Newspaper of Portland Daily Press, May 26, 1873, Page 4

Newspaper of Portland Daily Press dated May 26, 1873 Page 4
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POETRY. [From Harper’s Magazine for June.] Improvisations* BY BAYARD TAYLOR. Heart, in my bosom beating Fierce, as a power at bays Ever tby rote repeating Louder, and then retreating. Who shall tby being swaj r Over my will and KqMU, i«.UBderi Sometimes thgrUj* blavdor Sometimes iWtei ana , Close to tho waiu«<, h ntt in the bcautiftil season. Rest less thou art, and wild; Oft. with never a reason, Tamest and docst me treason, Treating the man as a child! Cold, when passion is burning, Quick, when I sigh for rest, Ivindler of perished yearning, Curb and government spurning, Tliou art lord oi the breast! STATE OF MAINE. CUMBERLAND, SS: To the Honorable tlie County Cotnuiix t»ioners for the County of Cnmberlauil: RESPECTFULLY represents theRoston & Maine Railroad, a corporation duly exisiiug by law, th •-£. NVlieroi'R, said Corporation was empowered by laws of ibo State, and by act approved by the uoj - cnnr thereof February 17th, 1871. to extend,, loc.ito nnil con:,tract its railroad from some comemcnr point ou its then road in the towns of B South Berwick, thence thiough ,"t0,rX?nJSf fitv of ;unl cities to some convenient P0^.1” , mado Pan.and; and. whereas, «.U «>»£?aiS the , nv. v required^ Mldact, and tne ^ descrip_ cXlcu.'.'ju has been located, jtld|1 tfie ym0 required tion i ioof m said act, d locations thereof with hy said act; and, whe eu. <• J^led with the Coun ^ r,ommis°stonere for Vaid County of Cumberland ordered to hc r^ordeil, February 6th, A. D. ?k£° ?h« location February 7th, A. D. 1872; thetkirt location February 14th, A. D. 1872, and the fourth location February ICth, A. D, 1672, all which muicmsroorc fully by the certified copka of the samo l,Ean”c»i aad “ade a Part of this Petition. Ail tlie persors who at tne times of said several locations vrero owners of, or bad any interest in any of the real estate taken by any of said locations are the followingJoseph Lindsay and others unknown, heirs of William Lindsay, John Neal, Thomas Bar ker, Mrs. Mary Merrill, Nehemiah C. Rice, Portland Gas Light Co., Charles N. Bean, Abby A. Steele, Martha T. Abb tt and Edwin Hale Abbott devisees of Eben Steele, Portland Glass Works, Portland, Saco & Portsmouth Railroad Co., John W. Lane, Al bert D. Walker. Joseph Walker, James McGlinchy and Charles B. Walker, Dawson McGlinchy, William H. Dyer, Mrs. A. A. Mayo, George H. Savillc. Thom as McCarthy, Stephen K. Dyer. City of Portland, Daniel F. Emery, Thomas H. Weston, Cumberland & Oxford Canal Corporation. Airs. Harriet J. Pope, Mrs. Thomas H. WeBton, and other persons to the Boston & Maine Railroad unknown. Now, thereforo, said Corporation hereby applies to your Honors to estimate the damages to be paid by the Baid Railroad for all the real estate taken by said locations or any of them. BOSTON & MAINE RAILROAD. By W. L. PUTNAM, their Attorney, And now comes the Boston and Maine Railroad, a Corporation duly established by law of the State of Maine, by virtue of the authority of the law of the State and that conferred upon it by a charter .granted by Act of Legislature of this State, and approved by the Governor February 17th, 1871, and having made the survey requii ed by said charter by its President and Engineer, now tiles the following location in ac cordance with the description in said charier and which is the route of the Extension, which the said Engineer particularly surveyed and submitted for ap proval, at the meeting of the Directors ot said Cor poration, held the twenty-third day of September, 1871, ana which is a continuation of the line describ ed in the location filed and approved by tho Honor able the Commissioners for the County of Cumber land, December 26,1871, to wit: Beginning at a point in the line of said Extension in the town of Cape Elizabeth, designated in said ap proved location as Station 2216, thence continuing the curve to the right with a radius of two thousand and twenty-two (2022) leet, eleven hundred sixty (1160) feet to Station 2227 plus 60, thence N. 82 deg. 46 min. E. (all the courses herein mentioned being magnetic) twenty-eight hundred (2800) feet to Station 2255 plus 60, tlioncc curving to the right with a raal us or thirteen hundred seventy-five (1375) feet), six hundrod eighty (680) feet, to Station 2262 plus 40; thence S. G7 deg. E.two hundred and forty-eight (248) feet to Station 2264 plus 88; thence curving to the left with a radius of thirty-eight hundred seventy-five (3875) ieet, six hundred fifty-one (651) feet to Station 2271 plus 39, thenco N. 864 deg. E., seven hundred seventy-nine (779) feet to Station 2280 plus 8; thcnco on a curve to the left with a radius of fifty-seven hundred thirty (5730) feet, four hundred six (406) feet to Station 2284 plus 15; thence N. 82| deg. E. nine hundred seventy (970) feet to Station 2293 plus 85; thence curving to the left with a radius of twenty eight hundred sixty-five (2865) feet, three hundred seventy (370) feet to Station 2297 plus 55: thence N. 75 deg.‘ E eight hundred forty-seven (847) feet to Sta tion 2306 plus 2; thence curving to the left with a ra dius of nine hundred fifty-five (955) feet five hundred forty-three feet (543) to Station 2311 plus 45; thence N. 42 deg. E. eighteen hundred sixty (1860) feet to Station 2330 plus 5, t Maple Street in the city of Portland. Taking a strip of with all the materials in and upon the same feu (4) rods in width of which the foregoing line as 11 aw staked out is the centre line throughout with tne exceptions hereinafter specifi cally mentioned and such other exceptions as may be pointed out to the Honorable Commissioners, and more sne ificallv described in a schedule hereafter to be filed herewith. Said line passes through and said location takes the land with all the materials in ami iil>on the same of Portland Rolling Mills; Heirs o/N. Dyer, Mrs. Raymond, R. Cram, Portland, Saco and Portsmouth Railroad Company, Mrs. Ingraham, J. W. Lane, Hiram Brooks, N. C. Rice, J. G. True & Co., H. N. Jose. P. C. Horsey, J. B. Brown, Portland Gas Company, and the land of some other persons whose names said Corporation has been unable as yet to ascertain. “ At a meeting of tlie Directors of the Boston ami Maine ftailroad, September 23,1871, the following vote was passed: “ J That tlie route of the extension of this Road in Maine, which the Engineer has particularly surveyed * * * * be, anu is adopted.” Boston and Maine Railroad Extension. Schedule of Variations in width from tlie four (4) rods, being the exceptions above referred to. Increase ot Diminished Remarks, width in ft. width in ft. Stations, lit. Lt. Rt. Lt. Side Tracks 2216 16 114 aud Materials. 2219190 16 111 - — Do. 2220 — 114 25 — Do. 2221 — 114 25 — Do. 222115 — 111 17 -i I>o. 2222 — 114 15 — Do. 2222190 114 15 — Do. 2223 — 114 — — Do. 2233 — 114 — — Do. 2236 — — — — 2260 — — — — 2261 10 10 — — Excavation. V2W) 10 10 — — 2267 — 20 — — Excavation. 2272 33 — — Do. 2275 — 50 — — Do. 2277 — 50 — — Do. 2281 — 50 — — Side tracks & Ma 2290 — 100 — — terials. 2296 — 27 — — Excavations, side 2299t70 33 20 — — tracks & materials. 2300 20 20 — — Do. 2306460 20 20 2307113 6 10 2307130 6 10 2307t32 — — — 10 230*165 — — 5 17 *309446 11 11 3 3 2310130 — 11 3 — 8310440 — 11 — — 2311450 — 11 — — 2311460 — 17 — — 2312140 - 30 — — 2314 _ 40 — — 2315412 — 35 — — 2316 — 35 — — 2316115 — 15 — — 2317 — — _ _ 2319 — — — — 2320440 90 50 — — Depot Grounds. 8322 90 30 - — Do. 2324150 90 40 — — Do. 2326 SO 57 — _ Do. 233015 — 170 — _ Do. Boston and Maine Railroad by N. G. WHITB, President. Henry Bacon, Engineer. The foregoing was received, filed and entered on the sixth day of February, 1872, and by the County Commissioners, approved and ordered to be recorded the «ame day. __ , Attest: D. W. FESSENDEN, Clerk. Note. In the schedule the side line from station to station, as given, w*ll be straight excepting when the main line is curved, in widen case the direction will vary with the curve. If, for example, two sta tions are given, with an increase of width right and left of five feet and twenty-five feet at a half way in termediate point, the increase of width will be fifteen feet, whether the main line is curved or straight. And now comes the Boston and Maine Railroad, a Corporation duly established by law of the State of Maine by virtue of the authority of the law of the State of Maine, and that conferred upon it by a char ter granted by Act of Legislature of this State and apt roved by the Governor, February 17th, 1871, and having made the survey required by said charter by in President and files the followinglocatio in accordance with the description in said charter, and which is the route of the Extension which the said Engineer particularly surveyed, and submitted fur approval at the meeting ot the Directors of said Cor poration, held the seventh day of February, 1872, and which i§ a continuation of the line described in the location filed and approved by the Honorable the Commissioners for the County of Cumberland, De cember 26,1871, to wit: beginning at a point in the line ot saia Extension in the town of Cape Elizabeth, designated in said approved location as Station 2216; thence continuing the curve to the right with a radi us of two thousand and twenty-two (2022) feet, eleven hundred and sixty feet (1160) feet to Station 2227 plus 60; thence N.82 deg.46min.E.(allthe cours es herein mentioned being magnetic). Twenty eight hundred feet (2800) to Station 2255 ulus 60; thence curving to the right with a radius of thirteen hun dred and seventy-five (1375) feet, six hundred eighty (680) feet to Station 2262 plus 40; thence south 67 deg. E. two hundred forty-eight (248) feet to Station 2264 plus 88; thence curving to the left with a radius of thirteen hundred and seventy-five (1375) feet,six hun dred fifty-one (651) feet,to Station 2271 plus 49; thence N. 86} deg. E. seven hundred seventy-nine (779) feet to Station 2280 plus 8; thence on a curve to the left with a radius of fifty-seven hundred thirty (5730) feet, four hundred nnd six (406) feet, to Station 2284 plus 15; thence N. 82} deg. E. nine hundred seventy (970) feet, to Station 2293 plus 85: thence curving to the left with a radius of twenty-eight hundred sixty five (2865) feet, throe hundred seventy (370) feet to Station 2297 plus 55; thenco N. 65 deg. E. eight r^dred forty-seven (847) feet, to Station 2306 plus 2: thence curving to the left wfth a radius ™ nine hundred fifty-five feet (955), five hundred forty three (54t) feet to Station 2311 plus 45; thence N. 42 E. eighteen hundred sixty (1860) feet, to Station 2330 plus 5, at Maple Street, in tl.e City of Portland, tak ing a strip of land with all the materials in and upon the same, four (4) rods in width, ot which the fore going "lie as now staked out, is the centre line throughout, with the exceptions hereinafter specifi cally mentioned, and such other exceptions as may be pointed out to the Honorable Commissioners, and more specifically described in a schedule hereafter to be fi eu herewith. Saul line passes through ami said location takes the land with all the materials in and upon i he same of Portland Rolling Mills, heirs of N. Dyer, Mrs. Raymond. R. Cram, Portland, Saco and Pori-mouth Railroad Company, Mrs. Ingraham, J. W. L ine, Hiram Brooks, N. C. Rice, J. G. True & Oe., II. N. Jose, P. C. Hersey. J. B. Brown, Portland Gas Company, and the land of some other persons whoso names said Corporation has been unable as yet to ascertain At a meeting of the Directors of the Boston and Maine I: til road, Februaiy 7th 1872, the following vote was passed, to wit: v^tLoteef* ^ hat the foregoing location reported bv tip Eilfe Station 2216 in (lie townofCaL Staff™ 2EWu(i*!:I.and County, Slate of Maine nnd county nod stat* the city of Portland in „aid ma-le the location nf\.a11i i8 hereby adopted, and between said Station.™ ani1 Maine Railroad be hereby Is authoris'dJl?.th.?t Ul° I,re8ident be and bto signature and can« JS„hellttcate the same by proved according to l„.v° to be filed ami ap Boston and Maine Railroad Variations in width from the rour’iS0’1 .Schedule of exceptions above referred to. '' ro“8 being the TO ft ”kB-, width in«- Kt Sij0 tracks and Stations. Bt- **: _ __ materials. 2916 J® „4 _ - I>0. 2219t90 1® ill 25 - Do. 2220 " 111 25 — Do. 2221 114 17 — Do. 222!t5 — ill 15 _ Do. g» = ut “ = a 2223 114 — — Do 2233 — _ __ 2236 "" ~ — SffjJ 10 10 — — Excavation. 2266 10 1® — — _ 2267 — 20 — — Excavation. 2372 — 35 — — Do. 2275 — 50 — — Do. 2277 — 50 — — Do. 2281 — 50 — Side tracks and ma 2290 _ loo — — materials. 2296 — 27 — — Excavations, side tracks & materials. 2299170 33 20 — - Excavation. 2300 20 20 — — Do. 2306160 20 20 — — 2307113 — — 6 10 2307130 — — 6 10 2307132 — — — 10 2308165 — 5 17 2309140 — 11 3 — 2310130 — 11 3 — 2310110 — 11 — — 23111 0 — 11 — — 2311160 — 17 — — 2312140 — 30 — — 2311 — « — ~ 2315t 12 - - - 2316 2316115 — lo — — 2317 _ _ _ — 2319 — — ~ ~ _ 2320144 90 50 — — Depot Grounds. 2312 90 30 — — Do. 2324t50 90 40 — — Do. 2326 80 57 — — Do. 2330f5 — 170 — — Do. Boston and Maine Railroad, bv N. G. WHITE, President. HENRY BACON, Engineer. The foregoing was leceived, filed and entered Feb ruary 7th, 1872, and by the County Commissioners approved and ordered to be recorded. Attest: D. W. FESSENDEN, Clerk. Note.—*In the schedule tho side lines from station to station, as given will be straight excepting when the main line is curved, in which case the direction will vary with the curve. If, for example, two sta tions are given with an increase of width right, and left, by five feet and twenty-five feet at a half way intermediate point, the increase of width will be fif teen feet, whether the main lino is curved or straight. And now comes tlie Boston and Maine Railroad, a corporation duly established by law of the State ol Maine by virtue of the authority of the law of the State of Maine and that conferred upon it by a char er granted by Act of Legislature of this State and approved by the Governor, February 17th, 1871, and having made the survey required by said charter, by its President and Engineer, now files the follow* ing location in accordance with the description in said charter, being a location of land for side Lacks, beginning at a point in the centre line of the location filed February 7tb, 1872, at a point where the said center line crosses the easterly lino of State street in the City of Portland, thence north 65J deg. cast, (magnetic) 570 feet to the southeasterly side of Com mercial street taking land for said side tracks thirty three (33) feet wide each side of the line, excepting that no land shal Ibe taken on the southeasterly side of Commercial street. Boston and Maine Railroad, by N. G. WHITE,*President. HENRY BACON, Engineer. At a meeting of the Directors of the Boston and Maine Railroad, February, 14th, 1872, the following vote was passed—to wit: “Voted that the foregoing location for side tracks, as reported by the Engineer, between the easterly side of State street, and the southeasterly side of Commercial street, in the city of Portland, in the State of Maine, be, and is herebv adopted, and made the location ol tho Boston and Maine Railroad for side tracks between the points described, and that tin President be, and he hereby is authorized to authenticate the same by his signa ture and cause the same to be filed and approved ac cording to law.” A true copy of record, C. P. JUDD, Clerk. The foregoing was received, filed and entered Feb ruary 14th, 1872, and by the County Commissioners approved, and ordered to be recorded. Attest: D. W. FESSENDEN, Clerk. And now comes the Boston aud Maine Railroad, a corporation duly established by law of the State of Maine by virtue of the authority of tho law of the State of Maine, and that conferred upon it by a charter, granted by Act of Legislature of the State of Maine and approved by the Governor, on Febru ary 17th, 1871, and having made the survey required by said charter, by its President and Engineer, now files the follow lag location in accordance with the description in said charter, and which is the route of tho Extension, which the said Engineer particularly surveyed and submitted for approval at the meeting of the Directors of said corporation, held on the ti£ teenth dav of February 1872, and which is, a continu ation of the line described in the location filed and approved by th(f Honorable the Commissioners for the County of Cumberland, February 7th, 1872. Also necessary tracks and also the locations designa ted on the plan annexed and marked A (which plan is made a part of this location) for necessary tracks and side tracks, depots, wood sheds, repair shops and car. engine and freight houses and materials— to wit: beginning at a point on the line of said exten sion in the city of Portland, where the said line inter sects the westerly side of Maple street designated in said approved location as Station 2330 plus 05; thence south 68J deg. east (magnetic) fifty-four feet: thence north 68 deg. east (magnetic) one hundred and fifty-four feet to the southeasterly side of Com mercial street, taking a strip of land thirty feet wide on each side of said Imo excepting, that no land shall be taken on the southeasterly side of Commercial - street. And a location for necessary tracks beginning at a point on the centre line of the location filed February 7tli, 1872, at the point where the said centre line crosses the westerly line of High street, in the city of Portland. Thence north 57 deg. east (magnetic), five hundred and sixty feet to the southeasterly side of Commercial street, irking land for said tracks thirty-five feet wide, each side of said line excepting that no laDd shall be taken on the southeasterly side of Commercial stieet. Boston and Maine Railroad by N. G. WHITE, President. HENRY BACON, Engineer. At a meeting of the Directors of the Boston and Maine Railroad February 15tb, 1872, the following vote w as passed to wit: Voted, that the foregoing Locations reported by the Engineei, from Maine Street to the southeasterly side oi Commercial Street, and for necessary tracks from the westerly side of H igh Street to the south easterly side of Commercial Street, and for necessary tracks, side tracks, depotB, wood sheds, repair shops, car and engine and freight houses and materials, all being in the city of Portland and State o; Maine be, and fa hereby adopted, and that the President be, and hereby is authorized to authenti cate the same by his signature, and cause the same to be filed and approved according to law. A true copy of record. C. P. JUDD, Clerk. The foregoing and plan annexed, were filed and received February 16th, 1872, and by the County Commissioners approved ard ordered to be recorded. Attest; D. W. FESSENDEN, Clerk. Portland, Feby. 19, 1873. 1 Clerk’s Office Co. Com. Cumberland Co. J In testimony that the foregoing arc true copies of the locations of the Boston and Maine Railroad, I hereunto set my hand and affix the seal of said Court. I>. W. FESSENDEN, Clerk, [l. 8.] STATE OF MAUVE. Cumberland, ss: At the Court of County Commissioners begun and held at Portland, within and for the County of Cumberland, on the first Tuesday of January. A. D. 1873, to wit: at an adjournment thereof held at said Portland on the Bixth day of May, A. D. 1873. On the foregoing Petition of the Boston & Maine R^iltosd by their Attorney, W. L. Putnam, praying said County Commissioners to estimate the damages sustained by John Lindsey and others as represented in the lorepoing petition, in consequence of the loca tion of said Railroad over their land, It teas Ordered, That the said Commissioners will meet at their office in Portland on the eleventh day of June, A. D. 1873, at ten o’clock A. M.,and that the Eetitioners give notice thereof to all parties interested y publication of said petition and order of notioe therein, in the Portland Daily Press, a nowspaper printed in Portland, in said County of Cumberland, two weeks successively, the last publication to bo I fourteen days before said bearing, at which time and place, (after it has been satisfactorily shown that tlio above notice has been dulygiven,) the Commissioners will proceed to view the premises; and after such view they will give a hearing to the parties interest ed, and their witnesses, at some convenient place in the vicinity, and then proceed to estimate tne dam ages sustained as aforesaid, in consequeucc of the lo cation of said Railroad over said land. Attest:—D. W. FESSENDEN, Clerk. A true copy of Petition ana Order thereon. Attest:—D. W. FESSENDEN, Clerk. my!4_ _ m DOLLAR MUSIC BOOKS. 8 8 8 8 $ $ S Clarke’s Dollar Instructor, For Reed Organs. Clarke’s Dollar Instructor, For Pianoforte. 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Address, stating experience, etc., National Publishing Co. Philadelphia, Pa. mylOttw Agent* Wanted. Send for Catalogue* DO.nE.STIC SEWING MACHINE CO., myl'J _ NEW YORK. 4wf A MAN OF A THOUSAND^ A CONSUMPTIVE CURED. D1*; **• a retired Physician, (and by nature a ehemist,; discovered, while in the Fast rumen, a certain cure for Consumption Asthma Itron ctn s, and General Debility, Jwhenhis o^jifhTld a daughter was given up to (fie. His cldldwa?cur ed, and i« now alive and well. Desirous nf tmg humanity, ho will send the recfpe rantaTnine fud directions for making this remedv free on Vo8 BtogL°sf\tmntotmnof 9r° 1>ay e’tl’™ces- Nereis not a SSJlSflESK .,i Consumption that it does not at „ i .!d "f aD<1 dissipate. Niqht Sweat, Peev rh°-flhe Nene^ Failure of blemon/, ^irf rt,ronP, Sharp Pain‘l in 'the Lm9»< Sore throat, Chilly sensations, Ifausea at the Stomach, Inaction of the Bowels, and Watting away 0/ the Muscles. Address n utung CRADDOCK & CO., 1,082 Kaec St., Philadelphia, Pa. giving the name oi this paper. myl9t4w ATLANTIC MUTUAL INSURANCE COMPANY, OF NEW YORK.. INSURES AGAINST Marine Risks Only —os— Cargoes, Freights & Vessels by the Year. ASSETS : $15,571,206 ! Dividend to Policy Holders on Premiums Terminating in 1872, 50 PER CENT. Policy Holders in this Company obtain perfect se curity, costing far less than to insure in any ther company in this country. OFFICE, 166 FORE STREET, PORTLAND, Jolaia Wo IVIiuigcs*, CORRESPONDENT. febl7 dim eodllm&w6w HENRY CLEWS & CO., 33 WALL STREET, NEW YORK, Offer for sale a limited number of the FIRST MORTGAGE 7 PER CENT, CON VERTIBLE SINKING FUND • GOLD BONDS_£ — OF THE — Burlington, Cedar Rapids & Min nesota Railway Line. At 90 and accrued interest an currency. At which price they yield over 9 per cent., and are strongly recommended as a Safe and Profitable Investment. This Railway is a corporation organized under the laws of the State of Iowa, which is ihe most prosper ous State in the Northwest, being the only State in the Union free from deht. The Minnesota Di vision, running from Burlington, Iowa, to Austin, Minnesota, a distance of 260 miles, was completed in February, 1872, and earned during that year an av erage of $83,000 per month, being a monthly increase of $35,000 on the earnings of 1871. The earnings for 1873 are estimated to exceed $1,500,000, or more than $125,000 per month. The Milwaukee Division, from Cedar Rapids to Postvillc, on the Milwaukee and St. Paul Railroad, a distance of 110 miles, passes through one of the richest sections of tho State of Iowa, and furnishing an outlet to Milwaukee and tho lakes. The Burlington, Cedar Rapids and Minnesota Railway bonds have been admitted to the New York Stock Exchange, and are daily dealt in and quoted on the official lists, thus furnishing dealers an advantage enjoyed by few of the new issues of Railway Bonds. The entire loan has been sold, except about $300, 000, which we now offer, to close it out. All marketable securities taken in exchange at cur rent prices, without commission. For sale in Portland by ISobt. A. Hird, 97 Exchange Street. ap26dtf HILLS “ARCHIMEDEAN,’ THE CHAMPION LAWN MOWER OF THE WORLD. wit. . »h*» beautilul Mower is uow so well Known throughout the United Slates nnd Kurop., *hnt It requires no recommenda Vhe 10,000 sold in this country alone) InjiT Mower with AN AUJI TABLE uANOLE. lO-inchcut, croquo mower, a beautiful little machine for small lawns, croourt gronndsgcemctery lots,easily operated by a

ind or miss of lO years, price *40; 14-iueh *44; 14-iach, standard size, *45; 48-inch! pony, *100; 34-inch, horse, for public pnrh* nnd large lawns, *145. Every ma chine warranted to (ire perfect satisfac tion. We challenge the world to n trial, nnd to produce a mnehine its equal. Try it, nnd yon will bny no other. Scud for Illustrated Circular. MANUFACTURED BY THE Hills “Archimedean” Lawn Mower Co., COLT’* ARMORY HARTFORD, Conn — FOE SALE BY — KENDALL & WHITNEY, PORTLAND, ME, mylG dtf Dissolution of Copartnership. NOTICE is hereby given that the copartnership heretofore existing under the firm name of Sam uel Rounds & Sons, is this day dissolved by mutual consent. SAMUEL ROUNDS, GEO. H. ROUNDS. CHAS. F. ROUNDS. Copartnership Notice. THE undersigned have this day formed a copart nership under the firm name of Rounds, Sar gent & Co., and will continue the business of dealers 1:1 Coal & Wood, at the old stand of Samuel Rounds, & S°ns, No. 36 Commercial Street. they will settle all dsmands ot the late firm of Samuel Rounds & Sons. SAMUEL ROUNDS, GEO. H. ROUNDS, EDWARD II. SARGENT. -Jigg___dt£_ Copartnership Notice. MR. JOHN BOND is this day admitted n. mom her of tne firm ol J.H. BOND* CO Plumbers and Tin Uoofers, 180 Fore street. ’ luml,crs •J. H. BOND & CO Portland, Me., May 7,1873. * A Card. Mr. John Bond of the old firm of BOND & MER RILL. ha? returned to the city, anil can be found at 180 Fore street, where he will bo pleased to see all of his old friends, and as many new ones as will ravor him with a call. All kinds of Water Piping anil fir, Roofing promptly attended to at prices as low as can be afforded for good work. T.uv w,nvr. myl4*2weod_JOHN BOND, A Fine Business Opening FOR a young or middle aged man of unexceptiona ble character. Experienced accountant and one thousand dollars capital. Investigation is invited Address Box 2 M5 Portland Mo. novfcltf steamers. bostoF —AND— PHILADELPHIA Steamship Line. Leave each port every Wed’s’y & Sat’d’y. No Wharfage. From Long Wharf, Boston, 3 p.m. From Pine Street Wharf, Phila delphia, at 10 a. m. . Insurance one half the rate of ’sailing vessels. Freight for tho West by the Penn. R. R., and South by connectlnj lines forwarded free of Commission. PASSAGE, TEN DOLLARS. For Freight or Passage, apply to WHITNEY & SAMPSON, Agents, jn23-ly 70 Long Wharf, Barton. For Waldoboro and Damariscotta. The Steamer CHARLES HOUGHTON Alex. Fambam, Jr., Master, will on and after 30tn inst., leave At lantic Wharf every Wednesday at C o’c.ock, A. M., for Bootlibay, Round Pond and Waldoboro, and every Saturday at 7 o’clock A. M., for Boothbay, Hogdon’s Mills and Damariscotta. Returning, will leave Damariscotta every Monday at 7 o’clock A. M., and Waldoboro, every Thursday at 6 o’clock A. XL, connecting with the Railroads and Boats for Boston. Freight and passage cheaper than by any other route. Freight received after One O’clotk P. M., days previous to sailing. Inquire of HARRIS, ATWOOD & CO.. 145 Commercial St. Portland, April 23, 1873.apr24tf Maine Steamship Co NEW ARRANGEMENT. SEMI-WEEKLY LINE Steamers Dirigo and Franconia will, until further notice, run as follows: Leave Galt’s Wharf. Portland, every MONDAY and THURS DAY, at 5 P. M., and leave Pier 38 E. R., New York, every MONDAY and THURSDAY, at 3 P. M. The Dirigo and Franconia are fitted up with fine accommodations for passengers, making this the most convenient and comfortable route for travelers be tween New York and Maine. . Passage in State Room $5. Meals extra. Goods forwarded to and from Montreal, Quebec Halifax, St. John, and all parts of Maine. Shippe are requested to send their freight to the Steamers as early as 4 P. M., on the days they leave Portland. For Freight or Passage apply to HENRY FOX, Galt’s Wharf, Portland, J. F. AMES, Pier 38, E. R., New York. May 9-dtf _ MAIL LINE TO Halifax Nova Scotia, DIRECTi With connections to Prince Edward Is land and Cape Bretou. TWO TRIPS PER WEEK. The new side wheel Steamship FALMOUTH. Capt. W.A. Colby, willleave Railroad wharf, Port land, every TUESDAY, at 5.30 P. M., andtheCARLOTTA, Capt.E. D. Mulligan, will leave Galt wharf, every SATUR DAY, at 5.30 P. M., (or on arrival of train leaving Boston at noon.) FOR HALIFAX DIRECT Making close connections with the Nova Scotia Hallway, for Windsor, Truro, New Glasgow and Pictou, and steamers for Prince Edward Island; al so at New Glasgow, N. S., with Lindsey’s Stages for Cape Breton. ° RETURNING the Carlotta will leave Halifax THTOSDAYS,Sat9P?M: “* For freight and further information apply to J B. COYLE, Jr., Atlantic Wharf, or mar28dtfJOHN FOUTEOUS. Agent. PORTLAND^ — AND — PHILADELPHIA. Clyde’s Iron Line of Steamers ! Running between Providence and Philadelphia every WED NESDAY and SATURDAY gives < direct communication to and rom Portland and all other points in Maine, mth Philadelphia andbevond. Through rates are given to Philadelphia and all points reached jy the Penn. Central and the Phil. & Reading R. R>s., and to all the principal cities in the South and Southwest. No Wharfage. No Commission for forwarding. Fall imformation given by WALDOA. PEARCE, Agent, 124 Washington St., Boston, or J. B. COY'LE Jr., Portland. WM. P. CLYDE, & CO., Gen’I Managers. janll ly 12 So. Delaware Avenue Philadelphia. INTERNATIONAL STEAMSHIP CO. Eastport, Calais and St. John. Dishy, Windsor and Halifax. SPRING ARRANGEMENT. TWO TRIPS PER WEEK! On and after Monday March 24th the Steamer New York, Capt. E. B. Winchester, and the Steam ier New Brunswick, Capt. S. H. 1 —’Pike, will leave Railroad Wharf, foot ot State St., every MONDAY and THURSDAY at 6 P. M., for Eastport and St. John. Returning will leave St. John and Eastport on the same days. Connections made at Eastport for St. Andrews, Robbinston, Calais, Woodstock and Houlton. Connections made at St. John for Digby, Annapo lis, Windson, Kentville. Halifax, N. S.f Shediac. Am herst. J3T*Freight recelvod on days of sailing until 4 o’clock P. M. marl 8islwtc A. U. STUBBS, Agent. Portland, Bangor and Machias Steamboat Co. Inside lines between Portland and Bangor, Nit. Desert and machine. The Steamer CITY OF RICHMOND, CAPTAIN C. KILBY, Will leave Railroad Wharf, every MONDAY, WED NESDAY and FRIDAY evening, at 10 o’clock, For Bangor, touching at Rockland, Camden, Lin colnville, Belfast, Searsport, Sandy Point, Bueksport, Winterport and Hampden. Returning will leave Bangor every Monday, Wed nesday ana Friday morning at G o’clock, touching at the above named landing, arriving in Portland at 5 o’clock P. M. The steamer Lewiston, CAPT. CHARLES DEERING, Will leave Railroad Wharf every TUESDAY and FRIDAY Evenings, at 10 o’clock, for Rockland, Cas ting Deer Islo, Sedgwick, S. W. Harbor, (Mount De sert,! Mill bridge, Jouesport, and Machiasport. Returning will leave Machiasport every Monday and Thursday mornings at 5 o’clock, arriving in Portland same evening, connecting with the Pullman Night Train ami early Morning Trains for Boston. For further particulars inquire of Ross & Sturdi vant, 179 Commercial Street, or CYRUS STURDIVANT, Gen A*>t. Portland, May 19,1873._ myl9tf FOR BOSTON. “ SUPERIOR SEA-tJOIMJ STEAMERS JOHN HROOKS and DIOiVTKEAl., Having commodious Cabin and State Room ac commodations, will run alternately, leaving ATLANTIC WHARF, Portland, DAILY, (SUNDAYS EXCEPTED) AT 7 O’CLOCK X>. 1IM. Returning leave INDIA WHARF, Boston, same days at 7 P. M. Fare Freight taken at low rates. W. Ii. BILLINGS. Asnil J. IS. €OVLE JR., General Agent.mchoOtf Norfolk and Baltimore and Washington, 1). C. Steamship Line. Steamships of this Line sail from eml of Central Wharf, Boston, Semi-Weeklv, for NORFOLK and BALTIMORE. 1 ’ Steamships:— “ William Lawrence” Capt. W. A. Hallelt “ William Crane” Capt. Solomon Howes. “George Appold,” Capt. Winslow Loveland. “Blackstone,” Capt. Geo. H. Hallctt. “ William Kennedy” Capt, Henry D. Foster. "McClellan,”Capt. F. M Howes. Freight forwarded trom Norfolk to Washington Steamer Lady ot the Lake. Freight forwarded from Norfolk to Petersburg and Richmond, by river or rail; and by the Va. & Tenn. Air Line to all points in Virginia, Tennessee, Ala bama and Georgia-, and over the Seaboard and Roa noke R. R. to all points in North and South Carolina by the Balt. J Ohio R. R. to Washington and all places West. Through rates given to South and West. Fine Passenger accomriocatlons. Fare Including Berthand Mealsto Norfolk $13.00' line 48 hoars; to Baltimore $15, time 05 hours For further information apply to E. SAMPSON, Agent. _S3 Central Wharf, Boston. Union Ticket Office. RATES LOWER THAN EVER. We have made arrangements and can now ticket passengers to 411 Point* West, North-Won, Month mid Month-Wcnt, Man Prancinro, Kanina City, Mt. Pool, New Orleans, and all points In Florida, via all the first-class Rail-Roads—Penn. Central. LakeShore and Michigan Southern, Baltimore and Ohio, Erie, Great Western and Michigan Central. 36 HOURS BOSTON TO CHICAGO. Pnllmnu Cars on nil Through Traius. (jgp* Passengers who wish to travel without deten tion, and with ease and comfort, will find the above routes very desirable. Continuous Trains, Eo Changes, Courteous Em ployees, Unusual Facilities for Meals at Seasonable Hours. Tickets to New York via Sound Lines (State Rooms secured at this office), Fall River, Stonington and Norwich. All Rail Routes—Shore Line (via Provi dence), and Boston and Albany. Tickets to Boston via Eastern, Boston and Maino, Portland and Roch ester, and Boston Boats. Merchants going to Boston and New York, will save the time usually experienced at the depots by purchasing tl\eir tickets at this office. Call and ex amine our time tables, maps, etc., and be convinced that we represent all the best roads running West. ROLLING Ac ADAM4, Agents, mr!3-tf No. 1 Exchange Street, Portland, Me. RAILROADS. KNOX & LINCOLN RAILROAD. ___ Direc trail route to Wise asset. New Damariscotta, Waldoboro, R^E^Winen and ltockland. _ . . —“ tta- No change of cars between Portland and Rockland. Steamers leave Rockland for all points on the Pe nobscot river, Machias, Mount Desert Vinal Haven, Hyr„r‘ca»® and DU Islands. p Leave Maine Central Depot, at 7.00 A. M., and 1.00 J&B13E12 8l K^kland. for Camden, Lincom daily. At Kockiaiium ’i,l.'0!Dast,'a »nd St. George, in;-ton. Tuesdays, Th°iwViiy .“a,’,?Ploto? aud Wa8ll‘ At Tnomaston tor St. G«,rceturdays. At Warren for UnloB dalh. daily At Warren for .Jeflerson and i .. Wednesdays and Fridays. nit ell eld, Mondays, At Wa.doboro’ for North Waldoboro- w„.i • . and Liberty daily. J ■ Washington, At New Castle for Bristol and Pemaouid ,n,n„ Freight Trains daily and freight taken at low ^ios ■i'-Odtf_C. A. COOMBS. Sun EASTERN AND PORTLAND, SAto7 & PORTSMOUTH R. R. SPRING ARRANGEMENT. Counueuriug Klendar, April -JSlh, 1873. __ Passenger trains leave Portland dai }!?id;???!i--!??illy, for Portsmouth and Boston, (Suu ' V^ai-'layB excepted) at *1.30 A. M. tO.'.S A. *■ ■■“M., 0.10 A. M., 13.40 P. II., t 6.25 P. M. Leave Boston for Portsmouth and Portland at t7.30 A. M..t8.30 A. M, H2.30P. M., t3.15P. M., *8.OOP. M. Leave Portsmouth for Portland at tlO.OO A. 51, J10. 35 A. M., t3.00 P. M., t'.lO P.M., *10.05 P. M. Leave Biddeford for Portland at 7.40A. M., return ing at 4.35 P. M. •Pullman sleeping car express tram. N. B. This train runs Sunday Morning, does not run Monday morning. • t Accommodation train. tFasi Express. dS-The Pullman Sleeping Car Express Train ar rives at and departs from tne Depot of the Maine Central Railroad, in Portland. N. B. Tho 6.16 A. M., 9.10 A. M-, and 3.40, P. M. trains from Portland, make close connections to New York by one or other of the routes from Boston. Passengers ticketed through by either route. F. CHASE, apa25tf__Supt. Portland Division. MAINE CENTRAL RAILROAD^ Spring Arrangement. Commencing ITIay 5 9 187 ti ,4, Trains leave Portland for Bangor, Houlton, Calais and St.John at 12:15 a. m. (sleeping and day cars on tliia — train.) For Bath, Lewiston, Rockland and Augusta at 7:00 a. m. For Bath, Lewistou, Rockland, Augusta, Read field, Winthrop, Skowhegan, Belfast, Bangor, St. John and Halifax at 1:02 p. m. For Lewiston, Bath and Augnsta at 5.CO p. m For Lewiston via Qanville at 5:25 p. m. Trains are Dae at Portland. From Augusta,. Bath and Lewiston at 8:55 a. m. From St. John, Bangor, and North and E ;st al 3:40 p. m. From Augusta and Lewiston at 6:20 p. m. From St. John, Bangor. &c., at 1:20 a. m. Through Tickets axe sold in Portland and baggage checked through to Houlton, Calais, St. John, Hali fax, Dover, Foxcroft, Rockland, &c. L. L. LINCOLN, Acting Superintendent. Augusta, May 5,1873._ myl2tf GRAND TRUNK RAILWAY OF CANADA. ALTERATION OF TRAINS. WINTER ARRANGEMENT. ■EgaaBssBu.0? an'" afler ^?nd8y’ Nov- 4th g?l:-??„l^I|Traina will run as follows: fw ' ":s^ Passenger train for South Paris at . ‘ .30 A. M.; for Island Pond, Quebec, Monacal, and the west at 1.30 P. M. Stopping at all stations. Mail train (stopping at all stations) for Island Pond, connecting with night mail train for Quebec, Montreal and the West. Accommodation for South Paris and intermediate stations at 5.00 P. M. From Montreal, Quebec, Island Pond, Gorham and South Paris at g,io P. M. From So. Paris at 8. *0 A. M. Passenger Offices, 282 CONGRESS ST., — AND — DEPOT AT FOOT OF INDIA ST Tickets sold at Reduced Rates! To Canada, Detroit, Chicago, Mil wan kee. Cincinnati, St* Louis, Om-.cha, Saginaw, St Paul, Salt Lake City, Denver, San Francisco, and all points in the Northwest, West and Southwest. J. C. FURNIVAL, Agt. THE GRAND TRUNK RAILWAY is in splendi l condition, is well equipped with first-class rolling stock, and is making the best connections and quick est time of any route from Portland to the West. GST-PULLMAN PALACE DRAWING ROOM AND SLEEPING CARS attached to all through trains. B ggage checked from Portland to Detroit and Chicago, and not subject to Custom-House examina tion. The Company are not responsible for baggage to any amount exceeding $50 in value (and that person al) unless notice is given, and paid for at the rate of one passenger for every $500 additional value. C. J. BRYDGES, Managing Directof. H. BAILEY, Local Suprentendent. Portland, March 5, 1873. tf PORTLAND & OGDEXSBURG R. R. CHANGE OF TIME. On and after Monday, Nov. 4th, and ?§?§?iuntil further notice, trains will run b^r*K—--^api*-3as follows: A. M. P. M. Leave Portland, 7.15 3.15 Leave N. Conway, 8.30 1.00 The 7.15 a. m. and 1 00 p. m. Trains will be Freight with passenger cars attached. STAGES Connect daily with 3.15 P. M., For Cornish, Kezar Falls, Porter, Freedom, Den mark, Bridgton, Lovell, and North Lovell. The 3.30 a. m. from No. Conway connects with afternoon trains for Boston, via Eastern or Boston & Maine R. R’s., and the 1.00 p. m. train arrives in Portland in season to connect with Steamers for Bos ton. Ticket Office at the Boston & Maine Depot. J. HAMILTON, Superintendent. Portland, Oct. 2, 1872.. nov4ti BOSTON Si MAINE RAILROAD. Summer Arrangement . MAT 5, 1873. Passenger trains leave Portland from S^Hppjjjgggfthelr station, Walker House, Commercial For Boston *6.00, *9.00 A. M., t3.30, t6.15 P. M. Returning, leave Boston at t8.30 A. M.t *12.30,*3.30 aud t6.00 P. M. For Rochester and Alton Bay *6.00, *9.00 A. M. and t3.3VP. M. For Manchester and Concord via C. & P. R. R. Junction *6.00 A, M., t3.30 P. M. For Milton and Union *9.00 A. M. and t3.30 P. M. For Scarboro*, Old Orchard Beach, Saco, Biddcford and Kennebnnk at *5.10 P. M. Returning, leave Kennebnnk at *7.30 P. M The *9.00 A. M. train connects at Lawrence with trains for Lowell, Manchester and Concord and all point9 Noitli. Passengers ticketed through by either route. Trains stop at Exeter 10 minutes lor refreshments at first class Dining Rooms. Freight trains between Portland and Boston daily. Freight received at Portland & Ogdensburg R. R. Freight station until 4 P. M. Portland & Ogdenjburg R. R. passenger trains ar rive at and depart from this station. ♦Accommodation. tFast Express. T. FURBER, Gen. Supt., Boston. PAYS ON TUCKER, General Ageut, Portland. Boston, May 5.1873._my5dtf PORTLAND & ROCHESTER R VILROaIT. Winter Arrangement. Passenger trains leave Portland Rochester and intermediate stations at 7.15 A. M., and 1.30 P. M.. making direct connection at Rochester with trains for Boston, over Boston & Maine and Eastern Railroads. Also connect at Rochester with Dover and Winnioiseogee Railroad for Alton Bay, ami with Portsmouth, Great Falls ami Conway Railroad for Conway. Leave Rochester for Portland and way stations at 7.30 A. M. and 12 M. The 7.30 train connecting with down train on Portsmouth, Great Falls and Conway Railroads, and the 12 o’clock train making direct connection at Rochester with trains from Boston, leaving Boston at 7.30 and 8.30, A. M., via Boston & Maine, and at 8 30 A. aiI. via Eastern Railroads. Leave Portland for Saco River at 6.20 P. M. Leave Saco River for Portland at 5.30 A. M. Stages connect as follows: At Gorham for West Gorham, Standish, and No. Limington, daily. At Buxton Centre for West Buxton, Bonnv Ea’le and Limington .daily. * At Centre Waterboro’ for Limerick, Newfleld, Par son8tield and Ossipee, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sat urdays, returning alternate days. At Centre Waterboro’ for Limerick, rarsonsfleld. daily. ’ WILLIAM H. TURNER, Superintendent. ____dee!6-tc The Old Union Passenger Ticket Agency! Is now as heretofore at NO, 491-2 EXCHANGE STREET, — WHERE — TRAVELERS FOR CALIFORNIA And tbc West, South and Northwest, may procure lbrough Tickets at the lowest rates, via the Miclii Sin Central and Great Western (via Suspension ridge) Pennsylvania Central (via New York city), Chicago, Burlington & Quincy, or Rock Island, Chi cago & North Western, and all the principal and fa vorite routes to the Pacific Coast and all other points. For Tickets apply to tho Old Agency 'f W. D. LITTLE * CO., 49 1-ii EXCHANGE STREET. Jan30d3wi8tostf Janl 73 tf ELIAS HOWE Sewing Machines AND BITTTERICJv’S Patterns of Garments PL vMM B k WIIDEB 173 Mifiiii,st.. UpRfglrB. thk Maine State Agricultural Society Will hold its * ITU, EXHIBITION AT BANGOR, September 16. 17,18 & 19, 1873. fc^Over ^6000, in premiums are oflered. mar22 16m TXfTr CJ SOUTHWARK CO’S English Writing ■ 111 |\ ^ Ink writes Black and never fades. Sole Agen's tor U. S.—Scitenck Tag Co 55 Beekman St., N. Y. martdSm Extract of Root, and Herbs which almost Invarla ably care the following complaints Los8^tPAppcti’c cured bytakinga tewffiStto?’ a“d J&aSSg' U,wS‘,iri,a- ana Sh>«”< Sensation Kruptiona, Pimples, Blotches ana all impurtles ot the blood, bursting tbr< ugh the skin or otherwise cured readily by following the directions on the bottle For Kidney, Bladder and Urinary derange ments it has no equal; one bottle will convince the most sceptical. Worms, expelled from the system without the least difficulty; a few bottles are sufficient for the most obstinate case. Pile*: one bottle has cured the most difficult case when all other remedies failed. Rerron* Difficulties, Neuralgia, Headache, &c., eased immediately. Rheumatism. Swelled Joints, and all Scrofular Afflictions removed or greatly relieved by this inval uable medicine. Bronchitis,Catarrh, Convulsions, and Hysterics cured or much relieved. Difficult Breathing, Pain in the Lungs, Side and Chest almost i variably cured by taking a few bottles of the Quaker hitters. Female Difficulties, so prevalent among American ladies, yield readily to this invaluable med icine, the Quaker Bitters. Billions, Remittant and Intcrmittant Fevers, so prevalent in many pans of our country, completely eradicated by the use of the Quaker Bitters The Aged ilnd In the Quaker Bitters just lli article thay ttand in need of in th iv declining 5 ears. It quickens the b!ooa and cheers the mind, and paves the passage down the plane Inclined. No One can remain long unwell (unless afflicte with an Incurable direase.) after taking a few bottle of the Quaker Bitters. Sold by nil Drnggiata and Dealers in medicines. PREPARED BY DR. H. S. FLINT Sc CO., At their Great Medical Depot 195 and 197 Broad treet, Providence, R. I. SOLD AT WHOLESALE BY W. F. Phillips & Co. & J.W. Perkins & Co mhl7 PORTLAND. eod&wl4wl2 DR. R. J. JOURDAIN, PROPRIETOR OP THE Parisian Gallery of Anatomy, Boston HA3 just published a new edition of his lecture containing most valuable Information on the causes, consequences and treatment of disease cl the reproductive system, with remarks on marriage, and the vaiious causes of the loss of manhood, with lull instructions for its complete restoration; also a chap ter on venereal infection, and the means of cure, be ing the mopt comprehensive tcork on the subject eve: yet published, comprising 150 pages. Mailed free to any address for 25 cents. Address, Dr. Jourdain’s Consulting Office, ttl Hancock Street, If ..ton, Hut. junl5dlvr i BITTERS, TRADE MARK. Which has stood the test lor more than 50 years is acknowledged the most reliable Medicine for the re lief of JAUNDICE, NERVOUS COMPLAINTS, WEAK NESS OF THE STOMACH AND BOWELS, LOSS OF APPETITE, COUGHS, COLDS, HEART BURN, BILIOUS ATTACKS, COLIC, CRAMP IN THE STOMACH. DIZZINESS AND DULLNESS OF THE HEAD. LIV ER COMPLAINTS, PILES, PIMPLES, BOILS, SOUR STOMACH, CONSTI TUTIONAL WEAKNESS. HEAD ACHE. LOWNESS OF SPIRITS, COSTIV EN ESS.I N DIG ESTION, DYSPEPSIA, and ail complaints arising trom an impure state o the Blood, or the deranged condition or the Stomach Liver, Bowels or Kidneys. This Preparation is purely Vegetable, containing Extracts in a highly concentrated form of Roots, Herbs and Barks—among which are Sarsaparilla, Yellow Dock, Dandelion, Gentian, Wild Cherry. Or ange, Maudrakc, Anise, Juniper Berries, &c.—mak ing a fine Tonic alterative an l Laxative Medicine, which never fails to give tone and strength to the sys tem debilitated by disease. AS A BLOOD PURIFI EK, GOODHUE’S BITTEHS HAVE NO EQUAL. FLINT & GOLDTH WAIT, Proprietors, No. 21 St. Peter Street, Salem, Mass. Sold by all Dealers in Medicines generally. mari7 deod&wl4w-12 LADIES, Madam Healy s Uterine Tonic Fill are now ready fer the general public. The many who have tried them will need no other notice. They are an invaluable remedy for All Uterine Diseases. They cure PROLAPSUS UTERI, give tone to the muscles, and lift the organ into its proper position, and keep it there. They speedily cure Lencorbcea, Dysmenorrhcca and Menorrhagia. They are a sj»e eifle for Stangury, a diuretic in Gravel. They pro mote sleep, allay nervous excitability. Remove ster ility, and all female weaknesses. They are purely vegetable, pleasant to the taste, free from opiates and all injurious Droperties. Madam Heal'’s Pamphlet for Women is interesting and valuable. Sent free upon receipt of stamp for return postage, or can be found at Weeks A’ Potter’s, 176 Tremont St, BOSTON. MADAM HEALT’S LOTION, for ulceration and inflammation accompanies each box of Pills. Price of Pills and Lotion, $1.25 i>er box, or $6.00 a half dozen. Address all business let tars to Madam Healv, Box 337, Station A, Boston. For sale by WEEKS & POTTER, Boston, and all Druggists. ap4dly THE GREAT REMEDY FOR CONSUMPTION which can be cured by a timely resort to this stand ard preparation, as has been proved by the hundreds of testimonials received by the proprietors. It is acknowl edged by many prominent physicians to be the most reliable preparation ever in troduced for the relief and cure of all Lung complaints, and is offered to the public, sanctioned by the experience of over forty years. "When resorted to in season it sel dom fails to effect a speedy cure in the most severe cases of Coughs, Bronchitis, Croup, Whooping Cough, Influenza, Asthma, Colds, Sore Throat, Pains or Sore ness in the Chest and Side, Liver Complaint, Bleeding at the Lungs, &c. Wistar’s Balsam docs not dry up a Cough, and leave the causo behind, as is the case with most preparations, but it loosens and cleanses the lungs, and allays irritation, thus removing the cause of the complaint. PREPARED BY EETH W. TOWLE & SONS, Boston, Maw., Aud sold by Druggist* aud Dealora generally. a deodiweowl __MEDICAL. _ T PURELY A VEGETABLE I REPARATION, " composed simp’y of well-known ROOTS, •i ~RB and f * u|T «!# combined with other 71 •.* rtied, x.iiich Li i dr hatu e c**o Cat’iarti \ .pe vt-, I 'ltii.igi:.-. I;ui* tV. .AlrcratiroindAnti • 'J ho v. ht i<- ii ; .. erved in & suiflt ;•* q -.litiiy of bptrit fre: i l . ? l*ASf. CAMS ta 't. fheUi au/ 'Ijliu:-, ..'-U': 1the > o of the most iWalrsMo Tun • . • .»<| c-»i:ini._ . i ia the world. They arc intended atrlctly n* a Domestic Tonic, Only to bo need as a medicine, and always according tc directions. The y are tho 6hoet-anchor of tho f«* bio and de bilitated. They act upon a diseased liver, and stimulate to nuch a degree, that a headhy action Is at ones brought about. As a remedy to which Wotae >» n re especially subject, it is snrpersoding every otlier itunn.' AsaSpringaml »um ini r 'tonic, they havo no eqi^kb lliey area mi;d an i gentle Purj,\it:vo as well ao Tonic. Ihey l*urily the Blood. Ihey area splendid Appetizer. They make the weak strong. They purity and in Yigomte. They euro Dyspepsia. Constipation, and Headache They act ar. a sjKJcific in all species of diHom.Tfl which undermine tho bodily ctreugth snd break down tho animal Bpirits. Et: ot, 53 Park Place*, Hew York. GOUT andRHEUMATfSM. THE excruciating pain of Gout and Rheumatism, relieved in two hours, and cared In a few days, by the celebrated Englisu Medicine, Blair’s Gont and Rheumatic Fills. They require neither attention or confinement of any kind and are certain to prevent the disease at tacking any vital parts. PREPARED BT PROTJT & HARSANT LONDON, ENGLAND, and sold by all Drngglsts. nov20___ eodlyr WHITE, CLEAN, SOUND TEETH! ALL MAY HAVE BY USING DAILY THURSTON’S Ivory Pearl Tooth Powder no20 Price, 25 and 50 Cents per bottle, eodlyr Beautiful, Soft, Glossy Hair ALL DESIRE IT, ALL Ml F HAVE IT by constant use if THOMPSON’S POMA tE OFTIME iio29 Price, 23 and 50Cents p r Bottle, eodlyr LIGHT COLORED KID GLOVES ARE VERY STYLISH WHEN NOT SOILED. JOUVEN’S INODOROUS Kid Qlovc CTeanei will renovate them thoroughly. Price 25 cents pel bottle. All sold by Druggists'and Fancy Dealers. F. C. WELLS & CO., Sew York, Wholesale Agents. Pft20_ eodlyr - StfcLETS Hard RuDher ^TRUSSES - ABDOMINAL SUPPORTERS AND PILE PIPES. Relief, Comfort and cure for Rupture, Fe male weaknesses and Piles, unlike all other ap pliances known, will never rust, limber, break chare, soil, nor move from place,—indcau uctible. Tne fine steel spring being coated w«th hard rubber, light cool, cleanly, u«ed in bath ug, fitted to form, universally recommended by all Burgeons as the best me banlcal snpports known.—Sena for pamphlet.—Rptablish ments 1347 CbestnutSt., Philadelphia and 737 Broad way, New York. Complete as ortment for sale, with careful adjustment, by F. Sweetser. L. C. ils n. W. W. Whipple «& Co., and Thos. G. Luring, Portland. Beware cf imitations. myld3m K LYOTS ATHAIRON Only 50 Cents per Bottle. It promotes the GROWTH, PRE9ER * YES the COLOR, and heresies the • Vigor and BEAlITVofthe HAIR* Over Thirty Tears ago Lyon’s Kathairon for the Hair was first placed in the market by Professor E. Thomas Lyon, a graduate of Princeton College. The name is derived from the Greek “Kathro," signifying to cleanse, purifiy, rejuvenate, or restore. The favor it has received, and the popularity it has obtained, is unprecedented and Incredible. It in creases the Growth and Beauty of the it air. It is R delightful dressing. It eradicates dandruff. It prevents the Hair from turning gray. It keeps the head cool, and gives the hair a rich, soft, glossy ap pearance. It is the same in Quantity and Quality as it was over a Quarter of a Century ago, and is sold by all Druggists and Country Stores at only 50 Cents per Bottle. CAN BE_ CURED. DR. GRAVES’ Heart Regulator WILL CURE ANY CASE OF HEART DISEASE, Although gicen up by the best Physicians. Wc <in not hesitate to rav it will care the following symptoms, though most of them have been declared incurable: Palpitation, Enlargement, Spasms, Ossification or Boy Formalin or the Heart Rheumatism, General Debility, Water about the Heart, Sinking ot the Joins m the Side or Chest, fHizinss, Sluggish Circulation gr the blood, and Momentary* Stoppage or the Action or the Heart. * Our agent, on application, will furnish you wit our circular, giving full description of the disease, and also a number oi testimonials of cmes; atld It you would like further proof from tlie parties who nave given the testimonials, write thorn and sec what they say. We have sold many thousand bottles of the Heart Regulator, and the demand Is still increasing We are confident we are doing the public a benefit, and t0 Impose on them a worthless prepara The price of i Heart Itcgalntor is One Dol lar per Mottle, _d can be obtained of any druggls in Portland. ’ J. W. PERKIRg * CO WHOLESALE -A.AGENTS, SB Commercial Street Portland. janl3 deod»Swlv-w3 Top Sale. ril WO second hand Boilers 30 feet long. 4 fret In di JL am, ler, with 2 flu.s IS Incbrt I" , , f'" shell 7-tBtbi,k; they arc In good »n|er and Jus> the thingf,r burning tan, edgings. Enquire of S. H. L. PIERCE, 4J5 Dorchester Avenue, myl4-lm_Soidb Beaton, Maw. C. A. KEHARD, retires from the firm of Geo. A. Jones A Co., this 14th day of May, 1373. Geo. A. Jonee assuming aU liabilities oi the late co partnership. myl7dM

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