Newspaper of Portland Daily Press, June 5, 1873, Page 4

Newspaper of Portland Daily Press dated June 5, 1873 Page 4
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THE PRESS. Portland Wholesale Price Current. CorrsetcJ for the ?UE33 u> Juno 1,1473. Apples. Baldwins.3 03 @4 00 Russia.800 v&ftU0 Dried, western 3 a) 8 do eastern. Gy ft b. Ashes. Pearl, lb— 11 @ 11 Pot. ... 9 (eg 11 UmuN. Pea.3 40 @3 73 Mediums.2 75ft‘* 0!) Y ellow Dyes. .3 23 <•>•' 3° Bui .Shoo!**. i*iae.... 1V)n0 Ci a5:kcrst> wi> 4U (“i BCuilcr. ••audit, t»lb ■ W@ 3» Store.. 15 (ft 18 Caudles* Mould,i»U> ... „ ^ W Sr>erni . 3 Ck'incut. bl>l.2 33 <g*2 40 C’heese._ Vermont.fc> lb. 15 ft 16 Factory. 16 ft 17 S. Y. Dairy.. 15 ft 10 Coal—(Retail.) Onml>erlau(l.. .9 SbftlO 00 Pictou.8 00 (a 8 50 Chestnut.7 00 ft7 50 Franklin.9 00 «, 9 5< D’gh&W.Atdi. .8 CO ft 8.50 Collie. J ua.pib. 2S @ 30 Uio. 24 ft 25 €oe'», Hhd. Shooks and Head! Mol.*City-2 5'J ft 2 7 Sug. Cit>’-2 25 ft Sug. C’try.. .1 60 ft Country Kite Mol. HUM Slfks 1 50 ft HUM ;le i lings, Spu. . iu. 28 ft S>fl l rue,.. 28 ft U tr i Pine, 30 ft Ho.14 it), 43 03 ft 50 0( R.Otk Si aves 50 00 ft C . ^or. Oop.Bolts. . 43 @ Y. HI. Sheathing t£S^‘ droiuo do. f V. 51. Bolts... ui <iS C'ordHgr. Aiuorieau,l> H>, 1^4$ ]'*• Russia,. 13y« 14 iianW-.-. ids) «l .Manila B Ur pSOJ ® 21 l>ru^« mail Dyes. Alcohol,ipgal. 2 00 fti 20 Arrow R>*ot, 23 (ft 63 Bi-Curb So ia. 7 (ft 9 Borax,. (ft CO Camphor. 40 (ft Cream Tartar 43 (ft 45 Indigo.1 15 (ft I 40 Dogwood ex., lift Madder,- 17 ft 1.8 Naptlia. 4>gal 25 ft 30 Opium,. ft 8 Ou Rhubarb,.... 1 00 ft 1 50 Sal Soda- CJ ft 4 Saltpetre. .. 10 ft 18 Sulphur.... 4Jft 5J Yitrol. 13 ft 14 Dncu. * No. lf...••••• @ 46 No. 3,. ..... ££42 No. 10,. - 28 Havens, 8oz.,. 21 10 oz.«. 30 Dye woo us. Barwood. 3 ® Brazil Wood, 5 (tg 7 Camwood,.. 0 (jg 7 Fustic,. 2*'«} 3 Logwood, Campeacliy, 1*@ 2\ St. Domingo, 2\ Peach Wood, 5Jo) lied Wood.... 3 4 Fiwh. Cod, per qtl., L’go Shore, 5 75 @ C 00 L’ge Bank, 5 50 (a) 5 75 Small,. 4 00 gg 4 25 Pollock,.2 50 (eg 3 50 Haddock*,... .2 00 @ 2 25 Hake.I 12* <g 1 37 J Herring, Shore, fe> bbl 4 00 (Si 5 00 Scaled, |^bx 18 ^g 23 No. 1,. 13 % 20 M ackerel, [* bbl., Bav No. 1,. .18 03@20 00 Bay No.2,...14 00@16 0( Large 3,.10 <M%12 00 Shore No. 1,..20 00@22 00 No. 2,.15 (MXa>17 00 Modium,-0 t'O^gll 00 Clam Bait. 5 00(<g6 00 ft'lour. Superfine,.... COO @3 50 Spring x,... 7 00 (eg 7 0 *• xx,.. 3 00 8 75 * a !cb. Winter, 0 00 (g 9 75 “ xx 725 10 71 Illinois x,. 7 25 @8 20 *• xx,. ...1000@12 0< 5L Louis x,.. 8 75 (eg 9 7' “ xx, 10 00 (u) 12 51 fruit. Almonds—Jordan p lb Sott Shell,.. 20 @ 22 Shelled,— 40 @ 55 Pea Nuts. 2 25 @ 2 75 Citron,. 45 @ Currants, 9 @ Dates, 8 @ 9 Figs,......... 12 @ 18 Prunes,. 12 @ 17 Raisins, Layer, . 2 37 @ 2 50 Muscatel.. 2 75 @2 83 yal. plb. 9 @ Levons,:p box7 50 @ 8 00 Changes, pbox,8 00@9 0C Crain. Corn, Mixed,. 74 @ White,. 85 @ 90 > eliow,. 74 @ 73 Rye,.110 @ 115 Barley,. 75 @ 83 Oats,. 55 @ 60 Fine Feed,.. 33 00 @ 32 00 Shorts..28 03 @ 30 00 Cuapow.lrr. Blasliug,.4 50 @ 3 00 Shipping,- 4 50 @5 00 liny. Pressed,ptonlG 00 @18 00 Loose,.IG CO @20 00 Straw,.10 00 @12 00 (rou. Common, ... 4J@ 5 Ketined. 4^-a) 5j’ Swedish. @ sj Norway. SJ'o? 9 Cast Steel, .. 22 @ 24 flermau Steel 14 @ 15 Shoe Steel . 74 @ 8 Sluing Steel . 9 @ 12 Sheet Iron, English,W. 7J@ 72 K.W. 84 @ 9 Russia. 22 @ 23 Cialv,. 12 @ 15<l. tiegs, p lb,.. @ ini Tierces, p tt> @10 Pail,. 124’cd J24 ; Caddies,. nj@ 12 \ Lead. Sheet & Pipe.. 10 @ 10] Pig. 8 © JLealhtr. NcwY«rt. Light . @ 31 Mid. Weight 30© ^3 Heavy • • • ^ Slaughrei.. • <** ,4S, Vm. Cali .. .1 20 ©1 23 JLinic. ltoekluud c'sk.l 15 © LuuilHr. Chur Tint, 55 00 @00 00 Nos. 1 c\. 2.55 00 ©00 00 No 3.45 00 ©>50 00 No. 4.32 00 ©40 00 Shipping . .20 00 ©23 00 Spruce.15 00 @18 00 Hemlock . 1.3 00 @15 00 Clapboards, j Spruce ox.30 0J @35 00 | do No. 1 20 00 ©27 00 Piny.40 00 @85 00 Shingles, Cedar ex... 3 73 @ 4 73 Cedar No 1. 2 50 © 3 25 do Shaved 4 00 © G 50 Pina do... 4 50 © 6 50 Laths, Spruce. 2 00 @2 2; Pin,i. 3 00 @~3 50 illntchci. star, ^ grog. 1 95 UlnlaueB. Porto luco uew o5 @ 63 jCieufugos new.. 40 © 42 Muscovadouew 37 @ 38 |New Orleaus.. 70 ©83 Mus tart. iSagua, new.... 35 @40 ,! Nalls. 5,Cask.5 30 @ j Naval 8lorc». Tar,i> bid ... 5 00 @5 25 Pitch (C. Tar). .4 50 ©1 75 Wil Pitch.... 5 50 © 5 75 il jsin,.5 25 @ 8 00 Turpentine,gl 56©] GO Oil. lierosene. @ 29 Port.Bel. Petr © 21 sperm,.1 85 (a Oh Whale,.. 85 @ 100 Bank,. 0-8 © 73 Shore,. 58 © G3 Porgie,. 55 @ 60 Linseed. 100© Boiled do.,.. 105© Lard,. 80 @ 85 (Hive,.1 25 © 1 75 Castor.1 60 @ l 75 Nealsfoot,.... 1 25 © 1 50 Blame,. 58 @ ii'j PaiutM. Port. Lead,.. 11 75 @ Pure Gr’d do 12 00 @ 12 25 Pure Dry do 11 50 © Am.Zinc.... 12 00 @13 00 Bochelle Yell 31© 4 Eng. Von .Bed 3(@ 4 Bed Lead,... ll © 12 Litharge. Jl © 12 Plajipr, White, 4> ton,.. @3 00 Blue,. go 2 75 G round,in bis 8 00 @ 9 00 Calcined, Dm 2 75 @ 3 to Product;. Beef Side, lb 9 @ 13 Veal. 10 © 12 Mutton....... 10© 12 Chickens,- 23 @ 23 Turkeys,. 23 © 25 Eggs, t> doz., 17 @ 19 Potatoes,Dbu GO © 70 Unions,. .Bcrate2 50@ 1 Bound hogs— 8 @9 ArroviMons. Mess Beef,.. 10 00 3 12 00 Ex Mess, . 12 50 3 14 50 Plate. 14 00 3 15 50 I Ex Plate,.. 16 00 3 17 00 Pork, Backs. 20 50 3 21 50 Clear,. 19 50 3 20 50 Mess,. 18 00 3 19 00 Prime. 3 none Hams,. 13£ 3 14 Kice. Rice, lb... 713 9 Malcrn tia. Saloratus, pib, 7 @ 9i Malt. Turk’s Is. ^ hhd.^Sbus),. 2 50 @ 3 00 St. Marlin,.. nono Bonaire, 2 50 @ 3 00 Cadiz,dut y pd 2 75 3 3 25 Cadiz,in bond 2 25 3 2 75 Liverpool,duty paid,.3 00 @ 3 50 Liv. in bond,. 2 50 3 3 00 Gr’nd butter, 25 (a) Syracuse, —none 3 Mceda. Clover lb.,_ 9 3 10 Red Top bag, 4 50@ 4 75 il.Grass, bush. 4 7535 00 do Canada, 5 003 Moap. Ex St’m liefd 3 9 Family,. (a} 8 So. 1,. 3 7 Spire*. Cassia, pare,. 45 3 Cloves,. @ Ginger,. 18 @ Mace.1 60 3 Nutmegs,— 120 @ 125 Pepper,. 25 3 25 mnrcu. Pearl. 9 @ 10J Nngnr. Granulated,. 10J@ ll Coffee A. lOf® 104 Extra C,. 104 ® lot e C. @ lo* Syrups. CO @ 80 Eagle Sugar Refinery: Yellow.... 7} ® 8 j (UCj- @9 Mus. Gro... none Hav. Brown Nos. 12 & 16 10J@ 11 Refining,... 8® 8| Tea*. Souchong, .. 25 @ 40 Oolong,. 30 @ 45 Oolong, choice 60 @ 75 Japan,. 40 63 Do. choice... C5 @ 95 Tin. Straits. 39 @ 40 English,. 39 @ 40 Char. I. C.,.. 14 50 ® 14 75 Char. I.X....17 CO ® 17 .6 Antimony. ® 21 Zinc. 11 @ 113, Tobacco. L-’ives and Tens, Best Brands, C5 @ 73 Medium,.. 65® CO Common,_60 @ 50 Half lbs.,.50® 68 Nat’l Leaf,.80 ® 90 Navy IbR.,.50 @ 38 Varnfah. Damar,.1 75 @2 50 2oah,. 2 25 @ 5 50 Furniture, 1 50 ® 2 50 Wool. Fleece washed 45 @ 50 do. unwashd 30 @ 35 Fulled .Sapor 60 (a) 55 Felts, large.. 150 @ 2 00 Portland Dally PrcmKIeckLiu. For the week ending Juno 4,1873. Corrected by W. E. Wood, Broker, 07 Eacbtrnge. Descriptions Par Valve. Offered Asked Oeld. .118 , ,I8, Government O’o, 1881. .121* jw3 Government 5-2l)’«t, 1862,.1164 iiki Government 5-20’s, 1604. 116* **1164 Government 5-20’s, 1805. jig? Government. 5-20’s, July, 1805. llgl i.o* Uoverumcnt 5-20’s, July, 1607. 121} '"io,« Government 3-20’-*. July. 1808.linf Vhil Government -40’s..., .Ill lilt S ate of Maine is ,uds... ‘ Portland City Bonds, Municipal.944 95I B ttb City Bonds... 89 90* Bangor City Bonds, 2Q years,_.. . . !..!! 90 91 Calais City Bonds,. . 94 Cumberland National Bank.40.90 01 Canal National Bank.109.'..1324... 133J First National Bank,. 100.1324. . 1334 Casco National Bank,.ICO.132}... .1331 Merck ants’National Bank,.. 75.90... 07' National Traders’ Bank,. 130.132}... 1334 Portland Company... .. 75 3 . so® Portland Gas Company,.50.01 03 Ocean Insurance Company,... 100.05 .., 97 Atlantic <& St. Lawrence it. k. S3 ’ 90 A,.# K. R. it. Bonds.. .87 " ss Maine Central K. It. Stock.100.S5 'CO Maine Central It. It. kontls. 7’s»........ .97., 98 Leeds & F’rm’gton It. It. Bonds.100. 87 ' 88 •’" “'I * Keu. It. It. Bonds.. 100. 88 .... 69 PomvJSu f 9,*4«“sl>UrgB.R.Bonds,gold, ... 90 PortliS l i. o>Ce'it.',r H.It- Bonds, 7’*,. . 92 .... 93 I ortlapd & Rqohoster It. . Stock.. 15 .... 20 LAWS OF THE UNITED STATES PASSED AT TIIE THIRD SESSION OF THE FORTY-SECOND CONGRESS. *® [General Nature—No. •!.] AN ACT making appropriations for the rejiair, pres ervation. and completion of certain public works •n rivers and harbors, and for other purposes. Be U enacted by the Senate and House of Repre sentatives of the United States ot America in Con gress assembled, That the following sums of money be, and are hereby, appropriated, to be paid out of any money in the treasury not otherwise appropria ted, to be expended under the direction of the Secre tary of War, for the repair, preservation, and com pletion of the following public works hereinafter named: For the purpose of dredging out the bay of Supe rior from tuo natural entrance to the docks of Supe ri or and Du Luth and preserving both entrances from the lake thereto, one hundred thousand dollars. For tbe Improvement of Marquette harbor, Michi gan, fifteen 1 liousan l dollars. For the Improvement of Menomonee harbor. Misb Igan and Wisconsin, twenty-five thousand dollars. For the improvemont of Green Bay harbor, Wis consin, twenty tho ;sand dollars. For the improvement of Two Rivers harbor, Wis consin, twenty-five thousand dollars. For the improvement of Manitowoc harbor, Wis consin, twenty thousand dollars. For tbe improvement of Sheboygan htubor, Wis cousin, ton tbonsTnd dollars. WbSiS?„l«SroveJient of Port Washington harbor, 'v iwconsm. fifteen thousand do lars. a^sssss&sl1^^ harbor’wis t«gniSSSra3&of ltaclnc harbor- w"n* nlnetyttUnu”Pur;,''XX,;»0f Ch'Cag° *“'!»>*■. Xlllnol., forty thomSSniuJ£m 0t Calamet liarbor, Illinois, dlina, flftytfoSSf doiH,Mlchiean cil-7 harbor, In For tin improvement o?‘n. - rivers, throe hundred tho?,..?? Fox ang Wisconsin For the improvomo it SW‘V,llar“ gan, ten tbousaml dollars alanlBtee harbor,Michi S Fertile improvement Of . gan, twenty-five thousand dollars °n harbor, Mich: For the improvement ot tbe harbors of w v an 1 Georgetown, D.strict of Columbia,n*tin. dollars. Buy thousand For the Improvement of Groat Kanui.. . West Virginia, 'wemy-llie thousand dollars11* rlver> For the i nprovement of White River harbor \n v lgtn, seven thonsand dollars. uor’Ml™ For iho improvement of Frankfort harbor Michl gan, ten thonsand dollars. For the imorovement of Grand Haven harbor I Michigan, seventy-five thousand dollars. For the Improvement of black Lake barbor, Mich igan. twelve thousand dollars. For the Improvement of Saugatuck barbor, Michi gan, ton thousand dollars. U5_2J *he Improvement of South Haven harbor, twenty thonsand dollars. ufirsa^0'Monroe hiirbor- Mleb,'ran> a«,0ffiX°SH<l?.beboygan barbor> MiCbl‘ two hundredthousand dofli^mt MarJ’® Fal,s caua1. For the improvement of hartpr of Refuge, on Late nFor tbo tmm-orom«nt of Fcntwatcr harbor, Mtohl e le’.r'the^mtjroveuient'o^Salnt Clair Flats canal, °»°^“t^finproromeut of Toledo harbor, Ohio, ono hundred thousand dollars. For tho Improvement of Sandusky City harbor, Ohio, twenty-five thousand dollars. For the Improvement of Vermillion harbor, Ohio, twelve thousand dollars. For tho Improvement of Black Elver harbor, Ohio twenty thousand dollars. For the improvement or Cleveland harbor, Ohio one thousand dollars. ’ For the improvement of Ashtabul i hatha- Ohi, sixteen thousand dollars. naroor, Ulllo, our'handr'™do!Tant* Cf C°“ ^.Ohlo, York, forty thousand dollars DaU’“llk For the Improvement of Buttab hath v„e seventy-five thousand dollars Tnr“’ tenThnusaud'dollars1"1 °‘ 01coU bar5»r’ *«*. Ywk, ten 'thousand'dollarsP^ taA"> Nt>W ror the improvement of PuHncyvillc harbor, New teu11 thousami dollars. i* Improvement of Little Sodus harbor, New Y^rk, thousand dollars. For the improvement o» Oswego harbor, New York, one hundred thousami dollars. For the improvement of Waddington harbor. New York, ten thousand dollars. For the improvement of Ogdensburgh harbor, New York, six tliousaud dollars. For the improvement of Plattsburgh harbor, New York, ten thousand dollars. For the improvement of Swautou harbor, Vermont, fifteen thousand dollars. For tho removal of a sand-bar in the harbor at Ihc mouth of Black river, New York, five thousand dol lars, or so much thereof as may be necossarv For tho improvement of Peconia l iver. Lon" Island New York, ten thousami dollars. ° * For the improvement of Burlington harbor Ver mont. twenty-live thousand dollars. For the preservation of the fails of Saint Anthony, .Minnesota, and tlio navtgat on of the .Mississippi riv^ er above the same, fifty thousand dollars For (lie improvement of the Minnesota river Min nesota, tell thousand dollars; Prodded, That onc lialf of said sum shall be expended between tho mouth of the Yellow Medicine and Minnesota fills on said river Foi the construction of the lock and dam on the Mississippi river, at Meeker’s Island, Minnesota, according to the surveys and plans of the War Dc partmeut, twenty-five thousand dollars: Provided, i hat all rights and claims in and to the land-grant made to the Slate of Minnesota for the above work, by act approved July twenty-third, eighteen hundred Sfd shl111 bo fully relinquished to the U nit eu States belore any of this appropratiou is ex pended. For tho impioveiuent of the Upper Mississippi riv er, twenty-five thousand dollars. For the improvement of tho Illinois river, ono hun dred thousand dollars. ror tne improvement of the Dcs Moinca rapids. Mississippi river, four hundred thousand dollars. tor the improvement of tho Rock Island rapids, Mississippi river, fifty thousand dollars. tor tl)G improvement of tho harbor of Refuge at the entrance of the Sturgeon 13av c uial, fort-v thou sand dollars. For the improvement of the Mississippi, and Ar kansas rivers, one hundred thousand dollars. For the improvement of Yazoo river, forty thou sand dollars. The ten thousand dollars appropriated at the sec ond session of the Forty-second Congress for ihe im provement of the Tombigbce river shall be expended in the State of Mississippi. For the improvement of the Osage river, Missouri, twenty-five thousand dollars. For the i nprovement of tho White and Saint Fran cis rivers, fifty thousand dollars. For the improvement of the Ouachita river, in Lou isiana, sixty thousand dollars. For tho improvement of the Mississippi river be tween the mouth of tho Missouri river and tho txou h of the Ohio river, two hundred thousand dollars. For the improvement of ihe Ohio river, two hun dred thousaud dollars. And that Godfrey Weltzell, of the corps of engineers, United States army, in charge of the Louisville aud Portland canal, is here by empowered and directed, subject to the approval of the Chief of Engineers of said corps, to adjust and pay, out of any money appropriated for the improve ment ot said canal, to *T. C. Dennis any legal or equi table claims he may have against the United States arising out of work done by him under Hugh Mc Glincy and Company’s contract to perform work on s id canal, in the years eighteen hundred and seven ty-one and eighteen hunt red seventy-two; and said Godfrey Weltzell is further authorized aud direct ed to pay to said J. C. Dcnuis, in addition to the amount above provided tor, such other sums as said Weltzell shall find that said Dennis is le gally or equitably entitled to as assignee of Hugh McGlincy and Company for work done by said Den nis on »-aid improvement: Provided, That such sums shall not exceed the amount due and owing by the government ot tbeUnitod States tor work done un er said contract of Hugh Me Glincy and Company, and that the sums thus received of Weltzell shall be in full of the claim of said McGlincv and Company under their contract, and in full of the claim of said Dennis as the assignee of said firm. For completing the Louisville and Portland canal, one hundred thousand dollars; and the Secretary of the Treasury is authorized and directed to assume, on behalf of the United States, the control and man agement of the said canal in conformity with the terms of the joint resolution cf the State of Ken tucky, approved March twenty-eighth, eighteen hun dred aud severity-two, at such time and in such manner as iu bis judgment the interests of the Unit ed States, and the commerce thereof, may require; aud the sum of money necessary to enable the Secre tary of the li-easury to carry this provision into effect is hereby appropiiated: Provided, That after the Uni ted States shall assume c ntrol or said canal, the tolls thereon ou vessels piopelled by steam shall be reduc ed to twenty-live cents per tun, and on all other ves sels in proportion. For the improvement of the Upper Men on Abel a river, near Morgantown, West Virginia, sixty-six thousand dollars. For the improvement of the Cumberland river, be low Nashville, Tennessee, twenty-five thousand dol lars. For the improvement ot the Wabash river, Indi ana and Illinois, fitly thousand dollars. For the improvement of the Tennessee river below Chattanooga, ineluding the Muscle shoals, one hun dred thousand dollars. For tho improvement of the Tennessee river above Chattanooga, twenty-five thousand dollars. For the improvement of the mouth of the Missis- I Bippi river, one hundred and twenty-live thousand 1 dollars. For removing the raft la Red river, Louisiana, i eighty thousand dollars. For the improvement of Cypress bayou, and con struction of dams, and dredging at the foot of Soda lake, Texas, fifty thousand dollars. For the improvement of Mobile harbor aud bay, Alabama, one huudred thousand dollars. For completing work now in progress In improving Charleston harbor, South Caroliua, five thousand dollars. ror the improvement of Savannah harbor and liv er, Georgia, fifty thousand dollars. For tho improvement of Saint John’s river, Flori da, ten thousand dollars. For the improvement of tho entrance to the harbor of Baltimore, in Patapsco river and Chesapeake bay, two hundred thousand dollars. For tho improvement of the Wicomico liver, Mary land, live thousand dollars. For the improvement of Cambridge harbor. Mary land, five thousand dollars. For the improvement of Chester river at Kent Is land narrows, Maryland, fifteen thousand dollars. For the improvement of Aquia creek, Virginia, two thousand dollars. For the improvement of the mouth of Occonuan Virginia, five thousand dollars. For the improvement of the month of Xomoni creek, Virginia, ten thousand dollars. For the improvement of the Rappanannock river, below Frcdericksburgh, Virginia, fifteen thousand dollars. For tho improvemnt of the James river, Virginia, seventy-five thousand doilai s. For the improvement of the south branch of Eliza beth river, Virginia, fifteen thousand dollars. For the improvement of the Appomattox river be low Petereburgo, Virginia, Thirty thousand dollars. For the improvement of Nansemond river, Virgin ia, fifteen thousand dollars. For the improvement of Roanoke river below Wel don, North Carolina, ten thousand dollars. For the improvement of Capo Fear river below Wilmington, North Carolina, one hundred thousand dollars. For the improvement of Wilmington harbor, Dela ware. six thousand dollars. For the improvement of the channel of tho Dela ware river, at Fort Mifflin bar, fifty thousand dol lars. For the improvement of the channel of the Dela ware river at aud near the Horse-slice shoals, fifty thousand dollars; the work not to bo commenced un til an examination and survey lias been made by a board of engineers of the United States armv, ap pointed by the Secretary of War, r.nd a favorable re port upon the feasibility and expense • f the plan adopted for the prevention and removal of the ob structions. For the improvement of the channel of the Schuyl kill ilvcr, Pennsylvania, forty thousand dollars.*of which a shall boused for commencing the removal of the rocks at and near South street wharf. For the improvement of Broadkiln river, Delaware, ten thousand dollars. For building an additional pier for the ice-harbor at New Castle, Delaware, twenty thousand dollars. For the iraorovement of South river, New Jersey, five thousand dollars. For the improvement of tho North and South branches of Shrewsbury river, Jersey, five tnousand dollars. For the improvement of Delaware river between Trenton and Bordeniown, New Jersey, fifteen thou sand dollars. For the improvement of Hudson river, New Yoik, forty thousand dollars. For removing obstructions in East river, New York, including Hell Gate, two hundred and twenty five thousand dollars. For the improvement of Passaic river, New Jcr «jey, twenty-five thousand dollars. For the improvement ot East Chester creek, New York, twenty-five thousaud dollars. For the improvement of Rondout harbor, Hudson river, New York, twenty tliousaud dollars. For tho improvement of Pawtucket river, Rhode Island, ten thousand dollars. For tho improvement of Providence river, Rhode Island, ten thousand dollars. For dredging at the entrance of Newport harbor, Rhode Isiand, and forajcttceon tho south eud of Goat island, e ght thousaud five hundred dollars. For the improvement of Cohansev creek, New Jer sey, ten thousand dollars. For tho improvement of harbor at Block island, Rhode Island, fifty thousand dollars. For the improvement of Wickford harbor, Rhode Island, five thousand dollars. ror uie «u pro* emeu tu* xrawcaiucK river, itnoae Island and Connecticut, Icd thousand dollars. For the improvement of Connecticut river below Hartford, Connecticut, twenty thousand dollars. For the improvement of Connecticut river, above Hartford and below Enfield falls, twenty thousand dollars. For the improvement of New Haven harbor, Con necticut, twenty-five tliousaud dollars. For the improvement of Housritonic liver, Con necticut, ten thousand dollars. For the improvement of Bridgeport harbor, Con necticut, thirty tbous nd dollars. For the iraprovemeut of Norwalk harbor, Connect icut, ten thousand collars. For the improvement of Sionington harbor. Con necticut, by deepen!..g and drodging the same and its approaches, twenty-five thousand dollars. For the improvement of Saint Croix liver above the ‘•ledge,*’ Maine, ten thousand dollars. For the improvement of Machias river, Maine, twelve thousand dollars. For the improvement of Camden harbor, Maine, ten thousand dollars. For the improvement of Penobscot river. Maine, | twenty thousand dollars. For the improvement of Kennebec river, Maine, * twelve thousand dollars. For the Improvement of Portland harbor, Maine, 1 fifteen lhoufand dollars. For the improvement of Richmond island, Maine i sixty thousand dollars. For the improvement of Cocbeco liver, New Hamp shire, ten ihou^and dollars. For the improvement of Mcrrimae liver, Massachu setts, twenty-five thousand dollars. For the improvement of Boston harbor, Massachu setts, including Deer and Lovell’s islands, one hun dred and fifty thousand dollars. For the improvement of the South channel at en trance of Duxbury harbor, Massachusetts, ten thousand dollars. imP, ftvement of Plymouth hurl or, Masaa chusetts. three thouand dollars. Mn#ao«v ^ improvement of Provincetown harbor, Massacinisetts, six thousand dollars. harb:,r’Ma88“ bar,,or'5IaE8a’ setfs, ten tlmuBand^oliRre lauDton rlTer> Massachn Salem b^lw'r"^S^ar‘'"nnl,l<! »t the entrance nf Jars. u*uts, fifteen thousand dol Columbia rivers, from Ponlaild nerWi twenty thousand dollars. ’ ^rc61JD» to the sea, For tbo improvement of breakwater at Wllming California, onolifimlTod and fifty thousand do! of*irive’rSThS,dn^lln?.llaB**nnd contingencies thousand doto! ’ ° hun'lrcd acd twenty-five me Secretary of War is hereby direct ma-le n?,h„ ?T^a,ion3 »r surveys, or butt,, to be Mbf P„iS? fTlo,?Ln$ P,,,nts- namely: At tno out let or Point Judith lake, Rhode Island; at Ctow snoau, Delaware hay, near Cape May light, Mew Jersey, f >r an artificial harbor or brejltwater; Har lem river, near the East river, Mew York, for remov al of rocks ther-i'rom; of tho piers and connecting bridges at Chester, Pennsylvania; the Penobscot riv er, from Oldtown to Medway and vicinity, Maine; the Galena river, from its mouth to upper bridge in city of Galena, Illinois; the harbor at Fall River. Massachustts, for removal of rocks therefrom; Ola House channel of Pamlico sound North Carolina; tho harbor of Washington, North Carolina; at bayou Lafourche, Louisiana, from Lafourche crossing to*the mouth; from mouth of Red river down Atcliafalava river to Brashcar, in Louisiana; at tho entrance of Matagorda bay and the clunncl to Iudianola, Tex as; Pine river, Saint Glair county, Michigan; Mon tisiouo liarhor, Lake Michigan; Sebawaing river, Michigan; Yamhill river, Oregnu; the mouth ol the Coquillo rivor,Oregon; Red river, from Morcliead to Pembina; at tho mouth of Ivcwauneo river, Wise n sin; at Edc river, Maryland, below Elkton; at Rari tan river, New Jersey, below New Brunswick, in cluding the shoals called the Middle Ground; tho Youghiougheny river, Pennsylvania; Aroostook riv er, Maine,-for improvement of the channel; at San Antonio creek, San Francisco bay, California; Santa Cruz, California; Estero bay, near San a uurhara, CalLornia. And not to exceed five thousand dollars of the above appropriation may be expended in ai. exploration of routes for the extension of the Chesa peake and Ohio canal to the Ohio river, by the north and south branches of the Potomac nver. For connecting tho inland waters along the margin of the Gulf of Mexico, from DouaMsonvillo, in Lou isiana, to the Rio Grande river, in Texas, by cuts and canals, not to exceed twenty thousand dollars ol the amount herein appropriated for surveys of rivers and harbors; at Great Pee Dee river, from Pine Bluft to Cheraw. South Carolina; at Ashlev river, South Carolina; at Cleveland, Ohio, for the construction of a harbor of refuge; at Forked Deer river, below Dv orsburg, Tenne-ece; at harbor at Wilson, on Lake Ontario, New York; at East Pascagoula harbor, Mis sissippi sound; at Portsmouth harbor, New Hamp shire, for breakwater between Gcrrish’s island and Wood island; in Ipswich bay, Massachusetts, at Hodgkins’ cove, to aseerrain tbe practicability of a harbor of refuge by building a breakwater there. Sec. 3. That the Secretary of War is hereby au thorized and required to detail from the engineer corps oue#or more engineers, whoso duty it shall be to inquire Into and report upon the practicability of bridging, consistently with the interests of naviga tion, tbe channel between Lake Huron and Lake Erie, at such points as may be needful for tho pass ing of railroad trains across said channel, and also Its effect upon the navigation of the same; and fur ther, to inquire into the number and character of the vessels navigating said channel, and the numl er of trips made by each, and, if said bridging be practica ble, to report what extent of span or spans and elevation above the «* ater will be required iu the construction of such bridge or bridges, sons not seri ously to injure the navigation of said channel, Sec. 4. That the appropriation for building the pier at Lewes, Delaware, contained in the act ap prove 1 July fifteenth | ;ighteen hundred and ► e.enty, an act entitled “An act making appropri itions in sundry civil expenses oi the Government for the year ending June thirtieth, eighteen hundred ami seven ty-one, and for other purposes,” be and the same is hereby extended until June thirtieth, eighteen hun dred and seventy-four. Approved, March 3,1673. J. G. BLAINE, Speaker of the House of Representatives. SCHUYLER COLFAX, Vice-President of the United States and President (/ the Senate. U. S. GRANT. WING & SON’S PIANOS! (Successors to DOANE, WING & CUSHING.) The American Piano. FIRST PRBjMITJIVIS. Illinois State Fair, 1S70. Alabama State Fair, 1871. Ohio State Fair, 1871 & 1S72. Texas State Fair, 1872. Numerous County Fairs. 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May 20lh, 1873. my22dlaw3w*T NOTICE is hereby given, that the subscriber has been duly appointed and taken upon himself the trust of S[»ecial Administrator of the estate of REUBEN ELDER, late of Gorham, in tho county of Cumberland, deceased, and given bonds as the law directs. All persons having demands upon the estate oi said deceased are required to exhibit the same; and all persous indebted to said estate are called upon to make pavraent to BENJAMIN F. WHITNEY, Special Administrator of Portland. Gorham, May Uih, 1873. mj^dlaw.'lw*!’!! Particular NoJicc to tho llncler takers of the City of Portland. NO person shall remove any bodies or the remains of any bodies from any of the graves or tombs in the city, or disiu.b or break up, or remove any body in auv tombor grave without special permission of the Superintendent of Rmials.- Chap 37. Revised Ordinances of the City of Portland Per order. JAMES S. GOULD. may24-d2w Superintendent of Burials. 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CHARLES PEERING, Will leave Railroad Wharf every TUESDAY and FRIDAY Evenings, at 10 o’clock, for Rockland, Cns tine, Deer Isle, .Sedgwick, S. W. Harbor, (Mount De sert^ Millbridge, Jonesport, and Macbia8|*ort. Returning will leave Macbiaaport ever) Monday and Thursday mornings at 5 o’clock, arriving in Portland panic evening, connecting with the Pullman Night Train and early Morning Trains for Bos on. For further particulars inquire of Rcss & Sturdi vant, 179 Commercial Street, or CYRIS STURDIVANT, GJcu A*’l. Portland, May 19, 1873. mylOtf FOR BOSTON. - THE SUPERIOR SEA-GOING »gLc^C5i. STEAMERS JOHN BROOKS nud MONTREAL, Having commodious Cabin and Stato Room ac commodations, will run alternately, leaving ATLANTIC WHARF, Portland, DAILY, (SUNDAYS EXCEPTED) , -A.T 7 O’CLOCK P. Dt. Ilotumingleave INDIA WIIAltF, Boston, fame days at 7 P. M. Faro Freight taken at low rates. W. I.. UILMNGM. A tsr at J. B. COTIiB J5t.. Central Agent-mcndOtf Norfolk and Baltimore and WnsIiimAon, I>. C. Steamship Line. r Steam ships of this Line sail from end of Central Wharf. Ifoston. Senii-VN cekly, lor >'f>HFOLK and ►BALTIMORE. ■ ■ - ■ - r Steamships:— “ William Lawrence,” Capt. W. A. Hallvll “ William Crane,” Capt. Solomon Howes. “George Appold,” Capt. Winslow Loveland. “Blackstone,” Cant. Geo. H. Hallett. “ William Kennedy,” Capt, Henry D. Foster. %iMcClellan,”Cn\)t. F. M. Howes. Freight forwarded trom Norfolk to Washington Steamer Lady ot the Lake. Freight forwarded from Norfolk to Petersburg and Richmond, by river or rail; and f>y the Va. & Teun. Air Line, to all points in Virginia, Tennessee, Ala frama and Georgia', and overtbe Seaboard and Roa noke R. It. to all |K)ints in North and South Caro'inn by the Balt. & Ohio It. It. to Washington and all places nest. Through rates given to South and West. Fine Passenger aecomriocaiions. Fare including Berth and RhaL» to Norfolk $15.00 ime 48 hours; to Baltimore $15, time85 hours. For farther information apply to K. 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Freight and passage cheaper than by any other route. Freight received alter One O’clotk P. M., days previous to sailing. Inquire of HARRIS, ATWOOD & CO.. . 145 Commercial St. Portland, April 23.1873r api24tf Maine Steamship Co NEW ARRANGEMENT. SEMI-WEEKLY Steamers Dirigo and Franconia will, until further notice, run as follows; • Leave Galt’s Wharf, Portland, ’every MONDAY and THURS DAY, at 5 P. M., and leave Pier 38 E. It., New York, every MONDAY and THURSDAY, at 3 P. M. The Dirigo and Franconia are titled up with fine accommodations for passengers, making this t he most convenient and comfortable route for travelers be tween New York and Maine. Passage in State Room $5. Meals extra. Goods forwarded to and from Montreal, Qnebec Halifax, St. Jolin, and all parts of Maine. Shippc are requested to send tbeir freight to the Steamers as early as 4 P. M.,on the clays they leave Portland. For Freight or Passage apply to 11ENRY FOX, Galt’s Wharf, Portland. J. F. AMES, Pier 38, E. It., New York. May 9-dtf MAIL LINE TO Halifax Nova Scotia, DIRECT! With connections to Prince Edward Is land and Cape Breton. TWO TBIPSPEB WEEK. The new side wheel Steamship FA LMOUTH. Capt. W.A. Colby, willleave Railroad wbarf, Port land, every TUESDAY, at 5.30 P. M., and tbc CARLOTT A, Cant. E. D. Mulligan, will leave Galt wharf, every SATUR DAY, at 5.30 P. M., (or on arrival of train leaving Boston at noon.) FOR HALIFAX DIRECT Making close connections with the Nova Scotia Railway, for Windsor, Truro, New Glasgow and Pictou, and steamers foi Prince Edward Island; al so at New Glasgow, N. S., with Lindsey’s Stages for Cape Breton. C3T RETURNING the Carlotta will leavo Halifax on TUESDAYS, at 4 P. M.. and the Falmouth on THURSDAYS, ataP. M. For freight and further information apply to .7 B. COYLE, Jr., Atlantic Wharf, or mar25dtf_JOHN POKTEOUS. Agent. PORTLAND — A>'D — PHILADELPHIA. Clyde’s Iron Line of Steamers! Running between Providence ami Philadelphia every WED NESDAY and SATURDAY gives direct communication to and run Portland and all other points in Maine, with Philadelphia andl*c ond. Through rates are given to Philadelphia and all points reached *y the Penn. Central and tne Phil. & Heading R. R»s., and to all the principal ciiies in the South and Southwest. No Wharfage. No Commission for fom-arding. Full iraformatinn given by WALDO A. PEARCE, A sent, 124 Washington St., Boston, or J. B. COYLE Jr., Portland. WM. P. CLYDE, & CO., Gen’l Managers. janll ly 12 So. Delaware Avenue Philadelphia. INTERNATIONAL STEAMSHIP CO. Eariporl, CnlaiM and St. John, Dishy, Windsor and Halifax SPRING ARRANGEMENT. TWO TRIPS PER WEEK! On and after Monday March 24th the Steamer New York, Capt. j 1 E. B. Winchester, and the Steam er New Brunswick, Capt. S. II. ——-—^ ’Pike, will leave Railroad Wharf. foot ot state St., every MONDAY and THURSDAY at 0 P. M., for Eastport and St. John. Returning will leave St. John and Eastport on the same days. Connections made at Eastport tor St. Andrews, Robbiuston, Calais, Woodstock and Houltou. Connections made at St. John for Digby, Annapo lis, W.ndson, Kentville. Halifax, N. S.,Shediac, Am herst. IPP-Frelplit received on days of sailing until i o’clock P. M. marlbislwtc A R. STUBBS, Agent. Union Ticket ©dice. RATES LOWEJTtHAN EVER. We have made arrangements and can now ticket passengers to 4.11 Point* West, North-West, Snath nnd Month-We*t. Man Francisco. Kansan Cily> Mt. Paul, New Orleans, aud all points in Florida, via all the first-class Kail-Road.*—Penn. Central, Lake Shore ani Michigan Southern, Baltimore and Ohio, Erie, Groat Western and Michigan Contra.'. no HOURS BOSTON TO CHICAGO. Pa I Inin n Cars on all Through Trains. Passengers who wish to travel without deten tion. and with ease and comfort, will find the above routes very desirable. Continuous Trains, Xo Changes, Courteous Em ployees, unusual Facilities for Meals at Seasonable Hours. Tickets to New York via Sound LlDes (State Rooms fiocun d at this office), Fall River, Stonington and Norwich. All Rail Rontefi—Shore Line (via Piovi dence). and Ronton and Albany. Tickets to Boston via Eastern, Boston and Maine, Portland and Roch ester, and Boston Boats. Merchants going to Boston and New York, will save the time usually experienced at th«* i?cj>otK by purchasing their tickets at this office. Call nnd ex amine our time tables, maps, etc., and bo convinced that we represent all the best roads running West. ROLLIN8 & ADA3IS. Agent*, mrl3-tf No. 1 Exchange Street, Portland, Me. railroads. BOSTON & MAINE RAILROAD. Summer Arrangement .71 AY 5. is73. OSSSSaa , passenger trains leave Portland ircm «fWJ‘5taS«Uieir elation, W atker llouso,Commercial street. For Boston *8.00, ‘0.C0 A. M., 13.00, 18.13 P. M. Returning, leave Boston at tb.30 A. M., •17.30*3.30 and tC.OO P. -M. For Rochester and Alton Eav *8.00, *0.00 A. M. and 13.30 P. M. For Manclios! cr and Concord via C.& P. R. E. Junction *8.00 A. M., t3.3o P. M. For Milton and Union *0.00 A. M. and 13.30 P. M. For Scarboro’, Old Orchard > Beach, Saco, Biddcford and Kennebunk at • JO P. M. Returning, leave Kenncbunk at *7.30 P M The *9.00 A. M. train connects at Lawrcnco with tridns for Lowell, Manchester uud Concord and all points Noitli. Pass tigers ticketed Lb rough by either route. Trains stop at Exeter 10 minntosfor refreshments M first class Dining lCoottu*. p rclgiii trains between Portland nnd Boston daily. B. B. rivtTat'ond ar' •Accoiu uuxlatlon. 1 * iFast Exj.rtis# PAYsbNTUCK^',,?Cn- ■«*. Boston. Boston, May 5. i«7 L ’ '*eral Portland j -—--- iny.VUf KNOX & LINCOLN RAILROAD. aAsflcq»»m'3H/. ]):\C*' ‘*^1 rocIc t0 Wl seas set. New nn^> UamarlHootta, Wahloboro, r^'V^^W urreu and Kockland. No change of ears between Portland and Kockland. Steamers leave Kockland for all points on the Pe nobscot river, Machias, Mount Deseit VJual Haven, Hurricane and Dix Island*. 1-cave Maine Central Depot, at 7.00 a. ji., and 1.00 P. M. btages connect at Kockland. for Camden, Lincoln viilc, Northnort. South Tkomaston and St. George, daily. At Kockland for Union, Appleton and Wash ington. Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. At Tnomustou tor St. George daily. At Warren for Union, daily. At Warren for Jefferson and Whiretield, Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. At Wa.doboro* for North Waldoboro*, Washington, and Liberty daily. At New Castle for Bristol and Pcniaquid. daily. Fr ierbt Trains daily aud freight takeu at low rates. Jv29dtfC. A. COOMBS. Sun’t. EASTERN AND PORTLAND, SACO, & PORTSMOUTH R. H. SPRING AKRAN SEMKNT. toiuiun.rioa m.ndar, April 4Sih, t8»3. — ..I’.rg.-g Passenger trains leave Portland dal J^jf!£!g££§|S|ly, for Portsmouth and Boston, (Sun tr-ww --"S^laya excepted) at *1.30 a. M. 16.15 A. M., 9.10 A. M., *3.40 P. M., t 6.25 P. M. Leave Boston for Portsinouth and Portland at t7.30 A. M., 18.30 A. M, 112.30P. M., t3.15P. M.,*8.00P.M. Leave Portsmouth for Portland at 110.00 A. M, jio. 35 A. M., 13.00 P. M., 15.40 P. M.. *10.05 P. M. Leave Biddeford for Portland at 7.40A. M., return ing at 4.35 P. M. •Pullman sleeping car express tram. N. B. This train runs Sunday Morning, does nut run Monday morning. ^Accommodation train. iFast Express. t3^The Pullman Sleeping Car Express Train ar rives at and departs from the Depot of the Maine Central Uuilroad, in Portland. N. B. The 6.15 A. M., 9.10 A. M*, and 3.40, P. trains from Portland, make close connections to New York by one or other of the routes from Boston. Passengers ticketed through by either route. P. CHASE, apa—Af_Supt. Portland Division. [ MAINE CENTRAL RAILROAD. Spring Arrangement, Temmcncing .Tiny 5,187;.. Tut- im i Train* leavo Portland for Bangor, JiiirSs^MHo'iIion, Calal* and SI. Jolin at 12:15 'ett-T i. m. (sleeping and day ears on tills train.) For Bath, Lewiston, Rockland nnd Augusta at 7:00 a. m. For Batb, Lewiston, Rockland, Augusta, Read field, Winihrop, Skowhegan, Belfast, Bangui, St. John and Halifax at 1:02 p. m. For Lewiston, Bath and Angnsta at 5.30 p. m For Lewiston via Danville at 5:25 p. in. Trails* are Dae at Portland. From Augusta,. Bath and Lewiston at 8:55 a ni. Jolin» and North and E st at i o mu p. m. From Augusta ami Lewiston at 6:20 p. m. h ram St. John Bangor, Ac., at l :20 a. m. I Through Tickets Are sold In Portland sndbugifteti checked through to Houlfon, Calais, St. John, llaR ' fax, Dover, Foxcroft, Rockland, Ac. L. L. LINCOLN, Acting Superintended. Augusta. May 5. 1873. myl2tf GRAND TRUNK RAILWAY OF CANADA. ALTKRATVOK OP THAI**. WINTER ARRANGEMENT, --On an.l after Monday, Nov. 1th jj^jv^aTraiuB will run as follows: Passenger train f«>r South Paris at *T’""L30 A. Si.; for Inland Pond, Quebec, Monti cal, and the west at 1.30 P. SI. Stopping at all etaliou*. Mail train (stopi.Ing at all stations) lor Island Poud. connecting with night mail train for Quebec. Montreal and the West. Accommodation for South Paris and iutermediate stations at 5.00 P. M. From Montreal, Quebec, Island Pond, Gorham and South Paris at 2.50 P. M. From So. Paris at 8. 20 A. M. IPassenger Offices, 282 CONGRESS ST., — AXD — DEPOT AT FOOT OF INDIA ST Tickets sold at Rednced Rates I To Canada, Delroif, Chicago, Nlilwau kce. Ciuciuiiati, HI. Looiii, Out. ha. Saginaw, S| Paol, Halt Lake City, Denver, Han Francisco. and all points in the Northwest, West and Southwest. j J. C. FURNIVAL, Agt. THE GRAND TRUNK RAILWAY lain splendid condition, 13 well equipped with first-class rolling stock, and Is making the best connections and quick est time of any route from Portland to the West. Rtar-PULLMAN PALACE DRAWING ROOM AND SLEEPING CARS attached to all through trains. B £gage checked from Portland to Detroit and Chicago, and not subject to Custom Hhuso examina tion. The Company are not responsible for baggage to any amount exceeding $50 in vulue(aml that pereoD al) unless notice is given, and paid for at the rate of one passenger for every $500 additional value. U. J. BRYDGES, Managing Director. H. BAILEY, Local Suprentcndent. Portland, March 5, 1873. if FOKTLANl) & OGDE>SBURG R. R. CHANGE OF TIME. ,__ On ami after Monday, Not. 4tb,and further Doll'S*. trains will ruu follows: —i=“-“-i A. NT. p. M. Lcavo Portland, 7.15 3.15 Leave N. Conway, 8.30 1.00 Tlio 7.t5 a. m. and 1 00 p. in. Trains will lie freight with passenger cars attached. NTAOK3 Connect dally with 3.15 P. M„ for Cornish, Kezar Falls, Porter, Freedom, Den mark, Bridgtou, Lovell,and North Lovell. The 8.30 a. m. from No. Conway connects with afternoon trains for Boston, via Eastern or Boston & Maine R. R’s., end the 1.00 p. m. train arrives In Portland in season lo connect with Steamers for Bos ton. Ticket Office at the Boston & Maine Depot. J. HAMILTON, Superintendent. Portlaud, Oct. 2, 1872.. uov4ti PORTLAND & ROCHESTER RAILROAD. Nummcr Arrangement. June if, 1573. Passenger trains leave Portland for Rochester and intermediate stations at 7.45 A. 51., and 1.30 P. 51.. making direct connection at Rochester with trains for Boston, over Boston & 5Ialno and Eastern Railroads. Also connect at Rochester with Paver and Wlnniniseogco Railroad for Alton Bay, and with Portsmouth, Groat Falls awl Conway Railroad tor Conway. Leave Rochester for Portland and way stations at 6.15 A.M. and 12 M. The 12 o’clock train making direct connection at Rochester with trains from Boston, leaving Bostou at 8.30, A. M., via Bostou & Maine, and Eastern Railroads. Leave Portland for Gorham at 4.00 P. 51. Leave Gorham for Portland at 4.15 P. 51. Leave Portland for Saco River ai U.2II P. 51. Leave Saco River for Portland at 5.30 A. 51. Singes connect as follows: At Gorham for West Gorham, SlandiBh, and No Xlmington, daily. At Buxton Centre for West Buxton, Bonny Fade and Limington .dally. At Centre Waterburo’ for Limerick, Newfleld, Par sonslicld and Ossijiee, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sai uidays, returning alternate days. At Centre Waterboro* for Limerick, rarsonsfle*d, daily. WILLIAM H. TURNER, Superintendent. jun3-tc TSie Old Union Passenger Ticket Agency! Is now as heretofore at NO. 101-2 EXCHANGE STREET, — WHERE — TRAVELERS FOR CALIFORNIA And the West, South and Northwest, may procure Through Tickets at ihe lowest rates, via the Michi gan Central and Great Western (via Susriension Bridge) Pennsylvania Central (via New York city), ' Chicago, Burlington & Quiucy. or Kock Island, Chi cago & North Western, and all the principal and fa vorite routes to the Pacific Coast and all other points. Fcr Tickets apply to the Old Agency f W. D. LITTLE V CO., 49 l-*J EXCHANGE STREET. Jan30d3wi8tostf L. C. JOHNSON & SON. —FATING TAKEN THE— RESTAURANT nnder the New City Building in Lewiston, for the term of five years, would now say to the public that wel nti d to keep a flrst-ela-ys place in every respect. Our Bi.. of Fare shall lie In keeping wl'h the Portland and Roetou Markets. Those visiting Lewiston do not forget to call at Manufacturers’ and Merchants REST A IRAN T. CITY BUILDING, Pino Street, mwisTotr, Miisr®. LEWIS C. JOHNSON, JOSEPH A. JOHNSON, Jan 22 _dlynewo3rn JOB AfltlNTTlNG ueatly executed at this ! office. medical.' »K. H. 3. JOUtDAIN, r.uorr.iKTvn os Tun Parisian Mallory of Anatomy^ {Joytoii HAA JuctpubiiabeU s new sdicioa u, to. Incline containing most vtdnabls lnform.u.m onrh* causes, consequences and rreatment of dieea™ , . he reproductive system, with remurk) on Zur“« end the vat icue causes of the Ion of manltonH „A7 InstrneMon- for Its complete restoration; ?i£»ch'n er on ^nrrtal and the tng the most compreAensice tm>rU on the sut yet paullshed, comprising 130 pages. Mailed ttmio ur.y address lor 23 cents. AtdraS, Dr, Jciirdaiu'a'Cciinaltin^ Ofiiee. 61 Ylaucocli fftreet, Koi.’.oa, Alas*. junl&dlvr LA DIES, Madam Hcaly s Ulerlne Tonic PHI arc now ready f r the general public. Tho many who have tried them will need no other notice. They art an invaluable remedy for All Uterine Diseases. They cure PROLAPSUS UTERI, give tone to tho mupdea, and lilt the organ into its proper position, and keep it there. They ape* lily cure Leucorhoea, Dvamenorrhosa andMtnorrhafla. They area spe cific lor Stangury, a diuretic in Gravel They pro mote sleep, allav neirons excitability. Remove bter ility, and all Itmak) weaknesses. They are pm civ vegetable, pVasant to the taste, (roefrom opiatej and all injurious Droperties. .Yladaui ileal ’8 Pamphlet for Women is interesting and valuable. Sent free upon rt ipt of si amp for return postage, or can b« fo.ud at Weeks* Poller’s, 176 Tremont St., BOSTON. MADAM HEALY’B LOTION, for ulceration anil Inflammation accompanies each {!"? ?*«,<* an'1 Lotion, 41.23 par box, or te.uo a half doi-n. Address all busltioss let tuis to Madam Hcaly, Box 3J7, Statbin A Boston For sale by WEEKS & POTTER, Boston ami all Druggists._ apldt, SEELEY’S ) Hard Baiter J ‘•TRUSSES* ABDOTlI\AL SIPPORTFRS AID PI EE PIPES. Relief, Comfort and euro for Rupture, Fe male Weaknesses and Piles, nnlfke all other ap pliances kDown, will never rust, limber, break, chare, soil, nor move from place,—iudesu uctible. The fine st el spriog being raated with hard rubber, light cool, cleanly, u«ed In batning, fitted to form, universally recommended by all surgeons as the best me banical snppons known.—Seim for pamphlet.—Khtablish meutH 1317 Chestnut St., Philadelphia and 737 Broad wav, New York. Complete as omm-nt for sale, with careftrl adjustment, by F. Swcetser. L. C. >ilson. W. W. Whipple & Co., and Thos. U. Loring, Portland. Beware of 1m bat Ions. mvMim ATWOOD’S UININE TONIC BITTERS [s the Best Aromatic Tonic and Stomachic over offered to the public. It will IMPROVE your APPETITE, FACILI TATE DIGESTION, GIVE TONE to tlie NEK VO US X IS J EM, VIUOK TO EVER Y ORGAN Ob THE ROD Y, theroby imparting HEALTH and STRENGTH. There is no remedy so good for LANGUOR & DEBILITY, whether general or following acute disease. The Medical Faculty indorse it, for DYSPEPSIA, JAVXDICE, XERVOVS DISEASES. Price $1.00. Solti by all Druggists. GILMAN BROTHERS, Proprietors, Boston, May. myl3 a eod3m HILLS “ARCHIMEDEAN/ THE CHAMPION LAWN MOWER OF THE WORLD. This beautiful IVlowcr ■« now »o well known throughout the t ultra! atate* and Europ*,-bat it require* no recommenda tion (over 10,000 »old in tbi* country alone) The oulv balanced Lawn Mower with AIN A DJ U TABLKuANDLE. lO-inch rat, croque* mower, a beautiful little for *mnll Inwut. croquet f;round*,rrmctrry lot*,canity operated by a ad or mi%* of lO year*, price 9*40; 14-inrb, 8'Ji; 14-inrh. Mtnaadard *ixe, I9‘i3; 48-inch, pony, 9100; 34-inch, borne, for public park* and Inrue lawn*, 91*43. Every ma chine warranted to «ire perfect *ati«fac tion. We challenge the world to a trial, nnd to produce a machine it* equal. Try it, and yon will bny no other. Kcuil for Illnntrated C ircular. MANUFACTURED BY THE Hills “Archimedean7 Lawn Mower Co., COI.T’N AR JOKY HARTFORD, Conti — FOB SALE BY — , KENDALL & WHITNEY, PORTLAND, ME, my!6__ dtt HENRY CLEWS & CO., 32 WALL STREET, NEW l'OKK, Offer for sale a limited number of the FIRST MORTGAGE 7 PER CENT, CONj TERTIBLE SINKING FUND GOLD BONDS — of Tne — Burlington, Cedar Rapids & Min nesota Railway Line. At 90 and accrued imprest in currency. At which price they yield over 0 per cent., and are strongly recommended aa a Safe and Profitable Investment. This Railway is a corporation organized under the laws of the State of Iowa, which la the moet prosper ous State in the Northwest, being the only State in the Union free from debt. The Minnesota Di vision, running from Burlington, Iowa, to Austin, Minnesota, a distance of 260 miles, was completed in February, 1872. and earned during that year an av erage of $»3,0l)0 per mouth, being a monthly increase of $35,000 <!D the earnings of 1871. The earnings for 1873 are estimated to exceed $1,300,000, or more than $123,000 per month. The » ilwuukee Division, from Cedar Rapids to Postville, on the Milwaukee and St. Paul Railroad, a distance of 110miles, posses through one of the richest sections of the State oi Iowa, and fu riddling an outlet to Milwaukee and the lakes. The Burlington, Collar Rapids and Minnesota Railway bonds have been admitted to the New York Stock Exchange, and are daily dealt in and quoted on the official lists, thus furnishing doalers an advantage enjoyed by few of the new issues of Railway Bonds. The entire loan has been sold, except about $300, 000, which wc now oiler, to el sc it out. All marketable securities taken in exchange at cur- , rent pi ices, wiibont commbsion. For sale in Portland by llobt. A. £§ird, 97 Exchange Street. ap26dtf BOSTON LEAD CO., PXCOItrOIlATED IF 1F29.) J. H.Chadwick & Co., Ag’ts, Office 22, 24 & 2fi Oliver Street, BOSTON MANUFACTURERS OK BOSTON Pure White Lead! l»ry nml Ciranail In OH, DRr AND GROUND ZINC, HTBaRQE, RED LEAD, LEAD PIPE, SHEET LE >D, TIN PIPE. TIN-LINED PIPE, IRON PIPE and FITTINGS, PUMPS, Ac., Ac. Our Pure White head, both dry and R ound In oil. *o wanant to be Mlrirtlr uiitc* and oitaua vtw that torjinencs*, body an.l durability; it U Sot »ur American !'"y in tl,e *“■***. «<*>er foreign £ order to protect ourselves, tvo have adortod as ourt ade-mark an eight-pointed red star with connate seal in the centre, 'fid:, is on cyjry nlci. age ol out Pure brail. Noue genuine wltuout it W. F. Phillips & Co., AGENTS FOB THE CO.. 40 & 48 MIDDLE ST. fcblS lvTT&S KLIAS HOfti. 1 Sewing Machines ANl»BnxXKKICk'8 Patterns «f Garment JPL 7t*» jam 73u 173 ™ ir __ $25~REW^m that deE-rpccn C™«,mo» M*f?y *5*VuJtUSne Of th»* Cemetery, williin «.o inclasore 0 jAME^ BAILEY,) C, K. JOSE, J TlDitm. J. S. PALMEIt. j Portland, May 2tltli—(13m

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