Newspaper of Portland Daily Press, June 5, 1873, Page 1

Newspaper of Portland Daily Press dated June 5, 1873 Page 1
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PORTLAND DAILY PRESS. • _ v ———————i—a——p—npapaapcwpjgB—acr— —-y^r»/fi"vaii^M*wa111 _-VT——^- -—imbbhb—oMaao—a———*3—bbOia—y» ■»'■'■ ■ aigygjB—m— ESTABLISHED JUNE 23. 1S62. VOL. 12. _ PORTLAND THURSDAY MORNING, JUNE 5, 1873. TERMS $8.00 PER ANNUm7n ai rV~ ———— _ _ __ ’—■■■■MMII.■!■..■■ ! — -- -I— ■■ - . - -- II ■■_. — - *A' AU?AIM;il« THF PORTLAND DAILY PRESS Published every day (Sundays excepted) by the PORTLAND PUBLISHING CO., At ICO Exchange St, Portland. Terms: Eight Dollars a Year in advance THE MAISE^STATE PRESS ip p’Wished every Thursday Morning at $2 50 a year, if paid in advance, at §2 00 a year. Kaies of Advertising: One inch ol space, eng‘h of column, constitutes a “square.” $. 50 per square daily first week; 75 cents per w ek after; three insertions, or less, 01 00; continu um every other day after first week, 50 cents. *fnli square, three Insertions or less, 75 cents; one week. ?rl 00; 50 cents per week after. Special Notices, one third additional, tinder bead of “Amusements,” $2 oo per squ-re per week; three insertions or less $1 5(>. u Advertisements inserted in the MaiVk nixiv. Press** (wh’cb has a large circulation In every P“rt of thr State) for §1 00 per square for first insertion, and 50 cents per square for each subsequent inser tion. Address ail communications to PORTLAND PUBLISHING CO. BUSINESS CARDS. WILMAN IIMiUl CLSrrOBD, Counsellor at Law and in Patent Causes, NO. 80 MIDDLE ST.. PORTLAND. fiCF*Attends to all kinds of Patent business. marlO d3m I>K. IIEKSOM HAS taken the office of the late Dr. Robinson, ECO CONGRESS St. Office hours, ,9 to 11 A. M.f 2 to 4 P. M “ “ Sundays, to 10 A. M., 4 to 5 P. M Residence, corner Pine and Emery Streets. Or dei s out of office hours may be left with Mrs. Robin inson, 260 Congress St reef, or at bis residence myfitf BENJ. KINGSBURY, JR^ Attorney sat Law, No. 83 Middle Street, POKTLAKD M AIN 3C. (Opposite Canal Bank.) xnay24-dlm SCRIBNERA JORDAN, PATENT AGENTS, 74 MIDDLE, COE., EXCHANGE ST., rOKTLAND, MAINE. SPECIAL ATTEXTIOX GIVEX TO REJECT apr5 ED CASES. eodfcf HENRY F. T. MERRILL, COUNSELOR AT LAW, No, 30 Exvbnnge St,, Porllaiut. Formerly of the U. S. Treasury Department ami Attorney in all the courts in the District of olumbia, will attend to the prosecution of laims beiure the Court of Claims and the various departments at Washington. octll-t ESTABLISHED 1821. Byron Greenough & Co., 140 lliddle Street, PORTLAND, ME. Alilitnry ) i Fircmcu^, Grand Army, 6 n ft ! B»»© Bali, Wary, School, ILaftonic, ) (Club. HATS, CAPS AND CHAPEALS. MADE TO OICDEK, CF^At 11a© Lowest Prices..^ Samples sent on • pplication, and all orders filled *it abort no icc. aprlt i PORTLAND MACHINEWORKS (FOHMKRLY C. STAPLES & SON,) Marine, Btationary ancl Portable STEAM ENGINES, Steam Boilers, Bleach Boilers and Tanks, Shafting. Mill Gcaiing and General Machinery. Castings of lion, trass, aDd composition. Repairing,promptly attended to. CSr~New and Second-hand Engines lor gale. Highest cash prices paid for old Iron. SIS Commercial Street, W. IT. FESSENDEN. aprltlf Portland, Me. GEO. 13. COLLINS, PHOTOGRAPHIC ARTIST, 316 CONGRESS STREET, Is prepared to make all the various styles of Cord Pictures, R» nibranf, ff!c;lntlio:i, A* ., from Retouched Negative*. By this process we G« trid of Freckles, Mole* nii«l other im perfections of the Skin. For all of which no extra charge will be made. All work warranted to please. Call and examine for yourselves. mchlSdtf CHAS. J. SCHUMACHER, FRESCO PAINTER, 5 Deerisig Rlock, AT SCHUMACHER BROTHERS. apr!6^(13m o J. II. LAMSON*" PHOTOGRAPHER, No. 152 Middle Street. PORTLAND, ME. Copying and enlarging done »o order. All the new styles, Berlins, Bembranl^, Medallion, hs Porcelain, or Mezzotint card, aud the rt to neb on card, by which new process wo get rid of freckles moles, wrinkles and all imperfections of the skin. Call and judge for yourselves. IkP’Motto—Good work at moderate Price*. Aim to Please. nay 20 William 11. Phimjey. Jab. L. Lombard. PHINNEY & LOMBARD, Real Estate & Loans, No. 153 La Salle Street, C H I C A GO. Safe investments made for non-residents, and their interests carefully attended to. Reffrences:—Ohns. B. Sawyer, Pres. 5:h Nat’l Bank, Chicago: Chas.H. Mathews, Capitalist, Sclien edady, N. Y.; J. ?. Winsl w & Co., Portland, Me.; S A. Briggs, Yite-Pres. Franklin Bank. Ch.cavo; G. H. Hofcm^r, Lcckport, N. Y.; Pliinuey & Jackson, Portland. Me. apil'-’dif JAMES O'DONNELL, COUNSELLOR AT LAW, has removed to NO. 84 1-2 711DDLE 8TR11KT, (2nd door below Canal Bank,) PORTLAND, NIA.I3S1TC. Commissioner of deeds for the several States. febiO ARETAS SHURTIEFF, No. 6 Moulton Street. Portland, me., — WILL SELL — COMMISSION! ALL KINDS REAL ESTATE. — ALSO — Negotiate Loans on Mortgages! aprifi_,itf JOST & KEILER, FRESCO PAINTERS, Office 131 Middle St., np stairs. PORTLAND. ME. Orders may be left at F. F. Halo’s pict ure gallery aon O. M & F . P. Brooks’. No. 333 Congress St. BhiP'AII Order* prompt!? nit. tided to. 1no2S_ tf W. C. CLARK, 103 FEDERAL STREET, 5 Doom Rant of Tctnplc St., GAS AND WATER PIPING. »p21__ ;f O. W. 8TOCKMAW. M. D., Physic! in anil Surgeon, 807 Congress St., Portland, opposite the Park. max 15dtf ROSS & STURDIVANT, WHOLESALE COAL DEALERS 179 Comroerfiol St., Portland. Sole agents In Maine for the sale and shipment of the Celebrated Coal mined by Messrs, llara tf;ett Nelli & Co., of Philadelphia. have also for sale at lowest market price, "Ukfegbarre, Scranton, Lackawanna, and Pittstou shipped from the vicinity of New York. Ve» ee b procured for the t ran port at ion of coals from pjrt of fchipment o any point desired. t£apr27 BUSINESS CARDS^ M. 8EATET, M. 349 Congress Street. Has added to Ills business tho Agency of the Health-Lift Co. .. 1 • , „ „-,.i,ina which all who are troubled Hib mat s'omnchs or Imperfect eir cnlallonof the blind are Invited to examine. Ma chines deliver-d to purchasers at N. y. pi ices. MomorpndiK me .Heines n» UBnr.l, ju3-3w J. H. HOOPER, l1 P U O LSTERER Kos. 31 and 33 Free St, MANUFACTURER 0? Parlor Suits, Lounges, Spring Heels, oVIattresses, ?£c5>o:songli Patent Bed IaOuugcM, En anielfi! Chairs, Arc, 19^All kinds of repairing neatly done. Furniture | boxed and matted. oct5-*69T T&Stf FATJUiYIS — IN ALL — COUNTRIES. SCRIBNER & JORDAN’, i i 71 Middle Street, cor. Exchange, PORTLAND, ItlE., Secure Inventions, Trade Harks and De signs in all Countries where Patent Laws exist. Assignments made and sent tor record. Consul'a im personally or by letter free. Letters I promptly answered. Models and Drawings furnished. Extensions, Re-issues, Interierence and Disci aim ; ers attended to at living prices. Examinations made and opinions given as to tlie patentibilitv of inventions. njy23d&w3m .T. 21. FOGG, Attorney and Counsellor at Law, 1101-2 EXCHANGE ST., (Corner of Exchange and Federal Sis.,) fcl?27 PORTLAND. .MIT,. tf BUSINESS D111 ECTOR Y. Agency for Sewing Machines. W. H. OVER, No. Ur* middle St. Ail Linds of Macliinm for sale aitd to Set. Repairing:* Bakers. W» V fOBB, IVus/iSnnd :JO Pearl Hircet. ©u direct route between Vew Cndom IIoiimc n iid Pod Office, near I lie Harlu‘1. Booksellers and Stationers. nOYf, FOOf! & BREE1>,!Vo.9l Middle Street. Book Binders. »VK. A. OIINI V, Room li, Priuioc’. Exchnnge. Wo. ill Exrsnc^r St. SMALL & 8HA€EFOBD,No.B5 Plum Street. Carpenters ar.d Builders. WKITOEI &■ .1IEANS, Pearl Kirtot, ®n positc Park. Dentists. UR. TV. R. JOHNSON, over II. If. liar’*. Dye-House. E, SV.WVBS, BiuSia St. Voivn f loat,* <iyc«l and (iiiiNbed. F081'F?5!;i J£ye Hoiiwe, raiosi Stiee?.* Furaiture-rWholesale and Retail. i WAI.TEB COBET & CO., Arcnc!,r. No. ' S 8 Free Street. | RKORCSF A. TVHffTVEY, Wo. W Ex* fUasige St. 6.'[t!io!sijr;s:;r of r»* biuitn done to order. ; Furniture and House Furnishing Hoods. , BFIYI. ADAM.^fCor. Exchau^e and Fed eral Street*. I DOOFER & F.ATOW, Old Pod ©fflre, Sixchunci* Street. I Is. F. IEOVT, We. It Preble Street. ITp holMtrriug doue to order. Furnitnre and Upholstering. DAVID TV. DEANE, No. S» Frdornl Si. All kinds of ITphcl* ci'icgaud Repairing done ;o order. uair woods aim joiiet Articles. j J, F. 8QERRY, IVo. ?* Clapp9* Clerk CongrcRfl Street. opposite Old City linil. Horse Shoeing and Carriage repairing in the best possible lunnnor by S. YOiNG & CO., IVo. 160 Fore St. Jewelry and Flno Watches. A RIVER EOWEEI., "Ol S'oncrro, Street. AgcatH for SSowanl Watcb Company. dlaunf.v ,..rers of Trunks, Valises and Carpet-Bags. 3. It. RERAN & C®„ 171 Middle trad fi 1 <> Federal Street*. Masons and Builders. N. E. KEMI.ON, m 1-3 Congress Hi. Taper Hangings, Window Shades, and Carpetiugs. LOTIIIIOP,])FVKSS& CO< ,<>i Exbacge Sree! and 49 Market St. Tliotographers. A. S. PAVES A- CO., No. SO Middle Stmt. J. II. l.AMSON, 158 Middle St.,cor. Cross. Plumbers. JAMES M!M,EI5, No. 91 Federal girett. JEvery de*eripfion of Water Fixlnre* ar ranged and Ret up in the best manner. Jobbing promptly attended tc. Plasterer, Stucco Wort or, &c. P. FFENfY, Cor. Cniaherland end Frank lin Si*. Real Estate Agents. JOHN C. FKOCTEK, No. 98 Exclistiae Street. «KO. K. MAVIS <fc Co.. No. 801 1-7 Con jpress Street. Silver and Plated Ware. ABNER I.OVVEVjE., 801 CongrcH, Wired. Signs and Awning Hangings, done by N. VOt .MJ A C»., nt No. 109 Fore Street. my30*2m St-liools. EKCLISn and FRENCH SCKOOI., Pto Congress Street. Stair Builder. SB. F. IitBRY. 1,0. *23*4 Fore Street, cor. Cro*« St., in D« leno’w Mill. C*. Ij. HOOPER A CO., Sneee**or« fo I.ittlefieid & Wilson, Cor. York A Ma ple Street*. Watches, Jewelry, Are. J. W. & *1. II. MCBE'FFEE.Cor. Middle A- K nion St*. Grand Trunk Railway Company of Canada. OLD MATERIAL FOR SJARF! The Granrl Trunk Railway Company ig prepared to receive tenders for the following old materials ly ing at Portland, viz: ESTIMATED QUANTITY. 5 Tons Spring Steel. 1-2 “ Wrought Iron Turn ings. I„2 « Cast |,ol. Turnings. 40 “ Wrought Iron. Driving! s‘raight Axles Loco. Driving0*** <iailk -**»«* **™ 2 “ Straight Axles. 500 Libs Rubber Springs. 2 Tons Steel Tyres. I “ Light Sheet Iron. Parties tendering will state price per pound and must be prepared to pay cash before d* livery. Ten ders endorsed 'louder f »r old materials, and address! ed to “The Secretory anil Treasurer, Oriiml Traiih Railway Company, Montreal.’’ wib be leceived on or before Saturday the 14th of Juno next. C. J. BRI DGES, Managing Director. Montreal, May 20, 1873. may31-u6t DRUGGISTS STAJ¥® FOR SALE! . One of the Tery best stands In the city for ft Druggist, Is on the corner of Fore and India Streets, which is new offered for Sale. For particulars inquire immediately of Lufkin & Co., No. 2 Woodman Block. MRS. ELIZA A. CUSHMAN. Portland, Aptil 15,1873. aprlCdtf REAL ESTATE. F. ©. Patterson's Ileal Estate Bulletin. MOTVF.Y TO ©si First-Class iill/liu J Ulortgages of Real Estate *ii S’oill ml and vici**ify. Ilrni Estate bon^bt and sold. Beats collected. Apply ta F. G. PATTKBS1IN, Real Estate and Mortgage Broker, over Loirrlt’i Jewelry Store, apffldtf Cor. Congress A* B own Sts. House on New High St. for Sale ! \ NEW 21 story house containing 17 finished rooms with closets and clothes presses, and every modern improvement; good cellar and sewerage; house be ted by furnaco. Lot 33 x 92. This is a rare opportunity for a purchaser to buy a goo I piece of property, centrally locate Apply to F. G. PAT TERSuN, dealer in Real Estate. ^u3d2w BcrI Estate for Sate. A TWO story House, 8 rooms, cellar, lot 40x93, on llanoxer street. Price 32500. Terms 3500 • down, balance time. Apply to K. G. PATTERSON, dealer in Roal Eslalc._iuyg4cod2\v For Sale. It WO double tenement Houses on Cotton street— No. 13, two tenements, five rooms each—No. 9, two tenements, seven rooms each. Also House No. 28 Bramhall street, arrauged for one or two families; lot 40x113, fronting on tiro streets. This property is newly finished ami in complete order, and will be sold as the health of the owner demands a change of climate. Apply to I.EON M. B0*vi>01N or *. G. PATTERSON, Real Estate and Mortgage Broker. my5 ti “ for saff“ A SUPERIOR Hay Farm, in South Gorham, eight miles from Portland bv JOHN L. CURTIS. my22 lw* then tf \ mice Mirouruan Residence FOR LEASE. The commodious two story brick house on Stevens* Plains, formerly occupied by the late Wm. L. Wilson. The houce con -_-_Ertain* twelve finished rooms, includ ing Ba h all in good repair. The lot contains more than an acre. Nice Grape Vines, also Apple and Pear Trees, t gether with a good stable and ex cellent water. Apply to WM. H. JERRIS, Real Es tate A'»eut, corner Congress and Myrtle streets, my 19 d3w Blosises for Sale. 3 HOUSES on Daufurth street from §1000 to $10, 000 Four houses cn State street, prices from §5000 to -$50,000. Also houses on Pine, Cumbcrlaud.Congress, North, Tyng and Salem streets. Inquire of JOHN C. RROC TE «, 93 Exclian ge st reet. My 29d9t Ifonse for Sale ? THE two-story' house. No, 8 Carleton Street. This house is in good repair, is well located in a good neighborhood. Has a good collar, water and gas throughout. Can bo seen any altcrnoon between tbo hours oi 2 and 4. For further information apply to niv27tt EDWARD P. CHASE, No. 3 Oak St. For Sale in Peering. A FEW minutes walk from City limits. 25 acres of Land with nearly 1000 feet froutage, with Buildings thereou, consisting of TWO STORY HOUSE and two large Barns in good repair. The Land cx teudin' through from one street to another, making it all available for HOUSE LOTS and will shortly be wanted for that purpose. It will be divi led into two or more lots if desired. If not sold before June l8t„k will be sold at auc tion. For terms, etc., enquire at Cushman’s Fruit store. No. 30G Cougress street. _ * myl3tf A S<*a-Sitl«» Home For Sale. Only four miles from Portland, on Casco Bay. '|ll Good two-story house, painted white, with :*2L green blinds. Four acres land and a store.— Some fruit and wood. One of the finest localities on the bay, live minutes walk to the shore. Can be had at a bargain. Apply to WM. H. JERRIS, Real Es tntc Agent._ my2Gd3w* For Sale. rilHE house on State Street, occupied by the un X dersigned. This house is thoroughly built of brick and stone and has all modern conveniences. ALLEN HAINES. Portland, Sep. lbth, 1872. sepl9-tt House for Sale. ]Vr0.22 Bramhall Street the south-westerly half of iX a block of two houses containiug twelve linDhecl rooms; suitable for two families or one; fronting cn two streets; am pit room tor stable. Apply on the premises. my6*lm Real Estate tor Sale. THE HOUSE at No. 6 Tare Street, and lot extend ing through on Brackett street, with Stable. Also, a lot cr 10 acres of Hay Field wlih a good Barn situated in Scarboro, on the Paine road near Hubbard Libby’s, about 6 miles from Portland. The above property will be sold at a bargain hv applying to MRS. T. E. STUART, No. CGI Washington street, corner oi Pine, Boston, Mass, myl d2ni Desirable llonsc on Anderson Street for Sale Cheap. THE property No. 1 Anderson St. consisting of a 3 story House, containing 18 rooms ample clos ets. fine cellar, good water. Property now rents for $368 per annum. For p rticuiars call on J. C PROCTER, 93 Exchange street, or F. O. BAILEY & CO., 18 Exchange street. ap26tf Hotel Property for Sale ! I NT NORTHBORO mass. THE Assabet House, beautifully situated on public square in center of the village, on Railroad 25 miles fr in Boston. House is uew and of modem style, and contains 38 rooms, dance hall, b lliards&c. Large stable, 30 stalls. Will be sold at a great bar gain; owner wislieR to retire from business. Apply to D. C. PAGE, Northboro, Mass. _apr23-6w» For Sale in tlie Town of West brook. A FINE residence one-half milo from the Railroad Depots, Post-oflice. £0'd Schools and Churches, six miles fr m Portland; House and Ell two stories thirteen finished rooms, double parlors with marolc mantles, Wood-house and Stable connected—all in good repair, painted and blinded, Barn 40 x CO on the premises; grounds contain 15J acres, excellent land, well fenced, 30 apple and pear trees, 4 aero choice straw berries, three good wells of water U|*on the place and good cistern In the collar, cellar under whole House, fine cement bottom; grounds ornamented witl) fine shade trees. This is one oi the finest resi dences in the county. Terms easy. Enquire of 3. R. Davis & Co-, Portland, or Oti- Brown, Wostbrook. martltf • T!ist illarr farm for Sale or io Let. © ITUATE1) in Scarborough, and for sale low. It ~ being a stock farm, any one desiring such would do well to call and see it beforo purchasing else where. Apply At once corner of Middle and India Streets, or on the premises. aprl2dtjuul* FOR SALE. A LOT of vacant land, situated on the wi st side of High, between Pleasant an I Danforth, Sts. This let has a front of about 61 feet and is about 194 feet deep, and plans have been drawn by How, for a block of seven or nin genteel and convenient resi dences, and adapted for the same. Enquire of EDWIN CHURCHILL, No. 4 Portland Pier. mar28 From 12 to 2 o’clock, P. M. Real Estate. FOR Sale, or lease lor u term of years, the proper ty belonging to the estate of Francis O Libby, and formerly occupied by him on the corner of Freo and High Streets. HARRISON J. LIBBY, I , , . FRANK W. LIBBY, j A,lm r8* mar24 tf The “Limerick House,” FOR SALE* The 8»io-cribor offers ror sole his Hotel pro} rty in Limerick Village, York County. The house has 22 rooms all in good repair, wiib slied and two large stables adjoining: two wells of water on the premises, ami every convenience for a first-class Hotel. The “Limerick House” is well situated for securing liberal patronage. Enquire further of the owner. JOSEPH G. HARMON, Limerick, Me. Rea! Estate for Sale. HO USE AND LOl NO. 76 STATE ST., Lot contains 34.000 feet of land, with fine xuit gar den, cold, ginnery, etc. Apply to W* H. FESSENDEN, marGtf 215 Commercial Street. i on SALL. THE Residence of Mr. J. M. Churchill, situated on the corner of State a«>d Danforth Streets in this city. The lot is 325 ft. on Slate Street and 151 ft. on Danfortb Street,and coutainsabout 50,000 ft., includ ing the Mansion Hou-e in thorough repair, and the large brick Carriage House and Stable. It is one of the most desirable places in tlio city, either in its j-resent state or to cut up in lots. For plans and particulars, call on J. C. Procter* mavlO___dtf Hotel For Sale or Lease. A The well and favorably known SS A K * JR HOUSE, l^eafiaUly located at Yarmouth, ten miles MAfrom Portland. The trains of the Grand i,n,,uA"_7'runk road stop within a few rods of the etor «« i, m® very favorable. Apply to the propri Accnt piS •1're™iKes, or Wm. II. Jerri*, Real Estate Agent, PoiMamL myl9-lm* ,¥°H «ALE! OJiCOJiCREss ST. neak casco. About 5000 feet Land. WitmwelhK8,^erpcfe«"rf Can at a small outlav be easily Ch™™i . stores, vitb the tenemcn s oyer ! Ia n, n*°, *,ire<’ rent for from SI600 tn 81800. Bulldlu.. lh8n par. Title perfect. Termsea y. 8 in Kuod re Enqt’.ire at CUSHMAN’S FRUIT STORE, | No* 306 Congress Street mj‘22 dtf ’ _REAL ESTATE. For Sale. BRICK HOUSE No. 5 Park place. A desirable House, in good order. If not sold by .Tune 10th will be leased for a terra of years. Inquire of JOHN C. PROCTER, 93 Exchange‘street. ju2dlw House Lots For Sale* A DESIRABLE lot on the comer of Danforth and Brackett streets, suitable for 3 good bouse lots. — ALSO — One lot on Spruce street. Four lots on Congress street. One lot on the comer ot Pearl and Federal streets, fronting the Park. Two lots on Church street. One lot on Deer street. For sale '•heap on liberal terras. Inquire of JOHN C. PROCTER, 93 Exchangs st. my29d9t For Sale. HOUSE AND LOT No. 79 Oxford street. House contains 14 finished rooms good cellar. Lot 27 x 10U feet besides passage. To be sold cheap. Im mediate possession given. Inquire of JOHN C. PROCTER, may!7d3w 93 Exchange street. For Sale. DOUBI^E Tenement House corner Myrtle and Ox ford streets suitable for one or two families. Oas and Sebago throughout. J^dlw ' M. G. PALMER. Summer Residence for Sale AT SO. FREEPORT ME. IJEAUTIFULLY situated oil the Harrasccket 9 River. 2* miles from Maine Central R. R. Sta tion, 4£ miles from Grand Trunk R. R. Station. Splendid Boating, Fishing, Gunning and Diiving in the vicinity. Parties desiring a pretty summer residence will do well to call on RYAN & KELSEY, 161 Commercial st. my27d2wPortland Me. # _HOTELS. Rocky Point Hotel, RHODE ISLAND. Season of 1873. ON THE EUROPEAN PLAN. This well known and popular Summer Resort situ ated ou Narragansett Bay. between the cities of Prov idence and Newport, will be open (or the reception of guests June 25th. To meet the growing demands of the public, the capacity of the House has been in creased since last season, by the addition of a num ber of rooms, all large, airy, and newly furnished. A new Restanrant. of an increased seating capacity has also been added, Eight steamboats a day from Providence arid Newport. For information in regard tojtcrms, etc., address, City Hotel, Protidenee, I?. 1 , L. H. HUMPHREYS, Proprietor. ju2 d2w WEBSTER HOUSE, 382 HANOVER ST., BOSTON The Proprietor having refitted and refurnished this Hotel, respectfully solicits the patronage of tho»e vis iting BnstoD on business or pleasure. Terms: Rooms ml full board, S2 per day. Rooms without boaid, for each person, 75c. to $1. This h-use is within five minutes’ walk ofiill the Eastern Steamer Landings and Depot. It .'rintaius 125 rooms, every convenience for comfort, and under the management of Mr. G. W. RELYEA, must prove attractive to the travel ing public. Carriages in constant attendance and Horse Cars pass the door. mahl5eod3m BEAL’S MOTEL,” NORWAY. MAtNE The subscriber, having leased F>eal’s Hotel, one ot the best arranged houses in the State, having all the modem improve ments and being entirely refurnished, is prepared to take Summer Boarders anil entire Families at a very low' price. The locality is one of the pleas antest in the State, a first class livery establismeut is connected with the House, and its teams connect with all trains tit >outh Paris, ono mile distant. All inquiries by mail promptly answered. O. II. GREEK!, Proprietor. Norway, Slay 15, 1873. myl6dlm Commercial House, Cor. Cross and For© Sts. Portland, Maine. 4 This House built since the great Fire, has [recently beou leased by the undersigned, and extensive alterations arc now being made, which when completed will make the t__JHouse one of the most convenient, and well arranged in the State, will be entirely renovafed, new Furniture added, and kept as a Hotel should be kept Will easily accommodate One Hundred and Fifty Guests. The Reading Room will be supplied with every Daily Paper publ islie l in the State. Open June 1st, 1873. WM. F. HUSSEY, Recently Clerk Augusta House. TEP.MS $2.00 PER DAY. may 16 dtf GEEIV HOUSE, WHITE MOUNTAINS, N. H. Tins iavorite Siinraer resort will bo opened for tbe season June 12, 1873. ^Address until 1st W. & C. E. Mill-ken, Portland* JT. M. THOMPSON & CO., my17dCw Clrn House. THIRD SALE. — OF — YEARLINGS — AT — HOME FARM, MILTON, MASS., ©a Saturday, June 7, 1873, at lO A. J?I. No. 1.—DRAGOON,chestnut colt, foaled March 18, 1872, by Fear naught, dam Virginia, brought from the South a«ter tbe war by B. ... Crowninshield,Esq. No. 2.—DAWN, bay filly foaled April 4, 1872, by Fearnaught, dam Bes-ie, by Ethan Allen. No. 3.—DEVOTION, chestnut filly, foaled April 15, 1872, by Fearnaught.da „ Hereey Mare, by Frank lin, he by Old Black Howk. No. 4.—DIADEM, chestnut colt, foaled April 18, 1872, by Fearnaught, dam Black Pearl, by Balrcw me out of the famons Lady Sutton. _ No 5.-—DUPLICATE (one of twins), chestnut colt, foaled April 24, 1872, by Fearnaught, dam Imp. Can ary , an Irish foxbunter. No. 6.-DEBORAH, black filly, foaled April 30, 1872. bv Fearnaught, dam Darkness, by Ericsson, be by old Mambrino Chief, the sire of Lady Th' rn. No. 7.—DAPHNE, chestnut filly, foaled May 18. 1872, by Fearnaught,dam Ruth, by Franklin. No. 8—DIANA, chestnut filly, foaled May 19, 1872, by Fearnaught, dam Mimi, by Ringgold. No. 9.—DORA, caestnut filly, foamed May 20, 1872, by Fearnaught, dam Nellie Cotton, by Ivaukoe (Mor gan). No. 10.- DAIRYMAID, black filly, foaled May 30, 1872, oy Fearnaught, dam Fannie Prewitt, by Erics son. No. 11.—DAYBREAK, chestnut colt, foalod Juno 1.1872, by Fearnaught, dam imp. Maud, b^ the King of Hanover’s Bruckwil ow.and out of a maro oelong ing to the famous family of OrlofF trotters of Moscow. She has trotted in 2.28. No. 12.—DANDY JIM. chestnut colt, foaled June ^ Fearnaught, dam Juliet, by Young Mor jno 13—DEFIANCE, chestnut filly, foaled June 7s 1872, bv Fearnaught, dam Hamblctcnia. by Rvsdyk’, Hambletonian. No. 14.—DOUGLASS,' hestnut coll, foaled June 16, 1872, by Fearnaugbt, dam Ycllawbamnier, a Can adian stecplecliaeser. No. 15.—DECOY, bay colt foaled June 17, 1872, by Fearnaught, dam Emmie, by Volunteer. No. 16.—DISDAIN,Black filly,foaled June 19, 1872, by fearnaught. dam Ringlet, by Brignoli (now 51am brino Prince), he by old Ni ambrino Chief. This list contains all my Fearnaught yearlings.and each is believed to be sound. Cars leave Old Colony depot for Milton Lower Mills at 9 o clock. No postponement on account of weather. mylOtd H. S. BUSSELL. A. S. LYMAIS’S Patent Pure Dry Air Refrigerator Tlic best ami Only Reliable One in the Market. IT is indispensable to Butchers, Provision dealers. Hotel Keepers. Grocers and Restaurant*. Will save more than its cost even- Summer. Butchers I w.n° use it, in its best form, will soon find cheir meats recommended by their customers. The internal ar rangement is such that a current oi cold ai*- is kept constantly moving over the contents of the Refrigrr ator. The Patent upon this lias been fully tested in tne U. S. Courts and its validity established in eigh teen cases. „ For LICENSE, RIGHTS, &c., apply to SCOTT D, JORDAN, AGENT FOR NIAZWli, So. 2 Park Street or So. 80 Middle St., to wh^m all applications should be made, and who j j has full power to settle infringements, mclileodtf I Saw Gummer & Sharpener. A CHEAP, simple, and durable Machine—easily operated and runnijg wheels from 8xi inches to 12 x linch. Price of Machine, - - $15. Wheels which bevel'ed, double bevelled and round face from $2.12 to $7.35, according to thick ness. Heavier Machines $70 and $90, run ning Wheels up to 24 inches In diameter. For illustrated Pamphlets or Photographs, address THE TANITK CO. myScod3m Stroudsburg, Monroe Co., Pa. ror Sale. TWO second hand Boilers 30 feet long. 4 feet in di ameter, with 2 flu:s 15 inches In diameter, shell 7-16 th'ek ; they are in good order and just the thing for burning tan, edgings, slabs and BawdusP Enquire of S. H. L. PIERCE, 415 Dorchester Avenue, myl4-lm South Boston, Mass. WANTS, LOST, FOUND. Valise Lost. LOST, between G. T. R. Depot and Stale St., a small Valise. The Under will be rewarded by

eaving the same at &3 State St. ja3-3t* * WANTED! SIX ROOD C4RPKMTI RS. Enquire of WHITNEY * MEANS, JuMSt ' 80 Pearl street. Wanted. AG IliL fir general bouse work at No. 211 Cumber land Street. ju3*3t Wanted. A MILLINER at W. L. Snell’s, 337 Congress St. ___ Jug-dtf Board Wanted. FOR two persons in a private family where there arc no other boarders. Not particular as to the table. 1 wo pleasant sleeping rooms, ami good, plain rood only required. A good fair price will be paid tar the right place. Address „ H. B. RUSSELL, Tost Office. may2t__ eod3w» Wanted. A""•(lOOD GlRLtodo housework. Enquire at.Sdi Middle Street, * myS'kilw_W. F. MORRILL. Wanted to Rent. A GOOD sized Parlor ami two sleeping rooms in a good location. Inquire at 327 Congress Street. my 30 ,i|W Wanted Immediately. FIFTY Coat Makers. Steady employment and good wages. Good board readily obtaiued. w. & W. n. BACON, & CO.. Sonth Windham, Maine. _mav29_ »d2w 500 Good Girls Wanted Immedia tely. -GOOD Girls of ail nations, for bousewo’k in town and country; table girls for Saloon, Laundry and Kitchen; girls for Hotels, Slimmer and Beach Housrs: Cooks, Chamber, and Scrub girls. Forest City Employment- office. MRS. L. HOVEY, 314 Congress Street. rcy”?__ dim* Wanted. TV active intelligent young men to act as News -R- Agon's on the train. Good wages can be made. Reference and a deposit, required. Apply to _, , C. H. CHISHOLM BROS., my27dtf 371 Commercial St., Portland. Wanted. ALIVF. man to drive n Bread Cart. Satisfactc iy references roquesie.l, at BLAKE’S BAKERY, mv21dtf Congress Street. Coat and Pant Machine Girls want ed at SMITH, MORGAN & BUTLER’S. niy 20___dtf WANTED Custom Coat and Vest makeer at 8. .1IATHIA1 & CO., my2Ctf _ 08 Exchange street. CUTTERS WANTED, — AT — SMI TH, MORGAN A BUTLER’S. myli_d££_ Rooms Wauled. IX a pleasant part oftlte city, furnished or unfur nisbed, with or without board. Address E. B., 37 Brown St., Portland. mayl4tf Experienced Coat, Pant and Vest Makers Waited at SlttlTII, MORGAN & SiTLE^, Cor. Middle &z Marlvot Sts, apr25dlf . Wanted A MAN who understands repairing Furniture. -lA. Apply at 125 Federal St. apr23_ tf U I V, U I COAT MAKERS AT CHESLEY’S, rach2Wtf I«r 3UDD3.E STREET. Wanted. APLEASAXT room on Spring St., or vicinity, furnished or unfurnished. Without board. janlOtt Address BOX 1336. EDUCATIONAL, ©IVOITY SCHOOL —OP— Harvard University. THIS SCHOOL is Open to persons of all denomina tions. Pecuniary aid is afforded to those who are needy and deserving. The next Academic Year will begin SEPTEMBER 2Gth. Further information will be given on application to Prof, OLlVEBSTMRNS,.D. O.. or Prof. E. J. YOUNG, Cambridge, Mass. mar27-lamtjel-thenedtjyl Navigation Scliool J A NAVIGATION SCHOOL will he opened at No. 15J Exchange street, March 3d, to bo under I the - barge of Capt. Edward Breen and C. H. Farley. Instruct! »n will be given every afternoon by Cant. Breen, and Monday and Friday evenings by C. H. Farley. The course will begin with decmal arithme tic, and well comprise Plane, Traverse. Parallel Mid dle Latitude sailing; the use of Logarithms: the use and a-»j istment of Nautical Instruments; Latitude by Sun and Stars, and Longitude by Chronometer Lunar otservations will not be included in the course but will be taught if desire I. The evening instruction will be given beforo tho wbofo class, wheu the various problems involved in navigation will bo worked out upon the black-board and illustrated by suitable diagrams and appara’u*, and the use and ad Justine t of Instruments explain ed. Subjects collateral to navigation such as Mete orolgy, Ocean Currents, &c.t will also be introduced at the evening sessions. For terms, apply to C. H. Farley, No. 4 Exchange street. * febl9tf WATCHES, Chronometers and Clocks, Of Foreign and American Make, Spectacles aistl Jewelry, .At 54 Exchange St* —BY— WI. SENTER, AGENT for the Superior Wnlliiain W(1 tr brtt, which maintain their well earned reputatiou fur timet'oeping and reasonable price. In every vati ety of gold and silver cases—open face anil '-unters Kov win lors and stem winders. myl2-dly Dissolution of Copartnership. NOTICE is hereby given that tho copartnership heretofore existing ttuder the firm name of Sam uel Rounds & Sons, is this dav dissolved by mutual conscut. SAMUEL ROUNDS, GEO. II. ROUNDS. CHAS. F. ROUNDS. Copartnership \'oiiec. mBE undersigned have this day formed a copnrt A nership under the firm name of Ronuds, Sar gent & Co., and will continue the Business of dealers la Coal & Wood, at tho old stand of Samuel Rounds, ■it Sons, No. 38 Commercial Street They will settle all ('.inlands ot the late firm of Samuel Rounds & Sons. SAMUEL ROUNDS, GEO. H. ROUNDS. EDWARD II. SARGENT, apra_ dtf Notice to Buyers of all kinds Carriages. I HAVE and keep constantly on hand a large as sortment ot all kinds of Carriages such as Phae tons, Tors and no Toil Buggies, Express and two Feat Wagons, and the side-spring business Wagon, which lor style and durability are not surpassed. Cg^For sale 10 per cent, clipper than can be pur chased in the city, at JOHN ARAMS’, SAOCAEAPPA, ME. apr29__ TT&S3II1 Ship Timber and Knees. I HAVE the largest and best srock ot Ship Knees in toe State. Also best quality seasoned White uak Treenails, and '•an furnish Hackmatack, Hartfvioodor White Oak Tiuibca- aud Plank »t the lowest cash prices, Portland, Dec. 30.1872. 1 TA1I'R1R For Sale In Portland by HALLL. DAVIS, LOR ION, SHORT A HARMON. R. K. ti UNT & CO. aus29 _*w,lT DtUVNISOW’W PATtUT niiipi’imi tags Over 200 million.** have been used with in i he past ten years without c mplaint |){loss by tag becoming detached. Ail I Express Companies use them. Sold by Printer* «“d »w»lioucr* Everywhere. aprl7 TT&S3m TO LEI. For Rent. The corner House in the new block on Neal I;;; and Brackett si root*. F no Bathing Room, laiWatcr closets, G;s and Schogo. Possession given immetliately. Apply to F. G. PAT1KRSON, dealer in Real Estate. * ’ Ju3d2w To Let, A SMALL tenement of 5 room* lu tl:c upper part of house 22 Bramhnll St., to a family without children. Gas and a plenty of good water.* Ju3 *l*\r To Fei, T°n pvna.ll family, the second floor of house No. 4 JL Carloton Street, with gas, hard and soft water. Apply o.i the premise*. ju2-dtf To be Fci. I.TURN1SIIED Rooms. Inquire of C. E. SMITH, roy30 dlw*No. 2 Telman PNce. Country House to Let. TIIE STACKPOLE HOUSE in Gorham, one mile from Saccarappa. pleasantly situated on the roa^l to Gorham Village, will be b-t for a summer residence. from June 1st. It is suitable for one or ino;t* fa • Hies. Apply at office of Portland Packing Co., Commercial street. *«y27 eoJ2w To Let. A HOUSE of G rooms. A small family without young children. Sabbath keeping people. En quire at No. 108 Newbury stieet. my27dif To Let. HOUSE No .is S*ate street, corner of Gray. Pos session given at once. Apply from 1 to 2 and G to 8 P. M. . W. F. HUSSEY. my26(12w Rooms to Let. rnWO gentlemen an 1 tlielr wives and two or three X single gentlemen can be accommodated with pleasant rooms and board at No. 75 Free Street, may 9 tf House to Rent or Lease. TIIE upper tenement of honse No. 31 Emery St., consisting of six rooms, a'l very pleasantly situ ated ; with Gas and Sebago Water, &c. Inquire on the premises. anrl9dtf _WILLIAM II. GREEN. To Let. ONE OF THE BEST OFFICES ON EXCHANGE STREET. Enquire of GEO. A. WHITNEY & CO,. mar2itf No. 4G Exchange St. STORE TO LET. A la^go hrielc store in the Racklcft Block, corner Middle and Ceurch streets—basement and “rat floor, elegantU finished and adapted to Jobbing dry goods or other similar trade. Apply to ALLEN IIATNES. septlldtf GRASS SEED. 2000 Bags Western Timothy Seed 1500 “ Canada “ *• 1«00 “ Bed Top “ 500 “ Itfichignn Clover “ 200 “ Ohio “ *> 400 “ No. New York “ “ lOO Pea Vine, “ “ 150 “ Afsikc “ “ 100 “ lUiilet “ lOO “ Hungarian Grass “ 100 “ Orchard “ *“ FOR SALE AT THE lowest Cash Price. | KENDALL & WHITNEY. mch26 tf PROPOSALS. PROPOSALS will be received at. this Ofljce until 10 o’clock, TUESDAY, the 17th day of June, 1873,for improving flic following named rivers, viz: 1. Machias River. Maine.—For the removal of about 2,000 cubic yards of the rock known as Middle Rock, in the harbor of Machias, Me. 2. Penobscot River, Maine.—For the removal of about 575 cubic yards of the sunken ledge, known as Gr»en*s Pier I-edge, in the harbor of Bangor. Me. Persons desiring to mako proposals for the above named works are requested to apply to the under signed at his Office, No. 11 Clapp’s Block, Congress Street. Portland. Me., or at No. 2 Bulfhicli Street, Boston. Mass., for printed forms, specifications and further information concerning the same. U. S. Engineer Office ) “ GEO. THOM, Portland, Me., > Lieut. Col of Engineers. June 2,1873. ) Bvt. Brig. Gtn. U. S. A. ju2dGt nrjiTivT i* 1HAVE nrnvcd my office to No. 17 Exchange St., Ocean Insurance Co. Building. J, II. IIAMLEN. Portland, June 2, 1673. Notice. HAVING made arrangements with Lumber man ufacturers of Southern Pine at all the princi pal shipping ports, I am now prepared to fill orders for Ship, Factory, Car aud Bridge buildmg, South American and West Indies cargoes, at lowest rates. J. II. IIAMLEN, Lninber and General 'Commission Mcr chaut, No. 17 Exchange St., Portland, Me. No. 47 South St., New York. Portland, June 2, 1873. tf BL'RROWES BROTHERS, CARPENTERS AND BUILDERS, Doles)’* Planing Mill, foot of Cros* St. HAVING enlarged our shop and fitted it up with the latest improved machinery (by the aid of wbi* h we are enabled to get out our wo 'k accurately aud expeditiously.) we are now prepared to take con tracts of any size in the building line. Plans and specifications prepared + a reasonable pri e. We can on the shortest possible notice furnish the win dow and door frames and all the Inside snd outside finish for any description of building. Those about erectingsea side house* please take note of ihe above. We have superior facilities for the manufacture of In side blinds, and will fnrnlsh them all painted and hung quick metre. We make a specialty of building and setting up machinery, and would be happy to re ceive calls from paries using power who contemplate a change of Quarters, or that may need any service in this lino. Wc are also prepare*t to contract for the manufacture of patent e<i articles on more favorable terms than any one in the city. WILLIAM BCRKOmS. J. W. BUHROWF.S. myl3_tf Hard Pine Timber On hand and sawed to dimensions. Hard Pine Ilank, hard Pine Flooring AND STEP BOARDS. FOR SALE BY STETSON & POPE. WWharf and Dock, Fir*t., corner of E Street. Office, No. 10 State street, Boston. my3eod!y Office of the A. C. 8., I Fort Preblf, Me , May 14,1873. ( SEALED Proposals in duplicate will be received at this office until 11 A. M., June 20th, 1873, for furnishing the Fresh eecr required by the Sub sist ucc Department, U. S. A., at this Po t, during six monthsj commencing July 1,1873. In'ormation as to conditions, quality of Beef, payments, Ac., can be obtained by application to O. W. WIER, ju3-dtil 1st Lient, f»th Artillery, A. C. S. FOR SALE. HORSEt Express Wagon, Harness, Pi ng and Jig ger tor sale. M. J. O'CONNELL,, Corner of Danfortli aud Pleasant St*. 1 lift Portland Savings Bank, , NO. 91 EXCHANGE ST. ALL deposits of one dollar and upwards com mence interest on I he first day of tlie month following the date of deposit. ma»y2y-dtf FRANK NOYES, Treasurer. Sanford’s Improved Refrigerators. The three points ot excellence which I claim, are, 1st, constant and thorough circulation of pure Kir; 2nd; rvness. oo dampness rnonld nor taint; 3rd; no lute mingling of odors; purity and active air, the elements of its success. Call, or scud fni circulars Manufactured and for sale by J. F. MERRILL, be tween Cross and Cotton sts., near Leavitt, Burnham & Po.r Tee House. Portland. Me- jeSdtf HOT TEA_ ROLLS. HOT TEA ROLLS can be had from W. C. Cobb’s Bakery or Carts every afternoox. myl5 tf MRS. M. H. NEAL, Has tlie largest m»d best assort ment, of Hals anil Bounels, trim cil and nntrlmcd, of any la Hie city. Call and see. Hair Goods in all their variety. 327 CONGRESS ST. my28_d2w Hemlock Boards FOR SALE. 100,000 ft. Hemlock Boarls for sale by FITCH BROS., mav30-dlw« Sr bn go. SEBAGO DTE WORKS, £To. 17 Plum Street. THE proprietors of 'his “stablisliment will just say t»the p'lblic that they are prepared to .dry bv steam and also prepared to dry, c(eanse and finish all kinds gent’s wearing apparel, and also ladies’ dresst-s, shawls, cloaks, all col rs, or cleansed aul warrant them not to smut, mylfdtf JOHN S. MILLER. the press. rilURSDAY aiORNlNG, JUNE 5, 1879 Gossip aud Gleanings Olive Logan’s new society novel is a “Sum mer Romance,” tlic scene laid at long Branch and in New Yor;. The famous “Continental Dam’’ is not worthless, but cuts off the outlet of Loon Lake, Minnesota, very effectually. A fire in Columbus, Ga., was recently ex tinguished by the spontaneous fizzical exer tion of five dozen of champagne. By an equitable distribution of mercies aud privileges, the same stinging dust that wouuds your eyes also conceals you from the observa tion of oppressive creditors. A cat in Springfield, III., noticing a kero sene lamp blazing up in a dangerous manner in the night waked the master of the house and got him to fix it. An honest lover in Massachusetts has giv en to his prospective father-in law a load of wood to replace that consumed during his evening “sparking” visit last winter. White linen suit3 promise to be fashionable among ladies at the seaside and in the coun try this Summer. They are tr'mmed with lace or embroidery, the latter sta nped on the waist and skirt. If the man in the moon should repeat his terrestrial visit, and ask his way to Norwich, Conn., the inhabitants of that place hope to be able to show him an opera-house whereat he will be charmc 1 to spend all his quarters. Rhoda Broughton of “Red as a Rose * is She,” notoriety has a new novel in press at the Apph toift. Its title is “Miss Nancy, which is more suggestive probably to An erl can ears than to those of the English author ess. Considerable of the inventive ingenuity of the day is directed to the destruction of cats. A man in Washington is trying to devise a terrier dog that can r-n along the top of a fence and climb a tree. I( he succeeds in his nnfeelin' design the feline race is doomed. A newly developed industry is the manu facture of nose pinchers, made after the pat tern of patent clothes-pins, but very highly finished. They are designed for young peo ple who are keeping company with eaeh other, and will probably have quite a lun through the young onion season. A lady who works nicely in straw, under took, some time ago, to make a summer hat for her husband out of the sherry cobbler straws used by him last year. She has al ready made filty hats out of them, with a large leaf of straw to spare, and thinks of setting up a store. Ah, freedom is a nnblo thing! Freedom makes man to have liking! Freedom all solace to man gives 1 lie lives at easo, that freely lives', A noble heart may have none easo Neelies, naught that may him please, If freedom foil; for free liking Is yearned o’er all other tldng. Na he that aye has lived free May not know well he property The anger, 11a the wretched doom That is coupled to foul thraldom. But If he had essayed it, Then all perfect he should it wit, And should think freedom more to prize Than all the gold iu world that is. Thus contrary things eveimore Dlscoverings of the tother are. Barbour Wth century. Letter from seal Dow. Gbosvenor Hotel, '/ London, alay, 1873. ) To the Editor of the Portland Press: There has not been a time in this country for many years, when there has been so great activity and so much prosperity in every branch of trade, as there is now. The profits of the general business of the couutry arc very satisfactory, and the wages of labor are fully twice as large as they ever were before: and in some branches ol trade, the wages are three times and in some instances even foul times larger than ever they were. And no branch of trade has been more stimulated than that of the Brewers, Licensed Victual lers and Publicans, upon whom fifty-five millions of dollars more were spent by the people, during the last year than any former year. The result of this has been a Urge increase in tLe poveity, pauperism and suffering ol the lower classes of the people, upon whom the liquor trade exerts the largest influence. The press of the country exposes the fact, that there never was a time, when the work ing classes were in a more unsatisfactory con dition. As a class they do not save; they lay up nothing in a prosperous time, that may be a resource to them in times of dull trade; and I am assured by many large employers ol la bor iu different parts of the country, that if there should be a reaction in trade, great numbers of workmen now receiving the larg est wages, would be compelled in a week, to go upon the parish, as the phrase is here. These men spend their money recklessly, and waste their time and health at the grog shops. A great many of them will not work mote than three or four days in the week; very few of them working the six days. In this short time, they earn far more wages than they ever did before, but their families arc not better cared for, because they spend their money foolishly at the beer houses and gin shops. i uis condition ot toe country gives a iresti impulse to the agitation that is going on here, for the legal suppression of the liquor traffic. In every part of the country great meetings arc held in the largest halls, that are crowd ed and most enthusiastic, where the mischiefs resulting trom the grog shops are discussed, and the most pungent denunciations of that dreadful trade are most warreiv applauded. There is no subject which excites so much attention here now. as that of the poverty, pauperism and crime of the country.resuliing from the liquor trade, and none, the discuss ion ot which, calls together such great audi ences. Everywhere, the experience of America is appealed to, as the results of prohibition. The trieudsof the grogshops affirm that the Maine Law has bei n a failure: not lessening the liquor traffic to any appreciable extent. And the friends of temperance as warmly de clare the contrary to be true and brine for ward their proofs. Everywhere, Maine is cited on the one part as an instance of the fail ure of prohibition, and on the otner part as a demonstration of its success. In many places in Maine, liquor is sold more or less secretly in violation of the law: and the English peo ple of the belter classes cannot understand why t.iis should be so,because in tiii country generally, ttiere is a high sense of official lionor and responsibility, which impels all officers of the law to discharge their duty faithfully and conscientiousl , without being influenced in any way, by their personal views or preferences. They cannot under stand how honorable men caD ignore their official oath and their official duty, as a great many men in America do. 'i hey think the moral sense of our people must be dull, which could tolerate an official in the open and fla grant neglect of his duty. In this country, law is administered with fa- more impartiali ty and steadfastness than it is among us; be cause here, an official would be disgraced, if he should permit himself for any cause what ever, to neglect the faithful discharge ot his duty. Neal Dow. A Portrait of Yanderbilt. By the author or "Guy Livingstone." One day, driving bact through Central park-we were trying a Iambus team, and had gone out early, so as to “spead ’ ,hem when the I; n: was compai t vtly e'ear-we m< t a wagon, drawn by a pair of raking browns, go gait noticeable Sm g ceJebritiM when not extended, lu the shadow of the hood sat a tall, spare, erect old man, severe and somewhat stately in aspect, with a touch of the decision in aim ofh's beard the fashion of bb somber ipparel, and the turn of his bioad brimmed leaver. Neither in figure nor feature was here the faintest resemblance, yet some thing in his pose and method of handling the reins reminded at once ofa deceased dignitaiy uu.ier known in the Kow then in convoca t*on; though austere dignity was assuredly not a leading character! t c of the dean of St. unjan s. In acknowledgement of my com piniun « cheery hail.this solemn elder voueh saled a short, surly but scarcely a side glance out ot his hard steady eye; and vet the two had been intimate for years, and not !c| Tei'iint*** venture in the same argosy. Temperate and frugal, lor tobacco is bis sole excess, and a trotting steed his sole extrava gance; not a fond husband end father but ju t in his hard way toward the child en scarcely a professing Christian, yet rendering to the church her dues, aud not slow to con tribute to public chaiitics; both physically and morally absolutely fe_rless; prudent per severing a (1 sagacious; scenting either dan ger or profit trom afar with a keenness allied to instinct—such civic crowns Vanderbilt may assuredly claim. Now, turn pave. A despot in council; a bully on a tavern stoop everywhere, whether in jest or earnest, a foul-mouthed, blasphemous railtr; grossly il literate and booiish. and boastful of both de fects; even morose aud saturnine, save when moved to surly laughter by some brutal jest; 1 lUt rill III Ul IUC3 ami oouiomui-o WOICUUUIVU3 iu benevolence, but tbe veriest miser of pri vate alms:a man who would liever, auy day, hire a sycophant than secure a friend. always utterly remorseless, pitiless and unrelenting; and, in his arrogant intolerance of rivalry, of ten wantonly perfidious and cruel. In the early part ot this century flourished, like a mighty bay tree, a certain marquis, one of tlie tegent’s chief worthies. He had practiced the seven situ so seduously and extensively that small vices began to pall on tis taste; a"d even in gambling, he craved for some ad ventitious excitement. “It is poor sport play ing with rich folks,” he was wont to aver; “but I like winuingof poor men—they feel it so.” Truly, it would seem as if some of the peculiarities of this amiable noble had been reproduced in the commodore. That a man of bis reticence and reserve should aecp his secrets safe locked up is natural euougb. but that he should not seldom mislead his lellows to their hurt, is si mcwDat unaccountable. He has, ere this, given a valuable clue to a bar-keeper, prize-fighter, or trotting-jockey, when his own kin and families, were grop ins. helplessly in the dark. Indeed, it is cred* iblv affirmed that bis son-in-law, after being trapped in divers commercial pitfalls, on.v es eaped ruin by at last going exactly counter to tbe commodore’s suggestions; and evtr since be lias stood much higher in the old man’s favor, as one who. having paid his 'prentice fees, is entitled to the honor of an an inde pendent trader. Assuredly there are verv many mansions in New York that would still remain closed this Hoi Carotte, were his vealth and power trebled. Nevertheless, he is, beyond question, rather a popular fa vorite. When awbflt ago not a mouth after the death of his first wife, the mother of all his children, and his faithful helpmeet for foil y years, lie sold her favorite horse to the highest bidder people only laughed, saying, “It was the commodore all over;” and otne s of his social offenses have In like manner been glossed over and condoned. Well, it little be comes us, who have gathered up reverently the scattered aspirates of railway mooarchs, and been enified by fraudulent Gamaliels, to sit in judgment on our neighbors; but I think we have lievei yet bowed down before quite such an idol as this. A Lost Patient. A foreign scientific periodical relates this suggestive story: » Some time since a lady called upon a cele brated oculist in order to consult him on ac count of her eye3, complaining that their power ol vision had of late considerably di minished. At a glance the doctor saw that she wa3 a lady of rank and wealth. He looked at her eyes, shook his head, and th iught the treatment wotild require much time, as there was reason to fear amaurosis in her case. He must advise her, titsf of all. that as she had informed him she was re siding a considerable in the country, she must move into the city at once, and thus enable him to see her frequently, if pos sible daily. ine uay iuen rentea an elegant mansion, moved into the city, and the physician was punctual in his atten lance. He prescribed this anu that, and thus days run into weeks and weeks into mouths. The cure, however, was still coming. The physician tried to console her. One day 'he patient hit upon a curious scheme, and she waited not long to carry it into effect. She procured for herself a very old and poor attire, put a hood of tremendous size upon her head, took an < id umbrella and a market basket in her hand, and iu these habiliments she visited her physician, select ing for the purpt se a veiy rainy day. She had so well succeeded iu distorting and dis guising herself that the eye even of a lover could scarcely have recognized her. She was obliged to wait a long time iu the ante-room of her physician, with many others who, like her, were seeking relief. At last her turn came. ‘‘Well, my good woman, what have you to complain of?’’ ‘•Very bad eyes, doctor,” she answered. He took her to the light, looked info her eyes, but failed to recognize his patient. Shrugging his shoulders, he said: “Yo jr eyes are well enough.” “Well?” she said. “Yes; I know what I am saying.” “Bu. I have been told that I was getting the a—a—forgot how it is called.” ‘‘Amaurosis?’' “Yes, that is it, doctor.” “Don’t you let them make you believe any such nonsense. Your.eyes are a little weak, but that is all. Your physician is an ass!” “An-? ’ “Ye3, an ass! Tell him boldly that I say so.” The lady now arose, and iu her customary voice said: “Sir, you are my physician; don’t you kn >w me?” The face the sage counsellor made is easii r to imagine than to describe. “Gracious, madame!” he commenced to stammer an apology, but the lady would cot listen to him, and left him indignantly. She never saw the gentleman any more. Beaten at Hep own Game.—' So yon have finished your studies at the sera’nary ? I was much pleased with the closing exer cises. The author of that poem—Miss White, I think you called her—bids fair to become a poet.” “We think the authoress will become celebrated as a poetess,” re marked the young lady pertly, with a marked emphasis on two wolds of the sentence. “Oh! ah,” replied the old gentler>an, looking thoughtfully over his gold spectacles at tho young lady. “I hear her sister was ouite an actress, and under Mr. Hosmer's instructions will undoubtedly become quite a sculptoress.” The young lady appeared irritated. ‘ The sem nary. ’ continued the ol gentleman, with imperturbable gravity, “is fortunate in having an efficient board of manageresses. From the presidentess down to the humblest teacheress, unusual talent is shown. Tnete is Miss Harper, who, as a chemistress, is un equaled, and Miss Kuowles has already a reputation as an astronomeress. And in the department of music lew can equal Miss Kel logg as a singeress.” Tb • young lady did not appear to like the chair she was anting on. She took the sofa at the other end ol the room. “Yes,” continued the old gentle man, as if talking to hirasrif, “those White sisters are very talented. Mary, I ui der stand, has turned her attention tc painting and drama, and will suielv become famous as an actiess and paint ress, and even as a lectur <ss.” Aloud slamming of the door caused the old gentleman to look up, and the criti cess and gratnmarianess wasgoi.el City of Portland. Is Board op Health, i ORDERED, that until otbeiartJTdlmltJd7! J.lo hereby designate the dump at the f.iot of Hano ver street (City Stable lot), and the dump at the foot of Franklin and Smith stm ts, as the places for d£ posllo of rubbish, snob as din , shavings saw dnst ashes, elude, s, So-t, hair, shreds i “""“f’ or lobster shells, or any other mattered nny kinti (except dead animals) which mav he removal fr!m uStB ccll“. yard, or other place within the City Approved April 21st, 1873. I hereby tfve notice that the “City Ordin3veea" relatliii to ibe deposit of rubbish in am* Stiect. Lnne. Court.Square. Public Place or tinoocuriad Jut* within the city limits, except the lots designated In the foregulDg order, will he strict!' enforced GEO. W. PARKER, City Mnrshah Argus and Advertiser co;v._ap.3ed3m Police lo Owners of cots in green Cemetery. - A NY person owrio«»JJ*p(„,' ^*aty Treasure TA by callnn; ar the ,‘JJrjollsr for each l..t, wlllin aml paying U}« "V3,c same by .he Suiawlntend eute the best ofcaro n r^ ln,. person paying the cut for the current .vejr-^ w|„ wure t£e cai, W theRKts by clt-v ‘“jab'.1 BAILEY, 1 J. S. PALMER, | Trustees. C. E. JOSr, J noOS—Arv Dogs found In the Inclosure alter this date without the 0 be in peril. j. s. palmer’, C. E. JOSE. mylSdtl

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