Newspaper of Portland Daily Press, June 9, 1873, Page 2

Newspaper of Portland Daily Press dated June 9, 1873 Page 2
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T HE P EES S. MONDAY MORNING, JUNE 9, 1878. Evsey re :ular attache of the Press is furnished v\lib a card certificate countersigned by Stanley T. Pullen, Editor. All railway, steamboat an l bote managers will confer a favor upon us by demanding ored'-ntlals of every person claiming to represent our ioornal, as wo have information that several “bum mers” are seeking courtesies in the name of the and wo have no disposition to be, e%on pos s vely, a party to such fraud Republican State Convention. The Republicans oi Maine and all others w ho sup port the present National and State Administrations aro invited to send delegates to a Stato Convention to be bolden in R'oroinbcga flail, Bangor, Thursday, June 19, 1873, n» 11 o’clock. for the purpose of nominating a candidato for Gov ernor and transacting any other business that may properly come before the convention. The basis of representation will be as follows:— Each city, town and plantation will be entitled to one delegate and one additional for every 75 votes for the Republican candidate for Governor in 1872. A fraction of 40 votes, additional to the full number for a delegate, is also entitled to a delegato. Delegates are authorized to All vacant ies only with actual residents of the county to which the town be longs. The State Committee will be in session at 9 o’clock the morning of the Convention for the roeeptlon oi credentials. •Tames G. Blaine, Kennebec, Chairman. William P. Fkve, Androscoggin. ■ i-i > Woodbury. Aroostook. : pan ley T. Pullen. Cumberland. P. C. Perkins, Franklin. Jons D. Hopkins, Hancock. H. R. Spear, Knox. :J arble, Lincoln. F. E. Shaw, Oxford. •John H. Lynde, Penobscot. E. A. Thompson, Piscataquis. F. D. Sewall, Sagadahoc. Sew all E. Pkescott, Somerset. Fred. Atwood, Waldo. Nelson S. Allan, Washington. Leonard Andrews, York. Z. A. SMITH. Secretary. May t, 1873. " A Dangerous System. The recent judicial election in Illinois shows the danger that attends the judiciary system of a State where the judges are se lected by a popular vote. Judge Lawrence wiois admitted to be an able and honest j idge, gave a decis’ou that a recent act of the Legislature, relative to railroad tariffs, is unconstitutional. It is said that every well in f jrmed lawyer agrees with him. The decision was aga'nst the farmers, whereupon without i npuguing the motives of Judge Lawrence, they nominate a man forjudge who they sup pote will decide that the act is constitutional and have elected him. In Cook county, those who want to sell whiskey and beer Sunday, were aggrieved that the judge presiding over the court should declare that the law forbidding the sale of such beverages Sunday, is constitutional. They want a judge who will declare that the statute is un constitutional and accordingly uominate their man. Fortunately for the good of com munity the candidate of the saloons was de feated, but he might have been elected. From this it will be seen that the tendency of the elective system is to overthrow all independence of the judiciary and to place upon the benches of the courts, a class of demagogues. In short, the opinions given by courts will simply be those of the party electing them rather than of in dependent and conscientious Judges of the law. It is a fact worthy of notice that in those States where the judiciary department is made elective, there are always charges if not evidences of corruption. The recent develop ments in New York in the cases of Cardozo and Barnard demonstrate the fact. On the other hand, in States like Maine, where the judges are not in danger of being set aside for independent and conscientious action, in sinuations against their integrity are seldom if ever heard. It is very doubtful if Massachusetts would have entered into the Hoosac tunnel enter prise had its legislators foreseen the immense cost and, above all, the great perplexity and possible corruption that its completion will involve in consequence of the efforts of vari ous railroad corporations to secure their own success at the expense of their rivals. Tiie Boston Advertiser in speaking of the contest in the Legislature and the unsatisfactory con dition in which that body leaves the matter, says: It has not been a contest between several plans all designed in the interest ot the public, but a scramble between half a dozen railroads to secure a prize or to defeat the efforts of others to get it. Nobody has represented the State or its interests. The result is a drawn battle, except lor that road which pre ferred that the whole State should suffer ratber than not have a share in the distribution. The Massachu setts Central has won a victory which neces sitates a more bitter and acrimonious fight next year, if not at the polls in November; a victory, too, which almost invites the com panies to try the power of a corruption fund. Such a victory is a public misfortune, and ought to compel thinking men to ask them selves whether a political system that makes such things not only possible but inevitable does not need radical amendment. The value of exported articles from this country to others during the year 1872, is $57,073,449, against $54,221,588 in 1871. The exhibit is even more favorable than the above figures indicate, for in 1871 nearly five mill ions represent the fire arn» sold in France, which with the munitions of war sold at that time,amounts to $6,440,432 which is an abnor mal product and should really be deducted from the legitimate exports of 1871, thus making the increase the last year very much larger than appears in the figures given. And it i3 worth noting that the last half of the year 1872 was much the more favorable for manufactures as regards imports,—a move ment being then begun which will show ex cellent results when we are able to compare by fiscal years, beginning the first of July. For instance, while cotton goods show a loss for the whole year of half a million dollars, the last six months of the year show a gain of 8264,318, which is an increase of nearly twenty-five per cent, over the same period in 1871. Not long since one of tlic most intelligent farmers of Maine remarked that tho>e rais ing horses in this State were gradually falling Into a grave error in breeding light animals with a view to speed, to the almost entire ex clusion of heavy draft horses. The fancy price thBt a fine trotter here and there com mands, and the prominence that trotting horses a^e taking, has caused a great fall ng off in the production of the more serviceable animals required in all the more uselul departments of business. One of a firm in this city informs us that it is almost impossi ble to find a sound, heavy dray horse, and when found they command a very high ■price. This a matter worthy of the atten tion of Maine farmers. One strike at least has failed in New York —that ofhorsc-sboei's. These mechanics were receiving $3.50 a day of ten hours. They de manded eight hours and the same pay. They were refused and three hundred and fifty quit work. The bosses then went to work to se cure non-union men and were successful to the extent that they have only taken back one hundred of tho society men. They pay their men now acccording to their worth, some that only received $3.50 under the old rule of the union now get $4. There arc, however, two hundred and fifty men who have nothing to do and who must fall back upon their scanty savings or depend upon the charity of other laborers. Ik reply to an inquiry of a member of the Ohio Coustitutioral Convention, Mayor Me dill of Chicago has written a letter giving his observations of the workings of the minority representation amendment to the constitu tion of Illinois. Mr. Medill gives it as his opinion that the measure has worked well, and secures the State a better hgislature than the old system. As a geneial thing, he says that the minority members, that is, the third member of the three in the district which represents the party in the majority therein, are usually the ablest of the delega tion. He says that the only rpposers a*e the Bourbon breed and the dan of court house partizans who believe in disfranchising their oneuts through motives of selfishness. Thebe is a little consolation to be found in the fact that when at last the American de partment at the Vienna exhibition was op ened it was found to bo creditable to the country, its novelties surpassing those of oth er countries. The exhibition as a whole seems to have fallen below the expectations | of its originators, as has also the number of visitors. _______ Sketches of the Modoc Murderers. A telegram from a correspondent at Boyle’s Camp, dated June 4th, says: I had an interview with Capt. .Tack through the medium of an interpreter. H is first rcma“rk was in relation to his shackles. He said it made him feel mean to bo hobbled like a horse; he was not afraid to die, and had no idea of running away. All questions pertaining to his nghting he declined to answer, but voluntarily started upon a statement of his grievances anil those of his people. With reference to the Ben \\ right affray he said the white men murdered his people years ago, and that what he had done was ouly in payment of old debts. He did not enter into details, but left the interpreter (Scar Faced Charlie) to patch up the story. A critical study of Jack’s face corroborated the impression derived at first sight, that he is a thorough Indian. His head is quite large square apd sets firmly ou his shoulders. His eyes are black and bright, and his face broad with prominent high cheek bones. His noes is symmetrical and slightly squiliue, lips thin anil clean cut, and combined with his chin indicate resolution of purpose that has won him such notoriety. His complexion is dark, and his face has a pleasant look. Take him all in all, he is a striking man. Place him among thou sands, and he would be taken for a chief by any observing stranger. Those who have seen him do not wonder that he is the leader of the Modocs, though in chains and on the brink of eternity. He is yet feared and respected by the Indians about him. His nearest companion in chains, Schonchin, is about 50 years of age, is wrinkled and has the villain depicted in every line of h;s face. He wears his hair short and stands about five feet in his moccasins. Bos ton Charlie is about 25 years old, and his face is expressionless. Jack would attempt to escape if he had a chance, even at the risk of being shot down. Probably he never realized that his death was inevitable until the irons were placed on his feet. Scar-Faced Charley says Jack told him he could get clear when the white men were asleep. This was before the irons were brought into use. General Davis is satisfied that Jack tried to escape last night,and through the aid of confederates on the outside, for upon examination of his shackles this morning it was found that one of the rivets had been filed nearly in two. His legs only are confined. At four o’clock this afternoon Col. Mason ar rived from Fairchild’s ranche with an infantry force of the cxbedition and seventy Modocs who came in here. Thus we have here 12Scap tives. Dominion Affairs The St. John Globe says that the public debt j of the Dominion is $120,000,000, instead of $82, 000,000, as stated by the government. It says it is no use to take into account assets that yield nothing, like the Intercolonial Railway. The same paper complains that the Domin ion employs a lot of officers to superiuted pub lic buildings, causing great trouble to contract ors, whom it styles lazy, and useless nuisances. The St. John News denies that the Scotch emigrants to New Brunswick have left that province, discouraged at the prospect. The Telegraph was our authority for the statement. During twenty-one months ending May 31st new buildings have been erected to the value of three million dollars in Toronto. An opposition paper says that the Dominion Ministry recommend the payment of $150,000 to the Province of New Brunswick, to indemni. fy it for the $30,000 duty it has collected from American lumber, which is now otherwise dis posed of, expecting and hoping that the oppo sition would attack and defeat tho proposition, aud at onec save the government a large sum of money, and excite the ill-will of the people of the Province. The opposition saw the little game, and let the matter pas3 uncballengcd A member of the Dominion Par'iament, a college professor, and two lawyers, “qualified to wear silk,” one editor and twenty-five doc tors, signed a petition in Montreal, asking that the law compelling vaccination in that city, bo repealed, because such vaccination is an infrac tion of porsonal liberty, has not proved effica cious in arresting the ravage of the small pox, and has caused severe sickness, and even death. Mb. Editob:—In your leader Friday, on “The Walworth Tragedy,” you conclude with the following conundrum to your readers: “There is but one further inquiry that is pertinent in this matter: Would Cole and Mc Farland have escaped the punishment that brands the murderer, if the revolting death penalty were supplanted by certain imprison ment for life with such seclusion as would pre clnda them from the sight of their friends?” I think I have guessed the true answer, which is Yes ! My reason is this. On both these trials, as on every murdar trial in the common law courts of England and of the United States, the jury wen distinctly instructed by the Judge, and repeatedly informed by counsel, that it is wholly within their power to acquit, to convict of murder in the first degree, or of manslaughter, or of simple assault only. And if there are two or more degrees of murder un der the New York law, then the jury were fur ther instructed that they were at liberty to con vict of either degree. Thus in a recent capital trial in this State, the jury were instructed “it is competent for you to find the prisoner guilty of murder of the first degree, of murder of the second degree, of manslaughter, or not guilty gcnerally, as you shall find the fact* to be." Now, as the death penalty is inflicted only for murder of the first degree, and as the jury in the cases of Cole ami McFarland might, if they pleased have convicted of a less offense not involving a capital sentence, it is perfectly plain that their verdict of acquittal was with out even the poor apology which yon try inter rogatively to offer for it. A Subscriber. Portland, June 7, 1873. Looking fob Country Board.—The metro politan papers are arc now discoursing about the country and summer retreats during the hot weather. The New York Times tells us what those who want a simple quiet country re'rcat will be pleased with, and for the benefit of those who propose to take quiet people we give the following extract; All that individuals of this description desire, is neatness, fresh air and plenty of milk. Plain and wholesome farm living is the idea. Fresh vegetables just out of the garden, butter ignorant of public, conveyances and ancient history, rich cream and unwatered milk, small fruits directly off the vines or bushes, and larger ones immediately from the trees, good home made bread—none of your City baker’s stuff—plain cooking, no elaborate and un wholesome fashionable dishes, simple desserts and not the indigestible pastry that ruins the health of so many persons in town, particularly children; these arc the things that are espec ially wanted, and experienced boarding-house keepers know very well how to gratify the wish. Business Changes.—The following are re cent business changes in this State: Portland—E. McKenne.v & Co„ flour dealers; E. McKenne.v deceased, F. W. McKenney ad mitted; now W. L. Alden & Co. Charles Perry &Co.. flour dealers dissolved; now Charles Perry. Augusta.—S. C. Whitebouse& Co.,dry goods gold out to Leighton, Scranton & CO. Bangor.—H. H, & J. H. Crocker, groceries and provisions, admit Chas. E. Dennis; now Crocker Bros. & Dennis. Boothbey.—John H. Blair, hardware, sold out. Buckfield.—J. C. Fniler,gen. store and mill; now Fuller & Hines. Hiram Hines, gen. store; now Hines & Moore. Denmark.—E. A. Tolman & Co., clotlics-pin mfrs.. dis. Norridgewock,—C, A, Whiting, gen. store, sold out to E. Hale. | Norway.—Ames & Nevers, piano key mfrs., dis.; now Geo. S. Ames. Snow at the White Mountains.—Early visitors to tho White Mouotaiu region this summer will find a greater amount of snow about the ravines than has remained to so late a date for many years. Prof. Huntington in a recent journey through the White Monntaiu Notch found only one snow drift in the road, and that a short distance from tho Willey House. At the beginning of the present month there was a drift ten feet deep, twenty feet wide and thirty feet long in the rear of the Pro file House, andiu close proximity to the dining room. Mr. Clement, landlord of the Prospect House, on the summit of Moosilauke, went up that mountain a few days ago, and reports the snow to be fifteen feet deep for half a mile near the Spring, part way up. Gband Consolidation.— It is reported on excellent authority, that within a month the European & North American railroad will pass into the hands of the Eastern railroad. A grand through line from Bangor to New York, by which passengers can go fro m one place to the other without change of cars, will then be put into operation. The convenient hotel cars will bo put upon the route, and every arrangement pnt into effect to make it in all respects a first class line. A week ffom to-day, the control of the Maine Central by the Eastern, becomes an established fact, and the new time tables in ac cordance with this arrangement will be issued. Sews and Other Items. Modoc, the Overland Monthly assures i.s, should he spelled Moadoc. A boy of seventeen has lately married a girl of twelve in Jackson, Tenn. The Bedford (Pa.,) Inquirer refuses to adver tise circusses a' any price Peace Commissioner Meachain, who was shot with Canby, will never recover his sigh*'. An Iowa town held a ‘‘giave-yard bee’* last week, to raise money to put its cemetery in order. An Indiana schoolmaster tells his scholars that the use of tomatoes as food product's insan ity. Samuel A. King, tlie aeronaut, declares it mpoasiblo in Lis opinion, to cross the Atlantic in a balloon. The Postmaster General decides that tho new postal act docs not iuhibit married women from becoming Postmasters. aval Assistant Surgeon, Geo. P, Bradley, of Maine, has been ordered home from the Canan dagua. Jay Gould has gone West; but he will not buy a farm as long as he can invest his super fluous check in railroads. The Washington Chronicle insists that Sen ator Buckingham of Connecticut has not drawn his back pay. ‘‘So much for Buckingham.” A large uumber of government printers will apply to the Court of Claims for the extra twenty per cent authorized by the act of 18G8, for ten hours work. The quarrel in tho National Labor Council still continues. The dissidents have in prepa ration an address denunciatory of ex-Seuator Pool. The Pittsfield tMass.) Eagle, denies by au thority the rumor that Mr. Dawes intend* re signing his seat in Congress, to accept a cabinet appointment. Up to llie first of June, 22,3GG hogsheads of l:af tobacco bad been inspected at Richmond, Va., an excess of 4,(>34 hogsheads over the same time last year. Worcester, Mass., thinks it ought to have a board of trade. Portsmouth, X. H., respouds through the Chronicle, that it has one that it will sell cheap. A most remarkacle cure of the desire for to bacco, is that of an Indianapolis alderman. He was thrown from his buggy some time ago, and since then has loathed the foul weed. Three incorrigible bachelors iu Indiana have made up a purse of $100 to procure a silver tea set, to be awarded the ugliest woman on exhi bition, willing or unwilling, at the Knox Coun ty Fair. Chicago sees the St. Louis Democrat's item on the Chicago cheese factory,and goes ono bet ter, thus: “St. Louis will uot be able to start a cheese factory until it withdraws the editor of the Democrat from the maternal udder.” The railway companies of Illinois are prepar ing to conform their ti-riffs and regulations to the requirements of the now law of the State against exorbitant rates and unjust dis criminations. A lady dealer iu hair goods down East, heads her advertisement in the local newspaper with this travesty of Dr. Watts: “How vain are all things here below How false and yet aow fair! But if for false things you will go, Invest at once in Hair!” Alexander H. Stephens says, with a display of learning which astonishes and confounds us, that the questions, “What is Democracy; and who are Democrats?” are as “momentous in their range as was that of the great Cato, when he exclaimed, ‘To bo or not to be; that is the question.’” A party of ten or a dozen Washington and New York gentlemen, including a well-known journalist, a popular publisher, a noted artist and several prominent merchants, were in Boston Friday night, at the Tremont House, on their way to their way to the Maine woods, fishing. They go down East in a special Pullman car and are amply prepared to be jolly whether they catch anything or not. An exasperated Bostonian is rushing around with an unshaven face, and demanding to know if these women will never learn anything. .The slight cause for all his mental disturbance is found in the fact that one of his daughters had used ono of his razors to cut maplo sugar with, and another had taken its mate to sharp en her lead pencil with, while his wife had ren dered his shaving brush somewhat too stiff for its original purpose, by using it in glueing some broken furniture. The Missouri editors at their late con vention formally resolved that a man has the same right to walk into a grocery store and or der a barrel of sugar or a sack of coffee, or in to a law office ard demand a legal opinion from its occupant, or into an undertaker’s and re quest a coffin, without expecting to pay for their respective wares or services, as into a newspaper office and demand the use of its brains and muscle and type, without a thought of recompense. STATE NEWS. ANDROSCOGGIN COUNTY. Carpenters are in demand at Lewiston. Farwell’s new Mill at Lisbon is 352 feet long and 52 feet wide, with a Leifel six feet wheel of 310 horse power. The ell is 130 by 52. Ca pacity of the mill20,000 spindles. Four hund red hands will be employed in it. It contains 2.000.000 bricks. Mr. Farwell proposes to turn out from his kilns 4,000,000 bricks the present season. AROOSTOOK COUNTY. A soldier’s monument is to be dedicated at Presque Isle on the Fourth of July, and the question now is, who shall deliver the oration. KENNEBEC COUNTY Hallowell is to give a concert in aid of the Hospital Fair. Theodore Knight of Pittston, was thrown from his carriage last Thursday. Two ribs were broken and he was otherwise injured, The new Fair Grounds at Gardiner are being prepared for the July races. The West Gardiner Manufacturing Company turned out 5000 bedsteads last year, so says the Reporter. R. B. Dunn & Sons, have purchased water power privileges at Waterville, of the Ticouic Water Power and Manufacturing Company. They are obliged by the contract to spend 85000 within the next nine months, aud half a mil lion within the ten years from the first of No vember next, in erecting cotton mills, etc. By the caving in of a bank of earth last Fri day on the Maine Central extension, a laborer had his leg badly broken. LINCOLN COUNTY. R. H. T. Taylor has been appointed express agent at Wiscasset. PENOBSCOT COUNTY. Telegraph wires are being put up between Dexter and Dover. The machinery for tlie cheese factory at So. Newburgh will be put in next weex. The new wing of. iliey.Bangor House ap proaches completion. Dexter is to have a Fourth'of July celebra tion. A bell has been put into the belfry of the cu giue bouse at Dexter. SAGADAHOC COUNTY. The total receipts from the Fair given at Bath for the Maine State General Hospital amounted to $500. WASHINGTON COUNTY. W. .T. Cortliell, Esq., delivered the address at Calais on Decoration Day. YORK COUNTY. Rev. C. C. Mason of Kittcry, delivers, on Thursday next, the Masonic address at Weeks’ Mills. J. E. Ford lost some of his fingers at an iron-plater’s shop in Kittcry last Thursday. Last Wednesday a man living at Cape Por poise received a letter warning him that an at tempt would be made to fire his buildings. That night they were set on fire, but the fire went out without doing-any damage. No arrests. IN GENERAL. The Railroad Commissioners examined tho bridges on the Maine Central railroad last Wednesday, On the coast of Maine there are forty-eight light-houses and lighted beacons, eight tog sig nals, operated by steam or hat air engines,fifty one day or unlighted beacous, three hundred and fifty-one buoys actually iu position. Foreign Endorsement of the Hinadnrd Tonic of America. There seems to be no limit to the celebrity of Hos tetler’s Stomach Bitters. Every year the demand for it increases and the teritorial area of its popularity expan *s. It has long been the standard tonic, and au approved remedy for epidemic disease in the Re publics of South aud Central America, in Brazil anil the West Indies aud the Bi itish Colonies on this con tinent. More recently its merits have been apprecia ted at the antipodes, aud it is now shipped in large quantities to Australia and Tasmania. The reasons why it iB making surli such extraordinary headway in remote regions as well as in America, are very Him ply and lie in a nutshell. It is medicine suited to all people, all climates and all ordinary disorders and disabilities. It prevents and cures malarious diseases relieves indigestion, braces the nerves, im provea. the appetite, cleans the brain, regulates theliv SPECIAL NOTICES. Members of Atlantic Lodge, I. o. G. T. Every member of Atlantic Lodge, No. 83 is rc quesied to be present next SATURDAY EVENING as important business will come before the Lodae ’ Per order ot W. C. T., _JuOsiUd_H. S. BURGESS, IV, S. FOB PIMPLES ON THE FACE, Blackhead and Flesh worm use PERRY’S improv ed Comedone and Pimple Remedy, the great skin medicine. Prepared only by Dr. B. C. PERKY, Dermatologist, 43 Bond St., N. Y. Sold by Druggists verywhere._ mat£2d&wsn6inl7 Piano Taning. Orders attended to personally by * UD. B. ROBINSON, Piano Rooms, 5 Cnhoon Block* (Opposite City Ilall.) mar28-d3m. FISHING TACKLE 1 All hinds of tackle for Trout or Picker ell lulling. Wholesale aud Retail. O. L. BAILKV, 48 Exchange Street, Selling Agent lor DU FONT’S GUNPOWDER, ray 16 enoodtf SPECIAL NOTICES. Go and see the Ladles’ Saits D. C. GOLDEE, is selling for $5.75. ELEGANT WHITE LAWN SLIT, only $7.E0, worth §15. 5 P E E E S T R 15 ffi T. ACTUAL FACT! A LLAMA LACE SAC<$LE, For $ 13.50, really worth §20. PARASOLS, SUN-UMBRELLAS & SIfOWERETTES. TOURIST, WALKING-STICK, CROOK AND CLUB-HANDLE. IN AM, THE NEWEST SHADES AND COLOR!!, FROM ONE TO TEN DOLLAR!!. D. O. GOLDER, . NO. 5 FREE STREET, White Law'n Suits, Grass Cloth Suits, Linen Batiste Suits, Plain Liuca Suits, *c. Berlin Suits iu all the newest and most Fashionable Shades. 5 FREE STREET. apr22 Bneod3m APPROTED STATEMENT. The following reliable proof of the great value of Vegetine in cases of Scrofula and other diseases arising from impure blood, challenges the most pro found attention. Note wbat this long and painful sufferer says, who has been given up to die, by the best medical skill of the country, and whose statement is fully approved by one of Boston’s wealthy ladies. VEGETINE. Will Cure Scrofula Tumors. Boston, May 15,1871. Mr. H. It. Stevens : Dear Sir,—I have been a great sufferer from Scrof ula and Scrofula Tumor* (as many in this vicinity can bear testimony) ; and I think the whole world ougut to know of my case and howl was cured. About eleven years ago several small kernels made their appearance on the glands of my neck, gradually growing larger, and one of them grew into so large a tumor it was frightful to look at; while the others would range from the size of a hen’s egg down to a good sized chestnut. For a period of ten years I spent all my earnings obtaining medical advice, and paying for medicine, gettiug no better, and constantly growing worse; have thorougtily tried every remedy that we could hear of which was recommended for the blood; have beon treated by the physicians at the hospital, anc^ by those who bear the title of being the best physicians in Bos iod, and was told by them that they could do nothing for me, unless they cut out the large tumor, which had. at this point, reached an enormous size. I had frequent attacks of dizziness, with a constant pain in my nead, and most excrucia'ing pains in my side; was very weak, and much reduced and all of the physicians who attended me pronounced it the worst case of Scrofula Tumors they had ever seen. This was my hopeless condition when I eard of the Vegetine. and liow it was curing Scrofula where ev «ry thing else had failed. I procured some of it and discontinued the use of all other medicines; and in loss than two weeks I could see a great change: I was relieved from the pain in my head, side, and dizzi ness. I gained strength from day to day. I followed on taking Vegetine for one year, according to direc tions; and it has entirely restored mo to health; the large Tumor and small kernels have all disappeared from ray neck, and the whole surface of my skin is fair and smooth. All my friends, to whom reference can be given, pronounce this the most remarkable cure of Scrofula Tumors they havo ever heard of; and this one case must convince any one suffering from any disease of the blood, though physicians do say that you cannot be cured. You can be, if you will persevere, and take this good medicine; for it will, without doubt, cure you, as it did rao. 1 am, sir, respectfully and gratefully yours, ELLEN O’HEARN Miss O’Hearn has been a domestic in my family for eleven years and 1 fully iudorse the abovo state ment. I think the great value of Vegetine ought to be known in every family, and I improve every op portunity to speak iu its favor. MRS. J. TILLSON. 439 Bioadway. ju9 eodlwsn HOME SECURITIES. State ofiHainc Bonds, 6’s City of Portland) 31naici|>al G’o “ *• *• Railroad 6’s Portland Sc Ogdensburg, Portland Division) Go d 6’s Portland Sc Ogdensburg) Vermont Division, Gold, 6’s IHtaine Central Consols, T’s Portland dk Kennebec Consols, 6,s Androscoggin & Kennebec. 6’s Leeds & Farmington, 6’s Portland Sc Kennebec Railroad Stock, (guaranteed), 6*s —roil SALE BY— J- B. BROWN & SONS, BANKERS, 40 EXCHANGE STBEE. juuO M&Tlisntf BONDS! BONDS of western cities and counties, 10 per cent, interest and principal payable in the east. Private property as well as public rea bed. Debts very small in proportion to property ami therefore easily paid. Careful investors are invited to call and examine the Bonos. L ws and Decisions of the courts upou such securities and will find them very safe. Tncre is notuing better. CHARLES M. HAWKES, feb7snt 28 Exchange st., Portland. For Sale. A two story BRICK HOUSE, No. 66 Danforth street, containing 13 finished rooms. Furnace, Gas Fixtures, a good Cistern, Well and Sebago Water, a good Stable and Lot 40x100 feet. Inquire of JOHN C. PROCTER, may21eod3wsn 94 Exchange Street. Howard Association, Philadelphia, Pa* An Institution having a high reputation for honor able conduct and professional skill. Acting Surgeon, *J. S. HOUGHTON, M. D, Essays for Young Men sent free of charge. Address, HOWARD ASSOCIA TION, No. 2 South Ninth St., Philadelphia, Pa. mv7 su3m FOR MOTH, PATCHES, FRECKLES And TAN, use PERRY’S Moth and Freckle Lotion. It is reliable aud Harmless Sold by Druggists everywhere. Depot, 49 Bond St., N. Y. inar22 d#wsn6mL To Lei. rjlHE commodious four storied Brick Store,^ No. 37 Or of W. W. THOMAS, Canal National Bank. 8eptl2sntf SPECIAL NOTICES. ^ ^ ^ $ The Most Popular Medicine Extant, 1810. Over Thirty Years 1873, Sincetbe lutrodnctfon of PEEBY DAVIS’ PAIN-KILLER. TUI? PAINKILLER Is equally applicable and efficacious to young or old. The painkiller Is both an Internal and External remedy. The pain-killer Will cure Fever and Ague when other reme dies have failed. The painkiller Should be used at the first manifest aliens of Coal or Cough. THE PAIN-KILLER Is the Great Family Mcdictno of the Age. The painkiller Wid cure Painter’s Colic. The painkiller Is good for Scalds and Burns, Till*: PAIN-KILLER Has the Verdict of the People in its favor. The painkiller Gives Universal Satisfaction. The pakn-killer Beware of Imitations and Counterfeits. The Is almost a certain cure for CHOLERA, and has, without doubt, been more successful in curing this terriblo disease than any othe r known remedy, or even the mo9t eminent and skillful Physicians.

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Sent by mail, post paid, on receipt of pricAddress PEABODY MED ICAL INSTITUTE, S> Bultincb street, Boston, Mass., or Dn. W. H. P.REI!, Assistant Physician. N. B. The author mai consulted on the above as well a« all diseases recifcg skill aud experience. mar3!sncod&wlv To tlpnbiic. The Society for the Bention ot Crueltv to Ani mals respectfully givfcotico that Alonzo II. Libby, Constable, wbjoffice is at No. 80 Middle street, (up stairs) has l appointed Agent of the Society. The public a:c thercfjequestcd to give prompt information to him oly cruelty to animals that may como to their hn<ifgo, and he will fee to it that the offenders arc Ight to speedy and strict justice. Per order. ap29sntf GOOJEALTH. Lot those who woifrj|0y good health. Breathe freely Ufcre air; This wo should prfcove all wealth. ’Twill well repai care: Eat only plain an<|r,ie food, An-1 luxuries fort For that is sure tois g00(j These often brin£,(>e. * And let the Boys Jgoo’j Sfy]e “Clothes,” Coat, Pants, \ cs^t and Snoes comp ete, Such they can buyjEORGE Fenno’s, Corner of Beach ftashingtoD street Boston. . snlw WOODS, S%| & ESTFlf’S LATEsj-YLLS OF REED JRGANS AX L«j>BfCES. For sole by C. K. IIAWEiiHsic Dealer. myHsnlm 77 Middle streol. BAKU OHORTLAND. On, and after this da e un-ic? gned will carry on a strictly Bankin|gjncsg tbo Banking Rooms now occupied bt Secon National Bank, in Portland, Maine, un ie style of the “BANK OF PORTLAND andjch5 wjn receive Deposits and make Discounts, te regular courso of the Banking Business. « , , A411 . W. N. GOOLD. Portland, June 24tn, j Jnn*23newlt then I Cooki^anges. First class Cooking fl| amd Stoves CHKAPIr cash, call and see before purejg. Also Ice chests cooled Reirigerators. FBEDEBHbuckNAIH, No. 199 Portland J?Ic. (Between Exchange flum gt.) my31su3w __m:a> [rd,_ In this city, June fi. a. Thomas. Esa., Wm. W. Fitzsimmons of St. »WP> jj. B., and Mary A. Owen of Salem, Mass. In this city, June C, y. A. Dalton, IIcnryA. Pillsbury of Beliast »i s Ellenor A. Desmon of Portland. In G irdiner. May 31, McDonald ol Ilallowcll and Lucy Whitney of i a In Gardiner. June 1 Cr A. Phillips of Gardi ner and Eliza W. Moon aijowen. In Union. May 22, L. Laughton and Miss Lizzie K. Robbins. ^ >. In Bath, June 4, Mrijjj^ Robinson, ajed 8C years 3 months. • In North Belgrade, May 25, Mr. John J. Alexander, aged 40 years. m Weat Watervlllo, May 21, Mbs Lois W. Kimball aged 40 vearo. In West Randolph, Vt., Carrie J., daughter of Da vid P. and Julia Ring, aged 24 years 4 months. DEPARTURE of OCEAN ATEA.VKO* KAMI FROM FOR DATS j'e'Bc.Now York .Liverpool—Jnno 9 V,.New Y’ork Glasgow.June 9 uoroCaatle.New York. .Havana.June 10 Oi-f.LT.n',;;;.Boston.Livernool—June 10 Scotia ^ucen. Hew York. .Aspinwall... June 10 Olvmoia. ?.ew 'ork. Liverpool_Junell Man battan*.'.. ’.", *", ".’.New York TGlas‘'0W;- • • •'une }} Westphalia.New York ’ V*verP°°1- • • • June Cleopatra.New YoJk *fHm™rz . June 11 City of Baltimore.. .New Yor* ’ nSv & 12 Hatteras.New York" Sir1.»une Hibernian.Quebec . .'.'.Uv«Mm J.une 12 Villo dc Havre.New York. .Havre* 1—*June 14 Abyssinia.New York.. LivemonV ,u,,e 14 Hecla.Boston.LiverSSi * * "\?ne « Crescent City.New York.. Havana ..' Jim* \l Prussian.Quebec.Liverpool. ...June21 Miniature Alumnae.June 9. Sim rises.4.23 Sun sets.7.35 Moon sets. 3.10 AM High watei.10.15 AM ! news. PORT OF PORTLAND. Saturday, June 7. ARRIVED. Steamer Falmouth. Colby. Halifax, NS- -passengers and mdse to John Porteous. Steamer Dirigo, Johnson, NewYork — passenger* and mdse to Henrv Fox. Sch Fred Heed, Pendleton, Bangor for Boston. CLEA 3ED. Steamer Carlotta, Mulligan, Halifax, NS—John Porteous. Barque Etta Stewart, (Br) Henry, Bucnoa Ayres— Moore, Cole & Ben«on. Brig F II Jennings. Mahoney, Havana—George S Hunt. Brig Bucaloo, (Br) Vasb, Cow Bay CB—Veaton & Boyd. Sell Wm Rice, Presscy, New York—Bunker Bros. Sch Col Eddy. McBeau, New York—Bunker Eros. Sch Snow Bird, (Br) Oripps, St John, NB—John Porteous. _ . , „ Sch G F Baird, (Br) Baird, St John, NB—John Porteous. ^ „ Sch Temperance Belle, (Br) Belyea. St John, NB. Sch Marshal Ney, Griffin,Calais—NatliM Blake. ycii John Earn urn .Chase, Kennebec River—J Nick crio”’ Humloy, June 8. ARRIVED. Barque Oder, (Br) Rich. Cardenas—506 hhds 40 tea molasses to J Red path & Son. Brig Sebastopol, (Br) Forrest, Cow Bay CB — 270 tons coal to Johu Porteous. Sch Alpha. (B ) Boudrot, Cow Bay CB—213 tous coal to John Porteous. Sch John Pew. Staples, Swan’s Island. BELOW—Sch Alpha, of Boston. (from merchants’ exchange.) Ar at Calcutta24th nit, barque Isaac Lincoln, from Montevideo, to load tor Boston. Ar at Philadelphia 7th. brigs Abbie C Titcomb, Hall. Cardenas; J H Dillingham, Treat, do; Edw H Kennedy, Matanzas. LAUNCHED—At Surry 8th Inst, from the yard of G W Allen, a sclir of 150 toDs, named H L Curtis. She is owned by parlies in Surry and Bangor, and is to bo commanded by Capt. Alden Mann. At Pembroke 28th ult, by G Frost, a three-masted sclir of 250 tons, named Keystone and to bs com manded by Capt W B Hatch. DOMESTIC PORTS. NEW ORLEANS—Cld 4th, ship Undo Joe, Sta ples. Cronstadt. Sid fm SW Pass 1st, brig Geo W Chase. MOBILE—Ar 2d, brig Adeline Richardson, Crow ley. New York. FERNANDINA—Ar 26tb, sch David Ames, Ames, New York. Cld 2Gth, brig Rio Grande. McLellan. Philadelphia. Cld 27th, barque Everett Gray, Loring, Montevideo, (since spoken). Cld 30th, brig Machias, Bartlett, Port Spain. Cld 31st, bng Emma L Hall. Fowler. New Bedford. SA VANN AH—Ar 2d, schs Emma Me Adam, Mart?, New York; Clara Sawyer, Branscomb, Boston. Sid 5th, sch W F Cushing, Cook, Fornandina. GEORGETOWN. SC-Cld 26thult, schs Wm Penn Thompson, Scarsport. CM rJlSvSSJi Ea8le» Cobb. Kennebunkport. tiuiHA?4LESTONTS,<1 5th* barque Frank Marion, Billon, Hayro; schs Armida Hall, Hall, for Boston; Wm Fisher. Lyman, for New York; Frank Walter Brewster, Georgetown; li A Hooper, Hooper Jack sonville; Nellie Bell, Stahl, Orient. ooper. Jack WILMINGTON—Ar 4th. brig Isola, Lord, N York ■ sch Lacy Wl ight, Klzey. Rockport. ’ RICHMOND—Ar 4th, sch Wreath, Foss, Philadel phia. ALEXANDRIA—Ar 5tli, sch II H Fisk, Wixon. Rockport. BALTIMORE—Ar 5th, brigs Eugenia, Larrabce, Mayaguez; Orbit, Nash, Cardenas; schs Howard, Wooste , Mayaguez; C C Baker. Baker. Boston; N A Farwell, Farnum, Boston; FK Shaw Watts New York; Onrust, Romer, New Bedford; Matthew'Kin ney, Barter, Boston. Cld 5th. sch WS Jordau, Crowell, Boston. PHILADELPHIA--Ar 5th, brig Katabrlin, Saun ders, Porio Rico; schs Henry Wbitney, Perkius, Blue hill; E G Willard, Wallace, and Lucv K Coggswell Lee, from Portland; Kate C Rankin, Hall, Gardiner’ Irene E Meservey, Meservey, do ; Mary Stewart’ Coombs. Boston; Maria Roxana, Palmer, Salem. Ar 5tb, schs Carrie Bonnell, Pinkham. Baracoa Harry Lee, Mayo, Mt Desert; Ella, Grendel, Gardi ner; Addie Fuller, Henderson, and Crescent Lodge Crowell. Boston. * * Ar 6th, sells D Lawyer. Rogers, Calais: Franconia Adams, and E Clossou, Dority, Bluehill: Virginia Bearse, Gardiner. Cld 5th, brig Reporter. Ryder, Portsmouth; schs Philanthropist, Ryder. Bangor; W H Mailer,Crowiy. Boston; J C Rash, Crowley. Lynn. NEW YORK—A r 5th. barque G W Rosevelt, Her riman. Cardenas 15 days; Idaho. Richardson, Cien fuegos; brig Guiding Star, Freethy, Tuspan. Mex, 35 days; Clara M Goodrich, Look. Cardenas 14 davs; sells Israel Sr.ow, Pease, Baracoa 10 days; Annie Freeman. Boynton, do 10 days; S C Noyes. Lee, do; Wm Stevens, Elwell, Georgetown SC; Hiram Tuck er, Windsor NS: Dr Kane, from Portland. Ar 6th, brigs Anna M Knight, Davis. Matanzas 14 days; Hattie B, Hatch, Feruandina for Port Rich mond. (mainboom broken); schs Ringdove, Swaiu Aux Cayes 11 days ; Wm Stevens, Elwell, George town DO. Ar 6th, barque Enrique, Hawkins, Sagua 15 days; brigs Flora Goodale, Goodale, Clenluegos; D S Soule, Soule, Matanzas 13 days; Mcrnwa, Downs, do 13 ds; Teneriffe. Tracey, Cardenas 8 days; schs FG Davis Doane, Baracoa; Mercy T Trundv, Warren, Cardo nas; Post Post,ltobinson, Jacksonville: AnnaC Nor wood, Norwood, Block Island; Frank Jameson, from Rockport. Cld Gih, barquo Mary E Libby, Libby, Havana; sch Kenduskcag, Wyatt, Jacksonville; Garland, Lindsv. Hartford. Also cld 6tt, brig Nigretta. Nickels. Havana; sells S S McKown, Parsons. Harbor Island; E E Stimp son, Randall, Elizabetliport. Passed through Hell Gate 5th inst, brig J Leighton, Leighton, New York for Salem, schs Decora. Clark Hoboken tor Providence; Sunbeam, Gilley, Trenton foi Salem; J B Knowles, Merritt. Port Johnson for Boston; Onward. Arey, Hoboken for Boston: Idaho, Creamer, do lor Salem; Lyndon, Hilliard, New York for East nor!; Sarah B, Sanborn. Hoboken for Boston; Tahmiron, Kent, New York for Bangor; Montezuma Bulger, do for Ipswich; Anna Frye, Smith, Eliza bethport for Salem. Fassed do Cth, sells Eliza Sawyer, Cook, Iloboken for Portland; Starlight, Blatchord, do for Calais; Garland. Lindsey, New York for Hartford. FALL RIVER—Sid 5Ih, schs Lookout, Flic; Caro line, Wallace, and Chancellor, Ferguson, New York. PAWTUCKET—Sid Cth, sch J C Uarradcn, Joy Steuben. PROVIDENCE—Ar Cth, schs Irene, Murphy, Shu lee, NS; B F Farnham, Brewster, Jacksonville. Sid Cth. schs Oliver Ames, Bitgbee, Georgetown; F H Odiomo. Crowcil, Philadelphia. VINEYARD-HAVEN—Ar 5tli inst, barque Linda Stewart. Bixby, Savannah 10days for Boston; sobs Flora M Crowley. Crowley, Baltiraoro for Boston; Midnight, Hopkins, New York tor do; Mabel Hail, Bartlett, Savannah for Rockland; L A Orcutt, Hart. Georgetown lor do; G B McFarland, McFarland, !m Baltimore for Salem. Sid 5th, schs J C Crabs, Calista, Sami Nash, Mary FPike. Express, and Mabel Hall. Ar Cth, schs C PGcrrish, Armstrong, Now York tor Boston; S&C Small, Burns, Providence for Shu lee, NS; N Jones, Flinn, fm Machine fot New York • Empire, Ferguson. Rondout for Portland. Sid, schs S& B Small, Empire, Midnight, and Flora M Crowlev. BOSTON-Ar Cth, sch Lizzie Wilson, Wilson, irom Rondout. Cld Cth, ship L B Gilchrist. Emerson, Bangor; sch Tamerlane, Hodgkins, Hancock. Cld 7th. schs Ocean Belle, (Br) Wasson, Portland; iddie Blaisdell, Garfield, Gardiner; Boston Light. Boardman, Camden. PORTSMOUTH—Ar Cth, sch Hattie Hail, Hopkins, New V ork; Mahaska, Blake. Boston for Portland. Slil 6th schs Helen Thompson, Bradford, Friend ship ; Island Bell, Buckmastcr, Viualhaven. FOREIGN FORTH. Ar at St Vincent 1st ult, barque Jennie Cushman, Smalley, Boston. Ar at Cronstadt Gth ult, barque Keystone, Berry, Now York. Arat Falmouth 2Gth ull, ship Resolute, Nichols, Callao. Sid fm Cardiff 25th ult, ship Moses Day, Wood worth, for Hong Kong. Ar at, St Thomas 16th ult. brig Arthur Eggleso, Peak. Pernambuco, (and sailed 19th for Fajardo and Boston); 18th, barque Amity, Fisher. Bueno* Ayres, (and sailed 21st. for Caibarien and North of Hatteras; brig Sami Lindsey, Bradford. Martinique, (and saield 21st for Cuba.) Sid 17th, sch Harry White, Hopkins, Jacksonville; 20th, James Ford, Huntley, Sagua and North of Hatteras. Sid fm Mayagucz 21th ult, brig Rachel Coney, Co ney, Boston. ^ Arat Cardenas 27th ult, brig Kodiak, Downing, Havana; Five Brothers, Thurlow. New York. Sid 29th. orlg Jas Miller, Tbombs. North of Hat teras; sch Marcia Reynolds, Houghton, do. Sid fin Cienfuegos 28th, barque John Griffin, Dow ney. North of Hattaras; brig J H Dillingham, Treat, and Richmond, Powers, do; sch Fred Fish, Davis.d. . Ar at Havana 29th ult, barque Jennie Cobb, Pack ard, Aspinwall. Sid 28th ult. brig Giles Coring, Pii.kham, Boston; oi1* ^ 4.^ ^mes* Aehorn, Sierra Morena. Shi fm Matanzas 28th ult, barque Horace Beals, Fickett, New \ ork; brig Antilles, Thcstrup, Boston; sch G D King, for Sagua. Cld at Cow Bay 24th ult, sch Alpha, Boubrout, for Portland. Old at St John, NB, 4tli inst, ech Martha Nichols, Koss, Newport; 5tb, ship City of Brooklyn, Hern mail, Liverpool: brig Anuie W Goddard, Johnson, Montendeo; 6th. schs Geo Calhoun, Price, and Mo selle, Bennett, Portland. SPOKEN. April 00, off Cape Frio, was seen a barque hailing Trom Peril and, steering for Rio Janeiro. June 3. oft Cape Lookout, barque Everett Grev, fm Fernanclina for Montevideo. Anril 18. lat 12 N, Ion 32 W, ship Charter Oak, from Callao for England. FOR BOSTON. _ _ .ft—^THE SUPERIOR SEA-GOIMj STEAMERS JOHN BROOKS an>l MONTREAL, Havin'? commodious Caliin and State Room ac commodations, will run alternately, leaving ATLANTIC WHARF, Portland, DAII-Y, (SUNDAYS EXCEPTED) AT 8 O’CLOCK V>. M. ,lo1v^tsU.™1y.gIMVer?Xr>I-^ WRAKF, Boston, same fow rates.1' ‘t‘ Fare Freight taken at ■ n W' */_• HILLINGS. Aiscnl •I. II. COYliE Jit., General Agent.inrb.'lOtf Valuable Livery Stock for Sale. OWN ING to my ill-health I ofier for sale my entire Livery Stocis. The Stables can be leased or 801(1. All persons owing me are requested to call and fettle as I wish to close my business immediately. CHARLES SAGER. Portland, June 5, 1873._ dtf Boarding: House for Lcnse, LOCATED cn Chestnut, near Congress street. Con tains fifteen rooms, gas and Sebago. Rent $500. Will lease for five yearn to a responsible tenant. Ap ply to WM. H. JEKRIS, Real Estate Agent. ju5#lw NEW ADVERTISEMENTS. BANKING HOUSE — OF JAY COOKE & CO. Phidadelphia, May >9, 1873. Tho 7-30 FL st Mortgago Gold Loau of the North ern Pacific Railroad Company, is to be closed, in ac cordance with the following rcsoluti ms adopted by tho Board of Directors, on tho 13th of May: Whereas, Tho Northern Paciflc Railroad Com pany has built and lias in operation, over Five Hun dred miles of its lino, through a favorable and valu able country: And, Whereas, A large and growing way and through traffic is already assured to the Company over hs mail thus far completed: •id?1?!The Company has earned title to B Miili°n acres of its Land Grant, and plac ing rSif*art of thi8 in market, and the same is be <loaieS-, HalJLetth!e(1 ?? immigration, foreign and price of nearly «i» m, have ***>“ made at an average that a Siuklu« PmSPn* per acre» t0 ®och an extent redemption and ca^iSJ?#tt!f€!?» out ot which the have been begun • *ation of the Company’s bonds And, Whereas, It la ball , the credit ot tt.e Company Sf*,5? ‘h“« result* tier Inexpedient the phyienf2f2?!5*5,ed 09 *» ren terest as 7 3-10 per cent: on future uhiEh a ra,e of ln Theret'orc, Resolved, That the ‘."“a* of Its bonds: K, under its present ls,uo, bearing" i°,rnthe Cu“> sst, bo limited to a total nnio° wr«"t Thirty Millions of Dollars, aml th.! l'^wdl"t bonds liereatter, by this Company, beyoij? JSl“® Thirty Million,, shall boar a higher m,oit“ than six per cent, per annum. ‘merest Resolved, That the Financo Committee bo direrte.1 to arrange with the Fiscal Agents tor tho closing out of the 7 3-10 Loan, as indicated in the preceding Pre amble and Resolution. Tho President of tho Company, in forwarding these Resolutions to the Fiscal Agents, writes the following letter: Northern Pacific Railroad Company President’s Office, 23 Fifth Avenue. New York, May 13th, 1873. Gentlemen: I havo the pleasure of enclosing to you a cony of a Resolution passed unanimously by the Board of Directors of tho Northern Pacilic Rail road Company, on tha l;>th of May, Instant. This Preamble anil Rcsolvo aro in entlro harmony with my own v ews and wishes, and agree in spirit and policy with the letter which 1 addressed to you on the lltli day of December last. The completion of our Road to the Missouri River and our control of the trade of, Manitoba and Mon i?Tithe beaut(J and productiveness or the Red Riv or Valley, and the valleys of Dakota.—the value of the large Government trade to the Upper Missouri, for the carrying of most of which we nave this year contracted—our having in operation and under contract, 105 miles of‘road on the PaciBe side be tween Puget Sound and the Columbia River—the very successful Inauguration of ourImmterattoS system the large arrivals from Europe of bodies .” Colonists of tho very best character, destined to our Canu Grant, and the steady movement of settlers from various parts of the Unfou to the country tribu tary to the Road,—all this should, in my judgment justify us ill elevating the standard of our credit ’ I trust tha* when the limit of the present Loan is reached, tho Company will find itself able to nego tiate a six per cent, loan for the prosecution and com pletion of ihe enterprise. Respectfully Yours, G. V,’. CASS, President. The limited remainder or the seven-thirty loan is now being disposed of, and on the basis ol previous sales will soon be absorbod. As tho bonds of thi3 issue arc mado receivable in payment for tho Compaay’s land at (.10, they ire iu constant and increasing demand for this purpose’ and will continue to be after the loan is closed—a fact which much enhances their valuo and attractiveness as an investment. Other securities are rccsivod in exchange, at mar ket rates. For the limited period during which tho Loan will be on the market, the 7-30 Bonds may bo ordered from any of tho Banks and Bankers that have hith erto sold them. All needed information will bo fur nished by the various agents of the Loan, and also by JAY COOKE & CO. Brewster, Sweet & Co., BOSTON, GENERAL AGENTS. coa2t&weow2(2S MANILLA, MACKINAW, CANTON! and all the different grades and styles of Straw Hats for Men and Children’s wear. Also, the latest New York styles of Felt, Kersey and Silk Hats, and a fine assort ment of Hammocks, Baggy Um brellas, Shawl and School Straps can be found at MAHER & CO.’s, OPPOSITE POST OFFICE. _Ali9__Isdtf Valuable Real Estate at Gorham Village for Sale. THE homestead of the late Dr. Waterman, Is offer ed for sale upon favorable terms This property consists of a two-storied House, Wood-house and stable, and a large Lot containing nearly an acre of tana,ad olning, on which are choice bearing fruit tries, grape vines, currant bushes, asparagus bed. Ac., Ac The house contains twelve finished rooms besideB a kitchen, large pantry, and a store room, and is abundantly supplied with both hard and soft water. It was built in the most thorough manner, was paint ed last year and is in • xcellent condition. The prem ises are sit ated upon one of the pleasantest streets in the village, (High Street,) conveniently located as to churches; schools. Post Office, and It. ft. Station. As trains are arranged on the P. it It. K. {four pas senger trains daily each way,) any one wishing to live in the country and do buisness In Portland, would bnd this a very convenient and desirable residence. Inqulro of JOHN A. WATERMAN, Etecutor. Gorham, June 7,1873. jn9deodAw2w2I Country Produce 100s TVB9 Choice Vt. Graxa Bailer COO Tabs Choice Card. P?cU1mW"‘ “ Medium and Fine !45 ttbtg. Choice Limm. ‘‘ Crude and Refined Cider. 400 l rales Bermuda Onions, n®81!.8’ Pric‘i Apples, Hams, Eggs, Cheese, Oat Sleul, Buckwheat, Hominy, Beef Tongue., and all kinds of fanned goods. Sold aslow »s the lowest by CYRV9 GREEN, No. 9 Moulton Street. Junlkttw Store and Stock of Goods tor Sale. SITUATED in the pleaftint and thriving village of Harrison, Maine, at the head of steamboat nav igation. Store large and convenient, long and favor ably known as the Francis Blake eram*, and oue of tho best locations for trade in Cumberland county, with wharf and storo house. Stock bought with cash and well adapted to the trade. Alio the house in which I live, pleasantly located, with about } aero of land. 1 he-above property will bo sold with or without ibe goods at a great bargain and on very Sff vtcrffiJ- V not previously sold the real esta'e will be oiferod at public auction on the . 1st day of August, 1873. For further particulars address „ , J. H. I LESLEY. Harrison, June 7, 1873._JaDdlw&w4w24 TAXES. NOTICE is hereby given to parties owning real es state on which the taxes for the year 1872 re main unpaid that the time required by the statuto previous to tho advertisement for sale having ex pired, such estates will be advertised ft r salo, if such taxes are not paid previous to June 21st. H. W. IIERSEY, June 7,1873. KIRKWOOD HOUSE Scnrlioro Beach, Oak Hill, Me. 1 his favorably known and popular Sea |Sicle resort is now rco}»cned for the recept ion of i*crmaneut and transient guests for 'the season of 1873. OTIS JCALER A SON, Proprietors. __jnnO _lm Freedom JVofice. 1 HEREBY give notice that from this dato I shall claim no part of my son William Henry Gall’s wages, but release to him all my right at the com mon law to whatever he may earn. Nor will I be responsible for any debts of his contracting JOHN GALL. Portland June 7ih, 1873. jun9d3t* Wanted. WA,ME-D '“'"C'H.-itcly a competent Loaf Bread ,.T LJ?“0' ■ Satisfactory references required. To 8iven 1 111 aI1 8 steady W aE'1 good wages will be ustiTn 2thl°nUt, m1n from 16 to 20 years old, those Ui n.p° ..l?,Kaking business preferred. jnOtf KICL & CALDERWOOL), 22 Anderson St. Found. (V Middle Street, on Thursday Evening June 5th, '-' 0Ee gold Glove bastencr. The owner call lave pal ing at tnis office, proving property, and pay ing for this advertisement. Ju0<l3t Wanted. A N intelligent Boy, from 15 to 17 years old, to do general work. Good references wanted. Steady ™![doy a,>'j ge'»l wages paid. Apply at LOBEN SIEIN’S, No. 4Peering Block. juOdtf To Let ONE LARGE pleasant room suitable for a Gentleman ami wife at 52 Free Street, junto ,HW. Wanted. Fop Sale on Elm Street. A SMALL Stable, to ho removed. Apply to W. -ri it. BARTON. 20 Elm street. juOdtf To Tlotel Keepers. FOR Sale low: One superl*r Hotel Mon?le- cost about 3500. One large French Hotel Range— cost $200. Also one conuuon-slze«l Range. Apply to WM. H. JERRIS, juT-dlw* Cahoon Block. _ miscellaneous. bonds FOR S A L E. ESSS" c“’ . . . St. Louis “ - - .2 ! Elizabeth, N. J., • 7,? Cleveland “ 7,? Toledo “ ... g»* Cook County, 111., - • - ;»s Marion County, Ind., • - 8’s Maine Central R. R. - - 7’g Portland & Roch ster R. R. - 7’s Atchison, Topeka & Sante Fe Gold 7’g Northern Pacific R. R. Gold - 7-30’s Chicago, Dan. & Yin. R. R. Gold - 7’s Atlantic & St. Lawrence R. R. Stock anti Dcf. Rent Scrip nOUGIIT BY 8wan & Barrett, lOO RIDDLE STREET. fel»24 eodtl BOWS. Xew York City - - • - 1 “ “ “ . - «’ Brooklyn City - . f . fl’s Jersey City _ . 7,f Elizabeth City 7>| Canada Southern It. R., Gold, . 7>s B. & Cedar Rapids R. R., Gold, . j., northern Paeiflc R. R., Gold, - ;-so> -FOU SALE BY R. A. BIRD, 97 Exchange St ___ feb2G H.M.PAYSON&CO., Bankers and Brokers, — OFFER FOR SALE — Portland City .... «>„ Kangor ... . «»a Bath - - . f.! Cook County - _ _ „ Chicago - • - - - Toledo, Ohio - .__£>* Scioto County, Ohio - . Leeds* Farmington R.It..guaranteed «'s Portland & Rochester It. R. - - 7>, Maine Central It. R. 71. Northern Pa iflc R. R. Gold - 7-30’s Government BoudV~Bank Stocks and Gold Bought and Sold. 32 EXCHANGE STREET »P3 PORTLAND. ‘ dtf ___ BONDS. _ State of Maine .... g’s Portland & Bangor City - - 6’s Bath & Rockland City - - - o't Chicago City - ... j’g Wayne & ^lay County, Illinois, - 7’s Toledo, Ohio, - . - 7.80’s Northern Pacific R. R., Gold, - 7.80’s Bnrlington Cedar Rapids & Minn. - 7’s Maine Central, Consolidated. • - 7’s Canada, St. John & Halifax Bank notes Bought and Sold. WM, E. WOOD, Ag’t Sept 8^nn> or Exehaace St. JUST RECEIVED Fine Vermont and New York State | BUTTER, CHEESE, Potatoes, Onions, &c., AT PRICES TO SUIT. HODGDON & SOULE. _8t« [Zstablishe i 1817.] DALTON & INGERSOLL, . Wholesale Dealers in Plumbers’ Supplies! IVoa. 17 & 19 Union Hi., Boston. Plumbers’ Earthenware a Specialty. Iron Soil Pipe and Fittings, t'opprr Bath Tubs. Copper Bath Boilrrs—30 to 100 gallons. Brass A Plated Faucets—every variety, for water, s'earn and gas. Brrss Pipe & Fittings—full lines. £5“All at Manufacturers’ prices to the trade only Illustrated Catalogues and Price List, showing 800 drawings, furnished to customers. mylCeodlm Dissolution. THE copartnership heretofore existing under the turn name of E. McKKXNEY & CO., was dis «lv^!j,s,ay 1i*ll„',y the death of the senior partner, Mr. Kleazer McKenncy. The affairs of the lato firm will be settled bv the wrvl?S.? partn2l> **r. w-L- Al,lfn- ">e old stand. r*o. 82 Thomas Block, Commercial Street. Copartnership. ItHE undersigned have formed a copartnership - under the firm name of \V. L. ALDEN 4 CO ttatl sill continue the Flour and Commission business of E. McKenney 4 Co., in the same Store. No. 82 Thomas Block, Commercial St., to date from May 24. W L. ALDEN, „ , , . F. W. McKENNET. Portland, dune 3, 1873. *eod2w READY MADE 8 U ITS At less than Manufacturers’ Prices. Saits, $6.50, $7.50, $0.00 $10, $12 $13.50, $15. $16.50, $18, $20 $22.50, $25. $28, $30 and 32. Please bear in mind that these suits are all well made, and for style, finish and durability are equal fo custom work. 17 1- Fore Street. J- F- SISK. _ IL W. CLARK & CO., — DEALERS IN — ICE HOUSE, MARKET ST.. — AND — 32 EXCHANGE ST., Pure lee supplied Tor all purpos es, and .11 any quantity at the LOWEST RATES. a pi 4__ Annual meeting. TnE Stockholder, of the Portland Steam Packet Co. arc hereby notified that the Annual Meeting Wharf °onPwEnvirb^^‘iat.,hclr Jfficc on AttanMc ovf«k P MWS??kESDAY' June 18' '*73, at three the ' ,he. purI'nsc of choosing officers for !hetCH,BU 5^?r’ an'1 to act upon any other bnsine.s, that may legally come before then,. „ ,, , _ CHAttLES FOBES, Secretary. Portland, Juno j, 1873. Jud “did Portland Savings Bank, NO. 91 EXCHANGE ST. ,IolI»f and upwards com teac.1"*,,ay °f ,h" »«•«• _ raajko-dtf FKANK NOYES, Treasurer. MY STOCK 0F Custom Made Hand Sewed Hoots and Shoes is V, superior to anv other Stock in New England In point of quality, style, finish and fit. So don’t wrong yourself by (ending your measure to New York or Boston, when you can obtain tho very best bools made, and always a sure at, of „ Jl. G. PAI.71ER. mY9__codfiw Spring Styles for Ladies Dresses and Street Garments, at MISS M. G. MAGUIRE’S, No. 11 Clapp’s Block, np stairs. aprl7 If COUNTRY BOARD ! boarders can bo accomodated at Ridge Cottage, 11 mil™ from Bridgton Centre. Good air, mngnffi cut mountain and lake scenery, flno drives, convenient boating and fishing. Address, \V. G. KIMBALL, Brldflon, Me. ray16 eodt Maine Medical Association. THE annual meeting of the Value Medical Asso ciation will be held at the City Building, Port land, on Tuesday, Jane 10, 1873, at 10 o'clock, A M Session to continue three days. CHAS. O. HUNT, M. D„ Secretary. m»xJ"__ d3"w «J0oace.,,K,I,,T,1'<, Deatly execnt«l at this

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