Newspaper of Portland Daily Press, May 19, 1873, Page 2

Newspaper of Portland Daily Press dated May 19, 1873 Page 2
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THE PRESS. MONDAY MORNING, MAA 12, 1878. Er-iBY regular attache of tho Press is furnished vMu» §ard certificate countersigned by Stanley T. Pmil**, Editor. All railway, steamboat an 1 hole ■mafferb will confer a favor upon us by demanding •rwlmi»l» of every person claiming to represent our )nr jsI, as we have information that several “buna mers'* are seeking courtesies in tlie name o t .e Pituss, and wo have no disposition to bo, oven i s vely, a party to «uch fraud WIt „n Dot read anon^u* letter* and eoatmuni .a;ton,. Iho name and address of tlte are in ail cose. in,II*,*n, .b «. u,.< necessarily for publication but as a guaranty of good fault. W-cannot undortako to return or reserve com munications that are not used. Secretary Richardson and the CiTil Service. Washington correspondents of the inde pendent press, so called, have been telling us all along that Secretary Richardson has al ready consummated plans that will nullify all the good that has thus far been realized by the operation of the civil service rules, and all that, is hoped for by futuie application. The general public have, however, come to give little heed to the specials of the indepen dent press as both their predictions aad utter ance* are fallacious and malignant. m examining the recent lists ot tour nunu red and seventy-six persons who passed the last Treasury civil service examination for the purpose of filling torty-five vacancies in the department, the Secretary has letrned the fliults and embarrassment of the system which were partially appreciated by the old Adviso ry Board and considered without conclusion. The first difficulty encountered by Judge Richardson is the fact that of the new ap pointments, a majority came from a region within forty miles of Washington. To obvi ate this cause of cnmplaint, the Secretary will fcvor a plan of apportioning appointments among the several States. The second embarrassment grows out Cf the fact that the competitors to fill the vacan aies are thrown open to male and female ap plicants alike, and that a strict application of axisting rules forces women who are able to answer the questions required by the rules laid down by the Board, into positions re quiring a knowledge of general business af fairs which it is absolutely necessary for the ef ficiency of the service should be filled by men. Mr. Richardson’s sugge:tion to remedy this defect is to classify the positions to be filled by women and confine their competition accord ingly. As it now stands, a woman passes to a position where her duties would be to audit accounts, involving a know'.edge of transp.or- 1 tation rate*, rates of fare, hotel expenditures and other matters which the Secretary thiuks that not one in a thousand however well ed ucated, will attain. The third recommendation of Mr. Rich ardson will be that the rule of probation now provided shall be enforced with vigor. Every appointment should be temporary, and every appointee should go out, who at the end of six month's trial, fails to be recommended for permanent appointment. The Secretary will further suggest that the examination be made by a board entirely ind pendent of the de partment whi:h shall be in session all the time, ready to examine persons fr jtu all parts of the country whenever they go to Washing ton. Mr. Richardson proposes to adhere to pro motion by competitive examination, but giv ing greater prominence to fitness for particu lar duties and a greater prominence, also, to the manner in which men examined for pro motion have conducted themselves while in office, and to their character, habits, etc. ine last ana principal suggestion ot Mr. Richardson is to make absolute the prohibi tion against making a removal to make a va cancy to be filled by another persoD, which will effectually cut off the greatest annoyance and injury inflicted by members of Congress under the pressure of persistent applicants. These points the Secretary will bring before the Advisory Board anu advocate a modifica tion of existing rules in conformity thereto. As the above are the only modifications that Mr. Richardson has made, it is evideat that the continued declarations of the opposition press that he proposes to abandon them, is unqualifiedly false. All of his recommenda tions arc calculated to adjust the civil service rules with a view to secure the greatest effi ciency. Coal will be higher this year than last, not because it costs more to mine it but because a wealthy railroad monopoly in Pennsylvania has made an arrangement with coal mine pro prietors to keep the prices up to the figure they have advanced them during the winter. It is a wealthy combination and every coal producer tbat does not enter cheerfully into the arrangement, which is really in the inter est of the railroad and canal monopoly,is ruin ed. It is said tbat English capitalists inter ested in coal mines in England have lent large suras of money to strengthen the coal combination in Pennsylvania. It is said to be a‘ present impossible to secure the building of a competing line with the existing monopoly so that the present increased prices will rule for a time. Trr» friends of prohibition in the Canadian Parliament have been showing their col leagues that four-fifths of the crime is due to the liquor traffic—that out of 28,288 com mitments to the prisons of Ontario and Qu bec, 21.236 were for intoxication and for crimes perpetrated by persons under the in fluence of ardent spirits. As an offset to these facts which are not denied, it is uiged that the government received a revenue of #5,034,543,58 from the liquor trafic in 1872 and tbat its loss would produce serious em ba-rassment. To this the prohibitionists an swer that under a strictly enforced prohibitive policy the decreased expenditures of prisons, a lylunis and officers would more than meet the deficiency. Horace M. Jordan announces in the Sunday Star of yesterday, bis retirement from the editorship of tbat journal. Mr. Jordan's experience and culture have been manifested in the selections of miscellaneous reading matter, and his editorials have been marked by a kindly and genial spirit which his made journlistic associitions with him exceedingly agreeable. He never forgets in the zeal of editorship that he is a gentleman. He has been a close neighbor of ours, and we exceedingly regret any change oi interruption in the relations. We hope, and with consid erable confidence too—that Mr. Jordan may he induced to continue his connection with journalism in this city. The New York Board of Education have voted not to receive Congressman Roosevelt’s extra back pay and the people of Kane Coun ty, Illinois, have resolved to return tbe por tion of Gen. Farnsworth's back pay that be allotted to them to tbe United States Treasury. The Congressman, who expects to have a future iu active politics should begin to con clude that his only course is to return the money to the Treasury. There are species of strikes that are defensible but that of Con 8res“ is not—or at least the people can’t be made to see it. 7'7l<1 t'lal the Indian scare is doing much to prevent . . b . , . , ‘,“e re-organization of tbe student expeditions that y»i,v f been engaged on Summ r ! t S°me lifts explorations in the w 7* m 8Clen' Many of these amateur scientiS^'™^ led to join in these expedition, for 7 b provement of their health; but the visionTr war-painted Indians in search of 8caj s be gets a conviction that the boundless wilds of the West do not at present offer superiati°e attractions to the invalid seeking physical res toration. The reputed author of a letter published in the Sunday Star on the Gubernatorial nomination, signed ‘‘Nestor,” is about the age of Judge Kent. The fact that he objects to the Judge principally on account of age, may be accepted as a formal declaration that Nestor will refuse any further participation in public affairs. The Bangor Whig publishes the name, of S 'ng"s««» iD P°litiCS’ Wh° deCla'e f°r Judge Kent. __ Salmon Portland Chase. To the Editor of the Press: Of all the hiographical notices of the late Chief Justice Chase, no one explains the un common circumstances of a child’s being named for a town. All say he was named for his un cle Salmon Chase who was a distinguished lawyer of Portland, from 1789 to his death in 1806. The father of the Judge, who lived in Cor nish, N. H., had a relative—I think a nephew, named Salmon Chase who was not a favorite of Judge Chase’s father,jand,wishing to perpet uate his brothers memory having the same name, and also to honor the town in which he won his laurels at the bar, he called bis infant son Salmon Portland. Mrs. Stowe in her “Men of the Times” says Salmon Chase died suddenly while pleading in court. This is not correct; he died August 10th, 1806 of a billious fever after a sickness of six days. She evidently confouuds Mr. Chase with J>hn Chipman, another lawyer whose tomb-stone in the old burying grouud says, “He died July 1,1768, of apoplexy with which ho was suddenly seized in the court house in Falmouth while he was arguing a case before the superior court of judicature then sitting.” Windham, May 17. W. G. Business Changes.—The following arc re cent business changes in this State: Auburn—B. B, Fnllcr ft Co., shoe manu facturers sold out to A. M. Pulsifer. Gardiner—Stanwood, Tower & Co., paper manufacturers, dissolved; now J. F. Harden & Co., paper manufacturers and Stanwood & Tower, pulp engine Lewiston—L. L. Blake, furniture, sold out to L. C. Darham. Portland- Cornish & Bailey, tinware, dis solved; now Wm. Cornish. C. H. Stebbins, cigars, &c., sold out to Bobt. Nathan. C. A. Weston & Co., teas, &c.; T. H. Wes ton retires. J. H. Bond & Co., plumbers; John Bond ad mitted partner. George A. Jones & Co., printers; C. A. Ken nard withdraws. William Burrowes,carpenter; J. W. Burrowes admitted partner. TnE Galaxy for June finishes Mrs, Edwards’ story entitled, “The Vagabond Heroiue,” and gives four more chapters of De Forest’s excit ing novel, “The Wetherel Affair.” These are the only continued stories, Gen. Custar’s "Life on the Plains,” another instalment of which is given, hardly coming under the bead of stor ies, though it is quite as entertaining in its way. H James, Jr., contributes a tale entitled “The Sweetheart of St. Bnseux,” and there are a number of poems,two graceful “Gascon stories” and a tale of very doubtful merit by W. L. Al den. Justin McCarthy has a well written'arti clo on “Leon Gnmbetta;” and these, with other useful and readable matter, fill the number. Biddeford and Saco.—We learn that Saco and Biddeford are moving systematically in aid of the great fair, and with good prospect of very liberal results. We also learn that the efforts of Biddeford in this directiou are to be supplemented by the very generous action of their Mayor Hon. J. H. McMu’lan, who con tributes thereto the munificent sum of one thousand dollars. Such liberality, inspired as in this case, by a just appreciation and bioad comprehension of the benefits and general ob jects of the Maine General Hospital, is a most favorable augury for the full and final success of the institution. Freeport. Hon? S. A. Holbrook has generously given the town of Freeport two lots of land, adjoin ing each other, containing 35,000 feet each, upon which are to be erected a town house and a free high school bouse. Fassett is engaged upon the plans for the buildings, which, we are informed,are to be of handsome design. STATE NEWS. ANDROSCOGGIN COCNTT. Tho'Journal states that the Bates College col lection of stuffed birds is to be increased bv tbo addition of fifty of the American birds of rare plumage. Bates, the pugilist of Lewiston, has been hailed in $1000. E. R. Perry, last Thursday in Lewiston, had his foot caught in an elevator and fractured the boue. FRANKLIN COCNTT. Press Correspondence. The College Cornet Baud made an excursion to Winthrop last Friday. KENNEBEC COUNTY. Major H. A. Sliorey, and Hon. A. G. Wake field of tbe Board of Trustees of the Insane Hospital, made their monthly visitation to that institution la^t Friday. Webber, Haviland & Co. of Waterville, are enlarging their furnace building, This firm are doing a large business, One thousand laborers are einp'o.ved on the new Maiue Central extension from Ticonia bridge to a point opposite Fairfield village. The Waterville Post office is to be enlarged. Smith & Meader of Waterville, are to put in at their mill a force pump that will throw a thousand gallons a minute. Rev Mr. Nutting of Gardiner, is to deliver the oration in that city on Decoration Dey. The cerobro-spinal meningetis has made its appearance at Gardiner. One death. KNOX COUNTY. The directors of the E. & N. A. railroad have contracted with the Camden Car Co. to alter the cars on tlie road to the narrow gauge. The superintendent and master mechanic are now in Massachusetts for the purpose of contract ing for the alterihg of their engines. LINCOLN COUNTY. Hodgdon’s Millsjis rapidly increasing in pop ulation. Parties in -Wiscasset are making extensive arrangements for cod fishing. A new saw mill is going up at Birch Point. H. Hodgdon, aged 16, was drowned last Thursday in Boothbay harbor. Wiscasset is to have a new high school build ing at a cost of $1560. OXFORD COUNTY Press Correspondence. Mr. Nason of DeDmark, while driving be tween Frycburg and East Fryeburg recently, lost bis horse by his falling into a deep hole, and before he could extricate him the horse was drowned. Gen. Bean of Brownfield, an old and esteem el citizen, died Thursday, aged 80 years. PENOBSCOT COUNTr. The old Bicknell building at Dexter, was burned last Monday night. PISCATAQUIS COUNTY. Operations were commenced on Monday last at tlie Katahdin Iron works. J. R. Gerrish of East Greenville, has erected dams on the stream that empties into Wilson Pond, and is building a new mill. Press Correspondence. George Seabury of Parkmen, lately lost a valuable horse by Ids rearing and falling upon the thills, one of which was driven into his chest. Fanners have bad marked success in raising lambs, scarcely losing one in flocks of 40 aud 50 sheep. Tbe Lumbermen are having uncommon suc cess in bringing their logs down the Piscata quis. Leavctt& Weston, who had several mil lions which they could not bring down last year, are driving the product of two winters this spring; and yet we had no rains of conse quence, and no water except from the melting snow. The roads are in better condition than ever before at this season of the year, from the fact that the ground has not beeu frozen and con sequently there has been no upheaving. SOMERSET COUNTY. T. Ford of Ripley, maltreated his son-in-law, aged 14 years, last Monday, and the neighbors had him arrested and lined $520. WASHINGTON COUNTY. The store of H. & C. W. Barnard of Calais, was broken into last Wednesday uight and two thousand cigars stolen. No arrests. The lime kilns at Lnbec are in operation. YORK COUNTY. Press Correspondence. It is said thecitizpns of Eliot contemplate converting the Academy at that place into a free high school under the provisions of the re cent act of the Legislature. Decoration day on the 30th, will be observed in many of the towns in Fork county. In Wells A. If. Tripp, Esq., is expected to deliver the address on the occasion. Supreme court commences at Alfred to mor row (Tuesday). The trial of Wagner will pro bably commence some time during the second week of the term. A telegraph office has beeu opened at the P. •S. & P. depot at Saco. Purgation nnd Prdstratinn Let us reioice that the absurd and paradoxical idea that pick people could be restored to health and strength by violent cathartic treatment has been pretty generally exploded. I f there are still to be found any medical dogmatists who tiel’evo such Practice, the sooner their sands of life are run out tiona'Wer U be for lb ic patients. A more ra InammmSS dealing with human ailments was Steer ch nitier™6 tw, n,y y !IIr* ag" when Hostetler's vegetable tlvvij* *ef® ‘»tro lured, and that powerful to universal .tan its triumphant pr gress Btauda the iniiKirtamVtyV world now under an 1 regulating, as w«ir "tr eng! belling, relieshing system, and Is aware ih»t“ the disordered together under the i , lbl'®° processes go on restorative of the nee o '1 "Peintlrm of the standard itatiug heat or summer i.f.e,pa,rr tbe for rtebil tuminer with this vitalizing specific. SPECIAL NOTICES. BATCHELOR’S HAIR DYE. •» the be., in the world ami fnlian.fL d P«rf“' Hjc. Harmless Reliable fin . .a?,fBeous’ ““disappointment; no ridiculous l.f.i ,k.L ■’kleasant odor. Remedies rite ill Beets of rtf'1“?hes. Produces ImkediAtely a superb °S "Atobal liitown, and leaves tbe hair clean, soft and beautiful. The Genuine, signed W. A. ttchelor. Sold by all Druggists. CHAS. liA’tOHELOR, Prop., A. T. hlftw__tvra K COMMON SENSEI Some to learning mako protense; Few possess good “common penso”* Wheresoe’er we chance to be ’ Proofs of this we daily soe! Some in ocauty take g-eat pride And les.H handsome folks deride *’ Who at trifles lake offence, ’ Through their want of “common sense.” But the boys who buy their “clothes” At the store of George Fenho. Whore so many Bovs they “dress,” Shi.w they “common sense” possess. mayl4 snd6L ROOM PAPERS! ROOM PAP E R S! TUB LABBEST PAPER HANGING ESTABLISHMENT East of Boston is at MO. 61 EXCHANGE STREET, and all who are In need of ROOM PAPERS should been in mind that LOTHROP, DEYEMS & CO. keep a complete line of tbese goods. 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BAILEY, 48 Exchange Street, Selling Agent for DU POINT’S GUNPOWDER, myl6sneodtf D. C. GOLDER, Over E. T. Elden & Co., 5 Free Street. PARASOLS! PARASOLS! PARASOLS! ■ ■■ CLUB HANDLE PARASOLS ! WALKING STICK PARASOLS! The new Silver Grey Club Stick Parasols with Chatelaines attached. CLUB STICK dc TOURIST STYLE -in Plain Black Lined, Plain Black not Lined, Bine Changeable, Brown Changeable, Green Changeable, Grey Lined nud Fringed. Bine Striped anil Fringed, Black, Grey and Bluff Serges, Double Face Satin Serges, Black nod White Double Fringed, Hoary Grot* Grain Lined, Crepe Trimmed 3ros Grain, Ac., Ac1 SUN UMBRELLAS AND SHO WEBETTES. SUN UMBRELLAS AND SHOWERETTES :-111 Blue, Blown, Creen, Purple and Black Changeable*, and we aro dally receiving the Newest and most Novel Styles — 1ST — CLUB STICK AND TOURISTS, which, with our present largo assortment, will be found superior iu style aud liOWKK ■ A PRICES than any in the city. D. C. GOLDEE, 0?cr E. T. Eldcn & Co., No. 5 Free St. apr22 •n©od3in A BOOK FOR EVERT MAN. THE “SCIENCE OF LIFE, OR SELF PRES ERVATION,” a Medical Treatise on the Cause and Cure <>f Exhausted Vital! y, Premature Decline in Man, and Nervous and Physical Debilitv, Hypochon dria. Impoteney. Spermatorrhoea or Seminal Weak ness, and other diseases arising fiom the errors of youth or the indisci eti^ns or excesses of mature years. This is indeed a book tor every man. Thou sands have been taught by this work the true way to health and happiness. It is the cheapest and best medical work ever published, and he only one on this class ot ills worth reading. 190th edition, revis ed, much enlarged, illustrated, bound in beautiful French cloth. Price only *1. Sent 1by “nil port paid, on receipt of price. Add ref 8 PbABOU YM El > IcaL INSTITUTE, No. 4 Bnltmch ftreeb Boston, Maes., or Du. W. H. PARKER, Assistant Physician. N.B. The author may he consulted on the above as well a« all diseases requiring skill aud experience. mar31snood&wly SPECIAL NOTICES. OPENING. - I ] . .. ... I EASTMAN BROTHERS’ — OPES OS — WEDNESDAY AND THURSDAY, MAY 7TH AND 8TH, A fine assortment ot LADIES SUITS, DOLMANS, SHAWLS, Ac. BERLIN SUITS At leifl than cost cl Importation. LINEN SUITS Plain and richly em rddercd, from $6 to $25. • WHITE LAWN SUITS.', C4.:0 to *20.00. LADIES LINEN TRAVELING POLON AISE —"AND — DUSTERS. * * CASHMERE AND LAMA GAR MENTS In great variety. I WHITE SHETLAND SHAWLS From $1.00 upwards. CAMBRIC AMD PRINT WRAPS From $2 to $6. ALSO NEW DRESS GOODS t- ' ! At very low prices. BLACK SILKS At $0.90, 1.00, 1.25, 1.45, 1.62,1.88, 2.00,2.15, & 3.9 (3?“These Silks have just been bought, ^ln New York at the recent •‘Panic Prices.” STRIPED SILKS From 87) cents te $2.25. VERY CHEAP. HOUSEKEEPING GOODS We keep constantly on band a full assortment at the VERY LOWE SI' PRICES. BLACK CASHMERE, \ *• ' DRAP D ETE, BRILLIANTEE.VS, Ac., Ac. J3^No trouble to show Goods-/El EASTMAN BROS., ■ V 332 CONGRESS STREET. my3 .„,r To Lei. THE commodious four storied Brick Store, No. B7 Commercial St.—immediate posession given Inquire of ELIAS THOMAS & CO , _ No. 90 Commercial St. Or ol W. W. THOMAS, Canal National Bank. septlgsntf BONDS! BONDS of western cities and counties, 10 per cent, interest and principal payable in the east. Private property as well as public rea bed. Debts very small In proportion to property and therefore easily paid. Careful investors are invited to call and examine the Bonos. L ws and Decisions of the courts upon such securities and will find them very safe. Tnere is nothing better. CHARLES M. HAWKES, feb7snt 28 Exchange st., Portland. To the Public. The Society for the Prevention ot Cruelty to Ani mals respectfully gives notiee that Alonzo H. Libby, Constable, whose office is at No. 80 Middle street, (up stairs) has been appointed Agent of the Society. The public a»e therefore lequested to give prompt information to him of any cruelty to animals that may come to their knowledge, and he will \ee to it that the offenders are brought to speedy and strict justice. Per order. ap29 sntf BANK OF PORTLAND. On, and after this date, the nn ie? gned will carry ona strictly Banking business, at tbs Banking mPnAJTa °«J".I,1ed by the Secou National Bank, n^,1er the "Oh- of the “BANK andmak.n£N„D 7ul'1,aB"Bch’ wffl receive Deposits Banking Business ’ “ regular courBe of the Portland, June 24th, 1872. W' N- Q00LD' Jun23newlt then sn tf ROOM PAPERS IN GREAT VARIETY LORING, SHORT & HARMON, under Falmouth Hotel. myS-lm 8S______ Howard Aaaociali.n, Philadelphia, Pa. An Ins’ltuliou haring a high reputa'ion lor honor able conduct and professional skill. Acting Suig. on, J. S. HOUGHTON, M. D. E-says for Young ^len sent free of charge. Address, HOWAKD ASSOtlA TION, No. 2 South Ninth St., Philadelphia, Pa. my7 sn3m SPECIAL NOTICES. To.Let. FOR MOTH, PATCHES, FRECKLES' Ami TAN, use PERRY’S Moth aurl Freckle Lotion It is reliable aud harmi.kss Sold by Dr uniats everywhere. Depot, 49 Bond St., N. Y. ‘ mar22__d&wsn6ml7 House lor Sale. AT GORHAM, ME., a large handsome two story house, rooms of both stories ol good size and height, on a fine loi having 27 i rots front «n South St., a short distance from Church, Post-office and Depot, The t/hoice Nituiitiou in Gorham. Besides numerous and fiue shade trees, flower beds and hedges, there are nearly a hundred fruit trees, apple, crab-apple, pear, peacli and cherry, leu grape vines, and a good garden containing many currant bushes. Soosetwrry bushes, strawberry and asparagus beds ne pieplant, **fcc There are about 33 acres of land, affording pasturage an i many choice house lots. Inquire of JUHN W. PERKINS. Portland, or Rev. Geo. A. Perkins, on the premises. apr30sneodtf FOR PIMPLES ON THE FACE, Blackhead and Flesh worm, use PERR 7’S improv ed Com edone and Pimple Remedy, the gieat skin medicine. Prepared only by ur. is. 0. PERKY, Dermatologist, 49 Bond St., N. Y. Sold by Druggists everywhere. mar22d&wsn6mn PORTLAND ARMY & NAVY UNION. Wiil celebrate their 7th Anniversary MONDAY, May 20th, at cape cottage. All members intond mg to i>artlclnate will please leave their names with Rand & Thornes, under t e Music Hall, where tickets can also be had, or with the Treasurer on or before the 21st Inst. mylisn3t Per order of Committee. MLAJRKI ED. In Saco, May 11, Frank Clement of Blddeford and Miss Hester Foss of Saco. In Saco, Mav 11 Thou. A. Smith of Saco and Miss Emma Foss of Saco. In Holl s, May 5, Eben B. Carlton of Hollis and Eliza E. Hardin* ot Gorham. In .Jefterson, May 10, Dea. Alexander Glidden and Mrs. H. H. Dunton. PI KD. In this city, Mav 17, llsley Clark, youngest son ol the late Albert C. Piuminer, aged 11 years 3 months. [Funeral services Monday afternoon at 3 o’clock, at No. 16 Boyd street. Relatives and friends are in vited to attend. Burial at the convenience of the family. In Gray, May 18th. Mrs. Naomi, wife of Alpheus Frank, Es-p, aged 75 years. [Funeral services Tuesday afternoon at 1 o’clock from her late residence in Gray. In Alfred, May 14. Mrs. Sarah, widow of the late Willi ini Rowell, aged 56 years. In Lebanon, May 10, John H. Shapleigb, Es.;.. aged 55 yeai s. In Bath, May 13, Mrs. Harriet, wife of Zebulon Reed, aged 45 years 4 months. In Bridgton, May 8, Mrs. Melissa J., wife of Ancel lacr Harmon, age 125 years. In Brunswick, May 8, Mr. Jonathan Winslow, aged 74 years. In Brunswick, May 12, Mr. Daniel Eaton, aged 81 years. DEPARTURE OF OCEAN STEAME SAME FROM FOR DATE Moro Castle.New York.. Havana.May 20 Rising Star.New York.. Aspiuwall... May 20 Russia.New York. .Liverpool May 21 Wyoming.New York. .Liverpool May 21 Albemarle. New York. .Bermuda_May 22 City of Mexico.New York. .Hav& V CruzMay 22 City of Washington.New York. .Liverpool — May 22 South America. Nrw York Rio Janeiro. .May 23 Sarmatian.Quebec.. .. Liverpool.M ay 24 Mandingo.New York..Havana.May 24 City of Antwerp... .New York.. Liverpool.... May 24 Europa.New York. Glasgow.May 24 Adriatic.New York. .Liverpool. May 24 Crescent City.New York. .Havana May 27 Siberia...Boston.Liverpool ....May 27 Trincaria.New York. .Glasgow . . May 28 Idaho.New York..Liverpool_ May 28 Java.New York. .Liverpool_Mav 28 City of Limerick.. New York. .Livorpool_May 29 City of Havana.... New York.. Havana.May 29 Claribel.New York. .Kingston, J. .May 30 Baltic.New York. .Liverpool— May 31

miniature Almanac..may 19. Sun rises.4.35 Sun sets.7.18 Moon rises. 115 AN. Higb water.5.00 PM MARINE NEWS. PORT OF PORTLAND. ■ I Saturday, may 17* ARRIVED. Steamer Dirigo, Johnson, NewYork — passenger* an l mdse to Henrv Fox. Steamer Falmoutn, Colby, Halifax, NS- -passengers and mdse to John Porteous. Sch Annie W, (Br) Branscomb, Boston, to load for St John. NB. Sch Ambro, (Br) Spinney. Boston, to load for Parrs boro. NS. Sch Nicanor, Baker. Salem, to load for New York. Scb Nadab, Cheney, Newburyport. Sch Gazelle, Gardiner, Pembroke. Sch Frank Pierce, Grant. Ellsworth. Sch Raritan, Bickford, Gouldsboro—canned lobster to Portland Packing Co. Sch Congress, (himage, Bristol. Ar 15th—Sch Robt Byron, CLmont, New York. CLEA RED. Steamer Carlotta, Mulligan, Halifax, NS—John Porteous. Barque Woodsldo, Montgomery, Buenos Ayres— R Lewis & Co. Sch C L Vandervort, Kelley, New York—J Nick erson. ' Anmlny, may is. ARRIVED. Sch Thos N Stone, Purvere, Georgetown, DC—coal to Rolling Mills. Sch Teazer, Hadlock. Elizabethport—coal to order. Sch Rival, Dunton, Elizabethport—coal to Raudall & McAllister. Sch Andrew Sprague, (Br) Woodward, Walton, NS, 105 tons plaster to order. The new barque budding at Damariscotta by C G Merry for Capt Lawrence and others ot Portland, is nearly ready for launching and will be ready for busi ness in a few weeks. DOMESTIC PORTS. NEW ORLEANS—Cld 10th, sch Eastern Queen, Connors. Ruatan. In port 14th, brig Mary E Pennell, Eaton, for Prov idence, lil g. Sid fm SW Pass 11th, ship Freeman Clark, Koomer and Anna Camp. JACKSONVILLE—Cld 8th, sobs Ella Frances. Bul ger; Chattanooga, Snare, and Louisa Smith, Webber, New York ; John C Libby, Fletcher, Boston. Cld 9rb, sch Fred C Holilen, McRae, New York. Ar 10th, sch Wm A Morrill, Keene. Key West. Cld 10th, sch Kenduskeag, Wyatt, New York. Ar 12th. sch Flora Condon, Condon. Providence. Cld 12th. sch8 Prescott Hazelline,McDonald, Bath; Kate Foster, Harraden. Boston. BRUNSWICK. GA—Ar lltb, sch Nellie, French, Belfast, to load tor Philadelphia. Cld 10th. sch Eureka. Trimm. Millbridge. GEORGETOWN SC—Ar 8th, sch William Penn, Thompson. Charleston. CHARLESTON-Ar lGth. brig Snsle J Stront, Hammond, New York; sch Fanny Butler, Sherman, Portland. WILMINGTON—Ar 13th, sch Pyrola, Ginn, from Rockland. RICHMOND—Ar 14th, sch Chas Comery, Creamer, Wood's Hoe. Sid 14th, sch S S Bickmorc, Barter, Claremont, to load for Bath. BALTIMORE—Cld 14th, sch Witch ol the Wave, Pendleton, Providence. Ar 15th. sch P G Maddox. Tavenen, Portland. Below, bar^de Investigator. Ford, from Liverpool; brig Milwaukee, Perkins, from Messina. Cld 15th. «ch Wm Butman, Butman, Georgetown; Colin C Baker, Boston. PHILADELPHIA—Ar 15th, sch TW H White, Hopkins. Richmond. Also ar 15th. brig Winfield, Merrill, Matanzas; 6cb Virginia, Small, Windsor, NS. NEW YORK—Ar I5ih, schs Lamoine, King, Rio Janeiro 45 days; lizzie lve«, Saxton, St Croix; Kl wood Burton. Jarvis, Georgetown: Ellen Merriman, Norwich; Calista. Hall, Port Johnson for Portland; E L Gregory, Thorndike, Providence. Cld 16th, ship Hamilton. Ross, for San Francisco, barques Frank, Wallace, and, Wallace. McCormick. Havre; brig* Walter Smith. Smith. Bueno?* Avres; Shannon, Sawyer, StJago; Mariposa. Staples, Cai barieu; Maurice, Bartlett, for Matanzas; schs II II Hand, Hand, Jacksonville; Maggie Bell, Hall, for Boston. Cld ICtb, barque Gemsbok, Bunker, Hong Kong 99 days; brigs Wm Roberison, Magune, for St Pierre; Suwannee. Sawyer Aguadilla 12 davs; Elwood Do ran, Jarvis, fra Georgetown DC tor New Haven; Ve nilia. Allen. Rockland. Sin 16th, brig Carrie Bertha, for Montevideo. Passed through Hell Gate 15th, schs Silver Heels, Newman, New York for Boston; Bramhall. Hamil ton. do for Portland: Calista. Hall, Port Johnson lor Salem; Kate Lilly. Hutchings, tin do for Bath; L M Strom. Heath, do For Boston. SAVANNAH-Ar 12th, sell S P Hall, Cbipman, New York. Sid loth, schs Nellio Doe, Richardson, for Bangor; Louise Crockett. Flanders, St Marys. PROVIDENCE—Sid 15th, schs Ocoan Belle, Wat son. and Lizzie K, Waters. Portland. Sid I4tb, sch Mary. ttoger3, Philadelphia. PAWTUCKET—Sid loth, Campbell, Eaton, lor "Vow York. NEW BEDFORD—Sid 151b, sen Irving, Azevedo, W arch am. to load tor Portland. VI.NEYAUD-H.AVEN—Ar loth, sebs Wm Thomas, Littlejohn, and Geo Savage. Nye, Portland lor New York; Hyena. Gardiner, Vinalliaven for do; Charlie Cobb, Ames, do for do; Gen Scott, Mopps, Calais for Bridgeport. Sid 15th, schs Spartel, Pioneer, J Boynton, W B Darling, T Benedict. C Matthews. O.iver Dyer, Jas Wall. P S Lindsey, Hattie G Dow, Tarry Not, Lyra Ralph M Hayward, Arabella, F E Tower, Gem, Mary Eliza. Ira Bliss, Sandy Point, L S Barnes. Tennessee, L J Clark, Mary Farrow, Rowena, James Tilden, and Cyrus Chamberlain. BOSTON—Ar lGih, brigs Open Sea, Vcazie, Balti more; Anna D Torrey. Haskell, Hoboken; schs Cap tain John. Means, Ellsworth; E A Elliot, Sproul. fm Richmond. Cld 16tli, sebs Annie Tibbetts.Curtis, Philadelphia; Pennsylvania, Butler, Rockport. Ar I7tb, bar quo Hancock, Collins, Cardenas; fobs Crescent Lodge, Crowell, Philadelphia; Delia Hinds, Wells. Calais; Mary, Hallowell. Dennysville; Ida* Wilson. Cherryfleld: Louisa, Strout. fm MiHbridge* Catbariue. Means, Ellsworth; Lebanon, Teel, and’ Rainbow, Leeman. Bangor; Uncle Sam. Simonton. and Mary A, Robinson, Rockland; Union, MorUn, Fannie Barny, Cables, and Ariosto, Elwell, do; Wm H Lovett, Haskins, Camden; Northern Light, Orne, Boothbay. Cld 17tb. brigs Clylie, Dow, Kingston; F H Todd, Meguite, Calais; sch Native American, Agnew. for Eh st port. NEWBURYPORT-Ar lGtb, ecb Hattie Ellen. Gal ley. Elizabethport. Sid 16th. sch Nadab, Cheney. Portland. PORTSMOUTH—Ar lUtb. schs Daylight. McFad den, South Amboy; H C Byron. Byron, Port John son ; Olivo Hayward, Hutchins, Franklin. FOREIGN PORTS. At Calcutta 11th ult, ships George Skolfleld, Merri man. for Boston; Arabia, Gage, lor New York; bark Lizzie H, Spring, do. SJd fm Bombay 12th ult, barque Ocean Belle, Jar vis, Alleppy, to load tor New York, at £2800. Sid fm Alexandria 25th ult, brig Neponset, Strout. Messina, lo load for Boston. At Terra Nova 21st ult, barque Commerce, Fossett, for Boston. Ar at St Jago 3d inst, brig William Mason, Adams, Boston. Arat Cienfuegos 8th inst, brig J II Lane, Shute. Kingston, Ja. Arat Havana 7th inst, brigs Ella Maria, Boyd, Philadelphia; sch J M Riley. Coffin, New York* 8th. Jos Clark, Stahl, Portland; sch Five Sisters. Hooper, St John. N’B. SM 8ib, brigs Atlas. Powers, Calbarien; 9th, Long Reach, Currier, New York. In port ltKb, barques Jona Chase, Chase, for New j York; Annie Ton ev. Libby; Maty M Bird, Merrill; Harriet F Hussey. Stacey; T K Weldon, Colsou, and I Sunshine. Richmond, unc; and others. Ar at Malanzas 6th inst, barque H A Allen. Tarr Boston; brig L Staples, Hemman, Baltimore; 7th' W H Bickmore, Bickmore, New York; George Burn ham, Staples. Philadelphia; Tubal Cain, Stone. New York; Manlius. Nichols, do; sell Fannie H Bucklin. Bucklin, Portland; 8tli, barque Addle McA.lam, Partridge. New York; 3th, barque Augustine Kohbe, Carver, Havre. , r. . . S'd 71 h. barque Palestine, Ford. Baltimore; brigs F H Jcmiingv, Hops, and Prairie Kopc, Gridin, for Vnrih nr uotiuMsi l.ena Thurlow. Corbett, for New Pbiladalphlar brTgs'iielpbine. Wallace, and Annie B Storer, Adams, North of Hatteras; sell Grace Web ster, Hume. Sagua. Ar at Cardenas 6ih. brig Lizzie Zlttlosen, Dow, Ha ia2arVoCh Bwrolta, Whitmore. Matanzas; 7th. biig Coltm. 1£'igli'a,,n; Trea'- Boston; sells Ruth H Baker, bda m'cbm ^d01/;1^: KateCatW Bowers, do; 8th S3! West” »n.’ { " Ncw Vurki «* Ha,tie- 'I ur tera^aJb.^l'i/Aimvt'h'Ki'm*’®!?? North of Hat‘ Arat'agua ad in-' , , ,ls. PJldadel)dia. Havana; sell Sylvan RanoUi!® ,Cardenas, Sundbcrg, E Spring, Small, Buenu3 ApresSf, a.h.'J6“rqUe Saml brigs Helen o Phinney, Bovd M ,,\St J u>ma9; 7,h’ neify Hallett, Cardenas; pehs NoifnzasV EH Ken Boston; Alzena. Boynton, Mat antes.Llgllt' Kich> Sid 8th. barque Josie Mildred. Mato v ... „ , 6th, Daring. McDonald, Portland; *?i?e?<Totk: Anderson, Philadelphia; 7th, barque ill, Baltimore; brig Ennis. Foster,‘Jo'; ,l b Abby'w"’ sou, Gray, Philadelphia. ' o as Ar at St John, SB. 15th Inst, sobs S B Hume. Dig Saxter^Portoni. Curricr- P,;ck' aua Piuncer' SPOKEN. April 20. Iat 2 30 S, Jon 35 30, brig R W Messer, from Rio Janeiro lor New York. May 12, lai 35 04 N, Ion 74 21 W. sell G P Pomeroy, from Jacksonville for New York. NEW ADVERTISEMENTS C. P. KIMBALL jT Elegant Carriages. SALEROOMS, COR. PREBLE HOUSE, Portland, Me. I take pleasure in announcing to tho public that 1 n >w have on hand the largest and best assortment of elegant carriages ever exhibited in Maine, embracing nexrh every style now in use, including several new p *tterns made only at my factory. Twenty-flye years’ Experience of myself and many of my workmen, enable us to produce The Finest Cariages AT THE— LOWEST RATES. 53^All persons arc cordially Invited to visit the w.uerooms and examine our finished carriages. Al so our factory and examine the material and work, whether they desire to purchase or not. All carriages made by me arefu'ly warranted. H«P~rko public are respectfully cautioned about purchaeiug cariiages repiese«ted to te my make unless they have my name-plate in full. G^^Ordera solicited and promptly filled. {^“Boots with cuts, descriptions and prices sent by mai. to all desiring to purchase. C. P. KIMBALL, may17cod3m_ Portland, Me. 1H1RD SALE. .— OF — YEARLINGS — AT — HOME FARM, MILTON, MASS., On Friday, Jane 0,1873, at 4 P. M. No. 1.—DRAGOON,chestnut colt, foaled March 18, 1872, by Feamaught, dam Virginia, brought from the South alter the war oy B. »/. Crowninshield,Esq. No. 2.—DAWN, bay filly foaled April 4, 1872, by Feamaught, dam Bes.-ie, t»y Ethan Allen. No. 3.—DEVOTION, chestnut filly, foaled April 15,1872, by Feamaugbt.da Hersey Mare, by Frauk liu, he by Old Black Howk. No. 4.—DIADEM, chestnut colt, foaled April 18, 1872, by Feamaught, dam Black Pearl, by Baldcw nie out of the famons Lady SuttOD. No. 5.—DUPLICATE (one of twins), chestnut colt, foaled April 24, 1872, by Feamaught, dam Imp. Can ary, an Irish foxbunter. No. 6.—DEBORAH, black filly, foaled April 30, 1872, by Feamaught, dam Darkness, by Ericsson, he by old Mambrmo Chief, the sire of Lady Them. No. 7.—DAPHNE, chestnut filly, foaled May 18. 1872, by Feamaught,dam Ruth, by Franklin. No. 8—DIANA, chestnut filly, loaled May 19, 1872, by Fearnaugbt, dam Mirni, by Ringgold. No. 9.—DORA, c.nestnut liily, foaled May 20, 1872, by Feamaught, darn Nellie Cotton, by Ivan-oe (Mor gan;. No. 10.— DAIRYMAID, black filly, foaled May 30, 1872, oy Feamaught, dam Fannie Prewitt, by Erics son. No. 11.—DAYBREAK, chestnut colt, foaled June 1. 1872, by Feamaught, dam imp. Maud, b’» the King of Hanover’s Bruckwiliow.and out of a mare oelnog ing to the famous f amily of Orlotf trotters of Moscow. She has trotted in 2.28. No. 12.—DANDY JIM. chestnut colt, foaled Jun8 6, 1872, by Feamaught, dam Juliet, by Young Mor rill. No. 13—DEFIANCE, chestnut filly, foaled June 7s 1872, bv Feamaught, dam Rysdyk*, Hambletonian. No. 14.—DOUGLASS, chestnut colt, foaled June 16, 1872, by Fearnaugbt, dam Yellowbamiuer, a Can adian steeplecbaesei. No. 15.—DElOY, bay colt foaled June 17, 1872, by Feamaught, dam Emmie, bv Volunteer. No. 16.—DISDAIN .Black flll> .foaled June 19, 1872, by Feamaught. dam Riugler,by Brignoli (now Mam biino Prince), he by old 5mmmine Chief. This list contains all my Fearnaugbt yearlings .and each is believed to be sound. Cars leave Old Colony depot for Milton Lower Mills at 3 o’clock. No postponement on acccutn of weather. myl9td H. S. RUSSELL. Portland, Bangor and Machias Steamboat Co. Inside lines between Portland and Rnngor, Hit. Desert and HIn«hias. The Steamer CITY OF RICHMOND, CAPTAIN C. KILBY, Will leavo Railroad Wharf, every MONDAY, WED NESDAY and FRIDAY evening, at 10 o’clock, For Bangor, touching at Rockland, Camden, Lin colnvillo, Belfast, Seam>ort,Sandy Point, ISucksnort, Winterpnrt and Hampdeu. Returning will leave Bangor everv Mondav, Wcd nesday and Friday morning at 6 o’clock, touching at the above named landing, arriving in Portland at 5 o clock P. M. The Steamer Lewiston, CAPT. CHARLES PEERING, Will leave Railroad Wharf everv TUESDAY and FRIDAY Evenings, at 10 o’clock, for Rockland, Cys tine, Dei-r Isle, Sedgwick, S. W. Harbor, (Mount De sert.,) Mill bridge, Jonesport, and Machiasport. Returning will leave Macbiaaport everv Mondav and Thursday mornings at 5 o’clock, arriving in Portland same evening, connecting with the Pullman Night Train and early Morning Trains for Boston. For further particulars inquire of Ross & Sturdi vant, 179 Commercial Street, or CITRUS STURDIVANT, Gen A*»t. Portland, May 19, 1873. myl9tf New Coffin Warehouse. 67 FEDERAL ST., (between Congress anil Pearl.) NW. MORSE announces to the pub !c that ho has • o(i ne I a Warehouse at the above place, where he keeps constantly on hand all kinds and varieilesot COFFINS, CASKETS, BURIAL CASES, ROBES, TRIMMINGS, &c„ Arc., of the best varieties and at as reasonable rates as can be obtained In tbe State, At Wholesale and Retail. ^?ct#*l7 ^°* Wnrkel Street. Tho prep aration of bodies for burials and funerals attended at the shor esr notice. No pains will be spared to give entire satisfaction.— Orders are solicited. w. w. horse, 67 FEDERAL STREET. Portland, May 19tb, 1873. mylOtf Notice to Owners of Lots in Ever green Cemetery. ANY person owning lots in Evergreen Cemetery, by calling ar the Office ot the City Treason r and paying tne sum of one dollar for each lot, will in sure the best of care for the same by the Superinten ? eut for the current year; and any person paying the sum of twenty-five dollars will secure tho care o*' DOGS—Any Dogs found in the in closure after this date without the presence of master will be in peril. JAS. BAII EY, J. S. PALMER, C. E. JOSE. mvl9dtf B3r*Argus and Advertiser copy. person may opuofo this extension. for sale. The Residence of Mr. J. M. C'-urchiH, situ'ted en the corner of State ii"d Danforth Sire, te in this S?. Tho lot is 325 it. on Slate Street and 15! ft on panf'rth Street.and contains about 50.00U ft., inclnd ing the M insion I{nu*e in tho o-igh repair. and the largo brick Carriage House ami Stable, it is one of the most desirable places in tho citv, either in it. present state or to cut up In lots. Frr pints and particulars, cull on J. C. Fruci e-* inayl9 <ltf NEW ADVERTISEMENTS. A MAN OF A THOUSAND. A CONSUMPTIVE cured. ImlicB, ii certain cure for ft nsit mp tion h!lrf 1 1 chilis, ami General Debility,*1hen hi, a .laughter was given up to die. Hi, child »V* e! , ed, and l- now alive and well. Dodroua of b. net,' ting humanity, hf will send the recipe, containing fil'd directions for making this remedy, free on re celpt of two stamps to pay capenccs. There Is not a single symptom of Consumption that it docs not at once take bold ot and dissipate. Aiyht sweat, Ptee ishn-sn, Irritation n/the Seri es, Culture of Memory Difficult Expectoration, Sharp Pains, in the Lungs’ Sore Throat, Chi'.'y •ensalinns, A'ausea at the Stomach, Inaction of the Bowels, and (fasting away of the Muscles. Addtess CRADDOCK & CO., 1,032 Race St., Philadelphia, Pa. Bit ing the name of this paper. mylDtlw Agents Wanted. Send far fatale nonemc new in*: machine co„ myl9NEW YORK4wt Write for La ge Illustrated Price List. Address C.^‘V'ch-loa'llng Shot Guns, *40 to *300. Donble iSl* to S150 Single Guns. *3 to *20. Mile. *8 to *75. Revolvers. SR i o *25. Pistols, «| to *8. Gun Material, Fishing Tackle. Large discountto DealorsorClubs. Army Guns, Revolvers,Se bou lit or trailed for. Goods sen' by express C. O. D. to be examined before paid for. mvl9t4w PROPOSALS. COLLVCTOTt'S OPFICK, 1 Portland, May 1C, 1872.) PROPOSALS for furnishing Subsistence Stores tor the U. S. Marine Hospital a‘ ihis port, during the year ending June 30th, 1874, will lie received at this Office up to 12 o’clock, M.. Tuesday the 3 1 day of June, 1873, at which time said Proposals will be opened in accordance with usage. myl9dtdd I, WASHBURN, JR„ Collector. A Nice Snrbnrban Residence FOR LEASE. The commodious twti story brick house on Stevens’ Plains, formerly occupied by the late Wm. L. Wilson. The hou*e c n _tain, twelve flnisi ed rooms, includ ing Ba h K om. all in gind repair. Tic lot corns Ins more than an acre. Nice Grape Vines, also Apple and Pear Trees, t gethc with a good stable and i x cellenr water. Apply to WM. H. JERBIS, Real Es tate Agent, corner Congress and Myrtle streets. my!9_ d3w Hotel For Sale or Lease. The well and favorably known BAKfrlt 1IOUKK, pleasanlly located at Yarmouth, ten miles from Portland. The trains of tire Grand _ Trunk road stop within a few reals of the house. Terms very favorable. Apply to the propri c or on the premises, or Wm. H. Jerria, Real Estate Agent, Portland. mylS-lm* Canvassing Books sent free tor Prof. Fowler’s Great Work On Manhood, Womanhood and their Mutual Inter relations; Love, its Laws, power, etc. Agents are selling from UO to 740 copies of this work a day, and we send a canvassing bonk ftco to any book agent. Address, stating experience, etc., National Publishing Co. Philadelphia, Pa. mviottw For Sale. THE subscriber, having located his business In Boston, now offers his residence No. 6 Deering street for sale. The hou-e, with its improvements, is Bret class. Price onij *13,000. terms easy. Can be examined dailv from 10 to 11 A. M. and 3 to 4 P. M. Will be sold with the Furniture it desired. mylOtf GEO. M. HARDING. Caution. NOTICE 13 hereby given that I shall pav no debts contracted by my wife Eliza. J. Hamblin, after tUs date. LEANDER D. HAMBLIN. Deering, May 17, 1873. W3W21* Situation Wanted. BY A YOUNG man, to write or keep a small set of b *oks Evenings. maytudi*Address Box 1919 OPEN TO DAY. _ Rice &, Calderwood, HA VINO TAKEN THE Bakery No. 22 Andersoj Street, desire to inlorra the public that they are prepared 10 furnish, at Wholesale or Retail, fresh baked and of good quality, Loat Bread, Cakes, Pastry, Common and Fancy Crackers,Extra Pilot Breads,&c, at fair prices. Dot Tea Rolls every Afternoon. Special attention paid to the baking cf BROWN BREAD AND BEANS on Saturday nights. Farties and Excursions sup plied at thort notice. N. B—All kinds - f Goods can be obtained from our c irts, which wil .run to all parts of the city. Portland, April 2i, li»73. eodlm Plants for Sale. 8000 VERBENAS, Strong and healthy, free from Rust. A very fine collection of Greexbouse and Bedding Plants, in excellent condition at my Greenhouse. North and Montreal Sts., (Miliijoy Bill.) ALBERT DIRWANGER, • FLORIST. maylS d3w [Establish# . 1847.] DALTON & INGERSOLL, Wholesale Dealers in Plumbers’ SuppliesJ IVos. 17 dr 19 Tnion Nt., Boston. numbers’ Earthenware a Specially. Iron Noil Pipe and Fittings. Dopurr Bath T"bn. Copper Bath Boilers—30 to 100 gallons. Brass dr Placed Faucets—every varietv, for water s eam and gas. Brass Pipe & Fittings—full linos. icS1"All at Manufacturers* prices to the trade onlv Illustrated Ca’alogue* and Brice List, shewing 60 drawings, furnished to customers. myl6eodlm PROPOSALS WILL be received by the undersigned until June 8, 1873 tor a lease of suitable rooms for the ac commodation of the Mercantile Library Association W e would respectfully invite parties proposing t< build—or laving rooms air ady bu it—in a g od lo cation, to give us the terms for which they will fur nish suitable room* for a term of 5 to 20 years. JOHN C. PROCTER. ) CHAs. H. HASKELL. J Com. _ , M. B. COOLIDGE. ) Portland, May 14. 1873. cod3w is MY STOCK OF Custom Mode Hand Sewed Boots and Shoes is superior to any other Stock in New England in point of quality, style, finish and lit. So don’t wroni yourself dv sending your measure to New York oi B >stou, when you can obtain the very best boot* made, and always a sure fit, of ITS. G. PALMER. myO eodCw Formers Attention ! FAB ME ns wishing to contract to raise cucumbers for pickling will address E. D. PETTENGILL, 8 and lO Market Street* ... Portland, tie. may6-2wdvt:w ^or Sale. rpWO second hand Boilers 30 feet long. 4 fret in di ■.tTit »2 Uu:s 15 inches in diametei didl 7-16 tali k; they are in good order and just tin thing r r burning tau, edgings, slabs and sawdust Enquire of S. H. L. PIERCE, 415 Dorchester Avenue, myl4-lm South Boston, Mass. DR. HERSOM HAS taken the office of tho late Dr. Robinson, 2<!i CONGRESS St. Office hours, 9 to 11 A. M., 2 to 4 P. M ‘ Sundays, 9J to 10 A. M., 4 to S P. M. Residence, corner Pino and Emery Streets. Or ders out of office hours may be left with Mrs. Robin inson, SfiO Congress Street, or at his residence myCtf For Sale. SCHOONER COL. EDDY’. tofl ion \ New Measurement, dimensions 82/ 2.').3, 7. Vessel in fair order torbusinc - ? Fur iurthcr particular s^plj to CHAS. SAWYER. No. 123 rainmcrrial Slrret- I p fitnir-. mylt lw For Sale. ANEW Parlor tapestry CARPET, latest pattern at half cost. Apply for three days, nt mylfnlSt LMERX STREET. ___ MISCELLANEOUS. MILLINERY! ~ Mrs. M. B. Cushman Ixas J ust received her SPRING STOCK OF MILLINERY, —INCLEDINQ ALL TITE— New Styles and Patterns, which she would Invite the Ladies of Portland and vicinity to CALL and EXAMINE. Also a f nc Assortment of Fancy Goods, Perfumery, Toilet Articles, &c. Hair OoodsI Every Lady in want of Hair Goods should call and examine my stock before purchasing «xsewbere. Ladies own Ifair and Combings made over in the latest style at short notice. MRS. M. B. CUSHMAN, Congress, cor. Oak Street. _ eodlm H.M.PAYSON&CO., Bankers and Brokers, — OFFER FOR SALE — Portland City .... 8>s Kangor ...... e*a Bath • - . • . • g’s Cook Comity . - . . 7>g Chicago • . . . . 7’g Toledo, Ohio - . - - 8’s Scioto County, Ohio - - 8’s Leeds & Farmington R. R. guaranteed (i s Portland & Rochester R. It. - - 7’s Maine Cei tral R. It. 7’* Central R. R. of Iowa Cold - - 7’s Chicago, Danville & Vincennes R. R., Gold, ...... 7’s Northern Pa iflc R. R. Gold - 7-30’s Government Bonds, Rank Stocks and Gold Bought and Sold. 3Q EXCHANGE STREET _POBTLASD. dtf J. B. Brown &Sons, BANKERS, 3fo. 40 Exchange St., PORTLAND, MAINE. Business the same as an Inoor porated Bank. Interest allowed on Deposits. Dealers in Government Bonds. Gold and Foreign Exchange. Investment Securities constant ly on hand. Ja..?0l.»tl BONDS FOR SALE. Portland City • - • 6’s Bangor “ . - 6’s St. Louis • ■ . 6’s Elizabeth, N. J., . . 7’s Cleveland “ 7’s Toledo “ ... g" Cook County. 111.. - . - 7’g Marion County, Ind., - . 8’s Maine Central R. R. . . 7’g Portland & Roch ster R. R. . 7’s Atchisou, Topeka & Saute Pe Gold 7’s Northern Pacific R. R. Gold - 7-30’s Chicago, Dan. & Vin. R. R. Goid - 7’s Atlantic & St. Lawrence R. B. Stock and Dcf. Rent Scrip BOUGHT BY Swan & Rarrett, 100 MIDDLE STREET. fel>24 podtl B0NJ3S. State or Maine .... e*g Portland & Bangor City - - 6\s Batb & Rockland City - • - 6’s Chicago City - - . . 7’s Wayne & Clay County, Illinois, • 7’s Toledo, Ohio, ... 7.30's Northern Pacific R. R., Gold. - 7.30’s Burlington Cedar Rapid* & Minn. - 7’s Maine Central, Consolidated. • • 7’g Canada, St. -John & Halifax Bank* notes Bought and Sold. Will. E. WOOD, Agl S...I g-rltfi,BTewliniu, HI B 0 JVJD 87 New Tork City - . - >• “ “ “ . . . e> Brooklyn City - - 6’# Jersey City - - 7’t Elizabeth City • - - » 7’i Canada Southern R. R., Gold, • 7’s B. & Cedar Rapids R. R., Gold, - 7’s Northern Pacific R. R., Gold, - 7-30’ -FOR SALE BY R. A. BIRD, 97 Exchange St* ___feb26 Commercial House, Cor. Cross and Foro Shat Portland, Maine. ^ This House bn lit wince the great Fire, has ■S-Qjiar recen■ ly beau leased by the undersigned, rtM&if and extensive alteration* arc n >w being 2a(,e* w,lich when completed wl 1 make ibe House one of the most convenient, and well arranged in the State. %* ill beeutiielv rnovn'ed, new Furniture added, and kept as < Hotel almuU be easily accommodate One Hundred and Fifty Gues s. The Iteming Room w ill be supplied with every tally Paj»cr published in the Slate. Open •June 1st, 1873. WM. F. HUSSEY, Rcccmly Clerk Augusta H> use. TERMS 99.00 PER DAY. maylO __ dtf sebigo dye works, ^7o. 17 IPlum Street. THE proprietors of this •’stablirtiment will just say to tne p'lblic that they aro prepared to dry by steam and also prepared to dry. e'eanse and tmish ill kinds genf’s wearing apparel, nod also ladies’ resses, shawls, cloaks, rill col rs, or cleansed an I warrant them not to smut, myl/dtf JOHN S. MILLER. GLE\ HOUSE, WHITE MOUNTAINS, N. H. This favorite Summer retort will lie opened for the season June 12 1873. ^Address until 1st W. & C. R. Millikeu, Portland, ™ THOMPSON & CO , rnylTGOw_Lieu House. Plants for Sale. 1 ft ()(111 CHOICE Plants fto sale cheap; al * ' . 1 so B .unuets. Cut Flowers, and Fu ueral Designs all seas' ns of tlie year, at, d. \ ICKl.lsY’S Gteen House. my.VI 1m_113 Spriug Street, Portland, Me. I. O. O. F. THE Monthly Mectingof the Mutual Relief Asso ciation of the I. O. o. F., will be boldenatOdd reilows Hall on Tuesday Evening, May 2(/tb, at • i o’clock. Por Order _ . H. C. BARNES, Sot’v. Portland, May 17th, 1373. myI7J3t WILLIAM BROWN, 64 FEDERAL AT., PORTLAND, ME. Clothing Cleaned at d Ropdred on Short Notice. ®ty“Seeqpd-Hand Clothe* Bough, au I Held. at 1 myl7 £ dtr^ Re,laurel.Dining anil Irr Cr<-nm FOR Said; location of great value, will established, with Inorea ing paying bindnei, well Bttrd up, ill appuitencesing.iotlcondition; great bargain,mod erate capital. TAYLOR & CO., 3 State St.. Boston. royt7d3t Rare Opportunity* ONE of the best located Retsll Dry »”d Fancy Goodsstores In R. eton i otteredfbr*ale toa cash S'R'mm. Stock small tin I 'dent. "D-L'AM H. BROWN, 589 Washington St.. Boston. lwmldAwlf ’lillinery nnri Paarv l-'ands "lore for Stale. VERY desirably located; ►“> *•".■« lecled. SaMsCictory reasons for rellins, moder uy i7d3t TAYLOR A CO..3 St ite S’.,Boat-n,Mass It. A. HENNA KB, retire* from the Arm of leo. A. Jones & Co., thi. 14th day of May, 1673. leo. A. Jones aasunung all liabilities ol the late eo partnership. myl7d*A

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