor themselves if they will call < n me before doing so. for as I claim to w rk for a living I will spare no pains to give enUre satisfaction in price, neatness and promptness of work. Hose also sup plied, and repaired. Call and see. H „„„ _ K. ilrDOytl.D, my5dt/ 300 Pare Street, foal af Plum. niyO AWNIAGS, TENTS, FLAGS, Canvass Lettering, Ac., F. A. LEAVITT, 491-2 Exchange St eod3m Sliip Timber and Knees. I HAVE the largest and best stock ol Ship Knees in the State. Also best quality seasoned White Oak Treenails, and can furnish Hackmatack, Hardwood or White Oak Timber and Plauk at the lowest cash prices. t T A VI. OK Portland, Dec. 30,1872. tt White Corn and Oats, FOR SEED AT GEO. WYER & CO’S, apr29d3w* 129 Commercial Street. MISCELLANEOUS. NEV K It BEFORE Has any Store in MAINE Contained so IMMENSE a STOCK of MILLINERY As ean now be found —AT THE— COGIA HASSAN STORE. Hats and Trimmings Df every quality from plain Straws to the most Elegant Stvles Imported from PARIS Expressly for us. No other Milliners Can supply them. OUR STYLES Arc Superior to ALL OTHERS. 600 Different Styles in Hats, at from 26c to $15.00 each. 70 Different Shades of Corded Silks. 5000 Pieces f Ribbon. 800 Boxes of Flowers, from 5 cents to $3.00 a Spray. Our Milliners understand their BUSINESS. We have the Talent. We ha Ye the Goods, We have the Styles, AND We have the Will, To furnish you the most stylish hat that our most experienced Milliners can con struct at about ONE-HALF the prices usually charged. REASONS WHY the above statements are not exaggerations. 1st. We have had over 95 years experience in the Millinery business. 2d. We buy of Importers for our jobbing business at Jobber’s prices. 3d. From onr immense Stock onr Milliners can select all Styles and Shades of rib bons, silks and dowers, blending one shade with another so as to prodnee the dnest possible edect 1th. Trimming and Selling from 50 to 10O hats a day we can a fiord to make a very small prodt on each Ilat. 5th. We employ the very best Milliners that money can hire. COGIA HASSAN, 129 Middle & 6 Temple St. WILSON Sewing Machines ! MEW PEAM! Extra Inducements ! Large discounts made for cash or one half down and balance in 30 and 60 days. This affords an opportunity to purchase the BEST MACHINE! in the market at about one half the nsnal price charged for other Machines. Salesroom 179 Middle St., R. J. Bellamy & Co. my!5dlw GRASS SEED. 2000 Bags Western Timothy Seed I 1500 “ Canada “ lOOO “ Bed Top 500 “ Michigan Clover 300 “ Ohio “ “ 400 “ WO. Wew York “ “ loo “ Fea Vine, “ “ 150 *• Alsike “ “ (OO “ Millet “ lOO “ Hungarian Grass “ 100 “ Orchard “ FOR SALE AT THE] Lowest Cash Price. KENDALL & WHITNEY. inch26_ tf Cheapest Book Stores IN THE UNITED STATES. OLD Book.' bought, sold, or exchanged, or loaned for one cent per day. Send three cent, for cir culars. Ag;nU wanted. ALBERT COLBY A SONS, Us exchange St, Portland, Mate., .... and 156 Baltimore St., Baltimore, Md fete6 _rtA-tt«8 Announcement. 1LTR. JAMES L. FOGG is admitted as a member of ata our firm from this day. D J J, B. MATHEWS A 00. Portland April l, I873. tf THE THESS. MONDAY MORNING, MAY 19. 187#. Gossip ami Gleanings. Porgies—those curry-combs in disguise are in the market. Indianapolis is counting the 100,000 inhabi tants she is going to have in five years. A man up town calls himself an “intesti nal taxidermist.” He stuffs sausages. The title ofllr. Lewes’s new philosophical work is “Problems of Life and Mind.” New way to pay old debts—Settle them in full. An uncivil ghost in Evansville, Ind., goes about a boarding-house slamming the doors. Serenity of min 1 is nothing worth, unless it has been earned; a man should be at once stjceptible of passions, and able to subdue them. It is estimated that there are a hundred and seventy thousand amateur billiard play ers in New York. Bricklayers are the most unforti nate of all mechanics. Iu the struggle lor life they in variably go to the wall. We are getting back in fashions further than ever. Ruffs are now worn so laige that they have to be stiffened with wire. Despondent Western agriculturists talk of establishing an eye and ear, infirmary for their potatoes and wheat. “Turf and Towers” is the less puzzling sub-title of Robert Browning’s new poem, “The Red Cotton Nightcap Country.” It is good in fever, and much better in anger, to have the tongue kept clean and smooth. There is a Peoria confectioner who sells candy so cheap, that one cannot help think ing of dirt while eating it. The Japanese have decided to call the sev eral days of their new week Light, Moon, Fire, Water, Metal and Earth. The mania for old laces again rages; cold coffee produces the desirable tint of age quick- * ly and effectively. A proposal to issue the works of Dickens in Welsh has been made to Messrs. Chapman & Hall, and provisionally accepted by them. How would it answer to rate buildings : s they rate ships, beginning with the stanchest and safest as A 1, and so downward ? Alas for the Hartford Boston chloroform quarrel. The Chinese now maintain that they have U‘»d anesthetics ever since the third century of our era. The difference between a country and city green-horn is, that one would like to know everything, and the other thinks he can tell him. There are only nine cities in the world with a population of more than a million. Lon don leads the list with its three and a quarter millions. A watering-place fashion itemiter writes that “dresses are not to be worn any longer for summer.” And are gentlemen to go !n their shirt sleeves ? The Sandusky Register has just discovered that Christopher Columbus is dead, and the Louisville Conrier-Journul thinks the event will cast a gloom over the entire community. • _____ A Yale Freshman, being treated by a friend to a dose of paregoric, pronounced it excel lent sherry 1 That Freshman evidently pars ed a healthy infancy. An engineer has invented a design which will cut off the genial reporter from many an item. It is a hot-water pump, with which to squirt hot water on deaf persons who walk on the track. A coquette of Fond du Lac accepted the matrimonial offers of six simultaneous swains, and then made them fight for the prefeience, in order to show the neighbors how much she was fit for. It is reported that a somewhat juvenile dandy said to a fair partner at a ball, “Miss, don’t you think my moustaches are becom ing?” To which Miss replied: “Well, sir, they may be coming, but they haven’t yet ar rived.” Princess Furstenburg, as Austrian, has been the bell of Rome the past season. She is described by the Italian Jenkinses as one of the loveliest women of her time, her eyes heavenly, her mouth bewitching, her figure ravishing, and her voice the softest seduction of music. What a dangerous creature sbe must be to meet alone on a moonlight night I Twenty years ago the son of a widowed mother was an uneducated, and half cared for youth. He went into a store as an errand boy, saved up his money, wor ked hard every day, limited himself to but few amusements, principally fishing and seven-up, which he in dulged on Sunday, so not to injure his em ployer, and is now worth SitiO.OOO.—His mother enjoys a luxurious home, with every want attended to, and the young man is now in Europe waiting for the affair to blow over, —Danbury News. San Frai cisco furnishes us with a new word, exceedingly genteel and refined. ' This time it is beverage manipulator,” a delicate little euphemism for bar tender. It will be seen that it has a great advantage over ‘ drink-mixer,” “benzine provider,” “light ning singer,” and the various other syno nyms for the busy being who serves out drinks to customers over a bar. It is difficult to see why a person bent on committing suicide should have the perversi ty to cause other pi ople unnecessary trouble and annoyance m the matter. Now, here is a woman at Pembroke, N. H., who went and jnmped into the well from which the family drew its supply of water. Of course it is squeamish and fastidious and ali that, but some people would not like to drink that water for a day or two, to say nothing ol the trouble of getting the foolish woman out. Experiments at the New York State Luna tic Asylum have resulted in proving the great value of conium—the hemlock of the an cients—in the treatment of insanity. The concurrent testimony of the cases in which it has been tried is that it soothes and moll ifics the motor centres, operating on the motor tract as opium operates on the brain, thus quieting and renovating the whole mus cular system, aud acting directly as a tonic an ’ nervine. It is now largely used in cases ot epilepsy by New York physicians. A Mr. Lillie, of Randolph, Vt, who had a luxuriant head of hair and a full heavy beard, was surprised a few days ago to find these adornments suddenly taking leave, and m a week his pate was as smooth as a billiard ball. As it is health was unimpaired be was astonished at this conduct and calls frantical ly upon the doctors and philosophers to ac count for the mysterious disappearance of his hair. We are a philosopher, but before grati fying his anxiety we must know whet cr he has a wife, mother- n-law, and other relative > by marriage, and what their recora has been.

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