Newspaper of Portland Daily Press, June 9, 1873, Page 4

Newspaper of Portland Daily Press dated June 9, 1873 Page 4
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POETRY. it Ihf Garden Gate. Somebody came to the garden gale, While a a**ti hand trimmed the Sowars; An 1 a blackbird p'.i-ed to bis IKctiiug mat ? In a language as rich as oars. Somebaly blushed at the garden gate— A blush It was fair to see ; And the -ly tin peered n. I"' ’w»“u val And the blackbird jtaused on ibe tree. bom body .poke at lbe c«den pate, A« the »H»hvr« began « faM. hon| ,a. *%£&££&&* on the walk \ swevt bea 1 fell at the garden gate, On nn arm that was strong and true; And a chirrup of lips was heard to state What words refused to do. _ LAWS OF THE liNITED STATES PASSED AT THE THIRD SESSION OF THE FORTY-SECOND CONGRESS. [General Nature—No. 62-] AN ACT to revise, consolidate, and aurend the laws relattng to pensions. Be it enacted by the Senate and ssntativesofth Unit'd States of Aatcnca snCto»f grrss assembled, That if the »Wlit3r^.JT»«-. niiliiia the army, including regulars, voluntee . or any officer in the navy JJ1 njnrinec JJPjh. onllsteti man. itat’es. oi in its marine coini whe her regu'W “uafere,i or »0t «lisab1eJ corp , wneiner » ^ or injury received, or dis oL/ "Strcd/wU'o in the service of the United hr” v hi Motiie line of duty; any master serving oil a' liilwat, or any pilot, engineer, sailor, or otliei '. * ,int rezularlv mustered, serving upon any LuidMat or war-vessel of the United States, disabled h v am' wound or injury received, or otherwise inca . . c „ ., .die in the line of duty, for procuring his ■ubdstc cc by manual labor; any person not an en listed soldier in the army, serving for the time being M a member of the militia of any State under orders of a-i officer of the United States, or who voluutecreb for the time being to serve with any regularly organ ized military or naval force of the Uuitod States, or who otherwise volunteered and rendered service in any engagement with rebels or Indian*, disabled in consequence of wounds or injury received in the line of duty in such temporary service; any acting assist ant or contract surgeon, disabled by any wound oi injury received or disease contracted in the line o! duty whilo actually performing the duties of assist ant surgeon or acting assistant surgeon with any mil itary force in the field or in transitu or in hospital, oi any provost-marshal, deputy provost-marshal, or en rolling officer, disablod by reason of any wound or injury received in the discharge of his duty, to pro cure a subsistence by manual labor, has been since the fourth day of Mnrch, eighteen hundred and six ty-one, or shall hereafter be impaired by reason oi sach disability, he shall, upon making duo proof oi the fact, according to such forms and regulations as are or may be provided by and in pursuance of law, be placed upon the list of invalid pensioners of the United States, and bo entitled to receive, for a total disability or a permanent specific disability, such pension as is hereinafter provided in such cases, and for ail iaferior disability, except >n cases of perma nent specific disability for which the rate of pension D express’y provided, an amount proportionate to that p ovhled for total disability, to commence af hereinafter provided, and to continue during the ex istence of the d sability: Provided, That no claim of a State militiaman, or non-enlisted person, on ac count of disability from wounds or injury received in battle with rebels or Indians, while temporarily ren dering crvice, shall bo valid unless prosecuted to a successful hsue prior to the fourth day of July, eight een hundred and seventy-four: And provided fur ther, That no person shall be cutitled to a pension by reason of wounds or injury received or disease contracted in the service of the United States subse quent to the twenty-seventh day of July, eighteen hundred ana sixty-eight, unless the person who was wounded or contracted the disease was in the line of duty, and, if in the military service, was at the time actually in the field, or on the march, or at some post, fort, or garrison; or, if in the naval service, w\s at the time bo neon the books of some ship or other vessel of the United States, at sea or in harbor, actually in commission, or was at some naval station, or on his wav, by direction of competent authority, to the United States, or to some other vessel, or naval station, or hospital. Sec. 2. That the pension for total disability snail be as follows, namely: For lieutenant-colonel and all officers of highor rank iu the military service and in the marine corps, and tor captain, and all officers ol higher rank, commander, surgeon, paymaster, and chief engineer, respectively ranking with commander by law, lieutenant commanding and master com manding, iu the naval service, thirty do’lars pei month; for major in the military service and in tin marine corps, and lieutenant, surgeon, paymaster, and chief engineep, respectively ranking with lieu tenant by law, and parsed assistant surgeon in the naval service, twenty-live dollars per month; for captain in the military service and in the marine corps, chaplain in the array, and provost marshal* professor of mathematics, master, assistant surgeon, assistant paymaster, and chaplain in the naval ser vice, twent dollars per month; for first lieutenant in the military service and in the marine corps, acting assistant or contract sugeon.and deputy provost marshal, seventeen dollars per month; for second lieutenant In the military service and in the marine corps, first assistant engineer, ensign, and pilot in the naval service, and enrolling officer, fifteen dollars per month; for cadet-midshipman, passed midship man, midshipmen clerks of admiral and paymas ters, and of other officers commanding vessels, second and third assistant engineer, master’s mate, and all warrant officers in the naval service, ten dollars per month; and for all enlisted men whose rank or office is not mentioned in this section, eight dollars per month; and the masters, pilots, engineers, sailors, and crews upon the gunboats and war-vessels shall be entit ed to receive the pension allowed herein to those of like rank in the naval service; and every ommiasioned officer of the army, navy, or marine co ps, shall receive such and only such pensions a is herein provided for the rank he held at the time he received the injury, or contracted the disease which resulted in the disability, on account of which he may be entitled to a peiiMion; and any commission or presidential appointment, regularly issued to such person, shall b:j taken to determine hisr***!: from and after the date, as given in the body of the com raisdon or appointment conferring said rank\ Pro vdedy That a vacancy existed iu the rank thereby conferred; that the person commissioned was n t so disabled for military duty; and that he did not wil full\ neglect or refuse to be mustered. sec. 3. mat tor tuo period commencing dim fourth, eighteen hundred and sixty-four, and ending June third, eighteen hundred and seventy-two, those persons entitled to a less pension than hereinafter mentione l, who shall have lost both feet in the mili tary or naval service and in the due of duty, shall be entitled to a pension of twenty dollars per month; for the same period those persons who, under lik circumstances, shall have lost both hands or the sight of both eyes, shall be entitled to a pension of twen y-five dollars per month;ami for tho period commencing March third, eighteen hundred and six ty-five and ending June third, eighteen hundred ami seventy-two. those persons who under like circum stances shall have lost one hand and one foot, shall be entitled to a pension of twenty dollars per month; and for the period commencing June sixth, eighteen hundnd and sixty-six, and ending June third, eigh teen hundred and si venty-two, those persons who un der like circumstances shall have lost one hand or one foot, shall be entitled to a pension of fifteen dollars l>er month; and for the period commencing Juno *ix;h, eighteen hundred and sixty-six, and ending June third, eighteen hundred and >eveuty-two. those persons entitled to a less pension than hereinafter mentione l, who by reason of injury received or dis ease contracted in the military or naval service ot the United States and in the line of duty, shall have been permanently and totally disabled in both hands, or who shall have lost the sight of one eye. the othei having been previously lost, or who shall have been otherwise so totally and permanently disabled as tc render them utterly lielplass, or so nearly so as to re quire regular personal aid and at endance of another jMjrson, shall be entitled to a pension of twenty ;fivi dollars ner month; and for the same period those who under like circumstances shall have been totally and permanently disabled in both feet, or in one v«nd and in one foot, or otherwise so disabled as tc micitateJ for the performance of any manual * ho much an to require regular personal shall be entitled to a pension of mth; and for the same period 5 rcuinstances shall have disabled in one hand. 1 as to render their equivalent to the to a pension of eighteen by law who 0(1 I Missouri militia. If the husband or Hither lI^wMndcd, or contracted the disease of which he dort While in tho aorvlcc of tho government of tho ^SKc'^That the pensions of widows shall be In rr s«od from and after the twenty-tilth, day of July, ciehteen hundred aud slaty-six, at the rate of two dollars per month foroach child under tho nge of sixteen tears, of the husband on account of whose Icoth the claim tins hc-.u, or shall he grunted. Ai d in overt case In which tnc deceased liiilband has left, or s all leave, no widow, or where bis widow, has illoi tir married agaiu, or w ere she has been de prived of her ['Clink,it under the provisions of the pension law, the pension granted to such child or children shall be increased to the same amount per mouth that would be allowed under the fore"olng provl-ione to the widow, if living and entitled' to u pension: Proc,ded,ThatUle additional pension here in granted to the widow on account of the child or children of the husband by a former wife shall be paid to her only for such period ol her widowhood as she Las been, or shall be, charged with the mainte nance of such child or children; for any period dat ing which she has not been, or shall not be, so chargeo, it shall be granted and paid to the, giiarnian of suen child or children: provided further, That £widow or guardian to whom increase of 1’™“ .iL; or shall hereafter be, granted on at count olmla children, shall.not he > c„r In pari at the cx S Ki“ i" any in Sionforta institution organized for the care of soldimVorphmtSj^ aijm;n;strap[on 0y ()lf. pension li,lieu born before ttie marriage of their par YY.’ir acknowledged by the father before or after the arriage, shall be deemed legitimate. Sec II. That the widows of colored or Indian sol diers and sailors who have died, or shall hereafter lie, by reason of wounds or lujurics received, or cas ualty received or disease contracted, in the military or naval service ot the United States, and iti the line of duty, shall oe entitled to receive the pension pro dded by law without oilier evidence of marriage ,han satisfactory proof that the paities were joined in marriage by some ceremony deemed by them obli gatory, oa liabitualiy recognized eacli other as man and wife, and were so ccoguized by their neighbors, and lived together as such up to tho dale of enlist ment, when such soldier or sailor died in the service, or, if otherwise, to date of death; and the children born of any marriage so proved shall be deemed and held to be lawful children of such soldier or sailor: Provided, That this section shall not be applied to any claims on account of persons who shall have en listed aftor tho passage of this act. iz. iuai u any iKjrson nas cued, or snail here after die, leaving a widow entitled to a pension by reason of his death, and a child or children under sixteen years of age by such widow, and it shall be luly certified uuder seal by any court having probate jurisdiction, that satisfactory evidence has been pro duced before such court upon due notice to the wid ow that the whlow aforesaid has abandoned the care of such child or children, or that she is an unsuitable l>erson, by reason of immoral conduct, to have the custody of the same, or on prescntati< n of satisfacto ry evidence thereof to the Commissioner of Pensions, < hen no pension shall be allowed to such widow un til such child or children shall have attained the age of sixtoen years, any prtvisijns of this act or of any previous act to the contraiy notwithstanding; and the said child or children aforesaid shall be pensioned in the same mauner, and from the same date, as if no widow had survived such person, and such pen sion shall be paid to the guardian of such child or children: Provided, That if in any case payment of pension shall have been made to the wiuow, the pen sion to the child or children shall commence from the dale to which her jiension has been paid. Sec. 13. That if any person embraced within the provisions of the first section of this act lias died -ineo the fourth day of March, eighteen hundred and sixty-one, or shall hereafter die, by reason of any wound, injury, casualty, or disease, which, under ihe conditions and limitations of said section, would have entitled him to au invalid pension, and has not left or shall notleave a widow or legitimate child, but has left or shall leave other relative or relatives who were dependent upon him for support at the date .»f his death, such relatives sh ill be enii led in the fol lowing order of precedence to recoive tho same pen sion, as such person would have been entitled to had he been totally disabled, to com uence from tho death of such person, namely, first, the mother; secondly, the father; thirdly, orphan hiothers and sisters under sixteen years of age, who shall be pensioned jointly: Povided, That where orphan children of the same parent nave uirt'erenc guaiaiaus, or a portion in iheua only are under guardianship, the slisre of the joint pension to which each ward suall be entitled shall be paid to the guardian of such ward: Provided, That if in any case said person shall have left father and mother who are dependent upon him, then, on the di-ath of i he mother, the father shall become entitled to the pension, commencing irom and after the death of the mother; and upou the death of the mother and iiicbcr, or upou the death of the father and the remar . iage of the mother, the dependent brothers and sis ters under sixteen years of age shall jointly become entitled to such j ensi m until they attain the age oi sixteen years respectively, commencing from the leath or remarriage of the party who had the prior ighttothe pension: /Voridcd, That a mother shall oe assumed to have boen dependent upon her son, within the meaning of this act, if, a the date of hi? death, she hail no other adequate means of support ilian the ordinary proceeds of her own manual labor an l the contributions of said son or of any other per sons not leg illy boand to aid in her support; and if, t>y actual contributions or in any other way, the son bad recognized his obligations to aid in support of said mother, or was by law bound to such support, uid that a father or a minor brother or sister shall, in like manner and un.ier like conditions, be assumed to have been dependent, except that the income which was derived or derivable from Ids actual or possible manual labor shall be taken into account in estimating a father’s means of independent support Provided farther, That the pension allowed to any person on accouut of his or her dependence as here inbefore provided shall not be paid for any peiiod during which it shall not be necessary as a means of adequate subsistence. Sec. H. mat tue remarriage ot any widow, de pendent mother, or dependent sister, eutitled to pen sion, shall not bar her right to such pension to the date of her remarriage, whether an application there for was filed before or after such marriage; and that on the remarriage of any widow, dependent mother, or depeudent sister, having a pension, such pension shall cease. Sec. 15. That all tensions which have been, or which may hereafter be, grauted in consequence oi death occurring from a cause which originated in the service since the fourth day of M rcli, eighteen hun dred and sixty-one, or in consequence of wouuds or injuries received or disease contracted since said date, shall commence from the death or discharge of the person on whose account the claim has been or shall hereafter be granted, or from the termination of the l ight of party having prior title to such pen sion : Provided, That the applications for such pen sion has been, or sha'l hereafter be, filed with the Commissioner of Tensions within five years after the fight thereto shall have uccn,ed; otlierwiso the pen sion shall commence from the date of filing the last evidence necessarv to ertablish the same: Provided further, That the limitation herein preset ibed shall not apply to claims by or in behalf of insane persons or persons under sixteen years. Sec. 1G. That in construing the preceding section, the right of ptnsons entitled to peesions shall be rec ognized as accruing at the date therein stated for the commencement of such pension, and that the light •f adepindent father or dependent brother to pen sion shall not in any case be held to have accrued prior to the sixth of June, eighteen hundred and six ty-six ; and the right of all other classes of claimants, if applying on account of the death of a person who was regurlarly mustcrod imo the service, or regular ly employed in the navy, or upon the gun-boais or war-'vessels of the United States, shall not be held to have accrued prior to the fourteenth day of July, eighteen hundred and sixty-two; if applying on ac count of a chaplain of the army, their right shall not be held to have accrued prior to the ninth ay of April, eighteen hundred and sixty-four; if applying ou account of an enlisted soldier who wao not mus tered, or a noil-enlisted man in temporary service, their right shall not be held to have accrued prior to the fourth day of July, oighteen hundred and sixty four; if applying on account of au acting assistant or contract surgeon, their right shall not be held to have accrued prior to the third day of March, eigh teen hundred and sixty-five; if applying on account of persons enlisted as teamsters, w agoners, artificers, hospital-«.ewards, or farriers, their light shall not be ueld to have accrued prior to the sixth day of June, eighteen hundred and sixty-six; and the fight of ail classes of claimants, applying on account of a pro vost-marshal, deput y provost-marshal, or cnroiiiug officer, shall not be held to have accrued prior to the twenty-fifth day o. July, eighteen hundred and six ty-six: Provided, That the right of a widow or dc pendent mother who married prior, and did not ap ply till subsequent to the twenty-seventh day of Ju ly, eighteen hundred and sivty eight, shall not be held to have accrued prior to that date. Sec. 17. That it shall be the duty of the Commis sioner of Tensions, upon any application by letter or otherwise) by or ou behalf oi any pensioner entitled to arrears of pension under the fifteenth section oi this act, or, if any such pensioner shall have died, upon a similar application by or on behalf of a jy per son entitled to receive the accrued pension uue such pensioner at his or her death, to pay or cause to be paid to such pensioner, or other person, all such ar rears of {tension as the pensioner may be entitled to, or(if dead) would have been entitled to under the pro visions of said section had he or she survived; and up claim-agent or other pers -ns shall bo entitled to receive any compensation for services in making ap plication for arrears of pension. oec. io. marine provisions oi tuts act in respect to tlie rates of pension are hereby extended to pen sioners whose right to pension accrued under general acts passed since the war of the Revolution and prior to the fourth of March, eighteen hundred and sixtv - one, to take ettect from and after the twenty-fifth dayol' July, eighteen hundred and sixty-six: and that the widows of revolutionary soldiers and sailors receiving a less sum shall be paid at the rate of eight dollars per month from and after the twenty-seventh day of July, o ghteen hundred and sixtv-eight. Sec. 19. That in all cases in which the cause of dis ability or deatli originated in the service prior to the fourth day ol March, eighteen hundred and sixtv one, and an application for pension shall not have been filed within three years from the discharge or death of the persou oil whose account the claim is made, or within threo years of the termination of a pension previously granted on account of the service and death of the same jierson, the pension shall com mence from tlio date of filing, by the party preset'itt ign the claim, the last paper requisite to establish the same: Provided That no claim allowed prior to the sixth day of June, eighteen hundred anil sixty six, shall be affected by any tiling herein contained. Sec. fill. That nothing in this act shall be so con strued as to allow more titan one pension at the same ime to the saute ltcrson or to persons entitled joint ly ; but any [tensioner who shall so elect may surren er bis or her certificate, and receive, in lieu thereof, a certificate for any other pension to which he or she would have been entitled had not the surrendered certificate been issued: Provided That all payments previously in rule for any period covered by ttio new certificate shall he doducted from the amount al owed uy said certificate, Sec. 21. That declarations of pension claimants I s hall be made before a court of record, or before some officer thereof having custody of its seal, said officer hereby being fully authorized and empowered to ad minister ami certify any oath or affirmation relating i.o any pension or application therefor: Provided, That the Commissioner of Pensions may designate, in localities more than twenty-five miles distant from any place at which such court is holden persons duly qualified to administer oaths, before whom declara tions may be made and testimony taken, and may accept declarations of claimants r siding in foreign countries, made before a United States minister or consul, or bef ore some officer or the country duly au thorized to administer oaths for general purposes, and whose official character and signature shall be duly authenticated by tho certificate of a United States minister or consul; declarations in claims of Indians made before a United States ag< nt; and dec larations in claims under the act of February four teenth, eighteen hundred and seventy-one, made be fore an officer duly authorized to numiuistir oaths for general purposes, when the applicants, by reason ot infirmity of age, are unable to travel: Provided, Tuat any declaration made before an officer duly au thorized to administer oaths for general purposes shall be accepted to exempt a claim from the limita tion as to date of filing prescribed in the fifteenth section of this act. Sec. 22. That the Commissioner of Pensions, on application being made to him in person or by letter by any claimant or applicant for pension, bounty land, or other allowance required by law to be ad justed or paid by the Pension-Office, shall furnish ■*uch pet son, free of all expense to him or her, all such printed instructions and forms as may be ncc ’ essary in establishing and obtaining said claim; and on the issuing of a certificate of pension, or of a bounty-land warrant, he shall forthwith notify tlio claimant or applicant, and also the agent or attorney in the case, ir there be one, that such certificate lias been issued, or allowance made, and the date and amount thereof. sec. 23. That no monev on account of pension shall * be paid to any person, or to the widow, children, or heirs of any deceased person, who in any manner voluntarily engaged in, or aided or abettea, the late rebellion against tho authority of fhe United States. Sec. 24. I hat no claim f r pension not prosecuted to successful issue within five years fr m the date of bung the same shall be admitted without record evi dence from the War nr Navy Departm lit of the in jury or the disease which resulted in the disability or ueatu of the person on whose account the claim is !“*£*; fJowWcd, That In any case in which the limi 1 - VreBCrib^(l bytbiB section bars the further prosecution of tho claim, the claimant may present, through the Pensinn-i mice, to the Adlutant-Generai of the army or the Surgeon-General of the navy, evi dence that the diseaso or iniury which resulted in the disability or death of the person on whose ac count tho claim 1b made, originated in the service and In the line of duty; and If such evidence is deemed satisfactory by ilie officer to whom it may bo submit ted, he shall cause a record of the fact so proved to 1* made, aud a copy of the same to transmitted to the Commissioner i f Pensions, and the bar to the prosecution of tlie claim shall thereby be removed. SEC. 25.1 hat if any pensioner, or any person entl t.ed to a pension, who duilng the pendent} of his ap plication therefor 1ms died since Xin^enmfbe/aie" teen hundred md six'v-one, or shall nereaner ale, hi- wido» or I? no Show, ills child or children, un derlixteTn vcais Of use attlie time pf uls deat}bsha11 K^^.ori hffnaceivet he accrued pension to the date tdi r'emh such accrued pension shall not be con sidered as apart of the assets of deceased, nor liable to be applied to the payment oi the debts of said cs in finv case whatever, but shall inure to tho sole ami exclusive benefit of the widow or children; and if uo widoiv or child survive, no payment whatsoever of the accrued pension shall lie made or allowed, ex cept so much as may lie necessary to reimburse tho person who bore tlie expenses of tlie last sickness and burial of the decedent, in cases, where lie did not leave sufficient assets to meet such expenses. Sec. 20. That the failure of any pensioner to claim his or her pension for three years after tlie same shall have become due shall be deemed presumptive evi dence that such pension has legally terminated by reason of the iiendoner’s death, remarri ige, rec iver y from tlie disability, or otherwise, and the pensioner's name shall be stricken from the list of pensioner’s, subject to the l ight or restoration to the same on a new application by the pensioner, or, if the pensioner is dead, by the widow or minor children entitled to receive tlie accrued pension, accompanied by evi dence satisfactory accounting lor the failure to claim such pen-ion, and by medical evidence In casts of invalids who were not exempt from biennial exam inations as to the continuance of ilie disability. &ec. mat when the rate, commencement, and duration ot a pension allowed by special act ire fixed by such act, they shall not be subject to be va ried by the provisions and limitations of the general pension law's, but when not thus fixed the rate and continuance of the pension shall ho subject to varia tion-in accordance with the general laws, aud its commencement shall date from the passage of the special act, and the Commissioner ot Pensions shall, upon satisnetory evidence that fraud was perpetrat ed in obtaining such special act, suspend payment thereupon until the propriety of repealing the same can be considered by Congress. Sec. 28. That the term of limitation prescribed by sections sixteeu and twenty-three of this act s all, in nendiug claims of Indians, be extended to two years from and after the passage of this act; that ail proof which has heretofore been taken before an Indian agent, or before an officer of any tribe, competent ac cording to the rules of said tribe to administer oaths, shail be held and regarded by the Pension-Office, in the examining and determining of claims of Indians now on nle, as of the same validity as it taken before an officer recognized by the law at the time as com petent to administer oaths; that all proof warning in said claims hereafter, as well as in those filed alter the passage of this act, shall bo taken before the agent of the tribe to which the claimants respective ly belong; that in regard to dates, all applications of Indians now on file be treated as though they wore made before a competent officer at their respective dates, and if found to be in all other respects conclu sive, they shall be allowed; and that Indians shall be exempted from the obligation to take the oath to support the Constitution of the United States, re quired by the act of February fourteenth, eighteen hundred and seventy-one, providing for pensions to certain soldiers aud sailors of the war of eighteen hundred and twelve, and to widows of deceased sol diers. atc. L'J. mat tno I'rcsiucnt Biiau appoint m tuc Department of the Interior, by and with the advice ana consent ol the Senate, a competent person, who shall be called the Deputy Commissioner of Pensions, with an annual salary of twenty-live hundred dol lars, who shall be charged with such duties in the Pension bureau as may be prescribed by tbo Secreta ry of the Interior or may bo required by law; and in case of the death, resign itton, absence, or sickness of the Commissioner, his duties shall devolve upon the I )eputy Commissioner until a successor shall he ap pointed, o: such absence or sickness shall cease. Sec. 30. That tho Commissioner of Pensions is hereby authorized and empowered to detail, from time to time, clerks in his office to investigate sus pected attempts at fraud on the government of the United States, through and by virtue of the provis ion of this or any other act of Congress providing f.*r pensions, and to aid in prosecuting any person so offending, with such additional compensation as is customary iu cases of special service; and that any person so detailed shall have the power tc administer oaths end take affidavits in the couise of any such investigation. Sec. 31* That no agent or attorney or other person instrumental in prosecuting any claim for pension or bounty-land shall demand or receive any other com pensation for his services in prosecuting a claim for pension or bounty-land than such as the Commis sioner of Pensions shall direct to be paid to him, net exceeding twenty-live dollars; and any agent or at torney or any other person instrumental m prosecut ing any claim for pension or bounty-land, who shall directly or indirectly contract for, demand, or receive or retain any greater compensation for his services or instrumeutaliiy in prosecuting a claim for pension or bounty-land than Is hereinbefore provided, or who shall wrongfully withhold from a pensioner or claim ant the whole or any part of the pension or claim al lowed and due such pensioner or claimant, or the land-warrant issued to any such claimant, shall be deemed guilty of a high misdemeanor, and, upon conviction theretf, shall, for every such offense, be lined not exceeding live hundred dollars, or impris oned at hard lal»or uot exceeding two years, or both, at the discretion of the court. And if any guardian having the charge and custody of the pension of his ward shall embezzle the same in violation of his trust, or fraudulently convert the same to his own use. he shall be punished by line uot exceeding two thousand dollars or imprisonment at hard labor fur a term not exceeding live years, or both, at the discre tion of the court. xaaiany picage, mortgage, saic, assign ment, or transfer of any light, claim, or interest in any ; pension which haa been or may hereafter be grant cu, ' shall be void and of no effect; and any person acting ■ as attorney to receive and receipt for money for and in behalf of any person entitled to a [tension shall, before receiving said money, take and sub>cribe au oath, to be tiled with the pension-agent, and by him to be transmitted, with the vouchers now required by law, to the proper accounting-officer of the treas ury, that he has no interest in said money by uny pledge, mortgage, sale, assignment, or transfer, and that he does not know or believe that the same has been so disposed of toauy person; and any person win* shall falsely take the said oath shall be guilty of perjury, and. on conviction, shall bo liable to ’the pains and penalties of perjury. Sec. 33. That any person who shall knowingly or wi.fully in any wise procure the making or presenta tion of any false or lraudulent affidavit concerning any claim for pension or payment thereof, or per taining to any other matter within the jurisdiction of the Commissioner of Pensions, or shall knowingly or wilfully present o cause to be presented at any pen sisn-ageuev any power of attorney, or other paper re quired as a voucher in drawing a pension, which [ta per shall bear a date subsequent to that on which it was actually signed or executed, such person so of fending shall be deemed guilty of a ldgli misdemean or, anu shall, on conviction thereof, be punished by a tine not exceeding five hundred dollars, or by impris onment for a term not exceeding tlirce years, or by both, at the discretion of the court before whom such conviction shall be had: and no sum of money due, or to become due, to any pensioner under the laws aforesaid, shall be liable to attachment, levy, or seiz ure, by or under any legal or equitable process what ever, whether the same remains with the Peusion Office, or any officer or agent thereof, or is in course of transmission to the pensioner entitled thereto, but shall inure wholly to the benefit of such pensioner. Sec. 34. Tha in all cases of application for toe payment of pensions to invalid pensioners to the fourth day oi September of an odd year, the certill- ! cate of an examining surgeon dnly appointed by the Commissioner of Pensious, or of a surgeon of the army or navy, stating the continuance of the disabil ity for which the pension was originally granted, (describing it,) and the degree of such disability at the time of making the certificate, shall be required to accompany the vouchers, and a duplicate thereof shall be tiled in the office of the Commissioner of Pensions; and if iu case of continued disability it ' shall be stated at a degree below that for which the peuslon was originally granted, or was last paid, tho pensioner shall only be paid for tho quarter then due at tho rate stated in the certificate: Provided, That when a pension shall bo granted for a disability con sequent upon the loss of a limb, or other essential portion of the body, or for other cause which cannot in whole or in part be removed, or when a disability is certified by competent examining surgeons, to the satisfaction of the Commissioner of Pensions, to have become permanent in a degree equal to the whole rate of pension, the above certificate shall not be nec essary to entitle the pensioner to payment: And pro vided further, That this section shall not be con strued to prevent tho Commissioner of Pensions from requiring a more frequent examination if, in his judg ment, it IS necessary. Sec. 35. That the Commissioner of Pensions 1>o, and he is hereby, empowered to appoint, at his dis cretion, civil surgeons to make the periodical exami nations of pensioners which are, or may be, required by law, and to examine applicants for pension, where he shall deem an examination by a surgeon appointed by him necessary; and the fee lor such ex aminations, and the requisite certificates thereof in duplicate, including postage on such as are trans mitted to pension-agents, shall be two dollars, which shall be paid by the agent for paying pensions in the district within which tlie pensioner oi claimant re sides, out of any money appropriated lor the pay ment. of pensions, under such regulations as tho Com missioner ef Pensions may prescribe. bee. .10. real tne uomuiissioner oi Tensions pc au thorized to organize, at his discretion, boards of ex amining surgeons, not to exceed three members, anil that each member of aboard thus organized who shall have been actually present and made, in con nection with other members or member, an ordered or periodical examination, shall be entitled to the fee of me dollar, on the receipt of a proper certificate of said examination by the Commissi ner of Tensions. Sec. 37. That examining surge n? duly appoint* d by the Commissioner of Pensions, and such other qualified surgeons as may be employed in the Pen sion-Office, may be required by him, from time to time, as he stall deem for the interests of tli* gov ernment, to make special examinations of pension ers, or applicants for pension, and such examinations shall have precedence over previous examinations, whether special or biennial; but when injustice is al leged to have been done by an examination so order ed, the Commissioner of Pensions may. at his discre tion, select a board of three duly-apnointod exa. iu ing surgeons, who shall meet at a place to bo desig nated by him, and shall review such cases a3 may be ordered before them ou appeal from any special ex amination as aforesaid, and the decision of such ooard shall be final on the question so submitted thereto, provided tho Commissioner approve the same. The compensation of each of such surgeons shall be three dollars, anu shall be paid out of any appropriations made for the payment of pensions, in too same mauner as the ordinary fees of appointed surgeons are or may be authorized to be paid. bEC. 38. That the*Secret ary of the Interior to, and is hereby, authorized to appoint a duly qualified sur geon as medical referee, who, under the control and direction of the Commissioner of Pensions, shall have charge of the examiraiion and revision of the reports of examining surgeons, and such other duties touch ing medical and surgical questions in the Peusion Olnce, as the interests of the service may demand: and his salary shall be two thousand five hundred dollars per anr um. And the Secretary of the Interi or is further authorized to appoint such qualified surgeons (not exceodiug four) as the exigencies of the service may require, who may perform the duties of examining surgeons when so required, and who shall be borne upon the rolls as clerks of the fourth class: Provided, That such appointments shall not increase the c erical force oi said Duicau. Sec. 30. That all acts and parts of acts inconsist ent or in conflict with the foregoing provisions of this act are hereby repeal*-*!. Approved, March 3, 1873. f J. O. BLAINE. Speaker of the House of Representatives. _ SCHUYLER COLFAX, r ice-President of the United States and President 11 the Senate. _ U. S. GRANT. Dissolution of Copartnership. NOTICE is hereby given that the copartnership heretofore existing under the tlrni name ol Ev ans & Greene, is hereby dissolved by mutt al consent. Tbe nameof either natty will be used in settlement. WILLIAM If. EVANS, CHAKLES U. GREENE, Portland, May 27,167". 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Pimples, Blotches and all impurties ot the blood, bursting thr« ugh the skin or otherwise, cared readily by following the directions on the bottle Kidney, Bladder and Urinarv derange ments it has no equal; ono bottle will convince the most sceptical. Worms, expelled from the system without the least difficulty; a few bottles are sufficient for tho I most obstinate caso. Piles: one bottle has cured tho most difficult ca6e ; when all other remedies failoJ. l%crron» DiflicnItics, Nearalgii, Headache, <Src., eased immediately. Rheumatism, Swelled Joints, and all Serofular Afflictions removed or greatly relieved by this inval uable medicine. Bronchitis,Catarrh, Convulsions, and Hysterics cured or much relieved. Difficult Breathing, Pain in the Lungs, Side and Chest almost i variably cured by taking a few bottles of the Quaker 1 itters. Female Difficulties, so prevalent among Am riean ladies, yield readily to this invaluable rawl icln the Quaker Bitters. Billions, Remittant and Intermittant Fevors, so prevalent In many pairs of our country, completely eradicated by the nse of the Quaker Bitters The Aged find in the Quaker Bitrac* just th article thjy -tand In need of in th ir declining years. It quickens the b'ood and cheers the mind, aud paves the passage down the plane inclined. IVo One can remain long unwell (unless afflicte with an Incurable dbease,) after taking a few bottle of the Quaker Bitters. Sold by all Draggi*!* and Dealers in .Tied ici nos. PREPARED BY DR. II. S. FLIXT Sc CO.. At their Great Medical Depot 1P5 aud 107 Broad tieet, Providence, R. I. SOLD AT WHOLESALE BY W. F. Phillips & Co. & J.TV. Perkins & Co mb!7 PORT I. AMP. coiJJtwUwia li A D I £ S,~ Madam Healy s Uterine Tonic Pill are now ready fer tho general public. Tho many who have tried them will ueed no other notice. They arc an invaluable remedy for All Uterine Diseases. They cure PROLAPSUS UTERI, give tone to the muscles, and lift the organ into it* proper position, an<l keep it there. They speedily cure Leucorhcca, Dvsmenorrhcea and Menorrhagia. They nre a spe cific tor Stangury, a diurctio in Gravel They pro mote sleep, allay nervou* excitability. Remove ster ility, and all female weaknesses. They arc purely vegetable, pleasant to the taste, free from opiate* ami all injurious nroperties. Mariam Heal'’a Pamphlet for Women is interesting and valuable. Sent free upon receipt of stamp for return postage, or can be found at Weeks A Potter’s, 176 Trcinont St., BOSTON. MADAM HEALY’S LOTION, for ulceration and inflammation accompanies each box ot Pills. Price of Pills and Lotion, $1.25 ner box, or $6.00 a half dozen. Address all business let ters to Madam Healy, Box 3.57, Station A, Boston. For sale by WEEKS it POTTER, Boston, and all Druggists._ apAdly HAGAN’S Magnolia Balm A FEW APPLICATIONS MAKE A Pure Blooming Complexion. It is Purely Vegetable, and its operation is seen and felt at once. It does away with the Flushed Appearance caused by Heat, Fatigue, and Excite ment. Heals and removes all Blotches an Pimples, dispelling dark and unsightly spots. Drives away Tan, Freckles, and Sunburn, and by its gentle but powerful influenco mantles the faded cheek with YOUTHFUL ELOOM AND BEAUTY. Hold by oil DrngRists and Fancy Stores. Depot, *gi Park Place. New York. cod2wtc1y ^OLD>o 0lWooDHUfls i 1(0QTj(HtRB BITTERS, TRADE MARK. Which has stood the test tor more than 50 year* Is acknowledged the most reliable Medicine for the re lief of JAUNDICE, NERVOUS COMPLAINTS. WEAK NESS OF THE STOMACH AND BOWELS, LOSS OF APPETITE, COUGHS. COLDS, HEART BURN. BILIOUS ATTACKS. COLIC, CRAMP IN THE STOMACH. DIZZINESS AND DULLNESS OF TH E HEAD, LIV ER COMPLAINTS, PILES. PIMPLES. BOILS. SOUR STOMACH. CONSTI TUTIONAL WEAKNESS. HEAD ACHE LOWNESS OF SPIRITS, COSTIVEN ESS. 1N DIG ESTION, DYSPEPSIA, and nil complaints arising trrm an impure state f the Blood, or th»- deranged c* ndltion of the Stomacl Liver, Bowels or KidDev.*. This Preparation is purely Vegetable, confainin Extracts in a highly concentrated form of Rood Herbs and Barks—among which are Sarsaparilla Yellow Dock, Dandelion, Gentian, Wild Cherry. 0» ange, Mandrake, Anise. Juniper Denies. &c.—mak log a fine Tonic alterative mi l Laxative Medicin* which never falls to give tone and strengths the sv« tern debilitated by disease. AS A BLOOD PURIF’ ER, GOODHUE’S BITTERS HAVE NO EQUAL. FLINT A' GOLDTH WAIT, Proprietors, No. 21 St. Peter Street, Salem. Ma*e. Sold bv all Dealers in Medicines generally. mari7 deod&wl4w-12 without this Liniment. Ti a money re funded unless tho Liniment is S3 repte Mrv'rV-t ■ 5?,.fnre an'l pet the penuine MEXICAN MUSTANG LINIMENT. Sold & !U1<1 Country Stores, at -.oc., 60c. and $1.00 per Bottle. Notice style, size of bottle, &c. mm m sm strong, * i Syrup, a Protect-' eu Solution of the Protoxide of, Iron, is so combined as to have the character of an aliment, as easily digested and assimilated with the blooil as the simplest food. It increases the quantity of Nature's Chvn Vitalising Agent, Iron in the Wood, and cures (eathousand ills,”simply by Toning up,Invigorating ami Vitalising the System. The en riched and vitalised Wood per meates every part of the body, repairing damages and waste, searching out morbid secrc- ' tions, and leaving nothing for disease to feed upon. This is the secret of the won derful success of this remedy in curing Dyspepsia, Liver Com plaint, Dropsy, Chronic Diar rime a, Boils, Nervous Affections, Chills and Fevers, Humors, Loss of Constitutional Vigor, Diseases of tho Kidneys and Bladder, Female Complaints, and all diseases originating in a bad state of the blood, or ac companied by debility oraloic state of the system. Being free from Alcohol, in any form, its energising effects are not fol lowed by corresponding reac ,/on, but arc permanent, infu sing strength, vigor, and new life into all parts of the system , and building up an Iron Con stitution. Thousands have been changed by the use of this remedy, from weak, sickly, suffering crea tures, to strong, healthy, and happy men and ivomenj am', !nvalids cannot reasowuUut Acs .late to give it a trial. See that each bottle has PERU* VIAN SYRUP Mown in the glass, Pamphlots Free. StTH W. FOWLE £i SONS, Proprietorr, ?Vo. 1 Hilton Place, Bortozi. Sold by I> n l g c : t h gl>biiallv. nolO <*>6&wlv ^ SEELEY'S J EtriRtita ^a-TRDSSKS ABDOH1.MI, Nl'PPORTEUK AND PII.E PIPE)*. Relict, Comfort and eoro for Rupture, Fe male Weaksesses and Riles, unlike all other ap pliances known, will never rust, limber, break, chafe, coll, nor move from place,—Indrsti uctlble. The dne steel spring being coated with hard rubber, llghi cool, cleanly, u«ed in barli ng, fitted to farm, universally recommended by all surgeons as the best mo banlcal supports known.—Semi for pamphlet.— Krtabllsh ments 13*7 Chestnut St., Philadelphia anil 737 Broad way, New York. Complete as ortment for sale, with careful adjustment, by F. Sweetser, L. C. .ilson, W. W. Whipple & Cu.. ami Tl.os. O. Luring, Portland. Beware of imitations. myld3m CAN BE_CURED. DR. GRATIS’ Heart Regulator WILL CURE ANY CASE OF HEART DISEASE Although given up by the best Physicians. We do not hesitate to mv it will cure tbe following symptom*, though most or them have been declared incurable: Palpitation, Enlargement, Spasms, Ossification ot Bony Formation of the Heart, Rheumatism. General Debility, Water about the Heart, Sinking ot the Spirits, Pains in the. Side or Chest, Dizziness, Sluggish Circulation of the blood, and Momentary Stoppage of the Action ot the Heart. Onr agent, on application, will ftirnlsh yon wk onr circular, giving full description of tbe disease, and also a number o! testimonial* of ernes; and 11 von would like ftarther proof from the parties who nave given the testimonials, write them and see what thev say. We have sold many thousand bottles of the Heart Regulator, and ihe demand Is still Increasing We are confident we are doing the public a benefit, and not trying to impose cn them a worthless prepara tion. The price of * If can Reacnlntor is One Dol lar per Pottle, ..d cau be obtained of any dru in Tort land. J. H\ PPRKWft X CO. WHOLESALE AGENTS, N6 Commercial fttret I Portland. I Jan 13__ deod«&wlv-w3 GOUT and RHEUMATISM TIIE excruciating pain of (lout and Rbemnatimi, relieved in two hour*, and cured in a few day*, by the celebrated Englisn Medicine, Blair’s Gout and Rheumatic Pills. They roqniro neither attention or confinement ot any kind and are certain to prevent the iliteMe at tacking any vital parts. rHErABED BY PR OUT & HARSANT LONDON, ENGLAND. and sold by all Drogg’.sts. uov20 ___ eodl.vr WHITE, CLEAN,SOUND TEETH! ALL MAY HAVE BY USING DAILY THURSTON’S Ivory Pearl Tootli Powder no20 Price, 25 and 50 Cents per bottle, codlyr Beautiful, Soft, Glossy Hair ALL DESIRE IT, ALL MA Y HAVE IT by constant use if THOMPSON’S POM A'iE 0PT1ME no20 Price, 23 and 50 Cents p r Bottle, eodlji LIGHT COLORED KID GLOVES ARE VERY STYLISH WHEN NOT SOILED. JOUVEN’S INODOROUS KI«1 Glove Cleanei will renovate them thoroughly. Price 25 cents jci bottle. All sold by Druggist* and Fancy Dealers. F. C. WELLS & CO., Sew York, Wholesale Agents. nc*20 codlyr my6 AWNINGS, TENTS, FLAGS, Canvass Lettering, Ac., F. A. LEAVITT, 491-2 Exchange St wood i wood HAS,*i°K2KwS.“ *- “ “ Wil. HUS*.

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