Newspaper of Portland Daily Press, June 7, 1873, Page 3

Newspaper of Portland Daily Press dated June 7, 1873 Page 3
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THE PHESS. SATURDAY MORNING, JUNE 7, 1878 the premm May be obtahieil attlie Periodical Depots of Fes nenden Bros., Marquis, Robinson. Br inell & Co.‘ Andrews, Went worth, Glendenuing Moses, Hender son, and Chisholm Bros., ou all trains that run out of the ity. At Biddeford, of Pillsbury. At Saco of L, Hodgdon. * At Watervllle, of J. S. Carter. At Uorham, of News Ageut. At Bath, of J. O. Shaw. At Lewiston, of French Bros. At Kennebunk. of C. E. Mhler. CITY AND VICINITY. New AdrerliNeuiruii To-Unr. AUCTION COLUMN. New Furniture, &c—F. (). Bailey & Co. Plants—F. O. Bailey & Co. .NEW ADVERTISEMENTS. To Let—Room. To T«t—Rooms. Wanted—Thos. Lauglilin & Sons. Boys wanted by Star Match Co. To Hotel Koetcrs—For Salo. To Let—W. W. Carr. Wanted—Board. For Sale at a Bargain Just Received—hodgdon & Soule. Portland <£ Ogdensburg R. R. MISCELLANEOUS NOTICES. Psychic Healing For'©—C. G\ Bennett. Furnish! g Goods—Orin Hashes 4C Co. Goldthwalie’s Announcements—2. Religious Notices. Sr. Lawrence 3t. Church.—Rev. A. H. Wright Pastor.—Preaching at 10} a. m. and 3 p. m. Bethel CHfTROH.—Sabbath 10}a. M., 3 and 7} p. Praver meetings on Monday and Thursday evenings at 7} p. m. All from Rea and land are invited. Newbury St., Church.—Prayer meeting at 10} a. m.; preaching in the afternoon at 3 p. m. Willibton Church.—S. S. 10} a. m. Preaching sendee at 3 i*. M. Sittings free. Social meeting at 7} Spiritual Fraternity, Army asdSatv Union Hall—Children’s Progressive Lyceum at 10} A. M. Conference at 3 P. M. 83F*At Ante Room Army and Navy Hall the Fays will hold a Public Seance for Spiritualists and Skep tics at 8 o’clock Sunday evening. Hands in Light, Musical Phenomena, Teste, &c. St. Luke’s Cathedral. State St.—Rt. Rev. H. A. Neely, Bishop ot the Diocese oi Maine.—Sunday services 10.30 a. m., 3 and 7.30 p. m. Daily services at 0 a. m. and 5 p. m. Seats free to all. St. Paul’s Church, corner ot Congress and Lo cust street.—Services Sunday at 10.30 o’clock A.M. and 3p. m. FrRST Second Advent CnuRCH, 353} Congress street. Elder Wm. Bodge of Barnstead, N. H., will preach Sunday at the usual hours. Seats free. St. St phkn’s Church.—Sunday Services at 10} a. m.; and 3 p. m. The sittings m this Church aro eroe to all. Portland Spiritual Association, Temperance Hall. 351} Congress st. Conferonco at 2 P. M. Ques tion: Where shall we find the best guides of Life, India St. Univebsalist Church.—Rev. Geo. W. Bioknell, pastor.—l reachiog Services at 10} a. m. Vesper Service at 7} p. m. B[yThe regular Monthly Conference tor tho pro motion ot Holiness, will be held at Pine Street M. E. Church next Monday the 9th, Afternoon and Evening. The Rev. Wm. McDonald is expected to be present. vuuiBiiAff uuiuii nun, m rrou St.—Preaching next Sunday by Elder Win. H. Mitch ell of Kennebunkport. Prayer meeting at D a. m. Y. .H. 0. A. Hall, Mechanics' Building, Congress St. Elder Kimball, of the Christian Denomination, will preach Sunday at 3 P. M. Social meeting at 7}. First Baptist Church, Congress st., corner of Wilmot.Rev. Wm. H. Shailer, Pastor.—Preaching at 3; Sabbath School at 1}; Sabbath School Concert 7} p. m. Seats free. _fi3F"Tho Union Conference of Congregational Churches will meot at Fryehurg, Tuesday and Wed nesday, Juno 10 and 11th. Preble Chapel, corner Preble and Cumberland Streets. Preaching at 11 a. m. Sunday School at 2 P- A Temperance Meeting at 7} p. m. All are cordially invited. Park St. Church.—Kev. Jns. T. Henes, of Sa lem, Mass., will preach to-morrow. Plymouth Church.—Kev. M. H. Williams. Pas tor. Preaching at lrj a m; Sabbath School at 12. Young People’s meeting at 6} p. m; Conference meeting at 7}. There will be a religious service conducted by Rev. D. H. Hanuaburg, at li o’clock Sabbath Evening, in Marker Square, it tne weather Is favorable; other wise at the Y. M. C. A. Rooms. Congress St. M. E. Church.—Rev. C. B. Pitbla do. Pastor. Preaching at 10} a. M. and 3 P. M. by the pastor. State Street Church.—Rev. Rev. Dr. Talcolt, of Williams College, will preach to-morrow. Y. M. C. A. Chapel, Deering’s Bridge.—Sabbath School at 3 o’clock P. M. New Jerusalem CnuBCH—New High street.— Public worship will bo held as usual In the Temple to-morrow morning at 10} o’clock. High Street Church.—Rev. W. H. Fenn, Pastor. Preaching fcrvlces at 10} A. M. Sunday S bool at the close of foreno n services; Prayer meetings Sun day Eve’gs at 7} o’clock, and Tuesdays at 7|. Allen Mission Chapel, Locust Street_Preach ing at 2 p. m. by Rev. O. M. Cousens. Sunday School at 3 p. m. Union temperance meeting at 7} o'clock. Casco St. Church —Prof Howe, of Bates Col lege, will preach at 10} a. m. and 3 p. m. Free St. Baptist Church.—Preaching by the pastor, Bev. A. K. P. Small, at 10} a. m. Sunday School at close of the morning service Youn® peo ple’s meeting at 6} p. m. S. S. Concert nt 7}. “ Pine St. M. E. Ciiuncn.—Rev. D. H. Hatmaburg, pastor. Preaching at 10} a. m. Sabb tih School at 3 p. m. Prayer m ttiug at 0 a. m. and 7} p. m. Chestnut St. M. E. Church.—Preaching at 10} a. m. by the pastor, Rev. S. F. Jones. Children’s service at 3 p. in. Sabbath School Concert at 7} p. in New School of Philosophy—Free.—Librarv Room Mechanics’ Hall, entranco on Casco street.— Sunday at 0 p. ra. (If not rainy;. Subject-‘-Review of the Day’s Religious Teachings.’’—C. C. Bennett. Superior Couri. MAY TERM. 8YMOND8, J., PRESIDING. Friday.—Ann W. Kidder vs. John H. Sawyer.— This was an action of assumpsit to recover $0000, the proceeds of 450 tons of hay. to which the plaintiff claims title, and which she alleges was left in chargo of defendant to be sold at a price not less than $20 per ton, and account rendered to plaintiff for the proceeds. The defence is that the title to the hay was in Wel lington Kidder, the husband of plaintiff, and that by . his direction the hay was sold and the proceeds ap plied to the payment of his debts due defendant and other parties. Trial before the justice without the intervention of a Jury. Decision reserved. Clifford for plaintiff. S. D. Lindsay tor defendant. In the ouee of Moore vs. Portland, Mr. Libby argu ed for the defendants and Mr. Mattocks nearly com pleted the argument for the plaintiff. The case will be given to the Jury Saturday forenoon. municipal Court. BEFORE JUDGE MORRIS. Friday.—State vs. Michael Hawley. Search and seizure. Fined $50 and costs. Paid. State vs. Richard King. Drunkenness and disturb ance. Sentenced to House of Correction for thirty days. Brief Jotting*. The ladies of St. Lake's Society having fan cy articles for the Maine State Hospital Fair, are requested to send them to the house of Mrs C. K. Cross, No. 3o High street, this day. Plymouth church has given up the afternoon preaching service for the present, Pretty and charming little news-girls, clad in the “nobbiest” of costumes, will cry “Touic, Tonic, 'ere’s your daily Tonic,” at City Hall, during the progress of the fair. The Maine General Hospital gratefully ac knowledges a donation from Mrs. James Green leaf, of Cambridge, Mass. The members of the Dramatic Reading Club, are hereby reminded that their final meeting for this season occurs this everting. Mrs. James Mowatt, not Edwin, was appoint ed assistant at fancy tables during the fair. Miss Dora Dcering and MissMarrett arc ap pointed managers iu the refreshment rooms. One of the horses attached to a Congress street horse ear, yesterday, slipped aud fell up on the pavement, causing but a few moments delay however, as he was not in the least injur ed. All persons who have donated merchandise to the fair, and all others intending to do so, arc requested|to send the same to City Hall, as soon as convenient. A huge excavation is to bo seeu on Congress street, near Walker, where the sewer is being lowered some threo feet. On account of this the lurse cars run for tho present, no further than Walker street. There is also a sewer be ing put in on Mellen street. The executive committee desire that all fancy tables for the Fair shall he arranged by Mon day. A boy with a frightfully deformed foot was exhibiting himself on our streets yesterday-. We question the propriety of allowing such disgusting deformities to he forced upon the at tention of the public, Several clergymen and laymen will address the union temperauce meeting, Sunday cveniug at the Allen Mission Chapel. Eight yachts are moored on the Cape 6ide of the harbor. They have been “prinking” them selves for tho summer season. Back bay boasts that it is a harbor. Eight vessels have been moored there lately, several of them loaded with tics for the Portland & Rochester railroad. Extra trains on the Boston & Maine and the Eastern railroads will be run during fair week. The new time-table on tho Portland & Og densbnrg railroad goes into effect Monday. As our readers will notice, there is no morning train from this city. All trains will stop at tho trotting park during fair week. Thirty-two of the Bowdoiu Cadets propose visiting this city on the Fourth of July to con tend for the flag which the Portland Cadets hold. Abram Brothers, under TJ. S. Hotel, call at tention to their sale of unredeemed watches, jewelry, &c., at their rooms this evening. Mostly it rained yesterday, though wo had a •treak of sunshine now and tbeu. About 11 o’clock last night, the ciouds broke away. Yesterday afternoon, officer Seth Sterling ar rested a colored man charged with stealing a coat from the entry of Capt. Richardson's boute on India street, last fall. The chairman, secretary and other members of tho Democratic State Committee, were in town yesterday .holding a wake over the corpse. They gave out that the State Convention will be holden in this city, and that startling politi. cal combinations will then be developed. 70th Anniversary of the Portland Light Infantry, The 70th anniversary of the Portlaud Light Infantry, Capt. N. G, Fessenden, took place yesterday. Like good soldiers they were deter mined to celeoratc tho occasion, rain or shine. Tho morning opened cloudy and misty, hut promptly at 8 a. m. tho company were in line and marched to tho Preble House, where they received the honorary members and guests. Among the latter were CaptA. 1 ■ Hartwell and Quartermaster Sergeant H A. Richardson of tie Providence L’Sht^nfa°try The Infantry were accompanied by the Port land Band, which played, of course, finely. At Custom House wharf the party embarked on board the Gazelle, under sealed orders. The shore of Little Chebsague soon was in sight, which was discovered to be the grand point of | attraction. Upon arriving at the island line was formed and march taken for the grove. The first incident of note was the grand oxen race, during which the heroic “Knight of the goad” described a circle with perfect grace. The next thing which prominently attracted at tention was the splendid cattle dance, music by the Portland Band. After reaching the grove the Infantry broke ranks and a general good time followed. A competitive drill took place for the positions of Sergeant and two Corpoi als, which resulted as follows: Corp. John A. Neal promoted to Sergeant; Privates George A. Williams and Charles Thornes to Corporals. The judges were Capt, A. J. McMahon, of the Montgomery Guards, Capt. R. F. Somers of the McLellan Cadets, and Lieut. E. R. Colcord of the Portlaud Cadets. Breakfast was then served, George Webster being the caterer, and it was excellsnt. The weather, although some what “fowl,” did not prevent the boys in their “hcn-dcavors’, to enjoy themselves. Target firing came next. The prizes were two beautiful gold medals, gotten up by McDuf fee, each, for the active and honorary members The result was as follows: Actives, Sergt. F. E. Dow, 1st; private Frank Mosher, 2d; the best single shot was by private C. F. Fuller; the poorest shot (prize wooden gun), 2d Lieut. D. P. B. Pride. Honorary members, C. A. Don nell, 1st; C. N. Lang, 2d; the test, single shot was by Capt. A. II. Hartwell of the Providence Light Infantry; tho poorest shot (prize wooden gun), was by D. G. Diinkwater; the second best single shot was by Quartermaster Sergeant H. A. Richardson of the Providcnco Light In fantry. Dinner was indulged iu with a good relish, and it was unusually excellent. The rest of tho day’s sport was football and other enjoyments the Gazelle was on her way home again. The party reached the wharf at about 5.30 p. m., voting the day a grand success. At the armory of the Infantry after their ar rival there, Q. M. Sergt. Richardson of the Providence Light Infantry, thanked the P. L. I. ’s for the handsome reception and entertain ment, and closed with many good wishes f-r their loug aud happy luture. Cfapt. Fessenden responded in an appropriate manner, and assur ed the Providence guests that the P. L. I.’s would ever hold in sincere remembrance the several occasions of the two companies social visitations. The party arc under great obligations to Mr Abraham Osgood, of the Little Chebeague House, and excellent family, for their “open honse” and several favors. JV1ATXE HOSPITAL i. A IB.—±tie nxC-CUllve Committee acknowledge the donation of addi tional articles and money in aid of the Maiue General Hospital Fair, from tho following named parties: H. M. Howes, barrel flour. Fr ends at Black Point, Scarboro, through Mrs. S. H. errill, cash 816. York County Indepsndeflt, Win. S. Noyes & Co., advertising, 835. C. & G. M. Stanwood, bolts for bridge. Moses Pearson, one dozen bottles silver [date polish. Citizens of Paris Hill, through Dr. T. If. Brown, cash, 872. C. \V. Smith, New York, through D. B. Rick er & Co., family and toilet soaps, $50. Mrs. Haniet J. Morrill, Dcering, cash collec tions, $515. Samuel Lewis, one gross oil polish blacking. H. \V. Caswell, Yarmouth, post hole auger. Citizens of Gorham, cash collections, $235.75. Citizens of Stocktou, through 1’. S. Haskell, cash collections, $80.62. Lady of Gorham, faucy article. Amos Abbott & Co., Dexter, one piece cassi-' mere. J. W. Barrow, Dexter, fancy goods. Bridgliam & Son, do do ' do S. S. Leland, do dress do E. A. Sawyer. do bod spread. Push ley & Flint, do halter. CL Foss, do britannla ware. Contribution, "do cash $2. Dexter Mihs, A. F. Bradbury agent, one piece coddingtoii, one pieco silk mixture. A. H Coe, assortment, children’s hats. Dr. Fitzgerald, Dexter, Life Jnvigorater. Eld ridge Brothers, Dexter, prize churn. S. Matthias, half a dozeu Chinese fans. W. L Fitch, floral concert, proceeds of, $40. Hart & Co., from manufactory of Eldon & Brown, New York, bridal coach top child's car riage, $40. L & H. M. Harmon, Boston, through Mrs. S. T. Hooper, cash, $40. Dr. Carlton Kimball, 32 boxes I. X. L. Den trifice. Employees Fernald & Sawyer, cash, one day’s pav each, $20. Fernald & Sawyer cash contribution, $20. Ciiaiiles H. Haskell, Treasurer. Ax Appeal fob Aid. -Are there any manu facturing companies whose operatives have not contributed tbeir mite towards completing the Maine Geueral Hospital building? The pay of one day or one half day’s work given for this purpose would be an act of the greatest charity to many unfortunate persons who become dis abled by accident. Are there any persons who have a fair share of this world’s goods, who have not donated to th is institution, which is for the beneflt of the sick? Can they not, while In the enjoyment of plenty, spare a trifle for this Hospital Fair. You who have been bless ed with earthly goods, can you refuse to con tribute, when you see so large a number of op eratives giving the amount of pay they receive for their toil through a long day ? When you seo children donating their little savings to aid iu mitigating the pains of the sick and distresses of the poor by affording them a house of re fuge, will you decline to aid in alleviating their distress, and to convey some rays of light, of comfort into the abodes where darkness, wretch edness and sickness prevail? heal estate Hems.—F. u. Patterson has aold tho Ricker property, so called, to E. A. Joy of Portsmouth, N. H. Wo understand that Hr. Joy has leased one of the fine stores in Fluent block, and is to transfer his (large business to this city. Ho is the general agent of the Domestic Sawing Machine, for Maine and New Hampshire. The style of the building to he erected by Hou. W. W. Thomas on Commercial street, op posite the custom house, has been changed, ft will be a well built brick block, with handsome facings. J. W. Perkins & Co., will occupy it James Bickford is erecting a two story Frcuch roof house on the extension of Cumberland street, between High and State, and Mr. Aug. York is putting in the foundation for a new houso on tho lot adjoining. Curious (sifts. Mr. Editor:—Let no one hesitate to give aDy article to the Hospital Fair on account of its incongruity. In looking over tho records of the Massachusetts Hospital recently,! find that in 1824 a mercantile firm of Smyrna, in Tur key. presented that institution an Egyptian mummy from Thebes,which now “ornaments” the operating room of the hospital. On its re ceipt the corporation leased the mummy for I °”e - c'ar f°r exhibition, for tho benefit of tho | hospital—the dead was made to assist in re lieving the living. , j Aprd 9, 4823, thanks were voted to Gorbarn I arsons for a sow ot very ane breed,”-ber weight as recoraedby the visiting committee was 2i 3 pounds. w Windham, June 5th. Convention Tra u. Tlie oflicers of tho Mama Central Railroad have kindly consented to run special trains the morning of tlie Convention (June 19tb,) from Portland, Lewiston,Bath and Skowhegau. The special train will leavp Portland via Bruns wick at 4 A. M. Tlie Lewiston train will leave that city at 5 A. M. The Knox and Lincoln road will pass dele gates for one fare, in connection with the Maine Central. The Superintendent of the Boston & Maine writes that that road is not accustomed to carry Convention delegates for half fare. Tho East ern has not yet been heard from. Match Game.—A match game of baso hall will take place at the horse car ground in Doer ing, this afternoon, for the State championship. The game will probably be very close and ex citing. so that tho admirers of “oar national sport” will find it to afford unusual interest to them. Tbe game will bo called promptly at three o’clock. Private Psychological Entertainment. —Professor Stearns gave a private entertain ment in the ante-room of the P. A. & N. U.^ Hall last evening, to a number of friends w 10 wished tube “psychologized” if it was P0SS1 e' Out of ihe whole number assembled, only one or two could be mliucuced in tlie least. One of these, a well known painter of this city, formed an excellent subject, and furnished an unlimi ted amount of fun for those that were not thus tortunate. Quito an interest is being awakened in this city among some of our first citiz?ns in this science. To-night, the Professor Ewill givo a represen tation of the battle of .Gettysburg, al the same hall. The First Grand Excursion of the Season.—It has been well known, to a few of our citizens, at least, that the Army and Navy Union were to have the honor of celebrating the opening of the Boston & Maine Railroad extension, by giving the first excursion of the season to Old Orchard Beach and Fern Park. The matter has now assumed definite shape, and the public can rest assured that it will prove one of the largest parties of the year. Amusemeuts of all kinds will be furnished in cluding dancing, with music liy tlie Portland Band. Tuesday, June 17th, is the day appoint ed. Tickets for the round trip, only 50 cents, including dancing. Boston & Maine Restaurant.—Tho Bos ton & Maine railroad have further improved their new temporary depot in this city, which has been mado so attractive by Mr. Paysou Tucker, by adding an elegant restaurant.— Messrs. C. C. ant. G. W. Spring have charge of the same, and it is certainly one of the neatest and best arranged railroad eating places in the country. Accident.—A young man named Rich, em ployed in the grocery store of V. V. Twitched, on Brackett street, was severely kicked by a horse which had just been shod. The sharpen ed steel cork on the horse’s shoo struck Rich just below the knee, cutting through the largo bone of the leg to the marrow. The injury, though serious, will not be permanent. IHgCELLANEOCS NOTICES. For the finest assortment of Mens' and Boy’s Furnishing Goods go to . Orin Hawkes & Co’s., 200 and 292 Congress St Nothing like a neat fitting, stylish Boot or Shoe. You can get it at a reasonable price, at Goldth wait’s, 11 Market Square. Always buy clothing of George W. Rich & Co., 173 ond 175 Fore street, corner Exchange street. my31S\Y&S. “Don’t you forget it,” that Goldthwait can show you as good au assortment of Boots and Shoes as can be found. His prices are low as the lowest. F. O. Bailey & Co. will sell at 10 o’clock this morning another large and choice invoice of plants from the conservatory of D. L. Taylor. Melrose, Mass._ Psychic Healing Force.—C. C. Bcnnet , M. D., Falmouth Hotel, till 0 a. m., 1 to 2.30 and 6 to 7.30 p. m. jnn7tf R. Nathans, successor to C. H. Stebbins,No. 3G0 Congress streot, calls attention to his large and complete stock of cigars, tobacco and pipes. He is in a position to soil at very low rates, and offers excellent bargains, especially in cigars.— Seo his advertisement in special notice col umu. _ If you want choice canned canned fruits, call at WtLsoN & Co.’s, je6 3t Corner Exchange and Federal Sts. The best place in Portland to buy a choico barrel of flour is at Wilson & Co.’s, corner of Exchange and Federal streets. jeG 3t Vases and Bouquet Holders for Cemeteries and Public Gardens. Send for price list. Nutter Bros. & Co., 20 Market Square, Port lend. _ mayD-tf t Always buy clothing of Georgo W. Itich & Co., 173 and 175 Fore Btreet, corner Exchange street. my31SW<SrS Lothrop, Devf.ns & Co. have the new China board shades They are a great improvement on the old style rustic shades. Call and see them. No. G1 Exchange street. maylotf F. W. Nichols has opened a Hair Dressin Saloon under Perry's Hotel, Federal Street. je5-eodtf Dr. Urann at Preble Houso Tuesdays and Wednesdays of each week. His cures are won derful. may30-d&wtf For Loss of Appetite, Dyspepsia, Indiges tion, Depression of Spirits and General Debili ty, in various other forms, Ferro-Phosphora ted Elixir of Calisaya made by Casweli* Hazard & Co., New York, and sold by all druggists, is the best tonic. As a stimulant tonic for patients recovering from fever or oth er sickuess, it lias no equal. If taken during the season it prevents fever and ague and other intermittent fevers. may21-4wt Always buy clothing of George W. Kich & Co., 173 and 175 Fore street, corner Exchange street. _ mv31SW&S W. C. Beckett, 137 Middle street has just returned from Boston with another lot of fancy coatings and pantaloon goods, which will do you good to look at, and more good if you pur chase them. may23-3w Now is the time to have your wiudow screens made. Lothrop, Devens & Co. have received a large quantity of German linen and cotton gauze, green wire, &c. No. G1 Exchanga St. _ mayl7tf If you want a good Refrigerator, call at Nutter Bros. & Co.,2D Market Suuare. mayD-tf BY TELEGRAPH. MATTERS IN MAINE. Accident. Watekville, June 6.—Thomas Busliby, a workman on the dcw piece of railroad at this p'ace, had his leg broken in two places by a bank falling in on him this forenoon. NEW HAMPSHIRE. Death of a Veteran. Keene, June G.—Hou. John Prentiss, tho oldest printer and news publisher in New Eng land, and perhaps in the United States, died this afternoon in his 96th year. He establish ed the New Hampshire Sentinel in 1799 and conducted it for forty-nine years. MASSACHUSETTS. The Turf. Boston, June G.—The Beacon Park races closed to day with a race fora purteof $3500 for horses that never beat 2.21. The attendance was very large, numbering at least 5000 people. In the betting Gazelle was a warm favorite, selling for $100 to $30 for Fullerton, and $20 for Cameo. Before the start was made for the first heat, it became evident that Gazelle was oil, striking into a pace and acting so badly in the first heat that Fullerton would have dis tanced both her and Camaro. had Mace driven him for it. The time was 2.27. The second heat was about tho same; the maro acting verv badly. Fullerton winuiug by three lengths in 2 261-2, Camara second. The betting changed in favor of Fullerton after the first heat, it be ing evident that, barring accidents, he must win. In the third heat Gazelle forced a pace on the first quarter, but directly broke, and was three lengths iu the rear of Fullerton at the half in 1.11. She trotted better up to the three-quarter pole, hut again broke: Camara also acted badly. Mace sent Fullerton home a winner of the h at and race in 2 23 3-2; Gazelle second, Camara third. That Terrible Bore. The Senate has receded from its amendment to the Hoosac Tunnel bill, appropriating $200, 000 to put the tunnel track in readiness for bus iness, lias thus passed both branches. A Rumor. It is rumored that tho grand jury who are engaged in investigating tho “irregularities,’ of James A. Coe, hirt-e discovered forged certifi cates amounting to $325,000. yile Cholcin at Memphis. 'Iu'ie 0.-There is but littlo cxcite the?eibsfftH^-?6ard to lbe cholera, although and PhvsWa„'f any ;,ec«*sc in the mortality, J fai noarly every first appearance fiTfiS a“fd„^ ZreT although in some instance, > c lre ill four or five hours. The A nne ihaS cn®?0'1 out of tho 307 deaths si “yW fays that of ouly 23 are reported as bei L “fl’ '1 a‘ (,‘a 1 b by attending physicians. S om ch°lera Small Sfaoir. Cincinnati, June 6.—Prof. E. N. of Cambridge, Mass., American Commissions at\ienna, in charge of the food department writes from that city May 15th, tho day after his arrival, to a friend in Cincinnati stating that the Cartoons sent by the Cincinnati Pork Packers Association, were the only things in order in the American department. NEW YORK. ^ More Alleged Frauds on the Cite. New York, .Tune G.—John Noe, ex Superin" temient of the Croton Aqueduct Department) and John Rice, former lime-koepcr, were ar rested upon a charge of fraud upon the city treasury to the extent of 8100,000. Robert Rice, said to be associated with them in the fraud, is not yet arrested. The West Point Examinations. Of the 80 who passed the examination at West Point the following names occur: A Bran degee, jr., of Connecticut, Ben Israel Butler of Massachusetts, George K. Roberts of Connecti cut, and Frank L. Stevenson of Massachusetts. The two colored candidates, Henry O. Flipper of Georgia, and John W. Williams of Virginia, also passed an examination. Gen. Sherman is expected at West Point to-day. Simmons the Murderer. The case of Simmons, who killed Nicholas Duryea ou Libert street, was again called up in the Oyer and Terminer. His counsel asked for to adjournment of the case on the ground of the illness of John Graham, the leading counsel for the defeuce. Judge Davis granted ten days, at the expiration of which the trial may again be moved out. Masonir. Tho Grand Lodge of Masons to-day adopted a new constitution and adjourned. The Walworth Inquest. At the inquest on the Walworth case to-day, Josiah Moorhead, who occupied the room next to where the murder was committed, testified that he heard the shots soon after the man was admitted to his sou’s room, and did not bear any conversation between them. At the sec ond and third shots lie heard the cry of mur der quite loud. The other -teslmiony is the same as before published. The jury returned the following verdict:— “We find that Mansfield T. Walworth came to his death from a shock and internal hemor rhage, the result of a pistol shot wound in the chest, said pistol shot haviug been discharged at the hands of Frank H. Walworth, at the Stnrtevaot House, Broadway, N. Y., Tuesday morning, June 3d, 1873. The prisoner is reply to the usual questions gave his name as Frank Harden Walwotb, aged 19, born at aud a resident of Saratoga.hut engaged in no business at present. In answer to the question, what he had to say, if any thing, to the charge, he said: “I am guilty of no crime; I will make a statement My father treated my father and my mother very cruelly for years; incensed against his own father for putting his little share of property in trust so that my mother and family got something out of it: my father kept writ ing letters to my mother full of imprecations against his father. He wrote to her among other things ‘I will kill your boys and defeat tiled-d scoundrel in his grave, aud cut off his d-d name forever. He also threatened my mother’s life. About three years age he beat my mother cruelly; I was not present hut saw the marks. When I heard this I loaded a pistol belonging to a cousin of mine and have carried it. I supposed father was armed, at least, when he came to se us. My uucle, Claronce Walworth, lias been a father to us. He recently proposed to take me to Europe with him I was troubled about leaving mv mother without protection. On Sunday last, I wrote to mv uucle that 1 must go and see my father, and whether I could go to Europe or not, would depend on that interview; from the fact that 1 wanted him not to molest my meth erduring my absence. I had no intention to kill him when he came into mv room. I asked him to sit down. He did so. Spoke to him of his conduct, “promise me you will neither shoot my mother, nor insult her nor any of the family any further ” He answered “I prom ise,” but with a look which to my mind imolied contempt, and the reverse of intent to keep lus promise. He had just before put his hand to his breast as if to pull out a pistol. Am un conscious of having bred more than three times. He closed on me rapidly, and his breast was upon me when I fired the last time. Don’t think he said anything in the whole interview but what is stated.”| The prisoner was iben taken to the tombs to await the action of ill'' grand jury. Accidents. A hoy and girl, twins, were run over and bad ly injured by the cars hear Poughkeepsie, to day. Also Thomas Hally, at the same place. Peter Cassidy, a teamster, was killed by his own team at Kingston. The. Supply Bill. Speaker Connell publishes a statement that he does not doubt the integrity of the Clerk of the lato Assembly and his assistants, but asks to have the supply hill examined, owing to the unpleasint gossip as regards previous supply bills being tampered with. Anna f^AmmnniAn At a meeting of the Baptist church at Rock ville Centre, L. I., last evening, the resignation of Rev. Hugh Pentecost, as pastor, was unan imously accepted. He is an open cnmmunion ist, and announces his determination to preach in the church the next three Sundays although his resignation was accepted to take place im mediately. A Blnndcrbns*. Three fish peddlers wrecked a liquor store in Millburnc, L. I.. last Saturday, stealing a double barrelled gun from the premises. On leaving, one named Simonson, smashed the lock of the blunderbuss against a tree, when both barrels exploded tearing'out his bowels and he died in a few minutes Rain. A rain storm commenced about 3 o'clock and continued till this evening. Vncht Race. The yacht race took place to-day. The Med alaine was the first yacht in, fqjlowed by the Idler, Foam and Resolute, each five minutes apart. A heavy squall with rain compelled nearly all to reduce sail. The restof the yachts came in as follows: Graes, Viscen, Vixcu, Peerless, Iantlic, Madgie and Eva. The squall threw the Madgie on her beam ends, and for a time she was reported capsized, but she recov ered and came in as above. The following is the actual time of the first and the second boats of each class over the course, which was forty miles in air liue: Schooners Madeline. 3 hours 57 minutes 43 seconds; Idler, 4 hours 0 minutes 12 seconds; sloops—Viscen,4 hours 31 m. 13 secs.; Grace 4 hours 35 minutes 51 seconds. Under the time allowance the Madeline and Viscen won the second prizes. The race was very close and one of the most exciting ever sailed overthe New York caurse. Various flatters. The Republican meeting in the I4th Ward of Brooklyn had a disgraceful row last evening between tho two local wings of the party, end ing in the police ejecting ail from the premises. The famous general order firm of Leet, Stock ing & Co. of this city, which was the subject of Congressional investigation last winter, has been dissolved, as the profits have been so small as to render the business uureinunerative. Suits against the city, aggregating a milliou dollars, have been brought by Edward Jones for stationery, and J. Navarro for water me tres, under the ring tale. Two women complained that the matron of the Almshouse imprisoned them because they would not attend tie Protestant services, they being Catholics. An investigation proved that they declined atterding either Protestant or Catholic services, b*tb of which are held at the Almshouse, and weie contumacious. Gen. Duryea and several other prominent military and civil officials attended the first re ception of tho 85th (colored) Regiment in this city, last night. Recently 233 liquce shop licenses have been granted for this city. Jenathan Sturgis his resigned from the Com mittee of Seventy, lud says the Committee needs immediate an( careful reorganization to be of much service in reform. For his part he nan be ot more serrice out of the Committee than in it Walworth's Funeral. Sakatooa, June 0.—The remains of Mans fldd Tracy Walwirth arrived here this after d ion, and were folbwed to the grave by a large portion of the reluives of the deceased resid ing here and othersfrom abroad. WASHINGTON. An Ohio Showita t after Capt. Jack. Washington, Jine 0.—An enterprising in dividual wrote to the government from Tiffin, Ohio, offering to ptv *00,000 for the privilege of exbibiting'Capt. Jack throughout the coun try during sixty dajs. Tho showman promises to keep Jack seemly, treat him well and re turn him to the gwernment at the expiration of sixty days, provKed he does not commit sui cide, in which case ihe government is to receive only *1000 per dayfor the time he remains in the showman’s hands alive. It is proposed to pay *30,000 upon tie delivery of Jack at Chica go, and the balanceat the close of two months. Redemption of Bonds. The following circular was issued to-day for the redemption of 520 bonds of 1802. Treasury Departnent, Lo in Division, June 6, 1873.—By virtut of authority given by the act of Congress, approved July 14,1870 enti tled an act to authorize the refunding of the national debt. I lereby give notice that tho principle and lutcitst of the bouds herein be low designated, known as five-twenty bonds will bo paid at tie Treasury of the United States in Washington, on and after tho Oth of September, 1873; ind interest on said bonds cease that day. That is to say, the coupon bonds known as the third serio-, act of Febru ary 20, 1802, datedklav 1, 1802, as follows: Coupon bonds, fcu, No. 120|to 0200 inclusive; 8100, No. 4783 to !o,000 inclusive; 8500, No. 3001 to 10, 700 inclusive. *100. No. 5734 to 22000 inclusive; total 811,000,000. Registered bomb, *50. No. 1234 to 1320 inclu sive; 8100, Iso. 880i to 0500 inclusive; 3500, No. 5301 lo5700 molusire; S100. No. 20,081 to 23,303 inclusive; 33000, So. <5403 ta 7500 ; 810,000, No. 70 03 to 0680 inclusive; total four millions. Grand total twenty millions of dollars. Of tho amount outstandiig, embraced in the numbers as shown, *16,001,000 are coupon bonds, and *4,000.000 arc refisterod bonds. The coupon bonds of the act of February 25, 1802, were is sued in four distinct series. The bonds of the first series, all of which have been previously called for redemption, were printed in green tint, and hare no designation of the series up on them. The binds of tbo second seres, all of which have been previously .called for re demption .were printed in yellow tint, and have the words ‘'second series," ou each coupon. The bonds of the third series, embracing the above numbers, Were printed in hlack, and have the words “third series” on the bonds, and third on the hood, i.r on each coupon or both. The bonds of the fourth series were printed in black, with red numbering, aud ha,rc the words “fourth series” or fourth on them. United Slates securities forwarded for redemp tion, should be addressed to the Loan Division, Secretary’s office, and all registered bonds shculd be assigned to tho Secr.-taiy of the Treasury for redemption. (Signed), William A. Richardson Secretary. Treasury Balances. Tho following ate the Treasury balances to day : Currency *5,815,686; special deposits of le gal tenders for redemption of certificates of de posit $29,850,000; Coin $77,816,538; including $32,180,500 iu coin certificates; legal tenders outstanding $350,000,000. Choked to Dcnlli. Tom Wright was hung iu the jail yard here at noon to-day, in the presence of some 400 people, while tbo house tops in the viciniiy were crowded with spectators. Before being liung lie had a short interview with Young, the murderer, iu jail, simply saying, “I’ve got to go; good bye ’’ His neck was not broken, but iu seventeen minutes he choked to death. Destructive Fire at Toledo. Loss $250,000. Toledo, June 6.—A fire broke out at 9.30 o’clock this evening tu the trunk factory of Brooks, Chase & Crafts, on St. Clair street, be tween Adams aud Madison, which threatens to be the most disastrous that has occurred here for maky years. The locality or the tire is iu heart of the business portion of the city, and al ready, many stores on Summit street are in names A fresh wind is blowing from the

northwest, and at present it is imDo^sible to say where the tire is likely to he checked. Among the firms occupying the blocks now on tire,-are Eatou & Beckers, drygoods; M. Hunker, confectionary, Paul Bros., hair goods: •i »rov^n' hooks; C. H. Buck, merchant tailor; P. Scott and Walter Bros., boots and shoes, 1?rost and Williams, ladies’ furnishing goodf; V. \\ . Grangrr& Co., merchant tailots: Drake and Woods, ladies’ furniseing store; White and Brand, music store; L. Touke, jew eller; O: Schroler, notions and fancy goods; The buildiug occupied by the Daily Commer cial is uow on fire. Further particulars will be sent as soou as possible. . Midnight.—At this hour the fire is under par tial control, with a fair prospect that it will be stooped at Gardner block, corner of Summit and Madison streets. Trains have been sent to Detroit, Sandusky, Fremont and 4driau for steamers, and one from each of the two last named towus are convng. The Commercial office is but slightly injured, the wind carrying the fire away from it in a southerly direction. The flames swept through an alley between Adams and Madison streets in the rear of the stores froutiug on Summer street. The contents of all the stores in the line of the tire were removed, and though badly dam aged large portions will be saved. The street* are packed with goods in all directions, and a squad of Zouaves have been detailed to guard them. Toledo, Juue 7,1.20 A. M.—The fire is now entirely under control, having spread no fur ther southward than the Gardiner block. Tbc probably reach $250,000; insurance, $lo0,000. The store of Fred Eaton & Co., which was destroyed was the retail establish ment, the wholesale house being uninjured. Tbs tast of ;!ic .'I a doc. Salem, Oregon, June 5.—The following de spatch was received by Governor Grover to-dav, from Gen. J. E. Boss: Oregon Militia Headquarters., ) Lost Biver Springs, June 4. > Via Ashland. June 5. ) To Governor Grover:—The Modoc war has ended by the Oregon volnnte Ts. At 12 o’clock last night, after a hard march of three days and nights, by the forces under my command, the last warrior belonging to Capt. Jack’s hand was brought into camp. The captured number five men, four women and three children. The no torious Black Jim is one of the number. I will march my command to LinUville to-day, and place the warriors in irons to await your Ex cellency’s orders. JOHN E. BOSS, Brig. Gen. Commanding, O. S. M. The Governor has sent the following reply: Salem, Oregon, June 5. Gen. John E. Ross, Linkville:—I f you have any of the Lost Biver murderers standing indict ed iu the Circuit Court of Jackson County, de liver them to the Sheriff of said county, and deliver the other captives to the commanding officer of the United St» es forces in the Lake basin. Beturn the volunteers and muster them out. Assure your officers and men of my high est appreciation of their brilliant conduct. In behalf of the State, 1 congratulate you on your success. (Signed), L. F. GBOVEB, Governor of Oregon. jrnc nrcwcn' loiigmv Cleveland, Ohio, June G.—The National Brewers’ Congress closed yesterday. Addresses were made by Louis Scblade of Washington and H. N. Reuters of Boston. Resolutions were adopted taking strong grounds against the action of the temperance party, the posi tion of which they claim has become of such a nature as to be a source of alarm not only to the brewing interest but to the public at large by encroaching on personal liberty, interfering with innocent social habits and customs and influencing political votes for measures of a dangerous character; protestiug agaiust beiDg classed with dealers and manufacturers of dis tilled liquors, and calling on members of Con gress to maintain and defend a proper distinc tion between the two lines of trade; resolving to assume an antagonistic position to the tee totaller party and appeal to the common seuse of the public; requesting officers of local asso ciations to place themselves in correspondence with the loading political parties and to use all legitimate means to secure the election of mem bers of the legislature in each State who will look after the imprests of the brewer; resolving that is is the duty of every brewer to endeavor to obtain a recognition of the difference be tween malt and spirituous liquors from tho leg islatures; and declaring that the duty imposed on barley from Canada should be repealed. The Chicago Jubilee. Chicago, June G. —Tho attendance at the sec ond Jubilee Concert last evouing was immense. It is estimated that 40,000 persons were in the building. The programme included many pieces performed at Boston last year. The most notable successes of the perform ance were the singing of the Halleluiah chorus, the Anvil chorus and the singing of “Ameri ca.” The Anvil chorus was repeated in ans wer to uprorious encore. Tho iiumbprof strang ers in the city cannot bo less than 50,000, and by some it is estimated at 80,000. This afternoon the last concert will be given, introducing *a chorus of one thousand school children. This moruing a number of invited guests will be taken on an excursion to various points of interest in and around the city. To-night a se lect ball will he given in the hall of the Board of Trade, which will conclude the programme. The last of the regular concerts of the Jubi lee were giveu this afternoou to an audience that while not so large as that of last evening, was still of sufficient to crowd the immense tle fiot where the concerts have given, and being argely composed of cbildrou it exceeded in noise and confusion either of those of yester day. As a natural consequence, the orchestral effect was almost entirely destroyed. Another Indian Murder. San Francisco, June 6.—Advices from Ari zona this afternoon state that the Indian agent at San Carlos, Major Larrabee, had some diffi culty with tlie Apaches, and they undertook to kill him with spears. He ran to Lieut. Almv’s tent, and the latter with six soldiers went to the agency with him. They went iuto Larra bee’s tent. Larrabee and Almy came out of tlie tent, Larrabee in advance, when the Apach es fired on them. Almy received tbree bullets and fell dead without a groan. Larrabee was untouched and retired into the tent. The Apaches fled across the river. The Indians fired about for'y shots at Larrabee and Almy. It has been generally thought for some time that au outbreak was inevitable. Almy was born in the State of Massachusetts, and was promoted to be a 1st Lieutenant of the Gtli Cav alry in A pril, 18G0. Important Decision ngainst an Insurance Company. Baltimore. Juno G.—In the United States Circuit Conrt this morning the jury in the ease of Elizabeth M. Goss against the New York Life Insurance Company, to recover S5,OOG un der a policy issued by defendants to the bus band of plaintiff, returned a verdict in favor of tlio plaintiff for the full amount. Tbree other life insurance companies are interested in this case, tho^total amount being $23,000. The Judiciary Election.' CnicAao, June G.—Returns from the oloction forjudge of the Supreme Court iu the 5th district of Illinois, are still incomplete, hut suf ficient to show the election of Craig by a ma jority of at least 2,000. METEOROLOGICAL. P RON ANILITIES FOR THE NEXT TWENTY-FOCB HOURS. War Dep’t, Office Chief Signal ) Officer, Washington, D. C., > June 0. (8 P. ForJNcw England on Saturday, winds shitting to northerly and westerly and clear and clearing weather ora probable. For the Middlo States northerly and westerly winds, somewhat lower baromet •r and clear or partly cloudy weather. For the lower Lake region, winds veering to northerly and easterly, a lower temperature and clear or partly cloudy weather. For the South Atlan tic and Gulf States and Tennessee, partly cloudy weather and areas of light rain. From Missouri an-1 Kentucky to Michigan variable winds and clear or partly cloudy weather For Iowa and Minnesota, southerly aud westerly winds. The foreuoou telegraphic reports from Southern Florida and a portion of those from Texas and Rocky Mountain stations are miss ing. _ F O hi ill I G N. Spanish Affairs. The Paper Money—Carlist Apology for Cnrliet Brutality. JURirid, June 6—The Constituent Cortes is engaged in verifying the election of its mem bers. The credentials of 2G1) deputies have so far been approved. . The government has resolved to leave the settlement of the forced paper currency ques tion to the new ministry, which will probably be formed as soon as the Cortes is in working order. Bayonne, June G.—The attack on Iran was made by the Cure of Santa Cruz. The Carlists announce that it has been successful and the town is now in their bands. The Carlists shot twenty carbineers captured near Iran. . Great indignatiou is felt iu Madrid at the atrocity,but tbo Carlists claim that these men first buisted a white flag and then poured a volley into the Carlists as they approached. For this they wero shot down without mercy. i P«™r?M*TOfthe >CW isterot «*»' lar letter to the represe^atidfV1"™' abroad, declaring the difference be°twefn“tho majority of Hie deputies m the a,,™! ! „„ i M. Thiers was not on the foreign Wtdn policy, the late cabinet not offering sufflS? guarantee against the revolution in the coun try. Tho policy of the new government, he continues, will be moderate at borne aud pacific abroad. All attempts at revolution will be vig orously opposed without attacking existing in stitutions. ftcriou* Illness at Emperor William. London, June 8.—A despatch from Berlin to the News sa.vs that *.be Emperor William is iu a serious state, aud his physicians have ad vised him not to undertake the proposed visit to Vienna. Berlin, June G.— A despatch from Carlsbad announces the death iu that town of Princo Adelbert, cousin of Emperor William. A Startling Rumor. New York, June 8.—A London special states that officers of the Spanish army are proposing to pronounce against the republic aud summon the old Cortes to re-assemble. War in New Zealand, London, June 8.— Despatches from Mel bourne reports that a panic prevails in New Zealand over the frequent and terrible assas sinations by the mountaineers. The settlers are organizing for the defence and another war is probable. (luban ART ira. Havana, June 6.—The tribune attacks and condemns the colonization society for not pro tecting the rights of the Coolies. It regret* that fhe society fails to secure humane treat ment for the Chinese laborers and better pros pects for them when their contracts expire. The cruelty with which they are treated causes them to resort to suicide, murder or flight. It denounces the compulsory re-ooutract system, and charges that the present rules were cou cocted by men, who, finding that they could not continue their illicit traffic in human flesh, attempt to cheat the law by changing tho name of the traffic. The same journal reports that persous of known Carlist proclivities in Sautiago Do Cuba have sent £20,000.000 sterling to the Carlist Committee at London, to assist tho iusurrec tion which is now devastating ipain. The Diario opinises the Federal Republic and argues that nearly all the Spanish American Republics have been unsuccessful because they strive to imitate the Federal system of the United States, while tho governments of Chili and Peru endure becaure they have rejected the principle of federalism. The government yesterday released from con finement the American citizen, Augustin Santa Rosa. Severe Figbt. Official advices from tho interior report a battle in Manzanilla jurisdiction, in which the Spaniards suffered a loss of 21 killed and GO wounded, and the insurgents had 180 killed. The Forest Fire*. H alifax, June 8.—The forest fire is still rag ing in all directions. The town of Milton, Queens county, is in immiuent danger. 11INOK TE LEG BA.Tift. The English government has decided to au thorize the Bank of England to increase its circulation to £6,000,000, under certain restric tions. Capt. Tyson has no fears for the safety of the Polaris, and says sbo will undoubtedly arrive tl is summer. Griffin and Mordecai, who were to be hung in Raleigh, N. C. Friday, had their sentence commuted an hour before execution. M. Vitel, Vice President of the French As sembly is dead. The third game of base ball champion series was played in Baltimore yesterday, between the Bostons and the Baltimores, the former scoring 17 and the latter 11. Attorney General Williams will give his opinion on the Modoc question in a few days. Secretary Robeson is very busy investigating the Polaris matter at the Washington ‘ Na\y Yard. Secretary Richardson will not receive cotton claims filed after Nov. 18th, 1873, as that was the limit fixed by Congress. Wilsou Whiten, who died in Hingham.Mass. Tuesday, was the first deaf mute instructor in this country. He was forty-eight years in the American Asylum at Hartford The Secretary of the Interior denies that ch rges have been filed against the Commis sioner of Pensions. FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. Kcccipt* by Itnilroail* itn«l Mfennibnoti. Grand Trunk Railway—5 cars sundries, Ido shooks, 4 do for Boston, 1 do hay, 1 do potatoes, 2 ni splints, 1 do beans. 1 do pork, 22 laths and shingles; 48 do lumber, C do flour, 4 do oats, 11 do for St John, NB, 14 do for Halifax. 3 do for Bangor. Foirisn Exports. ST JOHN NB. Schr Roswell—1000 bbls flour, G50 hush oats, 1*0 doz rakes. Foreign Import*. ST. ANDREWS. NB. Schr Pointer—1645 railroad sleepers to C Barrett. New York Stock nod Jloncy Ifarket. Nkw York. June 6- Morninn.—Gold at 118. Mon ey 5 percent. Sterling Exchange 109 @ 110.— Stocks dull but firm. New York. JuneT£-Evenina.—Money easier at 4 @ 6 per cent.. Sterling Exchange steady at 108 15-16 (aj 109 for sixty days and 110 @ 110J lor sight. Gold firmer, advancing from 117|@ IISJ. with the latest business at 118 ^ 11*4. The clearances were 32,000, 000. Tiio As.-istant Tre surer disbursed $473,000.— Governments firm and the demand active at full prices but ibe offerings were small. The Secretary of the Treasury has issued another call for 5-20 bonds, the amount being $20,000,000. This makes $70,000, 000, 5-20* converted thus fir by the syndicate into new 5 per cent. State bonds dull and unchanged.— Stocks opened firm but Pacific Mail soon became weak and had a tendency to depress the rest of the market. In the afternoon the deprtssion became more marked'and a general decline with more activi ty followed. The largest sales were in Pacific Mail and Ohio. The former declined from 414 @ 38} and the latter from 41} @ 38|. At the close Pacific Mail was down to the lowest point of ibo day, but Ohio re covered to 39§. Tho decline in Ohio w vs due to the reports of an unauthorized issue of bonds, the fact br ing that lae issue is to obtain steel rails and is au thorized. The expected report of *he Pacific Mail di rectors is not ready for publication. Lake Shore and Union Pacific have been comparatively steady, which is attributed to the purchases by parties controlling the companies. Tlie following were the quotations or Government securities: United States coupon 6’s, 1881.122: United States5-20 8 1862.116 United States 5-20’s I8C4.116 United States 5-20’s 1865, old...118 United States 5-20’s 1865, new. 119 United States 5-2o*s 1867.121 United States 5-20’s 1868 .120 United States 5’s. new.115. United States 10-40’s.,coupons.. ....114 Currency 6’s ,. 113 The following were the closing quotations 0 Stocks: Western Union Telegraph Co. 844 Pacific Mail. 3JI N. Y. Centra1 and Hudson River consolidated... .101 Erie.„. 624 Brio preferred. il Union Pacific stock... 28 The following were the quotations for Pacific Rail road securities: Central Pacific bonds.... Union Pacific land grants.71* j Union Pacific income bonds... 624 Providence Print Market. Provides* e, June 6.—Printiug Cloth*—market quiet at 6| @ 64c for best C4’s PomeMfie Market*. Albany, June 6.—Cattle market—receipts 6494 bead, a decrease of 1406 from those of iast week. The market opened to-day buoyant and with good de mand and a shade stronger than last week al* hough prices suled abont the same. new York. June6—Evening—Cotton quiet; sales 1913 bales; Middling uplands at 194c. Flour la beaw and 10(a) 15c lower; sales 10,000 bbls; State 5 40(& 7 75; Round lioop Ohio 6 65 @ 9 75; Western 5 40 @ 9 57; Southern at 620 @ 11 00. Wheal lc higher; sales 14,400 bu*h; No 1 Spring 162; No 2 Sprin® at 1 48 @ 1 55; No 3 Spring 1 40 @ 1 45; Winter Red Western 1 70. Corn 1 @2e higher; sales 198,000 bush; ne v Mixed Western 52 @ 55c. Oats are heavy; sales 41.000 bush; new Western Mixed at 44 @ 464c‘; White State 54c. Beef steady. Pork firmer; new mess 16 50 @ 1662J; extra prime 14 00. Lara steady; steam at 84c; kettle 9|c. Butter unchanged; new State 25 @ 2U. Whiskey easier at 94$ @ 944e. Rice quiet: Caro lina at 74 @ 8|c Sugar quiet and steady; refining 7} §8c. Coffee is quiet.; Lnguayra 19 @ 194c: Rio 17* l9|c Gold; Maracaibo 184 @ 194c; Java 204 @ gty; St Domingo 164c. Molasses uulet and unchanged: cl lyed 29 @ 31c; New Orleans 67 (g) 80c; Porto Rico C5 @ 60c; Muscovado 30 @ 32c. Navid Stores—S| irits Turpentine steady at 4G.'c, R>*!n quiet at at 3 00 @ 3 05 for straiued. Petroleum steady; crude 8J @ £c; refined at 19J@20c. Tallow quiet at 84c. Freights to Liverpool quiet and easier; Cotton per steam, 14-16 @ 15-16U; Grain, do at 114 @ 124d. Chicago, June 6.—Flour quiet and unchanged.— Wheat active and higher; sales of No 2 Spring at 1 254 cash; do seller June l 25; seller July at 1 224 @ 1221; No 3 do 115; No l Spring at 1 30; rejected 95cT Com active and higher; sales of No 2 Mixed at 344 c ish; 384 @ 38§ seller July; 41| @ 414for seller Ang; reject ed active at 32c. Oats in fair demand and higher; sales No 2 at 284 cash; seller Ju'y 3uc; rejected 24 @ @ 244. Rye and Barley dull and nominal. Whls k« y steady at 90c. Provhi >ns—Pork quiet and weak and nominally at 15 50 @ 15 55 for cash ;do seller July 15 75. L ird in fair demand and lower at 8 30 seller Juno; 8 374 @ 8 50 seller July. Bulk Meats sold at i;#c for loose shoulders: on spot and seller July at 64c loose; short rib middles at 84c. Bacon is quiet and unchanged. Lake Freights active and higher—Com to Buffalo at 7c. Receipts—6,500 bbls flour. 6,000 bush wheat, 178, 000 biiali corn, 48,000 i»usb oats, 4,000 bush rye, 2,000 bush barley, 00,000 hogs. Shipments—5,000 ooi-* floor, 28,000 bush wheat, 36, 00) bush com, 117.000 bush oats, 0,000 bush rye, 0,000 bash barley, 0000 hogs. Cincinnati. June 6.—Provisions quiet. Pork is nominally at 16 50 @ 16 75; light offeiings. Lard is dull and no ofierings: some enquiries for future sales of stctin at 8J @ 84c bid; seller July 84c; keitlo at 8Jc. Bulk Meals quiet; sales ot shoulders at $c; gene ally held 6Jc; sales of clear rib sides at 84c; held at 8$c. Bacon is in lair demand and steady; shoul ders at 74c; clear rib sides 94c; clear sides at 9| @ 94c. Whiskey steady at 88c. xolxho. June 6.—Flour is quiot and unchanged.— Wheai in fair demand and higher; No 1 White Mich igan 1 70; Amber Michigan on spot at 1 57 @ 1 58: seller June 1 58; seller July 1 56 @ 1 574; No 1 Red at 1 60; No 2 Red o spot 1 56 @ 1 564; reller Juue 1 56; No 3 at 1 41; rejected 1 30; No 1 Amber Illinois 1 65; No 2 do 1 60. Corn advanced le; high Mixed on spot 43c; seller June 43 @ 434; seller July 44 @ 40e; seller Aug 454 @ Mixed 42 @ 424c; no grade 3t*4c; M" lii ;in 304. Lake Freights firm; to Buffalo 4c; to Oswego and Kingston 74 0 8c. Receipts—1,500 bbls flour, 1,000 bush wheat, 36,000 bush com, 5,000 bush oats Shipmentr—100) bbls flour, 26,000bush wheat,26,000 bush com, 0,000 bu»b oats. Detroit. June 6.—Flour qiiiet and unchanged.— Wheat dull and lower; extra White 1 75 @ 1 76;closed at 1 77 bid without sellers; No 1 White t 66 @ 1 70; Amber Michigan 156 @ 1 564. Corn is dull and lowe»-; No 2 at 4uc; Yellow 44c. Oats dull and de clining at 37c. Freights to Buffalo 44 @ 5c; to Oswego 7|. Receipts—o.uuo bbls Hour, 00,000 basu wheat, 6,000 bush corn, 3300 bush oats. Shipment*—2000 bbls flour, 1,000 bush wheat, 0,000 bush com, 3,000 bush oats. Chableston, June 6.—Cotton quiet; Middling up lands — @ 18c. . Savannah, June6.—Cotton dull; Middling up lands at 18f\ Mobile, June G —Cotton Ann; Middling uplands ; 17}c. New Orleans, June6.—Cotton easier; Middling uplands 18Jc. Havana Market. su^.v^Ni’iUDC«-Klrt;an*e M erm- ou United j »iVB r.nrrcncy short sight 1k@ 184 prein.; dot^co’da?1^’^^30^* short sight 39 (® 40; on Lou “on, «0 days, 81} ® 82} j ou Paris, GO uSys, 34 prenl. l-osnox i Ba,*p**'* MwrUeu. 92 for muue; A. M.—Connols opened at American secni-j,i, . !l. <tol8«7.M}; dolo‘i(S.*~H;S-5-20’» 1865, old, at 91*; , way at 48}. ’ Wi ;new Bn, 89}. Erie Kail- 1 London, Jnnc o—s.oo p M ,, for money and account. ’ ■‘'“sela closed at 92} [ American securities—United . „ 94}; Erie 48}. 1 States 5-20#, 18G7, eld Liverpool, June 0—5.00P.M_Gotten sales 10,0140 bales, including 9000 for «l«eoUuJj1“”j Frankfort, Jane C.—United States 5-2o» i8i9> 1 05}. ' at ENTERTAINMENTS^ Forest City TROTTING PARK! PORTLAND, ME. 1873 June Meeting 1873 Jnue loth, lltli. 12th, 13th & 14th. $2lToo ITS JPREMITJM8. TUESDAY, Jnnc lOth. PmifiA \ For horses that have nev X III 8u | or trotted better than three minutes; $150 to first, $60 to second, $40 to third. Hiram Woodruff, Beacon Park, Boston, names b. g. Tim Watson. George M. Delaney, Augusta, Me., namos b m Nel lie. Prudcn Letourneau, West Waterville, names ch m Purity. , Jacol>8» Skowhegan, Mo., names gray m La dy Walton. G H. Hicks, Charlestown, Mass.,names b m Flora. \\ right & Norcross, Mystic Park, Boston, names blk s Lot hair. J. F. Beck, Solon, Me., names g g Ed Gray. A. W. Worcester, Beacou Park, Poston, names w g Baby Boy. George H. Bailey, Forest City Park, names blk m F«amaught Belle. R. G. Knight, Cornish Me., b g. Wonder. Plll*GlA fiQAA l For horses that have never X IIII5t/ j trotted better than 2:40 ;$175 to first, $75 to second, $50 to third. F. Brickctt, Lisbon Falls, Me., names g g Meddle some. Dan Bigler, Beacon Park, Boston, names b m Grice. Geo. H. Hicks, Charlestown, Mass., names ch g Ludlow Boy. A. D. Webber, Beacon Park, Boston, names b c Honest Brock. George M. Delaney, Augusta, Me., names br g Bil ly Bumpus. Bov Medford, Mass., names ch g Mystic A n. Woodard, South Framingham, Mass., names b s John Lambert. ^am^£uf,tin’ Park, Boston, names b s King William. WEDNESDAY, June lltli. ^A I Free to all road wagons, X UI f wagon and driver to weigh 300 !bs: $150 to first; $75 to second, $25 to third. Lon Morris, Mystic Park, Boston, names b m Ella El wood. G. H. Hicks, Charlestown, Mass., names ch g Ludlow Boy. Dan Bigley, Beacon Park, Boston, names ch m •Fannv. Wright & Norcross, Mystic Park, Boston, namo ch g Auburn Boy. S. II. Jacobs, Skowhegan, Me., names ch g Troub lesome. Hiram Woodruff, Beacon Park, Boston, names blk g Regulator. Pll l*kA £ 1 A A \ For horses that have nev -*■ OU 1 er trotted better than 2:35, to be trotted under saddle; $60 to first, $30 to second, $10 to third. G. H. Hicks, Charlestown, Mass., names b g Toby Candor. Wright & Norcross, Mystic Park, Boston, name blk h Lo hair. Charles Haich, Bangor. Me., names blk ra Ink. H. E. Willis, Medfo.d, Mass., names ch g Mystic Boy. THURSDAY, June 13th. 'PllFfiD I For horses that have nev A U1 OU tlvr») cr trotted better than 2:50; $150 to fltst, $60 to second, $40 to third S. H. Jacobs, Skowhegan, Me., names g m Lady Walton. Wright & Norcross, Mystic Park, Boston, names blk 8 Lot hair. Dan Bigley, Boacon Park, Boston, names b m Grace. G. H. Hick?, Charlestown, Mass., names bm Flo ra. J. F. Beck, Solon, Me., names g g Ed Gray. Geo. M. Delaney, Augusta, Me., names blk m La dy Hassan. Pruden Letonrneau, West Waterville, names b m Lady Mansfield. Hiram Woodruff, Beacon Park, Boston, names b g Tim Watson. George H. Bailor, Forest City Park, names blk m Fearnaught Belle. A. W. Worcester, Beacon Park, Boston, names w g Baby Boy. PiinQA &QAA \ For horses that have nev A 111 St? ^Ovv, f er trotted better than 2:37; $175 to first, $75 to second $50 to third. J. N. Woodward, South Framingham, Mass..names bs John Lambeit. JamesDustin, Mystic Park, Boston, names bg Stranger, formerly Muggins. Dan Bigley, Beaccu Park, Boston, names b m Lady Wentworth. Wright & Norcross, Mystic Park, Boston, name ch g Auburn Boy. F. Brickett, Lisbon Falls, Me., names g g Meddle some. Geo. M. Delaney, Augusta, Me., names hr g Billy Bumpus. FRIDAY, Jane 19th. Plll'fiO AA i For hor8es that have nev A 111 Ov QjOl/vr* ( er trotted better than 2:38, two miles and repeat in harness; $175 to first, $75 to second, $30 to third. H. A. Hall. Boston, Mass., names • m Caonchonc. A» D. Webber, Beacon Park, Boston, names bg Honest Brock. Dau Bigley, Beacon Park, Boston, names b m La dy Wentworth. S H. Jacobs, Skowhegan, Me., names b m Belle Ja cobs. F. Brickett, Lisbon Falls, Me., names g g Meddle some. L. J. Brackett, Windham, M., names b m Maine Girl. Pruden Letouraeau, West Waterville, names blk m Gentle Annie. James Dustin, Beacon Park, Boston, names b s King William. 21AA \ For horsos that havo nev A III St? J er trotted better than 2:32; $250 to first $100 to second; $50 to third. bS G* ®ro^rn’ Bristol> 5L, names g g Bristol James Dnstin, Beacon Park, Boston, names b g Frank Palmer. S. H. Jacobs, Skowhegan, Me., names ch m Troub lesome. Dan Bigley, Beacon Park, Boston, names ch m Fanny. A. D. Webber. Beacon Park, Boston, names Buck skin g Royal Mike. A. w. Worcester, Beacon Park, Boston, names b g Sam Curtis. Charles Hatch, Bangor, Me., names blk m Ink. SATURDAY, Jane 14th. SPECIAL PREMIUMS. Three Hundred a.>d Fifty Hollars, Maine Gen. Hospital Prizes. First Premium. Martin & Pennell, wagon, valued $250, for horfes that have never beaten 2:45. Second Premium. Gold Mounted Harness, value $1C0, for horses that ha e never beaten 2:35. Entrance fee 10 per cent.,to close Friday noon, June 13th at 12 o*clock m at Hospital Fair Headquarters, under Falmouth Hotel, or with the proprietors of the track. The above races will all be mile heats best 3 in 5 in harness, excepting Nos. 3 and 4, and will be trotted under the rules f the National Association. Trotting will commence each day at 2} p. m. Covered wagons will run from the city to the track and a good res taurant will be founa upon the ground?. Pools sold aud settled at No. 14 Preble street, rear of Preble House, every forenoon and ovenlng du ring the meeting. Tickets 50 cts.; season tickets admitting gentleman and lady to all races over the Park this season and for driving on the track $10. Badges good for four days trotting, $2.00, can be had at the rate BAILEY & WILLIS, Proprietors. juneSdtd ARRANGEMENTS — FOB — Maine Gen’l Hospital Fair To be holden in CITY AND FLUENT HALLS, PORTLAND Commencing June 10, at 2 P. M., To continue Eight Daft and Ermine a. (Mnadny* excepted). On each day after the loth the IValle trill be opened front lO o’clock A. m. nntil o’clock P. n Governor Perbam will deliver an Add res. at the opening of the Fair Tuesday afternoon. Music by . tno Portland Band. The Refreshment Department, under the charge of the Ladles’ Executive Committee, will be In Fluent’s Hall, which will be connected with L ity Hull by a Bridge. Entertainments will be given each evening In Re ception Hall. R'ssini Hall will be used as a Picture Gallery, where the largest and finest collection of Pictures ever seen in Maine will be exhl ited. „,"™on ’the other attractions will be an exhibition p-SI!" Blo,win8. » manufactory of Earthern Ware, ruucb and Judy show, Shooting Galb ry, &e., &c. ,r£anF®™ent* have been maae with all Railroads and Steamboat lines in the State for half fare. Tick s'00? from the 10th to luth of June inoineive. w.m Jl R ?n Tickets to the Fair will be sold with all halt fare tickets for 25 cents oach. Hall will be 01 cn day and evening under HI?""f® of_ a competent person for the use of vie * Fakfrom out of the city. Entrance to tbia hall second door ftom Temple street on Congress. Admission tn ike Fair 95 Cento. Contributions for the Fair will behreneht .... II -Hl-ptl Sjg k„|£r” C"» O H ! ’ Sh*irm»n, £• w mJisKc LL' ir«a*urci, C. E. JOSE. Secretarv, Exoentivi. S. C. GORDON executive S. H. TEWKSBURY, H. F. FURBISH, F. H. GERRISH. Committee. JAMES E. CARTER, J°2 dtd Boarding House for Lease. L°^mnsEtme?nC?“tnnt’ near Congress street. Con Will ',TK roo“8’ *a* and Sebago. Rent *800. si, tn^WM^n^VvIfiiTc,^0 a ret possible tenant. An- | ply to WM. H. JEKRIS, Beal Estate Agent. Jo5*iw _ISNTEKTAINMENT8. MU 810 HALL “HE 8 GOT TO COME”—-AGAIN J Remaining for Mine Might*. COMMENCING MONDAY, JUNE Bth. HARRY BLOODUOOD’S Minstrel & Burlesque Combination including the old favorites and seven new feces, all great stars, completing the master variety entertain ment on the road Look at the great names of MR. THAKLEN MATTHEW* and M’LLE BELLE CBLEHTE, the wonderful people of the air. Mr. Cm. F. Moore nod Mis* Killy II< u(lemon, Slngiy they are great—together they will never have an equal. Hr An ly J. Leavitt, the original corner-stone or Ethiopian Comedy. Banjo and Son.. Brother*, in their beautiful wooden shoe specialties, invite c< m petit Ion. nf?Li 1***** Riddell, the ebarmiug little queen vocalists. 1 H ,n„ drl»*ide Demout, in beautiful Ofieratl Blo.dc.s4 llunx lr Gnuitl Billiard Match FOR 8100 A SIDE Bepveen the Champion or ,ht ^late ol Maine ana the rim., piou of the City ol Portlana at LANCASTER HALL THURSDAY EVENING, June 12, C.nnaracing at 8 •’clack. Admission to the floor SO cents; Galleries, which are lree, reserved for Ladies. Tickets for sole at the door. jutdtd Forest City Trotting Park. 1§.?9^ open an‘* rea *y for Season ticket holden. Tickets admitting the holder to all races over the Bark, and for riding or driving for ness* n ol 1813 can be obtained olthe Propriet-rs or of E. Dana t. apothecary, or J. F. Libby’s Stable Congress St. roy^dtfBAILEY & WILLIS _AUCTION JSALES._ 2000 Choice Plants AT AUCTION.' ON SATURDAY, June7th, at 10 o’clock A M., we shall sell al office 2000 choice Plants, conrist ingof a general assortment of bedding-out Flants, in Pots and Baskets, from the well kn wn Conserva tories ot D. L. T aylor, ot Melrose, Mass. ,F. O. BAILEY * CO., Aacti.acer*. jo3__ dtd Executor's Sale of Valuable Real Estate. ON TUESDAY, June 10th, at 3 o’clock P. M., I shall sell the desirable property on corner ot Congress and Carter streets, West End. Sai l prop erty consists of a new two -ton wooden House, eon tainlng 14 flnlshed t oms, well arran ed lor two lam ilies. The ah .ve house was built by the day ht the most thorough manner, has good brick basement, good cellar, large closets, Ac. Tci mi cash. This Is a very desirable property for occupancy or Investment. L. EUGENE WEYMOUTH, Executor of Will of Levi Wey mouth. F. O. BAILEY & CO. Aacli.acrn. ■I«3__ dtd Desirable Real Estate at Wood fora’s Corner, Dueling, at Auc ttou. ON WEDNESDAY’, June ltlh, at 3 o’clock P. M., we shall sell the Dyer propel ty at Vnodford’a Corner, Dceriog, consisting of a new one and a half story House, L and Baru. Toe house contains 9 rooms party tiniebed, good cellar. Thtae buildings were built new last season, are conveniently arranged and finely located. The lot contains 10,000 square feet, situated on line of Horse Cars, 15 minutes ride Horn Portland. F. O. BAILEY & CO., Aaeli.aeer*. J“3_ dtd Norton Bros. Sale of Plants AT AUCTION. ON WEDNESDAY, June lltb. at 10 o’clock, wo aka 11 sell Hardy Perj>eiual and Tea Roses, Ver benas, Fuchsias, Geraniums, Dent arias, P« 1 argon i ums, Lantanuas, Calceolarias, and i general assort ment of Bedding Plants from the favorite Conserva tories of Norton Bros., Dorchester, Mass. Parties who atiended the sales of Norton Bros, last year will remember them as the finest of the sea son. F. O. BAILEY Sc CO., Auctioneer*. _ dtd A. 8. BAILEY Sc CO.. Auctioneers. House and Lot at Auction. WE shall otter at public auction THURSDAY, June 12th, at 12.30 noon, the House aid Lot No. 38 Cove street, ihe house is a two story wooden house, well arrauged for two families and In good or der. The lot is 50x50. There is a policy of lh*uranre in the Pbcenix Fiie Insurance Co. of Brooklyn, N. Y., that expires Aug. 13.1875, for the sum or feoo. which will be transferred to the purchaser free. — also — Immediately after the above the LOT OF LAND 50 x50 adjoining the above on the westerly shit, being the lot cojner of Cove stieet and a lane lea*ling to Hammond street. The Marginal Way, now sure of being completed, muBt increase the value of this property. Terms liberal and made known at sale. Ju6 dtd Large Sale ol Sew Furniture and Carpets al Auction. ON THURSDAY, June 12th, at 11 o’clock, at salesroom, we shall sell one new Parlor suit in B. W. and French Plush, one do in B. W. anti Green Rept, one do in B. W. and Hair Cloth, on.- Mahoga ny Chamber Sett, one Oak do Marble Top, 3 painted do, 2 new B. W. Book Cases, one nt-w B. W.#Ward Robe, 3 new Pine do. 5 Refrigerators, lu new Carpets, one Sofa and Turkish Easy Chair in Green Rej t and B, W., one Magee Advance Cook Stove No. 8, one Model Cook Stove, &c. At »0 o’clock a lot of new and second hand Crock ery, new Tin Ware, Sheets and Pillow Slips, Cutlery, Silver Plateo Ware. Ac. F. O. BAILEY Sc CO., Auctioneers. Jw7_dtd Real Estate at Auction. THE valuable property on the coiner of Congress and Park streets, known as the Jones estate, will be ottered for sale by auction, on the premises, ou TUESDAY, June 17th, at lialf-past 2 o’clock P. M. The lot is 203 feel on Congress street ami 120 feet on Park street, and contain* about 3fi.000 square feet. The houso is well built w ith about forty r om*. 'J be garden 1» iu fine order and well stocked with fruit tree*, &c., together with a Gre»n House aud Colii Grapery, both thoroughly built and in excellent order. The Stable and Ice House are also in good order. Terms of sale liberal. Persons wishing to *ee the premises before tho day of sale wl I call on \vM. H. JERRIS, Real Estate Agent, Caho< n Block. F. O. BAILEY Sc CO., Auctioneer*. Jutt__ dtd aonjiiii, a dku.. Awrlionrrrs and < onmi..i,n .tlmhaat., give (heir special attention to selling Real Kstate Furniture and Meichanolsr ol all kinds. Horses Car riage-, Ac. Adv uces made on consignments. Reg ular Sales of new and recond-hand Kuoil urt- at the Auction Rooms every Satuidav morning. Commu nications by mail promptly attended to AB •ABM A- BROTHER, 125 Fe leral St., under the U. S. Hotel. X. B. Money advanced on Watches, Jewelry, Furniture, Clothing, and all goods of value. *P<23_ dtf WING & SON’S PIANOS! (Successors to DOANE, WING A CUSHIXG.) The American Piano. FIRST PREMIUMS. Illinois State Fair, 1870. Alabama Stair Fair, 1871. Ohio State Fair, 1871 & 1872. Texas State Fair, 1872. Numerous County Fairs. From .Vr. Edward hnfman, the etlelnrated Fiauilt. “I conscientiously believe that your Piano la in every respect a moil mapnideent imtrumen, Form the “Independent" "The Amer can Piano has deservedly become a very popular instruiueut.” Purchasers’ testimonials from all parts of the U. S. WARRANTED SEVEN (7) YEARS Prices Low for the Quality. Responsible Agents wanted for unoccupied terrt ;«ty- I" localities where agencies are not vet llshed, uniII such are established. we will sell Pianos to the public, at Factory Wholesale Prices. Send for circular to WING & SOiV, 417 Broome St., New York. ap8___ jflV STOCK « ♦ TS v *ty finish and fll. So d<n*t wrong ^“LSfVvi'ending your measure to New \oik or ^when >ou can obtain ibe very boil boot. Sc and always a sure fit, of M. «. PALMER. my® __ eod6w JOB PRINTING neatly executed at tkl* office.

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