Newspaper of Portland Daily Press, June 6, 1873, Page 3

Newspaper of Portland Daily Press dated June 6, 1873 Page 3
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TJb£3^ PKE8S. FRIDAY MORNING, JUNE fl, 1871 the PBEMH Up' t>0 obtained at the Periodical Depots of Fes *ea leu Bros., Marquis, Robinson, Brin ell & Co. An irews,W ent worth, Glendenniug Moses, lleuder # sou, and Chisholm Bros., on all trains that run out o thi it y. * Biddeford, of Pillsbury. At Saco of L, Hodgdon* At Waterville, of J. S. Carter. At Gorham, of News Ageut. At Bath, of J. O. Shaw. At Lewiston, of Freuch Bros. At Kennebunk of C. E. MLler. CITY AND VICINITY. New AdrertiMcments To-Day. AUCTION COLUMN. Desirable Farm, <£c—F. O. Bailey & Co. Real Estate—F. O. Bailey & Co. EN TERTAINMENT COLUMN. Grand Billiard Match—Lancaster Kail. NEW ADVERTISEMENTS. Dtucy’s Announcements—l. Fir Sale—House. Pr.liters’ Notice of Copartnership. Wanted— v Good Man. Evecutor’s Notice— John A. Colly. T »the Harb >r Commissioners of Portland. Rjady-Made Suits—J. F. Si V. MISCELLANEOUS NOTICES. W. L. Wilson Jfe Co.’s Anncunccmcn:s—2. W mted—Loring, Short Iiarmon. Su itmer-W. L. Snell. Superior Court. MAY TERM, 8YMONDS, J., PRESIDING. Thursday.—Edward Moore vs. City ot Portland. The defence yesterday morning was perhaps inaccu rately stated. The City Solicitor claims that tbi written contract under which the work was com mence! was abandoned by mutual consent, and i new plan substituted, which wa3 devised and recom mended by the plaintiff, and under which the work was to be done for the balance of the unexpendet appropriation; that the piaintitt'has received pay ment in lull for all work doue and services rendered: that ihe committee had no power to biud the city be yond tLe amount appropriated for the construction of the Marginal Way. which was $47,000. Te;-timon> closed. Arguments to be made Friday afternoon. Mattocks & Fox for pi ft'. Libby for defts. Municipal Court. BEFORE JUDGE MORRIS. Thursday.—Dawson McGIinchy, search and seiz ure. Sentenced to imprisonment three months. Ap pealed. Howard & Cleeves. Charles Woodbuury, assault and battery. Plea nolo contendere. Seme need to pay a fine of one ceut and costs, and to recognize m tlie sum ot $50 to keep the peace for the term ot six months. H. C. Perrigo. Hale. James Hop era >n, assault and battery. Fined $5 ante tn Pali. How .id & u leaves. D. & C. Drummond. R oort t e Wol , allowing water o ilow from his Bink irain on t .cturfacc of Walnut lane. Fined $lu andcjBts. Brier Jotting*. We learn that the B ston & Maine Railroad will put on an extia train fiom Portland to Kennebuuk during the Fair—leaving Portland at 10 p. m. The thirsty earth was refreshed by a smart snower about 4 o’clock yesterday afternoon. A coal shed is going up on Custom House wharf for the steamer Express. A subscription paper for the Hospital fund has beeu started in Bethel, and already a large sum has been secured. Park street children proposo holding a chil dren’s Fair for the benefit of the Hospital to morrow afternoon. Oj aud after next Sunday there arc to be no . afternoon church services at High street until August. Yesterday was rather suggestive of ice bergs. Collector Washburn leaves for the West next Monday. If some telegraph poles ou a Grand Trunk platform car yesterdoy morning had tripped up the engine there would have been a serious ac cident. Mr. John E. Donnoll and family have re turned from Florida, where they have been passing the winter. City Hall is now ready for the reception of goods for the Hospital Fair. The tableslhave been arranged, and the framework for the flor al bazaar put up. The Custom House people were regaled with a family quarrel yesterday, which took place between a man and woman on Fora street. The man was drunk and the woman was endeavor ing to get him home. All ladies having fancy articles for the Con gress Square table will send them to the house of Mrs. J. A. Kecdatl, So. 2 Henry street by Saturday morning, dune Uth, at the latest. Rev. George A. Tewksbury and wife, of Plymouth, Mass., are at the Falmouth. There were 13 drunks at the station last night. A boy was arrested last night for smashing the glass non-conductor3 on telegraph poles near the Boston & Maine transfer station. Two insauo women were in confinement at the station last night. Officer Seth Sterling found a young woman on his beat yesterday iu a partially nude aud much exposed coudition. She had hotel envel opes in her pocket from Brunswick and Sping vale, aud S13 in money. “UdcIc Oliver” had his hands full last night. He extended the hospitalities of the polico sta tion to twenty-eight persons, several of whom were women. The station was crowded. Wedding Extraordinary.—Last night a man ami woman marched into the police sta tion aud stated their wish to be married imme diately. They conld brook no delay. Deputy Marshal Bridges, who was in charge, with his usual courtesy, immediately went in search of a justice of the peace, and was fortunate enough to find George Thomas, Esq., in the Common Council room, where the Haydns were holding their meeting. A. Mr. Thomas weuthe low, and in a trice the knot was tied. Deputy Bridges and Constable Hall acting as witness es, and a knot of reporters standing about and enjoying the scene. The kuot was tied secure ly and satisfactorily, but wo were pained to no tice that Mr. Thomas omitted the usual cere mony of kissing the bride. It is a very repre hensible innovation. The groom, who bears the aristocratic name of Fitz Simmons, was rather the worse for liq uor, but seemed delighted at the approach of his prospective happiness. He leaves his bride for a life on the ocean wave and a homo on the rolling deep to-day, which may account for his gushing joy. The bride was rather down cast, at the thought of wifely responsibilities probably, and did not share in the genera 1 hilarity. At the conclusion of the ceremony she dre w her wa’let and paid the fee. Meeting of Yacht Cli’B.—A mcetiug of the Portland Yacht Club was bolden at their rooms Wednesday evening. The questi n of the an nual cruise which comes off the 23d inst., was brought up. The i ros ect is said to,be very en coura ;ilH. A committee, consisting of Com modore A. M. Smith, Mr. George Holden, Capt A. K. Fail and Capt. John P. Thomas, was appointed to effect a revision of the by-laws. The committee will report at an adjourned meeting. The following vote was passed: That the thanks of this club ho tendered to the Hon. Geo. F. Shcpley and H. N. Jose esq., for tbhir very valuable present of a clock for the club room, and that the Secretary is hereby instruc ted to notify them of the action of the club. The following named new member were admit ted: D. G. Hcbiusou, Ira Carter, George S. Stetson, A. S. Quin-y, George F. Mclutosh, John E. Bradford, Albert Hawes, and William Senter 2nd. At the next meeting final arrangements will be made for the cruise. The Old Stgky.—A young and good-looking woman cams into the police station yesterday, and asked for a place in which to pass the niglit. She gave her name as Francis Austin, and said she was from Oilfield. She told the old, piti ful story of seduction and desertion by one of creation’s lords, and said she had a child about two years old iu Dixfield Poor House. After the birth of her child her father turned her out of doors, and she took to tbo streets for a diving. Recently she lias been iu Taunton Mass., from which place she came Tuesday. The woman is evidently deranged, and is ap parently suffering from nymphomania. Xaeceny.—A man named Stuart was arrest ed by officers Rich and Gribben yesterday af ternoon, for the larceny of $23 from Thomas O’Connell, a one-armed man. O’Connell step ped into Stuart’s place for Iho purpose of pay ing a small bill, an 1 Stuar , with much appar ent kindness, assisted him in counting his money and seemingly put it back in liis pocket for him. Shortly afterwards O’Connell missed the money and had Stuart arrested. Fatal Accident.—Jouas Whitten of Sac earappawas killed at that place yesterday forenoon by the fall of an elevator in the mill •of the Westbrook Manufacturing Co., which struck him ou the head. He lived about an hour after the accident. Mr. Whitten was fil years old, and leaves a large family. He had been in the employ of tbo company over thirty years. The I'ekuy Landiso.—Yesterday morniug in informal bearing was bad before tbe County Jomtuissioners on a petition of tbe citizens ol C ipe Elizabeth for a ferry way to tide water ot, lie Portland side. Hon Iic-iij. Kingsbury, jr.. ippoared for the petitioners. After reading tht ict authorizing the County Commissioners ti ay out a highway to tide water, Mr. Kiugsbu y presented in detail the necessities of tbi ase, stating that the matter had been present d in the first instance to the city government if Portland, which had declined acting upon it, although lie had personally been in favor oi enderiug proper aid in the case. In conse luence of this action the citizens of Capo Eliz tbeth had petitioned l e Legislature to giani •utborit.v to the Couuly Commissioners to at rat the highway. Witnesses, among whom were Lev. M. I ick ett Mr Tilton, Mr. Crockett and others, were ailed to testify to tlie necessity of the lauding. Tbe valuation of Ferry and Point villages was given as *1430,000, aud the papulailou as 4000. There are located in those villages fifteen or iventy stores, all of which get their supplies in Portland On account of the limited ferry ac commodations, aud of the danger of crosssing he bridge at Kuightville, the people are oblig ed to travel three and four miles to reach this ity, and this inconveuience seriously impairs .he value of property in Cape Elizabeth. It is 'or the interest of Portland that this ferry land ing should be built because tho interests of the wo places are identical. All other cities are glad to furnish landings for the people of the rabur'os, as thereby trade is brought to them.— Boston furnishes the East Boston aud Chelsea landings, and New York does the same for out. lying towns. Portland should emulate this wise policy. Mr. Kingsbury thought that an nexation was inevitable, and meanwhile fricud jy feelings should be encouraged. Another hearing will he hail on the third of July, when the Commissioners will view the ground with a view to ascertaining tho best lo cation. Parties are ready to put on a large boat.eapa- j tile of transferring teams, &c., should the laud- j ing be built. Tbe Jlainc Suite General Doapital Fair. | The ladies of the First Parish and Park | street societies, having completed their arrange- I ments for the fair.propose to serve in the fol- | lowing order: Executive Committee for Faucv Tables—Mrs. William Boyd. Chalrmao, Mrs. Edmund Phin uey, Mrs. H. N. Jose, Miss Lucy Day, Cashier. Assistants -Tuesday, June 10th.—Mrs. Clif ford Wade, MissOetavia Fox, Miss Helen Jose. Weduesdav, June lltli—Mrs. Edwin Marrett, Mrs. H. N Wetherbee, Miss Alice Donnell. Thursday, 12th—Mrs. Geo. Knight, Miss Sa rah Burgin, Miss Katy Fuller. Friday, 13th— Mrs. Wallace Stevens, Miss Marie Hersey, Miss Ella Knight. This order to be repeated during the remain ing days of the fair; one of the executive com mittee and three assistants to serve each day. Managers in Refreshment Rooms.—Wednes day, 11—Mrs. Caroline Richards. Chairman, Mrs John Rand, Mrs. Jacob McLellau. Mrs. George F. Talbot, Mrs. Aug. Stevens, Mrs. J. T. Lewis, Mrs. Annie Weston. Sirs. Samuel Rolfe, Mrs. Charles Richardson, Miss Caroline Fitch. Miss Caroline Porter, Cashier. Ladies to wait on tables in refreshment room— Mis3 Nellie Davis, Miss Rose Foster, Miss Don nell, Miss Bibber, Miss Minnie Stevens, Miss Sarah Winslow, Miss Hanuah Talbot, Miss Heald, Miss Lena Will's, Miss Nellie Newhall, j Misses Lewis, Miss Fanny Chadwick, Miss j Woodbury, Miss Florence Aitchison, Miss i Pierce, Miss Heminiiigway. Miss Jeannie An derson, Miss Brown, Miss Lizzie Day, Misses j Higgius, Mrs. Nicholas Bo.vd. Louisa Titcomr, Secretary of Unitarian Organization. TnE Haydns—The Haydn Association held a meeting at the Common Council Room, City ; Building last eveniug, Fluent Hall being “clut tered up" by arrangemeuts for the Hospital Fair. The meeting was for the purpose of re viewing the battle, and reckoning the profit an ! loss account. The Association is justly proud of the triumph won Tuesday night, though the production of the Oratorio was not so marked a success, pecuniarily, as had been hoped for. The following letter from Mr. Paine was read and ordered on file: President Coyle. ' Dear Sir:—Will you please express to the chorus and conductor of , the Haydn Association my heartfelt and grate ful thanks for the great service they have ren dered me through their superb performance of m.v work last evening. I reel proud of the re sult, which was pre ceded by such long aud arduous labor on their part. The rare devotion, patience and appreciation which they have manifested in overcoming the many difficulties of this new work, as well ns the oilier obstacles that generally stand in the way of success with such an undertaking, are seldom to be found, and this feature of the event is only to ho marked with the splendid efficiency of the chorus under their able and talented conductor Mr. K itzschiuar. Allow me to congratulate them and all who took part in the concert on the success which was achieved. Very truly, yours, John K. Paine. Portland, June 4, 1S73. Open Air Meetings.—At a meeting of jtbe Y. M. C. A, holden last eveniug, tbo subject of bolding opcu air prayer and praise meetings was mooted. Several of tlie city clergy have been consulted, and Messrs Hannabnrg, Pit blado and Williams have expressed their wil lingness to take part. The other clergymen will undoubtedly join them It was fiually de termined to hold these meetiugs in Market Sjuare cvrey Sunday eveningouring the sum mer months. The initial meeting, under the direction of Rev. Mr. Hanaaburg, probably, will be holden next Sunday evening. The de tails of the affair were referred to the Commit tee on Missions. There is some Idea of hold ing these meetings during every evening of Fair week, hut nothing definite on that point h is been arrauged. Delegates to the National Convention will bo chosen next Monday even ing. _ SnARP I* ractjce.—About two weeks ago J. P. Maxwell of Carthage, came to this city and purchased §4000 worth of goods. As he repre sented himself to be al undartly well oft' lie was allowed to take out the goods on time. He car ried the stock to Carthage and there traded the greater portion of it for eight horses. The horses and the remainder of the goods he sold for cash. His Portland creditors getting wind of the state of affairs applied fora writ of arrest, which was served by Marshal Marble last Tueeday. Wednesday he brought Max well to this city aud committed him to jail. Peddling Without a License.—Officer Fields arrested James O’Reilly of Boston yes terday for peddling without a license, on com plaint of Charles Mooney of Lynn. O’Reilly had samples cf tea, and claimed to be a com mercial traveler. Mooney assumed the role of a detective, and threat vied to have O’Reilly ar rested for peddling without a license. He of fered to lei the runner off for ten dollars.— O’Reilly declining, Mooney complained and of ficer Fields took them both to the station.— They were subsequently released. Battle of Newhern.—Agoo.i audience as sembled at Music Hall last evening to witness the performance of th; ‘‘Battle of Newbeln” by Bosworth Post, G. A. R. The play was ex cellently rendered, and the scenery, costumes, etc., were in perfect keeping. Miss Ella I’on ney played with her usual grace and vivacity; Miss Wheeler was very amusing; Miss Abbott wasexcellent; Mr. Bibber as “Joe,” was “iin meuse," and the others all did well. Tlio play will be repeated this evening, and we look fir a full house. Remember the proceeds go to the Hospital. __ Anniversary —Arcana Lodge of this city, which is the oldest Lodge of Good Templars iu New England, will celebrate its fifteenth anni versary on Monday evening, the iltli instant, with a substantial supper, speoches by Rev. Mr. Piiblado, Rev. O. M. Cousens and others, and fine music. A pleasant and profitable time is expected. —._ n Runaway.—Some excitement was caused on Congress street yesterday by the escapade of a horse belonging to a physician of this city. The hors? started from Free street, came round into Congress, and brought up at Appleton's Block Nobody was hurt except the body of the wagon' which was smashed into smithereens. Magic on the Waves.—Yesterday after noon, Mr. Henry T. Carter’s new steam yacht “Magic” made its first trip on the briny ocean wave. The “oscillatory” engine, oue of Mr. Carter's own invention, worked well, and the yacht made eight miles an hour. r. I.. I.—The Light Infantry go on their an nual excursion to the Islands to-day. They form in front of the Preble House this morn ing at 7.80 and sail a 8 o’clock. A very pleas ant time is anticipated. Mr. William A. Jkrris, son of the real estate agent, has united with Messrs. Cushing & Haruion, and purchas'd the printing estab lishment recently owned by Mr. F. G. Rich. Boating Announcement.-Considerable talk having emanated from the Emerald Boat Club, in regard to Mr. M. Davis' rowing me u race, I take this oppo'tunity of saying that I will row him aoy kind of a single scull race he wishes fur a purse of from SlOn to S230. If Mr. Stevens of Bath, or any other gentleman in Maine, wishes to measure the spruces with tne, hey can have the samo opportunity, whether dr. Davis accepts or not, one or all of tne aces to be rowed th; same day. If th® “ :a not accepted within two weeks from da ■lotioe will be taken of any further “ ' j T. Wm. Randall, box 1238, Portiauu. niarELLANEVli11 notices. If vou want choice canned canned fruits, call at WtLSON & Co.’s, jeG 3t Corner Exchange and Federal Sts. Summer is comitigl Anil In spite of the Hospital Fair, ladies must have bonnets, and misses hats. At Wm. L. Snell’s, 337 Congress Greet, another most perfect assortment of fine French flowers is to-day received! Also French and English Straw, Chip and Leghorn Hats and Bonnets, gros grain and gros faille rib bons in al! the new shades, great varieties of Iaee3. Our motto, Smail Profits! Larye Sales! The best place in Portland to buy a choice barrel of flour is at Wilson & Co.’s, corner of Exchange and Federal streets. jeG 3t F. O. Bailey & Co. will sell at 12 o’clock tc day, the brick store on Portland Pier, in the rear of theTloaias Block. At their salesroom at one o’clock, au invoice of jewelry. See auction column. Wanced.— A complete copy of the Guide Book of Portland, published in 1853 by Brown Thurston and J. F. Richardson, for which the sum of oil”, dollar will be paid. jeG 3t Loking, Short & Harmon. Lodies of the Second Parish Society having articles for the Fair will please leave the same with Mrs. J. E. MeDoweil, 72 Dauforth street, or Mrs. Dr. H. P. Merrill, 170 Cougress street. _juneG 3t Vases aud Bouquet Holders for Cemeteries and Public Gardens. Send for price list. Nutter Bios. & Co., 20 Market Square, Port lend. _ may9tf Steel Knives aud every description of Table Waro Plated, or Replated in the very best man ner at short notice and at a reasonable price, at Atwood’s Sew Rooms, 27 Market Square. feb25-eodtf Amnual Meeting of Bosworth Relief Corps at G. A. It Hall, Friday afternoon, June Gth. at 21 o’clock. Members are requested to be present. junS 2t Lothrop, Devens & Co. have the new China hoard shades They ar<* a great improvement on the old style rustic shades. Call and see them. No. 61 Exchange street. maylStf Dr. Uhann at Preble House Tuesdays aud Wednesdays of each week. His cures are wou derful. may30-d&wtf tor loss ot Appetite, loyspepsia, im-iges tion, Depression of Spirits and General Deliili ty, in various other forms, Ferro-Phosphora ted Elixir of Calisava made by Caswell, Hazard & Co., New York, and sold by all druggists, is the best tonic. As a stimulant tonic for patients recovering from fever or oth er sickness, it has no equal. If taken during the season it prevents fever anil ague and other intermittent fevers. may21-4wt W. C. Beckett, 137 Middle street has just returned from Boston with another lot of fancy coatings and pantaloon goods, which will do you good to look at, and more good if you pur chase them. inay23-3w Now is the time to have your window screens made. Lotlirop, Devens & Co. have received a iarge quantity of German linen and cotton gauze, green wire, &c. No. G1 Exchange St. __ mayl7tf If you want a good Refrigerator, call at Nutter Bros. & Co.,2!) Market Suiiarc. mav9-tf_ BY TELEGRAPH. MATTERS IN MAINE. Convention of Reform Clubs. A J-nrge nnil Enthusiastic Hireling—An Organ to be Established. Rockland, .Tune 5.—A mass meeting of tha State Temperance Reform Clubs assembled at Farwell and Ames’ Hall this afternoon. Dr. George E. Brickett, President, in the chair. A Committee on Resolutions was appointed, and also a committee of three to take into con sideration the propriety of establishing an organ in the interests of the temperance cause. Ad dresses were male by Rev. E. Huowlton of Rockland, Hon. E. W. Stetsou of Damaris c itta, Capt. Sturdivaut and Francis Murphy of Portland, J. II. Osgood of Gardiner, Hoa. Joshua Nye of Augusta, Geu. James A. Hall of Damariscotta, and Camp-meeting John Al len. An audience of moderate numbers was in attendance. At half-past six p. m. a prayer and conference meeting was he.d, and this evening a large and enthusiastic meeting is be ing held, at which the report of the Committee on Resolutions has been presented, and able addresses are being made. Dr. Brickett, Gov. Pel-hum, O. D. Wetmoreof New IJruuswiek.M. W. P. of the National Division of the Sons of Temperance, Hon. Joshua Nyc, Hon. James A Hall, Rev. J. O. Knowles. Rev. O. M. Cousins Rev. John Allen, C. L. Fogg, H. M. Bryant and others arc among the speakers. The resolutions express gratitude for the suc cess wb icli has been given to the reform tnovc meut iu the past, and aunouueo the determina tion to carry it forward in the future upon the same broad principles of brotherly lovo and charity upon which it was inaugurated. They also express pleasure at the harmouy that exists between the Reform Clube and all other temperance organizations, and pledge sympathy and co-operation to ail such socie ties. The committee on au organ to advocate the cause have reported in favor of establishing such an organ. MASSACHUSETTS. The Turf. Bosxox, June 5.—Th j Beacon Park races continued to-day with a large attendance. The first race was for a purse of $1100 for horses of the 2.50 class. In the belting. Smith was the favorite, Mor rill second and Allen third choice. The bal ance in the field. The following is a summary. VVinthrop Morrill, Jr.,—4—1—1—l. Tip Allen, —1—2—2—2. Lizzie Keeler, —2—3—4—5. Ben Smith, —3—4—3—3. Gen. Tweed, —7—5—5—4. Grace, —5—3.—distanced. Village Maid, —6— distanced. Time,—2.34J, 2.33J, 2.3JJ, 2.32J. The second race for a purse of $1,000 for horses that never beat 2.32. The following is a summary. Bristol Bill, —1—1—1. Liua Pictou, —4—9—2. Highland Maid, —3—2-6. Frauk Palmer, —2—7—7. Fanny Fern, —3—5—3. Prince Allen, —5—3—5. Faucy, —6—4—1. Sam Curtis. —7—fi —8. Constitution, —9—8-9. Royal Mike and Carthage Boy distanced. Time,—2 314, 2.29, 2 29J. Various Watters. Prominet citizens of Springfield have peti tioned to the Governor and Couucil tor a medi cal examination of Albert H. Smith, the West field mur'erer in order to determine Ins sanity or insanity. Mr. Jolffi Hill, an extensive shoe manufact urer of Stoncham,who lost heavily by the Nov. fire, has asked and received an extension front his creditors on his p .per, amounting to $300, 000. _ NEW YORK. A Hamer Concerning Stokes’* Casr. New York, Junes.—A rumor prevails that the Court of Appeals has given a decision ad verse to the application of Stokes, convicted of the murder of Jim Fisk, for a new trial. The Court of Appeals will adjourn a week from next Friday. The decision in the Stokes case may be handed in Tuesday next, but prob ably not before the day of adjournment, the 13tb, . . „ _ . „ Cooking (or n Swindler. The North German government is looking for one G. C. Gleans, charged with swindling a large number of Germans by selling them worthless hoods and western lands, on the rep resentation that the bonds were a valuable in - vestment and the lands were eligibly located and fast increasing in value. Klasonic. At the session of the Grand Lodge of Masous to-dav, the consideration of the proposed new constitutiou was proceeded with. Among the lEmS? adopted was one providing that a lol!-e ca» be surrendered only hers'seven8 m.S l'0 fouiid among its uiern ta^niu^ thestandt"!<4 brethrfiu ^.sirens ot « his connection from the lodge of “hi® i-a 'I member until be shall present , „ same warranted lodge that he has petition^l for membership therein. petitioned A Filthy City. The Post is uneasy about cholera reports amt says tho city is in the worst possible sanitary condition. The proepect is as alarming irrespective of any prospect of any approach of cholera. Tlic Parricide. Young Walworth continues to maintain a storical, indifferent demeauor, refusing tocon vere about his case. Nice Kindred* Charles Bangert and bis mother were arrest ed t^-day id Brooklyn, charged by Christopher -bangert, tbe father aud husband of the above, with attempting to poison him. Charles con fessed that he attempted to poison his father at the instigation of bis mother. The Regatta. The annual regatta of the New York Yacht Club has beeu postponed until to-morrow on account of a lack of wind and an unfavorable tide preventing them from making tbe race in the stipulated time. Various matters. The Grand Lodge of Masons of this State to day elected the old officers for the eusuingyear. Twenty thousand Sabbath Schoolchildren had an anuiversay to-day. The weather has cou i V«rv warm all the afternoon and the heat is almost oppressive. This eveniug tie huctuiutUcu.'!1 lS-66. Thos. Burke, an escaped convict from the Auburn prisou was captured to-day by detec tive, but ou the way to the station house he drew a pistol on the officer and escaped again. The sailors of the s eamship City of Paris were arrested to-day for plundering an emi grant. Thev had his clothes on. The Mayor to-day nominated A. F. Streeter as Police Justice. The former is Secretary of the Tammany Society. Base ball. The Resolutes of Elizabeth, N. J., defeated the Atlantics of Brooklyn on the latter’s grounds to-day. 12 to i). A party of river thieves made a larTe haul of sheet lead from Lumbard’s oil dock duriug the night, escaping with their booty. Herman Groundhatz was arrested in Brook lvn to-day, for fatally cutting and beating his wife. New York Boat Club Regatta. Fort Hamilton, L. L, June 5.—The yachts of the New York Club, in starting, passed the stake boat iu the following order, at intervals of about two minutes, commencing about 11.35 a. ni.: I an the. Peerless, Resolute, Era, Mag gie, Foam, Vision, Giacie, Palmer, Alarm, Dreadnought. The wind is very light but in creasing. Boat Rnccs. Poughkeepsie, June 4.—The aquatic season on tlio Hudson oocned yesterday on a lake near Verplancks Point. The first race was a single scull shell race, two miles, for $100,and was won easily bv 'len Eyck of Peekskill, ov jr Gilbert Ward of Cornwall; time 20.12. The next race was to be a double scull, with working boats, over the same course. Gilbert and David Ward were pitted against James Ten Eyck and lames Torpy. When the boats came up to get tbe word, Ten Eyck refused to row on the ground that the boat of the Wards weighed less than 140 pounds, which the Wards deuied. The latter, under tbe instructions from tbe judges, then rowed over the course, and were given the prize. Theeutire affair was a miserablo fail ure aud gave general dissatisfaction. WASHINGTON. Tbe Polaris Survivors. Wasiiingtox, June 5—The steamer Frolic arrived at the Navy Yard this afternoon. Sec retary Robeson and Commissioner Reynolds left tbe department immediately on the re ceipt of the intelligence for the purpose ot giv ing instructions as to the future movements of the crew of the Polaris with view to prompt of ficial action relative to that steamer and her ex ploring expedition. • rcaiurf xsalaurcs. The following are the Treasury balances to day ; Currency $6,234,301: special deposits of le gal tenders for redemption of certificates of de posit $20,000,000; coin $77,806,656: including $31,744,600 in coin certificates; legal tcuders outstanding $356,000,000. Indian Captives. Recent official information leads to the con clusion that arrangements for the releaso of Santanta and Big Tree will be finally made and probably tlie prisoners w ill be removed to Fort Sill to await further action of the Texan authorities. No Intervening. The Secretary of the Navy Ins for the pres ent refused access by outside parties to Cant. Tyson and the other persons belonging to the Polaris now on board the Frolic, that vessel having arrived here this afternoon. The Sec retary is not satisfied with the information heretofore communicated through the newspa pers, and will therefore take measures to ob tain from them all the facts. Immigration Commission. Under the recent act of Congress creating a Board of Immigration Commissioners, the Sec retary of the Treasury has made the following appointments: Dr. John M. Woodworth, J. B. Saunders, J. Fred Meyers, Charles Coline, J. H. Piper and Helen M. Barnard. The last mentioned to be assigned to the duty of report ing upon the treatment of women and children on board of emigrant ships. Dr. Woodworth will exercise the general supervision of the At lantic sea board. Another commissioner will go to San Francisco to investigate the condition of Chinese and Japanese immigrants, and others will be sent to Europe to make inquiries and prepare full reports. The President lias appointed Wirt Hopkius assayer of mint at Carson City. Foreign Mail Service. After hearing the arguments to day of vari ous counsel respecting the White Star, Inman and Bremen lines in reference to the applica tion of the fnmau line for an abrogation of the existing contract of the Post-office Department with the White Star line fur carrying the Sat urday European mail, Postmaster General Oreswell expressed his opin'on that it was liis duty to take an equitable,and not a strictly legal view ot the matter in controversy and that it would not be fair to annul the existing con tract with the White Star liuo on account of the accidents which human skill and foresight could not wholly prevent unless it were shown that the line had been so crippled by them as to be unable to perform the requisite service in the future, but this had not been done. If the terms of the present contract were hereafter properly complied with it would con tinue until the 3lst of next December, when it expires by its own limitation. The Postmaster General will endeavor to make arrangements tor the ensuing year in such a manner as to provide four mails per week for Europe from New York City on four separate days. in uen vloads. E. C. Kemb'.o has just arrived at Cheyenne from the Bed Cloud agency. He reports all quiet there and the temper of the Indians good. A council had been called for he llith inst. The JTIodoe Elephant. The President, Secretary of tho Interior and General Sherman had a consultation to-day on the Modoc question. Tli.s was the first formal consideration ot the subject by the officers of the government, and preliminary steps were taken to determine the point at issue, namely: What shall be done with the Modoc prisoners? In the first place it seems to be the understand ing that tho Secretary of the luterior has uo power of direction in the premises or, at least, he will take no present action, the Indians hav ing violated their treaty obligations by resort ing to hostilities, aud thus placed themselves beyond tne care aud supervision of the depart ment. Secondly: The United States troops having conducted the operations against them their custody belongs to the military ths same as of prisoners of war captured or surrendered, or other prisoners taken in arms against the authority of the United States and guilty of atrocious act. Thirdly: Those orcmise3 being settled the question as to what'shall be done with the Modoc prisoners, whether they shall be tried by a military commission or remitted to the civil courts will be submitted to the Attorney General by tlx military authorities for his opinion, which shall govern the law. In the case and in this courso the President, Secretary of the Interior aud Gen. Sheridau ate iu accord. Postnl Cards. The agent sent to Springfield by the Post master General reports that uo postal cards have been printed by the Morgan Envelope Co. du ring the past week. Thery have as yet furnish ed only 8,u00,000 or the 25,1100,000 ordered. The department settled on the sample cards, the character of the paper aud inscription included before the making of the contract, and therefore its terms were plainly understood. Vnrions matters. Secretary Delano, General Sherman and the President had a lengthy consultation this morn ing, it is said, on the matter pertaining to the disposition of the Modoc prisoners. There was a large uumber of visitors at the Executive Mansion this morning and anxious to interview the President before his departure for Long Branch. W. H. Appleton of New Hampshire and O. C. Fox iff New York were promoted to-day to be principal examiners in thej patent office, af ter a competitive examination under the civil service rules. There were two vacancies and seventeen competitors. The Commissioner General of land office to day ruled that asphaltum aud borax lands can be taken up for patenting under the mineral jaw of June, 1872. Oregon and the moilocs. San Francisco, June 4.—Tho following dis patch was sent to-day from Salem, Oregou, lo the. Secretary of War at Washiugton: In regard to the outlaws now iu the custody of the United States military authorities, 1 must respectfully request that tboso now stand ing indicted iu the Circuit Court of Jackson county. Oregon, for murder, aud who are not amenable to military execution, be delivered to tho civil authorities of this state for trial and punishment. If they have a legal defence based either upon amnesty or a denial of guilt let the defence he pleaded before the proper tri bunal. L. T. Grover, Governor of Oregon. The Jubilee—Fatal Accident. Chicago, June 5.—The city is full of strang ers iu attcuilanco on the Jubilee concerts, aud the Jubilee is regarded as a success. By the falling of a scaffold in the depot building of the Chic go & Kock Islaud Rail road, now used for the jubilee concerts, John Oliver and William Culley, painters, were thiown front near the roof to the floor and kill ed. _ The Trial of Pomeroy. Topeka, June 0.—The trial of cx-Sonator Pomeroy, ou the cuarge of bribery, begins in the District Court on the 16th iust. Eminent counsel will appear ou both sides. Reports from all parts of the State represent the growing crops in excellent condition aud an abundant yield of ail kinds of grain is ex pected. _ The Cholera. Memphis, June 5,—There is little or noox citemjnt to-day in regard to the cholera, aud the i tprossiou prevails that with a tew days more or fair weather the disease which has pre vailed will disappear. Election of Hallrond Directors. Chicago, June 5.—The following directors of the Chicago ec Florch western Kauroad were elected to-day: R. P. Flowers, M. L. Sykes, ir., I Albert Keep, a. G. Dulman, C. R. Mavin and ’ D. H. PorWr. The Chicago Jubilee, Chicago, June 5.—Tiio first of the Grand Jubilee concerts was given in the immense de pot of the Chicago, Rock Island & Pacific, and Michigan Southern railroads, this afternoon, to the largest audience that ever assembled in Chicago, not 1 -ss than 20,000 people being pres ent. The accommodations for the vast crowd consisted merely ot rough wooden benches, all ou a level, but the musical part of the pro gramme was excellent. The first was an orig inal hymn entitled “Chicago hymn of praise,” sung to the tune of Old Hundred. The sing ing ot the hymn was received with great ap plause. The next piece, the. “Chorus Festi val, by Deutner, was rendered by the grand orchestra in good style. The hymn, “Angel of Peace,” by the grand chorus and full orchestra was well received, as were also the operatic se lections, introducing solos for the cornet. The next selection, “The Heavens are Telling,” was received with enthusiastic applause. A cornet solo by Arbuckle followed, and the first part of the programme ended with the “Star Spangled Banner” by the full chorus and or chestra. The second part of the programme opened with the overture to William Tell which was effectively rendered by a full orchestra. It was followed by the chorus, “Sen the Conqueriug Hero Conies.” The fourth number on the pro gramme was the “Anvil Chorus,” aud its reu ditioii fully merited the storm of applause with which it was received, the audience iusistiug on a repitition. The concert ended w th the hymu, “Nearer my God to Thee,” by the full ch irm aaJ or chestra, the immense audience joiuin,r, wh ich produced a magnificent effect. The second concert occurs this evening. The American Institute of EEouiocpathy. Cleveland, June 5.—The American Insii tute of Homce ipathv to-diy received a report trom their committee ou World’s Homoeopathic Convention. It is the intention of the insti tute to have an International Convention of

hommopathic physicians assembled in Phila delphia in 1876. during the centennial celebia tion. The initiatory s»eps of this matter were taken three years ago, and it is the determina tion ot the Institute that this convention shall be a graud gathering of scientific practitioners ot the medicine of the Homoeopathic- School parts of the world. Dr. McClathy of I hiladelphia, presented a report from the com inittee on a di-pensatory, showing they had their work iu a forward state and expected to present a manuscript of a complete homeo pathic dispensatory at the next session. Dr. Dudley presented a paper on the vital statistics of Philadelphia duriug the year 1872, collected from the registration kept by the Board of Health, showing the relative mortali ty in a variety ot diseases under the old school and homoeopathic treatment. This .eport show ed that while the ratio was slightly in favor of the old school treatment in a few diseases, yet a large majority of them was in favor of hom oeopathy, aud that the general ration was large ly in favor of the last named school. Niagara Falls was selected as the next place of meeting, ou the first Tuesday in June, 1874. ifiindiug Their fiSiisincss. Chicago, June 5.—Tho following despatch was received here this morning; Yankton Ayency, June 4th, via Fort Randall, June 5.—None of the Yankton Indians have left this section to join the hostile bands on the Upner Missouri, as reported lately by Gen. Custar. The Yanktons are ail at home at tending to their business. (Sigued,) Jotix G. Gossman. U. S. Indian Agent. Attempt to Throw a Train ©sT the Track. Norwich, Ct., June 5.—An attempt was made by persons unknown, to throw the Prov idence mail train from the track of the Shore Line railroad near Westerly, R. I., at 11 o’clock Wednesday night, by placing obstructions on the track. The obstructions were discovered and removed in time to avoid a disaster. " • The Judiciary Elections in Illi-toi*. Chicago June 5.—The latest aud most com plete returns from the election for Judge of the Supreme Court, iudicate the election of A. M. Craig, the farmer candidate, over Judge Law rence, the present Chief Justice, by a majority of probably 1500 votes. Mr. Allison married. Burlington, Iowa, Junes.—Hon. William B. Allison and Miss Neally of tins citv, were married this afternoon at the residence of the late Seuitor Grimes. The bridal party left this evening for New York, and will sail for Europe on the 18th inst. METEOROI.OGICAL,. PROBABILITIES FOB THE NEXT TWENTV-FOUB nOURS. War Dep’t, office Chief Signal ) Officer, Washington, D. O., > June 5. (8 P. if.)) For New England and the Middle States, and the lower lake re gion, south-westerly' to north-westerly winds, lisino barometer and clear or partly cloudy weather are probable on Friday; for the South Atlantic States, south-westerly to westerly winds,with probable rains from South Caroliua to Florida; for the Gulf States, east of Miss Si, winds backing to southerly and easterly / weather and rain; from the upper lakes to Missouri and Tennessee, partly cloudy weather,with probably rain areas over southern Missouri and the western portions of Tennes see and Kentucky; for Iowa and Miunisota, southerly winds and increasing cloudiness. F O U K 1 Gr N . Death of a Prominent Italian Statesman. Rome, June 5.—Urbauo Rattazzi died at nine o’clock this morning at Frastiuore. Signor Laza, President of the council and Minister of the Interior was at his b’dside when he died. His death produces a profound sensation. The Policy of the Carlisle. Madrid, June 4.—The Carlists by continual ly intercepting communications between France and Spain, thus rendering it difficult to obtain authentic information, seek to make it apoear that they have complete control of the frontier provinces. On a creation of this false impres sion abroad they base their hopes of success fully latching a ioau ot §100,(KKJ,000. It should be understood that no faith can be placed iu their representations in the markets of Europe. noaia Atumcan i\cwr. Lisbon, June 5.—Steamship Cordillera from Rio Janeiro May 17th, arrived here this after noon. The yellow fever bad entirely disap peared from Rio Janeiro aud the cities on the Rio dela Plata. The number of cases in ikhio were also growing less. The insurrection in the province of Entre Ri vo, Argentine Republic, continued, notlnvith stinding the vigorous efforts of the government to crush it. The Insurrection ia Cuba. Havana, Juno 0.—A Spanish telegram states that an encounter has taueu place iu Bemja Mountains, in which 74 insurgents were killed. The Spaniards lost 19 killed and 42 wounded. Destructive Fire in Nova Scotia. Halifax, June 4.—Heavy fires are raging in the woods in different parts of the Province. The woods in the vicinity of Liverpool have been oil lire two days, and last evening the town was in great danger. A large tract of laud has already been traversed by the dames and much damage done. In Pictuu county the fire swept from the west branch of the liver Johu to Black River, and on the cast branch of the River John for a distace oi twelve miios destroying everything in its course. The value of the property destroyed cannot he estimated. The woods through which the fire passed are the most valuable iu the country. Funeral of Lieut. Gov. IE ewe. Halifax, Juno 5.—The remains of the late Lieut. Gov. Howe were interred yesterday af ternoon with imposing ceremonies. Business was suspended. Ail the troops in the garrison, sailors from tho fleet, anti militia fined the streets, there being 20,000 people present. There were 0000 persons in the procession including all the national tocietics. Minute gnns were fired, -— .TJINOB TELIiGKAJia. A tornado at WinDemucca, Nev., blew down a circus tent Wednesday, causing great pauic aud severely iujuring several persons. There were two deaths from hydrophobia in Baltimore, Wednesday. A peusion has been granted to the widow of the late Lieutenant Thomas, killed by the Mo ducs. Jim Brown, the murderer of Mrs. Dempsey and Miss Dozier, in Virginia, has been captur ed. He made a partial confession, and it is feared he will he lynched. By the falling of a portion of a new frame house, Wednesday, in Keyport, N. J., five ne groes were killed and five others wounded. The convicts of tho New Jersey Stato prison refuse to work for the contractors until good food is furnished them. A convention of colored citizens of New Jer sey adopted a resolution demanding equal, civil and social rights, and appointed a Stato Ceu tral Convention. A combination has been entered into by min ning companies in Nevada to limit the produc tion of quicksilver. The signature of Queen Victoria is only nec essary to the annexation of Prince Edward’s Islands to the Dominion. In New Hampshire, Gov. Straw was inaug urated with the usual ceremonies Wednes day. The schooner Belvidere of Gloucester went ashore near Seal Rock in a ti.ick fog Wednes day afternoon, and will probably go to pieces. Tho brewers’ congress was held in Cleve land, Ohio, Wednesday. The attendance was very large. The Pall Mall Gazette publishes an appeal of the ex-EmpressEugenie to the people ot Prance in favor of her sou. All processions will be prohibited in Belfast Ireland, Orange day, July 12tb. ’ A fire at Middletown, N. Y„ Thursday, de stroyed Theodore Wilkes’ planning mill and sash and blind factory, Sleiil,asdt’s°saloon a d tie Coopers Institute Hotel. Loss S>5 0nn Partially insured. Sir. Santa Rosa, an American citizen imiir - oneu at Havana, has been released and saileu for New York. Forty fishing schooners bound to Labrador arrived at Halifax Thursday for supplies. The Philadelnhias beat the Bostons at base ball yesterday 22 to 8. The New York Stato Sunday School Con ve itiou reports 18,000 conversions in the schools th i past year. §500,000 was raised by the schools for religious purposes. Less than oue half of the children in the State attend Sunday School. Prince Jerome Bonaparte’s arrival in Paris causes uiuJn agitation in the Assembly lobbies. Tho first. reception of President McMahon took place Thursday evening and was a brilliant allair. FI\ * .\CI V L a HD COMMEHCMI F«»-.iaa Export.. PICTOU, NS. Schr Onward—*>2 niii'.’-inr. ,. 8 hoi-80 rakes. a mov' in2 machines, ST JOHN NB. Schr Irving-800 bblB fl0!,r PARRSBORO. NS. Brig Mary OUvia-«o lb’s of flour. Foreign Imnon*. PICTOU NS. Brig Eliza* eth Ann—2C2 tons coal, 323 bbls oil, to John Porteous. COW Bay, CD. Brig Gen Pelisier—2C0 tons coal to John Porteous. HALIFAX. NS. Steamer Carlotta-6 boxes fresh fish, 5 bbls eggs 4 boxes mdse, to J F Liscomb. Kecc>2>iN by Btitilroadv and stienm knots*. Grand Trunk Railwav—6 cars sundries, 3 do shook*, 1 do potatoes, 2 do for New York, 1 do for Boston, 1 do horses. 2 do oats, 2 do corn', 3 do flour, C do for St John. NB, 0 do for Halifax, 5 do for G T B, 3 do telegraph poles, 4 do spars, 31 do lumber. New York Stock and Money Market. Nkw York. Junes Momma.—Gold at 118. Mon ey 5 percent. Steiliug Kxchauge* 108} (a) ]GGg.— Stocks steady and very dull. State stocks quiet. Nkw York. June 5—Evmma.—Money closed very easy at 4 @ 5 per cent., having lont as low as 3 per cent. Sterling Exchange was higher in lbe afternoon leading baukci s advanced rates to 103} for sixty days an l 110} tor aijht; the market closed with actual business at g per ccur. lower than asking rates. Gold quint and steady, opening at 118, and closing at 117} @117}; loans 4 @ 0 per cent, for carrying. The clear ances were 55,OOO.OUO. Tiic Assistant Trc surer dis bursed §732.000. Governments quiet with a firm feeling at the close. State bond* quiet. Stock mar ket intensely dull. The annual regatta of the New' York Y icht Club took a large number ol brokers and speeululors from the s reet. The only movement of importance was in Pacific Mail, which declined from 4i»6 to 33}, and advanced at the close to 40}. The changes outsi le of that stock were unimportant. There are s une vague rumors floating about an in tended amalgmiation of the interests between the Hannibal St Joseph Railroad and St Joseph & Denver City Railroad. I’htr loiiuwmg were the quotations of Government securities: United States coupon 6’.s, 1SS1.122} United States 5-20’s 186*2.116* Uuite11 States 5-20’* 1864.116* United Slates 5-20’s IS65, old...116* United Stales 5-go’s 1865, new. ...113* United States 5-2n’* |s«I7.121$ United Slates 5-gO’s If*>3 ...IgO United State? 5’*, new. j.., .p5 United States lu-4i>’s.,coupons. ....It4} Currency O’* . ....113} The following were the closing quotations ol Slocks: Western Union Telegraph Co. 843 Pacific Mail. 408 S. Y. Centra’and Hudaou River consolidated.. ..101* Eric. 02$ Erie preferred. 4ll Union Pacific stock.!!..!!. 28} The following were the quotations for Pacino irail road securities: Central Pacific bonds.163} Union Pacific do. 60 Union Pacific land grant*.701 Union Pacific income bonds.01} Boston Stock Lilt. (Sale* at the Broker’s Board, June 5.1 Boston & Maine Railroad.119} Boston «& Maine Railroad. 113 Eastern Railroad.105} Portland, Saco & Portsmouth R R.130 ■ rwiiiivuuv rriai Jtnrucii Providkn- e, June 5.—Printing Cloths—market quiet at 6} @ 6}c for best 64’s noairstir markets. New Your. June 5 - Evening—Cotton more active: sales2432 tinles; Middling uplands at 194c. Flout Is lteavy and JO @ 15c lower; sales 2200 bbls; Stale 5 40 @7 90; Hound hoop Ohio 6 70@9S5; Western 5 40 @ 9 80; Southern at 620 @ 11 25. W heat in g md ex port inquiry; sales 216,000 bu h- No 1 Spring 1 61; No? Spring at 1 45 @ 1 51; No 3Spring l 40 @143; Winter Hod Western 1 60 @ 1 70. Corn teady; sales 187,000 hnsli; ne v Mixed Western 50 @ 54c; old 63c. Oats are heavy; sales 47.00(1 hush; new Western Mix ed at 45 @ 46c; White 60 @ 53c. Beef steadv. Pork a shade firmer; new incs- 16 5o; extra prime 14 00. Baris weaker; sales 250 tcB; steam at 8je; kettle 9c. Butter weak; new State 25@28. Whiskey firmer; sales 350 bbls; Western free at 94 @ 95c. Kirs steady: Carolina al7}@8}c Sugar strong and advancing; sales 2880 hhds; refining 7| @ 8c. Cortes is quiet; Ltrguayra 19 a I9}c: Ri>17» @ lfijc Gold; Maracaibo 18} @ litJc; Java 20} @21}; St Domingo 16}c. Mo lasses irregular; clayed 29 @ 30c; New Orleans 67 @ 8"c; Port ■ Rico 35 @ 69c; Muscovado 30 @ 32c. Na val Stores-Spirits Turpentine steatlv at 46} @ 47c; Rosin in good request; sales 2873 bids' at 3 00 a. 3 05 for strained. Petroleum tinner; erode 8J @ 8}c; re fined at 19| @ 20c. Tallow qaiet at 8}c; sales 120,000 lbs. Freights to Liverpool firm; Cotton per steam, 14-16 @ 15-I6d; Grain, do at 11} @ 12}d. CHICAGO, June 5.—Flour dull and nominal. Wheat dull and unsettled, closing steady; No 1 Spring at 1 29; No 2 Spring at 1 25 on spot; do seller June l 24; seller July at l 21}; No 3 do 115; rejected 95c. Corn dull, unsettled and lower; No 2 Mixed at 31} @ 343c on spot or seller June; 37fc seller July; 40} for"seller Aug; rejected 3lc. Oats steady; sales No 2 at 271 (at 28c on spot; 29}c seller Ju'y. Rye dull and declin! lug; No 2 quoted at 64c. Bariev dull and nominal. Provisions quiet and weak- Pork at 15 50 @15 75; do seller July 158ft. Lard dull and lower at'8 4'for cash and Juno. Bulk Meats quiet and unchanged; shoulders at 6{c packed; short rib middles uoted at S|@8»e. Bacon quiet and unchanged. Whiskey In light demand and holders firm at 90}c. Luke Fr eights acllvo and higher—Corn to Buffalo at 7e. Receipts—7,COO bbis flour, 54,000 bush wheat, 136, 000 Push corn, 145,000 hush oats, 6‘000 bust rye, 3,000 bush barley, 00,000 hogs. Shipments—7.000 outs flour, 79,000 hu«h wheat, 172, "00 bush corn, 51,000 bush oats, 0,000 bush rye, 13,000 bash baricy, 0300 hogs. Cincinnati, June 5.—Provisions—Pork quiet af 16 50 @ 16 95. Laid is dull and unchanged ; steam at 8}c; ke.tlo at 83c. Bulk Meats opened firmer and clos'sl quie*; s ties of sbouldcTs early at 6 70. closing at 6 62}; in good demand at inside price; clear rib sides atS}@8fc; clear sides at8}@8Jc. Bacon is quiet: shoulders at 7}c; clear rib sides 91c; dear sides at 9}c. Whiskey firm at 88c. Detroit. June 5.—Flou quiet and unchanged.— Wheat steady; extra White 1 81; No 1 White t 71 @ 172; Amber Michigan 1 56. Corn is quiet and un changed at 45e. Oats iu good demand; W bite West ern 41c. Freights to Buffalo 4} @ 5c; to Oswego 7}. Heceipls-O.UOo bbls Hour, 11,000 tiusu wheat, 6,000 hush corn. 6900bush oats. Shipments—5000 bbls flour, 2,000 bush wheat, 0,000 bush corn, 2,000 bush oats. Charleston, June 5.—Cotton quiet; Middling up lands— @ 18c. Savas.nah. June5.—Cotton firm; Middling up lands at 18}e. ^Mobile, June 5—Cotton quiet; Middling uplands N’e v Orleans, June 5.—Cotton in light demand; MiddMng uplands 18 @ 181c. Havana market. Havana, June5.—Exchange active; on United States 60 days currency 15} @ 16 piein.; short sight 18@IS}; GO days, Gold, 36 @31; short sight 39 @ 40; on London, 60 days, 50 @ 51; on Paris, CO days, 33 @ ■£iiroptima Jinrkriw. London, June 5—11.00 A. M.—Consols oi*ened at 92$ for money and account. American securities— U. S. 5-20’s 1SG5, old, at 91}; do 1807, 94g; do 10-408, 88}; new 5s, 89}. Erie Rail way ai 48$. London, Jnne 5—5.00 P. M.—Consols closed at 92 for money and account. American -ecuruies—United States 5-20s, 15G7, old 94$; do uew GU$. Liverpool, June 5—5.00P. M.—Cotton closed dull; ' .~.10,000 Governor Dana Estate AT FRYEBURG FOR _S_A JL E * THIS valuable property is most favorably located in the charming village of Fryburg, 49 miles from Portland, on the lino of Portland & Ogdensburg It R. and commands a wide and most delightful view of the “White Mountain Range,” and the valley of the Saco Rber. Consists of < no acio of 1 nd, on wh.cli arc lo. atod the large and line old MANSION formerly occupied by the late Governor Dana, and a spacious stable, all in through repair, well supplied with pure water, and surrounded by elegant shade trees. The summit of “Pme Hill” is within 300 roda. The hruae meastnes 40 x 48; Ell is 50 feet long; Stable 30 x 02. H^uso and Ell contains 18 room* aside Irom closets. Kaiboad station, Churc es, and first class Schools within a short distance of the house. Sold on y on account of the ill health of the owner. Some Furniture will be sold with the house if desired. This is a rare opportunity for the purchase of a first class summer residmee in a healthful and pleasant locality on moat favorable tcriun. A photo graphic view of tb« property, may be seen at No. 28 Exchange Street, Portland. For terms and furl her particulars apply to FRANKLIN SHIRLEY, Fryeburg. Portland, May 24.1873. my24d3w uosmng Cleansed CLOTHES Cleaned and Repaired at short notice ana all kinds of goods dyed in a thorough man ner. Also Second-hand Clothing lorsale. All orders will receive prompt and faithful atten tion. WILLIAM BROWN, Federal Street, myMdtf Near the Park. Portland High school. THE Principal of this School having, by reason of other engagements, declined to be a c ndiuatc tor le-elecllon, applications for the position maybe made In person or In writing, accompanied with references, testimonials, &c., until Julv 14,1-73. The next term will commence Aug. 25,1873. LCW1S B. SMITH, Chairman S. School Committee. Portland, May 28, 1873. did Office of the A. C. 8., 1 Foiit Preble, Me , May 14,1873.1 SEALED Proposals In duplicate will be received at this Office until 11 A. M., June 2Utli, 4673 for furnishing the Fresh tteef required by the Sub sistence Department, U. S. A„ at this Po t during six months, commencing July 1, 1873. Intormallou as to conditions, quality of Beet, payments, &c can be obtained by application to G. W. WIETt ,1u3-dtd 1st Lieut, 5th Artillery. A. C.S. UIY STOCK OF Custom Made Hand Sewed Boots and Shoes is superior to «*ny other Stock in New England in point of quality, style, finish and fit. So don’t wrong yourself bv sending your measure to New York or JJostou, when you can obtain the very best boots made, and always a sui o fit, ot M. G. PALMER. my9 eodGw Portland Savings Bank, NO. 91 EXCHANGE ST. ALL deposits of one dollar and upwards com mence inierest on the first day of the month llalU Sk NOTES. Treasure, DISSOLUTION. THE copartnership heretofore existing under the name of C1IAS. PERRY & CO., is dissolved by mutual consent. CHARLES PERRY, F. W. .MeKEN Nr V. jul~»dlw Boarding House lor Lease. LOCATED cn Chest nut, near Congress street. Con tains fliteen rooms, gas and Seb :go. Kent $500. Will "ease for five yews to a responsible tenant. Ap ply to WM. II. JEKRIS, Heal Estate Agen . jn5» w Rooms To Let. WITHIN one mlnutVs walk of Treblo House. Enquire at this Office. Ju4-d3t. ENTERTAINMENTS. MUSIC HALL Thursday and Friday Evenings, June 5th and 6th. Bosworth Post No. 2, 0. A. R. " hi present as above the original Military Drama, entitled the Battle of Newbern ! Pot' ‘be benefit of the AdmW ", **£[£*“• sale at the usual phices* b.’V Gallery L'Sctll. For door. Orchestra Ch irs and a1"* at ,fce For sale at Stockbridge’s. i.t6 af* 50 ccnts I'rectet-ly DJ0'S °1,en preyeiy.-- mvjatq Forest City TROTTING PARK! PORTLAND, ME. 1873 June Meeting 1873 June 10th, 11th. I2th, 13th & 11th. $ 2^00 AN PREMIUMS. TUESDAY, June lOlh. Pll ven CfcO XA l For horses that have nev 1. ill at ) cr trotted better than three minutes; $150 to first, $60 to second, $40 to third. Hiram Woodruff, Beacon Paik, Boston, names b. g. Tim Watson. George M. Delaney. Augusta, Me., names b m Nel lie. Prudcn Letourneau, West WatervUle, names ch m Purity. S. tf. Jacobs, Skowhogan, Me., names gray m La dy Walton. G H. Hicks, Charlestown, Mass..names b ui Flora. Wright NorcroFB, Mystic Park, Boston, names blk 8 Lot hair. J. F. Beck, Solon, Me., names g g Ed Gray. A. W. Worcester, Beacon Park, Poston, names w g Baby Boy. George N. Bailey, Forest City Park, names blk m Fwarnaugbt Belle. It. G. Kuigbt, Cornish Me., b g. Wonder. T*lll»cn 6QAA \ For horses that have never 1. Ill Ov rpOW* ( trotted better than 2:40 ;$175 to first, $75 to second, $50 to third. F. Brickett, Lisbon Falls, Me., names g g M<xidlc some. _ Dan Biglcy, Beacon Park Boston, names b m Gnce. Geo. H. Hicks, Charlestown, Mass., names ch g Ludlow Boy. A. D. Webber, Beacon Park, Boston, names b g Honest Brock. George M. Delaney, Augusta, Me., names br g Bil ly Bumpus. II. E. Willis, Medford, Mass., names ch g Mystic Bov. J. N. Woodard, South Framingham, Mass., names b s John Lambert. James Dustin, Mystic Park, Boston, names b 8 King William. WEDNESDAY, Jane lltb. Pll«^A Q^ !tA I Free to all road wagon*, A 111 8b VV# j wagon and driver to weigh 300 lbs: $150 to first; $75 to second, $25 to third. Lon Morris, Mystic Park, Boston, names b in Ella El wood. G. H. Hicks, Charlestown, Mass., names ch g Ludlow Boy. I)an Bigley, Beacon Park, Boston, names ch m Fanny. Wright & Norcross, Mystic Park, Boston, name ch g Auourn Bov. S. H. Jacobs, Skowhegan, Me., names ch g Troub lesome. Hiram Woodruff, Beacon Park, Boston, names blk g Regulator. Pll FWA $ 1 AA \ For horses that have nev fjJ xV\F» j er trotted better than 2:35, to be trotted under saddle; $60 to first, $30 to second, $10 to third. G. H. Hicks, Charlestown, Mass., names b g Toby Candor. Wright & Norcross, Mystic Park, Boston, name blks Lo hair. Charles Hatch, Bangor. Me., names blk m Ink. H. t. Willis, Medfo d, Mass., names ch g Mystic Boy. THURSDAY, Jane 12th. PllFtSO $k)XA l For horses that have nev X U1 J er trotted better than 2:50; $150 to filst, $60 to secoud, $40 to third S. H. Jacobs, Skowhegan, Me., names gmLadv Walton. Wright & Norcross, Mystic Park, Boston, names blk s Lotbair. Dan Bigley, Beacon Park, Boston, names b m Graco. G. II. Hicks, Charlestown, Mass., names b m Flo ra. J. F. Beck, Solon, Me., names g g Ed Gray. Geo. M. Delaney, Augusta, Me., names blk m La dy Hassan. Pruden Letonmean, West Waterville, names bm Lady Mansfield. Hiram Woodruff, Beacon Park, Boston, names b g Tim Watson. George H. Bailey, Forest City Park, names blk m Fcarnaug'it Belle. A. W. Worcester, Beacon Park, Boston, names w g Baby Boy. Pm*en &QAA \ For horses that have nev X U18b qjdvl/, i er trotted better than 2:37; $175 to first, $75 to second $50 to third. J. N. Woodward, South Framingham, Mass.,names b b John Lambeit. James Dustin, Mystic Park, Boston, names b g Stranger, formerly Muggins. Dan Bigloy, Beaccti Park, Bos’on, names b ni Lady Wentworth. Wright & Norcross, Mystic Park, Boston, name ch g Auburn Boy. F. Brickett, Lisbon Falls, Me., names g g Meddle some. Geo. M. Delaney, Augusta, Me., names br g Billy Bumpus. FRIDAY, June 131b. PllFCO &QAA l For horses that havo nev X III 8b QJOIFVF* j rr trotted better than 2:38, two miles and repeat in harness; $175 to first, $75 to second, $50 to third. H. A. Hall. Boston, Mass., names s m Caouchonc. A. D. Webber, Beacon Park, Boston, names be H .nest Brock. Dan Bigloy, Beacon Park, Boston, names b m La dy Wentworth. S II. Jacobs, Skowhegan. Me., names b m Belle Ja cobs. F. Brickett, Lisbou Falls, Me., names g g Meddle some. L. J. Brackett, Windham, M., names b ra Maine Girl. Pruden Letourneau, West Waterville, names blk m Gentle Annie. dames Dustin, Beacon Park, Boston, names b s King William. Mil i*ga xJJkfll \ For horses that have nev X 111 ^tVV» ) er trotted better than 2:32; $250 to first $100 to second; $50 to third. G. G. Brown, Bristol, N. H., names gg Bristol Bill. James Dustin, Beacon Park, Boston, names b g Frank Palmer. S. H. Jacobs, Skowliegan, Me., names cb m Troub lesome. Dan Bigley, Beacon Park, Boston, names ch m Fanny. A. I>. Webber, Beacon Park, Boston, Dames Buck skin g Royal Mike. A. w. Worcester, Beacon Park, Boston, names b g Sam Curtis Charles Hatch, Bangor, Me., names blk m Ink. SATURDAY, Jane 14th. SPECIAL PREMIUMS. Three Hundred a_d Fifty Hollars, Maine Ocn. Hospital Prizes. First Premium. Martin & Pennell, wagon, valued $250, for horses teat have never beaien 2:45. Second Premium. Gold Mourned Harness, valuo $1C0, for horses that ha o never beaten 2:35. Entrance fee 10 per cent.,to close Friday noon, June 13th at 12 o’clock m at Hospital Fair Headquar.cis, under Falmouth Hotel, or with the proprietors of tLe track. The above races will all be mile beats best 3 in 5 in harness, excepting Nos. 3 aud 4, and will be trotted under the rules f the National Association. Trotting will commence each day at 2} p. m. Covered wagons will run from the citr to the track and a good res taurant will be found uj»on the grounds. fiy Pools sold and settled at No. 14 Preble street, rear of Preble House, every forenoon and evening du ring the meeting. Tickets 5u cfc*.; season tickets admitting gentleman and lady to all races over the Park this season an ] for driving on the track Slu. Badges good for four days trotting, $2.00, can be had at the rate BAILEY & WILLIS, Pioprictors. juncSdtd ARRANGEMENTS — FOB — Maine Gen’l Hospital Fair To be holdcn iu CITY AND FLUENT HALLS, PORTLAND Commencing June 10, at 2 P. M., To continue Eight Dnya and Etch in a, (Suadnyn rxccpien). On each dny after t he 10th the Holla will be ouened from IO o’clock A. JH. until IO o’clock P. HI. Governor Perham will deliver an Address at the opening of the Fair Tuesday afternoon. Music by the Portland Band. The Refreshment Department, under the charge of tho Ladies* Executive Committee, will be in Fluent’s Hall, which will be connected with t itv Hall by a Bridge. 3 Entertainments will he given each evening in Re ccp ion Hail. R tsiui Hall will bo used as a Picture Gallery, where the largest and finest collection of Pictures ever «een in Maine will be exhi ited. Am on: the other attractions will be an exhibition of Glass Blowing, a manufactory of Eartbern Ware, Punch and Judy show, Shooting Gall- ry, «fre., Are. Arrangements have been maoe with ad Hal roads and Steamboat lines in the Stale for half fare. Tick ets good from the 10ih to lbth of June inclusive. Ad ml slon Tickers to the Fair will be sold with all halt fare tickets for 25 cents each. Congrecs Hall will be oi en day and evening under the charge of a competent per>on for tho use of vis itors to the Fair from out of the city. En*ranee to this hall second door from Temple street on Congress. Admission to the Fuir 45 Cents. D. W. CLARK & CO., — DEALERS IM — ICE HOUSE, MARKET ST.. — AMD — 32 EXChANGiS ST., Pure Iec supplied for all pui pos es, anJ kU uny quantity at tbe LOWEST RATES apil_ • A Fine Business Opening *se-* man ol meaicptiona tbnnunri rfUSI—’ ^pyrtenced accountant and om tbon and doLara capital. Investigation it» Invited AdOteas Boa IJ15 Portland Me. nov-utr liNTEHTA I NM ENTS. MAINE GENERAL HOSPITAL. the LADIES OF BATH WILL HOLD A FAIR AND LEVEE In aid of the Maine General llosplta'. la Portland on Thursday am! Friday Evenings, Jl’Xlv 5!li and Gtli, Also ot) Thursday Afternoon at City Halt. Admittance to the Fair 15 cents: admittance to the Promenade Concert on Friday evening 5*» cents. Per order Coni mitt ee ot Arrangements. Bath, June 2 5t M UsKMIAI.L. I “HF8 GOT TO COME”..-AGAIN t Remaining lor Nine Night*. COMMENCING Monday, June 9th. HARRY BLOOD WOOD’S JSJSS * Burlesque Combination great star., rompleUog& mJ,£7£J"*w *“£ ,al1 ment or the r« I L™.k at the ^r^ Mm^Tf MB. CHiBI.ES SI»n„EWs and ITI’IilsE IIi.I.LE C'ElilNTi.' Mr. G. F. Moore • «"!*» «f the’ air. Miss Kitty II« ntlrrsou. Singly they are great—together they will never bav.* an equal. Mr. An*iy .1. I-cavitf, the original corner-stone of Ethiopian Come ly. Banjo and soni. Dnlcy Broibrn, in their beautiful wooden shoo specialties, invite competition. Miss Lisle Kidildl. the charming little queen of serio-comic vocalists. Mi*** Adelaide Demon!, in beautiful Oi*erati g-ras. KSjo«<l<too«l Himself. and a dashing company oi twenty others. tyPKICES AS USUAL*. Reserved place, tick ets now rea<ly at box office. jnidtf Grand Billiard Match FOR $100 A SIDE Between the Champion of the Mate ot Maine and the Cham pion of the City ol Portland at LANCASTER HALL THURSDAY EVENING. Juuc 12. Commencing at 8 o'clock. are^‘S?^rV0e,;'Srt%.^Cene,: °*Uerl“- "U*h ldvenH.c'^','.vattl‘edl>0r- * **** t orest City Trotting Park. I S*m 2JT, opfn W1 rca for Season ticket holders. i.ri Cfmi8fa< InM nK th® Jhililer to all races over the ufnhrainl for (ri,!,n?'*r living fo stas- n ot 1873 can be obtained otihe Propriet rs or «f K. Dana r. a,:£SK7' 0r J- F* “****• Stable Congress St. m-'ldtt _BAILEY & WILLIS AUCTION SALES. Valuable Real Estate AT AUCTION. WE Rha11 offer for sal° by public auction on FRI ▼ ▼ DAY, June 6th. at 12 o’clock M., the brick stores on Po.tland I ier, directly in the rear ot the J h imas Block. Terms and conditions made known at time of sale. F. O. Hailey A CO., Auctioneers. _Piy2S___ ___ dtd Jewelry at Auction. ON FRIDAY, at 10 o’clock A. M., at salesroom, we shad sell an invoice of Jewelry, con>ia ing of Ladles* sets, Pins. Ring**, Chains. Gents* l ins. Sleeve Buttons, Studs, Sell Rings, Crosses, Ac . in vaiie'y. Goods can be seen at salesroom on morning of sale. Sale without reserve. . F. ©. BAILEY & CO., Auctioneer*. dtd_ 2000 Choice Plants AT AUCTION. ON SATURDAY, June7th, at 17 o’clock A M., we shall sell at office 'J0U0 choice Plants. conflat ing of a gen. rul asaoitment of bedding-out F Units, in Pots and Bankets, from the well kn wn Uouserva tories ot D. L. *J avlor, ot Melrose, Mass. F. O. BAILEY & CO,, Auctioneer*. J“3_ dtd Executor’s Sale of Valuable Real Estate. ON TUESDAY, June lOlh, at 3 o’c'nck P. M., I shall Bell the desirable l*■©)*'rty on coiner ot Congress ami Carter s’rmts, West End. Sal I inop ertv ctmsis s of a new two -torv wooden Iloosc. <-on taining 14 finished r oms, well arran od lor t»o 1am illes. flit ah ve house was built by the dav in the most thorough manner, has good brick basement, good cellar, large closets, etc. Tetmi cash. Tills is a very desirable property for occupancy or investment. L. EUGENE “’EYMOUTH, Executor of Will of Levi Wevmnuth. F. O. BAILE1 Sc CO, Auctioneer*. J“3_dtd Desirable Real Estate at Wood fern’s Corner, Decline, at Auc tion. ON WEDNESDAY. June 11th, at 3 o’clock P. M., we shall rell the Dyer probity at Voodford’s Corner, Dcering, constating of a new one and a half story H 'use, L an<l Barn. The house contain* 9 room* party finished, gooil cellar. Tin sc hull ing* were built new last eenaon, areconvenien'ly arranged an»l finely locate*'. The lot contains 10.0CO square feet. >ituatei! on line of llorsc Cars, 10 minute* tide from Portland. f*. O. BAILEY- & CO., Auctioneer*. ju3 _ _ dtd_ •I, B. BAVViEl A CO.. A actio seen. IIousc anti Lot at Auction. WE .hall otter at pub ic auction THURSDAY, June 12th, at 12.30 neon, the Ilnu.e atd i.nt No. 38 Goto street, i he housj is a two story wooden house, well arrauged for two families and in good or der. The lot is 30x30. There is a policy of ln-urance in the Phoenix Fiie In-urauce Co. of Bm. klyn, N. Y.. that expiri s Aug. 13.1873, for iho sum of *600. which will be traustorrod to ibe purchaser free. — ALSO — Immediately after the above tbe LOT OF LAND 30 xW adjoining the above on the westerly side, being tbe lot corner of Cove stieet and a lane leading to Hammond street. The Marginal Wav. now vnre of being completed, must Increase tile value ot this properly. Terms liberal and made known at sate. Ju« dtd Real Estate at Auction. THE valuable property on the coiner of Congress and Park street., known as the Jones estate, will be ottered for sale by auction, on tbe premises, on i UESD.oY, June I7ih, at ball-past 2 o'clock P. M. Ibe lot is 2u3 feet on Congress street anil 120 feet on Park street, and contains about 3o,i'U0 square feet. 'Ibe home is well buili with about forty r oms. I he garden is in line order and well stocked with fruit trees. Ac., together with a iiie-ii House ami Cold Drapery, both thoroughly built and in ixcollent order. Tho Stable and Ire House are also in g, oil order. Terms of sale liberal. Persous wishing to sec the premises before tho day of sale wi 1 cad on \v M. H. JERRIS, Real Estate Agon', Coho, n Block. F. O. BAILEV A CO., Auctioneer*. JdG__dtd Desir b’e Farm and Residence with Stark and Farming Tools at Auction. ON WEDNESDAY, June 18th. at 2 o'clock P.M., we shall sell tbe very desirable Faimi.n l tesi dence of Samuel Bell, lisq., Id Went Falmouth, Me. This property consists ol 48 acres of cx -ulleut land in the highest state uf cultivation, divided bv -o d f aces into pasture and tillage, eBiimated to'cut 33 tons of bay this season. About 4o loads of dressing used last season and llie same amount now on tbe place ready for u c. About 35 Apple and from 15 to 20 Pear trees. The buildings c. naist . f a large doable 2J story in dern built House; each p rt con tains 8 finished rooms, ample closets, iaigo pantry and attics, cellar under the whole bouse. Bai n 4i x jo feet, claphoarded and painted a 1 round, 2 • arriage House*. Wood Shed, Ice t-onse, Piggery, Jlennciy, *£c. These buildings were budt bythe’dav, of ibe best material und are in perfect oru»r. T1 Is p oper ty is situated six miles f om Portland, 10 minutes walk from M. C. Dep>*r. v»lth 12 passenger trains io and from Portland daily. Within a mile is a good Si hoo], 2 Churches. Store, Griht aud Saw Mill; in ;m excellent neighborhood and fine locath u, with a vi« w of tho surrounding country. Terms easy and made known at side, iitle perfect. Sale absolute. Immediately alter tne ab >ve will be pohi ihe Stock and Fainung Tools, consoling of a »ui*eilnr Cows; the herd have taken the first prendun s wherever shown; 1 Knox male, 5 in July, weighs l3u lbs., as good cs tbe best Kuox stock; bay marc, weighs 1125 lbs., good diiver aid worker; 25 Hens, good Carriage, Phaeton, nearly new, 2-whet led Chaise, side-spiii.g Wagon, Express Wagtn, Gig, Fa m Wagon and Hay Rack. Wheelbariow, new Ruckwye Mower with all improvements, pat. Horne Hake, f"AW# rtnrrows, Cultivators, and a 1 necessary turm implements. o.. ui^iU el her way on tho M. C. R. R. arrives lu season for the sale. F. O. BAILEY & CO.* Aucllouers. ju6 eodd ABK.-tras A BKOm Anrtiouecr* nn«i I'ommlMiao .Hmhnnti, give their special a'tenilm to selling Real Estate, Furniture ami Merchant iaeni all kinds, Horses t ar riagCf, Ac. Adv nces made on ccnsignmetits. Reg ular Sale* of new and >econd bann I- u uiiuk- at the Auction Rooms every Saturday morning. Commu nications by mail prom| th attended lo AB Ann A BUOTBKR. 125 Fe 'eral St., under the V. S Hotel N. B. Money advanced on Watches, Jcwelrv Furniture, Clothing, and all goeds of value y* “p'23 ‘ dtr 1WOTICE Is hereby given, that the subrenber bar il been duly •i>iioin;ed and taken u.»,u Wniwlf the trust of Administrator of the estate”1! “ ” JOHN U. PHILBKICK, lat« f standisb, In Ibe County of Cumberland, deceased, and given U,w »nevt». All (wr»,.ti» bavin* of said deceased, are * rc4 e*hibit the same; and all persons Indebt ed to suid estate arc called utkon to make payment to c. „ , JOHN N. WESTuN. Adm’r. Standisb, May 20 th, lb,3. myi'31awF • ]\TOTICE U hereby given, that the subscriber baa A-* been duly appointed Executrix of the will of NATHANiEL F. DEERINO, late of Portland, in the County of Cumberland,deceased, and has taken upon herself that trust a* the !aw jA1!1’?1* suns having deni mis upon the estate of said de ceased, are3 required to exhibit the same, and nil .,v; m,‘ 1 to said estate are called upon to make payment to nctw DEERIN0 Execu'ilx. Port’an ' M-v "n _-yo -i---.y CUbATltf HUauDI boVS , Hu be accomodated at hidge (Jotiagc, 1J mil. sum Bridgton I'enire. Good air, magnlb cut mound n au.l lake scenery, flno drives, convenient boat.uv si d flsM" - Addiess, \V. G. KIMBALL, Brldeton ' e. myi6 eodt

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