Newspaper of Portland Daily Press, May 21, 1873, Page 2

Newspaper of Portland Daily Press dated May 21, 1873 Page 2
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THE PRESS. WEDNESDAY MORNING,MAY 21, 1873. Every regular attache of the Press Is furnished with a card certificate countersigned by Stanley T. Pullen, Editor. All railway, steamboat and bote managers will confer a favor upon ns by demanding (red'-ntiala of every person claiming to represent our leurnal, as we have information tliat several “bum mers” are seeking courtesies in tbenameof the Press, and we have no disposition to be, even pas. fively, a party to such fraud We do not read anonymous letters and communi cations. The name and address of the writer arc in all cases Indisiiensab e, not necessarily for publication but as a guaranty of good fhith. W! cannot undertake to return or reserve com munications that are not used. The appropriations made by the City Coun cil for the present year are $13,338.84 less than last year. After a protracted discussion, the Massa chusetts Legislature has adopted the minority report on the Hoosac Tunnel Railroad scheme, which provides ior the purchase of the roads and the management of them by the State. The act of Congress which, went into ef fect yesterday, abolishing the office of asses sors and assistant assessors of internal reve nue, reduces the number of office holders in the country nearly two thousand. Thk Keunebec Journal claims fifteen Re publican'papers for Mr. Dingley. The is very well; but the fact that two of them are not Republican papers in the sense that the Jour nal is, and that two of the others have favor ed Judge Kent quite as much as its favorite, somewhat reduces its figures. A New Yobk paper says that the existence of 8403 liquor saloons of various kinds, thus giving a drinking house to every one hundred and eighteen of its population, affords a for ■— isidable ttstihr temperance xca. -Italic concludes that so long as this state of affairs lasts the crimes that grow out of drunkenness will inevitably increase. Washington gossip is busily discussing the Speakership, and says that in case Mr. Blaine is re-elected by the Forty-third Con gress as Speaker, he will throw overboard all those chairmen of committees who have in any way been connected with the Credit Mobilier transactions. Mr. Blaine’s friends claim that he will have the support of at lsast two-thirds of the old members who have been re-eleeted, the others going for Maynard, of Tennessee. It is generally cop ceded that Mr. Blaine will be successful. The other day Delaware indulged in its time honored diversion of taking the prison ers out of the county jail and flogging them. At Newcastle a woman received sixty lashes for the murder of her child, which is prob ably the next thing to hanging. It is not pretended that the public whipping has the tendency to improve the moral character of the prisoner or deter others from crime; but the semi-annual flogging has become a festi val that the people in general enjoy and the authorities are too considerate of the people to deprive them of their venerated amuse ment. The New York Commercial, which be lieves in capital punishment demands some method of putting murderers to death than that employed in New York, which is by jerk- , ing the criminal up rather than dropping him down. The Commercitl claims that Nixon was actually choked to death, which it as serts must be the case where every man of light weight is hung by the New York meth od. It strikes us that iu view of the fact that physical suffering is the end to be obtained by the advocates of strangulation, the New York way of doing it will meet with their general approval. An exchange believes that when the Indi ans fully comprehend the fact that sixty Mo ■ docs are successfully holding nearly twenty times their number of disciplined United States troops at bay, they will be encouraged to make a combined outbreak in which no less than 125,000 warriors will participate. It claims that by some system known to the Indians they are fully apprised of the con flict going on between the Modocs and our government. If this is the case they already know that the Federal troops do not out number the whites as twenty to one and that in the end the Modocs will be sure to be de stroyed. The latter fact will not prove very assuring. In several papers we have noticed insinua tions that the calling of the Republican State Convention at Banger this year was done with the design of aiding this or that candi date or section. Nothing is farther from the truth. Before last year, conventions for sev eral years had been held at Portland, Augusta and Bangor in turn. In 1872 the member of the Committee from Androscoggin asked to have it held in that city that year when it would in turn have been held in Bangor. The request was granted; and as a matter of course if the rule establ'shed by custom was to be observed, Bangor was the place for holding the meeting the present year. In short the place of holding the Convention is fixed rather by usage than by the State Com mittee. _ The Bangor Whig learns that “Prof. Haynes and his associates, on Monday, fleeced some verdant passengers out of $60 between this city and Freeport at which sta tion they took the back train, it i3 hopeless to expect that anything will be done to stop these shameless practices. Within a few months the county attorney of Sagadahoc County was notified by a well known lawyer of Portland that he witnessed this manner of pocket-picking on the Maine Central within that county and would furnish him the proof to convict the black-legs. That official made no reply. If the Maine Central really cared to break up this method of theft, of which, by allowing it to be carried on with impunity for more than two years on their trains, the company justly bear the odium, they could easily find witnesses to convict them. The Pbess will undertake to furnish the Maine Central officers with a sufficient number of names prior to any sitting of the grand jury in this county. A meddling correspondent of a Boston re ligious paper has written to its publisher to inquire why it scandalized country Baptists by advertising J3amum’s circus which is at present the peculiar and great joy of our Modern Athens. In reply the proprietor re plies that he is not aware that he has adver tised a “circus’’—not any; but “Bamum’s Fair and Menagerie’ which people could visit without contaminating their morals by wit nessing. The “fair and menagerie,” the journal in question pronounces very good and gives the opinion that it can be visited by Christian people with profit as calculated to increase their knowledge of natural history. Lest there should be any mistake about what is and is not stiictly within the limits of nat ural history—it sagely remarks to the reader that the good and the bad “lie in such close juxtaposition, it is not always duty to avoid the good because in intimate proximity to evil” which is to say, you should pay your money to see the sea lions, the reformed can nibals, the fat woman, the giraffe, the polar bear and the talkiug machine; but forego the clown, the depraved mules that kick, and the mischievous monkeys and such. Is this cant ?_ Old age is the only objection that the op ponents of Judge Kent make against liis nomination for Governor. They all admit Ins sterling worth and high chaiacter and that in the course of a long public life,he has never been suspected of walking in “ways that are dark” or resorting to “tricks that are vain.” They rail to point out any evidence that he is ^VV'80™119 now a9 w*len be was appoint e U ge. They only fear that he will break Care and Perplexity of the duties incumbent upon him as Governor. They forget that the duties of the Chief Mag istrate of Marne are not so arduous as those of a Justice of our Supreme Court. They are entirely forgetful of the fact that the men who hayedone the greatest service for the na» tionin the cabinet and halls of legislation were most serviceable at or beyond the age of Judge Kent. To-day Gen. D.x is the first real executive that New York has had in many years; he shows no lack of vigor, no feebleness of judgment, no evidences of sec ond childhood. In France, we see Thiers, seven or eight yea.-s older than Judge Kent, evidently the only single man that seems equal to the great emergency of that uneasy, unstable nation. Not only has he so skillful ly directed his policy as U secure a majori ty of the assembly, but his policy has revived the industry of the nation and taken care of the great loans. The Warren Mnrder. Interesting Particular* of the Tragedy. To the Editor of the Portland Prett: Wabre.v, May 19th, 1873. As soon as 1 arrived I proceeded at once to the scene of the murder, permission having been obtained to examine the premises, which I found guarded by three young men. The house is a story and a half,neat looking eottage> two miles from the village. Miss Lucy Mink’s story as told by the guard, is like this: About nine o’olock she went down and let Dr, Baker in, but did not lock the door after him. She said he might have staid a half hour or more, when she heard the report of the pistol. She said the Doctor was back to her when shot, near the door. She immediately left the house and ran to a neighboring honse, where a family by the name of Spear lived. There she remained in her night clothes crouch ed in a corner of the room, refusing abed or food. Dr. Buxton came, when she at his re quest dressed herself, and retired to her broth er’s house. There she remained till Sundav hood, when she was taken without making any ado, to Thomaston. She wore a ring of the Doctor’s valued at twenty-two dollars, which she remarked on leaving the house,would go wherever she went. The body was not re moved till Monday morning, when it was taken to Dr. Beker’s house. My informant, Mr. Sin gleton, observed that she frequently spoke of the decased saying “it is all over now, but I was to be married in October.” My attention was called to a large, new Saratoga trunk and her wardrobe, which contained silk dresses and expensive laces. It seems very strange that she should leave her brother’s two little boys all night in the bouse, They slept soundly, not knowing what had happened. The coroner’s inquest was continued Monday, but the evidence gave little light upon the sub ject. The affair is of the darkest hue, ond there is little possibility of finding out the guilty party One thing looks badly for Miss Mink. The pis. tol was placed near enough to the body to burn a hole in his shirt in one place,while the second shot showed the distance to be farther. The pistol not being found proves nothing, as it could be thrown on any side of the house be tween the partitions, and not found without taking the house down, or in on open well near by. The old lady, Elizabeth Mink, is said to be the mother af twenty.two children, a large part of whom are living—all the sons have been married, but only one lives with his wife at the present time. Three sons live in the neighbor hood, and it was at the house of one of these that the old lady went the day before to stay a few days. The old lady was heard to remark “God knew that it was not in her heart.” Hard stories are told of heT, and her whole life seems to have been a continual scene of care and tronble. She was at Rockland four weeks last spring, obtaining a divorce. Her husband had the farm. A few weeks after the barn was burn ed, hut no one found guilty. I might go on mentioning other cases, but enough has been said. It may he said of Miss Mink that she had a good education and was good looking, and if she did the deed, she did it because she was refused a marriage. Kai Gar. Revival of Commercial Interests.—Mr. John Roach, the largest builder of iron sh'ps in this country, expresses his confidence of the speedy revival of the commercial interests of the country from the damage occasioned by the war. To a correspondent of the New York Times he recently said: “We shall soon begin to go ahead again; and, with wise legislation and a return to a specie basis, our opportunity for cheapening iron will be as good as that of Great Britain to-day. It is a tboiough misap plication of the word to speak of the import duties on iron and coal as protection. Coal- and iron ore can be bought in the mine in this coun try as cheaply as any country in the known world. The protection then is to labor. Now it -appears to me there is not only tendency to but a certainty of a steady rise in the prices of European la'ior till it approximates more near ly to the prices of labor in this country. That is to say that the English and German laborer will not perhaps have facilities for saving mon ey to any extent, but they will be able to live better—as well as our laborers live. Every rise of one per cent, in labor in Enrope will permit a reduction of one per cent. In our tariff; and while labor in Europe will be rising, labor here will have a tendency to go the other way in consequence of the decrease of taxation. Then the vastly superior natural resources of this country will place the American ship-builder in a position tocommand themarketof theworld.” The Pennsylvania Coal Supply,—The Pittsburg Commercial shows that the coal fields of Pennsylvania can hardly be called “inex haustible.” They comprise about 5000 square miles. The yearly rate of exhaustion, taking last year's statistics as a basis, is about 2700 acres, or five square miles; but there can be no calculation upon the future rate. It will pro bably be doubled in ten years, and so on, until at the begmntug of the next century, ten thou saDd acres of coal will be used up yearly. But the days of cheap coal are over, for even now it costs more to get it to market than it did when the beds chiefly worked were upon the river banks, while timber is growing scarcer and labor higher. Our contemporary’s conclu sion is that “while we have plenty of coal to last us for hundreds of years to come, the sup ply is not inexhaustible, and as the n ar-at hand supplies are being rapidly used up, the more distant supplies will cost more to deliver.” Sagadahoc Agricultural Society.—This veteran society, which always holds an exhibi tion and a good one, too, holds its nineteenth annual fair at its grounds in Topsham, Tues day, Wednesday and Thursday, Oct. 14th, 15th and 16tb, 1873. A schedule of premiums and regulations before us embraces a premium for nearly every department of industry. The So ciety is one of the best managed in the State, and one of the most flourishing, due largely, perhaps, to the fact that the ladies enter largely into its management. A. O. Poland, esq., of Brunswick, is President, and Isaac E. Mallett of Topsham, Secretary. The following gentle men are the Executive Committee: Isaiah Jor dan, Brunswick; Henry W. Haley, Topsham; James Purinton, Bowdoinham; Henry Don nell, West Bath; G. M. Gowell, Bowdoin. Kent’s Hill.—The present school year will close with commencement exercises the first week in June. Tuesday'evening will be given to prize declamations and readings. Wednes day President Allen of the State Agricultural College will deliver an oration and Kev. Mark Trafton of Boston a poem, before the Calliopean and Adelpbian societies, and in the evening a grand vocal and instrumental concert will be given by the Musical Department assisted by Miss Ada Cary of Portland. Thursday the usu al graduating exercises occur. From the sever al courses twenty seven graduate. Dr. Torsev is still unable to attend to school duties. The present term numbers over two hundred and fifty. Whole number in attendance during the year, about seveu hundred. Usual base ball contest, Olympics, 42; Crich tons. 31. _ Philadelphia Ingenuity.—A Philadelphia mechanic proposes to build steamships of one solid piece of iron or steel, without a joint. This he accomplishes by welding the plates and frame, instead of using bolts or rivets. He claims that he has invented machinery by which the thing can be done, at a great saving of cost, of weight and of time, and with a great gam of strength and durability, and that such a vessel cannot leak, and will bear a much more violent blow on rocks, w;thout injury to her bottom, than a vessel made of elates and frame, riveted and bolted together. P News and Other Items. Speaker Blaine is in San Francisco, Gloucester, Mass., has accepted a city charter by a vote of 682 yeas to 353 nays. A man was arrested in St. Louis last week fora murder committed thirteen years ago. The Presbyterians have decided to take part in the Centennial Celebration. Frank McDuffce of East Alton, N. H., hung himself on Monday with an ox chain. There are three fourths of a million more fe males in Germany than males. “Thirty solid miles of logs” is reported in Au Gres river, Michigan. The Illinois Legislature has appropriated one million dollars for school purposes. Of the women of the United States, 530 are doctors, 24 dentists, 5 lawyers, and 58 preach ers. A Detroit paper states that Senators Chan dler and Ferry of Michigan have returned their back pay to the Treasury. Judge Shepley’s decision in regard to tba New Magdalen” is regarded as a just and able judicial decree. An Apache chief, convinced of the impropri ety of polygamy, has set Brigham Young an example by killing five of his six squaws. A Washington special announces that Will iam M, Evarts, while not seeking, would gladly accept the Chief Justiceship. A Pittsburg merchant declares that he knows of thirteen first society ladies who steal his goods whenever they can get a chance. The Minneapolis Tribune thinks the only ob jection to Nebraska is that there are fully six weeks in midsummer when the sleighing is poor. Such numbers of Italian soldiers attend the Protestant prayer meetings in Rome, the Cath olic organ calls upon the military authorities to interfere, The Republicans have all the offices of the Ohio Constitutional Convention, in the electiou of whose members such a “Conservative” tri umph was claimed. A servant girl fired her employer’s house in Philadelphia eleven times on Thursday, and endeavored to throw suspicion on the son of the family, aged three years. President Eliot, or Harvard Col'ege, affirms that “there is a fundamental pervading differ ence between all men and all women, which ex tends to their minds as much as to their bod ies ” Professor Agassiz adds that they need a different diet. General John B. Gordon made a little speech at a reception given him in Savannah, Ga., a few days since, closing with the, sentiment— “The heroic dead of both armies, who fought for principle, and backed their convictions with their lives. Let both be duly honored." The Chicago Advance says of the back pay grabbers: “Aside from doing the right thing, they may be sure that whatever course they take in this matter, will be remembered/ Whoever takes tlia. $5000 will find it hanging to his feet like a ball and chain in his next race for office.” Advices received from the grain-growing districts of the Middle and Western States, re port that the area of land planted in wheat is larger than ever before, and that the crop is promising; the only thing to be feared being wet weather before harvest time, which will beat down the grain. STATE NEWS. ANDROSCOGGIN COUNTY. For the year ending May 1st, 1873, $1,006,984 were deposited in the Auburn Savings institu tion. A gain of $169,602 over the preceding year. Isaac A. Smith of Auburn was thrown from his waggon on Monday last and badly injured in the back. J. P. Longley of Lewiston was kicked by his horse last Sunday and bad his ribs fractured. The Lewiston drive of logs has reached Rum ford Mills. Thirty-six men have charge of 14, 000,000 feet of lumber. The Journal says that Mr. S. D. Thomas is now using on the work upon the tower of St. Peter’s church a patent brick and mortar eleva tor, which is a very convenient article. There is an endless ladder, made of iron with links and rounds one foot apart. This ladder is re volved upon a cylinder with cranks attached, moved by two workmen. The upper part of the ladder also revolveson a cylinder. A dozen or two hods of brick and mortar can be con stantly kept oa the ascent, while at the same time empty bods are returning downward on the opposite side of the ladder. The hods are hooked into the iron rounds of the ladder, and the empty hods drop off the ladder as soon as they reach the floor. « OXFORD COUNTY South Paris will plant 200 acres of sweet com this spring. Buckfield is to have a new brick school house. PENOBSCOT COUNTY. Hail in large quantities fell near Bangor last Monday. The new Shoe Manufacturing Company at Upper Stillwater offer $6000 for the Sacramento House in that town. They want it for a shoe factory. At the raising of the new frame building to be used as a trunk factory by Parker & Webb of Bangor on Monday last, a young man named U. M. Anderson fell from the frame to the floor, a distance of twenty feet, striking on his head and shoulders. He was picked up terri bly crushed and died that same evening. Last Sunday afternoon in Bangor a young man broke into I. W. Allen’s store on Central st. by thrusting his fist through the glass in the door, cutting his hand badly. He then pushed back the bolt, and went for the money draw.— Some one entering at the rear door frightened him and he escaped. SAGADAHOC COUNTY. The annual meeting of the State Homoeo pathic Society, occurred at Bath last Tuesday. YORK COUNTY. It is expected that the city valuation of Saco will exceed last year by $100,000. So says the Times. The ship-carpenters at Kcnnebunkport are on a strike. Press Correspondence. Probably the largest and fattest ox raised or knowu in York county was slaughtered on Sat urday last by Freeman E. Trafton, proprietor of a meat market at Alfred. The girth of this ox was eight feet and two inches, and the neat weight, after being dressed, was 1482 pounds. For All localities and dimes. A true specific is adapted to all localities and climes and for this reason, that it strikes at the causative principal of the diseases which it is administered to cure. Hostetter’s Stomach Bitters, forexample, is a true specific, not only because it fortifies the body against the external influences which prompts dis ease, but because, when taken as a remedy instead ol as a prev* ntive. it neutralizes the infective principle in the blood ana thereby destroys the primary source of the ailment. Hence as an antidote to epidemic disorders, and to all con plaints which are produced or aggravated by miasma, or the presence of any thing deleterious in the air. the water or the soil, It is as nearly infallible as any medicinal preperation can be. In our own country, as a remedy for intermit tent fevers, bilious affections, constipation, dyspepsia, nervous weakness, rheumatism ana general debility, it is unrivalled, nor is it. less celebrated in the tropics as a preventive of malarious fevei s. SPECIAL NQTICEST" LOOK OUT. When one knows not what he’s about, As with the best sometimes may be, If some kind friend would cry “Look out!” From trouble it might keep him free. If a traveler should miss his route, And his mistake he did not see, If one who knows >hould cry “Look out!” How grateful for it he should be. When Bovs are looking round tor “Clothes,” Coat, Pants, Vest, Hat and Shoes comp ete, Let them “look out” for Georoe Fen no’s, Corner of Beach and Washington street Boston. my21snlw For Sale. A two story BRICK HOUSE, No. 66 Danforth street, containing 13 finished rooms. Furnace, GaB Fixtures, a good Cistern, Well and Sebago Water, a good Stable and Lot 40x100 feet. Inquire of JOHN C. PROCTER, may21eod3wsn 94 Exchange Street. BATCHELOR’S HAIR DYE. This splendid Hair Dye is the but in the world The only True and Perfect Dye. Harmless Rellablo and Instantaneous; no disappointment; no ridiculous tints or unpleasant odor. Remedies the ill fleets of bad dyes washes. Produces Immediately a superb Black or Natural Brown, and leaves the hair clean, soft and beautiful. The Genuine, signed W. A. atchelor. Sold by all Druggists. CHAS. BATCHELOR, Prop., A. Y. ld&w Ivrs n FOR MOTH, PATCHES, FRECKLES And TAN, use PERRY’S Moth aud Freckle Lotion. It is reliable and harmless. Sold by Druggists everywhere. Depot, 49 Bond St., N. Y. mar22 d&wsn6ml7 Piano Taking. Orders attended to personally by — ED. B. ROBINSON, Pinna Booms, 3 Cnfaoon Block. (Opposite City HalO mar28-d3m. WOODS, SMITH A ESTEV’S LATEST STYLES OF REED ORGANS AT LOW PRICKS. For sole by C. It. HAWES, Ulusic Dealer. myltsnlm_ 77 Middle streei. A BOOK FOR EVERT MAN. THE “SCIENCE OF LIFE, OR SELF PRES ERVATION, a Medical Treatise on the Cause and Cure of Exhausted Vital!'y, Premature Decline in Man, and Nervous and Physical Debility, Hypochon dria, Impotency. Spermatorrhoea or Seminal Weak ness, and other diseases arising fiom the errors of youth or the indiscretions cr excesses of mature years. This is indeed a book for every man. Thou sands have been taught by this work the true way to health aDd happiness. It is the cheapest and best medical work ever published, and t he only one on this class ot ills worth reading. 190th edition, revis ed, much enlarged, illustrated, bouDd in beautiful French cloth. Price only $1. Sent by mall, post paid, on receipt of price. AddresB PEABODY MED ICAL INSTITUTE, No. 4 Bulfinch street, Boston, I 'Z Dtt- w- H- PARKER, Assistant Physician. The author may be consulted on the above as martimo<!d&^i,reqUlrl"g 8kU1 a“d e,Perienee AT GORtlAMIO"r,?rSa,C house, rooms oi both larPe handsome two story ou a floe loi having 27 »m?.of,Kood 8ize and height, short distance from Church S011.1 "n South St*, a The Choice Nitontioa aa<1 Depot, numerous and fine shade trees rham- Besides hedges, there are nearly a hundred fruit*! b®ds and crab-apple, pear, peacu and cherry, ten aPPle and a good garden containing many currant°hT vCB’ gooseberry bushes, strawberry and asparagusS?8' fine pieplant, -ftc There are about 33 acres of Ian? affording pasturage an I many choice house inV.’ Inquire of JOHN W. PERKINS. Portland, or lt“' Geo. A- Perkins, on the premises. apr30sneoltf ' To Lei. House No. 53 State street, contains all modern conveniences, Gas, Sebago Water, Bath room, Ac. Apply to GEO. W. EDDY, 131 Com'l street, or E. E. UPHAM, 7 Exchange st. mayll sneod-tf SPECIAL NOTICES. D. C. GOLDER)( Over E. T, Elden & Co., 5 Free Street. PABASOLS! 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The public aio therefore requested to give prompt information to him of any cruelty to animals that may come to their knowledge, and he will fee to it that the offenders are brought to speedy and strict Justice. Per order. aP*a ___sntf BANK OF PORTLAND. aft°rtbls date, the unJet gned will carry on a strictly Banking business, at the Banking occupied by the Seeon National Bank, o/portt’a^VS®’ U1jder thlBtyle of the “BAN^ ^AND an<1 aB such, will receive Deposits BanUng Business.'8’ regU‘ar course of the Portland, June24th, 1872. jun23newlt then sn tf To Lei. THE commodious four storied Brick Store, No. 57 Commercial St.—immediate possesion given. Inquire of ELIAS THOMAS & CO No. 90 Commercial St. Or ol W. "W. THOMAS. Canal National Bank. __8eptl2sptf BONDS ! BONDS of western cities and counties, 10 per cent. and principal payable in the east. Private as I-Ublic rea hed. Debts very small Carer.oT1 nn to property and therefore easily paid. Bonn. e8tors ar« Invited to coll and examine the securities'^! “nd,Decisions of the courts upon such notbmgbetter " find them Tery safe' Tnore ‘ feb7snt CHARLES M. HAWKES, eD,"nt 28 Exchange at., Portland. SPECIAL NOTICES. OPENING . EASTMAN BROTHERS’ — OPEN ON — WEDNESDAY AND THURSDAY, MAY 7TH AND 8TH, A fine assortment ot LADIES SUITS, DOLMANS, SHAWLS, Ac. BERLIN SUITS At loss than cost ct Importation. LINEN SUITS Plain and richly omhroldered.tfrom *6 to $29. WHITE LAWN SUITS. *4.90 to *20.00. LADIES LINEN TRAVELING POLON AISE — AND — DUSTERS. CASHMERE AND LAMA GAR MENTS in great variety. «* WHITE SHETLAND SHAWLS From 91.00 upwards. CAMBRIC AND PRINT WRAPS From 92 to $0. ALSO NEW DRESS GOODS At very low prices. BLACK SILKS At 90.90, 1.00, 1.25, 1.45,1,62,1.88, 2.00,2.15, & 3.0 iy These Silks have just been bought In New York at the recent '‘Panic Prices.” STRIPED SILKS Frcm 871 cents te 92.25. VERY CHEAP. HOUSEKEEPING GOODS We keep constantly on hand a full assortment at the VERY LOWEST PRICES. BLACK CASHMERE, DRAP D ETE, B RILLIAIVTEEIYS, Ac., Ac. —3 E^’No trouble to show Goods-ABU EASTMAN BROS., 332 CONGRESS STREET. my3 sntf — married! In Rockland, May 11, 'William Landrey aud Annio Hayhew. iu Rockland, May 12, Lerrey Crabtree and Lucy A, Whaling. In St George, May 11, Capt. Wm. D. Hart and Miss Lucy M. Allen. Iu Vinalhaven, May 11, Franklin J. Smith and Miss Mary E. Genlsh. DIED. In this city, May 19. Eugene E. Little, aged 53 years and 8 months. [Funeral services Wednesday afternoon at 3 o’clk, at his late residence, 24 Brown street. Burial at the convenience of the family. In this city. May 20, Mrs. Eliza B., wife of the late Benj. Littlefield. [Funeral services Friday afternoon at 2 o'clock, at her late residence, 151 Congress street. Burial at the convenience of the family. In Windhamr May 2, Mrs. Catharine, wife of Greenleaf Sen ter, aged 58 years. In Alfred May 17, at the residence of her son, John F. Maddox, Mrs. Eunice Maddox, aged 77 years and 7 months. In Oxford, May 20, Frances E. Norton, daughter of the late Wiuthrop B. Norton, of Oxford. DEPARTURE OF OCEAN OTKAltlr. .»* NAME FROM FOR n»TF Albemarle. New York.. Bermuda-May 22 City of Mexico.New York.. Hav& V Cruz May 22 City of Washington.New York.. Liverpool.... May 22 South America. New York Rio Janeiro. .May 23 Sarmatian.Quebec .... Liverpool.May 24 Mandingo.New York. .Havana.May 24 City of Antwerp .. ..New York. .Liverpool..May 24 Europa.New York. Glasgow.May 24 /Adriatic.New York. .Liverpool. . .May 24 Crescent City.New York. .Havana.May 27 Siberia.Boston.Liverpool... .May 27 Trincaria.New York.. Glasgow May 28 Idaho.New York.. Liverpool. .. May 28 java.New York.. Liverpool —May 28 City of Limerick.. New York. .Liverpool... .May 29 City of Havana.... New York. .Havana......May 29 Claribel.New York. .Kingston, J. .Mny 30 Baltic.New York. .Liverpool.... May 31 Miniature Almanac.®*7 Sun rises.4.33 I Sun set*. .7.29 I Moon rises. Bitfh water. i.QOP.4 MARINE NEWS. PORT OF PORTLAND, Tuesday, nay 30. ARRIVED. Steamer New York, Winchester, St John, NB, via Eastport for Beaton. Sch Elma M Wright, Freeman, Georgetown—coal Rolling Mills. , v , Sch Josephine. McDonald, Elizabethport-iron to A E Stevens & Co. . „ . , Sch Pei sis L Smith, Upton, New York-coal to James & Williams. Sch Lizzie K, (Br) Waters. Providence. Sch Lucy K Cog.•swell. Lee. Newburyoort. q I? Enterprise, strout. KeDnebunkport. Yftonl w®™woo.l. Kennebunk. Sch America. Hodgdon, Kennebunk. M?rw!«?()Ani1’ Lowell> Thomaston—lime to C A B ‘ |oh Specie, Winchenbach, Frieuiisliin Sch Banner, Smith, Lamoine for Boston. .. _ , CLEARED. Portecms.1* Falmoutb' Colby. Halifaz, NS-John pSteamer Chesapeake, Mangum, Now York-Henry Sch Congress, Gamage, Boston—J Nickerson Sen Ocean, Day, Boston—Chas Sawyer. Sch Capella, (Br) Buck. Dorchester, NB—master Sch M E Bliss, (Br) Shields, St John, NB-John Porteous. DOMESTIC PORTS. GALVESTON—Ar 12th, brig Gazelle, Colo, New York. Cld 12th. sch Kato Wentworth, Mead, New York. NEW ORLEANS—Ar 14th, brig Ge.> W Chase. Ba con, Havana; sch Lady Woodbury, Woodbury, from Utilla. MOBILE—Ar 14th, ship John L Dimmock, Lincoln Bremerhaven. SATILLA MILLS—Sid 8th. sch Frank Jameson, Jameson, Bath. Sid 10th, brig Jas Davis, Partridge, for Boston; sch Thos Fish, Wiley, Bath; W H Thorndike, Cushman, for do. CHARLESTON-Ar 15th, sch Armida Hall, Hall, Bath. RICHMOND—Ar 16th, sch Albert Jameson, Can dage, Rockland. Sid 16th, sch Chas Comery, Creamer, to load ship timber. NORFOLK—Ar 16th, sch H S Rowe, Tavenen, fm New York. BALTIMORE—Ar 17th, brig Nimwaukee, Perkins Messina. Cld 17th, 8ch8 Charlotte Jameson, Jameson, and Mary D Haskell, Carter. Boston. BALTIMORE—Ar 17th, barque Hancock, Collins, Cardenas. Ar 10fb, sch St Croix, Eaton. Boston. Cld 17tb, echs Charlotte Jameson, Jameson. Bos ton: Ospray. Hughes, Washington; Carrie Melvin, Andrews. St John NB. PHILADELPHIA—Cld 17th, brig A H Curtis, Merriman, Cardenas; sch Wm F Cushing, Cook, for Savannah. jseiow l’Jtn, sen Lizzie b uregg, Anderson, Sagua. Ar at Delaware Breakwater 19th, sch Rosswell, fm Sagua for Portland. NEW YORK—Ar 18th inst, brigs Carrie Purington, Whitt*more. Arecibo 13 days; Waltham, Trunm. Wilmington; Wm R Sawyer, Mitchell, Fall River; schs A H Whictemore, Greenlaw, Eleuthera; J B Smith, Williams, Jacksonville: Tennessee, Piilsbury, Vinalhaven; Spartel. Smith, Windsor, NS; Presto, Webber, Macbias; Gem. Thomas. Vinalhaven; Liz zie J Clark, Burnet, Bangor: Deborah Jones, Clark, Bath; Winslow Morse, Oliver, do; Torpedo, Fanning Lubec; John Boynton. Hill. Calais; W C Hall, Hall, Rockland; L S Barnes. Coleman, and R N Rhoades, Peck, Roclcport; Alamo, Thompson. Macbias; Wm Thomas, Littlejohn, Providence; T Benedict, Marr, Portland; W H Sargent, Sargent, Boston; J P Wy man. Pen-v, New Haven. Also ar 18th. schs Wellington. Pendleton, Provi dence: E K Dresser, Reed, Eleuthera 10 days ; John Boynton. Langley. Calais; Presto, Nutter,'Macbias; Convoy, French, aud Tennesse, Creed, Vinalhaven; Wm Mowe, Bich, Bath; Samuel C Hart, Holbrook, Backport for Norfolk; Chase, Peck, Rocklaud for Richmond; Venilia, Alien, and E Arcularius, Greg ory, Rocklaud; Casco Lodge, Pierce, and Wm Tho mas. Littlejohn. Portland. Ar 19th, brig Mary C Comery, Grozier, Seville 46 days, (Alfred Torrey, ol Deer Isle, mate, fell from the martingale Apl 27, and was lost.) Cld 10th, barque Emma F Herriman, Nichols, for Buenos Ayres; brigs Raven, Spencer, Matanzas; Geo Amos, Norton, Savannah; scbs Nellie Cushing,Wood Hnmacoa; Ella Brown, Robinson. Brunswicx, Ga. Passed through Hell Gate 18th, schs Lookout, Mor ton. New York for Boston; Com Kearney, Metcalf, ■ Port Johnson lor do; Mary Lymburncr, Lansil, ao for Boston. NORWICH—Ar 17th, schs Judge Lowe, H&llowell, Dennysville; W B Darling, Hatch. Bangor. S TuNlNUTON—Ar 17tn, sch J A Colcord, Pease, Bangor. PROVIDENCE—Ar 10th, schs G L Bradley. Chip man. Jacksonville; Judge Tenney. Rich, Bangor: Ariel, Austin, Ellsworth ; Henrietta. Smith, and Gov Coney, Ridley, Gardiner; F Arihemids, Pink ham. Shulee, NS: Geo Savage, Nye, Portland. Sid 17th, sch Oliver Ames, Pliillipps, Georgetown. NEWPORT—Ar 17th, sch Maracaibo, Henley, tm Portland tor Philadelphia; Wm Deming, Mitchell, Calais, for orders. VINEYA RD-HAVEN—Ar 17th, schs Parallel, Mc Fadden, Hoboken for Doston; Etta May, Dix. and L A Board man, Norwood, Calais tor New York; J Balch, Hodgdon. Gardiner for Philadelphia; Henrv, Falkingham. Calais for do; Wm Deming, Mitchell, do for Providence; H Means, Dyer, Portland tor Wil mington. Ar 18th, schs Matthew Kinney, Barter, Georgetown DC lor Boston; Geo B Somes, Guantanamo 16days for Portland; Clara Jane, McAllep. fm Hoboken for Newburyport.; Harp, Wyman, Calais for Providence; Starlight, Blatchford, do for New Bedford. Passed by, schs Mauna Loa, Sanboru, Macbias for New York; Moreligbt. Young, Calais for do; North ern Light, Harper, do for Philadelphia. Sid, schs H Means, J Balch, Parallel, Nile, L A Boardman, Saxon, Nevada, Starlight, E A Stevens, Eveline. S J Watts,Forest, Alnomak, Harp, Geo Sav age, ana Oiiental. Sid 19th, schs Susan Ross, Clara Jane, Matthew Kinney, Ann, C Grant, and others. NEW BEDFORD—Ar 19th, sch Starlight, Blatcb foni, Calais. BOSTON—Ar 19th. schs Eugene, Winches er. St Stephens, NB; Jas Bliss, Hatch, fm Port Royal SC; Mary Cobb, Humphrey, Baltimore; Isabella Jewett, Thompson, do; Harriet Newell. Webber, Philadel phia; Lyra, Pickering, Port Johnson; Horo, Foss, and Geo W Cummings, Cole. Rondout; Telegraph, Woodward, Ellsworth; AG Brooks. Smailags, from Gouldsboro; Jas Freeman, Kellar, Thomaston; Jas Garcelon. Femald. Belfast; Ossian E Dodge, Hink ley, Bath: Ida C Spoftord. Ingalls, Portland. Cld ldtii, scbs Campbell, Eaton, for Jacksonville; Jason, Sawyer, Meseina. Ar 17th, sch Alaska. Thorndike, Boston. Ar 26th. schs N A Narwell. Farnhara. Wilmington; Richmond, Guptill, and Freedom, Whitney, Jones boro. cw zoth. brig Emma, Dnrein, Havana; sen H Q McFarland. McFarland, Cow Bay, Ella Clifton, Kim ball, Portland; Lucy Hammond. Bagley, Charleston; Abigail Haynes, Smith, Rockpnrt. SALEM—Ar 17th. schs L B Sargent, Sargent, and Express, Latty, Elizabethport; Atlantic, Knowlton, and David Wasson, Jones, Port Junhson; Maria Ad laide, Kent, do; E M Bran scorn b, Sawyer, Calais; A Knight, Hammond, and Sailor Boy, Hopkins. Sul livan; Frances Ellen. Dean, Bangor. Ar 18th. sebs Jachin, Kane, fm Baltimore; Eagle, Bennett. Franklin; Woodcock,Foss, HaDcock; Sena tor. Pinkham. Millbridge. Sid 17tl», seb F N Tower, Perry, Philadelphia. PORTSMOUTH—Ar 18th, sch Frank, Randall, New York; i-inta, Coombs, Bangor. FOREIGN PORTS. Ar at Melbourne about 5tb inst, ship Hercules, Lin coln, Loudon. Sid fm Marseilles 1st inst, barque James McCarty, McCarty, Cagliari. At Malaga 27th ult, barque Ar etta, Dow, disg. Ar at Gibraltar 21th ult, barque Sicilian, Percival, Messina, (and sailed 23th for Boston.) Passed the Rock 28tb, barque Syra. Corning, from Marseilles for Cardenas; sch Gem, Cole, from M essi na for New York. Sid fm Callao 14th ult, ship Louisa Walsh, White, Macabi; 18th, Oakland, Reed, do. In port 28lh, ships Garnet. Oliver, irom Liverpool, ar 5tb; Eldorado, English, from Cardiff, ar 15th; Fred Tudor, Bradford, disg; barques Jennie Prince, Prince, from Liverpool, ar 18th; Isaac Rich, Sheldon, repairing. Sid fm Rio Janeiro 10th ult, brig Jennie A Cheney, Are?, St Thomas. Ar at Aspinwall 3d inst, barque Jennie Cobb, New York; bi ig Anita Owen, Pettengill, do. Sid fm St Thomas 3d, brigs Sarah Emma, Carter, Arecibo and Baltimore; Lewis Clark, Smith, Nagua bo and Boston. Sid fm Cienfuegos 9th insl, barques Sagadahoc, Geyer, New York; J S Holbrook, Leavitt, do. Ar at St Jago Cth inst, brig Hattie Eaton, Cook, New York. Ar at Havana 10th inst, ship Union, Cotter. Havre; barque Jane Adeline, Blanchard, Boston; 6th R M Brookings, Brown, Bath. Sid fm Havana lltb. brig Long Reach, Currier, for New York; Daphne, Watts, Sagua; 14th, C E Pick ering, Torrey, Cardenas. Ar 12th, brig Mary E Leighton. Gay. Baltimore; sch A M Ames, Acborn, do; 14lli, barque W E An derson, Brandt, New York. Ar at Matanzas 10th, brig Emma L Hall, Fowler, Key West; lltli, Dauntless, Coombs, Belfast; 12ih, sch Lillias, Griffin. Wilmington. Sid 10th, barques Hosea Rich for Caibarien; 12th. Lizzie H Jackson, Marwick, Cardenas; 13th, brig Amelia Emma, Carlon, for New York ; 10th, barque Aberdeen. Treat, do; 12th, sch Emma F Hart, Hart, Philadelphia; 14th, barque Eliza White, Mahoney, New York. Sid fm Cardenas 10th, brigs David Bugbee. Stow ers, New York; schs Mary A Holt. Jor an, and Mary ; Patten, Cousins. North ot Hatteras; I3t’i. Goodwin, Craig, New York; Valencia, Small. Sa^ui. Ar at Sagua 9th, brig Jeremiah. Ford, Now York; sch Eben Fisher, Reynolds. Portland. Sid 8tli, brigs Tarifa, Brown, New York; Proteus, Dyer, for Philadelphia. Ar at St John, NB, 17th, Bch Geo V Richards, Bar low, Portland. Old 17th. barque Harmony, Dinsmoro, Monterideo; sch Alice T, Glasgow, Portland. [Latest by European steamers.] Ar at Liverpool 5tb inst, Carondelot, Stetson. New Orleans; Washington, Chase, New York; 6th, Kate Davenport. Otis, New Orleans. Sid 4th, McNear, Scott, Cardiff and forHong Kong; 5th, Emma. Liswell, Sydney, CB. Cld 5th, Yo Semite, Mack, New York; 6th, Bom bav, Emmons, Boston. Off the Skerries 3d, Southern Cross, Hughes, Irom Liverpool for San Francisco. Ar at Falmouth 6th lust, Helen Clinton, Blanchard, New York. Off Falmonth E 6th inst, ship Gettysburg, Walker, from New Orleans. In Dunkirk Roads 4th, Hattie E Tapley, Taplcy from Valparaiso. Ar at Antwerp 4th, Nina Sheldoh, Sheldon, Phila delphia. Sid ftn Greenock 7th inst, Harvest Home. Dickey Buenos Ayres. Ar at Havre 4th, Samuel G Glover, Perkins, from New York. SPOKEN. April 3. lat 12 40 S, Ion 32-05 W, ship Charter Oak, Nichols, from Callao for England. April 26, lat 50, Ion 17. ship L B Gilchrist, Emerson, from Liverpool for Boston. May 16, lat 38, Ion 74 35, sch J W Coffin, from New York for Brunswick, Ga. May 17, lat 48 15, Ion —, barque Walter, from Ma tanzas tor New York. May 10, lat 28 20, Ion 76 10, sch May Munroe, from PHiadelphia for Matanzns. May 17. off Cape May, brig Frank Clark, from — for Damariscotta. Hospital Fair. AT a meeting of the Ladies* Executive Committee held ou Saturday, May 17th, it was voted that Tea, Coffee, Sugar, Butter, Milk, and Ice Cream, should be provided by the executive committee; that societies be requested to furnish cold meats, salads, cake, pastry, fancy puddings, pies, jellies, pickles, breath and fruit; Also, ihut t e chairman of ihe par ish committees be invited to meet the Ladles execu tive Committee at Rossini Hall, on Saturday, May 24my20d3t° Cl°Cli’ F' 'maRY S. PEERING, Sec’y. Cheapest Book Stores IN THE UNITED STATES. OLD Book.' bought, sold, or exchanged, or loaned for ono cent per day. Send three cents for cir culars. Agents wanted. ALBERT COLBY & SON^ iwCRaSfeSt ’PorHand, Macs., , and 156 Baltimore St., Baltimore, Md feb26_■ rt*wttw9 WILLIAM BROWN, 64 fEDBBAL ST., PORTLAND, ME. Clolhlng Cleaned and Rcp-dred on Short Notice. EP^oecond-Hand Clothes Bought aud Sold, 1 Notice. My wife, NELLIE M. CLEAVES, having de serted me, I hereby forbid any person trusting heron my account. GEORGE H. CLEAVES. Saco, May 19, 1873. my20dlw_ Announcement. TATE. JAMES L. FOGG is admitted as a member of ill our firm from thin day. _ J, B. MATHEWS & CO. Portland April 1, 1873. tl NEW ADVERTISEMENTS. DOLL ARM IISIC ROOK & $338*89 Clarke’s Dollar Instructor, For Reed Organs. Clarke’s Dollar Instructor, For Pianoforte. Clarke’s Dollar Instructor, For Yiolin. Three very attractive and usctul Instruction books; designed for those who wish to take a partial and easy cour-e I Kull of bright, popular music for practice, the first two containing each nearly 70 tunes, and the last 120 tunes, beside exercises. 8 $ $ $ S 3 3 STRAUSS dance MUSIC. 1.00 For Violin or F.ute and Piano. * » « 9 9 9 * 'V‘k?.Vv, Y,io1 ■ nntl Flote Duetts. 1 .OO *or 2 Violins, or 2 Flutes or Violin and Flute. ^ 8 8 5 5 j j Wl“""vOua"rS?,?,f,.v?Tr- (Nearly ready] 1.00 TheUa,^tS^are'l0??irS^0T "f H 9 9 S 9 $ 9 • prtee" ab0V° b°°k9 mal,ed' P°8t-Pal<|. for the retail OLIVEK DITSON & CO., C. H. DITSOK & CO Boston. 711 Br’dway, New York. ‘ ma>21d&w2w GFJUDiE CALIFORNIA FLOUR! We have this Day received direct a large invoice of the choicest Cal ifornia Flour, something that is Warranted to give perfect satis faction or returned at our expense. WHOLESALE OH RETAIL W. L. Wilson & Co.’s, Cor. Exchange & Federal Sts. my21 lt Boarders Wanted. A FEW gentlemen can have rooms (with or with out board) at 27 Spring St. Also a pleasant front chamber with Harbor view. Suitable for a gentleman and wife. A private stable with carriage room on the pro mises. my21*Uw REMOVAL. DR. CHAS. 0. HUNT HAS REMOVED TO 379 CONGRESS STREET, Opposite Whittier’s Drag Store. m»y2i_ d2w STRANGERS Invited to free seats, to listen to tho subjects of Elec tricky, Lightening and Enlightening, in the New Chnrch Temple, next Sunday, at 10* A. M., and 74 F. M.—rain or shine. my21#4t Wanted. ALIVE man to drive a Bread Cart. Satisfacto ry references requested, at BLAKE’S BAKERY, my21dtf Congress Street. For Sale. CARRIAGE HGRSES. Inquire at City Ho my2l*lw JOHN P. DAVIS. WING & SON’S PIANOS! (Successors to DOANE, WING & CUSHING.) The American Piano. FIRST PREMIUMS. Illinois State Fair, 1870. Alabama State Fair, 1871. Ohio State Fair, 1871 & 18*2. Texas State Fair, 18*2. Numerous County Fairs. From Mr. Edvard Hoffman, the es/ebrated Piauist “1 conscientkmuly bcllsvc that your Plano la In every respect a most magn\ticeut instrument.” Form the “Independent" “The Amer can Piano haa deservedly become a very popular instrument.” Purchasers’ testimonials from all parts of the V. S. WARRA NTED SEVEN (7) YEARS Prices Low for the Quality. Responsible Agents wanted for unoccupied terri tory. In localities where agencies are not yet estab lished, un il such are established, we will sell Pianos to the public at Factory Wholesale Prices. Send for e;rcular to WINO & SON, 417 Broome St., New York. mch31 jy MILLINERY! Mrs, HI. B. Cushman has just received her SPRING STOCK OF MILLINERY, —UtCLCDIKO ALL THE— New Styles and Patterns, which she would invite the Ladies of Portland and vicinity to CALL and EXAMINE. Also a fine Assortment of Fancy Goods, Perfnmery, ’ Toilet Articles, Ac. Hair Goods I Every Lady in want of Hair Oaods should call and examine my stock before purchasing < xse where. Ladies own Hair and Combings made over in the latest style at short notice. MRS. M. B. CUSHMAN, Congress, cor. Oak Street. apr25 eodlm BE CALM, and consider the weight of mj adriee. ALL parties who are about introducing Steam,Gas or Wa»er into their dwellings, stores or any oth er place, will favor themselves if thej will call *>n me before doing so. for as I claim to w rk for a living I will spare no pains to give en'ire satisfaction in price, neatness, and promptness of work. Hose also sup plied, and repaired. Call and see. K. NcDOmiiD, mySdtf 200 Fore Street, fso( of Plans. PROPOSALS. COLLFCTOR's OFFICF., 1 Portland, May 16, 1872.) r Subsistence Store** tor ♦ h* J2S U'jv M*rine Ho*l*>t8l this port, during jFf endin& June 30th, 1874, will be received at this Office up to 12 o’clock, M.. Tuesday the 31 day of June, 1873, at which time said Proposals will be opened In accordance with u*age. niy!9dtdd I. WASHBURN, JR.. Collector. Maine. Savings Bants. No. lOO Jliddle Street, Portland. MONE^ deposited in this Bank any time during this month will be placed on interest th* first dav of June. A. M. BURTON, Treasurer. B. KINGSBURY, Jr., President. May 20, 1873._ d&wt31 Wanted to Charter! Vessels to load Ice on Kenmbec Ri*«r for Philadelphia, Washington, and Sa vannah by MICAH SAMPSON. No. 68 Middle Street. mylO (Opposite the Post Office.) d2w Clothing Cleansed CLOTHES Cleaned and Repaired at short n-dlce and all kinds of goods dyed In a thorough man ncr. Also Second-ban** Clothing mrsnle. All orders will receive prompt and taithtul atten ti0n- WILLIAM BROWN, Federal Street, my20dtf Near the Park. miscellaneous. €. P. KIMBALL’S Elegant Carriages. SALEROOMS, COR. PREBLE HOUSE, Portland, Me. I take pleasure in announcing to the public that 1 n jw have on hand the largeat and beat assortment of elegant carriages ever exhibited In Maine, embracing nearly every style now in use, Including several new patterns made only at my factory. Twenty-five years’ Experience f myself and many of my workmen, enable us to produce The Finest Cariages AT TIIE— LOWEST RATES. ! ty All perwm, are cordially Invited to visit the waiernoras and examine our finished carriage* Al so our fectory and examine the material and work" whether they desire to purchase or not. All carriages made by me arefu'ly warranted. ty The public are respectfully cauti ncd about purchaeing carriage* repiesentcfl to te my make unless they have my name-plate in full, reorder* nolicited and promptly filled. ty*Bool<B with cuts, descriptions and prices sent by mai to all desiring to purchase. C. P. KIMBALL, maylOeodlm_ Portland, Me. H. M. PAYSOJV & CO., Bankers and Brokers, — OFFKR FOR SALS — Portland City - Hangor 6’» tsam • - - • . . g’8 Cook County - . . _ 7 Chicago • • . . . 7>. Toledo, Ohio - • . - 8’s Scioto County, Ohio - • 8’u Leeds & Farmington R.U., guaranteed «’s Portland & Rochester R. R. - - 7’g Maine Central R. R. - . . 7’4 Central R. R. of Iowa Cold - - 7’« Chicago, Danville & Vincennes R. R., Gold, • • • - - . 7>g Northern Pa iflc R. R. Gold - 7-30’s Government Bonds, Bank Stocks and Gold Bought and Sold. 33 EXCHANGE STREET »l>3_POfiTLAND.dtf J. B. Brown & Sons, BANKERS, ]¥o. 40 £xchangfe St., PORTLAND, MAINE. Business the same as an Incor porated Bank. Interest allowed on Deposits. Dealers in Government Bonds. Gold and Foreign Exchange. Investment Securities constant ly on hand. JWOLit! BONDS FOR SALE, Portland City - - - 6’s Bangor “ 6’s St. Louis “ 6’s Elizabeth, N. J., - . . 7’s Cleveland “ 7’g Toledo “ ... 8’s Cook County, 111.. * - - 7’s Marion County, Ind., - • 8’s Maine Central R. R. . 7’g Portland St Roch ster R. R. - 7’g Atchigou, Topeka & Santo Ke Gold 7’g Northern Pacific R. R. Gold - 7-30’s Chicago, Dau. St Vln. R. R. Gold - 7’s Atlantic & St. Lawrence R. R. Stock and Dcf. Rent Scrip BOUGHT BY Swan & Barrett, 100 HUDDLE STREET. __fodtt BONJDS. State of Maine .... 6’s Portland Sc Bangor City - • 6’s Bath Sc Rockland City • - - 6’s Chicago City - • . . 7’s Wayne St Clay Connty, Illinois, - 7’s Toledo, Ohio, ... 7.80's Northern Pacific R. R., Gold, - 7.80’s Bnrltngton Cedar Rapids & Minn. - 7’s Maine Central, Consolidated. - - 7’s Canada, St. John & Halifax Rank* notes Bought and Sold. Wifi. E. WOOD, Ag’t Sent 8-dtflp_ G7 Exrhnnjtr St B 0 NB S. New York City . - . - y “ « “ . . 6> Brooklyn City - - 6’s Jersey City - - 7’r Elizabeth City * • • • 7’a Canada Southern R. R., Gold, - 7’s B. Sc Cedar Rapids R.-R., Gold, - 7’s Northern Pacific R. R., Gold, - 7-80’ -FOR SALE BY R. A. BIRD, 97 Exchange St __feb2S New Coffin Warehouse G7 FEDERAL ST., (between ITIarkef and Prarl.) NW. MORSE announces to the pob ic that he has • op ncd a Warehouse at the above place, wbero he keeps constantly on hand all kinds ana varietlesot COFFINS, CASKETS, BURIAL CASES, ROBES, TRIMMINGS, Ac., &c., of the best varieties and at as reasonable rates as can be obtained in tl)e State, Al Wholesale and Retail. Factary W*. 41 Market Street. The prep tahrfs™r“eiTnotlcenr and f"IU'rals attcnded at Ord^e »HcUecd.Pare<l t0 «** CDtlre "»*«** w. W. MORSE, «r FEDERAL STREET. Portland, May lath, 1873. myl9tf Plants for Sale. 8000 VERBENAS, Strong and healthy, free from Rnst. A very fine collection of Greenhouse and Bedding Plants. in excellent condition at my Greenhouse. North and Montreal Sts., (Mnnjoy Hill.) ALBERT DIRWANGER, FLORIST. nmy» ____d3w DR. HERSOM HAS taken the office of ihe late Dr. Robinson, 160 CONGRESS St. Office hours, 9 to 11 A. M., 2 to 4 P. M. Sundays, 9J to 10 A. M., 4 to 5 P. M. ' Residence, eorner Pine and Emerv Streets. Or ders out of office hours may be left with Sirs. Robiu illSOD, 360 Congress Street, or »t Ills residence myetf SCALE R BOILERS. I will Remove and Prevent SCALE in any Steam Boilers, or make no charge. Address, GEO. W, I.ORD, my3dtf PHILADELPHIA, PA.

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