Newspaper of Portland Daily Press, June 5, 1873, Page 3

Newspaper of Portland Daily Press dated June 5, 1873 Page 3
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THE PRESS, THURSDAY MORNING, JUNE 5, 1878 THE PRESS Maybe obtained at the Periodical Depots of Fes ieuden Bros., Marquis, Robiuson, Bnnell & Co. Andrews, Went wortn, Glendenning Moses, Render •on, and Chisholm Bros., on all trains that run out o the ity. At Biddeford, of Pillsbury. Ai Saco of L, Hodgdon. At Waterville, of J. S. Carter. At Gorham, of News Ageut. At Bath, of J. O. Shaw. At Lewiston, ot' French Bros. At Kennebunk. of C. E. Mider. CITY AND VICINITY. New Advertisement* To-Day. AUCTION COLUMN. Plants—F. O. Bailey & Co. House and Lot—J. a. Bailey & Co. SPECIAL NOTICES. Cigars—R. Nathan. Notice—Airs. Bit.n Bravlbury. P. L. 1.—F E. Dow, Caucus—Raymund. NEW ADVERTISEMENTS. ENon-Resident Taxes of New Gloucester. Acknowledgments -4tb Congregational cnurcn. Lost—S. S: Co. _ . . „ A nnual Meeting—Port laud Steam Packet Co. K Rooms To Let. t Pawnbroker Sale—Abram Bro3. ■Adminisiratoi’s Notice—-. Warned—Giri Valuable livery Stock for Sale—Clias. Sager. Boar 'ing House tor Lease. Daucy’s Announcements—l. MISCELLANEOUS NOTICES. F. W. Nichols—Shaving Saloon. Stated Meetings. CITY GOVERNMENT. The Board of Mayor and Aldermen meets the first Monday evening of each month. The Common Council meets tho second Monday evening of each month. The School Committee moet the fourth Mondav eve ning of each month. MASONIC At Masonic Hall, Ao. 95 Exchange Street. YORK RITES. Blue Lodges—Ancient Land-Mark, first Wednes day: Portland, second Wednesday; Atlantic, third Wednesday. Chapters—GreenleafR. A. C., first Monday; Mt. Vernon, R. A. C\, third Monday. Council—Portland C. R. & S. Masters, second Monday. Cummanperieb of K. T.—Portland, fourth Mon day: St. Albans, second Thursday. Grand Bodies—Grand Lodge, first Tuesday in May; Grand Chanter, first Tuesday evening in May; Grand Council, Wednesday 3 i». *m.; Grand Corii mandery, Wednesday cveniug. ANCIENT ACCEPTED SCOTTISH RITES. Lodge—Yates Grand Lodge of Perfection, firet Friday. Council—Portland Oouncil P. of J., second Fri day. CnAPTER—Dunlap Chapter Rose Croix do H., third Friday. Consistory—Maine Consistory, S. P. R. S., fourth Friday in Match, June, September and December. % I. O O. F. At Odd Fellows' Hall, No. 88 Exchange Street. Lodges—Maine, on Monday evenings; Ancient Brothers, on Thursday evenings; Ligonia, on Friday evenings; Beac ni, on Tuesday evenings; Ivv, D., of It., second and fourth Saturday. Encampments—Macldgonne, first and third Wed nesdays; Eastern Star, second and fourth Wednes days; Portland, first aud third Saturdays. Belief Association-Every third Xuesdav in the month. TEMPLARS OF HONOR. At Templars' Hall, Ao. 100 Exchange Street. Council—Maine, Urst and third Mondays in each mouth. Temple—Forest City, No. J every Wednesday • vening. Maine Charitable MkchanicAssociation— •Corner of Congress and Ca-co streets. First Jhurs day in each month. Young Men’s Christian Association- Comer Congress and Casco streets. Every eveuing. Portlan d Fraternity—No. 353V Congress street Every evening. Knights of Pythias—Rramhall Lodge. No. 3, Thursday evenings; Munjoy Lodge, No. 6, Wednes tay evenings. At their Hall, Clapp's Block, Market (Square. Portland Army and Navy Union- Corner Congress and Brown streets. First Tuesday in each month. Sons of TEMPERANCE-^portlanl Division, No 95; Sons’ of Temperance Hall. Friday evening. Independent Order of Good Templars—Ar cana, Monday; Mission, Wednesdayin Williams’ block, Congress street. Mystic, Thursday; Atlantic, Saturday;—at Sons’ oi Temperance Hall, Congress street, iron Clad, Thursday, at West End; Pocahon tas, Thursday, at Arcana Hall. Portland Typographical Union, No. 75—Cor ner Congress aud Casco streets. Second Saturday in each month. Payson Literary Society.—Meetings every Monday evening, Brown’s Block, cor. Brown and Congress streets, at 7J o’clock. Bo^worth Post G. A. R.—Meetings every Friday evening in Mechanics’ Hall, corner of Congress ana Casco streets._ Mnprrior Court. MAY TERM, 8YMONDS, J., PRESIDING. Wednesday.—Edward Moore vs. City of Port land. The defence was opened in the forenoon. De fendant’s counsel claims that this work was perform ed under a written contract, which, although not le_ gs.lly executed, the city subsequently ratified, and that the plaintiff has been fully paid the contract price and for all extra work. Testimony for defence in progress. Mattocks & Fox for plff. Libby for defts. Mu nicipnl Court. BEFORE JUDGE MORRIS. Wednesday.—Patrick O’Malia, truancy. Reform School. .Tamos Phillips, intoxication. Pined $1 with costs. Paid.__ Brier fatting*. The Marginal Way trial before the Superior Court yesterday struck hard pan, The attempted bank robbery of the Cumber land Bank was a Small affair. The employes of the Western Union Tele graph Co. have given one day’s pay, amounting to $52, to the Hospital fund. The Portland Pier Company re-elected the old board of officers yesterday and declared a dividend of $18 a share. The Maine Wharf Co. adjourned its meejing. Rev. Samuel Longfellow of Cambridge is in town. Portland is happy. It has got possession of a twig of the branch from which Cullen, the Aroostook murderer, was suspended. Webster provides the ice creams for the Hos pital Fair refreshment tables. It’s a cool way of making a donation. We are to have Harry Bloodgood’s troupe with us nine eveniugs, beginning next Monday. The people have “got to come.” For a disagreeable day commend ns to yes terday. •'Three’s” hose carriage got pretty well used up at the Are Tuesday night. There is a tradition extant of a warm and lovely June, a bridal of the earth and sky. It must be a cold marriage bed this year. Yesterday was an illustration of the great doctrine of compensations. There was no dust. Strawberries are becoming plenty in the market again, and salmon and greeh peas abounds A very artistically executed “family record,” done with the pen, has been presented to the Hospital Fair by Mr. H. W. Shaylor, teacher of penmanship in our public schools. Items were fairly begged for by reporters yes terday, but the world was stony-hearted, and sternly refused to give them. It was emphatically a dull day yesterday, both meteorologically and ncwspaporially speak ing. Lieut. Commauder Folger, U. S. X., is at the Preble House. Officers Merrill and Burnham took an insane woman in charge on Newbury street last night. She was making much disturbance aud fright ening her neighbors. Robert Dc Wolf was arrested yesterday by Deputy Williams for keeping a nuisaneo on Walnut street. He ran an opeu drain into tlio street, from which smells most foul proceeded. James Henderson 'was arrested by Dep uty Williams yesterday for committing an | assault on Richard Look. Henderson now ] wishes that he had looked in anoiher direction. Resolutions in yirmoinnj. At a meeting of the Police Department the following resolutions upon the death of the lute George Cammett were adopted: Resolved, That we bow to this event ai a most af flictive dh>|>ciisati.>n of Divine Providence, de riving us of the society and friendship of ouo In whose warm affections and klodly impulses we found lunch to brigbren life’s pathw ay and cheer its toils. Resolved, That we desire to express and place On enduring record our appreciation of his fidelity anil efficiency as an officer, liis kindly and re.idy sympa thy witli the unfortunate and the distressed, his ear nest and lender spirit as a friend and bis fearless and noble acceptau-c ot the varied experiences and re sponsibilities imp tsed by his posit! m. To each of them he brought his whole liear\and in them each lie fuuud the highest pleasure of Ids life. Resolved, That we lender to his bereaved widow and fatherless children our warmest sympathy, and In their behalf will ever otter earnest prayer that He •‘who temperoth the win! to the shorn lamb," with out whose notice no “s- arrow f illetli to tliu ground ’ may comfort, help and cheer with His tendered care and richest blessing. Resolved, That copies of these resolutions he fur- 1 nished to the family of our friend and to the dally pa r>ere of the city, and that the original be placed upon the tiles of this Department. ! Edwin H. lti. n, i Committee j Jamks L. Hounds, ; on OHAiiLEs W. Hanson, ) Resolutions. Annual Meeting.—The at nual meeting of ! the stockholders of Portland Pier, was holden yesterday, and tho following list of officers unanimously chosen: President, Wm. W Thomas; Treasurer, Elias Thomas; Directors, '' m- w- Thomas, Weston F. Millikcn, Elias Thomas, Joseph Drown, Edwin Churchill; Clerk and Wharfinger, Daniel Choate. MAr.vE Hospital Fair.—The Executive Committee acknowledge the donation of addi tionul articles and money in aid of the Maiue General Hospital Fair, from the following named parties: From seven ladies of State Street Parish, through Mrs. B. A. Perkins, cash $50 Brooks & Burgin, 75 boxe- of salt Employes post office, cash contribution, $01.28. Someiset Reporter, Win. K. Moody Skowhe gan, advertising. Albion Higgins, New York, through Mrs. J. B. Brown, cash $100. J. U. Lunt & Co., one dozen boxes camplior ice, two doz. boxes troches. Johu Dorr, Augusta, antique chair, 150 years old. . , , Mrs. T. R. Prince, stereoscopic and photo graphic view? Sonoma county. Cal. Dr. A. C. Hamlin. Bangor, Gems, Native and Foreign, Nos. 1 to IS, inclusive, from his col lection. - , .... H. W. Shavlor, family record, lithographed from pen sketch, framed in black walnt and gilt. Miss Etta Hasty, Stow, cash collections $14.18. Foundry and Manufacturing Co., Auburn twelve pairs nickle plated laundry irons ’ Pay"eMh!s5a ‘ U' Tel' Co” '‘s'1- oue dl»'s irom citizens of Machias, cash contribution through Swan & Barrett, $100. Charles H. Haskell, Treasurer. M as he a Circus Horse?—Last Monday Mr. J. P. Hobbs, of the firm of J. &. J P. Hobbs, CommerciU street, took a friend over to the dry dock in his buggy. Fastening the horse in the drive way leading from the bridge to the dock, the two gentlemen walked down to the dock to witness the operation of “taking in a vessel.” A short time after they left the horse, he became restive and by some means got unfastened. Finding himself loose he started across the bridge cityward, at a sharp trot, but snail became frightened and dashed into a hard rnn. The draw tender saw him coming and thinking to stop him, closed both gates. The result was that the horse a la cir cus, leaped both gates, drawng the carriage af ter him. Those who saw the act, expected *o see toe carriage smashed, but instead, the gates were broken down and the carriage passed over unharmed. The horse, eluding every attempt to stop him, continued his way down Commer cial street to the store of his owner, at the head of Central wharf, when he’clrew up and re ported no damage. Aut Fay Aut Diabolus.—Those who dis believe in tbe reality of the so-called spiritual manifestations will have their incredulty put to a severe test by the wonderful performances of the Fays. A darkened room and a screen are tbe only apparent agencies employed. Mrs. Fay permits herself to be firmly bound to a chair by some one selected by the audience.— Her hands and feet are securely tied, and her head fastened to the wall. The screen is then placid before her, and immediately the musi cal instruments behind it give forth nnmelodi ous sounds, and bells and other articles are thrown over tbe curtain. The screen is then removed and she is discovered apparently tied as firmly as when she was seated in the chair.— While in this bound condition she drinks a glass of water, cuts fantastic patterns in paper and goes through many other wonderful per formances. The feats performed by the pro fessor are still more marvelous. He seats him self in a chair, places his hands within those of one of the audicuce, and calls for the lights to | belowered. In a trice tbej- are turned on again* and aii iron ring is found upon his arm. There seems to be no possibility of trick or deception in these performances, and those who have witnessed them are completely mystified. Battle of Newburn.—This evening the Post Bos worth, G. A. K., will bring out the “Battle of Newburn” in first-class style at Music Hall. The appointments of the play are all fine, and the rehearsals testify tbsl the act ing will be excellent. The Grand Army are bent upon surpassing themselves, and promise us something better eveu than they have yet given. The proceeds of the entertainment will go to swell the Hospital fund, and those who wish to contribute to so laudable an object and eujoy a pleasant evening’s entertainment at the same time will do well to attend. Tbe addition of tbe battle scenes, and better plantation upec tacles, will make this far better than the Union Spy, which was presented some time since. An Old Adage.—It is an old adage that the receiver of stolen goods is as bad as tlie thief. Should the spirit of this be acted upon there are many persons in Portland who would be under arrest to-day. Nearly all the articles, such as lead, copper, iron, etc., which so many young boys pilter find their w*y into the hands of | men in this city who purchase them at a mere j 1/ nominal price, knowing that they arc stolen. | This receiving of stolen goods is a crying I evil, and our police are determined to suppress ! it. They are on a sharp look out, and unless our “fences” mend their ways they will be brought before Judge Morris some fine rnorn , ing. In that quarter they may expect no mercy. The Musical Club.—This association of young amateurs gave one of their elegant en tertainments at Rossini Hall last evening. Everything was done with the exquisite good taste which characterizes the club, and some of the parts evinced remarkable musical talent and culture. The same retiring modesty which prevents the assumption of a distinctive name for the organization leads the young ladies to object to the introduction of their names in a detailed report; so we are compelled to be con tent with a general statement of the excellence of the concert, which was given for the benefit of the Maine Genera! Hospital. We append the programme. PART i. 1. Quartette—Tannhausc. March.Wagner. 2. Duet, Vocal—“Bear me, boatlet,”... Neukomm 3. Solo, Instrumental—1“Leaf by leaf.”_ Weeli. 4. Solo, Vocal—The Love Star ... .'. .Kuckta. 5. Sextette, Vocal—Concert of Nightingales, Ccncane. , PART II. 6. Duct, Instrumental—Overture to Egmonf, _ _ „ . _ Beethoven. 7. Duo, Vocal—11 Tencro Affetto.Meyerbeer. 8. Trio, Instrumental—Taueredi.R ssini •J. Solo, Vocal—II Placer. Balfe. Duo, Instrumental—Tarantellc.Heller 11. Waltz, (by request).Vogel l.lub. Fourto of July.—The committee of the City Couucil on the Fourth ot July celebration held a meeting last evening and considered at length the amount of recreation apd glory that could be derived from the appropriation of S2500. Among the matters considered were a regatta, floral concert, balloon ascension, base ball match, fantastics, fireworks, etc. The committee found that the sum appropriated would require the freest watering to meet the demands of a part of these objects. The com mittee meet again next Saturday evening. P. L. I.—The Portland Light lufantry cele brates its seventieth anniversary to-morrow by an excursion to the .Islands. Of course a very pleasant time is looked forward to and will undoubtedly he had. The Company will assemble at the Armory at half-past seven o'clock to-morrow morning. Thence it will march to the Preblo House, where it will be joined by invited guests. Then, headed by the Portland Band, it will proceed to the wharf and sail under sealed orders for the Islands. * Robbery op Offjce.s—Several of the law yer’s offices on Middle Strset were broken open early yesterday morning, and all the postage stamps that were available were stolen. Who are these petty thieves, boys or New York bur glars? Ferry Villain. A fearful accident occnrred here Tuesday af ternoon to a boy eight years old, son of Captain Charles H. Woodbury. He was kicked in the forehead by a horse, owned by William Spear* that for tlie last six months has been m . rgag rt to t a crows. The wouud is a fearfu one.— The bone is laid bare two and a half inches and the skull is fractured over the left eye. Dr Towne of Fort Preble, who was called, says there is but slight hopes of the boy's recoJy. The Fays have arrived and are being greeted with a full house. They have engaged Union Hall for two nights, viz: 4th and 5tli of June __A. niSCELLANEOCN AOT1CEH. F. W. NicnoLs has opened a Hair Dressin Saloon under I’erry's Hotel, Federal Street. jeo-eodtf The sale of Fearnaugbt Yearlings at Home Farm, Milton, is postponed to Saturday, Juno 7th at 10 o’clock A. M. See advertisement. “What is home.” SecDitson’s new adver tisement. F. O. Bailey & Co. sell at house 241 Con gross street all the furniture in said house con sisting of 1 fine red plush parlor suit, chamber sets, carpets, feather beds and bedding, crocke ry, &c ; also at same time a lot of plants left from sale of yesterday at salesroom 18 Ex change street. Vases and Bouquet Holders for Cemeteries and Public Gardens. Send for pricelist. Nutter Bios. & Co., 29 Market Square, Port lend. may9-tf i — Antra Meeting of Bosworth Relief Corps at G. A. R Hall, Friday afternoon, June Oth. at 2J o’clock. Members are requested to he present. juno 2t Lothhop, Devenr & Co. have the new China hoard shades They are a great improvement on the old style rustic shades. Call and see them. No. 01 Exchange street. maylotf Dr. Urann at J'rehle House Tuesdays and Wednesdays of each week. His cures are won lerful- • may30-d&wtf l'OR Loss of Appetite, Dyspepsia, Indiges tion, Depression of Spirits and General Debili ty, in various other forms, Ferro-Phosphora ted Elixir of Calisaya made by Caswell, Hazard & Co., New York, and sold by all druggists, is the hest tonic. As a stimulant touic for patients recovering from fever or oth er sickness, it has uo equal. If taken during the season it prevents fever and ague and other intermittent fevers. may21-4wt W. C. Beckett, 137 Middle street has just returned from Boston with another lot of fancy coatings and pantaloon goods, which will do you good to look at, and more good if you pur chase them._ may23-3w Now is the time to have your window screens made. Lothrop, Devens & Co. have received a large quantity of German linen and cotton gauze, green wire, &c. No. 61 Exchange St. mayl7tf Ip you want a good Re’rigerator, call at Nutter Bros. & Co.,29 Market Sonare. may9-tf BY TELEGRAPH. MATTERS IN MAINE. Woodland Fire*. Easttobt, June 4. —Extensive fires are rag ing in the woods at Campobello. A reward has been offered for the detection of the parties who set the fires, and also th'e fires in the woods of Perry and Pembroke. Contested Patent. Camden, June 4.—Messrs. Charles P. Blake, and Edward Wettnore of New York, counsel for complainant, and Peter Thacher of Boston, counsel for defendant in tlie equity case Reck endorfer, against Father, are stopping at the Bay View, and are taking depositions of several parties in this vicinity before E. G. Thompson of New York, examiner of U. S. Circuit Court. The question in said case is upon an alleged in fringement of a patent right to mako and vend a rubber pencil eraser. Fire. Bangor, June 4.—A fire on Front street at 10.80 this afternoon destroyed a blacksmith shop owned by Thonios Cassidy, ten barrels of oil stored under it belonging to Messrs. Ross & Howell, a cooper shop owned by Samuel Doyen ami damaged two buildings in the rear of these Total loss $2800; no insurance. NEW HAMPSHIRE. _ Organization of the New Hampshire Leg islature. Concord, June 5.—The Legislature convened at 11 o'clock. The House was called to order and the Governor was present,-with members of the Council, administered the oath to the members. The roll of membership was then called, and on motion of J. A Albin of Con cord, H. Bell of Exeter, waR elected temporary chairman. The House then pro ceeded to organize and James W. Emery was fleeted Speaker; Sami. C. Clark of Gilford, Clerk; Chas. C. Dauforth of Concord, Assis tant Clerk; Charles H. Roberts of Concord, Sergeant-at-Arms; Franklin G. Moody of Con cord, Charles H. Lang of Claremont, and Au gustus B. Farmer of Bow. Door Keepers. The Senate met at 11 a. m.. and organized by electing Davrd A. Ward of Concord. President; Luther S. Morrill of Concord, Clerk; Tyler Westgate of Haverhill, Assistant Clerk. MASSACHUSETTS. Reform Recommended in the Five De partment. Boston, June 4.—Mayor Pierce, in a mes sage to the City Conncil, recommends reform in the Boston fire department by an increase of the force and providing for additional safe guards against fires. Action of In-urance Hen. Some forty representatives of the leading in surance companies, at a meeting lust night voted, “That the policies be cancelled of all j parties who make exhorhitait claims for dam- . age by removal of goods, or any claim if the removal was not actually necessary hv the presence of fire in the building from which the goods were removed, or in the building adja cent to it. Expulsiou of the Homieopatbista. The Medical Society voted at its meeting to day to exnel the homoeopathic physicians, whose trial has been recently chronicled, there being but one dissenting vote. The Hail Robber. Robert L. Dudley, charged with receiving and disposing of clerks drafts, etc., stolen from the mails, was held in $10,000 bail to-day to await requisition for trial before the Western Pennsylvania District Court, within which jur isdiction the alleged crimes were committed. now zaglnnd rrcu Aiiociatioa. The annual meeting of the New England Press Association was held at Young’s Hotel to-day, Mr. Danielson of the Providence Jour nal in the in the chair. The old hoard of of ficers was reelected unanimously as follows:— President, Gen. Joseph It. Hawley; Secretary and Treasurer, R. M. Pullsifer; Executive Com mittee, „ Roland Worthington, Stephen N. Stockwell ar.d J. M. Pomeroy A committee was appointed to confer with a smilar com mittee from the Western Press Association in regard to increased facilities for telegraph news, after which the meeting adjourned. Nice Detectives Warrants are said to be out for the arrest of four detectives named Bangs of New York, Carson of Philgdelphia, Loomis of. Pittsburg, and Elweli of Boston, who are charged with arresting Mrs. Dudley wife of the alleged mail robber, at her residence in Mattapan without legal authority. Also compelling her to as sign over to them bonds and cash to a consid erable amount. Ten thousand dollars damages are claimed against the detectives for their lets. Seizure of Horses. Officer Moorehouse of the customsSecret Ser vice, "isited Beacon Park yesterday and seized two trotting horses, Princess and Blue Bonnett, which were imported from Montreal ouau in voice in which they were undervalued. The Terrible More. The Senate to-day substituted .Mr. Carpen ter’s bill for the State management of ilie Hoosac Tunnel, IS to 10. The action of the Senate makes a disagreement with the House, which had passed a bill postponing final action in the matter till the next Legislature. The Turf. The second day’s races at Beacon Park were well attended and the sport was excellent. The race for 2.33 horses for a purse of $1000,,had seven starts. In the pools Highlaud Maid was the favorite, selling for $60, Blatter $22, Pe nobscot $15. The field $25. The following is the summary: Billy Platter —2—1—1—1. Marshall —1—3—2—3. Horace Greeley—3—2—5—2. Lady Wentworth—6—5—3—4. Penobscot —4—4—4—5. / Honest Broch —5—6—dr. I Highland Maid—7—dist. Time—2.34, 2.33J. 2.31}. 2.34|. The second race was for $1500, for horses that never beat 2.29. Before the start Bruno was the favorite, Joker second choice, the bal ance in the field. The following is thb sum mary: Joker —1—1—2—1. Hal Terrill—6—2—1—2. » Young Bruno—2—4—3—3. Ben Star —4—3—4—7. Lady Ross—3—7—6—5. Castle Boy—5—6 5—4. Joe Hooker-7—5—7—6. Factory Girl—Dist. Time—2 304. 2.314, 2.28}, 2.29}. i'lcruoy oi vaicrwritcn. Ameetingof underwriters was held at the Revere House this evening. H. E. Bowers of the North British Mercantile, presiding Sev enty companies, including the leading Hart ford, New York, English and Boston compan ies, were represented. Chief Engineer Damrell was present by invitation, to explain impedi ments in the way of successfully fighting fires The Chief made a speech of half an hour, stat ing fully the embarrassments under which t'ie department labors. In consequence of an alarm of fire, which called the Chief on , the m acting adjourned un til Thursday evening. Great interest prevails amon<; the underwriters and a strong desire is manifested to thoroughly investigate the man agement of the fire department. illectiig of the Boston nnd Vlninr ,i J-^witENCE, June 4 —A special meeting of ine Boston and Maine Railroad was held here w„ni?i„ majority of the whole stock vote ell n„aUA10rze t*1<! directors to lease the Lnw structed f„5over road. "ow ready to be con taxes and furli ter,n ,,f years at 7 per cent called the* mectine"f President VVhite About 41K) were of,i,t',1°r,der„at i?'3d a »* road attorney. ,n"VPa „Mr', Choate, the ized to contract. Dr NtM, tithSy„b<‘ 80 aut,10r' to idenfinitely postpone a. Bost«n> moved participated in. The flowwiiS,tori,ny detate was scare. What would it not^!fL'V?£thev?r?at should lease it? Others were of,t ¥?iue Stark, who alwavs fought tiling1 alli ot openly, then behind come other not like the Modocs. Dr Nichol's motion ’a a0118’ prevail. The vote was declared by s Ad"4rD<it ker, chairman of the committee. Th.'Ju. number of ballots was (533, representing 42’?it shares as follows: For the lease, 3S 442”«i,^„ no, 3,(iy<J shares. Adjoured till 3 o’clock res’ Riled. Springfield, June 4.—Patrick Brennan a teamster, was thrown beneath a wagon whee’ at Holyoke^ this afternoon by the runni> '* away of liis horse, and his neck broken, j/f leaves a wife and five children. ■tle * NEW YORK. The Walworth Tragedy. New Yoke, June 4.—The post-mortem ex amination of Walworth's body occupied two hours to-day. Three bullets were found, one mibeded in the vertebrae, one in the ribs and the third in the bones of tho left arm, fourth bullet, which entered the ear, cannot' be found without taking the head to pieces. The de feuce of young Walworth will be insanity. An inquest will he held Friday next. . . Mrs. Walworth, mother of tho lad, visited him at the Tombs to-day, ill company with Judge Barbour, cousin of the deceased \\bile ihe scene was affecting it was not marked by any display of extraordinary emotions. Chas. O’Conor, the distinguished advocate, it is un derstood, will be retained for the defence. He had an interview with the prisoner. Mrs. Wal worth is a daughter of Col. Hardin, who fell at Buena Vista, and sister of the federal Gen. M. D. Hardin. No More Ocnd Heads. The representatives of Western railroads, as sembled at Chieago yesterday, resolved to an nul free passes on June 30lh and to grant no more except in a very few cases. Base hall at Wavcrly, N. J.—Bostons 13,Res olutes 5. Crluiioul. Henry Beecher, a burglar, was arrested in a residence on Clinton Avenue. Brooklyn, ucar the scene of the burglary a week ago, McAlmn alias McCormick, who was caught in Mr. Dingee’s house on Clinton Avenue, Brooklyn, a week ago, and who was captured through the efforts of the daughter of Dingee, after tiring two shots at her, was to-day sen tenced to twenty years for burglary and ten ad ditional years for assault with intent to kill.— After the sente ce was pronounced tho prison er told the Judge that there was another in dictment over him, hut Judge Moore respond ed that the thirty years sentence would answer for the present. He was the coolest criminal ever before the court. masonic. The Grand Dodge of Masons this afternoou discussed the new constitution to the adjourn ment. Various Mailers. One hundred and thirty dealers in butter and cheese organized to-day and voted to establish an exchange. It is stateu their interests cover $50,000;000 annual transactions. Nothing has yet been h ard of steamship George Cromwell now twelve days over due at New Orleans. It is reported that new indictments have been found by the grand jury against Tweed, ex clerk J. B. Young of the supervisors, the court house commissioners and ex-Judge Garvin,late Dist. Att’y. MacDonald, the Bank of England forger,was transferred yesterday from Fort Columbus to the steamship Cuba in the bay, where he was safely placed in charge of British officers. The funeral of Walworth, murdered by his son, takes place oil Friday. His brain weighed 50 ounces. Thomas Mitchell, wlii'.o drunk, beat and kicked his wife to death at Green Point late last night. The murderer was arrested. Samuel Dolan was arrested to-day in Jersey City for a capital offence upon a school girl. Five homes in the town of Gutenburg, N. J., were ransacked by burglars last night. New York Central. Albany, June4—At the election of the di rectors of Abe New York Central & Hudson River Railroad Company to-day, the old officers were elected unanimously. There were about $50,000,000 worth of stock represented at the election. _ WASHINGTON. The Wheat Crop of 1872. Washington, June 4.—The Commissioner of Agriculture reports that the total estimated production of wheat in the Uuited States in 1872 was 249,997,000 bushels, an increase over the preceding year of 12,275,000 bushels. The larg est production of any single State was Califor nia—25,600,000 bushels. Illinois, Minnesota, Wisconsin and Iowa ranked next in the order named, ranging from 22,000,000 to 24,700,000 bushels. The total production in the North western States named for 1872 was 92.298,000 bushels, an increase of 26,230,000 bushels over the previous year. Treasury Balances. The following are the Treasury balances to day: Currency $6,061,878: special deposits of le gal tenders for redemption of certificates of de posit $29,420,000; coin $70,482,731: including $30,719,600 in com certificates; legal tenders outstanding $356,000,000. Internal Revenue Decision. The Commissioner of Internal Revenue de cides that retailors of cigars ou railroad trains must pay a special tax of 35., The Modoe Question. It i< said by the highest military authorities that the Modocs could not surrender as prison ers of war in the sense kuowu to nations where war is dec'ared in accordance with constituted forms. Not having been so received, they are not entitled to consideration as prisoners of war. The orders issued to the commanding General directly after the assassination of Gen. Canbyand Rev. Dr. Thomas were not to ex terminate the Modocs,but it was said that their conduct had been such that their extermina tion would he justifiable, leaving the matter to the discretion of Gen. Davis. Therefore, if lie had ordered the killing of the Indians, he would not have been censured by superior authority. As to their final disposition, no one questioiis that they will ultimately he delivered to the government of Oregon for trial. The Transportation Committee. The Senate select committee ou transporta tion have thus far gathered a large amount of substantial information. Within a week or ten days Senator Windom, chairman, will leave Washington for Baltimore, Philadelphia, New York, Albany, Bostou, Buffalo. Montreal and other cities to make preparations for facilitat ing the committee. modification of the Civil Service Rales. Tie advisory board of civil service met the President and Cabinet to-day by iuvitation and submitted their report maturely considered,pro posing a modification of some of the present rules and adding several new ones These im provements are designed to make the civil ser vice more efficient, being based on a strict ad herence to its principles, aud will aid in reme dying such such defects as experience has shown to exist. One of the modifications will serve to facilitate the filling of vacancies by the prompt examination of applicants. It is un derstood that the board has given careful con sideration to the subject of securing all equita ble distribution of office. As regards locality the views of the Cabinet so far as expressed are in accord with those of the board. The modi fied rules will not be promulgated by the Presi dent until after the next meeting of the Cabi net Important Decisions. The Court of Claims to-day rendered a decis ion of general interest and of very great im portance in the case of William A. Haycroft vs. the United States, which is precisely identi cal in principle and conditions of the fact with the well-known Elmira J. Kelley case likewise pending. The Haycroft suit was brought on duly 3U, 1872, for the proceeds of certain cotton seized and sold by ageuts of the United States government. The captured and abandoned property act limited the time within which the suits cm Id be brought for the proceeds ot such seizures to Aug. 2(1, 18fi8, being two years from the date of the termination of the rebellion as fixed by the Presidential proclamation August 20, 1S00 The Supreme Court decided that the amnesty proclamation of Dec. 25, 18G8, reliev ed all persons in the Southern States from ob ligation to prove their loyalty in the Court of Claims, and Haycroft in filing his claim in 1872 contend that in consequeuce of said am nesty proclamation and the decision of the Su Ereme Court, disloyal cotton claimants like miself had a right to commence their suits at a y time within six years after date of the pro clamation of Dee. 25, 1868, under tlie general statute of limitations applicable to suits brought in this Court, for the reason he had no standing in the Court prior to the issuance of said am nesty proclamation, and that his cause of ac tion occurred at that date, although his proper ty was taken in 1863. The Attorney General filed a plea as to juris ■aic.‘ion on the ground that all the suits for cot ta® were required to be brought within two yean of the limitation of the captured and \baoiinoed property act. Counsel for the claim ln t demanded and the court to-day overruled [be demurrer and sustained the plea ol iuris lictic Counsel for claimant then appealed to Ihe Sl tew-me Court. This decision, if sustain ;d by Uk '^“Pronie Court, will bar aud exclude ilaims agu tibe government for the proceeds :otton to th. 3 »*nou:>t of about 815,000,000. An import. decision was also reudered in he case of Wa '*** D. spratt of Mississippi, to Ibe effect that tL '» claimants who purchased ;otton from the ax of tl,e Confederate gov ■rumsut, knowing trtdbe time that the pro weds were to be use diia.the prosecution of war (gainst the Federal WWment, acquired no itie to their purchases'*00 therefore have no ight of action against .‘M® jUj.'iled States for he subsequent capture aofi sale v'f such cotton. Fhis decision governs raid inrrhalt'3 claims to he amount of about 83,000,000. An appeal vas taken to the Supi -euio Court. Jail Deli very-Flood*. Si. Louis, June 5.- -A special from Houston, ,1!™”^?*? ham/, of armed desperados 'he jail at, Waco, Tex., last night, no nitterfejUI?.UBtlie keepers and locking them hni 1i^?.rat<id ? ,t*lu r-riSonera, twelve iu num e,ri,leVera t*1em- notorious characters, mnnf iSame >le?Patclr says that the late fre quent heavy tains 1)ZU'O completely flood d the country, causiug gr eat dain-.uge to the growing corn and cotton ci .tips. M :• ny parts of the state have been v .sited by the most severe hail storm ever know a there, en tirely destroying the (Rowing crops. The rivers kind creeks are very high, aud there are prospect s of continued rain. Election of Chief - Justice for Connecticut. Hartford, June 4.—The House to-day con curred with the Sen ate action lastweck in elect ing Origen s. Seyir lUur of Litchfield, now of the Supsnjor CoBat to be Chief .Justice of the oupreme Court, is ’place of Judge Butler re sigued, and also. » lected Judge John D. Parker ot Norwich, to. 1 „e Chief Judge to succeed •lunge bey mo ,,v, whoso term will expire by the cnnstitutioi) dl ,j mitation of age, 70 years, ou tile ilth of Fehl uary liext. dor, Baxter Sustained. Litt xiocic , Ark., June 4.—The Attorney Gem? ra] touclu j,,,i |,is argument in the quo "ar /auto case aj raiust the Governor this mern ing^ This eveni ag the Court met anil four adges decided that the Court had no jurisdic tion, Chief Jus tice McClure dissentiug. The di-cision of tiie C 'ourt was received with great est satisfaction a ad there was a general rejoic ln!j '■‘.‘-night. this is considei ed the end of all tiie trouble and hereafter G01 . Baxter will be regarded as Governor without a show of opposition. MODOC MATTEKS. Capt. Jack Put in Irons-Joy of the Wnr*® Spring Braves—The Last of the Ulodoca. San Francwco, June 4.—The following des patch is* received. Boyles Camp, Tide Lnke Peninsula, June 2tf, T iTOl rr. r wr't‘I1K my report of yesterday, l rode jo this camp and dispatched it by a cou ri\*r ihe captives aud captors remained at Appicgate ranch. Before nignt ('apt. Jack ihe murderer of Gen. Canby and Schonchin Commissioner Meacbam’s wou!d-he-murdcrer were ironed together and placed with the other warriors m a small buildiug adjoining Apple gate s house under guard. Neither Capt. Jack nor ochonebin spoke a word. Not a muscle of Capt. Jack’s face moved. Scar Faced Charley protested against the indignity in liehalf of his fellow captives and said noue of them intended to escape even if an opportunity was offered. He obtained but little satisfaction and retired in disgust. The usual Sunday evening services of the Warm Soring Indians were dispensed with. Instead they held a glorious war dance until midnight. They leaded aud howled about the tire and indulged in other frantic demon strations of delight. All tbe military force of the expedition will he united at this point. The cord of Gen. Canby*s hat was found i ■ Jack a satchel. Col.Green’s capture was made in Oregon, and Col. Perry’s in California. The question now is what will be done with the Alodocs? Fairchilds Ranch, June 2d, 7 p. m.—“To-day 1 paid a visit to ‘Old ,^beepy* on one of the small islands iu Little Iv.'imatli Lake. The old Indian told ine lie had five Modocs on the Island and would surrender iheil? to John

Fairchild as soon as Fairchild returned from Clear Lake. We saw one of the Indians Techee Back.’’ He was badly wounded and will probably die. Fairchild has just returned. To-morrow we will go for the last of the Mo docs. The American Institute of Uomoepathy. Cleveland, June 4.—The second dav’s ses sion ot the American Institute of Homoeopathy has been largely attended. Many valuable re ports and papers on sciei tific subjects were presented and discussed. The announcement ot the expulsion of seven homoeopathists from the Massachusetts Medical Society was receiv ed with shouts of derisive laughter and ap plause. Dr J. L. Talbot of Boston, ono of the expelled membeis, explaintd the situation in Massachusetts. He said the great power of the press throughout the country had neen excited in favor of Homoeopathy and against the big otry aud intolerance of the AUapatbs. and held up the latter to derision. The result of the persecution has been that through the almost universal sympathy of the public of Massa chusetts over $100,000 were raised for the equip ment and endowment of a Homoeopathic Hos pital in Boston, aud the establishment of a Homoeopathic College there, as a part of Bos ton University. To-night a banquet will he given the delegates. Extension at the Norlhcru Pacific Rail road. St. Paul, Minn., June 4.—The following dis patch was received here: Bismarck Dakota, June 4.—The track of the Northern Pacific Railroad reaclie i tin Missouri river at this place to-da.v, and the entire divis ion, 450 miles, from Duluth to Bismarck, is open to business. People are celebrating the event. Connection is made here with naviga tion of upper and lower Missouri. A line of steamers is established between this point and Fort Benton and Western Montana, anil ship ments of government aud private freight aro beiug made by this route to the Northwest.— The rai'road surveying expedition with a mili tary escort under the command of Gen. Stan ley will start West on the lfith inst. with the indention of making the final definite location of the line of road from the mossing of the Missouri to the crossing of the Yellowstone and along that river to Central Montana, this being the only portion of the route yet determined.— No serious opposition from Indians is antici pated by those best able to judge. Attempted Wife Murder. St. Louis, June 4.—Joseph H. Fore, who shot and killed Munson Beach, his brother-in law, in August 1871, and was tried and acquit ted ou the ground of emotional insauity.return ed from Natchez Monday and this afternoon made a murderous assault upon his wife. He accosted 1 er on the street urging her to live with him again, which she refused to do until he would stop drinking. After following her some distance, he again approached her and asked her to shake hands with him as a friend. As she extended her hand he seized it and drew her towards him, pulled a hatchet from under neath his clothing and dealt her three heavy blows on the head. She fell senseless on the pavement. The murderer ran but was captured after a sharp chase. A surgical examination revealed three severe gashes on Airs. Fore's head, one of which would undoubtedly proved fatal but for a thick mass of hair which she wore. She is iu a critical condition hut may re cover. Appearance or the Cholera in Memphis. Memphis, June 4.—For tlie past ten days a disease ha’ prevailed here, which at first the physicians pronounced cholera morbus or mala rial fever, hut no alarm was felt until yester day when the physicians generally agreed that it was cholera, some classing it as “sporadic” and others as “Asiatic.” Thus far its ravages are chiefly confined to negroes aud the labor ing classes. lathe absence of an organized board of health it is difficult to estimate the number of fatal cases. The doctors say that the disease, if promptly attended to, yields readily to treatment. Reports from towns be low here on the river say that the disease pre vails there also. There is but little excitement in regard to n. Fiendish Outrage. Chicago, June 4.—About nine o’clock last night Mrs. Catherine Guuger, a respectable German woman, while walking home in the northern part of the city, was accosted by a gentlemanly appearing man riding in a buggy, who offered to take her home. Instead of this the scoundrel drove her to Lincoln Park aud in a lonely spot attempted to outrage her. She resisted him and attempted to run, when he at tacked her with a dirk knife, inflicting twelve severe wounds. Her rceovery is doubtful. The assailant was arrested aud gives his natno as E. S. Griffith. Accident to Leads Circns. Pout Hope, Ont., June 4.—While a train containing Leut’s Circus and Matiagerie was coming south on the'Midland Railroad to-day, seven cars ran off the track. The circus was damaged to the extent of $10,(100. A man named White, of Belleville, was instantly killed, and it is thought that another named Robinson of Hamilton, was fatally injured. The animals were uniujured. Steamer Sank. Cincinnati, O., June 4.—Private despatches state that the steamer ary E. Forsyth, bound from Cairo to Pensacola, sunk yesterday in Bayou Beloxi, Gulf of Mexico. No lives were lost. She steamer was loaded with government stores from Mound City. She was owned by Capt, Hambleton of St. Louis, and valued at $18,000. Partly insured. Shipwreck mid Lout of Ufe Buunswick, Ga., June 4.—The British bark Monarch, of Liverpool, bound for New Castlo on the Tyne, was wrecked on Sunday off St Andrew's bar. The captain and his wife, the first mate and four seamen were lost. The sec oud mate aud eight seamen were saved and are in this city. MFTliOKOl.OLSICAL. PRO 1!ABILITIES FOR THE NEXT TWENTY-FOOIi HOPES. War Dep’t, Office Chief Signal) Officer, Washington, D. C., > June 4. (8 1*. W.)) For New Enslnnd on Thursday, winds veering to westerly and northerly, a rising barometer, and clear or clearing weather are probable; for the Middle States and lower lake region, wiuds veering to westerly and northerly, rising barometer and clear or partially cloudy weather on Thursday. F O K K1 Cx _N. Tbo Dutch in Trouble. Pexang, Straits of Molucca* June 4.—Ou«> of the Dutch men-ot-war cruising off the Nor th em coast of Suminatia, tired into three Brit ish merenant vessels as they were leaving the h ar bor of Atoheou, tho Atchmze have seDt messen gers to this place asking for assistance. The Coolies hero are already enlisting in their ser vice. It the Dutch persist in war they will meet with a stronger resistence than ever. The pepper plantations in the north of So m matra are going to ruin in consequence of the drafting of laborers into the ranks of tho At chmezc armies. Serious illness of the Czar of Rns tin. London, June 4.—A special from Vienna to the London Standard says that the Czar of Bussia, who left St. Petersburg several days since to visit the Exposition, is detained at the Austrian imperial palace of Schonburn, one au’d a fourth miles from southwest of Vienna, by a sudden illness. He is confined to his bed’ and the Emperor of Austria is constantly by hisside. Tho attack was wholly unexpected. Ad of the arrangements for tho festivities in honor of tho visit of the Czar have beeu aban doned. i _ . . Protest. BVME, June 4.—E.'jhty-two beads of relig ious orders have sighed a document protesting against the bill for the suppressed of religious corporations and appealing to tho Pope, thu law of nations and to God. Untrue. Vienna, June 4.—The report of the illness of the Emperor of Bussia, aro wholly unfounded. His majesty assisted at the review of troops to-day and was present at the court banquet to night. Berlin Kcw>. Beklin, June 4.—The Emperor William is slightly ill. He was unable to attend the ban quet yesterday and the review to-day in honor of the Shah of Persia. The following delegates have been appointed to represent Germany at the world's convention _ of the evangelical alliance, to be held ill «e» York next October; Messrs. Constantme Tis chendorf, the distinguished philotost, Kleiner Chistlieb, Offieiderer Kraft, Vouder„oltz, Gruudmaun Hoffmann and Andreas Vou BernsterfL son of the late Count Bernstorff. Death—Rnltle in Progress. P.m, June 4 — Philippe Edward Pouletier, r He Verneville, an eminent nationalist, died to-daV, aged li« years. Despatches trom the Spanish frontier report that a cattle is in progress to-day between the Carlists under Dowegarray, and a force of 1500 Kepublicau troops. The result is unknown. Irun Attacked by the CarlUta. Bayone June 4.-The Carlists appeared be fore Irun to day anil began an palace. At the last accounts they had taken forty carb'neers prisoners J u K n Cuban N«w». Havana, June 4.—The Republican prisoners of Remedios have been liberated. The new Republican] journal L^iilidad made its appearance to day. In its editorial it says Capt. General Pieltain lias not resigned and that neither he nor his successors, like former Capt. Generals, will he blind instruments for the furtherance of private interests. Official .elegrains were received announcing th; killing of thirty two insurgents in Guarini aro Mountains and seven in Lazaro Mountains. Col Felix Aquirree, attached to the staff of tne late Cuban General Agrawonte, has been cap tured. Modesto Diaz is moving from Sirra Bayanio towards Mauzanillo with a beayv Spanish column. The Republicans arc daily gaining accessions to their ranks and the party begins to assume strength. UIIVMt TEliEGBAIIS. The Masonic Grand Lodges of Vermont and Canada, have suspended all communication with each other. ~ A despatch from Shanghai says that uo lives were lost by the wreck of the steamship Drum mond Castle on Chilian Island. Edward Kenney succeeds the late Mr. Howe as Lt. Governor of Nova Scotia. Jack Rally, an engineer on the Mississippi and Tenuesses railroad, was murdered yester day at Hernando, Miss., by J. C. Salter,a road master, who was captured and imprisoned. The trustees of the New York Times fund for poor children of that city will commence operations on the 21st inst., when the first ex cursion will be given. The relief of sick child ren will commence about the same time. There is S;i483 now paid in. Stewart & Son’s boot and shoe manufactory in Rochester, .N. V., was burned yesterday. Loss $60,000. John Brown & Son’s woolen mill in Phila delphia, employing 300 hands, was burned yes terday forenoon. Loss $250,000. Knight’s grist mill at Newburyport, Mass* was destroyed by fire yesterday morning, to gether with its contents. Loss $12,000. A fire at El Passo, 111.. Tuesday, destroyed property valued at $30,000. A fire at Princeville, Peoria county, III., de stroyed a block of buildings. The loss is not k..own. Two men were arrested charged with being incendiaries. Gen. Van Buren has wriitf n another letter denouncing those who have made charges against him. Great preparations are making for the recep tion of the Shall of Persia in Loudon. The profiler City of Chatham was burned at Hamilton, Ont., Tuesday night, and 700 bar rels of flour were lost. Value of vessel $30, 000. At tile annual meeting of the Chicago, Rock Island & Pacific railroad stockholders, at Chi cago yesterday, the old hoard was re elected. Subsequently J. F. Tracy was elected Presi dent. The National Brewer’s Association is ill ver sion at Clevelam, Ohio. Judge Henry E. Hudson. XT. 8, District At torney, uie<l at Memphis Wednesday,of cholera u> orbits. The Democratic State Convention of Penn sylvania will meet at Wilkesbarre Aug. 27th. The 18th annual convention of the German Catholic Benevoleut Association of the United States, in session at Detroit, Mich., adjourned Wednesday. i———» FINANCIAL. AND COMiflEKCIAL. Review of Portland Market*. Week Ending June 4, 1873. Tho business transactions of the weok have been fair—full as good as they have heretofore been at this season, when every body in the country is engaged in planting and attending to farming. The markets are quiet and the changes in values of commodities very slight. The most inipoi tant aro the reduction in the price of coal and on pork. The money market is as easy as it was last week. Gold is low r, the New York speculators being unable to keep up the price, and on Tuesday it sold at 117fgll71 Wednesday. 4th the rates were 118 to 1181 Apples-aro not so plenty as they have been and choice fruit brings $5, Beans are dull and quiet. Butter, under a better supply is lower and choice Vermont tubs are selllug at 30@32c. Cheese is steady and in good supply. Coal is lower, the dealers hav ing reduced the price for anthracite to *8 on the wharf, and §8 50 delivered. Coffee is firm with a slight advance on Rio. Cooperage is unchanged— the demand' for m das-es shooks and for hoops l» good. Dry Goods are steady and ail standard arti cles aro without change. In drugs and dyes the only change is in borax, which is lower. Duck is steady ami uncnangeu. *isn are auijtbo new catch are coming in quite freely, but as yet, there is no change in prices. Flour is inactive and prices rather favor purchaser, thougli there is no quotable change. Fruit is unehauged; oranges and lemons are not so plenty as they have been. Grain is without change from last week. Hay is dull and d alers are not wil ling to pay the prico demanded by the farmers as the export demand South has entirely ceased. Iron is steady. Lard is unchanged. Leather is firm, with an increased demand for sole. Lime is steady at $1.43. Lumber is unchanged, with a good demand for shipping, thongh the home demand is rather light. Matches are steady at $1.95 for “Star**. Molasses is steady with a fair demand for grocer’B grades. Nails arn without change. Naval stores continue quiet, with a further reduction of 2c on turpentine. Oils and paints are without change. Plaster is steady. Provisions are dull and there is a further decl ne of about 50c on pork. Produce is dull; potatoes are about 5c lower; eggs are selling at 17@lSc. Bermuda onion» are selling at $2.50 per crate. Salt is very steady. Seeds are without change. Sugars are a lit tle off for granulated which we quote at 10£<£llc for Forest City. Eagles are the same as last week. Teas are without change. Tins are unchanged, but prices for plates are not so firm as they have been. Wool ig iu fair demand, but there is no material change in prices. FREIGHTS. Cuba freights continue dull, there being but little offering. The engagements since our last report arc brig Prairie Rose from Ba h to N. side of Cuba, and back N. of Hattera*. at $5 for molasses and 55c for sugar; brig A. M. Roberts, from Bangor same voyage at $5.25 for molasses and »7}c for sugar; brig Fanny H Jennings, hence to N. side of Cuba, at $10 currency for lumber; bark N. M. Haven hence to Matanzas, at the round sum of $1800 out, or out and home at $4.50 for molasses, and 50c for sugar. Coast wise freights are dull. There is not much offering and rates are unchanged. Brig Frontier loads icc at the Kennebec for Savannah, at $2. Forrico Exports. ST JOHN NB. Schr G G Jewett—1100 bbls flour, 1450 bush malt, 2160 gals refined oil. HALIFAX, NS. Brig Maggie S—1200 bbis four, 2500 ft lumber. Foreign Imports. SAGUA. Brig F II Odiome—100 hhds 49 tc§ sugar tor order PICTOU, NS. Brig Wild Horse—275 tons coal to John Porteous. Brig Eliza ueth Ann—300 tons coal to John Porte ous. Bouton Stock List. ( Sales at the Broker’s Board, June 4.] Boston & Maine Railroad.119} Eastern Railroad.105 Boston & Maine Railroad. 119} Sales at Auction. Eastern Railroad.105} Maine State Sixes 1889 . 991 Augusta City 6’s 1887. KO Bangor City 6s, 1879. 94a Portland City Sixes, 1887.93} @ 94 Ea«rern Railroad 6s, !874. 98} (a) 98} Laconia Manufacturing Co . . . ;.5471 Laconia Manufacturing Co .545 Peppered Manufacturing Co . 775 Boston & Maiue Railroad. ..118} (g 119 do do .119 Eastern Railroad 7s. 1882.101 3m York Mtnck nnd lfloney Jflnrket hiirw Yohk. June 4- Mnrmna.—Gold firm at 118. Money 5 per cent. Sterling Exchange 108} @ 100}. Steeles steady. State stocks quiet. Nkw York. June 4— Koeniaa.—Money very easy at from 3 to per cent. The unexpected announcement that the liana of England lud advanced Its rate of discount trom 6 to 7 per cent, caused an advance of } in Gobi. } } in Foreign Exchange, and a temporary depression of from } to ? in Stocks. The Express says: This advance in the bank rate is undoubtedly a precautionary measure, as another instalment of ten millions Sterling of French indemnity Is about > o be paid. The Bank of England not having received the usual supply of Gold from this country during the past spring, aud having to pay America $3,01)0, OOO Sterling before October next, naturally desires to check as far as |iosslble any drain upon her bullion Sterling Exchange strong and higher at 108} for sixty days and 110 tor sight. Gold was active and higher, opening at 118, advancing to 118}, and closing at 117} CSJ118; ioaas 2 ® 6 pei cent, for carrying. The clearances were 39,000,000. The Assistant Tre surer disbursed $437 000. Governments dull hot firm_ State bonds dull. London despatches report Money below bauk rate in open market; also that at none or the Continental money centres Is the rate for discount above t> per cent, except at Vienna, where it is 7 iier c nt.. Stocks opened with considerable activity but weak in tone, owing to the Lank of England rate of discount. In the afternoon the market became strong and higher with a react ion at the close. Pacific M all advanced to 41} and reacted to 4U}. There were manv rum ,rs afloat regarding this stock, the most import ant of which was that the President was buy illr 12 . 00 ' shares to turb into the company. This caused a general buying raovem nt and started the stock up. Other changes were unimportant. Tbe market ctos ed dull and steady, except lu the afternoon it was weak. Ine statement oi tbe new board of directors is not yet completed. l'lie loilovviug were I lie quotations of Government securities: Ciu ted States coupon 6*.-8,1881 .122i United States 5-20 8 . .. Unite*I States 5-20*8 18Gt. United States 5-20*8 1865, old... United States 5-2u’8 1865, new. United States 5-2'ISG7. (Jutted States 5-20 s If68 . (Juited States 5 b. new. .... United States UMU’s.,coupons. Currenc.v G’s . ••• , • The following were tlie closing quotations oi Stocks: Western Union Telegraph Co. 84 Pacific Mail. 40 X. Y. Centra* and Hudson River consolidated. ...101 Brie. 62 Brie preferred. i2 Union Pacific stock. 28 Tbe following were the quotations for Pacidc Kail road securities: Central Pacific bonds.1C3J Union Pacific do. 86 Union Pacific land grants.70 Union Ptcitic income bonds... 61 Providence Print market. Pp.oviden b, Juno 4.—Printing Cloths—market quiet at 6g @ 6Jc for best 64’s Boston Boot and Shoe Jlarkcl. Boston, June 3.—Tbe shipments of Boots and shoes from this market to places outside of New Eng i land lor the past week comprise 8,992 cases, against 11.386 for tbe same week last year. The total shipments since January 1, have »*cen 548.335 cases, against 584,613 cases for the same peri od last year. Tee market has been enlivened this week by the presence ot several 1 .rge Western buyers, who arc looking round for thick boots and brogans for fall trade. Some large sales of boots have been made, and orders have been placed whore in mutac turers would take them at last year’s prices. Bro Kans have been inquired for, and these g >od» are be I Jf, contracted for on the basis of the curunt rates adTftn!feL Manufacturers confidently expected an not a* ma,,y of them have yielded the point I lu the earlyd^?picV8ilikely to ** ot> tabled, especially * Part of the season. .. I'i.h Jlarkct. l or the ending Wednetdng, June 1. $5G87jrCqtL MarkcUinlcl with liut sales at ^BauaCoUtoh-The market remain, fl,m « M» Smoked Halibut— We quote at lOc t> ik Oil—We quote at 65c V gal. v 1D Mackerel-Receipts four fares Southern since last report. Wc notice sales at 89 7o to $iu an<i $7 7* tf, $8 per bbl for laige aud medium 3’s. Fresh Halibut—Sale:* of Georges yesterday at 3 g 4Jc {> lb for gray and white. The \V«ol Market* Boston, June 3 —[Reported *or the Press.] Tho following is a list of prices quoted this afternoon: Domestic—Ohio and Pennsylvania pick-lock 58 g 60c; do choice XX 53 g 55c; do fine X 52 g 53c; me dium 50 g 52c: coarse 45 g 50c; Michigan extra and XX 48 g 50c; fine 47 g 48c; medium 47 g 49c; com mon 42 g 47c; other Western fine and X 47 g 49c; medium 47 g 49c, common 40 g 45c; pulled extra 35 g 55c; superfine 35 g 55; No 1, 20 g 30c; comb ing fleece 60 g 65c; California 17 g 35c; Texas 18 g 30c; Canada 40 g 55c; do combing 60 @ 75; Smyr na washed 22 g 35c; do unwashed, 22 g 30c; Buenos Ayres 25 g 37c; Cape Good Hope 30 g 37c; Austral iau 43 g 55c; Donskoi 30 g 45c; Mcstiza pulled 45 g 68c. The domand is steady, manufacturers purchasing in lots as wanted, and prices continue to l e sustained for all strait lots ot fleece, pulled and new Spring California, in go <1 condition. In New York the business of the past three days having been interrupted by a eene-al holiday, the volume of trade is not large. We have no material change to notice; prices are still firmly maintained and dealers express confidence iu their remaining steady. The demand for foreigu is gradually improv ing, owing to the limited supply or domestic. Cali fornia comes along very slowly; the few lots that have arrived have been readily disposed sf at good prices. xu j-uimueipuia a lew iois oi new cup western bare made their appearance, but the operations in it have uot been of a character to fix quotations. The stock of old fleece is reduced to an unprecedented low figure, and for this description holders are quite Arm in their views, being satisfied that the supply will be exhausted before the new clip makes its ap pearance in any considerable quantities. The manu facturers generally are relatively bare of stocks, but manifest but little disposition to purchase except from hand to mouth. Brighton Cattle Market. For the week ending Wednesday, June 4. At market for the current weekCattle, 2252; Sheep and Lambs, 5615; Swine, 15,950; number of Westers Cattle, 2157; Eastern Cattle—; Working Oxen and Northern Cattle, 125. Priees of Beef Cattle, cwt, live weight;—Extra quality $6 00 @ 6 25; first quality 86 50 @ 6 75 ; sec ond quality $6 00 @ 6 25; third quality $4 50 @ 5 30; poorest grades of coarse oxen, bulls, Ac., 83 50 @ 4 25. Brighton Hides 9 @ 94 cents |> lb. Brighton Tal low 6 c 64c f lb. Country Hides 9 cents & lb. Country Tallow 5 @ 5Jc lb. Calfskins 16 @ 20c IP lb. Sheep Skins sheared 25 @ 35c each. Lamb Skins 50c each. The trade this week has been quicker than it was one «m»ek ago. The *>upply of beeves from the West was not so large, and the beef trade at Boston has improved within a few days. Tbe quality was not so much diftfereut from that in at'ast market, and prices remain unchanged from our last quotations Quite a uumber ot the best lots of Cattie were taken by lmtehers at a commission. Woking Oxen—The supply in market for the week was light. A few pairs each week at this season o! the year being all tbe market requires. We quot< sales of 1 '#a»r, girth 7 foe 2 Inches, for $215; 1 pair, rlrtb 7 ‘eet for 8*00; I pair, girth 6 feet 8 inches, for 185; 1 pair, girth 6 feet 8 inches, for $165; 1 pair, girth 0 feet 6 inches, for 8155; 1 pair, giilh 7 feet, for $175. Milch Cows—Extra $55 @ $90; ordinary $25 @ 50. Good Cows sell quick, but common grades aic noe in so active demand. Most of tbe Cows offered for sale in market are of a common g* ade. Store Cows and small Cattle at this sermon ef ti e year are sold for Beef, especially those in fair condition. Sheep and Lambs—There was a good supply from the West, most of them owned by butchers, costing, delivered at Brighton, from 6} @ 7Jc lb. Swine—Smrc Pigs, wholesale, 74@8c; retail 8 @ 10c & !b. Fat Hogs—15,500 at market; prices 6c @ 6$c pib. _ Dsncstic Market*. New York. June 4—Evening—Cotton quiet; sales 1106 bales; Middling uplands at 19|c. Flour Is dull and 5 @ 10c lower; sales 8000 bbls; State 5 50 @ 8 oo; Round hoop Ohio 6 70 @ 10 00; Western 5 55 @ 10 25; Southern at 625@11 50. Wheat dull; sales 147,000 bu h * No 1 Spring 1 62; No 2 Spring at 1 53 ® 1 57; No 3 Spring 1 40 @ l 42; White State 1 80; Winter bed Western 165 @175; White Michigan 185@ 2 05. Corn is active and 2 @ 3c lower; sales Ml bush; ne v Mixed Western 56 @ 88c; choice old 67o. Oats are heavv and lower; sales 55.00o bush; new Wes'eru Mixed at 45 @ 464c; White 51 @ 53c. Be» l steady. Porka shade easier; new roes- 16 374; extra prime 14 00. Lam weak ; steam at 8J@ 8 15-16c; ket tle 9Jc. Butter steady; new State 25 @ 29. Whiskey quiet; Western free at 94 @ 944c. Rice steady: Car olina at74 @ 84c Sugar active and firmer ; refining 7|@8c. Coftee is quiet; Rio 18* @ l»|c Gold. Mo lasses quiet; New Orleans 67 @ 8«c. Naval Stores SpiritsTurpentine tinner at 46 @4f‘4c; Ro*n active at 3 00 'a 3 05 for strained. Petroleum is dull; crudt 8Jc; refined at 194c. Tallow is steady at 81 @ 9c. Wool dull and in buyer’s favor; domestic fleece at 52c. rreignis ro Liverpool urmcr; vuum, per mt-uui, at 11$ @ I2d. Chicago, Jane 4.—Floor quiet ami weak but not quotably lower; sales extra Spring at 5 50 @ 6 75.— Wheat irregular and unsettled, during weak and low er; sales No 2 Spring at 1 25$ on spot; do seller June l 23$; seller July at 1 22$; No 1 Spring dnll at 1 30; No 3 do 115; rejected 95c. Corn Is in fair demand, unsettled and lower; No 2 Mixed at 35fc on spot or seller June; 39$ @39jc seller July; 42 for seller Aug; rejected 34c. Oats dull and a shade lower; sales No 2 at 28}c «o sjtot; 30$ @ 30$c seller Ju’y; rejected 25$ @ 23$c. Bye dull and nominal; No 2 quoted at 6 @ 67c. Barley dull and nominal. Pork quiet and un changed ; sales at 15 80 @ 15 90 seller July; generally held at 16 00. Lard qjilet and unchanged at 8$c for winter; summer 8c. Bulk Meats steady; shoulders at 6$c packed; short rib middles .uotedatSf @ 8|c. Bacon steady; no sales. W biskey in fair demand and higher at 90Ac Lake Freights active and higher—Corn to Buffalo at 6c. Beccipts—8,000 bbls flour, 68.000 bush wheat, 107, 000 hush corn, 53,000 bush oats, 1,000 bush rye, 3,00 bush barlev, 00,000 bogs. u Shipments—5.000 obis floor, 6,000 bush wheat, 112, 000 bush corn. 114.000 bush oats, 2,000 bush rye, 1,000 bush barley, 0000 hogs. xOlTno, June 4.—Flour in fair demand and low* er. Wheat dull and declined 3 @ 5c; No 1 Whit® Wabash 1 95; No 2 do 1 78; Amber Michigan at t 57 * seller June 1 56$; seller July J 54$; No 2 Red 165> No 2 Amber Illinois 1 60. Corn dull and lower; sale* of high Mixed on spot or seller June 42; seller July 43$c; seller Aug 45c; do Sept 44$c; low Mixed 43c; damaged 32c. Oats dull and declining; No 2 on spot and seller June at 35c; Michigan at 38$c. take Freights firm; to Buffalo 4c; to Oswego and Kingston 7$ @ 8c. Recafpt-s—0,000 bbls flour, 9,C00 bush wheat, 16,000 bush corn, 4,0<M) bush oars Shipments—5000 bbls flour, 5,000hush wheat, 00,000 bush corn, 2,000 bush oats. Cincinnati. June 4.—Provisions—Pork steady at 16 50 bid, 16 75 asked; offerings light. Laid dull and unchanged ; steam at 8$c; kettle at 8}c. Bulk Mvais in good demand and lower; sales ot shoulders at 6) @ 6}c; clear rib sides a> 8$ @ 8}c: clear sides at R| @ 81c. Bacon to good demand and firmer; shoulders at 7$c; clear rib sides 9$c; clear sides at 9$c, with sales. Whiskey firm at 89c. Detroit. June 4.—Flou* dull and lower. Wheat is dull and lower; extra White 1 83; No 1 White l 75 @ 1 76; Amber Michigan 1 57. Corn dull and lower at 45c. Oat* dull and declining; White Western 40c. Receipts-8.000 bbls flour, 0,0d0 busu wheat, 1,000 bush corn, 6100 bush oats. Shipments-3000 UMs flour, 2,000 bush wheat. 1,000 hash corn, 1,000 bush oats. Charleston, June 4.—Codon quiet; Middling up lands — @ 18$e. Savannah, June4.— Cotton firm; Middling up lands at 18$‘*. Mobile, Juno 4 —Cotton firm; Middling uplands 17}c. New Oilcans. Jane4.—Cotton in fair demand; Middling uplands 18 @ 18$c. Enropsas T| ark eta. London, June 4—11.00 A. M.—Consols opened at 02} for money and 92} for account. American securities—small sales nave been made at unchanged quotations. Erie Railway 48}. London, Jnne 4—5.00 P. M.—Consols closed at 92$ for money and account. American securities—U. S. 5-20s, 1865, old, 91}; do 1867,94}; U. S. 10-40s. 88§. The upward movement of the rate of discount in the Bank of England checks business somewhat. Liverpool, June 4—5.00 P. M.—Cotton dosed dnll and depressed; sales 12,000 bales, including 3000 for speculation and export. ENTERTAINMENTS. ARRANGEMENTS — FOB — Maine Gen’l Hospital Fair To be holden iu CITY AND FLUENT HALLS, PORTLAND Commencing June 10, at 2 P. M., To continue Eight Days anil Evening*. (Mnnday* executed). On each day after the •®l* **e B*n* will be oneaed from IO a’clork A. M. natil IO o’clock r. Governor Perham will deliver an Address at the opening of the Fair Tuesday afternoon. MuOc by the Portland Band. The Refreshment Department, under the charge of the Ladies’ Executive Committee, will be iu Fluent’s Hall, which will be connected with i Ity H .11 by a Bridge. Entertainments will bo given each evening in Rc ccp:ion Hall. k sslni Hall will be used as a Picture Gallery, where tho largest and finest collection of Pictures ever **cen in Maine will be exhi ited. Amon •the other attractions will be an exhibition of Glass Blowing, a manufactory of Earthern Ware, Punch and Judy show, Shooting Gall, ry, Ac., <£c. Arrangements have been mauc with all Rai.roods and Si earn boat lines in the State for half fare. Tick ets good from the IQih toT^th of June inclusive. Aarni sion Tickets to the Fair will be sold with all halt fare tickets for 25 cents each. Congress Hall will be open day and evening uudor the charge of a competent person for the use of vis itors to the Fair from out of the city. Entrance to this hall second door from Tern pic street on Congress. Admission to the Fair 93 Ceuta. Contributions for the Fair will be brought Tee over any of the railroads or steamboat lines n the State running to Portland cr by tb. Eastern Express Com pany if marke i “Hospital Fair, Portland A. W. H. CLAPP, Chairman, C. H. HasKELL, Treaeurei, C. E. JOSE. Secretary, Executive S. C. GORDON, executive S. H. TEWKSBURY, H. F. FURBISH, F. H. GEBRISH. committee. JAMES E. CARTER Jl,~did For Sale, 000 1\?.E!r of lani* on North street, near Walnut. Price low. Terms i c.-u,h. truance time. Apply to F. ti. PATTERSON, Port "ail> or WM. L. SOUTHARD, 8 Pemberton Square, Boston. mylScodtf ENTERTAINMENTS. MAINE GENERAL HOSPITAL. THE LADIES OF BATH WILL HOLD A FAIR AND LEVEE in aid of the Maine General Hospital in Portland, on Thursday and Friday Evenings, JUNE .5tli mid 6II1, AUo on Thursday Afternoon at City Hall. Admittance to the f air 15 cents; admittance to the Promenade Concert on Friday evening 00 cents. Per order Committee oi Arrangements. Bath, .June 2 5t MUSIC HALL." Thursday und Friday Evenings, June 5tli und 6lli. Boh worth Post No. 2, G. A. R. will present as above the original Military Drama, entitled the Battle of Newbern ! For the benefit of the HAINE blMKll, HOMPITAE. Admission, Parqucttc Wets. Oallerv « n. ir„. sale at the usual places, by Comrade* "alia at rhe door. Orchestra Ch-drs and Reserved Scats so cents For sale at Stockbridge a, 156 Exchange street, ami at the door. Doors open at 7. Cui tain will rHe at 8 precisely. . mv29td MUSIC HALL. “HE’S GOT TO COME”—AGAIN! Remaining for Mine Nights. COMMENCING MONDAY, JUNE 9th. HARRY BLOOD ROOD’S Minstrel & Burlesque Combination including the old favorites anti seven new face*, all great stars, completing the roaster variety entertain ment on the road Look at the great names of MR. CHARLES MATTHEWS! and M’VjEK belle celeste, tbo wonderful |*oople of the air. Mr. G. F. Moore and Mind Kilty II< u demon* Singly they are grca‘—together they will never bavo an equal. ✓ Mr. Audy J. Eeavitt, the original corner-stone of Ethiopian Come ly. Bai\Jo and Sons,. Dnlry Brother*, in their beautiful wooden shoe specialties, invite c -repetition. Min* I.i-lc Riddell, tho charming little queen of serio-comic vocalists. Mi** Adelaide Demon!, in beautiful Opcrati g tns. Bloodgooil Himself. and a dashing company oi twenty others. PRICES AS USUAL, Reserved place, tickets now ready at bo* office. C. H. JARVIS. Business Agent. H.vnnv Niles, Buslucss Manager. JunAdlf Forest City TROTTING PARK! PORTLAND, ME. 1873 June Meeting 1873 June 10th, 11th. 12th, 13th A 11th. $2^00 1 X PREMIUMS. TCESOAY, June lOth. PHMAtA \ For horses that have nev I. U I OE- j er trotted better than three minutes; $150 to first, $00 to second. $40 to third. Hiram Woodruff, Beacon Paik, Boston, names b. g. Tim Watson. George M. Delaney, Augusta, Me., names b m Nel- . be. Prnden Lctourueau, West Watcrville, names ch m Puilty. S. H. Jacobs, Skowhcgan, Mo., names gray m La dy Walton. G H. Hicks, Charlestown. Mass..names b m Flora. Wright Norcrots, .Mystic Park, Boston, names blk s Lot hair. J. F. Beck, Solon, Me., nnmts g g Ed Gray. A. W. Worcester, Beacon Park, Toston, names w g Baby Boy. George li. Bailey, Forest City Park, names blk m Fuarnaught Belle. R. G. Knight, Cornish Me., b g. Wonder. Mil 1*6 A ft*IAA 1 For h.»rses that have never X U1 9»VV« ) trotteil better tLan 2:40;$175 to first, $75 to second, $.50 to third. F. Brickctt, Lisbon Falls, Me., names g g Meddle some 9 Dan Bigley, Beacon Park, Boston, names b m Grice. Geo. H. Hicks, Charlestown, Mass., names ch g Ludlow Boy. A. D. Webber, Beacon Park, Boston, names b g Honest Brock. George M. Delaney, Augusta, Me., names br g Bil ly Bumpus. H. E. Willis, Medford, Mass., urines cb g Mystic Bov. J. N. Woodard, South Framingham, Maes., names b s John Lambert. James Dustin, Mystic Park, Boston, names b s King William. WEDNESDAY, Jane llth. Mil I’d A ft9 XA l Free to all road wagons. X ill f wagon and driver to weigh 300 lbs: $150 to first; $75 to second, $25 to third. Lon Morris, Mystic Park, Boston, names b m Ella El wood. G. H. Hicks, Charlestown, Mass., names ch g Ludlow Boy. h Dan Bigley, Beacon Fark, Boston, names ch m Fannv. Wright & Norcross, Mystic Park, Boston, name ch g Au' urn Bov. S. H. Jacobs, Skowhcgan, Me., names cb g Troub lesome. Hiram Woodruff, Beacon Park, Boston, names blk g Regulator. Mil 1*6A ft 1 Afl 1 For h°r8e® that have nev 1 III 5L ffJlvv# ) er trotteil better than 2:35, to be trotted under saddle; $60 to first, $30 to second. $10 to third. G. H. Hicks, Charlestown, Moss., names b g Toby Candor. Wright & Norcross, Mystic Park, Boston, name blk s Lo hair. Charles Haich, Bangor. Me., names blk ra Ink. H. t. Willis, Medfo d. Mass., names ch g Mystic Boy. THURSDAY, Jane 14th. Mill’d A ftf)'^ i For horses that have wev X 111 oC • J er trotted better than 2:50: $150 to that, $60 to second, $40 to third S. H. Jacobs, Skowhegan, Me., names g m Ladv Walton. J Wright i£ Norcross, Mystic Park, Boston, names blk s Lot hair. Dan Bigley, Beacon Park, Boston, names b m Grace. G. H. Hicks, Charlestown, Mass., names b m Flo ra. J. F. Beck, Solon, Mo., names g g Ed Gray. Geo. M. Delaney, Augusta, Me., names blk m La dy Hassan. Pruden I.etonmeau, West Watcrville. names b m Lady Mansfield. Hinim Woodruff, Beacon Park, Boston, names b a Tim Watson. • George H. Bailey, Forest City Park, names blk m Foarnaugot Belle. A. W. Worcester, Beacon Park, Boston, names w g Baby Boy. PtITSO W*111A I For horses that hare nev X IIIW qJOvl/, ( er trolled belter than 2:37 $175 to first, $75 to second $50 to third. J. K. Woodward, South Framingham, Mass, names b s John Lam belt. • James Dustin, Mvstlc Park, Boston, names b c Stranger, formerly Muggins. Dan Bigley, Beaecu Park, Boston,names b m Ladv Wentworth. 1 Wright & Norcross, Mystic Park, Boston, name ch g Auburn Boy. * • Brickett, Lisbon Falls, Me., names g g Meddle some. Bumpus Delanoy’ AnSul!ta, Me-, names br g Billy FRIDAY, Jane lJib. Pll 1*^10 \ For horse* that have nev M. Ul tlOuV* f *»r trotted better than 2:38, two milrs and rei>eat In harness, $175 to first, $75 to second, $*-01» third. H. A. Hall, Boston, Mass., names f m Caouchonc. A. D. Webber, Beacon Park. listen, names be Honest Brork. Dan Bigley, Beacon Park, Boston, names b m La dy Weni worth. S H. Jacobs, Skowhegan. Me., names b m Belle Ja cobs. P. Brickott, Lisbon Falls, Me., names g g Meddle some. L. J. Brackett, Windham, M., names b m Maine Girl. Prudeu Letonrncau, West Watcrvillc, names blk m Gentle Annie. B«acon Boston, names b* king William. T*11 PfiP \ For horses that have nev X Ul SC ftvv. ( er trotted better than 2:32; $250 to first $100 to second; $50 to thirl. G. G. Brown, Bristol, N. H.f names gg Bristol Bill. James Dustin, Beacon Park, Boston, names b g Frank Palmer. S. H. Jacobs, Skowhegan, Me., names ch m Troub lesome. Dan Bigley, Beacon Park, Boston, names ch m Fanny. A. I>. Webber. Beacon Park, Boston, names Back skin e Royal Mike. A. W. Worcester, Beacon Park, Boston, names b e Sam Curtis Charles Hatch, Bangor, Me., names blk m Ink. SATURDAY, Jn.e 14tb. SPECIAL PREMIUMS. Three Hundred a^d Fifty Dollars. Maine Gen. Hospital Prizes. ..SMS® 13fh0at“Co,cW1v Kr cen, -*‘> close Friday noon, Jane unde?Vii™^k5lat Hospital Fair track1 Fa moutl1 H°tel, or with tl.o proprietors of the aboTe raccs wi’1 *» b® mile beats best 3 In 3 m harness, excepting Nos. 3 and 4, and will bo trotted under the rules r the National Association. Troitlng will commence each dav at 2* u. m. Covered wagons will run fiom the city 10 the track an*i a good res taurant will be found upon the grounds. tp- Pools sold and settled at No. 14 Preble street, rear of Preble House, every forenoon and evening du llcWdsIsoct!?.1; season rickets admitting gentleman and lady to all raccs over the Park tbl. season snd for driving on the track *10. Badges good for four day. trotting, JunoAItd___ Forest City Trotting Park. Is NOW open and ready for Season ticket holders. 1 lekets admitting the holder to all races over the Park, and for riding or driving for season ol 1813 can be obtained ol the Proprietors or of E. Dana ir. apothecary, or J. F. Libby’s Stalde Congress St. my«d»{ BAILEY & WILLIS

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