Newspaper of Portland Daily Press, June 7, 1873, Page 2

Newspaper of Portland Daily Press dated June 7, 1873 Page 2
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...... w i " ii' i THE PRESS. SATURDAY MORNING, JUNE 7. 1878 Every regular attache of the Press is furnished with a card certificate countersigned by Stanley T. Pullen, Editor. All railway, steamboat ani bote iivinagers will confer a favor ui>on us by demanding cred -ntlalfl of every person claiming to represent our iour.ial, as we have information that several ‘'bum mers” are seeking courtesies in the name of the Press, and we have no disposition to be, oven pns s vcly, a party to such fraud W E do not read anonymous letters and < ommuni The .mum and addre** of tho wr.ter are In all case,. inJispensab «..... nece-artly for publication but no a guaranty of good faith. W!cannot undertake to return or reserve com municauons that are not nseu._ Republican State Convention. The Republicans of Maine and all others who sup port the present National and State Administrations are invited to send delegates to a State Convention to be holden in Aorombpga Hull, Bangor, Thursday, June 19, 1973, al It o’clocli for the purpose of nominating a candidate for Gov ernor and transacting any other business that may property come Wore the convention. The basis of representation will be as follows:— Each city, town an l plantation will be entitled to one delegate and one additional for every 75 votes for the Republican candidate for Governor in 1872. A fraction of 40 votes, additional to the full number for a delegate, is also entitled to a delegate. Del \ tos ire authorized to fill vacancies only with actual i i lents of the county to which the town be longs. The State Committee will bo in session at 9 o’clock tae m. l: __ : the Convention for the reception of credentials. James G. Blaise, Kennebec, Chairman. William P. Frye, Androscoggin. Eben Woodbury. Aroostook. Stanley T. Pullen, Cumberland F. C. Perkins, Franklin. John D. Hopkins, Hancock. E. U. Spear, Knox. S. S. Marble, Lincoln. F. E. Shaw, Oxford. John H. Lynde, Penobscot. E. A. Thompson, Piscataouis. F. D. SEWAI.L, Sagadahoc. Sew all E. Prescott, Somerset. Fred. Atwood, Waldo. Nelson S. Allan, Washington. Leonard Andrews, York. May 1,1873. E. A. SMITH. Secretary. One Nationality. The organization of parties or associations based upon nationality for political action must be deprecated on the ground that such organizations are antagonistic to the eeniu8 of our institutions, and because, in the past, they have led to unhappy dissensions and se rious consequences. Of course, there can be no objection to these organizations of our nat uralized fellow citizens which are designed to keep alive the better memories of their father land. On the other hand they should be en couraged. The man who cherishes his moth er is all the more likely to be a good husband and father; so the man who does homage to the land of his birth while he declares his devo tion to tiie land of his adoption and choice, is much more likely to be a good citizen than one who entirely ignores the existence of the for mer. But when citizens whether native born or naturalized, attempt to organize political parties based upon any factitious idea of race or nationality, the combination is vicious and dangerous in all its tendencies. It is of pre cisely the same narrow and bigoted character as the old Know Nothing organization. With this view of the matter, we regret to to notice several movements in various parts of the country to organize political patties based on such nonsensical and dangerous no tions. One of these is an order of native-born citizens, secret in its organization, but un doubtedly intended for political influence in time. It is asserted that an attempt will ba made at the convention of Irish-born citizens soon to be held at Cleveland to form a dis tinctive party with a view to secure a political importance commensurate with tbeirnumbers. Several attempts have been made by dema gogues to mould the German element into a political party. Assumed leaders among our colored citizens, particularly in Philadelphia, are attempting to make a party of that race. All such combinations for political purposes arc harmful. When a man rises to the per formance of his duties as an American citi zen, he should leave, as unworthy of him,the considerations of race, nativity or profession in life. Tha man who forswears ail foreign potentates—all old associations of a political character, in consideration of his new Amer ican citizenship, he should hold to his con tract, and on no account enter any combina tion inconsistent with the nature of his oalh. The American nation, as wo call it, cannot claim any single origin. It is its glory, or should be, that it is made up by blending and fusing all other nationalities and forming a distinctively new nationality known as American. Its citizens should leave the feuds of other countries, their prejudices and political institutions behind, and devote his best efforts to the establishment of a nation possessing the highest virtues of all. So fa: as any class of our fellow citizens take any political action that will defeat this end, so far they arc un-American and hostile to the best interests of the Republic. Pkof. Wise will not cross the ocean in a balloon this seasou. We do not learn that anyone lias yet questioned the Professor’s theory, which is that the atmosphere sur rounding the earth is constantly moving east ward at a more rapid rate than the earth it self, and the aeronaut has only to rise into this aerial current to he sent Europc-ward at the rate of a hundred miles an hour and all the whifo be unconscious of any movement. Nothing of the kind; the city council of Bos ton has changed its mind and is not interest ed to the amount of $5,000 in the scheme of going to England or France in sixty or seven ty hours; possibly, lest its success might in jure the steamship fines that the Hub pro spectively prides itself in. A cheat many good people are misunder stood in this world, and the brewers in con gress declare that they belong to this class. They protest against being classed with the manufacturers of distilled spirits, not that their product is entirely out of that line, hut is very far removed. The statistics of arrests for drunkenness in New York bear them out, the number in those precincts where whiskey is generally sold being about lour times as large as in those where beer is the principal beverage. It can, however, be further stated that in those precincts where neither is sold, ' that the arrests for drunkenness or any other breach of the peace are very rare, while there are thousands in the others. The announcement ef the great western railway kings that the free pass system shall cease on the 30th inst. doesn’t exasperate the western editor in the least. On the contrary he rather approves it. Evidently the kings did not expect such a result. The real editor is not given to much general traveling, and lias too much regard for the dignity of his prolession tn play the cheap-jack or dead beat. There are, however, newspaper hum mers, whose grief will be intense, but tliej bear no mere resemblance to the real journal ist than the carrion crow to the eagle. “Pkofs.” arc numerous now-a-days. All well conducted railroads in the West have thorn. Prof. J. D. Butler liol Is the title un der the Burlington and Missouri River Rail road and is very industrious in sending tc eastern papers very flattering notices of the generosity of that corporation and lare adver tisements of the land it has obtained from the v government. At present we have five of the Professor’s articles which wc shall be pleasee to place before the public at twenty cents i line. _ The account of our foreign trad1',according to the bureau of statistics, has been brouglu down to the month ending January 31, 1873 from which it appears that the value of the imports was $55,394,908, and the domestic exports, $01,011,944. The total value of for eign commodities remaining in the ware houses of the United States January 31,1873 was $68,995,606, against $70,426,135 January 31, 1872. ■Tnx. holders of $20,000,000 of the five twenty government bonds will learn that the government has not forgotten them—the bonds and propose to redeem them early in September. The Tonic. We have a new neighbor-and a very nice ! little neighbor too, as the public will agree to I ,Jav at 12 o’clock M., at whic i hour the Tonic ! ,viil be offered for sale at Fessenden Bros.’ periodical stoic and by small but aggressive boys on the streets. Every man, woman and child who can control the disbursement of the requisite five cents is expected to pur chase a copy for liis own benefit as well as that of the Hospital Fair. The Tonic is printed on beautifully tinted paper, with a handsomely engraved head and con tains eight pages. The contents ot the first number are entertaining and give good prom ise for the future excellence of the paper. Th opening editorials, in both the general mid the local departments are capital, ana there are one or two little poetic gems, with a good assortment of communicated and selected matter. We are a little startled at being called a “Natural Protector,” but shall be glad to do all we can for the interest of our lively and vigorous charge, which, however, seems very capable of taking care of itself. Ten numbers will be published as the special organ of the Hospital Fair, and for the ben efit of that charity, to which the very capa ble young ladies in charge of the enterprise will devote an amount of time and labor which only ajourtialist can adequately ap preciate. Remember a Tonic can be bought at noon to day of Fessenden Bros., or of the irrepressible small boys above mentioned. We publish this morning the opening chap ters of a translation by a young lady of this city, of Jules Verne's new novel11 La Tour du Monde en Quartrevingts Jours,” under the English title of “Round the World on a Wager.” The great reputation attained by the author in his former books and particu larly in Us very popular work “Twenty thou sand leagues under the Sea” is fully sustained in this new effort, which ws shall publish in the Press as a serial. The meeting of the Reform Club Conven tion at Rocklaud was well attended and a good degree of interest manifested. Messrs. J. K. Osgood of Gardiner,O. M. Couseus and Cyrus Sturdivant of Portland, were appoint ed a committee to consider the matter of es tsblishing a iournal devoted to the interests of the organization. The Democratic State Committee—a part of it—were here yesterday taking a view ol their shop-worn 9tock. To be or not to be, was the question. To be is to attend a funer al in September; not to bo is to save the ex pense of the burial. TnE communication of “Commercial Street,” published elsewhere, touches upon matters of interest, not only to merchants and property holders on that sticct, hut also to our citizens generally. Commercial Street and the Railroads. To the Editor of the Press: It is said that the Eastern Railroad Co., pro pose tho construction of a passenger depot on Commercial street, in the vicinity of Union street, and that a recent visit to this city of the President and managers of that road had some thing to do with the project. The Eastern Rail road Company is certainly not to be censured for desiring as favorablo a location for a pas senger station in this city, a ; can be secured. But, can Portlund afford to have Commercial street still further blockaded with railway trains? A year or two ago, Portlaud was iu fa vor of a uniou passenger depot at the “back cove,” or on tho westerly side of the city, aud in the legislature her iepresentatives carried a bill grauting to tho representatives of the roads entering Portlaud ,tbe right to organize a union depot company, for the express purpose of erecting a union passenger station on the west side of the city, as that was the point aimed at by the promoters of tlic measure. Interviews ■ wore subsequently had between some of tho railroad officials and the city authorities, but resulted in nothing but talk. Since then the B. & M. road has been extended to the city, and for a passenger station, secured a location adjacent to Commercial street, and considera bly nearer the centre of business than the other roads. The Eastern Railroad Company now proposes to get further down Commercial street to be equdl with their rival in point of termina tion. That it is necessary for railroads to use Com mercial street for freighting purposes is admit ted, hut why such an accommodation of differ ences between the city and the railroads cannot be made so as to put all passenger trains on the other side of the city, is not clearly seen. If the railroad companies ever were in favor of a union depot, why not make some effort to es tablish one? If the city authorities are in fa vor of a union depot, and ot saving further blockades by trains on Commercial street, why not make an effort to induce the railroads to join in such an enterprise? it may be said that it is now too late, that the B. & M. having secured a favorable locatiou on Commercial street, or in proximity, the Eastern railroad are bound to seek one as favorable. In answer, it is thought that all that the B. &M. have by way of terminal facilities, they can use advan tageously for freights, aud so too with the Eastern road. Tho E. R. R., and B. & M., cannot afford to place their passenger station on Commercial street, if the other roads are inclin ed to join in a union depot on the other side of the city. But. even if is impossible to have a union passenger depot on the west side of the city, something should be doue to prevent the running of any more passenger trains over Commercial street. What! Portland cannot afford by any adverse action to discriminate too much against the Eastern and Maine Cen tral railroads. If this view is correct, liow wc are to keep Commercial street free from rail road passenger trains, is something of a ques tion. Enlighten us, Mr. Editor. Commercial Street. Civil Service Reform.—The members of the Civil Service Board insist that the modifi cations proposed to the rules strengthens, rather than weakens, the Civil Service Reform principle. The modifications will not bo offi cially made public until June 21st, the proba ble date of the next Cabinet meeting. It is known, however, that the amendments pro pose sonic modifications of the princi' pie of competitive examination as appli cable to promotions. The establishment of local examining boards for admission, through out the country, is recommended as a means for securing the better distribution among the States. If the amendments are adopted these boards will be established to the extent that the present Civil Service appropriation will per mit. __ Poor Lonostreet.—During the war Gen, Longstreet was one of the chief idols of the Southern people. A brave, cool headed fighter a reliable and successful leader, no praise wai too lavish to bestow upon him. Now, since Ik has become commander of Kellogg’s militia, i New Orleans letter says: Onr best citizens refuse to speak to him; la dies draw their skirts to one side in passing bin upon the streets a; if he were a leper. Iu tht eyes of the New Orleans aristocracy ho ha: sunk too low to be noticed. Jn the public meet ings hero he Is denounced as a traitor, a rene gade, a black-hearted deserter of his people and, in fact, every epithet is thrown at bin that malice can paint or ingenuity invent. Bui none of this provokes a response from Long street. He goes his way, courageous but sad turning neither to the right nor the left, ant paying no attention to the mud thrown at him A Delicate Piece of Work.—The Treas ury experts have finished the work of restoring the securities of the Pemberton Savings Ban! of Frank'.in, Penn., which were thrown intc the fire by the insane cashier. Of the S14O.0OC in government bonds, all were identified: ol the 900.000 iu railroad and municipal bond«, all were restored: of the $150,000 in notes and bills receivable, all were restored or made good by the parties interested. The only loss of the bank has been two or three thousand dollars i» currency. When received at tho Treasury, tin whole mass appeared to bo ashes and charrei remnants of paper. The experts were Mrs. Da vis, Miss Patterson, and Miss Schrimer. Th time occupied was about five weeks of clea days, the work being of such a delicate nature that it could not be prosecuted in cloudy weatb er. _ _ A Mcrdf.rer’s Confession.—Thomas D Wright who was hung at Washington, Friday makes a confession, in which he says: Now that lam mado an example to the world let me advise you young gentlemen to avoi any appearance of evil. Keep out of all 1® Company and mind those old widows who wil take you in tbeir house and make yon at home Don’t delay, but stop now, and shun all nic talking women, who are so anxious and willin' to take vou in. You all had better listen to nr advic, and let my suffering on the gallows hi an example for all hereafter. A wag in the Ohio Constitutional Conveu tion has introduced an amendment prohibitin; office holders or legislators from receiving fret passes on railroads, free tickets from any thea tre or any other place of amusement, fret boarding from any hotel or reslauraut keeper presents of clothing from any merchant tailor a free seat in any church, a free pass front ant stage company, a free pass or ticket to any social ball or party, or a “treat’* from any per son. News and Other Items. The Boston Traveller calls Gen. Butler a “po litical trout tickler.” The womau question—How shall I have my spring suit made? At woodeu weddings in Montana clubs aro among the gifts to the weeded pair. Among the Arabs the inability of a wife to make bread is a good ground of divorce. Ex-Senator Nye of Nevada will spend the summer abroad, but not as Minister. Bret Harte aud Dion Bonroicault aro writing a play iu collaboration for a New York thea tre The Young Mon's party, propose to have something to say in the next Kentucky election with Col. J. Stoddard Johnson for Guberna torial candidate. The Newburyport Herald says shad in large quantities are being taken in Mcrrimac river, tbc law prohibiting the setting of nets to the contrary notwithstanding. The New York Times will renew the poor children’s excursions, inaugurated last summer, and the first of the series will take place on the 21st mst. The heaviest brain on record has been lately found in the skull of a London bricklayer, who was unable either to read or write. It weighed sixty-seven ounces, A Pittsburg coroner makes nojcbargo where he sits on a young man who parted his hair in the middle. He says that his personal satis faction is enough without the fee. An Ohio Democratic paper denies that Hon. William P. Groesbeck is, or will he, a candi date for the Democratic nomination for Gov ernor of that State. An Irishman iu Bridgeport, Conn., who was told that his employer’s store had burned down> exclaimed, “Well, I can’t see how that can be, when I have the key in my pocket.” Henry A.Wise having refused to run for Gov ernor of Virginia on cither tho Republican or Conservative ticket, is said to meditate an in dependent candidacy. Oregon papers note that most of the emi grants into that State now come from what they call the Western Atlantic States, princi pally Missouri, Iowa, Illinois, Wisconsin, and Minnesota. Tho Commissioner of Internal Revenue de cides that toilet soaps which arc recommended to “soften and beautify tho skin, &c.” are not to be classed as soaps at all, but must pay tbc special tax as “mediciual articles.” Tbe closing up of the five Central American missions and their consolidation under ono di plomatic representation, will save tlie govern ment 827,500 annually in the matter of salaries and something rnoro in contin gent expenses Capt, Semmes, of Alabama notoriety, was iu Newburyport on Thursday, and attended n wedding, where he met the owners of several vessels which he caotured during the rebellion, hut who refused au introduction At Cheshire, Mass., the snow is so deep in the woods west of Greylock Mountain as to in terfere with the teamstera in getting out the logs snowed under last winter. Some of the lumber roads are still blocked up with snow from six to ten feet deep. Next! According to the logic of our new temperance law, says the Rochester, N. Y., Chronicle, the liquor-seller should be hanged for a murder committed by one of his customers'; and per haps in that way a good deal of unpleasant re spons bility may be shifted one of these days. A young Westfieldian visited his sweetheart in West Springfield the other evening, and sat up with her till one o’clock, when her father made his appearance and invited the young man to remain to breakfast. It is said that iie immediately started for home aud has not been in the vicinity since. Religions Intelligence. The Second Advent Societies in Baring and Milltown are about to build a new church edi fice at Milltown. Rev. H. A. Libby, baptized five converts, by immersion, last Sunday, iu Parkman. Rev. Mr. Washburn aud Rev. Mr. Turner, baptized four persons, by immersion, at Cam bridge, on the 1st iust. The Maine Sunday School Association which recently held its annual session at Biddcford, is having its work carried torwaid by its Secre retary. Rev. O. M. Couseus, who is now a resi dent of this city. Last Sunday morning was spent in presentingau important feature of the Sunday School work at the Methodist church at Succarappa, The receipts into the treasury of the Maine Missionary Society during the month of May, were $572,99. The First Congregational church and parish of Ellsworth have extended a unanimous call to the Rev. J. E. Fullerton, to become their pastor. Of the Senior class, Bangor Seminary, F. C. Bradeen, goes to Brewer; J. W. Brownhili, South Bridgton; T. M. Davies, Mechanic Falls; W. J. N. Deane, Chaplain, LT. S. A.; W. E. Speer, to Danbury, N. H. At the close of the morning service in the Congregational church, Saco, last Sunday, Rev. Mr. Frink read a letter to the congregation in which he tendered his resignation as pastor of that church to take effect by September next. He has received and accepted a call to Beverly, Mass. The installation of Rev. J. Evarts Pond, as pastor of the Congregational church at Hamp den, will take place on Tuesday afternoon, June 10th, in connection with the meeting of the Penobscot County Conference. Rev. P. Damon of the Advent Church in Bangor, baptised two converts last Sunday. An old fashioned four days meeting is to be held iu the M. E. church in Farmington, com mencing next Sabbath morning, June 8th. Rev. Mr. Gage has declined the call of the Winthrop Street Universalist Church and So ciety iu Augusta to become their pastor. On Sunday, May 25th, two persons were re ceived by baptism into tho Free Baptist church iu New Gloucester. Rev. N. M. Wood, D. D., formerly pastor of the first Baptist Church of Lewiston, has been appointed Professor of systematic Theology and of Doctrinal History in Shurtleff College, Up per Alton, 111. Rev. C. G. Porter, for many years pastor of the Second Baptist church of Bangor having re signed that position will devote a portion of his time to Missionary labors among the poor of that city. Winn has raised $150 to secure the services of t pastor at the Episcopal church in that place. oevemeen persons were aumiueu to main Street Free Baptist Church Lewiston, last Sab bath. Rev. L. F. McKinney of Bridgton has receiv ed and accepted a call to the pastorate of the Universalist Societv in South Newmarket, N. H. The annual session of the Maine Universalist Convention will be held in tile Universalist Church in Bangor, on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, June 24th, 25th and 26th. The York County Free' Baptist Quarterly Meeting field its June session with the Dough ty’s Falls church, Wednesday and Thursday of this week. Most of tho churches reported themselves in good working order. Several re ported revivals aud additions by baptism since the last session. During the Summer there will regular’preach ing at the Uuiou church Canaan, by Mr. V* inch, a student of a Theological Seminary in Connecticut' At the Social Quarterly Communion of tho Universalist church in Rooklaud last Sunday, four persons were received to membership in the church there by the rite of baptism and onefwho had been a member of the church or ganized there many yearn ago) by the right hand of fellowship. The receipts of the Maine Baptist Conven tion, for the quarter ending May 31 were 83, 025.86. For the year $9,723.40. Nine persons weie received into the Spring St. Baptist church, Auburn, last Sabbath, five of whom were baptized in the moraiug. The next session of the Bowdoin Quarterly Conference (Free Baptist) will beholden with the Gardiner city church, commencing Tuesday Juue 10th, and continuing till the 12th. STATE NEWS. ANDROSCOGGIN COUNTY. The Journal says that Daniel Pratt and the measles still prevail. At the annual meeting of the stockholders of tho Lewiston Falls Manufacturing Company, the following officers were chosen: William P. 1 rve, Edward A. L.ttle, William F. Garcelon, aud John Pickard, Directors; 1 Clerk A' Llttl° Treasurer; A. F. Merrill, > A horse hacked off the hank into the rivei r at Lewiston, last Tuesday. He was saved " The driver, who clung to tlm ' a? a,'ed' ■ injured by the liorses fore legs heJ'!’ was Lewiston having decided to have fresh water from some source brought into tho," discussing tho various plans. J> w now ' , E*Sl>t hundred aud thirty eases of hoots nn,l shoes were shipped from Auburn aud Lewiston , for the week ending Wednesday. 1 Boys will be boys. The youthful editor of that spicy little weekly, the Auburn Clipper, I says that Auburn school girls wear their dress es two feet from the ground and adds “a very : interesting sight.” AROOSTOOK COUNTY. The liglitniDg played singular freaks last Sat urday at Lyndon. It plowed up the ground for several hundred feet, trom two to twelve inches deep. Stones and roots were thrown up. The directors of the Aroostook River Rail road have opeued the hooks, and have fixed upon 1500 shares at 850 each, to he subscribed. A general survey of the route will soon he made. Extensive improvements in building are go ing on at Houlton. CUMBERLAND COUNTY. Niagara Engine Company No. 3 of Bruns wick dedicated their new hall last Tuesday. Mrs. Levi Ham of Brunswick was thrown from her carriage backwards last Saturday.— Though badly bruised, strange to say she re ceived no permanent injurv A few days since a gentleman belonging to Bridgton went a fishing and was so unfortu nate as to set tho brush and woods on fire on Fowler’s Island. A building valued at 8200 was burnt. Assistance arriving the fire was put out. Tlie Bridgton News presses uow run by water power. Henry L. Buck of Soutli Harrison had his hand badly bitten by a horse a short time ago. An incipient fire was extinguished in Bride tou last Saturday. " A Mr. Fogg of Gorliam was ruu over bv a cart last Wednesday and had two ribs broken. At the Lake Hotel, North Bridgton. the oth or morning, a little daughter of tho landlord fell out of lied; her father iu going to her relief fell and sprained his ankle; and Mrs. Moran, rushing to the sceue.fell down stairs and receiv cd severe injuries, so says tho News. KENNEBEC COUNTY Stephen Robiuson agreed to sell a pair of IvnGx colts for 83000. The Journal propounds this conundrum.— “A young press girl weighing seven pounds and a half, oante into town the other day, in quest of a situation. She is now employed in laying on sheets.” Col. Lambert of Augusta is moving from his old foundry to the new. The trotting horse “James G. Blaine,” of Augusta lias been sold to Boston parties. KNOX COUNTY. West Uauidcn is to have a Fourth of July celebration. OXFORD COUNTY The new cheesa factory building at South Waterford is ready for the machinery. The Norway woolen mill is to be put in oper ation. Boston parties arc contemplating the erection of a large paper mill at Steep Falls. l’ENOBSCOT COUNTY. Tho girls employed iu the paper mill at Hampden, after work last Tuesday evening, went to the house of a sick mau and put five cords of wood into his shed, leaving it neatly piled up. John H. Lynde, Esq., proprietor of the Whig has arrived home from a Western tour. Baugor voted on the Bucksport bridge ques tion last Thursday. The vote stood, yea, 31G; nay, 502. There not being a two-third vote in favor the proposition was defeated. SAGADAHOC COUNTY. The Fair at Bath in aid of the Maine General Hospital was a most successful affair. WASHINGTON COUNTY. John Brown of Lubec, a few days since, fell from a staging in a shipyard and was picked up insensible. It is thought he will recover. A. W. Leighton of Pembroke was crossing the river ina skiff last Tuesday, when the boat < upset. His little buy who was with him clung to an oar and was saved, hut the father was drowned. T. Stevens of Pembroke was leading his cow to pasture with the halter twisted around his wrist. The cow got frightened, ran, aud drag ged him over the rough ground. Damages, two broken ribs and other bruises. At Calais recently a boy got into the river beyond his depth. As he could not swim he was siuking, when another boy sprang in to his assistance. The current proving too much for the second lad, and both would have been drowned but for a third brave lad who succeed ed in saving both the others. Jones’lobster factory at Eastport produced 35,000 cans of lobster in the last four weeks. YORK COUNTY. Judge Bourne of the Probate Court for this county was, on June 3d, presented with an el egant watch by the members of York County Bar. E. B. Smith, Esq.,and S A. Smith,Esq!, made tho presentation at the residence of tho Judge in Kennebuuk. IN GENERAL. Several families of Indians from the Penob scot tribe are floating about tho State. They live iu tents, and employ themselves by giving exhibitions, and making baskets. From all parts of tho State come the de scription of the memorial services. Never be fore was such universal honor done to the dead patriots. Foreign Endorsement of the Standard Tonic of America. There seems to be no limit to the celebrity of Hos tetler’s Stomach Bitters. Every year the demand for it increises and the teritorial area of its popularity expan «s. It has long been the standard tonic, ana au approved remedy for epidemic disease in the Re publics of South and Central America, in Brazil and the West Indies aud the Bi itish Colouies on this con tinent. More recently its merils have been apprecia ted at the antipodes, and it is now shipped in large quantities to Australia and Tasmania. The reasons why it is makiug such such extraordinary headway in remote regions as well as in America, are very simply and he in a nutshell. It is medicine suited to all people, all climates aud all ordinary disorders and disabilities. It prevents and cures malarious diseases, relieves indigeslion, braces the nerves, im proves the appetite, clears the brain, regulates theliv er, arresiB intermittent fever, strengthens thi physique and invigorates the constitution. SPECIAL NOTICES. INHALATION. For Hemorrhage or bleeding from the Lungs, for Sore Throat, for Asthma, for Catarrh, for Difficult Breathing or shortness of breath, for all affections if Lungs use Dr. Morse's Cold Medicated Inhalations. Relief is sure. For all Female Weaknesses and Ir regularities use Dr. Morse’s Uterine Tonic. Pro crastination or putting off what should bo attended to at once, until another time, is the cause of much suffering. C. MORSE, M. D., 73 Free Street, Portland, Me. mch15sNlawS3m FOR FAMILY USE. THE HALFORD v . I LEICESTERSHIRE T-A-B L-E S-A-U-C-E Tl»e best Sauce and Relish ... . Made in any Fart ot the World —FOB— > TT-S-K. Pints - .... ->0 Cents' Half Pints .... 30 Cents. FOR SALE BV ALL OROCERS. t R OOM PAPERS! ROOM PAPERS! THE LARGEST PAPER HANGING ESTABLISHMENT East of Boston is at NO. EXCHANGE STREET, anil all wlio arc in need of ROOM PAPERS _ should boon in mind that LttTlIROP, DEVESS & CO. keep a complete line of these goods. Every possible STYLE AND GRADE is now in stock. A large lot of ENGLISH PAPER HANGINGS ’ are ottered at ! UTCX>XJCEI> PRICES ! i SPECIAL INDUCEMENTS | offered to owners of let houses, which will enable them to buy their ROOM PAPERS — AT — WHOLESALE PRICES. OUR AViudow Shade Department is very extensive, an 1 nearly all new goods many designs having never been shown in this market. SHADE TASSELS, all sizes aud colors. Htandaril Patent Fixture*, Curtain and Picture Corils, &c., Arc., at prices that cannot fail to ensure ready sales. lothrop, devews & CO.. No. 61 Exchange Street. mylo GOOD HEALTH. who would enjoy good health, ,®reafreely the pure air; Tins we should prize above all wealth. Twill well repay our care; Eat only plain and timple lood An 1 luxuries forego; ’ For that is sure to do us good, These often bring us woe;

And let the Boys wear good stylo “Clothes ” Coat, Pants, VeBt, Hat and Shots comp eto,’ Sucli they can buy at Gkorge Fejsno’s, Corner of Beach and Washington street Boston. ■In* snlw To Lcl. THE cnramodiooB four storied Brick Store, No. B7 Commercial St.—immediate posension given, inquire of ELIAS THOMAS & CO » ~ . No. 00 Commercial St. Or of W. W. THOMAS, Canal National Bank. septl2sntf SPECIAL NOTICES. E* T. El.,DEN & CO. OFFER THIS WEEK, At One Price and no Vari ation I 100 Pieces Spanish Linens for ISc j yil., worth 25c. 100 Piecs itlosquito Notts,all colors, for 75c. piece. 71 Pieees New Styles Grenadines, worth 50c. yd., tor 25c. 15 Pieces more Fancy Silks 91.®® yd., all uew Patterns and worth 91.25. One Case assorted Black Silks at LESS THAN IMPORTERS PRICES. Prices] 91.00, 91.25, 91.50. 91.75 j and 92.00. 17 Pieces Black Hcrnauics at as- 1 tonisnin? Low Prices. MOURNING GOODS! Oi Every Description at Popular Prices. 10 Pieces Courtland Black Crapes AT AGENTS PRICES. . . SPECIALTIES. HOUSEKEEPING GOODS —AT— DECIDED BARGAINS. One Case More Bates Quilts $1.00 each. 13 Pieces more best quality Tarkey Dam ns^, New Patterns, for $1.00 yard. S'ren Pieces 2d qnality, fsr 75c. 91 doz best Turkey Red Doylies $1.00 dozen. Two bales Russia Crashes for 12c. yard, Actually worth 10c. NEW AND CHEAP. One Case Lace Stripe Batiste in aii the ; New Shades for 75e. per yard. One Case Nil so 11 Satin Stripes, worth 50c. per yard. Price only 25e E. T. ELDEN & CO.. One Price and no Varia'ion I NO: 5 TREE ST., PORTLAND. apr24 sucoiltf BOND si BONDS of western cities and counties, 10 per cent, interest and principal nayable in the east. Private proper tv as well as public rea bed. Debts very small in nroportion to property'and therefore easily paid. Careful investors are invited to call and examine the Bonos. L ws and Decisions of the courts upon such securities and will find them very safe. Tcere is nothing better. CHARLES M. HAWKE8, febTsnt 28 Exchange st., Portland. FOR MOTH, PATCHES, FRECKLES And TAN, use PERRY’S Moth and Freckle Lotion. It is REUABLK aud harmless Sold by Druggists everywhere. Depot, 49 Bond St., N. Y. mar22 d^wsn6m17 WOODS, SMITH df ESTEV’S LATEST STYLES OF REED ORGANS AT LOW PRICER. For sale by C. K. HAWES, Music Dealer. myl4snlm 77 Middle streel. Howard Association, Philadelphia, Pa. An institution having a high reputation for honor able conduct and professional skill. Acting Surgeon, J. S. HOUGHTON, M. D. E-savs for Young Men sent free of charge. Address, HOWARD ASSOCLV TION, No. 2 South Ninth St., Philadelphia, Pa. my7 sn3m roruanu x ifosion steamers CHANGE OF TIME. In order to accomodate tlie public, and passengers arriving in the city by afternoon trains, the steamers for Boston,will leave Portland at 8 o’clock in the eve ning on and after MONDAY June 9th. my30sntd J. B. COYLE. JR., Gon’l Agent. CONSUMPTION CAN BE CURED 8CHEIVCK 8 PULMONIC [SYRUP, SCRENCK’S SEAWEED TONIC. i SCHENCK’S MANDRAKE PILLS, Are the only medicines that will cure Pulmonary consumption. Sometimes medicines that will stop a cough will of ten occasion the death of the patient. It locks up the livor, stops the circulation of the blood, hemorrhage follows, and, in fact, clogging the action of the very organs that caused the cough. Liver complaint and dyspepsia arc the causes of two-tbiids of the cases of consumption. Many are now complaining with dull pain iu the side, the'bow els sometimes costive and sometimes to loose, tongue coatod, pain in the shoulder blade, feeling boiuj irnes very restless, and at ot.hor times drowsy; the food that is aken lies heavily on the stomach, accompani ed with acidity and belching of wind. These symp toms usually originate irom a disordered condition of tbe stomach or a torpid liver. Persons so affected, if they take one or two heavy colds, and if the cough in these cases be suddenly stopped, the lungs, liver and stomach clog, and remain torpid and inactive, and before the patient is aware of bis situation, the lungs are a mass of sores, and ulcerated, aDd death is tbe inevitable result. Schenck’s Pulmonic Syrup is an expectorant which does not contain any opium, nor anything calculated i to check a cough suddenly. Schenck’s Seaweed tonic dtss * v the fowl mixes with the gastric juice of the sto acli, digests easily nonrishos the system, and creat a healthy circula tion of the blood. When the els are c<itlve, skin shallow, and the patient is a billious habit Schenck’s Mandrake Pills are required. * These medicines are prepaired by Dr J H. SCHENCK & SON, Noitheast corner of Sixth ami Arcli streets, Philadelphia. Penn., and tor sale bv GEO. C. GOODWIN & CO., 38 Hanover street, Bos ton, and John F. Henry, 8 College place, New York. For sale by Druggists generally. Rept3sueodtf BANK OF PORTLAND. On, and after this date, the un lei gned will carry on a strictly Banking business, at the Banking Rooms now occupied by the Secon National Bank, in Portland, Maine, under the style of the ‘‘BANK OF PORTLAND” and as such, will receive Deposits and make Discounts, in tbo regular courso of the Banking Business. _ , NY, N. GOOLD. Portland, June 24th, 1872. jun23newlt then sn tf To tlie Public. The Society for the Prevention ot Cruelty to Ani mals respectfully gives notice that Alonzo H. Libby, Constable, whoso office is at No. 80 Middle street, (up stairs) has been appointed Agent of the Society. The public aie therefore lequcsted to ?:ve prompt information to him of any cruelty to inimais that may come to their knowledge, and he will ?ee to it that the offenders aro brought to speedj and strict justice. Per order. ap29 “Buy Me nud I’ll fl«od.”-DR LANG* EY’S BOOT AND HERB BPfTETS. drugs no poisons, nothing deleterious, nothing but healthy roots and herbs, such as Sarsaparilla, Wild Cherry, Yellow Dock, Prickly Ash, Thorougliwort, Mandrake, Rhubarb, Dandelion,&c., so com rounded as to rea'di the founiainsor disease, and absolutely cure all Humors. Liver and Bi lious Diseases, Jaun dice. Dvsi»epsia. Costivencss, Scroiuia. *nd all diffi culties arista* from a • iscascd siomaeh or impure blood. Twenty years of unrivalled ba. prov ed them to bo the best medicine in tbo World. C.EO. C. GOODWIN US CO., Dos'ou, and all 4rag,dsi s. mar6 _»uefldlCw BATCHELOR’S UAIR DYE. Thh> splendid Hair Dye is the belt in the!«;«•« The onlv True aDd Perfect Dye. Harmless Feliablo and Instantaneous; nodisappointment;no ridiculous tin's or unpleasant odor. Remedies the ill fleets ox bad dyes washes. Produces ImkediAtjly a superb Black or Natural Brown, and leaves the hair clean, soft and beautiful. The Genuine, signed W. A. Vschclor. Sold by all Druggists. CHAS. BATCHELOR, Prop., A. F. ld&w lyra» SPECIAL NOTICES. CIGARS! CIGARS'. CIGARS! Tobacco, Tobacco, Tobacco. PIPES, PIPES, PIPES Cheroots, eleven dollars per 1000. Tobacco from -45 *entll pcr pound to S3.SO, and Pipe* from OBC ceBl each to 8100 each. All tlie above can bo had at STEBBIK’S CIGAR STORE, 360 Congress Street, Portland. WHOLESALE. Cigars very good for 817 per 1000. Nerr Times, Old Tines, “namna CScms,” No Brand* And many other Brands of our make. Iam in a position to reil at lower rales than any other Manu facturer or Jobber in the State. R. NATHAN, (Late C. II. STJKBBINS,) 360 Congress Street. Portland. jn5 sn3m WILLIAM F. TODD. Watch & Clock Maker. Has removed to 119 EXCHANGE ST, (near the corner of Federal St.,) Where he is prepared to put everybody Right on time.ju2-dlw ATerlll Chemical Paint Co., Manufacturers ot p'urest white i ▲XU Any Desired Shade or Color, Prepared for Immediate Application. SOLD By The GALLON ©NLY DURABLE, BEAUTIFUL, ECONOMICAL. D. M. YEOMANS, General Eastern Agent, . . S3 Commercial St. Portland. sel2-eontf eti FOB PIMPLES ON THE FACE, Blackhead and Fleshwerm. use PERRY’S improv ed Comedone and Pimple Remedy, the great skin m.xheine. Prepared only by i>r. B. C. PERRY, Dermatologist, 49 Bond St., N. Y. Sold by Druggists verywhere.__ mar22d&w9nGml7 Cooking Banges. First class Cooking Ranges amd Stoves CHEAP FOR CASH, call and see before purchasing. Also Ico chests coolers and Roirigcrators. FREDERICK BITCKNAM, *»» Fore Ut. Portland Me. (Between Exchange and Plum St.) my.Hsn3w ON THE BREAKFAST, LUNCHEON, DINNER AND SUPPER TABLE. I.EA & PERRINS’ Worcestershire Sauce IS INDESPENSABLE. JOHN DUNCAN’S SONS, New Vork, Agents for the United States. -wtlT_ eodsnlv Piano Tnuing. Orders attended to personally by DD. B. ROBINSON, Piano Booms, 5 Coboon Block. (Opposite City Hall.) mar28-d3m. MARRIED. In this city. June 4, by Rev. C. B. Pitblado, at the residence of the bride’s father, W. Edwin Plummer and Miss Eva R., daughter of D. S. Jones, both of Portland. In Pownal. June 3. by Rev. G. A. Perkins, C. T. Kalir8 and Miss Abbie S. Dresser. May 25, by Rev. M. Wight, Geo. H. Harding and Miss Annie McKinney, both of Baldwin June 5. by Rev. M. Wight, Joseph Harding, Esq., of Baldwin, and Miss Elizabeth Lewis of Portland. In China, June 5, Richard M. Jones, Principal Oak Grove Seminary, and Virginia Costello of Bangor. DIED. In this city, Juno 5, Mrs. Pbebe J., wile of John E. Fowler, aged 43 years 9 months. (Funeral services Sunday forenoon at 11J o’clock, at Casco Street Church. Friends and relatives aro invited to attend. In Bridgton, May 24, of consumption. Miss Lizzie A. Smith, aged 32 years 3 months. In Bridgtou, May 30, Albert B.. son of Albert and Addie P. Fogg, aged 7 years 2 months. In Boston, June 5, Charles E. Wilson, formerly of Poitland, aged 32 years 9 months. DEPARTURE OF OCEAN STEAMKKttS FAME FROM FOR DATE Polynesian. Quebec.Liverpool....June 7 City of Paris.New York. .Liverpool_June 7 Celtic.New York .Liverpool_June 7 India. New York Glasgow.June 7 MoroCastle.New York. .Havana.June 10 Malta.Boston.Liverpool_June 10 Occau Queen.New York. .A spin wall... JuDe 10 Scotia. New York.. Liverpool_June 11 Olympia.New York. .Glasgow.June 11 Manhattan..*.New York. .Liverpool-June 11 Westphalia.New York. .Hamburg.. .June 11 Cleopatra.New York. .Hav&VCrazJune 12 City of Baltimore.. .New YorK.. Liverpool.... June 12 Hatteros.New York. Bermuda_June 12 Hibernian.Quebec.Liverpool—June 14 Ville de Havre.New York. .Havre.June 14 Abyssinia.New York. .Liverpool_June 15 Hecla.Boston.Liverpool—June 17 Crescent City.New York.. Havana.June 17 Prussian.Quebec.Liverpool. ..June21 Miniature Almanac.Jane 7. Sun rises.4.24 I Moon sets.2.15 AM Sun sets.7.34 I High watei.8.30 AM MATtUSTE NEWa PORT OP PORTLAND. Friday* Jane O. ARRIVED. Steamer New Brunswick, Pike, St John, NB via Eastport. Sch Winona, Jacksou, Baltimore—coal to Portland Brick Co. Sch H T Townsend, Ilcrsey, Philadelphia—coal to II L Paine <fc Co. Sch Lizzie B Gregg, Anderson, Philadelphia—coal' to James & Williams. Sell Brilliant, Nickerson, Boston—pig iron to Port land Co. Sch Utica, Thorndike, Rockland—limo to C A B Morse & Co. Schs Hattie Anna, Webber, and Frances Ann, Sut ton, Bangor tor Boston. CLEARED. Sob Roswell, Hurlbut, St John. NB—J Porteous. Sch Prussian General. (Br) Foster, St Stephen NB. Sch Florida, Young, Boston—J Nickerson. MEMORANDA. Capt Abner Clark, of schr Decora, on the passage from Arroyo to New York, became delirious and jumped overboard on the 6th day out and was lost. Sami H Davis, 1st officer of schr A F Whitney, fell overboard on the passage from Trinidad to New York and was lost. DOMESTIC PORTS. GALVESTON—Ar 30th, sch Adeline Elwood, Haw kins, Nev York. NEW ORLEANS—Cld 31st, sch Traveller, Hodges, Jacksonville. Cld 4th. ship Uncle Joe, Staples, Cronstadt. SAVANNAH—Ar 4th, sch Effie J Simmons, Har rington. Gardiner. DARIEN—Cld 28th, sch Mar}' Collins, Collins, for Boston. SAT ILLA MILLS—Ar 25th Inst, brig Cbimboraroo, Coombs. New York. GEORGETOWN, SC-Cld 25th, schs LA Orcutt, Butler, for a Northern port; 28th, Wm Penn,Thomp son. do. Ar 26th, sch Storm Petrel, Davis, New York. CHARLESTON—Ar 4th, sch Lucy Hammond, Bag leg, Boston. Ar 3d, ship Marcia C Day, Cox, Havre via Hampton Roads. Cld 2d, schs Nellie Bell, Stahl, Orient, LI; Annie Murcbie, Merrill, New York. FORTRESS MONROE—Passed in 4th, brig Euge nia. from Mayaguez for Baltimore; sch Howard, fin do for do. ALEXANDRIA—Ar 2d inst, sch Mary A Harraoo, Parker, Windsor. NS. BALTIMORE—Ar 4th, brig Loch. Lomond, Gil christ, Caibarien. Cld 4th, sch Annis Harris, Harris, for Nassau, NP, (and sailed.) Sid 4tb, brig Ocean Belle, Dyer, Boston. PHILADELPHIA—Ar 4th. sebs Lucy Lee, Smith, Matanzas; Nellie, French, Brunswick, Go. Alsoar 4th, sclis Louisa Bliss, Strong, Matanzas; Medford, Orne, Frankfort; Potomac, Carver, Gard , iner. Cld 4th, schs L A Johnson. Mahlman, and Laura Bridgman. Claik, Portland. Below 4th, schs Henry Whitney,Orcutt. from Blue hill; E G Willard. Wallace, and Lucy K Ooggswell, Lee, from Portland; Kate C Rankin, from Gardincis brig Katabdin, Sauuders, from Porto Rico. At Delaware Breakwater 4ih,sch Mary W Hupper, Hodgdon, from Cardenas, for orders. NEW YORK-Ar 4th. barqno B W Griffith. Drum mond, Matanzas; schs Percy. Colwell, Windsor, NS; Calvin Thomas, do; Pacific, Ferry. Sbulcc. NS; Gamma, Brown, St John. NB via Lubee j A cora, Ih nniaon. Machias; Alleghanlap, EUems, KockJam , Laconia, Hall, an.l JoMlra. french. do,H.'ne. OH ver, Richmond, Me; Trott King, ^fferd, and A L Boardmau, from Calais; A mirald, Hickcv do, sur prise. Harmon, do; L Holway, Brjanu Jonesport, Tahmiroo, Kent, Bridgeport; Orion, Osborn, 1.11s "SCVlh?e.!ipaHao; «ha Ada F Wbitn* v, Maistors. Trinidad 20 days, Eliza B Coffin. Coffin. Portland; H Maconiber. V ilHams, Franklin; Pacific, Wass. Joncspoxj; Sea Lark, Miller, 1m Milk River. Ja. 2 days. Cld 5th. brig Amelia Emma, Canon. port Royal SC; schs May A Holt, Higgins, Mayaguez; Lyndon, Hillard, Eastport. Passed through Hell Gate 4th, brig Prentiss Hobbs, DodtiC. New \ ork for Bangor; schs Lizzie Raymond. Loid, do for Bristol; W II Rowe, Wbittemore: Phila delphia for Salem; Mary. Richardson, Elizabethport lor Newburyport; B L Condon, Lord, Hoboken for Salem ; Porto Rico, A\ cm worth, Port Johnson for Portsmouth; Allston. Fitzgerald, fm do for Boston; Matanzas. Bragdon. fm do for Salem; Abby Wasson. New York for Boston; Caspian. Williams. Hoboken for Boston; Nathan Clifford. Rooncv, Rondnut for f,ov Coney. Er»kins,New York for Augusta; C Matthews, Luut, Hotokeu for Newburyi>ort; Ella Hod goon, Nickerson, Port Johnson tor Salem; Leon tine, Clin rd New York for Boston; F A Pike, Gove. Hoboken for Saco; Chattanooga. Snair, do for Ban Jude Tenney. Rich, do for Boston. NEW HAVEN—Ar4th,schs Hattie M Mayo,Chad wick, Calais; Leonora, Spoftord, Portland. „ Cld 4th, sch Red beach Holmes, New York. VINEYARD-HAVEN—Ar 4tb, schs J C Crafts. Gregory. Windsor. NS for New York ; Samuel Na>h, Hunt, Clark's Island for do; Express, Wass, Addison for do; Mary F Pike. Good, Lubec for do. Sid, sch Wm Arthur. NEW BEDFORD—Ar 5th, acli Watchman, Heal, Lincolnville. BOSTON-Ar 5th, brig Eliza Stevens, Keller, Ma tanisas. Cld 8th «chs Exchange, Rowe, for Bath; Aurelia. Crocket. Bangor. 1 ArStli, sebs Paul Seavy, Lowell Malara- Ahbv Weld, Cunningham, Bangor. ’ ^ Cld 6th, Bella Victor. Look, St Andrews \ R ■ crlaoe. Hodgkin?. Hancock; Trade WLad’ ‘lnorJoS Rockland; Boston. Fogg, Freciait. 1 lll*ralia,u’ DANVERS—Ar 31st. sch Lizzie Brewster Smith Hoboken; Lucy Wentworth. Colllns.Calal,* ’ Arkan sas, Siraonton. Rockland. Aka Ar3d, schs Grand Island, Miller, EUzabcthnort • Fannie Hall, Snow, Port Johnson. I ’ SALEM—Ar 3d, schs Ocean Ranger. Whllnev Port Johnson; Maria Adelaide, Kent, VWlhaveu f£ New York; Harry Percy, Percv, Gardiner for Newts,rt Ar 4th, sebs Carrie E Woodbury, Wootlbnry; Hoim ken; Charlie Cobb, Ames, New York; Rosanuah Berry, Bootlibay. Ar Sill, sebs Northern Light. Harper, Philadelphia NH Hall. Murphy, and liuth Thomas, Clifford, Port .Johnson: Zlcavo. Caudagc, Elizabethport ; Sarah, Kelley. Machias. GLOUCESTER—ArClh,sclia Ella Frances, Bulger, New York tor Newburyport; J F Carver, Norwood, Calais for New York. NEWBURYPORT—Ar 5th, schs Geo Savage, Nye, Elizabeth port; Kossuth. Thomas, Port Johnson. *th- ?ch M L Newten, Hammond. Calais. c2SS-A[ 4,hi 80,1 CbarIic * Willle’ lafwhitakT?'^^*. Watts, Eastport; Mlnneo iaEASTPOuT-«,lc!l Pointor>Xatlon> Port. Cld 3d, sch Gazelle, Gardiner, Portland. FORF.1GJI pouts Boston. B°”bay W iD“- *h“> Head, Gilmore. Phl,'!dV£tln 20Ula,t’ bar'lneSl>n.rl». Hoyt, for New* Orleans1P°01 14‘h ^ F P Sa^ Vr.uh.rt, Aral Gravesend, 21th ult, ship R L Lane Wl' liams, San Francisco. ’ " ‘ Ar at Cardiff 21st ult, Bhlp Sahlno, Paiuc, trom Rio Janeiro. At Rio Janeiro Apl 28, ship Bunker Hill, Davis, ior East Indies. Ar at Quebec 2d Inst, ship C B Hazeltinc, Gilkey. Rotterdam; barque Savannah. Knowlton, Barrow. Ar at Halifax NS 3d Inst, sch Maggie, Joyce, trom Portland. SPOKEN. March 21, lat 32 50 N, lou 43 21, ship Florida, Call, from New York for Arlca. April 28. Cape Swartel SE 25 miles, ship Theohold, irom Leghorn tor New York. May 21, lat 48 37. Ion 29 40, ship Riverside, from Middleboro for New York. NEW ADVERTISEMENTS. PORTLAND & OGDE5SBURG R. R. CHANGE OB’ TIME. i — On and after Monday, Juno 9th,and ff”;!rrS?«||unUl further notice, trains will run a follows: Pa? senger. Leave Portland, 12.30 P. M., 6.15 P. M. Leave N. Couway, 6.20 A. M., 1.00 P. M. Stages for • oruiah, Porter, Kezar Falls, Freedom, Denmark. BridgtoD, Lovell and North Lovell connect with 12.30 P. M. from Portland. Steamer Sebagofor Naplo.s Bridgton, Harrison and Nonh Waterford connects at Sebago Lake with 12.30 P. M. from Portl nd. The 6.20 A. M. from No. Conway connects in Pore land with trains for Boston, aniving there in season for all lines to New York via Sound Steamers or land routes; and the 1.00 P. M. connects with trains tb Boston which arrive in time for Shore Line or Springfield route night expresses to New York; al*o with Steamers of Portland Steam Packet Co. for Bo« tou. arriving next morning Ju season ior all early trains South and West. Ticker Office at Boston & Maine R. R. Station in Portland, where all train? arrive and depart. Freight trains leave Portland at 6.15 A. M. “ “ “ No. Conway at 12.2u P. M. J. HAMILTON, Superintendent.* Portland, June 6,1873. ju7ti JUST RECEIVE® Fine Vermont and New York State BUTTER, CHEESE, Potatoes, Onions, &c., AT PRICES TO SUIT. HODGDON & SOIJLE. Jar 3t. Hot Pork and Beans, and Hot Brown Bread, For sale Sunday mornings at Bakery 3 3 Anderson Street, RICE A CALDERWOOD. rnaygtnew every S Wanted—Blacksmith Helper. A FIRST class Helper on heavy work to a good steady man the highest wages will be paid, ALSO AN APPRENTICE. THO'S LAUGH LEV & SOW, Corner Center and Commercial St». Jun7 3t To Hotel Keepers. FOR Sale low: One superior Hotel Mauzle- cost about 3500. One large French Hotel Range cost $200. Also one common-sized Range. Apply to \VM. H. .TERRIS, ju7-dlw* Gaboon Block. For Sale at a Bargain. A LOT of Land on Smith street, abonl 34 by 100 . tcet. with stone enough for a cellar. Only one quarter part ot the purchase money required, a long ciedit for toe balance. Apply to WM. H. JERRls, Beni Estate Agent. ju7dlw* To Let. TWO tenements, near the centra' part of the city. Apply to W. W. CARR, ju7dtf • ' 3 Exchange street. Wanted. BOARD with rooms for a gentleman and wife wilbin five minutes walk of the City Bnilding. Address P. O. Drawer 1382. ju7«ltf To Let ONE LAROE pleasant room suitable for a Gentleman and wife at 52 Fore Street. Jun7 dlw* To Let. PLEASANT RncmB with board for single Gentle man or Gentlemen »nd wives. jun7dtf No. 161, corner Elm and Oxford Streets. Boys Wanted. AT Portland Star Match Factory, West Commer cial St., Portland, Me. ju7-ulw* D. W. CLARK & CO., — DEALERS IN — ICE HOUSE, MARKET ST., — AND — 32 EXCHANGE ST., Parc Icc supplied for all purpos es, nnd .n any quantity at the LOWEST RATES. apt 4 IF YOU WANT TO FIT A DIFFICULT FOOT — GO TO — PALMER'S, 132 Middle Street, Whore you can get a wide or narrow, full or slim Boot just the width and length that will bo easy and graceful, and enjoy tlio rare luxury oi wearing a per fect lining Boot. rayleodCw Clothing Cleansed % CLOTHES Cleaned and IWpaired at abort notice ana all kinds of goods dyed in a thorough man ner. Also Second-hand Clothing tor sale. All orders will receive prompt and faithlnl atten tion. WILLIAM BROWN, Federal Street, j mylOdtf . _ Near the Park. Portland High School. THE Principal of this School having, by reason of other engagements, declined to be a c ndldate lor re-election, applications for the position may be made in person or in writing, accompanied with references, testimonials, &c., until Julv 14, 1873. The next term will commence Aug. 25.1*73. LKW1S B. SMITH, Chairman S. School Committee. Portland. May 28,1873.__ Office of the A. C. S., [ Port Predlk Me , May 14,1873. I s^this ssn wss bo obtained by applIcaOon to q ^ j.i?-dt.l_1st Lieut, nth Artillery, A. C.S. Spring Styles for Ladies Dresses nnd Street Garments, at MISS M. G. MAGUIRE’S, No. 11 Clapp’s Block, up stairs. aprl7 _‘J Portland Savings Bank, NO. 91 EXCHANGE ST. ALL deposits of oue dollar and upwards com mence interest on I he first day of the month following the date of deposit. roayl’iMltf FRANK NOYES, Treasurer. For Sale. mflE SEBAUO DTE HOUSE, No. 17 Plum St., is I_ in good condition with oil apparatus necessary for ihe business. Apply to tbo proprietor at No. 33 Newbury street or to J REED, No. 80 Middle street, my 17 eodt A Fine Business Opening FOK a young or middle aged man of unexceptiona ble character Ex|*ericnccd accountant nnd one thousand dol’ar* capital. Investigation Is invited Addre«« Bo* * 013 Portland Mo. ouv^ttf Announcement. MI?. JAMES L. FOGG is admitted as a member of our lirrn from this day. J, B. MATHEWS A CO. Portland April 2, 1873. tl _ MISCELLANEOUS^_ Those Baked Beans. THOSE BAOID BEANS — WHICH — W. C. COBB is selling BY THE QUART, at his Bakery, NOS. 28 & 30 PEARL STREET, have been tested and pronounced GOOD 1 Now if you wish to try them, yon can by sending In your order have them brought right from the oven to your door anv morning during the week. Or, If you say you want them Sabbath morning (as is the custom) Mr. Cobb will have a fresh lot ready which he will send you Saturday evening. Then by nut ting them In your own on n vou ran find them there at breaklast time aud save the unpleasant task of rising before yon are ready aud hurrying to the bak ery. **• 'Toke some rbeitt BROW* BREAD with then, or not, ne von like. aplS___ tf RONDS. New York City • • ■ * 1 ;«<««. . . . Brooklyn City - • 6’g Jersey City . - 7’f Elizabeth City .... 7’g Canada Southern R. R., Gold, - 7’« B. & Cedar Rapids R. R., Gold, - 7’s Northern Pacific R. R., Gold, . 7.30’ -FOR SALE BY R. A. BIRD, 97 Exchange St. *‘febflt ! H. M. PAY80N A CO., Bankers and Brokers, — OFFER FOB SALE — Portland City .... e’s Bangor.6’g Bath ..... - 6’s Cook County . . . . 7>g Chicago « ' . 7’. Toledo, Ohio . . . . g’g Scioto County, Ohio - . g’g Leeds & Farmington R.R.,guaranteed 6’g Portland & Rochester R. It. . - 7»s Maine Central R. R. . . - 7*t Northern Pa ifle R. R. Gold • 7-30’s Government Bondi, Bank 8tocks and Gold Bought and Sold. 32EXCHANGE STREET op3 PORTLAND. dtf ! BONJ)S. State of Maine .... 6’g Portland & Bangor City - - 6’g Bath & Rockland City • - • 6’g Chicago City - - - • 7’g Wayne & Clay County, Illinois, - 7’g Toledo, Ohio, ... 7.80’s Northern Pacific R. R„ Gold, * 7.80’s Burlington Cedar Rapids & Minn. - 7’s Maine Central, Consolidated. * * 7’g Canada, St. John & Halifax Bank notes Bought and Sold. WJ»I. E. WOOD, Ag’t Sept 8-<!tfis 67 Exchange St. Leavitt, Burnham & Co., WHOLESALE & RETAIL DEALERS 12* ICE. No1 14 Cross Street, Portland. ! Orders left at Ice Office, 14 Cross St., or wiib J. C Proctor, 93 Exchange St., will be promptly attended to. I^^Puro Ice Kipplied for all purposes in any quantities and at the apll LOWEST RATES. istt To the Harbor Commissioners ol Portland. I RESPECTFULLY aek ol ynnr body pcrmlralon to widen a portion of Custom House wnarf on the easterly side about eighteen leet for the purpose of turnishing a foundation for a building about to be erected. W. W. THOMAS. Portland, June 5,1873. ORDERED, That a hearing be had on the foregoing petition on Friday June 13tb, 1*73, at 4 o'cl.xk P. M., at the head of Custom House Wharf, and that a no tice of the above j»etliion together with this our order thereon be given by publication, in two cf the daily papers printed in Portland, for seven days at least previous to the hearing. JACOB McLELLAN. ) *- lt__ ALBERT MARWICK, f C. H. FARLEY, l Commiaeionem. Portland. June 3,1873. jn6dlw READY MAD£ SUITS i At less than M anufactnrers’ Prices. 1 Suits, $6.50, $7.50, $9.00 $10, $18 $13.50, $15. $16.50, $18, $80 $22.60, $35, $28, $30 and 32. Please bear in mind that these suits are all well made, and for style, finish and durability are equal to enstom work. lTl Fore Street. J. F. SISK. juft dim “printers7^ NOTICE OF COPARTN EBSHIP THE undersign have this day foimed a coport* nert>hip and will continue rbe business of BOOK AND JOB PRINTING n all its dranchcs, in the beat style, and at fair prices. at No. 1 Exchange afreet Corner Fore. A share of business is solicited. Cushing Harmon Ac Jerris WM. H. CUSHING PHINEAK F. HARMON. „ , WM. A. JERRIS Portland May 1 1873. junCdGw GAS STOVES. I WOULD respectfully inform tbe public generally tbat I have a good assortment of Gas Stoves for cooking and heating purposes. Specially adapted for cooking in hot weather. J. KINS WAN, NO. 128 EXCHANGE STREET, may 30_ dim ACKNOWLEDGMENT. WF, the undersigned, in behalf of the members of tbe 4th Congregational C> urch, return our sin cere thanks to the Cntirches who so kindly aided us in liquidating the debt on our churc>>. The State Street Church, $100; High Street Church, $106; Payson, 2d Parish, $30.51; Ladles’ Sewing Cir cle, 4th Cong. Chuich ,82.53. JOHN PARRS. ) THOMAS DUFFY. f Deacons, jul-lw HENRY A. MURRAY.) ~$25 REWARD. THE above reward is offered to any person who will furnish the dog, and prove his ownership, that destroyed tbe Swans In Everureon Cemetery on the 27th Instart. And APBIIAL IVstTICK is hereby Riven that Dors are Absolutely forbidden within tbe inelosnro of the Cemetery. JAMES BAILEY,) C. E. JOSE, J Trustees J. S. PALMER. J Portland, May 23th—U3m Pawnbroker Sale of Unredeemed Watches, Jewelry, Guns. Ac. WE shall Sell at onr Loan Office, SATURDAY EVENING, June 7th, the following: l 18 Car rat Hunting Caro Howard Watch and Chain; 118 Carrat open face do. • 18 assorted Hunting cates sil ver levers, American Watches, Guns, Jewelry, &c. resale at 7.00. ABRAM BROS., jnJtd I‘$5 Federal mi., andrr V. 89. Hslel. Annual Meeting. THE Stockholders of tlio Portland StoAin Packet Co. arc hereby notified that the Annual Meeting of the Company will beheld at their Jfflce on Atlantic Wharf on WEDNESDAY, .Tune 18, 1873, at three o’clock P. M., lor the purpose of choosing officer** for the ensuing year, and to act upon any other business, that may legally come before them. CHARLES FOBES, Secretary. Portland, June 4,1873. Jnd5-dtd Valuable Livery Stoek for Sale. OWING to ray ill-health I offer for sale my entire Livery Stocx. The Stables can be leased or sold. All persons owing me arc requested to call and settle as 1 wish to dost my business immediately. CHARLES SAGER. Portland, June 5,1873. dtf New Boarding House. THE Subscriber, having leased the new and com rondions h**usc, recently erected by Geo. R. Da vis & Co., up n the "Blanchard property,” 3C* High St., takes pleasure in announcing to the jmbllc that ho will about the first of April epen it (or a flr»i cla w» boarding house. R« oms can be seen and full particulars as to terms, Ac., obtained, by calling at the house from 10 A. >1. to 12 M., and from 2 until S P. M. apr3codtf S. S. KNIGuT. DISSOLUTION. THE copartnership heretofore existing under tha name of CHAS. PERRV & CO., U dissolved by mutual consent. CHARLF8 PERRY F.W. MCKERN?y’. 1 J“* . *<UW

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