Newspaper of Portland Daily Press, June 4, 1873, Page 2

Newspaper of Portland Daily Press dated June 4, 1873 Page 2
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THE PRESS. WEDNESDAY MORNING,JUNE 4, 1873 Kvaiv regular attache of the Press Is furn'shwl wilb a card certificate countersigned by Stanley T. Pulten, Editor. All railway, steamboat an 1 bote managers will confer a favor upon us by demanding ered ntloll of every person claiming to represent our iour.ial, ns we have information that several "® uiers*’ are seeking coartesles in the,lsnu'^ ritF.ts, an 1 we have no disposition to ■ s tvlr, a party to such fraud .. u £ do not reao anonT^usietters and eommuui , atl m, f he name and address of the writer arc in all. seslnJto|>en»»b c, not necessarily for publication loll :n a guaranty of good faith. tv ■ cannot undertake to return or reserve coni mmii at ions that are not usou. The Product Maps of the Census. Gen. Walker Las long ago satisfied those who have examined the volumes of the ninth census thus far issued,that he would not make the work a mere compilation of the reports of the thousand census gatherers connected with his department but rather irorn the facts thus collected, prepare a number of volumes hitherto not thought of, of great value in placing the capacities of the country before the world. One of the most valuable inno vations of Gon. Walker is tbe representation ofstatistica1 results by colored maps, and the latest of the3e are added to the volume upon “Industry and Wealth,” as crop maps. Itwi'i tr -oen upon a moment's considera tion tli a! : he preparation of these must be at tended with many perplexing questions; but Gen. Walker lias avoided the many difficul ties by taking two elements; first,the number of bushels produced to each Inhabitant, and second, tbe number of bushels or pounds to each acre of improved land. These two ele ments he multiplies together and takes the squaieroot to represent the productive power efcach portion of the country. me nrst cnari prepared on tins scale is de voted to wheat and, by various depths of green, shows the production of that impor tant cereal. The deepest shade of green, de noting the highest production, is found only in California, Southern Minnesota, Western Wisconsin and Northern Iowa. The next lighter shade is found in Oregon, a small part of Montana, Eastern Nebraska, a part of Iowa, Southern Illinois a d Indiana, Centra* Michigan, Eastern Wisconsin but nowhere does this belt appear east or south of the Ohio river. The next shade appears in the balauce of the North-West, Central West, Central Virginia, Pennsylvania and North ern New York. The lowest shade is seen In New Jersey and a belt stretching west from Chesapeake Bay to Kansas. The plan, however, docs not do much credit to New England or the Southern Slates as they ap pear entirely white on the wheat chart. The next important of the cereal charts is the yellow representing the production of com. The deepest yellow, representing the highest production is found alone in the Cen tral West and the borders of the extreme West. The largest extent is fouud in Cen tral Illinois, Central Iowa, Eastern Nebraska and North-eastern Kansas. The next lighter shade extends as a broad laud through Texas Arkausas, Missouri, Southern Ohio and Northern Kcutucky. The lowest grade of pro duction extends through the greater part of the Middle and Southern States. On this chart, too, New England appears white, as do New York, Minnesota and a large part of Wisconsin. In the production of hay, however, North ern New England makes amends for its blanks in w’heat, by appearing id the deepest pink,as indicating the highest produc tion of that important article. The highest production of hay is confined to the entire belt of the extreme North. It also extends into Kansas and Nebraska. The South with here and there a small pinkish island, is white. Tue next important interest represented by the colored chart is that of the dairy which is by a per capita production. The color is yel low and New York is the yellowest of the States which represents $40 per capita, ap plying, of course, to cows. Vermont and Northern Ohio have a small patch each of dark yellow. Pennsylvania,generally esteem ed as a dairy State, runs down to $5 per cap ita. The New England Slates show from $10 to $19 per capita. The great portion of the West is in this class. The South aud Eastern Massachusetts are white, showing a produc tion of less than $5 per capita. California on its coast also show3 a strip of the highest dairy production of the country. These tables present in the most striking form the capacities of the various parls of the country, and will enable those seeking for in formation to acquire it in the briefest space of time and in a way to be longest remember ed. It also shows how the deficiency of a single product in one section is made good by an abundance of another equally important. Now that the Modocs have surrendered in stead of dying in the last ditch, the question arises: ,lWhat shall be done with them?” Probably they surrendered with the idea that their captors would be lenient with them. Perhaps these wily savages have heard of Jeff Davis and how he wasn’t hung to any sour apple tree worth speaking oi. There may be a Modoc logic that has cun-vinced Capt. Jack that for killing a score or two of federal soldiers he should not faro worse than the man who caused several thousand scores to be killed. But Capt. Jack's logic fails in that he dots not discriminate between a wretched savage with groveling instincts and a high-toned, educated gentleman, who has been a Senator and Secretary ol war. There are, however, several of the Modoc piisoners that have outraged laws recognized by both civilized and savage nations in times of war— such as the cowardly murder of Gen. Canby and Dr. Thomas. It seems that they should suffer the exlreraest penal y. It is due them as outlaws and criminals and il doubtless will have a salutary effect upon thousands of Indians who arc eagerly watching the result of the affair now transpiring in Oregon. r bom what reports we have seen of the Na tional Farmers’ Convention in Indianapolis, its members addressed themselves to the mat ter ol suggesting practical reforms rather than dealing in idle declaration and the abuse of corporations. Claiming that the charges for transportation are unduly onerous, the Con vention declared that it is “the duty of the State to fix reasonable maximum rates afford ing a fair remuneration to the transporter,’> which will uot be “an onerous charge to the producer and consumer.” In another reso lution, the right of the General Government to r “gulatc rates on lines extending through more than one State is asserted, and is based upon the right to regulate commerce between the States. _ Emiobation to New Brunswick don’t prosper very well. The agent of that prov ince, by highly colored pictures of that coun try .iuduced a number of Scotch farmers to sell their farms at home and come to New Brunswick. They were received at St. John with bands of music and feasted. Of course tlfey were then ready to enter a paradise owing with milk and honey. Instead they were sent to an unbroken forest which so dis eartened the u that the next census taker Brunswick, as The NewY^f^"^- C0Untry’ letters recommending vaS5i£ -Sepoy like—from the mouths Other that they be loroformed and bled' to dearh; and’still anothei asks, “Why drow the murderer, or why bump his head against a cannon hall, when you can send him out of the world without pain, by electricity.” Mawkish sentimentality I Strangulation forever! A non-political correspondent who has been in Calais and several other larger places In Washington country reports that the feel ing there is largely in favor of Judge Kent and peace. The towns of Benton and Clin ton in Kennebec County elect Dingley,dele" gates so that the Kennebec Journal begins to feel that it is a prophet honored in its own land. Thf bill to authorize the consolidation of the Eastern and Boston and Maine Railroads was defeated in the Massachusetts House by a vote ot 84 to 68, yesterday.__ reposts from Louisiana are of the most gratifying character. Taxes are being rapid ly paid and everything Indicates the return of order and prosperity. The Massachusetts Legislature is making an effort to ascertain who it is that has been tampering with a bill during its recent pas sage through that body. It is said to he of frequent occurrence. A Down East Letter. Calais preseat and prospective. - A tjooil route and a model sleouabonl line.— liown Knsl for .radge Kent. Calais, June 2d, 1873. Messieurs of the Press: The waters of the St. Croix are running to day, neither blood nor rum, but millions of timber from the mighty forest; and this state of things is just what makes the peaceful thrift and prosperity of this stirring town. It may not he definitely kuowu to many of your readers what is occurring in this section at present and what is likely to occur in the future; and, therefore, will not be amiss for your correspondent to say something about ths matter. .1 OVVV1VU owuui, KJJ IUU3U uca authorized to preaict, tliat the most populous and important city of Maine, save Portland, and possibly Bangor and Lewiston, is destined to exist at this point. The community of Calais and Milltown with SL Stephens on the opposite side of the river, numbers already about fifteen thousand people and at its pres ent rate of growth cannot fail to increase its population by one half within another decade. Situated as it is on the tide waters of the St. Croix, yet at the head of navigation and in a distiict remarkable for water power and farm ing capabilities in its connection as the outlet of eastern Aroostook it com bines the three leading pursuits agricultural, manufacturing and commercial, by which the majority of mankind obtain a liveli hood and accumulate wealth. In addition to these advantages it is one of the natural gate ways of traffic between the State aud the lower British Provinces. The long wide straight av enues, bordered by costly and beautiful resi dences in both Calais aud St. Stephens tel' much of past and present prosperity. The only essential lack for the future, is railway com munication with other points. This is already begun but much more is in contemplation. All this, you will say, perhaps, smacks of local rhapsody, but time, the great arbiter you know will decide, possibly within the present genera tion . As yet the principal mode of communication between here and the outside world is by wa ter, the Calais and Eastport steamboat com pany running a line to connect with the Inter national line at the latter place for St. John, Portland and Boston. It has long been a favorite trip for the [pleas ure tonrist, as well as the business man, to take one of the splendid sea-going steamers of the International line at either the above men tioned ports, and going far to sea from the shore,through the watches of the night,rouse up, to iiud himself in the morning entering the peaceful waters of Passamaquoddy Bay; thence sailing up to old fashioned Eastport, whose forts aud block-houses, famous in story, stand frowning on heights above the town. Connect ing with the up river boats there, the voyage is of the pleasantest, touching for an hour or more at the old English town of St. Andrews, aud then passing up through the maelstrom, and past the celebrated breakwater erected by the government at a cost of $40,000 daring Mr. Fuller’s term in Congress. From the latter point there can possibly bo no damage, so efficient is the said break-water in keeping out the turbulent billows ot the riv er, till you arrive at the Calais landing. To those who h».vo experienced the charm of this excursion nothing need be said; but I shall take the liberty to advise the traveller, uninitiated, to come here before going elsewhere and cer tainly before he can hope todie happy. By the way I came near leaving out wliat you and many of your readers may think to be more important than anything else contained herein. I shall therefore tell you it after the manner of a woman, in a postscript way, that this county of Washington is going to send a delegation to the Bangor Convention on the 19th inst., the majority of which shall be largely for Kent as against all comers. The other gentlemen candidates, Messrs. Dingiey and Stone iiave some friends in the county, but chiefly iu the interior or back towns. Calais together with all tho larger towns wi II go sol id for Ken’aud peace. Let us pray for so desira ble a state of things. Roukdaboct. Bowdoin College. To the Editor of tlttPreat: The contest forlthe ’flgdass prize came off at Demont Hall, Monday eveniug. The judges rvero^President Cliamberlain, Prof. John S. Senall and MajorSangor. The following was the order of exercises: William the Silent.W. A. Blake. The Relation of the Age to Religion and Culture, J. F. Elliot. Religion as an Intuition.A. E. Herrick. Is our Ago Degenerate?.A. F. Moulton. Creeds.C. M. Walker. Modern Progress in China.F. A. Wilson. The examination of the Senior class took place yesterday. C. Sews and other Items. The horse disease has reappeared in Hartfoid, Conn. Some unknown hut generous man has given Union Collego $00,000. Gen. Barry has prohibited the sale of spirit uous and malt liquors at Fortress Monroe. A Boston liquor dealer, lined for violation of the prohibitory law, approached the Clerk of the court, money in hand, and plaintively urg ed him to attend to his case as soon as possible “because he had left no one at home to tend bar.” A Stamford, Conn., mau claims to have what is left of the Hag that floated over Fort Sum ter in April I8G1, and it was carried in the pro cession on Decoration Day. A young lady in a Wheeling, West Va., street car, not only gave up her seat to a poor old man who enterel, but paid his fare and qui etly slipped a $3 note into his hand when she got out. The Rhode Island Railroad Commissioner recommends that each passenger car be re quired to carry fire extinguishers, axes, and pick, and that there be inoreased protection of the stoves. -Mr. speaker Blaine is to be the orator at tlie Northern Wisconsin Fair at Oohkosh. The story about the marriage of Auna Dick inson and Senator Allison was a canard. Capt. Burton, under whose management the Metis was wrecked, lias been reinstated and placed in command of the Galatea. A Minnesota farmer lost a gimlet three years ago. The other day he cut down a tree and found in it a three-quarter inch anger. So much for putting a thing out at interest. An almost incredible paragraph is circulat ing to the effect that Sergeant Bates is actually —after all that he has done for his ungrateful country, reduced to the humiliating necessity of working for a living, just like any ordinary cit izen. The person who started the minor that charges were to be preferred against Geu. Bak er, Commissioner of Pensions, was recently dis charged from the Pension Bureau for drunken ness and incapacity. Louis Reil, the ex-rebel of Manitoba, is a candidate for the seat in the Dominion Parlia ment vacated by the death of the Hon. George Cartier. Gen. Van Buren writes another long and in tempernte letter from Vienna to the New York Tribune, defending himself, protesting against the suspension of the Commission, and berat ing Minister Jay soundly. A Vermont schoolmistress, fifteen years old, who could not answer one question iu her ex amination, has $1.50 a week, which is scarce ly an inducement to know anything more. Gen. Sewall of Maine, Surveyor of Distiller ies in the Internal Revenue Bureau, recently made an exhaustive report to Commissioner Donglass, which denies the existence of illicit distillation in New Orleans. He found the dis tilleries ran in accordance with the pre scribed regulations, and failed to discover any frauds. Two boys aged 11 aud 7 years, on Saturday last were stonmng herring in Sulphur pond, Rochester. They killed (wo or three, which lying dead on the surface of the water,an eagle swooped for them. A well directed pebble hit the noble bird in the head, stunning him so that the boy3 secured and killed him. The spread o£ his wings was s»ven feet. Ciall'v ."ubllRhcr8 °f couutry newspapers, espe sent that it will lose them80 pub’i.s,;<’rs r^Te' circulation. It is represented0 t .T* Department that the provision was “r^t the instance of the opponents of the bill to abolish the franking privilege, with a view to defeat the latter. STATE NEWS. ANDROSCOGGIN COUNTY. Lewiston has the measles. ir,™'.!?' Lombard & Co., of Auburn are enlarg ing their boot and shoe business. Tbeir new taetory is in running order, so says the Jour Lewiston has a ferry boat runuing between tlie city and the mouth of the Littlo Andro scoggin river. Last Sunday G. Graffam of Lewiston, while returning home from a visit to the Shakers, drove hi* horse into a ditch. The horse broke his neck. Loss $800. The Journal says the late fro3ts have killed the beans, cucumbers and potatoes in that sec tion. At Methodist Corner, Durham, the schools have suspended on account of tho prevalence of throat distemper, scarlet fever and cancer rash. By a fire in Lewiston last Sunday, tiie houso of P. Marshall was destroyed. Furniture sav ed. Loss $1500; insurance $900. Daniel Pratt, the Great American Traveller, delivered an address last Saturday to the stu dents of Bates College. Tiie students were greatly interested and we trust instructed. CUMBERLAND COUNTY. A massive granite monument has recently been erected over the grave of the late Prof. T. C. Upturn of Brunswick. Col, Jesse Soule died at Freeport May 24th, aged 82 years. He commanded a regiment of State militia in 1812. KENNEBEC COUNTY The total liability of Augusta is $333,558.25. The Journal says that a little son of B. F. Parrott of Augusta, was recently bitten by a horse over the eye. Augusta people are talking about a soldiers’ monument to cost, with enclosure. $10,000. Augusta has appropriated as expenses for the current year $99,000. OXFORD COUNTY Col. A. D. White of Buckfield, lost a valu able colt in a singular manner last week. The harness was put on him for the first time when he reared and fell backwards, striking on his head, killing him almost instantly. At Oxford 17 men are employed in the port able steam saw mill erected by Whitney, Hol den & Co. The Fair at Pari3 Hill last Thursday, netted 872 for tho Hospital Fair. The factory of G. B. Crockett & Co., of Par is is turning out large quantities of rakes. The safe of the new savings bank at South Paris will be finished by the 10th of June. TENOBSCOT COUNTY. Extensive fires are raging in the woods about Bangor. Monday morning the night watch at Bangor discovered a drunken man asloepjon the rail road track. The stockholders of the Bangor & Piscata quis railroad meet at Bangor mi .June 18th, to elect officers for tho ensuing year. An employee of the E. & N, A. railroad, while making up the train last Saturday after noon in Bangor, was caught between two cars and badly jammed. His arm was broken. SAGADAHOC COUNTY. Mrs. Thomas Wethcrbee of Bath.was thrown from her carriage on Decoration Day. She was badly injured on the hack and hip. Foreign Endorsement of the Standard Tonic of America. There seems to he no limit to the celebrity of Hos tetler's Stomach Bittcis. Every year the demand for it Increses and the teritorial area of Its popularity expan'b. It lias long bun the standard tonic, and an approved remedv for epidemic disease in the Re public. of South and Central America, in Brazil and the West Indies and the Biilish Colonies on this con tinent. More recently Its meriis have been apprecia ted at the autipodcs, and it is now shipped in large quantities to Australia and Tasmania. The reasons why it Ib making such such extraordinary headway in remote regions as well as in America, are very simply and lie in a uni shell. It is medicine suited to all people, all climates and all ordinary disorders and disabilities, it prevents and cures malarious diseases.relieves indigesiion, braces the nerves, im proves the appetite, clears the brain, regulates theiir er, arrests intermittent fever, strengthens the physique and invigorates the constitution. special"notices. I. AR. A. COMMITTEE MEETING. There will be a meeting of the Committee on tenth annual ball of the Irish American Relief Association held in their hall on this Wednesday evening at 8 o’clock. A prompt attendance is requested as busi ness of importance will come before the Committee. Per order Chairman Committee. je4-9nlt GOOD HEALTH. Let those who would enjoy good health, Breathe freely the pure air; This wc should prize above all wealth. ’Twill well repay our care; Eat only plain and simple food, An i luxuries forego; For that is sure to do us good, These often bring us woe; And let the Boys wear good style “Clothes,” Coat, Pants, Vest, Hat and Shoes comp etc, Such they can buy at George Fesno’s, Corner of Beach and Washington street Boston. jul snlw Caucus. -The Republicans of Standish are requested to meet Ht the Town liouAe on Saturday the 7th day of June, 1873. at (^o’clock r. M., to choose delegates to attend the Republican State Convention at Bangor, June 19. ,1873. Per order town Committee. Standish, June 2,1873. jut-dlt&wlt ROOM PAPERS! ROOM PAP E R S! THE LAB BEST PAPER HANGING ESTABLISHMENT East of Boston is at NO. 0! EXCHANGE STREET, and all who are in need of ROOM PAPERS should been in mind that LOTIIROP. DEYENS & CO. keep a complete line of these goods. Every possible STYLE AND GRADE is now in stock. A large lot of ENGLISH PAPER HANGINGS are offered at REDUCED PRICES ! SPECIAL INDl'CERENTN offered to owners of let houses, which will enable them to buy their ROOM PAPERS — AT — WHOLESALE PRICES. OUR Window Shade Department is very extensive, an 1 nearly all new goods, many designs having never been shown in this market. SHADE TASSELS, all sizes and colors. standard Patent Fixture*, Curtain unit Picture Cords, &c., Ac., at prices that cannot fail to ensure ready sales. I.OTIIROP, d"eVENS & €».. Xo. 61 Exchange Street. my 15 tf WILLIAM F. TODD, Watch & Clock Maker. Has removed to 119 EXCHANGE ST, (near the corner of Federal St.,) Where ho is prepared to put everybody Itight on time. _* Juii-dlw To Lei. THE commodious fonr storied Brick Store, No. 57 Commercial St.—immediate posession given. Inquire of ELIAS THOMAS & CO , _ No. 60 Commercial St. Or ot W. W. THOMAS. Canal National Bank. ___sentl2sntf BONDS ! BONDS of western cities and counties, 10 per cent, interest and principal payable in the east. Private property as well a3 public rca lied. Debts very small m proportion to property and therefore easily paid. Carerul investors are invited to call and examine the Bonos. L ws and Decisions of the courts upon such securities and will hnd them very safe. Tnere is not uing better. . ., ..A CHARLES M. HAWKES, ic Plant_28 Exchange st., Portland. Avcrill Chemical Paint Co., Manufacturers ot PUREST WHITE! AND Any Desired Shade or Color, Prepared for Immediate Application. SOLD By The GALLON ONLY DURABLE, BEAUTIFUL, ECONOMICAL. D. M. YEOMANS, General Eastern Agent, 83 Commercial St. Portland. sel2-eodtf sn FISHING TACKLeT All kinds of tackle for Trout or Picker ell fishing. Wholesale and Retail, fi. I,. BAILEY, 48 Exchange Hired. Selling Agent for DU PONT’* GUNPOWDER, •nj'16 fneodtf FOR MOTH, PATCHES, FRECKLES And TAN, ubc BERRY’S Moth and Freckle Lotion. avd hatimlitss. Sold by Druggists everywhere. Depot, 49 Bond St., N. Y. mar22 u&wsncmn SPECIAL NOTICES. D. C. GOLDEE, Over E. T, Eldea & Co., 5 Free Street. PARASOLS! PARASOLS! PARASOLS! CLUB HANDLE PARASOLS ! WALKING STICK PARASOLS ! The new Silver Grey Club Stick Parasols with Chatelaines attached. CLUB STICK & TOURIST STYLE — re — Plain Black Liued, Plain Black not Lined, Blue Changeable, Brown Changeable, Green Changeable, Grey Lined and Fringed Bloc Striped and Fringed, Black, Grey and Bluff Serges, Double Face Satin Serges, Black nud White Double Fringed, Heavy Gros Grain Lined, Crepe Trimmed 3roi Grain, &c., &c" * SUN UMBRELLAS AND SIIOWERETTES. SUN UMBRELLAS AND SHOWERETTES :-is Blue, Biown, Oreen, Purple and Black Changeable**,^ and we are daily receiving the Newest aud most Novel Styles — IN — CLUB STICK AMD TOURISTS, which, with our present large assortment, will be found»3iiperior in style and TOWER II* PRICES than any in the city. D. O. GOLDER, Over E. T. Eldon & Co., No. 5 Free St. apr22 ineod3m 1 (3 S 1 S S 1 B a The Most Popular Medicine Extant, 1840. Over Thirty Years 1873, Since the Introduction of PERRY DAVIS’ PAIN-KILLER. The Is equally applicable and efficacious to young or old. The painkiller Is both an Internal and External remedy. THE PAIN-KILLER Will euro Fever and Ague when other remo dies have failed. THE PAIN-KILLER Should be used at the first manifestations of Co d or Cough. THE PAIN-KILLER Is the Great Family Medicine of the Age. The pain-killer Wi*l cure Painter’s Colic. The pain-killer Is good for Scalds and Burns, The pain killer Has the Verdict of the People in its favor. The pain-killer Gives Universal Satisfaction. The pain-killer Beware of Imitations and Counterfeits. THE PAIN-KILLER Is almost a certain cure for CHOLERA, and has, without doubt, been more successful in curing this terrible disease than any othe r known remedy, or even th; most eminent and skillful Physicians. In Imlia, Africa and China, where this dreadful dis ease is ever more or less prevalent, the PaIN-KILL ER is considered by the natives, as well os European residents in tho. c climates, a Sure Remedy. The pain-kill *.r Each t ottle is wrapped with lull directions for use. The pain-killer Is sold by all Druggis.s and Dealers in Fami ly Medicines. rciyH__sneodlm&w21 nwtisc lor saie. AT GORHAM, ME., a large handsome two story house, rooms of bot h stories of good size and height, ou a flue lot having 274 ro is front on South St., a short distance from Church, Post-office and Depot. The Choice Mitnntion in Gorham. Besides numerous and fine shade trees, flower beds and hedges, there are nearly a hundred fruit trees, apple, crab-apple, pear, peach and cherry, ten grape vines, and a good garden containing many currant bushes, gooseberry boshes, strawberry and asparagus beds' fine pieplant, ^c. There are about 33 acres of land, affording pasturage and many choice house lots. 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Y. _ 1(*&w__Ivrs N BANK OF PORTLAND. nn°i1iSS?^t'SrwhlB,l!at0’the uu |ei - gned will carry on a strictly Banking business, at the Banking M^ledby.the,SecoD National Bank, !?!TPpJiRTT’*VTvFLnSder tblatyk> of the “BANK OF PORTLAND and as such, will receive Deposits and make Discounts, in the regular course of the Banking Business. Portland, June 24tli, 1872. W- N- G00LD Jun23iiewll then »n tf_ Piano Tuning. Orders attended to personally by ED. B. ROBINSON, Piano Boom., S Cahoon Block. (Opposite City HaliJ_mar28-d3m. Howard Association, Philadelphia, Pa. An Institution having a high repataMon for honor able conduct and professional skill. Acting Snrgeon, J. S. HOUGHTON, M. D, Essays for Yonng Men sent free of charge. Address, HOWARD ASSOCIA TION, No. 2 South Ninth St., Philadelphia, Pa. my7 sn3m SPECIAL NOTICES. ON THE BREAKFAST, LUNCHEON DINNER AND SUPPER TABLE. ’ LEA A PERRINS’ Worcestershire Sauce IS INDESPENSABLE. JOHN DUNCAN’S SONS. New York, Agents for the United Stales. oct17 eodsnly CONSUMPTION CAN BE CUBED SCHENCR’S PULMONIC SYRUP, SCRENCK’S SEAWEED TONIC, SCIIENCK’S MANDRAKE PILLS, Are the only medicines that will cure Pulmonary consumption. ■Sometimes medicines that will stop a cougli will of ten occasion the death of the patient. It locks up the liver, stops the circulation of the blood, hemorrhage follows, and, In fact, clogging the action of the very organs that caused the cougli. Liver complaint and dyspepsia are the causes of two-thlids of the cases of consumption. Many are now complaining with dull pain in the side, the bow els sometimes costive and sometimes to loose, tongue coated, pain in the shoulder blade, feeling som ' inies very restless, and at other times drowsy ; the food that Is aken lies heavily on the stomach, accompani ed with acidity and bclchiug of wind. These symp toms usually originate irom a disordered condition of the stomach or a torpid liver. Persons so affected, if they take one or two heavy colds, and If tho cough in these cases be suddenly stopped, the lungs, liver and stomach clog, and remain torpid anil inactive, and before the patient is aware of liis situation, the lungs

are a mass of sores, and ulcerated, and death Is the inevitable result. Schenck’s Pulmonic Syrup is an expectorant which does not contain any opium, nor anything calculated to check a cough suddenly. Schenck's Seaweed tonic diss v the lood, mixes with the gastric juico of the sto nch, digests easily, nourishes the system, and creat a healthy circula tion of the blood. When the els are costive, skin shallow, and the patient Is a billlous habit, Schenck’s Msndrake Pills arc required. These medicines are prepaired by Dr. J. H. SCHENCK A SON, Noitlitast corner of Sixth ami Arch streets, Philadelphia. Penn., and tor sale by GEO. C. GOODWIN & CO., 38 Hanover street, Bos ton, and John F. Henry, 8 College place, New York. For sale by Drngglstsgeiieraliy. sept3sneodtf E. T. EliDEN &CO. 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CHANGE OF TIME. In order to accomodate the public, and passengers arriving in the ell y by afternoon trains, the steamers for Boston,will leave Portland at 8 o’clock In the eve ning on and after MONDAY June 9th. my30sntd J. B. COYLE, JR., Gen’l Agent. SPECIAL NOTICES. THE BEST EVIDENCE. The following letter from REV. E. S. BEST, Fas ter M. E. Church, Natick, Mass., will be read with interest by many physicians. Also those suffering f*°m the same disease as afflicted the son of tho Rev E. S. Be«t. No person can doubt tLIs testimony, and there is no doubt about the curative lowers of YEGET1NE. Tv>nr <s;,. ». ^atjck. Mass., Jan. 1,1870. VFrrrivr Wehayogo0,!^ason fir regarding your nr"r oreaust valJ. Wo nil lUt now^ieven'teen S' fof 8avi?g ?,ur last two year. he lias su,iBro,l Lm neerwi'/of h!1 leg, caused by scrofulous affection, and ww !f!! ?i9 duced that nearly all who saw him thought hi/r!rnv~ ery impossible. A council of able °Jd“ give us but the faintest hope of his ever rally.ds tin of the number declaring that he was bevond the reach of human remedies, that oven am put at ion could not save hint, as he had not vigor enough to endure the operaiiou. Just then wo commenced giving him Veuetine, and from that time to tho present he has been continuously improving. He has lately resumed his studies, thrown away crutches and cane, and walks about cheerful and strong. Though there is still some discharge from the open ing where his limb was lanced, we have tlio fullest confidence that in a little time lie will be perfectly cured. He has taken about three dozen bottles of VEGE TINE, but lately uses hut little, as lie declare* that he is too wrell to be taking medicine. Respectfully, E. S. BEST. MRS. L. C. F. BEST. The range of disorders which yield to the influence of this medicine, and the number of defined diseases which it never fails to cure, are greater than any other single medicine has hitherto be n recommended for, by any other than the proprietors of some quack nostrum. These diseases arc Scrofula and all Erup tive diseases and Tumors,-Rheumatism, Gout, Neu ralgia, and Spinal complaints, ami all Inflammatory symptoms. Ulcers, all Syphilitic diseases, Kidney and Bladder diseases, Dropsy, the whole train of painful disorders which so generally afflict American women, and which carry annually thousands of them to pre mature graves; Dyspepsia, that universal curse of American manhood; Heartburn, Piles, Constipation, Nervousness, inability to sleep and impure blood. This is a formidable list of human ailments for any single medicine to successfully attack, and it is not probable that any ont article before the public has the power to cure the quarter of them excepting the Vegetise. It lays the axe at the root of the tree of disease by first elmdninating every impurity from the blood, promoting the secretions, opening the pores —the great escape valves of the system—invigorating the liver to its full and natural action, cleansing the stomach and strengthening digestion. This much accomplished, the speedy and the permanent cure of not only tbb diseases we have enumerated, but like wise the whole train of chronic and constitutional disorders is certain to follow. This i * precisely what Vegetine does, and it does it so quickly and so eas ily, that it is an accomplished faci almost before the patient is aware of it himself. snju2eodlw Cooking Ranges. First class Cooking Ranges amd Stoves CHEAP FOR CiVSR, call and see before purchasing. Also Ice chests coolers and Reirigerators. FREDERICK BECK ft AM, No. 199 Fore »l. Portland Nr. (Between Kxcliauge ami Plum St.) my3l8i>3w To the Public. Ttic Society for the Prevention ot Cruelty to Ani mals rcsiiccifuliy give- notice that Alonzo H. Libby, Constable, whoso office is at No. 80 Middle street, (up stalls) has been api>einted Agent of the Society. The public a- e therefore icqucsted to g ve prompt informati ,n to him of any cruelty to animals that may come to their knowleilgo, and 'he will see to It that the offenders are brought to speedy and strict justice. Per order. ap99sntf FOR PIMPLES ON THE FACE. Blackhead and Fleshworm, uso PKRR If’S improv ed Comedone and Pimple Remedy, the gioat skin medicine. Prepared only by l>i. b. C. PERRY Dermatologist, 40 Bond St., N. Y. Sold by Druggists verywhere. mu22d&W3n6ml7 MARRIED. In Gorham. Mty 21, by Rev. D. A. Maddox, Chas. J. (Jemmens and Miss Emma L. Raul, both of Gor ham. Id Bethel. June 3, by Rev. Cbas. W. Morse, at the residence of the bride’s father, Enoch Foster, jr. Enq„ an.l Miss Sarah W , youngest daughter of Hon. Robt! A. Chapman. [No cards.l In Pbipsburg, May 31, Cant. Win. II. Kennedy of Cape Elizabeth and Miss Ella F., daughter ol Jobu Perry, 2d. In Winslow. June 2, Rev. H. F. Wood of West Waterville and Mary E. Taylor of Winslow. DIED.I In this city, June 2, Gertrude Bell, eldest daughter of Charles H. and Henrietta C. Ford, aged 6 years 5 months. [Funeral services Wednesday afternoon at 3 o’clk, at No. 37 Wilmot street. Relatives and friends arc invited. In Bath, -Tune 1, Mr. John Preble, aged 7D years. In Durham. May 26, Mr. Zenas C. Arev, aged 49 years 9 months. DEPARTURE OF OCEAN STEAMERS NAME- FROM FOR DATE Cuba.New York. .Liverpool_June 4 Minnesota.New York. LiverpiK)l_Juue 4 City of New York. .New York. .Liverpool .. .Juno 5 Albemarle.New York. .Bermuda... .June 5 City of Merida.New York .Havana.June 5 Polynesian . Quebec.Liverpool_June 7 City of Paris.New York. .Liverpool_duno 7 Celtic.New York .Liverpool_Juue 7 India.New York .Glasgow.June 7 MoroCastle.New York..Havaua.June 10 Scotia ..New York. .Liverpool_June 11 Olympia.New York. .Glasgow.June 11 Manhattan.New York. .Liverpool_June 11 Cleopatra.New York. .Hav&VCrazJune 12 Hibernian.Quebec.Liveri>ool_June 14 Miniature Almnuuc.Jnne 4. ban rises. 4.25 Sun sets.7.32 Moon sets. 1.15 Pj. Hitfb water.6.30 PM MARINE NEWS. PORT OF PORTLAND. Tuesday, June 3. ARRIVED. Steamer New York, Winchester, St John, NB, via Eaatnnrt for Boston. Hrig Buckaloo. (Br) Gorham, Cow Bay OB — 193 tons coal to John Porteous. Sch Ida May, Gorham. Fredcrickton. NB. ScL Lizzie G, (Br) Gilchrist, St John, NB—129,SCO feet lumber, to Geo S Hunt. Sch Temperance Bell. (Br) Belyea, St John, NB— btni shocks to Phinney & Jackson. »ch Tookaiittu, Pierce. Western Banks—1000 qtls. Sch Henry Clay. Natter, Machias tor Lynn. Ar 1st—hrig Wm H Parks, Dix, Baltimore—coal to Rounds & Sargent. CLEARED. Steamer Falmouth, Colby, Halifax, NS — John Porteous. Steamer Glendon, (Br) Sulis, St John, NB—John Porteous. Brig Iza, Kahrs, Havana—Phinney & Jackson. Brig Peri, Perkins. St John. NB—master. Sell Bowdoin. Randall. Washington—Chas Sawyer. Sch Alaska. Thorndike. New York—Bunker Bros. Sch Jennie Middleton, Whitaker, Kennebec, to load for Philadelphia—J Nickerson. Launched—At Yarmouth 30th nU, from the yard of Giles Lonng & Co. brig Elizabeth Winslow. 392 tons, owned by J S Winslow and others of Portland and to be commanded by Capt White, late of hrig Agenova. She is now lying at Central wharf and is to load for Buenos A pres. DOMESTIC PORTS. SAN FRANCISCO—Ar 1st inst, ship Confidence, Patterson New York 190 days. NEW ORLEANS—Ar 25th ult, briz Nellie Cllftord, Smith. New York. Ar 28ih, brig Helen M Rowley, Rowley, New York. Cld 29th. ship Forest Eagle, Hosmer. Liverpool. PENSACOLA—Ar 23th, ship Enoch Talbot,Talbot, Liverpool. SAVANNAH—Ar 31st, sch M B Mahoney, Coffin, Boston. CHARLESTON—Ar 1st. schs G L Bradley, Chip man, Providence; Frank Gaiter, Biewster, iroin New York. FORTRESS MONROE-Ar 1st, ship Gcntoo, Lin ncll, Mejilloncp, tor orders. BALTIMORE—Ar 31st, sch Abhle Pitman, Lom bard, Charleston; L D Barker, B uker, Eleutbeva. Cld 3!st, barque Esther, Loiiag, Marseilles, (and sailed ) PHiLADELPHTA—Ar 31st, barque Sam Shep herd, Evans. Cientuegos. Ar 1st, sch Helen M Waite, Gott, Calais. Cld 3!st, brigs Proteus, Dyer, Clemuegos; Ann! ? R Storer. Gardiner, Matanzas; schs E A DeHart, Pink ham. Baracoa; Geo Washington. Roff, do; Grace Webster. Hume. Portland. NEW YORK—Ar 1st. barque John E Holbrook, Leavitt. Cienfuegos; EA Kennedy, Hofses.Antwerp; schs Olive Branch, Brown, Lubec; Nican>r. Hanna, Portland; Ocean Queen, Brackett, Bristol, Me: L Holway. Haskell. Jonesnort; Adriana. Meauy. Gar diner; Geo Shattuck. Matthews Thomaaton; Geo W Glover, Holbrook, and Mary Clark, Snow, and Ada Ames, Harding, do; Tarnuin, Rogers, Roekport; On ward. Arey, Dighton; Mountain Laurel, Langley, Providence; Alpine, Marshal, Norwich. Also ar 1st. schs Martha Maria. Veazie. Ponce 15 days; Agnes. Hodgdon. Sagua 18 days; Mabel F Sta ples. Cole, Galveston 25 days; Alquizar, Young, from Si»ruce Head; Ira Bliss. Hodges, and Herald, Hall, Bos1 on. Cld 2d. barque David Chapin. Bunker, for Buenos Ayres; brig Waltham. Trim, Wilmington; schs C P Gerrish, Armstrong. Boston; Georgietta, Jelliscn, Jacksonville. t all KlvER—Ar 31st, schs Caroline, Wallace, Millbridge; Lookout, Five, Calais. Sid 31st, seb Montezuma, Bulger New York. Ar 1st sch Belle Barbour, Sullivan. St John. NB. PROVIDENCE—Ar 2d, schs Fair Wind, Maddox. Ellsworth; A L Wilder, Rich, Liucolnville for Paw tucket. Also ar 2d. schs Francis Hatch, Fales, Rockland; William, anforth, Ellsworth; Samaritan, Dooge. Calais; Elizabeth, Wall, and Rival, Dunton, from Portland. S11 30th. schs B L Condon, Lord, New York; Snow Bird, Cripps. Portland. VINEYA KD-HAVEN—Ar 1st, schs Harriet Baker, Webber, Port Jolinson for Portland; Challenge, Ben nett, do for Gardiner; Aliie Oakes. PilDbury, and Florida. Thompson, Rockland for New York; Chilion Grant, Portland for do; Grace Cnsliing. Bailey, Gar diner for do; Jennie C Russ. Forbes. Ellsworth for do; Red Beach, Holmes, La Have for do; Dolly gar den. All n. Addison fordo; J S Moulton. Crowley, Windsor, NS for do; Eliza J Staples. St rout, Cberry field lor do; Lizzie. Leighton. St George ior do; Beuj Heed, Adams, Gardiner for Pliiladelnb a; Harry Lee, Mayo, Mt Desert fordo; Henry Whitney, Perkins, Bluehill tor do; Harrv Lee, Mayo, Mt Desert lor do; Anaconda. Wallace. Millbridge tor Providence; Cas tillian, Morgan. Calais. Sid, schs Abbie > Oakes, Z Sr.ow, R Leach. Francis Hatch. E G Knight, and others. EDGARTOWN—Ar 30th, sch W inslow Morse Oli ver. New York for Bath; Tbos Hix, Lurvey, do for Portsmouth. BOSTON—Ar 2d. schs J H Crowlev, Crowlev from Philadelphia; New Zealand, Haskell, Port Jolinson Willie Harrie. Voune, Hoboken. oounson, Aral, barque Sicilian, Percival, frn Messini- hr!,. Milwaukee, Strnut, Port Johnson • set s Chirloue '“.Poeosin Hirer: TW H White? if Pen? Phila.leli.hia, Hudson, Greeley.'tnn.lout; TR E(bfvv^lleLat0D’ ^ort an^» Minetta, Hemman, trom S‘lv V. ba£1nc. Bn'!n,|ibe Billow, RevnolJs. Ca.liz; i l>/'r'l». remie.v, for Shnlee. NS;, Gilmore. Jacksonville. SALEM—Ar 31st, schs Mary Brewer. Saunders. Hoboken; Venelia. Allen. New York; Maine, Lord, amJ “’iror‘3* Brown. Sullivan; Estelle. Pendleton, •JJV.'Olive branch. Hopkins. Ellswirth; Ida, Miller, Millbridge; Henry A. Wade. Waldoboro; Amazon, Warren, and Hume. Farr, Rockland; M L Varney, Eastman, Bath; Leonora, Spoffbrd, Portland for New Haven. PORTSMOUTH—Ar 1st, brig William R Sawyer. Mitchell, New York: set-s Tbos Hix. Hall. II >bnken; Anna Leland. Homer. Port Johnson; Island Belli*, Buck master. Gcorgc’own: Defiance, Thorndike. r*ew York; S J Watts. Watts. Newburg; Capitol. Stanly, Port Johnson; Helen Augusta. Wells, irorn Brashaer Citv; Ella Rose. Conner, Bangor. NEWBURYrORT—Ar 2d, schs A J Dyer, Kelley, Wcehawkon; Adelaide, Chase, Macbias. BATH—Ar 2d, brig Pralrlo Rose, Griffin, Portland, to load for Cuba. FOBEItiN POKTM. Ar at Bombay about 19tU ult, ship Win Woodbury, Henlman, Shields. Sid tm Ak)ubi>rev to 20ih ult, gbip Richard Me Manu», FoHter, for Falmouth, E. Ar at Calcutta 1st lust, ship Timour, Crocker, fiom Liverpool. Ar at Liverpool 1st lust, ship Bcrlba, Pole, San Francisco, 161 days. At Cardift 17th ult, barque Niphon, Day, for Rio Janeiro. At Shields 20tli ult, barque Halcyon, Hardy, for New Orleans, ready. At Newcastle lCih nit, ship Jamestown, Call, for Rio Janeiro. Sid fm Maasilus ICth ult, ship St Joseph, Mont* gomery, Demarara. Sid ini BucnoJ Ayres Apiil 10, barque John Zittlo* sen, Wilkinson, St Thomas. Aral Genoa 15th ult, barque Fieetwing, Davis, New Orleans. At Demarara 10th ult, brig Silas N Marlin, Brown, for New York. _ , „ „ Ar at Si John, NB, 31st ult, sch Montebello, IV at ers, Portland. [Latest by European steamers.] snliiil' '-(vc-rpool I7tb nit, W A Compbell, Curling. ' aro«>dolet, Stetson. do. Ent oilCo'dklnc. Boston. Priscilla MerHU»lie,1iJ?ck,an‘ Sears* St Stephens NB; f1 caicutt*. Cld 2utli pim. it,; Jordan, New York, sailed from’■;ravesSudVl'™),la8er’ Ncw York> <and Ne“ iT" Prussia, Pattcu, from Hull for S1~. T"om.on, flrm Llv New““t. E°VCr 2°‘b’ PaMcn' fro“ “•» *» Ar at Alicante 16th ult, Rablmni, Coombs Pnlmn Sid fm S ville 12lh ult. S P Smith. Dodge. Cadiz ' ' In Elstoore Sound 16lh ult, Eva 11 Ki-k Davii im Philadelphia for Cronstadt. * 6POKEX. April 9, lat 13 S. Ion 2150 W, barque Ada Carter, from Savannah for Rio Janeiro. April 10. lat 49 58 S. Ion 65 31 W, ship Eliza McNeil, from New York tor San Francisco. April 30. lat 41 20, Ion 69 15, sch Lizzie Cochran, from Surinam fot Boston. NEW ADVERTISEMENTS. What is Home without an Organ ? And wliat will au Organ now bo, without a copy of DITSON & CO’S new, delightful, complete col lection of Reed Organ Music, called the ORGANATHOME! Every Organ needs it! The ^■»an 41 Home! Bc8t collection (or Reed o '■*’ gans ! 200 not difficult pieces so or dan-ized that no dull music Is in tnem: the o r g AD, smooth, legato style used, but i as an orga ^ at Home should be cheerful, light And staccato music is not excluded. At present T he Organ in a Home Is often silent, for ■H me music ii not provided for It. Here Is h ome-like, easy, familiar, new mnsic, at ho JMo In every nation, In fact all kinds by whom E verybody considers the best com posers. The publishers tako pride and pleasure in pre senting such a suiHsrtorbook to the public ana be lleve It worthy to be at home in every family. Price. Board, *2-50; Cloth, *3.00; rull gilt, *1.00 OLIVER DITSON & CO.. C. H. DITSON & CO Boston. 711 Br’dway, New York. Dissolution. TIIE copartnership heretofore existing under the firm name of E. McKKXNEY * CO., was dis solved May 14th by the death of the senior partner, Mr. Eleazer McKenney. The affair* of the late firm will be settled by the S-.Z-Tixrlnw partner, Mr. W. L. Ahlen, a. the old stand, No. 82 Thomas Block, Commercial Street. Copartnership. THE undersigned have formed a copartnership under tho ttrni name of W. L. ALDKX & CO , aniliv ill continue the Flour and Comml-sion business Thoms. Hutllr ’c & Co ’.1" ,lle saute Store. No. 82 Thomas Block, Commercial St., to date from May 24. W. S. ALDEN, _ ,, , . „ . F.W. McKENNEY. Portland. June 3,1873. Ju4_ _ *eod2w General Agents Wanted. THE United States Life Insurance Co., in the city t f New York, desire to engage the services of a Urst class man to att as General Agent, at Por land, Blaine. Liueral arrangement, will bo made with the right inan and personal aid will be given in establish ing his local Agents. Address, JOHN B. POWELL, Manager, New Eng. Department 216 Main St., Hartiord, Ct. Ju* d2tJtwlt Idissojlijtiox. THE copartnership heretofore existing under the name of CHAR. PERKY & CO., Is dissolved by mutual consent. CHARLES PERRY, F. W. McKENNEY. _ *dlw Wanted. A CAPA BI.E girl for general konsework at No. 28 Danfor*h Street. jul-dlw Rooms To Let. WITHIN one minute’s walk of Preble House. Enquire at this Office. Ju4-d3t. I Governor Dana Estate AT FRYEBUEG FOR _S_A L £ » THIS valuable property is most favorably located In the charming villagenf Fryburg, 4!i tulles from Portland, on tie line of Pori land & Ugdensburg H K. and commands a wide and most delightful view of the “White Mountain Range,” and the valley of the Saco Rber. Consists of rue acre of 1 nd, on which are located the large and line old MANSION formerly occupied bv th« late Governor Dana, and a Spacious stable, all In through repair, well supplied with pure water, and surrounded by elegant shade trees. Tbe summit of “Pine Hill” is wilhTn 300 rods. The hense measuies 40 x 48; Ellis 50 feet long; Stable 30 x 02. House anil Ell contains 18 rooms aside Irom closets. Kailtood station, Cburc es, and first class School* within a short distance of the house. Sold on'y on account of the 111 health of the owner. Some Furniture will be sold with the house If desired. This Is a rare opportunity for the purchase of a first class summer residrnee in a healthlul and pleasant locality on most favorable terms. A photo graphic view of the property, may be seen at No. 28 Exchange Street, Portland. For terms and further particulars apply to LORING & THURSTON, 28 Exchange Street ' A. A. STROUT, Canal Bank Building. FRANKLIN SHIRLEY, Frytburg. Portland. May 24,1873. my24d3w The National Board of Fire Underwriters —HEREBY OFFERS A— REWARD of $500 For the detection, conviction and ? unishment of par ties chaiged with the crime of aison, In tirii g tLe Premises situate on Larch Street, in the City of Portland, on April 27th, 18 3; said Reward will be paid only on due proof beinj. fu. mshed tbe Executive Committee of tbe conviction aud actual pu lisbment of said criminal*. By Order of tbe Ex ecutive Committee, STEPHEN CItESWELL, Chairman. New York, May 15th. 1873. mj24-d2m M. 8EAYEY, M. D., 243 Congress Street* Has added to his business the Agency of the Health* Lift Co. At his room is a machine which all who are troubled with Lame backs% weak stomachs or imperfect clr cnl ition of the blood aro invited to examine. Ma chi es deliver* d to purchasers at N. Y. prices. Homeopathic medicines aa nannl. ju3-3w $300 REWARD. City of Cortland. City Marshal’s Office, May 14, 1873. Three Hundred Dollars Will be paid by the city to any person who will give information that will lead to the arrest and conviction of the person or j*e sons that set tire to the bouse of M. Welch, on Larch street. April 27,1K73. GEO. W. PARKER. myl5d3m Citj Marshal. ■ 1f lOL WANT TO PIT A DIFFICULT FOOT -GOTO — PALMER’S, 132 Middle Street, Where vnu can get a wide or narrow, full or slim Boot lust the width nnd length ibat will be casv and graceful, and enjoy the rare luxury ot wearing a per fect titling Boot. myleodfiw [Establlalieu 1847.] DALTON & INGERSOLL, Wholesale Dealer* in Plumbers' Supplies! IT Ac 19 Cuioa Si., Boston. Plumbers’ Earthenware a Specialty. Iron Soil Pipe and Filling*, t opper Bath Titb*. Copper Bath Boiler*—.TO to 100 gallon*. Bran* Ac Plateil Fancel*—every variety, for water. 8‘cam and gan. Brns Pipe Ac Fittings—full lines. at Manufacturers* prices to the trade only | Illustrated Catalogues and Price List, showing 600 drawing*, furnished to cuHtoiners. myl6eodlm_ j IV STOCK OF Custom Made Hand Sewed Boots and Shoes is superior to «*ny other Stock in New England in point of quality, style, finish and fit. So don t wrong yourself nv sending your measure to New \ork or Boston, when you can obtain tho very best boots made, and ahvay* a sure fit, of M. ©. PALMER. luyP cutlSw Portland High School. THE Principal of this School having, by reason of other engagement*, declined to be a c ndldate tor re-election, application* Ibr the position maybe made iu person or in writing, accompanied with j references, testimonial*, Ac., until Julv 14,1873. The next term will commence Aug. 25,1873. LMIViS B. SMITH, Chairman S. School Committee. j Portland, May 28, 1873- dtd I miscellaneous. HE POUT OF THlTcwiHTIO.V OF TIIF. CANAL NATIONAL BANK, OF PORTLAND, At close of business April 23, 1873. RESOURCES. Loans ami Discount*. 5*1,365 04 U. 8. Bonds to secure circulation. 333,000 00 Other Bond*. 10 900 00 Due from Redeeming and Reserve Ag’ts. 109.116 40 Due from other Natloual Banks. 4,805 81 Banking Hoyse. 25,000 00 Current expenses. .^,860 55 Checks ami other Cash Items. 15.. 09 00 Bills of National Banks. 10,200 00 Fractional Currency and Nickels. 2,200 00 Legal Tender Notes. CO,000 00 91,791,657 40 LIABILITIES. Capital Stock paid iu. 00 Surplus Fund.120,ooo no Discount. 22,057 13 Exchange. 306 00 Profit and Loss.135,141 39 - $278,404 52 National Bank Circulation outstanding.. 479,430 00 State (lank “ “ .. 9.447 00 Dividends unpaid. 370 00 Individual Deposits. '192,057 67 Due to National Bank*. 31,9*8 21 $1,791,637 40 1, B. C. Homorby, Cashier of “The Canal National Bank, of Portland,” do solemnly swear that the above statement is true to the best of my knowledge anil belief. „ c. goMEHBY, Cashier. Subscribed and sworn to before me this 31st day of May, 1873. GEO. C. PETERS, J P Correct, Attest: W. W. Thomas, > Wm. Hammond, ! Directors. Wm. Dekhino, ) J“2___d3t KEI OKT OF I HE CONDITION or THK Casco National Bank AT PORTLAND, IN THE STATE OF MAINE, At the close of business April 25tb, 1873. RESOURCES. Loans and Discounts.91,298,584 67 U. S. Bonds to secure circulation. 535,000 00 Other Stocks, Bonds and Mortgages. 43,486 ' Due from Redeeming and Reserve Ag’ts. 144,662 89 National Banks. 18 i 69 14 ... . . .. . M.M to Current Expenses.. SS Cash ItemB. 39701 «? Bills of National Banks. lt'907 00 Fractional Currency (Including nickels). ’542 17 Specie.. ......... 8,436 m Legal Tender Notes. 70,000 00 92,207,24 10 LIABILITIES. Capitol Stock. 800,000 n Surplus Fund.180,000 OO Discounts. 29,733 25 Profit and Loss.137,159 14 -326,892 39 Circulation. 479,000 OO Dividends unpaid. 1,190 00 Deposits.563,501 63 Due to National Banks.36,663 08 Toftl Deposits.9601,354 71 $2,207,247 10 STATE OF MAINE, I „ County of Cumberland, ( 8S' I, William A. Winship, Cashier of the Casco Na tional Bank, do solemnly swear that the above state ment is true to the best of mv knowledge and belief. WM. A! WINSHIP, Cashier. Subscribed and sworn to before me, this 31st dav day of May, 1873. A. F. GERRISH, Justice of Peace. Correct, AttestS. E. Sprino, ) I. P. Farrington, J Directors. J. S. Winslow, ) fu2 3t BONDS. >’ew York City . ... j M “ “ . . Brooklyn City - • «’* Jersey City - . 7’( Elizabeth City - • • 7'i Canada Southern R. R., Gold, - 7’g B. & Cedar Rapids R. R., Gold, • 7’s Northern Pacific R. R., Gold, - 7-30’ -FOR SALE BY R. A. BIRD, 97 Exchange St. __ _ feb26 J. B. Brown & Sons, BANKERS, No. 40 Exchange St., PORTLAND, ntlYE. Business the same as an Incor. porated Bank. Interest allowed on Deposits. Dealers in Government Bonds. Gold and Foreign Exchange. Investment Securities constant ly on hand. ,au?0Utt H.M. PATSON &C0. Bankers and Brokers, — OFFER FOR SALE — Portland City .... d’s Kangor.ft’s Bath ..... fts Cook County - - - - 7’s Chicago - .... 7’s Toledo, Ohio - • - - 8’s Scioto County, Ohio - - S’s Leeds A Farmington R. R., guaranteed ft's Portland A Rochester R. K. - - 7’s Maine Central R. R. - . > 7*i Northern Pa 111c R. R. Gold - 7-80’s Government Bonds, Bank Stocks and Gold Bought and Sold. 33 EXCHANGE STREET aj>3 POBTLAND. dtf BONJDS. State of Maine .... <}>s Portland A Bangor City - - ft’s Bath A Rockland City ... (j’s Chicago City - ... ft, Wayne A Clay County, Illinois, • 7’s Toledo, Ohio, - . . 7.30's Northern Pacific R. R., Gold, ■ 7.80’s Burlington Cedar Rapids A Minn. - 7’s Maine Central, Consolidated. • • 7’s Canada, St. John & Halifax Bank notes Bought and Sold. W3U. E. WOOD, Ag't Sent g-dlflf AT Bxrbssse Si. BONDS FOR SALE. Portland City • . • 6’s Bangor “ «’» St. Lonls “ . d’s Elizabeth, N. J., . 7>g Cleveland “ . 7»g 8’s - 7’g 8’g - - 7’g Portland A Rochester R. R. - 7’s Atchison, Topeka A Saute Fe Gold 7’s Northern Pacific R. R. Gold - 7-30’g Chicago, Dan. A Tin. R. R. Gold - 7’s Atlantic & St. Lawrence R. R. Stock and Dcf. Rent Scrip Bororrr by Swan & Barrett, tOO NIIDDLE STREET. febM__rodtt Leavitt, Burnham & Co., WHOLESALE A RETAIL DEALERS IN ICE. No* 14 Cross Stvcet, Portland. «l>» LOWEST RATBS. tut jJi* n. a.

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