Newspaper of Portland Daily Press, May 28, 1873, Page 3

Newspaper of Portland Daily Press dated May 28, 1873 Page 3
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THK PRESS, WEDNESDAY MORNING,MAY 28, 1873. "city ^and vicinity. Wew Ailrertisemfiiu Te-Daj. AUCTION COLUMN. Fine Plated Ware— F. O. Bailey & Co. Valuable Real Estate—F. O. Bailey & Co. SPECIAL NOTICES. Summer—Hoetetfer's Bitters. Boston—George Fenno. NEW ADVERTISEMENTS. Removal—Francis D. Little. Mrs. M. H. Neal—Hats and Bonnets. Dissolution of Copartnership—Evans & Greene. A Rare Chauee for Business. For Sale—Micah Sampson. Wanted—Gir's To Let—Ten- ment. Fr. edom Notice—Chae. B. Wilt ins. Portland High School—Applications. City of Poitl’and—Proposals MISCELLANEOUS NOTTCES. Boots and Shoes—T. E. Moselev & Co. F. W. Nichols—Hair Dressing Saloon. Ladies—W. L. Snell. E. A. BurnoH’s Announcements—2. Mahor & Co—Summer Hats. York County N. «f • Court* BEFORE JUDGE BARROWS. Tuesday.—State vs. Daniel French ami William Day, for manslaughter of Forest Pugsley at Cornish. Disagreement at January term. Case exj>cctcd to occupy two days. Drew with Moore for respondents. Superior Court. MAY TERM, 8YMOXDS. J., PRESIDING. Tuesday.—State vs. Jonathan Watson. Arson.— Testimony for defence in progress. Mattocks. N. & H. B. Cleaves. Fox. itluuiripal Court. JUDGE MORRIS PRESIDING. Tuesday.—Timothy Bums and Joseph Haley.— Aflray. Fined $5 each. Paid. James McQuade and John Sullivan. Assault and battery. Ordered to recognize in the sum of $100 with sureties for their appearance at September term of Superior Court. Sureties furnished. “Assault on a wi. ness fjr testifying before the grand jury.” Lib.y. A teamster for cruelly to a horse. Beergnized in the sum of S100 lor his appearance at September term of Superior Court. Libby. Hale. Cornelius Connelly, William Parr and Dennis War ren. Search and seizure. Fined $50 each. AUaj pealed. John Howlcy. Search and seizure. Fined $50.— Paid. _ Brief Jottings. A longshoreman named Sullivan got a duck ing hy falling off one of the wharves yesterday afternoon. The corporators of the Fire Insurance Com pany met yesterday afternoon at the Board of Trade rooms and adjourned to the 5th pros. Yesterday was cool, windy and dusty, with never a hint of summer about it. Luxury at Baruum’s show. The seats have backs to them. Lingard’s bowels went back on him and h ‘ didn’t play at Music Hall last evening. It is to be presumed that the other members of the troupe also had trouble with their bowols, as none of them appeared. Barnuin biiugsthe food for his cannibals with him. So no fond mother need fear to car ry her babies to the show. Hon. L. D. M. Sweat has lieen appointed honorary commissioner to the Vienna Exposi" tion by the President. Mr. Sweat leaves for Europe the 7th prox., accompanied by his wife. Allan mail steamer Polynesian from Liver pool arrived at Quebec Sunday at 3 p. in., with 101 cabin and 1081 steerage passengers. The old store of Emery & Waterhouse on Middle street, lately occupied by George II. Knight as a drug store, is to have an elegant front of Philadelphia brick with marble caps and sills. Look out for the big procession three miles long this morning, . Dr. George E. Hatton of this city, died sud denly about a week ago in Dedham, Mass., where he was visiting. Three men were injured Monday afternoon by the fall of a block of marble they were un loading at the P. & O. freight house. One of them named Brackett, had his foot crushed. The McLellan Guards were out last night, but where where were the Lingards? Sick with the bowel complaint. The following named gentlemcu have been elected to represent the Portland Society at the General Convention of the New Jerusalem church, to be held in Cincinnati, Ohio, June 6tb: David Tucker, Marcian Seavey, James P. Baxter, John W. Stockwcll and Samuel Lewis. The farmers are now getting deep into the harrowing details of farming. You can't get them to even think of the Governor question until the potatoes are all in. Daniel Jones of this city, a painter hy trade, is ill and destitute at Sherman, Texas. If he has any relatives ill this city they are asked to goto hisassistauce, or to send aid. A letter to this effect has been received by the postmaster, signed by Chailes E. Butterick, Sherman, Texas. Tbe Montgomery Guards are making prepara tions for au excursion some time during the month of June. The cadet companies of the city were out for street parade last night. Tbe Fays gave another of their surprising ex hibitions last night in the ante-room of Army and Navy Hall. Their exploits are really won derful, and the chaiming little Mrs. Fay at tracts much attention. The Bio Show.—At fouro’clook this morn ing the first of the five special trains used in couvoying Barnum's big show rolled into the station, and was speedily followed by the oth ers. At nine o’elock the great procession, said to be three miles in length, will form in front of the Preble House. At ten o’clock the morn ing exhibition opens. It seems scarcely neces sary to enla ge upon the merits of this show, for everybody knows (bat it is the biggest th;ng uu ler canvass, 2300 men and bors.s be ing n N, one thould fail to be prese it a: th; very opening of the exhibition, fo the ;gia It1 entree i it') the three large rings I is a sigh: no: to be missed. Twelve jet black horses and m Ik white oues, backed by riders c.otliel in gorgeous costumes, is one of the mitial features. Then follows the proces sion of animals around the outer riug. Per formances ate going on in two rings simultan eously, while the remainder of the twelve large tents are devoted to the display of the 100,000 rare curiosities. The equestrian and hippo dromic exposition is unequalled in its way. while the collection of birds, beasts and reptiles is larger than ever before exhibited. The talk ing machine, the Fiji cannibals, the bearded girl, the no-armed boy, the What Is It, the mechanical automatom, the statuary and the oil paintings, ar only a few of the many curi osities exhibited. It is a sight that perhaps never will be seen again. Police Items.—Deputy Wil'iams arrested a young man lasteveniug named John Fitzgerald) for breaking and entering the ship yard of Win. Curtis, and stealing therefrom a lot of tools and some iron. Officer Stevens arrested John B. Curtis, aged 17 years, last evening, for the larceny of some composition spikes from Franklin wharf, the property of John B. Curtis. An insane man, belonging in Calais, escaped from his keepers at the United States Hotel, yesterday morning, and occasioned some dis turbance on the street. He was taken in charge by Officer Horr. There were four drunks at the station last night. John Collins, an old offender, was tak en to the Workhouse. MArNE Hospital Fair.—Tbe Executive Committee acknowledge tbe donation of addi tional articles and money in aid of the Jlaiue General Hosnital Fair, from tbe following named parties: D. W. Loveitt, boneless codfish. A friend, through Dr. Snow, Winthrop, 40 Minor’s patent pocket lanterns. Edward Wilson, cash contribution. Eagle Sugar Refinery, three barrels extra C sugar. Itufus Dunham, plated and Britannia ware. Mrs. Cyrus King, Washington, D. C.,rare bulbs and cash. C. W. Davis, crayon drawing—Pauline Luc ca. G. B. Broad, one dozen shawl straps. McKeen, Van Haagau & Co.. Philadelphia, assortment fancy soaps, $100. P. Lorrillard & Co., New York, assortment tobacco, $150. J. B Hughes, meerschaum pipe. “Pioneer” Tobacco Company, New York, to bacco, $100. Citarlbs H. Habkbll, Treasurer. Serious Matter.—On Washington Street Monday night a ooy named Dyer, aged about 12 years threw a stone at a boy named Silver, aged about ten, injuring him so badly as to throw biin into conrulslous from which itisex pected that he will die. Omission.--In the refreshment notice to church societies published in our issue of yes terday the arrangemeut forMouduy, June lfith, was omitted. The arrangement for that day is as follows: 1st Baptist, 2d Baptist, Deering Cong., 4thCong lynmra of Holiliers buried iu Portland Cemeteries. The following lists of the soldiers and sailors buried in the various cemeteries in and near this city, comprise all that the Committee ap pointed for that purpose have been able to ob tain. further information is respectfully re quested from the surviving relatives and friends, in those cases where the record is imperfect or erroneous. If the names of any have been omitted, it is hoped that information may he at once transmitted to JohnYeatou, Jr ,1‘ost Coiu mauder, in order that every soldier’s grave may receive fitting decoration. EVEBUBEEK CEMETEBY. Blankcnburg, Genrgo B, t-'o K, 2Utb Ma’S. eg^, Bonney, Edward W, G, lO.b Me; Boodyd^ yy; • ^3th Me; Bowen, Hiram A>Wisconsin Bai lith Me; Bui bonk, Geoigo E. E, G, Ilth Me; tery; Burnell W: fcr»k~t. fc,lith Ale; Brown Bragdon Chirks ’Bro’wu, Wm A, E, 2slb Charles E, c. DH. mll Me; Barke., Na Me, Blown Elnj. k in H Surgeon, katb Mo " Buduen, John, Jr, G,l*l. Me; Bell.*Kobt W, 2,’-,}, \|L. Bainord, Jobu E, A, lot Me; Chadwell bibn H, B, nth ‘he; Gbamberlaln, Goo, D & 1st and 25th Me; chase, lluet l>, l), S.h Me; Clark, Daniel C, G. 5th Me; Clark, Benjamin B; Clark, Freeman S. Q M S, 25. h Me; Clough. Moses. 1st Me Bat; Cobb, Geo K, B, Uih Me; Coob, Marston L, B loti. Me; Cole, J W, H, 2fiih Me; Conant, \Va hingtun. F, Sth Mo; Cr is, Albion I, E, i3ili Cummings. Lucius H, i>, 12th Me; Cushman, Henry, . vu ^uauuidu, euanes n, i>f tutu aie; m>n man, Benjamiu H, B, 10th Me; Davis, Edward W, Farmer, Jus M; Fessender, Sami, Lieut 2d Me Bat; F essenden, Meuzus K, Co C, 1st and 12th Me Regts; Fickett, Geo L, A,25tii Me; Forsaith, John A, G, 9ib Me; Frazier, John A, B, .2th Me; Furbish, Nehe miah F, I, loth Ale; Falby, Chas A; Furlong, Alex W, IT S S Wyoming; Floyd, Chas R, 2i <& 61»i Mass; Gerrish, Wm L. K, 19.h Me; Gerrish, E Scott, 1st Me battery; Gilman, Chas H, G, 7th Me; Gardiner, Wm 1, D, 23d Aie; Gribben, Wesley, E. 13th Me; Hamblin, Lorenzo. 17th U S Infty; Haines, Henry C, 4th Battery; Headman, John D; Huuson, James D; Hyde, Rutus, 7th Me; Hinkley, 0 W, 101st Ind; Jarvis,-; Johnson, Frank 1, 162d NY; Jones, Frank L, A, 25th Ale; Jones, Merwin; Kim ball, Bradicrd D, jL 25th Me; Kimball. J. b, A, loth Me; Larrabee, Ch» F, 3tith A»e; Leslie, James W, D, 17th Mo; lattle, Chas F, B. 27th Me; Lowell, Geo W, A. 25th Me: Alarston, Sami M, A, 25.h mo: Max well, Jas H, A, 201 h Me; Merrill, Ezra, G, 14th Me; Mountfort D, E, B, 1st & loth Me; McLellen, Chas K, B, 12th Me; McAllister, Geo L, 20.h U S Colored ( Tro ps; Newiuan, Andrew S, 1st Me Battery; Not wood, Chester, A, 3&1 Me; Partington, Jos, H, 25th Me; Partridge, Chas K, 1st Me Cavalry; Partridge, Frank A, C, 1st Me Cavalry; Pennell, Benj C, b, 17ih Me; Peyrett, Henry Jr, 20th Me; Plummer, Henry A, E, 29th Me; Roberts, Ja* B, B, 17th Me; Roberts, Jas US, B, 17th Me; Roberts, Jas S, A, mil Me: R >fcerts, Edwin A, B, 17th Me; RunnellH, Geo A, G, 4th N H; Raym nil, Aug H, A, 12th Ale; Sawyer, Elds M, E, 17 Me; Shaw, Edward Co C, 32d Ale; Siuclair, Geo H, K, 12th Ale; Soule, -, 23 i Me; Soule,-,7th Me; Smith, John W; Small, J »» B. C, loth Me; Stevens, Orrin, F, 5th Mo; Stevens, Caleb B, F, 7th Me; Stevens, Daul H, 12th Me; Stoddard, Wm P. Me Militia; Thompson, Go - W, 34th Mass; Thompson, John S, H, 1st D C Cav alry; Trowbridge, Geo N; True, -: True, -; True, -; Todd, Chas R, A, 17th Ale; Vanhorn, Chas F, E, 17th Me; Walker. Adeline N, Army Nurse; Walker, Jos E. D, 7th Me; Walker, Thos S, M, 1st DC Cavalry; Wallace,Ch is H, G, 1st Cav; Waterhouse, Satnl 0, F. 13th Me; Wateihouse, J Thatcher, DM, 17th Me; W iterhousc, Peter B. B 1st & 10th Me; Webb, Chas D, Q M, 12th Me; Web ber, Allcrt, B, 5th Ale; We-cott, Henry H, H, 25th Me; Withara, Albion, LtCol, 1st Me; Winslow, Hi ram, Iv, 16tli Ale; Young, Chas G, Bandmaster, 5th Me. CALVARY CEMETERY. Anglin, Wm, Co, F, 30th A*e Itegt; Brigham, John, 1st Me; Bla k. Thos, 1st Battery; Boyce, Michael, . loth U S Infty; butler, Wm, Co, 1, 30th Ale; Conroy, ! Frauds 5th N V Cav; Caslin, Patrick, 2d Me; Daly, j Peter, 25th Ale; Deehan, Alichael. 2d Me; Devine, Thos, M. 1st Battery; F'itzsemmona. John, U S Navy: Flaehuty, Paine* F, C », F, 13ih Me; Ounily, Michael, 5th Me; N el ley, Patrick, 5th Battery; Lan ders, James, 2d U S Sharpsh’rs; i^e, Frauk. 2>th Me; Loury, John, U S Navy; Mackin, Thos, J, 30th Me; Manning, James, 6th Me lnft: McCullum, Pat rick, U. S. Navy; Mc iee, Thos, ; McLaugh lin, Wm, 5fh Ale; AIcAIaine, Edw% U S. Navv; Quinn, Henry, Nr 1st Ale Ba tery; Regan, Wm, 13th Me: Spellman, Jeremiah, 7th Me: Smith, John, 10th Me; Tracy, Wm, 5 h Ale; Welcn. Cornelius, 3*lli Me; Welch, Thomas, 19tli Me; Wbrele , Jus; Wil kinson, John W, B, 10th & 29fh Me; Wilkinsjn, Wm, G, lOthgMc; 5 graves, names unknown. EASTERN CEMETERY. Blake, F B; Gill, Leonard F, Co F, 13tb Me Rest; Hoyt, Lemuel F; Hunkins, S C, Surge >n 4th lie; | Duran, Geo; Aiark, Cha^ It, PL I; Mitchell, F A; Mitchell, Jos, Jr; Moulton, George, Emery -; Blvtbc, Capt, War of 1812; Burrows. Capt, War ot 1812; Waters, Kervin, Lt, War of 1812; FOREST CITY CEMETERY. Allen, George; Ames, John, 3dU. S Infty; Arms by, George L; Barton, James, Beckwith, Joel, Co. K 23th Me. Burns, Richard Carter, dwin N, Co. E30th Me; Cottrell, M J;3d U.S. Arty; Daily, Michael; Dodge, A O, Co A, 12th Me. Eaton, Stephen M, Co F, 13th Me; Elliot, John S, Co E, Ut Cav; Gillespie. William, Co D, 30tli Me; Haskell, E B, 25th Ale; Jones, Calvin, Co D, 7th Ale; Jo.ics, Modbury, Co K. 16th Ale; Jones. Oliver, Co B, 10th Me; LowO, John E, 30th Me; O’Brion, Patrick; Pcrriman, Georgo; Rose, James, CSS Winmski; >t.John, Wm. 16th & 25th Me; Wilson,—8 graves names unknown; WESTERN CEMETERY. Alexander, Reuben, Co B, 10th Me; Alexander,Wm II. C , C, 5th Vie; Buzzell, George, Co K, 31st & 32d Me; Bond. Edwin F, 1st Ale Batt,y; Carruthers, Chas i E. Co B, 17th Me; Cole, David, Co 1,14lh Me; Cum mings, Horace B, Co H, 17th Me: Cummings. Charier F, Co A. 25th Mo; Deahe, Wm W, Capt USA; Drake, Julius A, Com Sergt 12th Me; C:ould, Jo-iah, 1st Ale; Gratlam, Francis A, Co B, 10th M ; Hamil ton, Charles E, Co K, 1st Me Cav; Hardenbrook, f W, Co F, 1st Ale Cav; Hurd, Geoige Co C, Ittli Me; Hurd. Wm L, U S N; Huff, S >muel Jr, Co E( 17th Me; Htmtiess, James, 1st Art’y; Kimball, Au gustus. Co B, 17th Ale: Leggett, Wm, Soldier of 1812; Libby, John F, Co F, 23 1 Ale; Libby, Lewis, Co D, 20th Me; Mason, Dill; Meserve, James H, Co E, 1st Cav; Alii ikon, Geo. CO B, 17th Me; McCann. Chas. Co F, 16th Me; AIcKenney, Orrin, Co F,5th Me; Mc Atasters, John, C> C, 9;h Me; M i phy, Edward, Co C, 7th Me; Newcomb, Abram, Co D, 1st Me: Noyes, Clarence W, Co B. s- Me Cav; Osgood, Geo H. Co E, 20th Me; Pettengill, Geo A, Co •. 17th Ale; Poor. Thomas H, Co D, 1st Me; Prince, Henry L, Co F, 7th & 1st Vet; Sawyer, W A, Mexican War; Sm 11, Wtn, Co E, 1st Cav; Sullivan, Tiraoibj, Co D. 30th Me; Skillings, Franklin, Co A, 17th Me; Tenbrock, Dr. Surgem; Trask, Charles, Co E, 11 Me; Waterhouse, Edward H. Frits.—The alarm of fire yesterday morning at about 11 o’clock was caused uy the discovery of fire in the two aud a half story house No. 24 Cumberland street, owned aud occupied by Jas. Donough The upp-r stories were occupied by Simon Connelly aud John McCue. The furni ture in the whole bouse was nearly all saved. The firemen were on the spot promptly, but owing to a delay in getting water the fire got a good headway before it was subdued. The up per part of the building was .destroyed by the, aud the lower part was flooded with water. It was valued at $2.500, aud was insured for $1500 at the agency of J. H. Webster. Bnninm and tlie Orphans. P. T. Barnum cordially invites the inmates of the various orphan asylums in the city to at tend the morning exhibition to-day. Frco ad mission will be given to all such attending in a body, accompanied by their teachers. The morning entertainment is comparatively free from a crowd, and the orphans will have ample opportunity to view the wonoers of the vast musueni, and to profit by a study of the rare zoological collection to be seen in the menagerie Accepl«v». Portland, May 27, 1873. To the Secretary of the Dirigo B. B Club.— Dear Sir: To your challenge wh ch appeared in the Press May 2<ith, we reply that we will play y. u as stated in the challenge on Saturday, June 7th, on the Horse Car Grounds, Deeriug, the game to te called at3o’clock p. m., prompt. Per Order, Captain Resolute Nine. ffllRCELLtlVEOliS 9IUTIEE8. Maher & Co., o the post office, have a splendid assortment of summer styles ot hats, which they are selling at a small profit. my2S-5t Grand Army Caps at E. A. Burnell’s, 245 Middle street. . my28-36 F. W. Nichols has opened a Hair Dressing Saloon under Perry’s Hotel, Federal Street, tf Ladies!—All who are in search of fine Mil linery at low prices should visit W. L. Snell’s, 337 Congress Street, where are Hats and Bon nets, trimmed and uutrimmed! Also arare as sortment of rich Flowers and materials of all kinds, which have been purchased so that they can and will be sold at very low prices. Just price these Goods before purchasing. The Wonderful Fays.—The Fays, with tlieir wonderful and inexplicable phenomena, are having a full attendance every evening at the ante-room of Army & Navy Hall. The wonders given in their seances are simply im mense. Little Mrs. Fay takes her audience by storm in the ring phenomena, and the feats by the Professor are marvelous in the extreme. Commence at 8 o’clock. Buggy Umbrellas, in light and dark color?, atE. A. Burnell’s, 245 Middle street. my28-3t The Medicine which will assist Digestion ami purify tlie blood is Old Dr. Good!) ice's Bitters, and by always keeping them in the louse, jou have a iem«dy which you may rely upon m confidence. Sold by dealers in medi cines generally. ^ niay27-d&! rlt For Street Dress a nicely-fitting Bo ot is an absoluto necessity for every lady T E Moseley Sr. Co., 293 Washington street, listen' not only make to order the finest styles, br t of fer the choicest imported novelties at low rtites The finest stock of Clotbiug is at Burleigh’s, 89 Middle street. Aster, Amaranth. Balsam, Stocks and Zin nia Plants for sale by Kendall & Whituoy. may27-3t Dr. Uhann at Preble House Tuesdays and Wednesdays of each week. His cures are won derful. iuay2G-d&wtf Burleigh, 39 Middle street, sells more cloth ing than any other party in Maine. Victor, Gen. Grant, Boston Market, Tilden anti Orangefield Tomato Plants, for gale by Kendall & Whitney. m,ay27-3t W. C. Beckett, 137 Middle stre et has .just returned from Boston with another 1< >t of fancy coatings and pantaloon goods, whi ch will do you good to look at, and more good if you pur chase them. • may23-3w Fob Loss of Appetite, Dyspepsia, Indiges tion, Depression of Spirits and General Debili ty, in various other forms, Fekbo-Phospiioua ted Elixir of Calisava made by Caswell, Hazard & Co., New York, and sol. by all druggists, is the best tonic. As a stimulant a . * a• ri>pnvcriiiff from fever or otli tonic for patients recovenu*, cr sickness, it has no equal. If taken during the season it prevents fever and ague and other intermittent fevers._ niay21-4wt Steel Knives and every description of Table Ware Plated, or Replated in the very best man ner at short notice and at a reasonable price, at Atwood’s New Rooms, 27 Market Square. __ feb25-eodtf Cough-worn victims whose lungs are rack ed and torn wilh paroxysms that threateu to choke you, all that you havo to do is to take Hale's Honey of Horehonnd and Tar. A rapid cure is certain. Sold by all Druggists.. Pike’s Toothache Drops cure in 1 minute. may23-eodlw&wlt Twenty-five cents will buy a pair of fami ly Ice Tongs at Kendall & Whitney’s. may27-3t Twenty five thousand dollars worth of Gents’ Furnishihg Goods very cheap. Whole sale and retail. J. Burleigh, 8!1 Middle street. Lothbop, Devens & Co. have the new China board shades They are a great improvement on the old style rustic shades. Call and see them. No. Cl Exchange street. maylfltf Vases and Bouquet Holders for Cemeteries and Public Gardens. Send for price list. Nutter Bros. & Co., 29 Market Square, Tort lend. _ may9-tf The largest stock of Clothing n Portland is at Burleigh’s, 89 Middle street. Now is the time to have your window screens made. Lothrop, Devens & Co. have received a large quantity of German linpn and cotton gauze, green wire, &c. No. 61 Exchange St. mayl7tf If you want a good Refrigerator, call at Nutter Bros. & Co.,29 Market Sunnro. raay9-tf BY TELEGRAPH. MATTERS IN MAINE. [Special to Press.] Annual meeting of the Cirauil Temple of Honor. Hallowell, May 27.—The seventh annual session of ihe Grand Temple of Maine was held in this city to-day, G W. T. George S. Watson of Biddeford, in the chair. The reports of the G W. T., and G. W. R., represent the order iu this State to be in a very prosperous and flourishing condition, the membership having increased more then 25 per cent, during the past year, and all the Temples in the State being in a heathy, vigorous coudi tion. Ono new Temple, Aurora No. 2, at Au- ) burn, has been instituted. The reports of the financial officers show the Grand Temple to be on a sound financial basis. After the transaction of a large amount of business the following officers were elected for the ensuing year, viz: William T. Small of Portland, G. W. T. J. J. Jones of Hallowell, G. W. V. T. E. H. Cass of Bangor, G. W. R. James Mulligan of Damariscotta, G. W. Tr. M. L. Stevens of Portland, G. W. Chap. B. Z. Winslow of Damariscotta, G. W. M. J. F. Ellis of Oldtown, G. W. G. And these officers were duly installed by P. G. W T. Franklin Whittier of Baugor, assist ed by Dep. G. W. M., Loring Lombard of Port land. The following representatives to the Supreme Council were elected, viz: Franklin Whittier of Bangor, M. L Stevens, S. R. Small and Wm. T. Small of Portland. The following delegates were chosen to at tend the National Temperance Convention to be holden at Saratoga Springs: W. T. Small of Portland, E. H. Cass of Bangor, M. L. Stev ens of Portland, Frauklin Whittier of Bangor, S. R. Small of Portland, James Mulligan of Damariscotta, C. H. Clarey of Hallowell. M. L. Stevens and S. R. Small of Portland, and E. H. Cass of Bangor, were chosen a com mittee to prepare a circular for general distri bution urging the claims of the Temple Order upon the peop.e of the State. It was voted to hold the next annual session of the Grand Temple at Baugor, time to be fixed by the Grand Officers. The Grand temple finished its session and adjourned at six o’clock after a very pleasant and harmonious meeting. Eight Temples were represented by 56 representatives. In the evening the members of the Grand Temple met with Union Temple No. 3; after an initiation service, remarks were made by Bros. F. Whittier. W. B. Bourne, W. T. Small, J. H. Kimall. Ihe members of tlio Grand Temble are under obligations to Union Temple of this city for the use of their hall and the generous hospitality with which they entertained them. [To Associated Press.] Competition for the West Point Cadet ship. Saco, May 27.—The examination for the ap pointment of a cadet from the First Distrirt, took place here to-day. The Examination Committee were A. A. Stiont of Portland, Dr. Jewett of South Ber wick, and B. F. Hamilton of Biddeford. There were sixteen applicants. T. Merrill, H. A. Merrill, A. C. Paiue, Charles Burleigh, W. H. Loouey, A. F. Palmer, F. A. Forsaith, Port, land; H. Sturdivant, Cumberland; Charles S. Dennett, O. S. Mclntire, G. K. Kicker, Bidde ford; F. E. Hobbs, North BerwickjC. S. Hobbs, Wells; H. A. Small, East Limiugton;E. S. Dyei, Powua'; R. R. Boston, Hiram. The fol lowing were excluded on account of physical disqualifications: O. S. Mclntire, Chas. Hobbs, N. A Merrill, T. Merrill, A. C. Paine, H. A. Small, Chas. Burleigh, F. E. Forsaith, R. E. Bostou. Launching. Bath, May 27.—Launched to-day by C. B. Harrington, a fine steamer of GO tons, named Starry Banner. She is owned by Thomas Tay lor of Augusta, and is intended to Ire used in Bostou harbor for pleasure parties, &c. Fire. Augusta, May 27.—The dwelling house owned and occupied by Col. John A Pettiugill at Pottingili’s Corner, was discovere i to lie on fire about three o’clock this afternoon. Owing to the promptness of the fire department the fire was confined to the roof. Loss by fire and water about S1000; insured Supreme Judicial Court for the middle District. Augusta, May 27.—The annual Law Term of the Supreme Judicial Court for the Middle District commenced to-day. This district em braces the counties of Somerset, Knox, Lin coln, Sagadahoc and Kennebec. The Court consists of Chief Justice Appleton aud Asso ciate Justices Cutting, Dickerson, Danforth, Virgin and Prters. The Somerset docket was entered upon after dinner and that county will be disposed off to-morrow. NEW HAMPSHIRE. A I.irely Railroad Meeting. Concord, May 27.—The annual meeting ■of the stockholders of the Concord railroad was called to order in Phcenix Hall at 11.35, Hon. Edmund Burke of Newport, presented a paper for the consideration of the meeting before pro I ceeding to tbe election of officers. The paper was a protest against allowing certain individ uals to vote, claiming that tney are agents or trustees of other railroad corporations. The parties named were W. A. Tower of Boston, Onslow Stearns of Concord, John E. Lvons of Bostoo, James \V. Johnson of Enfield, Ed ward I. Giddings of BostoD, Ellsworth Torrey of Boston, and a member of the firm of Tower & Torrey of Boston, Johu A. Spanldiug of Nashua. Frederic A. Smytbe of Mauchester, Joseph Minot of Concord, Minot & Co., of Boston, Anson S. Marshall of Concord and Wm. \V. Storrs of Co icord. The protest was signed liy J. H. Pearson, Edmund Burke, Asa Fowler, Charles C. Pearson, E. S. Nutter, Samuel B. Page, James R. Hill, E. L. Knowl ton and S. S. Page. After some excited discussion the paper was placed on file. Following this was a resolution offered by Edmund Burke requiring tbe persons against whom the protest was entered to make oath wheu they voted upon the stock they held. This was also placed on file. A committee of five to receive, assort and the oh!1'® volea for directors was appointed by disinsS'r’ and during the collection of votes a road ,n!i'!UrOS,; in r,‘gard to the affairs of the directors Ti!'of tlle candidates presented for ter and oersTm i8pfcches were of *“e luost k'1* erable sensation to th*.Cter aPd crcated col,9id' u^SSProtest were called TdTer^r thC After a recess of half an hn„. .. was called to order and ™'S.„tl,» meeting cd to the effect that the directors of* °,?el‘ cord railroad be authorized to leawthlw V°n’ Acton & Boston railroad, or such oort?^8 ma’ may be deemed expedient, subject to n !! “u vote of the coriwratiou. The matter was cussed at length and indefinitely DostDOnoU U1S Hon. Edmuud Burke of Newport; after preamble reciting the attempts of the North ern railroad to secure a lease of the Concord railroad three years ago, and the recent pur chase of stock by Gov. Stearns and others, and that such purchase could uot be made for in vestment merely, offered-a resolution denounc ing the appropriation of the earniugs of the Concord railroad to other corporations and the general consolidatioii* of railroads in New Hampshire. A resolution was then offered as a substitute that tli * Board of Directors elected to- day he instructed to make no arrangements with other railroads relative to what is Known by the pub lic as cousol daticn. This was discussod at length and a motion to lay the whole matter on the table was passed. The committee to receive and count the votes for directors reported the whole number cast 23,103. The consolidation ticket, consisting of William A. Tower, John E. Lyon, Onslow Stearns, James W. Johnson, Frederick Smyth Joseph B. Pitraau, John A Spaulding, was elected, receiving about 15,500 votes. MASSACHUSETTS. THE ANNIVERSARIES. Woman's Buflrage Association. Boston, May 27.—The New England Woman Suffrage Association first meeting to-day was poorly attended, but the afternoon’s session compensated for the morning’s lack in numbers. Julia Ward Howe presided, and several speeches were made, the only real antagonistic one being that of S. S. Foster, berating the Republicans, who were declared unworthy of support, iu a resolution submitted by him. The formation of a suffrage club was resolv ed upon and surprise was expressed that the leading colleges all persisted iu depriving wo men of their rights in the face of a growing public sentiment. Unitariau Association. The 48th anniversary of the American Uni tarian Association in Music Hall, this evening, Rev. Dr. H W. Bellows presiding. Addresses by Rev. John F W.* Ware of Boston, Rev. Carleton A. Staples of Providence. Rev. Eli Fav of Taunton, Rev. JohuC. Kimball of New port, and others. NEW YORK. Burglar Captured. New York, Slay 27.—Jim Brady, a notorious burglar, was arr.sted to-day He jumped out of a second story window at 43 Sixth avenue, whci’e be had been attempting to negotiate what are supposed to be stoleu bunds. Five shots were fired after him, and John Benson, resident of Sixth avenue, was b:t in the leg. Jim ran into the basement of 30 Leroy street and was there captured. He has once escaped from States Prison. A gentleman who occu pies 30 Leroy street picked up 820,000 iu United States bonus, which Brady threw away while passing through the basement, and banded them to the officers. The Strike. There is no general strike among carpenters. The numberlof men who hitherto have worked teu hours a day have been allowed by the boss es to fall iuto tbe eight hour system; but seve ral of the bosses absolutely refuse to yield to the demands of the men. Asked lo Retire Tlie new Commissioners of Emigration have requested the resignations of Bernard Casserly, Superintendent of Castle Garden, and N. Hart Jackson, Treasurer of the Board. The latter bas complied, and it is reported that his suc cessor is a custom house employee. The first named office is said to have been promised to E. D. Webster. Botvlcs Brothers. Judge Gaucher lias refused an application for ail order compelling he New York receiver in the case of Bowles Brothers to turn over all the property in his hands to the assignee in bank ruptcy appointed in Connecticut, notwithstand ing the attachments puton to the property here at the instance of Messrs. Miller and Hurd, creditors of the firm. Singular Revelation. The Tribune will publish to-morrow au alleg ed singular revclat on concerning East River bridge. It says it has obtained transcript of transfer book of the company, from which it appears that William C. Kingsley has trans ferred 100 shares toother parties; that only four of these transfers are genuine, and these were made as gifts to Benjamin F. Tracy, Win. E. Fowler, Hassan H. Wheeler and Cortland Dixon, all of whom are connected with the Brooklyn ring. The first two of these are stat ted to be at Albany in the interest of the bill, relieving Kingsley and liis partners from the payment of any more money. The Carpenters’ Strike. Tlie boss carpenters met to-night but failed to agree on auy concerted action. It was re ported at the meeting that three of the princi pal employers had yielded to the demands of the men for eight hours per day. Various Batters Base ball—Baltimores 7, Mutuals 6. The Mayor, Comptroller and Council of this city have sen a request to the Legislature for the passage of hills empowering the imposition and collection of taxes, as the new city charter as lately passed virtually repeals such powers. It is stated that $s,000,000 of the called 5-20 bonds received at the Treasury at Washington to-day. Pattie, the stake-holder in the recent prize fight between Chambers and Seddons, is dying from some disease contracted in Bostun a week ago. Local Option* Albany, May 27 —The local option bill was defeated in the Assembly. The New York Industrial Exhibition bill was killed in the Senate to-night. WASHINGTON. The Mexicans Find >o Fault With Mc Kenzie. Washington, May 27—Secretary Belknap received the following telegram to-day: Chicago, May 27. To the Secretary of War : Gen. Augur telegraphs that the Mexicans on the border are well pleased with the punish ment given the Kicltapoos by McKenzie. The remainder of the Kickapoos threaten retaliation but we are ready for them if they come. (Signed) P. H. Sheridan, Lieut. General. Treasury JBnlanecs. The following are the Treasury balances to day: Currency $4,428,814: special deposits of le gal tenders for redemption of certificates of de posit $29,095,000; coin $74,537,251; including $20,569,200 iu coin certificates; legal tenders outstanding $356,539,800. Bank Statement Called For. The Comntrollerof the Currency has called upon the national bankers for a statement of their condition at the close of business ou the 25lh of April last. Exploration of the Yellowstone Hirer. Chicago, May 27.—Major Forsyth of Gen. Sheridau’s staff, has just returned from a trip up the Yellowstone, and reports complete suc cess in establishing the fact of the navigability of that stream from its mouth to Powder Riv er The steamboat Key West, drawing twenty six inch's, with an escort and crew of 460 men, passed over the first thirty-five miles, finding ample deotli of water iu the channel till she reached Stanley’s shoals, where there was only twenty inches of water. The shoal, however, was only about forty feet in width, and by us ing proper appliances, the steamer worked through She found difficulty in passing over the rapids and stopped at Key West Falls, twenty-one and a half iniies from Powder river. These falls are the most difficult of any, but by the removal of two small rocks with about six square feet of surface and about thirty inches thick, which are iu the middle of the channel of the river, it will be navigable six.y to eighty miles further. Upon the crest of all the rapids the water was four and a half to eight feet deep. The distance ascended was two hundred and thirty-five miles, and the lime from Fort Buford to Powder river six aud a halt days. The descent was made in five days. The Yellowstone is full of small islands, is well wooded along the banks and the bottom is gen erally gravel, consequently the banks don’t wash away as on tue upper Mississippi. The valley is from six to twelve miles wide and much of the soil is susceptible of cultivation. Movement by the Colored Supporters of the Kellogg Goversmc t. New York, May 27 —A New Orleans spec ial says the colored supporters of the Kellogg fovernment held a large meeting at Mechanics’ nstitute Monday, for the purpose of arranging for abetter presentation of their cause to he people of the whole country. Lieutenant-Gov ernor Antoine presided and Governor Kellogg and several of his prominent State officials were on the platform. Speeches were made by the leading colored orators of the State. Reso lutions were adopted asserting that Kellogg was legally elected and that his supporters were shamelessly abused and deprived of their rights last fall, also providing tor the appoint ment ef a committee, whose duty it shall be to send north some of their ablest colored orators, aud organize in eveiy parish of the State a com mittee for the collection of evidence and the se lection of witnesses, and to do everything that is necessary ro remove misapprehension in the north of the State of affairs in Louisiana, and to present Kellogg’s case in the strongest light before Congress next December. Indian Affair*. San Francisco, May 27.—Company A first cavalry, which was sent from Prescott by Gen. Crook on tile first of April to co-operate with the troops engaged ugaiust the Apache and Majave Indians, found a band of savages at the head of Date Creek on the 6th, and fought them. In the action five Indians were killed aud all their provision and blankets captured. Immediately after the fight the command re ceived orders from Gen. Schofield to proceed to the Modoc country. The latest reports from Arizona indicate tbit there will be danger of another Indian war should the first cavalry bo withdrawn from that territory. Four thousand Indians have assembled at New Westminister from all points of British Columbia, under the pretext of holdiug a coun cil. Dr. Howell, the superintendent of Indian affairs in that region will meet the Indians to morrow to hear tbeir grievances. Lnnd CSranl Forfeited—Silver Mine. Milwaukee, Wis., May 27.—Gov. Wash bnrne has formally proclaimed a forfeiture by the M lwaukce & St. Paul R. R. Co., of the St. Croix laud grant which is now open to auy Co. willing to subscribe to the conditions of the act grantiug the land for railroad purposes. A valuable silver mine is reported within 100 miles of this city in the western part of Wash ington County, covering a large area. The Indian Heart at Spruce Mountain. Virginia City, Nev., May 27.—Despatches fiom Humbold, Wells & Co., report that the recent Indian scare at Spiuce Mountain was groundless. The violent Indian demonstrations

were caused by whiskey. The orders to leave or he killed were fabrications. The Indians have returned from the Deep Creek Council to their settlements aud resumed their usual avo caaous. All is quiet ogain. Persecution of Chinamcu. San Francisco, May 27.—The bodies of three Chinamen who died from small pox were found to day concealed in pump boxes of steamer Lord .;f the Isles, lying at tne dock. The ves ses will be quarantined at once, but the passen gers all landed yesterday. The Chinamen say one of the countrymen, ill from small pox on the voyage was thrown overboard by them. Local opposition to Chinese immigration is taking definite shape. The Supervisors will pass an ordinance that all Chinamen sentenced to the county jail shall be deprived cf their pig tails levying a tax of $15 a quarter on Chinese laundrymeu, and prohibiting the removal of dead bodies to China. The representatives of the six Chinese com panies have telegraphed to Hong Ivoug advis ing Chinamen to stop coming to California. Sensational reports are published about lep rosy, as if it was a new thing here. The cases are all old ones, the disease having existed in this city 13 or 11 years. It&oruioudoui. Salt Lake, May 26.—At a meeting of dis charged soldiers to-night instruction was given to the geueral committee to return all moneys contributed to defray the expenses of Decora f° ^,e donors. This action was caus ed by the solicitors of funds from Brigham Youug, Elder Wells and other Mormon lead ers. A local newspaper says that Speaker Blaine sat1,1 Brigham Young’s private box at the thea tre. This is not true. Blaine did Lot call on Brigliam at all, nor did he. like most public tneu who visit here, permit the Mormons to pay his bills. Brigham met Mr. Blaine on the cars, and in conversation the Speaker talked very plainly to the prophet concerning the political status of this territory. The Hew Kailwaj Company. Trenton, May 27.—The stockholders of the United States Railroad Companies of New Jersey to-day elected the following Directors:— John J. Astors, Wm. G. Cook, A.-T. Dennis, Bcuj. Fish, Hamilton Fish, Cambridge, Liv ingston, Nehemiah Perry, Isaac W. Seudder, John G Stevens, Robert N. Stockton, Askbel Welsh, Samuel Welsh. Central Vermont Railroad. St. Albans, Vt., May 27.—At a meeting of the directors of the Central Vermont railroad company this afternoon, Hon. John Gregory Smith was elected President and Hon. Worth ington C. Smith Vice President. . The election of the other officers was postponed. The Suit against thv. Union Pacific. Hartford, May 27.—The bill in equity in the Credit Mohilier suit was filed in the United States Court in this city to-day by J. Hubley Ashton, the agent for the government. Imprisonment of an Aldcrmau. Philadelphia, May 27.—.John B. Gallagher, an Alderman, was to-day convicted of extor tiou of illegal fees. He was fined 8100 and sentenced to imprisonment for nine months. UEIfilOKOLOGICAL. PROBABILITIES FOR THE NEXT TWENTY-FOUR HOURS. War Dep’t, Office Chief SiWal ) Officer, Washington. D. C., J May 27. <8 P. M.)> For New Fnslaud and the Middle States,southeasterly and south westerly winds, tailing barometer, high tem perature, increasing clou ly weather and occa sional rain; for Tennessee and the Western Gulf States, south westerly aud north-westerly winds, increasing pressure and partly cloudy weather with occasional rain in the latter; for the Eastern Gulf and South Atlantic States, south west winds, warm and partly cloudy weather; for Canada and the lower lake region, south-westerh wi ds, warm cloudy weather and rain; for the upper lakes and North West, and thence to Missouri and Kentucky, south westerly to north-westerly wiuds, rising barom eter, cooler, clearer weather, with occasional rain. F o KE1G JN. French Affairs. London, May 27.—A despatch from Paris to the Times says that the new French govern ment has resolved to adopt a free tiade policy and also to reduce the military expeditures. It is stated that ex-President Thiers will resume his literary labors. The News has a despatch from Berlin conveying the idea that it is the prevalent opinion ill the German capital that McMahon will prove the counter part of Gen Monck, the restorer of the house of Stuirtto the English throne, and that his election her alds a legitimate restoration in France. Tom Ilughc. Lectures in Parliament. London, May 27—luthe House of Com mons to-day the usual motion was offered to atljourn over the 5th of June, Derby Day. Thomas Hughes protested against the prac tice and denounced as a public humiliation, such action of Parliament in defence to what was called the national sport. He believed the example was injurious in the highest degree to public morals. He hoped the government would extend the operation of the betting housesaetto Scotland, where English sports men were still abl“ to evaie the law The English papers were filled with betting adver tisements, purporting toeminato from Scot land. The police there were powerless against . this gross scandal which was daily increasing because the local law sanctioned it. After further debate; in tuc course of which the gov ernment promised to extend the aet to Scot land, the motion to adjourn on the 5th prox. was carried. Spanish Affairs. Madrid, May 27.—Captain General Pieltain has lift'll officially notified to carry into effect the order of 51 ireh 24th, directing the emanci pation of 10,000 slaves. The council of ministers has been postponed in consideration of the electoral law for Cuba. There is reason to believe that the govern ment has resolved on measures which will con siderably reduce the interest, on the public debt. The Pope on the French Crisis. Komk, May 27. The Pope in a special yes terday, declared he had ever prayed tor France, but he would now with greater confidence; for the election of McMahon to the head of that country was a guarantee of order and justice to civilization which was menaced on all sides. The Chamber of Deputies has finally passed the bill for the abolition of religious co-opera tions. The Atlantic Wreck. Halifax, IN. b., Alay 27.—ibree bodies, two males and one female, were recovered from the Atlantic wreck on Wednesday On Thursday a body was seen wedged among tha debris of the wreck, supposed to be that of Air. Fisher of Vermont. An effort will be made to recover it. The schooner Annie Brown, chartered by the New York Wrecking Company to carry a cargo of goods from the wreck, was seized bv order of the Vice Admiralty Court at a suit of Edward Ryan, James Conleu and others of Prospect, who claim §8000 as compensation for saving life and property at the time of the wreck. Toe wreckers from the hull of the Atlantic report that a large quantity of the cargo is still in the vessel, and the sides of the vessel having fallen in on the cargo makes its rescue very difficult. The blowing out of the sides of the vessel by powder mangled many bodies be yond all possibe recognition, and tile divers say that heads, arms, legs anu feet are strewn on the bottom in all di ectious. The bodies found require the most careful hanilliugor they will drop in pieces. The portion of the cargo res cued and sold at Halifax brings good ..prices. A Village Burned— Freshets. Quebec, Alay 27.—Ainu .real parties who have just returned from the eastern townships report that Saturday night a tire broke out in a hotel at Bedford and a large portion of the village was soon in ruins. Among the build ing? destroyed are the town hall, three hotels and the leading stores. The heavy rains in this vicinity have so swollen the lumber rivers that about five mil lion feet of lumber have gone adrift. Success of (he Canadian Bailwar Long. Montreal, Alay 27.—It :s stated without doubt, that Sir Hugh Allan and his colleagu js have succeeded in making arrangements in Lon don for the immediate supply of a large portion of the capital required for the building of the Canadian Pacific Railway The remainder will be furnished as the work proceeds. MINOR TELEGItim During an altercation on a train Sunday, near Manchester, Ky., Jack Bradford shot John Pearson, then cut his bead nearly off and threw the body off the train. Bradford was arrested. ISoth-were negroes. The Indiana Agricultural Congress meets at Indianopolis to-day. Nearly all the States and territories are represented. It is expected lhat the subject of trausporiation will be the main topic of deliberation. Six persons were burned to death in a fire in London Tuesday morning. The coal miners at Pottsville have held indig nation meetings on account of the action of the companies in compelling the employees to work additional hours a day. They decline to strike at present, believing that it was the policy of the companies to cause a strike in order to re duce the amount of coal on hand. They say they will abide their time and strike when the companies will be compelled to accede to their demands. The decision of tho Court of Appeals in the Stokes case will not be rendered for several days. The Rhode Island Legislature organized at Newport Tuesdav. Walter B. Vincent was elect ed Clerk of the Senate. Edwin Metcalf was chosen Speaker of the House, and J. A. Sea mens and Charles F. Ballou Clerks. The bill incorporating the N ew England Rail road Company has passed both houses of the Connecticut Legislature. Two women were killed by lighting Sunday at Ossawatme, Kan. The new railruad bridge over the Missouri river at St. Joseph will be formally opened to travel on the 30tli inst. The Rhode Island Assembly elected General Van Zandt Lieutenant Governor, there beiu1* no choice by the people. He received 70 of % votes. The Courier building in Hannibal, Mo was damaged 5525,000 by fire TueS(iav la> was The Bank of Englaud forger! William Bid well, arrived in London from Cuba yesterday. Joseph Chase and T. F. Poole were drowned by the upsetting of a boat in the Connecticut river, near Guildhm, N. H. Ex President Thiers took his seat in the As sembly yesterday. Paris correspondents of the German press assert that the movement for the removal of Thiers was organized in Rome and Florence. The funeral of Lieut. Harris, killed in otic of the Modoc fights, will take place iu 1 hiladel phia Tuesday. . The Prince Edwards Island Legislature Mon day accepted the terms of uniou. The Presbyterian Assembly, in session at Baltimore, finished its business Tuesday night. FINANCIAL AND COJ1J1 ERt’IAL, Receipts by Railroad* anil Nlenuibnota. Grand Trunk Railway— 6 cars sundries, 2do ehooks, 2 do potatoes, 2 do laths, 9 do for Bangor, 1 for o"f’Uam”ail,r,42 dn'T 3 do w00<i. 4 do NB. ’ 42 do ‘“®ber, 14 do for St John, Steamer Chesapeake . .. bl» rags,17 Rachs liulr.j bales Vf>BK.—2G3 •beep skins, 1 d. antimony, 495 h,',' h'is “"gar.5 casks gar. 10 do mercbandis.', si half ® !lr'150 do 8“ eottee, 9 bdls p.i|*r, 8 baleB pape *3 b8K8 2 keg do, 1 case clocks, 1 do mirw “f Paint, hardware, 1 machine, 50 pkgs sundries. BaW8>lj do Forrun Kxi«ori». ST. JOHN, NB. Sclir Alice T—900 bbls flour, 200 ,l0SchrI5 B- Beard—900 bids flour, 2150 galls spirits. HALIFAX.NS. Steamer Falmouth—1400 bblsflour, 15uo galls spirit8, 500 lbs eliecso, 4100 do tobacco, lot mdse. Forrian Import*. ST. ANDREWS. NB. Schr Sarah Glass-2053 rail road sleepers to J S Huberts. Coition Stock Liiat. rSales at the Broker’s Board. May 27.1 Bates Manufacturing Co.1054 Eastern Railroad. ..T.105$ New York Mioek and .floury Market. Yokk. May 27— Mamma.— Gold 118. Money at 6 per cent. Sterling Exchange 108J @ 100J. Stocks dull aud steady. State stocks dull. .mcw Yokk. May 27—Evtnma.—The recent dull ness in Wall street was succeeded to-day by activity in some departments, there being an increased de mand fur money at har cr rates and a remarkable downward movement in Union Pacitic shares and bonds and Pacific Mail stuck. The fall in former se curities was occasioned by heavy sales under the pub lication of bill in equity by the United States against the compauy, while the decline in Pacific Mail was caused by unfavorable rumors relative to i.s affairs, including 1 he statements that the Howe mortgages were to --e con ested and that the company was actu ally indebted to its president instead of the reverse. Contlicting reports prevailed as to the probable re sult «*f tlie elec 1 ion ot directors to-morrow. Late iu the afternoon the following names were stated as the compromise ticket: A. B. Stockwell, P. W. Park, Rufus Hatch, J. D. Smith, J. M. Burke. C. J. Osl>orne, Cant. I radbnry, Russell Sage, F. »v. Bellows and G. S. Scott. A» a matter of fact it may be stated that the an nu .1 report to be su unitted tomorrow will show a vastly better condition of affairs than was generally anticipated. Money was easy during the morning at G @ 7 per cent., and more aeiive in the afternoon at sharp 7 |»er c nt. Sterling Exchange heavy at 1084 @ 1084 hr <>U «lays and 1094 @ lUdg tor s glit. Gold declined in the morning from 1184 (a) 117$ on the rumor that the ‘•bulls” were selling large amounts, but was firmer in the afternoon.1 bine to 118$ and closing at : lSg; bans from 5 per cent, to fiat with indications of a large short iwteres Importers, however, are believed to have secured time loans sufficient to liol 1 over any sudden squeeze. The clearances were 80,000,000.— Tre snry disbursem nts $98,800 000. Customs receipts $204,400. -Exports of domes ic produce for the week f525,000. Governments dull but strong. State bonds quiet. Stock Sfieculuti >11 . ore active with very iarge dealings in Union Pacific and Pacific Mail. The de cline in the former was fallowed by sharp bie^ks in the latter under which there was a general fa 1 of 4 'a1 } per cent, with a heavy unsettled feeling till near rhe close. Union Pacific was sold down irom 304 @ 254, recovering l per cent, in the final dealings. There was a corresponding decline its bonds. Pacfic Mail was forced down from 45$ @ 414. but finally recovered 1 per cent. General suspension Qf business on Fri day which is a le.’al holiday. l*he loiluwing were tlie quotations of Government securities: United Stales coupon 6’s, 1S81.122| United States 5-20’s 1S62. 1164 United States 5-20's 1864.1166 United States 5-2u’s 1865, old.. ..1184 United States 5-20’s 1865, new. 119 United States 5-2<‘’s 1S67.121? United States 5-20’s If68 . 120$ United States 5*». new.116 (Jolted States 10-40’s.,coupons. ... .1!4| Currency O’* . ijju Stocks•r°:'°Wln8 WCre 1110 cloB'l,2 Quotations 1 Western Union Telegraph Co. Y. Centra’and Hudson River consolidated. . . .100* Erie. 63| Erie prefer red...*4$ Union Pacific stock. 264 The following were the Quotations for Pacific lUiJ road securities: Central Pacific bonds.1C3J Union Pacitic do. 85| Union Pacific land grants.71 Union Pacific income bonds. 61 Doaaarwtir iflarkrtM. Watertown,May 28.—Cattle Market.—Receipts of beef Cattle H72 head; prices were well sustained; sales of choice at It) 00 @ 10 50; extra 9 50 fa) 9 75; first quality 8 00 @9 00; second quality Guo fa 7 50; third qualify 5 00 @5 50. Sheep and Lambs—603 head; market inactive; sales in lots wool sheep 3 0C fa) 4 50; entra 5 00 @ 8 00. Spring Lambs 9 @ 12 00 per head. Vfcal Calves 3 0o @ 10 00. New York. May 27—Evening—Cotton dull and in buyer’s favor; sales 962 bales; Middling uplands at 19$c. Flour lower; State 5 80 @ 8 30; Round lioop Ohio 6 90 fa) 10 25; Western 5 75 @ 10 50; Southern at 6 35 fa 11 50. Wheat quiet and unchanged; sales 96, 000 bu-h • No 1 Spring l 68 @ 1 70; No 2 Spring 1 58 fa 1 65; No 3 Spring l 50 @ l 55; Nos 2 and 3 Mixed 157; Winter bed Western 1 80 @ 1 93; White Michigan 2 00 fa 2 25. Corn scarce and a shade firmer; ne v Mixed Western 62$ @ 63c; old 67c. Oats quiet and st eadv; sales 32,000 hush; new Western Mixed at 51@52$c; White Western 57 @ 58$. Beef steady. Pork itf quiet and firmer; new mes* 16 75 @ 17 00. Laro is quiet and steady at 0 5-'6 fa 9$c. Butter quiet and steady; Ohio 18 fa> 24c; new State 2< @ 31. Whiskey lower ut 94c. Rice steuly; Carolina at 7} fa K$c Sugar dull and heavy; Porto Rico 8$e; refining } % 8c. Coftee is quiet and very firm; Rio at 17} ^ 19}c in Gold.— Molasses quiet and unchanged; New Orleans 67 @ 80c. Naval Stores— Spirits Turpentine steady at 47 @47c; Ro«ln is firmer and active at 3 10 @3 20 for strained Petroleum is firmer; crude 9}c; refined at 20c. Tallow is steady at 8$ @ 9c. Freights to Liverpool firm; Grain, per steam, at 8} @ 9$d. Chicago, May 27.—Flour quiet and unchanged.— Wheat in fair demand and higher; No 1 Spring at 1 37; No 2 Spring at 1 29$ on spot; 1 27 j seller June; l 27$ seller July; No 3 Soring at 1 20; rejected 1 03. Com ad vanced and in fair demand: No 2 Mixed at 39c cash; 39} seller June; 42c seller July}; rejected 36} @ 37c. Oats in fair demand and higher; No 2 at 32$c cash or seller June; rejected 293 (a) 30c. Rye is dull and declining; No 2 at 684c. Barley dull and nominal exc-pt for sample*, which sells slowly. Provisi ms— Pork dull and a shade lower at 16 25 on spot or seller June; 16 50 @ 16 75 teller July. Lord is in fair de mand and lower at 8 60 ^ 8 70 on spot or seller June. Bulk Meats steady; shoulders at 6$ fa 6$c loose; short rih middles 8$c loose. Bacon is quiet and unchanged; shoulders 7$c; clear rib sides 94c; clear sides 9}. Su gar cured hams sold at 13 @ 11$. Whiskey is steady at 91c. Lake Freights in fair demand—Wheat to Buffalo C; Com 5. Receipts—12,000 bbls flour. 56,000 bush wheat. 30, 000 hush corn. 77,000 luisb oats, 1,000 bush rye, 1,000 bush barley, 00,000 hogs. Shipments—5.000 obis flour, 37,000 hush wheat, 54, oftO bush corn, 103.000 bush oats, 20,000 bush rye, ,000 bush barley, 0000 hogs. Cincinnati. May 27.—Provisions steady. Pork firm at 16 75 (S> 17 00. Lard firmer; offerings light; steam held atfc}ccash; 9c bid. Bulk Meats opened strong and closed steady; shoulders at 6} @ 6}e; clear rib sides a 8} (#8}c on spot; 9|c buyer Aug; clear si les at F} si} 9c. Bacon is steady: shoulders at 7$c; clear rib sides 9$c; clear si les 9$ @ 9$c. Whiskcv is steady at 00c. j.01 vi>o. May 27.—Flour is steady at 8 50 @ 9 00.— Wheal is dull and lower; No 2 White Wabash 179; No 3 do at 174; N»1 White Wii-ldann 175; Amber Michigan on sp >t \ 67$; seller July 1 624; No 2 Am ber Iliuois 1 73$; No l Red 1 72No 2' l 68; rejected lied 1 43. Corn a shade higher: high Mixed on spot, seller June and buyer May 46c4; seller Aug 49c; do for Sept at 5(»c; low Mixed 46c; damaged 36c. Oats are steady; No 2 on spot 40$c; seller June at40$c; la t half June at 41e. I^ake Freights firm—to Buffalo 3$ @ 4c; to Oswego 7 (tf 7$c. Receipts—1,600 bbls flour,13,000 hush wheat, 31,000 hush corn, 40,000 hush oais Shipments—3000 bbls flour,19,000 bush wheat,40,000 bush com, 0,000 bush oa’s. Detroit. May 27.—Wheat is quiet and unchanged; extra White 1 95; No 1 White 1 88; Amber Michigan at 1 70. Corn is steady at 48c. Oats dull and declin ing at 41c. Freights dull and unchanged; to Buffalo 4c; to Os wego 7. Receipts—2,000 bbls flour, 9,000 bus.) wheat, 8,000 bn^h com, 1000 bush oats. Shipments—1000 bbls flour, 7,000 bush wheat, 0,000 bush corn, 0,000 bush oats. Charleston. May 27.-Cotton quiet; Middling uplands —@ 18c. Savannah. May 27.-Cotton nominal; Middling uplands at I8§c. Mobile, May 2o —Cotton quiet; Middling uplands 17fc. New Orleans, May 27.—Cotton firm; Middling uplands 18 @ 18$c. Havana .Tlarket. Havana, May 26.—Sugar uniet and steady; No 12 d. s. 9} a) 20 rs. Exchauge quiet and weak; on U. S. 60 days currency 14$ & 15 prem. Ruropt'aa .Tlnrbeia. London, May 27—11.30 A. M.—Consols opened at 934 for money ami 93} for account. American seuiiritieit— U. S. 5-20** 1865, old, at 91} dr* 1867, 94; do 10-40*, 884: new 5sf 89J. Erie Rail way at 48}. London, May 27—5.00 P. M.—Consols closed un changed. American securities—U. S. 5-20s, 1867, 944. Erie 494. Frankfort, May 27.—United States 5-20s 1862, at 934. Those Baked Beans. THOSE BAKED BEAUS — WHICH — W. €. C OBB Is selling BY THE QUART, at his Bakery, NOS. 28 & 30 PEARL STREET, have bcon tested and pronounced GOOD I Now If you wish to try thorn, you can by sending in your order have them brought right from the oven to your door an' morning during the week. Or, if you say you want then, bahhath morning (as is the custom; Mr. Cobb will lnve a fresh lot ready which he will send you Saturday evening. Then by i lif ting them in your own ov> n you can And them there at breakfast time and save the unpleasant task of rising before you are ready and hurrying to the bak ery. P. N,-Tnkc some choice BBOW1* BREAD with them or not, ua von like. a i’i 5___ tf PORTLAND BAMD7 AS Military Baud and Orchestra, are in readiness to furnish music for all occasions required by applying to J. COLE, Leader and Secretary, No. 16 Brown sireet and at Band Headquarters, 194 Market Square. Also J. COLE’S Quadrille Band will furnish any number of pieces for Parties, Balls, Picnics, Thea tres, Ac., tSre. Apply as above._myl53w STOCK pffint of quality, style, linish an.' (It. bo don’t wrong yourself \>v sending your measure to New kork or Boaton when sou can obtain the very best boot* made, and always a sure fit, of m. G. PALMER. my 9 eodOw New Boarding House. THE Subscriber, having leased the new and com mndions li >use, recently erected by tieo. K. Da vis «& Co., up n the “Blanchard property,’’ 30} High St., takes pleasure in amioiinciug to tbe'publtc that he will about the Hist of April epen it for a flr.1. clnss tioarding house. Booms can be seen ami full particulars as to terms. &c., obtained, by calling at riie house from 10 A. M. to 12 M., ami from 2 until 5 P. M. apr3eodtf S. S. KNIGttT. Notice. 11HE annual meeting ef the Proprietors of MAINE WH AUK will oe held at the office of G. A. Thomas 4} Exchange stieet, on MONDAY, Julie 2d, at 3 o’clock P. M., tor the choice of officers anil the transaction of such other business us may legally come btfore them. GEORGE A. THOMAS, Clerk. Portland, May 20,1873. eoiltd ENTERTAINMENTS. Forest City Trotting Park. I °Pcn an,l rea ly far Season ticket holders. tickets admitting the holder to all races over the f*„ria,,u* for riding or driving fo** seas* n ol 1873 can a?,rlti.tjlinetl 01 Pi°priet'*rs or of K. Dana ir. mvSjSiy* 0r J F* Lil>by’8 Stable Congress St. ^f7dtf BAILEY & WILLIS Grand Floral Concert Satui day Evening, May 31, FOH THE benee.t OE MAINE GENERAL hospital — BY — 400 CHILDREN, under the direction of MR, W. L. FITCH. assisted by 191138 MAKY LEACH, Pianist. Admission 25 cents; with reserved scats 35 cents. All who have purchased tickets of the children and wish for n-served seat* can obtain the cf ecks for them (it ten cents extra) on and after Tuesday. May 27th, at Stock bridge’s. roy26did Grand Musical Event. The Haydn Association OF PORTLAND announce that they will give John K. Paine’s Great Master Worlt, ORATORIO ST. PETER ! (The first American Oratorio) with immense cast On Tuesday Evening, Jane 3d, — AT — CITY HALL, on which occasion they will be assisted by tho fol lowing icnowucd artists: Miss ADELAIDE PHILLIPPS, (The great American contralto,) Mrs. H. N. WETHERBEE, (Our own favorite Soprano,) Mr. GEO, L. OSGOOD, (Tho great American Tenor,) Mr. J. F. RUDOLPHSEN, (The celebrated German Basso,) and the Harvard Orchestra of Boston, (FORTY-ONE HE31 BERN.) Admission Tickets 75 cents, now for sale at the Music stores and at A. Lowell’s Jewelry store. Sale of Reserved St ats at *.5 cents extra, to com mence at Stockbridge's Monday, May 26tb, at D o’clock._mylOdtd Forest City TROTTING PARK! 1873 June Meeting 1873 COMHENCINK TUESDAY, June 10th and Continuing Five Days. $2500 IN PREMIUMS. First Day, Toes ay Jane flOth. No- 1. Purse $2 0 for horses that have never trot ted better than three minutes; $150 to first, $60 to se ond. $40 to third. No. 2. Purse $360 for horses that have never trotted better than 2:40; $175 to first, $75 to second, $50 to third. 8eeoud Day, Wednesday, Jane 11th No. 3. Purse $100 for horses that have never trotted better than 2:35. to be trotted under saddle; $6> to firs*, $30 to second,$10 to third. ' No. 4. Purse $250, free to all road wagons, wagon and driver to weigh 300 ibs: $150 to first; $75 to second, $25 to third. IbiM Day, Tfiuntilny June flilffa* No 5. Puree $250 for horses ihat have never trotted better than 2:50; $150 to first, $60 to second, $40 to third No. 0. Purse $300 for horses that have never trotted better than 2:37; $175 to first. $75 to second, $50 to third. Fsarth Day, Friday, Jane ISlb. No. 7. Purse $300 for horses that have never trotted better than 2:38. two miles and repeat in har ness; $175 to first, $75 to second, $50 to third. No. 8. Purse $100 f»r horses that ha'e never trotted better than 2:32; $250 to first $100 to secoud; $50 to third. Fifth Day, Umar lay. Jane 14th. SPECIAL PREMIUMS. Three Hundred and Fifty Dollars offered by the Executive Committee of the Maine General Hospital, and for whose benefit the entire proceeds of the gate for this day has been donated. No. 0. First Premium. Martin & Pennell, wagon, valued $250. open to all horees that have never trotted better than 2:45. No. 10. Second Premium, fine Gold Mounted Har ness, value $1 0, open to all horses that ha e never trotted better than 2:35. The above races will all be mile beats best 3 In 5 in harness, excepting Nos. 3 and 4, and will be trotted under the rules f the National Association. All en tries must be made in accordance therewith. In heats where e’ght or more horses start the distance will be 150 yards. When less than eight horses start the distance will be 100 yuds. In awarding premiums Rule 36 of the National Code will be adopted. Entrance Fee—Ten per cent, must accompany the nomination in all cases. All entries, except for Special Premiums of the Hospital Fair, will close Saturday, May 31st. at 9 o'clock P. M.. at No. 14 Preble Street, re r oi Preble House. The Wagon and Harness Premiums will re main open until Friday noon at 12 o’clock, June 13th and will then close with the Secretary of t^e Hospital Fair at their headquarters under Falmouth Hotel. Entrance ten per cent, of value. Entrance to be addressed to tho proprietors. BAILEY & WILLIS. George H. Bailey, Horace E. Willir. may 16 did Maine Gen’l Hospital Fair. To be bolden in PORTLAND Commencing June 10, 1873. THE Executive Committee announce that the ar rangements for a Grand 'Stale Fair in aid of -he Maine Gen- ral hospital are about c mplet* d and the F.-ir will be opened in City and Fluent Halls, Tuo - day aferao- n Jtlne Otb, at 2 o’clock, to continue eight «.ays and evenings. Sunday excepted. Qn each day after the 10th the Hall will be opened Ft 10 o’clock, A. M. Applications for space at the tables must be made to the Executive Committee on or before the 25ih of of May. The tables will be numbered and drawn by lot. All articles marked “Hospital Fair, Portland Me., will be brought roe by any of the railroads or sieam b >at lines running to Portland cr by the Eastern Ex press Company. The Executive Committeee desire that contribu tions should be forwarded at as early a date as pos sible that further arrangements may be made in the halls for space. Arrangements are being mane for reduced fares on all rai roads and steamboat lines in the State during the Fair, the particulars of which wi 1 be announced June 1st. City and Fluent Halls will be connected by a bridge. Congress Hall will be open day and evening under the charge of a competent person for the use of vis itors to the Fair from out of the city. A. W. H. CLAPP, Chairman Executive Committee. CHARLES E. JOSE. Secretory. Portland May 20, 1873 my20-td [Establish® . 1817.] DALTON & INGERSOLL, Wholesale Dealers in Plumbers’ Supplies! Nos. 17 & 19 Union Hi., Boston. PI limbers’ Earthenware a Specialty. Iran Soil Pipe und Fitting*. Copper Bath T»b*. Copper Bath Boiler*—30 to 100 gallons. Brans St Plated Faucet*—every variety, far water, s'earn and gas. Brrnn Pipe St Fitting*—full linos. IW^AU at Manufacturers' price* to the trade only, illustrated Catalogue.- and Price List. shewing 600 drawings, furnished to customers. mylfieotllm Leavitt, Burnham & Co., WHOLESALE & RETAIL DEALERS IN No* 14 Cross Sfovet, Portland. Orders left at Ice Office, 14 Cro«s St., or wilh J. C Proctor, 93 Eachange St., will be promptly attended to. gyPnre Ice supplied fur all purposes in any quantities and at the apll_LOWEST RATES. Istt PROPOSALS HAIR DRESSING ROOMS. "•“* ■ van, " AUCTION SALES. ,.< li>oicc Plants at Auction. 0‘»hiu;E£nf?«A,YPiMay 2S,h- “* 10 A M., we variety, Fuchd7*o ^ l0n8l\t,in* otBcwa. In Plante for bixldlr'e i!' [»“IUI1I», Verbenas, Aster V. O. UAifcKw^Vo Pa ray26 “ * Aacitearm. B..,^y*,0 Au,„0„lr~. Schooner Willow,,« Anciion. ON THURSDA V, May 2Wh. at 3o-„i,„w M north side ol Portland Fler, where she n’.w Hr*. Thegood Schooner Willow,24 ton* men urement whh her Sails. Biggin. Cable, Anchor*, Ac., just in frt m a fishing erube, and ail in order lor another, my 27 _ _ did llousrlio’d Furiiifur<» at intlion. ON THURSDAY', May 29th, at 10 o’clock A. M.. wt shall *ell at oa«e No. 3J Spruce, comer of Emery street, the Furniture in sal I hou«e, consist* ing in im t of Parlor Furniture in Hair Cloth and w pt, Brussels anil Ingr dn Carpets, Center TaMe, Secretary, Oil Painting, French (.'lock, Vases, Bracketts, Parlor Coal Stove. Orecn Rept an<l Lies <;o*rtaLn,*i Llack Wa n it ami Mahogany Chainlx-r . 8 Sareaua, Sinks. Chairs, Cilb, Hair Crc2K2e<AlFea*h»*r Hat Tree, Dining 'able, JESEtf*" an l s, v«*r Plated Ware, Cool Stove, nit r? at0i ’ to*otl,®r with tho cntiie Kitchen Fur Rat k!” 1 Ladd & Co.’s Plano, Stool and Music my22 ° R^*IiEf A CO. Auctioneer*. -*-_ dm Three D,sh?^ al w„t El|d ON SATURDAY,-Mft, 2uV"'''e selllliree lots of land tdiuktid ™ *c *,K,li Hill anil Ellsworth Stree's. Sni I cora.*'r.''f and pleasantly located. The ,I™IS» 18 unsurpassed. 1 ei ms and inrlleulars at »ale nig above sale was »> stponed till Saturday. Mav 7,» same time and place. ’ J*. O. BAILfa¥ A CO., Audio .per* , my26dtd Fine Silver Plated Ware. Ac., at Auction. ON SATURDAY, May Slat, at 10 A M. and 3 P. M., we shall sell at saleroom 18 Exchange st., a large and choi o stock ol Silver Plated Ware. In the Htock will bo found a lar.e assortment or Ice Pilchers. Castors, fine Cut cry, Silver Plated Knives, ^orks, Spo ns, &c. Also about 100 line Chromns and Oil Paintings. F. O. BAILEY A CO., Auctioneers. may 28 *t Government and Other Hoods AT AUCTION. NOTICE Is hereby given that the Portland Sav ing* Bank will offer for a le at public auction at the Merchant*’ Exchange, P rtlaml, on Tuesday, the 3d Day . f June next, at 12 o’clock Noon, the following described Bonds and Coupons: 8IOOO of 17. 8. 10-40 Bonds IIOO “ 1881 4500 “ 5-40 “ July 1865. 400 «• 5-J6 «• IS”*; 500 “ 5-40 “ •• 18 8. 1.100 do (own Onlrnl Rail oad (First n*ri(.in Boudw. 4500 do Portland A- Rorbrntrr Railroad Bond.. 52 *1 ! ' *• Coupon* overdue. .15 of Iowa Cra-ml H. R. Gold I'sn pouw overdue. 84.50 of Portluad A Rochester R. R. € s.pons orerdae. All hel<l at securltv for nolcs of Leo is O'Brien and note ol E. A. O’Brion, due and unpaid. PO tTLAND SAVINGS BANK, By FRANK NOYES, Treasurer. F. O. BAILEY A- CO , Auctioneers. m418__ dtd Large Sale of Furniture at Auc tion. ON THURSDAY, June 5th. at 10 A. M., we shall -ell the Furuirurc in house No. alt Con-re-s meet, consisting of Parlor S-it in B. W. and Ore- n I'lu-h, 1 alienty Cariet, Ccnler Table, Mahogany anil Painted Sett anr' other Chamber Fu-nituro, Feather, Hair Mattresses,Spring Beds, Pillows Bedding, Toilet Spib. Brussel* and Iugiain Cart ets,’ Curtains, Dining Table and Chair , Crockcrv Ware Silver Plato.: d Oil Carpets, tog, iber with Klichen FumKure. lire above boose contains 'M to. ms and Iho turniiurre has been carelnllv uscrl. F. O. BULKY A- CO.. Aacliouers. roV?4_did Valuable Real Estate AT AUCTION. WE shall offer for sale by public auction on FRI DAY, .June 61 h. at 12 o’clock M., the brick sjorefi on Poitland Tier, directly in the rear of the Thomas Block. Terms and conditions made known at time of gale. F. O. Bailey A CO., Auctioneers. my28 dtd A BRA 1US cV BKO.. Aurtioneer* and ftmniinlsa Jlerchnnls, give their speclsl a tenri. n to M-Illny Real Ksute, Furniture and Meichum In- ol nil kind*. Horses < ar riage*-, tVc. Adv nee* made on consignment*. Reg ular Sales of new anil -econdbami hu nium at the Auction Rooms every Saturdav morning. Commu nication* by mall oromf th ; ttem'ed io AB A WN A UKOTRER, 125 Fe cral St., under llie U. S. Hotel. N. B. Money advanced on Watcle», Jewelry. Furniture, Clothing, and all go- ds of value. »P»23 ^ dtf Governor Dana Estate AT FRYEBURG FOR SAFE! THIS valuable nropertv is most favorably located in the charming village of Fryburg, 4y i. lies from Portland, on the line of Pori land A Oi-d» n*burg R R. and commands a wide and most delightful v.ew of the “White Mountain Range,” and the valley of the Saco Ri er. C<.m-ijd* of . ne nc e i f 1 ml. on are lo. ated the large and Hue old MANSION formeily occupied by th** late Governor Dana, and a B|*acicu« stable, all in throug* rep.iir, well supplied with pure wafer, and surrounded by etgaut shade trees. The summit of “Pine Hill” is within 30t) rod*. Ihehruscmeasme* 40 x 48; Ellis 50 feet Ion*: Stable 3*j x 62. H use and Ell contains 18 room* aside irom closet*. Hail1 oad station, Cliurc es, and first class Schools within a slior clstance of the house. Sold on y on account of the ill health of the owner. Some Furniture will be sold with the house if desired. This is a rare opport unity for the purchase of a first class summer resid* nee in a healthful aud pleasant J<»cali y so most favorable irrmn A nh to Srapliic Gew of th property may be seen at No. 28 Ixcbange Street, Poitland. For terms and further particulars apply to LORING & THURSTON, 2S Evch.inge Street A. A. STROUT, Canal Bank Building. FRANKLIN MURLKV, Fryeburg. Portland. May 24, 1873. mv2ld3w NEW COFFEE AND SPICE MILLS! 250 Fore, Corner of Cross Sts., Jane’s new brick Bl’k. np «tn r» Portland. THE undersigned ho vine established themselves as above with new and modern machinery, would res|»ectfully solicit a shareof public patronage. We shall give special attention to Wholesale Gmceis’ Trade, and shall constantly keep in stock a full lino of Best Coffees, Spices, Cream Tartar, Naleratus, &c. Al the lowest Boston and N. Y. Market prices. P. J. GRANT A CO. maySl-istf F.U.^Ich*' D. W. CLARK & CO., — DEALERS 13 — ICE HOUSE, MARKET ST.. — AND — 32 EXCHANGE ST., Parc Icc supplied for all purpos es, and .n any quantity at the LOWEST RATES. api4 WATCHES, Chrouometeis and Clocks, Of Foreign and American Make, Spectacles and Jewelry, At 54 Exchange St -BT— WIff. SEATER, AGENT for the Superior Uulthnin Wntrkes which mainlain their well earned repni*i*n roi time' eeplng and reasonable | rice. In every vai I Key°wln lers and*aiem ^ PUMPKIIPIES. vaT?-s b*“t cheap”1 »rllc',‘ for pies la Prof. Al Pat. Desiccated Pumpkin. mttry(P‘V'k??e warra"’ed tn give sstlsthctlen, and to from titteen to twenty plea, at leaai frur tlmea as many as the canned pumpkin rold ar the same price. Ask your grocer for Prof. Alrary’u Desiccated Pumpkin, and take no other. The Trade supplied by SISE & N EVENS, jt 188 Fore St. may 23_ __*ZL. HOT TEA ROLLS. hot tea rolls I can be had from W. C. Cobb’s Bukery or Carts EVERY AFTERSOO.t. my 15 tf

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